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Ranked Cooking exp xp experience, level, and effects - Black Desert Online - BDO

Name↕️ XP↕️ Effect↕
Kamasylvia Meal recipeKamasylvia Meal2400Master 6Max HP +150
Max Stamina +200
Back Attack Damage +5%
Knight Combat Rations recipeKnight Combat Rations2400Skilled 6All AP +5
Extra Damage to Humans +5
All Damage Reduction +5
Margoria Seafood Meal recipeMargoria Seafood Meal2400Artisan 1Weight Limit +50 LT
Movement Speed +2
Critical Hit +2
Max HP +100
O'dyllita Meal recipeO'dyllita Meal2400Artisan 1All Damage Reduction +5
Special Attack Evasion Rate +5%
Damage from Monsters -5%
Special Arehaza Meal recipeSpecial Arehaza Meal2400Artisan 1Heatstroke/Hypothermia Resistance +10% (Max +90%)
Auto-fishing Time -5%
Movement Speed +2
Critical Hit +1
Special Drieghanese Meal recipeSpecial Drieghanese Meal2400Professional 1Knowledge Gain Chance +5%
Higher Grade Knowledge Gain Chance +2%
Down Attack Damage +5%
Weight Limit +100LT
Valencia Meal recipeValencia Meal2400Professional 6Ignore All Resistance +4%
All Resistance +4%
All Evasion +10
Damages from Monsters -6%
Balenos Meal recipeBalenos Meal1600Skiled 6Movement Speed +2
Fishing Speed +2
Gathering Speed +2
Calpheon Meal recipeCalpheon Meal1600Skiled 6All Damage Reduction +5
MAX HP +100
HP Recovery +5
Khalks Fermented Wine recipeKhalks Fermented Wine1600Professional 1All AP +7
Movement Speed +1
HP Recovery +10
Matchlock Reload Speed +7%
King of Jungle Hamburg recipeKing of Jungle Hamburg1600Professional 1Ignore All Resistance +3%
Critical Hit Damage +5%
Mediah Meal recipeMediah Meal1600Skilled 1All AP +5
Attack Speed +1
Casting Speed +1
Serendia Meal recipeSerendia Meal1600Skilled 6All AP +5
All Accuracy +10
Critical Hit +1
Teff Sandwich recipeTeff Sandwich1600Professional 1Cooking/Alchemy Time -0.5 sec
Couscous recipeCouscous1200Skiled 6Processing Success Rate +5%
Organic Feed recipeOrganic Feed1200Apprentice 6Recover 140 Hunger
Assorted Side Dishes recipeAssorted Side Dishes1100Apprentice 6Life EXP +5%
Cheese Gratin recipeCheese Gratin1000Apprentice 6Max HP +70
Attack Speed +1
Cheese Pie recipeCheese Pie1000Apprentice 6Worker Stamina Recovery +7
Dark Pudding recipeDark Pudding1000Skilled 1All AP +3
Extra Damage to Humans +2
Date Palm Wine recipeDate Palm Wine1000Apprentice 6All Evasion +4
Fruit Pie recipeFruit Pie1000Apprentice 6Casting Speed +1
Max MP/WP/SP +70
Grilled Scorpion recipeGrilled Scorpion1000Skilled 1Damages from Monsters -5%
Ham Sandwich recipeHam Sandwich1000Skilled 1All AP +3
All Accuracy +8
Hard-boiled Gargoyle Leg recipeHard-boiled Gargoyle Leg1000Artisan 1Hunting Damage +500
Attack Speed +1
Honeycomb Cookie recipeHoneycomb Cookie1000Apprentice 6Weight Limit +50LT
Fishing Speed +1
Lean Meat Salad recipeLean Meat Salad1000Apprentice 6All Damage Reduction +3
HP Recovery +5
Meat Croquette recipeMeat Croquette1000Apprentice 1Combat EXP +5%
Meat Sandwich recipeMeat Sandwich1000Apprentice 6Movement Speed +1
Max Stamina +200
Milk Tea recipeMilk Tea1000Skilled 1Combat EXP +8%
HP Recovery +5
Pistachio Fried Rice recipePistachio Fried Rice1000Beginner 6Processing Success Rate +3%
Steamed Whale Meat recipeSteamed Whale Meat1000Skilled 1All Damage Reduction +2
All Evasion +8
Stir-fried Gazelle Hind Leg recipeStir-fried Gazelle Hind Leg1000Artisan 1Weight Limit +40 LT
