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FACC91F4Try not aiming next time. Maybe that way you'll hit 'em.
FACD323FWe were fired by Steven Dengler. Whoops.
FAD25582{#__}Thanks to you, the town has had a one hundred percent recovery. Tom is my last patient, and he'll be leaving tomorrow. You saved Rodia, Rangers. This disease would have killed us faster than those Jerks ever could.
FAD56C30(a/[COUNT]) Farsight(/s)
FAD69F0B{#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_13376}You want Rambeau to vote against Madam Heidi? No! 'E will not do it! Heidi is a good woman. A strong leader. She save 'Ollywood. Why would 'e do zis zing?
FADA2012This jerk isn't wearing any pants, and it looks like someone chewed him a new asshole. Literally.
FADA41FC{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_2359}Thanks for the help, ma'am.
FADB2C55{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_14649}I can't help it. My son's out there - what's left of him anyway. I don't wanna come upon him suddenly and have to... to shoot him. Much better if somebody else did it.
FADCA0B9Fuck you, Rangers! Go back to Arizona!
FADCDD68**cough** Freshest *Squeezins*. **cough** We take scrap or *trade*. **hack**
FADDC8A3{#__}Adios, children. Thanks for stoppin' by.
FADEB7C3This room is quite cluttered with books and papers indicating some kind of research. There appears to be a dead man in the corner. It looks like he committed suicide by slicing his wrists.
FADF1594(a/[COUNT]) shack letter(/s)
FADFF8E8System Information
FAE0159F{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_3162}I thought they were just bluffin'.
FAE33F72The sinks are a little leaky, and they're creating a mineral deposit stain on the sinks. That's pretty much the only complaint you have about this bathroom.
FAE62DA1We met a bunch of ex-aspirants who had failed the Gauntlet of Samson in Griffith Park. Their leader, Billy, says they have no money to get back home, and that Officer Lam wouldn't let them stay in Hollywood unless they paid him off. Maybe we can sort things out with the HSP and find them a place to stay.
FAE707A8What kind of person can kill another person while they're having sex?
FAE9487B{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_2148}Never liked mushrooms.
FAECDA8B{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_6439}Thank you, Rangers. You are most gracious. I... I'll go see my mother now.
FAED5E02Want to join up with us?
FAEDD0FBPlease, take another Bible and pass it on to any sinners you may meet in your travels.
FAF0DF75You're not cleared to be in here! Guards!
FAF4D175I saw yous jackasses messin' with my *favorite* barrel. Keep your hands off!
FAF6E591We'd like to use your radio tower. We need to hook it up to a Watson-Watt Adcock antenna array.
FAF76024{#wl3_AZ5_Sadler_1737}Fuck off, traitors!
FAF83565{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_1814}Lay off, cheese dick!
FAFB195D{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_16499}Ha! Yeah, I know Tan. Some people think he's crazy, playin' with bombs all day, but somebody's gotta do it, and he does it well. I just don't go into his room unless I absolutely have to.
FAFBE1ECContact Lenses
FAFCFC83After reading her brother's letter, Katy Bowling killed herself. It seems we were the bearers of bad news.
FAFDAD09{#wl3_AZ3_Samuel_7050}Any it. I don't know anything. Honest. You can ask anyone. I just peddle *booze*.
FB02302DShortcomings, sir? Surely not.
FB02CC9FHolding your nose, you bend close to read the title of the book, "McIntosh Radio Repeater Repair Manual." Sadly, all but three of the pages have been torn out and used, evidently, for toilet paper.
FB04B111[ATTACKER] misses [TARGET] and adjusts her sight.
FB05386BGuess that means you haven't found our diggers yet.
FB07A78BWe found your dowry. Here it is.
FB07A948Did you change your mind Rangers?
FB0A0ABA{#__}Welcome back, Team Echo! You're heroes for bringing peace to Rail Nomads! Heroes!
FB0B7509That's because you got your head so far up the boss' ass all you smell is shit.
FB0BB4E2Low dosage for small aches and pains. They're shaped like colorful lizards and there's a picture of a smiling baby on the label.
FB0C3FEE(a/[COUNT]) ration ticket(/s)
FB0D65E9We're not supposed to talk to people while we're in prison. Sorry.
FB119EF3Sorry, folks. Can't talk 'til it's fixed.
FB1271E9{#wl3_CA0_Neil_2278}Like your CO. No bullshit.
FB139153Clutched in the deadly tendrils of a rapidly-mutating pea plant, is a suntanned farmer, blood seeping from every limb as the razor-wire creepers tighten, biting into her flesh.
FB13F713{#__}I don't know who he was. Somebody said he was the brother or uncle of Commander Danforth, the leader of the Red Skorpions. Whoever he was, he doesn't have to pay any "Pig Taxes" or "Feed Transportation Tariffs". And that kindly old man act was bullshit too. He might not have beat us, but he sure as hell ordered the foremen to beat us. I don't mind he's dead, but I fear Danforth's wrath now when he learns of what you did here.
FB1667B7Your rifles are loaded with some extra special sauce that hits enemies that much harder.\n\n[b]Benefits:[/b]\n[00cc00]+1 Armor Penetration when using Assault Rifles[-]
FB16E8C5Then take my vengeance and go. I'm gonna lay down a while in the bitter earth. If you come back by this way, I'd take it as a kindness if you'd throw a few shovelfuls over me to keep me warm at night.
FB171A7A{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_2140}Oh wait. That's my bicep.
FB176F9AHave chips
FB181EFE{#__}You suck!
FB1820CCplague Victim{m}
FB18CF18Rodia has been taken over by a band of thugs known as the Leather Jerks. Their leader, Steven Dengler, appears to be well protected by some rather large jerks. He is going to be hard to kill if those jerks are still around.
FB199452{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_2162}Mmmm, smells delicious!
FB20E6CBA plain old glass eye or the coolest marble ever. You decide.
FB240B86{#__}Is McDade in power in the Bastion yet?
FB278673{#__}I'm sorry, Heidi. They did what you couldn't, or wouldn't, do. I am free now. I can say what I want.
FB27F643Alex Bermudez{M}
FB2A1A88Studies? I thought you just worked in distribution. What are you really up to?
FB2B05BFYou can't even kill a defenseless woman.
FB2DFA56(a/[COUNT]) bullet proof shirt(/s)
FB2E5788A chinless little man with a badge almost as big as his Adam's apple. He reaches through the jail cell bars toward you.
FB2E879D{#__}There you are, Rangers. I've been looking for you.
FB2EA812I do not wish to impose, but have you, by chance, found a microscope yet?
FB2F7B01Damn, Rangers! **cough** Thought juniper went extinct! I've read about somethin' called "gin" they used to make back before the **hack** apocaly-**hack hack**-se. I could give it a shot, mix it with some of our best Squeezins to fill it out **cough**. I'll pay ya and give ya a sample in **cough** trade.
FB2FEBDCDrink what you can before it's all gone.
FB30D522In the meantime, I'm going to stay here and smile.
FB354DCC{#__}You test my patience at the expense of others' lives. Typical Ranger behavior. Leave now.
FB37F9DD[i]By General S. Vargas[/i]\n\n[i]Chapter Two - From Stranger to Ranger[/i]\n\nI walked up to Ranger Center not knowing what to expect. It wasn't exactly an inviting looking place, which figures, what with it being a prison and all. But the Rangers were friendly enough and I soon learned it wasn't too hard to become a Desert Ranger. If you could shoot, understand orders, and follow them, that was good enough, and if you could patch up wounds or drive a jeep or work a radio, even better. You got your circle-star badge and your hat right there on the spot - no questions asked. And if you later turned out to be an untrustworthy son-of-a-bitch who was using the star and the Desert Ranger name for his own personal gain, why they just shot you and that was that. Pretty much the same system we have today, now that I come to think of it. \n\nAnyway, like I said, they welcomed me with open arms, partly because I was a good medic and a good shot, and partly because they were pretty short-handed at the time. Ha. That hasn't changed much either, has it? I guess it never does. Since the end of the world, the bad guys have always outnumbered the good, and there's never a lack of wrongs for us to right.\n\nTraining was mostly learning how to shoot people, rather than how to deal with conflicts in a peaceful manner. We didn't even learn a code of ethics to abide by. Hopefully [i]that's[/i] changed now. Don't get me wrong, a bullet is often still the best answer to a problem, but it should always be the last as well.\n\nI met my future squadmates pretty early in the training program, each with a sillier name than the last - Angela Deth, Hell Razor and Thrasher. Honestly, we didn't get along that well at first. I found Angela's brash manner and constant joking grating; Thrasher just seemed like an angry, ornery bull; and Hell Razor didn't seem to have any self-control at all, in combat or out.\n\nI don't know if we would've stuck together at all if not for Sergeant Dalton, who recognized early on how well our skills meshed together. My tactics and marksmanship combined with Thrasher's toughness and brute strength, Angela's uncanny ability to smash past locks as well as hold her own in any fight, and Hell Razor's berserker combat style and desert survival skills made us into an unstoppable fighting unit - and it was that recognition that we fit together so well that I think eventually made us friends, as well as squadmates.\n\nI thank Dalton to this day for forcing us to stay together through the rough patches at the beginning. I wish he'd lived long enough to see what we've made of ourselves now. Sadly, he died on patrol, leading another band of new recruits, just before I made captain. Damned shame. \n\nFor a while, the four of us just lived the daily grind of the Desert Ranger - scouting and foraging missions, patrolling our territory and checking in on the towns and farms under our protection, but then, way before we were ready, something serious came along. It started as just another patrol, making the rounds to Highpool and Ag Center, but what followed was the making of us. Though there were several times along the way that it could have been the breaking of us too. \n\nBut like I said, I'm not telling that story. You can read about that in Simak's history book. Instead, I'll tell you about what happened after.
FB3AE3DF{#wl3_CA1_Chris_14951}That old loser? Fuck him. I'm not going anywhere. I hope he fucking rots in that cage. He's got no vision for this town. I'm a fuckin' visionary. I'm gonna *run* it right.
FB3AE641So what now?
FB3B5D8C{#wl3_AZ3_Gorkinovich_8232}Don't strike me as much of a tough hombre, but a little Squeezins could fix that right up.
FB3CDA29{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_17175}And have orders from Ms. Robbinson to kill us, no doubt. Well, while I would certainly understand your reasons for wishing us harm, I hope you will allow me to *beg* for your forbearance.
FB3EC10B{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_3115}Still a little more packing to do.
FB3FF916Insufficient Perk Points
FB401077(a/[COUNT]) pink lace bra(/s)
FB416F4F{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_19244}Who knows power like the *Robbinsons*? No one! We are bred to power, and we will *exercise* it! *Mr. Manners* has divided the Coliseum with his *execution* of an innocent man, and we will reunite it under our banner!
FB427135We chased off the puppy. Time to tell George and Martha they can move in.
FB43C98EPitbull whimpers and tries to crawl away [DISTANCE].
FB483777{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_4659}That guy's no evil mastermind! He's just a henchman!
FB48A106{WL2_Kathy_ArCen_EnterOuter_01}Rangers, you're going into the outer fields now. I'm afraid our camera coverage is a lot spottier out there, so I won't be able to help you as much. Good luck.
