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NA NES Nintendo Complete Interactive Game list ROMs
A total of 714 known licensed game titles were released for the Nintendo Entertainment System video game console during its life span, 679 of these games released in North America. This list does not feature unlicensed NES games. The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) — renamed from the Family Computer, or Famicom — was first released in North America on October 18, 1985. -Wikipedia

680 total Games.
Name Release Date Publisher
10-Yard FightOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
1942November 1986Capcom
1943: The Battle of MidwayOctober 1988Capcom
The 3-D Battles of WorldRunnerSeptember 1987Acclaim Entertainment
720November 1989Mindscape
8 EyesJanuary 1990Taxan
AbadoxMarch 1990Milton Bradley Company
The Addams FamilyJanuary 1992Ocean Software
The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger HuntAugust 1993Ocean Software
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: DragonStrikeJuly 1992FCI
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the LanceJanuary 1991FCI
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: HillsfarFebruary 1993FCI
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of RadianceApril 1992FCI
Adventure IslandSeptember 1988Hudson Soft
Adventure Island IIFebruary 1991Hudson Soft
Adventure Island 3September 1992Hudson Soft
Adventures in the Magic KingdomJune 1990Capcom
The Adventures of Bayou BillyJune 1989Konami
Adventures of Dino RikiSeptember 1989Hudson Soft
The Adventures of Gilligan's IslandJuly 1990Bandai
Adventures of LoloApril 1989HAL America
Adventures of Lolo 2March 1990HAL America
Adventures of Lolo 3November 21, 1991HAL America
The Adventures of Rad GravityDecember 1990Activision
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and FriendsDecember 1992THQ
The Adventures of Tom SawyerAugust 1989SETA
Air FortressSeptember 1989HAL America
AirwolfJune 1989Acclaim Entertainment
Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing (NA) Turbo Racing (EU)March 1990Data East
Alfred ChickenFebruary 1994Mindscape
Alien3March 1993LJN
All-Pro BasketballDecember 1989Vic Tokai
Alpha MissionOctober 1987SNK
AmagonApril 1989American Sammy
American GladiatorsOctober 1991GameTek
AnticipationNovember 1988Nintendo
Arch RivalsNovember 1990Acclaim Entertainment
ArchonDecember 1989Activision
ArkanoidAugust 1987Taito
Arkista's RingJune 1990American Sammy
AstyanaxMarch 1990Jaleco
AthenaAugust 1987SNK
Athletic World1987Bandai
Attack of the Killer TomatoesJanuary 1992THQ
Back to the FutureSeptember 1989LJN
Back to the Future Part II & IIISeptember 1990LJN
Bad Dudes (NA) Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja (EU)August 1989Data East
Bad News BaseballJune 1990Tecmo
Bad Street BrawlerSeptember 1989Mattel
Balloon FightAugust 1986Nintendo
Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble BeachFebruary 1989Bandai
Bandit Kings of Ancient ChinaDecember 1990Koei
BarbieNovember 1991Hi Tech Expressions
The Bard's TaleNovember 1991FCI
Barker Bill's Trick ShootingAugust 1990Nintendo
Base WarsJune 1991Ultra Games
BaseballOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
Baseball Simulator 1.000March 1990Culture Brain
Baseball StarsJuly 1989SNK
Baseball Stars 2July 1992Romstar
Bases LoadedJuly 1988Jaleco
Bases Loaded II: Second SeasonJanuary 1990Jaleco
Bases Loaded 3September 1991Jaleco
Bases Loaded 4April 1993Jaleco
BatmanFebruary 1990Sunsoft
Batman ReturnsJanuary 1993Konami
Batman: Return of the JokerDecember 1991Sunsoft
Battle ChessJuly 1990Data East
The Battle of OlympusDecember 1989Br0derbund
Battle TankSeptember 1990Absolute Entertainment
