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0000D434{#__}Ah, that old thing. Story goes that the Rangers actually fixed it up for us a decade and a half back. Not sure I believe that, but it broke down for good about a year ago. It runs, but it just spews the most foul cloud of black you ever smelled. Now I'm stripping it for parts. Already got the engine pulled out. The bits should be worth a pretty penny.
00011FD5Magee gives you a big smile.
00028995{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_42}Hmm...Come to think of it, everyone who's changed into one of those pod people got blasted first.
000461A1Then thanks for nothin', Rangers. You'da been more merciful if you hadn't given us the water. We woulda died quicker, then. I hope your canteen springs a leak.
00052A87{#wl3_CA1_Chris_26394}Haw! You fuckers think I'm tellin' you? I ain't fuckin' stupid. The only reason I'm still alive is because I know it and nobody else does. That fuckin' recipe only exists in two places - in my head, and in my safe deposit *box* in the bank, and nobody's gettin' either. It's worth too fuckin' much.
00053993{#wl3_AZ0_RickBaychowski_2915}Well, actually, I hope not! Adios!
00064946You'll be dancing with yourself in this barely there bondage vest!
00078497, dropping (-him/her/it) like a clobbered hog
0008D698{wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_10742}Ten-Four, Echo One. Be extra careful about civilian casualties. Don't want any kid blood on our hands. Santa Fe Base out.
0008E3F4Ranger Citadel/The citadel/Citadel
000A2199{#__}Hope ol' Satan didn't give you too much trouble. Now, what can I do for you? You look like you're new to *Rodia*.
000BB422{#__}It looks as if you already repaired the radio tower. I was going to help you tell people that the Desert Rangers are a force for good, but it looks as if you've already done so. Nice job, Rangers.
000BDEB9{#wl3_CA1_James_4490}Ah, the strangers I've been hearing so much about.
000C4CE6What do you think of Doctor Horchata?
000F1DB2What do you know about methane?
0010F3C8{#__}Yes, sir. That's me. I'm an aspirant. I just can't wait to fight my way up that mountain and start serving Jesus.
0012F84D{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_6369}Look at all this foliage! I've never seen such green outside Ag Center.
00143023What are the rules?
001569F3Since quitting your Ranger team, Dan Q has moved to Rail Nomad and began a permanent engagement at the end of the bar at Gorkinovich's Red Hen.
00168AFC[CALIBER] Ammo
0018291DWhy does Tori want to revolt?
00182A5CRed Skorpion Cutter{M}
001834C0{WL2_WeirdSignals_Gongs2}[cc]weird sounds[-]
001B2F0B{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_1764}Damn good defenses.
001B9C82A barefoot old man in overalls and nothing else. He looks angry, but well-hydrated.
001E0457Skorpion, where is thy sting? [ATTACKER] misses [TARGET].
0020E036An ancient tome of wisdom entitled, "When Bad Things Happen to Good People."
0021E6FE{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2430}God! Will you just shut up?
0022F61DI wonder if this ferreting away of goods is also the work of the mysterious lurkers we've been hearing of?
0025CA09{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_9014}She seems warm and sweet, but I think it might be an - [i]steel trap, velvet glove, stiletto[-] - act.
0025CB05Permission denied. We're heading out.
002688A4{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_3054a}Now, [i]that's[-] gotta be a still.
00277110Beware of false friends.
00277B91Thank you so much.
002AA519Nothing inspires confidence like a cute dog at your heels.
002D49FCKnow anything about the Gippers?
002DB2EA{#wl3_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_22141}Well... okay. Don't see why you fought your way all the way up the mountain just to back out once you got to the top, but if that's how you feel, then I don't think you're the recruits we were looking for after all. Good luck to you, and good day.
002DC2E1(a/[COUNT]) hourglass(/es)
00327B91Thank you so much!
0037506BThank you so much, really.
003A8DA6Dog shit, cat shit, cow shit, bat shit, it don't matter; the Rangers need some ammonium nitrate ASAP!
003BAA6F{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_20493}That - [i]synthetic humanoid[-] - robot put me in here and did *things* - [i]surgery of the frontal lobe[-] - to me. Made me into a - [i]deformed, damaged, broken[-] - *freak*. Please, get me *out* - [i]unlock, dismantle[-] - of this cage.
003F11ED{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2679}My journey will not end here!
00401209How do you feel about Kekkahbah as a leader?
0047D0A2[ATTACKER] howls with rage as (+his/her/its) shot on [TARGET] goes wide.
004BDA20{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_4168}You are madmen! Impetuous and irresponsible!
004CBB32Deputy Mona Shera{F}
004F00B6{#wl3_CA1_Mayor_15291}Only what I hear on the radio. Always promising everybody a better life of peace and prosperity, but he seems more interested in war and conquest. I wish he'd go away.
0052D001We just want to help you out.
00533B11{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_3839}Then we kill 'em all and drink their blood?
0054B7A8{WL2_Vargas_Radio7A_12}Get your asses to Ag Center ASAP! Ranger Command Out!
005581E5And worse than that, the main spigot *pipe* is right above the house. If the fire melts the valve seal, we could lose all our water!
00588F8DYou hear a trickle of water flowing through the pipes.
005A5FD2{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_3805}I hate that thing. I told him not to get it.
005A8785{#wl3_AZ5_Jill_29815}Bless y'for stopping, folks. We're in a peck of trouble and no mistake. Got jumped by some *raiders* just outside the *safe zone*, and our wounded are gonna bleed out 'fore we can get 'em t'the *Mad Monks*' *hospital*. We already lost most'a the *herd*. Y'ain't got a *medic* with you by any chance? We'd be glad to trade for some doctorin'.
005A9309The Last of the V-8 Interceptors. It should have burn out, but sadly, it is rusting away.
005BF1E9Are you guys headed out on a mission? Man, I'm so jealous. I can't wait to get out there.
00604EB9Priest Commando{M}
0065668B{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_1886a}Let's get outta here.
0066C6B3{#__}A very old and unreliable model. I've found it very difficult to use, but I managed in the end.
0066E661Fire! Now!
00671147{#wl3_AZ3_MrsParker_23383}I know it sounds heartless, Rangers, but I can't feed him in this godforsaken place. With the train not running, nobody around here is making a living. Taking Ralphy would be a kindness to me and him, and he's awful handy with a slingshot. He could help you.
00676EB4{#__}Please, Rangers, please find my dowry and return it to me!
006C6EB4{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_12304}She said she was from east of the old Prison, which is odd, now that I come to think of it. Radiation's closed off the way east for years.
006E6E36We haven't found anything.
006FD81A{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_4512}Even that was a little hairy. Watch for critters.
00723D9D{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_3256}Bust my buttons, it's a whirly bird!
0072BC6C{#wl3_AZ5_Bridewell_1823}Thanks for the bomb.
00751B96You're protecting the Coyotes? They're raiders.
0079F4B2We told Fletcher about your affair.
007C13E4{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_3769}Thank you for letting us into your home.
007C761B{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_32529}Man this tour is sucking. I was supposed to do a couple nights at the Fly-By Nightclub in Damonta, but what do I find when I get there? Robots and corpses. Talk about a tough room! So, I turned around to head back home, and boom! There's a fuckin' fireball on the horizon and the way home is gone! How did that happen? What joker is responsible for that bullshit?
007D1AD8Ol' Hobo King's gone to the big still in the sky now.
007D47C7This Click had better not be named for the sound you hear when you pull the trigger.
007DDFFC{#__}Sounds like Beatrice skipped town right after you killed ol' Dengler. That's a load off my mind.
007DE4A2{#__}Certainly. Let's do business.
007E2255Let everyone know that the Rangers are around. That we're protectin' our spots.
008415ACArmed with (a/) dirty (syringe/syringes) and unsettling facial tics (a/) [ATTACKER] (appears/appear) at [DISTANCE].
0085DD26(a/[COUNT]) pair(/s) of amigo pant(/s)
0086216EGuess we'll just wait around until some other Ranger dies or gets benched. Then we'll get called up.
