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65233DE0{#__}So you lost Baychowski, huh? Nice work. bro.
65237C8B(an/a pair of/[COUNT]) infected supafl(y/ies)
65239404{@wl2_CA10_Mathias_12567}Now look at me. Look at my gleaming faultless skin, my perfect metal and plastic body that will never age, never weaken, never know pain.
65297520{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_Commons_13315}Then help me bring him down! Right now! The blame-shifting, responsibility-evading actions of Mr. Manners cannot be tolerated one second longer!
652B4CEBStrangers! You're back!
652E03F9(a/[COUNT]) charged round sniper rifle(/s)
652F7888Oh, why not. It's a funny story. See, the boss - that's what we call the Evangelist, 'cause, you know, he's the boss. The boss had the hots for this chick, Fealty, but she was married to some sad-sack sinner named Simms. So I had Simms promoted to Paladin, even though he didn't deserve it. Complete loser! He wasn't even six feet tall!
65306FA1This machine has the word "Missile Command" printed on it. Apparently the object of the game is to fill the screen with flashing yellow circles.
65320FB7Is there a door behind that curtain?
65329518(an/[COUNT]) Evolved gunner(/s)
65347C18{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_3934}She's got a whole life of crime ahead of her.
653A05B7Thanks again strangers. Did you need something?
653D8FD7{#__}So, you're as thuggish as you look. Very well, I don't want a black eye, so I'll talk. I - I don't think Heidi's a bad person. She's just so driven to promote Hollywood as a glamourous destination that she turns a blind eye to the bad things happening in the shadows. The *drugs*, the *slavers* - she and the *HCC* just want to pretend it's not happening.
653D95FA{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_14501}There is nothing to be gained form unsettling the balance of nature with violence.
653E7FE4{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_9711}Radio chatter suggests you've been fighting with the RSM. Be careful, Rangers. Don't wake a sleeping tiger.
653F6A29{#__}I hear you cleaned up all of that nasty infection from Ag Center. Wonderful news.
6541C4CB{#__}I really can't say anymore. It's just a feeling. But maybe you'll find something at the casino.
6547909EField Strip Result
6547BEC5You were expecting the Red Skorpions?
6549805D{#WL2_Danforth_Conversation_06}Now go to the kennel, Rangers! Hurry!
654A5D0CWhy does God's Militia hate this place so much?
654A6589Pseudo-Chitin Armor
655026D1Danforth asked us to cure the dogs.
65507220{#__}Hear you're headed to LA, Rangers. I gotta talk to Vargas. I wanna come too.
6555738A{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_26552}She was the leader of the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud. Beautiful, but nutty as a fruitcake. Wouldn't help us get into the sewers so we could fight those killer robots until we brought her something called the "bloodstaff." No idea why she wanted it, but we got it for her nonetheless.
6555F63FThe gospel of the God's Militia.
6557002B[ATTACKER] pounds into [TARGET][DAMAGE].
65576304{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_33554}A single obstacle has kept me from attacking the Militia. The Gate of the Bastion, the Militia's last line of defense. Our weapons won't breach it, and I've never managed to get past it with any of my spies. The Militia seem to smell the Hollywood on them, and have killed every one of them. You, however, don't have the Hollywood smell. You'll be able get in where we can't.
65588CC5{#wl3_AZ5_Bridewell_18304}Okay, ladies, if you really want a job, you're gonna need to hand over [i]all[-] your weapons. They'll be waiting for you when you get back, but you're not getting through this gate packin' heat. Got me?
655C85ED{WL2_Vargas_BothDown_Ag_FirstDestroyed_Goto_HP_04}Okay, Echo One. Historian Eggleston and Cartographer Sagarra have located another tower that might work, though it may need repair. Salvage all the parts you can from Highpool tower and proceed to the Rail Nomad camp ASAP. Local accounts mention a damaged tower nearby. If you can get it working using the parts you have, do so. If not... well, we'll burn that bridge when we come to it. Do you *<@Goodbye>copy*?
655DAE44{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_6172}I'm going to head back to the fields soon. I've gotta look for Sergio.
655E27F1"'Til death do us part."
655E53E3{#__}Now, now, Pete. Don't put yourself in danger on my account.
655F370AWell, I've watched this place go to shit since you Rangers left. That's worth mentioning.
655F91A3The Hoff{M}
655FB0DD{#__}The old Observatory. The priests have turned it into some kind of fortress monastery. Impregnable, they say. Don't know why anyone would want to.
65600D8EThis is where the Desert Rangers became the Desert Rangers. It was here that the combat engineers who had taken shelter inside the prison first came to the aid of the helpless - a family of shepherds terrorized by cannibal thugs. That victory, and the thanks of that family, inspired them to protect the wastes from that day forward.
6562DEFB{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_1762}It's gonna kill him.
6563CCE0(a/[COUNT]) page(/s) of sheet music
656510A5{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_4988}No, wait! "Satan's Rangers!" Yeah! That would be awesome!
6565128FAfter her death, Vulture's Cry's body was recovered by her tribe and taken home for burial. No-one knows how her people knew she had died. They just showed up two days later and took her without a word.
65689383{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_10489}All these books, and you haven't got the sense nature gave a turnip. So you're the one who's been stealing my seeds!
656A64AA{#wl3_AZ3_Jimmy_17255}Well, duh. He's a *Topekan* and I'm an *Atchison*. Which means we're not supposed to hang out together, 'cause of something that happened to a *train* before we were born. Such bullshit. It sucks.
656ACD64, causing (-his/her/its) head to explode like a ripe casaba
656D3A6BThere is some writing on the wall. "To deny God's truth is the greatest sin. And those who do not believe must be delivered unto the Lord for punishment." James King. "Hour of the Church Triumphant, Season 4, Episode 2."
65709835Long days in the post-apocalyptic wilderness have honed your ability to hunt the beasts of the wasteland.\n\n[b]Benefits:[/b]\n[00cc00]+20% damage vs. animals[-]
6571282BYou place the canteen in the basket and pull the nearby lever. A winch pulls the small bundle upwards.
6572C169{#__}I tried to befriend him at first, when he seemed to take an interest in my melons and my breeding techniques, but then I cut the fellow off. He kept talking about knocking our walls down, and letting the plants be free. I told *Forrestal* and Miss *Lawson* about it, but they didn't listen. Thought it was another of my "obsessions." Well, they'll see now, won't they. Should have nipped that viper in the bud.
6572DDE2{#wl3_AZ3_MrsParker_9883}There was some kind of trouble with them. Then they left. But now they're coming back. Probably for the best.
65759DBCAid me. I am failing.
6579052B{#__}I'll see if the diaper room is open.
65791F17{#wl3_AZ3_MrsParker_8355}You killed my boy and you have the NERVE to come here! How could you? Die, you worthless scum!
65797974If you're looking to *trade*, you found the right man. I won't cheat you like that crook Harold up in Highpool.
657E9BC7What does the name Santa Fe mean to you?
65820386Thanks again for the calming my goats, Rangers! The girls look so relaxed.
6585A5B6{wl2_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_10554}Apology accepted, gentle caller. You said the old school at Jefferson and 6th? We'll have a team there quickly, sir.
658651AC{#__}Gilbert was the strongest man ever to be a Ranger. Now... well, he's still strong, but with only one foot, there ain't much he can do with it. Glad Vargas let him work on our maps. I'll give the old man that, he's loyal to his crew.
6587AC48{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_3009}He's fakin' it. Lemme slap 'im some.
658828A5Oh, are you threatening me now?
658E823CCome to marvel at the fruits of wickedness, gentle Rangers?
658F153B{#__}We've always set aside a [i]little[-] of our land to grow agave so the mayor can make tequila at his distillery, but that bastard son of his, Chris, has taken a lesson from the jerks, and he's decided he's gonna make a fortune by turning [i]all[-] the land to agave. Now we're nothin' but field slaves for a booze factory. And since nobody's growin' proper food, we're all gettin' weak and *sick* besides.
658F909CYou'll pay for breaking Titan's Peace!
65912C80Sorry, we found one, but we gave it to our researcher at Ranger Citadel.
6591F07B{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_5862}Gentle Repairman, I cannot express my gratitude deeply enough.
65923D04What are you doing? Please save me from these Jesus freaks.
65929374Pentagon Weekly
65956F0AI think you probably know the deal by now: we ask each traveler for something appropriate to their livelihood. You guys happen to be good at dealing with poking around dark, scary places, so that's your assignment.
6597044DNot Sergio
65977BBF{#__}Alex! Nooooooo! I'm going to kill you assholes!
65999053{#wl3_CA2_ExecutionSpectator4_1182}Let's get him!
6599CC0AThe air here smells like it's been filtered through a piss-soaked sock. This is the Hobo Jungle where junkies run free and weak men die like dogs.
659A9447[ATTACKER]'s five foot long tongue whips past [TARGET], missing by inches.
659EC658This locker seems to have less dust than the others, as if it was used more recently.
65A35A6D{#__}Nope. Never heard of him.
65A431D2{#__}They called us "employees" but that was bullshit. They used all their tax scams to make sure we were all deep in debt to them, then paid us in *skrip* that we can only spend at the company store, and everything there is so expensive that we spend all our pay just to get enough food and water to survive. There's no way any of us will ever be able to pay off our debt, and those "*foremen*" were nothing but prison guards. They stopped us if we tried to escape. They've even killed some of us.
65A57C90You did it? Thank Christ. That's a load off my mind. I was so worried. Now, I promised you a reward didn't I. Well what do you think of this?
65A69011Moaning and drooling, [ATTACKER] wander(s/) aimlessly, [DISTANCE] away.
65A6C1CF{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_18167}The finest police force in the west, er, with the possible exception of the Rangers, of course. You will not meet a more dedicated group of men and women. I swear they are [i]never[-] out of uniform.
65A7E7A4{WL2_Vargas_CheckIn_02}Copy Echo One, this is Ranger Command. Go ahead. Over.
65A83CEE{WL2_Kathy_ArCen_Abandoned_03}I was working on the damn **hack** **hack** **hack** cure! And you walked right out!
65A8BBB8Bag of Cat Litter
65A8E270{wl2_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_15486}Until this matter is resolved, the execution will be placed on hold. Seeing as our guests, the Desert Rangers, are lawmen, they will be assisting in the investigation.
65AE410BCan you get 'em away from the *barrels* without killing 'em? We *want* their *business* *later*.
65B57BA3People who talk like you can't possibly fight. Lets do this.
65B72D08(a/[COUNT]) Display Screen(/s)
65B7570FTell us about the corn.
65B98409{#__}I hear you're leaving for California soon, Echo! Please, bring me back a souvenir?
65BA0DF3Medal of Honor
65C005AA[TARGET] is (%hit/struck/peppered) with (%buckshot/hot lead)[DAMAGE].
65C3C847{wl2_CA6_Swifty_Office_1796}Schwag's! It's great!!
65C6B128(a/[COUNT]) barb wire bat(/s)
65C70113Empty Bottle
65C868BAI lay my life down for the Peace of Titan! Peace everlasting!
65C8721EKate was killed. Hopefully you know what you're doing.
65CABD8AOn returning to the canyon for our reward, we discovered... there's no canyon left. The damn monks set off the nuke!
65D01F26Gimme that.
65D54285{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_3531}Take it light, dude. We will avenge you.
65D58453{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_9803}You see money here. I smell death.
65D5CA94There are still feet in these boots. Ewww!
65D660C3{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_Lab_07}Good, you're back. I've got the cure. At least, I know what we need. It was easy once I figured out the pods were mutated fungal spores. All we need is a fungicide, and fortunately, there's a bunch of the stuff in the mushroom caves in the basement. Bring me some, and I can make a serum that'll cure Matt and any of you who are infected.
65D7AA12Irrigation Pump
65D80F3B(a/[COUNT]) rail thief heavy gunner(/s)
65D81B9DIt is simply too much power for our frail souls to control. Have you not seen the world? It is gone, and harbingers of death such as this are the cause. I sought to quell its fury forever. But... but I have *failed*... Perhaps I am not capable of making this decision...
65DA47A1The east door of the meeting hall. Hmmm. No guard.
65DC1556Patchwork Jeans
65DD2D18{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_1647}Wait. Let me guess.
65E0F5CA{#wl3_CA2_MannersGuard2_6234}At any rate, do please come back when you have been invited. Good day.