BattleshipSeptember 1993Mindscape
BattletoadsJune 1991Tradewest
Battletoads & Double DragonJune 1993Tradewest
BeetlejuiceMay 1991LJN
Best of the Best: Championship KarateDecember 1992Electro Brain
BigfootAugust 1990Acclaim Entertainment
Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game AdventureApril 1991LJN
Bill Elliott's NASCAR ChallengeDecember 1991Konami
Bionic CommandoDecember 1988Capcom
The Black BassSeptember 1989Hot B
Blades of SteelDecember 1988Konami
Blaster MasterNovember 1988Sunsoft
The Blue MarlinJuly 1992Hot B
The Blues BrothersSeptember 1992Titus Software
Bo Jackson BaseballOctober 1991Data East
BombermanJanuary 1989Hudson Soft
Bomberman II (NA) Dynablaster (EU)February 1993Hudson Soft
Bonk's AdventureJanuary 1994Hudson Soft
Boulder DashJune 1990JVC
A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on BloboloniaJanuary 1990Absolute Entertainment
Bram Stoker's DraculaSeptember 1993Sony Imagesoft
Break Time: The National Pool TourJanuary 1993FCI
BreakThruNovember 1987Data East
Bubble BobbleNovember 1988Taito
Bubble Bobble Part 2August 1993Taito
Bucky O'HareJanuary 1992Konami
The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout (NA) Bugs Bunny Blowout (EU)September 1990Seika
The Bugs Bunny Crazy CastleAugust 1989Seika
Bump 'n' JumpDecember 1988Vic Tokai
Burai FighterMarch 1990Taxan
BurgerTimeMay 1987Data East
CabalJune 1990Milton Bradley Company
Caesars PalaceDecember 1992Virgin Interactive
California GamesJune 1989Milton Bradley Company
Capcom's Gold Medal Challenge '92August 1992Capcom
Captain America and The AvengersDecember 1991Data East
Captain Planet and the PlaneteersSeptember 1991Mindscape
Captain SkyhawkJune 1990Milton Bradley Company
Casino KidOctober 1989SOFEL
Casino Kid 2April 1993SOFEL
CastelianJune 1991Triffix
Castle of DragonJune 1990SETA
CastlequestSeptember 1989ASCII
CastlevaniaMay 1987Konami
Castlevania II: Simon's QuestDecember 1988Konami
Castlevania III: Dracula's CurseSeptember 1990Konami
Caveman GamesOctober 1990Data East
Championship BowlingDecember 1989Romstar
Championship PoolOctober 1993Mindscape
ChessmasterJanuary 1990Hi Tech Expressions
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue RangersJune 1990Capcom
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2January 1994Capcom
Chubby CherubOctober 29, 1986Bandai
Circus CaperJuly 1990Toho
City ConnectionMay 1988Jaleco
Clash at DemonheadJanuary 1990Vic Tokai
Classic ConcentrationSeptember 1990GameTek
CliffhangerNovember 1993Sony Imagesoft
Clu Clu LandOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
Cobra CommandNovember 1988Data East
Cobra TriangleJuly 1989Nintendo
Code Name: ViperMarch 1990Capcom
Color a DinosaurJuly 1993Virgin Interactive
CommandoNovember 1986Capcom
Conan: The Mysteries of TimeFebruary 1991Mindscape
ConflictMarch 1990Vic Tokai
Conquest of the Crystal PalaceNovember 1990Asmik
Contra (NA) Probotector (EU)February 1988Konami
Contra ForceSeptember 1992Konami
Cool WorldJune 1993Ocean Software
Cowboy KidJanuary 1992Romstar
Crash 'n the Boys: Street ChallengeOctober 1992Technos Japan
CrystalisJuly 1990SNK
CyberballJanuary 1992Jaleco
Cybernoid: The Fighting MachineDecember 1989Acclaim Entertainment
Dance AerobicsMarch 1989Nintendo
Danny Sullivan's Indy HeatAugust 1992Tradewest
DarkmanOctober 1991Ocean Software
Dash Galaxy in the Alien AsylumFebruary 1990Data East
Day Dreamin' DaveyJune 1992HAL America
Days of ThunderOctober 1990Mindscape
Deadly TowersSeptember 1987Br0derbund
Defender IIJuly 1988HAL America
Defender of the CrownJuly 1989Ultra Games
Defenders of Dynatron CityJuly 1992JVC
Deja VuDecember 1990Seika
Demon SwordJanuary 1990Taito
Desert CommanderJune 1989Seika
Destination EarthstarFebruary 1990Acclaim Entertainment
