World of Warcraft Script dB

The Water of the Seers is ready for your consumption, $N.
Zarlman Two-Moons begins chanting as he mixes the well stones and ambercom before the Tribal Fire.
%s I have created the totem. You, %n, must cleanse the well.
%s enters a trance...
Spirits of the forest, you are needed! Make haste to the Charred Vale!
Spirits of the forest come forth and heed nature's call!
We must hurry.
%s smashes the dead, twisted claw.
What?? The Burning Blade is spreading! We must investigate!
%s listens to Sigilbringer's report...
$N, I'll make sure all my friends in the Cartel know that you've saved my life today. Here - I'm going to need to be able to travel light, so please help yourself to my cache of tailoring and leatherworking supplies! Thanks again - see ya!
When is pappa comming back from the fights in Warsong? It has been so long...
Mogg, get inside. It is not safe out there while your father is gone.
Aaahhh... Another glorious victory for The Horde!
Now go back home where you belong!
You can't get away from a warrior of the Horde! Take that! And that!
Take that you mangy Harpy! Hyaa!
There's one! For the Horde!
Now to find an unsuspecting Harpy!
I am going to practice and become a warrior like my father!
Ugh! That's terrible!
Now let's try it...
%s shoots from the hip at the bottles...
%s turns to the paper target...
%s quickly shoots the orc dummy...
%s only hits the side of the box!
%s then takes aim at the bottles...
%s quickly shoots the middle target dead center...
%s misses again...
%s takes aim at the bottles again...
%s misses...
%s takes aim at the bottles...
%s hits!
%s casually points at the orc target...
%s misses again...
%s takes a more careful aim...
%s misses...
%s picks the orc target...
My scepter will once again become whole!
Shal myrinan ishnu daldorah...
Together, the two parts shall become one, once again.
%s begins to channel his energy, focusing on the stone.
Read this tome I have placed before you, and speak the words aloud.
Please do as I instruct you, $N.
For so long I have drifted in my cursed form. You have freed me... Your hard work shall be repaid.
You wish to learn of the stone? Follow me.
If we can just hold them now, I am sure we will be in the clear.
All hands to battle stations! Naga incoming!
Please speak with Sentinel Onaeya at Maestra's Post in Ashenvale, she will see to it that you are properly rewarded for your bravery this day.
My legs feels much better now, the remedy must be working. If you will excuse me, I must go report to my superiors about what has transpired here.
Praise Elune! I don't know if I could have survived the day without you, friend.
I've run out of arrows! I'm afraid if any more come you will need to take them on by yourself my friend.
Wait... did you hear that? Something approaches from the west!
No! Get away from me! Help!!
Find me something good, you dogs!
Search this rubble.
None may steal the secrets of the Makers!
Let's move forward!
Who dares step into my domain! Come! Come, and be consumed!
I'm out of here!
After all we've been through? Well, I didn't like you anyway!!
What? How dare you say that to me?!?
Ok, here I go!
Oh no! Here they come!
$N, please take a look at the sample of the Vylestem vine that I took from the caverns, so that you know what to look for...
Say hello to my little friends!
DIE?! You make Pusillin cry!
Why would you ever want to harm me!? Come. Friends we can be!
Chase me if you dare! I run without a care!
If you want the key, you'll have to catch me!
I can get back to the Stronghold on my own, I think. Now that you bought me some time, I should be able to stealth out of here. Who ever you are... thank you. May Elune bless you always!
Oh man, I thought I was dead for sure. Ugh... still dizzy...
If you have the time, Grimclaw and his master Volcor could use your help. If you're interested, speak with me further...
Grimclaw roars in acknowledgement at Terenthis.
I understand, my friend. I shall find someone to help your master. Go back to him now, or at least stay close.
Grimclaw roars at Terenthis more, but this time the druid seems to understand the bear.
There... that should help. Now, tell me what's happened, Grimclaw.
Terenthis begins to cast a spell on Grimclaw.
Whoa, whoa there, my friend. One moment...
