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Datamined player housing items at launch for New World

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Alchemist_Cabinet_A_DescriptionLots of space to place all kinds of things, it doesn’t always have to be books.
Alchemist_Cabinet_A_MasterNameOpen Rickety Bookcase
Alchemist_Cabinet_C_DescriptionA low-slung cabinet of drawers, for keeping your heaviest treasures.
Alchemist_Cabinet_C_MasterNameLow Apothecary Cabinet
Appr_Winecask_Indoor_DescriptionThe flavor profile of wine aged in Aeternian oak barrels has been described by connoisseurs as "demented".
Appr_Winecask_Indoor_MasterNameOak Wine Cask
Basket_A_DescriptionIdeal for holding fruit, laundry, or decorative wooden orbs.
Basket_A_MasterNameWicker Basket
Bed_Bunk_T2_DescriptionWhat is better than one bed? Two beds. One on top of the other!
Bed_Bunk_T2_MasterNameOld Wooden Bunk Bed
Bed_Cot_T1_A_DescriptionA simple cot made of straw and skins. Perfectly comfortable, if you don't mind the occasional stab from a prickly piece of grass.
Bed_Cot_T1_A_MasterNameOld Straw Cot
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_A_DescriptionEvery morning, you'll wake from sleep, see this bed, and remember instantly that you've made it in life.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_A_MasterNameTeak Carved Canopy Bed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_B_DescriptionThe red silk sheets will draw joy, luck, and happiness to your home.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_B_MasterNameEbony Carved Canopy Bed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_C_DescriptionThe mix of cool teal silks and warm red woods has an interesting affect in making you feel both alert, yet relaxed.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_C_MasterNameRosewood Carved Canopy Bed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_D_DescriptionA bed extravagantly carved from one block of pure jade. Jade is said to represent good health and long life…in bed.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed01_D_MasterNameJade Carved Canopy Bed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_A_DescriptionThe rich warm hue of the silk cushions will give you the energy you need to curl up and finish that novel you're reading.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_A_MasterNameGoldenrod Silk Daybed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_B_DescriptionThe contrast between the red silk and the black wood is especially striking.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_B_MasterNameRuby Silk Daybed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_C_DescriptionSuch a tranquil color. What a perfect place for a nap.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_C_MasterNameTurquoise Silk Daybed
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_D_DescriptionThe craftsmanship is exquisite, even if the carved jade is a bit cold on your back.
Bed_Dynasty_Bed02_D_MasterNameWhitegold Silk Daybed
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_A_DescriptionBlue, like the endless ocean. Velvet, like your singing voice.
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_A_MasterNameMaritime Velvet Captain's Bed
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_B_DescriptionThis is the bed a mermaid queen would sleep in, if mermaids ever slept.
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_B_MasterNameSeafoam Velvet Captain's Bed
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_C_DescriptionA red velvet bed, the color of battle. Classic pirate king vibes.
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_C_MasterNameBloody Velvet Captain's Bed
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_D_DescriptionSometimes you lie awake at night, thinking about death, but in a way that makes you seem sensitive and interesting to others.
Bed_Pirate_Bed01_D_MasterNameGothic Velvet Captain's Bed
Bed_Pirate_Bed02_A_DescriptionPerfect to relax in. Too bad it is way too easy to fall out of. Better not risk it.
Bed_Pirate_Bed02_A_MasterNameSailor's Hammock
Bed_Settler_Bed01_A_DescriptionAn ash wood bunk bed crafted by artisan hands. Curl up on the blue comfy comforter and sleep in as late as you like.
Bed_Settler_Bed01_A_MasterNameCerulean Sheets Bunk Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed01_B_DescriptionThere's no moping in this maple wood bunk bed. The warm, red blankets lifts your spirits all the way to dream land.
Bed_Settler_Bed01_B_MasterNameCherry Sheets Bunk Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed01_C_DescriptionAn oak wood bunk bed built for two. (Except no one ever takes the top bunk.) So go solo and sleep easy on bright green sheets.
Bed_Settler_Bed01_C_MasterNameGrassy Sheets Bunk Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed01_D_DescriptionDark mahogany wood. Bright yellow cloth. Bountiful binary bedding. A doubly delightful contrast sure to make anyone rest easy.
Bed_Settler_Bed01_D_MasterNameSunny Sheets Bunk Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed02_A_DescriptionBlue sheets and ash wood makes up this simple yet comfortable bed. However this bed isn't really full until you are napping in it.
Bed_Settler_Bed02_A_MasterNameAsh Full Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed02_B_DescriptionThis maple wood bed was made with love. (Hence the red sheets.) But it wasn't made for lovin'. Only sleeping. One person at a time!
Bed_Settler_Bed02_B_MasterNameMaple Full Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed02_C_DescriptionThe green sheets might look inviting, like bouncy spring grass. But don't be fooled. This oak bed not for jumping. It's for... other stuff...
Bed_Settler_Bed02_C_MasterNameOak Full Bed
Bed_Settler_Bed02_D_DescriptionI couldn't possibly sleep in this bed. The yellow sheets are just so bright and happy. The mahogany wood too deep and dark. The mattress... too... soft... zzzZZZzz....
Bed_Settler_Bed02_D_MasterNameMahogany Full Bed
Bed_Settler_Decor_Floor_Dogbed01_DescriptionYour loyal companion deserves nothing less than the best in straw-based bedding.
Bed_Settler_Decor_Floor_Dogbed01_MasterNameStraw Pet Bed
Bed_Single_T2_DescriptionClassic. Wooden. Only semi-comfortable. But it will do for a quick nap.
Bed_Single_T2_MasterNameOld Wooden Full Bed
Buff_Alchemy_Bonus_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when making magical equipment. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Arcana' profession.
Buff_Alchemy_Bonus_T1_MasterNameMinor Arcana Crafting Trophy
Buff_Alchemy_Bonus_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when making magical equipment. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Arcana' profession.
Buff_Alchemy_Bonus_T2_MasterNameBasic Arcana Crafting Trophy
Buff_Alchemy_Bonus_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when making magical equipment. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Arcana' profession.
Buff_Alchemy_Bonus_T3_MasterNameMajor Arcana Crafting Trophy
Buff_Blacksmithing_Bonus_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when making short-range melee weapons. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Weaponsmithing' profession.
Buff_Blacksmithing_Bonus_T1_MasterNameMinor Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
Buff_Blacksmithing_Bonus_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when making short-range melee weapons. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Weaponsmithing' profession.
Buff_Blacksmithing_Bonus_T2_MasterNameBasic Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
Buff_Blacksmithing_Bonus_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when making short-range melee weapons. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Weaponsmithing' profession.
Buff_Blacksmithing_Bonus_T3_MasterNameMajor Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
Buff_Cooking_Bonus_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when making meals and extra portions. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Cooking' profession.
Buff_Cooking_Bonus_T1_MasterNameMinor Cooking Crafting Trophy
Buff_Cooking_Bonus_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when making meals and extra portions. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Cooking' profession.
Buff_Cooking_Bonus_T2_MasterNameBasic Cooking Crafting Trophy
Buff_Cooking_Bonus_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when making meals and extra portions. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Cooking' profession.
Buff_Cooking_Bonus_T3_MasterNameMajor Cooking Crafting Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_Ancients_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when fighting against 'The Ancients' and their skeletal creations.
Buff_Damage_Vs_Ancients_T1_MasterNameMinor Ancients Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_Ancients_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when fighting against 'The Ancients' and their skeletal creations.
Buff_Damage_Vs_Ancients_T2_MasterNameBasic Ancients Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_Ancients_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when fighting against 'The Ancients' and their skeletal creations.
Buff_Damage_Vs_Ancients_T3_MasterNameMajor Ancients Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_AngryEarth_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when fighting against the 'Angry Earth' and their forces of nature.
Buff_Damage_Vs_AngryEarth_T1_MasterNameMinor Angry Earth Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_AngryEarth_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when fighting against the 'Angry Earth' and their forces of nature.
Buff_Damage_Vs_AngryEarth_T2_MasterNameBasic Angry Earth Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_AngryEarth_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when fighting against the 'Angry Earth' and their forces of nature.
Buff_Damage_Vs_AngryEarth_T3_MasterNameMajor Angry Earth Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_Beasts_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when hunting the wildlife of the island.
Buff_Damage_Vs_Beasts_T1_MasterNameMinor Wildlife Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_Beasts_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when hunting the wildlife of the island.
Buff_Damage_Vs_Beasts_T2_MasterNameBasic Wildlife Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_Beasts_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when hunting the wildlife of the island.
Buff_Damage_Vs_Beasts_T3_MasterNameMajor Wildlife Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_Corrupted_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when fighting against the 'Corrupted' and their zealot armies.
Buff_Damage_Vs_Corrupted_T1_MasterNameMinor Corrupted Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_Corrupted_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when fighting against the 'Corrupted' and their zealot armies.
Buff_Damage_Vs_Corrupted_T2_MasterNameBasic Corrupted Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_Corrupted_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when fighting against the 'Corrupted' and their zealot armies.
Buff_Damage_Vs_Corrupted_T3_MasterNameMajor Corrupted Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_Lost_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when fighting against 'The Lost' and their decaying and spectral hordes.
Buff_Damage_Vs_Lost_T1_MasterNameMinor Lost Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_Lost_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when fighting against 'The Lost' and their decaying and spectral hordes.
Buff_Damage_Vs_Lost_T2_MasterNameBasic Lost Combat Trophy
Buff_Damage_Vs_Lost_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when battling certain enemies. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when fighting against 'The Lost' and their decaying and spectral hordes.
Buff_Damage_Vs_Lost_T3_MasterNameMajor Lost Combat Trophy
Buff_Engineering_Bonus_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when making ranged weapons. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Engineering' profession.
Buff_Engineering_Bonus_T1_MasterNameMinor Engineering Crafting Trophy
Buff_Engineering_Bonus_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when making ranged weapons. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Engineering' profession.
Buff_Engineering_Bonus_T2_MasterNameBasic Engineering Crafting Trophy
Buff_Engineering_Bonus_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when making ranged weapons. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Engineering' profession.
Buff_Engineering_Bonus_T3_MasterNameMajor Engineering Crafting Trophy
Buff_Fishing_Bonus_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when angling for various aquatic creatures. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when using a 'Fishing Pole' in the wilderness.
Buff_Fishing_Bonus_T1_MasterNameMinor Fishing Gathering Trophy
Buff_Fishing_Bonus_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when angling for various aquatic creatures. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when using a 'Fishing Pole' in the wilderness.
Buff_Fishing_Bonus_T2_MasterNameBasic Fishing Gathering Trophy
Buff_Fishing_Bonus_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when angling for various aquatic creatures. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when using a 'Fishing Pole' in the wilderness.
Buff_Fishing_Bonus_T3_MasterNameMajor Fishing Gathering Trophy
Buff_Global_Bonus_T1_DescriptionA trophy that makes you feel a smidge more successful when crafting, gathering, looting, and more. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *little bonus* to almost everything you do (except combat and damage).
Buff_Global_Bonus_T1_MasterNameMinor Global Blessings Trophy
Buff_Global_Bonus_T2_DescriptionA trophy that makes you feel a bit more successful when crafting, gathering, looting, and more. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *fair bonus* to almost everything you do (except combat and damage).
Buff_Global_Bonus_T2_MasterNameBasic Global Blessings Trophy
Buff_Global_Bonus_T3_DescriptionA trophy that makes you feel notably more successful when crafting, gathering, looting, and more. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *decent bonus* to almost everything you do (except combat and damage).
Buff_Global_Bonus_T3_MasterNameMajor Global Blessings Trophy
Buff_Harvesting_Bonus_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when reaping various plants. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when using a 'Harvesting Sickle' in the wilderness.
Buff_Harvesting_Bonus_T1_MasterNameMinor Harvesting Gathering Trophy
Buff_Harvesting_Bonus_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when reaping various plants. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when using a 'Harvesting Sickle' in the wilderness.
Buff_Harvesting_Bonus_T2_MasterNameBasic Harvesting Gathering Trophy
Buff_Harvesting_Bonus_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when reaping various plants. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when using a 'Harvesting Sickle' in the wilderness.
Buff_Harvesting_Bonus_T3_MasterNameMajor Harvesting Gathering Trophy
Buff_Logging_Bonus_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when felling various trees. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when using a 'Logging Axe' in the wilderness.
Buff_Logging_Bonus_T1_MasterNameMinor Logging Gathering Trophy
Buff_Logging_Bonus_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when felling various trees. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when using a 'Logging Axe' in the wilderness.
Buff_Logging_Bonus_T2_MasterNameBasic Logging Gathering Trophy
Buff_Logging_Bonus_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when felling various trees. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when using a 'Logging Axe' in the wilderness.
Buff_Logging_Bonus_T3_MasterNameMajor Logging Gathering Trophy
Buff_Luck_Bonus_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when collecting the spoils of combat. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* to your luck when picking up loot and opening chests.
Buff_Luck_Bonus_T1_MasterNameMinor Loot Luck Trophy
Buff_Luck_Bonus_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when collecting the spoils of combat. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* to your luck when picking up loot and opening chests.
Buff_Luck_Bonus_T2_MasterNameBasic Loot Luck Trophy
Buff_Luck_Bonus_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when collecting the spoils of combat. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* to your luck when picking up loot and opening chests.
