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Video Game Super Mario Bros: It's not that bad by Teally Fox

Video Game Super Mario Bros: It's not that bad review by Teally Fox A 30th Anniversary Retrospective image

Mini Doc Retrospective
Super Mario Bros. - It's Not THAT Bad - A 30th Anniversary Retrospective (Hats Off Entertainment - YouTube)

Wholey Princess Peach! It’s been 30 years since the original Super Mario Bros. movie was released? Sadly, we did not get the direct interpretation of the game I think we were hoping to see, leaving many disappointed, disillusioned, and desperate for a reboot of this dismal drop into a dark dimension. If you prefer a shorter, easy to digest mini doc, then this retrospective is up your Hogan’s Alley. While just under 19 minutes long, it's packed to the gills with behind the scenes archival footage, script pages, and partial deleted scenes. Creator Joe Ramoni’s expository style will have you seriously considering giving the Mario Bros. first big screen attempt a second chance as he points out the merits of what has been universally declared a train wreck of an interpretation. As a bonus, it also answers the question “Was Kenneth Branagh the first to tell a mustache’s origin story in a feature film?”


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