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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Trials of Mount Tiamat ToMT notes

Trials of Tiamat calculator

Enter health left

Enter assualt party DPS

Time to defeat

BonusFront champion
Increase all champion damageAlyndra Avren Azaka Binwin Bruenor Calliope D'hani Dob Ellywick Ezmerelda
Gazrick Gromma Jaheira Jamilah Krond Krydle Lucius Mehen NERDS Nahara
Nrakk Orkira Prudence Regis Reya Rosie Selise Sgt._Knox Shaka Talin
Tyril Warden Corazon
Increase assault party damage (200% max)Catti-brie Jarlaxle Zorbu
Increase enemy spawn speed (80% max)Briv Hew_Maan Melf Shandie
Increase gold findBaeloth Beadle Dungeon_Master Freely Grimm Ishi Merilwen Môrgæn Omin Penelope
Rust Stoki Valentine
Increase max health of championsArkhan Barrowin Celeste Dragonbait Nayeli Nerys
Increase scales of tiamat (100% max)Krull Makos Paultin
Reduce base attack cooldowns (50% max)Asharra Brig Deekin Desmond Havilar Hitch K'thriss Minsc Nordom Pwent
Sentry Spurt Tatyana Turiel Ulkoria Vi Vlahnya Voronika Widdle Xander
Reduce damage received (90% max)Aila Blooshi Donaar Egbert Evelyn Imoen Korth Lazaapz Nova Qillek
Sisaspia Viconia Virgil Walnut Warduke Wulfgar
Reduce ultimate cooldowns (75% max)Artemis Birdsong Black_Viper Delina Dhadius Drizzt Farideh Jim Kent Orisha
Strix Torogar Yorven

Bonus is based on Front Champion's Item Level


Scroll of AbundanceIncrease Gold Find by 200%10
Scroll of AssaultIncrease Assault Party Damage by 5% (Max 200%)5
Scroll of BrutalityIncrease all Champon Damage by 400%10
Scroll of DesperationIncrease all Champion Damage by 200%20
Scroll of WealthIncrease Gold Find by 400%5

Possible daily bonus DPS

DifficultyDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Total

Daily area requirement for bonus

DifficultyDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7


DifficultyCostHealthMin Average DPSMin Total DPSScales
Heroic1 Lesser Blood Vial7.50e081,2418,6871,867
Master1 Lesser Blood Vial1.30e091,98513,8952,364
Legend2 Lesser Blood Vials2.00e093,30723,1492,837
Torment3 Lesser Blood Vials2.90e094,79533,5653,291
Grand Master4 Lesser Blood Vials4.30e097,11049,7703,730
Grand Legend6 Lesser Blood Vials6.10e0910,08670,6024,156
Grand Torment8 Lesser Blood Vials8.60e0914,22099,5404,572
Exalted Master11 Lesser Blood Vials12.00e0919,842138,8944,979
Exalted Legend14 Lesser Blood Vials16.00e0926,456185,1925,377

Day 1 possible restrictions
CHA 11+
CON 12+
DEX 12+
INT 10+
STR 9+
WIS 10+

Day 2 possible restrictions
Boss minions are invulnerable while the boss is spawned/alive
Enemies deal +400% damage
Enemies Max HP +200%
Enemies move 200% faster
Normal enemies have a 25% chance of coming back to life 5 seconds after being killed

Day 3 possible restrictions
Max 2 Evil Champions
Max 3 Lawful Champions
Max 4 Neutral Champions (on Good/Evil axis)
Max 4 Neutral Champions (on Lawful/Chaotic axis)
Max 5 Chaotic Champions
Max 6 Good Champions
Slot 2 blocked
Slot 4 blocked
Slot 8 blocked

Day 4 possible restrictions
CHA 11+
CHA 12+
CON 12+
CON 13+
DEX 12+
DEX 13+
INT 10+
INT 11+
STR 10+
STR 9+
WIS 10+
WIS 11+

Day 5 possible restrictions
Champions deal 99% less damage while Outdoors
Champions start each area with only 10% of their max health
Champions take 10% max health/sec damage while Outdoors
Champions take 10% max health/sec damage while Underground
Debris/fireballs fall from above every 10 seconds, dealing 60% of a Champion's max health as damage

Day 6 possible restrictions
CHA 12+
CHA 15+
CON 13+
CON 15+
DEX 13+
DEX 15+
INT 11+
INT 13+
Slot 2 blocked
Slot 4 blocked
Slot 8 blocked
STR 10+
STR 13+
WIS 11+
WIS 13+

Day 7 possible restrictions
Champions next to blocked slots deal 99% less damage
Champions next to blocked slots take 10% max health/sec damage
Max 1 Evil Champion
Max 2 Lawful Champions
Max 2 Neutral Champions (on Good/Evil axis)
Max 2 Neutral Champions (on Lawful/Chaotic axis)
Max 3 Chaotic Champions
Max 3 Good Champions
Slot 3 blocked
Slot 5 blocked
Slot 7 blocked

Work in progress, will update after some runs😉


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