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Titles in this Group: 438
Type Title Description How to Obtain
Combat#$%%^#$%%^ is hello in the Fogan language.Kill 5200 Fogan
Combat#$%^&*%^$#$%^&*%^$ means I hate Nagas in Fogan.Kill 8600 Fogan
CombatAbandoned Iron Mine OwnerYeah, anyone else want a piece of me? Itd be nice if you stopped now, Im getting tired.Kill x Abandoned Iron Mine Mo
CombatAbandoned Iron Mine SheriffI defeated a powerful Rhutum sheriff in the Abandoned Iron Mine. Theres no need for an explanation. Im the sheriff.Kill x Rhutum Sheriffs
CombatAcquaintance of HellI didnt know that frenzied skeletons were this strong. I think I experience a small piece of hell.Kill x Soldiers Grave Mobs (type?)
CombatAdmiralJust a single glance and I make those pirates dead quiet. Im the model admiral.Kill x Pirate Mobs (type?)
CombatAggressiveYoure always welcome if youre the opponent of a fighter. I enjoy fights, too.Kill x Wandering Rogue Fighter
CombatAl Rhundi ChampionIt looks like all those soldiers couldnt stop me!Kill 1 Al Rhundi
CombatAll About Item DropsIm just here to collect items, okay?Kill x Hystria mobs (in the temple)
CombatAll Clear On DutyThats not how you stay alert. Which unit do you belong to? Whats your military number?Kill x Sausan Mobs (type?)
CombatAltar InvestigatorYou be the sacrifice, not me!Kill 450 Altar Imps
CombatAmazonIm the real female warrior! Ive defeated the Cox Female Warrior.Kill x Cox Female Warriors
CombatAmphibian ExpertNow I know what an amphibian is. I obviously know better than anyone else. Thats why Im an expert.Kill 500 Scary Salamanders
CombatAncient Ruins DestroyerYou dont have to protect this place anymore!Kill 300 Ancient Ruins Guards
CombatAncient Troll ConquerorYouve destroyed the ancient trolls. Your achievement should be remembered as an epic tale.Kill 500 Ancient Trolls
CombatAngered Red NoseIt didnt take long for me to make those thugs of Red Nose give in.Kill 3000 Imps
CombatAnimism EnthusiastCome to think of it, they have their own ritual. Its not so bad when you can understand them.Kill x Elrics (type?)
CombatArchaeologistAncient weapons are worth studying. I feel like Ive become an archaeologist.Kill x Hasrah Mobs (type?)
CombatArmadillo EcologistAn armadillo this fast... Now thats worth researching.Kill x Armadillo
CombatArmadillo WarriorArmor, shield, shoes, gloves... I think I have the whole Armadillo set. Im an Armadillo warrior.Kill x Armadillos
CombatArmored InfantrymanDealing with armored ones was more enjoyale than I thought.Kill x Cadry Followers
CombatAssassin SlayerAssassin or not, they dont stand a chance against me. I finished them off.Kill x Sausan Assassin
CombatBandits Treasure ThiefI taught that bandit captain some proper manners.Kill 333 Bandits
CombatBattle ReadyEnough fundamentals. Parasitic bees are nothing.Kill 12 Parasitic Bees
CombatBear Bear BearI was so surprised that I ran at first. Come to think of it, I felt some resentment, so I killed dozens of them.Kill 75 Bears
CombatBeastTheres a saying. You need to become a beast to hunt one.Kill x Manes (type?)
CombatBeaten and CrushedCrush rocks, crush them again and again.Kill x Mediah Golems (Wilderness, Stone & Graveyard)
CombatBee HaterI dont really recall, but I clearly hated bees.Kill 320 Parasitic Bees of any type
CombatBee Sting ResistantIm feeling a sense of closeness now. Humans are adaptive creatures indeed.Kill 1450 Parasitic Bees of any type
CombatBeetle PhilosopherStepping on insects is great. The grass beetle might be too big and disgusting to step on, though.Kill 412 Beetles
CombatBeginner in Fogan%&&$@? What did you say??Kill 400 Fogan
CombatBewitchedThat moment of death was so beautiful.
CombatBig DreamerI dont deal with little things. I always like big things.Kill x Manes (type?)
CombatBionic HumanAfter killing so many mutants, I feel Im slowly becoming a bionic human.Kill x Marnis 2nd Lab Mobs (type?)
CombatBiraghi ChampionThese bandits better stop thieving this mountain like they own it!Kill 1 Biraghi
CombatBittenTheres a scar on my thigh from a pug nose bite. I think of it as a glorious wound.Kill x Blind Pugnose
CombatBlack Mane ChampionHes all muscles and no brain.Kill 1 Black Mane
CombatBlack Power ObsessedShoot! Anyway, it didnt have black Blood.
CombatBlack StarPeople call me the Great Star, or just a star.Reach 800 Points in Red Battlefield
CombatBlinded by TearsSeriously, I am fighting my ass off. I can feel the teardrops running down my face.Kill x Hystria mobs (in the temple)
CombatBlood DrinkerBlood rage? Ive had enough, too.Kill 10 Muskan
CombatBlood DrinkerI defeated the feared executioner at the Abandoned Iron Mine. History will remember me as the Blood Drinker.Complete quest [Co-op] Fear at the Abandoned Iron Mine.
CombatBlood-StainedA fight against the Charger Captain has left me soaked in blood. Something is burning inside me!Kill x Helm Raid Captain
CombatBoar AdmirerPork is tasty even if its from a boar!Kill 280 Wild/Young Boars
CombatBoar HunterPigs have many parts that taste great when cooked. These must be delicious too, right?Kill 65 Wild/Young Boars
CombatBoar LoverLivestock such as pigs are used for various purposes.Kill 1280 Wild/Young Boars
CombatBone GrinderYou need to be angry to face an axeman. You need to be determined enough to grind their bones up.Kill x Frenzied Skeleton Axeman
CombatBrawlerFighting with Bashims made me enjoy fighting itself even more.Kill x Bashims
CombatBrilliant CivilizationCivilizations amaze me every time I see one.Kill x Hasrah Mobs (type?)
CombatBrrrrrYou wanna bring it on again, huh?Kill x Argos Saunils
CombatBump UprootingYou can eat all the parts of a cow, but the lump is useless.Kill x Rock/Stone Head Bisons
CombatCalpheon VigilanteThese protesters are Calpheons enemies from within.Kill 1000 Calpheon Angry Protesters (reduces Karma)
CombatCaptain KhuruYou call yourself a captain...? Captain Khuru is my title now.Kill x Captain Khurus
CombatCatfishman MasterThose filthy things! These fish need to go back into the water!Kill 7500 Catfishmen
CombatCatfishman NaturalizerNow I know how many parts a catfishman can be divided into.Kill 3200 Catfishmen
CombatCenturionA centurion should be able to do this much.Reach 400 Points in Red Battlefield
CombatChampionWhat should I say? Im the true champion. Bring it on!Kill x Abandoned Mine Mobs (type?)
