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IdleOn - the Idle RPG MMO

IdleOn - What to do for Daily and Weekly Routines Guide

World↕️ ↕️ Task↕️
AllDailyDaily Merit Tasks for each world
AllDailyGuilds daily GP tasks
AllDailyVendors's goods
AllDailyRefinery Throttle (Squire)
AllDailyIts Your Birthday! (Journeyman)
AllDailyPrinter Go Brrr (Maestro)
AllDailyVoid Trial Rerun (Speedrunning) on Voidwalker
AllWeeklyGuilds weekly GP tasks
AllWeeklyDungeons x20 Happy Hour
Blunder HillsDailyPicnic Stowaway daily quest line
Blunder HillsDailySmithing forge and anvil production
Blunder HillsDailyColosseum Ticket
Blunder HillsDailyBaba Yaga (hourly spawn)
Blunder HillsDailyForest Villa Key from Dog Bone (NPC)
Blunder HillsDailyDr Defecaus and Boop
Blunder HillsDailySpikes Minigame
Yum-Yum DesertDailyArcade balls
Yum-Yum DesertDailyPostboy Pablob's Post Office
Yum-Yum DesertDailyAlchemy vials, sigils, and bubbles
Yum-Yum DesertDailyColosseum Ticket
Yum-Yum DesertDailyEfaunt's Tomb Key from Djonnut
Yum-Yum DesertDailyKing Doot and Biggie Hours
Yum-Yum DesertDailyIsland Expeditions bottles, giant crystals, and trash
Yum-Yum DesertWeeklyKillroy's Slaughterhouse
Yum-Yum DesertWeeklyIsland Expeditions (Rando island, Shimmer island)
Yum-Yum DesertWeeklyWeekly Battles
Frostbit TundraDailyConstruction buildings, cogs, and flaggy
Frostbit TundraDailyTrapping manually or via Trapping Drone
Frostbit TundraDailyColosseum Ticket from Lonely Hunter
Frostbit TundraDailyChizoar's Cavern Key from Bellows
Frostbit TundraWeeklyWorship souls / MSA
Frostbit TundraWeeklyGiant Monsters
Frostbit TundraWeeklyDilapidated Slush miniboss
Hyperion NebulaDailyBreeding eggs, spices, and fenceyard
Hyperion NebulaWeeklyMutated Mush miniboss
Hyperion NebulaWeeklyLaboratory Chip Repository and Jewel Spinner
Smouldering' PlateauDailySailing ships, treasures, and captain shop
Smouldering' PlateauDailyGaming field, Little Sprinkler, Dirty Shovel, Autumn Squirrel, Elegant Seashell, Bog Log, Pong, and Snail
Smouldering' PlateauWeeklyDivinity 2 god unlinks
Smouldering' PlateauWeeklyDomeo Magmus miniboss
Spirited ValleyDailyFarming crops and Crop Transfer Ticket
Spirited ValleyDailySneaking ninjas and Jade Emporium
Spirited ValleyDailySummoning EXP and battles
Spirited ValleyWeeklySummoning familiars
Spirited ValleyWeeklyDemented Spiritlord miniboss

Daily Source List

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