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Diablo 4🔥 Season 1 - Loading Screen Tips

Activate any waypoints that you encounter on your travels to unlock a new fast travel location.
After finishing the Campaign
Attacks have a 3% chance to Overpower. This chance cannot be passively improved
Barbarians have various ways to become Berserk
Be sure to fill up your Healing Potion at the Healer before leaving town.
Champion monsters that appear in World Tier 3: Nightmare and World Tier 4: Torment have damage resistance auras which do not protect themselves. Focus on killing them first.
Characters in Stealth cannot be directly targeted with attacks
Close enemies are those who are in Melee range. Distant enemies are those who are outside of Melee range.
Combat damage text is colored to mean different things: Critical Strike
Damage Over Time effects do not have random damage variance and cannot Critically Strike.
Direct damage includes all damage dealt to enemies that is not from damage over time effects.
Druids Shapeshift when they change into a different form
Elite enemies include Champions
Enemies are considered affected by Rogue Traps when they are within a Trap's persistent area or afflicted with its harmful effects.
Higher World Tiers grant you much more Experience from killing monsters.
If all other Skeletons have been summoned
In each higher World Tier
Items lose durability and become less effective when you revive from death. You can repair your equipment at a Blacksmith
Joining a party will transfer you to the party leader’s world
Key Passives are the final unlock in the Skill Tree and provide powerful effects that can greatly enhance your build.
Lightning-based Sorcerers can generate and pick up Crackling Energy
Necromancer Minions inherit 30% of most stats such as Critical Strike Chance and Attack Speed.
Necromancers can use the Book of the Dead to sacrifice the ability to summon their Minions for personal power.
Necromancers have the ability to see and interact with Corpses. Kill enemies to spawn their Corpse
Necromancers have various ways to drop Blood Orbs
Overpowered attacks deal bonus damage to enemies based on the sum of your current Life and Fortified Life.
Players and enemies are Healthy when they are above 80% Life and Injured when they are below 35% Life.
Realm Rewards are shared with every character of yours on that realm. Open your map and check out the Renown panel to see what you can earn while exploring Sanctuary!
Remember to spend your Skill Points when you level up to unlock new Skills and Passives or improve existing ones!
Rogues can use Imbuement Skills to modify some of their attacks to deal different types of Elemental damage and apply additional harmful effects.
Salvaging your items will produce materials used for crafting
Skills can trigger Lucky Hit effects. If a Skill has a Lucky Hit Chance of 50%
The Barbarian carries an entire Arsenal consisting of 4 weapons with them at all times. Which weapon you use for a Skill can be chosen while the Skill is assigned to your hotbar.
The Barbarian's Arsenal consists of a Two-Handed Bludgeoning weapon
The Dazed status effect prevents enemies from attacking or using Skills for a short duration
The Fear status effect prevents enemies from moving or taking action AND causes the affected target to run away for a short duration. It can be removed through Unstoppable or Immune effects.
The first Capstone Dungeon becomes available in World Tier 2: Veteran after completing the Campaign.
The Knockdown status effect prevents enemies from moving or taking action for a short duration. It can be removed through Unstoppable or Immune effects.
The more a Barbarian uses a particular weapon type
The state of Sanctuary is based on the party leader's progress.
The Tether status effect prevents enemies from walking out from inside of its radius. It can be removed through Unstoppable or Immune effects OR by destroying the target that you are tethered to.
The Vulnerable status effect increases the damage taken by enemies for a short duration. It is represented by a purple glow around the Health Bar for enemies and a cracked Health Globe for you.
Upon reaching Level 15 and completing the Legacy of the Magi quest
Upon reaching Level 15 as a Barbarian
Upon reaching Level 15 as a Druid
Upon reaching Level 5 as a Barbarian
When you grow powerful enough an Occultist can extract and replace the powers on your Legendary items.
You are Fortified and take reduced damage as long as you have more Fortify than current Life. Certain Skills or item effects can grant Fortify
You can increase the potency of your Healing Potions by visiting the Alchemist
You can revive other Players by clicking on their spirits. They can rejoin the fight immediately!

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