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Links and Invites to all known BDO related Discords.
Type Link
DiscordMaoMao Fishing Community
DiscordGeneral BDO discord
DiscordHunting Discord
DiscordInternational Hunting Associatan SA
DiscordInternational Hunting Association EU
DiscordInternational Hunting Association JP
DiscordInternational Hunting Association MENA
DiscordInternational Hunting Association SEA
DiscordLifeskill Chat
DiscordHorse Racing/Breeding Discord
DiscordNA World Bosses
DiscordSavage Rift NA/EU
DiscordSource Gaming Community BDO datamine
DiscordBDO Archer
DiscordBDO Lahn
DiscordBDO Traders
DiscordBDO Zerkers
DiscordBellcord EU
DiscordBellcord NA
DiscordDark Knight
DiscordBlack Desert Analytics
DiscordBoss Timer International Hunting Association NA
DiscordBlack Desert Xbox
PageAlexMac enchant guide
PageFamme's BDO map horse calc trade calc
PageAmity Tool slightly outdated
PageUrzas guides boss timer
PageBlack Desert Analytics guides to lifeskills raising cp/energy lots of math
PageGear planner
PageInvenGlobal general bdo stuff and kr info
Pagecooking and alchemy calculator
PageDatabase of black desert items quests knowledge and mobs
PageDulfy's basic bdo related stuff and guides
PageGuild Quest Patch
PageHorse Calc
RedditFAQ about grindspots outdated
RedditUI font change w/o external programms
RedditTitle list
RedditBDO watchdog a monitoring tool for black deserts connection status
SheetSilver/Exp grinding data spreadsheet
SheetAccuracy Explained
SheetBDO Faq Pets
SheetDatamined Stats
SheetMorrolanTVs Node Guide
SheetMajorS's enhancement table and other random data
Sheetlaila's Alchemy Reference Book
SheetBasic max weight for processing
Sheetvarious tests by BigandShiny
SheetGear faq for newbies
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