FB48CF6B(a/[COUNT]) cannibal gunslinger(/s){M}
FB48FB04{#WL2_Vargas_Intro_06}It's about a day's walk east from here. I'll mark it on your map.
FB4AB720, bludgeoning (-him/her/it) so hard (-his/her/its) ancestors felt it
FB4AC3E2We don't have the firepower to take down the source. Your best bet is to get out of town until we come back.
FB4ACEC2Oh... Well, that... wasn't very nice.
FB4BB8C3Heating element
FB4D146F{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_12304}She said she was from east of the old Prison, which is odd, now that I come to think of it. Radiation's closed off the way east for years.
FB4D9B60"Here lies Ace. Born a man, died a Desert Ranger."
FB511DD0{WL2_WeirdSignals_Wow}[cc]weird sounds[-]
FB512B3F{wl2_AZ6_WerewolfWally_12152}Hey all you cats and kittens, this is Werewolf Wally with a big old-fashioned Damonta "Fuck You!" for those dick-wad Desert Rangers.
FB527701Careful and proud maintenance of your weaponry allows you to get just a bit more out of them when firing them on full auto.\n\n[b]Benefits:[/b]\n[00cc00]-5% Chance to Hit penalty on Burst Fire attacks[-]
FB533E08Are you calling me a liar? I love the church. I love it! Nobody can say I don't!
FB57190FWhere is the Chapel level?
FB5C6061Cannot Dismiss
FB5F9A61A snotty brat with a cruel streak and an attitude. They breed 'em mean here in Highpool.
FB642585We tried to help a kid who was drowning in the lake, but we "accidently" killed him.
FB661A99{WL2_Vargas_DeathSquad_Prison_15}You *<@Goodbye>copy* that kill order, Echo One? Be careful out there.
FB67EBA2Warranty Sticker
FB6931C5{#wl3_AZ6_WerewolfWally_10447}Hmmm. Sounds like somebody's jokin' with me. Well, I don't open the door to jokers, either. Go find your own shelter.
FB6981B0Critical Failure
FB6AAC1D(a/[COUNT]) diamond earring(/s)
FB6C5DF7{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_3443}I wish I had the knowledge to help him.
FB6CCA3BPut 'er there!
FB6E6250{#__}I don't know about that.
FB6FFBDA{#wl3_AZ6_Jill_3546}Howdy, Rangers! Good to lay eyes on you.
FB704137{#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_10234}'Allo? Ah, ze customer. Welcome to *Rambeau*'s Gun Shop. I am Jean Rambeau, ze owner. How may I give to you assistance?
FB7043AEThough parched, these berries still give off a pleasant aroma. Good for making potpourri and gin.
FB70B225The candy's gone. This is just the wrapper.
FB70C4C4{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_18920}Damn shame you had to leave Damonta to those robots. It's an even worse shame that you left those people behind too. This is conduct unbecoming of a Ranger, recruits. It's going down in your service record.
FB750519Tearing flesh and crushing bone [ATTACKER] mauls [TARGET][DAMAGE].
FB7AF496{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_3378}And I thought you guys were old. Damn.
FB7D0759{#wl3_AZ23_Jan_24293}You are a tribute to your order, Rangers. The plague made us into mindless zombies, but you brought us back to our senses. Please, you must allow us to go on caring for this place in secret. We are all that keeps the world from reviving *Finster*'s mad experiments.
FB7F17D2{#__}Wait for me at Laban's Rest. Once the Rangers have freed us I'll meet you there.
FB8028B8To continue, you too must carry a VHS tape, and my knights and I are the ones who hold them. To take them from us, you must defeat us in combat - melee weapons only - but if you continue to attack after we yield, or use disallowed weapons, the Gate of the Station will not open and you will not be able to proceed with the Gauntlet.
FB82E6C6{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_4137}You know how you can tell these guys are bad?
FB843E6E[ATTACKER] turn(s/) (its/their) pod-studded head(/s) toward you, [DISTANCE] away.
FB857C8F(a/[COUNT]) tattered leather holster(/s)
FB89D872You win. My total was [DEALERTOTALCLOSED]. Take your bullets and leave. We're closed.
FB8A65FD{#WL2_Vargas_Intro_08}The voice on those broadcasts disturbed me greatly. It talked crazy talk about a future where man and machine would be one. Worse, it talked about us - the Desert Rangers - specifically. It said it was coming for us.
FB8A9046{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_5686}Gentlemen, are you ready? Your machines are in working order?
FB8C8C52, splashing everything in the vicinity with (-his/her/its) steaming blood
FB8F9BFF(a/[COUNT]) sniper rifle(/s)
FB908492In the shadows of the tunnel before you, you see a body lying on the floor.
FB9265F1Who are the Field Hands?
FB9350C7You noticed a couple of I. C. Weiners and Connie Linguses in the mix. Seems like other 12 visitors decided to stay anonymous.
FB958DDC{#__}For Matthias and the Citadel!
FB95F639Penitent Jill{F}
FB99999E{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_25435}My name's Fred, but ain't nobody call me that. All over LA they know me as Pistol Pete, the straight shootin'est, straight talkin'est gun-seller north of the 91. If you wanna buy or sell, I'm ready to *deal*, but if you've a mind to *help* a fella in need, I'd appreciate you hearin' me out.
FB9AA20E{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_5308}I'd watch the words that come outta his mouth if I was you.
FB9ADF5EI don't talk of such things.
FB9C1775Military Pack
FB9D3C37+2 Hard Ass
FB9DD09A{wl2_AZ6_WerewolfWally_12361}And I'd like to add my own personal thank you. "Thanks for runnin' those robots out of town, Rangers. You rock!" And this one is for you.
FBA03F54presence of third nipple.
FBA0719BCollander of the Marine Core{M}
FBA305ECNow, if you're satisfied, please tell Brother Franks at Outpost One to send me help. Then return to me and I'll give you a few choice pieces when we open the crates.
FBA3E397DBM Sharpshooter{F}
FBA6CD5ENothing can be done you fools! Game over, man! Game over!
FBA799C4{WL2_Kate_ValveOpen4_01}Alright! You did it! Last thing to do is open the main valve here in the control room! I'll let you have the honors. You earned it, that's for sure.
FBAAE397DBM Sharpshooter{M}
FBAEE584{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_3365}Ugh! They're so ugly! And a dude? No way!
FBB119AA{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_1867}You got false teeth?
FBB15A13{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_Intercom_12}[i]Yes[-], we need help! What have I been saying? I'm unlocking the doors now.
FBB4C13DAngel Oracle is not open for business anymore.
FBB4D3BEOh my God, thank you.
FBB52693[COLOR]Perception Bonus:[-] [TEXT]
FBB5A2FBRed Hen/Little Red Hen
FBB5FBD6Hee hee hee! Y'hit (-him/her/it) where (-he/she/it) pees!
FBB8128AThis seesaw looks like it was pieced together from spare train parts.
FBB8ADBC{#__}Those'll do you right out there.
FBB8B32C{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_29908}Matt turned this place from an overgrown vegetable patch to a real honest-to-Pete research center. He's doin' real good for the local communities, and he's done good by us too. He might walk past you in the yard without looking at you sometimes, but you know it's 'cause he's got some new plan cookin' so you don't mind so much.
FBB96AC4{#__}Always good to see a Ranger, no matter what Howdy says.
FBBB169FWith salt addiction soaring, George and Martha at Higher Ground have lost a lot of business, but they still make enough from their herbal remedies to keep going.
FBBE707EThanks again. The safe's at the back of our compound, if you want a look.
FBBF4503{#WL2_Danforth_Conversation_07}How ya feelin' Reina?! Who's a good girl! Who's a good girl!
FBBF9D41(a/[COUNT]) beer(/s)
FBBFB915{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_5054}Yeah, yeah. Lets just get to the part where we kill shit.
FBC06068Made it Ma! King of the Road!
FBC10F95{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_7916}He's harmless. He used to threaten us with that bomb of his, but we all knew it was fake.
FBC4A1B9Blonde Pompadour
FBC4EC4BSlips and fires (+his/her/its) gun into the air.
FBC52CF1Before you rises a massive stone wall, well-fortified with gun towers and barbed wire. The gate is equally impressive, with heavy steel bands reinforcing stordy oak timbers. Standing in front of the gate is a squad of Knights of the Church Militant. Their leader, a giant hispanic man with a thick black beard, salutes you. He looks like he could lift a car one-handed. Off to one side you can see the bodies of aspirants, all with their heads caved in.
FBCF334EA floppy disk. The note "select to catch, release" is written on the label.
FBD0BA09Have you seen Hell Razor lately?
FBD1D6CF{#wl3_AZ3_Chisel_4095}Helpin' a friend get free of a she-cat's claws.
FBD602C0{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_1814}Lay off, cheese dick!
FBD85753Order of Transit
FBE33EB5Missing Tooth
FBE38803A bra so nice you won't want to cover it up!
FBE42F2AQuicksave [NUM]
FBE6CF43What do you know about Rodia?
FBE8194EBy Samson's Beard, aspirants, that was a stirring fight. Thank you, and bless you. Here are your Bibles. May they bring you comfort and solace in the years ahead. You may now open the gate with the control box to my right. You can then go through the gate and enter the Bastion of Faith.
FBE8AFC8Fine, fine. You convinced me. I'll come with you.
FBEA2625Watch your step, asshole.
FBED3F89Reinforced Plating
FBED95A1Field Stripping
FBEF90BBOh my God! The one guy with the mullet just ripped the other guy with the mullet's throat out with one hand!
FBF12403{#wl3_CA0_AdrianGordon_2217}And my feet kind of hurt.
FBF3DE3AI miss my husband.
FBF409C9Binh? Are you out there?
FBF58A1E{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_3683}Here, I'll mark the location on your map..
FBF71FE5{#WL2_Bergin_Wardin_16}The Wrecking Crew are still out there, Rangers. And our irrigation system's still busted. Am I gonna have to call the Red Skorpions?
FBFB3346{#__}Speaking of hurt... found any more pain pills? I'm runnin' a little low and I'm still willing to pay for them.
FBFBE2EFYou still talkin'?
FBFC1F2FUh... caterpillar.
FBFC2B21Well, fuck you too. I hope a badger eats your larynx.
FBFE42D1{#wl2_AZ0_AngelaDeth_23754}So, well, I know it's goin' against orders, but if you let me tag along and be in at the kill, well, I'll help you find your feet out there. Maybe give you a few pointers along the way. I may be old and slow, but I know the wastes like the back of my hand. Whaddaya say?
FBFF112D{#wl3_CA6_Raji_28916}Big as a house, and he's still a human sock puppet. And you know who has her hand up his ass and is moving his lips for him? *Heidi* fucking Hollander. He's so grateful to her for keeping Hollywood safe that he kisses her ass twenty four hours a day. As far as he's concerned, she's never done anything wrong in her life...
FBFFE325Yeah, he wanted to break you out but he didn't make it, I'm sorry.
FC028F97{#__}All geared up to march through the radiation cloud. Echo? Better you than me.