CombatChaoticThe Abandoned Iron Mine... These Rhutums are chaotic. So I acted just as chaotic.Kill x Abandoned Mine Mobs (type?)
CombatCheetah Dragon TamerIve managed to tame the untamable cheetah dragon. A club is the answer.Kill x Wasteland Cheetah Dragons
CombatChewyI wanted to eat a chewy conch, but there were only parasitic bees... So I killed them all in my rage.Kill 50 Conch-Parasitic Bees
CombatChief Spider TrainerNow I can raise them and collect their legs.Kill 2800 Spiders
CombatChimera ConsideringWhat did they ever do wrong? That scientist is clearly mad.Kill 1500 Chimera
CombatChubbyThis waragon looks quite chubby. Although Im sure inside it is full of stones...Kill x Valencia Waragons
CombatClarksters Contract WorkerHanging onto a harpy in the air like master Clarkster... UhhhKill 115 Harpies
CombatCold-BloodedI cant let a baby spider be free. Spiders are cold-blooded, so I have no choice but to be cold-blooded myself.Kill x Tiny Stone Hole Spiders
CombatCommon Sense DestroyerScouts are difficult to deal with? It may be commonsense, but I just cant understand it.Kill x Sausan Scouts
CombatConch Residence OwnerAfter catching all these, I really want to live in a house shaped like a huge conch shell.Kill 500 Conch-Parasitic Bees
CombatConch Shell CollectorI wanted a beautifully colored conch shell. Anyway, I ended up admiring the parasitic ways of the parasitic bee.Kill 200 Conch-Parasitic Bees
CombatCondemner of CowardsI heard he was a dastard, but he was braver than I thought. Still, theres no mercy.Kill 10 Dastard Bheg
CombatConfronted the Ancient WeaponAncient weapons are stronger than I thought. But even that cant stop my adventure.Kill x Hasrah Mobs (type?)
CombatConqueror of Black PowerHe doesnt die. Hell probably remain with me forever. Have I come too far to break free?Kill 1 Awakened Black Spirit
CombatCow AssailantThere are only two reasons someone might obsess over a troll cow. Either they need a cow hide or they just saw one.Kill 100 Troll Cows
CombatCrab EaterI curious about the innards of a desert crab. It was just full of sand.Kill x Desert Crabs
CombatCrab MarshalMother, I wasnt able to become a captain, but so I became a crab-tain.Kill x Desert Crabs (type?)
CombatCrab ShellThis crab shell looks like it could serve up to 35 people.Kill x Stone Crabs
CombatCrazy WannabeI want to punish them so bad, I feel like I could go crazy.Kill x Elrics (type?)
CombatCrescent GuardianIm going to protect the Cresent Shrine now.Kill x Argos Saunils
CombatCrime BusterWhether land or sea, thievery cannot be forgiven.Kill 10 Biraghi
CombatCult LeaderThe ruler of Elric Shrine. I am the cult leader.Kill x Elrics (type?)
CombatCultist DoubtingYoull become like this if you believe in nonsense.Kill 450 Cultists
CombatCute FaceSmall Mane... is making such a cute face.Kill x Small Mane
CombatDancing With FoxesFoxes have started howling at me. No, I need more of your fur!Kill 344 Foxs
CombatDancing With WolvesA fox hides are good. Wolf hides shouldnt be too bad either, right?Kill 890 Wolves
CombatDark EyesDealing with the Pila Ku gang made my eyes... dark?Kill x The Imprisoned
CombatDark PrinceIve occupied Cadry Ruins. Are they crowning me as the Dark Prince now...?Kill x Cadry Followers
CombatDastard Bheg ChampionI cant forgive a cowardly act during a duel!Kill 1 Dastard Bheg
CombatDeath KnightIve put an end to their frenzy. Now Ive become a death knight.Kill x Soldiers Grave Mobs (type?)
CombatDecurionA decurion should be able to do this much.Reach 200 Points in Red Battlefield
CombatDeer ChaserI heard deer blood is used in alchemy. I wonder if its good the human body as well?Kill 400 Deer
CombatDefiantTheres no need to be alarmed. Ive always been defiant.Kill x Manes (type?)
CombatDelphe KnightsMaster Clarkster has finally recognized my abilities. Ohh, I cant stomach anymore harpy wings...Kill 3500 Harpies
CombatDemibeast ResentingI was upset when I saw a seemingly innocent demibeast committing thievery.Kill 500 Demibeast Bandits
CombatDestroyer of Blind FaithIf it doesnt have anything to lose, nothing good will come from messing with it!Kill 1750 Cultists
CombatDevourerEat and eat smore. Ill take over this sulfur mine!Kill x Lavas of Valencia
CombatDim Tree Spirit ChampionIf you want to win, how about gaining some intelligence first?Kill 1 Hebetate Tree Spirit
CombatDimmed EyesNow I understand why theyre so big.Kill 1100 Beetle of any type
CombatDisappointing Hope of the PeasantsIm starting to understand their tactics and strategies. Were improving together!Kill 6700 Mobility Units
CombatDisease CleanerI cant watch anymore. Ill let them die in peace.Kill 1200 Contaminated mobs (men, women, giants)
CombatDivine PunisherSacrificing for the miserable. Im the divine punisher.Kill x Elrics (type?)
CombatDo I Look Scary?Those Aakmans... They looked scarier than I thought, I flinched a little. Of course, I ended up beating the hell out of them in the end...Kill x Aakman mobs (desert)
CombatDominator of DisorderBeing the dominator of the Abandoned Iron Mine means youve conquered a place where order doesnt exist.Kill x Abandoned Mine Mobs
CombatDominator of the Red IslandThe pirates island is red and I am the one who dominated it.Kill x Pirate Mobs (type?)
CombatDominator of the SwampFrom Fogans to Nagas. Its still not enough to make them surrender?Kill 1200 Nagas
CombatDominator of the WorldIve finally put an end to his ambition. Will the world be an easier place to live now?Kill 1 Monarch of Darkness, Belmorn
CombatDreaming of the Giants AnnihilationTheyre trapped living in one civilization. Its time to wake them up.Kill 6700 Giants
CombatDrinking BuddyI won the battle against a two-axe warrior. Having a drink with this hearty dwarf doesnt seem like a bad idea.Kill x Helm Two-Axe Warriors
CombatDrunkardIm starting to feel buzzed after talking to all these drunkards. Im getting dizzy...Kill x Drunk Treasure Hunters
CombatDude Looks Like a MonkeyBashims? Demibeasts? I... I think they look more like monkeys.Kill x Bashims
CombatEccentricI did I catch it? I was just bored and I wanted to mine.Kill 100 High Head Stoneback Crabs
CombatElement HandlerI can control the wind. Ill finish them off just like the wind.Kill x Wandering Rogue Elementalist
CombatElementalists Natural EnemyJust the sound of my name is enough to make them shake in fear.Kill x Wandering Rogue Elementalist
CombatElite AssassinAfter facing them, I know I can do better than them.Kill x Sausan Assassin
CombatElite Court GuardNow that Ive handled all the court guard, Im an elite court guard.Kill x Sausan Soldier
CombatElite HunterAnybody else want to catch more hyenas?Kill x Manes (type?)
