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D733B445Okay, Jake. What do you say we take another crack at it?
D73482C2(a/[COUNT]) Sheriff's house key(/s)
D73671B2{#wl2_CA5_Dugan_2381}Have it your way, Rangers.
D73A5367Special gear
D73C2750No need to retire this chest plate, just rotate the shoulder pads every 3000 miles.
D73E4749{#wl3_CA1_Cliff_33375}Some say a Hoblet was magical creature from long, long ago that liked to drink tea and was often sucked into adventures, but I know better. Hoblet was the meanest bartender I ever knew. I bought this place from him back when it was just a smoking hole in the earth. The only thing he served back then was battery acid on the rocks. Literally, rocks. There was no ice.
D73EE306You got Blackjack. My total was [DEALERTOTALBLACKJACK]. Would you like to play again?
D740AFAERice Whiskey
D7431920I have no idea. Thanks to them, the system is so full of holes I don't know if it'll ever hold water.
D7448906[COUNT] notebook(/s)
D744CF8F[USER] does not have enough AP to make it to that destination.
D7450713What does Scotchmo got that I don't?
D748E1EEKama Sutra Book
D749AA46{#__}Few are willing to break Titan's Law with the looming threat of his wrath.
D74B0556{#__}You'll regret this, Rangers! I promise!
D74B8593{#wl3_AZ6_Hopi_1739}I don't understand.
D7516D5F{WL2_Vargas_Vargas18_PrisonerBaychowskiInquiry_05}What was that, Echo One? Baychowski escaped? Uh, I'm afraid I'm going to want a full report on this when you return to base. The safety of a prisoner under a Ranger's supervision is that Ranger's top priority, and Baychowski has information he hasn't spilled yet.
D753EC12You don't see anything of value this pile of broken, old weapons.
D7550F7D{#__}Rodia's general fix-it man. Good with radio tech. If anyone could get our radio up and running again it would be him. You're probably gonna need to do some work for him first though.
D7553653{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_4650}Thank you, Rangers, for saving dear Matthew's life.
D7588B63Wait. That's not a tree. That's a cauliflower.
D758D122{#__}That is I, the humble leader of the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud, evangelist of the *great glow*.
D759F97D(a/[COUNT]) Leather Jerk gunslinger(/s){M}
D75BA7FF{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_17351}Whew. Tough choice, recruits. Glad I didn't have to make it. Think you did right, though. Highpool was in danger of slippin' over to the Red Skorpions. You mighta brought 'em back into the fold.
D75C18BC{#__}Congratulations on clearing that cave-in at the Leve L'Upe mine. Are all the miners all right?
D75C6EC7You seem to have a high opinion of the Rangers.
D75C98E3{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_4864}Oh man, he's seein' the bunnies. I saw the bunnies once.
D75CB870A wilderness of savage beasts and abominations. We keep it wild and untamed as an allegory of the strife that besets a good man in this time of tribulations.
D7616BA8Here. We found your watch.
D7646A2D{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2399}What a jovial high priest.
D764FE92{#__}Because I knew it would bring the Rangers, and then I could destroy them!
D7656DCF{#__}You're welcome to try, hypocrite.
D765860FDante was killed. So much for that plan.
D766DDFFWhere should I look for pelts?
D76887D6C'mon, Pole Axe. Tear that shit down!
D76A28EBWe found a dog whistle in Long Beach and thought of you. Want it?
D76ADC71{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_5789}It pains me to see the grounds this way. We do so much good here.
D76AE6CE{#__}Heard you cleared a mine cave in with explosives. Everybody okay?
D76DB794This is a hatch leading down to the Hospital.
D76F6672{wl2_AZ5_Sadler_Temple_3515}King Snake calling Sidewinder. Report.
D76F72D0{#__}Them fellas took over the old prison west of here. Now they're tryin' to take over the rest o' the wastes.
D7708A51"Little Moscow Marketplace" is written in bold letters at the top of this sign, above an image of bread, beets, and bullets.
D773D1EF**cough** **hack**
D7750FF7{#__}This meeting will be called to -- Veronica, what are you doing here? And why are the Rangers with you?
D7755C76{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_8028}It was a farm you saved, yes? I'm glad you're cleaning up Ag Center's mess. What a disaster.
D777C0BF{#wl3_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_19246}Damn, Rangers, didn't expect that. Thank John Henry for small favors, I suppose. Why don't you take this little baby as a sign of thanks. I was saving it for a special Topekan, but you'll make better use of it, I bet.
D77E0033Please don't touch the door. If you want to come in you need to prove you know your manners.
D7818223{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_5744}Looks like some kind of reservoir for the irrigation system.
D78263ED{#wl3_CA6_Swifty_Sewer_02_4065}Kill'em all! They're trying to free the talent.
D783A65E{#__}Whadda I care? I'm old an' drunk and all my good bits don't work no more. 'Sides, nothin's gonna happen. Their god's a *fraud*, and so's my-- Whoops! Never mind, never mind. Only thing I gotta worry about is them Mad Monks with their li'l *grenades*. But they don't care to blow themselves up near the *temple*, so I ain't too scared. Nothin' a little Squeezin's won't fix. 'Scuse me.
D783A890{#wl3_AZ0_RickBaychowski_4258}Aw, you motherfucking cheaters. You promised.
D783D37A{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_11437}Nicest home I've ever had. Still some weird stuff from the previous owners lying around, but we've made it our own. I love it.
D787281C**sob** Goodbye, strangers.
D78869BEOh boy! I'm gonna be stinkin' rich!
D788AAF3If yer looking for a cheap, safe place to crash, Raji's got a lil' camp for runaways in the cemetery. That's where I started when I moved here, and look where I am today!
D78BC42D(a/[COUNT]) Ranger star(/s)
D78F7064{#wl3_AZ5_Sadler_Temple_11920}Changed your minds, Rangers? Securing a nuclear warhead for the Diamondbacks means securing peace in the canyon. What do you say?
D7907B87Back in business thanks to the change in leadership at the HCC, Ma Brown is packing them in at the Brown Crown. People come from as far away as Santa Fe Springs to try her famous chili, and almost eighty five percent of them make it home again without getting sick.
D7914880Ok. I'll see you again if you make your way to the kitchen.
D79342D2{#wl3_AZ6_WerewolfWally_12587}Did you *stop* what was makin' those mechanical maniacs yet? No? Well, don't let me rush you. But, uh, we are in your *hands*. Just so you know.
D794B184{WL2_FatherEnola_OUTPOSTTWO02_04}Sorry, Outpost Two. Our brothers are sending themselves to the Great Glow faster than we can recruit new ones. We just don't have the man-power.
D795F718Can we get credit for letting Marie into our team?
D79768F7{#WL2_Vargas_LARadioBrief_03}Er, how are we coming on that feed, Mercaptain?
D797A8DF{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_20555}Some of the fellas thought somebody mighta put something in the nutrient mix. They headed off for the irrigation shut-off *valve* with Doc *Larsen* to turn it off. Don't think they made it, though. I can still hear the *pumps*.
D799A0B8{#wl3_AZ3_Gorkinovich_7752}What you want now Rangers? I hope it's not more blood 'cause we don't serve that here.
D799B4A4So, you stopped the war with the Skorpions. Like that isn't gonna bite us in the ass. Wish you'd just let it alone. We had a chance to wipe 'em out entirely and you blew it.
D79A024D{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_5730}I may not know what to believe, but I [i]know[-] that was wrong!
D79CBF3E{WL2_Hobo_AZMapOracle_03}But he comes not far. And then it rains a yellow dust in a line. When the golden city is destroyed, it begins.
D79D79B8Really fiendin' for some serket.
D7A07F95{#wl3_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_16964}I was mad at Kekkahbah before. Now I'm burning with *righteous* fury. It's never been clearer to me - he's gotta die. That's the only way I see this war ending with any Atchisons still alive.
D7A12EB8{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_6382}I hate it here.
D7A1D3DFDid you just make that word up? Come on, quit messin' with ol' Curly Bill.
D7A1F2EF**sob** Fat and humiliated. I want to die.
D7A4741C{#__}Hey, you dudes saved Shiitake Mushroom Farm! Can't make a half decent yucca pizza without them.
D7A65115Nearly hit me there.
D7A6EE7DUnder the dried blood and dirt there appears to be a Red Skorpion guard.
D7A926DBIn Loving Memory of Alisha Klein - Tried to Ride a Waste Wolf - Not as Cool as She'd Hoped.
D7AAEC1FWe told Kekkahbah about the drug dealer, and he sent one of his choppers to take care of him.
D7AE007A{#__}I think I'll live, thanks to these friends of yours.
D7B1842A{#__}Talk fast, asshole... what the fuck do you think you're doing?
D7B2BAE9Your people are dead?
D7B45ECF{#wl3_AZ1_MattForrestal_12542}Nice work so far, Rangers. You've got the right attitude towards helping folks out. I wouldn't be sitting here without that spirit.
D7B57F59With its ordnance spent, the mortar won't be of much use.
D7B59B51We should have asked for your help clearing out those Atchisons years ago. Such a relief.
D7B7FDD3Do nothing rash, *Rangers*. These **ahem** *men* are under our protection. Harm them at your peril.
D7B800FC{#__}You want to use our radio tower to broadcast Desert Ranger transmissions? I have no problem with that at all. Once Mayweather is deposed and I am the leader of the Church, I will happily give you access to the tower.
D7B8F4C7{#__}You like ze combat knife, eh?
D7BB5E23The Story of Samson: Our Red Messiah
D7BE661CDo you think so little of yourself? You are not no-one. We were also recording it for broadcast over the radio, spreading the gospel of Titan near and far.
D7C0EABCWhat do you know about Damonta?
D7C45D15Comatose characters have reached the deepest stage of unconsciousness. The body has now effectively shut down all non-essential functions, and the character will not survive without intensive help from a surgeon. Even with help, a coma may last for some time and result in permanent disabilities.
D7C4E763Increase Value
D7C8EDF2This tech is unlike anything we've seen. We honestly don't know.
D7CB686FI'm pretty sure I would have died if not for your generosity, Gentle Visitors.
D7CD96DE{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_8764}Oh, no, Sue! The boy is a goof-up, but he doesn't deserve to die like this! Can you heal him, Rangers?
D7CF47E4{#wl3_AZ5_Jill_22466}Lot o' raiders lie in wait just outta the canyon, hopin' to hit caravans before they enter the Monk's *safe zone*. They wouldn't dare follow us in here, though. They know we'll get a monk escort right quick. They'd be wiped off the face o' the earth...
D7CFD67E{#wl3_CA1_Chris_10281}Fuck. Well, if you change your minds, you know who to fuckin' kill. Just come back and see me when they're all dead.
D7D32567Cannot be removed.
D7D393AD{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2461}Is this part of the church?
D7D7F422{wl2_AZ0_GeneralVargas_4068}Go ahead, Charlie One. Still on those dealers?
D7D8B2C4The Armor Of A Knight Paladin From The Church Militant.
D7DBAB00I'd like to make a deposit.
D7E07959{#__}[i]Sport, mutation, growth...[-]
D7E0F439Your creative use of stimulants has enabled you to gain a boost to your vitality throughout combat.\n\n[b]Benefits:[/b]\n[00cc00]+2% CON automatically healed per turn when in combat[-]
D7E22C94{#__}You can give your *tribute* any time you'd like.
D7E2479FAlright, alright. Look, someone wacked me a good one from behind and I passed out. When I woke up, I think I saw a faint trail leading away from the cage. If you can find it, maybe you can follow it.
D7E26AB6Red 9 on Black 10...
D7E2CE0APass on through.
D7E4FBA5Won't Kill
D7E51434{WL2_Vargas_DamontaTowerFixed_01}Roger, Team Echo. Relay signal coming in loud and clear. Uh, stand by as Researcher Mercaptain makes her calibrations. We may have new orders for you. Stand by.
D7E549FE, knocks (-him/her/it) out cold
D7E55523(a/[COUNT]) pair(/s) of black leather skirts
D7E56B9C(a/[COUNT]) set(/s) of mobile infantry armor
D7E67B4DKnowledge Skills
D7E853C6Kekkahbah has agreed to release Jessie if peace can be secured. We should talk to Casey about terms.
D7E886B2{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_22041}They call themselves the Red Skorpion Militia now, and lately they've been fillin' the airwaves with a lot of trash about how they're the real law-and-order around here. Just another raider gang, if you ask me. I don't give 'em the time of day.
