World of Warcraft NPC ai Text

I see those fools at the Abbey sent some fresh meat for us.
The Brotherhood will not tolerate your actions.
Ah, a chance to use this freshly sharpened blade.
Feel the power of the Brotherhood!
More bones to gnaw on...
Grrrr... fresh meat!
You no take candle!
Yiieeeee! Me run!
For Victory! For Agamaggan!
VanCleef pay big for you heads!
You do not belong here! Ancients, rise against these intruders!
You no challenge me, scrubs! I'm da king now, and I stay king FOREVER!!!
%s blood sprays into the air!
%s is splashed by the blood and becomes irradiated!
Electric justice!
Warning! Warning! Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
Time to join us, $c.
%s becomes enraged!
%s attempts to run away in fear!
So dark...
Aaaaahhh! So close to escaping.
You will never wake the dreamer!
%s lets out a high pitched screech, calling for help!
For the Dragonmaw!
Long live the Dragonmaw! Die you worthless $r!
This land belongs to the Dark Iron Dwarves. Prepare to see the afterlife, $c!
Your bones will break under my boot, $r!
%s goes into a frenzy!
I am the serpent king! I can do anything.
Troublesome whelps. I'll teach you to interfere!
Our new allies will avenge us!
You outsiders will pay for encroaching on our land!
Bah! My power rules here!
I will be reborn, mortals! Incendius shall raise me from these ashes!
The coils of death... Will crush you.
Get it while it's hot!
The Defias shall succeed! No meek adventurer will stop us!
What? How dare you!
[Kalimag] Ma reth bromo zoln kilagrin dra ma zoern tu ko fraht ko kadrom Ma krin drinor zoln drinor Ma krin kan aasrugel korsul
A living $r... soon to be a dead like me.
Mmm... I love my delicious Southshore stout.
Slay them, my brethren! For the Scourge!
We will enslave the quilboar!
We will spread across this barren land!
Soon, the Scourge will rule the world!
Who dares disturb me? Die $N!
None may challenge the Brotherhood!
And stay down!
Lapdogs, all of you!
Fools! Our cause is righteous!
The Brotherhood shall prevail!
We're under attack! Avast ya swabs! Repel the invaders!
You land lovers are tougher then I thought! I will need to improvise
D'ah! Now you're making me angry!
I'm going to wear your skin as a smoking jacket! The stogies? You'll have to pry them from my cold dead... er... RAWR!!!!
Looking for these???? You'll never have em!
Mine! Mine! Mine! Gizlock is the ruler of this domain! You shall never reveal my presence!
What? Oh no. I don't care what you have to say. I just enjoy inflicting pain.
You will talk eventually. You might as well spill it now.
Confess and we shall set you free.
The living are here!
A foul trogg if ever I saw one. Die!
This sickness clouds my vision, but I know you must be a trogg. Die foul invader!
No gnome will be left behind.
The troggs...they never stop coming. Die trogg! Die!
It can get really hot here in the Badlands. But at least it's a dry heat.
Gizmos... check. Doothingies... check. Wizzers... check.
One day I'll be a real boy.
Brzt... click... whir...
It is dangerous here, master. But I shall help stand guard.
We can make it better, stronger, faster. We have the technology. We have the magic.
You should not be here! Slay them!
You will be easy prey, $c.
My talons will shred your puny body, $r.
A fine trophy your head will make, $r.
NO!!! It puts the tannin in the basket, or it gets the mallet again!
Fresh bread for sale!
Freshly baked bread for sale!
Shine yer armor for a copper?
Help a poor bloke out?
Some coin?
I have a special message for $n. And it says you must die!
I'll deliver you, weak $c, to the afterlife!
Die in the name of Edwin van Cleef!
I gonna make you into mojo!
Killing you be easy.
You be dead soon!
I'll cut you!
The Brotherhood will not be hampered by insects.
So much to do, so much to do! Where does the time go?
%s looks weak enough to capture.
This one is slightly better than the last. However, it still suffers from the same flimsy bone structure as the others. When you summon one of these, you are on the right path.
Sands consume you!
Iman m t'ief fu Fus'obeah italaf
Dim wha Siame cyaa fi so yudo
So ju weh siame is fus nehjo skam worl Uptfeel
Time to bash!
