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10-16 Imperial Alchemy and Cooking Updated!
Cooking Recipe Level, XP per Cook, with Buffs and Effects.

XP Cook Level Buff

Aloe Cookie
400Beginner 6Accuracy +4

Aloe Yogurt
400Beginner 6Fishing Speed +1

Assorted Side Dishes
1,100Apprentice 6Life EXP +5%

Balenos Meal
1,600Skiled 6Move Speed 2 Fishing Speed 2 Gather Speed 2

400Beginner 1Worker Stamina +2

Boiled Bird Eggs
400Beginner 6AP +1

700Apprentice 1Max Energy +10

Butter-Roasted Lobster
800Skilled 1Crit +2 Knockdown res +10%

Calpheon Meal
1,600Skiled 6DMG Reduction 1 Max HP 100 HP Recovery 5

Cheese Gratin
1,000Apprentice 6HP +70 Attack Speed 1

Cheese Pie
1,000Apprentice 6Worker Stamina +7

Coconut Cocktail
800Professional 1Fish Time -5%

Coconut Fried Fish
800Professional 1Move Speed +1 Critical +1

Coconut Pasta
800Professional 1Heat Sunstroke resistence 10%

1,200Skiled 6Processing +5% Chance

Dark Pudding
1,000Skilled 1AP +3 DMG Against Humans +2

Date Palm Wine
1,000Apprentice 6Evasion

Desert Dumpling
700Apprentice 1Stamina +200

400Beginner 1None

Energizing Cron Meal
Professional 1Monster AP 13/AS 2/CS 2/Knowledge 5%/Higher Knowledge 2%/Lt 100/DA 5%

Essence of Liquor
400Beginner 1None

Exotic Herbal Wine
400Beginner 1Fishing Speed +1

Fig Pie
700Apprentice 1Gathering result +3%

Fish Fillet Chips
700Apprentice 1Worker Stamina +5

Fish Fillet Salad
700Apprentice 1Move speed +1

Fish Soup
700Apprentice 1Critical Hit Rate +1

Five-Grain Chicken Porridge
800Skilled 5Amity +5%

Freekeh Snake Stew
700Apprentice 1Worker Stamina +5

Fried Bird
700Apprentice 1HP Recovery +5

Fried Fish
400Apprentice 1Move speed +1

Fried Vegetables
400Beginner 6HP Recovery +2

Fruit and Vegetable Salad
700Apprentice 1MP Recovery +5

Fruit Juice
400Beginner 1MP +30

Fruit Pie
1,000Apprentice 6MP +70 Casting Speed 1

Fruit Pudding
400Beginner 6MP Recovery +2

Fruit Wine
700Apprentice 1Fishing Speed +1

Ghormeh Sabzi
Professional 1Down Attack Damage 5%

Good Feed
800Apprentice 1Pet Food +40

Grain Soup
400Beginner 1Gathering Speed +1

Grilled Bird Meat
400Skilled 1Worker Stamina +3/4

Grilled Sausage
400Beginner 6AP +1

Grilled Scorpion
1,000Skilled 1Monster DMG Decrease

Ham Sandwich
1,000Skilled 1AP +3 ACC +8

Hard-boiled Gargoyle Leg
1,000Artisan 1

Hard-Boiled Shellfish
800Skilled 1Gather rank +2 UnderwaterBreathing +10s

High-Quality Carrot Juice
400Beginner 1Horse HP +200

Honey Wine
700Apprentice 1DMG Reduction +2

Honeycomb Cookie
1,000Apprentice 6Weight Limit +50 Fishing Speed 1

Hunter's Salad
800Apprentice 1Hunting DMG +1000

Kamasylvia Meal
2,400Master 6Max HP +150 Max Stam +200 | Back Attack DMG up

Khalk's Fermented Wine
1,600Professional 1All Attack 7 Move Speed 1 Hp Recovery 10 Hunting +700

King of Jungle Hamburg
1,600Professional 1All Resistance 3% Critical DMG increase