Grimclaw begins to moan and roar at Terenthis while stomping his paws on the ground.
Grimclaw?! Easy there, my friend... where is your master Volcor?
Grimclaw roars at Terenthis to get his attention.
What was that noise? It sounded like a roar.
Poor Dorius. If I ever get my hands on those Dark Irons, so help me...
%s meticulously examines the large vase.
%s dusts the base of the artifact.
Cliffspring Falls lies along the mountains to the east and north.
Thank you, $N. And luck to you.
How, my love? How will I find the strength to face the ages of the world without you by my side...
's soft voice trails away into the mists. "Know that I love you always..."
Farewell, Cerellean, until we are joined once again...
No! Anaya... Anaya! Don't leave me! Please...
Sadly, even this must be cut short... The ties that bind me to this world weaken, and pull me away...
Let it not trouble your heart, beloved. You have freed me from slavery, and for that I love you all the more.
Do you hate me, my love? That I was forced to destroy your living form, that your spirit be released from unhappy bondage.
That the fates should be so cruel as to permit us only this after a thousand years apart...
The ages have been cruel to you and I, my love, but be assured, it is, and at long last we are reunited.
Anaya...? Do my eyes deceive me? Is it really you?
There... That should be enough rocks to make a necklace. I should probably get home now anyway.
I bet my friend Gruk would like this rock for the spear he is making! It's very sharp... I hope he likes it.
This is a shiney rock. I'll put it in my bucket. Ok, I just need a few more...
Hmm... That rock is nice, but too small.
Ooohh... This rock is nice and colorful. Let's see if I can find more like it...
Dabu! I will be careful Papa!
Yes you may, Okla. But do not stray too far from home.
Can I go collect more rocks for my necklace, Papa?
Kitten for sale, looking for a good home.
Will someone please give my little kitten a good home?
Can anyone give my adorable, extra little kitty a home?
Don't worry, I'll find a good home for ya.
I can't believe dad won't let me keep your sister.
What does allergic mean anyway? And what does it have to do with either of my kitties?
I feel... dizzy. It's so hot... in... here...
My, that Black Claw stout packs quite a punch!
It's a mystery of the past indeed! But a key to our future!
dissipates before your eyes.
Digging too deep into your past might bring an abrupt end to your future.
Be warned that even your creators are fallible.
Ah, I see you toil with relics of the past.
Who hath summoned forth Aman?
By the stars! A spirit has been summoned!
begins to manipulate the Stone of Relu over the two fossils.
Stonemasons. . .errr. . Defias be warned: The rusty anchor sinks tonight.
The boss wants all hands on high alert. The rusty anchor sinks tonight.
The Stonewrought Dam has been saved! Three cheers for $N!
This evil I have unleashed... In whose hand does the power my goddess granted to me now lie... By whose hand is it directed?
I have failed... I have failed in my duty... failed my people... The worgen run rampant, and the Scythe of my goddess is lost.
What... what is this? Could this by the answer to my prayers? Elune has granted me a weapon -- this scythe -- to defeat the demons.
Goddess, grant me the power to overcome my enemies! Hear me, please, my need is desperate and my cause is just!
The numbers of my companions dwindles, goddess, and my own power shall soon be insufficient to hold back the demons of Felwood.
Behold the might of the Alliance! The dread lady, Onyxia, hangs from the arches! Let the rallying cry of the dragon slayer lift your spirits!
Citizens and allies of Stormwind, on this day, history has been made. $N has laid waste to that which had attempted to usurp the rule of the kingdom. Gather round and join me in honoring our heroes.
Bear witness to the undeniable power of your Warchief! Be lifted by the rallying cry of your dragon slayers!
People of the Horde, citizens of Orgrimmar, come, gather round and celebrate heroes of the Horde. On this day, $N, under the auspices of our glorious Warchief, laid a mortal blow against the Black Dragonflight. The brood mother, Onyxia, has been slain!
Time for my patrol. I'll be back shortly.
