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Diablo 4🔥 Season 4 Nightmare Dungeon Affixes

Affix↕️ Desc↕️
Berserking (PH)Berserking
Major_Avenger Avenger
Blizzard Blizzard
Major_Blood Blister Blood Blister
Cold Enhanced Cold Enhanced
Major_DeathPulse Death Pulse
Destabilizing Destabilizing
Major_Drifting Shade Drifting Shade
Major_Empowered Elites (Frost) Empowered Elites (Cold Enchanted)
Major_Empowered Elites (Electric Lance) Empowered Elites (Electric Lance)
Major_Empowered Elites (Nightfall) Empowered Elites (Nightfall)
Major_Empowered Elites (Poison) Empowered Elites (Poison Enchanted)
Major_Empowered Elites (Shadow) Empowered Elites (Shadow)
Empowered Elites (Summoner) Empowered Elites (Summoner)
Major_Empowered Elites (Suppressor) Empowered Elites (Suppressor)
Major_Empowered Elites (Teleporter) Empowered Elites (Teleporter)
Empowered Elites (Waller) Empowered Elites (Waller)
Fire Enhanced Fire Enhanced
Frozen Pulse Frozen Pulse
Haste Haste
Lightning Enhanced Lightning Enhanced
Major_Lightning Storm Lightning Storm
Minor_Monster_LifeSteal Monster Attacks Steal Life
Minor_Monster_BarrierKiller Monster Deal More Damage To Barrier
Minor_Monster_DrainResource Monster Ranged Attacks Burn Primary Resource
Minor_Monster_ReduceHealing Monster Ranged Attacks Disable Healing Potion
Minor_Monster_ReduceDodge Monster Ranged Attacks Reduce Dodge Chance
Minor_Monster_ReduceResistance Monster Ranged Attacks Reduce Resistance
Minor_Monster_ChanceSlow Monster Ranged Attacks Slow Targets
Minor_Monster_SunderArmor Monster Ranged Attacks Sunder Armor
Minor_Monster_AttackFaster Monsters Attack Faster
Minor_Monster_ExtraBleeding Monsters Deal Extra Bleeding Damage
Minor_Monster_ExtraBurning Monsters Deal Extra Burning Damage
Minor_Monster_ExtraCold Monsters Deal Extra Cold Damage
Minor_Monster_ExtraCorruption Monsters Deal Extra Corruption Damage
Minor_Monster_ExtraFire Monsters Deal Extra Fire Damage
Minor_Monster_ExtraLightning Monsters Deal Extra Lightning Damage
Minor_Monster_ExtraPoison Monsters Deal Extra Poison Damage
Minor_Monster_ExtraShadow Monsters Deal Extra Shadow Damage
Minor_Monster_AttackBehind Monsters Deal More Damage From Behind
Minor_Monster_Barrier Monsters Gain Barrier
Minor_Monster_HPBonus Monsters Gain Extra Life
Minor_Monster_HPRegen Monsters Gain Life Regen
Minor_Monster_ReflectNonPhysical Monsters Reflect Non-Physical Damage
Minor_Monster_ReflectPhysical Monsters Reflect Physical Damage
Minor_Monster_AntiCrit Monsters Resist Critical Strikes
Minor_Monster_AntiCC Monsters Resist Crowd Control
Minor_Monster_AntiOverpower Monsters Resist Overpower Effect
Minor_Monster_AntiVulnerable Monsters Resist Vulnerable Effect
Minor_Monster_LessBleeding Monsters Take Less Bleeding Damage
Minor_Monster_LessBurning Monsters Take Less Burning Damage
Minor_Monster_LessMelee Monsters Take Less Close Damage
Minor_Monster_LessCold Monsters Take Less Cold Damage
Minor_Monster_LessCorruption Monsters Take Less Corruption Damage
Minor_Monster_LessRanged Monsters Take Less Distant Damage
Minor_Monster_LessFire Monsters Take Less Fire Damage
Minor_Monster_LessLightning Monsters Take Less Lightning Damage
Minor_Monster_LessPhysical Monsters Take Less Physical Damage
Minor_Monster_LessPoison Monsters Take Less Poison Damage
Minor_Monster_LessShadow Monsters Take Less Shadow Damage
Minor_Monster_Unstoppable Monsters Unstoppable at Low Life
Major_Nightmare Portal Nightmare Portal
PvP_Dungeon_MonstersDropNoLoot PH PvP
PvP_Dungeon_MonstersBalance PH PvP
TEST_BONUS1 PH Test Bonus 1
Trial_NoWipe PH Trial
Trial_DemonicIdol PH Trial
Trial_TimedRun PH Trial
Trial_ProtectNPC PH Trial
Trial_AbyssalGrowths PH Trial
Trial_EventMastery PH Trial
Trial_UniqueSentries PH Trial
Physical Enhanced Physical Enhanced
Poison Enhanced Poison Enhanced
Proximity Shield Proximity Shield
Rampart Rampart
Resource Drain Resource Drain
Major_StormbanesWrath Stormbane's Wrath
Major_Volcanic Volcanic
Wild Regeneration Wild Regeneration
Positive_AttackMoveSpeedOnKillAttack and Move Speed on Kill
Positive_StunCausesBurningBeing Crowd Controlled Causes an Explosion
Positive_DamageReductionForMissingHealthDamage Reduction for Missing Health
Positive_EvadeLeavesPoisonEvade Leaves a Poison Pool
Positive_EvadePushesEnemiesEvade Pushes Enemies
Positive_IncreasedCritChanceIncreased Critical Strike Chance
Positive_IncreasedHealingIncreased Healing
Positive_CooldownReductionOnKillReduce Cooldowns on Kill
Positive_FireDamageYou Deal Extra Fire Damage
Positive_FrostDamageYou Deal Extra Frost Damage
Positive_LightningDamageYou Deal Extra Lightning Damage
Positive_PhysicalDamageYou Deal Extra Physical Damage
Positive_PoisonDamageYou Deal Extra Poison Damage
Positive_ShadowDamageYou Deal Extra Shadow Damage
Positive_GoldFindYou Find More Gold
Positive_MagicFindYou Find More Items
Positive_ThornsYou Have Extra Thorns
Positive_PeriodicLightningYou Occasionally Call Down Lightning
Positive_FireResistanceYou Take Less Fire Damage
Positive_FrostResistanceYou Take Less Frost Damage
Positive_LightningResistanceYou Take Less Lightning Damage
Positive_PhysicalResistanceYou Take Less Physical Damage
Positive_PoisonResistanceYou Take Less Poison Damage
Positive_ShadowResistanceYou Take Less Shadow Damage
Positive_CCReductionYour CC Duration is Reduced

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