FC03295FHoney, I ain't that cheap!
FC03BF27(a/[COUNT]) coffee mug(/s)
FC048415No way. Can't tip a cow that's following you that diligently. It's far too cute.
FC04A86A{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_49}The computer is down the corridor past the airlock behind us. I can open that lock, but if you're gonna do your job and rescue our guys, see Rose. She has the current override codes for the greenhouse airlocks. Either way will lead you to the computer room eventually.
FC06B08EUse the Character screen to dismiss a squad member before attempting to add another.
FC06CCC6{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_15336}A tiny little place that only exists so that the aspirants who come to the *Bastion* for the *Gauntlet of Samson* can have a place to sleep before starting up the hill.
FC06E2ED{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_18849}I took a few of the microchips out of that portable video game system. Couldn't turn them into anything immediately useful, but I learned quite a bit. Still worth letting you look at some of my other gear.
FC07F482Oh, hi Rangers. I'm still looking for my dog.
FC08CD6B{#wl3_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_17519}You asked for the shoe in return for saving her, and you did your part. I gotta do the honorable thing even if I think it's gonna get all us Atchisons killed. I'll show you where it is. This way.
FC0948C0You want scrap as tribute? I don't understand. I've always given medical supplies.
FC0A6649{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_25772}Hello again, Rangers. Say... perhaps you'd be interested in having me as a travelling companion. As a former "Mad Monk," I am something of an explosives expert, and not just in the "throwing them at people wildly" sense. I can give you more [i]bang[-] for your [i]buck[-]. Heh heh heh.
FC10A431Yuck. This came off the hard way.
FC12A690Her name is Pizepi. She's a mutant.
FC1839B2{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_2966}Either gotta join 'em or take 'em.
FC188529{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_10125}Heard you helped put the Topekans on top in Rail Nomad. Well, they're more together than the Atchisons, I guess.
FC1BE163Get out or get dead!
FC1C82AE{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_3904}Hmmm. What was his girlfriend's name again?
FC1D83A8A large, depressing gate with an even more depressing town behind it.
FC1E243C{#__}You lost Ag Center and Bergin might hand Highpool to the RSM? Not good, dudes.
FC1EABC8And you wonder why you can't find a nice girl?
FC1F795C{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_4200}Destroy - [i]demolish, devastate, decimate[-]!
FC1FD874(a/[COUNT]) Rust Bucket(/s)
FC221694{#__}Now I'm gonna have to find him and bring him back.
FC252808{#wl3_AZ3_Gorkinovich_18332}You killed... Larry... Why would you do that? Just because you wear a badge it doesn't mean you got the right to go around killing innocent folks. Get the hell out my bar, you ain't welcome here anymore.
FC278E6C{#wl3_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_2723}What can I do for you, Rangers?
FC29C63B{#wl3_AZ23_Jan_4105}That's too bad. Then I'm afraid you have to die.
FC3157B3You don't like Vargas?
FC3256F1{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_59}We've got a deal with them to use their trains to distribute our food, but they can't seem to stop fighting each other long enough to get it together.
FC331AE2{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_5804}I don't hate many people, son. But for you I'll make an exception.
FC333CBD[i]It's barely legible, but you can make out the phrase:[/i]\n\ncombo Red
FC33D799{WL2_Hobo_AZMapOracle_11}The empty mountain roars and its metal kin rise to its commands.
FC346DB0I don't understand it. She wasn't exactly known for her piety. She's been with us for less than a year, and she's seemed more interested in medicine than our faith. Yet she's the one who launched Titan. I... I'm *embarrassed* it wasn't me.
FC34C39E[ATTACKER]'s bullets whistle past [TARGET]'s ear.
FC367B7E{#wl3_AZ3_Katy_10280}How... how did you know that? Did you read a [i]private[-] letter? I... Oh god, that means he didn't get the money. He...
FC377EF5{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_12541}Not very Rangerly of you. Thought you were supposed to help people! Guess I'll just have to make it out myself. After a few more drinks...
FC3B4966{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_4838}What are you thinking? I won't harm my mutant family!
FC3CBC12(A/[COUNT]) round(/s) (%hit/strike/penetrate)(s/) [TARGET][DAMAGE].
FC3DE461{wl2_CA10_Mathias_24226}You disappoint me, Los Angeles! How can you fall for the Desert Rangers blatant propaganda and their outright lies! Do you not see the danger you are in? If you continue to welcome the Rangers and give them authority over you, the atrocities will only get worse!
FC3FE39DBooby Trap{n}
FC3FF7A5{WL2_Vargas_DeathSquad_Prison_KickedOut_01}Forced them? I... well...
FC4120FA{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_2118}Not a bad little set up.
FC444C06{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_1864}Boy is that guy dead.
FC452099Be careful about carrying too much. Each Ranger has a Max Carry Weight that he or she can bring along. Rangers aren't pack mules, so be sure to regularly sell any unneeded items to traders, or give some of one squad member's load to another.
FC45B358I wonder what's for dinner tonight.
FC4663EDWhat they did know was that the politicians and the generals had finally ended the world. Now everything was gone.
FC46B75EToo bad the Wrecking Crew already broke most of the windows in town.
FC4988A4Rose knows more than everybody here combined. I got so much to learn from her. Don't I, Rose.
FC4B9503{#__}We come out of the great glow and return to it at death. It is the natural state of all things, the warm and welcoming light of energy unbound.
FC4E1B6FWhere is Billy Dee?
FC52B76C{#wl3_AZ5_Dirk_3250}I'm tellin' you, you better back off.
FC534895{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_29876}Well, combined with the word Darwin, it's makin' me think that this damned monk was lookin' to recover some of Finster's old research from Darwin *Village*. *Finster* was working on all sorts of bio-weapons. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he'd brewed up some sort of plague, and if this metal monk is after it, we've got trouble.
FC564885Would you like to hit or stay?
FC578A57{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_24420}Of all the things I think I miss most about the old world, the greatest is the lack of proper place settings for the evening meal. Gives it an air of class and charm. If someone were to find a complete place setting, why, who knows what I might be willing to part with?
FC58A92CAnything to say about Matt Forrestal?
FC5B14A9{WL2_Kathy_ArCen_EastIrragation_01}My God. We saw everything on the monitors from up here. I can't believe Patrick was... Jesus. Thank you, Rangers. Thank you for ferreting out that bastard.
FC5C0A7C{#__}All over the canyon! A man can't get away from the Mad Monks' goddamn sermons!
FC5C230D{#__}You'd like to help? That's great, just great. Now that you've been processed and educated, we might just take you up on that. Right now, though, you should get acquainted with the place. You'll have to stick by a few *rules*, but I don't suppose that's too much a hardship for law enforcers such as yourselves.
FC5C5256How can you help us?
FC5DF3B7{#wl3_AZ3_RobertBowling_Katy_7147}I can't thank you enough for taking care of Pitbull. You are true blue Rangers.
FC5EAB99{#__}Baychowski's back in the drunk tank, huh? Only duty he's fit for.
FC5EB569{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_3134}I don't think this was an accident.
FC5FBD07Bent Spoon
FC6098BD(a/[COUNT]) male(/s){M}
FC60EDF6We found Bob's family heirloom. It's a statue of a fat guy with shiny black hair and checkered pants. Must have sentimental value. Better show it to Bob.
FC653442{#__}You fools! Hurry! Bring me a true titan!
FC6583E1Really? Interesting. I always thought there was something shifty about that man. Well, thank you for returning the supplies. We're always short, so this is a great help.
FC683616Master is good. Master only hits Svargas when he's been bad. Svargas loves master.
FC68F5A2Them *Red Skorpions* took 'bout everything I had. All I got left is a wagon fulla crap, but you might see something that takes your fancy.
FC6B7013But look, I've tried this recipe and it's surprisingly good.
FC6C6DB8, rolling it dead like a sack of blood sausages
FC6EC683Wish we could get the train runnin' again. Ain't worked in months.
FC6FF110{#wl3_CA1_Mayor_1990}Thank you, strangers.
FC71002FWho have you seen come through here?
FC722840The Ranger's Star on this hat makes it damn clear who's in charge.
FC749F90{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_10141}Sounds like you've stirred a nest of scorpions out at the prison. If you need any extra armament, let me know.
FC756D06Wrecked. The plane must have hit nose first, because everything up here is smashed. [VARIANT]
FC75814D{#__}So, you helped the Topekans. Hmmm, I'm gonna wanna ask you yer reasons for that sometime, for the official Desert Ranger history.
FC7A1811Can you use this to repair Big Betty?
FC7DF780You have saved the world - or at least this small piece of it. Setting off Min's cobbled-together nuke inside Ranger Citadel destroyed the AI and all its minions, and prevented its source code from broadcasting and propagating to other computers, robots and augmented humans. The AI's robotic future has been prevented. Unfortunately, the explosion has also made Ranger Citadel an uninhabitable irradiated hell-pit for the next few centuries, which means the Desert Rangers are once again looking for a new home. Until they find one, they have set up a temporary headquarters at the site of Ace's murder, using the radio tower there as their means of communication, and have ironically dubbed the place the new Ranger Citadel.
FC7E97D3{#wl3_CA1_BulletGrabber_4908}Correctamundo. Now what do you win? A chance to pay me!
FC7ECD93{#__}AIiIAAaUHhh! My chest! It burns!
FC7FEED8{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_1779}I wish I wasn't here.
FC806DE9Rad suits
FC80A3DCJust kill me.
FC818A4C{#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_13998}Dat is a good place. Good 'amburgers. Good French fries. Though of course dey are not French. Dey do not 'ave French fries in France. Rambeau has not seen 'dem.
FC81EC08[ATTACKER]'s blade swishes harmlessly over [TARGET]'s head.
FC83AFB4What do you know about the Synths?
FC86E836{#wl3_CA2_ExecutionSpectator18_881}After him!
FC8C91C6Hey asshole, die in a fire!
FC8D533BGive Jess-Belle her Derringer dowry
FC914E3B{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_4492}Sorry she got hit, but my mom woulda fought back.
FC91ADC6{#wl3_CA0_WadeWoodson_9503}Echo One, I'm giving several of your team members field promotions for their recent actions. Well done.
FC956AD2Disgusted by the Rangers lack of liquid hospitality, Scotchmo has staggered back to Rail Nomad and become the King of the Hobos. He has finally given up on his dream of becoming a Desert Ranger.
FC99F3E2Brother Staal wants 3 containers of sludge to make nuke grenades
FC9B69F9Something came up, forget about it.
FC9E3773{#wl3_CA0_KillerCarlson_11337}How's it... coming, Rangers? You seal up all those... holes yet? Well get it in gear. I'm not gonna rest in peace before it's done.
FC9F2EE4Your friend Raji is dead, sorry.
FC9F7C3EThe Heyman Hot Potato is a powerful explosive.
FCA257B7{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_3300}We got no dog in this fight. Leave it.
FCA577B9{wl2_CA6_HeidiHollanderHCC_25057}So, here is my offer to all the boys of the God's Militia. Put down your guns and come to Heidi's. We won't laugh. We won't make fun of you. We're professionals. We've seen it all, and we know how to make you forget the cares of the world, no matter what the caliber of your weapon.