%s jumps out of the shadows!
%s calls more of his allies out of the shadows.
%s growls in your direction before taking time to sniff you.
%s faces southeast and whimpers before looking back at you.
%s's death cry has stirred the nearby silithid hive.
%s begins to summon in reinforcements!
Me no run from $c like you!
Yip! Me kill!
The only good $r is a dead $r!
Weak $c! You are no match for the Stonesplinter Tribe!
Feel the power of the Dark Iron Dwarves!
Time to die, $c!
I'll crush you!
Me smash! You die!
Raaar!!! Me smash $r!
King Magni Bronzebeard is a fool and a charlatan!
The Thandol Span fell to Ragnaros. So shall the Stonewrought Dam!
Wahehe! I'm taking you down with me!
I tire of this nonsense! Prepare to die!
Huh? What dat?
Dat $r look gud to eat!
Bash it!
A $c called $N? You'll make a fine breakfast!
Die $r! These lands belong to the Stonesplinter Tribe!
The Loch belongs to the Stonesplinter Tribe now, $N! Now die!
Die in the name of Ragnaros!
[Dwarvish] Dum mos
%s's eyes glow red as he lights his dynamite and begins to cackle madly!
[Orcish] Ogg kaz ko zugas kil mog Tov'nokaz Kagg
[Orcish] Tago mog regas gi mog Tov'nokaz Kagg
Hearty Kill!
I cannot permit you to enter the temple! I must destroy you for your own good!
%s seems much calmer now that it has eaten the remains of $N.
Never cross a Dark Iron, $c.
I shall spill your blood, $c!
Anyone want to take a break? Well too bad! Get to work you oafs!
Get those parts moving down to the ship!
Hmmm, this one looks like something that would be better off as a windchime. Take notes class... This is NOT what you want to summon in the heat of battle.
I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.
Spare some change for a poor blind man?...What do you mean I'm not blind?...I'M NOT BLIND! I CAN SEE! ITS A MIRACLE!
It's all their fault, stupid Alliance army. Just had to build their towers right behind my farm.
If the Captain finds out, it'll be the end of me.
They must have had someone helping them.
All of a sudden they were everywhere.
Think I'm starting to wear a rut in the paving stones.
Jack and Jill my wrinkled patoot! I do all the water luggin' 'round here.
Seems like a hundred times a day I walk all the way to get more water. No respect for their elders I tell ya.
Where's the water Emma? Get the water Emma? If'n it weren't fer me that lot wouldn't know what water looks like.
As if I don't have better things to do in my old age than carry buckets of water.
O'ourse I'm talking to myself. Only way to get a decent conversation in this city.
Are we there yet?
My feet hurt.
Is it true? Are there crocolisks in the canal?
Why do we always go the same way?
Where we goin'?
I wanna see the Mage Tower.
Now this is an example of what not to summon. Look, it's frail and brittle. One good whack from a mace will send bone shards flying.
Looks like you'll have to go ahead to Ratchet and tell Sputtervalve that I've wrecked the shredder.
I'll stay behind and guard the wreck. Hurry! Hopefully no one will notice the smoke...
We are betrayed!
%s lets out a shrill cry.
Who is this mere $r that meddles with that which is past? May the legend of Stalvan die along with you!
Toil not in matters of the past, $N!
Why haven't the Stormwind guards come?
The light appears to have forsaken us.
The news from Stormwind does not bode well. . . .
Constant bickering will get us nowhere. We need to take action.
We need better representation from Stormwind. Our homes are falling to the undead.
I fear something dark is coming.
Our cause falls on deaf ears beyond the thick, stone walls of Stormwind.
The people of Darkshire expect more from the Council. We cannot let them suffer from this unholy wrath which plagues us.
Undead are crawling all over the land. Where is the Stormwind Army? are not my husband. But he must have sent you. And you...look..delicious!
Aber? Is that you...? Oh...I'm so hungry, Aber! SO HUNGRY!!
The Council of Duskwood must take action. Evil lingers in the air.
You will never stop the Forsaken, $r. The Dark Lady shall make you suffer.
You have my word that I shall find a use for your body after I've killed you, $r.
%s begins to crack and break apart.
%s's strength dwindles as chunks of rock break off.