65E21C44{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_3888}My pleasure, Rangers. This way to victory!
65E3CD2AA rusty bolt.
65E535DDSave the workers from the infected creatures
65E61EF6{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_4572}Well, we certainly won't find much nature in here.
65E96E13{#wl3_AZ3_Quarex_7855}I heard they wasted it on the train tracks. I think it would have made a great bayonet!
65EA4077To defend life, sometimes one must take life.
65EF66C5We gave the zeolite to Lt. Woodson and he upgraded our rad suits. We can finally get past the Southern Radiation Wall. There's no longer anything stopping us from heading to Seal Beach.
65EFAFFC{#__}Yep. I usually buy from a *traveling salesman* from Rail Nomad, but he was a little short on stock the last time he came through, so I could use some more.
65F2F8ACInfected Brain
65F3168E{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_2087}He's a barrel of laughs.
65F6016BEver get any trouble from the prison?
65FFC174First, it was the Atchisons, and now we have rail thieves trying to steal from us.
65FFFEF9{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_1711}What a strange kid.
66042E8B{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_3736}Funny, I can smell pigs, but I can't see 'em.
66049C27This place is filthy. It looks like these raiders have been wallowing in their own poop for years!
66060CFB{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_7290}He seems sane, until I remember that his masters tried to poison all my people.
660959DAYah, you'll have a problem. Fuck with us, and you'll have to deal with the full wrath of Ranger Citadel.
660979AB{#wl3_AZ3_Jimmy_1477}Ralphy...? Oh no...
660BE7F1(a/[COUNT]) Grauman(/s){M}
660CC024Do you know a farmer named Skinner?
660D364B**sob** Oh God, I think I'm gonna die.
660FBADB{#__}Can't believe you cleaned up all the spots that caught the nasty Ag Center outbreak. You're not half bad, Team Echo. Not at all.
66130F26[PLAYER_NAME] does not have any [ITEM_NAME].
661395B1An eyeball sits in the display case.
6613CC9C{#__}Please, Gentle Last Hope, speak with Mr. Manners and get him to hear my plea!
66156C0F{#__}The Servants of the Mushroom Cloud could not operate our markets, clinic, and hospital without the donations of pilgrims wishing a Mark of Titan.
661591ADYou triggered the coffee can bomb under the interceptor!
6616DA16Hey hey, now. Welcome to Hollywood, fun-seekers. You look like you need some *condoms*!
66173B94[APCOST] AP
66195004{@wl2_CA10_Mathias_12567}Now look at me. Look at my gleaming faultless skin, my perfect metal and plastic body that will never age, never weaken, never know pain.
661C0414{wl2_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_19520}Attention Gentle Citizens. I have just been brought to my attention that Fletcher had the audacity to escape! Please keep your eyes peeled and report any suspicious activity to your nearest Civility Enforcer.
661EA800A small farm with a cinderblock farm house and barn in the middle of dry pasture land. Mutilated cattle lie dead in the barnyard, and strange clanking and grinding sounds come from the fields.
6622B125{#__}Who? Never heard of her. Now are you leaving, or do I have to throw you out.
66236F0B**sniff** D'ye have Squeezins!?
6624E37DGushes. Then it stops.
66255E67Popeye - Died 1980
6625D8AD{#wl3_AZ3_Chisel_3868}You're gonna wish you had a killer like me.
6627573A{#wl3_CA1_Beatrice_2252}See you soon, strangers.
6628E741{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_1707}Smells like money.
662D5D40Time to get her back to Raji.
6633010F{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_9213}His spirit will soon flee.
6634757C[ Error 504: The server did not respond in time ]
66377BF6Missed my by a gnat's eyelash.
6639B3F6With Beatrice dead, Dante became withdrawn and bitter and started drinking heavily. Unable to pull his old friend out of his tailspin, Virgil gave up on him, sold his farm and moved to Hollywood. Soon after, Dante hung himself, and his treasure was never found.
6639D4AF[ATTACKER] (moos/moo) softly at [DISTANCE] away.
663BEDDEBicycle Trap
663C9A04Did you steal it?
663CF312{#wl3_AZ1_KathyLawson_12481}Horrible stuff. They make it up in Rail Nomad. There's a *merchant* that comes through here selling it. *Skinner* was always first in line.
663FE848{WL2_GUARD2_Highpool_Foreshadow_04}Crane Op reporting. Some jokers are planting charges at the base of the wall. Looks like they're tryin' to take down the crane. Uh, their leader's a chick. Got a... a jackhammer for an arm.
664385B1{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_11242}Old Flintlock sent over a requisition with your name on it. Said he hopes better armaments will prevent further deaths.
6644594B{#wl3_AZ23_Jan_19519}That robot. Once we saw where it was going, we tried to stop it, but it was too strong. We couldn't kill it before it opened the plague locker. As *custodians* of this place, we are sorry. It should not have happened.
6645C3A9We met a Topekan man who had been injured by a bomb. He asked us to tell Master Kekkahbah, the leader of the Topekans, what had happened to him.
66476531{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_58}It's a settlement north of here.
6647757F{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_1386}Good to be home.
6648C816(a/[COUNT]) piece(/s) of toast
664A6D1DMy family came here with the original settlers. We've been building the place for generations. It's hard to watch it fill with strangers, but as *Mr. Manners* is always sayin' on the *radio*, how is the world going to become more civilized if we don't share our civility?
664B19A6{wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_22076}Small settlement south of our base is requesting assistance dealing with "strange men" raiding their food supply. Proceed to location ASAP but approach with caution. Caller reports attackers are armed, and there are casualties. *Copy*?
664C1197Leave me be.
664D63F3{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_4362}This is just like the thing that came to Darwin!
66508862{#__}I'm afraid I know nothing of that.
6650A70B{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_4325}He reminds me of me. We have both lost our faith.
66558B11The Greek Theatre was commissioned by Griffith J. Griffith, the man who bequeathed Griffith Park to Los Angeles, and was completed in 1930. It was a top venue for classical and pop performers until the world ended. Fittingly, the last band to play there before the apocalypse was the Grateful Dead. It's been a long, strange trip since then.
66565666{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_1982}No change yet, though.
6656B864{#__}Oh my God.
665829FF[ Access Denied ]
665A2A84Ack! The pain!
665A8FA8{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_2417}Damn. My eyes are watering.
665B86D9A small notebook filled with equations and diagrams related to botany and biology. One note sticks out: "I think I'm close to a cure. I can feel it. The scary part is that I know I'm the only one who can crack this. Rose is brilliant, but I have all the right specialties. If something happens to me, anyone who gets infected is royally fucked."
665D738BRed Skorpion Heavy Gunner{M}
665DEC12Barricaded Gate
665F1B27Between us and them we're going to save the world. We're the food, they're the drink. No one will go hungry or thirsty again.
665F62F9Do you know Angela Death?
6661DDBD{#wl3_CA6_Raji_26157}Hey, if you're gonna be a whore, there are worse places to do it. She may be a heartless capitalist cunt, but *Heidi* takes care of her staff. Her kids are well paid, get good medical care, and she doesn't let anybody push 'em around. I just wish she took care of the rest of Hollywood as well.
6661E8A9Skinny Jeans
6664093CYou taste the water before you fill your canteen. It tastes like death and sickness.
66643903Time to bring down the hammer.
6667BA76Add the antifungal serum to the reservoir in East Greenhouse
6668ADA5We convinced Mr. Manners to stop eating human meat.
666A8083There is a scattering of drinkers at the tables, and an attractive but modestly-dressed woman behind the bar.
666C4E65Tell us about the watch.
666DBBCCI could have done a better job if I had a gun.
666F2C0F{#wl3_CA1_James_8909}I heard you paid Jess a visit. Well done, Rangers. Now where are the bullets she paid for the agave?
666F382F(a/[COUNT]) Histor(y/ies) of the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
66738CF1What skill!
6673CA6BThe (%explosion/blast) (%hits/injures/strikes) [TARGET][DAMAGE].
6674457D{#__}The lair of that crazy android scientist Irwin John Finster. He somehow decided mutants were better than humans, and he started tryin' to kill us all off. Plagues, poisons, you name it. Well Vargas and his crew killed him off the old fashioned way, with lead, iron and shrapnel. Woo hoo!
66750338{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_604}Get it?
667778A6{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_3551}Don't we know that guy from somewhere?
6677FED2Spiked Collar
66785E02The fiery nuclear blast (%hits/strikes/impacts) [TARGET][DAMAGE].
667900C5{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_1412}What's the deal?
667A9983{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_2285}Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't...
667ACF33This... sucks.
667B5FB0{#wl3_AZ5_Sadler_Temple_36840}Damn glad to see you, Rangers. Victory is ours, and we couldn'ta done it without you. I'd go so far as to say you deserve a reward for helping us out. My quartermaster's all set up shop in the monk's old supply shack. See him and he'll take care of you. But listen, we... we made a disturbing discovery as we were mopping up in the silo, and I'd like to employ your services one more time. Are you interested?
667CFC46Do you know what the password is?
667DFA71{#wl3_CA1_Mayor_1521}Any *news* for me?
66802661I can't wait 'til the execution, baby. The field's gonna run red! Can't believe that weakling Fletcher couldn't even keep his bunk clean. And now he's gonna die for it!
6681AD0A(a/[COUNT]) fungicide spray can(/s)
6684F943We'd like to use the radio.
668973F5Greetings to you, New Believer! We welcome you into our fold with gladness in our hearts and radiation in our lungs!\n\nYou may not yet understand the Great Glow, you may even fear it. Do not worry, we have all struggled in such ignorance. To understand what the Great Glow is is to understand the universe. You, I, and everything we know would not exist without the energy and power of the Theory. Everything is a part of it, but it is the Mushroom Cloud and the Bomb that express it mostly directly, and thus are the holiest of holiest.\n\nBut you do not need to seek the mushroom cloud to find the Great Glow. Look into the eyes of a child. See that energy, that life there? That is the Great Glow. Run, leap, bound, whoop and holler, be glad you are alive, for it is the Great Glow that moves you as it moves us all. It is the Great Glow that created you, the energy unbound from which springs all life.\n\nOf course the blessing of the Great Glow is not free, for nothing in life is free. Study with your elders to truly understand the Great Glow, the blessing of Titan, the nature of the Mushroom Cloud, and understand why salvation lies only through there wisdom.\n\nAnd always keep these rules in mind:\n\n1 - Pray to Titan daily, no matter what.\n2 - Titan's Law rules our canyon. Only those who pay tribute may pass through unmolested. This is Titan's Peace. It applies not to our monks, who are always protected by Titan's Peace, but to any and all travelers who pass through, regardless of their business and former ties you may have to them.\n3 - You and all true believers must enforce the Titan's Peace. Protect those who have paid tribute. Return those who did not to the Great Glow. This is the apex of the service you can give to our lord Titan, and he will reward you, take you into his embrace, and reshape you into a glorious being. Do not halt or pause at anything in performing this duty, not even your death or the death of your brethren.\n4 - If you find any ancient artifacts or remnants that carry the Great Glow, inform your elders immediately. Do not handle these items, lest in your ignorance you defile them.\n5 - When it is your time, as determined by our lord Titan, embrace the Great Glow and find peace everlasting.\n\nMay Titan bless us all.\n
668A7CD0(a/[COUNT]) thresher clawer(/s)
668F1F77At a dark table, a grim looking young Hispanic man hunches over a copy of the James King Bible, reading intently. He is dressed in camouflage, and has a hunting rifle propped against the table beside him.
66919A9F{#__}That's right. I am the leading, perhaps the only, *prosthetic* surgeon in the wastes. Unfortunately, I have a firm *policy* of not augmenting Desert Rangers.
66939E87{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_4408}I strongly encourage you to make a polite exit.
6695CC7CBut then... but then...
669711A5That's my job. Diggin' graves. Make coffins too, if you need one. Just tell me how big you want it and pay the price and I'll dig ya somethin' nice.
6698E9D4What is the Untilled Field Tax?
6698EDA2With a smile on his leathery face, Chisel braces for a fight at [DISTANCE].
669CAA86Oops. Rick was "accidentally" killed.
669D252CMoving and firing, the one armed Kekkahbah connects with [TARGET][DAMAGE].
669DE6D1Time to die!
669E7D54Haha! Yes!
66A01539We've recovered your stolen supplies.