I can't take these taxes! F.I.C.A. me? F.I.C.A. YOU!
Just sit right back and you'll hear a ta... *hic* a tai... *hic* a taiii *hic* Damnit!
I don't get paid enough for this bull excrement!
I should have taken the translucent pill.
Hey, someone help me catch this thing!
The what-bringer? Oh, ASHbringer? Never heard of it... What? Stop bothering me!
Hey! Do you like the sauce? The sauce is good, no?
Best drinks in Stormwind!
Head on over to the Blue Recluse. Where everybody knows your name!
Ask me how you can get a free drink at the Blue Recluse!
Best drinks in Stormwind!
Magical studies stressing your brain? Relax at the Blue Recluse!
Feeling blue? Come on down to the Blue Recluse for a good time!
Free drinks at the Blue Recluse!
Head on over to the Blue Recluse. Where everybody knows your name!
Ask me how you can get a free drink at the Blue Recluse!
Magical studies stressing your brain? Relax at the Blue Recluse!
Best drinks in Stormwind!
Feeling blue? Come on down to the Blue Recluse for a good time!
Head on over to the Blue Recluse. Where everybody knows your name!
Best drinks in Stormwind!
Magical studies stressing your brain? Relax at the Blue Recluse!
Fizzles used to be a great wizard. But got turned into a rabbit when one of his spells went bad.
Mommy? Can I pet Fizzles?
Thanks, Charys. C'mon Paige, sweetie.
Sure Paige. Just be gentle.
Hello, Charys. I have my list, could you get me all of that, especially the last ingredient.
If we use the appropriate sequence we should be ok. Will just take some serious studying before we start.
But if we stabilize it with an anchor thread at the appropriate energy crux then it should work.
If we use the Surian theory, then yes, but not if we go with the Y'serian approach.
Always so negative. The chances of that happening are between zero and none.
What if we used three focuses in Tyrean pattern? That should solve it.
Why do we have to learn this stuff anyway?
Is it true that the paladins train here?
Only if we didn't follow the proper initialization procedures.
Wow, all of this for a love potion. Hope he's worth it.
At least we wouldn't be around to have to clean it up.
The resultant energies could collapse though, and that could cause an energy flux that would give you a migraine for weeks.
Wouldn't that cause the weave to unravel if not properly anchored before starting the casting?
That will unbalance the magical focus, though, and cause a reverse vibration in the ether.
But isn't that what caused the initial problems with Adept Syleria's magical formula?
But what if the resulting frequency shift were to send magical feedback up the flows?
But wouldn't that mean crossing the streams? Isn't that really bad?
I suppose that could work, if we had twenty people to cast it with.
I think not, I don't need to be blown up again.
Putting in twelve centers of focus might allow the magical energies to form more solidly, adding the necessary stability.
When the positively aligned energies collide with the negatively charged energies, they don't negate one another.
The portal will shift slightly, at this point if you cast a binding cantrip you will solidify it in place.
Maginor says that twisting alternating flows of positive energy actually creates a much more stable flow.
The magical wards at that sholud be supported enough by the energy flux to certain the entity.
So then the array of magics would cascade into a chain reaction of positively charged energies.
Why can't we just shift the array to compensate for the variance in the flux?
If we reverse the Essence flows perhaps we can alter the polarity.
Now, take another long look before we make our way to the Holy District and the great Cathedral of Light.
Breathtaking. Children, when we return to the school, you will each give an oral report on one of these legendary people.
Isn't it amazing, children? All who enter the city must walk beneath the watchful eyes of the greatest heroes of our lands.
Yes, well...let's head on to the monument dedicated to the heroes of the two Great Wars, the Valley of Heroes. Follow Me.
When the Horde was shattered, men returned here and began to rebuild the once great city as a testament to our own survival.
Here we have Stormwind Keep. Built upon the ruins of Stormwind Castle, which was destroyed by the Horde in the first Great War.
Children if you would please follow me, we will now be going to see the keep where King Anduin Wrynn himself sits on this throne.
