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08-26 Mob dB 4 more Realms Monday: INCENDIUS

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Cooking Recipes HERE
Alchemy Recipes HERE

Icon Box/Crate Craft Box/Crate Price Price Each Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Apprentice's Alchemy BoxAlchemy180,0004,500
20 Clear Liquid Reagent

20 Pure Powder Reagent
Apprentice's Boiled Egg Cooking BoxCooking159,5627,978
20 Boiled Bird Eggs
Apprentice's Elixir of Wings Alchemy BoxAlchemy234,00023,400
10 Elixir of Wings
Apprentice's Five-Grain Chicken Porridge Cooking BoxCooking181,1259,056
20 Five-Grain Chicken Porridge
Apprentice's Fried Fish Cooking BoxCooking172,5008,625
20 Fried Fish
Artisan's Cheese Gratin Cooking BoxCooking333,5008,338
40 Cheese Gratin
Artisan's Desert Dumpling Cooking BoxCooking319,1257,978
40 Desert Dumpling
Artisan's Elixir of Carnage Alchemy BoxAlchemy630,00025,200
25 Elixir of Carnage
Artisan's Elixir of Sky Alchemy BoxAlchemy660,00044,000
15 Elixir of Sky
Artisan's Grim Reaper's Elixir Alchemy BoxAlchemy450,00030,000
15 Grim Reaper's Elixir
Artisan's Honey Wine Cooking BoxCooking218,5004,370
50 Honey Wine
Artisan's Honeycomb Cookie Cooking BoxCooking416,87510,422
40 Honeycomb Cookie
Artisan's Meat Croquette Cooking BoxCooking471,50011,788
40 Meat Croquette
Artisan's Precious Alchemy BoxAlchemy450,00015,000
15 Elixir of Spells

15 Elixir of Will
Artisan's Seafood Pasta Cooking BoxCooking373,7509,344
40 Seafood Pasta
Master's Dark Pudding Cooking BoxCooking543,3759,056
60 Dark Pudding
Master's Elixir of Assassination Alchemy BoxAlchemy662,40026,496
25 Elixir of Assassination
Master's Elixir of Death Alchemy BoxAlchemy930,00026,571
35 Elixir of Death
Master's Elixir of Detection Alchemy BoxAlchemy846,00042,300
20 Elixir of Detection
Master's Elixir of Frenzy Alchemy BoxAlchemy672,00022,400
30 Elixir of Frenzy
Master's Elixir of Perforation Alchemy BoxAlchemy609,00024,360
25 Elixir of Perforation
Master's Golden Hand Elixir Alchemy BoxAlchemy1,329,00026,580
50 Golden Hand Elixir
Master's Ham Sandwich Cooking BoxCooking575,00011,500
50 Ham Sandwich
Master's Meat Sandwich Cooking BoxCooking552,00013,800
40 Meat Sandwich
Master's Milk Tea Cooking BoxCooking503,12510,063
50 Milk Tea
Master's Sute Tea Cooking BoxCooking543,3759,056
60 Sute Tea
Professional's Elixir of Amity Alchemy BoxAlchemy306,00015,300
20 Elixir of Amity
Professional's Elixir of Demihuman Hunt Alchemy BoxAlchemy378,00015,120
25 Elixir of Demihuman Hunt
Professional's Fine Scent Cooking BoxCooking250,1258,338
30 Tea with Fine Scent
Professional's Meat Pie Cooking BoxCooking241,5008,050
30 Meat Pie
Professional's Omelet Cooking BoxCooking235,7505,894
40 Omelet
Professional's Steak Cooking BoxCooking278,87513,944
20 Steak
Professional's Sturdy Alchemy BoxAlchemy303,00015,150
10 Worker's Elixir

10 Fisher's Elixir
Secret Alchemy BoxAlchemy318,00015,900
10 Elixir of Swiftness

10 Elixir of Wind
Skilled Alchemist's Elixir of Energy Alchemy BoxAlchemy249,00012,450
20 Elixir of Energy
Skilled Alchemist's Elixir of Mentality Alchemy BoxAlchemy246,00012,300
20 Elixir of Mentality
Skilled Alchemist's Elixir of Seal Alchemy BoxAlchemy201,00020,100
10 Elixir of Seal
Skilled Cook's Fish Fillet Chip Cooking BoxCooking184,0009,200
20 Fish Fillet Chip
Skilled Cook's Fruit Pudding Cooking BoxCooking244,37512,219
20 Fruit Pudding
Skilled Cook's Meat Stew Cooking BoxCooking224,25011,213
20 Meat Stew
Skilled Cook's Soft Bread Cooking BoxCooking221,37511,069
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