0086879EBrightly Colored Pants
0086911BRemember - Jackhammer gets first pick of the loot.
0089B87B{#wl2_CA10_Mathias_1732}Good luck, Rangers.
008B6C72And while Ascension and Veronica were grateful for your help in bringing about the peace, your casual attitude toward collateral damage has made you untrustworthy in their eyes, and they want nothing more to do with you. Indeed, they have both ordered their troops to shoot you on sight.
008BD845What? I thought the Rangers were supposed to help people. Their lives are at stake.
008BEA87This man is in agony. His skin is being burned to a rich, golden brown.
00910F25A mixture of herbs that have remarkable healing properties.
00932085Ow ow ow! Your toes! OH GOD OW OW YOUR PRECIOUS TOES!
00935862{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_2884}Why are those girls chained up?
009375D0If you learn a totally new way of writing, you can almost record about half of what you intend to write on this device!
0093CDE1All that time tossing bombs around has paid off! Your throwable explosives now travel farther.\n\n[b]Benefits:[/b]\n[00cc00]+15% maximum range when throwing Grenade type weapons[-]
0093DE29Good. Now get back to work, you filthy sinner.
009713C6{#__}Yes. *Rodia* is being attacked by a parasite-borne *sickness*. We've already lost more than ten people, mostly farmers, and a dozen more are sick. I've got to find out where these fucking worms are coming from, and fast!
009970F8Then prepare quickly, other aspirants are waiting behind you.
0099F40EWe'll take all the help we can get, Bergin. Even you.
009A70BFAn old apple.
009AD5FE{#wl3_AZ5_Sadler_11684}So you're the Rangers I've been hearing about! You made the right choice *sending* us the nuke. The canyon is sitting pretty now.
009AF47A{#__}Oh, that's ok. Maybe next time.
009C7616(a/[COUNT]) bent spoon(/s)
009E2A4B{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_6875}We should try to help her with her wounded. If you like.
00A11BF8{WL2_KathyLawson_AGCENTERWARNING1_01}Goddammit, Vargas! Listen! We're up to our fucking necks in mutant insects and apples that bite back! Tell your lard-ass team to get down here, now! We don't have a chance in hell without some back up. Hurry!
00A4CE89Takin' the time to get the skin nice and crackly.
00A60AFE{#__}On behalf of all of us, congratulations. Now, please. Help us make peace with the Salvation Church.
00AA89F1{#__}Ahh... there. All done. Now, what can I--
00AD201D{#wl3_AZ6_Hopi_2593}Less talking! More shooting!
00AD6DE9Rad Suit
00AFF8BD{#wl3_AZ3_Gorkinovich_6434}He's in a better place. Such a shame too. He was my second best customer.
00B02C72Poor bastards. It seems their addiction to Squeezins has driven them mad.
00B173A4If you can do it without attacking those who did it, you have our blessing, but those *raiders* are under the protection of Titan. If you harm them, you face *Titan's Wrath*.
00B1B717Large Pack
00B75D74{#wl3_AZ3_MelissaRails_21110}I know that they wouldn't be a problem if the Atchisons and the Topekans united against them. We could finish them off in a day. Instead we kill each other and they circle like vultures, waiting for our corpses to stop twitching.
00B8A885Good luck!
00BA89BEOh. Oh God. No. Please. Don't tell him. He'll gut me. Just... Just take the goop and go.
00BF4E6AGrade A Extra-Large
00C38EEB{wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_7598}Goddamn synths. Those plastic punks are trying to fuck us up any way they can.
00C6737APressed into the sky by fuming hydraulic lifts, the hatch is open, revealing the terrible might of Titan.
00C724B5{#__}Thank you. Titan bless you. Now, let me give you the details. When we cast him out, Brother Wright fled north, toward the towns of *Damonta*, and it seems he found another silo there - Silo 7 - with another Titan in it, just like ours, and ever since, he's been trying to get it working so he can take his vengeance upon us.
00CF7DF9We're not working for anyone.
00D01615{#wl3_AZ5_Bridewell_6073}You disabled our nuke and now we've lost control over the canyon.
00D0A91C{#wl3_AZ3_Quarex_10322}Go away, *Rangers*! I don't even care if you found a CD-i anymore. What's the point of living without my Super Scope?!
00D0DEAALittle people
00D22EBD{#wl3_CA1_Mayor_33663}Yes. I fear the Jerks are torturing him. You see, now that I've become the mayor, he's taken over the family business, our *distillery*. The Jerks have taken quite an interest in learning our old family *recipe* for tequila, and I'm very much afraid they're trying to beat it out of poor Chris. If you could see your way clear to rescuing him, I would be very much obliged.
00D44FEB{#wl3_CA1_Chris_6460}That's because I'm the [i]king[-] of fuck! I fuck like a fucking [i]god[-].
00D46C40They're pretty nasty. Matt got hit by one and it was awful! He moved too quick and it exploded right in front of him. Tore his arm to pieces. *Kathy*'s looking after him now.
00D574A4{#WL2_Sadler_FirstConversation_17}Goodbye, Rangers. And for the sake of your continued good health, good luck.
00D5A336We interrupted the deal between Jason and the synth.
00D69E91This is one lean, mean killing machine.
00D7599C{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_6424}Then speak, Gentle Questioner, and I will try my utmost to advise you.
00D83CD0{#wl3_AZ5_Bridewell_820}You suck!
00D87394Repeat Attack
00D9C54CHey again, fellas.
00DAC04DThis thing stopped working years ago, but it looks like it used to talk.
00DAF689We can't guarantee your safety, but if you want to come, you are welcome.
00DC237BBut, Rangers... What happened? Who did this to her?
00DD29DFAn animatronic gypsy in a glass case. The glass is shattered, but she lords over the broken robot at her base with a mechanical smile. The sign above her reads, "Madam Blavatsky - Mystic Fortune - 25¢."
00DDDA37Really? Why, thank you, Rangers. I'm sure everything is fine. I have a man there working the crops and couple of men handling security. They shoudn't give you any trouble. My driver's name is Larry. If he's still there tell him I have customers here waiting to buy some fresh booze.
00DE660D{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_813}Tsk. Lame.
00E03A5D{#wl3_AZ3_Quarex_6146}That's one of the Rangers, right? You guys all have such cool names.
00E28D60What's TNT Tan like?
00E50967{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_4650}Thank you, Rangers, for saving dear Matthew's life.
00E8326FYou have saved your life, aspirants. Very resourceful. Resourceful enough that we will allow you to stay and bask for a moment in our presence. Let's drink to the resourceful aspirants, shall we, boys? Maybe one day they will be resourceful enough to *join the Paladins*.
00E8D155{#wl3_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_3912}I'm much to busy to talk about such things.
00E92FDAYour dog's name is Luke?
00E9F61C{#wl2_AZ0_GeneralVargas_4147}Very good, Team Echo. Let's get those bastards.
00EAA4C9I don't know what Titan is. The monks call it a god, and say it could blow us all up a hundred times over. Far as I know, though, nobody's ever seen it. So maybe they're just blowin' smoke.
00EB81D7{#__}When we get 'em all connected, we'll be able to hone in on General Vargas' mystery signal. *Woodson*, our radio technician, can fill you in on all the technical details.
00ED1452You're alright, Rangers.
00EE03D7{#__}How come I have to pay and they don't.
00EFFEC7Look for brothers who can help you find the exit. I don't have time.
00F12F39{#WL2_Kekkahbah_AtRails_07}You mean, use the golden spike as a final symbolic act that gets our train going again? I... I... Dammit, yes. That is a John Henry solution if I ever heard one! Tell him I agree.
00F319CESure. Have a look.
00F35083My *brothers* use a lotta *nuke grenades*, which means I'm always running low on the *goop*. That's what I call the radioactive waste I put inside 'em - the stuff that sends everybody in the blast radius to the *great glow*. We harvest the *goop* from a few old *hazmat dumps* here in the *canyon*, but it's a job not even the most devoted *Servant of Titan* likes. You can die doing it, and it's not a clean way to go. Not like pulling the pin on your *grenade*. Either you die a slow death from *Rad Rot*, or you get eaten by the *mutated beasties* that live around the sites.