Yes, that is true. Paladins and Priests alike train their skills and research great truths behind the walls of the Cathedral.
Here we have the Cathedral of Light, the center of spiritual enlightenment here in Stormwind.
Look alive, dogs! We got an operation to run here!
That's neat.
My father says that's just a story.
Can you imagine?
Worm goes on the hook, hook goes in the water, Fish is in the water, our fish.
I hope that was a fish!
I think i see something.
Eww... that's not a fish!
I think i see something.
I got worm guts on my shoes.
Eww... that's not a fish!
And that's how Lother killed thirty six orcs with his bare hands!
I dont think there's any fish in these canals.
You know why Orcs eyes glow red? It's because they drink blood!
I swear, people have actualy seen them. Pandaren really do exist!!
And then the rabbit just bit his head off... I swear.
They say he can turn into a raven sometimes.
They say he can turn into a raven sometimes.
Deja vu. For a moment I thought I was back home... before the plague...
Seems like a hundred times a day I walk all the way to get more water. No respect for their elders I tell ya.
As if I don't have better things to do in my old age than carry buckets of water.
O'ourse I'm talking to myself. Only way to get a decent conversation in this city.
Where's the water, Emma? Get the water, Emma? If'n it weren't fer me, that lot wouldn't know what water looks like.
Jack and Jill my wrinkled patoot! I do all the water luggin' 'round here.
Ograbisi needs new hat.
Where I come from, you get shanked for opening another inmate's cell door!
Perhaps Ograbisi will use your head as a tiny little hat when I'm through with you.
Get him out of there!
Don't hurt Betsy, you meanie!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Don't hurt Betsy, you meanie!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Don't hurt Betsy, you meanie!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Don't hurt Betsy, you meanie!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Gimmie my dolly!!
Don't hurt Betsy, you meanie!
Gimmie my dolly!!
I have your dolly! Nyah nyah!
Ha ha! I have Betsy!
I wonder if your dolly can swim!
Baby wants her dolly!
Crybaby! Crybaby!
It's getting away!
...And then the tauren said, "13 INCHES!"
I come from the land down under... where women plague and men sunder.
Our oldest clutch of dragons are still far from maturity, but with patience and study, we are confident the dragons will soon be ready.
Tomorrow we will begin training of our promising dragons, so don't forget your chew toys.
The Lich King's forces are building. It is imperative that our timetable supports his plans.
And I am determined to find out more... So if you need my help again, you know where I'll be.
Please, follow me.
I haven't really figured out what it is, but there's something strange about the hot springs...
%s tosses the sword into the shallow pool.
I've found that when I throw something into this water, it has improved incredibly when I retrieve it.
Well, whatever it is, it works quite well!
Ah, this must be him now... no?
Go swiftly $N. My fate is in your hands.
Go now, $N. Find Volcor... and remember, the magics protecting you will fail if you interact with anyone, save for talking.
Terenthis begins to cast a spell as you take the cloak from him.
Yes right away momma!
Zug zug! Happy to help!
Well done, soldiers! At ease!
SQUAWK!! *cough* *cough* I need to quit smoking!
Ask Kibler about the treasure! SQUAWK!
They all go to the Spire but none never come back... just like Bijou.
Dragons controlling orcs!? SQUAWK!
Bijou knows where treasures are hidden.
Kibler is being investigated by G.E.T.A.
Bijou lost! SQUAWK! *cough
Opus wants some Cuergo's Gold... with worm.
The discs are now ready! Engage the Discs of Norgannon once again to retrieve them!
Greetings, mortals! I have been activated by the Discs of Norgannon to assist you!
Speak with me to hear my tale.
I thank you. $n. And my brother thanks you.
*Sigh* You're probably right, Raven. I'm going back on patrol....
Klaven doesn't pay me enough to deal with those zombies, drones or whatever he calls 'em. I don't know, Jill. If Klaven comes down while we're slacking, we might end up as those things!
