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BDO Trade Crate Base Prices Mineral Wood Mushroom Crop Herbs Produce workbench Black Desert Online

Price↕️ Name↕
189,030Jewelry Crate
189,030Mythril Ingot Crate
58,470Packaged Dried Sunfish
55,590Packaged Dried Sturgeon
52,710Packaged Dried Cuvier
50,790Calpheon Timber Crate
49,830Packaged Dried Swiri
46,950Titanium Ingot Crate
43,110Vanadium Ingot Crate
40,800Packaged Dried Dried Moray
40,230Mediah Timber Crate
32,550Packaged Dried Nibbler
32,550Packaged Dried Smokey Chromis
32,550Packaged Dried Tuna
32,550Serendia Timber Crate
31,590Brass Ingot Crate
31,110Packaged Dried Porgy
30,825Packaged Dried Leather Carp
30,245Packaged Dried Sea Bass
29,670Bronze Ingot Crate
29,670Packaged Dried Grunt
29,670Packaged Dried Snakehead
29,095Packaged Dried Mandarin Fish
28,800Packaged Dried Pacu
28,710Balenos Timber Crate
28,230Packaged Dried Piranha
24,870Everlasting Herb Crate
21,030Steel Ingot Crate
15,240Special Olive Crate
15,240Special Sunflower Crate
14,730Special Grape Crate
14,220Special Garlic Crate
14,220Special Paprika Crate
13,710Special Onion Crate
13,710Special Tomato Crate
13,200Special Carrot Crate
13,200Special Pumpkin Crate
12,945Special Hot Pepper Crate
12,690Special Strawberry Crate
12,435Special Pepper Crate
11,925Special Purple Mushroom Crate
11,670Special Pie Mushroom Crate
11,415Special Leccinum Crate
11,160Special Truffle Mushroom Crate
10,905Special Bouquet Mushroom Crate
10,650Special Ancient Mushroom Crate
10,650Special Arrow Mushroom Crate
10,650Special Cloud Mushroom Crate
10,650Special Ghost Mushroom Crate
10,650Special Hump Mushroom Crate
10,140Special Dwarf Mushroom Crate
10,140Special Fog Mushroom Crate
10,140Special Sky Mushroom Crate
10,140Special Tiger Mushroom Crate
9,885Special Bluffer Mushroom Crate
9,630Special Emperor Mushroom Crate
9,630Special Fortune Teller Mushroom Crate
9,320Packaged Dried Golden-Thread
9,260Packaged Dried Pomfret
9,125Packaged Dried Angler
9,120Packaged Dried Octopus
8,935Packaged Dried Lenok
8,910Packaged Dried Checkerboard Wrasse
8,865Packaged Dried John Dory
8,705Packaged Dried Arowana
8,585Packaged Dried Herring
8,550Packaged Dried Striped Shiner
8,550Packaged Dried Swordfish
8,480Packaged Dried Sea Eel
8,475Packaged Dried Yellow-Head Catfish
8,395Packaged Dried Cero
8,360Packaged Dried Swellfish
8,285Packaged Dried Maomao
8,200Packaged Dried Tapertail Anchovy
8,165Packaged Dried Freshwater Eel
8,165Packaged Dried Grouper
8,100Special Amanita Mushroom Crate
8,045Packaged Dried Siganid
7,975Packaged Dried Carp
7,770Mud Crystal Amulet of Curses
7,680Black Crystal Amulet of Authority
7,500Green Crystal Amulet of Wealth
7,410Red Crystal Amulet of Lovers
7,400Packaged Dried Cherry Salmon
7,335Special Nolina Crate
7,230Translucent Crystal Amulet of Happiness
7,080Special Dalvenia Alrea Crate
7,050Opal Jewelry Box
6,825Special Penestraria Crate
6,450Box of Mythril
6,315Special Silver Azalea Crate
6,060Special Fire Flake Flower Crate
5,805Special Dry Mane Grass Crate
5,550Special Silk Honey Grass Crate
5,550Special Sunrise Herb Crate
5,295Special Corn Crate
5,040Special Barley Crate
5,040Special Wheat Crate
4,800High-Quality Olive Crate
4,800High-Quality Sunflower Crate
4,650High-Quality Grape Crate
4,530Special Potato Crate
4,530Special Sweet Potato Crate
4,500High-Quality Garlic Crate
4,500High-Quality Paprika Crate
4,350High-Quality Onion Crate
4,350High-Quality Tomato Crate
4,200High-Quality Carrot Crate
4,200High-Quality Pumpkin Crate
4,125High-Quality Hot Pepper Crate
4,050High-Quality Strawberry Crate
3,825High-Quality Purple Mushroom Crate
3,750High-Quality Pie Mushroom Crate
3,750Packaged Dried Croaker
3,680Packaged Dried Skipjack
3,675High-Quality Leccinum Crate
3,630Packaged Dried Bigeye
3,620Packaged Dried Blue Tang
3,600High-Quality Truffle Mushroom Crate
3,580Packaged Dried Beltfish
3,580Packaged Dried Ray
3,525High-Quality Bouquet Mushroom Crate
3,520Packaged Dried Sardine
3,450Coal Bag
3,450High-Quality Ancient Mushroom Crate
3,450High-Quality Arrow Mushroom Crate
3,450High-Quality Cloud Mushroom Crate