Destiny of an EmperorSeptember 1990Capcom
Dick TracyAugust 1990Bandai
Die HardJanuary 1992Activision
Dig Dug IIDecember 1989Bandai
Digger T. Rock: Legend of the Lost CityDecember 1990Milton Bradley Company
Dirty HarryDecember 1990Mindscape
Disney's Darkwing DuckJune 1992Capcom
Disney's The Jungle BookAugust 1994Virgin Interactive
Disney's The Little MermaidJuly 1991Capcom
Donkey KongJune 1986Nintendo
Donkey Kong 3June 1986Nintendo
Donkey Kong ClassicsOctober 1988Nintendo
Donkey Kong Jr.June 1986Nintendo
Donkey Kong Jr. MathJune 1986Nintendo
Double DareApril 1990GameTek
Double DragonJune 1988Tradewest
Double Dragon II: The RevengeJanuary 1990Acclaim Entertainment
Double Dragon III: The Sacred StonesFebruary 1991Acclaim Entertainment
Double DribbleSeptember 1987Konami
Dr. ChaosNovember 1988FCI
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeApril 1989Bandai
Dr. MarioOctober 1990Nintendo
Dragon FighterJanuary 1992SOFEL
Dragon Power (NA) Dragonball (EU)March 1988Bandai
Dragon SpiritJune 1990Bandai
Dragon WarriorAugust 1989Nintendo
Dragon Warrior IISeptember 1990Enix
Dragon Warrior IIIMarch 1992Enix
Dragon Warrior IVOctober 1992Enix
Dragon's LairDecember 1990Sony Imagesoft
Duck HuntOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
DuckTalesSeptember 1989Capcom
DuckTales 2June 1993Capcom
Dungeon Magic: Sword of the ElementsJuly 1990Taito
Dusty Diamond's All-Star SoftballJuly 1990Br0derbund
Dynowarz: Destruction of SpondylusApril 1990Bandai
Elevator ActionAugust 1987Taito
Eliminator Boat DuelNovember 1991Electro Brain
ExcitebikeOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
F-117A Stealth FighterDecember 1992MicroProse
F-15 Strike EagleFebruary 1992MicroProse
Family FeudMay 1991GameTek
Faria: A World of Mystery and DangerJune 1991ASCII
FaxanaduAugust 1989Nintendo
Felix the CatOctober 1992Hudson Soft
Ferrari Grand Prix ChallengeJune 1992Acclaim Entertainment
Fester's QuestSeptember 1989Sunsoft
Final FantasyMay 1990Nintendo
Fire 'n Ice (NA) Solomon's Key 2 (EU)March 1993Tecmo
Fisher-Price: Firehouse RescueMarch 1992GameTek
Fisher-Price: I Can RememberMarch 1990GameTek
Fisher-Price: Perfect FitMarch 1990GameTek
Fist of the North StarApril 1989Taxan
Flight of the IntruderMay 1991Mindscape
The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & HoppyDecember 1991Taito
The Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur PeakAugust 1994Taito
Flying Dragon: The Secret ScrollAugust 1989Culture Brain
Flying WarriorsFebruary 1991Culture Brain
Formula One: Built to WinNovember 1990SETA
Frankenstein: The Monster ReturnsJuly 1991Bandai
Freedom ForceApril 1988Sunsoft
Friday the 13thFebruary 1989LJN
Fun HouseJanuary 1991Hi Tech Expressions
G.I. Joe: A Real American HeroJanuary 1991Taxan
G.I. Joe: The Atlantis FactorMarch 1992Capcom
GalagaSeptember 1988Bandai
Galaxy 5000February 1991Activision
Gargoyle's Quest IIOctober 1992Capcom
GauntletJuly 1988Tengen
Gauntlet IISeptember 1990Mindscape
GemfireMarch 1992Koei
Genghis KhanJanuary 1990Koei
George Foreman's KO BoxingDecember 1992Acclaim Entertainment
GhostbustersOctober 1988Activision
Ghostbusters IIApril 1990Activision
Ghost LionOctober 1992Kemco
Ghosts 'n GoblinsNovember 1986Capcom
Ghoul SchoolMarch 1992Electro Brain
Goal!October 1989Jaleco
Goal! TwoNovember 1992Jaleco
Godzilla: Monster of MonstersOctober 1989Toho
Godzilla 2: War of the MonstersFebruary 1992Toho
GolfOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
Golf Grand SlamNovember 1991Atlus
Golgo 13: Top Secret EpisodeSeptember 1988Vic Tokai
The Goonies IINovember 1987Konami
Gotcha! The Sport!November 1987LJN
GradiusDecember 1986Konami
The Great Waldo SearchDecember 1992THQ
Greg Norman's Golf PowerJuly 1992Virgin Interactive