Max Stamina +150
Sute Tea recipeSute Tea1000Skilled 1Life EXP +8%
Whale Meat Salad recipeWhale Meat Salad1000Skilled 1Life EXP +10%
Max Energy +10
Butter-Roasted Lobster recipeButter-Roasted Lobster800Skilled 1Critical Hit +2
Knockdown/Bound Resistance +10%
Coconut Cocktail recipeCoconut Cocktail800Professional 1Auto-fishing time -5%
Coconut Fried Fish recipeCoconut Fried Fish800Professional 1Movement Speed +1
Critical Hit +1
Coconut Pasta recipeCoconut Pasta800Professional 1Heatstroke/Hypothermia Resistance +10% (Max +90%)
Delotia Pudding recipeDelotia Pudding800Professional 1All Damage Reduction +5
Damage from Monsters -5%
Five-Grain Chicken Porridge recipeFive-Grain Chicken Porridge800Skilled 5Amity +5%
Ghormeh Sabzi recipeGhormeh Sabzi800Professional 1Down Attack Damage +5%
Good Feed recipeGood Feed800Apprentice 1Recovers 80 Hunger
Hard-Boiled Shellfish recipeHard-Boiled Shellfish800Skilled 1Gathering Speed +2
Underwater Breathing +10 sec
Hunters Salad recipeHunters Salad800Apprentice 1Matchlock Reload Speed +7%
Pan-Fried Oyster recipePan-Fried Oyster800Artisan 1Attack Speed +2
Casting Speed +2
Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +10%
Prawn Salad recipePrawn Salad800Skilled 1Weight Limit +40LT
Knockback/Floating Resistance +10%
RB Mushroom Cheese Melt recipeRB Mushroom Cheese Melt800Artisan 1Back Attack Damage +5%
RB Mushroom Sandwich recipeRB Mushroom Sandwich800Artisan 1Max HP +150
Max Stamina +150
Roast Marmot recipeRoast Marmot800Professional 1Higher Grade Knowledge Gain Chance +2%
Steamed Prawn recipeSteamed Prawn800Skilled 1Movement Speed +2
Grapple Resistance +10%
Stir-Fried Bracken recipeStir-Fried Bracken800Professional 1Knowledge Gain Chance +5%
Stir-Fried Bracken and Meat recipeStir-Fried Bracken and Meat800Professional 1All Resistance +2%
Borscht recipeBorscht700Apprentice 1Max Energy +10
Desert Dumpling recipeDesert Dumpling700Apprentice 1Max Stamina +200
Fig Pie recipeFig Pie700Apprentice 1Gathering Item Drop Rate +3%
Fish Fillet Chips recipeFish Fillet Chips700Apprentice 1Worker Stamina Recovery +5
Fish Fillet Salad recipeFish Fillet Salad700Apprentice 1Movement Speed +1
Fish Soup recipeFish Soup700Apprentice 1Critical Hit +1
Freekeh Snake Stew recipeFreekeh Snake Stew700Apprentice 1Worker Stamina Recovery +5
Fried Bird recipeFried Bird700Apprentice 1HP Recovery +5
Fruit and Vegetable Salad recipeFruit and Vegetable Salad700Apprentice 1MP/WP/SP Recovery +5
Fruit Wine recipeFruit Wine700Apprentice 1Fishing Speed +1
Honey Wine recipeHoney Wine700Apprentice 1All Damage Reduction +2
Meat Pasta recipeMeat Pasta700Apprentice 1Weight Limit +40LT
Meat Pie recipeMeat Pie700Apprentice 1Max Stamina +200
Oatmeal recipeOatmeal700Apprentice 1Worker Stamina Recovery +5
Omelet recipeOmelet700Apprentice 1All Damage Reduction +2
Pickled Fish recipePickled Fish700Apprentice 1Amity +5%
Pickled Vegetables recipePickled Vegetables700Apprentice 1Gathering Speed +1
Seafood Pasta recipeSeafood Pasta700Apprentice 1Casting Speed +1
Smoked Fish Steak recipeSmoked Fish Steak700Apprentice 1Attack Speed +1
Special Carrot Juice recipeSpecial Carrot Juice700Beginner 6Recover +900 Mount HP
Steak recipeSteak700Apprentice 1Max HP +50
Steamed Bird recipeSteamed Bird700Apprentice 1Combat EXP +3%
Steamed Seafood recipeSteamed Seafood700Apprentice 1All Accuracy +6
