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Ranked Cooking exp xp experience, level, and effects - Black Desert Online - BDO

Name↕️ XP↕️ Effect↕
Kamasylvia Meal recipeKamasylvia Meal2400Master 6Max HP +150
Max Stamina +200
Back Attack Damage +5%
Knight Combat Rations recipeKnight Combat Rations2400Skilled 6All AP +5
Extra Damage to Humans +5
All Damage Reduction +5
Margoria Seafood Meal recipeMargoria Seafood Meal2400Artisan 1Weight Limit +50 LT
Movement Speed +2
Critical Hit +2
Max HP +100
O'dyllita Meal recipeO'dyllita Meal2400Artisan 1All Damage Reduction +5
Special Attack Evasion Rate +5%
Damage from Monsters -5%
Special Arehaza Meal recipeSpecial Arehaza Meal2400Artisan 1Heatstroke/Hypothermia Resistance +10% (Max +90%)
Auto-fishing Time -5%
Movement Speed +2
Critical Hit +1
Special Drieghanese Meal recipeSpecial Drieghanese Meal2400Professional 1Knowledge Gain Chance +5%
Higher Grade Knowledge Gain Chance +2%
Down Attack Damage +5%
Weight Limit +100LT
Valencia Meal recipeValencia Meal2400Professional 6Ignore All Resistance +4%
All Resistance +4%
All Evasion +10
Damages from Monsters -6%
Balenos Meal recipeBalenos Meal1600Skiled 6Movement Speed +2
Fishing Speed +2
Gathering Speed +2
Calpheon Meal recipeCalpheon Meal1600Skiled 6All Damage Reduction +5
MAX HP +100
HP Recovery +5
Khalks Fermented Wine recipeKhalks Fermented Wine1600Professional 1All AP +7
Movement Speed +1
HP Recovery +10
Matchlock Reload Speed +7%
King of Jungle Hamburg recipeKing of Jungle Hamburg1600Professional 1Ignore All Resistance +3%
Critical Hit Damage +5%
Mediah Meal recipeMediah Meal1600Skilled 1All AP +5
Attack Speed +1
Casting Speed +1
Serendia Meal recipeSerendia Meal1600Skilled 6All AP +5
All Accuracy +10
Critical Hit +1
Teff Sandwich recipeTeff Sandwich1600Professional 1Cooking/Alchemy Time -0.5 sec
Couscous recipeCouscous1200Skiled 6Processing Success Rate +5%
Organic Feed recipeOrganic Feed1200Apprentice 6Recover 140 Hunger
Assorted Side Dishes recipeAssorted Side Dishes1100Apprentice 6Life EXP +5%
Cheese Gratin recipeCheese Gratin1000Apprentice 6Max HP +70
Attack Speed +1
Cheese Pie recipeCheese Pie1000Apprentice 6Worker Stamina Recovery +7
Dark Pudding recipeDark Pudding1000Skilled 1All AP +3
Extra Damage to Humans +2
Date Palm Wine recipeDate Palm Wine1000Apprentice 6All Evasion +4
Fruit Pie recipeFruit Pie1000Apprentice 6Casting Speed +1
Max MP/WP/SP +70
Grilled Scorpion recipeGrilled Scorpion1000Skilled 1Damages from Monsters -5%
Ham Sandwich recipeHam Sandwich1000Skilled 1All AP +3
All Accuracy +8
Hard-boiled Gargoyle Leg recipeHard-boiled Gargoyle Leg1000Artisan 1Hunting Damage +500
Attack Speed +1
Honeycomb Cookie recipeHoneycomb Cookie1000Apprentice 6Weight Limit +50LT
Fishing Speed +1
Lean Meat Salad recipeLean Meat Salad1000Apprentice 6All Damage Reduction +3
HP Recovery +5
Meat Croquette recipeMeat Croquette1000Apprentice 1Combat EXP +5%
Meat Sandwich recipeMeat Sandwich1000Apprentice 6Movement Speed +1
Max Stamina +200
Milk Tea recipeMilk Tea1000Skilled 1Combat EXP +8%