Gremlins 2: The New BatchOctober 1990Sunsoft
The Guardian LegendApril 1989Br0derbund
Guerrilla WarJune 1989SNK
GumshoeAugust 1986Nintendo
Gun-NacSeptember 1991ASCII
Gun.SmokeFebruary 1988Capcom
GyrodineMarch 3, 1986Taito
GyromiteOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
GyrussFebruary 1989Ultra Games
Harlem GlobetrottersMarch 1991GameTek
HatrisApril 1992Bullet-Proof Software
Heavy BarrelMarch 1990Data East
Heavy Shreddin'June 1990Parker Brothers
High SpeedJuly 1991Tradewest
Hogan's AlleyOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
Hollywood SquaresSeptember 1989GameTek
Home AloneOctober 1991THQ
Home Alone 2: Lost in New YorkOctober 1992THQ
HookApril 1992Sony Imagesoft
HoopsJune 1989Jaleco
Hudson HawkFebruary 1992Sony Imagesoft
The Hunt for Red OctoberJanuary 1991Hi Tech Expressions
HydlideJune 1989FCI
Ice ClimberOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
Ice HockeyMarch 1988Nintendo
Ikari WarriorsMay 1987SNK
Ikari Warriors II: Victory RoadApril 1988SNK
Ikari Warriors III: The RescueFebruary 1991SNK
Image FightJune 1990Irem
The ImmortalNovember 1990Electronic Arts
The Incredible Crash DummiesAugust 1994LJN
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeMarch 1991Taito
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (NA) Indy (EU)December 1993Ubisoft
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomDecember 1988Mindscape
InfiltratorJanuary 1990Mindscape
Iron TankJuly 1988SNK
Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors IIDecember 1989Acclaim Entertainment
Isolated WarriorFebruary 1991NTVIC
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off RoadApril 1990Tradewest
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship GolfMarch 1990Konami
JackalSeptember 1988Konami
Jackie Chan's Action Kung FuDecember 1990Hudson Soft
James Bond Jr.November 1992THQ
JawsNovember 1987LJN
Jeopardy!September 1988GameTek
Jeopardy! 25th Anniversary EditionJune 1990GameTek
Jeopardy! Junior EditionOctober 1989GameTek
The Jetsons: Cogswell's Caper!December 1992Taito
Jimmy Connors TennisNovember 1993Ubisoft
Joe & Mac (NA) Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja (EU)December 1992Data East
John Elway's QuarterbackMarch 1989Tradewest
Jordan vs. Bird: One on OneAugust 1989Milton Bradley Company
Journey to SiliusSeptember 1990Sunsoft
JoustOctober 1988HAL America
Jurassic ParkJune 1993Ocean Software
Kabuki Quantum FighterJanuary 1991HAL America
Karate ChampDecember 1986Data East
The Karate KidNovember 1987LJN
KarnovJanuary 1988Data East
Kick MasterJanuary 1992Taito
Kickle CubicleSeptember 1990Irem
Kid IcarusJuly 1987Nintendo
Kid Klown in Night Mayor WorldApril 1993Kemco
Kid KoolMarch 1990Vic Tokai
Kid Niki: Radical NinjaNovember 1987Data East
King's KnightSeptember 1989Square
Kings of the BeachJanuary 1990Ultra Games
King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!June 1992Konami
Kirby's AdventureMay 1993Nintendo
KlashBallJuly 1991SOFEL
Knight RiderDecember 1989Acclaim Entertainment
The Krion ConquestJanuary 1991Vic Tokai
Krusty's Fun HouseSeptember 1992Acclaim Entertainment
Kung-FuOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
Kung-Fu HeroesMarch 1989Culture Brain
Laser InvasionJune 1991Konami
Last Action HeroOctober 1993Sony Imagesoft
The Last NinjaFebruary 1991Jaleco
The Last StarfighterJune 1990Mindscape
Lee Trevino's Fighting GolfSeptember 1988SNK
Legacy of the WizardApril 1989Br0derbund
The Legend of KageAugust 1987Taito
The Legend of ZeldaAugust 22, 1987Nintendo
Legendary WingsJuly 1988Capcom
Legends of the DiamondJanuary 1992Bandai
LemmingsNovember 1992Sunsoft
L'EmpereurNovember 1991Koei
Lethal WeaponApril 1993Ocean Software
