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Global Labs BDO New Trading Lifeskill Rework for Black Desert Online

Nodes where new trade items can be purchased table list

Region↕ Node↕️
BalenosBartali Farm
BalenosFinto Farm
BalenosLoggia Farm
BalenosOlvia Village
BalenosWestern Guard Camp
CalpheonFlorin Village
CalpheonNorthern wheat farm
CalpheonTroll defense base
CalpheonTrina Fortress
CalpheonTrent Village
CalpheonBehr village
CalpheonEpheria Port Village
CalpheonKeplan Village
DrieghanDorman Lumberyard
DrieghanMarcha Outpost
DrieghanHimut Lumberyard
DrieghanAhib Conflict Zone
DrieghanSherekhan’s Tomb
Eternal Winterbalax camp
Eternal Winterlast pilgrimage
Eternal WinterAwina’s Tail
KamaslyviaLemoria Guard Post
KamaslyviaOld Wisdom Tree
KamaslyviaAcher Guard Post
KamaslyviaLake Flondor
MediahSplashing point
MediahAbun Village
MediahStonetail Hill Horse Ranch
MediahKusha Village
MediahTarif Village
SerendiaGlish Village
SerendiaEastern Gateway
SerendiaAlejandro Farm
SerendiaMoretti Giant Farm
ValenciaArehaza village
ValenciaAncado Inner Harbor
ValenciaIbellab Oasis
ValenciaSand Grain Bazaar
Valenciarock outpost

Cities where trade items can be sold list:
Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, Valencia, Grana, Duvencrune, Ale Village