FCA8A616{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_1533}Kick ass, sister.
FCAA5A7C"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. --GHANDI" is carved into the immense, impossibly balanced stone. The words show no sign of wear.
FCAD2448[ATTACKER] stabs for [TARGET] but trips and misses.
FCB00F36{#wl3_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_8249}It's hidden in the see-saw. If you want it you'll have to break it apart. Now leave us alone.
FCB01EFD{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_29578}So, you handed Rail Nomad to the Topekans. Makes sense, I guess. They're definitely in better shape to get the trains runnin' again, but it was a pretty brutal fix, Rangers. I know the Atchisons had been resorting to vile measures lately, but their cause was just and now they're gone. Wish you could have found another way.
FCB36113I know you'll never get there without a Mark of Titan!
FCB39522{#wl2_CA10_Mathias_30743}You know the *town of Rodia*? We require the meat and produce they grow to feed our troops until their synth bodies are ready to inhabit, but they have refused to pay us our tithes. This must change. I want you to go there and kill whoever is in power, as well as any who resist you, and secure those crops and livestock for the cause.
FCB3BAD0{#wl3_CA1_Cliff_2719}Come again, strangers. Please.
FCB49986{#__}Hey, Rangers, my boy ran off to visit our neighbor Anna. If you see Bucky, please tell him to come home.
FCB4EA7BDamn, that is impressive work, Rangers. My CO will definitely want to take a look at that. If you live up to my expectations, you'll meet him soon enough.
FCB7BCCDWhy should I fear the *Gauntlet*? I have God on my side!
FCB963A1{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_8619}I warned you, Rangers. I am not like you. I will not callously abandon friends in need. Goodbye.
FCBBB919You're proud of the Topekan train?
FCBC503E{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_3362}Can I have his bottle if you kill him?
FCC0D67F{#__}We've got to put him out of his misery!
FCC24335The canyon is *Titan*'s domain and we, his servants, protect it in his name. Anybody who travels through the canyon with a brother in tow can pass freely and safely through its length. No one may attack you, or they will face the *Wrath of Titan*.
FCC2B641{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_4748}What do you want now, Rangers? My time is important.
FCC3F2E5(a/[COUNT]) dirty grenade(/s)
FCC3F843With their daughter back and saved from being taken over by the AI because you blew it up before it could broadcast its code, Hector and Carla are doing what they can to help the other refugees, cooking for them and working toward the day they can move back and reopen the El Saigon.
FCC4ACC9{#wl3_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_36817}The Topekans think they're the gods of the railway, and we're just their slaves. Well they might run the trains, but we Atchisons lay the tracks and keep 'em in shape, and we oughta get our share of the profit from all the rail trade. That's what all this is really about. Blaming us for wrecking the *train*? That's just *Kekkahbah* trying to justify not giving us our share. Well, we're not gonna take it.
FCC50663Sega Saturn
FCC56123You Rangers aren't welcome here.
FCC672B7{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_5419}You'll find what you're looking for in the backroom, enjoy.
FCC83779What's going on at the clinic?
FCC89204{#__}I hope you have written up this Canyon of Titan you discovered. I need to add it to my maps.
FCCAC94C{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_6470}You did more with the tech the Guardians collected than they ever did.
FCCB7061{WL2_Vargas_SinglePromo_52}Echo One, your recent progress merits a field promotion for one of your team.
FCCC3C24{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_27582}As for you, you have saved the Angel. I hope you will harbor no hard feelings regarding your implication in Fletcher's escape. Speaking of which, we no longer require your aid in returning Fletcher. I will send word at once for your friend to be released and for all confiscated items to be returned.
FCCD4EB4We seized the shit out of our potential!
FCCDA7FB[ATTACKER] bullet narrowly misses [TARGET].
FCCE15A9While the fear has left his face, Julio is still wracked with sadness.
FCCFF008No one fucks with the Rail Thieves! Not even the Rangers!
FCD13578{#__}Sammy didn't say much more about it. Seemed spooked about the whole thing. You wanna talk to him, you *might* find him in Rail Nomad. That's where he goes to resupply.
FCD27B97Why did you kill 'em?
FCD292E1Looks like this used to be the engineering room for the Cistern. There are workbenches and metal working machines all around, and shelves full of spare parts. In one corner sits a table and littered with cigarette butts and empty bottles.
FCD35364{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_5178}You brought back Baychowski? You shouldn't have. Really.
FCD37595Hear you tagged and bagged ol' Danforth. Way to go, bro!
FCD3BD42A small tent on the opposite side of the compound. See Doctor Baum there. He will determine if your condition warrants further attention.
FCD4BB85What kind of a trick?
FCD4EC01{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_1242}Endless loot.
FCD567DDThanks, Rangers! Go get the rest!
FCD72F58{#wl3_AZ3_Gorkinovich_10312}Don't know where he is right now. Sold him a case of Squeezins a few days back, so he's probably makin' his rounds.
FCD848EFAirplane graveyard?
FCD9FB85{#__}It... it's been tampered with. Someone tried to... saw through it. Probably the same person who put the... mutagen in it. The one that's... changing the plants and *insects*. If we can shut it down... well, it won't end the *crisis*, but you may not be able to turn it. You may have to... blow it up.
FCDA3D44Radical! Here's a note to take to *them*.
FCDB7946{#wl3_AZ3_Melissa_9870}I am coming with you, Rangers. You brought peace to an impossible war. I will not let you die in another one.
FCDB9073Is your radio tower still working? We're tracing a signal.
FCDEB637{#wl3_AZ6_WerewolfWally_17147}A what now? A Wads and Horsecock what? Oh! For triangulation! Why didn't you say so in the first place? Well, as long as it doesn't interfere with me bringin' the music to the people, go ahead.
FCDF279C{#__}What can I do for you?
FCDFE620{#wl3_CA1_Mayor_18120}Last I saw, Mr. Gekko was deep in conversation with the leaders of the Jerks. Well, I had one of those conversations with them, and I ended up here, so I don't care to think what may have happened to him.
FCE02CA5We're glad you decided to let Vulture's Cry go.
FCE30B20{#wl3_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_19526}Amazing! I never thought we'd get it back. You've done a great deed here today, Rangers. As long as the Atchisons are in power, you will always be welcome in Rail Nomad. Here, take this. It's not much but you deserve it.
FCE629D4After his death, Brother Thomas was buried as a Ranger in Santa Fe Springs. His gravestone reads, "He lost his faith, but never his honor."
FCE7DB53{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_2769}Hee hee hee. Gets me every time.
FCF0D442A sturdy iron cage. Faint bloodstains remain on the floor from previous... entertainments.
FCF3D78A(a/[COUNT]) sick (woman/women){F}
FCF456A3, dropping (-him/her/it) like a stone
FCF5ED14{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_5219}Something deeply creepy is happening here. I can feel it.
FCF61AD3{wl2_CA10_Mathias_24161}You? You made it back to Arizona? How? How do you keep winning? [0:8]You should be dead. A hundred times dead. Dugan should have killed you. The scorpitrons should have killed you. My army should have killed you. You're like cockroaches! *Why* do you keep *hounding* me?
FCF7DBE2Hmm... it might be in working order now... maybe.
FCF9E871{#wl3_AZ3_Quarex_2992}Oh, wait. I don't have any friends.
FCFA53C8What do you know about Finster?
FCFF2536These holy fucks need to burn in hell!
FD039060{#wl3_AZ6_WerewolfWally_31124}Groovy! And listen, that place is a scavenger's dream. An enterprising group such as yourselves could probably find enough prime tech in there to make the fight worthwhile. I hear there's even an old *missile silo* back there somewhere with all kinds of treasure. It's a dangerous place, but you're dangerous folks. I'm sure you'll manage.
FD04086A{#__}Yep. I'm the wizard of boom. The sorcerer of shrapnel. If you need to put a little bang in your party, I'm the man to see. Now, you can get the regular, off-the-shelf stuff from Melson up in the Quartermaster's Office, but if you need something special, something that'll make a [i]real[-] impression out there, come see me. I can show you the *fun stuff*.
FD04B925Mr. Manners is dead and so is his thirst for revenge.
FD05C5D2{#wl3_CA6_Swifty_Schwags_9879}You don't believe me? Look. That's Theda Bare. She was the headliner at Manny's for three years. I put her there!
FD0628F5Installing Mods
FD072628Look, my withered compadre, your vibes are just too dark for me.
FD08F5C7If you're already a hero of the wasteland and have been known to make raiders pee themselves just by looking at them, this is your setting. But don't say we didn't warn you...
FD097D88{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_3544}Whoa. That guy has zippers. In his skin.
FD0C23F2{#__}The Canyon of Titan is the safe zone. Though sometimes getting to it isn't quite so safe.
FD0D12DB{#__}I'll leave you to it, then. Good luck, friend.
FD1004E2{#wl3_AZ3_MrsParker_17014}Oh, no. Oh, Choo Choo Charlie. No. How could this be possible? I don't believe... no, I do. It was that girl's fault. His Atchison floozy. She led him into a trap! I know it! **sob** Please, leave me be.
FD109DB0{#wl3_CA0_KillerCarlson_27081}About time you... closed those gaps. Wasn't sure I was gonna... hold on 'til you were through. Now... anything you want to ask before I... cash in my chips? Our *mission* here in Los Angeles, for instance. Or maybe you wanna know about our... chopper going down in *Seal Beach*, and the... whole *crew* with it.
FD10D18F{WL2_Vargas02_Highpool_02}See Mayor Vickstrom there about using their *tower*. He knows you're comin'.
FD113AC6Duck pretty good for an old man, don't I?
FD160DC4The Rangers are trying to break into the meeting hall! Stop them!
FD182A75What do we know about the Children of the Citadel, sir?
FD1A0D45A scorched metal box with a beaten up pre-war computer inside it, labelled "Æthelwulf's Utopia, R.I.P., 1993-1998. Just one more victim of the new world."
FD1A71A0Yer back.
FD1BD5D1{#__}Well shit partner I'm sorry, didn't mean to come on so strong. Can't trust people these days you know.
FD1D5E8BSorry, no vacancy.
FD20E473Mark of Tytan
FD21425ABullet Ridden
FD25C42DRanger Citadel received a distress call from Knottsburg, a village near Ag Center. They've been hit with the Ag Center plague, and we'll need to put the cure in the drinking water to ensure it's dispersed throughout the town.
FD260CEDSuture Kit
FD27FF9DTry it, cowboy. Hey, Team Blue! Code Red! Code Red!
FD29706D{#wl3_CA1_Mayor_3530}Thank you, strangers. Feels good to mo-
FD2B48E1{#__}Alright then. Yeah, Boating's one of my favorite customers. Buys *serket* in bulk. A bit squirrelly, but who am I to judge. Everyone's scrap is welcome here.
FD2C8867{#wl3_AZ6_WerewolfWally_8554}Always! Even robots can't kill the buzz you get off a good tune. I'll *pay* for anything intact.
FD2F2F4D{#wl3_CA0_Neil_4914}What the hell do you call these poor sons-of-bitches?
