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Full Table of all Buffs for LifeSkill Experience Table for Trade Turn-ins.
Have as many as possible active during crate turn-in to trade manager.
Have multiple mounts over stacked to optimize trade XP.

Max Possible Lifeskill XP buff is 203%.
Item Icon Buff Notes
A +1- +5 Silver Embroidered Trader's 10-40%40%Stats are 10/15/20/25/40 for +1/2/3/4/5
P2W Pets x5 Lifeskil XP (0-20%) Trade (0-15%)35%
Perfume of Swiftness20%
Verdure Draught20%Conflict: Elixir of Flowing Time
Cron Seafood15%Conflict: Fresh Whale Meat Salad, Sute Tea
Elixir of Flowing Time15%Conflict: Verdure Draught
Fresh Whale Meat Salad15%Conflict: Cron Seafood, Sute Tea
GM's Blessing 1-3 (10-15%)15%
Guild Buff10%
Hearty Grilled Turkey [Event]10%Conflicts Unknown
Loyalty Scroll10%
P2W Tailoring Coupon Trader's Clothes10%
Turning Gates Villa Buff10%
Value Pack10%
Six Leaf Clover [Event]8%
Sute Tea8%Conflict: Fresh Whale Meat Salad, Cron Seafood

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