D7EC8DB6{wl2_CA6_Rambeau_7174}So, come see Jean in 'Ollywood, ze specialist in fire power. Au revoir, mon amis!
D7EE2CD3{#__}Thanks for savin' Highpool, recruits. I grew up near there, so it means a lot to me. Not real happy the Red Skorpions are probably gonna take it from the Rangers, though.
D7F2A5C1Stop! We yield. You have bested us. Approach for your reward.
D7F499D8Back Attack
D7F60421{#__}And it would not be fair to require material tribute from you as previously mentioned. Instead, we will forgive your debt of tribute completely. You may enter the Temple of Titan.
D7F625A4{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_3341}Oh, sure. God. Yeah. Kill 'em all for God!
D7FA90DE{#wl3_CA0_Neil_2869}Well, that's too bad. I had hopes.
D7FC9319I just want to live my life. Can't you leave me alone?
D7FCE885{#wl3_CA1_PattTheAxe_5704}The Axe doesn't want to talk. The Axe is going back to sleep now.
D7FE9DE9{#wl2_AZ0_GeneralVargas_8995}Welcome back, Rangers. Have you made up your mind about who's going with you? Are you ready to fly?
D800D4C5{#wl3_CA6_Swifty_Schwags_6519}You got a bright future in this town, kid. I can see your name in lights!
D8026B70{#__}Bart is a keen shot, for sure. I ain't no slouch neither. Can we join you?
D802E9D0{#wl3_AZ1_KathyLawson_33610}As if the rest of it wasn't enough, the plants also started to explode! Get too close to one of those red pods and BAM! You're torn up by shrapnel. And worse, if you're not treated, the fungal spores start growing in your body until you turn into one of those *pod people*. Er, none of you have been *hit*, I hope?
D8033F9BWhere'd you hide the likker?
D8059C05{#__}Fantastic! This is wonderful news. I can't tell you how much we appreciate it.
D8074911{#wl3_AZ6_Jill_6460}And top of all that, we lost the *cattle* - which makes us dead and broke.
D807A2C2[PC] gained +1 Attribute Point.
D807C02DBook of Nauseating Correct Manners
D807CD5DYou'll pay for entering the Temple without permission!
D80BCB13{#__}Larkin? I'm sorry. I don't know the name.
D80C5B5CNew Citadel Interior
D81194F7Tainted steak from a foul creature.
D8120E5C{#__}I don't know why Vargas is so gung-ho to find this *signal*. It already killed Captain Ace, and it might kill you too - for nothing as far as I can see. It's probably just some old pre-recorded message. There's probably no-one there at all.
D815B5EEA dead synth in priest-like robes. Its eyes are dark and its metal and plastic chest shattered by a crushing blow.
D817892E{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_3991}What did you do? Oh no! You... you poopy-heads!
D81F7951{WL2_Vargas_DeathSquad_Prison_12}Danforth, this is Vargas, and I just got the real story from my team. Throwing poorly armed civilians at them to create an incident is sick. It's a goddamn war crime. If you come for us, then call it what it is, an unprovoked invasion. Whatever you call it, we'll be ready for you.
D81FADCDOh, Rachel. Oh, god.
D822197C{#WL2_Sadler_FirstConversation_01}You meatsack dirtbags!
D822471B{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_2497}Chisel's Eleven, I called us.
D8250C1B{#__}Mr. *Dick Manners* is the guy who runs the show 'round here. He was raised in the *Mannerite* tradition, born and bred to be its leader, and he teaches us that the most important glue of society is proper use of etiquette, politeness, and civility. Hell, if we'd known how to talk to each other back in the day, you think they'd have dropped the bombs?
D82584D8Mirkul/Mirkul drug
D827D3BDBurst fire is less accurate than single shot, but it works well against clustered targets. Stray bullets that miss the mark can still strike nearby opponents. Just watch out for your fellow Rangers!
D828D8F3{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_2104}Poor little pussy cat.
D8298F18Actually, I could do it.
D8299E98{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_1870}Watch out for traps.
D82F7108{#wl3_CA1_Cliff_1783}Great. What'll it be?
D831C30C{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2834}Should I follow their example?
D831DE12{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_3466}Huh. This used to be a conference room.
D832E649Later days.
D8334574{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_19318}I'm so glad you were able to save Highpool. Its reservoir and treatment plant provides water for us and the other communities in the area. I just hope we'll be able to convince Bergin to continue trade with us.
D8366572{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_5529}I told you scrubs you wouldn't get a second chance. Get lost.
D836E4A3Wrapping leather around the handle helps with impact vibration, making it easier to swing and hit.
D83734A8C'mon you little -- pleasant child.
D838F6BAWe found the place where the thugs said Bob was treasure hunting. Turns out he's actually looking for an old family heirloom, and he's asked us to help him find it. Guess we better get digging.
D83B2416{#wl3_AZ5_Jill_11037}The monks use the fear o' Titan to keep us all in line. Everybody knows what that big bastard could do if they woke 'im up.
D83E1CA1{#wl3_AZ3_MrsParker_7509}He takes care of things around here. You can place your trust in Mister Kekkahbah.
D83E73A9{#wl2_CA5_Dugan_3031}Matthias! They don't know who I am!
D842E575What do you think of Ag Center?
D843294AStrike one! Harold completely misses [TARGET].
D8446C22Is your sister in trouble?
D8448C63See you around, loser.
D844E8A7Gila Egg
D848C8F1What about *her*?
D848F2D6Good luck, Rangers. The dogs are countin' on you.
D84E3978{#wl3_AZ1_MattForrestal_19227}Yeah, once they get themselves straightened out we plan to use their rail lines to ship to all our customers. But until we can stop this *crisis* and make sure the food is safe again, nobody's going to get fed.
D85024BE{WL2_Vargas_DamontaTowerFixed_05}[cc]squelch and oscillation noise[-]
D8509746Excuse us one second.
D8528259{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_10583}Mmmmm... I must say I've been looking forward to this particular meal... anyway I believe you were promised a reward.
D857C442Dave Oshry{M}
D8584C79Escort a raider to safety
D86023E7{#__}Man, I can't wait to get back out on patrol.
D8618044{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_20334}You mean our houseguest, Jessie? She is the daughter of Casey James, the leader of the traitorous Atchisons. In short order, we'll hang her from the highest switching post. Casey James will be broken, and this war will end.
D8628460Why doesn't Mr. Schwag want you to talk about that?
D863241D, opening (-him/her/it) up from bow-tie to belt-buckle
D864DA3F{#wl3_CA1_James_9763}You're looking for the refined stuff? Sorry, the God's Militia snatched it all up long ago, selfish pricks.
D866B5BC{wl2_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_21496}This then is a warning, brothers and sisters. The Desert Rangers may wear the uniforms and tin stars of law men, but they are decidedly on the side of sin, perversion and wickedness! Beware their smiles, friends. Beware their smiles!
D86CEA9DTen four. Highpool tower is down too. We can't fix it.
D8704BF6(a/[COUNT]) boom box(/s)
D8713AD0{#__}Don't know very much about it. Apparently it involves fighting all the way up the hill to the old Observatory, which the priests call the *Bastion* of Faith.
D8727168{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_9794}You've returned, children. I don't believe I have anything to say to you. You ignored Matt's disease until...
D873B6A7Quaint little place. It's a bit bare and oddly clean.
D87430F5The satellite dish remains in working order, broadcasting a powerful signal.
D87B1714You travel a lot. Where're the best places to cool your heels?
D87B686DGreat for flying a B52 or snowblowing.
D87F6BF4What's with the rusty robot?
D8800E0AThanks to your self-serving actions at Ag Center, the facility is dying. Though shutting down the irrigation pumps slowed the spread of the mutant plants and insects, it did not stop them, and they are slowly tearing the place apart. Unable to hold off the inevitable, the researchers have abandoned Ag Center and are no longer distributing fresh produce to Arizona. Consequently, many communities are starving, and raiders are now stealing carrots and tomatoes the way they used to steal guns and ammo. Even the Rangers are feeling the pinch, with many teams going out on patrol fortified with nothing but half portions of rat soup.
D881300D{#__}We ascetic few serve Titan, God of the Mushroom Cloud, and his laws.
D8852086{#wl3_AZ5_Sadler_Temple_29376}Fortunately, there's another silo out east near Damonta, and I hear it contains a live missile. I also hear that a while back one of the Mad Monks split from the rest and went to Damonta to try and get it. Now, my boys are all busy doin' clean up around here, but I need that missile. Would you be willing to go find it for us?
D885247CHoney (Badger/Badgers) don't care. Therefore, (it/they) (starts/start) charging at [DISTANCE].
D885ABDDGreat job bustin' up the well. Get outta here, Rangers.
D8864BDDI'm only seriously wounded now!
D886808CBabies? Us?
D88795ADWhere is the HSP?
D887ED25{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_7322}Have you seen my... my friend *Jessie*? She couldn't save me, so she ran to get help.
D88953BECannibal Gunslinger{M}
D889AD2CGettin' old sucks.
D88EA181{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_2902}Hope they sell Squeezins here.
D88ECC3BYour lucky numbers have come up again!
D88F0F15An abandoned guard tower. Blood drips from somewhere above.
D890897B{#__}Got rat stew today.
D892037B{#wl3_CA1_Mayor_35494}Well, let's see. There's *Ulric* at the Saloon, Dr. *Horchata* at the Clinic, Mr. *Gekko* at the bank, not to mention my poor *son*. You might also see how things are in *Limbo Town*, where most of our farmers live. I was about to call for an investigation of an sickness that has swept through the townsfolk there, but I didn't get the chance before the Jerks so kindly gave me this time to reflect.
D892C0B8{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_6031}Man, those fucking Wreckers really messed things up around here.
D8934F79Folks who fell to the sickness. We're seeing two or three bodies every night. It's gotten out of hand. If you ask me and somebody should *do something*.
D8940ABC{#wl3_CA6_George_22452}I don't care much for *Heidi* and how her and the *HCC* run this town, but she's kept us safe from those maniacs. I'll give her that. The lesser of two evils, that's what Heidi is. And those holy-rollers are the greater. Bad Karma, man. I wish 'em the worst.
D895BC6EBrothers, Sisters, sit and pay heed to the Tale of Titan.\n\nLong have we worshipped and known of the Mushroom Cloud. Our fathers and their fathers before them knew the Holy Ones, they knew of Einstein, who gave us the Theory, and they knew of Oppenheimer, who gave us the Bomb, and they knew of Planck the Ever-Constant. Through their guidance we found the Great Glow, which illuminates our path and welcomes us in death.\n\nOur fathers founded a Temple in the West, a safe haven for our true beliefs, and that Center of Holy Knowledge was the beating, radiating heart of our enduring faith. From there we spread the word, and the word was pure and glowing.\n\nCharmaine the Beauteous carried the Word in that day. She was known far and wide across the wastes both for her rectitude in our teachings as well as the outward beauty the Great Glow had seen fit to bless her with, to aid her in converting more souls.\n\nBlessed were those days. We were spreading the Word of the Mushroom Cloud, the holy Blood Staff was recovered, and all seemed glorious and bright for a future in which Word of the Glow would cover all the Wasteland.\n
D895CCD2{#__}I'm afraid I never knew the name of it, and I don't *remember* the exact location. But it was filled with old and broken robots, and much knowledge.
D89682F5Fealty Mayweather
D8972087{#wl3_AZ6_Jill_4623}Rangers? Halleluiah! Bartholomew! Help Doc let 'em in!
D8996F8DBut nobody here knows how to do anything. The plants are dying. Our sanitation is a joke. It's all going to hell.
D899EBA6Thanks again for the sludge. Really keeps the brothers going -- I mean, glowing.
D89C0BBEWelcome. Don't be shy.
D89C3360(a/[COUNT]) dose(/s) of low dosage pain relievers
D89EC82BYou're a bunch of buttheads!
D89F885D{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_7592}I hope this will lead to the Mannerites being a civilizing influence in this land.
D8A1DE23{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_3130}It restores my faith in humanity.
D8A33957{WL2_Kathy_ArCen_Distress1_03}Are you fucking kidding me! You picked those rain collectors over us? Have fun starving to death, assholes! Don't you understand what we're going through here? We've fallen back to the lobby, but we've got fruit flies as big as bulldogs dive-bombing us everywhere we go! And Matt Forrestal took some kind of exploding seed pod full in the face! He's a goddamn wreck!
D8A35FE4{#__}Meds, mainly.
D8A41F15How do I get in?
D8A4E947They keep the interior spaces a little cooler and help clear out the... fresh scents of humanity. It's already pretty limited due to all the *blocked* vents, so that's why I need to get this fan moving again.