%s is reduced to rubble, but still continues to fight.
My back is killing me.
If I should fall, take my pouch. Make certain that it gets to the High General.
I sense danger up ahead.
My talons will shred your puny body, $r.
I presume you come with good news?
Things are going as planned, Lord Falconcrest. I assure you, it is only a matter of time.
%s begins to summon in a Blackhand Dreadweaver!
%s begins to summon in a Blackhand Veteran!
%s summons a Blackhand Dreadweaver to his aid!
%s summons a Blackhand Veteran to his aid!
The Great One will smash you!
Die! You will not free Myzrael!
Stand firm, brothers. And don't worry! Size is on our side!
No! Leave us! We must not fail our task!
Take that! The Drywhiskers will prevail!
Stop! Foolish $c, we cannot let you summon the creature Myzrael!
%s is getting hungry!
%s is getting VERY hungry!
Scanning life not found
Target lost....resuming search patterns Delta
Unknown life forms detected....assessing...
%s goes into a rage after seeing a friend fall in battle!
%s calls for help!
Greetings citizen.
Who dares disrupt the sanctity of Eldre'Thalas? Face me, cowards!
Finally, my soul may rest... Oh, dearest Cerellean...
Who dares disturb my meditation!
Just... Dust...
Aku'mai is dead! At last, I can leave this wretched place!
By Thaurissan's beard! Slay them!
Me Grimlok, king!
Die! Die!
No! You must no do this!
By the Light, you will leave this tomb!
Bijou knows where treasures are hidden.
SQUAWK!! *cough* *cough* I need to quit smoking!
Ask Kibler about the treasure! SQUAWK!
They all go to the Spire but none never come back... just like Bijou.
Opus wants some Cuergo's Gold... with worm.
Kibler is being investigated by G.E.T.A.
%s lets out a deep roar, alerting nearby allies and becoming enraged!
%s goes into a drunken rage!
Snivvle is here! Snivvle claims the Coldtooth Mine!
Fools. I knew that if I played upon my brother's feeble emotions, he would send 'rescuers.'
How easy it was to manipulate you into recovering the last Suntara stone from those imbeciles of the Twilight's Hammer..
When I stumbled upon the Suntara stones at the Grimesilt Digsite, the power of Ragnaros surged through my being. It was Ragnaros that gave me a purpose.
It was the will of Ragnaros that Obsidion be built. Obsidion will destroy the Blackrock orcs of Blackrock Spire, uniting us with our bretheren in the fiery depths.
And ultimately, it was Ragnaros that named me when I was reborn as an acolyte of fire: Lathoric... Lathoric the Black.
%s's laughter trails off..
Your task is complete. Prepare to meet your doom.
Obsidion, Rise and Serve your Master!
At last: one among you is worthy of my knowledge. Worry not: I have probed your thoughts, no harm will come to you.
Listen carefully, for the lord of Blackrock will surely destroy you, should you not be prepared.
%s chips and splinters!
None may steal the secrets of the Makers!
Sands of the desert, rise and block out the sun!
You are terminated.
I have... failed.
Impudent fools! I will kill you myself!
Warriors! Captains! Continue the fight!
You are not worth my time, $n.
%s begs to be put out of his misery.
%s groans.
%s weeps pitifully.
Lunch has arrived, my beautiful children. Tear them to pieces!
Rise and defend your master!
The children of Sul will protect their master. Rise once more Sul'lithuz!
Ilifar, your master calls!
Let the flames of chaos engulf you!
Face my champion, mortals!
Prepare yourselves for an eternity of anguish and torture - vengeance shall be mine...
Leave this place!
I am slain! Summon Verog!
I am summoned! Intruders, come to my tent and face your death!
Alright! We Surrender... Just put your weapons down, I'll cooperate
%s puts his club away and begins swinging wildly!
%s begins to retaliate all attacks against him!
No one get past me and threaten da king! Ungh, take it!!
Help me crush these punys!
So or'manley fi siame Dim fus siame yudo
Turn back! Do not wake the dreamer!
You know not what you do! We must destroy you for your own good.
The Soulflayer comes!
Join us!
Hakkar shall live again!
This evil cannot be allowed to enter this world! Come my children!