Stir-Fried Meat recipeStir-Fried Meat700Apprentice 1All AP +2
Tea With Fine Scent recipeTea With Fine Scent700Apprentice 1Max MP/WP/SP +50
Delotia Juice recipeDelotia Juice600Skilled 1Extra AP Against Monsters +5
Aloe Cookie recipeAloe Cookie400Beginner 6All Accuracy +4
Aloe Yogurt recipeAloe Yogurt400Beginner 6Fishing Speed +1
Beer recipeBeer400Beginner 1Worker Stamina Recovery +2
Boiled Bird Eggs recipeBoiled Bird Eggs400Beginner 6All AP +1
Chicken Breast Salad recipeChicken Breast Salad400Skilled 1All Damage Reduction +1
Damage from Monsters -2%
Dressing recipeDressing400Beginner 1
Essence of Liquor recipeEssence of Liquor400Beginner 1
Exotic Herbal Wine recipeExotic Herbal Wine400Beginner 1Fishing Speed +1
Fried Fish recipeFried Fish400Apprentice 1Movement Speed +1
Fried Vegetables recipeFried Vegetables400Beginner 6HP Recovery +2
Fruit Juice recipeFruit Juice400Beginner 1Max MP/WP/SP +30
Fruit Pudding recipeFruit Pudding400Beginner 6MP/WP/SP Recovery +2
Grain Soup recipeGrain Soup400Beginner 1Gathering Speed +1
Grilled Bird Meat recipeGrilled Bird Meat400Skilled 1Worker Stamina Recovery +3
Grilled Sausage recipeGrilled Sausage400Beginner 6All AP +1
High-Quality Carrot Juice recipeHigh-Quality Carrot Juice400Beginner 1Recover +600 Mount HP
Lizard Kebab recipeLizard Kebab400Beginner 6Max Stamina +100
Meat Soup recipeMeat Soup400Beginner 6Critical Hit +1
Meat Stew recipeMeat Stew400Beginner 6Max HP +30
Red Sauce recipeRed Sauce400Beginner 1
Seafood Grilled With Butter recipeSeafood Grilled With Butter400Beginner 6Attack Speed +1
Seafood Mushroom Salad recipeSeafood Mushroom Salad400Beginner 6Weight Limit +20LT
Soft Bread recipeSoft Bread400Beginner 6Max Stamina +100
Steamed Fish recipeSteamed Fish400Beginner 6All Accuracy +4
Stir-Fried Bird recipeStir-Fried Bird400Skilled 1All Damage Reduction +1
All Evasion +2
Stir-Fried Seafood recipeStir-Fried Seafood400Beginner 6Casting Speed +1
Stir-Fried Vegetables recipeStir-Fried Vegetables400Beginner 6Jump Height Up
Sweet Honey Wine recipeSweet Honey Wine400Apprentice 1
Teff Bread recipeTeff Bread400Beginner 6Cooking/Alchemy Time -0.3 sec
Vinegar recipeVinegar400Beginner 1
White Sauce recipeWhite Sauce400Beginner 1
Balacs Lunchbox recipeBalacs LunchboxArtisan 1Fishing EXP +10%
Auto-fishing Time -7%
Fishing Speed +2
Carrot Confit recipeCarrot ConfitBeginner 6Recover +12,500 Mount Stamina
Recover +5,500 Mount HP
Chanterelle and Potato Stew recipeChanterelle and Potato StewApprentice 6Max HP +100
Chanterelle Porridge recipeChanterelle PorridgeApprentice 6Knowledge Gain Chance +5%
Chanterelle Risotto recipeChanterelle RisottoProfessional 1Processing EXP +8%
Chanterelle Stew recipeChanterelle StewApprentice 6Max Stamina +80
Chowder recipeChowderProfessional 1Recovers sailor condition +100
Citron Candy recipeCitron CandyBeginner 10Fishing EXP +8%
Citron Cider recipeCitron CiderApprentice 6Movement Speed +1
Citron Juice recipeCitron JuiceApprentice 6Fishing Speed +1
Citron Vinegar recipeCitron VinegarBeginner 10
Delotia Milk Tea recipeDelotia Milk TeaSkilled 1Extra AP Against Monsters +3
All Accuracy +6
Delotia Tart recipeDelotia TartSkilled 1Extra AP Against Monsters +3
Damage from Monsters -2%
Eilton Meal recipeEilton MealArtisan 1Processing EXP +10%
Processing Success Rate +10%
Weight Limit +100LT