Buff_Luck_Bonus_T3_MasterNameMajor Loot Luck Trophy
Buff_Mining_Bonus_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when excavating for various ore. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when using a 'Mining Pick' in the wilderness.
Buff_Mining_Bonus_T1_MasterNameMinor Mining Gathering Trophy
Buff_Mining_Bonus_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when excavating for various ore. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when using a 'Mining Pick' in the wilderness.
Buff_Mining_Bonus_T2_MasterNameBasic Mining Gathering Trophy
Buff_Mining_Bonus_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when excavating for various ore. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when using a 'Mining Pick' in the wilderness.
Buff_Mining_Bonus_T3_MasterNameMajor Mining Gathering Trophy
Buff_Outfitting_Bonus_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when making various types of armor and bags. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Armoring' profession.
Buff_Outfitting_Bonus_T1_MasterNameMinor Armoring Crafting Trophy
Buff_Outfitting_Bonus_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when making various types of armor and bags. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Armoring' profession.
Buff_Outfitting_Bonus_T2_MasterNameBasic Armoring Crafting Trophy
Buff_Outfitting_Bonus_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when making various types of armor and bags. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when using crafting stations for your 'Armoring' profession.
Buff_Outfitting_Bonus_T3_MasterNameMajor Armoring Crafting Trophy
Buff_Skinning_Bonus_T1_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a little bit when flaying pelts and hides. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *small bonus* when using a 'Skinning Knife' in the wilderness.
Buff_Skinning_Bonus_T1_MasterNameMinor Skinning Gathering Trophy
Buff_Skinning_Bonus_T2_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you when flaying pelts and hides. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *medium bonus* when using a 'Skinning Knife' in the wilderness.
Buff_Skinning_Bonus_T2_MasterNameBasic Skinning Gathering Trophy
Buff_Skinning_Bonus_T3_DescriptionA trophy that inspires you a lot when flaying pelts and hides. Only works when placed in your home. Grants a *large bonus* when using a 'Skinning Knife' in the wilderness.
Buff_Skinning_Bonus_T3_MasterNameMajor Skinning Gathering Trophy
Cairn_D_DescriptionSeveral dark stones stacked to make an artful tower. Looking at it makes you feel like you accomplished something.
Cairn_D_MasterNameStone Cairn
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_A_DescriptionThe curves of this chair are both architectural and ergonomical.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_A_MasterNameCarved Teak Armchair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_B_DescriptionA chair like this almost makes you regret your immortality, just so you could have passed it down to your children.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_B_MasterNameCarved Ebony Armchair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_C_DescriptionThe hue of the wood is so rich and warm, it's almost a shame to cover it up with your butt.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_C_MasterNameCarved Rosewood Armchair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_D_DescriptionSitting in this luminous jade chair is said to open several chakras at once.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair01_D_MasterNameCarved Jade Armchair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_A_DescriptionThe slim legs of this chair are much sturdier than they look.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_A_MasterNameGraceful Teak Chair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_B_DescriptionThis antique chair was crafted centuries ago, in a legendary imperial workshop.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_B_MasterNameGraceful Ebony Chair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_C_DescriptionThe abalone seat of this chair has a strange, beautiful luminosity.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_C_MasterNameGraceful Rosewood Chair
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_D_DescriptionThe combination of jade and abalone will keep you cool on even the hottest summer days.
Chair_Dynasty_Chair02_D_MasterNameGraceful Jade Chair
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_A_DescriptionFor a stool, this piece offers a surprising amount of lounging space.
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_A_MasterNameCarved Teak Stool
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_B_DescriptionRub a bit of walnut oil into this well-loved antique to bring out its original shine.
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_B_MasterNameCarved Ebony Stool
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_C_DescriptionSitting on this rich red stool will force you to improve your posture.
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_C_MasterNameCarved Rosewood Stool
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_D_DescriptionSitting on this stool feels like sitting at the bottom of a tranquil, sun-dappled pond.
Chair_Dynasty_Stool_D_MasterNameCarved Jade Stool
Chair_FineChair_A_DescriptionThis chair looks like it might be on its last leg. And you might be too if you hazard to sit in it.
Chair_FineChair_A_MasterNameRickety Wooden Chair
Chair_FineChair_B_DescriptionPerfect for stepping on to reach high places, then falling off and breaking your neck.
Chair_FineChair_B_MasterNameRickety Wooden Stool
Chair_Lg_A_DescriptionA simple wooden chair you used to see in schools or libraries. Is it comfortable? No idea.
Chair_Lg_A_MasterNameOld Desk Chair
chair_pirate_chair01_a_descriptionSit back. Relax. It's good to be the Captain.
chair_pirate_chair01_a_masternameMaritime Velvet Armchair
chair_pirate_chair01_b_descriptionThe soothing color will help keep you calm while making life-or-death decisions.
chair_pirate_chair01_b_masternameSeafoam Velvet Armchair
chair_pirate_chair01_c_descriptionA chair fit for a king. Stolen from a king, in fact.
chair_pirate_chair01_c_masternameBloody Velvet Armchair
chair_pirate_chair01_d_descriptionYou've read that both purple and velvet are signs of royalty, making this chair twice as majestic.
chair_pirate_chair01_d_masternameGothic Velvet Armchair
chair_pirate_chair02_a_descriptionThe decorative turned legs can be used as impromptu weapons in a pinch.
chair_pirate_chair02_a_masternameMaritime Velvet Dining Chair
chair_pirate_chair02_b_descriptionMade with the bronzed skull of the last person to correct your table manners.
chair_pirate_chair02_b_masternameSeafoam Velvet Dining Chair
chair_pirate_chair02_c_descriptionMark your spot at the head of the table with this sumptuous gilded chair.
chair_pirate_chair02_c_masternameBloody Velvet Dining Chair
chair_pirate_chair02_d_descriptionThis chair is the color of the darkened sky before a hurricane.
chair_pirate_chair02_d_masternameGothic Velvet Dining Chair
chair_pirate_stool_a_descriptionYou can feel the tension drain out of your aching bones as soon as you sit down on the plush velvet.
chair_pirate_stool_a_masternameMaritime Velvet Stool
chair_pirate_stool_b_descriptionThe pale light green of this stool makes you feel like you are practically floating the moment you place your tuchus on it.
chair_pirate_stool_b_masternameSeafoam Velvet Stool
chair_pirate_stool_c_descriptionThis red velvet ottoman is so soft and cushy. The gilded feet add an extra dash of panache.
chair_pirate_stool_c_masternameBloody Velvet Stool
chair_pirate_stool_d_descriptionA stool this comfortable almost feels wrong. Almost.
chair_pirate_stool_d_masternameGothic Velvet Stool
Chair_Settler_Chair01_A_DescriptionThe rugged elegance of this chair elevates any home's style from 'rustic' to 'rustic chic'.
Chair_Settler_Chair01_A_MasterNameAsh Dining Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair01_B_DescriptionThis maple dining chair is warm and inviting, just like you. The iron back supports make it strong enough to support even the weariest back.
Chair_Settler_Chair01_B_MasterNameMaple Dining Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair01_C_DescriptionThis mighty oak chair is bound in iron, for a sitting experience that's as strong as you are.
Chair_Settler_Chair01_C_MasterNameOak Dining Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair01_D_DescriptionNothing like rocking out at the dinner table in this mahogany dining chair.
Chair_Settler_Chair01_D_MasterNameMahogany Dining Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair02_A_DescriptionThough it looks somewhat rickety, the ash wood in this chair makes it strong and flexible.
Chair_Settler_Chair02_A_MasterNameAsh Casual Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair02_B_DescriptionThe resonant maple wood in this beautiful chair will inspire any musician who sits in it.
Chair_Settler_Chair02_B_MasterNameMaple Casual Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair02_C_DescriptionStrong, stately, and surprisingly comfortable. You can see yourself dictating your memoirs from this chair.
Chair_Settler_Chair02_C_MasterNameOak Casual Chair
Chair_Settler_Chair02_D_DescriptionThis beautifully crafted mahogany rocking chair is not only elegant, it also has great lumbar support.
Chair_Settler_Chair02_D_MasterNameMahogany Casual Chair
Chair_Settler_Stool_A_DescriptionThis ash bar stool will support you through the good times and the bad.
Chair_Settler_Stool_A_MasterNameAsh Bar Stool
Chair_Settler_Stool_B_DescriptionMany a festive night has passed in bars across Aeternum, shared by people sitting on stools like this. It'll be a big hit at your housewarming party.
Chair_Settler_Stool_B_MasterNameMaple Bar Stool
Chair_Settler_Stool_C_DescriptionThey say the greatest ruler in Aeternum's history refused his golden throne, preferring instead to sit on a simple oak stool just like this one.
Chair_Settler_Stool_C_MasterNameOak Bar Stool
Chair_Settler_Stool_D_DescriptionThe dark, lustrous wood of this mahogany stool would pair wonderfully with a bold rug.
Chair_Settler_Stool_D_MasterNameMahogany Bar Stool
Chair_StoolB_T2_DescriptionJust a simple log. Literally the least amount of work put into crafting a stool in the history of wood.
Chair_StoolB_T2_MasterNameOld Log Stool
Cloth_Tapestry_A_DescriptionCleverly repurposed from the debris of one of Aeternum's many, many shipwrecks.
Cloth_Tapestry_A_MasterNameGrey Streamer Curtains
Cloth_Tapestry_B_DescriptionSimple lengths you can string up on your wall or window. Your neighbors will never know that these used to be your bedsheets.
Cloth_Tapestry_B_MasterNameBedsheet Curtains
cloth_tapestry_c_descriptionA simple curtain tied back with a length of rope. The effect is surprisingly charming.
cloth_tapestry_c_masternameTied-Back Curtain
Cookware_Cup_A_DescriptionCompletely safe to drink from. I swear!
Cookware_Cup_A_MasterNameIron Cup
Cookware_FryPan_A_DescriptionA cast iron pan. Grandmas everywhere love them. They don't make 'em like they used to.
Cookware_FryPan_A_MasterNameIron Pan
Decor_Wreath_A_DescriptionThis little guy will guard your door. Any would-be burglar will run for their lives upon seeing it.
Decor_Wreath_A_MasterNameProtective Straw Wreath
Decor_Wreath_C_DescriptionThe geometry of this twig wreath is pleasing to the eye.
Decor_Wreath_C_MasterNameSquared Circle Twig Wreath
Decor_Wreath_D_DescriptionAeternians have been weaving these traditional winter decorations for as long as anyone can remember.
Decor_Wreath_D_MasterNameWall Woven Wicker Wreath
Decor_Wreath_Garlic_DescriptionVampire proof. And strangely, also keeps your friends from visiting. Is it because of the stench, or are they vampires?
Decor_Wreath_Garlic_MasterNameGarlic Bulb Wreath
Dec_Branch_Element_A_DescriptionLook at the pattern. Now look away. Now look back - have the twigs shifted position?
Dec_Branch_Element_A_MasterNameUnsettling Branch Wreath
Demijohn_B_DescriptionJust the thing you needed for your pennies. Before long, it is going to be impossible to lift.
Demijohn_B_MasterNameGlass Demijohn Jug
Demijohn_D_DescriptionThis bottle will go perfectly with the shiplap you just installed.
Demijohn_D_MasterNameDecorative Glass Bottle
Demijohn_Wicker_A_DescriptionAeternum has adopted the European tradition of wrapping glass bottles in wicker to prevent breakage and spoilage.
Demijohn_Wicker_A_MasterNameDark Wicker-Wrapped Jug
Demijohn_Wicker_B_DescriptionThe contents of this basket-wrapped jug are a complete mystery.
