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Bless Online MMO MMORPG Steam PC Release as it happened

I am playing BLESS ONLINE now Level 28 Tanara Server GUIDOS guild. DB Site in Progress NOW

6-1-18 Balance changes to make PvP better have made PvE not much fun, at least for mage, waiting on mana is boring AF

Dupe bug fixed, items removed, and suspensions. About a month quicker then BDO, still a cash grab game? time will tell...

In Memory of GUIDO Server, GUIDOS GUILD on Tanara Founded! BTW Tanar open to all now and no QUEUE!

Party Buffs are great everyone can add one up to 5 members!

Community solution being developed for performance.

2,450 Lumens to all founders.

More Servers 5-30, update , title screen of death might be fixed

Why am I still level 12? I spent 3 hours last night doing nothing but Guido memes.

Mr. Frodo!!!

Guido RIP back to Tanara I go! (and long wait)

Capital Cities are actually pretty epic.


Played 40 mins and server had 2 mins lag, fps dropped to 30, I'll come back tonight but the worst GUIDO NAME CHANGE WTF?!?!?

Realized Tanara would be a 4 hour wait, noticed GUIDO SERVER! Union only option Incendar HERE!!!

Waiting 3500 person queue RIP.
one hour Later Game is back up with new server "Guido" good name.

60 mins in Server going down to 1 hour maintence

45 mins in Made it to Capital , FPS is steady crazy amount of players. They added two new servers Murabi and Lulanthes.

40 mins got some gears taking griffon to Capital

20 mins in Game runs very smooth

15 mins in Voice Acting is ok, some translations poor.

5 mins in Starting out - tutorial quests badly translated for mage, took a few to figure out

1 minute got on Tanara, only option.

5-28-18 And 'lo, the Golden Age of MMOs begins....

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