CombatElite Strong SoldierNow that Ive handled all the strong soldiers, Im an elite strong soldier.Kill x Sausan Mobs (type?)
CombatEndured the Goblin DestructionGiath and the Goblins... They feel somewhat dignified.Kill 10 Giath
CombatEnforcerDisorder and chaos. The power of an enforcer is being able to do whatever you want. And the time is now.Kill x Abandoned Mine Mobs (type?)
CombatEnhanced Gray FurThis fur looks dazzling when the moon is out. Oh, what a beautiful color.Kill 800 Grey Foxes
CombatEnlightened by a GoblinThe others have finished packing and are ready to head to Heidel.Kill 120 Goblins
CombatEpitome of HardnessTheres sturdiness layered on its hardness. Im the only one that can break something that sturdy!Kill 10 Queen Stoneback Crabs
CombatEthics ArguingWas it created from junk nearby? Or was it just poorly constructed?Kill 500 Chimera
CombatEthics TeacherI cant forgive people with low moral and ethical standards!Kill x Frenzied
CombatEvilDealing with the evil makes me evil.Kill x Basilisk Herd
CombatExecutionerYoure a Fogan that lays eggs? Ill purge you!Kill 1000 Fogan Eggs
CombatExpert Troll HunterI can tell youve died a few times from your lack of attention... Anyway, your skills are amazing.Kill 400 Ancient Trolls
CombatEye StabberHe only has one eye... that must be his weakness! Eureka!Kill 111 Cyclops
CombatFacial ShieldIve managed to mimic the combat style of the Helm Iron Shield. Im the only one equipped with three shields, including the one on my face. Haha.Kill x Helm Iron Shields
CombatFake MinisterIm positive. This is heresy.Kill x Elrics (type?)
CombatFanatic LeadingAfter stopping those heathens, I feel close to a becoming myself.Kill 10,000 Cultists
CombatFaster than a BulletMy eyes are always scanning for snipers. I kill them father than a bullet.Kill x Sausan Snipers
CombatFearless of FireAfter killing so many hot creatures in a such a hot place, Im no longer afraid of fire.Kill x Ferrids (type?)
CombatFerrumphobia PatientIts hard to lower, difficult to defend with, puts strain on the whole body, and is bad for the joints. Its terrifying.Kill x Helm Mobs (type?)
CombatField MarshalI have eliminated the Sausans and become a field marshal.Kill x Sausan Mobs (type?)
CombatFish HaterTheyre a kind of fish too, why arent they in the encyclopedia?Kill 300 Catfishmen
CombatFlamenRunning wild inside the temple, I feel as though I am a priest.Kill x Aakman mobs (in the temple)
CombatFlaming FistThis flaming fist is dedicated to you for overcoming the heat of the Omar Lava Cave.
CombatFlexible Like WeaselA weasel moves differently. It uses its flexibility to perform a powerful attack.Kill 122 Weasels
CombatFogan InterpreterAfter hunting all these Fogans, I realized I still dont know the Fogan language that well. I can mimic them, though.Kill 2300 Fogan
CombatFogan PhilosopherHow dare you try and foresee your future... You make your own life!Kill 700 Fogan Fortunetellers
CombatFogan PrinceSo, Titium is the prince of Fogans? Nah, they should worship me from now on.Kill x Desert Fogans
CombatFoganexecutionerWhat...? Hmm... What a nickname.Kill x Desert Fogans
CombatFogans, Ive Got You Now!I wondered about the loot. I just wanted to keep his saddle.Kill 10 Titium
CombatFollower of Gehakus WishIve tried giving a message, but to no avail. Its time to let go.Kill x Giants (type?)
CombatFox EnchantedI cant even count how many Ive killed. These foxes must be hate me. I think this should be enough for now.Kill 1245 Foxs
CombatFox ExterminatorAny fox with cubs is going to hate me right now.Kill 215 Grey Foxes
CombatFull Blast HelmetIve spent all my energy to catch these Helm golems. They were difficult to deal with.Kill 100 Helm Golems
CombatFundamental LovingIf you want to be strong, you have to learn from the bottom up.Kill x grey mobs (5 levels or lower compared to you)
CombatGehaku ChampionI admit that giants are indeed stronger. But Im still stronger!Kill 1 Gehaku
CombatGiant ChampionI guess giving Gehaku peace was my responsibility.Kill 2250 Giants
CombatGiant DuelingThey seem to really enjoy fighting. I dont mind it either!Kill 850 Giants
CombatGiant Inferiority ComplexI admit theyre in good health and skilled at combat, but I cant leave them alone like this.Kill x Giants (type?)
CombatGiath ChampionTwo is stronger than one. Three is stronger than two. Hmph, what a drag!Kill 1 Giath
CombatGo Alone Like a Bisons HornA gift for you, the one who hunts in silence. Even if it is just a bison, not a rhino.Kill x Stone Tail Bison
CombatGoblin Culture SeekerI felt the essence of their culture from their murals and cave dwellings.Kill 1080 Goblins
CombatGoblin DecimatorThe advancement of their civilization stops here. They wont be able to fight against the humans again.Kill 2500 Goblins
CombatGoblin Soul CollectorIll take that goblin soul now.Kill 5900 Goblins
CombatGoing Crazy TogetherThey look so cute now... Maybe I should raise one? I think Ill need a cage for it though...Kill 4500 Chimera
CombatGolem DestroyerGolems like this should be killed. No, they should be disassembled.Kill x Mediah Golems (Wilderness, Stone & Graveyard)
CombatGone All The Way with Elite OrdnancesThose elite weapons were certainly difficult to deal with. Of course, it was I who won the battle.Kill x Hystria mobs (in the temple)
CombatGood HeartedI hope the people who suffered from petrification can rest in peace now.Kill 400 Petrifying Workers
CombatGrass Beetle CrusherI felt threatened by its wings! I can withstand it, though.Kill 24 Beetles
CombatGrave RobberAll the treasure in Desert Naga Temple... My precious... Mine!Kill x Desert Nagas
CombatGripping HardI wont lose to strength, even if its a fearsome two-axe Dwarf.Kill x Helm Two-Axe Warriors
CombatGuardian of MediahBy stopping one of Illezras schemes, youve become a guardian of Mediah.Complete quest [Co-op] Illezras Puppet
CombatGuardian of the DesertIf Aakmans are the guardians of the ancient ruins, Im the guardian of the desert.Kill x Aakman mobs (desert) (maybe guardian only)
CombatGuardian of the SeaIve defeated the pirates and keep them in check. I am the Guardian of the Sea.Kill x Pirate Mobs (type?)
