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OctoPath Traveler Primerose Bewildering Grace Ability chance and probability calculator

Number of MAX BOOSTS Selected: 1 (4 chances)

Sleep A Random Enemy For 2 Turns8.0%28.36%
Attack All Enenmies With A Wind Magic8.0%28.36%
Buff Whole Party'S Physical Damage For 2 Turns8.0%28.36%
Heal Caster For 400 HP8.0%28.36%
Attack A Random Enemy With A Powerful Lightning Magic4.0%15.07%
Recover 50 Sp For Whole Party4.0%15.07%
Recover 1 BP For Whole Party4.0%15.07%
JP X24.0%15.07%
EXP X24.0%15.07%
EXP X52.0%7.76%
Grants Whole Party An Elemental-Reflect Barrier For 1 Hit2.0%7.76%
JP X52.0%7.76%
Recover 5 BP (Full BP) For Whole Party2.0%7.76%
Attack All Enemies With A 3-Hit Element-Less Attack2.0%7.76%
Resurrect & Recover Whole Party'S HP, Sp & BP, Heals All Ailments1.0%3.94%
Summon A Creature Which Deals Heavy Damage To All Enemies1.0%3.94%
Transfer A Random Enemy (Except Bosses) Into A Cait0.5%1.99%
JP X1000.1%0.40%
EXP X1000.1%0.40%

Number of MAX BOOSTS Selected: 1 (4 chances)
EachMAX BOOST (4x)
Debuff Whole Party'S Physical & Elemental Defense For 2 Turns8.0%28.36%
The Dance Has No Effect4.8%17.86%
Silence Whole Party For 2 Turns4.0%15.07%
Fire Damage To Whole Party (The Ground EXPlodes)4.0%15.07%
Drain All Sp From Caster4.0%15.07%
Summon A Creature Which Heals And Buffs The Enemies2.0%7.76%
Posion Whole Party For 9 Turns2.0%7.76%
Drain All BP From Whole Party2.0%7.76%
Damage To Whole Party & Prohibit Item Use2.0%7.76%
50% Chance Of Insta-Death For A Random Party Member Except Caster1.0%3.94%
Reduce Whole Party To 1 HP1.0%3.94%
Large Fire Damage For Whole Party0.5%1.99%

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