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All Shrines in Last Epoch and what they do

Error↕️ Description↕️
Beekeeper's ShrineSummons 12 bees🐝
Critical Shrine100% Critical hit chance for 60 seconds
Experience Shrine50% Experience gain for 60 seconds
Golden ShrineSpawns Golden Scorpions, each drops a rare item on death
Haste Shrine30% increased Action and Movement Speed for 60 seconds (stacks)
Reflective Shrine300% damage reflection for 60 seconds
Shrine of LegendsUnique item
Shrine of ShardsRandom Affix Shards
Shrine of the Frozen HiveSummons 3-5 Ice Beetle companions
Shrine of the Ice BeetleSummons an Ice Beetle companion
Shrine of WealthPiles of gold
Shrine of WorshipIdols
Stunning Shrine200% increased Stun Chance and Stun Duration for 60 seconds
Water Shrine100% increased mana regeneration and cooldown Recovery Speed for 60 seconds.

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