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Warframe Signature weapons and synergies

AtlasTekko+6% Status Chance
16% total, 60% increase
BaruukCobra & CraneFirst strike of a combo puts enemy to sleep for 2 seconds
CalibanVenato+50% Melee Combo Counter Chance
Djinn Gazal MacheteMelee kill grants increased Corrosive damage on the next Fatal Attraction cast
Fatal Attraction grants increased Corrosive damage for a short period of time
Excalibur UmbraSkiajati
GaraVolnus+100% radial Slam Attack damage
GaraAstilla+80 ammo reserve (200 total, 67% increase)
GaraFusilaiIncreased Projectile Speed
GarudaNagantaka+1 meter Punch Through
GaussAcceltraReload speed buff while sprinting is increased to +50%
GaussAkariusReload speed buff while sprinting increased to +100%
GrendelMasseterImmunity from crowd-control procs during Heavy Attacks
GyreAlternox+20% Multishot
HarrowKnell+1 magazine size
(2 total, 100% increase)
HildrynLarkspur+300 ammo reserve in Atmosphere
(700 total, 75% increase)
KhoraDual Keres20% Heavy Attack Efficiency
KhoraHystrix8% chance to instantly reload after landing headshots
LavosCedoShotgun Ammo Mutation effect
OctaviaTenoraHeadshot kills with the Alternate Fire have a 20% chance to instantly refill the magazine
OctaviaPanderoHeadshot kills with the Alternate Fire increase Reload Speed by 20%
ProteaVeloxAmmo Efficiency increased to 40%
RevenantPhantasma+4 magazine size
(15 total, 36% increase)
RevenantTatsu+4 maximum Soul Swarm charges
(9 total, 80% increase)
SevagothEpitaph+20% headshot damage
WispFulminSwitch time between automatic and semi-automatic modes decreased to 0.5 seconds
XakuQuassusHeavy Attack Daggers have increased Accuracy

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