HP Recovery +5
Pistachio Fried Rice recipePistachio Fried Rice1000Beginner 6Processing Success Rate +3%
Steamed Whale Meat recipeSteamed Whale Meat1000Skilled 1All Damage Reduction +2
All Evasion +8
Stir-fried Gazelle Hind Leg recipeStir-fried Gazelle Hind Leg1000Artisan 1Weight Limit +40 LT
Max Stamina +150
Sute Tea recipeSute Tea1000Skilled 1Life EXP +8%
Whale Meat Salad recipeWhale Meat Salad1000Skilled 1Life EXP +10%
Max Energy +10
Butter-Roasted Lobster recipeButter-Roasted Lobster800Skilled 1Critical Hit +2
Knockdown/Bound Resistance +10%
Coconut Cocktail recipeCoconut Cocktail800Professional 1Auto-fishing time -5%
Coconut Fried Fish recipeCoconut Fried Fish800Professional 1Movement Speed +1
Critical Hit +1
Coconut Pasta recipeCoconut Pasta800Professional 1Heatstroke/Hypothermia Resistance +10% (Max +90%)
Delotia Pudding recipeDelotia Pudding800Professional 1All Damage Reduction +5
Damage from Monsters -5%
Five-Grain Chicken Porridge recipeFive-Grain Chicken Porridge800Skilled 5Amity +5%
Ghormeh Sabzi recipeGhormeh Sabzi800Professional 1Down Attack Damage +5%
Good Feed recipeGood Feed800Apprentice 1Recovers 80 Hunger
Hard-Boiled Shellfish recipeHard-Boiled Shellfish800Skilled 1Gathering Speed +2
Underwater Breathing +10 sec
Hunters Salad recipeHunters Salad800Apprentice 1Matchlock Reload Speed +7%
Pan-Fried Oyster recipePan-Fried Oyster800Artisan 1Attack Speed +2
Casting Speed +2
Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +10%
Prawn Salad recipePrawn Salad800Skilled 1Weight Limit +40LT
Knockback/Floating Resistance +10%
RB Mushroom Cheese Melt recipeRB Mushroom Cheese Melt800Artisan 1Back Attack Damage +5%
RB Mushroom Sandwich recipeRB Mushroom Sandwich800Artisan 1Max HP +150
Max Stamina +150
Roast Marmot recipeRoast Marmot800Professional 1Higher Grade Knowledge Gain Chance +2%
Steamed Prawn recipeSteamed Prawn800Skilled 1Movement Speed +2
Grapple Resistance +10%
Stir-Fried Bracken recipeStir-Fried Bracken800Professional 1Knowledge Gain Chance +5%
Stir-Fried Bracken and Meat recipeStir-Fried Bracken and Meat800Professional 1All Resistance +2%
Borscht recipeBorscht700Apprentice 1Max Energy +10
Desert Dumpling recipeDesert Dumpling700Apprentice 1Max Stamina +200
Fig Pie recipeFig Pie700Apprentice 1Gathering Item Drop Rate +3%
Fish Fillet Chips recipeFish Fillet Chips700Apprentice 1Worker Stamina Recovery +5
Fish Fillet Salad recipeFish Fillet Salad700Apprentice 1Movement Speed +1
Fish Soup recipeFish Soup700Apprentice 1Critical Hit +1
Freekeh Snake Stew recipeFreekeh Snake Stew700Apprentice 1Worker Stamina Recovery +5
Fried Bird recipeFried Bird700Apprentice 1HP Recovery +5
Fruit and Vegetable Salad recipeFruit and Vegetable Salad700Apprentice 1MP/WP/SP Recovery +5
Fruit Wine recipeFruit Wine700Apprentice 1Fishing Speed +1
Honey Wine recipeHoney Wine700Apprentice 1All Damage Reduction +2
Meat Pasta recipeMeat Pasta700Apprentice 1Weight Limit +40LT
Meat Pie recipeMeat Pie700Apprentice 1Max Stamina +200
Oatmeal recipeOatmeal700Apprentice 1Worker Stamina Recovery +5
