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GordonRamsayNAReddit#1 Ranked Fisher's Fishing Guide and How to Make Millions
chuckySTARReddit.bexcel to .xlsx converter (internal game database to excel)
BDFoundryWebsite1 60 Leveling Guide
ThumbsUp!Youtube20 Min Dailies for 4 CP
MonkeyBusinessGamingYoutubeA Guide to Workers and Nodes!
UnknownGoogle SpreadsheetAlch Spreadsheet
mckerrowRedditAlchemy Apprentice to Skilled
mckerrowRedditAlchemy Beginner to Apprentice
BDFoundryWebsiteAlchemy Guide
Phytes23RedditAlchemy Guide Getting to Skilled 5
BDTomeWebsiteAll About Alchemy Stones
UnknownGoogle SpreadsheetAll Combat Skills Via Quests
GunerXRedditAll Things Horse Horse Guide
FailedAtLurkingRedditAmber's Newbie Guide to Alchemy and Crafting The Stuff You Need to Know
RemnantBDO ForumAnother Alchemy Guide
OrczWebsiteAnother Inventory Quest List
UnknownImageBasic Tree Info graphic
Bast50TwitchBast50's Twitch Channel
BDFoundryInteractive MapBDFoundry Interactive Map
BDFoundryWebsiteBDFoundry Receipe List
Legacy GamingGoogle SpreadsheetBDO Bible
BDOFashionWebsiteBDO Fashion
BDFishersInteractive MapBDO Fishers Hotspot Map
MerjinImageBDO Horse list and info 1.02 (EU/NA)
Brent CopelandSoundcloudBDO Radio
Bruce McCarthySoundcloudBDO Tavern
BDOTemplatesWebsiteBDO Templates
JNighthawkWebsiteBDO Tools
FIgonewildGoogle SpreadsheetBDO Wagons
BDTomeInteractive MapBDTome Interactive Map
WinRawrBDO ForumBeginners Tips & Easy Oversights
BDFoundryWebsiteBerserker Class Guide
BDCharactersWebsiteBlack Desert Characters
BDDatabaseWebsiteBlack Desert Database
SvennEthirWebsiteBlack Desert Equipment Calculator
BDFishersWebsiteBlack Desert Fishers
BDFoundryWebsiteBlack Desert Foundry
BDInfoWebsiteBlack Desert Info
HakuraiPDFBlack Desert Leveling Guide
BDNexusWebsiteBlack Desert Nexus
UnknownGoogle SpreadsheetBlack Desert Nodes and Resources
Mr. MatookiYoutubeBlack Desert Online Quality of Life Tips
Kushina.The.SlayerWebsiteBlack Desert Online Guide for Noobs! :D
BDOPvPWebsiteBlack Desert PVP
BDTimersWebsiteBlack Desert Timers
BDTomeWebsiteBlack Desert Tome
BDTomeWebsiteBlack Desert Tome Wiki
swgamingGoogle SpreadsheetBlack Desert Trade Managers Products & Requirements
WikiaWikiBlack Desert Wikia
Jonathan CarrollAndroid AppBlack Spirit Cooking
UnknownGoogle SpreadsheetBlack Spirit Crystal Quests[Free 7mil crystal]
UnknownImageBlack Weapon Stone Upgrading
BDFoundryWebsiteBlader Class Guide
BDTomeWebsiteBlader Guide
UnknownImageCalpheon Daily Route Map
danhufcInteractive MapCell8 Gaming Map
CharacterCrushWebsiteCharacter Crush
BDProWebsiteCharacter Presets
BDSUWebsiteCharacter Presets
VKWebsiteCharacter Presets
RimblesGoogle SpreadsheetCombat Skill Points from Quests
TropaeumGoogle DocCompete Money making Guide
redevRedditConnect All Towns for 55 CP
DulfyWebsiteConversation and Amity Guide
KotoGoogle DocCooking Guide
BDFoundryWebsiteCooking Guide
UnknownImageCP Rental Daiy Quest Guide
LoanwolfForumCrafting Guide
FisherinoWebsiteCrystal DB
BDFoundryWebsiteCrystal Sockets Guide
BDFoundryWebsiteDaily Quest Guide
DaumInteractive MapDaum Game World Map
BDTomeWebsiteDesert Buddy
G ZeuZRedditDigging Statistics
GoomichanWebsiteDitto: Character Creation Helper Tool
BDDatabaseWebsiteDressing Room
UnknownImageDrops by Mob
ZoppssBDO ForumEffective Gathering Tips
BDFoundryWebsiteEnchanting and Sockets Guide
LegendeBDO ForumEverything about fishing Hot Spots
Dark_AshelinRedditEverything About Gear
CWreckRedditExchange Dyes
BlackDWebsiteFail Stack Optimizer
rnjesuzRedditFail stacks How can i get to high ones?