Eilton Sandwich recipeEilton SandwichProfessional 1Auto-fishing Time -7%
Energizing Cron Meal recipeEnergizing Cron MealProfessional 1All Damage Reduction +5
MAX HP +100
HP Recovery +5
Exquisite Cron Meal recipeExquisite Cron MealAll AP +8
All Accuracy +15
Attack/Casting Speed +2
Movement Speed +2
Critical Hit +2
All Evasion +15
Max HP +150
Max Stamina +200
Back Attack Damage +5%
Critical Hit Damage +5%
All Resistance +4%
Ignore All Resistance+4%
Frank Sandwich recipeFrank SandwichProfessional 1Skill EXP +5%
Fruit Sherbet recipeFruit SherbetArtisan 1Higher Grade Knowledge Gain Chance +2%
Mesima Chicken Soup recipeMesima Chicken SoupArtisan 1Strength EXP +10%
Movement Speed +2
Max Stamina +100
Mesima Rice Wine recipeMesima Rice WineSkilled 6Weight Limit +80LT
Pickled Citron and Onions recipePickled Citron and OnionsBeginner 10Breath EXP +10%
Savory Cron Meal recipeSavory Cron MealAll Life Skill Mastery +25
Life EXP +5%
Movement Speed +2
Weight Limit +100LT
Savory Steak recipeSavory SteakProfessional 1All Life Skill Mastery +10
Seafood Cron Meal recipeSeafood Cron MealCooking/Alchemy Time -0.6 sec
Life EXP +10%
Processing Success Rate +10%
Gathering +2
Movement Speed +2
Fishing +2
Weight Limit +100LT
All Life Skill Mastery +25
Simple Cron Meal recipeSimple Cron MealExtra AP Against Monsters +30
Combat EXP +20%
Skill EXP +10%
Attack/Casting Speed +2
Movement Speed +3
Critical Hit +2
Max HP +150
Knowledge Gain Chance +10%
Higher Grade Knowledge Gain Chance +5%
Weight Limit +100LT
Down Attack Damage +5%
Damage from Monsters -6%
Heatstroke/Hypothermia Resistance +10%
Single-brewed Mesima Tea recipeSingle-brewed Mesima TeaApprentice 1
Skewered Llama Cheese Melt recipeSkewered Llama Cheese MeltProfessional 1Weight Limit +100LT
Special Eilton Specialty Meal recipeSpecial Eilton Specialty MealArtisan 1Breath EXP +10%
Movement Speed +2
Max Stamina +100
Stir-Fried Chanterelle and Meat recipeStir-Fried Chanterelle and MeatApprentice 6Processing Success Rate +8%
Twice-brewed Mesima Tea recipeTwice-brewed Mesima TeaApprentice 1
Well-brewed Mesima Tea recipeWell-brewed Mesima TeaSkilled 9Immune to Frostbite
Buckwheat Jelly recipeBuckwheat JellyApprentice 6Casting Speed Up
Byeot County Gukbap recipeByeot County GukbapArtisan 1Gives you an immediate boost of Health EXP
Cooked Rice recipeCooked RiceBeginner 6All Accuracy +6
Dalbeol Gukbap recipeDalbeol GukbapGives you an immediate boost of Strength EXP.
Dongchimi recipeDongchimiApprentice 1Max MP +50
Garaetteok recipeGaraetteokApprentice 1Weight Limit +40
Jujube Tea recipeJujube TeaApprentice 1Max Stamina +80
Makgeolli recipeMakgeolliBeginner 1Fishing Speed +1
Moodle Gukbap recipeMoodle GukbapArtisan 1Gives you an immediate boost of Breath EXP.
Mungbean Jeon recipeMungbean JeonApprentice 1Attack Speed Up
Nurungji recipeNurungjiApprentice 1DP Increase +2
Red Bean Porridge recipeRed Bean PorridgeArtisan 1Jump Height Up +50
Red Bean Sirutteok recipeRed Bean SirutteokBeginner 6Movement Speed Up
Roasted Ginkgo recipeRoasted GinkgoBeginner 6Gathering Speed Up
Skewer recipeSkewerApprentice 1AP Increase +2
Soybean Jjigae recipeSoybean JjigaeApprentice 1Critical Hit +1
Sungnyung recipeSungnyungApprentice 1All Evasion +2
White Kimchi recipeWhite KimchiApprentice 1Max HP +50

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