66A2399AWith the Church Militant in charge, there is no way to complete this task.
66A248AD{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_9778}It is not for me to speak of this.
66A3BC53The God's Militia and Salvation Church. A bunch of religious nuts from Griffith Park. They hate sin in all it's forms. Doesn't seem to stop 'em from indulging in it, though.
66A460B0You affix the repeater unit and hear a low hum as it powers up.
66A56287Critical Chance
66A733CA{WL2_Vargas_Vargas18_PrisonerBaychowskiInquiry_06}Roger ... good luck. Ranger Command out.
66A8EE8A{#wl3_AZ2_PrestonMayor_14869}Great work, Rangers! I knew I could count on you to pull through in the clutch. Spin the main valve right over there, and Highpool is back in the aquifer business.
66AA61E0{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_4214}I bet she could teach me a lot about mechanics.
66AC3DE4This sign depicts a delicious looking donut. "Donut Wheel - Est, Cupertino, CA - That's How We Roll"
66ACA5AF(a/[COUNT]) Sarah's locket(/s)
66ACB73DFine. Here you go.
66B0D8EDWhat happened to your cattle?
66B12B84{#wl3_CA1_Cliff_11691}Poor ol' Sam. An idiot rich boy, but nobody ever accused him of bein' mean. Them Jerks had no cause to string him up to the *towers*.
66B1FC48So you didn't damage the rails?
66B288E3Happy to be given the opportunity, sir. But are you sure we're ready?
66B2F915{#wl3_AZ10_RaiderTalk02_1456}I'm workin' here.
66B3073F{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_15244}The nutrient reservoir. From here, fertilizer and pesticides can be pumped to the whole facility. It's the most likely origin point for the contamination, as well.
66B39931A civilian model of a military rifle.
66B3D43FMetal Bed Post
66B5234F{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_6658}You'll get trapped in a sandstorm or strung up by cannibals for supper.
66B8D2F0We found some contact lenses a while back. Want to try them out?
66B96301{#wl3_AZ1_KathyLawson_2020}I don't know that name.
66BBBABEY'know, a dry man might turn t'crime.
66BC65E5The sign reads, "No Fishing."
66BEE5C7A woman with the face of an angel and the legs of a tripod. She has three of them, all wrapped in ripped fishnets. You've never seen hot pants with three leg-holes before.
66C1CD4BAs the coin-shaped scrap-piece drops, the gypsy whirrs and twitches and her eyes flash.
66C43AEFYour advanced knowledge of robots and other tissue-impaired individuals has granted you deeper insight into blowing them up real good.\n\n[b]Benefits:[/b]\n[00cc00]+20% damage vs. robots and synths[-]
66C555C6{#SULLEN}I hate monks.
66C614F0This might actually be the first thing that makes any sense to find in a broken toaster.
66C68D3BYes we have a radio tower. How else could we broadcast Titan's message of peace?
66C7BDADHe will fix the rails and return the brake shoe in exchange for the spike and half the profits from the rail trade.
66C88DABA small farm, protected by a modest wooden fence. Behind the fence, you can see a quaint farmhouse and a stone well. A sign over the front gate says, "Dupre Farms - Finest Firearms in Town! Everyone Welcome!" Seems awfully welcoming, considering.
66C89851Well if it isn't the trigger happy Rangers. Good thing I got bulletproof glass and the whole store is booby trapped.
66C9AB93{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_4048}We may beg. We may borrow. But we do not steal!
66CBB73E{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_16189}Your killing of animals is wanton, Rangers. It hurts my spirit. I can no longer walk with you. Goodbye.
66CC79C0{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_3864}Everybody else is drinking the kool-aide.
66CF89A0{#__}Echo! You took that Danforth asshole out of the game! Well done!
66D117FA{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_9972}We are in the warrens of death, now.
66D30A09Metal men?
66D5B8B6Okay. I'll be clearer. No vacancy for you. Now scram.
66DB277FThanks again, gentle helpers!!
66DD9499Yeah, I've already reported it to Sheriff Marshall. I'm sure she'll catch the little bugger who took my watch.
66DDB649{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_3789}So, this is where old dinosaurs go to die.
66E5E940As the wheel clanks counter-clockwise, water begins to flow through the pipe.
66E5EC39Your gross incompetence killed all of my patients. Too bad the Rangers don't enforce malpractice.
66E61ACDBeen a while since I got to kill someone.
66EB7206Save us! They attacked us! They're going to rob us!
66EC87D5Give water
66ECC979DNA Sequencer{N}
66EF61F2Why destroy Ag Center?
66F04A20{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBastion_7300}Find Mayweather and take care of him, meet me back in Hollywood once you're done.
66F27EEBLooks like you screwed up the one thing we needed help with. Our water was our life's blood here. Maybe you could go [i]not[-] help somewhere else?
66F538FE{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_1117}Health risk.
66F59B15He left her face alone. It is beautiful, but without any blood, it's the color of a marble statue, and covered with flies.
66F77D24Psh, you're just tryin' to spook us. No one like that around here.
66F7A184(a/[COUNT]) 9mm round(/s)
66F7B718{WL2_Vargas_SinglePromo_53_Static}[cc]static[-] One, I believe [cc]static[-] --omotion is [cc]static[-] one of your team.
66F7C007{#wl3_AZ6_Jill_23520}I... I'm afraid *Howdy* sacrificed his life givin' us time to hide, and even that wasn't enough. Big tin bastard got in before we could close the door and killed two of my boys before we put him down. Got me pretty good too. Thank god Doc didn't get hurt this time.
66F99138{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_2211}Let the pillaging begin!
66FB78BDA squat old guy with muscular arms, a bandana around his bald head and a bloody "KISS THE COOK" apron around his beer barrel gut. He has an eye-patch over his left eye, and a voice like a garbage disposal.
66FC4BB8Uniform Jacket
66FCC1ED{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_3576}What's this shit coming out of my ears?
66FDD1FB{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_8443}This makes me not like dogs anymore.
66FF9C9CNo squad targets available.
66FFF8B8Starved and dying, the once mighty creepers gripping the satellite dish now look brittle and ready to disintegrate.
6702CEDF{#wl3_AZ4_Bobby_10452}Oh sure. The Rangers always tell the truth. Here's some truth for you. When we're done talking, you're going to die.
6704B967Alright, alright. You can come closer. I need a new pair of boots!
670658A6{WL2_Kate_LeaveByRope_01}Uh, Rangers? Hello? I saw you opened the doors in Section Seven and I haven't seen any changes in the system since. If you're in the cave and thinking about climbing up to town, please don't! If you leave now, this thing is going to blow up in my face!
6707D914{#__}Frere Thomas, bonjour! You come for a resupply, no?
6708B445{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_16936}Darwin? Plague? Jesus, that gives me the chills. Listen, let me come with you. I've been to *Darwin*. I know where it is. And... and now I've got two reasons to want these metal murderers dead.
670B7D9A10,000? Fine, here you go.
670CC122Jan! No!
670CEA16{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_9327}They locked themselves in the jail to be safe.
670D130BYou have nothing? What sort of boy scouts are you? We like men of faith in God's Militia, but we don't like pansies. Now get out of here before I become physically ill.
6712A3B1{#__}Thank you, Pete. It'll pass. It'll pass.
67158BD8{#wl3_CA1_OldMan_2633}I didn't vote for any 'Normus.
6716DEFC{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_2763}Son, do you have an off switch?
6717712DThe Temple of Titan is our home, and the home of *Titan* as well. We worship him in its depths, and maintain a *hospital* there as well.
67197E7EIt ain't honest work. They say they'll pay you, sure. But every day there's some fee. Shovel rental fee. Drinking water fee. Looking pathetic and making them laugh at you fee.
671CDB41Atchisons Camp
671E2A27{#__}Fantastic! Wait! Are you trying to pull a fast one these are fake. Get out of here and get me the real ones!
671EA64AI can't answer that.
671F06CC{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_500}I... I...
6721A256{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_2463}Heya, General. How's the leg?
6725FB58(a/[COUNT]) canticle(/s)
6729F157Head Crusher
672A2181Atchisons' Village
672A2BA6Thank you again, Rangers.
672A5F88Cannot equip Trinkets
672ACAECJALAPENO, that was hot! You'd willingly let yourself get petrified to soothe your scorched taste buds, but in the meantime, you're unable to stay still long enough for anyone to take aim.
672C0007Come on, Carla. Let's start packing.
672C0945Loading save list
672CF5B4{#wl3_CA0_KillerCarlson_12608}You found Woodson? He's... alright? Good news! Now get on that... perimeter before we have another attack. Don't want any... company when I die.
672DC401{#__}Nice work saving Ag Center, recruits. I know we need Highpool's water, but Ag Center grows those watermelons I like blowin' up, so, good call!
672DEC9E{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_2506}Oh dear, what happened here.
672E555A{#wl3_AZ5_Bridewell_13614}You rat us out to the Mad Monks, then come and just watch us fight? What's your game? You can forget anything Captain Sadler promised you as a reward!
6730157C, butchering her
6730281FAw, screw it. There's something wrong with this thing!
6731BB68We tried to disarm a booby-trap attached to a bicycle in the playground, but we set it off.
67332D0A{wl2_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_3863}Can I get a halleluiah, brothers and sisters!
6736E0DCBy the Hammer and the Book!
673902FDYou close the valve.
673A1B36Lies! Johnie's the *dupe*! He asked to be *cut* up like that! He likes it!
673AFF8F{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_3733}Like a goddamn candy store in here. Gimme!
673E1A0CWhat kind of parts are hard to come by?
673F45EE(a/[COUNT]) PlayStation(/s)
6740239A{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_7592}What kind of sickos would dig up a woman's grave? My love. I will avenge you. I swear!
67405B93Why?! Just why? **sob**
67411A18We're Ranger Team Echo. We brokered peace at Rail Nomads.
6741835FBuck is too blitzed gone to have a conversation. He's staggering around with his bomb on his back, shouting at anybody who'll listen.
6741B9A5What is agave?
67477A7EHow do you like working for the Mannerites?
674891BB(A/[COUNT]) mangy-looking [ATTACKER.Name](/s) (looks/look) to scavenge on your bones at [DISTANCE].
6751F819We didn't free Fletcher. Give us another chance.
6754EBFD{#__}Here's the deal, Gentle Speaker. You fetch back that Fletcher character, and you'll be fine. But we promised our people an execution, and if it's not going to be the guy who broke our laws, then by god it'll be the one who helped him escape. You make sure you bring him back alive.
6754F603{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_5297}The Jerks did as they promised, and drove off them robots.
6756D20E{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_46}Alright, fine. Doesn't matter anyway. The plants overwhelmed the damn thing about twenty minutes ago. We haven't been able to call out since. You want to check it out? It's in the greenhouse just down the hall to the west.
67579F26Here you go
67591D40So good to hear laughter again.
675A4CD5{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_22852}They do not fight with honor. They sabotage and plant bombs like cowards and weaklings. It is only because I continue to hope for *peace* that I have not killed them all. Instead, I make examples of their worst offenders, in hopes the rest will learn.
675AF769{#wl3_AZ3_Jimmy_5993}What is wrong with you!? Why didn't you save him!? You're monsters!
675B42B1, taking the fight out of (-him/her/it)
675D8941{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_5479a}No way. You did not just make a deal with this motherfucker.
675DFA59Staff are not permitted to speak of things outside the Casino. Perhaps you could ask Mr. Wong.
6763879B{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_4280}These interruptions are only slowing us down.
67666FF9We finally really did it!
6769B3C0Ranger's turnin' on me. What's next, locusts?
676A677C{#wl3_AZ1_KathyLawson_7240}I saw a fruit fly as big as a bald eagle! It had a stinger like a fucking scimitar!
676A9445With Raji dead, there is no need to continue the quest.
676C06ADI haven't heard a blast yet. Please get those blasting caps down to the miners.
676E6A95{#wl3_AZ5_Sadler_7850}So what's it gonna be, asswipes? Suicide mission, or certain death right here and now?
676ED159{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_Intercom_05}You pricks better be the damn *Rangers*! We've been calling for *help* for hours! The plants have gone crazy!
67712C87{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_10182}The drink of fools and cowards. That and *serket* have crippled our tribe almost as much as the *Atchisons* have.
67715D11A brushed aluminum medallion in the shape of 3 interlocking snakes. You get the sense that whoever created this was very generous.