00F58667It's probably better not to ask.
00F79D65{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_1712}No problem. Be safe.
00F83908Ag Center Airlock Codes
00FA17DBInsert blood sample.
00FA1919{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_1881}We've gotta save her.
00FD5A84{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_42189}So, you saved Ag Center at the expense of Highpool. A tough decision, and I know it must weigh heavily on your minds, but a choice had to be made, and once you chose Ag Center, you did all you could to save it and its people. I am particularly pleased that you went out of your way to help Matt Forrestal. He was a great Ranger and remains a credit to our organization now that he's left. Also, let me personally thank you for finding *Ace*'s *killer*, whatever it was.
00FDE216{#__}Hmmm. I've heard of it, but I can't remember where.
01006F39The drunk jerk from out front puts the bullets you gave him on a table with a red square and a black square painted on it. The dealer, a serious looking man in a surprisingly well-preserved tuxedo, turns over a card.
01007400{#__}I'm waiting!
0100E91E{#wl3_RadioCallerMale_1224}Yeah, at'll do.
010165CAWhat do you know about Raji?
0103B82B{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_4247}You shoot anymore people in Rodia and I'm gone.
0103D1A0What? That's fantastic, thank you so much. I need to catch up with them, thanks again Rangers.
010410A6{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_3988}This is what happens when you eat the worm.
0104A1F0We found this broken video game system in Damonta. Any interest?
0107720BA box full of little black oblongs with buttons all over them and little screens. Arcane markings cover one face of each object - sine, co-sine, R-CM, C-CE.
01094E76Awww. Poor old Mrs. Henry.
010BB163I don't understand.
010BCD56A large tar-paper shack with a sagging roof and bars on the windows. Maybe it looks so pathetic because it's across the forecourt from all the monolithic grandeur of the Bastion of Faith. No. Not really. This place would look pathetic in the middle of a garbage dump. Penitents come and go from the front door as a pair of knights stand guard.
010C56D9{#wl3_AZ3_Quarex_6688}You lost me one of my best customers, Rangers. Why didn't you rescue him?
010C8D51{WL2_Vargas02_TenFour_01}Roger, Echo One. Now listen, I want you to deal with the emergency situation first, before proceeding to the antenna. Repeat, help Mayor Vickstrom with his emergency, [i]then[-] hook up the repeater to the antenna on their crane. Protecting civilians is always a Ranger's number one priority. Do you *<@Goodbye>copy*?
010DC3EALeave the dog here.
010EA74D{wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_5305}Ten-Four, Echo One. Approach with caution. Santa Fe Base out.
010FE665Step right up. The rules are simple. You put a bullet on *red* or *black*, then I turn over a card. If the color matches the color you picked, you win. Otherwise, you lose. Got it? Then place your bet.
01162CE0{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_998}Fancy digs.
0117DDED... well, I can't think of a better way to say that. I suppose that's some demerits for you.
011898A2Get to heaven faster with Spent Fuel Rod pipe bombs.
0118CC5BOperate the "Pressure Release Valve"?
011E083BHa! I'm too drunk to hit!
011EBEA4Faded Floppy Disk
012065E4{#__}I hadn't. I'd heard you'd found something weird and were bringing it to Mercaptain, though.
0120EA9EThe sign reads, "No Drowning."
0126CBC8We freed your pigs!
0126FCC7{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_4850}The great spirit is not in them, but still they move!
012B101CSure, here you go. Only seems fair if it was your father's.
012CE61BBart followed us out of the raider hideout and headed back to his companions.
012E8D76Clown Pants
012EE983That's the gang that took over the prison, right? Just another bunch of oppressors if you ask me.
012FE0C7{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_14710}A tough customer, but the kindest, most honest man in Hollywood. A true gentleman who has created the greatest entertainment destination on the west coast.
0130AFE0The bones of an old building, softened with age.
0133A7DA{#__}Tsk. Seems like it was only yesterday...
013992F3No PCs
0139F535Who's Wade Woodson?
013C1C3B(an/[COUNT]) advanced medic pack(/s)
013C9177The leader of our humble order. He best knows Titan's will.
013CACF7Where did the runaway monk run away to?
013D7573{wl2_AZ6_WerewolfWally_6135}Attention, loyal KPOW listeners! The Rangers just gave me the word.
013E247ADid you hear we found Hell Razor's body?
013F1A45{#__}You assholes! That was my son. Get away from me.
0141335E{WL2_Vargas_Vargas_Robots_Attack_02}Ten Four, Echo One. Listen, some locals up near our remote radio tower say they saw some... [i]things[-] attacking it. Sounded like robots to me. Might be another of those synths that killed Ace. Head back there and see if you can capture it alive, but be careful. Anything that could kill Ace isn't gonna be easy to deal with. *<@Goodbye>Copy*?
014391ADRed told us about a treasure in the Airplane Graveyard, hidden in the wreck of a plane with the words "Sierra Madre Airlines" on the side. He took off in search of it, heedless of the killer robots.
0143D18DWhat do you know about the church?
014414F0{#wl3_AZ10_RaiderTalk01_839}What now?
0147DFF4This well-worn adhesive stationary has a few words scrawled on it: "PW 72779673. Heh."
01480C73{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_9098}Eureka! I integrated it with an energy weapon I was working on. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.
01490D77{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_27668}I hope you had nothing to do with that nuclear explosion, Rangers, because that is a tragedy almost beyond all comprehension. Not only were countless lives lost, but our connection to the new lands to the east is gone, just when we discovered it. This has made our world smaller again, and sadder.
014DDB4F{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_2577}Hey, those are prostitutes.
014EC5FBHuh? Mate? Snake? What kind of lingo is that?
014F2AB1Salt Lab
0150B0D0A Ranger with high Awareness notices every detail of the world around them. They are hard to ambush or sneak up on, and are often able to get a jump on their enemies.\n\n[ffa000]+++ Combat Initiative\n++ Chance to Evade\n+ Vision Range[-]
015308E6Whatever killed these people, they died violently. They are ragged and bloody.
0153F765{#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_8630}Tres bien! You just bring the teif to Rambeau. He will know how to deal wid 'im. Now go. Au revoir.
01561A2FA hard-bitten woman in overalls limps up to you cautiously. Her leg is bandaged, and she carries a shotgun.
0158BF32This peculiar machine accepts scrap and pays out in bullets. The cost is 10 scrap per game.
015B99EC{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_4196}Oh. You've brought the drunk Ranger back. Well.
015C1B6C{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_3345}Creepy evil. Totally the wrong kind.
015CFA1DNone of them? Hmmm. Listen, speaking as one doctor to another, is something wrong with it?
015D389Dunknown command
015DB070{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_4570}Oh my boy... I'm sorry I couldn't protect you... **hic**
015EF0AAAnd you mistake us for a bunch of asskissers. We could do a lot of damage before you sent us to the Great Glow, monk.
01620463{#__}We need you to go to Damonta, find Silo 7, kill Brother Wright, and bring the warhead to us for safekeeping. Here, let me give you the destination code that will send the warhead to us here. All you have to do is use the piloting console to send the rail car carrying the warhead to the Temple by way of the rail line below Silo 7. The rest will take care of itself.
0162D7F8, perforating it into putrescence
0164220DMissed me, asshole!
0167E43DThe valve is fully open. Touching the wheel, you can feel the tainted nutrient mixture throbbing through the pipes. You pull hard and close the valve tightly until no more contaminated fluid flows through.
01684015Fletcher/Irving Fletcher
016D0477{#__}Angie's been cranky as hell since Vargas pulled her out of your team. She hates missin' the action.
0172C484{wl2_AZ4_Sperminator_20775}Hey, Rangers! This is Pitbull. A little birdy told me you're the assholes that let my cattle out of their pens. You fuck with my fuck-slaves, I fuck with you, you get me? That's right, you whore thieves. When you least expect it...
01743501You must be punished!