Life Force (NA) Life Force Salamander (EU)August 1988Konami
Little League Baseball: Championship SeriesJuly 1990SNK
Little Nemo: The Dream MasterSeptember 1990Capcom
Little Ninja BrothersDecember 1990Culture Brain
Little SamsonNovember 1992Taito
Lode RunnerSeptember 1987Br0derbund
The Lone RangerAugust 1991Konami
LoopzOctober 1990Mindscape
Low G Man: The Low Gravity ManSeptember 1990Taxan
Lunar PoolOctober 1987FCI
M.C. Kids (NA) McDonald Land (EU)February 1992Virgin Interactive
M.U.L.E.September 1990Mindscape
M.U.S.C.L.E.October 29, 1986Bandai
Mach RiderAugust 1986Nintendo
Mad MaxJuly 1990Mindscape
The Mafat ConspiracyJune 1990Vic Tokai
Magic DartsSeptember 1991Romstar
Magic Johnson's Fast BreakMarch 1990Tradewest
The Magic of ScheherazadeDecember 1989Culture Brain
MagicianMarch 1990Taxan
MagMaxOctober 1988FCI
Major League BaseballApril 1988LJN
Maniac MansionSeptember 1990Jaleco
Mappy-LandApril 1989Taxan
Marble MadnessMarch 1989Milton Bradley Company
Mario Bros.June 1986Nintendo
Mario Is Missing!July 1993Nintendo
Mario's Time MachineJune 1994Nintendo
Mechanized AttackJune 1990SNK
Mega ManDecember 1987Capcom
Mega Man 2June 1989Capcom
Mega Man 3November 1990Capcom
Mega Man 4January 1992Capcom
Mega Man 5December 1992Capcom
Mega Man 6March 1994Nintendo
Mendel PalaceOctober 1990Hudson Soft
Metal GearJune 1988Konami
Metal MechMarch 1991Jaleco
Metal StormFebruary 1991Irem
MetroidAugust 1987Nintendo
Michael Andretti's World GPJune 1990American Sammy
Mickey MousecapadeOctober 1988Capcom
Mickey's Adventures in NumberlandMarch 1994Hi Tech Expressions
Mickey's Safari in LetterlandMarch 1993Hi Tech Expressions
Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner SanctumAugust 1992American Sammy
Mighty Bomb JackJuly 1987Tecmo
Mighty Final FightJuly 1993Capcom
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!October 1987Nintendo
MillipedeOctober 1988HAL America
Milon's Secret CastleSeptember 1988Hudson Soft
The Miracle Piano Teaching System1990Mindscape
Mission: ImpossibleSeptember 1990Ultra Games
MonopolyMay 1991Parker Brothers
Monster in My PocketJanuary 1992Konami
Monster PartyJune 1989Bandai
Monster Truck RallySeptember 1991INTV
Motor City PatrolJanuary 1992Matchbox
Ms. Pac-ManNovember 1993Namco
Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the CarnivalNovember 1990Hi Tech Expressions
The Mutant Virus: Crisis in a Computer WorldApril 1992American Softworks
Mystery QuestApril 1989Taxan
NARCAugust 1990Acclaim Entertainment
NES Open Tournament GolfSeptember 1991Nintendo
NES Play Action FootballSeptember 1990Nintendo
Kiwi Kraze (NA) The NewZealand Story (EU/AU)March 1991Taito
NFL FootballSeptember 1989LJN
Nigel Mansell's World Championship RacingOctober 1993GameTek
A Nightmare on Elm StreetOctober 1990LJN
NightshadeJanuary 1992Ultra Games
Ninja CrusadersDecember 1990American Sammy
Ninja Gaiden (NA) Shadow Warriors (EU)March 1989Tecmo
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (NA) Shadow Warriors II: Ninja Gaiden (EU)May 1990Tecmo
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of DoomAugust 1991Tecmo
Ninja KidOctober 29, 1986Bandai
Nintendo Campus Challenge1991Nintendo
Nintendo World Championships1990Nintendo
Nintendo World CupDecember 1990Nintendo
Nobunaga's AmbitionJune 1989Koei
Nobunaga's Ambition IIApril 1991Koei
North & SouthDecember 1990Seika
Operation WolfMay 1989Taito
Orb-3DOctober 1990Hi Tech Expressions
OthelloDecember 1988Acclaim Entertainment
OverlordJanuary 1993Virgin Interactive
P.O.W.: Prisoners of WarSeptember 1989SNK
Pac-ManNovember 1993Namco
Pac-ManOctober 1988Tengen
PalamedesNovember 1990Hot B
Panic RestaurantAugust 1992Taito
PaperboyDecember 1988Mindscape
Paperboy 2April 1992Mindscape
Peter Pan and the PiratesJanuary 1991THQ