D8A586D0{wl2_CA2_CafeteriaTeacher_25156}A teaching from the book: It is rude to forgo your personal appearance and the cleanliness of your home. Keep your area clean, brush your teeth twice a day, and shower daily. If you do things right the first time, you won't be punished for doing them wrong. Have a great day!
D8A5B7E2{#wl3_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_2963}Snooping around again, Rangers?
D8A7021CI don't hear that synth any more.
D8A76F61{#wl3_AZ6_WerewolfWally_9522}What're you still askin' me about this for? All those metal motherfuckers are gone, so go do your thing!
D8AAE93ENo object targets available.
D8AC6541Do you know a man named Honeydew?
D8AD541A{#__}Thank you. Trust me, I'll make it worth your while - and Veronica's too.
D8ADD4F5{#__}Well, now I'm regretting it. With everybody growin' booze makin's for the Jerks, nobody's growin' anything to eat. People are starving, gettin' *sick*. And none of us have seen any money either. Dengler tells us it's all deposited in our accounts at the *bank*, but nobody can get any money out of there, just bullets. And damn few of them.
D8B5A364This ancient contraption seems to be a power source from before the semiconductor made it irrelevant.
D8B6AAF0{@wl2_CA10_Mathias_9432}And all of this - your new world, your new body, your new life - costs you nothing. Nothing but loyalty.
D8B7D44FTool Necklace
D8BB2F00{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_3415}Look at the size of these vegetables!
D8BB6332{#wl3_AZ6_Jill_2918}What can I do for you fine folks?
D8BE57C8Mannerite Cutter{M}
D8C2D97A{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_13085}So, you saved Highpool at the expense of Ag Center. A tough decision, and I know it must weigh heavily on your minds, but a choice had to be made...
D8C5E14ASo long, strangers!
D8C64C02Ha! Sweet-talkin' me ain't gonna work, stranger. You'd have to *kill* me to get me to switch. This town needs food, not more agave for booze. I'm the only one left makin' sure those folks at the *clinic* get a proper meal. If I stop, what happens to them? If you really wanna be sweet to me, why don't you go back to Dengler and tell him I took the agave, and then just forget it?
D8C717BEI don't know what's in that stuff, but if you snort enough of it up your nose, you turn into a zombie and you don't come back. Terrible stuff. Terrible.
D8C726FAMy account number is 2933252.
D8C7690B{#__}Hello again, Rangers. My request for help still stands if you've changed your mind.
D8C789D8{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_5941}There is a - [i]victim, decomposing, fallen soldier[-] - body here.
D8C8BA95{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_2334}Quit pushing. We're going!
D8C98EA2Do you know Quarex?
D8CBB0B8{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_2438}Well, whaddaya know. Monks.
D8CD8F2BRaji has been honored by Veronica for working so hard for so many years to keep homeless runaways safe, and she has given him the Hotel California, which had been where the salt dealers plied their trade, to use as a hostel and clinic for runaways and drug addicts. He is also now a proud member of the new HCC.
D8CDB0FE{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_3998}Only a coward hides his evil behind a dress.
D8CE2664{#__}Dang. Had a good feeling about that one.
D8CFAB20This looks like a fertilizer tank. It smells like one too. It's nearly full. A Mannerite is hard at work shoveling shit into it from a wheelbarrow.
D8CFB612{#__}You did? Tell me, who is he? Where is he?
D8D149CD{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_6664}A rancher named Curly Bill? Intriguing. May I have the sample he provided?
D8D35FF6{wl2_CA2_SheriffDiGrizPeristyle_19426}Attention all Citizens. Screams have been heard in the vicinity of the press booth. We believe the Rangers are attacking citizens. Keep your distance from them and let Civility Enforcers handle the situation.
D8D40AD3{WL2_SQUADIE_Highpool_Foreshadow_37}Bergin? Commander Danforth? Anybody? Can anybody hear us? This is Harvard from the Skorpions - the guys you hid in the cave, remember, Bergin? There... there's something down here, man! It's after us! It already killed Dogbreath, and it's-- Oh, shit! Run! Run!
D8D5438B{#wl3_CA1_BulletGrabber_2662}Thanks for the help, Rangers.
D8D7F6E0Anybody up for dessert?
D8D9633BWe killed the injured Topekan. We don't have time to deliver reports for strangers.
D8DAEC49{#__}I applaud their attempts to get the trains running again. I could wish they put more effort into cooperation.
D8DE9EEDA small man with sharp eyes and soft hands. He flicks a fly away with his swatter, then gazes deeply into your wallet.
D8E126F5{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_6441}You chose the hardest path, but the most noble one. Well done, Rangers.
D8E2056E(a/[COUNT]) SVD(/s)
D8E24B09{#__}Death to the Ag Center! Death to Ranger Citadel!
D8E56418{#wl3_CA1_Beatrice_4297}Dante has some. He keeps it for his stupid cats.
D8E7805CWow, love really knows no bounds. Veronica told us she loves McDade unconditionally and will be with him no matter who he is. She's asked us to tell him so.
D8EA6726{#__}Not really. The Civility Enforcers just drove them back down into the *steam tunnels* and blocked up the *vent*. They're still down there, and they're probably bigger than ever. They just keep growing. It's horrible.
D8EA80B8{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_1621}Hello, Mr. Skinner.
D8EBBD71{#wl3_AZ5_Sadler_8844}Found that Silo yet, Rangers? I'm assuming not since we don't have a nuke in our hot little hands.
D8F00473Open it, dumbass.
D8F534A2What's your beef with Gladys?
D8F6E78DSheriff Marshall{F}
D8F8606AIntelligence allows a Ranger to learn and process information efficiently, giving them early access to a wide variety of skills, and the ability to master them quickly.\n\n[ffa000]++ Skill Points per level\n+ Action Points[-]
D8F98515The signs on these tanks read, Auxiliary Overflow Tanks - Last maintenance check 11/10/98.
D8F9F581{#wl3_AZ3_Gorkinovich_13188}Who? That old Ranger? Saw him last a few weeks ago, askin' if anybody'd seen a metal monk. Ha! Sounded like he'd been hittin' the Squeezins too hard.
D8FBA53BWhat, you're telling me you've never tried it before? It's no big deal. Tastes kind of like pig. You gotta cook it for a while to get rid of the stringiness, though. Makes me wish we had fatter people. Say, do you want seconds?
D8FC3CABI... I hurt myself today...
D8FC7E62Radioactive Goo
D8FD54DB{#__}The Red Skorpion Militia for one. Since we pulled in our borders and decided not to patrol anywhere east of *Highpool* anymore, those bad boys have been multiplyin' like roaches. Now they think they're the new Rangers, saying they're protecting the people of eastern Arizona like we protect the people here. Well, I don't believe it for a second. And I'll tell you something else. I don't think they're gonna be content with just eastern Arizona for long. I think they want the whole enchilada. We're gonna get caught with our pants down.
D8FD78F9{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_813}This... No.
D8FDEA08{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_8146}Don't rub it in Angie's face that you got to go east and she didn't. She really wanted to go.
D903682DEverything is in order?
D904188ECut the pity party! Go home and man the fuck up!
D9056BA0Etta James and Charles Mingus both lived in Watts, and may have played in this very bar long, long ago.
D90585DCHunting High And Low, Hunting High And Low, Hunting High And Low
D9085CF2{#__}Ah, Rangers. You're back.
D9092B14[b]Benefits:[/b]\n[00cc00]+50% Damage against any target at less than 35% CON[-]\n\n[b]Drawbacks:[/b]\n[cc0000]-25% Damage against any target at more than 35% CON[-]
D90D7193Yes, ma'am. Thank you.
D90E0D5B(a/[COUNT]) hatchet(/s)
D90E6286{#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_1793}Quoi? Je ne sais pas.
D90EAB8AWe found this badge on a dead body in Rail Nomad, sir.
D90FA834Silo 7
D911E8C2{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_1521}Don't touch that!
D91408E5{#wl3_AZ3_MelissaRails_23074}There are no Topekans! And no *Atchisons* either! Those names don't mean anything. We're all the same tribe. We all wander and work the rails. Folks just like to have an "us" and a "them" so they can blame things on somebody other than themselves. Idiots!
D9153D2B(a/[COUNT]) Pentagon Weekl(y/ies)
D918323F{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_1582}This is terrible!
D91870ECA little garden plot. Mmmm, blackberries!
D91D0304We found his log book, sir.
D91E995C{#wl3_CA6_George_6852}Peace? With God's Militia? Dude, I'm all for peace, but is that even *possible*?
D91EDEB9You slept with one of the lovely folks in the town brothel and now you feel itchy where the sun don't shine. You might want to see a doctor for this.
D91F684F{#__}Oh, but wait! Heidi is planning to attack the Bastion as we speak. Your plan may never have a chance to succeed!
D922442FMonk Gunner{M}
D922A0B8{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_26269}Hey, I'm still a one hundred percent red-blooded all-American native American, just like I said. But all that talking like an eight-hundred year old wise woman? Well, not to be insulting, but I can get double the price for my seeds when I do the whole "let me teach you the old ways" speech.
D922DE21Join now? Ha! Don't drool on my boots, aspirant! I said [i]might[-]. You [i]might[-] be worthy, [i]one day[-]. Do you even know what it takes to be a paladin? First, you must be the finest soldier in God's Militia. The best of the best - stronger, quicker and more deadly than all others. Next, your loyalty to the Salvation Church and to Evangelist *Mayweather* must be beyond question. Third, you must be willing to do *anything* for the Evangelist. *Anything*!
D924C65A{WL2_Vargas_Radio5C_03}Suspicious, isn't it, Echo One? Like someone's monitoring our transmissions, and trying to stop our little radio experiment before it starts. Keep an eye out for suspect characters. Copy?
D926804FThank... you... Rangers...
D92A7221Nurse Flinkman needs ingredients
D92E8D1DClick 19
D935794F{#__}Angela was jealous that you got to go east without her. I feel the same.
D9371973Bergin's bullet sizzles past [TARGET] like the world's angriest bee.
D9380083{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_5140}No way I'm lettin' this girl become one of those zombies.
D93800FAHey, Scotchmo. Steal their booze and bring it back here, okay?
D938E266{#__}I hope you can live with yourselves. They're gonna fire me because of you. All I was tryin' to do was help my sister.
D93B36BFWe found a page from Ace's logbook. It mentions a Snake Squeezins seller he fell in with on his way to the radio tower. General Vargas might want to hear about this.
D93EA6A3{WL2_Hobo_AZMapOracle_08}The poison rain quenches a dangerous thirst. This drought is a blessing.
D93EC9AF{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_1803}I'm not getting you.
D940386D{#wl3_CA6_George_8015}Well come back when you do, we're itchin' to get back in our shop and start sellin' again.
D940C3A4(a/[COUNT]) badger tail(/s)
D9433B08I submitted a report to Father Enola at the *Temple* about these men, and sent some of my brothers to learn more. They have not yet returned. It is most worrying. I hope Father Enola replies with orders soon.
D945DA5E{#__}Is that somebody's name, like Matthias, or Dugan?
D9476E45{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_Lab_14}No! Matt! Oh God, he's gone. We're too late!
D947C670Why are you going to the prison?
D9481DCDListen, pay up or I'm gonna kill both of ya.
D94D1C0A{wl2_CA5_Dugan_26314}Pathetic meatbags of Los Angeles, listen to your overlord! No-one can save you from being ground beneath the iron-shod feet of my robot army! The Mannerites cannot save you! The God's Militia cannot save you! And that lying half-man who calls himself Matthias certainly cannot save you!
D94D255DHorchata. Funny name, I know, but the man's doin' all he can. I'm just afraid it ain't enough.
D94DCEDF{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_4234}Let me hear the Desert Ranger rifleman's creed!
D94E5AD5{#__}Hey now. don't make me get tough. I've got nothing to say about Grauman. Now go have a drink or something.
D94EA2B6{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_17750}A bright young man, but not a happy one. He wants to remake the world in his image, but hasn't the patience to do the necessary ground work. It's going to bite him in the ass one day, mark my words.
D94EEC66The hero's choice! The .30-06 pays off a thousand to one. Are you sure?
D95589B5{#wl3_AZ6_Jill_9481}What's that? You found 'em dead? That's terrible news! Least I can do is offer you this. Thank you, Rangers!
