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You can use any of the above but the only method Incendar uses isIncendar Discord or use 18+ NOTIncendar Discord

'Gamerazzi' It's a shame influencers in the video games ONLY for the money and the fame (Gamerazzi)

Hey Incendar Fans! Incendar HERE!

Incendar Gaming, born in Central Florida, came to America with an insatiable appetite to game, rap, and ride skateboard.

His addictive videos and deep lyrics, such as "I have two side – one happy, one anger" earned him billions of fans across the world.

When playing BDO you will find him in Ballanus or Mongloryhoe, always with a Blessing of Kamasutra.

'Incendar word for live by'
Some are mad when game, but I am fun
My woman is fast and danger.
My Sex is serious and quick.

You may know him as Incendar / Incendium "or" girthygamer / TACOGAPher / domin8bumhoes / bighot80s_STUDmuffinMAN

Help fund his next sure hit "Put mah burrito in dat Taco" HERE! Theme Music:

Influencer miNimalist Coder gamEr uNconventional Developer gAmer eccentRic

Incendar is OLDSCHOOL GAMER his favorite game from every year.

List of MMORPS's he domin8d played.
Age of Conan
Black Desert Online
Bless Online
Everquest 2
Final Fantasy XI (11)
Final Fantasy XIV (14) Original
Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn
Guild Wars
Lord of the Rings Online
MapleStory 2
Shroud Of The Avatar.
Star Trek Online
Tabula Rasa
The Elder Scrolls Online
Vanguard Saga of Heroes
World of Warcraft Release - Uldum
World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade - Kul Tiras

Incendar gives back


'Gamerazzi' 'Gamarazzi' cover of Paparazzi by Xzibit Lyrics 2019 by Incendar

Yes, HEROD, marks the beginning of a new era
a dysfunctional member of the family
It's Incendar!

Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth my while
Incendar stay versatile, with Million Dollar lifestyle

And I could feel it as a gamer growin' up
The gamers that was real and the gamers that were fake as fuck

That's why Incendar only roll with a chosen few
You ain't really real, I can tell when I look at you

So ease off the gamer talk, you ain't gamin' shit
It's not affecting me or the gamers that I'm chillin' with

I don't believe the hype or buy TwitchCON tickets
bro you make a gang of noise and never seen, like a cricket

I guess that's why we never kick it
A lot of influencers are soft and get tossed tryin' to fuck with the liquid

How many Streamers do you know like this?

Always claimin' they the shit, but really just a bitch.
It don't make sense, either you're a gamer from the start

Or an actor with a influence deal tryin' to play the part, like that

It's a shame influencers in the video games
Only for the money and the fame (Extra large)

It's a shame influencers in the video games
Only for the money and the fame (Gamerazzi)

Incendar don't need no lights webcams
, just action god dammit

Never no super star, I'm more like a planet
So my composure is kept while others start to sweat

Emerging from the fog with my fucked up dialogue

Trying to live high on the hog leaves you bankrupt

But STREAMERS you spent it on, would not give a fuck

And that's deep, how deep? It's deeper than Atlantis

Home of the scandalous: big bad IncendARngeles
Dangerous, vandalous, yo, not to be trusted

Now, how the fuck is you hard
Not being scared by the MMORPG graveyard?

I'm pullin' that card, and saying "INCENDAR HERE!!!, motherfucka!"
Flowin' like liquid; soak it in, mothafucka!

I'm breakin' it down, my game surrounds like death
From the East, puttin' whole factions to the test

It’s all in perspective, breaker 1-9 copy
This is for the kids gettin' caught up in the #Gamerazzi

It's a shame influencers in the video games
Only for the money and the fame (Extra large)

It's a shame influencers in the video games
Only for the money and the fame (Gamerazzi)

Streamers smoke meth and cross dress
While I just play the back
going through schemes and pipe dreams for a contract

Real tightly rolled, fuck 'em all how I feel
I made a cool half mill' before I had a youtube deal

Therefore you look and stare like it's magic
But too much of anything can make you a addict

When Streamers be startin' static, break out the automatic
I set it off straight, I spread hate, then I vacate

But wait! Who dares to cross this path?
Yo, I do you like maf, PYRBOBLAST, make a bloodbath

So on behalf of all oldshcool gamers I get drunk with
Smokin' blunts with, I dispose of your punk shit

He-he, and keep it all in perspective

Carbon copies gettin' caught up in the #Gamerazzi
Once again, it's the Liquidation crew
And I return at you like this...

It's a shame influencers in the video games
Only for the money and the fame (Extra large)

It's a shame influencers in the video games
Only for the money and the fame (Gamerazzi)

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