Demijohn_Wicker_B_MasterNameLight Wicker-Wrapped Jug
dynasty_armoire01_a_descriptionKeep your wits sharp by trying to remember what you put in all these drawers.
dynasty_armoire01_a_masternameTeak Apothecary Cabinet
dynasty_armoire01_b_descriptionIn addition to all the normal drawers, this armoire also contains at least one secret drawer.
dynasty_armoire01_b_masternameEbony Apothecary Cabinet
dynasty_armoire01_c_descriptionWith this fine cabinet in your house, don't be surprised if your neighbors start coming to you for medical advice.
dynasty_armoire01_c_masternameRosewood Apothecary Cabinet
dynasty_armoire01_d_descriptionIngredients kept in these jade drawers somehow stay fresh longer.
dynasty_armoire01_d_masternameJade Apothecary Cabinet
dynasty_bookcase01_a_descriptionThe brass hardware on this antique bookcase is still in incredible condition.
dynasty_bookcase01_a_masternameLarge Teak Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase01_b_descriptionThis multi-level case is perfect for displaying all your curiosities.
dynasty_bookcase01_b_masternameLarge Ebony Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase01_c_descriptionTrue interior design is not about the things you put on the shelves, but about the space you leave between them.
dynasty_bookcase01_c_masternameLarge Rosewood Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase01_d_descriptionNo need to buy fancy first editions. You could put any book on this shelf, and it would still look stunning.
dynasty_bookcase01_d_masternameLarge Jade Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase02_a_descriptionEach shelf has a handy railing so your books won't fall off the back.
dynasty_bookcase02_a_masternameNarrow Teak Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase02_b_descriptionThis bookcase was made before books were even invented.
dynasty_bookcase02_b_masternameNarrow Ebony Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase02_c_descriptionBooks with upsetting covers can go in the drawers.
dynasty_bookcase02_c_masternameNarrow Rosewood Bookcase
dynasty_bookcase02_d_descriptionYou'll retain 10% more information from books stored in a jade bookcase.
dynasty_bookcase02_d_masternameNarrow Jade Bookcase
dynasty_cabinet01_a_descriptionThis beautiful teak chest is equally good at storing silks and snacks.
dynasty_cabinet01_a_masternamePainted Teak Chest
dynasty_cabinet01_b_descriptionIf you put your ear to this chest, you might hear the echoes of many years of domestic bliss.
dynasty_cabinet01_b_masternamePainted Ebony Chest
dynasty_cabinet01_c_descriptionThe dragons painted on the doors of this chest will protect its contents from the outside world.
dynasty_cabinet01_c_masternamePainted Rosewood Chest
dynasty_cabinet01_d_descriptionThe artist developed a special type of paint that adheres to jade without damaging it.
dynasty_cabinet01_d_masternamePainted Jade Chest
dynasty_cabinet02_a_descriptionFinally, a convenient way to organize all those weapons you've got lying around.
dynasty_cabinet02_a_masternameTeak Weapon Rack
dynasty_cabinet02_b_descriptionFor extra peace of mind, keep this rosewood weapon rack right next to your bed.
dynasty_cabinet02_b_masternameEbony Weapon Rack
dynasty_cabinet02_c_descriptionThis beautiful mahogany weapon rack comes with a scratch-resistant varnish.
dynasty_cabinet02_c_masternameRosewood Weapon Rack
dynasty_cabinet02_d_descriptionAre those the ancient spears of legend? They must be, to earn a place on this incredible weapon rack.
dynasty_cabinet02_d_masternameJade Weapon Rack
dynasty_decor_ceiling_dishes01_descriptionThese bowls dry super fast when you suspend them from the ceiling.
dynasty_decor_ceiling_dishes01_masternameHanging Wicker Bowls
Dynasty_Decor_Ceiling_Plant01_DescriptionThis multi-tier planter is perfect for growing herbs and spices.
Dynasty_Decor_Ceiling_Plant01_MasterNameHanging Herb Garden
dynasty_decor_ceiling_plant02_descriptionThe shoots and cuttings in these planters will grow big and strong under your care.
dynasty_decor_ceiling_plant02_masternameHanging Plant Nursery
dynasty_decor_ceiling_plant03_descriptionYou've found that the drainage offered by this suspended shelf is perfect for your treasured bonsai.
dynasty_decor_ceiling_plant03_masternameHanging Bonsai
dynasty_decor_claybarrel01_a_descriptionThe cheerful green color seems to keep the contents fresher.
dynasty_decor_claybarrel01_a_masternameGreen Clay Pot
dynasty_decor_claybarrel01_b_descriptionThe cork stopper makes this pot useful for long-term storage.
dynasty_decor_claybarrel01_b_masternameRed Clay Pot
dynasty_decor_claybarrel02_a_descriptionThis jar is tough enough to stand up to daily use. Usually filled with wine, beer, or oil.
dynasty_decor_claybarrel02_a_masternameNatural Clay Amphora
dynasty_decor_claybarrel02_b_descriptionSealed on top to prevent spillage and evaporation.
dynasty_decor_claybarrel02_b_masternameRed Clay Amphora
Dynasty_Decor_Floor_Plant01_DescriptionThese bamboo shoots are growing so well, they'll soon need a bigger planter.
Dynasty_Decor_Floor_Plant01_MasterNameLiving Bamboo Planter
Dynasty_Decor_Floor_Plant02_DescriptionWhich is more exquisite, the bamboo or the vase? Ah, that's a philosophical question.
Dynasty_Decor_Floor_Plant02_MasterNameBamboo Display Vase
Dynasty_Decor_Floor_Plant03_DescriptionA no-nonsense clay pot, to store your no-nonsense bamboo poles.
Dynasty_Decor_Floor_Plant03_MasterNameCut Bamboo Storage Pot
dynasty_decor_floor_weaponrack01_descriptionThis is the armory rack of a person who has had many, many adventures.
dynasty_decor_floor_weaponrack01_masternameCrowded Armory Rack
dynasty_decor_smallvase_a_descriptionThe gemstone luster of this planter is so beautiful, it doesn't even need a plant.
dynasty_decor_smallvase_a_masternameShort Green Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_smallvase_b_descriptionThis exquisite planter features a crimson overglaze with a design stenciled in silver leaf, in the traditional style.
dynasty_decor_smallvase_b_masternameShort Red Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_smallvase_c_descriptionThe pattern on this planter is reminiscent of luxurious brocade cloth.
dynasty_decor_smallvase_c_masternameShort Black Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_smallvase_d_descriptionThe subtle shine of the gold foil on the cream-colored background invites a longer look.
dynasty_decor_smallvase_d_masternameShort Cream Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_smallvase_e_descriptionThis vibrant blue pigment is hard to source these days. This planter is truly something special.
dynasty_decor_smallvase_e_masternameShort White Porcelain Vase
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Dishes01_DescriptionA wok is an incredibly versatile piece of cookware. You can make almost anything in it.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Dishes01_MasterNameIron Wok Set
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Dishes02_DescriptionThese delicate dishes will be even more beautiful when they're clean.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Dishes02_MasterNameUnwashed China
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Dishes03_DescriptionThese bamboo baskets will serve up plump, glistening, perfectly-steamed dumplings.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Dishes03_MasterNameDumpling Steamer Set
dynasty_decor_table_dishes04_descriptionGraciously host an afternoon tea party, or a midnight cake party. Anytime is the right time with this refined tea set.
dynasty_decor_table_dishes04_masternameTea and Snacks China Set
dynasty_decor_table_dishes05_descriptionA traditional tea ceremony is a chance to unwind, savor the moment, and contemplate the beautiful transience of life.
dynasty_decor_table_dishes05_masternameTea Ceremony Set
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Fishbowl01_DescriptionFeel free to admire, but watch out; this feisty goldfish loves to splash anyone who comes in range.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Fishbowl01_MasterNameGoldfish in Porcelain Bowl
Dynasty_Decor_Table_FlowerPot01_DescriptionThe fruits of the fall harvest will keep your spirits up during the long, cold Aeternian winter.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_FlowerPot01_MasterNameWinter Flower Arrangement
Dynasty_Decor_Table_FlowerPot02_DescriptionA good flower arrangement invokes surprise and delight. This contrast of the maidenhair and baby's breath is a prime example.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_FlowerPot02_MasterNameFusion Flower Arrangement
Dynasty_Decor_Table_FlowerPot03_DescriptionBoth the aster and artemesia flowers are named after ancient goddesses.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_FlowerPot03_MasterNamePoignant Flower Arrangement
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting01_DescriptionA beautiful place setting increases anticipation for the coming meal.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting01_MasterNameGoldenrod Place Setting
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting02_DescriptionIn Aeternum, the soup is usually served after the main course.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting02_MasterNameRuby Place Setting
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting03_DescriptionThis dyed bamboo placemat is richly colored and easy to clean.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting03_MasterNameTurquoise Place Setting
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting04_DescriptionInvokes the quiet beauty of an imperial garden at your dinner table.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting04_MasterNameWhitegold Place Setting
dynasty_decor_table_plant01_descriptionHow exquisite. You must take excellent care of this tiny tree. Now where are your tiny tools?
dynasty_decor_table_plant01_masternameBonsai Centerpiece
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Stationary01_DescriptionPractice your fanciest handwriting with this brush set. There is even a book with examples of all the letters in several styles.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Stationary01_MasterNameCalligraphy Brush Set
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Stationary02_DescriptionWith this handy drip-dry brush rack, you'll always have a fresh brush ready to go.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_Stationary02_MasterNameLetter-writing Set with Brush Drying Rack
dynasty_decor_table_stationary03_descriptionWith this beautiful brush set with matching case, you, too, can succeed in the world of business.
dynasty_decor_table_stationary03_masternameBrush Set with Parcels
Dynasty_Decor_Table_TeaSet01_DescriptionServe up a moment of tranquility for yourself and your three closest friends.
Dynasty_Decor_Table_TeaSet01_MasterNameTea Serving Set
dynasty_decor_tallvase_a_descriptionThis precious vase has changed hands many times over the centuries. Now, those hands are yours. Pay no attention to the rumors that it's cursed.
dynasty_decor_tallvase_a_masternameTall Green Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_tallvase_b_descriptionCreated in China during the Jiajing period, vases like this one are wildly popular in royal courts around the world.
dynasty_decor_tallvase_b_masternameTall Red Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_tallvase_c_descriptionThis rich black vase, decorated with gold leaf, is a relic of a bygone golden age of luxury.
dynasty_decor_tallvase_c_masternameTall Black Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_tallvase_d_descriptionThis vase glows with an understated brilliance, like a pearl.
dynasty_decor_tallvase_d_masternameTall Cream Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_tallvase_e_descriptionThe delicate blue color of the flowers is made with cobalt ore, imported from a hot desert land.
dynasty_decor_tallvase_e_masternameTall White Porcelain Vase
dynasty_decor_wall_birdcage01_descriptionThis beautiful birdcage is spotlessly clean and ready for a new tenant.
dynasty_decor_wall_birdcage01_masternameRed-lacquered Songbird Cage
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_A_DescriptionNo view from any window could possibly be better than this.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_A_MasterNameTeak Painted Bamboo Blinds
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_B_DescriptionThe best part of these blinds is that you can make the dragons disappear and reappear by tilting the slats.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_B_MasterNameEbony Painted Bamboo Blinds
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_C_DescriptionSlatted blinds are a marvelous invention, allowing you to spy on your neighbors without them being able to see you in return.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_C_MasterNameRosewood Painted Bamboo Blinds
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_D_DescriptionDragons are said to be able to create clouds with their breath. Drawing these blinds might increase the chance of rain.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_D_MasterNameJade Painted Bamboo Blinds
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_A_DescriptionThese silk drapes are a wonderful fusion of both Asian and European forms.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_A_MasterNameGoldenrod Brocade Drapes
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_B_DescriptionThe silver dragons embroidered into these drapes will protect your house from any strife that might try to enter through the window.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_B_MasterNameRuby Brocade Drapes
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_C_DescriptionThe same heavy elements used to create this turquoise dye, like lead and mercury, were also often brewed into popular 'health' elixirs.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_C_MasterNameTurquoise Brocade Drapes
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_D_DescriptionThere are more than twenty Troy ounces of pure gold thread embroidered into each of these panels.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_D_MasterNameWhitegold Brocade Drapes
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_A_DescriptionA golden swath of silk to hang in your window.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_A_MasterNameGoldenrod Brocade Valance
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_B_DescriptionAww, they're like tiny little drapes! That's adorable.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_B_MasterNameRuby Brocade Valance
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_C_DescriptionThanks to these short curtains, your house will stay nice and cool while the sun is high in the sky.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_C_MasterNameTurquoise Brocade Valance
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_D_DescriptionPlacing jade near a window helps infuse incoming fresh air with its many virtues.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_D_MasterNameWhitegold Brocade Valance
dynasty_decor_wall_fans01_descriptionA famous dancer used this pair of fans in all her performances. When she retired, she passed them down to her granddaughter.
dynasty_decor_wall_fans01_masternameSentimental Silk Fans
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_FlowerPot01_DescriptionIn the language of flowers, this arrangement might symbolize hard-won, bittersweet wisdom.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_FlowerPot01_MasterNamePoignant Flower Hanging Basket
dynasty_decor_wall_flowerpot02_descriptionThis symbolic nest will encourage happiness to come roost in your home.
dynasty_decor_wall_flowerpot02_masternameDecorative Root Ball
dynasty_decor_wall_incense01_descriptionIncense has been burned in China since Neolithic times. Your house smells amazing now.
dynasty_decor_wall_incense01_masternameFragrant Incense Censer
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting01_DescriptionA black ink painting in a bamboo frame. The tight, precise brushstrokes that make up the pine needles have a courtly air.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting01_MasterName"Pine Bonsai" Painting
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting02_DescriptionA placid watercolor painting in a dark wood frame. The mountains wreathed in pre-dawn mists seem to promise the fresh start of a new day.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting02_MasterName"Sunrise Over the Western Mountains" Painting
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting03_DescriptionA black ink painting in a bamboo frame. The four-floor pagoda depicted here is quite peculiar: nearly all pagodas have an uneven number of floors.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting03_MasterName"Improbable Pagoda" Painting
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting04_DescriptionA colorful blockprint in a dark wood frame. The skill of the printer is clearly displayed in the overlapping washes of color in the clouds.