I dunno, Jill. If Klaven comes down while we're slacking, we may end up as one of those things!
Can we take a break? My feet are killing me and those ... those things down there are creeping me out.
Hey, Raven...
Now where did I put the Venture Company formulations?
%s shuffles through the books.
And should one die, two shall rise!
The sweet irony -- Stormwind forces cut down in defense of their city, only to rise and fight alongside the Brotherhood as instruments of destruction.
%s wildly flips through the pages of a large tome.
Wanna race again? Best two out of three!
You cheated!
I win!
HEY! No fair!
Ready. Set. GO!
%s loosens her grasp on the journal she had been clutching.
Whoa! This is way more than what I bargained for, you're on your own, Slim!
$N, that's it! I have finally figured it out!
Blue plus red... I predict...
Now, let's see... If I am correct, then... Hmmm...
The legion of Blackrock comes, dwarflings! We shall scorch the earth and set fire to the heavens. None shall survive...
Oh yes, the molt - do not lose it. There are those of my kin in the Burning Steppes that would craft items that only the molt of the black dragonflight could fortify.
%s begins to flap his massive wings faster. He is preparing for flight.
Right away, master!
I leave you now, mortals. Alive and with these trinkets. Maltrake! Present them with the trinkets!
They will live of only to see the fruits of their labor: the destruction and chaos that will surely ensue as the legion of Blackrock invade the gorge.
What will we do with them, master? They are of no use to us anymore.
You would not have helped the legion of Blackrock had we just asked for your assistance, now would you?
%s lets loose a reptilian laugh... at least you think it's a laugh.
Glorious, indeed, Maltrake. It looks as if my plan worked perfectly. Wouldn't you say so, mortal?
Amazing! I think I have found it, $N.
%s skims the pages of the book.
A History... Hmmmm... Let me examine this for a moment.
I... I've seen enough I think... so very draining...
I will need to focus my energies onto this knife. By doing so, I should catch some of the stronger psychic impressions associated with it.
The Wickerman Festival now begins! Power to the Forsaken!
The burning of the Wickerman will begin in five minutes! Come to the festival - located just west of the Undercity - and celebrate Hallow's End and our liberation from the Scourge!
The burning of the Wickerman will begin in fifteen minutes! Come to the festival - located just west of the Undercity - and celebrate Hallow's End and our liberation from the Scourge!
The burning of the Wickerman will begin in thirty minutes! Come to the festival - located just west of the Undercity - and celebrate Hallow's End and our liberation from the Scourge!
NOW is the time of the Forsaken! Power to the Forsaken - NOW AND FOREVER!!!
Now is the time to shake the world to its foundations! NOW is the time to remind those who would enslave us that we shall never yield!
We burn the effigy of the Wickerman as a symbol of our struggle against those who would oppose us. We wear the ashes of the burnt Wickerman as a symbol of our neverending fight against those who would enslave us.
It is this night that our enemies fear us the most. It is THIS night that we show our enemies what it means to stand against the Forsaken!
I join you in celebration of this most revered of nights - the night we Forsaken broke the Scourge's yoke of oppression!
Children of the Night, heed your Queen's call!
Stand Prepared! The naga won't wait long to press their advantage once they know we're alive.
This is Rigger Gizelton asking for assistance escorting my caravan past Mannoroc Coven. I'm on the road east of Shadowprey village.
Time for the Gizelton Caravan to head on out! We'll be back soon but if you cannot wait, head north to Kormek's Hut. We open shop in about an hour.
I am looking for some bodyguards that would like to protect the Gizelton Caravan. We are stopped on the road east of Kormek's Hut, north of Kolkar Centaur Village.
So sorry to leave a customer but we have places to go and people to swindle. We will be back sometime later today. Good-bye!
Hopefully I can send a worthy few to help Ashenvale and the Sentinels.
Thank you, Terenthis. I shall remain here for as long as I can.
Hello, Selarin. I'm afraid I cannot help you at the moment, but perhaps some of the adventurers here in Auberdine can...
