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UPDATED 12-18-18
Processing XP per Process.
Method Process Icon Process Item XP Per Craft
ShakingBlood Ruby2,000
ShakingForest Emerald2,000
ShakingGold Topaz2,000
ShakingOcean Sapphire2,000
ShakingStar Diamond2,000
HeatingPure Gold Crystal1,500
HeatingPure Platinum Crystal1,500
HeatingPure Silver Crystal1,500
GrindingCotton Fabric1,000
GrindingFlax Fabric1,000
HeatingPure Copper Crystal1,000
HeatingPure Iron Crystal1,000
HeatingPure Lead Crystal1,000
HeatingPure Tin Crystal1,000
HeatingPure Zinc Crystal1,000
GrindingResplendent Diamond1,000
GrindingResplendent Emerald1,000
GrindingResplendent Ruby1,000
GrindingResplendent Sapphire1,000
GrindingResplendent Topaz1,000
HeatingSturdy Acacia Plywood1,000
HeatingSturdy Ash Plywood1,000
HeatingSturdy Birch Plywood1,000
HeatingSturdy Cedar Plywood1,000
HeatingSturdy Fir Plywood1,000
HeatingSturdy Maple Plywood1,000
HeatingSturdy Pine Plywood1,000
HeatingSturdy White Cedar Plywood1,000
HeatingBrass Ingot800
HeatingBronze Ingot800
HeatingGold Ingot800
ShakingOrganic Fertilizer800
HeatingPlatinum Ingot800
HeatingSilver Ingot800
HeatingBottle of Sea Water700
ChoppingAcacia Plywood500
ChoppingAsh Plywood500
ChoppingBirch Plywood500
HeatingBlack Crystal500
ShakingByproduct Fertilizer500
ChoppingCedar Plywood500
HeatingCopper Ingot500
HeatingCotton Yarn500
ChoppingFir Plywood500
HeatingFlax Thread500
HeatingGreen Crystal500
HeatingIron Ingot500
HeatingKnitting Yarn500
HeatingLead Ingot500
ChoppingMaple Plywood500
HeatingMud Crystal500
ChoppingPine Plywood500
HeatingRed Crystal500
HeatingTin Ingot500
HeatingTranslucent Crystal500
ChoppingWhite Cedar Plywood500
HeatingZinc Ingot500
HeatingDistilled Water300
HeatingMelted Gold Shard300
HeatingMelted Platinum Shard300
HeatingMelted Silver Shard300
FilteringPurified Water300
ChoppingAcacia Plank200
ChoppingAsh Plank200
ChoppingBirch Plank200
ChoppingCedar Plank200
ChoppingFir Plank200
DryingInorganic Fertilizer200
ChoppingMaple Plank200
HeatingMelted Copper Shard200
HeatingMelted Iron Shard200
HeatingMelted Lead Shard200
HeatingMelted Tin Shard200
HeatingMelted Zinc Shard200
ChoppingPine Plank200
ChoppingWhite Cedar Plank200
ShakingBarley Dough150
ShakingCorn Dough150
ShakingPotato Dough150
ShakingSweet Potato Dough150
ShakingWheat Dough150
HeatingLump of Raw Sugar100
GrindingBarely Flour70
GrindingCorn Flour70
GrindingPotato Flour70
GrindingSweet Potato Flour70
GrindingWheat Flour70
HeatingBrilliant Opal0
GrindingCooking Honey0
FilteringFancy Feather0
FilteringFine Fancy Feather0
DryingFine Hard Hide0
FilteringFine Lightweight Plume0
DryingFine Soft Hide0
DryingFine Thick Fur0
DryingFine Thin Hide0
DryingFine Tough Hide0
DryingFragrant Jerky0
DryingHard Hide0
GrindingInsectivore Plant Powder0
GrindingInsectivore Plant Sap0
FilteringLightweight Plume0
HeatingMoonlight Opal0
HeatingPolished Opal0
GrindingPolished Stone0
HeatingProcessed Coal0
DryingRare Jerky0
DryingSoft Hide0
ShakingSupreme Hard Hide0
ShakingSupreme Lightweight Plume0
ShakingSupreme Soft Hide0
ShakingSupreme Thick Fur0
ShakingSupreme Tough Hide0
DryingThick Fur0
DryingThin Hide0
DryingTough Hide0
ChoppingUsable Scantling0
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