0174AF44Inside you will find the Holy Trinity, Church Ecstatic, Church Militant and Church Vigilant. Please feel free to look around ask your questions and commit to one, or all three but that would be blasphemous.
0177DB25{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_2542}Couldn't hold his position.
01780348+2 Smart Ass
0178A172What do you know about Ranger Citadel?
017AB4AE[b]Benefits:[/b]\n[00cc00]+2 base Action Points[-]\n\n[b]Drawbacks:[/b]\n[cc0000]-50% base Combat Speed[-]
017D954DThe one-armed war chief Kekkahbah is dead. With their leader gone, the Topekans should soon lose their enthusiasm for war.
017E9FF7(a/[COUNT]) Black Album(/s)
017EA877A mistake? I saw you, you were going to *shoot* me!
0182101EWho's next? Who wants some easy money?
0182C9EDThe Bastion
0183E77FKymri's Warrior is an ancient, pistol with a simple design made from stock parts that allows it to be easily modified and repaired.
0184D5E2{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_1855}Shit. Did I drink any?
018638DDTake this too. It's not much but you've earned it.
01867D86You're on your own.
01877536{#__}I'm Manny Wong, your humble host. I own the Chinese Casino.
01881C2CRangers! Jackhammer and her thugs are trying to blow the irrigation pipes. Hurry!
0188AEC0{#__}Only radio tower I know is the one the Mad Monks got, but it ain't so big. Only covers the canyon.
01890B43{wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_3428}Echo One, this is Santa Fe Base, come in?
018A6761BOOM! Headshot! You're lucky to be alive.
018CA36EWhat do you think of Mr. Manners?
018F768D(a/[COUNT]) habit(/s)
01905EF3{#__}Another pointless gang. They're a perfect example of what's holding humanity back.
01906366Pickle Jar
0190AD97{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_3844}Short term thinking, going with one crop.
01928374Access code verified. Turrets have been deactivated.
0194F3FD{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_2641}I'm sending you to Robot Hell!
01965DAFRetribution Jones{M}
01977B35{#__}If you wish to speak with Mr. Manners then go ahead. I will place you on the visitor list.
01990700EMERGENCY OVERRIDE PROGRAM LOADED. All ventilation shaft fans activated... ALL AIRBORNE TOXINS CLEARED
019A75CBRaider Lobber{M}
019C107A{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_4741}I was out here a year ago and this guy was doin' fine.
019C4B58Get away from me, cow killers.
019FEF75{#__}So you disarmed the nuke and the monks lost control of the canyon. See? Nuclear deterrence works!
01A06863What's the point of that badge if you don't help people?
01A187BD{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_1921}He's askin' for money.
01A57762{WL2_Vargas02_Repeaters_08}That is Mercaptain's fancy word for smart robots. She calls them Synthetic Life Forms, or Synths. Basically any robot that can think for itself falls into the Synth category. Plain old robots are dangerous enough, ones that think for themselves are a nightmare.
01A66D41How do you feel about Harold Alder?
01A6C84C{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_1852}But he's sure tryin'.
01A812C0{@AZ4_PA_03}This pre-recorded message is brought to you by RSM Enterprises Inc. [0:07]This is Commander Danforth of the Red Skorpion Militia. You are about to trespass on Red Skorpion territory. Turn around immediately. [0:16]Trespassers will shot and fed to my dogs.[0:19]Desert Rangers will be fed to my dogs alive! [0:24]Er, but if you are instead a potential homesteader, or interested in viewing one of our attractive farming lots, please, come see us at the RSM Enterprises rental office, securely located just inside the prison. Thank you.
01A98114Laban's Rest
01AB8F79{#wl3_AZ1_KathyLawson_21072}Oh, really? Fantastic. You got the radio working. If you haven't noticed, just turning off the irrigation didn't magically remove the infection. It just slowed it down. Your radio works, but the rest of us are gonna die. Horribly.
01ACB4C3Rangers? Oh man. Look, this dog is sick. We need to put it down.
01AE44A5{#__}Tori is our leader, so she has to be more like a Robbinson than all the other Robbinsons. I'm a Robbinson. I'm all for taking control of my life, but Tori wants control of her life at the expense of everybody else's. It's not enough for her to win, she has to make sure everybody else loses. It's an obsession.
01AE9958We found him.
01B0EB7B{#wl3_CA0_AdrianGordon_3540}Cowboys? Yah, cowboys are pretty cool.
01B2E9EC{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_13169}I'm not sure I remember... Wait a minute, was he that gambler we met up in Needles? Yeah, found him in the police station. Probably belonged there...
01B366E8{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_2668}Evil doesn't vote! Evil takes!
01B4A8FB{#__}I don't want to *die*!
01B4D870A woman in a Ranger uniform stands at an open display case, quietly crying over something she's holding in her hands.
01B7812C{#__}You threw yourself aside. Your poor management caused your subordinates to rise against you, making you useless to us. You couldn't even protect our assets, hidden and locked beneath your city. Our *master* has no use for incompetence. I--
01B93919If I had a gun I'd kill you myself.
01BB6F81I don't know why you Mannerites dance around this crap like sissies. If you want something, ask.
01BC8C47Why would we trust you to be our guide?
01BF26C7{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_4547}Unless you count being criminally good looking.
01BFE2A6Yeesh, can't a lady go out on the town with her beau without being harassed?
01C061B1{#__}Used to trade there, now and again, but we steer well clear these days. Those Red Skorpions are too unpredictable.
01C143B7You again? Welcome back, I guess. Food's served shortly.
01C45315What are you dogs doing in the Paladin Barracks! Get out!
01C5E0D0So, what can we learn from the life of Samson, brothers and sisters? What do we know about his life, anyway?
01CA010E{#__}Looks like you've come a long way, friends. Well, you've found the right place for rest and relaxation. Come on in sit a spell, or play a *game of chance*. The *Chinese Casino* has the finest *entertainment* on the West... Er, just a moment. Those badges. Are you by any chance officers of the law?
01CA9B94You show respect to your people by taxing them to death? Enslaving them on your farm?
01CB29BF{#wl3_AZ3_Jimmy_3782}Sounds like a *train* thing. I hate trains.
01CBC060Hobbled Motor
01CF3C6FThe plants hang loose around the human-shaped hole the worker left behind. Curious as you are, you still don't want to get too close.
01CF875E{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_13245}I know all about the Rangers. I've been around a long time, after all. I even remember when you took over the Citadel from it's *former occupants*.
01CFA063{#__}G-g-good luck.
01D2FB80I bet Vargas is all bark and no bite. Though I've heard some stories...
01D3771F{#wl3_AZ23_Jan_4356}You saved our lives. How could we do otherwise?
01D3F8BA(a/[COUNT]) monocle(/s)
01D4D1CD{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_9548}I used to come here when I was a kid. It was my - [i]heaven, playground, secret hide-out[-] - favorite place.
01D618B7Gene Cronk hangs out near the water tower. He says he's in charge of keeping the pumps running, but seriously? I never see the guy lift a finger, and his hands are always clean. Is it rude to talk about someone behind his back?
01D74F05Wherever there is suffering, we'll be there.
01D7A28FWhat do I mean by everywhere? Shit. Let me think. Uh, okay. Write this down. I think I sent out three pigeons...
01D98E89{#__}Me? Become the leader of Hollywood? Ha! Heidi rules the council. No-one would turn against her.
01D9B40EWell, you've made up for hurting me, but etiquette does not require me to thank you in such a situation.
01DE84A2[ATTACKER] hums to herself as she shoulders her weapon at [DISTANCE].
01E07ECFSeems like a trap is attached to the crate.
01E1953DVeronica and McDade left Hollywood and the Bastion behind so there is no need to complete the task.
01E1D0CD{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_10263}Haven't heard any new reports of the Ag Center disease spreading. Looks like you got it all, recruits. Well done.
01E41885The Ranger? Sure I've seen him, but not for a few weeks. Picked up some supplies from me. Said he was hunting someone. Didn't say who.
01EA68DB{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_5367}The fools. Do they really want to destroy the world again?