You are a little gnat to the Foulweald! Die!
No! You cannot be stronger than the Foulweald! No!!
%s attacks Karang's Banner!
%s charges!
There is no escape for you. The Crusade shall destroy all who carry the scourge's taint.
You carry the taint of the scourge. Prepare to enter the twisting nether.
The light condemns all who harbor evil. Now you will die!
More agents of the Syndicate I'll wager! You'll never take back Alterac... Or Southshore!
This orchard is now as barren and lifeless as my rotting shell. Once these trees bloomed with fruit but now there is only rot.
I spent my whole life caring for these trees. Pruning and nurturing them... only fitting that they have joined me in death.
Intruders! Attack the intruders!
Southshore shall pay in blood!
I have risen!
Revenge shall be mine at last!
The undead shall feast on your soul, $N.
Help me! Help! Assassins in the hills! To arms! To arms!
Guards to your posts! They must be after the Magistrate again. He must be protected! They could come from any direction!
%s grabs the back of his neck and his eyes go wide.
Assassins... save... th... Magistraaa...
Thieves! Scallywags! Rapscallions! Come face me gigantic pillas!
Are They all.... Dead?
Is someone there? Tirion my old friend, is that you? Have you come to save us?
You dare! Now feel my wrath!
Who dares?! I will destroy you!
Mistress!! They seek to destroy your work!
You be too scared! Me find you!
What? No you can't beat me! Me will return!
This will teach you to lay off the herb, $r.
Step right up! Step right up! Greetings my friend. I'm Silas Darkmoon and I want to welcome you to the greatest show on Azeroth! It's the Darkmoon Faire friend, and it's your lucky day! Sparing no expense, we've gathered wonders and treats from around the world for your delight. Whether you're young or old, rich or poor, the Darkmoon Faire has it all!
Amaze at the wonders that the Darkmoon Faire has uncovered in this vast and mysterious world! We have spared no expense in bringing you excitement that children of all ages will delight in!
We have it all... delicious food, strong drink, exotic artifacts, fortunes read, amazing prizes and excitement without end!
And, don't forget to turn in your Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets! All it takes is five or more and you're on your way to the most wondrous prizes on all of Azeroth. Everybody is a winner!
Step right up! Get your Red Hot Wings right here!
You've got money and we've got food. What are you waiting for?
Darkmoon Dogs fresh off the grill. Come and get em while they're hot!
For a limited time only, Crunchy Frog available exclusively here at the Darkmoon Faire.
The Scarlet Crusade shall smite the wicked and drive evil from these lands!
You carry the taint of the scourge. Prepare to enter the twisting nether.
The Scarlet Crusade shall not fail in it's mission!
These undead atrocities will be destroyed!
These lands shall be cleansed!
Here to visit the family? Die, fool!
The Agamand Mills is held by the Scourge, $c. Join us!
This desert be mine!
The Sandfury reign supreme!
Feel the fury of the sands!
Die, outlander!
Let the executions begin!
Justice is done!
Tell the Warden this prison is ours now!
I'll crush your skull beneath my boot!
Death to the Warden's men!
Fresh meat!
More of the Warden's errand boys!
How dare you enter my sanctum!
You are in the presence of a god!
%s collapses but the broken body rises again!
No tampering with the mail!
That's our treasure, you lubber!
Hey! Get away from our treasure!
%s seems to no longer be able to cast spells...
Kill $N!
For Kalimdor!
Endudi Rifa!
None can stand against the serpent lords!
Ahh, a new chew toy for my dogs!
Come, $n. See what the Nightmare brings...
The Nightmare cannot be stopped!
%s squeezes the last bit of life out of $n and swallows their soul.
I crush weaklings like you every day! Bring it on!
You will not harm Emperor Thaurissan!
Curse you! One day, vengeance will be mine!
Ach! Thank you so much I'm free! Finally!
%s 's death cry has stirred the nearby silithid hive
You asked for it.
I hate resorting to violence!
Your time has come!
For Doomhammer!
You make big mistake, mon.
Here come the voodoo!
For the Darkspear tribe!
Taste blade, mongrel!
Please tell me that you didn't just do what I think you just did. Please tell me that I'm not going to have to hurt you...
As if we don't have enough problems, you go and create more!