D9564C03Arctic Sniper
D956F5EBFull Auto
D95C6CEE{#__}Now, what do we have here... Very strange... Another Ranger team found an item with a very similar image on it long ago. It was some kind of badge or pin, said "Member - Wasteland Fan Club." In fact, I still have it here. I'll let you take it out into the field if you'll leave the *disks* here with me to study.
D95F1742{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBastion_5568}Mayweather is dead, good work. I'll see you back in Hollywood.
D95F8369{#__}You have no idea what you have done, you've doomed us all!
D9629BDB{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_17716}My son. He was with his momma in the fields when everything went insane. I guess he musta caught the sickness somehow, 'cause when he came home with Marta, he... he attacked me, just like she did...
D964B13E{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_3980}Is that some kinda high-rise swimmin' pool?
D964B78DGold Engraved Derringer
D966112A{#__}What the hell is wrong with you! Why would you do that!
D9681121A brunette bikini babe with a bouffant hairdo and a dazzling smile. She wears a fur bikini and bone bracelets.
D969D888(a/[COUNT]) Psoz, Mark II(/s)
D971109E{#__}Sorry, no. Never touch the stuff. Least ways not before I operate.
D9729466Do you know anything about Chuck Walker?
D974E299Hi again, Rangers. Need any supplies?
D9753C42{#wl3_CA0_WadeWoodson_16232}Seems like it was a big water treatment plant once upon a time. Now it's just a ruin, but I think we can make it defendable if we put some work into it. Too fucking late, of course.
D9759F8B{#wl3_CA0_Neil_2984}In the name of all that is decent!
D975A9C8{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_3622}I wish we had a doctor back in Rail Nomad.
D977A089{#wl3_CA0_KillerCarlson_1710}Rangers. Over here.
D979CD42(a/[COUNT]) Simms' eye(/s)
D97A548C{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_3929}Heigh-ho the derry-o, the robot in the well.
D97B2CC3A smiling hippy grandmother in a faded sundress and a beaded headband. She's got a stethoscope around her neck.
D97C48A1{SickWoman_05}**static**[0:2.0]I don't want to die alone. [0:6.0]Please come home to me.[0:9.0]I don't care if you found the medicine or not, just come home and help me die... [0:15.5]I can't do it without you...[0:18.0]I tried but I can't.
D97EAEC1You were warned! Now Titan's Wrath will be upon you!
D97EDBF3Who is Werewolf Wally??
D97F7C6ESmart Ass
D981398BWhere's Quartz?
D9816A0A(a/[COUNT]) rice wine(/s)
D98171AD{#__}They're the crazy bastards that rule the canyon between here and Damonta. They help traders pass through and keep 'em safe on the way. Just don't get on their bad side. They'll blow your ass up.
D987BE2AThe Snack Shoppe is just to your right. If you need anything to eat or drink, that's the place to get it. And it's all absolutely free.
D988E6A7Fred's old rifle makes the shot! [TARGET][DAMAGE].
D98C57A5{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_1836}No! This is terrible!
D99072ABYour stomach churns as the smell of rotting food and dead man's blood mixes in your nose.
D9913F66{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_11292}What? Have you been leading me on all this time? Then why are you wasting my time. Please go. I have other guests to speak to.
D99561DE{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_19255}Now that is true spirit of the Desert Rangers. Protecting the wastes from lawless scum, not telling law-abiding citizens how to solve their problems. Thank you, Rangers. A small token of gratitude is yours.
D995B325Jobe looks even worse than he did before - wild eyed, haunted, and definitely not happy to see you.
D9968737{WL2_MadMonk1_MONKCHATTER01_03}Yeah. I need a replacement for Brother Ferris. He went to the Great Glow defending a party of merchants from raiders, may Titan bless his passing.
D998F078This symbol is not like the others. It was stenciled rather than painted, and looks like two hands worshiping a printed circuit.
D9996884{#__}A true Titan is the source of searing clarity and truth. A bringer of destruction and purification. This pale, neutered imitation that Enola worships is no true Titan.
D9996F93This statue looks like it could bench press itself.
D999D293That... tore me up.
D99BEBD9{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_4129}I'd keep my eye on ol' Heidi. She's wily as a fox.
D99EFDBE{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_1244}Hardy har har.
D99F5BE6{#wl3_AZ6_WerewolfWally_20388}I tell ya, *Rangers*. You got here in the nick of time. One second more and those *metal motherfuckers* woulda' blown down my house like the big bad wolf. You have my eternal thanks! And also beer, if you want. It's in the fridge.
D9A4475B{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_12492}I've been hearing crazy stories about your travels. Suicide monks, nuclear hand grenades. You'll have to tell me about it all sometime.
D9A867D9{#wl3_AZ1_KathyLawson_10492}Find that *serum* and you won't have to worry about it.
D9ADC91DTell me about the Knife.
D9ADE2EEHelp Dekkar Firehawk find and retrieve his dogs, Manic Jake and Cool Luke.
D9B2967FInteresting. Fourth question. You're walking in the desert and you see a tortoise on its back, baking in the sun. Do you turn it over, or leave it as it is?
D9B4D071{#wl3_CA1_Peter_18472}So, you're the ones. Well, you still shouldn't be in here, but if you want a look around before you go, go ahead. Just keep your hands off the *tequila*. I've got enough trouble with the guards drinking it.
D9B77B48Here's the thing I haven't told anyone yet: I'm pretty sure whoever hit me was wearing tire-armor -- Civility Enforcer tire-armor. Just saw a flash as I was blacking out. I just didn't want to get anyone in trouble if I'm wrong. But it might be worth asking the captain up on the peristyle if there are any missing uniforms.
D9B7C841Thanks for your help.
D9BA1572Insert Key Card
D9BBD768Medicine Bag
D9BC6964{#wl3_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_8592}Oh, great John Henry! How did I not see it before?! If Jessie died because of... because I wouldn't...
D9BD88D3(a/[COUNT]) nun gunslinger(/s){F}
D9C049ACA man's body is rotting here. His skull has been caved in, and the cowboy hat that lies next to him has been split at the crown and is covered in dried blood.
D9C1EC15What's with the checkpoints?
D9C2D810{#wl3_CA6_Raji_13061}She's a good kid, but the world's been pretty hard on her, and she keeps looking for ways to escape. Salt is no escape, though. It's a living hell.
D9C3DECE{#__}Why should I *trust* you?
D9C732CA, dropping (-him/her/it) like a broken doll
D9C9552B{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_Lab_29}Great! Here's five doses of the serum. I'm giving you extra in case the infection has somehow spread outside of Ag Center and you need to treat another irrigation system.
D9CB5D22{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_10488}Looks like you cleaned up your act. A classy fella like me has to have standards, y'know? How about you let me join?
D9CF01C1{#wl3_CA0_Neil_2495}Do what you have to, Sister.
D9D23D85We use it for all sorts of things: drinking, cheese, butter, body paint... *Mr. Manners* just loves goat products.
D9D267C7Lets go give those thieves what they deserve.
D9D35B7CIt looks like this tarp is covering up an older sign.
D9D4E1B0A canteen intended for Guard Darla at the eastern perimeter of The Angel Oracle.
D9D66830The Story of Samson, Part 3
D9D831D6{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_Intercom_05}You pricks better be the damn *Rangers*! We've been calling for *help* for hours! The plants have gone crazy!
D9DBBC97{#__}Novices, I don't know why you helped me and not the others, but I owe for it. If there's anything you need, just ask.
D9DE3B78You should return to Veronica.
D9DF8490{#__}Goddammit, Rangers! I was strippin' that thing for parts! Now it's gonna be belching smoke until it runs outta whatever it runs on! Get outta my shop!
D9E03D7BJill Yates{F}
D9E08D6FPay tribute to enter the Temple of Titan
D9E1D651Don't short it. Whatever you do, don't short it.
D9E28199In a cardboard and plastic blister pack, this seemingly-Renaissance era telescope is in impressive condition. A sticker tells of its keepers, the scientists of the "Gift Shop."
D9E2DBEB{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_Lab_23}Oh, great... I'll make the cure, I guess. Let me know when you shut down the irrigation systems and I'll give you the serum.
D9E34215{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_2058}Owee, owee, owee, oweee!
D9E520B9I'd spit on 'em, if I wasn't so dry.
D9E5D2F5Don't listen to him! It's a trick!
D9E988E3Once a scout for the Red Skorpions, Fade joined the Rangers after the Skorpions put a bounty on his head for taking spoils he wasn't entitled to. But don't worry, he doesn't do that kind of thing anymore. Honest.
D9EB255B{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_2694}Let's find some asses to kick.
D9EC54B3Goodbye, Gentle liberators.
D9ECE58AWell, he certainly looks like he's had years of experience... Alright, fine. We'll take him. What type of enlistment bonus would you prefer?
D9ED0DEBRoger Yee says he saw two Robbinsons, Gene Cronk and Nick Chauvin, carrying someone towards the ventilation panels. They were wearing Civility Enforcer uniforms. We should question them about it.
D9EF7FDA{#WL2_Kekkahbah_AtRails_14}This is no time for stalling, Rangers. Stick to the point.
D9F0156C{#__}Thank you, Rangers, for all you've done so far, but could I ask your help with one last thing?
D9F15718Radio emitted, "[!TEXT]"
D9F1E041Some followers will hold onto items they like once you give them away. Keep an eye on your Squeezins!
D9F49954A trapped miner.
D9F75022{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_5156}Thank you, Rangers. A small token of gratitude is yours.
D9FA674EHow would you be of service?
D9FA68F5{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_1955a}They play real music.
D9FBDD31Go on then, but none of those other girl's lovin' gonna stick to your ribs like mine.
DA09C3C4{#wl2_CA10_Mathias_30908}I was afraid it would be like this. I'm sorry, Rangers. It seems you're not cut to be Children of the Citadel. **sigh** It's really too bad. Had you done as I asked, I might have spared your friends at Ranger Citadel. Now I'm afraid there's nothing you can do to save them. We fly to Arizona in a matter of days. How will you ever live with the guilt?
DA1135C4Always Run
DA134C85{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_1319}Pfft. I knew it.
DA143DD6{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_8764}Oh, no, Sue! The boy is a goof-up, but he doesn't deserve to die like this! Can you heal him, Rangers?
DA146160Rick's RV
DA16F522The grizzled man is wrapped in a leather duster that's clearly been handed down from gunshot victim to gunshot victim, and wears a filthy t-shirt that has the word "SECURITY" written across the chest. The look of disgust he has stapled to his face seems permanent, even when he's smiling.
DA179E62{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_13516}There are many things that we require. Water, livestock, medicine, books.
DA17B79A{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_1966}Bravo, Rangers. Bravo.
DA1B0981That is not a term we use, Ranger. Radiation is a negative word. The *Great Glow* is a positive force. It has changed the face of the earth for the better, and it has given us *Titan*, its last son.
DA1E87BFWe're not the same. Look. They're all Children of the Citadel in disguise.
DA20697B{#__}I am Doctor Patrick Larsen. I run - heh - I... ran, the infirmary here. There... is no infirmary any more.
DA21717A{#wl3_AZ2_Wardin_5073}Never mind about that, Rangers. It's not your business.
DA21846F{@wl2_CA10_Mathias_5653}"But it's only a dream", you say. "Unattainable. Impossible."
DA222552Damaged Hide
DA247DEENo Critical Failure
DA281E66Signs hanging from the necks of each of these dead raiders spells out, successively: Please. Excuse. Our. Mess! We. Are. Making. A. BETTER. World!
DA2BE8E7{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_32147}Hello again, Rangers. Something about you has changed, hasn't it? You seem more... luminous. Say... perhaps you'd be interested in having me as a travelling companion. As a former "Mad Monk," I am something of an explosives expert, and not just in the "throwing them at people wildly" sense. I can give you more [i]bang[-] for your [i]buck[-]. Heh heh heh.
DA2D15A6{#__}Shame. You could always count on Sammy to give you a square deal, just like myself. Gonna be a pain to find another supplier who won't try to cheat me dry.
DA2E6928A torn page from a Ranger log book. Dirt has obscured all but a few words.
DA2EC797{#__}That man ought to be ashamed of himself. Fifty years old if he's a day, and still dressing like some wasteland waste head. I wish Heidi would toss him out, I really do. At least he's not in the HCC.
DA30B992Back again?
DA311E9E{wl2_RadioCallerMale_2264}Sorry. Sorry. I... uh, okay.
DA315E5AWe have collected {AZ5_Radioactive_Sludge_Collected} containers of goop.