Phantom FighterApril 1990FCI
PictionaryJuly 1990LJN
PinballOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
Pinball QuestJune 1990Jaleco
Pin*BotApril 1990Nintendo
Pipe DreamSeptember 1990Bullet-Proof Software
Pirates!October 1991Ultra Games
PlatoonDecember 1988Sunsoft
PopeyeJune 1986Nintendo
Power BladeMarch 1991Taito
Power Blade 2October 1992Taito
Power Punch IIJune 1992American Softworks
PredatorApril 1989Activision
Prince of PersiaNovember 1992Virgin Interactive
Princess Tomato in the Salad KingdomFebruary 1991Hudson Soft
Pro Sport HockeyNovember 1993Jaleco
Pro WrestlingMarch 1987Nintendo
Punch-Out!!August 1990Nintendo
The PunisherNovember 1990LJN
Puss 'n Boots: Pero's Great AdventureJune 1990Electro Brain
PuzznicNovember 1990Taito
Q*bertFebruary 1989Ultra Games
QixJanuary 1991Taito
R.B.I. BaseballJune 1988Tengen
R.C. Pro-AmMarch 1988Nintendo
R.C. Pro-Am IIDecember 1992Tradewest
Race America (NA) Corvette ZR-1 Challenge (EU)May 1992Absolute Entertainment
Racket AttackOctober 1988Jaleco
Rad RacerOctober 1, 1987Nintendo
Rad Racer IIJune 1990Square
Raid on Bungeling BaySeptember 1987Br0derbund
Rainbow IslandsJune 1991Taito
Rally BikeSeptember 1990Romstar
RamboMay 1988Acclaim Entertainment
RampageDecember 1988Data East
RampartJanuary 1992Jaleco
Remote ControlMay 1990Hi Tech Expressions
The Ren & Stimpy Show: Buckaroo$!November 1993THQ
RenegadeJanuary 1988Taito
Rescue: The Embassy MissionJanuary 1990Seika
Ring KingSeptember 1987Data East
River City Ransom (NA) Street Gangs (EU)January 1990Technos Japan
RoadBlastersJanuary 1990Mindscape
Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesNovember 1991Virgin Interactive
RoboCopDecember 1989Data East
RoboCop 2April 1991Data East
RoboCop 3August 1992Ocean Software
RobowarriorDecember 1988Jaleco
Rock 'n' BallJanuary 1990NTVIC
Rocket RangerJune 1990Seika
The RocketeerMay 1991Bandai
Rockin' KatsSeptember 1991Atlus
Roger Clemens' MVP BaseballOctober 1991LJN
RollerballFebruary 1990HAL America
Rollerblade RacerFebruary 1993Hi Tech Expressions
RollerGamesSeptember 1990Ultra Games
Romance of the Three KingdomsOctober 1989Koei
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IISeptember 1991Koei
Roundball: 2 on 2 ChallengeMay 1992Mindscape
Rush'n AttackApril 1987Konami
RygarJuly 1987Tecmo
S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team (NA) Action In New York (EU)June 1991Natsume
Section ZJuly 1987Capcom
SeicrossOctober 1988FCI
Sesame Street: 1-2-3January 1989Hi Tech Expressions
Sesame Street: A-B-CSeptember 1989Hi Tech Expressions
Sesame Street: A-B-C/1-2-3November 1991Hi Tech Expressions
Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide & SpeakOctober 1990Hi Tech Expressions
Sesame Street: CountdownFebruary 1992Hi Tech Expressions
Shadow of the Ninja (NA) Blue Shadow (EU)December 1990Natsume
ShadowgateDecember 1989Seika
ShatterhandDecember 1991Jaleco
Shingen the RulerJune 1990Hot B
Shooting RangeJune 1989Bandai
Short Order / Eggsplode!December 1989Nintendo
Side PocketNovember 30, 1987Data East
Silent ServiceDecember 1989Konami
SilkwormJune 1990American Sammy
Silver SurferNovember 1990Arcadia Systems
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsFebruary 1991Acclaim Entertainment
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the WorldDecember 1991Acclaim Entertainment
The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive ManDecember 1992Acclaim Entertainment
Skate or Die!December 1988Ultra Games
Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double TroubleSeptember 1990Electronic Arts
Ski or DieFebruary 1991Ultra Games
Sky KidSeptember 1987Sunsoft
Sky SharkSeptember 1989Taito
SlalomMarch 1987Nintendo
Smash TVSeptember 1991Acclaim Entertainment
