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Chance. Chance never changes. PROBABILITY DOES.

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Select Number of Shakatu Boxes / Rare Cron Boxes.

Number of Boxes Selected: 1
Probability of TET: 0.040%
Probability of TRI/TET: 0.200%

Icon Item Chance Each Probability Total
TET: Tungrad Necklace0.005%0.0050000%
TET: Tungrad Belt0.005%0.0050000%
TET: Ogre Ring0.005%0.0050000%
TET: Tungrad Earring0.005%0.0050000%
TET: Narc Ear Accessory0.005%0.0050000%
TET: Basilisk's Belt0.005%0.0050000%
TET: Ring of Crescent Guardian0.005%0.0050000%
TET: Forest Ronaros Ring0.005%0.0050000%
TRI: Tungrad Necklace0.020%0.0200000%
TRI: Tungrad Belt0.020%0.0200000%
TRI: Ogre Ring0.020%0.0200000%
TRI: Tungrad Earring0.020%0.0200000%
TRI: Narc Ear Accessory0.020%0.0200000%
TRI: Basilisk's Belt0.020%0.0200000%
TRI: Ring of Crescent Guardian0.020%0.0200000%
TRI: Forest Ronaros Ring0.020%0.0200000%
Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Destruction0.050%0.0500000%
Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Protection0.050%0.0500000%
Advice of Valks x1000.050%0.0500000%
Sharp Alchemy Stone of Destruction0.100%0.1000000%
Sharp Alchemy Stone of Protection0.100%0.1000000%
PRI: Tungrad Necklace0.500%0.5000000%
PRI: Tungrad Belt0.500%0.5000000%
PRI: Ogre Ring0.500%0.5000000%
PRI: Tungrad Earring0.500%0.5000000%
PRI: Narc Ear Accessory0.500%0.5000000%
PRI: Basilisk's Belt0.500%0.5000000%
PRI: Ring of Crescent Guardian0.500%0.5000000%
PRI: Forest Ronaros Ring0.500%0.5000000%
Tungrad Necklace1.000%1.0000000%
Tungrad Belt1.000%1.0000000%
Ogre Ring1.000%1.0000000%
Tungrad Earring1.000%1.0000000%
Narc Ear Accessory2.300%2.3000000%
Basilisk's Belt2.300%2.3000000%
Ring of Crescent Guardian2.300%2.3000000%
Forest Ronaros Ring2.300%2.3000000%
Hard Black Crystal Shard x128.250%8.2500000%
Sharp Black Crystal Shard x611.000%11.0000000%
Meme Fragment x2563.000%63.0000000%

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