FD2F7A9BAnd we're begging you to see sense. Come out and let's negotiate.
FD2F9F80{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_1261}Ah. Never mind.
FD33E61E{WL2_Bergin_HIghpoolDistress2_01}This is Highpool calling anyone! Can anyone hear me? SOS! The Wreckers have knocked down our tower. I don't know if we're even transmitting. Can anyone hear me? Anyone?
FD35C8F2{#wl3_CA1_Beatrice_7040}That poor sucker'll do [i]anything[-] if he thinks I'm in danger. What a loser.
FD35E34F{#wl3_CA1_Cliff_2874}Thanks. Anything else you need?
FD361F09{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_2467}Or was it some other place?
FD3731A5Scratched Armor
FD375E71Well, if you aren't interested, then I have no interest in you. Good day.
FD386311You assholes! You broke the valve. Now my house is going to burn down.
FD3AB496{WL2_Topekan1_DeathSquad_Topekans_05}Attacked us? They fucking murdered us! We couldn't stand against them!
FD3C0B7F{#wl3_CA2_ExecutionSpectator5_1777}She's not very nice!
FD3DA1DE{#__}I'm **cough** LITERALLY dying here, and **cough** you're joking with me?
FD3E10F7(a grenade/[COUNT] grenades)
FD3E1282{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_1885}Hallelujah, brother!
FD3EDA92Yes, Lizzie?
FD4067A9{#__}You are angels of mercy, Team Echo. Saving Doc Tidemann's life like that. Angels!
FD445E7D{#__}Take him away, but please don't eat any of his meat. He'll make you all sick.
FD47F708Uses the power of synth technology to help you land more blows on target.
FD484E92{#wl3_CA0_AdrianGordon_2170}I mean, of course you do.
FD49C645{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_2418}This must be Matt's office.
FD49F322{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_3450}[i]Erupt, explode, blow one's top[-]...
FD4D7457Casey James
FD4DDF1DAdditionally, Kekkahbah's noble sacrifice has set an example for peace and cooperation between the various groups and tribes of the wasteland, and communities have begun working more closely together to rebuild Arizona and keep the flame of civilization burning in his name. His sacrifice also allowed you and your party to escape death, and your hard-won skills and experience are helping guide the wastes to a more peaceful, prosperous future.
FD4E403CWe're looking for cat litter. Got any?
FD4F0B90{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_10791}Thank you for cleaning up the Leve L'Upe Mine, Rangers. The miners have called to say that your conduct was exemplary.
FD515AC7{#__}[i]Monumental, ruin, ancient...[-]
FD545152Raider Rick
FD54E278{#wl3_AZ5_Sadler_5934}Hey! That's off limits until you complete the mission I gave you!
FD5586BB{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_1894}And he didn't sell it?
FD55EF2AEye put out!
FD561D4COne man's trash is another man's... yeah, it's pretty much trash.
FD572A30{#wl3_CA0_Neil_3276}What did that animal ever do to you?
FD581F75{#__}Well, actually, the eggs have gone off.
FD58437F{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_5640}Uh, no.
FD58F339Team Echo races to their aid, but just as they have a visual on the Ranger camp, the chopper's engine sputters and dies.
FD5BFF20Tell me about the Topekans.
FD5C1EF8Already done
FD5CB892[ATTACKER] waves a blood-caked kitchen knife at [DISTANCE].
FD5E666E(a blank Voodoo Doll/[COUNT] blank Voodoo Dolls)
FD5F9954We've received the key to Vulture's Cry's cell and permission to release her.
FD609F58Huge, fiercely bearded, and dressed head to toe in studded leather except for the jaunty Greek fisherman's cap perched on his shaven head, this Leather Jerk looks like the villain in an old-fashioned cartoon. He's got one thing going for him at least: he's the only Jerk in the building who isn't completely shit-faced.
FD60C379Who is she?
FD60EF77{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_14195}Whew. Tough choice, recruits. Glad I didn't have to make it. Think you did right, though. Ag Center has always been more loyal to Ranger Citadel than Highpool.
FD6468C6Cock of the Walk
FD65FEA0{#__}Thanks for the purchase. And my sister thanks you too. She needs this cash like yesterday.
FD6A7BF3Thanks again for the drugs, Rangers.
FD6A83CCVote for Veronica/Vote
FD6D5733{#wl3_CA6_George_14844}*Salt*, man. That evil shit they sell up at the *Hotel California*. It's giving honest drug dealers like me and Martha a bad name. And Heidi ain't doing a thing about it!
FD6E9360{WL2_Vargas_BothDown_Ag_FirstDestroyed_Goto_HP_02}Dammit, Echo One. That's just great. You do realize this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't gone traipsing off after you first got to Highpool, right? Stand by. [cc]rifling papers[-]
FD703807As weathered and hard as a leather riding crop. Looking into her eyes is like looking into a grave.
FD74927BA little more left.
FD74ADAA{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_3158}He's probably dead somewhere else.
FD74D9DDMatthias was pleased with how we handled Rodia, but now he wants us to secure the Angel Oracle the same way.
FD770663We've always been fans sinning.
FD77AE6DMaybe they got tired of talkin' to you.
FD77D7D9Because if you don't, you'll learn the true meaning of 'Physician heal thyself.'
FD79EB07{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_1452}Problem solved.
FD7A22C4Entering the Topekan Meeting Hall, We discovered that Kekkahbah is holding Jessie, daughter of the Atchison leader Casey James. Casey may wish to hear about this.
FD7DEC2D{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_11174}Hard to believe you brokered a truce with the RSM. Doubt it will last, but maybe it'll at least give us some breathin' room.
FD7EC008{#wl3_CA1_Peter_19309}You're buyers? Damn. My mistake. Please, have a look around, sample some *tequila*. But for your own safety, don't bother the workers or the guards, and stay in the main room. Everything else is off limits. Thanks.
FD829198{#WL2_Vargas_reintroAngie_03}Hrm. Alright.
FD82A717If you've had some experience in the wastes or places like it, and you know which end of the meson cannon to point at the enemy, this is the setting for you.
FD83170DTest radio communications with Lt. Woodson
FD83A1FEPrecision Strikes allow you to target individual body parts on enemies to inflict debilitating effects, at a cost of a lower Chance to Hit. The exact effects vary depending on the body part you target, and there is a random chance of inflicting more severe effects. You can press Right Trigger to open the Combat Radial menu both in or out of combat to use a Precision Strike.\n
FD84D722{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_36169}We figured you guys could use some of our seed stock. We've bred some hardy varieties that grow without much water. They could really help you feed your folks. I was hoping to sell some to these jokers, but even though the Wreckers burned all their crops, they wouldn't listen when I said I could help. Instead, they threw me in their jail and let their *juvies* throw shit at me. Some welcome.
FD856577(a/[COUNT]) Salt Lab key card(/s)
FD87A2C0Skinny as a skeleton, and obviously sloshed on Snake Squeezins, and old man sits on the ground with a hefty piece of artillery.
FD897BFB{#__}Jeez, what is your deal? I already told you this is for a family emergency.
FD8AEE66{#__}[i]Humid, steamy, lack of illumination....[-]
FD8EC171{#__}Amazing! I would not have believed it was possible. Thank you, Rangers! Then, let's go. The HCC meeting is just beginning. You're just in time. I'll meet you there.
FD8EE6A7But the trains don't seem to be running.
FD8F9670{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_1964}They sell booze here?
FD90C154(a/[COUNT]) human foot(/s)
FD98DB14[ATTACKER] tries its best to hit [TARGET], but misses.
FD9977FF{#__}You're a cold bastard... telling me everyone was alright when the only one left is... was... the Captain.
FD999B49, beating (-him/her/it) to within an inch of (-his/her/its) life
FD9B5C8FThis dirty BB Gun is long past functioning. The words "Bobby and Rex - friends 4 ever" are scratched into the wooden stock.
FD9CC473{#wl3_AZ5_Bridewell_15021}What else am I gonna call a bunch of pussies who're so scared of women they don't have any on their team. No worries if you prefer the company of men, ladies. I do too.
FD9E2D25Would you like to play again?
FDA05205{#wl3_CA1_Beatrice_1801}Go on in. He's inside.
FDA07018Yeah, that's the problem. Gimmie that thing.
FDA08BA0Sorry. We're not paying for that.
FDA2EDB3The words "He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know." are inscribed into this stone.
FDA57C4EThis is the one room that hasn't been smashed. Everything is powered and in working order. Looks like the synths might have plans for the radio.
FDA8312CStay out of trouble, old-timer.
FDACFAACDo you want to keep the attributes and skills you have assigned?
FDB0499CA few paper-clipped pages in an oak tag folder. The tab of the folder is labeled "Robot Report.
FDB09201{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_22}Excellent. Come find me in Rose's lab in a bit. Hopefully I'll have a cure figured out by then.
FDB0EED2We haven't been hit.
FDB1C745{#__}Now, stop right there! If you're after my *pigs*, you're too late. They been stole. Oh... wait... are you *Rangers*?
FDB209DAI know I shouldn't say it, but I hope they decide to settle someplace else. They're pushy and rude, and Mr. Manners doesn't seem to want to do anything about it.
FDB3D699Mariachi hat
FDB47B5C{#wl3_CA0_LtWoodson_3111}Anything else I can help you with?
FDB5F339So, the Temple of Titan has no titan?
FDBA1170Some people say ol' TNT is crazy, but I'd rather go drinkin' with him than anybody else in this base. That guy knows how to have a good time.
FDBA3AC5What can you tell me about the Paladins?
FDBBF3B9All that is left is some desiccated bones wrapped in the remains of a tattered linen dress.
FDBC9A77{#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_15253}Rambeau does not go there. Mais non. They take 'is money, no? All dere complicated games. Rambeau does not understand, so he stay away. This way, he don't kill no one, yes?
FDBF9D0C{#__}I believe we will do great things together. Now, excuse me. I must speak to the knights who made it all possible.
FDC01D3B{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_4233}Well, if it ain't my ol' drinkin' buddy, Skinner.
FDC07FBB{#wl3_AZ2_PrestonMayor_12176}Huh. Maybe now they'll start hauling goods and bringing the wastes together. Too bad we don't have any water for them to distribute.
FDC44BD9Can you tell me more about your radio?
FDC496D7{#__}They're the crazy bastards that rule the canyon between here and Damonta. They help traders pass through and keep 'em safe on the way. Just don't get on their bad side. They'll blow your ass up.
FDC727FC{#wl3_CA6_George_12196}He's head of *Manny's* security at the *Chinese*. Good at his job, but not a guy I'd like to share a doobie with, that's for sure. Scary dude.
FDC7BA85I just don't see how we're gonna make it. There's too many.
FDC9F873The tomatoes here are outrageously big, and they smell great.
FDCEFEE0, fills (-him/her/it) full of holes
FDD084BEThink I'll move to Highpool...
FDD0DAF9{#wl3_AZ6_Jill_10292}That's fair, I suppose. And I'm okay with Bart comin' with you. That way he can bring the cows back if you do find 'em.
FDD1112C{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_6639}I hear you saved a mushroom farm from that Ag Center mutation. Well done.