Dach2k3RedditFail Stacks. How to Optimize?
BDFoundryWebsiteFarming Guide
DulfyWebsiteFarming Guide
BDFoundryWebsiteFarming Spots for Lvl 50
DulfyWebsiteFishing Boat Construction Guide
BDFoundryWebsiteFishing Guide
N nice_MemeRedditFishing Hot Spots Megathread!
Zola_RoseGoogle DocFishing HotSpots
MaomaoPrinceInteractive MapFishing Map
UnknownWebsiteForum Signature Generator
GalacticKodiakTwitchGalacticKodiak's Twitch Channel
BDFoundryWebsiteGathering Guide
UnknownImageGear Progression Chart
GaisciochWebsiteGetting And Upgrading Your Weapon..
BDTomeWebsiteGrinding Leveling Guide
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: 1 50 in 15~ Hours
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Berserker
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Blader & Plum
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Endgame Guide (NA/EU Launch)
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Everything Horses
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Guilds PvP World Bosses
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Inventory Slot Quests
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Leveling Progression Combat (v.2)
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Ninja & Kunoichi
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Ranger
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Socketing Enchanting Upgrading Gear
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Sorceress
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Tamer
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Trading Commerce Crafting
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Valkyrie
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Warrior
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Witch & Wizard
HakuraiYoutubeGuide: Workers Housing Nodes & Beer
HakuraiYoutubeHakurai's Youtube Channel
BlackDWebsiteHorse Breeding Calculator
SnarfBDO ForumHorse Breeding Findings Megathread
BDFoundryWebsiteHorse Breeding Guide
BlackDWebsiteHorse List & Color Combinator
BDFoundryWebsiteHorse Racing Guide
DulfyWebsiteHorse Taming and Breeding Guide
BDFoundryWebsiteHorse Taming Guide
UnknownImageHorse Tier List
BDFoundryWebsiteHousing Guide
KineticGTRRedditHousing Workers and Nodes! How to Get Started!
vitor210RedditHow To Be a Merchant
VG247WebsiteHow to get EXP and level up quickly
VG247WebsiteHow to make silver fast
zandm7RedditHow to trigger the Ultimate Basteer quest line for Weapon Black Stones at lv48 (17 FREE Black Stones!)