CombatGunslingerDo I need to know how to handle a gun to be called a gunman? I mean, isnt a gunman someone who can hold a gun?Kill x Frenzied Skeleton Rifleman
CombatGutsyShowing this kind of power to a ferocious Dwarf... Thats gutsy...Kill x Helm Mobs (type?)
CombatHard to IgnoreTheres nothing more bothersome than rear support. I cant leave them alone.Kill x Manes (type?)
CombatHardheadedIm saying this because you might misunderstand me. Im not a fool.Kill x Stone Head Bisons
CombatHarpy HunterIm starting to get the hang of it. I understand their patterns now.Kill 1280 Harpies
CombatHarpy Wing CollectorTheir wings have too many uses!Kill 630 Harpies
CombatHater of Slippery ThingsNow youll be able to shoot them right between the eyes with your matchlock.Kill 100 Jellyfish
CombatHawkeyeTheir speed of reproduction is way over the line. Ill get rid of them all for the villagers!Kill 1500 Beetle of any type
CombatHeart of the SeaIts not the name of a diamond. The ocean breathes when I breathe.Kill x Pirate Mobs (type?)
CombatHeeheeheeIve dealt with too many crazies... And its driving me... crazy... hehe...Kill x Crazy Jacks
CombatHelm CollectorI can never forgive those Helm Devourers. I dont know why.Kill x Helm Devourers
CombatHeresy EradicatorIve eliminated all of the heretics. It was my will.Kill x Elrics (type?)
CombatHeroDominator of the Red Battlefield. I am THE hero.Reach 1000 Points in Red Battlefield
CombatHexe Marie ChampionThe witch that passed by momentarily. She looked beautiful in that moment. I could be wrong.Kill 1 Hexe Marie
CombatHidden Among the CultistsI dont think want to improve. Ill just have to teach them a lesson.Kill 980 Cultists
CombatHit Everything GreenIts skin is green. Wow! Lets examine it after we kill it.Kill 500 Rhutum
CombatHit First, Think LaterAttack? Nothing to it. Just hit first. Didnt work? Hit again. Easy, right?Kill x Stone Rhinos
CombatHolder of a Strong ShellWhere exactly is this beetle? It came all the way to Calpheon to breed...Kill 200 Calpheon Beetles
CombatHolder of Red Noses LootTiny Nose said everything would be over once Captain Red Nose got here. I guess that wasnt the case.Kill 10 Red Nose
CombatHoly KnightSilent knight, holy knight... What? It sounds the same.Kill x Desert Nagas
CombatHoppityYou say Im light-headed? No way. Its all because I kicked out these monsters.Kill x Desert Fogans
CombatHorned NoseAfter catching all those rhinos, I feel like my nose is about to become a horn.Kill x Stone Rhinos
CombatHow Dare YouCrescent followers... They have so much to look for in their lives instead of attacking explorers. Im not gonna forgive them.Kill x Argos Saunils
CombatHuman Fire ExtinguisherIve defeated all of the burning creatures. I guess you could call me a human fire extinguisher.Kill x Ferrids (type?)
CombatHuman WeaponI mercilessly destroy ancient weapons... Im a human weapon.Kill x Hasrah Mobs (type?)
CombatHurricane HammerIts like a hurricane when I swing this hammer.Kill x Helm Mobs (type?)
CombatHurt by ThornsI envy those guys with the iron armor. Ouch!Kill x Grass Hedgehogs
CombatI Hate WaragonsAnyway, hunting Waragons arent easy at all. I really hate these guys now.Kill x Valencia Waragons
CombatI Have Thick ArmsThose are some huge arms! I want arms that big.Kill x Sausan Mobs (type?)
CombatIdiot!Centaurs seem really stupid. Fighting with them made me feel stupid too.Kill x The Centaurkind
CombatImp Extermination ExpertI just hated imps. Does there need to be a better reason to eliminate them?Kill 1500 Imps
CombatImp HaterEw, those are disgusting! I can tell theyre evil just from their stench!Kill 25 Imps
CombatImp LoverTheyre quite cute, but I need to eliminate them. Theyre afraid of the leader called Red Nose.Kill 140 Imps
CombatImp ResearcherWheres that stench coming from? They have noses, cant they smell?Kill 420 Imps
CombatImpatientI cant stand those who want to take other peoples things. Its my job to punish them.Kill x Wandering Rogues (type?)
CombatIndomitable WarriorAn indomitable warrior who stood against the Destroyer.Kill x Helm Destroyers
CombatInstinctually DestructiveIm bursting with rage because of the Sausans who have been bullying the residents of Mediah. This is my destructive instinct!Kill x Sausan Mobs (type?)
CombatInvincible ManYou defeated Steel Nux and are worthy of the title Invincible.
CombatInvincible WomanYou defeated Steel Nux and are worthy of the title Invincible.
CombatIron ClubIve overcome the fear of iron maces. Iron maces? More like Iron clubs to me!Kill x Helm Mobs (type?)
CombatIron LordThe conqueror of the Helms and a name fitting of that achievement, Iron Lord.Kill x Helm Mobs
CombatIrrationalA man without reason. Is madness all that remains? If so, Ill bring judgment on them.Kill x Elrics (type?)
CombatIs Blood Green Too?Rhutums seem stronger than Red Orcs.Kill 1000 Rhutum
CombatJunk CollectorIve gathered a bunch of things, but its all junk.Kill 250 Junk Golems
CombatKelcas ChampionYou looked stronger than Giath, but I guess I was wrong, huh?Kill 1 Kelcas
CombatKhuruto Combat MachineIt almost feels like Ive become one of the Khurutos. Its been a while.Kill 7500 Khuruto
CombatKhuruto HaterThese young Khurutos cant be forgiven. Theyve wasted my time.Kill 800 Khuruto
CombatKhuruto RetaliatorThose young Khurutos keep provoking me!Kill 10 Kelcas
CombatKhuruto Subordinate MasterMy existence is glorious in the Abandoned Iron Mine. The Khurutos with be following me soon.Kill x Abandoned Mine Mobs (type?)
CombatKing of the DeadThe ruler of all skeletons, the king that controls the boundaries of death itself.Kill 1 Skeleton King
CombatKingpinIm not a beggar. But they call me the Kingpin.Kill x Manes (type?)
CombatLaying to RestShouldve stayed quiet. Now Ill have to put you down.
CombatLaziness HaterI think these guys are making me lazy...Kill 500 Tough Tree Spirits
CombatLeave Them Alone!So, these Basilisks are harassing people... Hey! Just leaveem alone!Kill x Basilisk Herd
CombatLegion LegateA legion legate should be able to do this much.Reach 600 Points in Red Battlefield
CombatLiberator of the MinesI killed the Crusher to free the abandoned mine.Kill x Helm Crushers
CombatLid BoyA gift for you, the one who thinks the helms have better looking helmets than axes.Kill x Helm Mobs (type?)