Dynasty_Decor_Wall_Painting04_MasterName"Clouds of Heaven" Painting
dynasty_decor_winejug_a_descriptionThis sweet yellow wine is often referenced in classical Chinese literature. The highest quality huanjiu is aged in clay jars for up to twenty years.
dynasty_decor_winejug_a_masternameHuangjiu Amphora
dynasty_dresser01_a_descriptionFashions change with the seasons, but a good teak dresser is timeless.
dynasty_dresser01_a_masternameTeak Dresser
dynasty_dresser01_b_descriptionPerhaps you could stage a fun diorama behind the center doors. No one else has to know.
dynasty_dresser01_b_masternameEbony Dresser
dynasty_dresser01_c_descriptionThe red color invites joy; the chrysanthemum drawer pulls denote longevity. With this dresser, you'll be happy forever.
dynasty_dresser01_c_masternameRosewood Dresser
dynasty_dresser01_d_descriptionThe best jade is slightly translucent. Best put anything embarrassing at the bottom of the drawer.
dynasty_dresser01_d_masternameJade Dresser
dynasty_shelf01_a_descriptionA beautiful display for your smallest treasures, netsukes, tchotchkes, trinkets, gewgaws, knickknacks, bric-a-brac, or whatever is closest to your heart.
dynasty_shelf01_a_masternameTeak Circular Curio Shelf
dynasty_shelf01_b_descriptionHaving this beautiful rosewood shelf on your wall is the perfect excuse to start some kind of whimsical collection.
dynasty_shelf01_b_masternameEbony Circular Curio Shelf
dynasty_shelf01_c_descriptionThis shelf might look dainty and delicate, but it can hold a great deal of heavy items and still remain on the wall.
dynasty_shelf01_c_masternameRosewood Circular Curio Shelf
dynasty_shelf01_d_descriptionThis piece is more than a mere shelf. What you place on it is immaterial. In itself, it is a monument to the taste and authority of its owner.
dynasty_shelf01_d_masternameJade Circular Curio Shelf
dynasty_shelf02_a_descriptionThis handsome teak shelf is the perfect blend of form and function. Plus, it's naturally water-repellent.
dynasty_shelf02_a_masternameTeak Pedestal Shelf
dynasty_shelf02_b_descriptionThe right-angled bracing below the shelf is not only pleasing to the eye, but also helps distribute the weight.
dynasty_shelf02_b_masternameEbony Pedestal Shelf
dynasty_shelf02_c_descriptionThe perfect place to display a priceless family heirloom, or perhaps an interesting rock you found on your morning walk.
dynasty_shelf02_c_masternameRosewood Pedestal Shelf
dynasty_shelf02_d_descriptionThis exquisite shelf is only big enough to display one item. Choose carefully.
dynasty_shelf02_d_masternameJade Pedestal Shelf
dynasty_stove01_a_descriptionThere's no better place to prepare a heavenly feast.
dynasty_stove01_a_masternameDynastic Stove
Earthware_Jar_C_DescriptionThis jar isn't much to look at, but it gets the jar job done.
Earthware_Jar_C_MasterNameSquare Earthenware Jar
Earthware_Jar_E_DescriptionThis humble clay jar is elevated by a decorative dribble of shiny glaze.
Earthware_Jar_E_MasterNameRound Earthenware Jar
firewood_pile_a_descriptionThe wood is cured to perfection for a clean, long-lasting burn.
firewood_pile_a_masternameFirewood Pile
fishing_veryrarefish_a3_descriptionThis deepwater behemoth of Restless Shores comes to the surface only once in its long lifetime.
fishing_veryrarefish_a3_masternameTaxidermied Blue-blooded Barb
fishing_veryrarefish_b1_descriptionAccording to legend, this fish was once a prince, and could grant any wish in the world.
fishing_veryrarefish_b1_masternameTaxidermied Varanus Mandje
fishing_veryrarefish_c1_descriptionThose eyes look almost human. Surely you're just imagining them following you around the room.
fishing_veryrarefish_c1_masternameTaxidermied Daemonaja
fishing_veryrarefish_d3_descriptionCatching this elusive creature is said to bring a year of good luck to the entire village.
fishing_veryrarefish_d3_masternameTaxidermied Egede Serpe
hangingsackslg_descriptionWhatever is in this sack, it would be disastrous if it touched the ground.
hangingsackslg_masternameHanging Sack
HangingSacksSM_B_DescriptionWhat's in this sack? Potatoes? Beans? Diamonds?... Might be diamonds.
HangingSacksSM_B_MasterNameBurlap Sack
HW_DishCluster_A_DescriptionThey might be messy, but at least they're clean.
HW_DishCluster_A_MasterNameCluttered Dishes
hw_placesetting_descriptionA well-worn place setting that has held years of delicious meals.
hw_placesetting_masternameOld Placesetting
Lighting_CandleHolder_A_DescriptionThree tall candles, burning bright, keeping back the endless night.
Lighting_CandleHolder_A_MasterNameRusty Iron Candelabra
Lighting_Candle_Bunch_A_DescriptionThese candles were just friends, at first, but they got too close. Now they are fused together into a super candle.
Lighting_Candle_Bunch_A_MasterNameCandle Cluster
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_a_descriptionThe light from this lucky lantern is said to scare away hungry monsters that lurk in the darkness.
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_a_masternameFour-tasseled Hanging Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_b_descriptionThis majestic eight-tasseled hanging lantern was once reserved for use only in the imperial palace.
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_b_masternameEight-tasseled Hanging Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_c_descriptionThe warm yellow glow of this iron lantern makes you feel safe, like someone is watching over you.
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_c_masternameTemple Hanging Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_d_descriptionEvery day is a party with this red paper lantern. There are no exceptions.
lighting_dynasty_lightceiling01_d_masternameFestival Hanging Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_a_descriptionIf you die out in the wilderness, this cheerful lantern will light a safe path for your soul to return.
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_a_masternameCutout Standing Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_b_descriptionIts unique round design allows it to shed its light equally in all directions.
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_b_masternameRound Standing Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_c_descriptionThis brass lantern is a microcosm of a universe in harmony.
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_c_masternameTemple Standing Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_d_descriptionFor some reason, the oil in this elaborate iron lantern seems to last twice as long as it should.
lighting_dynasty_lighttable01_d_masternameChrysanthemum Standing Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_a_descriptionThis red triple lantern provides three times the protection against evil spirits.
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_a_masternameFestival Wall-mounted Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_b_descriptionWith iron banding and a waterproof, fireproof coating, this lantern could withstand a hurricane.
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_b_masternameIron-bound Wall-mounted Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_c_descriptionThe simplicity of this paper lantern means that nothing will come between you and the light.
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_c_masternameSimple Wall-mounted Lantern
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_d_descriptionThere's no need to fear the dark, even if you're short on table space.
lighting_dynasty_lightwall01_d_masternameTemple Wall-mounted Lantern
Lighting_Lantern_Ceiling_DescriptionA simple lantern hanging from above, shining light into the highest nooks and crannies.
Lighting_Lantern_Ceiling_MasterNameRusty Hanging Lantern
Lighting_Lantern_C_DescriptionThis lantern glows with love. But don't touch it. Its love could burn.
Lighting_Lantern_C_MasterNameRusty Iron Lantern
Lighting_Pirate_Decor_SkullCandle01_DescriptionSomething very dark and very bright at the same time.
Lighting_Pirate_Decor_SkullCandle01_MasterNameSkull Candleholder
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_a_descriptionThis wheel once guided a mighty ship. Now, it'll help guide you through the dark.
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_a_masternameHardworking Helm Chandelier
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_b_descriptionAfter a long, hard life at sea, this ship's wheel is exploring other career options.
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Helm Chandelier
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_c_descriptionSalvaged from a shipwreck and expertly restored by a master craftsman.
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_c_masternameWell-polished Helm Chandelier
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_d_descriptionThis wheel once belonged to the ship of the best-dressed pirate crew in the South Seas.
lighting_pirate_lightceiling01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Helm Chandelier
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_a_descriptionMiraculously untarnished despite decades spent underwater.
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_a_masternameSilver Candelabra
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_b_descriptionThe patina on this well-preserved candelabra gives away its immense age.
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_b_masternameBronze Candelabra
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_c_descriptionA body washed up onshore with this solid gold candelabra strapped to its back. Unfortunately, it did not make a good flotation device.
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_c_masternameGold Candelabra
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_d_descriptionThis candelabra was recovered from a French shipwreck. Its exquisite detail was revealed once the barnacles were scrubbed off.
lighting_pirate_lighttable01_d_masternameBrass Candelabra
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_a_descriptionThe craze for Quicksilver lamps lasted only a few years. This late-model silver lamp was sold at a deep discount, as most pirates had moved on to the next big thing.
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_a_masternameCaptain Quicksilver's Lamp, Silver Replica
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_b_descriptionCaptain Quicksilver's Lamp sparked a craze, and replicas like this one soon became the most-requested item in the furniture workshops of Tortuga.
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_b_masternameCaptain Quicksilver's Lamp, Bronze Replica
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_c_descriptionSoon, anyone who was anyone in the pirating world had to have a Quicksilver lamp. This solid gold example was the subject of one fierce bidding war and two subsequent assassinations.
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_c_masternameCaptain Quicksilver's Lamp, Gold Replica
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_d_descriptionThe final request of infamous pirate James 'Quicksilver' Forten was that his skull be turned into a wall lamp.
lighting_pirate_lightwall01_d_masternameCaptain Quicksilver's Lamp, Original
Lighting_Pirate_LightWall02_DescriptionThe clever use of reflection produces twice the light.
Lighting_Pirate_LightWall02_MasterNameReflector Lamp
Lighting_Pirate_LightWall03_DescriptionYoung pirates who use this nightlight no longer fear the dark. There are so many other things to fear instead.
Lighting_Pirate_LightWall03_MasterNamePirate Nightlight
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_A_DescriptionMade with extra bright-burning tallow candles, this chandelier is the perfect mix of utility and ambiance.
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_A_MasterNameWarm Iron Chandelier - Bright
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_B_DescriptionThe light from this chandelier is universally flattering, and will make you even more good-looking than you already are.
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_B_MasterNameWarm Iron Chandelier - Dim
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_C_DescriptionThe cool tones of this chandelier's light are intended to mimic daylight, to help get you through those long Aeternian winters.
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_C_MasterNameCool Iron Chandelier - Bright
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_D_DescriptionAzoth threads woven through the wicks of these candles provide a subtle blue-ish glow, and are also said to cause vivid dreams.
Lighting_Settler_LightHanging01_D_MasterNameCool Iron Chandelier - Dim
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_A_DescriptionThe strength of this lantern's light makes it difficult to use for nefarious purposes. However, it's very popular with home decorators.
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_A_MasterNameWarm Iron Lantern - Bright
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_B_DescriptionThe soft, warm light of this lantern in your window will always guide you home.
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_B_MasterNameWarm Iron Lantern - Dim
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_C_DescriptionThis lantern casts a clean, sharp light, like the sun reflecting off fresh snow.
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_C_MasterNameCool Iron Lantern - Bright
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_D_DescriptionThis lantern is perfect for sitting around and telling ghost stories late at night.
Lighting_Settler_LightTable01_D_MasterNameCool Iron Lantern - Dim
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_A_DescriptionShines a warm, relaxing light into even the darkest corners of your home.
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_A_MasterNameWarm Iron Sconce - Bright
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_B_DescriptionFor when you want light, but not a lot of it. Just the right amount.
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_B_MasterNameWarm Iron Sconce - Dim
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_C_DescriptionThe cool light from this wall sconce helps you make calm, rational decisions. Popular with doctors and accountants.
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_C_MasterNameCool Iron Sconce - Bright
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_D_DescriptionDo you consider yourself more of a winter person? Then this is the perfect wall sconce for you!
Lighting_Settler_LightWall01_D_MasterNameCool Iron Sconce - Dim
Lighting_Torch_Wall_DescriptionThis wooden torch is blazing with glorious fire. Let's hope your house doesn't want to feel the same way.
Lighting_Torch_Wall_MasterNameWooden Wall Torch
MilkJug_DescriptionAn old iron jug, usually used for milk. But if you wanted to, you could put all sorts of things in this.
MilkJug_MasterNameIron Jug
OldBookGroup_B_DescriptionThese books are your all-time favorites, and deserve a place of special honor.
OldBookGroup_B_MasterNameOld Books Row Short
OldBookGroup_E_DescriptionYou haven't had time to put these books back on the shelf. Perhaps you're too busy reading.
OldBookGroup_E_MasterNameOld Books Stack
OldBookGroup_F_DescriptionThese books are in remarkably good condition, considering the sorry state of the ship they came from.
OldBookGroup_F_MasterNameOld Books Row Long
PaperParcels_C_DescriptionWhat could be inside? Some ancient instinct is warning you not to open it.
PaperParcels_C_MasterNamePaper-wrapped Parcel
PaperParcels_D_DescriptionA stack of very important papers, for the attention of a very important person - you.
PaperParcels_D_MasterNameVery Important Papers
Paper_FlatThin_A_DescriptionYou can already cross off the first entry: "Make a to-do list". You're so productive!
Paper_FlatThin_A_MasterNameTo-Do List
Paper_FlatThin_B_DescriptionLooks like some notes about geometry… But not any kind of geometry you've ever seen.
Paper_FlatThin_B_MasterNameImpossible Geometry Notes
Paper_Flat_A_DescriptionYou don't remember writing this, but it's your handwriting. And it contains all your deepest fears and darkest secrets.
Paper_Flat_A_MasterNameUnsettling Note
Paper_Flat_C_DescriptionWaterstained and nearby illegible. That's all right; you committed the words to heart long ago.
