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How to mass produce Fruits for Alchemy with Farming using Specific Crops.
Fruit From Farming these Plants

Fruit of Crimson Flame
Hot Pepper Pepper Olives Pumpkin Garlic

Fruit of Abundance
Strawberry Garlic Onion Sunflower

Fruit of Nature
Barley Sweet Potato Potato Acacia Dalvenia Alrea Fig Freekeh Leccinum Nolia Nutmeg Pie Mushroom Purple Mushroom Penestraria Star Anise Teff Carrot

Fruit of the Sun
Wheat Tomato Paprika Corn

Fruit of Magic Power
Fortuneteller Mushroom Hump Mushroom Tiger Mushroom Emperor Mushroom

Fruit of Enchantment
Fire Flake Flower Silk Honey Grass Silver Azaleah Sunrise Herb Dry Mane Grass

Fruit of Perfection
Bluffer Mushroom Cloud Mushroom Fog Mushroom Arrow Mushroom

Fruit of Destruction
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