01EB3924{#WL2_Bergin_WardinDestroyed_07}Of course you did. Rangers help *Rangers* - or ex-Rangers, like that dipshit Forrestal. Everybody else can get *slaughtered*. Thanks a lot, punks.
01EB458F{#wl2_CA10_Mathias_33944}Simple. When our minds and souls are contained in synthetic bodies, we will not need food, we will not need water, we will not need shelter. All the things that we humans rob and steal and kill each other for will be made completely obsolete. We will need the sun to power our batteries, and that's all. There will be nothing left to fight for. Everyone will have enough.
01EE7C00{#__}I... I didn't mean...
01EEA4A8You are not authorized to access this area, Echo.
01F23F52Robbinson Basher{M}
01F314E4You lock people in the stockades because you're "pretty" sure they're criminals? And you want to lead this town? You're a joke.
01F3764FWrap it up, [TARGET][DAMAGE] worth of buckshot.
01FB0A25{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_4106}The hair is risin' on the back of my neck here.
01FB31E9{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_2334}This... this is unnatural.
01FB38AEI ain't going anywhere near them again. I'll take care of folks here, but I'm staying the fuck away from them.
01FB81A8Butchers with badges, that's what you are.
01FBA46D{#wl3_AZ3_Chisel_7883}Yeah, "out there", not in here. They know better to come here when the Chisel's around.
01FF93FAWe'd like to buy something.
02016FA9Know any more about these repeater units?
0201C435Anything we should know about Needles?
0203AAC9Mouse Wheel Up
0203CA58{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_6585}I hope you're alright, Julio. That must have been heartbreaking for you.
02071568You want our discretion?
020990Do you know how it works?
0209E0B5We're glad you released Jessie.
020AD897{WL2_Danforth_DeathSquad_Prison_KickedOut_03}Nice try, Vargas, but we're not going to let you send another kill team into our territory on the pretext of investigating the first. That's what's known in the business as slipping the tip in. And before we know it, it's a full scale invasion. Well, fuck you. Any Rangers we see on our territory get shot on sight, you hear me?
020BBEDE{#wl2_CA10_Mathias_28925}Who said I want the destruction of humanity? I want the [i]transcendence[-] of humanity. Look, we both want a better life for people. All we're arguing about is who has the best method, so let's compare. You want to give people a better life by catching criminals and imposing order. So let me ask you. Is it *working*?
020C1050Looks like there is enough room to place an item on this table, but what item?
020D0199The monitor briefly goes blank, before displaying "WELCOME TO CotCOS" in light blue characters. "Tinker Defensive Network 7.04, Permanently Disabling Wireless Communication" appears onscreen, before quickly being scrolled off-screen by a flood of unreable text. After a few moments, the text stops scrolling and prints out, "Total responses: 0."
020D8777These tough, heavy twill pants are ideal for praying, or preying.
020E1103Ha! You wanna help me? You really want a crack at the world's dirtiest job? Well, okay. Then here's the deal.
020EB2F0Okay then, listen. Hanging around the casino one night, I happened to overhear Manny talking to his lackey, Grauman, and it was clear that Grauman was blackmailing Manny. He mentioned some photos, and that Manny better shape up or Grauman would show them to the HCC. I don't know what it was about, but Manny was practically crying about it. Grauman has it stashed somewhere near the casino. Look carefully and I'm sure you'll find the photos. How about that? Are we *good* now?
020F29FASo many funerals.
020FD272{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_2610}These things actually flew?
02118E4CA test medical kit. Has some bandages and huge ass adrenaline shot.
0211A3A9{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_28811}Gilbert was another one of my squad. We called him "Thrasher" back in the day. A good man to have in a tight spot. Past his fighting days now, though. Took a wound during the battle of Base Cochise and never fully recovered. Now he's our cartographer, and damn good at it. You'll find him in the museum with *Flintlock*.
0212D608{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_3664}I can't take it! I can't shoot anyone else!
02131B8BHere comes a damned good hiding!
0214077A{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_1275}Let him drown.
02166294{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_2766}Was he running against a girl?
0216CE7B{#__}Hollywood's council of whores and whoremongers, run by Satan's own slut, Heidi Hollander. I pray for the day when I have her vile nakedness in the crosshairs of my rifle.
0217C068Hey pal, you look really tired. How about instead of pestering us, you just take a little nap?
0218EA3E{#wl3_AZ5_Jill_10000}If you head out towards Damonta, stop right here. You gotta pass through some nasty Rads, but it is worth it.
021DA88DWhere did you learn this prosthetic surgery?
022619F8{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_3715}Are bars always so full of drunk people?
02288E44{#__}They offered me a fortune to stop growin' anything but agave so they could turn it into likker. Same deal they offered all the farmers. I didn't wanna do it, but Beatrice said it would make us rich. I wanted to make her happy, so...
0228EFF0Yeah, come on. Let's go.
022BA646Your squad can move in Group and Individual Movement Modes. This button on the interface (hotkey Space by default) will let you toggle between each mode, with Group letting you move your entire squad together, and Individual letting you position each individually. Group is useful for exploring a location while Individual is useful for solving certain challenges or preparing for combat.
022BD2CDKnowledge skills will help you overcome various obstacles in the world. Obstacles have a skill check level in the world to solve them properly. The higher your skill value, the better chance you have of being successful.
022DAC5E{#__}Itchin' to hear the word of the *lord*, friends? Well, come on and join *us*. Just keep your guns stowed and we'll all get along just fine.
022EE2DA{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_6841}This food is weird.
022FE75D(a/[COUNT]) squirt gun
023067D0{#__}Made it worse. That's what they did! Damn monks' god was a fake, but these bastards... they're too real. Watchin' everything. Takin' tolls. A man can't get around anymore without them damn blackshirts gettin' in his business. If this bomb was real I'd... I'd...
02343265Well, that was unfortunate. The nuke you set off in Flintlock's library may have been small, but it was enough to kill everyone inside Ranger Citadel, thus ending the Desert Rangers as an institution and a force for stability in the wastes. Oops.
023491D3A plastic cartridge about 8 inches by 4 inches. It has a paper label with hand-scrawled text: "Sanford & Son, season 2, episode 8"
0235AD5FI'm too scared to talk right now.
023964CE{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_14654}Sure. Here you go. It's right here. And let me mark a good way to go too. Plenty of fresh water if you take this route. Otherwise you could get yerself in trouble.
023B8933Carefully, gingerly, oh-so-delicately, you pull the warhead from its compartment. Without the highly-radioactive material connected to the detonator, this nuke is window dressing.
023C8B2DA tough-looking red-head with decades of sun and wind and hard living etched into her angular face stands sobbing in the shadows. You saw her at Ace's retirement party. The sleeves of her uniform have been torn off, revealing multiple tattoos on her sinewy arms - all skulls. The tears running down her cheeks are splashing on a rusty old wrench she holds in her scarred hands.
023D6DFC{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_10245}Well, well, the new kids killed Danforth. Gotta say I'm a little jealous. I've wanted a piece of that guy for years.
023DCA0B{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_7124}Hmmm. Now that I hear more, it sounds less like a system and more like a scheme.
023E3D42Thanks for the info, Woodson.
023F5BDEMutation Antidote
02450B62Luke! You made it! Good boy! Good boy!
0249223B{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_4200}I have never seen a man more in need of killin'.
024A66DD{#__}I daresay you are correct, my lady. Lead on, Rangers! Once more into the breach!
024ADC56Yeah, I read a lot. Mostly philosophy. If we're gonna get things right this time, we need to think about what kind of world we wanna make. Get the basics right. How we treat each other, that kind of stuff.
024CECBC{#wl3_AZ6_Jill_3688}Get yer boots on, boys. We found the herd!
024E5C7CAnimal Whisperer
0250CA85{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_1535}Yeah. Ya got this.
0253112B{#__}Shit. Yeah. You got me. He's my brother and we deal in rad suits. Here, Rangers, I'll give you some suits if you don't tell anyone about me and Rick. Word gets out to the Skorpions that I have a brother in the Rangers, I'm a dead man. We got a deal?