6771F930{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_5728}Guess bein' a dick ain't gonna get me anywhere around here, huh?
6773DD7B{#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_4968}Mais oui. Certainly. Please enjoy Rambeau's selection.
6777B254{#wl3_AZ5_Bridewell_2142}I don't know about that.
677BD909Hotkey 9
677BD90AHotkey 8
677BD90BHotkey 7
677BD90CHotkey 6
677BD90DHotkey 5
677BD90EHotkey 4
677BD90FHotkey 3
677BD910Hotkey 2
677BD911Hotkey 1
677CA12CWe'll have him back soon. Over.
677CB325{#wl3_CA6_George_1411}See ya, Rangers.
677E7D27A pawn-shop piece. This and a six-pack make for one hell of a Saturday night.
677EB1BD{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_7408}Horrible. Well, the nuke is in Min's lab. Go set it and come back as quick as you can.
67804464{#__}Thank you, Rangers. You saved my life.
6782F0D3{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_4454}Weak sister. You back him, you're backing a loser.
67843F50Ugh. You're killing me.
6785B06C{#__}Goodbye, darling. I need to return to the Bastion to lay the groundwork for peace.
6786A269{#__}Thanks, Pete. Then say somethin' to Officer Lam. Please.
67882603Great. So, from time to time while you're on patrol, you're gonna meet folks who'll want to help you out. Most have their own reasons for volunteering - a grudge against somebody, an excuse to get out of town, whatever. Well, we welcome them all. Extra hands are always appreciated, but we try to limit the number of volunteers in one Ranger team to three. Any more than that and it's hard to keep 'em in line.
6789F456[ATTACKER] smiles and lifts (+his/her/its) weapon at [DISTANCE].
678BA6A7{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_1311}All five of 'em.
678D6069Piss on the ground like an animal? No thanks! How would I wash my hands?
678DF9FA{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_5073}I've got some requisitions allocated for you, Rangers.
678ED788Piss off.
67929D12We vow
679B6F85This helps you aim better when aiming at a distance, but it also makes it harder to see where you're going.
679B7B53Learned Skills
679C9B29{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_4121}I like to think I have a lot of patience, but...
679EA624[PC] is melancholy.
679F4C6EI don't know why I'm talkin' to you. Folks are saying you killed him without blinking an eye. Guess I just don't expect much from the Rangers.
679FB53FHe's usually hanging out near the commons area.
67A0906AWhere did you get that key? You must have killed Evangelist Mayweather! Kill them, Brothers!
67A14C81Cuckoo! Cuckoo!
67A3F943Sadly, because you failed to help Kate get elected, Sean Bergin was made the new mayor, and all the credit for your good works is now being claimed by him and his allies, the Red Skorpion Militia. Highpool has since severed all ties with the Desert Rangers, meaning that, while everyone else has plenty to drink, the Rangers are having to beg for water from the communities they protect.
67A93FCE{#__}Oh yes, Larsen's assistant. Bit of a non-entity I'm afraid.
67AC01CB{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_2485}How's the weather up there?
67AC70F9We destroyed a synth which called itself Tinker, the self-proclaimed "mother" of the robots attacking Damonta. This should stem the tide of murderous droids.
67AE28B3What happened with the roaches?
67B17242We gave Ethan a pair of gloves. The poor guy was so happy he nearly wet himself. He gave us a small token of his appreciation.
67B39C99{#__}Come on, Mike. Let's go butter up some sea cucumbers.
67B63C8DFucking me.
67B6CD33Bah. Just what I expected from those scumbag Atchisons.
67B7F263{#__}I hear you've managed to completely contain the infection spreading out of Ag Center. Remarkable!
67B80441{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_2802}Who's the bird in the bird cage?
67BC0D4ERadio tower
67BEF056{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_2852}This ain't a rehab clinic, is it?
67C03496{#__}...hang on, that gun you're holding - the gold-plated derringer - where did you get it? It's got my initials on it: "JB!" Jess-Belle! My father always told me he carried it with him often on his many brave and dangerous quests. So he'd need a finely forged sword to protect him! This precious weapon is my dowry! I must have it to find myself a good and honorable husband. Please, I beg of you gentle knights, return this treasure to me, it's true and proper owner! Will you make this noble sacrifice?
67C0AE4BYou're starting to miss arid, desert, overly brown environments.
67C1BD7F{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_29093}Radio technician Wade Woodson. Sure do. He's the guy that makes sure you can hear Vargas when you're out on patrol. Keeps all the machines running and the signal clear. He'll also talk your ear off about circuits and frequencies and I don't know what else if you let him. But be nice to him. He's your lifeline to the base.
67C26518You'll pay
67C3C258{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_7108}Why is he so cheerful?
67C62067How do you feel about Bergin?
67C67232{#__}Well, it's more extortion if you ask me. '*Titan* demands this!' '*Titan* demands that!' And everybody handin' over their cargo like good li'l sheep 'cause they're afraid the big bastard is gonna blow 'em all up. Them *monks* oughta be ashamed of themselves.
67C71F59{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_30335}Yep. Darwin Village. Used to be a research facility run by a crazed android named Finster. Went nuts and started makin' monsters instead of tryin' to save the world, or whatever it was he was meant to be doing. The Rangers killed him and pretty much wiped Darwin off the map about fifteen years ago, but we mighta missed something.
67C76E00{#__}This is private property, assholes! I got every right to shoot you where you stand.
67C7A4B2{#wl2_AZ0_AngelaLABrief_2635}West two points! Climb! Climb!
67C9A2EA{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_2562}I have died an' gone t'heaven.
67CC504D{#__}The pump is the other way, Rangers. I'll not leave this field with my melons untended.
67CCB74FLet Him Go
67CD52B8{wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_4683}Near as I can tell his name is Dugan. Patching in now.
67CD86C5Dekkar Firehawk{M}
67D29895Swifty's Sewer Key
67D513BD{#__}Not a clue.
67D54A8BAdios. And don't try anything in there. I don't wanna have to clean your blood outta the rug later.
67D5A3A9{#wl3_AZ2_PrestonMayor_30977}Bergin's good at his job, but he doesn't have what it takes to make a good mayor. He's got no diplomacy. People kinda hate him as soon as they meet him. And he's so twisted up about the Rangers that he wanted us to start asking the *Red Skorpions* for protection instead. I couldn't let that happen. Those guys are gangsters, plain and simple.
67D6986F{#__}Dengler's had Rodia sussed from day one. Saw the potential here. Saw who he could use and who he'd have to lose. Hung the mayor out to dry and took over his still. *Tricked* all the farmers into changing their crops. Buddied up with *Gekko* at the *bank*, and got him to make bullets the only legal tender so he could take away the ammo we needed to defend ourselves. He's gonna suck on the corpse of this town 'til it's a bloodless husk.
67D7B896{#wl3_AZ5_Sadler_7452}You done us proud. With that warhead in our possession, we are large and in charge!
67D7CFCE{#wl3_AZ10_RaiderTalk01_1480}Just go, will ya.
67D8F694{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_8228}Oh, there's not much to know about me. I'm older than dirt and I love plants. That's about it.
67DE3E58Skinner runs the mushroom caves?
67DE532D{#wl3_CA1_Cliff_24758}Well, the Leather Jerks just wanna make money, so they told everyone to stop growin' anything but *agave*, and they're using that to make tequila. You sure as hell can get a drink in this town, but you can't feed your kids. I'm guessin' that's what's makin' everybody *sick*.
67DE69427.62 mm
67DF9558{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_10173}This is the source of the hate. The bile that spews from his mouth has infected everyone on this mountaintop.
67E5C0A4{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_8483}You takin' Rick with you, recruits? Well, good luck. And stay downwind of your enemies. Yeesh!
67E6A932{#__}Let me hold onto this and dig into my old books. Maybe there is some other area that has all these names. I'll get back to you on it.
67E9B961[ATTACKER] brandishes a combat blade at [DISTANCE].
67EC0E7C{#wl3_CA1_James_12348}Another profitable scheme. The townsfolk spend both bullets and seed on my harlots, leaving them weaker in spirit as well as defense.
67ED98F6{#wl3_AZ3_Quarex_8422}Ralphy has a girlfriend named Jessie. Funny, he doesn't come in here so much since he met her.
67EEF2E4Don't come in here, Rangers! I'll blow your heads off!
67EF1523Uh, hello?
67EF9C50{WL2_Vargas_DamontaEntered_02}Well done. I'll want a full briefing at a later date, but right now finding that radio tower is of the utmost urgency.
67EFD6E7It's the Desert Rangers. We're here to help.
67F01CBECase update
67F22474We talked to Swifty at Schwag's. He said one of us had star power, and invited them to an audition at his "office", a spot out on the street near the Hotel California where he hangs out. Seems shifty. We should follow it up.
67F23EE0{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_3600}So, this is where Ace died? How terrible.
67F32167{#__}Can't say I can lay my hands on any just now, but there was a Ranger came through here on his way back from Damonta recently. *Baychowski*? Something like that.
67F3871D{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_880}Jock dick.
67F83103Just another CotC Information Kiosk.
67FAB22AConvince Dante that Beatrice is out to harm him
67FF4FD3{#WL2_FatherEnola_Gate_02}Farewell, Rangers. May the blessings of Titan go with you!
67FFFFB1Then I'll find out. And if he isn't, he'll wish... he was.
6800AA51{#__}Well, choosin' between Highpool and Ag Center wasn't exactly easy, was it? And followin' up on those radio signals already killed Captain *Ace*. Okay, that's cold, I know. But it pissed me off. How did one of our best men die on such a bullshit *mission*? And now Vargas is sending you to finish the job? Hey, I'm glad you found Ace's *<@Murder>murderer/&Murder*, but it's not gonna stop there. He's gonna send you to find the same stupid *signal*.
6800AB0BYour bare hands. What more do you need?
6801F697{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_1803}I wanna be an addict.
680B5412{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_24065}We have a library here where we compile maps and information about the region to help us with our work. If you want to know about any old tech or ancient knowledge, go talk to ol' *Flintlock* there. If you've got map questions, see *Gilbert*. He's our cartographer.
680C1844Light weight armor plate that provides minimal protection.
680DB904An ancient screen beside the keypad flickers to life, reading "Railcar in transit to Repair Depot."
680E5291Pay Taxes?
680EAF9BExit Game
6810A278Cuts through anything, even bonded steel! Batteries not included.
68114DCE{WL2_KathyLawson_AGCENTERDESTROYED_01}Ranger Citadel... this is Kathy Lawson... f-forget it. Ag Center is gone. Everyone's dead.
6812542B{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_12013}He was a frequent visitor here. We were part of his usual patrol. I was sad to hear he had been killed. He was one of the good Rangers.
681473B4{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_26354}Hmmm, this last bit is interesting. All these names and places. I heard a few of 'em when Woodson played me the transmissions - at least I think that's what I heard. The static was terrible. Anyway, I'm afraid the names don't mean much to me, but some of the places sound familiar. I just can't...
681826FACement the peace between Hollywood and the Bastion by freeing the penitents and wiping out the salt dealers and the slavers
681C5325Find the owner of a stolen crate of supplies
681EF314Firing on the go-parts have made moving a no-go.
6821298A{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_8984}Worst part about this place. The old and scheming' tryin' to make a buck offa the young and dreamin'.
6828ADFC{#__}Oh wait. I think I remember him saying he used to get complimented every time he carried it. Hmm. I think that's it.
6828ED27You think you're a genius?
68293393What do you know about The Angel Oracle?
6829E36D(a/[COUNT]) eagle feather(/s)
682CA00C{#wl3_CA1_Biggun_1942}DENGY, WHY IS BIGGUN SO COLD?
682CBACFDidn't I send Brother Shapiro with you? But where is he now? He was one of our best fighting men. What careless thing were you heathens doing that he was killed? Well, I'm afraid we never provide more than one monk per group. We simply do not have enough acolytes. You must complete your task without the protection of a Servant from here on out.
682CF9F2{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_10096}If you're lucky, he'll be in Rail Nomad. That's where he stocks up on Snake Squeezins before he makes his rounds.
682F19D6Wasteland Hawk
682F6C98It looks like you could hook a Repeater Unit into this access point.
682FB5E1You heard our recruiting message?
