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All Ancient glyph locations in New World with directions from landmarks

New World Ancient glyph locations and translations
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Number↕ ✔️ Glyph Meaning↕️ P.O.I.↕ Notes↕
1DINGTA"Above"Palace of NekhbetDrop down in back by bird nests
2JIIBA"Shadow"Beds of Ta-BitjetJump South from top (Where 'H' chest is) for cave entrance and go inside
3KEYYA YIB’"Crossroads"Atum’s WayCenter of area on a pillar, lots of enemies
4TEYII"Journey"Great Shrine of ThothApproach shrine and go up a flight of stairs, look in alcove
5WETZUU"Gift"Oasis SpontaneaStart at the top of the aqueduct and follow it to its end and jump down, carefully.
6CRUUJ"Sun"HeliopolisLocated at very top of the area, group required. easy with an elite chest run
7AMBA"Mountain"DiospolisPart of Main Story Quest (MSQ) "Power of the ancients"
8PIMBII"Dawn"Kephri ArenaDefeat large named beetle (Daytime) Will appear on pillar in middle
9D’UN-YICH"Ordeal"Brimstone Sands SettlementJust south of New Corsica City, 2nd fork in road, near acid pool in a rock
10HIMDE"Ocean"Temple of IsisTo the south on a pillar on large platform surrounded by enemies.
11AABER"Day"Lamp of OsirisInside, go down northeast stairs and follow until end, on right you will see a crack in wall, crawl in and glyph is behind 2 enemies
12ITKA"Below"Place of PillarsParkour: Start east and climb pillars headed west, Choose pillars shaped as an X with white marks, at the glyph be wary of goat king
13DZUU"First"Heru PlazaHead north-west from landmark Glyph is in front of a large golden bird on the northern wall
14J’IJ"Sealed"Necropolis of SutekhPart of Main Story Quest MSQ Defeat Apophis Behind the tomb is a stone balcony and Glyph pillar
15TSADZUI"Wall"Great Wall of Nebet-HetClimb to the very top, Glyph pillar is in center of a pool of water
16HID"Home"HermopolisOpens along the Main Story Quest (MSQ) - Use teleporter after puzzle
17B’EYEG"Chaos"Ennead ExpeditionAfter defeating the final boss of the expedition
18RIIGA"Persona"Arit-en-GebCenter of the area, defeat 1 enemy and the Glyph is along the southern wall
19EYBUE"Virtue"SatetAt the center of the area look east for a small broken wall; 1 Archer enemy
20CRUUJ’II"Strength"Forge of PtahClimb stairs to the top. The Glyph is along the wall guarded by lots of enemies
21D’UN-GA"Destruction"Castrum PrincipiumThis Glyph is along the stone walls in the southernmost area. Group recommended or join Elite Chest Run
22TAB’"Night"Ordeal of the ScorpionDefeat Scorpio (Large named scorpian) and it will appear up the stairs in an alcove (Nighttime only)
23B’ENGYING"Shield"Serpent’s PassRun south to the platform with 3 shield-type enemies, the glyph is along the wall
24TSANGMIIJ"Food"Castrum VictualisOutside to the north, glyph is inside a structure
25JICH"Water"Heka’s CauldronHead north of Acid pool, Glyph pillar is in the middle to the south
26DUBUU"River"Sopdu Hot SpringsIn a wall around the northernmost acid pool

Press 'J' in game, choose documents, and click on 'Tales of Brimstone Sands' to see progress

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