02559F1AA coarse cracking makes everyone's skin crawl, but the cacophony didn't come from what you were kicking!
0256830DLeave it
0256B7EAThis man is severely injured. Even without medical training, anyone could tell that he's not long for this world.
02571C19{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2875}Another who has lost his faith.
02576349{#__}Great, more gun-toting thugs. Just what this town needs. Are you here to *help*, or help yourselves.
02585254{#__}No clue what it is, but it's a plague upon our fair city, and us farmers in particular. Don't know why it's pickin' on the workin' folks. Doesn't seem fair.
0259FC74He wears a vest that looks like it's made from brake rotors knitted together with battery cables. He brandishes what looks like a bar of solid steel.
025C51D0{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_3344}Holy hell. This is... I ain't got words.
025CBC6E{#wl3_AZ3_Sperminator_5297}Then get out of my way. Come on, bitch. You're going with me.
025D06F1{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_9140}Anyway... it looks like our best lead is still to check with Gilbert about the names in the log book.
025D705B{#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_2040}Who's that mopey mook?
025D91C4{#__}Stay healthy.
025E58CF{#wl3_AZ3_Samuel_32437}I'm sorry. I guess I'm still s-s-spooked. Yes, I traveled with Ace. It's always nice to have a Ranger for company on the road. Keeps the bad guys away, but... but not this time. *Something* was hunting him, and it attacked him our second night out of Rail Nomad. K-k-*killed* him, the poor guy. Oh! Almost forgot, I grabbed his *log book*, before I went looking for help.
02612B85{#wl2_CA10_Mathias_2248}My... mind. Something is...
02633177You sound like you've got more scrap than you need. I bet we can come to a mutually beneficial understanding.
0263C687{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_1738}That looks drowny.
026691BF{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_1867}A test of fortitude?
026A06FD{#wl3_CA1_Cliff_13044}Buy your friends a drink. All the rest of it, you can lose or have taken from you, but the scars you'll bear on your liver will last a lifetime.
026C1952Oh, you found them. Thanks! We're always short, so this is a great help.
026D57DC{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_3574}Honor to meet you, sir. Keep on rocking.
026DD7BEHow the hell should I know?
02754F47{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_4060}You guys go ahead. I'm gonna sit this one out.
027617EA{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_25854}Our book, "Maximum Power", recovered from the bookstore in Los Feliz. We are the descendants of the same group that spawned the Mannerites... that's how we knew we'd have a safe haven here. Our prophet told us that everything we desire is already inside us... we just need to take it.
0276324BThen one'a my Javelinas -- stupid fucker -- pulled a knife, and the men in black started blasting. I ran, got turned around, ended up in this dead end. I shouldn'ta abandoned the Javelinas like that...
02765821Oh. You don't have a monk. We're supposed to rob you.
0276CB5BCombat Initiative
0276E59AI think you've got enough.
0279E654{#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_3887}Good soldier material, but a loose cannon.
027B8C62You are a masterful traveler of the wastes. Nothing escapes your sight.\n\n[b]Benefits:[/b]\n[00cc00]All hidden caches and shrines revealed[-]
027BCFE1{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_4427}I'm glad he's back in office. Seems a very nice man.
027CB4EC{#wl3_AZ1_MattForrestal_22907}This place wouldn't run without Kathy. I keep the business end of things movin', but she's the real motivator as far as inspirin' the troops goes. Sometimes she's cheerleadin', sometimes she's crackin' the whip. Either way, she keeps the crew hoppin'.
027CD040{#__}The price Farmer Jim paid me was just enough to clear my debt to the Skorpions, but not enough for me to leave. So I started working for him, but he pays in skrip, and never enough for me to save up. I'm a slave on my own farm, and there's no escape. Not unless you run the Skorpions out of town. I remember what the *Rangers* can do.
027D26DENumber three. Take heed. The skulls on the gate behind me are the remains of those whose faith and fortitude were found lacking. Only one in twenty aspirants make it to the Bastion of Faith alive.
027EE382What do they take for tribute?
027FAFCB68W Advanced Individual Training Manual
0281DD75Retribution Jones/Retribution/Jones/Shepherd Jones
0282D74EYour people are in danger?
0283431B{#__}Luis! Nooooooo! I'm going to kill you assholes!
028391DCGot the radio up in Rail Nomad, I hear. That's one on the plus side, I guess.
02853A46Feelin' a bit dry.
028DF799Who's the big fella?
028E854BMay John Henry watch over you and protect you on your journey.
029102D5We'll find a way to get to the robots. Just sit tight.
02911978{#wl3_CA0_Neil_895}Heya, Jean.
02953C9FThe town has been overrun by bandits! We need to find a way into town without being seen, or we'll be slaughtered.
029F4EC2Animal Trough
02A129ACTell me about the Salvation Church.
02A1DF48{#wl3_CA6_FealtyMayweather_27742}The Church Militant is the arms and legs of the Church. It protects us from the heathen hordes and helps spread the word of God by accompanying our Preachers on their crusades. An aspirant who wishes to enter the Church Militant must be strong and courageous, and ready to give his life for the cause.
02A225A6[ATTACKER] misses [TARGET] and checks to see if her gun is warped.
02A352C0What kind of experiment were you doing?
02AA81DDCorporal Eggleston
02AC34E8All that training paid off, huh?
02AF02B8{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_8620}I hear you're going into the eastern radiation. You should consider upgrading your weapons.
02B1E820, opening it up from hooked mouth to bulging abdomen
02B32BC1{#wl2_CA5_Dugan_10967}You might smash one of our bodies, even a hundred, but our minds can always be inserted into another. We will never die.
02B51E0EI reckon now that we're getting settled in and the place is starting to run itself, this is as good a time as any to put down what I've learned about the Ag Center in my few years here. I can't say this is a full history or anything, but if I don't write it down I don't know who will.\n\nThe Agricultural Center didn't start as an Agricultural Center. Before the war, it was a satellite relay facility used by the military, though heck if I know what exactly for. The place was secret enough not to be hit when the bombs fell, and the old satellite dish still stands intact. \n\nFrom records I found in old filing cabinets, it seems that after the end, the soldiers and researchers stationed here joined up with the nearby farmers at the agricultural station, who had also survived the war relatively unscathed. The farmers' knowledge of planting and husbandry, combined with the researchers organizational skills and the soldiers tactical training, soon made Ag Center one of the most thriving communities in the wastes.
02B6A915Electronic Parts
02BA6FFF(a/[COUNT]) bottle(/s) of poppy syrup
02BB6AE4We're making the equipment you're gonna use to bring justice to the wasteland.
02BC65D3You combined a green herb and a red herb to create mixed herbs.
02BCB623We need medical supplies.
02C1150FDo you know Father Enola?
02C13A15{#__}Excellent. This way.
02C2BE62{#wl3_AZ1_KathyLawson_2927}It's a settlement north of here.
02C45C6CNurse Betty{F}
02C7460EHow would I know about that?
02CB32EA{#wl3_CA6_George_9751}You know what I just don't have time for this while my shop is infested. Clear out the shop and we can talk.
02CCB3E0Save my blood! It's 30 proof!
02CE3389{#__}The HCC is the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, of which I am a proud member. The HCC is dedicated to making Hollywood the safest, most tourist-friendly town in the USA. All the finest establishments on the boulevard are participating members - The *Chinese Casino*, *Heidi's Hollywood Hideaway*, *Rambeau's* Gun Shop, and *Schwag's* Drugstore.
02CF245F{WL2_FatherEnola_MONKCHATTER01_04}Indeed, Outpost One. May he become one with the Great Glow. Sending you Brother Camisa-Roja as a replacement.
02D0E6E3{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_17501}We are a peaceful people - honest traders who once crossed the wastes like gods upon our iron horse. And we will again, as soon we have taken back from the Atchisons what is rightfully ours.
02D27DA4{#wl2_CA1_Chris_16718}Hey, this is Chris Van Graas again, and I want to make a new rule. You guys gotta stop calling me Chris. I'm the Mayor now. You gotta call me Mayor van Graas. Mayor... Van... Graas. Get it? Good.