DA31E0FFThank ye. Now y'gotta go east. T'the beach. T'the refineries. Here. Y'got a map? I'll mark it fer ye. Course y'probly can't go that way *neither*.
DA34B411Join Church Vigilant
DA350F5DSo why aren't you fighting these robots yourself?
DA3BB135The statues in front of this palatial structure are polished and bright, but it looks like blood has stained the concrete at their bases.
DA3D083A{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_2499}Good move. Total liability.
DA3D3EE5{#wl3_CA0_AdrianGordon_1081}Yah, hungry.
DA3D6072As you place the locket around his neck, the bullet-riddled, paint-splashed corpse somehow looks more at peace.
DA3DECCBSure thing. Let me have a look at you.
DA3FC07E{#WL2_Vargas_LARadioBrief_06}Thank you, Mercaptain. Put it on the speakers.
DA409577{#wl3_AZ3_Chisel_14553}Why do they call me the Chisel? Ha! Everybody knows why they call me the Chisel! It's because I... Because I... Huh. Well, whaddaya know. I forget why they call me that.
DA40B496{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_2169}Do we have an agreement?
DA40DB2FWe'd like to ask you some questions.
DA41D4EE{#wl3_AZ5_Sadler_832}Hurry up!
DA4280ED{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_4136}You keep that kid away from me or I'll gut him.
DA4455B6{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_11675a}What a shame Highpool's aquifer was destroyed. Their reservoir was a marvel of engineering, and it's a tragedy to have lost it.
DA4547CA{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_3921}I always fight better with a rooster goin'
DA471BAC{#wl3_CA6_Swifty_Sewer_9751}Finish up, you troglodytes! The buyers are gonna be here any-- Oh shit! Those nosy bastards are here. Get 'em!
DA47B17B{#wl3_AZ6_Jill_39361}Say, I don't suppose you folks'd be willin' to help us out again. We need to get them cattle back so we sell 'em somewhere else. Doc and me ain't up to the task, and Bart here... well it's too dangerous a job for one man. If you could take him with you 'til you come across the herd, I'd be mighty obliged. He can get 'em back on his own, but huntin' for 'em in a robot infested town? I don't want another young man's life on my conscience, savvy?
DA47EC46{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_3152}Really. You're robbing graves now?
DA47EE87No Mods Available
DA4A5F1F{#wl3_CA1_Chris_6458}What are you still doing here? I'm busy running a town, get out of here.
DA4AD10B{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_22310}Rangers, once my people finish getting situated here at the Coliseum, I want you to know that your people can count on us, for real. And in the meanwhile, if there's anything you need to help you realize your goals then just help yourselves.
DA4AD15EUp the road you will find the James King Memorial *Tabernacle*, where the preachers of the *Salvation Church* speak the good word and bring lost sheep back to the fold. Beyond that you will find the *Gate of the Sinner*, the entrance to *Griffith Park* and the *Gauntlet of Samson*, which leads up into the green hills to the *Bastion of Faith*, the Salvation Church's headquarters and sanctuary from the cares of the world.
DA4ADDC3{#__}Then, welcome, Pilgrim! We are delighted to see you! I will be directing you to the Pilgrim Welcome Center in just a few seconds, but first, a short survey. Question One: Where are you from? A - *Los Angeles*. B - *Arizona*. C - *Neither*.
DA4B67F7Who is 'Master'?
DA4EAB6B{#__}Yep. Always been *handy* with electronics. But those Jerks smashed it as soon as they showed up.
DA52EC9FElizaveta seduced you as part of Tori's plot.
DA53343C{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_6638}Rangers? You bastards! What took you so long? Hang on. I'll unbar the door.
DA5477D7You helped Mayweather get his wife?
DA54F77AUnderbarrel Flashlight{n}
DA5827F0Wanton violence is my favorite form of entertainment!
DA5A6889Hell Razor's logbook
DA5DF4EB{#__}Rangers! What have you done?!
DA5F9058Since the Rangers left, a real rough outfit took it over. The Red Skorpion Militia. They help some people. Hurt some others. 'Bout like you folks, I reckon. Maybe a little more outlandish as far as uniforms go.
DA60AA64{#WL2_Kekkahbah_Conversation_06}Why have you come here? If you wish to help us with outside *threats*, then you are welcome, but we can handle our internal *conflicts* on our own, thank you. Stay out of it.
DA63240Dexcellent eyesight into old age.
DA657729{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_6351}Every rose has its thorns, children. Mine's an antique. Can I join you?
DA66C538{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_6202}Rangers, I have no time to talk. The Atchisons have stolen our Spike.
DA6C7BF0The bones of an old building, now blackened by fire.
DA6D15FC{@wl2_CA10_Mathias_23509}Ah, the genius of the Desert Rangers, to replace a bloodthirsty megalomaniac with an incompetent one. I'm sure all of Rodia thanks you, Rangers, for putting in power the bumbling son of a corrupt dictator. That will certainly get the town back on its feet!
DA6DC5F1{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_3286}Whoa! I don't have a dog in this fight!
DA71E7C5Kekkahbah is willing to share the profits from the train line, but wouldn't budge on giving up the golden spike. He did have one other condition, however. Casey needs to agree to cut off one of his arms. Better go see what the Atchison leader thinks of the offer.
DA7257F4Thank you. You may proceed.
DA72DA66{wl2_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_20985}Turn your faces from these deceivers, brothers and sisters. Do not allow them to help you. For if you side with them, you side against the Salvation Church. And if you side against the Salvation Church, then you side against God!
DA73D46BMaximum Power
DA7492B5We assign *tribute* there. *Outpost One* is the nearest. You can get an escort to the *Temple* there.
DA75D66A{#wl2_CA10_Mathias_41640}Excellent. Then you will go to *Hollywood*, and wipe out those that would weaken our bodies with drugs and disease. And you will go to *Griffith Park* and wipe out those that would weaken our hearts with their small minded morality. You must kill everyone in both strongholds, for neither has any place in our future. In a small way. But there is another resource that will be even more useful to us. Do this, and you will certainly win transcendence.
DA78F700Shwooop. Hehe. You have to make those little noises, or it just doesn't work.
DA7BC76A(a/[COUNT]) Chopper gunslinger(/s)
DA7C5637Stronghold Tower
DA7D4A86Skills Radial
DA7E56D7Ha! Wouldn't you like to know!
DA85AB59{#__}We passed over lots of small farms and communities as we flew in to LA, all heavily fortified. If they're building walls, then they're defending themselves against something, and if they're defending themselves against something, we've got a job to do. I'll call you as soon as I start picking up distress calls. Until then, just get out there and do your best for whoever you meet.
DA8B9253Did you used to travel with a girl named Jackie?
DA8BE210Give Items
DA8C28A4{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_6911}Do you think it will work? Is - [i]amity, cease fire, calm[-] - peace possible?
DA8E133BGuard Darla needs water.
DA8E373A{#__}If y'need us, put us to work. We're here t'*help*.
DA91BEFDaccess violations detected...
DA98A46FYou, for instance. Tell me something you know that could help us survive?
DA99EEB0I'm sorry. Don't see any other way forward. We'll open up the sewer tunnel by the crane so you can make your exit quickly.
DA9A5520{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_13025}You would learn more out under the sky, where the plants grow free.
DA9AB655{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_2968}Those goats are freaking me out.
DA9E3330{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_3871}Now there's a woman with her head on right.
DAA107F6(a/[COUNT]) broken camera(/s)
DAA216AD{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_21776}The *Book* tells us that we should refrain from topics that might displease others... but I think perhaps allowing these visitors to stay so long may have been a mistake. If you'd like to know more about them, speak with *Tori* Robbinson.
DAA40500A wall made of stacked rail cars. It would take a locomotive to break through that.
DAA5C49B{#__}Please, Rose, how many times do I have to ask you to call me Jacob? Are you safe? Are you well?
DAA7F48E{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_13212}And Elizaveta... I cannot believe Elizaveta would use me in this way. I am... I am betrayed. This feels worse than the time I ate with the wrong fork.
DAA878AF{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_7770}What does that even mean? God.
DAA9114BYou chewed up those robots and spit them out like--
DAA93F06{#wl3_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_10012}Well, that's mighty noble of you. Thank you. I don't know what to say. Just, please, hurry and get her back to me.
DAA9B341[ATTACKER] flicks its tongue at [TARGET], but misses.
DAAC96D6Brother Roy Parsons, a guard at Temple of Titan, informed us that we'll need to fill six casks with radioactive waste in order to gain entry. The monks demand "Tribute" from anyone passing through, and this is what they want from us. We'll need to look for deposits of radioactive goop around the canyon.
DAAD7A42Hello, travelers! Have you questions about *Titan* or my *sermon*?
DAB1B1B3, opening (-him/her/it) up from guzzler to gullet
DAB2BD6CSeriously, there is no way this guy should be alive. There is more *blood* outside of him than inside. You don't know what's keeping him conscious.
DAB344B1Knight Captain Amity Stewart{M}
DAB3F0B4Attack Site
DAB57094(a/[COUNT]) pig liver(/s)
DAB6621ARail riders and honest traders, that's us. We built the *train*, and we keep it running. At least we did until those *Atchisons* stole our *brake shoe*.
DAB9DA5F{#wl3_AZ2_PrestonMayor_19364}Sorry, I've given up on the Rangers. You say all the right things, but you didn't come through when we needed you too. The Red Skorpions may be uncouth thugs, but at least they do what they say they're going to do.
DABACF9A{#__}Thank you again, Rangers. What can I do for you?
DABC68A3{wl2_CA6_HeidiHollanderHCC_18022}Friends of Hollywood, lovers of pleasure, this is Heidi Hollander, president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, coming to you from the entertainment capital of the west coast, with a message.
DABE2E0FWith the plants cleared away, the enormous hydraulics below the dish groan to life, and the monumental pre-apocalypse tech starts to rise as a hatch in the greenhouse roof irises open. The dish is live.
DAC0042CThanks again for saving my life, and everything else. I owe you.
DAC4CAE3Ugh! Caught one!
DAC7BF1B{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_2765}Think your crew can handle me?
DAC83524Bondage Vest
DAC996BE{#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_8829}A big man. Big. Rambeau could take him, though. Did he not take Drago once? And Drago was twice as big.
DAC99F34{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_25513}We've always had a strong bond with Ag Center, what with Matt bein' an ex-Ranger and all, so saving the place is going to be a popular decision around here. Gonna have to keep our eye on Highpool from now on, though. This'll probably be the last straw for the survivors over there.
DACA62EDIt's a sack - full of pus.
DACE2E24**sob** **sob** **sob** ... Mr. Manners... **sob**
DAD2CBCD{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_3341}Whoa! It smells like hobo pee in here.
DAD3CEFE{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerInLake_3130}Thanks for... saving me, strangers!
DAD43929Furry white fibers are completely woven through this brain.
DAD653A0{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_3264}That other guy sounds like a bully.
DAD7FBDDJust what is it you're trying to do with Mr. Barnes' corpse?
DADE48E8If you live through this, I'm not patching you up.
DADE5780How bad was it?
DADEC2A3Technical Sergeant
DADED09E{wl2_CA10_Mathias_32825}People have asked me for help too! They've asked me to save them from pain, from death, from their oppressors, and I am doing my best to bring them a future where none of those things exist. So why are you mad at me? Because I committed a few murders in order to save the folks who asked my help? So did you! You've killed hundreds! *Explain* to me the *difference*!
DADF2327{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_3436}Please take this and spend it wisely.
DAE146A1[ATTACKER] howls with joyous abandon when hitting [TARGET][DAMAGE].
DAE21712Do you all have the holy VHS tapes?
DAE24740Everyone says, "Red knows about Damonta."
DAE8D769{#wl2_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_17300}Then there's no deal. After what I've done, I'm willing to lose my arm. I deserve worse than that. But we won't give up the Golden Spike. Our heritage isn't negotiable. We can't [i]both[-] have it.
DAEB3480And now, you are mine!
DAEE2866{#__}Jailor, open the cell door!
DAF3B434{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_4351}Can't talk now. Our Golden Spike has been stolen.
DAF3C6E7{#__}Ha! By which you mean he *need*s it to take out the *Leather Jerks*. An admirable plan, if that's what you really *want* it for. Tell you what, you *help* me and then I'll think about *helping* you.
DAF505C8Nice place. From the piss and shit on the walls it looks like their shifts as guards might be a little longer than standard Desert Ranger union rules.
DAF518E1{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_1988}Aw, let 'em go, Rangers.
DAF624CDAg Center's accountant sat here. The current crisis may incur some unscheduled costs.