Snake Rattle 'n' RollJuly 1990Nintendo
Snake's RevengeApril 1990Konami
Snoopy's Silly Sports SpectacularApril 1990Kemco
Snow BrothersNovember 1991Capcom
SoccerOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden WarpshipSeptember 1990Tradewest
Solomon's KeyJuly 1987Tecmo
Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of DemnosJune 1990Sony Imagesoft
Space Shuttle ProjectNovember 1991Absolute Entertainment
SpelunkerSeptember 1987Br0derbund
Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister SixOctober 1992LJN
Spot: The Video GameSeptember 1990Arcadia Systems
Spy HunterSeptember 1987Sunsoft
Spy vs. SpyOctober 1988Seika
SqoonSeptember 1987Irem
Stack-UpOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
Stadium EventsSeptember 1987Bandai
Stanley: The Search for Dr. LivingstonOctober 1992Electro Brain
Star ForceNovember 1987Tecmo
Star SoldierJanuary 1989Taxan
Star Trek: 25th AnniversaryFebruary 1992Ultra Games
Star Trek: The Next GenerationSeptember 1993Absolute Entertainment
Star VoyagerSeptember 1987Acclaim Entertainment
Star WarsNovember 1991JVC
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackMarch 1992JVC
Starship HectorJune 1990Hudson Soft
StarTropicsDecember 1990Nintendo
Stealth ATFOctober 1989Activision
StingerSeptember 1987Konami
Street CopJune 1989Bandai
Street Fighter 2010: The Final FightSeptember 1990Capcom
StriderJuly 1989Capcom
Super C (aka Super Contra) (NA) Probotector II: Return of The Evil Forces (EU)April 1990Konami
Super CarsFebruary 1991Electro Brain
Super Dodge BallJuly 1989Sony Imagesoft
Super Glove BallOctober 1990Mattel
Super Jeopardy!September 1991GameTek
Super Mario Bros.October 18, 1985Nintendo
Super Mario Bros./Duck HuntNovember 1990Nintendo
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt/World Class Track MeetDecember 1990Nintendo
Super Mario Bros. 2October 10, 1988Nintendo
Super Mario Bros. 3February 12, 1990Nintendo
Super PitfallNovember 1987Activision
Super Spike V'BallFebruary 1990Nintendo
Super Spike V'Ball/Nintendo World CupDecember 1990Nintendo
Super Spy HunterFebruary 1992Sunsoft
Super Team GamesNovember 1988Nintendo
SupermanDecember 1988Seika
Swamp ThingDecember 1992THQ
Sword MasterJanuary 1992Activision
Swords and SerpentsAugust 1990Acclaim Entertainment
Taboo: The Sixth SenseApril 1989Tradewest
Tag Team WrestlingOctober 1986Data East
TaleSpinDecember 1991Capcom
Target: RenegadeMarch 1990Taito
Tecmo BaseballJanuary 1989Tecmo
Tecmo BowlFebruary 1989Tecmo
Tecmo Cup Soccer GameSeptember 1992Tecmo
Tecmo NBA BasketballNovember 1992Tecmo
Tecmo Super BowlDecember 1991Tecmo
Tecmo World WrestlingApril 1990Tecmo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NA) Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (EU)June 1989Ultra Games
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game (NA) Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles II: The Arcade Game (EU)December 1990Konami
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan ProjectFebruary 1992Konami
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (NA) Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Tournament Fighters (EU)February 1994Konami
TennisOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
The TerminatorDecember 1992Mindscape
Terminator 2: Judgment DayFebruary 1992LJN
Terra CrestaMarch 1990Vic Tokai
TetrisNovember 1989Nintendo
Tetris 2October 1993Nintendo
The Three StoogesOctober 1989Activision
Thunder & LightningDecember 1990Romstar
ThunderbirdsSeptember 1990Activision
ThundercadeJuly 1989American Sammy
Tiger HeliSeptember 1987Acclaim Entertainment
Time LordSeptember 1990Milton Bradley Company
Times of LoreMay 1991Toho
Tiny Toon AdventuresDecember 1991Konami
Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in WackylandApril 1993Konami
Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon WorkshopDecember 1992Konami
To the EarthNovember 1989Nintendo
TokiDecember 1991Taito
Tom and JerryDecember 1991Hi Tech Expressions
Tombs & TreasureJune 1991Activision
Top GunNovember 1987Konami
Top Gun: The Second MissionJanuary 1990Konami
Top Players' Tennis (NA) Four Player Tennis (EU)January 1990Asmik
Total RecallAugust 1990Acclaim Entertainment
Totally RadMarch 1991Jaleco
Touch Down FeverFebruary 1991SNK
Town & Country Surf Designs: Wood & Water RageFebruary 1988LJN
Town & Country II: Thrilla's SurfariMarch 1992Acclaim Entertainment
Toxic CrusadersApril 1992Bandai
Track & Field (NA) Track & Field in Barcelona (EU)April 1987Konami
Track & Field IIJune 1989Konami
Treasure MasterDecember 1991American Softworks
Trog!October 1991Acclaim Entertainment
TrojanFebruary 1987Capcom
Twin CobraJanuary 1990American Sammy
Twin EagleOctober 1989Romstar
Ultima III: ExodusFebruary 1989FCI
Ultima IV: Quest of the AvatarDecember 1990FCI
Ultima V: Warriors of DestinyJanuary 1993FCI
Ultimate Air CombatApril 1992Activision
Ultimate BasketballSeptember 1990American Sammy
The Uncanny X-MenDecember 1989LJN
Uncharted WatersNovember 1991Koei
UninvitedJune 1991Seika
The UntouchablesJanuary 1991Ocean Software
Urban ChampionAugust 1986Nintendo
Vegas DreamMarch 1990HAL America
Vice: Project DoomNovember 1991American Sammy
VideomationJune 1991THQ
VolleyballMarch 1987Nintendo
Wacky RacesMay 1992Atlus
Wall Street KidJune 1990SOFEL
Wario's WoodsDecember 10, 1994Nintendo
Wayne Gretzky HockeyJanuary 1991THQ
Wayne's WorldNovember 1993THQ
WCW WrestlingApril 1990FCI
Werewolf: The Last WarriorNovember 1990Data East
Wheel of FortuneSeptember 1988GameTek
Wheel of Fortune Family EditionMarch 1990GameTek
Wheel of Fortune: Featuring Vanna WhiteJanuary 1992GameTek
Wheel of Fortune Junior EditionOctober 1989GameTek
Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?October 1991Konami
Where's Waldo?September 17, 1991THQ
Who Framed Roger RabbitSeptember 1989LJN
Whomp 'EmMarch 1991Jaleco
WidgetNovember 1992Atlus
Wild GunmanOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
WillowDecember 1989Capcom
Win, Lose, or DrawMarch 1990Hi Tech Expressions
Winter GamesSeptember 1987Acclaim Entertainment
Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad OverlordJuly 1990ASCII
Wizardry II: The Knight of DiamondsApril 1992ASCII
Wizards & WarriorsDecember 1987Acclaim Entertainment
Wizards & Warriors III: Kuros: Visions of Power (NA) Wizards & Warriors III (EU)March 1992Acclaim Entertainment
WolverineOctober 1991LJN
World ChampApril 1991Romstar
World Class Track MeetAugust 1988Nintendo
World GamesMarch 1989Milton Bradley Company
Wrath of the Black MantaApril 1990Taito
Wrecking CrewOctober 18, 1985Nintendo
Wurm: Journey to the Center of the EarthNovember 1991Asmik
WWF King of the RingNovember 1993LJN
WWF WrestleManiaJanuary 1989Acclaim Entertainment
WWF WrestleMania ChallengeNovember 1990LJN
WWF WrestleMania: Steel Cage ChallengeSeptember 1992LJN
XenophobeDecember 1988Sunsoft
XeviousSeptember 1988Bandai
XexyzApril 1990Hudson Soft
Yo! NoidNovember 1990Capcom
Yoshi (NA) Mario & Yoshi (EU)June 1, 1992Nintendo
Yoshi's CookieApril 1993Nintendo
The Young Indiana Jones ChroniclesDecember 1992Jaleco
ZanacOctober 1987FCI
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkDecember 1, 1988Nintendo
Zen the Intergalactic NinjaMarch 1993Konami
Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics IIMarch 1994Nintendo
Zombie NationJanuary 1991Meldac Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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