68315116(a/[COUNT]) Red Skorpion heavy gunner(/s){M}
6832C64B{#wl2_CA1_James_13759}Rangers! Hey! If you can hear me, drop whatever you're doing and get to the front gate! Looks like the Children of the Citadel have come back for seconds.
6833163D{#__}That man ought to be ashamed of himself. Fifty years old if he's a day, and still dressing like some wasteland waste head. I wish Heidi would toss him out, I really do. At least he's not in the HCC.
6835C250A *paladin* has asked you to stop, aspirants. A direct order. Will you *obey*?
6835E18E{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_5845}Gee, I didn't know there were this many books in the whole world!
68364672What do you think of Rodia?
6836740EWhat do you know about salt?
6838AC80Close that fucking curtain! Do you want the patients to see this?
6838B61EAtchison Camp
683A1770{wl2_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_31117}Luke died there in that tunnel, but not in vain. He took a hundred sinners with him, and sent the others fleeing in terror from his holy wrath. And more than that. He died for our sins. He died so that we may continue to spread the word of James King. He died so that we may fulfill God's will, and cleanse this world of sinners once and for all.
683A2161{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_23026}Well, symbolically, we have shared the body of one of our brothers or sisters, making us all one. And, er, pragmatically, it makes anyone who's participated in the ritual complicit, and helps keep them quiet about it when there are strangers around.
683ADB39{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_4569}This is science, right? Science is happening here.
683B8430(a/[COUNT]) M14(/s)
683FC948{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_27501}Doc's a great guy. Been keepin' us fit and healthy ever since he showed up here a year ago. Me and him are good pals. He always comes down to the mushroom caves to chat and pass the time. Always interested in what we're working on down here. Said fungi and molds could be very useful to him in his work...
68441903I heard you got the cure into the fertilizer system, Rangers. Way to go. Now we can actually start rebuilding. Starting with some of the poor folks who've made it up here.
684768E5{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_22051}That - [i]synthetic humanoid[-] - *robot* put me in here and did *things* - [i]surgery of the frontal lobe[-] - to me. Made me into a - [i]deformed, damaged, broken[-] - *freak*. Thank you for getting me out - [i]unlocking, dismantling[-] - of that cage.
6848EA11{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_2671}He had that bomb for how long?
684AECF9Bertha Sue
684CE391A Topekan man saw us save the kid in the lake. I guess we're heroes now. We should head into town and let the kid's mother know what happened.
685170CE{#__}Congrats on cleaning up that plant plague. Now we get to eat more vegetables. Yay.
6854DE4EYou got Blackjack. Take your bullets and leave. We're closed.
68565C04Do you know Robert Bowling, sir?
6857826A{WL2_FatherEnola_AZ5_NukeDisarmedMonks_01}Brothers, please! Let me talk to them. I must find out what happened!
6859E166The Atchisons smashed up the railways out of town. Derailed Engine Number Nine. They say her brakes failed on the curve, but that's a dirty lie. I maintained those brakes myself.
685AFA05Hey, Rangers.
685C8430(a/[COUNT]) M24(/s)
685CF75BDo Androids Dream
685D6910{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_9261}May you walk with the wind.
685E8929Standard old fashioned revolver for standard old fashioned murder.
685F4205A small but sturdy piece of aluminum. Could be used to shove into a small opening and pry it apart.
6863470DThat's not gonna work on this thing. It is way too broken.
6865BAE0{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_3477}Enough to try the patience of a saint.
6869A750{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_2565}Ain't gonna let this one die.
686D696EMessed with the wrong Militia. We eat lead and crap death.
686F671A{#__}Come on, brothers. Our work here is done.
6871D4C3Robbinson Commando {F}
6873556E{#wl3_AZ3_Chisel_2335}Well, except for the clap.
687653B9{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_7431}The whole world is a jail.
6877A050{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_1549}Are-are you okay?
68780A88A small device that looks like a crossbow strapped into a glove. The elastic band is still strong enough to propel a small pellet hard enough to leave a hell of a welt - though not much more than that.
687810C7East Ventilation Shaft status...AIRBORNE TOXINS CLEARED
6879DA7BAin't no difference 'tween a Ranger and a raider 'cept two letters.
687C4B67Whew! We got Josie on her feet and talking. Time to get her back to Raji.
687C6B8B{#__}Sometimes a little peace and quite is what a man needs.
68809D23We allowed the guards to put down the dog. It seemed a better alternative than leaving it in pain. Pete hates us.
6884F528{#__}It's a tiny place south of *Griffith Park*, not much more than a couple of shops, but it's completely controlled by the God's Militia. Lunatics who want to join the cult go there to try their hand at some barbaric *initiation rite*. I hear four out of every five who enter die in the testing.
6888BCA9{#__}Jeff is all right, but he likes to talk about our "good old days" too much. I don't.
688BD717{#wl3_AZ3_MrsParker_2810}**sob** Where could my Ralphy be?
68932832Ambush can be useful in combat, either to lure enemies into traps, or just to give a squad member something to do in case an enemy runs into his sights.
689359B3{#wl3_AZ6_Jill_14133}You're givin' up? I'm surprised at you. Sorry, we got too much invested in that herd to *leave* 'em behind. We'll go after 'em *ourselves*, robots or no robots.
6893840F{#__}I know, I know. Hard to fight the boss, though, y'know?
68942A5D{#__}Do not fail him, Rangers. The fate of both Hollywood and Griffith Park depends on him.
68946413[PC] is immune to [EFFECT].
6894CEDCDid you hear he was killed by a robot?
6898F292{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_4939}Those fools from Vegas? They're long dead, aren't they?
68A0820D{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_3554}This reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.
68A0CD79{#wl3_CA0_Neil_7084}This is where the aspirants load up on courage before they try the Gauntlet.
68A3E58FRusty old metal nurtures all the best diseases. You've punctured your skin and now you're sweating, shivering and spasming all over the place. It's a real party!
68A51061Reduces chance followers ignore orders in combat by [ROGUECHANCE]%.
68A687DAIntent To Trade Note
68A6EF51{#wl3_AZ6_BinhNguyen_5500}Thank you so much! I... I think I can make my way home from here.
68A9D941{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_2812}So, do you hire comedians here?
68ACB4E8Wounded Woman{f}
68ACED4B{WL2_Vargas02_TenFour_01b}Roger, Echo One. Then, listen. Deal with the emergency situation first, before proceeding to the satellite dish. Repeat, talk to Kathy Lawson and take care of her emergency, [i]then[-] go to the satellite dish and hook up the repeater. Protecting civilians is always a Ranger's number one priority. Do you *<@Goodbye>copy*?
68ACFE73{wl2_CA10_Mathias_32567}But there is another way. I am two hundred years old, friends. I was born before the apocalypse, and nearly died in its flames, until the Guardians rescued me and placed my consciousness into an ever-living plastic and metal body. Now I am immortal. I feel no pain. I fear no disease. And I am one with my brother and sisters of the Citadel always and forever.
68AD19FF{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_4926}Wowza, fightin' can be fun! Let me take care of this one!
68ADB118Mr. Manners never said anything about being nice. You don't have to be nice to be polite.
68B2BAD1Gorilla Legs
68B37DA6{WL2_Vargas02_Repeaters_05}Well, I'll be goddamned. We haven't seen any *synthetics* around for almost 15 years. We better get a closer look at the tech, Mercaptain might be able to tell us where it came from. See if you can grab a piece of it and bring it back to Mercaptain the next time you are at the Citadel.
68B389E7[ATTACKER] strikes [TARGET][DAMAGE].
68B3F69B, rendering (-him/her/it) unable to continue
68B55CAFGlowing radioactive goo used in the manufacture of nuke grenades.
68B6A29ANo more Squeezins. It's the end of the world.
68B8E0D4Roger Santa Fe Base. This is Echo One. Over.
68B90447{#__}Thank you, Rangers. You saved my life.
68BF46EC{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_14725}You're getting there, recruits. Get those repeaters hooked up and you'll have proven yourselves true Desert Rangers. Then the citadel doors'll be open to you.
68C4FD2AThe Octotron's track can provide great traction.
68C6722F{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_1755}Then he lost an arm.
68C9BE41Oh, that is just a shame. Well, if you save your pennies, just come on back.
68CA35A0{#__}Bros, are you for real? Did those monks really nuke their own lands? That shit is sick!
68CAC4D5{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_9832}She no longer works here. I can't have people working for me who can't keep business and pleasure separate.
68CE028E{#__}**cough** Uh, I wouldn't say that. The General's a good man, but... Well, he's not exactly a man of action anymore, is he? I mean he kicked ass back in the days of Base *Cochise* and *Finster*, but nowadays it feels like we're all just sitting around on our asses most of the time, you know?
68D0580CYeah? Well we'll just see about that. Get 'em, monk!
68D24CB9{#__}But they'll *execute* me if I go back! Don't you understand?
68D2BEE4This is the main pressure valve for Highpool's reservoir and irrigation system.
68D3128BThere's an ambush waiting for you. Johnie was going to lead you right into it, but I can get you around behind it.
68D3D2B9{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_12079}So, what do you say, Rangers? Will you allow me and my compatriots to go in peace? I promise you, you will never see us again. Please?
68D4227ADoctor Edwinson{M}
68D44E2DRolling (her/their) big eyes, (a/[COUNT]) [ATTACKER.Name](/s) (appears/appear) at [DISTANCE] away.
68D4EB9ELost Control!
68D5D8A7**sigh** Whether he's telling the truth or lying out of his ass, only Titan may decide what to do with him.
68D70FEDNo way
68D7C2C3{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_3392}Too bad. What else can I help you with?
68D8B0C6{#wl3_CA0_AdrianGordon_2074}You ever been to Rodia?
68D8CFC2{#wl3_CA6_FealtyMayweather_17693}A vile place. A place of unrepentant sinners who prey on the weak and the innocent. Soon the Militia will cleanse it from the earth and send the wicked who dwell there to the hell they deserve.
68DBFECE{#__}I tried to tell her to stay away from Swifty and the other "agents", but she had stars in her eyes. Thought she was gonna be in the floor show at the Chinese Casino. I - I don't know which of those *wolves* grabbed her, but one day she was just gone. And she didn't show up at *Heidi's* or the Chinese, neither. Listen, if - if you find her, let old Flo know, okay? I've been prayin' for her.
68DBFF89{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_964}P-p-pain? I--
68DDF591{#__}Mike! No!
68DF6ACE{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_3972}No day olds, grandma. Where's the fresh meat.
68E15CB2(a/[COUNT]) Red Ryder BB gun(/s)
68E3FDF8Paladin Barracks
68E7058BWhat does medical grade zeolite look like?
68E7E525{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_16162}I've got no goddamn clue what to make of that ®thewulf machine you brought me, but it's interesting. So I'm happy to give you a req for it.
68E8FBA4You look fine now. When ye get wounded come back here and I'll patch yr up.
68EFAF9C{#__}Welcome to the Chinese Casino! I'm *Manny Wong*, owner, proprietor, and your humble host.
68F0F61AInfected Heart
68F3B559Now you're getting it.
68F8EAD3{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_7285}You were fighting robots in the east? Did you bring back any working examples?
68F9BABB{#__}I buy and sell scrap metal. If you got any or want any, let's *trade*.
68FA6DDA{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBastion_5568}Mayweather is dead, good work. I'll see you back in Hollywood.
68FAA55DThe Butcher, they call him. Cuts people up and puts 'em back together any old way. Adds parts, takes away parts. Like he's playing with paper dolls. He did okay by me, so far. But what about next time, huh?
68FBBDE4{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_14628}It is not always the sharp blade that wins the battle. Sometimes it is the false face.
68FC2454We found some cattle in the outskirts of Damonta. Their branding looked familiar.
6901DDC0{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_12782}The Rangers have fought robots before, but none like that. I don't know what that thing was, or where it came from, and that makes me uneasy.
690362A0{#wl3_AZ5_Dirk_3265}You're asking for trouble. Get gone.
69089D52{#__}Mooommm! The Rangers wouldn't take someone like me. Quit embarrassing me.
690A63F0He said he was on a quest?
690D7E68{#__}That's General Vargas to you. A wild man back when we patrolled together. Now he's too *cautious* for his own good. Or the *Rangers*.
69100AC9Clay Wizard Figurine
691282DAJust leave me alone, Rangers.