Is that the best you can do?
Ah ken see very well through this haze, but I'd know tha' smell anywhere! Die ye foul ogre!
Ooooooooh... $B To the plaguelands went old Duggan, ta' send them Scourge back inta' th' groun'. $B Where th' scent of death is on th' wind and everythin' is mostly brown. $B An' when he did arrive there, what'd his dwarf eyes see? $B A hundred crates of barley there ta' be makin' inta' mead! $B But tha' mead was cursed with th' plague o' death, and now old Duggan, too. $B An' surrounded by the Lich King's beasts, what could old Duggan do? $B But though I feel the plague within, my hopes 'ave not yet sunk. $B If'n I'm gonna be Scourge anyway, I might as well be drunk!
Emperor Thaurissan does not wish to be disturbed! Turn back now or face your doom, weak mortals!
Prepare to be Malowned!
You just got MALOWNED!
Tell me... tell me everything!
Naughty secrets!
I'll rip the secrets from your flesh!
Purged by pain!
We hunger for vengeance.
No rest, for the angry dead.
More... More souls.
Release the hounds!
You'll never leave this place... alive.
To me, my servants!
Come, spirits, attend your master!
I am the hand of the Lich King!
Oh now you've gone and angered me! Time to see the true force of the Stone of Tides!
Intruders have breached the hatchery! Sound the alarm! Protect the eggs at all costs!
Foolish mortal, you serve me now!
The power of the light is truly great and merciful.
We shall be reunited once more, my love...
At last, it ends...
Stranger, find the fallen Prince Menethil and end his reign of terror.
Should I live through this, I shall make it my life's sole ambition to destroy Arthas...
I won't make it... go... go on without me...
Death take me! I cannot go on! I have nothing left...
The light condemns all who harbor evil. Now you will die!
You carry the taint of the scourge. Prepare to enter the twisting nether.
There is no escape for you. The Crusade shall destroy all who carry the scourge's taint.
The Scarlet Crusade shall smite the wicked and drive evil from these lands!
Welcome to flavor country!
I can't believe dad won't let me keep your sister.
Can anyone give my adorable, extra little kitty a home?
What does allergic mean anyway? And what does it have to do with either of my kitties?
Will someone please give my little kitten a good home?
Don't worry, I'll find a good home for ya.
Silithid Creeper lays an egg!
Silithid Creeper Egg begins to crack and open...
Silithid Creeper Egg splits open!
%s splits into two new Lava Spawns!
If you're here, then it means you are prepared to begin the study of summoning demonic cohorts to do your bidding. We will start with the lowliest creatures you will be able to call and continue from there. Let us begin.
The easiest creature for you to summon is the imp. You should already be able to bring forth this minion but for completeness' sake I will start with him.
This foul little beast is the imp. It is small and weak, making it almost useless as a meatshield, and its damage output is mediocre at best. This creature is best used for support of a larger group.
Now that you have had a chance to study imp, let us move on the next minion you will be able to summon, the voidwalker.
This demonic entity is known as the Voidwalker. Its strength and endurance are significant, making it ideal for defense. Send it to attack your enemy, then use it as a shield while you use your spells and abilities to drain away your opponent's life.
If you've never seen one, it is a sight to behold. A very impressive creature both on and off the field of battle. Next, let us take a look at what I am sure all you male students have been waiting for. The succubus.
All right now. Aside from the obvious distractions a minion like this will provide against your more masculine foes, she is also capable of dealing out impressive amounts of damage. However, her fragile endurance makes her almost useless as a shield.
Study hard and you might one day be able to summon one on your own, but for now it's time to move on to the felhunter.
What you see before you is a felhunter. This creature's natural talents include spell lock and other abilities which make it unequalled when facing a magically attuned opponent.
When facing a spellcaster of any kind, this feral beast will be your best friend. Now, let us take a look at something a bit different. This next creature will aid your travels and make your future journeys much easier. Let's take a look at a felsteed.
I doubt you have had much occasion to see such a creature. These demonic equines will make your travels much faster by acting as your mount as long as you control them. However, they are difficult to control, so be sure you are ready before attempting it.
There you have it. Our lesson on summoning has come to an end. A new class will begin shortly, so if you wish to brush up, feel free to stay around.

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