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BDO Combat XP EXP Experience Boost from lifeskills for Black Desert Online

Increased combat experience gained through life content chart

The combat experience gained according to the character level in each of the following life activities has been increased as follows.

Level↕ Gather 100x Process 100x Cooking Alchemy 100x Fishing 10x Horse 10x Cultivation 10x
50samesamesamesame1.4 timessame
51samesamesamesame4.1 timessame
52samesamesame1.1 times5.4 timessame
53samesamesame1.4 times6.6 timessame
54samesamesame1.6 times7.8 timessame
55samesamesame1.9 times9.0 timessame
56same2.0 timessame7.7 times37.0 times3.70 times
57same3.0 times1.1 times11.7 times56.1 times5.61 times
58same3.0 times1.1 times11.7 times56.1 times5.61 times
59same3.0 times1.1 times11.7 times56.1 times5.61 times
60same3.6 times1.3 times14.0 times67.3 times6.73 times
61same3.6 times1.3 times14.0 times67.3 times6.73 times
621.2 times7.3 times2.5 times28.0 times134.5 times13.45 times
632.4 times14.6 times5.1 times56.1 times269.1 times26.91 times
644.8 times29.1 times10.2 times112.1 times538.2 times53.82 times
659.6 times58.2 times20.4 times224.2 times1076.4 times107.64 times
6619.2 times116.4 times40.8 times448.5 times2152.8 times215.28 times

※ From level 66 onwards, only 10% of the experience gained from levels 62-65 is obtained.
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