DAFEB35F{wl2_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_29819}Attention Gentle Citizens. The chef reports that the cooling unit for our meat locker has suffered inexplicable damage. Until our scavenging teams can find replacement parts we will be cutting back on rations of Courtesy Meat. I do apologize, but rest assured we will have our regular communion again soon. Good day.
DB006DE3{#wl3_CA0_Neil_2699}Thank you. Ready when you are.
DB0177C0You may not have much of a green thumb, but you're pretty sure that you'll destroy the herb if you attempt to harvest it without employing the proper skill.
DB05E095On the World Map, you have a chance of coming across random encounters. These are events which take place in small locations that you will not be able to revisit after the encounter ends. Random encounters can be friendly or hostile, and may contain traders who you can barter with, wastelanders under attack by deadly raiders, or vicious animals.
DB07FB74{#wl3_AZ3_MelissaRails_18175}A prideful fool who thinks he's a king. He's letting his people starve rather than make peace, all because he thinks somebody's gotta be punished for something that weren't nothing but an accident!
DB0B8CC7I hear they are bringing law to eastern Arizona, but I don't believe it.
DB0E01DF{#__}Can't be too careful around those things. Explode as soon as you look at them. You'll stay well clear if you know what's good for you.
DB0E9E28{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_10256}I normally don't approve of Topekans traveling with outsiders, but in this case there is no loss to the tribe.
DB0FC03BWhat do you hate about shooting Atchisons on sight?
DB138DC1You can't apply [MODTYPE] mods to [ITEM].
DB14563E{#wl3_AZ3_Katy_5077}Thank you for respecting my privacy, Rangers. Goodbye.
DB215EDDWith the hidden rock wall now open, the lever attached to this cart won't do you much good.
DB21A2E5{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_11675}So, the Atchisons are in charge of Rail Nomad. Well, their cause was just, but I wonder if they have the knowledge to be a success.
DB240056I'll just move this three.
DB243FAAMust you press me so? I know what's inside the crates because we buried them here long ago for safekeeping!
DB255BA8{#__}Oh, I *doubt* that highly. A Ranger team took it off the corpse of the Blood Priest up in Needles. And that was after they used it on a machine that verified that it's the real deal. Would you be willing to donate the fake? It'd be useful for instructing our new recruits not to get caught up in the excitement over finding pre-war artifacts.
DB25A324{#__}A cancerous boil on the face of the earth. A coven of sinners and sodomites that needs to be scoured black with blood and holy fire. I don't know why Mayweather is holding back from attacking it. We could have purged that cancer long ago, and been marching on to bigger and better crusades, but that blowhard just won't pull the trigger.
DB25A5F9Vulture's Cry stabs [TARGET][DAMAGE].
DB275F2DWhat do you know about Glenn?
DB2766E1[b]Benefits:[/b]\n[00cc00]Hard Ass dialog options always succeed[-]\n\n[b]Drawbacks:[/b]\n[cc0000]Squad cannot use Kiss Ass or Smart Ass dialog options[-]
DB2A42EC{#__}Well, I did what you said. I betrayed my best friend to save my own reputation. I hope you're happy. Now will you give me the photos? I want to burn them.
DB308233{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_1672}Why did we do that?
DB329967Looking through this fence gives a glimpse of the barnyard hell beyond it.
DB32AB79{#wl3_CA6_Raji_9215}Salt messes you up, man. They're just...gone. And mean. They get crazy violent when they take too much.
DB335471{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_5089}This must be where we're supposed to put Kathy's serum.
DB346AC4Simple black mask, nothing special.
DB354FE2{#__}Heh. I used to be one, but we had a *falling out*.
DB361D4CThe Critical Damage Bonus is added to a weapons Base Critical Damage for your Total Critical Hit Damage. \n\nThis is a multiplier of your rolled Damage on a Critical Hit.
DB37D4D0He got lost
DB37E249Heavily armed, this Wrecker looks he's wearing half of a junked car as armor.
DB388F41You can go now.
DB38BCD3{#__}That's my son, Dan, the preacher is gonna kill! Save him!
DB394529{#__}I hope you're making good use of the Red Ryder since I gave it to you on loan. Keep it safe!
DB39B4E1{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_27791}Ha! Better than he'd like. Back in the day the General was the craziest of us all, but somehow, after we brought down Base *Cochise*, he became the sanest. Now he's runnin' the whole show, and doin' a damn fine job, while I'm still walkin' patrols and answerin' radio calls. Shows you how much ambition I got, huh?
DB39BBD0The future of home entertainment is here.
DB3B0448{#__}Kill yourself already!
DB3B1660{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_5288}Got to admit they've really kept the old place up, though.
DB3D902A{#wl3_CA0_Neil_4449}Hand in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished!
DB3EE23B{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_7321}Killed plenty o'men in my time, but I never stole anybody's life and let 'em live.
DB41D9ACRequires Weaponsmithing Level [SKILL]
DB43E5BCDon't be wavin' guns around. Those *Leather Jerks*'ll cut you down in a heartbeat.
DB44F76CElroy's rifle barks and hits [TARGET][DAMAGE].
DB45F13A{#__}Thank you again for *saving* my dowry, Rangers!
DB48B276What's a Great Communicator?
DB49B013Among the blackened bodies and tents, you see heavy boot prints which all lead up the ravine. Whoever wiped out the outpost came from the north, then went back that way when they were done.
DB49B9E1What do you mean "worse"?
DB4A3896Go away
DB4A7755{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_Lab_38}Now, you could also use the serum directly on yourselves. It might have some vivifying properties. All I can do is hope that you have some glimmer of pity for us. Certainly haven't show it so far.
DB4B79AEThanks for saving our town, Rangers.
DB4D6EDEThe Radio is your squad's lifeline back to headquarters. Through it, you will receive vital updates on your missions. From time to time, you may also pick up calls from other wasteland inhabitants throughout your travels, some of which you may be able to respond to. Remember that to level up, you need to use the "Call" button on the Radio to contact headquarters and earn field promotions, provided a character has gained enough Experience Points.\n
DB4D9E54(a/[COUNT]) meson cannon engine(/s)
DB4E94D8{#wl3_AZ6_WerewolfWally_12242}Sure! Let's see... Oh, hell yeah, CCR! I heard a traveling rocker play "Bad Moon Rising" about 15 years back, but I never heard the real thing!
DB4EB2CFKekkahbah agreed to your terms and to using the Golden Spike to repair the rails, but only if you're willing to lose your left arm.
DB4EF3F4We apologize for not stopping them in L.A., sir. We did our best.
DB4F2773[ATTACKER]'s arms shudder as (+he/she/it) rattles off a barrage of hot lead!
DB4FBEC9{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_4588}I'm strong to the finish, cuz I drink my Squeezins!
DB4FEAA5{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_6329}Yes, indeed. Please proceed to the Transmitter Room, where *Glenn* has prepared everything so that you may attach your signal repeater.
DB5205EB{#wl2_AZ0_GeneralVargas_2997}Fine. Come back when you're ready.
DB54A4B5Uh, hey there, partner. Have you come for the guns?
DB54DC79{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_2504}Now, that is what heroes do.
DB5673DD{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_14737}We at the Ag Center are constantly looking for newer, safer ways to improve crop yield and wholesomeness. This lab is where that experimentation takes place.
DB5719A4{#wl3_AZ6_Jill_13065}Easy, Rangers. No need for strong arm tactics. We'll go, but if it turns out we coulda saved our cows I'm gonna be mighty disappointed with you.
DB579914{wl2_AZ0_GeneralVargas_17918}Charlie One, this is Citadel Base. If you can hear me, I am calling for assistance, and will send help to you if I find it. Call in when it is safe to do so and advise on your situation. Citadel Base out.
DB57F103{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_2949a}So fucking satisfied right now.
DB5A3045Museum brochure
DB5CE6A2{#__}Like I said, he always had a temper.
DB607501{#__}I heard a wonderful thing about you. That you disarmed a nuclear bomb. You really are saving the world, Echo One.
DB62C919What if you [i]can[-] both have it? What if you use it as the last spike?
DB647102{#__}You proved yourselves true Rangers in Rail Nomad, recruits. I would have thought making peace between the Atchisons and Topekans was impossible, but you did it. A great achievement.
DB65AFAE{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_4745}A woman of science! Lovely to make her acquaintance.
DB6643FB{#wl3_AZ4_Overbake_2946}Those Rangers paid their taxes.
DB6A1515{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_8675}I smell hidden death.
DB6A87CEThat... that's my collection. I wanna be like Rose and Kathy someday. Not just an *assistant*. I wanna be a full fledged researcher, so... I'm *researching*.
DB700D2AVeronica won the vote at the HCC meeting, and Heidi didn't take it well. She ran off, threatening vengeance, and Veronica has asked us to take care of her. She was last seen heading for her office.
DB7232F2{#__}So those exploding plants invaded the mushroom farm? Man, shit musta been flyin' everywhere!
DB73CF0AWhat book?
DB74051FThink those boots would fit me?
DB773696A broad, well-bound book illuminated throughout with fantastical images. The leather has a strange, warped rubbery texture and a faint green glow.
DB7765CE{#__}Thank you, Rangers. You saved our lives.
DB77D1FAWhat's the deal with those one-armed dudes around Kekkahbah? The Choppers?
DB7A1C94{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_10915}I may be a weapons maker, but I'm always pleased when peace prevails. Thank you for brokering the treaty with Danforth.
DB7A5009Rose/Sister Rose
DB7AA4B3(a/[COUNT]) Happy Valley brochure(/s)
DB7B6C48{#__}I don't know. It shouldn't have had any affect. I... I'm sorry. I'm finding it difficult to talk now. Please, close the valve.
DB7BE023Yeah, yeah.
DB7D3F1DLucky Miss
DB7E6185{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_8321}Peace has made both our tribes stronger. Let that strength *help* you in your hour of need.
DB80D014{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_19225}I come to him as one honest trader to another, but when the townsfolk put me in their cage, he does not speak. He is a man without courage.
DB8132E6Gila Monitor{n}
DB83B0C3Here you go.
DB847E84I see you already have a brother protecting you, though.
DB850975These poor saps didn't even get the chance to stand up from their evening can-of-beans before being cut down.
DB85FB72Akita Figurine
DB891EF6{#__}Did you find my broken man, Rangers?
DB8A44DF{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_25070}Very cunning. I don't like others get involved in our internal affairs, but this would allow me keep my promise to enforce the law - and avoid killing a young woman at the same time. Let us see what Casey James thinks of this act of mercy. I doubt it will lead anywhere, but...
DB8E0A6CWhat are you selling?
DB8E799CWe agreed to lead Skunk Pig, a disgusting, smelly, shitstain of a human being, to safety at Outpost One. He and his raider crew were attacked by unknown paramilitary assailants. He was the only survivor.
DB9121EA, opening (-him/her/it) up from mustache to sock garters
DB94A099Energy Weapons cannot jam or inflict Critical Hits, but deal bonus damage to targets with Conductive Armor.
DB94DE31Polydactyl Syphillitis
DB963A84Patrick Klempner{M}
DB9C0A80Yeah, *Tam*. Only good thing this rotten life's ever given me, and I'm not letting those raiders take her away from me, or... or touch her, or... **sob**
DB9C8560to Attack
DB9E6E8D(a/[COUNT]) G43-W(/s)
DBA07A1B{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_3725}Prison. The bad man's home away from home.
DBA3B97AWe didn't cure many. We had to put most of them down.
DBA3C496Jaime, Hopi and Magee's robot mascot, wandered out of Damonta on his own when everybody disappeared, and has been aimlessly meandering the eastern wastes.
DBA457B8Gentle Rangers, how could you let the Robbinsons take over?
DBA86645Motion Blur
DBA91950Give Squeezins
DBA9FB34What are you lookin' at?
DBAA9BB3You grew up on a farm and learned to tend to the animals there. You showered them with care and compassion, keeping them well-groomed, and they brought you much joy in return. Life was good.\n
DBAADFFDSelect an Item To Use
DBAB3448{#wl3_CA0_AdrianGordon_2901}Oh, not cowboys? Well. Well shit.
DBAC235E{TEMP_Explosion}[cc]An explosion echoes off the canyon walls.[-]
DBAE489CThe God of the Mushroom Cloud, our great and benevolent deity, the source of all peace, whose magnificence cows the wicked and gives hope to the faithful. In his glowing shadow are we all protected. Amen.
DBAFD6B9{#wl2_CA1_Chris_8170}Oh, yeah. So... so don't think you can get away with any bullshit, 'cause we're watching you.