Omelet recipeOmelet700Apprentice 1All Damage Reduction +2
Pickled Fish recipePickled Fish700Apprentice 1Amity +5%
Pickled Vegetables recipePickled Vegetables700Apprentice 1Gathering Speed +1
Seafood Pasta recipeSeafood Pasta700Apprentice 1Casting Speed +1
Smoked Fish Steak recipeSmoked Fish Steak700Apprentice 1Attack Speed +1
Special Carrot Juice recipeSpecial Carrot Juice700Beginner 6Recover +900 Mount HP
Steak recipeSteak700Apprentice 1Max HP +50
Steamed Bird recipeSteamed Bird700Apprentice 1Combat EXP +3%
Steamed Seafood recipeSteamed Seafood700Apprentice 1All Accuracy +6
Stir-Fried Meat recipeStir-Fried Meat700Apprentice 1All AP +2
Tea With Fine Scent recipeTea With Fine Scent700Apprentice 1Max MP/WP/SP +50
Delotia Juice recipeDelotia Juice600Skilled 1Extra AP Against Monsters +5
Aloe Cookie recipeAloe Cookie400Beginner 6All Accuracy +4
Aloe Yogurt recipeAloe Yogurt400Beginner 6Fishing Speed +1
Beer recipeBeer400Beginner 1Worker Stamina Recovery +2
Boiled Bird Eggs recipeBoiled Bird Eggs400Beginner 6All AP +1
Chicken Breast Salad recipeChicken Breast Salad400Skilled 1All Damage Reduction +1
Damage from Monsters -2%
Dressing recipeDressing400Beginner 1
Essence of Liquor recipeEssence of Liquor400Beginner 1
Exotic Herbal Wine recipeExotic Herbal Wine400Beginner 1Fishing Speed +1
Fried Fish recipeFried Fish400Apprentice 1Movement Speed +1
Fried Vegetables recipeFried Vegetables400Beginner 6HP Recovery +2
Fruit Juice recipeFruit Juice400Beginner 1Max MP/WP/SP +30
Fruit Pudding recipeFruit Pudding400Beginner 6MP/WP/SP Recovery +2
Grain Soup recipeGrain Soup400Beginner 1Gathering Speed +1
Grilled Bird Meat recipeGrilled Bird Meat400Skilled 1Worker Stamina Recovery +3
Grilled Sausage recipeGrilled Sausage400Beginner 6All AP +1
High-Quality Carrot Juice recipeHigh-Quality Carrot Juice400Beginner 1Recover +600 Mount HP
Lizard Kebab recipeLizard Kebab400Beginner 6Max Stamina +100
Meat Soup recipeMeat Soup400Beginner 6Critical Hit +1
Meat Stew recipeMeat Stew400Beginner 6Max HP +30
Red Sauce recipeRed Sauce400Beginner 1
Seafood Grilled With Butter recipeSeafood Grilled With Butter400Beginner 6Attack Speed +1
Seafood Mushroom Salad recipeSeafood Mushroom Salad400Beginner 6Weight Limit +20LT
Soft Bread recipeSoft Bread400Beginner 6Max Stamina +100
Steamed Fish recipeSteamed Fish400Beginner 6All Accuracy +4
Stir-Fried Bird recipeStir-Fried Bird400Skilled 1All Damage Reduction +1
All Evasion +2
Stir-Fried Seafood recipeStir-Fried Seafood400Beginner 6Casting Speed +1
Stir-Fried Vegetables recipeStir-Fried Vegetables400Beginner 6Jump Height Up
Sweet Honey Wine recipeSweet Honey Wine400Apprentice 1
Teff Bread recipeTeff Bread400Beginner 6Cooking/Alchemy Time -0.3 sec
Vinegar recipeVinegar400Beginner 1
White Sauce recipeWhite Sauce400Beginner 1
Balacs Lunchbox recipeBalacs LunchboxArtisan 1Fishing EXP +10%
Auto-fishing Time -7%
Fishing Speed +2
Carrot Confit recipeCarrot ConfitBeginner 6Recover +12,500 Mount Stamina
Recover +5,500 Mount HP
Chanterelle and Potato Stew recipeChanterelle and Potato StewApprentice 6Max HP +100