02D3CBEAThanks, for new little friend.
02D3ECFFThis piston comes from a worker bot's leg.
02D6AC10{#__}In the name of peace, the Church is willing to overlook the victimless crimes of prostitution, gambling, and recreational drug use, but we cannot accept true sins such as slavery, and the chemical slavery of addiction. Until the slavers and dealers of salt are driven from Hollywood, we will sign no treaty.
02D755CBIt was right after the new Titan arrived. Some of the more fanatical brothers were saying that we should join the great glow right away, but Father Enola and the other elders said no. They should wait. It got pretty ugly. There was fighting. And while everyone was distracted with that, *someone* slipped into Launch Control and started to countdown sequence! Nobody could believe it.
02D90C94{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2473}Ooooh! A sermon! Can we stay?
02D9F78CSurfer Boxers
02DC5FF0{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_2585}I don't even want to breathe.
02DE968B{#__}Have a look. I got stuff that'll take you places you ain't never been before.
02DE972DYou were dealt [CARDATZERO] and [CARDATONE]. Your total is [PLAYERTOTALBASE]. Would you like to hit or stay?
02DFDD64{#wl3_AZ0_DrillTeam2_1574}Right behind you!
02E1A55D(a/[COUNT]) monk gunslinger(/s)
02E63713Red Skorpion{M}
02E68390{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_7793}Why would anybody stay here?
02EA2331{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_3653}Holy hell! I've had dinner here before! I...
02EA7010{#__}Pleased as punch that *Mayor* Van Graas is back where he belongs.
02EAEFC9Voluminous! These sunflowers blot out the sun!
02ECEFBFDecrease Value
02EEB017{wl2_RadioCallerMale_14383}Y-yes! We did! That's what my wife was doing. She took a plate of cookies out to the cornfield and... and... I haven't heard from her since. Except for some screams.
02F06B22{#wl3_AZ2_PrestonMayor_10632}After all you've done for us, you are welcome to use our radio tower any time you need it. You don't even have to ask.
02F121F5{#wl2_AZ0_GeneralVargas_16774}Rangers, I hate to say it, but I can think of only one way to stop that transmission, destroy the computers, and kill every carrier the Cochise has infested before we run outta time.
02F25B8BWatch your wallets around those Atchisons.
02F2DA69{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_4964}To Sergio! **hic** The best son a man could ask for! **burp**
02F523E3{#__}It's... it's hopeless.
02F55184{#__}Using the information you provided, we will be sending our most zealous initiates to introduce the Diamondback Militia to the great glow!
02F6452FA large pile of rocks blocking a path.
02F6EB8DNone shall pass.
02F7BE5BFealty Mayweather/Fealty
02F80E3F{#__}Yeah, I remember you monkeys. You let outta here fifteen year ago. Maybe it was good for you, but it's been bad for us. Specially since them *Red Skorpions* took over.
02FC3D70Local Map
02FDE106{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_3304}Is it like some kind of super power?
02FE320F{#__}When you're ready, head out into the field. We'll see if we can communicate. If we've got a good enough signal I'll start letting LA know we're here and ready to help.
02FFA506Medicine Pouch
0302A6D7And we know that, as he grew, Samson lived on the streets and fell in with bad companions... as so many do these days.
0303363ECotC Basher{M}
03098006Mmmm! Toad Eye stew is good eatin'.
0309AD6E(a/[COUNT]) code scrambler(/s)
030D0B84{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_3765}Kneel before your conquerors, dirt bags!
030F3FB1A man named Mark Stachowiak begged us to find a way to douse his burning home.
03112883{#__}So, you picked Ag Center over Highpool, then you just walked away and let Ag Center die? What the hell, bros?
03117223{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_4143}A round for everybody! My friends are buying.
0312D80A(a/[COUNT]) business shirt(/s)
0314E5B9{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2336}A test of inner strength?
03154B6D{#__}I'm going to have a special on pickled goat feet tomorrow. Tell your friends.
03163907{#__}Oh, and as a thanks for fixing up that purifier, I'll give you a little taste of the profits that clean water'll bring in. Thanks!
03185150{#__}Had to go and ruin our fun, eh?
031879C9Thank you, Rangers.
031AC975{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_3562}My god. Mutant seeds in the pigeon feed!
031BA4F2{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_2899}We'll do our best. I promise you.
031BE1C4We found a functional LP turntable with a working needle. Want to check it out?
031D640F(a/[COUNT]) Uzi(/s)
031D6FD3We found Darwin Village and made our way into the ruins. There are groups of crazed mutants wandering the area and they do not seem friendly.
031E8B99{#wl3_CA0_Neil_2937}That's just straight up murder.
031FAB89Guard Winnifred, would you kindly look after our young friend?
032075F4{#__}Ah yes, the heroes of the Salvation Church. The Knights of the Red Messiah who convert the wicked with shotgun and bayonet. Well, you are soldiers, so perhaps that life is for you, but be prepared to leave your compassion and your brains behind. *Retribution Jones* tends to straying sheep by slaughtering and fleecing them, not bringing them into the fold. If that sounds like the Lord's work to you, then go see Jones in his barracks.
0322305F{#__}Interesting. I'll talk to General Vargas about sending a team to make official contact.
03245F53The Mark of Titan is the pass the *monks* give you so you can walk through the canyon without anyone messin' with you. Here, see? I got one right here. If you don't have one, you gotta pay *tribute* - and we're the ones who collect tribute.
0324FE64Ha, ha. That's a good one recruits. Captain Deth's been here ever since I was a recruit myself. I'm not saying she's old or anything. I would never say that.
0325403ENow it's up to you. You can lock those doors on that terminal there...
03255BB4Sorry, baby, some of you will have to wait.
0329676B{#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_2195}We gotta deal with this.
032CDF1DBring on the wrath
032EEDE0{#__}Good luck, Rangers! And Godspeed!
03309C00Select Ranger
03310628Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happy hour.
033328CFYou do not want to mess with the Skorpions, bros! Those are some tough motherfuckers.
03334747{#__}Howdy, Rangers. Welcome to *Flo's*. For you, everything's on the house. You name it, it's yours.
0333A764An ancient rifle left over from an ancient war.
03349642How worth it?
03354517Jess was "accidentally" killed.
03384049{#wl3_CA1_Peter_2799}I'm busy here. What do you want?
03398BC2Your actions here today, protecting this village against your doppelgangers has saved your *reputation*. We'll be sure to tell everybody at the Angel Oracle what really happened.
033A728B{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_Lab_03}Matt, your case is very acute. I'm going to have to inject a high-concentration dose directly into your veins.
033D4216{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_4829}Uh, - [i]nervous, frightened, shit my pants[-] - yikes!
033D4BA5{WL2_Vargas_BothDown_HP_FirstDestroyed_06}Uh, come in, Echo One. Just received word from Ag Center. Their situation has worsened, and their satellite dish is also compromised. We're gonna have to go to plan "C". Ready to copy?
033DD35EHow did you get hurt?
034291DE(a/[COUNT]) quick mag(/s)
03434626You didn't see all the dead cows out there? Those are my cows, and now they're worm food. Fucking *honey badgers* been killin' 'em left and right, and I ain't got the money to repair the fence to keep 'em out, or the firepower to kill 'em. [i]That's[-] why the weapons cost so *much*. I got expenses, man!
03438A4FAbout time that little fucker got it.
03454917Quarex was killed.
0345C6D6You been out in the sun too long. You're talking nonsense.
0346666ETopekan guards returning from patrol helped the injured man.
03485018What do you know about the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud?
0349C3D2Oh, for god's sake, why is that even important?
034BE85C{wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_4297}They're called the Mannerites. Patching in now.
034CE0A5Sorry. After what you've done, we can't let you live.
034EBC0B{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_19796}A very tough decision, considering it was your first time out. I would have picked Ag Center, personally, and I certainly would have helped Kate Preston over that bully Bergin. She is a woman of science and learning.