DBB194CFRobbinson Lobber{F}
DBB2182CThank you for saving our town, strangers. And my wife.
DBB38FF4Is Jake with you?
DBB3A101Rangers! Kill'em all boys!
DBB68D9E{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_3242}If only that was full of Squeezins.
DBB87CAB(a/[COUNT]) CotC wheels
DBB8A36BBut the Topekans will catch you!
DBB8D8D9You are enjoying the lovely scents of the fruit trees when suddenly a teenaged girl drops out of the tree at your feet. She starts screaming. It's pretty clear she broke a leg.
DBB98102{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_2498}Don't fret, Jan. You are safe.
DBBA1468Swing and a miss! Harold fails to put the lumber on [TARGET].
DBBA360AThose Ranger assholes messed with the generator!
DBBB3A77{#__}Always good to see a Ranger, no matter what Howdy says.
DBBDA58A{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_3051}My mom says drink makes you weak.
DBBFBD54Servants of the Mushroom Cloud
DBC0D611{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_2525}Do you guys think he's mean?
DBC191E7{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_12038}Let's see it. The color is a nice golden brown but the texture is completely wrong. Far from perfect but I do appreciate the effort.
DBC38BA0{#wl3_CA1_James_5695}Yes, dear. Yes. Now be quiet while daddy finishes his business.
DBC73903{#wl3_AZ4_Bobby_23529}We're a militia now, Ranger - the law in these parts. And pretty soon we're gonna be the law in all of Arizona. My dream has always been to show you fucking cowboy tyrants how to do peacekeeping right. Treat the people with *respect*, not kill their children!
DBC7538DFarewell and go in peace, sinners!
DBC7B86E{#__}I have reports from very reliable Mannerites that you were conversing with the fugitive recently.
DBCA7D34Which of these fine antiques caught your eye?
DBCB711F60 Minutes
DBCB7A10Ahh! What a sad way to go.
DBCD096AThen I'll find him, and he'll wish... he was.
DBCD5DF030 Minutes
DBCE0FB9Opossum My Possum
DBCE3D35{#wl3_CA6_Raji_16742}I've tried to stop 'em, believe me. But I'm no tough guy. I'm just a bass player for fuck's sake. You wanna take a crack at 'em, be my guest. Just go sniff around *Schwag's*. You'll find plenty.
DBD4C8C0Who was Darlene?
DBD4D305Looks like this might have been an important person's home once. Now it's a sty for pigs.
DBD5064BAre you still here?
DBD5D6F1{#wl3_AZ6_Jill_6751}Thank you kindly, Rangers. Just hope you get 'em before they get our cows.
DBD871AC{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_812}Rat trap.
DBDA9FCD{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_4965}Nice to see someone so sensible in this strange town.
DBDC10AFAll Squad Members
DBDC133EScrumptious and exciting. If you're a dog.
DBDC607BAdd to Hotkey
DBDDAD8EWith a desperate cry [ATTACKER] (curses/curse) you at [DISTANCE].
DBE0581B{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_2233}I'd like t'make a deposit.
DBE07A63Hello, Rangers. Sheriff Marshall told me you'd be looking into Fletcher's escape. I suppose you want to *know* how he got out right under my *nose*?
DBE14951{#__}He was the bossman. Went by Duke, because he thought he was John Wayne. But he ain't no cowboy anymore.
DBE5632DYou can just barely make out the words "ServerMax Superlink2000" on the side of this computer.
DBE5FC77You kill those badgers yet?
DBE6E9BA{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_48989}Now, you've already attached one of our *repeater units* to the radio tower at the *Rail Nomad Camp*, but because you were unable to do the same at *Highpool* and *Ag Center*, we're in a bit of a bind. See, we intended to make a Watson-Watt Adcock *Antenna Array* using those two towers, our tower here, and the tower where Ace died. Linking those four would have allowed us to pinpoint the origin of the signal. Now, however, we're going to have to try to find the radio tower the General already mentioned to you in *Damonta* - if it even exists.
DBE8BA55{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_11862}I didn't think I could hate anybody more than I hate the synths, but that man needs to - [i]battery acid, drown, burn in hell[-] - die!
DBEAF320All Dead
DBEC4920{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_12079}So, what do you say, Rangers? Will you allow me and my compatriots to go in peace? I promise you, you will never see us again. Please?
DBEC7937{WL2_Kathy_ArCen_WestIrragation_03}Well, well, well. Color me impressed, Rangers. You've managed to shut down both fields' irrigation systems, and the growth is clearly slowing. We're not in the clear yet, though. I'll still need to synthesize a cure and get it into the irrigation reservoir before we can call it a day. At least you'll be able to get the radio dish up and running now. Head back up here. You can access it in the west greenhouse on my level.
DBEF8C0B{wl2_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_13093}Lurkers is a very pejorative term, gentle caller. How do you know they weren't just shy? Did you go out and invite them in for refreshments?
DBF27F24His junk shop's at the top of Goat Hill. Just listen for the screams. Watch out for his turrets, though. If you don't have a *password* they'll chew you up. He calls it his Preferred Customer Code.
DBF299EB{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_4642}Looks like it might have been a lovely town... once.
DBF4C097{#__}The Temple of Titan is our home and place of worship. Within it dwells *Titan*, the *God of the Mushroom Cloud*. But for the *hospital*, the temple is off limits to outsiders.
DBF57C16That synth mentioned that it had a master?
DBF5C1BDAn old statue of some fat guy.
DBF7AF95{#wl3_AZ1_MattForrestal_19392}He helps cultivate the fungi in the *Mushroom Caves*. Good man, if a little too partial to *Snake Squeezins*. Last I saw of him, he was in the *mushroom caves* lookin' for his family right after the plants went loco.
DBF7C732"Isley, P." This woman has a forest of herbs growing out of her skin. You're surprised no one has rolled her up and smoked her like a joint.
DBF93D4DThe History of the Servants of Titan
DBFAFF3DDon't have one
DBFB6AE7{#wl3_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_Militant1_10128}Evangelist Mayweather, Shepherd Jones is dead, and we have found evidence that the Church Vigilant killed him!
DBFE634AYou can also choose to manually type in keywords by using black text entry field above the keyword display. Some people may respond to hidden keywords you type in that are not explicitly shown as buttons.
DBFEBE1EIs it time for a nap?
DC009841{wl2_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_23438}James King said, and I quote, "The only hope for a sinner after the rapture is to get right with god by living a pure and noble life and shepherding unbelievers to the faith, or, if they refuse to follow, cleansing them from the earth with fire and sword."
DC0100A7[ATTACKER] misses [TARGET] by inches.
DC015458*Wreckers* shot him right through the neck, then he fell from the walls. I tried to save him but he was too far gone. There was nothing I could do.
DC03DB4B{@AZ4_PA_02}This pre-recorded message is brought to you by RSM Enterprises Inc. [0:07]Happy Valley isn't just about safety. It's about quality of life too. [0:13]We have the finest farms in the Arizona wastes, with more than enough food to feed everyone who joins us, and a cozy little general store too. We also have an arrangement with Highpool that assures that we will never run out of water.[0:26]Truly, there is no place in Arizona more pleasant than Happy Valley.[0:32]I'm Commander Danforth of RSM Enterprises, and I approve this message. [0:37]There. I didn't fuck it up this time. Satisfied now?[0:42]**sigh** Thank you, Commander Danforth. That was fine.
DC0491DCBattering Fire
DC04962D{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_1557}Won't be a moment.
DC04CF28{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_4171}He's living his life through that little box.
DC052AC7Stay away from the Atchisons Camp, Rangers. If they don't kill you, the rail thieves will.
DC0636F6, and another relatively innocent person dies in the Wasteland
DC08E2E0Rear Entrance
DC08F840{#wl3_CA1_James_13132}I've just heard news that synths coming over the walls at the front gate. We could use your help strangers. Get over there as quick as you can.
DC0A818C{#wl3_AZ0_VargasRadioRoom_1761}Why, thank you, son.
DC0E326D{#wl3_AZ5_Jill_6229}Bless your heart. Thank you so much. Now we can get back on the trail.
DC10CF9B{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_15}While you've been snooping around and searching through our stuff, I've been thinking. Everyone who's turned into one of those pod people was caught in the blast of one of those exploding pods.
DC119E28{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_3152}This is obviously a test of faith.
DC123486{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_2780}I'm gonna excavate your skull!
DC159A77{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_2859}Bloodbath. Irresistible force.
DC162FD6{#__}Can't believe Rangers turned and ran from robots. At least you got the civs out.
DC174ED5{#__}It's too bad disarming that nuke made the monks lose control. That canyon's gonna be a hellhole 'til we can get there and clean it up.
DC17A767{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_2381}We had a dentist back home.
DC18B758(a/[COUNT]) synth part(/s)
DC1A71C6There's nothing more important than manners, my friends! It is the glue that holds civilization together.
DC1D9A17Stay back, strangers. You don't want to catch the *sickness* these people had.
DC1DD26B{WL2_Kathy_ArCen_NearNutriant_01}The nutrient reservoirs are through that door at the back of the greenhouse.
DC21A335{wl2_AZ0_Josephine_8105}Ten four. Uh, looks like we got some water thieves out near Homestead. Following tracks.
DC21B660You ain't going anywhere Rangers!
DC22AD18Repeat Attack to [ZONE]
DC231EB1{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_1365}Boom boom boom.
DC25E4D5What are place settings?
DC270A21{#__}It was very well equipped, and seemed to be entirely dedicated to the research and production of next generation robots. It had a huge mainframe computer as well, but it looked like someone had shot it to pieces.
DC2770B9{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_9039}I thought they would be interested in learning from the past. Using it to make a better future. Ha!
DC281597East Ventilation Shaft status... [AMOUNT] of 5 active. Engage all fans to evacuate airborne toxins...
DC285B65{WL2_Vargas_SinglePromo_53}Echo One, I believe a field promotion is in order for one of your team.
DC2A6EAFEthan White has a goat problem
DC2AC144It could have been the spies we've seen in the canyon.
DC37F533Do that again. I dare ya!
DC3BC74CSt. Elmo's Fire - Died 1985
DC3CE8F4{#__}There. Now, it will take some time for that to take affect, so rest here as long as you need to, then see me when you want to leave. Now, is there anything else I can do for you before I go?
DC3CFD50A Ranger's logbook. It must belong to the decomposing body, unless he stole it.
DC3DD779You wonder what kind of gods would put hair on fruit. And if the gods exist. And if they are crazy.
DC3ED2F9Gauntlet/Gauntlet of Samson
DC3EDE93, opening (-him/her/it) up from stolen shirt to stolen pants
DC3F0812{#__}Here is your money, Rangers. I will do as you asked at the council meeting too. Now get out of my sight.
DC3FDE60{#wl2_AZ5_FatherEnola_FrontGate_2836}Please, return to your duties.
DC41BCA1{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_24544}Our living history book. Flintlock knows more about the Rangers and where we came from than any other man alive. When he passes, we will lose a great resource. I've actually been recording his reminiscences on some old tape I found. His memory needs to be preserved.
DC42F41ASome loose latch lacerates [PC]'s limb as (+he/she/it) learns (+he/she/it) is not limber enough to slide under the lorry.
DC43FB7F{#__}What? I politely told him that he had one more chance to clean up his act. I guess he wants to learn the hard way. Thanks Rangers. We'll take it over from here.
DC47E686Lindy Lou's tool bag went missing from near where she was working on the ventilator fans. She said I was the last one near it. But couldn't have been - because I didn't take it!
DC4C19CA(a/[COUNT]) Robbinson cutter(/s){M}
DC512425Ace's Map
DC5137C7{#__}If it didn't happen ten years ago, I don't know much about it.
DC517CE0You've sure got a lot of coffee cans.
DC5471C5{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_5692}Well, that struck a sour note, but perhaps he's the exception.
DC547BF2Why did you replace Binh's heart?
DC54FEC0{WL2_Vargas_ReportsLong_45}Copy, Echo One. Appreciate the update.
DC56FB9CRight. What type of enlistment bonus would you prefer?
DC59542BThis long-dead corpse is wearing a blue jumpsuit of some sort. You can just make out the name "Proverbius" on the name tag.
DC59F3F4{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_14479}Let me have a look. Yep, this is Razor's all right. Let's see what he was up to. Hmmm... *Metal Monk*... *Plague*... *Darwin*. I hope that doesn't mean what I think it means.
DC5D8AB9{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_857}Well, was.