Chanterelle Porridge recipeChanterelle PorridgeApprentice 6Knowledge Gain Chance +5%
Chanterelle Risotto recipeChanterelle RisottoProfessional 1Processing EXP +8%
Chanterelle Stew recipeChanterelle StewApprentice 6Max Stamina +80
Chowder recipeChowderProfessional 1Recovers sailor condition +100
Citron Candy recipeCitron CandyBeginner 10Fishing EXP +8%
Citron Cider recipeCitron CiderApprentice 6Movement Speed +1
Citron Juice recipeCitron JuiceApprentice 6Fishing Speed +1
Citron Vinegar recipeCitron VinegarBeginner 10
Delotia Milk Tea recipeDelotia Milk TeaSkilled 1Extra AP Against Monsters +3
All Accuracy +6
Delotia Tart recipeDelotia TartSkilled 1Extra AP Against Monsters +3
Damage from Monsters -2%
Eilton Meal recipeEilton MealArtisan 1Processing EXP +10%
Processing Success Rate +10%
Weight Limit +100LT
Eilton Sandwich recipeEilton SandwichProfessional 1Auto-fishing Time -7%
Energizing Cron Meal recipeEnergizing Cron MealProfessional 1All Damage Reduction +5
MAX HP +100
HP Recovery +5
Exquisite Cron Meal recipeExquisite Cron MealAll AP +8
All Accuracy +15
Attack/Casting Speed +2
Movement Speed +2
Critical Hit +2
All Evasion +15
Max HP +150
Max Stamina +200
Back Attack Damage +5%
Critical Hit Damage +5%
All Resistance +4%
Ignore All Resistance+4%
Frank Sandwich recipeFrank SandwichProfessional 1Skill EXP +5%
Fruit Sherbet recipeFruit SherbetArtisan 1Higher Grade Knowledge Gain Chance +2%
Mesima Chicken Soup recipeMesima Chicken SoupArtisan 1Strength EXP +10%
Movement Speed +2
Max Stamina +100
Mesima Rice Wine recipeMesima Rice WineSkilled 6Weight Limit +80LT
Pickled Citron and Onions recipePickled Citron and OnionsBeginner 10Breath EXP +10%
Savory Cron Meal recipeSavory Cron MealAll Life Skill Mastery +25
Life EXP +5%
Movement Speed +2
Weight Limit +100LT
Savory Steak recipeSavory SteakProfessional 1All Life Skill Mastery +10
Seafood Cron Meal recipeSeafood Cron MealCooking/Alchemy Time -0.6 sec
Life EXP +10%
Processing Success Rate +10%
Gathering +2
Movement Speed +2
Fishing +2
Weight Limit +100LT
All Life Skill Mastery +25
Simple Cron Meal recipeSimple Cron MealExtra AP Against Monsters +30
Combat EXP +20%
Skill EXP +10%
Attack/Casting Speed +2
Movement Speed +3
Critical Hit +2
Max HP +150
Knowledge Gain Chance +10%
Higher Grade Knowledge Gain Chance +5%
Weight Limit +100LT
Down Attack Damage +5%
Damage from Monsters -6%
Heatstroke/Hypothermia Resistance +10%
Single-brewed Mesima Tea recipeSingle-brewed Mesima TeaApprentice 1
Skewered Llama Cheese Melt recipeSkewered Llama Cheese MeltProfessional 1Weight Limit +100LT
Special Eilton Specialty Meal recipeSpecial Eilton Specialty MealArtisan 1Breath EXP +10%
Movement Speed +2
Max Stamina +100
Stir-Fried Chanterelle and Meat recipeStir-Fried Chanterelle and MeatApprentice 6Processing Success Rate +8%
Twice-brewed Mesima Tea recipeTwice-brewed Mesima TeaApprentice 1
Well-brewed Mesima Tea recipeWell-brewed Mesima TeaSkilled 9Immune to Frostbite

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