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New World plot subtitles

97_CinematicIntro_Russo_01Before you take it... you should know the truth.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_02The island is indeed a place of legend. There is power, and surely riches as well. But many have sought to claim them, and vanished without a trace.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_02altThe island is indeed a place of legend. There is power, and vast riches as well. But many who’ve sought to claim them have simply vanished without a trace.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_03As we drew near, I sensed an unnatural darkness. A madness overcame the crew. What I witnessed was beyond any evil the world has ever known. How I survived… I do not know.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_03altI was there - I saw the horrors, the madness that overcame the crew. It was beyond any evil the world has ever known. How I survived… I do not know.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_04The contents of this box are not of this world. They will guide you to that one. Wherever and whatever it is.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_05Go then, Captain. Chart your course and your fate. I wish you Godspeed. I will say a prayer for the souls of your crew.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_06The stories you’ve heard... they don’t tell the whole truth.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_07The island is indeed the place of legend. There is power, and vast riches as well. But those who’ve gone before you have simply vanished, never heard from again.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_08I saw the horror--the madness that overcame the crew. It was beyond any evil the world has ever known. How I survived… I do not know.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_09The contents of this box are not of this world. They will guide you to that one. Wherever and whatever that may be…
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_10Go then, Captain. Chart your course and your fate… I will say a prayer for the souls of your crew.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_11The gift I offer… do you realize its value?
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_12The island is the source of all legends. There is power beyond your wildest dreams, and vast riches as well. One must simply sail into those pristine waters and claim them.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_13I saw it all first-hand… the welcoming shores, the tropical weather. The crew was awestruck—we found paradise. I only returned to carry the message.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_14This box contains just a fraction of the magic from that world… it will guide you there and give you the strength to ensure your success.
97_CinematicIntro_Russo_15Go then, Captain. Chart your course and your destiny… I pray godspeed for your ship, and glory to you and your crew.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_01You should have known better than to come here.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_02Fortunately, I have minions to deal with whatever flotsam washes in.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_03You will give in to Corruption, or you will be destroyed.”
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_04 Target practice before my ships set sail to corrupt the world.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_05You don't deserve the honor of dying at my hand.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_06I keep them hungry for just such an occasion.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_07Behold the true face of Corruption.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_08Hell hath no fury like me! destiny...
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_10No! This power is MINE!
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_11 Now that I have my soul, I have no more need for you.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_12The Tempest will swallow you whole.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_13Meet my slaves. Soon, you will be one of them.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_14I have great plans for you.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_15I will make an example of you.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_16Ah. One last obstacle.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_17Have you come to worship me? It won't save you.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_18Welcome to the new world order.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_19Hilarious. Like cockroaches storming the gates.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_20I am Isabella. You'll find I am nothing like that fool, Thorpe.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_21I take what I want, and I want everything.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_22 You will make an excellent target.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_23Whoever kills them will be rewarded.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_24This should be amusing.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_25Dance for me.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_26You deserve a truly pathetic death.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_27It seems you long for death. Such a waste.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_28Hah. Struggle all you want.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_29Let's not waste my time.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_30Do you like my pets? Would you like to be one of them?
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_31No...I can't die...
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_32Worship me and despair!
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_33I will not be denied!
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_34I will crush you utterly.
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_35Beg on your knees for death!
97_CombatTaunt_Isabella_36I've waited a hundred years for this.
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_01Now, I know the island's secret! Now, I know true power!
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_02Where… is… my… box!
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_03I feel much better now!
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_04I will crush you beneath my heel, ant!
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_05You would have been better off dying at sea!
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_06You can't possibly match the strength Corruption has given me.
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_07Give in to Corruption! It's the only way to keep your soul!
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_08Prepare to have your soul crushed!
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_09Ha! Pathetic!
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_10You are the past - I am the future!
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_11Time to taste Corrupted Steel!
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_12I will see you destroyed!
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_13NO! Not… again!
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_14This will be the last time we meet.
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_15I now serve the Tempest… most willingly.
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_16You cannot possibly challenge us now.
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_17She sent me… to destroy you!
97_CombatTaunt_Thorpe_18Don't you see? It was her soul all along!
caretaker_intro_line1My plants!
caretaker_intro_line2My flowers!
caretaker_intro_line3MY CHILDREN!
EmpressZhou_AlertMust I do everything myself?
EmpressZhou_CorruptionWave2Keep your distance!
EmpressZhou_Death1I… utterly… refuse…
EmpressZhou_Death2My… perfect… empire…
EmpressZhou_intro_1How dare you...
EmpressZhou_intro_2seek to harm me.
EmpressZhou_intro_3Empress of world...
EmpressZhou_intro_4old and new!
EmpressZhou_intro_5You are unworthy.
EmpressZhou_Phase2AYou don't deserve death by my hands.
EmpressZhou_Phase2BDie full of regret.
greundgul_intro_1Thieves. You will not steal eternity.
greundgul_taunt_1Thieves. You cannot steal from me.
greundgul_taunt_2You are weak. Give up.
greundgul_taunt_3Haha. Watch your step.
greundgul_taunt_4Guardians, stop them now.
greundgul_taunt_5You will go no further.
greundgul_taunt_6Keep out.
greundgul_taunt_7You will regret coming here.
NagaAncient_Intro_1I sense your treachery...
NagaAncient_Intro_2Arrogance shall be your doom!
NagaAngryEarth_Intro_1Human Filth!
NagaAngryEarth_Intro_2You know not the greater good
simongrey_intro_line1What happened? AMAZING!
simongrey_intro_line2Who... Intruders!
simongrey_intro_line3You will not take my secrets for yourself!
sirenqueen_combat_line1I will take everything from you.
sirenqueen_combat_line2Echoes swallow you!
sirenqueen_combat_line3I can’t hear… anything…
TorsoBoss_Intro_1You will not be reborn.

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