CombatLid GirlA gift for you, the one who thinks the helms have better looking helmets than axes.Kill x Helm Mobs (type?)
CombatLightning BringerThe feeling of creating lightning, believing you can create lightning, and not having a problem with it.Kill x Lightning Trumpeters
CombatLonging for FreedomFor whatever reason, Im locked up here, fighting for freedom.Kill x The Imprisoned
CombatLord of the BeesIm not afraid of bees anymore. They cant hurt me anymore.Kill 3700 Parasitic Bees of any type
CombatLucid DreaminDim light... Am I dreaming, or is the dream dreaming about me? Am I sleeping, or what... I cant figure out a thing.Kill x Lavas of Valencia
CombatLumbering with a WeaponAfter all that hacking and slashing, there wasnt a single piece of timber.Kill 455 Tree Spirits
CombatMad ScientistI finally understand Marnis world views. A mad scientist indeed.Kill x Marnis 2nd Lab Mobs (type?)
CombatMad Scientists Assistant ChampionJust like all the other big ones. I must be pretty strong!Kill 1 Mad Scientists Assistant
CombatMansha Culture SettlerWhats this, a new species? This is such a huge, diverse world!Kill 1500 Mansha
CombatMarinated Desert Crab EnthusiastI dont know if theres really a dish like that, but I heard about something similar in Mediah.Kill x Desert Crabs (type?)
CombatMarine FighterI fought with the Elite Gladiators and was reborn a real marine fighter.Kill x Cox Elite Gladiators
CombatMaster of RetaliationI showed them that technique is more important than sheer strength.Kill 555 Chargers
CombatMaster of TagIts only natural that you want to catch something that runs away... Right?!Kill 120 Small Salamanders
CombatMediah Stone ConnoisseurDo you know what the stone of Mediah tastes like? Its as merciless as a weapons repair cost.Kill x Stone Mobs (Crab, Spider, etc. west of Kusha)
CombatMemory of an ImpWhen I saw you, I was reminded of Red Nose. Youve still got miles to go, though.Kill 750 Altar Imp Fighters
CombatMercilessMemorial stones should remain calm, but if they do end up attacking you, have no mercy.Kill x Mediah Golems (Wilderness, Stone & Graveyard)
CombatMindless MonsterI had to become a monster myself to face a gargoyle.Kill x Mutant Gargoyle
CombatMonastery ConquerorThose that commit sins must be punished. I have no room for mercy.Kill 20,000 Cultists
CombatMongrelA pug nose... It looks more like a mongrel. Those filthy mongrels!Kill x Blind Pugnose
CombatMORE GOLD BARS...More beating shall bring me more goldbars.Kill x Gahaz Bandits
CombatMud CoveredThese dirty and foul-smelling guys just keep reproducing.Kill 500 Mudster
CombatMuskan ChampionI was a little surprised by that dance style, but it wasnt really a problem.Kill 1 Muskan
CombatMutant CreatureAfter killing so many mutated Saunils, I feel like Im slowly mutating myself.Kill x Mutated Saunils
CombatNaga ChiefI may be the only one who gave these Nagas a hard time.Kill 1777 Nagas
CombatNaga ProvokerIts time to wage war against the Naga!Kill 400 Nagas
CombatNaughty KidBashims are like naughty kids. They keep attacking things just because they like fighting.Kill x Bashims
CombatNeat FreakRotting away with a disease is such a pity... But Im more concerned about the remaining people.Kill 600 Contaminated mobs (men, women, giants)
CombatNew Religion EvangelistIt looks like my faith is starting to go over big.Kill 4200 Cultists
CombatNimbleIve acquired the skills to dispatch agile Manes quickly.Kill x Agile Mane
CombatNo Blood, No TearsTheres no order to the grave.Kill 500 Mountain Goats
CombatNo Item for the LazyThis temple is nothing more than an item farming ground to me. I will work harder.Kill x Aakman mobs (in the temple)
CombatNormal PersonThey apparently think theyre normal people. I need to show them that they arent.Kill x Elrics (type?)
CombatNothing LeftoverCorpse cleaner? Im a worldwide monster cleaner.Kill 250 Spotted Hyenas
CombatObsessed with BeltsIm sure not everyones like that, but hunting this many Centaurs... must have had something to do with their belts...Kill x The Centaurkind
CombatObsidian DesiringNobody knows the power of obsidian yet. That makes me want to have more of it.Kill x Mutated Obsidian Monster
CombatOh DearI thought that catching an iguana would make me an expert on reptiles. But... wow.Kill 125 Wasteland Iguanas
CombatOnly Hurting Your HandBeating the crap out of hard beasts made my hand hurt.Kill x Cadry Followers
CombatOnly Young OnceIt feels like the young ones are stronger because of their reckless attacks. They arent that troublesome, though.Kill 400 Young Treants
CombatOrg ChampionHis incredible stench was only comparable with his incredible height.Kill 1 Org
CombatOuch! That StingsYou cant grab a hedgehog like that. You need to turn it over like that and, ouch! That stings!Kill x Grass Hedgehog
CombatOutlaw of MediahI took out the worst of the worst, so now Im the outlaw of Mediah.
CombatOutlaw of the WildernessIve defeated Batis Captain, an outlaw of Mediah, and now they call me the Outlaw of the Wilderness.
CombatOverwhelming EyesNow I can overwhelm snipers anywhere with a single glance. Are they afraid of the fire in my eyes?Kill x Sausan Snipers
CombatPangolin EnthusiastI should have become an ecologist.Kill x Armadillos
CombatParasitic Bee ArsonTheir larva arent even worth a penny.Kill 75 Parasitic Bees
CombatParasitic Bee CuriousWhat are they doing instead of eating honey?Kill 245 Parasitic Bees
CombatParasitic Bee DominatorIm getting bored. Id better find another playmate.Kill 850 Parasitic Bees
CombatPetty ThiefI fought the pirates, but they seemed more like petty thieves.Kill x Pirate Mobs (type?)
CombatPierced the Heart of Tree SpiritPunishment is good medicine for stupidity! Has he pulled himself together, yet?Kill 10 Hebetate Tree Spirit
CombatPioneer of a New CivilizationCould the giants be sick of this kind of life, as well? Ill give them a new civilization.Kill 10 Gehaku
CombatPirateFighting all these Iron Combatants make me feel like Ive become a pirate myself.Kill x Iron Combatants
CombatPirate ExterminatorIve finally fought with some pirates worth to be called pirates.Kill x Pirate Mobs (type?)
CombatPirate WatcherIm a pirate watcher because I watch pirates.Kill x Pirate Mobs (type?)