69128858{#wl3_RadioCallerMale_5976}Well, hello there, Rangers. You shits ready to deal with the best?
6917F0D4Have you heard about this weird radio signal?
691971F8The Story of John Henry, Part 1
691A8DEA{WL2_Vargas_DeathSquad_Atchisons_04}What's that, Atchison CB? Please repeat. Rangers attacked you? Can you confirm? Over.
691AE931And how is the tequila?
691B350E{#wl2_CA1_Chris_5752}What? Everybody can hear me? Shit! [cc]Squawk as mic hangs up.[-]
691D2AF7How is Matthias' future going to be different than everybody else's?
69221EE1When on your way out, be sure that you say goodbye, then lock the door tight.
69262F6B{#__}Bye, Rangers. Thank you again! I will invite you to my wedding!
69295D57, collapsing it in a lump of gooey decay
692B0AE8{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_8277}Rangers, please. You must - [i]eliminate, destroy, terminate[-] - kill that robotic menace.
692CF3E7{wl2_AZ2_Townie1_7603}They... killed us. Wiped us out. We let them in as friends, and... A massacre. A massacre!
692D0768Sorry honey. I'm spent. You're gonna have to come back later.
692EC1F4Fractured Fibula
6930FF30{WL2_PPP_Radio 17_01}Only evil men would call us evil men! Our muzzle flash is the light in the darkness. Our shining blades are the beacons that lead sinners to salvation. Some call us murderers, lunatics, savages. We are an army. We are God's army, put on this Earth to defeat sin once and for all! And let me tell you, brothers and sisters. We are winning. Already we have brought the cleansing fire to Atwater and the Yucca Corridor. Already, our missionaries advance toward the Coliseum and the towers of the--
6934FB4FYou're crazy. She's so far out of your league, she's playing a different game.
69359142{#__}Leave me, I would like to take in the view and reflect on my future goals.
6935FAC2{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_22}Excellent. Come find me in Rose's lab in a bit. Hopefully I'll have a cure figured out by then.
69365842[ATTACKER] sniff(s/) the wind as (it/they) notice(s/) you, [DISTANCE] away.
693834F0{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_2518}She makes me feel all funny.
6938DA48Colonel Therman Campbell gives you a nod and a smile.
693B4FE2{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_2736}[i]Splinter, break, crack[-]...
693BEB18A young woman in church robes stands in front of a shack with a sign on it that reads, "Samson's Snack Shoppe." She keeps her eyes firmly on the ground.
693C5415This crate is stamped "AMMUNITION - PROPERTY US GOVT". The crate survived the apocalypse, maybe its contents did, too?
693C59C8{#__}Brother, it's good to see you again. I can't believe you were going to try to rescue me. Muy tonto, hermano.
693C6CEEThis laced top will have to fellas tying themselves in knots!
693DDE1A{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_15969}Thanks for setting up the Damonta radio, Rangers. With that tower finally operational our array is allowing us to pinpoint the locations of many distant transmissions.
693EF31F{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_19917}You... you noticed that, huh? Well, Ace always said I wore my heart on my sleeve. Yeah, me and Ace... We were more than just old army buddies, if you know what I mean. That's why it hurts so bad. That's why I wanna come with you.
693FAD7DAudio Options
693FE4DAThere's probably an irrigation system in there somewhere too. Better find it.
69406FFE{#__}You left some soldiers in charge of the canyon to the east? I hope they're good soldiers.
69417337(a/[COUNT]) Bar(/s)
694719D4Thank you
694775C1Bergin gives you a hard look and a half-hearted salute. He has a few Highpoolers backing him up.
694A5C1BFeels good to be up and about again.
694D2D12{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_2202a}Now I want a stiff drink.
694D5FB9{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_4784}Still here, recruits? What else do you want to know?
694F5476Because it is, okay? Let's see...
695B4839{#__}Yes. We are aware of this. Reports of similar activity have been increasing over the past few weeks, particularly in the eastern end of the canyon. We have sent some brothers to investigate. You need not concern yourselves with that. We need you at Silo 7.
695B5FB0Back in the day, this place was a lot more ag and a lot less center. It's really blossomed since then.
695E4A9FChristopher Walken L.A.
69614E10The Pistol Packin' Priests make sweeps of local villages to find "penitents" -- which is just their friendly name for slaves.
696396AC{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_10083}Well enough not to talk behind her back when she's standing right in front of me. Hey, Angie. How you holdin' up?
6967A1B3{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_3483}More lies from the king of the robots.
69689560The townsfolk are gathered around the raised platform behind the pool. On the platform Sean Bergin stands with another TOWNIE. As you approach, the townie raises his hands for silence.
6968AE26No? Then we've got ourselves a problem.
696A2B23This place looks like a pig sty! Probably because it's a pig sty.
696C9F27Wanna be a winner, stranger? Step right up.
696E6C37Where can we find alcohol?
6971CB65Rose's Thorn
69724694This thing blows.
69739DCAOne mans trash is another man's treasure.
6973FCBBYou're wasting my time, Ranger.
6974A13C{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_54}I don't know that name.
6974E1B5We are interested in joining the Church Militant.
697CE6E5{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_2260}Hey, Pit. Long time no see.
697D0F1B{#wl3_CA2_ExecutionSpectator2_1284}Good riddance!
697E5769Take care.
698151B5This pile of manure consists of several compact pellets.
6981E34C{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_8176}Best place in the wastes. Safe and friendly. At least it was 'til this craziness happened.
69830998{#wl3_AZ3_Quarex_8826}Heh. "Toe Pee Cans"... get it? Pee. Huh huh huh. Uh, don't tell Master *Kekkahbah* I made that joke, okay?
69831066(a/[COUNT]) pair(/s) of brown panties
6984433CWhat do you say?
6985216D{#wl3_AZ5_Bridewell_10540}We don't have to answer your questions, Rangers. Now why don't you go away and *help* an old lady across the street?
6986F4EF{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_1607}Unstable, though.
69878A46Aaaagghhhh!!! You're making it worse! Go tell Kekkahbah this happened! He'll send someone to actually help. He's in the meeting hall around the curve in the path ahead.
69890F2CExperimental Pain Relievers
698A0B13Arrrrrrrrrrrgh. Ahhhhhh! Elroy, is that you?
698A3066You don't like Chris Van Graas?
698AA87F{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_6566}Dude, you know what would be awesome? Burning corpses on those towers.
698ABB93Cramped, dark and rank. Rows of filthy bunk beds run the length of the room, and flies buzz in the thick putrid air.
698B712A{#wl3_AZ6_Jill_7522}Least I can do is offer you this. Don't spend it all in one place. Thank you, Rangers!
698B93E6{#wl3_CA1_James_29806}If you don't know enough to get out of the way of progress, progress will run you over - or, perhaps, hang you from a *tower* for everyone to see what happens when you impede progress. Now he can see the *casino* I made of his tavern, the *distillery* I made of his backyard still, the money-making machine I made out of his *bank*!
698D3A56{WL2_Kathy_ArCen_EastIrragation_02}And thank you for shutting down the irrigation systems too. The growth is clearly slowing. We're not in the clear yet, though. I'll still need to synthesize a cure and get it into the irrigation reservoir before we can call it a day. At least you'll be able to get the radio dish up and running now. Head back up here. You can access it in the west greenhouse on my level.
6996B153Any interest in this portable video game system? It's broken, but it's pretty cool looking.
6998A3F0What are you doing?! Your life is forfeit!
699C27EDThough Manny surrendered peacefully, Jones's militia executed him for being a usurer and a whoremonger.
69A410E5Not right now.
69A5B4DA{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_6359}You've deigned to stop by. I heard you were in the Coliseum, of course.
69A5E458{#wl3_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_2891}Well, what a pleasant surprise!
69A5F6EFThese flashy sneakers put a spring in your step, but celebrity has its costs.
69A7E459Infected Pump Station
69A85DAE{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_5251}Pig-faced little punks! They all need a serious spanking.
69AC8F0C{#wl2_AZ0_GeneralVargas_4279}Thank you, Kekkahbah! Come on, Rangers. Move out!
69B044EDSwinging wildly, [ATTACKER] hits pretty much everything except [TARGET].
69B3C34A{WL2_Vargas_Vargas5C_AfterSOS_05}Listen, Echo One. I know I said the radio tower was at the top of your to-do list, but you need to deal with the emergency situation first. [i]Before[-] heading back out to get the repeaters. Repeat, help Mayor Vickstrom with his emergency, [i]then[-] continue with your mission to find and hook up the repeaters. Protecting civilians is always a Ranger's number one priority. Do you *<@Goodbye>copy*?
69B3FBD3{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_12043}Is that Snake Squeezins I smell? If you could share a bottle I'd have a much easier time forgetting that you killed my brother 'bos.
69B41F49{#wl3_AZ3_RobertBowling_Katy_25236}Ah, it ain't exactly my finest hour, but... well, Katy tried to borrow some money to keep me going. But she borrowed it from the wrong guy. Turned out to be a slaver, by the name of *Pitbull*. When Katy couldn't pay up, he tried to take her as property. She got away, but just barely.
69B6FB25Well, I'd just love to! I do hate that Heidi something fierce.
69B7AA1DThanks for reuniting me with my son again.
69B7DB8C{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_2844}Ah, a seller of herbal remedies.
69BB5E70An in-depth tome describing the many storied bouts of the Kumite martial arts tournament. The greatest exploits are those of hero Frank Dux.
69BEB288Toaster Repair might not seem too useful, but you'd be surprised what sorts of treasures people leave in those things.
69BFB4DF1992 M.I.T Class Ring
69C143A3{#__}Back again, Rangers? How goes the fight?
69C835CBUh, killer tomatoes?
69C849E3Farmer Jim misses [TARGET] and racks (+his/her/its) gun.
69C91618Thank you, Rangers. Now that we've made peace with the Atchisons, the town feels safe again.
69CB4B1BWhen you're my age you ain't afeared to die.
69CBA6ADThese look like outflow pipes for the reservoir. If anything ever happened to the reservoir, it could be bad news for the houses below.
69CD5E3C{#__}Rangers! Where is Brother Shapiro?! How could you lose our best canyon guide?
69CEEE2F{WL2_Vargas_DeathSquad_Prison_KickedOut_04}I hear you, Danforth, but I'm still sending my teams.
69CF1942The DBM likes to play its cards close to the vest. No one in the canyon knows where we've set up shop. And we like it that way. We've done a hell of a job keeping our base's location a secret. If you can crack that nut and find our HQ, I think we'll know you're the ones for this mission.
69CF7496Killin' you ain't no harder than carvin' hams.
69D28A4A{#__}Good woman, Mercaptain. Very polite when she took the tour. Actually listened.
69D2D87FWhat do you think of Flintlock Eggleston?
69D30042{#__}**gasps** Sorry, boys. Think I'm checkin' out. Hurts... like dammit. Put... put me in the same grave as... my men. We... died together. We'll be... buried together. Adios.
69D32BEB{#__}It's okay, Mike. It's all over now.
69D6CDF7{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_2668}What a magnificent mutation!
69D768E4Welcome back, aspirants!
69D922FDTom hits [TARGET][DAMAGE].
69D92E92The room rings with a hollow emptiness -- almost an echo of Katy's last free cries.
69DB71AC{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_11279}A wild, barbaric place across the river to the east. I don't know much about it, and never had the inclination to learn more.
69DC645F{#__}Even if it was, I'd want one a little... younger.
69DDBD41{#__}Oh no. Jessie. Oh no!
69DEBB22{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_15133}Larsen said that closing the pump valve would shut down the irrigation system. Maybe keep the infestation from getting any worse. Been gone way too long, though.
69E0A6A5Heya, sugar. Two crotches, no waiting!
69E1EAC7Think Tidemann'll write me another 'script? That was good shit.
69E6B9A5Slicer Dicer Saw Blade
69EA3DF8{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_5902}Uh-oh. I gotta tell my mom I'm ok, but I better go find Jessie after.
69EBB92D{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_24453}Recruits. Thank you for attaching the repeater units at *Rail Nomad Camp*, even though the *General* tells me you didn't exactly save the day at Ag Center or Highpool. Now I hope you're here to learn more about these mysterious *broadcasts* you've been helping us with.
69EC3C97{#wl2_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_3214}Well. Then let's get this over with.
69ECB545Nothin' I know about.