FDD212E0You'll never know what was on this old 8-track but it was probably bitchin'.
FDD35783There's gotta be something better you can do with your time than bother this cow. You're in the middle of a fight!
FDD459FCHeh heh heh. What did I tell you. Red Fortune! Red Fortune!
FDD4FEAB{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_3740}She is inspired. But... what inspires her?
FDD516F0(an/[COUNT]) Atchison(/s){F}
FDD5CCAEVulture's Cry took off on her own. It's doubtful we'll see her around again.
FDD6BF87The foot and lower leg are made of plastic and metal, scuffed and dented from hard use, and badly mangled at the severed knee joint. It looks like they were removed from the rest of the body by a shotgun blast.
FDD74101{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_18920}Damn shame you had to leave Damonta to those robots. It's an even worse shame that you left those people behind too. This is conduct unbecoming of a Ranger, recruits. It's going down in your service record.
FDD786D6Starting as a tourist destination in the early 20th century, with a pier and a beach-side amusement park, during World War Two it became a munitions storage facility for the Pacific Fleet. This remained its primary focus until it was bombed into the stone-age during the apocalypse.
FDD834C7+10% damage against non-Conductive Armor
FDD8A407{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_4724}What a sad story. We must reunite him with his wife.
FDDA6017Point Blank Range
FDDB587FCan you tell us anything else about your dowry?
FDDBFC5A{WL2_Hobo_AZMapOracle_02}The great god is barren, but its child waits to the east. The mad-eyed charlatans worship at the altar of an empty faith, but their salvation is on another track.
FDDFD4D9This is for Red, you bastards!
FDE0B8DE{WL2_Vargas_DamontaTowerFixed_09}[cc]squelch and oscillation noise[-]
FDE32F8E{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_32939}So, I've decided to leave the Servants and search for a real *god*, and since you Rangers are known for wandering the wasteland and meeting all kinds of people, I thought you would be the ones to do my searching with. But now that I meet you, you don't have the glow of prophetic wisdom I'd expected I'm sorry, I must venture out on my own to search for the truth.
FDE47BA3{#WL2_Bergin_WardinDestroyed_21}They're a hell of a lot more help to us than you busybody Rangers. You ain't never brought us a bushel of apples, for instance.
FDE52BE4{#__}I'm afraid I don't know that name. Sorry.
FDE58A36{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_1813}Those kids are mean.
FDE69135What if I kill them?
FDE69E94Acid Rain
FDE958F9What do you know about Matthias?
FDE9AA3B{#wl3_CA1_PattTheAxe_5833}You are bad! You took away my dream! The Axe is going to *kill* you!
FDEC73C9{wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_3425}Stay safe out there. Santa Fe Base out.
FDEC84ADWho were these clowns?
FDECECB1{#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_7800}Rambeau knows it is to ze east, zat is all. Also, he thinks is mean maybe, "Ze Happies."
FDEF4D28"I wish they would have used the Unreal engine" is inscribed into the plinth.
FDF05D20You don't have to do anything.
FDF0F12EShe... she was my sister. We both worked at *Heidi's* Hideaway together. Until... until those vicious *God's Militia* bastards killed her.
FDF0F991Junkie Gunslinger{M}
FDF370FAWanna word with them *bums*.
FDF3C4E4This computer seems to control the nearby pump. You can see that it has set it to feed a slow, steady flow of nutrient mix into the irrigation system, and all its systems appear to be functioning normally. So why is the pump spewing out the mix in an unchecked flood? Hmmm. Maybe the pump is broken.
FDF3F0F9{#wl3_AZ5_Bridewell_2376}Good. Then come on through
FDF43E4FMoon Landing Photo
FDF46AE0{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_4033}Holy shit! That guy just cut off his own arm!
FDF5E896an oddly shaped-keyhole
FDF6C569We found an entrance to the sewers in Heidi's office. Looks like she's trying to escape. Better go after her.
FDF715E2Your souls are pure light. Totally brilliant! Right on, man!
FDF72C43Honey, what're you tryin' to pull here, cause it ain't me?
FDF93033{#wl3_CA6_Swifty_Schwags_15057}The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Closest thing we got to a city council around here. Keeps us safe from the Militia. *Heidi* runs it. Everybody else kisses her ass.
FDF97CA9Mr. Manners is just a dream. Without him and his guidance, I don't think anyone around here would have any idea what to do. What a civilizing force he is!
FDFAE43B{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_2736}Well, that's one way o'doin' it.
FDFC09AB**bllbbbll** **squeak**
FDFD10A4{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_5560}Doctor! Good to see you! I didn't know you were with the Monks.
FDFF7A5DUS army long rifle with a long and storied history of popping noggins at long range
FDFFBAF4{#__}I... please don't *ask* me about that. I am deeply indebted to Heidi. I wouldn't want to *speak* against her.
FDFFE690{WL2_Kakkahbah_RailNomad_Calls_02}This is chief Kekkahbah with a warning about serket. Smoking ground up scorpions may be fun at first, but it can lead to addiction and death. Keep your pride. Don't take that first puff.
FE0007B5Join the Children of the Citadel and achieve transcendence
FE027DF3Amigo Pants
FE02AC59{#__}Thank you. This means so much to me. Here. Here is the reward I promised you. It's worth it. Completely.
FE02FE2EPrison/The prison
FE053690{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_6077}You cops got all the latest technology. No wonder crime don't pay.
FE0577D8upgraded radiation suits
FE07A6CFThat it doesn't matter how poor we were born. It doesn't matter how far we might have fallen - into crime, madness, despair.
FE08F5DEWell, since you can't give us new limbs, maybe you could share some of that knowledge instead?
FE0A9052Gun Shop Guard Riflemen{M}
FE0AAB6D{#wl3_AZ2_PrestonMayor_23486}Crisis number two is the rest of the *Wrecking Crew*. They're like weeds. If you don't tear 'em out by the roots, they'll come back stronger than ever. I've been asking Ranger Citadel for months to find their camp and get rid of them, and nothing ever gets done.
FE0B9D3FSo much that I don't even mind that they have spies everywhere, listening to our every word!
FE0C75C3Synth Basher{N}
FE0D308CWith an amazing lack of aplomb, you manage to delete a particularly important registry file. There's no way to pull this computer back from the brink of haywire now. The few basic functions it had remain, but that's about it.
FE108BCF{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_2927}I think they're going to eat him!
FE10909D{#__}Good luck out there, Echo. Hope my gear serves you well.
FE10E24ANo. A man named Runyon.
FE112399Fletcher escaped. It's not a coincidence that he escaped right after we met him.
FE1273E3{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_3557}Pssst. I think those guys are on drugs.
FE13E0D1{wl2_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_68223}And what is this path? How do poor wretched sinners such as ourselves rise from the filth of this world to the gates of paradise? Why friends, that is simplicity itself - an easy three-step plan. First, you must turn from sin and strive to live a decent life, following the strictures of the one true book, the James King Version of the Holy Bible. Second, you must encourage others to do the same. And third, when confronted with those who refuse to come to the light, those who are willfully wicked, those who revel in sin and depravity and will not hear the word of the Lord - why those you must cleanse from the world with fire, sword and shotgun. As James King said, and our savior Red Samson reiterated, "The slate must be wiped clean."
FE148CA6{#__}Oh my God, thank you. Come on everybody we're getting out of here.
FE179100Really? Where do you put the soup spoon?
FE1F20B0[PC] is ready for action.
FE22DC20{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_4372}If the floor above was Heaven, then is this Hell?
FE23C872(a/[COUNT]) M16A1(/s)
FE23E324{#wl3_AZ5_Bridewell_23013}Well, that's too bad. We really would have liked to worked with you. Unfortunately, if you ain't with us, we can't have you hangin' around, so I'm gonna have to ask you to vacate the area. If you do not comply, I will be forced to order my boys to open fire.
FE264D4E{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_2647}What kinda nonsense is this?
FE279A98{#wl3_CA1_Cliff_18562}It's the big building near the *crater*. Jerks crawlin' all over it these days. Can't say as I'm happy about that state of affairs, but what am I gonna do? I wouldn't have anything to sell without that place.
FE286995What do you know about Kekkahbah?
FE28D52AAnybody seen young Ralphy Parker? His mother says he's missing.
FE299412Cost to [ACTION] decreased by [AMT] AP.
FE2B0980{#__}So, you guys are robot fighters now. Rockin'. Can't wait to check out Damonta. Sounds like a wild town.
FE2C409FWhat do you think about the Rangers?
FE2D2AA1, uniting him with the wife he failed to save
FE2D9FEC{#wl3_AZ3_Gorkinovich_10226}He's a stubborn man. I hope for his sake that he's changed his ways else *Kekkahbah*'s liable to kick him out again.
FE2EF007{#wl3_CA1_James_5245}Sorry about that, Rangers. Are you ready to talk to Dante?
FE2F43D6{#__}Aw, Baychowski's dead? Really. I know I ragged on him a lot, but I never wished him dead.
FE3165E2{#wl3_CA1_James_3654}I hear you killed Van Graas the younger.
FE3352DA{WL2_Kate_Highpool_Foreshadow_14}Guys, I cannot do this alone! I-- I think I just heard screaming down here. Are the Wreckers in? Can anybody hear me?
FE345A20What can you tell me about Kathy Lawson?
FE348D26{#wl3_CA2_MannersGuard2_4740}They're okay. Sheriff Marshall put them on the list.
FE3549D0{#__}Then, uh, I shall see you on the field of honor, aspirants.
FE3599D6{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBastion_7772}It hardly makes up for your assistance, but please take this token of my gratitude.
FE37902FThis leads to Jones' private chambers. Doesn't look like there's any way in.
FE398631{#__}MY CHILD! I warned you, Rangers!
FE3CE185(a/[COUNT]) leather habit(/s)
FE4186A3{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_2664}Shit, what's wrong with them?
FE428D0EYou're welcome to pass through anytime.
FE442CB9A baggie full of ground herbs, but not that kind.
FE45C5E2{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_7171}But I wouldn't even wanna fly if it meant kissin' some messiah's ass. No thanks!
FE47CE9A{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_2239}Dude's a bad-ass. For real.
FE47D954{#wl3_CA6_Raji_7261}Josie! You're alive! I'm s glad! Now just rest a minute. I gotta talk to these cops.
FE47D9D5{#__}Hmmm. You don't look like our usual sort of jerk. Hope you're nicer than the ones we got now. Those *Jerks* have left the poor *Mayor* caged up on the *towers* for [i]days[-]! Don't know why they don't let him down. Or just kill him. Somebody should *do something*.
FE49CA26Bring Mr. Manners Tori Robbinson's head
FE4ACF83{#__}Rangers, listen to me.
FE4B4D5C{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_6593}I think you'll find it a valuable aid in dark times. Enjoy in good health!
FE4E3238, splashing everything in the vicinity with its steaming lubricants
FE522BF8Come on! Let's crack some heads!
FE533447Works like a charm when somebody hasn't blown it up. Store the water, use the pressure of the drop to bring water to the crops. But those Wreckers have gummed up the works something awful.
FE53C49C{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_4183}There's never been a bar fight here, has there?