New trade items list with name, price, and storage costs

Trade Item↕ Price Storage Cost↕️
A Piece Of Stone Possessed By An Evil Spirit1,050,00018,900
A Set Of Harnesses Embroidered In Five Colors1,350,00024,300
Abandoned Iron Mine Quartz Chunk1,500,00027,000
Acher Longbow1,500,00027,000
Alchemist’s Blue Reagent1,300,00023,400
Alchemist’s Red Reagent1,200,00021,600
Ale Winter Clothes1,050,00018,900
Alejandro Royal Jelly1,400,00025,200
Altitude Sickness Medication1,050,00018,900
Ancient History: Kamasylvia1,200,00021,600
Anti-petrification Amulet1,500,00027,000
Arborvitae Herb1,500,00027,000
Arborvitae Pinwheel1,500,00027,000
Artificial Fishing Lure1,400,00025,200
Atanis Sheet Music1,400,00025,200
Auroville Fabric1,400,00025,200
Awina’s Root1,250,00022,500
Bag Of Date Palm Fruit1,250,00022,500
Balenos Special Herbs1,500,00027,000
Barbarian’s Oval Shield1,250,00022,500
Bare Village Leather Fabric1,450,00026,100
Bartali’s Bizarre Adventure1,350,00024,300
Bashim Traditional Jewelry1,050,00018,900
Battered Steel Armor1,350,00024,300
Bear Horn1,300,00023,400
Bear Sausage1,500,00027,000
Bearskin Cape1,450,00026,100
Bejeweled Khalk Tooth Ornament1,350,00024,300
Black Panther Sculpture1,400,00025,200
Blue Blanket1,500,00027,000
Blue Silk Fabric1,300,00023,400
Box Of Sharp Saws1,350,00024,300
Buffalo Skin Backpack1,300,00023,400
Bunch Of Fresh Tulips1,200,00021,600
Bunch Of Grassy Cobwebs1,300,00023,400
Bundle Of Elder Trunks1,300,00023,400
Bundle Of Supplies1,450,00026,100
Bundle Of Troll Manes1,400,00025,200
Burn Medicine1,200,00021,600
Bush Camouflage1,050,00018,900
Cadry Iron Armor1,400,00025,200
Cal Verdun Logging Manual1,450,00026,100
Calpheon Style Advanced Showcase1,500,00027,000
Camel Hair Coat1,050,00018,900
Camel Leather Shoes1,450,00026,100
Capras Steamer1,200,00021,600
Chimera’s Black Shard1,200,00021,600
Citron Jam1,300,00023,400
Citron Juice1,500,00027,000
Cobweb Thread1,250,00022,500
Cobweb Vest1,250,00022,500
Cocktail Dress1,250,00022,500
Coconut Forest Boy’s Short Story1,200,00021,600
Coconut Oil1,450,00026,100
Cold Blanket1,350,00024,300
Constellation Crystal Ball1,450,00026,100
Crispy Grilled Lamb Skewers1,400,00025,200
Cured Leather Armor Set1,200,00021,600
Dania Ointment1,250,00022,500
Dark Red Ore Nugget1,250,00022,500
Desert Landscape1,300,00023,400
Dew In The Forest Of White Boughs1,500,00027,000
Dorman Logging Guidelines1,300,00023,400
Dragon Head Kettle1,300,00023,400
Dried Cornelian Fruit1,500,00027,000
Dried Fish Fillets1,300,00023,400
Dried Fogan Hind Legs1,400,00025,200
Dried Octagonal Fruit1,350,00024,300
Dried Raw Basilisk Hide1,500,00027,000
Dry Moss Tree1,050,00018,900
Dwarf’s Latest Tool Bundle1,400,00025,200
Earth Spirit Statue1,350,00024,300
Eastern Culture1,350,00024,300
Eight-Color Natural Dye Set1,250,00022,500
Eilsan Citron Wine1,200,00021,600
Elixir Of Immortality1,500,00027,000
Elixir Of Justice1,400,00025,200
Emergency Medicine Set1,250,00022,500
Enchanted Oak Branch1,350,00024,300
Epheria Fish Harpoon1,300,00023,400
Epheria Fish Oil1,350,00024,300
Epheria Floating Bomb1,450,00026,100
Fairy Costume Set1,250,00022,500
Fan Flamingo Egg1,500,00027,000
Fish Sausage1,400,00025,200
Flavored Corn Oil1,400,00025,200
Flondor Fern Plant1,450,00026,100
Flondor Jade Clam1,250,00022,500
Flondor Spring Water1,200,00021,600
Florin Scented Candles1,300,00023,400
Freharau Dry Mud1,050,00018,900
Freharau’s Potion1,200,00021,600
Fresh Eggs From Velia1,050,00018,900
Glish Mud Bricks1,450,00026,100
Gluttony Slime1,050,00018,900
Grandiha Floral Helm1,200,00021,600
Grape Jam From Olbia1,450,00026,100
Gray Twig1,300,00023,400
Great Trainer Entries1,450,00026,100
Hand Cannon1,200,00021,600
Heidel First Aid Kit1,200,00021,600
Heidel Knight Martial Arts Manual1,350,00024,300
Home Medicine Bath1,050,00018,900
Horse Racing Championship Trophy1,250,00022,500
Horsehair Brush1,300,00023,400
Housekeeping Tool1,450,00026,100
Hypocrite Vedir Series1,250,00022,500
Ibellab Gunpowder1,400,00025,200
Imp’s Red Ore1,050,00018,900
Imp’s Totem Fragment1,200,00021,600
Ivory Bundle1,300,00023,400
Ivory Seal1,450,00026,100
