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Fast and Simple Window AC or Installed HVAC Watt Usage and cost per hour day week month year calculator selection by TON and SEER Seasonal energy efficiency ratio

Quick Tips
12,000 BTU is 1 Ton of cooling.
Higher EER and SEER are more efficient but cost more.
Just Use this dropdown and Pick by BTU or TON to see general electric costs

You have Chosen A 1 Ton Unit. Which is 12,000 BTUs. At $.12 a kWh
Watts/HourCost Per Hour8 Hours24 Hours
10 SEER1,200$0.14$1.15$3.46
11 SEER1,091$0.13$1.05$3.14
12 SEER1,000$0.12$0.96$2.88
13 SEER923$0.11$0.89$2.66
14 SEER857$0.10$0.82$2.47
15 SEER800$0.10$0.77$2.30
16 SEER750$0.09$0.72$2.16
17 SEER706$0.08$0.68$2.03
18 SEER667$0.08$0.64$1.92
19 SEER632$0.08$0.61$1.82
20 SEER600$0.07$0.58$1.73
21 SEER571$0.07$0.55$1.65
22 SEER545$0.07$0.52$1.57
23 SEER522$0.06$0.50$1.50
24 SEER500$0.06$0.48$1.44
25 SEER480$0.06$0.46$1.38
26 SEER462$0.06$0.44$1.33

Incendar's 2 cents on Window ACs, Central AC, HVAC, SEER, BTU, and stuff:

If you live in Florida, a 10 EER or so WINDOW AC makes for a cheap backup unit for hurricanes / Central AC dies.
This is a must with older family, in which case, pick up a emergency generator too. 12 EER+ can make nice longer term units.

A 5000-6000 BTU can easily handle a bedroom, and is also lighter weight, easy install, smaller generator needed.
Window Units are rated for Sq feet based on running 8 hours/day, if you run it for 16-24, it can handle a much larger area.

I personally use a window unit running 24 hours a day in addition to Central air in Florida June-August to keep a room at an ideal 68 F.
Works out great to save some money spot cooling an area where I am, and for hurricanes or power loss, as it's ready to go. Incendar Incendar Gaming Incendium Incendius Incendara Incendario MINcendar
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