FE553018Your dog's name is Jake?
FE5536BFReduces the flash in your eyes when you fire, making it easier to aim the next shot.
FE55D812{#wl3_AZ4_Bobby_12389}Whew! Alright then, we're done here. Run on back to ol' Snakey and let him know I'm willin' to talk. I ain't promising nothin'. But we'll talk.
FE5687E9Buzz off, Jack. I'm makin' my move.
FE591299Oh. Um. Hi.
FE594352{wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_10032}Ten-Four, Echo One. I'll see what I can find out on the radio. You keep your noses to the ground. Santa Fe Base out.
FE5CF930What do you know about this Jackhammer?
FE5E262B.38 Revolver
FE61C4C7Tenderize the meat!
FE6370FBVirgil says Beatrice is plotting against you with Lt. Dengler.
FE647844{#__}God go with you, Rangers.
FE652626{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_2897}My ex-wife almost drowned once.
FE680F3F{#__}Listen. Would you tell her? I know a brave man would do this himself, but I could not bear to stand before her if she hated me. If she will have me as I am, tell me, and I will go see her.
FE6A3083{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_2755}Ninety-seven bottles of beer.
FE6D0EBD**psh** Not if I do it first. She'll never pick you once she knows how I really feel.
FE703B55Grakenblotz, Lord of Death
FE720A4CCave Exit
FE72E605{#WL2_Sadler_FirstConversation_02}Welcome, *Rangers*. Damn glad to know you.
FE74A6E2We operate checkpoints along the canyon to ensure the safety of our brothers and those traveling the canyon under our protection. And to keep out those who refuse to pay *tribute*
FE769D51The poor monks. What happened?
FE77B02D{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_26956}Ha! Well, no. Not originally, at least. You ain't never heard of our towers? Why, they're famous! Art from before the end of the world. Our mayor had 'em made into radio towers a while back, but the leather jerks smashed the transmitter as soon as they moved in. Now they're just pieces of art again.
FE78F097You discovered a cure?
FE7DE2DEWith Ascension dead and no hope for peace between Hollywood and Griffith Park, Veronica, in a fit of despair, has ended her life by hanging herself with her own whip.
FE80D986[PC] is aflame!
FE81362EWe are born from the glow and return to it when we die. It is the welcome peace of oblivion.
FE851F8C{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_4411}You should have been praying to [i]Satan![-] Woo!
FE85E6A8There is, of course, a fine for assaulting an assessor.
FE86949F{#__}Yeah-- **cough** right.
FE87202A{#__}She said it was perfect. Better than blackmail. If Fletcher died, and then I revealed that, instead of being executed for attracting roaches, he was killed to get him out of the way so Manners could marry me, then the Mannerites and the Robbinsons would *revolt* against Manners for his rudeness and hypocrisy, and Tori could take over.
FE87481DThe purification system has been turned on.
FE880594(a/[COUNT]) Red Skorpion gunner(/s){M}
FE880606{#wl3_CA1_James_1751}You see what I mean?
FE89ABACBlaaaam! Did you see that? Larry turned your friend into road kill.
FE8C3828Click to Continue
FE8F305AMy *soul mate* is up there in Highpool. Oh, man, "Highpool"... what a disappointment of nomenclature. Right? You know? Ha ha. Yeah... what was I saying?
FE8F9282Thank you, Fred. We appreciate anything you can supply us.
FE90B75BWow! That was amazing!
FE91E2C2He runs our infirmary. Best doctor we've ever had. Really knows his stuff. A lot of people are gonna be in trouble if he's too hurt to heal them.
FE969F19Rocket's Red Glare
FE980DC4The start to a really great explosion.
FEAD8022Scotchmo rolls his eyes and yells, SCOTCHMO!
FEAEE911We're sorry we couldn't save the boy.
FEAF58A1[ATTACKER]'s club-like tongue smacks [TARGET][DAMAGE].
FEB0AC1BYou fuckers killed Cool Luke! Noooooo!
FEB15F94We delivered the robot leg to Ranger researcher Mercaptain.
FEB430E2{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_9580}Use your *manners*. Treat others with respect. Be honest and forthright-but more importantly, be civil!
FEB594E6{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_3662}That woman is becoming one with nature.
FEB957EEA large elevator waits, ready to take you into the bowels of the missile complex.
FEBA78FDI never woulda thought it, but you managed to save our town with just a valve.
FEBAEC85{#__}It fires a bunch of bullets real fast.
FEBCAC1A{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_8150}So, you return.
FEBDBDBA{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_16272}They build thick walls to protect themselves, but now that trouble has come, they cannot escape them.
FEC0DC5FDo you know a girl named Jessie?
FEC36AB8Where's the eject button? You really just need the most basic understanding of computers to get it out of there.
FEC3E47B{#__}Thanks for the purchase. And my sister thanks you too. She needs this cash like yesterday.
FEC50E48{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_17181}Well, I won't let it happen. The Militia want to erase us from the face of the earth. I'll erase them first. I don't know how yet, but I won't rest until the *Bastion of Faith* is a smoking wreck.
FEC59226{#wl3_AZ1_KathyLawson_8930}That's the gang who're living in the old prison, right? Don't think we've ever seen 'em around here.
FEC686A8Ace's Ranger Star
FEC7705F(a/[COUNT]) Bullpup sniper rifle(/s)
FECA43C3{#wl2_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_4059}What does Kekkahbah have to say for himself?
FECB2249Weilard - "The Hermit and his Serenity"
FECB7F05Record Radio Text
FECC019A{#__}What up, Echo? Heard you had to take out a whole gang of hobos up at the still. Sounds rough.
FECC5096{#__}And may their cocks rot like month-old blood sausage.
FECCE99E{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_2238}It's the water guy again.
FECD6344Used to be brothers to the Topekans. We worked together. They laid track, we ran the trains. Until they went crazy, wrecked the train, and started bombing us! But you should ask Kekkahbah if you want to know the whole story.
FECE691BThat's it! You're dead!
FECE9460{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_Lab_02}Thank god. You're just in time. Give it to me and wait right there.
FECF0BE7{#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_12071}Dat remind Rambeau of de time when he was a gendarme. 'Im and 'is partner Cash, they fight drug dealers in Beverly 'Ills. We kill dem all!
FECF35C5Are you sure you're secure. We just saw a robbery.
FED2E14B{#WL2_Vargas_Intro_19}Using logic on me, eh?
FED31C62{#wl2_AZ0_GeneralVargas_23100}Now we're out here and they're in there, with Matthias shouting every five minutes about how pretty soon he's gonna bring *Cochise* back to life. Didn't even get the chance to finish up the little goin' away *present* we were planning on leavin' for him.
FED4BF57Mutant Kangaroo Paw
FED602CC{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_2334}Quit pushing. We're going!
FED616DAIncrease nearby ally's Chance to Hit by
FEDA8A08Leather Grip{n}
FEDE7C10We overheard Arjuna trying to frame someone with banned books.
FEDED3E7James King Bible
FEDF383E{WL2_Bergin_HIghpoolDistress2_01}This is Highpool calling anyone! Can anyone hear me? SOS! The Wreckers have knocked down our tower. I don't know if we're even transmitting. Can anyone hear me? Anyone?
FEDFE2D5Los Alamitos
FEE17231Your squad takes damage from dehydration.
FEE2CE11[.#] object target(/s) available for [ITEM].
FEE652BDFire Axe
FEE7CFA2Hey! Looks like the well's working again. I guess we won't die of thirst. Just bullets.
FEF41951Guard Darla is dead. Do people get thirsty in hell?
FEF5BB76With the hydraulics, pressurized seals, and other components in full working order, the valve opens, releasing a burst of water to relieve some of the strain on the pipes.
FEF808EDYour total is [TAX] bullets.
FEF8BB6A{#__}Ah-ha! The sinners reveal themselves! Kill them, brothers!
FEFC9B29{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_6337}Mushrooms are itty bitty, teeny tiny, itsy witsy, little... little...
FEFE8D4F{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_1800}These guys are dead!
FF00A98F{#wl3_AZ2_Wardin_11702}Bobby's where the Rangers can't hurt him anymore. I visit his grave every day. And *Rex*'s too. A dog and his boy, together forever.
FF060A5D, putting (-him/her/it) down for the count
FF07C2E4Master Sergeant
FF09D639{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_7475}[RANK], the Psoz is half a sub machine gun, but it is the really, really strong half.
FF0AA765{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_Intercom_04}Get the fuck over here, assholes! We need help!
FF0C6860{#wl3_CA0_WadeWoodson_1817}Can anybody hear me?
FF0DD713(a/[COUNT]) pair(/s) of patchwork khakis
FF10BF3C{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_7471}That's Doc Larsen's assistant. Don't see him much. He's always stuck in Larsen's lab.
FF11498EYou've lost a lot of blood.
FF12F832{#__}If it isn't farming, I'm afraid I don't know much.
FF14981F{#__}Thank you. Then let me tell you of our need. With our ability to summon *Titan*, we could, if we wished, blow up everyone in the canyon, but because of our faith and decency we generally act with forbearance, even when pushed to the limit. There have been some brothers, however, who have lacked such decency. One such was a certain *Brother Wright*, who we exiled for trying to invoke *Titan's Wrath* without reason.
FF16A637{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_3667}You sick little punks! That's my sister!
FF177757Why do you call Titan a hollow god?
FF1B690B{#__}The fellas all joke that I been around so long that the standard issue for a Ranger back in my day was a flintlock and a coonskin cap. And, well, they ain't far wrong. I got boots older than General *Vargas*'s daddy.
FF1D56F9{#wl3_CA6_George_20636}We keep asking Heidi to get the *HSP* in there and clean out the creepy-crawlies that drove us out of our shop, but she says she can't spare the man power. You wanna take a crack at it, then you can count on our vote for Veronica.
FF1D7ED8{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_17067}Thank you. The situation has already been brought to my attention, and the *HCC* and the *HSP* are doing our best to address it. There is no need to trouble yourself. It will be taken care of.
FF1E0007(an/[COUNT]) airlock code(/s)
FF230C2AWell, yer tryin' t'get south, ain't ye? Ain't no goin' south here. 'S blocked. Gotta go east. [i]Then[-] y'kin go south.
FF290E7C{#WL2_Bergin_Wardin_50}Ever since they fixed that train, they keep showin' up outside and blowing that damn whistle of theirs. Sure take off fast enough when trouble comes, though.
FF295A1F{#__}I don't smoke myself, but I hear they are very nice people with a good product.
FF2A4FE8Brother Nero{M}
FF2ADD76{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_1588}Plants. Whatever.
FF2B1FCD{#__}I can't *tell* you! I'll be killed!
FF2D99EF{WL2_Kathy_ArCen_ApExplodePod_01}Careful, Rangers. You're getting close to one of those exploding pods, and they tend to blow if you make any sudden moves.[0:7]If you could sneak up and take one of 'em, I'd appreciate it.
FF2DA96ASettings Change
FF2E15DE{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_5163}The Topekans have been treating these people like shit.
FF2E4C8BKathy Lawson: Are you really that dumb, Rangers? I'm not opening that airlock until you shut down the ventilators.