BDFoundryWebsiteHunting Guide
Giga_ToasterRedditI've Figured Out Investment Banks (or at least one of them)
Alacor_FXRedditIn depth Guide to Fishing
BDFoundryWebsiteIncrease Inventory Space
BDFoundryWebsiteIncrease Stamina/Health/Mana
BDFoundryWebsiteIncrease Weight Limit
UnknownImageInterior Buffs
Phytes23RedditInvestment Banking (On going guide)
FluffyQuackRedditInvestment Banks
JenicanGoogle SpreadsheetJenicans' Color Theory Calculator
KingRichard15TwitchKingRichard's Twitch Channel
BDFoundryWebsiteKnowledge & Energy Guide
KungenTwitchKungen's Twitch Channel
BDFoundryWebsiteKunoichi Class Guide
LefyLucyTwitchLeftyLucy's Twitch Channel
Black Desert SpiderWebsiteLegit Ranger Guide
LeggerlessGoogle SpreadsheetLinking All Towns for 67 CP
BDTomeWebsiteList of Contribution Quests
BDTomeWebsiteList of Town Based Quests that give Skill Ponts
LokienGoogle SpreadsheetLokien's Crystal Guide
LokienGoogle SpreadsheetLokien's Joy of Cooking
NaililRedditMaewha/Musa Items Build
DulfyWebsiteMaking Milk Tea and Sute Tea Guide
UnknownImageMap of All Traders
UnknownImageMap of Monster Locations
ClearArrowBDO ForumMassive Lore Compilation
aqua995RedditMediah Drop Location Guide
BDFoundryWebsiteMediah Patch Guide
hubCAPPSRedditMore Action Bars
UnknownGoogle SpreadsheetMy Black Desert Horse Calc
SouchayBDO ForumMy little guide of house decor Gardening Guide
FalseFictionGoogle SpreadsheetNamed Workers
DulfyWebsiteNew Pet Breeding System Guide
MOUZURedditNewbie's Fishing Boat Guide
BDFoundryWebsiteNinja Class Guide
DulfyWebsiteNodes and Workers Guide
BDFoundryWebsiteNodes Guide
Pvt WigglesYoutubePet Guide
DulfyWebsitePets and Pet Food Guide
BDFoundryWebsitePets Guide
BDFoundryWebsitePlum Class Guide
BDDatabaseWebsitePopular Skill Builds
fugazniRedditProtip for getting around the world a little faster
BDFoundryWebsitePvP & Battlegrounds Guide
BDTomeWebsitePvP & Guild
Vince PimentelAndroid AppQuipo | BDO Life Skills Tool
BDFoundryWebsiteRanger Class Guide
UnknownGoogle SpreadsheetRepeatable Quests By Location
UnknownGoogle SpreadsheetShip & Wagon Crafting Guide
BDFoundryWebsiteShips Guide
BDFoundryWebsiteSkill Awakening List by Class
BDTomeWebsiteSkill Calculator
DBDatabaseWebsiteSkill Calculator
BDTomeWebsiteSmall Compendium of Sorc Gearing
DeskaBDO ForumSome cool info about EXP Tables in BDO
BDFoundryWebsiteSorceress Class Guide
iaa144YoutubeSpeed Fishing (Full Inventory in 2 minutes)
BDFoundryWebsiteStory Exchange Guide
BDTomeWebsiteSurviving in the Desert (Valencia)
BDFoundryWebsiteSurviving the Desert (Valencia)
BDFoundryWebsiteTamer Class Guide
harvestgobsRedditThe Impact of Training Level on Horse EXP
DusilRedditThe Math Behind Horse Breeding
thePaindogYoutubeThings I Wish I Knew Before Playing Black Desert
ArchaegeoBDO ForumTrade Distance Bonus
BDFoundryWebsiteTrading Guide
BomberYoutubeTruffle Cave
BDFoundryWebsiteValkyrie Class Guide
BDFoundryWebsiteWarrior Class Guide
UnknownImageWeapon Enchant Success %age
BDTomeWebsiteWhat is Karma?
BDFoundryWebsiteWitch Class Guide
BlayiseTwitchWizard Aimlock hidden combo showcase Q&A and more !
BDFoundryWebsiteWizard Class Guide
Wild_InstinctBDO ForumWizard Gear PvE / PvP Optimisation (GUIDE)
ArchaegeoGoogle SpreadsheetWizard Skill Analysis
Cupcake ThunderImageWood Cutting Map v1
Cupcake ThunderImageWood Cutting Map v2
BDFoundryWebsiteWorkers Guide
BDFoundryWebsiteWorld Bosses Guide
UnknownImageWorld Bosses Location
kkortesRedditXP boosts and how to get them

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