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10-16 Imperial Alchemy and Cooking Updated!

Alchemy Recipe Level, XP per Alch, with Buffs and Effects.

Total Recipes Shown: 77
Icon Recipe XP Per Alch Alchemy Level Buff
Antidote Elixir400Beginner 1Cures Poison
Broken Alchemy Stone0Skilled 1
Clear Liquid Reagent400Beginner 1
Clown's Blood800Apprentice 1
Defense Elixir460Apprentice 1Damage Reduction +5/10
Elixir of Amity920Apprentice 1Amity Gain +20/30%
Elixir of Assassination1610Skilled 1Base Attack Damage +50/100
Elixir of Burn Removal400Beginner 1Cures Burning
Elixir of Carnage1610Skilled 1Down Attack Damage +30/50 on crit
Elixir of Concentration460Apprentice 1Accuracy +8/12
Elixir of Death920Skilled 1Extra Damage +30/50 on crit
Elixir of Deep Sea2000Skilled 1All AP +10/MAX Stamina +100/MAX HP +100/Back Attack Damage +10%/Down Attack Damage +10%/Air Attack Damage +10%
Elixir of Demihuman Hunt920Apprentice 1Damage against Demihumans +10/15
Elixir of Detection1610Skilled 1Critical Hit Damage +50/100%
Elixir of Draining1610Skilled 1HP Steal 3/5 on Crit
Elixir of Endurance460Apprentice 1Stamina +100/150
Elixir of Energy460Apprentice 1MP Recovery 10/15
Elixir of Frenzy1610Skilled 1All DP -10/15 All AP +20/25
Elixir of Fury460Apprentice 1All Attack +10/15
Elixir of Hemostasis400Beginner 1Cures Bleeding
Elixir of Human Hunt920Apprentice 1Damage Against Humans +6/11
Elixir of Life460Apprentice 1Max HP +100/150
Elixir of Mentality460Apprentice 1Max MP +100/150
Elixir of Perforation1610Skilled 1Defense Nullifying Damage +5 per Back Attack
Elixir of Resistance460Apprentice 1Debuff Resisance monsters +10/15
Elixir of Seal460Apprentice 1Increase Breath Guage
Elixir of Shock920Skilled 1Critical Hit Chance +2
Elixir of Sky1610Skilled 1Air Attack Damage +50/100
Elixir of Spells920Apprentice 1Casting Speed +2/3
Elixir of Swiftness920Apprentice 1Movement Speed +2/3
Elixir of Time920Apprentice 1Life Skill EXP +10/15%
Elixir of Training920Apprentice 1Mount EXP +8/10%
Elixir of Will460Apprentice 1Damage From Monsters -15/20%
Elixir of Wind920Apprentice 1Attack Speed +2/3
Elixir of Wings460Apprentice 1Increased Jump Height
Essence of Abundance900Apprentice 1
Essence of Crimson Flame900Apprentice 1
Essence of Destruction900Apprentice 1
Essence of Enchantment900Apprentice 1
Essence of Magic Power900Apprentice 1
Essence of Nature900Apprentice 1
Essence of Perfection900Apprentice 1
Essence of the Sun900Apprentice 1
EXP Elixir920Apprentice 1EXP +15%
Fisher's Elixir920Apprentice 1Fish Speed +2
Gem Polisher800Apprentice 1
Golden Hand Elixir1610Skilled 1Luck +2/3
Griffon's Elixir920Artisan 1Additional Damage against Kamasylvian Monsters +12
Grim Reaper's Elixir1610Skilled 1HP Steal +1/3
Helix Elixir200Apprentice 1All Evasion +8
Herbal Gunpowder700Professionl 10
Herbal Poison700Professionl 10
Khalk's Elixir2000Skilled 1All Debuff Resistance +10%/Damage Reduction +15/MAX HP +100/Movement Speed +5%
Leather Glaze800Apprentice 1
Legendary Beast's Blood800Apprentice 1
Looney Elixir920Professionl 1Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +3%
Metal Solvent0Apprentice 1
Oil of Corruption1400Skilled 1
Oil of Fortitude1400Skilled 1
Oil of Regeneration1400Skilled 1
Oil of Storms1400Skilled 1
Oil of the Abyss1400Artisan 1
Oil of Tranquility1400Skilled 1
Perfume of Courage2000Skilled 1All attack +25 Max HP +200 Attack/Cast +
Perfume of Swiftness2000Skilled 1Weight Limit +200LT/Life EXP +20%/Movement Speed +5/Gathering Speed +5/Fishing Speed +5
Plywood Hardener800Apprentice 1
Pure Powder Reagent400Beginner 1
Resurrection Elixir460Apprentice 1HP Recovery +10/15
Sinner's Blood800Apprentice 1
Special Honey Jar0Beginner 1
Spirit Perfume Elixir2000Guru 1MAX HP +300/Critical Hit Rate +5
Tyrant's Blood800Apprentice 1
Weenie Elixir920Professional 1
Whale Tendon Elixir1400Skilled 1damage reduction +100/125
Whale Tendon Potion800Apprentice 1HP Recovery 500/750 MP/WP/SP 300/500
Wise Man's Blood800Apprentice 1
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