Paper_Flat_C_MasterNameSentimental Note
Paper_Seal_A_DescriptionA note left from your roommate telling you to put your clothes away. Wait, don't you live alone?
Paper_Seal_A_MasterNamePassive-aggressive Wall Note
Paper_Seal_E_DescriptionLook at all these tickets! You need to remember to move your cart on street sweeper day.
Paper_Seal_E_MasterNameUnpaid Parking Tickets
Pet_Entitlement_Rabbit_Galaxy_DescriptionBrimming with awe, the vast expanse of the universe resides within the fur of this rabbit. And if you pet them, you might just feel it too.
Pet_Entitlement_Rabbit_Galaxy_MasterNameGalaxy Rabbit
Pet_Entitlement_Tiger_Rainbow_DescriptionThe very essence of light and color dwells within each strand of fur of this tiger. And they deserve scritches behind their ears. Yes they do! Yes they do.
Pet_Entitlement_Tiger_Rainbow_MasterNameChromal Tiger
Pet_Mastiff_DescriptionThe grown spawn of the great Barkimedes and a settlement Mastiff; a forbidden romance for the ages.
Pet_Mastiff_MasterNameBarkimedes' Puppy
pirate_armoire01_a_descriptionThis armoire has the perfect balance of craftsmanship, practicality, and skulls.
pirate_armoire01_a_masternameHardworking Scrolled Armoire
pirate_armoire01_b_descriptionEvery crack in the wood of this armoire tells a story of the high seas.
pirate_armoire01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Scrolled Armoire
pirate_armoire01_c_descriptionA savvy captain knows: take care of your things, and they'll take care of you.
pirate_armoire01_c_masternameWell-polished Scrolled Armoire
pirate_armoire01_d_descriptionA popular fairytale claims that Bluebeard told his new wife to never, ever, open this armoire.
pirate_armoire01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Scrolled Armoire
Pirate_BathTub01_DescriptionOnly the captain is allowed to indulge in that rarest of pirate luxuries - a bath.
Pirate_BathTub01_MasterNameCaptain's Bath
pirate_bedsidetable_a_descriptionCleverly repurposed from a barrel, this watertight table could serve as a boat for a very small person.
pirate_bedsidetable_a_masternameHardworking Half-Barrel Table
pirate_bedsidetable_b_descriptionIs that a skull on that shelf? Do you bring a skull to bed? Don't answer that question.
pirate_bedsidetable_b_masternameSalt-stripped Half-Barrel Table
pirate_bedsidetable_c_descriptionSo richly burnished, you can hardly tell it used to be a humble barrel.
pirate_bedsidetable_c_masternameWell-polished Half-Barrel Table
pirate_bedsidetable_d_descriptionThe rum in this barrel was aged for twelve years before the barrel found new life as a table. Even now, the sweet smell lingers.
pirate_bedsidetable_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Half-Barrel Table
pirate_bookcase01_a_descriptionA good library is a great comfort to a sleepless captain on those long, lonely nights at sea.
pirate_bookcase01_a_masternameHardworking Low Bookcase
pirate_bookcase01_b_descriptionThe finish might been washed off this bookcase by the hard salt sea, but it still holds just as much knowledge as ever.
pirate_bookcase01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Low Bookcase
pirate_bookcase01_c_descriptionA pirate must be well-read, if he wishes to move undetected in high society.
pirate_bookcase01_c_masternameWell-polished Low Bookcase
pirate_bookcase01_d_descriptionThe bookcase once housed the personal library of the child King. He enjoyed books with lots of pictures.
pirate_bookcase01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Low Bookcase
pirate_bookcase02_a_descriptionThis multifunctional piece of furniture serves as a bookcase, a writing desk, and a dresser. So practical!
pirate_bookcase02_a_masternameHardworking Tall Bookcase
pirate_bookcase02_b_descriptionThe wood is worn, but the brass hardware looks brand new. Was this bookcase deliberately roughed up?
pirate_bookcase02_b_masternameSalt-stripped Tall Bookcase
pirate_bookcase02_c_descriptionCrafted with love in a Parisian workshop, generations ago.
pirate_bookcase02_c_masternameWell-polished Tall Bookcase
pirate_bookcase02_d_descriptionThe history behind this antique bookcase would make any museum curator green with envy.
pirate_bookcase02_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Tall Bookcase
pirate_cabinet01_a_descriptionA safe and stylish place to store your finery.
pirate_cabinet01_a_masternameHardworking Short Dresser
pirate_cabinet01_b_descriptionThe little skull-shaped drawer-pulls on this dresser are surprisingly charming.
pirate_cabinet01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Short Dresser
pirate_cabinet01_c_descriptionWow. Even the underside of this dresser is polished to a mirror finish.
pirate_cabinet01_c_masternameWell-polished Short Dresser
pirate_cabinet01_d_descriptionThe main thing that separates a good pirate captain from a legendary one is good costume design. This dresser can help with that.
pirate_cabinet01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Short Dresser
pirate_cabinet02_a_descriptionLook at all those drawers. You'll be able to store all your billowing silk shirts in here.
pirate_cabinet02_a_masternameHardworking Tall Dresser
pirate_cabinet02_b_descriptionYou might need a ladder to reach those top drawers. That's where you'll hide the good stuff.
pirate_cabinet02_b_masternameSalt-stripped Tall Dresser
pirate_cabinet02_c_descriptionEven if you've got nothing to wear but rags, you need a nice place to put them.
pirate_cabinet02_c_masternameWell-polished Tall Dresser
pirate_cabinet02_d_descriptionOn windy nights, you can hear the skulls whisper fashion tips to one another. Or was that just a dream?
pirate_cabinet02_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Tall Dresser
Pirate_Decor_Anchor01_DescriptionA fond remembrance of a ship blown to bits long ago.
Pirate_Decor_Anchor01_MasterNamePirate Anchor
Pirate_Decor_BoneWreath01_DescriptionDespite its realistic appearance, this bone wreath was actually whittled from basswood.
Pirate_Decor_BoneWreath01_MasterNameImitation Bone Wreath
Pirate_Decor_CageBones01_DescriptionWhy deal with shelving when you have a perfectly good ceiling cage to store your extra stuff.
Pirate_Decor_CageBones01_MasterNameStorage Cage
Pirate_Decor_Cannonballs_DescriptionThese cannonballs never saw action in battle.
Pirate_Decor_Cannonballs_MasterNameIron Cannonballs
Pirate_Decor_Chains01_DescriptionYou never know what kind of thing you might need to hang from your ceiling.
Pirate_Decor_Chains01_MasterNameShort Iron Chain
Pirate_Decor_Chains02_DescriptionYou could use it as a swing, if you have really good balance.
Pirate_Decor_Chains02_MasterNameLong Iron Chain
Pirate_Decor_Chains03_DescriptionAfter a life at sea, many pirates can't get to sleep without the soothing rattle of iron chains.
Pirate_Decor_Chains03_MasterNameExtra Long Iron Chain
pirate_decor_curtain01_a_descriptionThe view out the window can only be enhanced by hanging this blue velvet fabric above it.
pirate_decor_curtain01_a_masternameMaritime Posh Valance
pirate_decor_curtain01_b_descriptionNot enough velvet in your house? Here's an easy and fabulous fix.
pirate_decor_curtain01_b_masternameSeafoam Posh Valance
pirate_decor_curtain01_c_descriptionThis red velvet valance gives a sumptuous look to any captain's window.
pirate_decor_curtain01_c_masternameBloody Posh Valance
pirate_decor_curtain01_d_descriptionThis velvet valance is much too elegant to be useful.
pirate_decor_curtain01_d_masternameGothic Posh Valance
pirate_decor_curtain02_a_descriptionThese curtains have the maximum number of tassels allowed by Aeternian law.
pirate_decor_curtain02_a_masternameMaritime Posh Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain02_b_descriptionKeeps your cabin warm and cozy on cold nights.
pirate_decor_curtain02_b_masternameSeafoam Posh Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain02_c_descriptionThese curtains are so lovely, you won't even want to look out the window.
pirate_decor_curtain02_c_masternameBloody Posh Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain02_d_descriptionThe captain is the only person on the ship allowed to sleep in. These heavy velvet curtains will block out every trace of early morning sun.
pirate_decor_curtain02_d_masternameGothic Posh Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain03_a_descriptionThese curtains are somehow both opulent and threadbare at the same time.
pirate_decor_curtain03_a_masternameMaritime Ragged Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain03_b_descriptionNo need to draw these curtains. They'll let the daylight through either way.
pirate_decor_curtain03_b_masternameSeafoam Ragged Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain03_c_descriptionThese curtains might have been the height of luxury...once.
pirate_decor_curtain03_c_masternameBloody Ragged Curtains
pirate_decor_curtain03_d_descriptionFor when there is darkness in your soul, but not too much.
pirate_decor_curtain03_d_masternameGothic Ragged Curtains
Pirate_Decor_DrinkCrate01_DescriptionA crate of grog bottles. It might not be fancy, but at least there's a lot of it.
Pirate_Decor_DrinkCrate01_MasterNameGrog Crate
Pirate_Decor_DrinkSet01_DescriptionTechnically, this canteen is meant to be used for water.
Pirate_Decor_DrinkSet01_MasterNameCanteen Set
Pirate_Decor_DrinkSet02_DescriptionBeer provides vital nutrition and calories to sailors on long voyages. It often contains less than 1% alcohol.
Pirate_Decor_DrinkSet02_MasterNameSmall Beer Set
Pirate_Decor_DrinkSet03_DescriptionThis drinking set is used to imbibe alcohol in moderation, and in accordance with all local laws and statutes.
Pirate_Decor_DrinkSet03_MasterNameModerate Drinking Set
Pirate_Decor_Globe01_DescriptionYou'll never see the world outside Aeternum again. But at least you can look at this globe.
Pirate_Decor_Globe01_MasterNameOld World Globe
Pirate_Decor_JewelBox01_DescriptionWhen your ship is being pursued by howling ghosts, you can look at this loot and know that it was all worth it.
Pirate_Decor_JewelBox01_MasterNamePirate Jewel Box
Pirate_Decor_LootArrangement01_DescriptionThis beautiful mixed-metal tea set was crafted in one of the finest workshops in Damascus.
Pirate_Decor_LootArrangement01_MasterNameOttoman Tea Set
Pirate_Decor_Map01_DescriptionThis map of Aeternum is beautiful, but unfinished. There's still much left to discover.
Pirate_Decor_Map01_MasterNameMap of Aeternum
Pirate_Decor_Map02_DescriptionA rolled-up map holds infinite possibilities.
Pirate_Decor_Map02_MasterNameTightly Furled Map
Pirate_Decor_MapTools01_DescriptionNothing can be more final than a threatening letter to your enemies. Except, perhaps, how your enemies might respond to said letter.
Pirate_Decor_MapTools01_MasterNameCaptain's Writing Set
Pirate_Decor_MapTools02_DescriptionThese tools once belonged to the most talented cartographer who ever sailed the Mediterranean Sea.
Pirate_Decor_MapTools02_MasterNameCartographer's Tools
Pirate_Decor_Oars01_DescriptionEven in the golden age of sailing, sometimes you've got no choice but to row.
Pirate_Decor_Painting01_DescriptionA melancholy painting in a silver and burlwood frame. The proud captain of this Spanish galleon never got around to getting her portrait painted while she was still in one piece.
Pirate_Decor_Painting01_MasterName"The Amaranta" Painting
Pirate_Decor_Painting02_DescriptionA beatific painting in an arched silver frame. To a pirate, there's no sight more beautiful than a port that he had given up hope of ever reaching.
Pirate_Decor_Painting02_MasterName"Journey's End" Painting
Pirate_Decor_Painting03_DescriptionA timeworn painting in an oval frame. After lights out, sailors used to trade whispered stories about ghost ships like the one in this painting.
Pirate_Decor_Painting03_MasterName"Flying Dutchman" Painting
pirate_decor_placesetting01_descriptionThe tranquil color encourages your guests to linger over dessert.
pirate_decor_placesetting01_masternameMaritime Place Setting
pirate_decor_placesetting02_descriptionYes, it's hard to get food stains out of velvet. But this is a matter of style.
pirate_decor_placesetting02_masternameSeafoam Place Setting
pirate_decor_placesetting03_descriptionYou treat your dinner guests with respect, but also gently remind them that you can have them killed at any time.
pirate_decor_placesetting03_masternameBloody Place Setting
pirate_decor_placesetting04_descriptionWith this place setting, any meal becomes a kingly feast.
pirate_decor_placesetting04_masternameGothic Place Setting
Pirate_Decor_PotsAndPans01_DescriptionA sturdy set of iron cookware is worth its weight in stolen gemstones.
Pirate_Decor_PotsAndPans01_MasterNameShip's Cookware
Pirate_Decor_Ropes01_DescriptionThese ropes are so beautifully rigged, they could bring an old sailor to tears.
Pirate_Decor_Ropes01_MasterNamePirate Rigging
Pirate_Decor_Ropes02_DescriptionThe fibers of this old fishing net remember the struggle of every fish it ever caught.
Pirate_Decor_Ropes02_MasterNameFishing Net Decoration
Pirate_Decor_RumCrate01_DescriptionAn ingenious pirate managed to smuggle a whole shipment of fine cognac out of France by disguising it in these humble rum bottles.