CombatPlunderingPlundering the plunderers is my favorite pastime.Kill x Gahaz Bandits
CombatPowerful Gray FurIt only looks like silver fur because of the moonlight. Its actually gray.Kill 87 Grey Foxes
CombatPractical BrawlerFighting against the Red Orcs is always interest. Its interesting because I always win in the end.Kill x Abandoned Mine Mobs (type?)
CombatPretend Dragon CatcherIt looks like a dragon, so I must have caught a dragon. What? You dont like my logic?Kill 200 Scary Salamanders
CombatProtectorMy business is done here. Aakman, I shall protect you from now on.Kill x Aakman mobs (desert)
CombatQueen Stoneback Crab ChampionThat was an astonishingly huge enemy. Now that the Queen Stoneback Crab is defeated, will the stoneback crabs stop?Kill 1 Queen Stoneback Crab
CombatQuickest Person AroundA gift for you, the one who chased and caught a chaser. You are the quickest person around.Kill x Khuruto Chasers
CombatRabies FreeI want to see another dog, even if it is a pet.Kill 450 Contaminated Dogs
CombatRaging Barbarian BloodSausans are barbarians that act like regular military. They need to be taken out with an ‘eye for an eye strategy.Kill x Sausan Mobs (type?)
CombatRaid CaptainI beat the Cox Raiders, so Im the Raid Captain.Kill x Cox Raiders
CombatRattlerThe joints in my fingers ache after facing the Manes. I guess Ill just have to crack my knuckles.Kill x Manes (type?)
CombatReal FighterNow there was a guy especially good at fighting. I bet he knows what a real fight is now, huh?Kill x Giant Fighters
CombatRear Support NeutralizingI disposed the most annoying ones. Now theres no rear support for the Sausan.Kill x Sausan Mobs (type?)
CombatRebel HunterThe farmer rebellion doesnt mean much to me. Im just after the bounty.Kill 12,000 Mobility Units
CombatRebuilder of the RuinsTheres no doubt that Im extremely well known at the Wizards Altar.Kill 2000 Altar Imps
CombatRed Bear HunterI didnt realize that the red bears dont actually have red fur until after I killed them. Shoot...Kill 100 Red Bears
CombatRed Fur LoverThis pleasant red fur is always pretty. Its like a burning flame.Kill 123 Foxs
CombatRed Heart HolderRed Orc guards dont stand a chance against me. Ive got their hearts in my hand.Kill x Red Orc Guards
CombatRed Nose ChampionYoure big, but youre not very tough, are you?Kill 1 Red Nose
CombatRed Orc LegendOrg was very, very large. Ive just become a legend.Kill 10 Org
CombatRegion CaptainThe Troll work supervisor is a symbol of power. Since I defeated him, Im promoting myself to Region Captain.Kill x Troll Work Supervisors
CombatRelic NeglectingI dont know anything about relics! Im just going to destroy anyone who gets in my way!Kill 900 Tiny Ruins Spider
CombatRenegadeA bad guy who kills bad guys.Kill x Wandering Rogues (type?)
CombatReptile ResearcherArent they just lizards with tails? The fiends!Kill 350 Saunil
CombatResearcher of Goblin RanksAfter encountering so many goblins, I understand their ranking hierarchy.Kill 490 Goblins
CombatRhino Horn CollectorI thought that rhino horns were very rare, but theyre really nothing special.Kill x Stone Rhino
CombatRhutum Guard DestroyerThe courage to face a Rhutum more confidently. A guard is a guard.Kill x Rhutum Guards
CombatRock Spider CrusherA gift for you, the one who suits the term crushing rather than dispatching.Kill x Rock Spiders
CombatRock StrikingDo I hit it with a pickaxe or some other weapon? I just dont know.Kill 50 Plain Stoneback Crabs
CombatRock WhispererA giant moving rock. Every interaction results in collisions. Dont worry, my head is... f-fine...Kill x Mature Rock Spirits
CombatRogue-Catching ThugRumor has it that theres a rogue-catching thug.Kill x Wandering Rogues (type?)
CombatRoot CutterKing of the Nymphs? Didnt seem that special to me.Kill 10 Root Nymph King
CombatRoot ExterminatorI was taught that trampling on roots is immoral... Man these guys are violent.Kill 300 Root Treants
CombatRoot Nymph King ChampionI thought it would be easier because its a plant. It was a pretty sturdy root.Kill 1 Root Nymph King
CombatRough Bear HunterI heard you can eat bears, too. It just takes a couple extra ingredients to perfect the flavor.Kill 600 Bears
CombatRubbing Salt in the WoundYou could feel it. The difference between you and me!Kill 10 Al Rhundi
CombatRuins Guard Tower DestroyerWouldnt it be great if ruins were quiet like theyre supposed to be?Kill 1 Ruins Guard Tower
CombatRuins Should Be RuinsAncient creatures are coming at me. Of course, I wont leave them standing!Kill 10 Ruins Guard Tower
CombatRuler of ChaosBeing a chief priest in the pit of chaos means ruling over everyone. I was born to rule.Kill x Rhutum Chief Priests
CombatRuler of the Nagan CivilizationThe civilization I witnessed at Desert Naga Temple was great. Ill be the ruler of this place.Kill x Desert Nagas
CombatRuler of the Sulfur MineI have nothing to fear now, and finally took over the sulfur mine.Kill x Lavas of Valencia
CombatRuler of the TempleIt is getting easier. Perhaps I already finished conquering the temple.Kill x Aakman mobs (in the temple)
CombatRum NymphAye! A pirates romance lies in a glass of good old rum!Kill x Pirate Mobs (type?)
CombatRuminating ManThe charm of bison hunting. You can never get enough hunting, just like a cow chewing its regurgitated cud.Kill x Stone Tail Bison
CombatRuminating WomanThe charm of bison hunting. You can never get enough hunting, just like a cow chewing its regurgitated cud.Kill x Stone Tail Bison
CombatSafety FirstSomething heavy is flying in from far away. I cant forgive them anymore.Kill 300 Trolls
CombatSandbagEven a crazy man will pull himself together after a beating, right?Kill 10 Mad Scientists Assistant
CombatSaunil Combat ProfessionalTheir skin is like armor. Thats not a problem for me, though.Kill 1500 Saunil
CombatSaunil DestroyerA warmongering reptile... Arent they repulsed yet?Kill 10 Saunil Siege Captain
CombatSaunil Guard HandlerSaunil guards are stronger than they look. Theyre still no match for me, of course.Kill x Saunil Guards
CombatSaunil Siege Captain ChampionWhen did these huge reptiles get so strong?Kill 1 Saunil Siege Captain
CombatSaunil Siege DominatorEvery Saunil kneeled down in front of me.Kill 8000 Saunil
CombatSaunil SlayerA Saunils weakness may be its tail, but they collapsed because of my greatness.Kill x Abandoned Mine Mobs (type?)
CombatSausan ConquerorFor you, the one who has done the work that cannot be done.Kill x Sausan Mobs (type?)