DC5DD5E3{#__}He promised to treat her well and had the money to make it too good to pass up. We were so stupid. We shoulda known he was just a fuckin' sociopath. The worst of 'em, really.
DC5DF038Then take a powder. We don't want no loiterers here.
DC5E5F07Hey, were you fighting in the back offices? Were there robots in there? Is... is everybody okay?
DC5F45F5Scouts on bluff
DC5F6373Do you know a man woman named Katy?
DC62CAAFAfter helping the Rangers defeat the Base Cochise AI, Chisel returned to Rail Nomad to help rebuild the shattered town. He died a week later of a heart attack while trying to open a pickle jar.
DC6B9C35COTC Pistoleer{M}
DC6C2937I think somebody stole one of my feet.
DC6E44E5What kind of help do you need?
DC6F0128{#wl3_CA6_FealtyMayweather_14407}N-no. I have no problem with the paladins. It - it just seems sometimes that they see more of my husband than I do, but that is the nature of their job, isn't it?
DC6F0493What are you selling?
DC7086ACHave intact pod
DC70B988{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_36343}Ha! No, wait. I know what to do. Alright, Rangers. Go to Casey at the entrance to the Atchison camp, and tell him this. If, in addition to returning the brake shoe and repairing the rails, he is willing to lose his left arm, then I am willing to give the Atchisons half our profits and welcome them back into our camp. But the Golden Spike stays with us. That is not negotiable. We can't [i]both[-] have it.
DC77A33CThe slow squishing and slushing of citrusy growth fills you with alarm. So does the slow bending of distant celery stalks creaking in the breeze.
DC77D483That'll learn 'em!
DC77FED5A large chunk of steel blows off the synth, exposing a swath of vulnerable cables and gears.
DC7827A3{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_8619}I warned you, Rangers. I am not like you. I will not callously abandon friends in need. Goodbye.
DC7846A6, sending (-him/her/it) collapsing to the ground
DC78F5C0Talk to Brother Parsons at the west gate. He deals with newcomers.
DC7AB433{WL2_MadMonk3_MONKCHATTER04_03}Brother Herlocher coming in with two invalids and a pilgrim.
DC7BECBAThe New Citadel is actually an old cold war era naval communications facility that officially never existed, and never appeared on any map.
DC7C7652You say, "Luther, I can tell you've had a hard day at work. Why not take a nice relaxing bath and come see me in an hour."
DC7D9552{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_82}Yes. Go. Do your job.
DC7E7A51Someone parted this guy's hair - from his body.
DC81216DGive us back the spike!
DC81E065Dr. Kathy Lawson confirmed that the dish is overgrown and unusable. We'll have to find a way to halt the mutant plant growth before we can reactivate the hydraulics.
DC8393D2(a/[COUNT]) rail thief gunner(/s)
DC83BAE9{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_9418}You can tell the mayor that we're not interested. If we Robbinsons need something we'll just seize it.
DC8574CCWell, let's see what we can do for you.
DC86764F**cough** **choke**
DC8843F9{#__}So Mr. Baychowski escaped? A wily one, that weasel.
DC888895Good, good. You're back. Let's rap.
DC8A0516{#wl3_CA0_Neil_5552}These things are sent to try our patience. I'll count to ten.
DC8DBCD7They have uniforms now, but they are still just raiders.
DC8FD9FEMy boots are clean! This is good news. Now please go talk to Nurse Flinkman.
DC900F0A{#__}You'll be able to boost our signal as well as your own? Hmmm. That would certainly do a lot to send God's word further into the wastes. Well, alright. It's a deal. The key to the Tower Gate is around Mayweather's neck. Just take it, and I will send someone ahead to let the garrison at the towers know you are coming. Thank you again for your assistance. By the time you get back to Hollywood my guards will have taken control, but you are free to move about as you like.
DC90FFB7Red, a fine choice! Place your bet.
DC9319A0{wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_13968}Uh, listen, Echo One. One more thing. I... I think Captain Carlson is gettin' pretty close to, uh... retirement. You might wanna return to base before he goes.
DC93877D{#__}We live by the *book* here. I was brought up a *Robbinson*, but we came to the *Angel* and took its habits, so surely you can too. First rule is to be *polite*. Second is to use your *manners*: don't speak out of turn, don't interrupt, cleanliness is next to godliness... you know, like that.
DC94FE7AWait your turn, friend.
DC9547D4Sorry, you're on your own.
DC97C5E4Return to Veronica
DC991147{#__}We used to pick mushrooms at Shiitake Farms when I was a little girl. So glad you saved it.
DC9CE99CHeidi's Office
DC9D4754Salt Thug Gunner{M}
DC9E07C2We let Flo know that Schwag is dead. She asked us to find any evidence that shows that Schwag was involved in illegal activities.
DCA126EB{WL2_Kathy_ArCen_PoisonGas_01}Shit! Those fumes in the ventilation tunnels look toxic. You're either gonna have to run through there [i]fast[-], or you're gonna have to get all the fans running. It might clear it out.
DCA4923E{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_10596}The general allocated a requisition for you for completing a thorough investigation of Captain Ace's death site.
DCA57671Good work. What's their name?
DCA5DF2E{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_Intercom_03}Hello? Are you there?
DCA6D066Brown Patchwork Shirt
DCA834C8Ben! Get out here! We're under attack!
DCA84674Crates of stolen supplies.
DCA9B847{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_2621}Tough comes from the inside.
DCA9F34DThen say it!
DCAB77FAPlease, could you help us?
DCAB97B1We're not interested
DCABB814A huge sledge hammer kept right where the bartender can reach it. Its handle is wrapped in duct tape, upon which has been scrawled with the words, "In case of The Chaos." On the head of the hammer are etched the words, "The Order."
DCABCE9EAn ancient air traffic control computer. By the looks of it, this is the first time it's been powered up in 150 years.
DCAC3850If you've been around the block a few times and you think whipping your weight in gila monitors counts as light exercise, this is probably the setting you want.
DCADC93FCheap weapons? Yeah, we're interested.
DCAF02F6+10% Stun chance
DCB493A6Blessed are those who bask in Titan's love, for they glow with inner peace.
DCB4C055{#wl3_AZ1_KathyLawson_8615}I heard on the radio that some Wreckers tore the place down. What a shame. What a goddamn shame.
DCB55B5F{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_4814}Sometimes these places got that denatured alcohol.
DCB5EAC2He's our local junk dealer. No more honest than he has to be. Lives on Goat Hill. That's down wind o' here, thank goodness.
DCB71979{#wl3_AZ4_Bobby_10524}That's different! The Rangers are a bunch of dog killing bullies who don't care what happens to the *little people*!
DCBC30AEWho are you?
DCBC7E23{WL2_Kathy_ArCen_WestIrragation_04}Color me impressed, Rangers. You're actually making progress. One field down and one to go. Now head back through the basement and the other ventilation tunnel to the east field. Once you shut down the irrigation there, we'll really start getting this thing under control.
DCBD673C{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_4094}Killing your customers. Bad business model.
DCBDB158{#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_11876}Well, life goes on, no? Rambeau thanks you for catching ze tief, and 'e will keep 'is word. He will vote for Madam Veronica. Au revoir.
DCC05DA1, opening it up from throat to thews
DCC3706DA bed right next to the toilets, how convenient. Although, from the looks of it, it might be a little [i]too[-] close.
DCC3B3B4{#__}There is no best way. The gates are guarded by turrets that can cut a man in half in seconds. That's why we've given up hope. Nobody has ever made it to the gate. Nobody. But you're the Desert Rangers. Maybe you're tough enough, or smart enough, to beat those guns.
DCC943DA{#__}We're doin' alright. You okay, Lex?
DCCA0ACE{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_7714}What? Really. But I'm so bored.
DCCBF4E4Farewell, Rangers.
DCCCEC60{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_3406}If I hadn't lost mine, I would help him.
DCCE348F{#__}Grub's up! Come and get it!
DCCE7D8C{#__}Whatever. If you'd rather talk than fight, go find Evangelist Mayweather. I'm sure he'd love to add more hands to his circle jerk. I don't give a damn.
DCCF0B2D{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2139}I must find my own path!
DCD0849A{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_2643}Fine, fine. I'm already packed.
DCD176A2That's quite a sad story there. Too bad we don't accept stories as payment. Now pay up or perish.
DCD355BFYour masterful hacking skills mean your newfound robot pals leave the factory of your able hands with a little extra zip in their step.\n\n[b]Benefits:[/b]\n[00cc00]Hacked enemy robots automatically gain Overclocked buff[-]
DCD40415Robbinson Sniper{F}
DCD79462Move it, we're doin' work here.
DCD84658{#__}Toby's a good kid. We go out drinkin' together every once and a while.
DCD8A2F3{#wl3_CA6_George_1086}What's that?
DCD8ACB0Just don't get these wet.
DCDCA470Who's Jessie?
DCDFE3A1Hopping through the foliage, [ATTACKER] appear(s/) at [DISTANCE].
DCE025A8{WL2_Hobo_AZMapOracle_17}Your salvation will come from the sky, from the ocean your greatest fear.
DCE30006Tom M{M}
DCE59E4FAg Center
DCE65C88Book/Book of Nauseatingly Correct Manners
DCE8EF0C{#wl3_AZ1_KathyLawson_14098}I... I hope not! I don't want to think that [i]anyone[-] here would do this. We're a happy family. We all want the same thing. To make the wasteland green again.
DCE96B9D{#SULLEN}So bored.
DCED297CWhile not particularly deadly, it could easily put out an eye.
DCED3E04{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_18123}Then slide the ammo in here, awkward, I know, but trust me. When you're ready, twist this thing here until you smell burnt hair, but seriously - and this is important - [i]don't[-] keep breathing it in, okay?
DCED4D0AIn Loving Memory of Colin McComb - Killed by Overpowered Elves.
DCEF80C0{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_851}She's hot.
DCF34467{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_5769}Why do I think this joke is going to have a terrible punchline?
DCF3456E{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_2094}Yer dead to me, metallo!
DCF4EA5A{#__}Stinking drunk again, huh Baychowski? You guys better make sure he doesn't fall over.
DCF5D8B4Tactical pack with lumbar support.
DCF7769FGood to see you again, Rangers.
DCFBB981End of the line. An avalanche has blocked the tracks.
DCFC0D0E{#__}Easy, ol' girl...
DCFC7FC2{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_17213}After you were brave enough to charge in here on your suicide mission, I decided I'd fly your old whirly bird in to give you a way out just in case you survived. And lo and behold, you have!
DCFE602A{#__}Angela's great. She's like the mama-bear for the whole Citadel. You can tell her anything, 'cause she's seen worse and done worse than any man here. Nothing fazes her.
DCFE90CBThis is a restricted area. Pilgrims only.
DCFF1916This guy looks a shaved sasquatch. He's asleep with his head propped up against a giant axe that's embedded in his table.
DCFF98D2{#wl3_AZ1_KathyLawson_3317}I already told you! West greenhouse!
DD05E5B3{#__}On my...? Oh that is embarrassing. Now, then, that's better. Let's have a look at you. Oh! *Rangers*!
DD0855D7Rice Wine
DD0B0A66I am afraid you have misinterpreted our arrangement. We do not need guns. We need your security forces to [i]not have enough[-].
DD0B4974Used for Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Heavy Weapons.
DD0C00AB{#WL2_PilotJoey_LARadioBrief_AngelaDead_30}Still on our tail, Sergeant! It's like they're following us!
DD0CF6C6Dr. Patrick Larsen{M}
DD0E7EE4{#wl3_AZ1_MattForrestal_20373}Yes indeed. I was a Ranger. Back before ol' Vargas' hair turned gray, and *Ace* was still just a Three of Clubs. Quit to run the *Ag Center* after I took a bullet in the gut. Missed any organs, but I just couldn't move like I used to.
DD0F3112{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_5911}A fool who plays with foolish toys, but at least he does no harm.
DD10B196As you look around at the sandy soil, you see crusty red patches of blood.
DD112DF7Interceptor Trap
DD123BE7{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_3403}You animal! You don't deserve to live!
DD125012Alosh, the Knight that watches over, protects and shapes the penitent to be faithful.
DD168455The only man-made thing remaining is the wide concrete disk that you passed before. It used to be in the middle of nowhere. Now it's at the edge of the crater, and it looks like it's cover is cracked.
DD1A108A{WL2_Hobo_AZMapOracle_01}The son of the hammer will strike against the daughter of stars and red birds will fly out of the east and destroy Vegas in a night., Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © About Discord Donate

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