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All Burden of Proof Evidence items console codes for Starfield

Open Console '~' Tilde key, then paste each below hit enter, then use the console command 'moveto player' to move each evidence to your character's feet!

Quest↕️ Console Code↕️ Item Name↕️
FQ01Naeva Meetup (Evidence)
FQ02Carter's Gig (Evidence)
FQ03Warden's Log (Evidence)
FQ04Request Denied (Evidence)
FQ05GalBank Plan (Evidence)
FQ06Huan's Talk (Evidence)
FQ07Eubanks & Woods (Evidence)
FQ08The Big Score (Evidence)
FQ09Meeting With Bayu (Evidence)
FQ10Ayumi's Offer (Evidence)
FQ11GBLR013: Mortem Obire (Evidence)
OE01Request A17 (Evidence)
OE02Voss's Parts (Evidence)
OE03Mira's Demise (Evidence)
OE04Chunks Heist (Evidence)
OE05Chiroptera (Evidence)
OE06HopeTown Raid (Evidence)
OE07Kreet Offer (Evidence)
SM01Message For Bog (Evidence)
SM02Gennady Ayton (Evidence)

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