CombatSavageMy blood starts to boil at the sight of those savages.Kill x Elrics (type?)
CombatSavage CommanderI defeated the Saunil sheriff and became a savage commander.Kill x Saunil Sheriffs
CombatScarecrow DestroyerA living scarecrow! Its creepy and horrifying, but somewhat exciting...!Kill 1000 Scarecrow Ghosts
CombatSecret Weapon No. 12If Marni saw my achievement, he would have named me the Secret Weapon No. 12. No one knows where No. 11 is.Kill x Marnis 2nd Lab Mobs (type?)
CombatSentry Instructors AssistantNow do you understand how to stand guard? Dont ever do something like that again!Kill x Sausan Mobs (type?)
CombatShell AddictA dish cooked with shells was actually pretty good. Maybe Ill have some more.Kill 3600 Beetle of any type
CombatShell CollectorNow I can officially be called a shell collector. Nobody can deny it.Kill 124 Beetles
CombatShell DesiringShells... I need... Shells.Kill x Armadillos
CombatShell ObsessedIts a different species of grass beetle with a stronger looking shell.Kill x Armadillos
CombatShow Me The ShellsThey say these shells are considered a delicacy on a nearby island.Kill 475 Beetle of any type
CombatShreddedAfter I dealt with them, I wanted to tear everything to shreds.Kill x Manes (type?)
CombatSilver FurOh, Im so exhausted now. I covered myself with gray fox fur and now Im sparkling with sweat.Kill 1200 Grey Foxes
CombatSimmered BonesIt was once a guard dog, but now its just an annoying dog. Id like to simmer its bones.Kill x Frenzied Skeleton Watchdog
CombatSize Doesnt MatterA horrible looking giant with only one eye. He may have just one eye, but it was really strong.Kill 20 Cyclops
CombatSkeleton DestroyerStart with the leg bones, then the arm bones. Finally, the skull. Its more effective to dismember a skeleton piece by piece.Kill 750 Skeletons
CombatSkeleton KingI cant kill anymore! Even my fingers are starting to look like bones!Kill 2000 Skeletons
CombatSkullIve found comfort in this fierce battle. Now I see that frenzied skeletons have cute skulls.Kill x Frenzied Skeleton
CombatSlipperyI tapped on it because I didnt want to touch it with my bare hands.Kill 50 Scary Salamanders
CombatSmall, Hot PepperI heard somewhere that the smaller hot peppers are spicier. It could be true. Small hot peppers are pretty hot.Kill x Helm Mobs (type?)
CombatSmasher of Cute ThingsI didnt do anything wrong. I resisted the urge to hit it, but it hit me first. So naturally I just kept hitting it.Kill 550 Owl Treant
CombatSomewhat HardheadedIm saying this because youre really going to misunderstand me. Im not a fool.Kill x Small Stone Head Bisons
CombatSordidIll treat the nasty ones the way they deserve. The nasty way.Kill x The Imprisoned
CombatSoul BladeMy sword is full of heaviness and sorrow. Thats the burden and responsibility of the one who wields the soul blade.Kill x Soldiers Grave Mobs (type?)
CombatSoul SweeperFinally, I cleaned up their souls.Kill x Soldiers Grave Mobs (type?)
CombatSpicy Stew ChefCatfish is perfect for making spicy stew.Kill x Megimegis
CombatSpider HaterThey have eight legs...? My god, what are they?!Kill 50 Spiders
CombatSpider Leg CollectorWith this many legs, theyre a lot easier to get than I thought.Kill 888 Spiders
CombatSpirits are SpiritsSpirits are dropping left and right like trees. I guess cutting trees down really does make you stronger.Kill 1480 Tree Spirits
CombatSpiritually EnlightenedI thought that if I used a lumbering axe, Id at least get some timber. After coming to, I realized it was a spirit...?Kill 150 Tree Spirits
CombatSteel ChewingSteel? What about it? Its just a sheet of paper!Kill 1150 Steel Imps
CombatSteel HoofYoure mistaken if you thought Id be trampled to death. Sorry to say this, but Im Steel Hoof.Kill x Sausan Soldier
CombatSteel HumanI am the leader of the Steel Imps!Kill 4500 Steel Imps
CombatSteel Imp ResearcherThey may be stronger than normal Imps, but theyre still nothing. The use the word steel, but theyre just Imps.Kill 300 Steel Imps
CombatSteel-PiercingArmor of steel means nothing to me. I just pierce straight through it.Kill x Sausan Mobs (type?)
CombatSting OperationI thought it was hair on their tail... Who could have known it would be thorns...?Kill 45 Weasels
CombatStone ChildDont get me wrong. Im not a fool, stones are falling because Ive been catching stoneback crabs.Kill 100 Beetle Stoneback Crabs
CombatStone Hole DiggerIve crushed their home. They wont be bothering anyone.Kill x Stone Hole Spiders
CombatStone KillerI dont see them as people anymore. I wonder what I can collect by mining them?Kill 4300 Petrifying Workers
CombatStone ManIf I were that Waragon, I would have been called a Stone Man...Kill x Valencia Waragons
CombatStone Rat Tail CollectorAnyway, rat tails are quite charming...Kill 250 Stone Rats
CombatStone Thread ExtractorIm at the point where I can draw thread out from a rock spinnerets after all the crushing.Kill x Rock Spiders
CombatStoneback Crab ArtisanCarving stone is really fun!Kill 35 Stoneback Crabs
CombatStoneback Crab MinerIs it a Stoneback Crab or a Rockback Crab? I cant really tell, but now Im digging up ones that arent even moving.Kill 500 Farm Stoneback Crabs
CombatStoneback Crab Philosopher tKill 900 Stoneback Crabs
CombatStoneback Crab TamerA huge stone was moving at the farm! Those Stoneback Crabs really annoy me.Kill 250 Farm Stoneback Crabs
CombatStreet FighterIn order to avoid detection by sentinels, I must survive the chaos. Im a brawler who won in a fight against a sentinel.Kill x Red Orc Sentinels
CombatStrength Show-OffTheres nothing like crushing huge rocks! Dont I look strong?!Destroy 30 Imp Altars
CombatStriker of the Grassland RocksHehe, I can finally distinguish between a rock and a stoneback crab!Kill 250 Plain Stoneback Crabs
CombatStronger Than YouI thought you were very strong, but now Im even stronger.Kill x Aakman mobs (in the temple)
CombatSuperstition SkepticAmulets... Imps should start trusting themselves, not this useless junk!Destroy 30 Imp Amulets
CombatSweeperAfter dealing with those Deck Combatants, Ive come to realize theyre nothing more than deck cleaners.Kill x Deck Combatants
CombatTaboo BreakerThese arent things that laymen should be doing. You must all be punished.Kill x Elric Layperson
CombatTail ChaserYou can run, but you cant hide. This is survival of the fittest.Kill 85 Small Salamanders
CombatTalent Above TalentElite Warriors? Dont tarnish the title elite!Kill x Cox Elite Warriors
CombatTaste of the HammerThe taste of a hammer? Well, its hard to explain because all my teeth were broken.Kill x Helm Mobs (type?)
