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Conan Exiles Perks List Accuracy Agility Encumberance Grit Strengh Survival Vitality

Total Listed: 35
ID Chapter Name Description
Accuracy_10Eye for InjuryCrippling shots with a bow are more severe.
Accuracy_20Trick ShotShots fired from your bow will ricochet if you miss your target.
Accuracy_30Steady HandsAll ranged and thrown weapons now do 10% more damage.
Accuracy_40Crevice in the ArmorIncreases the armor penetration of any weapon you wield by 50%.
Accuracy_50ShaftedEvery headshot deals 50% more damage.
Agility_10Iron EnduranceSprinting drains less stamina.
Agility_20Cat-likeFalling damage is halved.
Agility_30Effortless LeapJumping no longer costs stamina.
Agility_40Nimble TumblerWhen dodging, your armor counts as one weight-class lower than normal.
Agility_50Extended LeapJump while in the air to do a second jump.
Encumberance_10Balance and CounterbalanceYou deal 10% extra melee damage while over-encumbered but swing using 10% less stamina when not over-encumbered.
Encumberance_20Sure-footedCrippling effects are less severe.
Encumberance_30Pack MuleYour max carry weight is increased by 10%.
Encumberance_40DeflectionYou have a chance to ignore armor and shield durability loss when hit.
Encumberance_50MomentumWhen over-encumbered, you can move at full speed.
Grit_10Strong GripYou use 10% less stamina whenever you climb.
Grit_20Barbaric TenacityYou gain an additional 10% stamina per regeneration tick.
Grit_30Iron-hard MusclesYou gain a natural resistance to damage.
Grit_40Fluid SwingsYour basic attacks cost less stamina.
Grit_50Artful DodgerDodging costs less stamina.
Strength_10ThuggeryEvery blow you strike with a blunted weapon deals 100% more concussive damage.
Strength_20Salting the WoundYou now deal 25% increased damage to enemies affected by negative status effects (i.e. cripple, bleed, sunder).
Strength_30Slice and DiceEach light attack you do inflicts 10% more damage.
Strength_40Brutal StrikesEach heavy attack now inflicts 25% more damage.
Strength_50Blood-mad BerserkerWhenever your hitpoints fall below 25%, you deal 50% more melee damage.
Survival_10Raw and BloodyYou do not have to cook raw meat to avoid food poisoning.
Survival_20Hard WorkerYou harvest resource nodes twice as fast.
Survival_30Efficient ButcheryEvery animal harvested provides extra resources.
Survival_40Antidote of OneInvulnerability to poisons and diseases. Strength of detrimental status effects are reduced by 20%.
Survival_50Bronzed PhysiqueAll direct combat damage you take is reduced by 10%.
Vitality_10Deep BreathYour breath timer is doubled.
Vitality_20ImperviousAll temperature effects are diminished.
Vitality_30Fierce VitalityYou gain passive health regeneration.
Vitality_40ReceptiveIncreases the healing effect of consumables and dancers by 100%.
Vitality_50Gluttonous GainsEating food now counts as a healing potion, and provides a healing burst at the end of the regeneration effect., Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © About Discord
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