69EE132D{#__}That's what I like to hear, but let me give a final warning. This is your last chance to back out. What I'm about to ask you cannot leave this room if you do not agree to do it. That means you [i]cannot[-] leave this room if you do not agree to do it. I will kill you where you stand, clear? Good. Now do you still want to go ahead?
69EE3189{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_3231}You killed Ace, you sons of bitches!
69EF7F80{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_10326}The beast is frightened. Let me calm it.
69F30790, opening (-him/her/it) up from crusty neck to crustier crotch
69F4021E{#__}Well, okay. As long as it doesn't get back to Heidi. I - I don't think she's a bad person. She's just so driven to promote Hollywood as a glamourous destination that she turns a blind eye to the bad things happening in the shadows. The *drugs*, the *slavers* - she and the *HCC* just pretend it's not happening.
69F53250{#__}Don't call 'em that to their faces. They're the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud to the likes of you and me.
69F91277Bobby's BB Gun
69F95619Where is the tower gate?
69FF6143{#__}See you.
69FFE3A2Try as you might, you can't find any way to open the door. There are no switches, levers, or buttons anywhere near it. Not even a keyhole. It seems sealed shut.
6A005EBB{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_3150}That got stuck on the third floor.
6A01AAD9{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_2446}And wanted to blow them up.
6A01AB29{#__}Great! I always knew the Rangers were honorable men.
6A01B35BD-dead. But how...? Why...? No, never mind. I can't live without him - not after coming so close to knowing love.
6A02916D{#__}Yes, thank you, Rangers. You saved my boy. I will never forget this.
6A02C7B0Sharp and pointy. Use it to cut people and food.
6A02DA2CBig trouble with a little laser.
6A03A3E4(a/[COUNT]) Leather Jerk cutter(/s){M}
6A06A6C8{#wl3_AZ2_PrestonMayor_4850}Hey there, Rangers! Good to see you! How can I help you?
6A0805F2Gary Niger{M}
6A09A06AStupendous! A rabbit's wet dream!
6A0BCEC0Casey James' Yurt
6A0D5928A Topekan man saw us kill the kid in the lake. What are the chances he's going to keep that to himself?
6A0DA3DC{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_8717}Oh, well, I... I guess I'll go look for her after I tell my mom I'm ok. I know she'd worry. Thanks again!
6A0F7D78Not looking
6A0FEAA0to target non-hostile targets.
6A1040ABUnable to get her restaurant open again, Ma Brown has given up on Hollywood and found employment cooking for a raider gang known as the K-Town Killers. She still makes the best chili in Los Angeles, but you have to be friends with Killers to get any.
6A12291FThe who? There is no such organization. Hmmm, we have no law against the protected attacking the unprotected, but those with escorts pretending to be *Servants of the Mushroom Cloud*, or misrepresenting themselves as our agents? That breaks *Titan's Law*. Thank you, we will look into this and relieve Brother Jones right away.
6A12945ESquad XP Gained
6A1726AAThe Rangers are okay by me.
6A1D9156{#wl3_AZ6_Magee_1761}She's really funny.
6A1DA06C{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_6828}This place is dull.
6A2154AF{#WL2_Sadler_FirstConversation_19}You can grab your gear from Bridewell on your way out.
6A25E45E{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_4654}I had my coliseum cleansed once. Never felt better.
6A27B51E{#__}If you have not done so already, the radio tower is at your disposal. I have sent word to the garrison by the radio tower. They will not interfere.
6A28D0C5Fine. Now, question three. Have you ever had a strong emotional connection to an inanimate object.
6A2D51C7You *friendlies*?
6A3B8E70{#__}Well, my mother taught me that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
6A3C1A02Timed Autosave
6A3C91A4{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_1599}Oh, okay. I'm comin'
6A3CE8DBThe tombstone reads: R.I.P. Ralphy Parker
6A40CA88Say! That's great! Thanks! Here, have a few scrap for your trouble.
6A40CFBD{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_41374}Well, it's only a theory, but my guess is that the fallout that's been floating around up in the ionosphere since the war has been muddying things up up there - stopping long range broadcasts from being reflected back to earth. Now maybe the fallout is starting to decay and the ionosphere is slowly returning to normal, allowing it to reflect radio waves like it used to back in the good old days. Or not. I only know what I read in salvaged books.
6A41F4FD{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_1664}Who the fuck is he?
6A44D8CFKilled the old lady that barked at us about the well. Screw it.
6A47F0C3{#wl3_AZ0_VargasRadioRoom_3477}Fine, Angie. Hope you're feelin' better.
6A4800BB{#wl2_AZ0_PilotJoey_3422}On your nine, Captain. They look like--
6A4A4CE8{WL2_Pitbull_RailNomad_01}Vargas, this is Commander Danforth of the Red Skorpion Militia. Heard one of your squads killed a man of mine up in Rail Nomad. Well, I won't say the asshole didn't have it coming, but he was still mine, which means I might have to take one of yours, just to keep things even. Fair warning, old man.
6A4AAF51{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2303}But robots have no faith.
6A4BEE7E{#__}Thank you, Rangers, I don't think we would have won without you. Now please, return to Hollywood and finish helping Veronica take the council from Heidi Hollander. That is the only way our dream of peace will become a reality.
6A4D6E67Get your finger off the trigger sinner!
6A4DE6CFWith Manny dead, there is no reason for us to continue his task.
6A4E32BB{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_19096}I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that was a mistake, but Rangers do [i]not[-] kill non-combatants, you understand me? And I will not be party to it. Pull that shit again and I'm outta here.
6A4F1C7F{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_2205}And I'm gonna own it! Yeah!
6A54355E{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_3541}We're gonna fight him in the end, right?
6A54A488Fan Controls
6A55175CI heard Honeydew die a while back. Still screamin' about his melons.
6A58B493Salt Worker{M}
6A593250I am saddened to hear it. Please do let me know if you come across one.
6A5986C0{#__}Ag Center gone and Highpool likely in the hands of the Red Skorpions. Don't know if I wanna put today in our official history.
6A598DBBYou cannot dismiss a squad member during combat.
6A5A6D30{#__}Pfft! You'd look good in a fancy red suit, wouldn't you? Listen, spreading the word of God, James King, and the Red Messiah is important work, I don't deny it. But the Church has plenty of preachers already. What it needs is more soldiers. We're never gonna expand our base of operations if we just hide up here on our mountaintop and yammer like a bunch of women. We gotta take the fight to the heathens, and for that we need manpower, and plenty of it.
6A5AA24EEr, you may have some trouble getting there are the moment. The radiation *clouds* are thick this time of year, but let me mark it on your map for later. There you are.
6A5C86EB{#__}Huh? What do you want that for? Oh, wait. For radiation right? Well, I'm afraid we don't get much radiation around here, so we don't hoard it. Dante might have some. He keeps cats to keep the rats away from his agave.
6A5CDEF6I'm disappointed. I took you for a seeker of knowledge. But you'll reconsider. And I'll be here when you do. Go with Titan's blessing.
6A5DCB21{#wl3_AZ3_Gorkinovich_21545}Happened a few years back. Kekkahbah was drivin' the train and it crashed. Cost him his *arm*. He blamed the Atchisons for not maintainin' the rails. They blamed us for not maintaining the brakes. That's why they stole the *brake shoe* too.
6A5DEAF2{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_1515}Bring it, nature!
6A601D4CMany of my patients are here because they couldn't remain civil. Lack of civility means blood and bullets. I guess politeness takes a while to learn.
6A60AD06Thank you for supporting Wasteland 2! Using this book will grant a character the Southwestern Folklore skill that will add additional descriptions throughout your travels.
6A60D407{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_65}An odd duck, that boy. And not just because of his name. We hired him on because of his passion and enthusiasm, but he... he's very young and a bit sloppy in his methods. He'll learn eventually, as long as he doesn't get himself killed first.
6A641151The kitchen is cluttered and compact, but not as dirty as you expected. Curry and carnitas simmer on the stove, and sacks of potatoes sag under the central table. An old fridge rattles and hums on one corner. A an aging punk rocker with a dark complexion is cutting vegetables as you enter.
6A651F4DUhh. That was a bad one.
6A666F49{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_2139}I'll still be drunk too.
6A67DF19{#WL2_Bergin_Wardin_22}Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
6A680F23This metal door looks extremely sturdy. You suspect only an exceptionally powerful blast could knock it down.
6A69C242Gee these DBM guys are real dickwads. Sure wish you hadn't put them in charge.
6A69EF1AThe tombstone reads: Lord, now lettest thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word. Luke 2:29
6A6C0FCAWe got us another one boys!
6A6CE8BFI ran across some folks who want to return to Hollywood, they said you wouldn't let them. What can I do to change your mind?
6A6ED597Making their recovery even slower is the power struggle that has broken out in the wake of Casey James' death in the battle for Ranger Citadel. Nor has his death helped relations between the Rangers and Rail Nomad.
6A6FA77A{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_2329}Gotta get me some of that.
6A707396{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_19245}Another fur-brother dead, and for nothing. Do not mistake me, Rangers. Trifle with nature's balance again, and I will leave you - for good.
6A7135AAMusic Volume
6A71A875You don't know much about trains, do you. The brake shoe is what stops the train. I don't know why *Kekkahbah* doesn't just kill *Casey James* and take it back.
6A7374D6{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_25148}I would feel remiss to not offer you a reward for your actions. How about this: Los Angeles is no longer the crime-free beacon of civility it was before the end. I will alert the armory that you may access any and all weapons we have. You can find it near Visitor Processing.
6A73FA31Why would Tori care about you taking Fletcher?
6A785E4BWhat's new, Rangers?
6A7B0051His name is Mumbles. He was a raider, but we convinced him to join the Rangers.
6A7B4D93Doctor Larsen has set up a second lab down in the root cellar in the old cave complex. He says the cold, damp air down there is better for his *experiments*. Ha! He's been spending more time down there than in the infirmary recently. I keep joking with him that he's going to grow big eyes like a cave fish.
6A7D62CEThe death of a thousand cuts!
6A7EA3E0{#wl3_CA0_LtWoodson_1992}What else do you need?
6A807A38General Vargas sits in the room, an old gray wolf in a dark cave, talking calmly into the mike. When he notices you, he takes off his headphones and turns to you.
6A80ECAD{#wl3_CA1_James_6743}Did you go to Dante's house and present him with an *offer* he can't refuse?
6A80F56F{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_2724}Tsk. This is going to end well.
6A812686{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_1966}Bravo, Rangers. Bravo.
6A8229EFMaybe we could help you get Jessie back?
6A828A96Move Item
6A82D4A1{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_4227}Another robot. Wonder what this one was up to.
6A83EB7B[PC] is no longer aflame.
6A843C06All my dreams of working on the rails died with Master Kekkahbah.
6A84BAE5Penitents dead
6A8583DA{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_2999}Okay, thanks. Big time here I come.
6A87301A[NAME] has lost [ITEM].
6A883276Titan's wrath is the utter destruction of this *canyon* and all within it, including ourselves. Threaten us, and you too shall burn.
6A8B6984You better get out of here while you can, you savages.
6A8BC26AWhat's in your stash?
6A8DCC6E(a/[COUNT]) xenon cannon(/s)
6A8EAB2A{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_2738}His attitude is to be admired.
6A8F127FI already told you I don't know. I didn't even think she loved the guy anymore.
6A8FF9A7(a/[COUNT]) exploding pod(/s)
6A92E401{#__}Can I get you anything, old soldier?
6A93C200That's right. Just like the previous question, it's better to ask than to presume. Next question: Do you chew with your mouth open or closed?
6A9498A6{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_2198}Hmmm. Not my department.
6A9520A9{#wl2_CA10_Mathias_41640}Excellent. Then you will go to *Hollywood*, and wipe out those that would weaken our bodies with drugs and disease. And you will go to *Griffith Park* and wipe out those that would weaken our hearts with their small minded morality. You must kill everyone in both strongholds, for neither has any place in our future. In a small way. But there is another resource that will be even more useful to us. Do this, and you will certainly win transcendence.
6A98DF1FWe'd like a drink.
6A992C81{#wl3_CA1_James_16419}Spoken like a true pragmatist. Very good. Perhaps we can work together. So lets come to terms. I want your muscle and your brains. What do you want? *Money*? *Power*? Something else?
6A9BE1D1{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_2902}Humans don't have an off switch.