CombatTeacher of SentriesTheir discipline seems even worse than the Biraghi bandits. This wont do.Kill x Sausan Mobs (type?)
CombatThe Huge OneNow that Ive defeated Giant Mane, everyone calls me the Huge One.Kill x Giant Mane
CombatThe One Who Controls DeathThe one who resurrects the dead and the one who controls him. Its the one who controls death.Kill x Frenzied Black Sorcerer
CombatThe Treasure HuntersWhere could that sealed treasure be? One day... One day Ill find it.Kill x Drunk Treasure Hunters
CombatThe UnpiercedAn amazing combat skill. The parrying shield makes the opponents weapon useless.Kill x Helm Iron Shields
CombatThief!Call me a thief if you want. I still need to teachem a lesson.Kill x Gahaz Bandits
CombatThorn Tentacle AddictIll take care of it personally. You should be grateful.Kill 1470 Thorn Tentacles
CombatThorn Tentacle MenaceThose filthy creatures! I just need some wild herbs!Kill 90 Thorn Tentacles
CombatThorn Tentacle TerrorNow that Ive gotten used to their poison, theyre not so bad.Kill 645 Thorn Tentacles
CombatThugA person worthy of being called a thug and nobody can say anything about it.Kill x Helm Mobs (type?)
CombatThunder CausingThe feeling of causing thunder, believing you can cause thunder, and not having a problem with it.Kill x Thunder Drummers
CombatTin RobotI feel like Ive seen these Dwarves somewhere before. Now that I remember it, its a fitting title.Kill x Helm Mobs (type?)
CombatTitium ChampionAre you saying that the villagers are suffering damages from a giant frog?Kill 1 Titium
CombatTop of the KhurutosIt took a lot of time to become the best among the Khurutos. I guess its time to leave this place...Kill 11,000 Khuruto
CombatTorchbearerIts not really holding a torch, but if you encounter a Chimera, your whole body will become a torch.Kill x Mutant Chimera
CombatTough KidThese guys are tough like a hyena. Just like me, they keep pushing forward without thinking.Kill x Manes (type?)
CombatTrampledTheyre always startling me. I need to crush creatures like that.Kill x Stone Hole Worm
CombatTreant Forest IntruderHow can you feel comfortable in such a dangerous land? Are you insane?Kill 1111 Treants
CombatTree Spirit ConquerorIll be handling them personally from now on.Kill 2730 Tree Spirits
CombatTremblingThose guys at the Elric Shrine are weird. Theyre all trembling.Kill x Elrics (type?)
CombatTribe AnnihilatorIve caused the collapse of a tribe with my own hand. It makes me so proud to be this strong.Kill 18,000 Khuruto
CombatTrina KnightIll stop the Saunil siege attacks!Kill 4200 Saunil
CombatTroll DecimatorIts easier to target them since theyre slow. I cant wait to start hunting them!Kill 7000 Trolls
CombatTroll EraserThese dumb giants. Its time to teach them a lesson in combat.Kill 2500 Trolls
CombatTrolls Are Living RelicsHe was no different from the others. Plain old stupid.Kill 10 Black Mane
CombatTungrad PioneerI was the first to discover the Tungrad.Kill x Hasrah Mobs (type?)
CombatUltimate Bee HaterBuzz, buzz...! Hey, stop. Stop it!!Kill 710 Parasitic Bees of any type
CombatUltimate Khuruto HaterIm absolutely furious with them. Show them how burning hot my rage is!Kill 2300 Khuruto
CombatUnder Contract With the BeesThis species must be close to extinction by now.Kill 2750 Parasitic Bees of any type
CombatUnderstood DullnessThe bluntness thats felt when defending against even the smallest of maces... I understand its destructive power.Kill x Helm Mobs (type?)
CombatUnrestrainedI cleaned out the Abandoned Iron Mine and released those poor souls from their shackles.Kill x Abandoned Mine Mobs (type?)
CombatUnusual Creature HandlerThe cave was so narrow that there wasnt much of a fight.Kill 1500 Big Glutoni
CombatUnusual Stone CollectorIt was nice testing a new weapon, but I dont want to catch another one of those.Kill x Mediah Golems (Wilderness, Stone & Graveyard)
CombatVagabond HelperI thought you were another vagabond, because of that cloth you have on.Kill 300 Giants
CombatWandererIt wasnt difficult getting rid of those wandering rogues.Kill x Wandering Rogues
CombatWandering FighterI defeated a wandering rogue fighter. Wandering to the next place, thats the life of a wandering fighter.Kill x Wandering Rogue Fighter
CombatWarriorkinI think I was actually born to fight. Tearing down the entire Hystria... Oh, you.Kill x Hystria mobs (in the temple)
CombatWeasel Fur LoverThe fur and hide from weasels are versatile materials. Useful indeed.Kill 1050 Weasels
CombatWhat on Earth?What on earth? There are all sorts of monsters out there.Kill x Mutated Obsidian Monster
CombatWhite LiarIs it too late to lie about the petrifying disease getting cured soon?Kill 2100 Petfrifying Workers
CombatWhite-Tail EnchantedI just followed a white tail and the next thing you know, Im collecting it.
CombatWickedDealing with the wicked makes me wicked.Kill x Basilisk Herd
CombatWild HorseYay! Im the wild stallion of the plain!Kill x The Centaurkind
CombatWing HaterIt certainly doesnt scream like a harpy.Kill 300 Mad Screaming Harpies
CombatWink BoyI kept fighting with one eye closed... and now I have a killer wink.Kill x One-Eyed Outlaws
CombatWink GirlI kept fighting with one eye closed... and now I have a killer wink.Kill x One-Eyed Outlaws
CombatWitch HunterYou dont have to feel guilty about it. Theyve just been freed from pain.Kill 500 Contaminated Witches
CombatWolf CharmerWolves have a different charm than foxes. Just look at those dashing figures!Kill 188 Wolves
CombatWork Harder When AskedWill the farmers be satisfied now? They look exhausted... Actually, Im exhausted too.Kill 1340 Mobility Units
CombatWork SupervisorIts the natural progression to a position of leadership in the Abandoned Iron Mine. How can an Imp be a supervisor? Ill take that job.Kill x Imp Work Supervisors
CombatWorker Rights Committee ChairmanFrom now on, this is my place. Everyone is under my command.Kill x Abandoned Mine Mobs (type?)
CombatYes ManThe farmers asked me to do a favor. A favor... sigh...Kill 470 Mobility Units
CombatZara Lynchs SaviorOh, how great I am. Ill rule over this territory as well!Kill 3800 Altar Imps, Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © About Discord
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