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Consumables Status Effects from /u/lcyorca

Name Health Regen Status Effect
AbsintheWarming Up
AleCooling Down
Aloe Extract100
Aloe Soup100
Berry Juice20Cooling Down
Black Lotus Potion
Blood Sausage20
Bone Broth40
Bug Kabob20
Bush Jerky20
Cactus WineAdds +3 Vitality when drunk
Century EggFood Poisoning
Chili Desert Style60Warming Up
Cimmerian Meal80
Cleansing Brew20Cures Corruption
Cooked Abysmal Meat100
Cooked Eggs20
Cooked Exquisite Meat60
Cooked Fish20
Cooked Human Flesh20
Cooked Oyster20
Cooked Pork Dinner40
Cooked Pork Rinds20
Cooked Pork Strips40
Corruption BrewCauses Corruption
Darfari Bug Soup40Cooling Down
Demon Blood-sausage45
Desert WineCooling Down
Dried Berries20
Dried Fish20
Dried Meat20
Egg Surprise20
Enhanced Gruel20
Exotic Feast100Warming Up
Exotic Fish20
Exotic Shellfish40
Exquisite Stew80
Feast of Derketo110
Feast of Mitra60Warming Up
Feast of Set60
Feast of Ymir60Warming Up
Feast to Yog60Warming Up
Feral Feast40
FirewaterWarming Up
Fish Strips60
Flavored Gruel20
Grilled Steak40
Hearty Meal60
Hearty Stew100
Herbal Tea140Stamina Regen
Honey Jerky60
Honeyed Egg20
Honeyed Gruel20
Honeyed Wine60
Honeyglazed Roast20
Lasting Meal80
Lumpy Soup40
MeadWarming Up
Meat Strips20
Meaty Mashup60
Mixed Meat Scraps20
Mulled BrewWarming Up
Mushroom Stew60
Mystery Meat Soup60Headache
Oyster Omelette20
Phykos RumWarming Up
Purified Flesh60
Resin WineWarming Up
Rhino Head Soup100Adds +3 to Encumbrance
Roasted Mushrooms20
Salted Berries20
Salted Exquisite Meat40
Salted Pork20
Savory Feast60Warming Up
Savory Fish20
Savory Jerky20
Savory Shellfish20
Seed Soup40
Shroom BeerWarming Up
Spiced and Shredded Roast40Warming Up
Spiced Eggs20Warming Up
Spiced Exquisite Meat20
Spiced Haunch80Warming Up
Spiced Oysters20Warming Up
Spiced Pork20
Spiced Slivers20Warming Up
Spiced Soup40Warming Up
Spiced Steak40Warming Up
Spiced TeaWarming Up
Steak and Eggs60
Trail Jerky60
WineCooling Down
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