Let us return to the grove, mortal.
Farewell, old friend... Farewell...
Remulos, I am being drawn back... Tyrande... send her my love... Tell her I am safe... Tell her... Tell her I will return... Farewell...
Cenarius fights at my side. Illidan sits atop his throne in Outland - brooding. I'm afraid that the loss to Arthas proved to be his breaking point. Madness has embraced him, Remulos. He replays the events in his mind a thousand times per day, but in his mind, he is the victor and Arthas is utterly defeated. He is too far gone, old friend. I fear that the time may soon come that our bond is tested and it will not be as it was at the Well in Zin-Azshari.
You have been gone too long, Malfurion. Peace between the Children of Azeroth has become tenuous at best. What of my father? Of your brother? Have you any news?
Aye Remulos, prepare the mortal races.
I sensed as much, Malfurion. Dark days loom ahead.
I fear for the worst, old friend. Within the Dream we fight a new foe, born of an ancient evil. Ysera's noble brood has fallen victim to the old whisperings. It seems as if the Nightmare has broken through the realm to find a new host on Azeroth.
It was shrouded in nightmares, Malfurion. What is happening in the Dream? What could cause such atrocities?
Remulos, old friend. It is good to see you once more. I knew the message would find its way to you - one way or another.
Stand near me, $N. I will protect you should anything go wrong.
Come, $N. The lake is around the bend.
Do not taint these ruins, mortal.
He cannot be defeated.
Leave this place.
Your existence is acknowledged.
Help us, outsider.
Defiler... you will be punished for this incursion.
Leave this place.
You will perish here.
Help the children of Stormwind... victims of the war and plague!
Give of your hearts and your purses! Give to the children of Stormwind who have lost their parents.
Don't forget the orphans of Stormwind!
Give to the charities who seek to help the victims of these hard times! Please.
Here's a beacon, $N. Keep it to yourself, if you're gonna find mutilated things that we need.
I'll bring it right over, baby...
Coming right up!
You got it!
Hey Nag, how about you slice me off a piece of that...
Mistress, you tell Plugger that I want more of his ale. I can't get enough!
Nagmara! Have any mutton left?
Hey Nagmara! How about a mug of Dark Iron Ale?
Terenthis, Raene sent me to find you. The Sentinels are in need of help in Ashenvale.
Feegly the Exiled begins to make strange grunting noises. The Tear of the Moons drops to the ground and shatters.
Power! Glorious power!
Feegly the Exiled begins to rub the Tear of the Moons.
The power of the Tear of the Moons is mine! Mine I say!
Thank again, $n. Now I'll just wait here until it's safe to leave.
No matter. You were a fool to help me, and now you will pay!
Why have you summoned me so soon? I haven't yet reached my full power!
What? $N, you served me well, but...
Apothecary Zamah smiles.
%s gives message to Apothecary Zamah.
Go, my servant. Send word of Stonetalon to Apothecary Zamah.
%s summons a messenger...
Farewell, my friend.
And thank you, $N. Without your aid I may never have found my way to the Forsaken.
When time permits, we must speak at length. For we have much to discuss.
It has been a long time, Bethor, my friend.
%s sniffs the elixir then eagerly digs in!
His lieutenant, Ilkurd Magthrull possesses a tome which might indicate the location of the remaining soulgems.
He worried that his power weakened, that soon even we last of his precious soulgems would fade and die.
There were hundreds imprisoned by his spell. Now only a few remain in their prisons. He would speak to us sometimes.
When the shaking stopped, his true motives were revealed. We were trapped, and he was slowly draining our powers.
Athrikus came to us. He told us that he could save us from harm. He cast a spell upon us to protect us from harm.
We most definitely do not need any more attention drawn to us, stranger. Return to those that sent you in search of the lost master and tell them that nothing could be found. When this is done - and I will know when it is so - return and I shall reveal the secrets of the deceased.
I personally didn't mind him. It was the Prince who took exception to a high elf in his domain. Alas, I am not one to question the Prince. In his defense, he did not incinerate Master Winthalus immediately.
