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The 1918 Pandemic reduced avergae life expectancy in the US 10-20 YEARS
If C-19 continues to spread, mass death will lower life expectancy on these pages.

% of 2020 Global Deaths
2020 Global human deaths
CauseYTD2020 Expected
Cardiovascular disease 18.32m
Cancer 9.85m
Medical error 5.66m >726/m
Respiratory disease 4.02m
Respiratory infection 2.63m
Dementia 2.58m
Digestive disease 2.45m
Diarrhea 1.61m
Diabetes 1.41m
Liver disease 1.36m
Traffic Accident 1.27m
Kidney disease 1.26m
Tuberculosis 1.21m
Suicide 817k
AIDS - HIV 771k
Mosquitho 750k
Falls 717k 92/1m
Just the Flu, BRO! 640k
Homicide 440k
Parkinson disease 350k
Drowned 304k
Childbirth (Maternal) 302k
Meningitis 296k
Micronutrient Deficiency 278k
"Reported" SARS-CoV2 64,598?
Starvation 238k
Alcohol 191k
Drug Overdose 171k
War ~145k
Fires 120k
Snake 110k
Poison 74.5k
Natural Disasters 60k
Hot or Cold 55k
Dog 35k
Terrorism 25k
Freshwater Snail 20k
Assassin bug 8k
Anaphylaxis 4k
Tsetse fly 3.5k
Roundworm 3k
Crocodile 1k
Shark 6

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