Knight Combat Rations
2,400Skilled 6All Attack +5 DMG Against Humans +5 DMG Red +5

Lean Meat Salad
1,000Apprentice 6DMG Reduction 3 HP recovery 5

Lizard Kebab
400Beginner 6Stamina +100

Margoria Seafood Meal
2,400Artisan 1Weight 50lt Move +2 Crit + 2 HP +100

Meat Croquette
1,000Apprentice 1Combat EXP +5%

Meat Pasta
700Apprentice 1Weight Limit +40

Meat Pie
700Apprentice 1Stamina +200

Meat Sandwich
1,000Apprentice 6Move Speed 1 Stamina 200

Meat Soup
400Beginner 6Critical Hit Rate +1

Meat Stew
400Beginner 6Max HP +30

Mediah Meal
1,600Skilled 1Attack +5 Attack Speed +1 Casting Speed +1

Milk Tea
1,000Skilled 1Combat EXP +8%

700Apprentice 1Worker Stamina +5

700Apprentice 1DMG Reduction +2

Organic Feed
1,200Apprentice 6Pet Food +70

Pan-Fried Oyster
800Artisan 1Attack/Cast Speed +2 Stune res +10%

Pickled Fish
700Apprentice 1Amity +5%

Pickled Vegetables
700Apprentice 1Gathering Speed +1

Pistachio Fried Rice
1,000Beginner 6Processing +3% Chance

Prawn Salad
800Skilled 1Weight +40lt Knockback/Float res +10%

RB Mushroom Cheese Melt
800Artisan 1Back Attack Damaged +5%

RB Mushroom Sandwich
800Artisan 1Max HP/Stamina +150

Red Sauce
400Beginner 1None

Roast Marmot
Professional 1Chance to Gain Higher Grade Knowledge +2%

Seafood Grilled With Butter
400Beginner 6Attack Speed +1

Seafood Mushroom Salad
400Beginner 6Wegiht Limit +20

Seafood Pasta
700Apprentice 1Casting Speed +1

Serendia Meal
1,600Skilled 6All Attack +5 Accuracy +10 Critical Hit Chance +1

Skewered Llama Cheese Melt
Professional 1Weight Limit +100LT

Smoked Fish Steak
700Apprentice 1Attack Speed +1

Soft Bread
400Beginner 6Stamina +100

Special Arehaza Meal
2,400Artisan 1Sun/heatstroke -5% fish time 5% Move Speed 2 Crit 1

Special Carrot Juice
700Beginner 6Horse HP +300

Special Drieghanese Meal
Professional 1Knowledge Gain Chance +5%/Chance to Gain Higher Grade Knowledge +2%/Down Attack Damaged +5%/100LT

700Apprentice 1HP +50

Steamed Bird
700Apprentice 1Combat EXP +3%

Steamed Fish
400Beginner 6All Accuracy +4

Steamed Prawn
800Skilled 1Move +2 Grapple Res +10%

Steamed Seafood
700Apprentice 1Accuracy +6

Steamed Whale Meat
1,000Skilled 1DMG Reduction +2 Evasion +8

Stir-Fried Bracken
Professional 1Knowledge Gain Chance +5%

Stir-fried Gazelle Hind Leg
1,000Artisan 1

Stir-Fried Meat
700Apprentice 1AP +2

Stir-Fried Seafood
400Beginner 6Casting Speed +1

Stir-Fried Vegetables
400Beginner 6Jump Height +1

Sute Tea
1,000Skilled 1Life EXP +8%

Sweet Honey Wine
400Apprentice 1

Tea With Fine Scent
700Apprentice 1MP +50

Teff Bread
400Beginner 6Cook Alch time reduction .3s

Teff Sandwich
1,600Professional 1Cook Alch time reduction .5s

Valencia Meal
2,400Professional 6Res 4% debuff res 4% eva +6 DMG dec monster

400Beginner 1None

Whale Meat Salad
1,000Skilled 1Life EXP +10%

White Sauce
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