3,450High-Quality Ghost Mushroom Crate
3,450High-Quality Hump Mushroom Crate
3,440Packaged Dried Sweetfish
3,425Packaged Dried Catfish
3,400Packaged Dried Trout
3,365Packaged Dried Terrapin
3,330Packaged Dried Bluefish
3,300High-Quality Dwarf Mushroom Crate
3,300High-Quality Fog Mushroom Crate
3,300High-Quality Sky Mushroom Crate
3,300High-Quality Tiger Mushroom Crate
3,295Packaged Dried Flying Fish
3,225High-Quality Bluffer Mushroom Crate
3,210Packaged Dried Flounder
3,210Packaged Dried Grayling
3,175Packaged Dried Rockfish
3,150High-Quality Emperor Mushroom Crate
3,150High-Quality Fortune Teller Mushroom Cra
3,140Packaged Dried Pintado
3,115Packaged Dried Mackerel
3,100Packaged Dried Gunnel
3,055Packaged Dried Bass
2,945Packaged Dried Smelt
2,920Packaged Dried Amberjack
2,825Packaged Dried Kuhlia Marginata
2,790Packaged Dried Salmon
2,750Packaged Dried Clownfish
2,700High-Quality Amanita Mushroom Crate
2,695Packaged Dried Barbel Steed
2,660Packaged Dried Crucian Carp
2,475High-Quality Nolina Crate
2,400High-Quality Dalvenia Alrea Crate
2,400High-Quality Everlasting Herb Crate
2,370Box of Titanium
2,325High-Quality Penestraria Crate
2,310Packaged Dried Crawfish
2,275Packaged Dried Greenling
2,250Packaged Dried Dolphinfish
2,250Packaged Dried Squid
2,190Packaged Dried Roundtail Paradisefish
2,190Packaged Dried Seahorse
2,190Packaged Dried Yellowfin Sculpin
2,180Packaged Dried Flatfish
2,180Packaged Dried Gurnard
2,180Packaged Dried Perch
2,175High-Quality Silver Azalea Crate
2,140Packaged Dried Filefish
2,140Packaged Dried Mullet
2,140Packaged Dried Rosy Bitterling
2,120Packaged Dried Blackfin Sweeper
2,100High-Quality Fire Flake Flower Crate
2,095Packaged Dried Striped Catfish
2,080Packaged Dried Butterflyfish
2,060Packaged Dried Sandfish
2,025High-Quality Dry Mane Grass Crate
2,025Packaged Dried Jellyfish
2,020Packaged Dried Bitterling
2,000Packaged Dried Silver-Stripe Round Herring
1,985Packaged Dried Mudfish
1,985Packaged Dried Scorpion Fish
1,985Packaged Dried Shellfish
1,960Packaged Dried Bleeker
1,950High-Quality Silk Honey Grass Crate
1,950High-Quality Sunrise Herb Crate
1,950Packaged Dried Bluegill
1,950Packaged Dried Notch Jaw
1,950Packaged Dried Round Herring
1,925Packaged Dried Rosefish
1,900Packaged Dried Goby Minnow
1,900Packaged Dried Rock Hind
1,890Box of Vanadium
1,890Elder Tree Timber Crate
1,890Packaged Dried Saurel
1,890Packaged Dried Whiting
1,875High-Quality Corn Crate
1,830Acacia Timber Crate
1,830Packaged Dried Dace
1,800High-Quality Barley Crate
1,800High-Quality Wheat Crate
1,795Packaged Dried Bubble Eye
1,795Packaged Dried Surfperch
1,782Palm Timber Crate
1,770White Cedar Timber Crate
1,760Packaged Dried Soho Bitterling
1,710Cedar Timber Crate
1,710Packaged Dried Crab
1,700Packaged Dried Starfish
1,675Packaged Dried Fourfinger Threadfin
1,650High-Quality Potato Crate
1,650High-Quality Sweet Potato Crate
1,650Pine Timber Crate
1,650Zinc Ore Crate
1,640Packaged Dried Mudskipper
1,590Fir Timber Crate
1,590Lead Ore Crate
1,530Birch Timber Crate
1,530Iron Ore Crate
1,530Tin Ore Crate
1,470Maple Timber Crate
1,410Ash Timber Crate
1,410Copper Ore Crate
1,125Purple Mushroom Crate
1,110Pie Mushroom Crate
1,095Leccinum Crate
1,080Truffle Mushroom Crate
1,065Bouquet Mushroom Crate
1,050Ancient Mushroom Crate
1,050Arrow Mushroom Crate
1,050Cloud Mushroom Crate
1,050Ghost Mushroom Crate
1,050Hump Mushroom Crate
1,020Dwarf Mushroom Crate
1,020Fog Mushroom Crate
1,020Olive Crate
1,020Sky Mushroom Crate
1,020Sunflower Crate
1,020Tiger Mushroom Crate
1,005Bluffer Mushroom Crate
990Emperor Mushroom Crate
990Fortune Teller Mushroom Crate
990Grape Crate
960Garlic Crate
960Paprika Crate
930Onion Crate
930Tomato Crate
900Amanita Mushroom Crate
900Carrot Crate
885Hot Pepper Crate
870Strawberry Crate
855Nolina Crate
855Pepper Crate
840Dalvenia Alrea Crate
825Penestraria Crate
795Silver Azalea Crate
780Fire Flake Flower Crate
765Dry Mane Grass Crate
750Silk Honey Grass Crate
750Sunrise Herb
735Corn Crate
720Barley Crate
720Wheat crate
690Potato Crate
690Sweet Potato Crate

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