Jar With Black Spirit1,450,00026,100
Jeweled Dagger1,050,00018,900
Jeweled Hunting Rifle1,250,00022,500
Kamasylvia Ancient Code1,350,00024,300
Kamasylvia Etiquette Guidelines1,050,00018,900
Keplan Ginger Tea1,450,00026,100
Khalk Leather Fabric1,250,00022,500
Kusha Smoked Beef1,500,00027,000
Lapis Lazuli Padded Kneepads1,300,00023,400
Large Fire-breathing Shield1,350,00024,300
Late Ale1,500,00027,000
Light Sandwich1,200,00021,600
Lizard Helmet1,400,00025,200
Loggia Potato Starch1,450,00026,100
Love Potion No.61,200,00021,600
Marmot Trap1,350,00024,300
Marni’s Oak Cask1,300,00023,400
Mercury Ointment1,500,00027,000
Mining Work Clothes1,250,00022,500
Moretti Flax Fabric1,250,00022,500
Moretti Flour Sack1,500,00027,000
Mosswood Longbow1,200,00021,600
Mountain Cheese From Olbia1,300,00023,400
Mushroom Bag1,350,00024,300
Natural Sponge1,500,00027,000
Northern Wheat Farm Haystack1,450,00026,100
Nuveranto Net1,400,00025,200
Ogre Ooze1,250,00022,500
Oh Yun’s Dragon Statue1,050,00018,900
Ominous Black Mercury1,050,00018,900
Ominous Black Ore1,300,00023,400
Parasitic Bee’s Golden Honey1,350,00024,300
Pearl Necklace1,500,00027,000
Pile Of Moretti Straw1,300,00023,400
Pile Of Ruined Scrap Metal1,500,00027,000
Poison Arrowhead1,350,00024,300
Pollution-free Fertilizer1,200,00021,600
Potato Starch1,050,00018,900
Pumpkin Lanterns1,450,00026,100
Pumpkin Ornaments1,200,00021,600
Rakshan Telescope1,200,00021,600
Ranger Training Book: Basics1,500,00027,000
Ranger Training Manual: Application1,050,00018,900
Ranger’s Art Of War: Application1,400,00025,200
Ranger’s Art Of War: Basics1,250,00022,500
Red Blanket1,250,00022,500
Red Honey From Parasitic Bees1,300,00023,400
Red Lapis Lazuli1,400,00025,200
Red Oak Bark1,450,00026,100
Red Reagent1,050,00018,900
Rhinoceros Stone Hide1,500,00027,000
Rutile Nugget1,400,00025,200
Salvaged Legion Shield1,050,00018,900
Saunil Steel Weapons1,350,00024,300
Sawdust Box1,250,00022,500
Scented Candles1,200,00021,600
Scorched Star Fragment1,300,00023,400
Sea ​​bass Fish Poo1,450,00026,100
Sea ​​coral1,250,00022,500
Seasoned Freshwater Eel1,350,00024,300
Self Defense Amulet1,400,00025,200
Serendia Style Dressing Table1,400,00025,200
Shabby Statue1,400,00025,200
Shai Traditional Hat1,500,00027,000
Shakatu’s Surprise Jewel Box1,300,00023,400
Sherekhan Amulet1,450,00026,100
Sherekhan Flag Decoration1,450,00026,100
Shield Kite Of Hope1,300,00023,400
Silver Azalea Root Bundle1,250,00022,500
Silver Fish Skin1,250,00022,500
Silvia Lona1,300,00023,400
Sky Sound Ocarina1,200,00021,600
Sky Sound Scenery1,050,00018,900
Skyhawk Kite Set1,050,00018,900
Small Stove1,350,00024,300
Smoked Balenos Pork1,500,00027,000
Smoked Goat Meat1,350,00024,300
Special Basket1,400,00025,200
Specially Scented Rat Poison1,350,00024,300
Spider Anesthetic1,450,00026,100
Spirited Portrait1,350,00024,300
Sprout Of The Tree Spirit1,350,00024,300
Star Of The Desert1,350,00024,300
Steel Tree Bark1,500,00027,000
Stonetail Hill Garlic Bread1,200,00021,600
Strange Statue1,050,00018,900
Strong-scented Goatskin1,400,00025,200
Subtle Ornaments1,350,00024,300
Talisman Of Cyrus1,200,00021,600
Tamed Pigeon1,250,00022,500
Tarps In Bologna1,300,00023,400
The Complete Works Of One Night1,050,00018,900
Travels To The East1,300,00023,400
Tree Spirit Seed1,300,00023,400
Trent Specialty Timber1,400,00025,200
Trent Woodworking Tools1,450,00026,100
Troll Catcher Poison1,350,00024,300
Troll Club1,450,00026,100
Valencian Crescent Sword1,200,00021,600
Valencian Rock Salt1,050,00018,900
Valentine Plasters1,050,00018,900
Valtarra Magic Stone1,200,00021,600
Velia Wine1,050,00018,900
Velian Black Opal1,500,00027,000
Velian Crystal Glass1,250,00022,500
Velian Woodblock1,400,00025,200
Weasel Scarf1,200,00021,600
Western Aristocratic Dress1,200,00021,600
Winnie Looney’s Pharmacy Book1,250,00022,500
Wolf Feathers1,500,00027,000
Wound Healing Agent1,050,00018,900
Wrapped Whole Pork Barbecue1,050,00018,900
Yak Upholstery Rugs1,250,00022,500
Zorg’s Overshoes1,450,00026,100
Zorg’s Scarf1,400,00025,200

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