Pirate_Decor_RumCrate01_MasterNamePirate Rum Crate
pirate_decor_rumjug01_descriptionThe very last bottle of this particular vintage left in the world.
pirate_decor_rumjug01_masternameClouded Glass Jug
Pirate_Decor_Scroll01_DescriptionA pirate scholar's treatise on the great Stormwall of Aeternum.
Pirate_Decor_Scroll01_MasterNameScholarly Scroll
Pirate_Decor_Scroll02_DescriptionAn old letter of marque - once a free pass to pillage and terrorize, now just a fond memento.
Pirate_Decor_Scroll02_MasterNameLetter of Marque
Pirate_Decor_Sign01_DescriptionSeeing this sign outside a tavern door lets you know that you're in for a fun and wholesome time.
Pirate_Decor_Sign01_MasterNamePirate Sign
Pirate_Decor_SkullHat01_DescriptionThis proud pirate swore he'd rather die than be parted from his beloved hat.
Pirate_Decor_SkullHat01_MasterNameSkull With Fancy Hat
Pirate_Decor_Swords01_DescriptionThese swords aren't just for show. They're kept meticulously polished and sharpened in case of a dueling emergency.
Pirate_Decor_Swords01_MasterNameShip Wheel Swords Display
Pirate_Decor_Telescope01_DescriptionThis state-of-the-art brass telescope is a great comfort for former sailors who once used the stars to navigate the open sea.
Pirate_Decor_Telescope01_MasterNameBrass Telescope
Pirate_Decor_WaterBarrel01_DescriptionFilled with sweet water transported from the fresh glacier brooks of northern Aeternum.
Pirate_Decor_WaterBarrel01_MasterNameFreshwater Barrel
Pirate_Decor_WaterTub01_DescriptionOne benefit of being a landlubber: clothes cleaned in fresh water cause way less chafing.
Pirate_Decor_WaterTub01_MasterNamePirate Washtub
Pirate_Decor_WeaponArrangement01_DescriptionA selection of fine weapons, taken off the bodies of adversaries who made the mistake of fighting fair.
Pirate_Decor_WeaponArrangement01_MasterNamePirate Weapon Arrangement
Pirate_Decor_WeaponArrangement02_DescriptionThese beautiful flintlock pistols have a walnut stock and a top firing rate of three rounds per minute.
Pirate_Decor_WeaponArrangement02_MasterNameFlintlock Pistols
Pirate_Keg01_DescriptionThis keg is proof that you throw the best parties in town. The whole crew is invited!
Pirate_Keg01_MasterNamePirage Crew Keg
pirate_shelf01_a_descriptionThis shelf holds everything a well-stocked galley needs.
pirate_shelf01_a_masternameHardworking Galley Shelf
pirate_shelf01_b_descriptionYou can store your balsamic vinegar on this shelf without worrying about ruining the finish.
pirate_shelf01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Galley Shelf
pirate_shelf01_c_descriptionThis shelf might be a practical piece of furniture, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve fancy gold scrollwork.
pirate_shelf01_c_masternameWell-polished Galley Shelf
pirate_shelf01_d_descriptionA cheeky combination of luxury and coziness that's sure to turn heads.
pirate_shelf01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Galley Shelf
Pirate_Sink01_DescriptionThe ingenious copper mechanism atop this sink actually heats the water as you pump it! Incredible!
Pirate_Sink01_MasterNameCopper Water Pump
pirate_stove01_a_descriptionThe iron will keep your vittles hot for a long, long time.
pirate_stove01_a_masternameOrnate Cast-Iron Stove
pirate_stove01_b_descriptionIf copper was good enough for the ancient Romans, it's good enough for you.
pirate_stove01_b_masternameOrnate Copper Stove
pirate_stove01_c_descriptionThis stove was a special order from a pirate captain who loved to cook.
pirate_stove01_c_masternameOrnate Bronze Stove
pirate_stove01_d_descriptionThis stove proves that you have money to burn.
pirate_stove01_d_masternameOrnate Gold Stove
PowderHorn_DescriptionContains black gunpowder. Keep the lid on, and don't bring it into the kitchen.
PowderHorn_MasterNamePowder Horn
PrimalDrumSmall_DescriptionThe ancient remains of drums like this one have been unearthed all over Aeternum.
PrimalDrumSmall_MasterNameSmall Drum
primalpottery_a_hang_descriptionBest to keep the inside of that pot up and out of sight. You don't wanna know what's in it…
primalpottery_a_hang_masternameHanging Pottery
RoundBirdCage_DescriptionA cute wicker bird cage. Unfortunately, the bird seems to have flown away.
RoundBirdCage_MasterNameRound Bird Cage
Rug_BearPelt_DescriptionA soft and fuzzy bear rug to warm your bare feet, or to lounge upon seductively. Or both.
Rug_BearPelt_MasterNameBear Pelt Rug
Rug_Cloth_Flat_A_DescriptionTechnically meets the bare minimum requirements of a rug.
Rug_Cloth_Flat_A_MasterNameFraying Cloth Rug
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug01_descriptionThis silky-soft rug features a stylized keystone border. Its symmetrical perfection speaks to the mastery of the court artist who wove it.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug01_masternameGoldenrod Geometric Rug
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug02_descriptionThe sharp contrast of the dark red and the bright silver calls to you in ways you never knew.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug02_masternameRuby Geometric Rug
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug03_descriptionSurround this jewel-toned silk rug with neutral colors to draw the viewer's eye.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug03_masternameTurquoise Geometric Rug
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug04_descriptionThe pure simplicity of the colors only highlights the pure mastery of the craftsmanship that is the majesty of this rug.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug04_masternameWhitegold Geometric Rug
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug05_descriptionThe bright orange of this woven mat always brings a smile to your face. You just can't help it. It's such a happy color.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug05_masternameGoldenrod Woven Floor Mat
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug06_descriptionThe deepness of the red is so striking, no one will ever notice you swept all the dust under it.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug06_masternameRuby Woven Floor Mat
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug07_descriptionA traditional woven bamboo design, dyed a surprising blue-green. An easy-to-clean pop of color for your floor.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug07_masternameTurquoise Woven Floor Mat
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug08_descriptionIf you look carefully, you can see the delicate balance of gold and cream colors interwoven perfectly into what appears to be a solid color.
rug_dynasty_decor_floor_rug08_masternameWhitegold Woven Floor Mat
Rug_FishingNet_B_DescriptionWhat a creative use for a fishing net. Sweeping dirt under it is pointless, though.
Rug_FishingNet_B_MasterNameFishnet Rug
Rug_Pirate_Decor_Rug01_DescriptionOften placed in a lady's cabin, because a woman's bare feet touching the wood of the ship was considered bad luck.
Rug_Pirate_Decor_Rug01_MasterNameCurved Maritime Rug
Rug_Pirate_Decor_Rug02_DescriptionThe beautiful color is worth the effort it takes to keep it clean.
Rug_Pirate_Decor_Rug02_MasterNameRound Seafoam Rug
rug_pirate_decor_rug03_descriptionThe rich red color of this rug hides bloodstains extremely well.
rug_pirate_decor_rug03_masternameCrescent Bloody Rug
rug_pirate_decor_rug04_descriptionBewitchingly soft on your bare toes.
rug_pirate_decor_rug04_masternameOval Gothic Rug
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug01_DescriptionA yellow rug shaped like the sun. Make you feel warm and happy just looking at it.
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug01_MasterNameRound Sunny Rug
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug02_DescriptionThis cheerful green rug feels especially good on bare feet. It reminds you of spring grass.
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug02_MasterNameCurved Grassy Rug
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug03_DescriptionThe bright blue dye used in this rug was made with a mixture of azoth and oak tree bark. The color can't be exactly replicated anywhere else in the world.
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug03_MasterNameOval Cerulean Rug
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug04_DescriptionThis cheery red rug is fully reversible. Unfortunately, the other side is also red.
Rug_Settler_Decor_Floor_Rug04_MasterNameRectangle Cherry Rug
ScrollBookcase_Lg_DescriptionFull of cubbies for all your paper, vellum, and papyrus. Clay tablets, too, if you're into the classics.
ScrollBookcase_Lg_MasterNameRustic Wooden Scrollcase
Settler_Armoire01_A_DescriptionAsh is also known as "firelight" wood, and gives off a wonderful long-burning heat due to its density. Not that you'd ever burn your beautiful ash armoire, of course.
Settler_Armoire01_A_MasterNameAsh Armoire
Settler_Armoire01_B_DescriptionIf you shut yourself into this armoire on a quiet night, you might be able to hear the wood around you resonate with the music of the cosmos.
Settler_Armoire01_B_MasterNameMaple Armoire
Settler_Armoire01_C_DescriptionAn immortal owner needs an immortal place to store their clothes. The oak armoire is sturdy enough to withstand the ravages of both time and small explosions.
Settler_Armoire01_C_MasterNameOak Armoire
Settler_Armoire01_D_DescriptionJust because you're a settler doesn't mean you have to settle for less than the best. This mahogany armoire is proof of your exquisite taste.
Settler_Armoire01_D_MasterNameMahogany Armoire
Settler_Bookcase01_A_DescriptionThe top interior decorator in Aeternum adores the weathered look of this compact ash bookcase, making it a very popular piece.
Settler_Bookcase01_A_MasterNameAsh Small Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase01_B_DescriptionThere's no finer place to store all your old sea maps and star charts. You won't be needing them here on Aeternum.
Settler_Bookcase01_B_MasterNameMaple Small Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase01_C_DescriptionThis oak bookcase is perfect for displaying your favorite flowers, for a bright pop of color and a soothing fragrance.
Settler_Bookcase01_C_MasterNameOak Small Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase01_D_DescriptionIf you're going to go to the trouble of owning all these impressive books, you may as well display them in this impressive mahogany bookcase.
Settler_Bookcase01_D_MasterNameMahogany Small Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase02_A_DescriptionNo metal fasteners were used in the joinery of this ash bookcase. Its craftsmanship is second to none.
Settler_Bookcase02_A_MasterNameAsh Large Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase02_B_DescriptionThe same wood that went into this bookcase is also used by luthiers to craft Aeternum's finest musical instruments.
Settler_Bookcase02_B_MasterNameMaple Large Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase02_C_DescriptionThis bookcase is sturdy enough to hold all your hopes and dreams for the future.
Settler_Bookcase02_C_MasterNameOak Large Bookcase
Settler_Bookcase02_D_DescriptionThis bookcase of gleaming mahogany lends you an air of confidence when you stand in front of it. Try it out!
Settler_Bookcase02_D_MasterNameMahogany Large Bookcase
Settler_Cabinet01_A_DescriptionJust imagining all the things you could put in these tiny drawers fills you with a sense of excitement.
Settler_Cabinet01_A_MasterNameAsh Chest of Drawers
Settler_Cabinet01_B_DescriptionThis maple chest of drawers will keep your collection safe and sound. What collection? Any collection!
Settler_Cabinet01_B_MasterNameMaple Chest of Drawers
Settler_Cabinet01_C_DescriptionWhat's inside the drawers isn't important. What really matters is that you did your best.
Settler_Cabinet01_C_MasterNameOak Chest of Drawers
Settler_Cabinet01_D_DescriptionThis chest has four drawers, one for each of the major accessory groups: capes, half-capes, falconry gloves, and socks.
Settler_Cabinet01_D_MasterNameMahogany Chest of Drawers
Settler_Cabinet02_A_DescriptionSome people claim that clothes kept in this ash wood cabinet will never go out of fashion.
Settler_Cabinet02_A_MasterNameAsh Cabinet
Settler_Cabinet02_B_DescriptionThere is a custom on Aeternum that a young woodsman must use his own two hands to make a cabinet out of the first tree he ever fells.
Settler_Cabinet02_B_MasterNameMaple Cabinet
Settler_Cabinet02_C_DescriptionYou can't just hide your secrets in any old cabinet. There's a saying on Aeternum: 'oak never tells'.
Settler_Cabinet02_C_MasterNameOak Cabinet
Settler_Cabinet02_D_DescriptionThe cubbyholes in this mahogany cabinet are the perfect place to store your various medals and commendations.
Settler_Cabinet02_D_MasterNameMahogany Cabinet
Settler_Decor_Desk_ClothArrangement01_DescriptionSewing is one of the most practical skills any adventurer can have. No one else is going to mend your pants for you.
Settler_Decor_Desk_ClothArrangement01_MasterNameSewing Accessories
Settler_Decor_Desk_FloralArrangement01_DescriptionLife on Aeternum can be stressful. Flower arrangement is a healthy way to unwind after a day full of dying.
Settler_Decor_Desk_FloralArrangement01_MasterNameFloral Design Accessories
Settler_Decor_Desk_PaperArrangement01_DescriptionYou can write about whatever you want with this desk set. It's here to support you and your literary dreams.
Settler_Decor_Desk_PaperArrangement01_MasterNameDesk Accessories
Settler_Decor_Floor_Fireplace01_DescriptionMany a retired adventurer has spent their golden years poking at the fire and thinking of the past.
