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Zone locations for all herbs, plants, and provision crates

Apple Provisional crateBrightwoodBrimstone SandsReekwater
BasilBrightwoodBrimstone SandsEverfall
Cauliflower Provisional crateEdengroveFirst LightMourningdale
CinnamonCutlass KeysEdengroveFirst Light
Coconut Provisional crateRestless ShoreWeaver's FenWindsward
DillEdengroveFirst LightMourningdale
GarlicBrimstone SandsEverfallGreat Cleave
GingerEbonscale ReachReekwaterWindsward
Lemon Provisional crateGreat CleaveRestless ShoreWeaver's Fen
Melon Provisional crateFirst LightGreat CleaveWeaver's Fen
Milk Provisional crateALL Zones
MintRestless ShoreWeaver's FenWindsward
NutmegFirst LightGreat CleaveWeaver's Fen
Onion Provisional crateCutlass KeysEdengroveFirst Light
Orange Provisional crateCutlass KeysEdengroveMourningdale
OreganoMonarch's BluffRestless ShoreShattered Mountain
PaprikaBrightwoodMonarch's BluffShattered Mountain
ParsleyCutlass KeysEdengroveMourningdale
PeppercornCutlass KeysMonarch's BluffMourningdale
Rice Provisional crateMonarch's BluffRestless ShoreShattered Mountain
RosemaryGreat CleaveRestless ShoreWeaver's Fen
SaffronBrightwoodFirst LightMourningdale
Salt Provisional crateBrightwoodBrimstone SandsEverfall
String Bean Provisional crateEbonscale ReachEverfallReekwater
Sugar Provisional crateEbonscale ReachReekwaterWindsward
TarragonBrightwoodBrimstone SandsReekwater
ThymeEbonscale ReachReekwaterWindsward
Tomato Provisional crateCutlass KeysMonarch's BluffMourningdale
Yeast Provisional crateBrightwoodMonarch's BluffShattered Mountain

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