I very much doubt that he will have anything to say, stranger...
As you wish...
A nice catch it is at that! You bring honor to the Horde boy, We thank you!
I caught a fish if you are hungry...
Caught one! I'll see if any of the guards are hungry. Come on Fang!
Quillboar scraps! These should do the trick. Fish love Quillboar.
The beast is slain! All is well in Darkshire.
The abomination has overrun the Night Watch camp! Quickly, we must intercept it before it reaches town!
Defend yourself, fool!
That's it! That's what you were waiting for! KILL THEM!
Very well. I will return then.
Hmm, it could be that meddler Shaw. I will see what I can discover. Be off with you. I'll contact you again soon.
VanCleef sends word that the plans are underway. But he's heard rumors about someone snooping about.
There you are. What news from Westfall?
%s waits for the guards to be out of sight.
Yes, sir!
It's time for my meditation, leave me.
I shall use this time wisely, milord. Thank you.
Ah, thank you kindly. I will leave you to the library while I tend to this small matter.
Milord, your guest has arrived. He awaits your presence.
Thank you. The Light be with you both.
Of course. He awaits you in the library.
Good day to you both. I would speak to Lord Lescovar.
Wait here, $N. Spybot will make Lescovar come out as soon as possible. Be ready! Attack only after you've overheard their conversation.
By your command!
%s lets forth a mighty howl.
%s stares to the northwest and lets out a long, drawn out howl.
Yar, he's dead all right. That makes you da new king... well, all of you! Gordok is yours now, boss! You should talk to me so you can learn everything there is about being da king! I was... is his assistant! Yeah, that's why I'm called da crafty one!
OH NOES! Da king is dead! Uh... hail to da new king! Yeah!
I shall cling to the love of my daughter and hope that I will find forgiveness under the Light for my sins.
My sword Archeus served me well in life, but as at last my spirit may pass from the unhappy existence, I need it no longer.
I said GOOD DAY!
Ma reth bromo zoln kilagrin dra ma zoern tu ko fraht ka tadrom Ma krin drinor zaln dirnor Ma krin kan aasrugel korsul
I'm back!
Time to get back to the shop...
Thanks for the cheese!
Yes ma'am, business is brisk!
Hi Corbett! Here, you go! I trust business is faring well at your clothier shop...?
Good day, Corbett. Here's your cheese, fresh made this morning! And how are things at your shop?
Good day. Elling! Hullo Elaine! Let me have a wheel of blue cheese, eh?
Hullo, Trias clan! A ball of your smoked mozzarella, if you please!
Now for that snack...
Well, I am off than. Take care, Harlan!
Glad to see you're doing so well, Harlan. And I hope to see you again soon?
Ahh, much appreciated, Corbett. We'll get these on the racks immediately.
Ah yes, and promptly delivered. As always, it's a pleasure doing business with you, Corbett.
Oomph! Here's a load of supplies. It must be selling fast!
Hey Harlan. Here's a load of knitted cloth for you.
I should have a few extra coins from this sale. Maybe I'll buy myself some lunch...
Hm... after dropping this off, I think I'll head to that cheese shop for a snack.
Business must be good down at the bazaar. I'll get him resupplied right away!
My pleasure, sugar drop. I'll be back soon...
Corbett, you there? Harlan needs another load of knitted goods. Can you take it to him?
Corbett, dear. Harlan needs a load of knitted shirts and pants as soon as we can manage.
I hereby destroy these instruments of evil! For the Horde!
At last, the serum is complete, $N. Now, come closer. We must talk.
Almost done...
Here goes nothing...
The invisibility liquor is ready for you, $n.
This shouldn't take long...
%s tries opening Maury's Clubbed Foot...
I'm sure I can find a use for this mixture...
Thank you, $N.
Wow! $N, that dream dust is powerful stuff!
%s is dazed...
%s snorts a speck of dream dust up his nose...
The brood of Onyxia!