Settler_Decor_Floor_Fireplace01_MasterNameFireplace Poker Set
Settler_Decor_Floor_Fireplace02_DescriptionA bellows for the optimists. A bucket of water for the realists.
Settler_Decor_Floor_Fireplace02_MasterNameFireplace Accessories
Settler_Decor_Floor_Fireplace03_DescriptionWhat better place to store your precious books than near an open flame?
Settler_Decor_Floor_Fireplace03_MasterNameFireplace Books
Settler_Decor_FloralArrangement01_DescriptionThe scent of these cheerful yellow flowers is strongest at solar noon, earning them the nickname 'sunbathers'. On the summer solstice, they can be smelled from up to fifty yards away.
Settler_Decor_FloralArrangement01_MasterNameHanging Basket of Flowers
Settler_Decor_Garden_Plants01_DescriptionAn arrangement of winter blooms. The red berries of the firethorn are said to ease homesickness when eaten. They are a traditional welcoming gift for newcomers to Aeternum.
Settler_Decor_Garden_Plants01_MasterNamePot of Winter Flowers
Settler_Decor_Garden_Plants02_DescriptionDelphinium flower cultivation is a popular pastime on Aeternum, and garden competitions can be cutthroat. The plant contains deadly alkaloids, and "accidental" poisonings occur frequently.
Settler_Decor_Garden_Plants02_MasterNamePot of Blue Flowers
Settler_Decor_Garden_Plants03_DescriptionA colorful display of aster and wormwood that soothes a tired soul.
Settler_Decor_Garden_Plants03_MasterNamePot of Pink Flowers
Settler_Decor_Garden_Wheelbarrow01_DescriptionA wheelbarrow is a marvelous invention. Now you no longer have to transport manure with your bare hands.
Settler_Decor_Garden_Wheelbarrow01_MasterNameWooden Wheelbarrow
Settler_Decor_Garden_Wheelbarrow02_DescriptionA good garden takes sweat to plant and time to grow. Your trusty wheelbarrow will be with you every step of the way.
Settler_Decor_Garden_Wheelbarrow02_MasterNameWheelbarrow of Garden Supplies
Settler_Decor_Garden_Windchimes01_DescriptionWhen the wind blows from the south, the colorful ribbons and melody reminds you of your childhood. Ring any bells?
Settler_Decor_Garden_Windchimes01_MasterNameColorful Wind Chimes
Settler_Decor_Garden_Windchimes02_DescriptionIt takes a pretty stiff wind to rattle these chunky copper chimes. But when they chime, it is a sound to behold.
Settler_Decor_Garden_Windchimes02_MasterNameRobust Wind Chimes
Settler_Decor_Painting01_DescriptionA serene oil painting in an ash wood frame. No one is quite sure how the artist got the bear in this painting to stand still for six hours.
Settler_Decor_Painting01_MasterName"Bear in Meadow" Painting
Settler_Decor_Painting02_DescriptionA haunting watercolor painting in a maple wood frame. It is so rich with atmosphere that the viewer can almost feel the chilly mist on their skin.
Settler_Decor_Painting02_MasterName"Beyond the Gate" Painting
Settler_Decor_Painting03_DescriptionA painting that captures the essence of an Aeternian sunrise within a fine oak frame. The painter nearly drove herself mad trying to capture the passing of autumn with the coming of winter.
Settler_Decor_Painting03_MasterName"Mountain Dawn" Painting
Settler_Decor_Painting04_DescriptionIt is hard to tell which is nicer; the oil painting of a scenic river, or the carved and polish mahogany frame it rests within.
Settler_Decor_Painting04_MasterName"Spring River" Painting
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes01_DescriptionSimple dishes, carved from simple wood, for simple meals. What could be more simple?
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes01_MasterNameWooden Dishes
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes02_DescriptionA good host always has enough plates to make sure that no one leaves hungry.
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes02_MasterNameStacked Dishes
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes03_DescriptionWashing the dishes can be a risky proposition when you have to go down to the river to do it. But the mallet does provide some protection.
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes03_MasterNameDirty Dishes
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes04_DescriptionThe wear and tear on these dishes is a testament to countless meals savored to the last bite.
Settler_Decor_Shelf_Dishes04_MasterNameWell-Loved Dishes
Settler_Decor_Shelf_PotsAndPans01_DescriptionIn the Old World, a good cauldron was often passed down through the generations. Here in Aeternum, nothing gets passed down.
Settler_Decor_Shelf_PotsAndPans01_MasterNameCauldron Cooking Set
Settler_Decor_Shelf_PotsAndPans02_DescriptionCooking is a very important survival skill in Aeternum. Anyone who has ever tried to eat raw boar meat will understand why.
Settler_Decor_Shelf_PotsAndPans02_MasterNameCampfire Cooking Set
Settler_Decor_Shelf_PotsAndPans03_DescriptionYou've gained mastery over fire. Prove your dominance by using it to cook a delicious meal.
Settler_Decor_Shelf_PotsAndPans03_MasterNameSturdy Cooking Set
Settler_Decor_Table_FloralArrangement01_DescriptionA sprinkle of lemon juice will keep your flowers looking as fresh as the day you cut them.
Settler_Decor_Table_FloralArrangement01_MasterNameFresh Flowers Assembly
Settler_Decor_Table_KitchenArrangement01_DescriptionYou're ready to create a culinary masterpiece. Now all you need is the food.
Settler_Decor_Table_KitchenArrangement01_MasterNameMeal Prep Set
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting01_DescriptionIs this the aftermath of a meal, or the beforemath? (Beforemath is a common word in Aeternum.)
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting01_MasterNameCerulean Place Setting
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting02_DescriptionThis tableware is almost too pretty to use, unless you're hungry, and the bright red placemat makes you real hungry for fresh fruit.
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting02_MasterNameCherry Place Setting
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting03_DescriptionYou might just lose sight of your meal if you were to have a picnic on the grass, that is, if the ants don't get to it first.
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting03_MasterNameGrassy Place Setting
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting04_DescriptionEvery meal you eat makes you feel a bit happier, a bit brighter when you use this place setting. I wonder why?
Settler_Decor_Table_PlaceSetting04_MasterNameSunny Place Setting
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_A_DescriptionA thick, blue drape to block the light from a window. Perfect for those who like to sleep until noon.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_A_MasterNameCerulean Drape
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_B_DescriptionYou won't feel dreary with this delightfully dapper drape. The bright red reminds you of fresh fruit.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_B_MasterNameCherry Drape
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_C_DescriptionIf you don't want to look out a window at the green rolling hills, you can look at this drape instead, with its green rolling fabric.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_C_MasterNameGrassy Drape
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_D_DescriptionYou can have a bright outlook with this drape, even if you can't look out a window through it.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain01_D_MasterNameSunny Drape
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_A_DescriptionA lovely blue colored fabric hanging loosely. For those who want all the style of a curtain with none of the utility.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_A_MasterNameCerulean Valance
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_B_DescriptionThink of this bright red fabric like a window hat. It is pretty, and does very little to keep the light out.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_B_MasterNameCherry Valance
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_C_DescriptionBring the outdoors in with some grassy green fabric. Drapery never looked so good.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_C_MasterNameGrassy Valance
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_D_DescriptionAdd some lovely color with this happy fabric. You can hang it above your windows, your door, your bed. Any wall you like!
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain02_D_MasterNameSunny Valance
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_A_DescriptionThe sky's the limit with these blue sky drapes. It's the next best thing to being outside.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_A_MasterNameCerulean Curtains
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_B_DescriptionFrame your window with style. And nothing says 'style' like these cherry colored drapes. They really make the room pop.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_B_MasterNameCherry Curtains
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_C_DescriptionBring the spirit of the forest inside with these long green drapes. Their tallness reminds you of trees.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_C_MasterNameGrassy Curtains
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_D_DescriptionYou won't be able to tell where the window stops and these curtains begin on a sunny day.
Settler_Decor_Wall_Curtain03_D_MasterNameSunny Curtains
Settler_Decor_Wall_FlowerWreath01_DescriptionThis exuberant wreath uses dried flowers, so you can get that summertime feel even in the dead of winter.
Settler_Decor_Wall_FlowerWreath01_MasterNameSummertime Wreath
Settler_Decor_Wall_FlowerWreath02_DescriptionHanging a wreath of delphiniums on your door or in your window means that you're ready for visitors. Hope the place is clean!
Settler_Decor_Wall_FlowerWreath02_MasterNameDelphinium Wreath
Settler_Dresser01_A_DescriptionThis single-source dresser was crafted from the wood of one ash tree, which had lived a long, full life with no regrets.
Settler_Dresser01_A_MasterNameAsh Dresser
Settler_Dresser01_B_DescriptionTo make a maple dresser of this quality, the artisan must completely clear their mind of all thoughts. Then, they say, the dresser makes itself.
Settler_Dresser01_B_MasterNameMaple Dresser
Settler_Dresser01_C_DescriptionOak wood is associated with the king of gods in many mythic traditions. Your socks and underwear deserve nothing less.
Settler_Dresser01_C_MasterNameOak Dresser
Settler_Dresser01_D_DescriptionThis dresser has been burnished with a rich oil, to bring out the grain of the wood. Your unmentionables will be stored in luxury.
Settler_Dresser01_D_MasterNameMahogany Dresser
Settler_Shelf01_A_DescriptionThe flexible joints of this ash shelf can support the heaviest of collectible figurines.
Settler_Shelf01_A_MasterNameAsh Wall Shelf
Settler_Shelf01_B_DescriptionThis maple shelf calls out for something soft and comforting, like your favorite stuffed animal.
Settler_Shelf01_B_MasterNameMaple Wall Shelf
Settler_Shelf01_C_DescriptionOak trees are the most likely to be hit by lightning. Luckily, this shelf is specially insulated.
Settler_Shelf01_C_MasterNameOak Wall Shelf
Settler_Shelf01_D_DescriptionThis shelf is perfect for displaying your most expensive violin. You have one of those, right?
Settler_Shelf01_D_MasterNameMahogany Wall Shelf
Settler_Stove01_A_DescriptionThis stove takes time to heat up, but will stay warm long after the fire burns down.
Settler_Stove01_A_MasterNameIron Settler's Stove
Settler_Stove01_B_DescriptionThis handsome stove is rust-resistant and waterproof up to a depth of 30 feet.
Settler_Stove01_B_MasterNameSteel Settler's Stove
Settler_Stove01_C_DescriptionThis stove gives off heat even when there's no fuel inside. Unsettling, but saves on heating costs.
Settler_Stove01_C_MasterNameStarmetal Settler's Stove
Settler_Stove01_D_DescriptionIn the Old World, orichalcum was so rare that it was almost mythical. Here on Aeternum, it makes for a very shiny stove.
Settler_Stove01_D_MasterNameOrichalcum Settler's Stove
singleshelf_a_descriptionThe beauty is not in the shelf itself, but in the possibilities it contains.
singleshelf_a_masternameRickety Wooden Wall Shelf
SmallAlchemyCabinet_DescriptionPerfect for a very organized person. A place for everything, and everything in its place.
SmallAlchemyCabinet_MasterNameSmall Rustic Cabinet
StoneFurnace_Alchemy_DescriptionKeep that fire in its place, which is inside this stove.
StoneFurnace_Alchemy_MasterNameRustic Stone Stove
Storage_T1_ChestOldLog_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. It won't keep out any thieves, though.
Storage_T1_ChestOldLog_MasterNameHewn Log Storage Chest
Storage_T1_ChestOldWood_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. Perfectly serviceable.
Storage_T1_ChestOldWood_MasterNameOld Wood Storage Chest
Storage_T1_ChestRock_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. Cleverly disguised as a humble rock.
Storage_T1_ChestRock_MasterNameMossy Rock Storage Chest
Storage_T2_ChestIron_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. Built solid and sturdy.
Storage_T2_ChestIron_MasterNameIron Storage Chest
Storage_T2_ChestPrimal_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. Holds your things just fine, and doubles as a canoe if you are in a pinch.
Storage_T2_ChestPrimal_MasterNameHunter Storage Chest
Storage_T2_ChestStone_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. Just how old is this thing, exactly?
Storage_T2_ChestStone_MasterNameStone Storage Chest
Storage_T3_Dynasty_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. Such fine craftsmanship, and a style rarely seen.
Storage_T3_Dynasty_MasterNameDynasty Storage Chest
Storage_T3_Pirate_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. The kind of chest every pirate dreams of digging up.
Storage_T3_Pirate_MasterNameBooty Storage Chest
Storage_T3_Settler_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. Made with the hope for a long, happy life.
Storage_T3_Settler_MasterNameHope Storage Chest
Storage_T4_ChestAncient_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. Scholars have not yet translated these Ancient runes.
Storage_T4_ChestAncient_MasterNamePolished Marble Storage Chest
Storage_T4_ChestMacab_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. Definitely cursed, 100%.
Storage_T4_ChestMacab_MasterNameCursed Storage Chest
Storage_T4_ChestSteel_DescriptionA chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. With two locks and steel banding, your stuff's not going anywhere.
Storage_T4_ChestSteel_MasterNameGolden Steel Storage Chest
Table_DinTable_Lg_A_DescriptionA classic long dining table. So classic, in fact, that it might be the original from which all other dining tables evolved.
