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WoW Classic Events

EventOccurence MinutesLengh MinutesHiD
AQ War Effort52560010
Call to Arms: Alterac Valley!403206240283
Call to Arms: Arathi Basin!403206240285
Call to Arms: Warsong Gulch!403206240284
Children's Week 52560011520201
Darkmoon Faire (Elwynn)9648010080374
Darkmoon Faire (Mulgore)9648010080374
Darkmoon Faire Building (Elwynn)1310404320374
Edge of Madness, Gri'lek86400216000
Edge of Madness, Hazza'rah86400216000
Edge of Madness, Renataki86400216000
Edge of Madness, Wushoolay86400216000
Elemental Invasions52560010
Feast of Winter Veil52560027360141
Fishing Extravaganza10080120301
Fishing Extravaganza Announce100802400
Fishing Extravaganza Turn-in100801800
Gurubashi Arena Booty Run1801200
Hallow's End52560021600324
Hallow's End - Banshee Queen1440450
Hallow's End - Wickerman Ember's14406000
Harvest Festival52560010080321
Love is in the Air5256005760335
Lunar Festival52560028800327
Midsummer Fire Festival52560020160341
New Year's Eve52560014400
Pyrewood Village - Worgen Curse14404800
Scourge Invasion52560010
Stormwind City - Stockades Jail Break30100
Summer Season Fishing5256002692800
Winter Season Fishing5256002563200
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