6A9DFC1BA rifle customized by Ranger R&D expert Captain Mercaptain, the Lariat is designed to hinder enemies' speed and mobility, rather than filling them with holes. Perfect for catching stray cattle... or immobilizing opponents so somebody else can blast them.
6AA34E8AHard Ass
6AA7A06E{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_6075}Whoa. These guys are awesome. Just like this tape my mom showed me.
6AAE1C5EHow would I get a requisition order?
6AB1C8BEJust reached radiation wall to the north. Over.
6AB1EA3CSo the roaches broke through the vent in Fletcher's room?
6AB204BFIrrigation System
6AB34133Do you know where the brake shoe is?
6AB39ACFCoffin Nails brand cigarettes.
6AB4C932Maybe if you woulda come earlier, I wouldn'ta had to kill my wife! What the hell took you so long!
6AB4C951{#__}Sorry to hear it. Ah, well, enjoy your stay anyway, and any questions you have about the Casino, please don't hesitate to ask.
6AB5AFC2Santa Fe
6AB7F9D6Dammit, Rangers. This is on you now. We're done with this shi... stuff.
6ABB97D1{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_2296}I had an erector set once.
6ABBA568Rangers don't double cross. Our word is our bond.
6ABBA5D4{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_1037}You're back!
6ABBC57AHorchata/Dr. Horchata/Robert Horchata
6ABE775FÆthelwulf's Utopia
6ABED08EWe'll all be happier when you reach the surface. Go.
6AC0066AThe monitor briefly goes blank, before displaying "WELCOME TO CotCOS" in light blue characters. "Tinker Defensive Network 7.04, Instigating Capacitor Overload" appears onscreen, before quickly being scrolled off-screen by a flood of unreable text. After a few moments, the text stops scrolling and prints out, "Total responses: 0."
6AC142C2Master Medic Pack
6AC17FDC{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_7342}You saved a town from the Ag Center outbreak? I'm sure Matt appreciates the help.
6AC2264A{WL2_Vargas_DeathSquad_AgCenter_09}Wh-what? *Why*? What the hell are you *doing*?
6AC23B75What kind of jerks?
6AC39E71Rescue wife
6AC4243B{#__}Well done getting the Rail Nomad radio up and running, but you have not yet redeemed yourself for losing Ag Center and Highpool.
6AC4AEEA{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_14620}Who controls the airwaves controls the wasteland. If you can do it, more power to you. But don't be surprised if you see the *Robbinsons* right there with you.
6AC4F631{#__}He is my husband, the damn fool! He's been unjustly *imprisoned*, and will be executed soon, but he won't flee, even if his cage is opened. He says that would be *rude*.
6AC600C9Snagged on one of the lower branches of the tumbleweed is a bronze star with the words "Desert Ranger" on the outside ring.
6AC89F76{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_15986a}Echo? Was that that Baychowski you just brought in? I thought you said he was dead... Why would you lie to me about that? If it was supposed to be a joke, it ain't very damn funny.
6ACF6013, putting an end to (-his/her/its) life
6AD03DF8Please, sir, if you're sending us after Ace's killer, then you've already decided we're worthy. Why not just let us in?
6AD11AF5{#__}Ag Center gone and Highpool in the hands of the Red Skorpions. Don't know if I wanna put today in our official history.
6AD45367Believe me, the Children of the Citadel will no longer be welcome in our territory, and Mr. Manners will be actively speaking against them in his broadcasts from now on. Matthias' pretty words about working for mankind's future aren't going to fool us any more.
6AD561FD{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_909}Goats. Feh.
6AD7D60B{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_5964}Wearing tin hats in the desert. No wonder their brains are fried.
6AD7EEC1{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_29578}So, you handed Rail Nomad to the Topekans. Makes sense, I guess. They're definitely in better shape to get the trains runnin' again, but it was a pretty brutal fix, Rangers. I know the Atchisons had been resorting to vile measures lately, but their cause was just and now they're gone. Wish you could have found another way.
6AD94473{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_8364}Cages of the mind.
6ADAAD26{#__}I know your bullheaded ways, Mr. Lewis. There is no point in trying to dissuade you, is there?
6ADBB989Oh God, why?!
6ADD74ACV for Vendetta
6ADEBAA5Clumsy and crude, but oh boy if you connect...
6ADED02BHave you heard about the mysterious men in the canyon?
6AE08D26My sister entered the gauntlet three days ago. When do you think she's coming back.
6AE6A9EB{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_3562}But, how? We wouldn't last a day on foot.
6AE75FCD{wl3_AZ5_Dirk_3495}Copperhead calling King Snake. Come in.
6AE77D72{WL2_Sadler_AZ5_NukeDisarmedDBM_01}Rangers! Why in the hell is our status board lightin' up like a goddamn Christmas tree? It says you broke the damn nuke! Get back here to DBM HQ and report!
6AE9A40C{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_4355}Such self-confidence. I hope it's not misplaced.
6AE9F320Whatever this thing did. It doesn't do it anymore.
6AEC1083{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_4621}That's the way, sonny. Fightin' solves everything.
6AED3A56I only want payin' customers in my shop.
6AED598COh look at that thing there! It sure is thing-y!
6AEE47B1Fletcher is dead. It might be best for us to stay far away from the stadium.
6AEED67BI'm Morton Gekko, Welcome to the *Bank* of Cordite. I understand you well-armed folks would like to open an *account* and *secure* your ammo.
6AEFBAA4We still need to complete Veronica's task in order to get the peace treaty signed.
6AF0997E{#__}May peace prevail.
6AF267AARangers, you're the best thing that ever happened to this town.
6AF3C8EB{#__}Oh, thank you! I have wished for so long that I could do something myself, but Heidi doesn't like her employees to make waves.
6AF3DCCCWell, we'd been calling so long we thought you were never going to come. Normally, I'd say better late than never, but it isn't. *Highpool* is dead. There isn't much you can do to *help* now.
6AF72831{#__}It's a park enough said.
6AFA18E2{#wl3_CA0_LtWoodson_11863}Excellent! This is great. I'll get to work on upgrading those suits right away. I'll give you a call on the radio when they're done.
6AFBCC82She's the most amazing surgeon ever. And she'll help anyone, as long as you got the cash. Just ask at the clinic for Dr. Kyle's special and she'll fix you up. If... if she's still alive, that is.
6AFDE0F2Ahh! Where is this guy's head?
6B0132F5[NAME] has received [NUM] [ITEM].
6B02BC38{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_11783}Well, I can't say I'm not disappointed. I guess I'll just have to find some other path to enlightenment. Thank you anyway, Rangers.
6B05FAF7Tell me more about Fletcher.
6B07E070Character data present for [NAME]. Do you wish to overwrite it?
6B0AD754{#wl3_AZ5_Sadler_Temple_7143}Sure, we can make a generous contribution to the DBM. Here's the Preparation G.
6B0CDDB3{WL2_KatePreston_HIGHPOOLWARNING2_Irrigation_05}Pardon my French, but, [i]fuck[-]!
6B0E3B56We're the Desert Rangers.
6B0E6E12Did some repair work for them a while back. They need a regular maintenance man there, or their whole system is gonna fall apart.
6B0EA00C(a/[COUNT]) 8x10 gloss(y/ies)
6B0F4287A small tin whistle, surprisingly free of rust. When you blow into it you can't hear anything, but animals in the area seem miffed.
6B0FE92ETheWesDude 34
6B1165E7A Most Unusual Camera
6B11E0FD{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_2969}Thank god that's over with. Ewww.
6B124E69{#__}Don't worry about me. I'm enough of a doctor to know I'm too far gone to save. Just gather round so I can tell you about the valve.
6B12939EDid you know a Ranger named Ace?
6B13A70D{#__}Heard you made it back our old HQ. I joined up way after the Rangers moved in here, but it still sucks seeing a part of our history get rolled up by those RSM dicks.
6B146440Priest's Shirt
6B16AD30{#__}That should do it Rangers. Do what you have to do, but remember, that door won't stay closed for long.
6B16FE04Jake Dead
6B1A6C0BDid you say stolen supplies? This is fantastic news! I'm accused of stealing those supplies, but it wasn't me! Now I can prove I'm not a *thief*. Please, tell Sheriff Marshall right away! If you do I'll share some sweet gear with you.
6B1C531D{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_3256}Plenty of produce. Where's the beef?
6B1F3033{#wl3_AZ4_Overbake_7609}You don't have enough to pay the taxes, eh? That's a real shame, Rangers. A real shame.
6B201F04You think the Rangers are gonna take care of the Atchisons?
6B22F947{#__}Can't believe Rangers turned and ran from robots. That's some pussy shit. And leavin' civs behind is worse.
6B253D6D{#wl3_AZ23_Jan_4356}You saved our lives. How could we do otherwise?
6B25DF69Judging from the expiry date, it's a miracle the brine hasn't burned through the glass.
6B278225{#wl3_AZ6_Magee_2666}We call that old thing *Jaime*.
6B27909E{#__}You want Duke to vote against Heidi? Good luck! Duke knows that as long as he pays his HCC dues, Heidi won't poke her nose in his business. Why would he change that? Well, his office is in the back if you want to ask, but he doesn't like visitors. Probably won't even answer the door.
6B282681Huh? Sorry. What was that?
6B2B6F81{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_4081}Goddamn shame he's gone. Ace, you'll be missed.
6B2E17F0{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_4486} aught to *punch* your right in your pretty face.
6B3149DC{#__}You tryin' to muscle me? In my own place? Well you can kiss my ass! Tear 'em a new one, boys!
6B35365BThe door's battered frame prevents you from manipulating it any more.
6B3571D2{#__}Welcome back, Echo. Not cool letting Ag Center fall apart back there. Not cool.
6B363282{#__}I don't like Heidi much, but she runs a clean place, and keeps her boys and girls happy. A kid could do a lot worse than working at *Heidi's*.
6B39964FThe man is grimy, bearded, and dressed in dirty overalls. He has a pack full of scrap and electronic junk beside him. And also a dog food bowl and water dish.
6B39EE14{#__}Enjoy the hike.
6B3BD355{WL2_Vargas_DamontaEntered_09}Rangers, the entire Citadel is counting on you. The entire territory. You must find that tower. And as soon as you damn well can. Now get going, and good luck. Ranger Command out.
6B3F70C6Red blasts [TARGET][DAMAGE].
6B411141I can't hear any more beasties out there! Well done, strangers. Lemme get you that reward. Now where did I put it?
6B442DB7[PC]'s quick fingers avoid breaking the lock… this time.
6B463316The bridge appears to be lowered and raised by this large lift.
6B4C476BWell, let's just say we're the Ranger team Vargas calls when other Ranger teams get out of line.
6B50272F{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_2546}That guy smells like a hobo.
6B505064Alright, Rangers!
6B53C54CComputer-Assisted Stabilization{n}
6B53EF31{#__}A great place with a great history. The Rangers add to its glory with every victory.
6B547135{#wl3_AZ5_Dirk_3265}You're asking for trouble. Get gone.
6B589CE0{WL2_Chopper1_RailNomad_Police_01}Chopper One to base. Got Atchisons sneakin' along the western perimeter! Looks like they're up to no good.
6B5BB1A0{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_1721}Helloooooo, nurse!
6B5E236F{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_8117}Walking junkyards. Just don't let 'em get too close. Those sledgehammers pack a wallop.
6B61264E{#wl3_CA1_BulletGrabber_8158}We saved this town from those mech-loving meat bags. You'd think they'd be more grateful.
6B624059Vree - "The Experiment"
6B63CFBA{#wl3_CA1_James_35495}The combinations on the boxes are known only to the account holders. The bank would have to tear the box out of the wall and cut it open with a welding torch, which might look suspicious to other account holders. The last thing I want is these sheep to stop trusting us wolves with their bullets. No. I want you to bring me the combination, so that everything can be done discretely.
6B640988Both Highpool and Ag Center lost in one day? Wow! Yer oh for two, "heroes"!
6B64961AWell, used to be the *Atchisons* took care of the rails like we took care of the trains, but then they got uppity and started sabotaging the lines instead of fixin' 'em. Now, even if I get that brake shoe *Old 97* needs, there won't be many places for her to go. We either gotta beat those Atchisons until they start workin' again, or start repairin' the rail ourselves, and I don't fancy that. That ain't work for *Topekans*., Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © About Discord Donate

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