Table_DinTable_Lg_A_MasterNameOld Wood Dining Table
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_A_DescriptionThis type of carved table is extremely popular among the merchant classes of Beijing.
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_A_MasterNameTeak End Table
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_B_DescriptionThis antique end table is in pristine condition. It would definitely spark a bidding war in the auction houses of Europe.
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_B_MasterNameEbony End Table
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_C_DescriptionPlacing this end table next to your bed is sure to bring dreams of happiness.
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_C_MasterNameRosewood End Table
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_D_DescriptionThe latticework on this jade table is breathtaking. How did they carve that without cracking the stone?
Table_Dynasty_BedSideTable_D_MasterNameJade End Table
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_A_DescriptionIt's easy to write poetry at this low desk. Being close to the earth provides inspiration.
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_A_MasterNameTeak Writing Desk
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_B_DescriptionThe elegant simplicity and graceful wear of this low writing desk whispers "old money".
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_B_MasterNameEbony Writing Desk
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_C_DescriptionIf you want to do any writing at this desk, you will have to place a mat and sit on the floor. It's the proper method.
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_C_MasterNameRosewood Writing Desk
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_D_DescriptionAny letters written at this commanding jade desk automatically become Proclamations.
Table_Dynasty_Desk01_D_MasterNameJade Writing Desk
Table_Dynasty_Table01_A_DescriptionTeak trees don't grow on Aeternum, making this imported table especially prized.
Table_Dynasty_Table01_A_MasterNameTeak Dining Table
Table_Dynasty_Table01_B_DescriptionThis latticed table is an Aeternum original, created by a Chinese master craftsman. He wash up with the remains of his ship after a storm.
Table_Dynasty_Table01_B_MasterNameEbony Dining Table
Table_Dynasty_Table01_C_DescriptionThe minimalist lines and understated aesthetic of this table places its origin squarely in the Ming Dynasty period.
Table_Dynasty_Table01_C_MasterNameRosewood Dining Table
Table_Dynasty_Table01_D_DescriptionThis solid jade table weighs over twelve hundred pounds. You should probably keep your cool, because this baby is unflippable.
Table_Dynasty_Table01_D_MasterNameJade Dining Table
Table_Dynasty_Table02_A_DescriptionThe perfect place to put a pitcher of iced tea. The abalone top will help keep the ice from melting.
Table_Dynasty_Table02_A_MasterNameGraceful Teak Table
Table_Dynasty_Table02_B_DescriptionThis particular type of iridescent abalone used for this tabletop is unique to Aeternum.
Table_Dynasty_Table02_B_MasterNameGraceful Ebony Table
Table_Dynasty_Table02_C_DescriptionEither they used a whole bunch of abalone to make the top for this table, or that was one really huge shellfish.
Table_Dynasty_Table02_C_MasterNameGraceful Rosewood Table
Table_Dynasty_Table02_D_DescriptionWhen the sunlight hits the abalone in exactly the right way, you can almost imagine a face just below the surface.
Table_Dynasty_Table02_D_MasterNameGraceful Jade Table
Table_LogTableStump_DescriptionA stump is a sort of proto-table already. You're just cutting out the middleman.
Table_LogTableStump_MasterNameTree Stump Side Table
Table_LogTable_DescriptionA rustic table made from tree stumps. Perfect for planning adventures with your animal friends.
Table_LogTable_MasterNameTree Stump Table
Table_Pirate_Counter01_DescriptionWith convenient built-in barrel storage!
Table_Pirate_Counter01_MasterNameShort Barrel Countertop
Table_Pirate_Counter02_DescriptionThis counter is perfect for counting your treasure. The mallet is for anyone who tries to interrupt you.
Table_Pirate_Counter02_MasterNameLong Barrel Countertop
table_pirate_desk01_a_descriptionThis desk is just for fun. Everyone knows that the best part of being a pirate is - no paperwork.
table_pirate_desk01_a_masternameHardworking Scrolled Desk
table_pirate_desk01_b_descriptionWatch out for splinters in your writing hand.
table_pirate_desk01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Scrolled Desk
table_pirate_desk01_c_descriptionThis desk is perfect for writing poetry and ransom notes.
table_pirate_desk01_c_masternameWell-polished Scrolled Desk
table_pirate_desk01_d_descriptionA legendary pirate queen once wrote letters to her many lovers at this desk.
table_pirate_desk01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Scrolled Desk
table_pirate_dresser01_a_descriptionIt's important to look your best while raining terror down on your enemies.
table_pirate_dresser01_a_masternameHardworking Vanity Table
table_pirate_dresser01_b_descriptionPlace this handsome vanity table near your front door, to make sure your hat looks good before you leave.
table_pirate_dresser01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Vanity Table
table_pirate_dresser01_c_descriptionYou wake in a cold sweat. There's someone in the room! Wait, no... it's just your reflection in this fine vanity mirror.
table_pirate_dresser01_c_masternameWell-polished Vanity Table
table_pirate_dresser01_d_descriptionThis gilded vanity was a custom order from a Dutch workshop that specializes in pirate décor.
table_pirate_dresser01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Vanity Table
Table_Pirate_Island01_DescriptionImagine how many off-key sea shanties this double keg countertop has heard.
Table_Pirate_Island01_MasterNamePirate Keg Kitchen Island
table_pirate_table01_a_descriptionA table for those with great taste and a big appetite for culinary adventure.
table_pirate_table01_a_masternameHardworking Dining Table
table_pirate_table01_b_descriptionThe bronze skulls, ever-present reminders of death, help you truly savor your meal as if it were your last.
table_pirate_table01_b_masternameSalt-stripped Dining Table
table_pirate_table01_c_descriptionBeing invited to dine at the Captain's table is a great honor for a humble pirate.
table_pirate_table01_c_masternameWell-polished Dining Table
table_pirate_table01_d_descriptionImagine how much champagne and caviar this table could hold. (And yet somehow, still not enough.)
table_pirate_table01_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Dining Table
table_pirate_table02_a_descriptionPerfect for a small, tight-knit crew.
table_pirate_table02_a_masternameHardworking Small Table
table_pirate_table02_b_descriptionThis style of table is becoming increasingly popular in Aeternum, even among landlubbers.
table_pirate_table02_b_masternameSalt-stripped Small Table
table_pirate_table02_c_descriptionElegant, yet space-efficient. Captain approved.
table_pirate_table02_c_masternameWell-polished Small Table
table_pirate_table02_d_descriptionContains a hidden compartment for snacks. Very expensive snacks!
table_pirate_table02_d_masternameBlack-lacquered Small Table
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_A_DescriptionThe energy in your house seems so much lighter, now that you have this ash end table.
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_A_MasterNameAsh End Table
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_B_DescriptionNo matter what you keep next to your bed, this maple end table will not judge you.
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_B_MasterNameMaple End Table
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_C_DescriptionThis oak end table is strong enough to hold all your hardest-hitting books and periodicals.
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_C_MasterNameOak End Table
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_D_DescriptionWhen you wake up screaming in the night, the reassuring presence of mahogany bedside table will help calm you.
Table_Settler_BedSideTable_D_MasterNameMahogany End Table
Table_Settler_Decor_Garden_PicnicTable01_DescriptionThis weather-beaten picnic table has seen many birthday parties in its day.
Table_Settler_Decor_Garden_PicnicTable01_MasterNamePicnic Table
Table_Settler_Desk01_A_DescriptionYou are a popular person with many friends. Keep in touch with all of them by writing letters at this attractive ash desk.
Table_Settler_Desk01_A_MasterNameAsh Desk
Table_Settler_Desk01_B_DescriptionWriting at this desk could inspire a symphony. All you have to do is close your eyes and listen.
Table_Settler_Desk01_B_MasterNameMaple Desk
Table_Settler_Desk01_C_DescriptionWhen houseguests see this mighty oak desk, they'll say, "Wow. This desk must belong to a very important person." That person is you.
Table_Settler_Desk01_C_MasterNameOak Desk
Table_Settler_Desk01_D_DescriptionLook left. Look right. None of your neighbors have more exquisite taste in desks than you do.
Table_Settler_Desk01_D_MasterNameMahogany Desk
Table_Settler_Table01_A_DescriptionWhen you're not hungry enough for a full meal, this snack-sized ash dining table is just right.
Table_Settler_Table01_A_MasterNameAsh Small Table
Table_Settler_Table01_B_DescriptionThis sturdy table is perfect for use as a workbench. Unleash your creative side!
Table_Settler_Table01_B_MasterNameMaple Small Table
Table_Settler_Table01_C_DescriptionThis oak table may be small, but it holds memories of being the mightiest tree in the forest.
Table_Settler_Table01_C_MasterNameOak Small Table
Table_Settler_Table01_D_DescriptionNo matter what you put on this mahogany table, it will be exactly the right choice.
Table_Settler_Table01_D_MasterNameMahogany Small Table
Table_Settler_Table02_A_DescriptionAsh wood has natural protective and healing properties. You'll never get indigestion from food eaten off this table.
Table_Settler_Table02_A_MasterNameAsh Large Table
Table_Settler_Table02_B_DescriptionJust think of the warm, nourishing meals you and your loved ones will eat off this table.
Table_Settler_Table02_B_MasterNameMaple Large Table
Table_Settler_Table02_C_DescriptionA dining table needs to be sturdy. This oak table can hold a feast and a half without even creaking.
Table_Settler_Table02_C_MasterNameOak Large Table
Table_Settler_Table02_D_DescriptionThe rich red hue of this magnificent table whispers 'luxury'. Not too much; just enough.
Table_Settler_Table02_D_MasterNameMahogany Large Table
Table_SideDesk_Md_DescriptionIf you need some extra desk, well, here you go!
Table_SideDesk_Md_MasterNameWooden Side Desk
Table_TableSmallA_DescriptionWho built this table? It isn't very well made. Is that even wood? Can it be trusted?
Table_TableSmallA_MasterNameRickety Twig Table
TargetDummy_DescriptionThis target dummy dreamed of becoming a scarecrow, but joined the army instead.
TargetDummy_MasterNameTarget Dummy
UiDrink_Tea_T3_DescriptionComes with a matching saucer. Sit in your favorite chair and savor the perfect cup of tea.
UiDrink_Tea_T3_MasterNameTarnished Silver Teacup
Vegetation_Vines_Med_A_DescriptionLook at these wonderful climbing vines. Something about them just makes you smile.
Vegetation_Vines_Med_A_MasterNameTall Green Ivy Trellis
Vegetation_Vines_Med_B_DescriptionWaxy blooms with a mild scent. People plant them more for the popping pink than anything else.
Vegetation_Vines_Med_B_MasterNameTall Pink Mandevilla Trellis
Vegetation_Vines_Med_C_DescriptionThese vines grow really fast. So fast in fact, they might quickly outgrow their trellis. So trim the vines, but leave the flowers.
Vegetation_Vines_Med_C_MasterNameTall Red Cypress Trellis
vegetation_vines_med_d_descriptionThe bright orange of these flowers reminds you of warm, sunny days. Even more so when they attract hummingbirds and butterflies.
vegetation_vines_med_d_masternameTall Orange Hibiscus Trellis
vegetation_vines_med_e_descriptionThe moonflower is prized for the bright white of its petals. But look; don't touch, or you might walk away with a rash.
vegetation_vines_med_e_masternameTall White Moonflower Trellis
vegetation_vines_med_f_descriptionYour home will not only look amazing with his trellis, but also smell amazingly sweet from the purple blooms.
vegetation_vines_med_f_masternameTall Purple Wisteria Trellis
Vegetation_Vines_Sm_A_DescriptionThe glory days of this small vine are still ahead, but it might need a taller trellis to get there.
Vegetation_Vines_Sm_A_MasterNameShort Green Ivy Trellis
Vegetation_Vines_Sm_B_DescriptionThese blushing blooms don't really serve any purpose besides looking nice. And boy, do they ever!
Vegetation_Vines_Sm_B_MasterNameShort Pink Mandevilla Trellis
Vegetation_Vines_Sm_C_DescriptionThe scent of these flowers is very evocative of the forest. But the reds remind you instead of romance.
Vegetation_Vines_Sm_C_MasterNameShort Red Cypress Trellis
Vegetation_Vines_Sm_D_DescriptionThese flowers are often brewed to make an herbal tisane as a cure for what ails ya'.
Vegetation_Vines_Sm_D_MasterNameShort Orange Hibiscus Trellis
vegetation_vines_sm_e_descriptionThese flowers have hardly any scent. But that doesn't stop them from looking gorgeous.
vegetation_vines_sm_e_masternameShort White Moonflower Trellis
vegetation_vines_sm_f_descriptionSome say you can make wine from these purple blooms. Others say they are toxic. Pick your poison, I guess.
vegetation_vines_sm_f_masternameShort Purple Wisteria Trellis
Windchimes_Post_C_DescriptionAn old windchime holder with no windchimes. It looks like it is barely standing up.
Windchimes_Post_C_MasterNameBroken Chime Post
Writing_OpenBook_DescriptionYou're determined to finish this book before your friends spoil the ending.
Writing_OpenBook_MasterNameOpen Book
Writing_ScrollStack_A_DescriptionYou were warned not to open these sealed documents until you receive the signal.
Writing_ScrollStack_A_MasterNameSealed Scrolls

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