FF2E9B14{#wl2_CA10_Mathias_22142}Exactly! Is there still crime? Yes. Has any police force ever stopped all crime? No. Will any amount of enforcement ever stop all crime? No. And why? Because enforcement doesn't fight the root problem, which is human need. *Transcendence* will!
FF30E473Mark of Titan
FF32E428{#__}Ag Center has it's own showcase on the tour.
FF33E8A3Do you know a group called the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud?
FF3451F1{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_12812}I'm so glad you were able to save Highpool. Its reservoir and treatment plant provides water for us and the other communities in the area.
FF36A17EVertical Sync
FF37AC67{WL2_Vargas02_Repeaters_03}Ten-Four, Echo One. Got an *update* for me?
FF38B8B7This man is throwing bodies into the fire.
FF39680EYou also spot the actually useful "Dawn for the Midnight Bomber!" hidden on a bottom shelf.
FF3A7C3A{#__}Ha! They weren't nothing but Red Skorpions with straw hats on. Well, used to be. Fuck.
FF3AB227A *plague* in... Rodia? Wait a minute. Are you going to give MY microscope to that thieving asshole, *Horchata*? No way! I'll *die* first!
FF3D112C{#__}Yeah, I thought you were pussies. Now get out of here and don't come back. You are an insult in the eyes of God.
FF469B6CA fine cut of meat offered by the rancher Curly Bill for trade with the Mannerites.
FF46C942{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_10628}Please be sure to bring some proof of your deed. There's no need to bring her body, I believe her head should suffice.
FF4A6B4ECrudely scratched into the back of the star is a name. "ACE"
FF4DFC72There you are. Come in, Come in.
FF4E5727So, you hate the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud?
FF52885B{#__}It is a difficulty thing to grapple with when the man seemed so honorable and kind-hearted. My faith in our species is rattled, that is certain.
FF5535D2{#__}Anything else, Rangers?
FF57D4C0Don't Know
FF5C8D58{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_Lab_05}Thank you, Rangers. If you have a sec, I have one more request for you. You'll be especially interested if any of you caught the infection.
FF5CFCA0Central Complex
FF5DB857{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_6398}That was dangerous mercy. The plague may well spread because of this.
FF60DB21Now only if you could find a dirt bike that ran.
FF61A222{#__}It's a small settlement northeast of here, past Hollywood. It's ruled by a group of Jesus-freak types. That's why we left. They mighta been holy, but they weren't polite.
FF68DB3EYou'd be proud to wear this shirt, if pride wasn't a sin.
FF6E4A16We already killed all the honey badgers.
FF7000ED{#__}No! How did you know I was the one who did this?! I will finish my mission! Death to the Rangers!
FF71D2E0How do you feel about Rail Nomad?
FF751349Then I am afraid you must go back the way you came. Only those who swear to give *tribute* may pass this gate.
FF7DD887{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_7380}Don't have to be an Indian to read these signs. Something terrible happened here.
FF7EDE1EWhat do you know about Hotel California?
FF7EF211An electric bass guitar. Its body has been shaped into vicious spikes, giving it the look of a medieval weapon.
FF7FBD30Do you really need a more detailed description of this?
FF82E835{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_2436}Holding the place hostage.
FF84EA30{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_15845}The fighting's over here. From here on it'll just be patrol and bookkeeping. Boring. I like to work in an active unit, and you Rangers seem to be the most active force around.
FF853A8E{#wl3_AZ1_KathyLawson_5776}*Matt* and *Rose* and I managed to get to safety, but the *others*...
FF87334FWell, I guess don't have any choice. Man oh man, I liked it better when the monks were in charge. You guys are mean.
FF8A0649Step right up, stranger. Try your luck!
FF8C5FFBOf course it's working.
FF8EF781Where are Mayweather's quarters?
FF902BC7Binh is in no immediate danger. You are. Get out of town and wait. We will save her when we get back.
FF9208E7We informed Katy that Pitbull is dead.
FF920D18We informed General Vargas about the death of Commander Danforth. He was disappointed that things ended with violence, but glad to be rid of the RSM.
FF924C74{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_4576}Nothin' wrong we me, Doc. I'm as s-s-s-solid as a rock.
FF932211{#wl3_CA1_BulletGrabber_2893}Thanks for the help, strangers.
FF95FBC4the Flux Reaver
FF96FD09{#__}Us? Why, we're the Salvation Church and God's Militia, the bringers of light into the darkness of the end times. Preaching the gospel of Jesus, James King, and the Red Messiah himself, Luke Samson.
FF99FC22Please don't tell the *God's Militia* we're here. If they know we failed they'll just come to *finish* us off.
FF9DA22FIncrease XP rewards
FF9E836A{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_1992}I knew he was bad news.
FF9F932F{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_1979}Why are you laughing?
FFA0AE64Vault Entrance
FFA18613, opening her up from lovelock to loincloth
FFA6A7E3Help! The spike! We've been robbed!
FFA71E11Gray Suede Jacket
FFA975A3Shoulda walked while you could.
FFAA05A2{#wl3_AZ2_Wardin_10504}Great. Glad the feelin's mutual. Better take my help while you can, though, cause I ain't offerin' twice. How 'bout it?
FFAA1FC7Scarred and burned from the Wreckers bombardment, this concrete cover is cracked, but still whole.
FFAA3A21{#wl3_CA0_Neil_2984}In the name of all that is decent!
FFAEA9F5{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_2588}That's my wife, you assholes!
FFB2199AThis is a default description that just so happens to be really long. Odds are that it will take up several lines on the journal screen, which is exactly what needs to be tested.
FFB22968{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_1567}Looking to *deal*?
FFB25B5CReckon it's great to see you again, Rangers. What can I do you fer?
FFB67443Greetings, Rangers. Do you wish to *trade* with the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud?
FFB7E0A3{#wl3_AZ1_KathyLawson_24396}And killer pumpkins! And killer fruit flies! All of a sudden, all our *plants* started growing out of control! Mutating! Exploding! Attacking my *people*! It's like they've gone rabid or something. Didn't you hear our distress call? We've been calling for *help* forever!
FFB83224{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2417}Too much incense, perhaps.
FFBCF9B3{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_20820}Not liking what I'm hearing about this Diamondback Militia. Highly organized military outfits don't tend to be content with their conquests for long. These guys will be expanding again if they're not stopped - mark my words.
FFBD9892{#wl3_CA1_James_9268}A potent symbol of our strength and dominance, as long as he talks with his fists, and not his mouth.
FFBFAF16I don't need your damn charity!
FFC0C069Let's get to it.
FFC0EB80{#wl3_CA1_Cliff_30423}Dante's got the biggest farm in Rodia. Owns ground on every circle of the crater. Should be happy, but he's in hell. That wife of his, Beatrice been tearing hunks outta him since they got hitched. Don't know how he puts with her. Beauty only goes so far in my book. And now of course the jerks want him to farm agave like everybody else.
FFC3B72ELong Beach
FFC46911{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_3972}Why did you even save my life? I can't even...
FFCD34C0(a Wood Plank Stack/[COUNT] Wood Plank Stacks)
FFCE4DD6{#__}Vargas is a good man. The hero of Base *Cochise* and *Darwin* Village and all that. I just wish he was a man with a plan. Seems like we've been sitting here with our thumbs up our bungholes for a decade. I'm a man of action. I wanna get out there and do things. Put a few grenades where they'll do the most good, know what I mean? I understand rebuilding and getting our numbers up, but we've done that.
FFCFA307The general said he'd be out here to train us after the funeral.
FFD03044With a ugly laugh [ATTACKER] strides toward you at [DISTANCE].
FFD0E90ERaji was killed trying to stop Jones' slavers from taking his kids as penitents.
FFD103B3Step back and gimme some room.
FFD204F5Highpool Underground
FFD31577Looks like a plain old ordinary cattle drive, except the cowboys are all metal-armed weirdoes in monk robes.
FFD4E6B5The cart appears to be stuck in the muddy ditch on the side of the road.
FFD7904FWhy would someone do this and not take all their gear?
FFD86145(a/[COUNT]) Wasteland Fan Club pin(/s)
FFD95EE7(a/[COUNT]) computer-assisted stabilization system(/s)
FFDAA6AF{#wl3_CA2_ExecutionSpectator16_1837}If Tori goes I go too!
FFDCCE89Skunk Pig was killed while following us. The world shrugged.
FFE0D7DD{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_4687}Hey, sergeant. I need to bring a gun to a knife fight.
FFE1066D{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_7834}Rangers! We did it! The Robbinsons have exerted our ultimate power over the Coliseum!
FFE179D8I don't know what Manny told you, but those chips are mine by right. Yeah, I stole 'em, but that's only 'cause he used a crooked roulette wheel to rob them from me in the first place. I'd won big - and I mean [i]big[-] - in poker one night, and then Manny suggests I play roulette. And by [i]suggests[-] I mean he twists my arm behind my back and tells me to bet on black...
FFE1CC16{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_7233}Hungry is everybody's pal. Been with the Rangers forever. So has his stew meat.
FFE4291C{#wl3_CA1_James_22108}You gave that idiot Dante hope and now you got Beatrice locked up in his shed. You idiots! We've been trying to get Dante's fortune for months and Beatrice was going to be our bait. Not only are you fired, but you're also dead. Biggun, kill them.
FFE5C8F3The save data cannot be loaded because it has become corrupted. This data will be deleted.
FFE6BFCF{WL2_Vargas_BothDown_Ag_FirstDestroyed_08}Ten Four, Echo One. You are to salvage as much equipment as you can from the Ag Center radio tower and proceed to Highpool ASAP to assess the situation. If you can get the Highpool tower working using the parts from Ag Center, do so. If not, report in and I'll hopefully have further options for you at that time. Do you *<@Goodbye>copy*?
FFEA857DI would say let's drink to the resourceful aspirants, but you didn't bring me any more booze.
FFECEF90What do you need us to do?
FFEEB946What is denture paste?
FFF05455You find yourself in a rocky tunnel, dug under the hill towards Los Feliz. The path to your left looks like it once served as another path, but it would take a great deal of work or superhuman strength to clear it now. The path ahead leads under the foothills outside Hollywood.
FFF0B5A4{#__}I... I... That is appalling, brother. I had some idea that Mayweather had become corrupt, but this...
FFF128F3(a/[COUNT]) empty bottle(/s)
FFF326B9Tell us more about the airplane graveyard.
FFF32B61Join Church Vigilant
FFF56BF5I am Brother Rafael Chavez, of the *Servants of the Mushroom Cloud*, and I am asking you in *Titan*'s name to go to *Outpost One*. Please.
FFF98995{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_74}Where the hell are you going? You haven't even heard what the problem is yet!
FFFB207E{#__}Just a drop is all that's needed. This should be more than you'll ever need.
FFFD710AThem's the ones who got Kekkahbah and Casey James t'shake hands.
FFFDA576{#WL2_Bergin_Wardin_11}Highpool is Red Skorpion territory now, Rangers. You're not welcome here. Now take off before I call the Militia.
FFFF49BADo you have me mistaken for somebody else?
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