%s begins to cast a spell over the hearts and tongues.
%s writhes in pain.
I believe the Forsaken are misleading the allies of the Horde... wait... I feel so... dizzy...
That was refreshing. Now there's information that needs to be told...
%s takes big swig of ale.
Easier then I expected... the sigil of Thoradin is whole, once again.
Amazing! I feel... renewed. My strength returns!
What is this power that flows through me? Is this the power of shamanism that Tor'gan spoke of...?
%s watches as his blood begins to stir, and the guile of the raptor slips through him.
Okay, crew. Get to work on getting these bones installed.
The toxin is ready, $N.
%s fills a container with the toxin.
There we are, $N. The toxin is ready.
%s creates his toxin...
You were right to come. My wisdom will be yours.
%s listens to $N's plea.
Hey $N! Don't forget to grab a crate, a manual and a command stick!
I fear we may never soothe them...
The spirits of Stonetalon still rage, $N.
Onu is struck by unleashed magic!
Onu studies the parchment from the Twilight Tome...
My mind. . .my flesh. . .I'm. . .rotting. . . .!
I. . .I. . .don't. . .feel. . .right. . .
Hear ye, denizens of Tanaris! Let it be known $n is an exalted member of the Mithril Order. A blacksmith of honor, dedication, and infinite patience. Three cheers for $n!
Into the box me pretties! Thas it. One by one, ye go.
Peace and patience be with you, $N. Remain strong always.
We will suffer no demon's servant in our lands!
Well, that should do it. Come now, back to the shop to finish our business!
Follow me, good $C. I'll have your barding done faster than I could down a Dwarven stout. Mmmm... stout.
You are dismissed, $N.
Thank you great spirit. Thank you!
Spirits of Water, I give you praise, and I beg of you a favour. You have heard $N's please, and I trust his inent is noble. Please, will you aid us?
Hey there, Belm! Give me a mug of Thunder Ale, and one for my good friend $N.
In the throes of the Sundering, Ameth'Aran was at the whim of the terror that gripped the land. There was little hope for survival.
Sargath fades into the mist...
Then we must put an end to Athrikus Narassin. Tell me, spirit, where might we find the other soulgems, to undo his magic?
Glowing Soulgem bursts open!
A simple enough task to break this soulstone!
Thank you again, $N. This rare earth will be very helpful in my experiments.
Now let us place this rare earth in my planter...
Ribbit! No!! This cannot... ribbit... be! You have duped me with... ribbit... your foul trickery! Ribbit!
Oooooo hot hot hot! If that won't put spring in your step, I don't know what will!
There's nothing like some scalding mornbrew on a chilly Dun Morogh day to get things started right!
It is done...
%s begins a spell of summoning...
Until we meet again, brave one.
Wait, $N!!! It looks like we're going to need some help here...
You're going to be just fine.
Drink this, it will help.
Let me help you with those.
Gird yourself $N, for the demon in this orb is a fel beast.
Beware, $n! Look to the west!
This makes sense!
Follow, $N. I will soon begin the summoning...
The People of Westfall salute $N, a brave and valiant defender of freedom.
%s gestures to the pitcher of water sitting on the edge of the well.
I need to consult Noram and Horatio.
That's interesting...
Be patient $N. The torch is almost complete.
Well, back to business for me. But it sure was nice taking that short break, and it's always nice drinking Thunder Ale!
How goes the barrel watching...?
Ah, that sure does hit the spot! I think i'll get myself a couple more...can you watch these barrels for me, $N?
All right, I shall find people to help him.
Volcor need help ?
What happens?
Well, ok. I am now sending people . We need find and help him.
You know where he is?
Volcor was gone?
What happens?
Hello Grimclaw
Be bathed in my power! Drink in my might! Battle for the glory of the Horde!
Honor your heroes! On this day, they have dealt a great blow against one of our most hated enemies! The false Warchief, Rend Blackhand, has fallen!
The deeds are mine, brother! Soon you shall be out of my way for good!, Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, MINcendar
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