0350FDB2+5% Precision Strike effect chance
03515492We were attacked by robots.
03529AACFind a use for a scorched valve wheel
0354C63EYou hear a distant yelp as the mortar lands right on a Wrecker's stupid-looking helmet.
03558D28(a/[COUNT]) Kevlar suit(/s)
0356A842This thing is broken beyond all repair.
0357AA1AMr. Manners is dead. On the plus side he can make all the toast he wants in hell.
035EABE0Have you ever seen coffee cans like this before?
035EF3A8Rad Suits? Mebbe ask *Red*. He's like to know. He's got all kinda stuff at his place. But you need the password to get past his turrets. Last I heard it was 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.
0362414BWhat can you tell me about Metal Maniac?
03625615(a/[COUNT]) Coffin Nail(/s)
03639904It's not the kind of thing you really want to look at closely. Besides, all the bodies have already been looted, you sick bastard.
03639B73{#__}Rangers! You wastes of space! You just sat through that whole damn fight! Let's see how still you sit after I shoot you in the face!
0363B5EDSo, we should keep an eye out for new places?
03655BCAWe sealed off a hole in the perimeter. Now we need to find the rest.
03666BE7{#__}Not our finest moment, this one. Team of Rangers in Highpool ended up killing a kid in self defense when he started taking pot shots at them with a gun.
03688F37, tearing it a new ventilation port
0368F41FHe's our chief. An honorable man and a great leader. With the power of the *Golden Spike* to guide him, he's sure to get the *train* running again. I know it.
03694AAC{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_7199}Robert's sister. She is staying in his home. She is not seen much outside of it.
036CB5B7Why did Mr. Manners call you Fatfingers?
036E0DA8You don't remember anything about the place that taught you your life's work?
036EDE9DMy fellow worshipers of *Titan*. We are dedicated to self sacrifice in the name of peace.
036FCDCD{#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_8261}A tragic demigod figure from before ze world ended. His adventures inspire me, c'est vrai.
037285E7Now you know.
03750F64{#wl3_CA0_Ertan_3222}Hey, our own walking gun shop. Cool.
0377F2E1Thanks, amigos. Keep on rockin'.
03787985Drivin' that train!
037AB206{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_5590}Gee, I usually only get to go in here on important occasions.
037B68B7Say Yes
037C5E76, knocking (-him/her/it) flat
0381172F{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_2568}A water company? Seriously?
03814B89Keep going ha ha, shoot another one.
03831C8D{#wl3_AZ3_Samuel_3520}Thank you for not hitting me, Rangers.
03843B32{#__}It's too embarrassing. Too *shameful*.
0387DBF5Halt! Who's there!
0389BD7FCapt. Buford T. Justice{M}
038B1EDA{#__}You found a bunch of lunatics? Good job. I hope you burned it to the ground.
038C9F24Sure. We'll take him.
038F552E, tearing (-his/her/its) head clean off
038FC207{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_9276}I'm not hanging around here. Makes me nervous.
03928745{WL2_MadMonk1_MONKCHATTER03_03}Brother Cash coming in with three merchants.
0395D723The propaganda reel loops endlessly. Matthias doesn't appear. Apparently he is not yet satisfied with your loyalty.
0397A10E{#wl3_AZ4_Overbake_26869}Tsk. That scofflaw. She was crying outside the *RSM General Store* because she hadn't brought enough *scrip* to buy any food, and when we caught her, she couldn't pay her Tranquility Disturbance *Tax* either. I feel for her, truly, but the law is the law. Her *husband* should have taught her better.
039A71C1{#__}You found an Evolved in the well?
039BE538{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_1788}What happened here?
039CE32E{#wl3_CA1_James_2578}Rangers, so glad you're back.
03A26E21Energy Weapons are most effective against opponents with heavy conductive armor, but less effective against those with light armor. Take this training if you always wanted to be a space cadet. Just remember, don't cross the streams.\n\n[b]Strengths[/b]\n[00cc00]+ High damage to enemies with Conductive Armor\n+ Cannot jam\n+ Can use Precision Strikes[-]\n\n[b]Weaknesses[/b]\n[cc0000]- Low damage against enemies with normal Armor\n- Cannot inflict Critical Hits[-]
03A2F48DWe're Rangers.
03A33D9E{#__}They've been after Heidi to help them expand, but she's been too busy fighting God's Militia. Maybe if you offered to help them with their expansion.
03A46FF3Human Foot
03A4B077{#wl3_AZ23_Jan_4297}Thank you, Rangers. And please. Keep our secret.
03A95D61{#wl3_AZ23_Jan_7682}I knew you couldn't be trusted, Rangers! You killed innocent mutants! You monsters!
03AB205D{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_2677}Hee hee. That guy talks funny.
03ACE03E{#__}My *father*, before he left, made sure I would have a good enough dowry to get a good man to marry me. I haven't found a good enough man yet, but when I do, my dowry will convince him to love me and marry me and keep me safe.
03AD0C40{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_7952}Always happy to see the Rangers come around. Matt was a Ranger once, did you know that?
03AD8655Advanced gyros in this armor make it a clanking mess and hard to maneuver, but it does keep you steady while aiming.
03AF2F97{#__}You did it? Even after you refused? Thank you, Rangers! This is incredible. Then, let's go. The HCC meeting is just beginning. You're just in time. I'll meet you there.
03B3E798{#wl3_CA1_Cliff_20826}They got *games* of chance that got no chance to 'em, and *whores* that are even a worse bet. And the *Jerks* tell me they're helpin' me bring in customers by providing "entertainment." Ha! Nobody wants what these thugs are sellin'.
03B3F440{#wl3_CA1_Peter_6112}You're not *allowed* in here. *Dengler*'s orders. *Leave* immediately.
03B59758, chopping (-him/her/it) all the way down to the ground
03B886E0{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_20167}Well, it's not something we like to talk about, since it seems to upset first-time visitors to the *Angel*, but no, I don't deny it. It is a *sacred* part of our *tradition*, and something that brings us all *closer* together.
03B94C03Yes, we have been hearing rumors of these villains for more than a week now, and the number of incidents is increasing. I fear these are no ordinary raiders.
03BA80FE{#wl3_AZ2_PrestonMayor_4102}Halfway there! Nice going, but don't stop now!
03BE8B9ASorry, we've got all the help we need right now. Thanks.
03C30CFF{wl2_AZ0_Josephine_2666}Well, we're all fine now, but...
03C58459{#wl3_AZ6_WerewolfWally_10557}Well you can't come in. Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin! Unless I hear a human "*Hello*," I ain't openin' the door.
03C5B793"Food left in the cupboard for more than five days will be thrown away."
03C5F298{#__}What a choice to have to make. Wish you'd saved Ag Center instead. Nothin' I like better'n their rutabagas. Now I guess they're gone for good.
03C698B0{#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_5570}He certainly looks like he will be an asset to your mission.
03CA6574When I grow up I wanna be a Ranger too!
03CBA3EDBag o' Money
03D4CC33{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_6368}I hope there's no giant caterpillar on top of those giant mushrooms.
03D7B6DDThis is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
03D8D70B{#WL2_Vargas_LARadioBrief_06}Thank you, Mercaptain. Put it on the speakers.
03DA3CEBDestination Code - Temple
03DED772{#__}You want Duke to vote against Heidi? Ha! Not gonna happen! Not unless-- What's this? Swifty's books? Let me see that. 'DS says... good crop of blondes?' Wow! DS has gotta be Duke, right? Okay, this could definitely get him to change his vote. But be careful. He doesn't like visitors. He might come out swinging. Whattya say?
03E061EC{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_5786}How dare you suggest I assault someone who has done me no harm.
03E0FC22{#__}They're melons.
03E27D82{#__}Well, I know it's where the Rangers lived before they found the *Citadel*. Aside from that, I've heard it's rough country, dominated by the *Red Skorpion Militia*.
03E37DF5Sadly, Vargas' sacrifice has robbed Arizona of one of its most experienced, effective leaders, and though the Rangers will certainly survive and the wastes recover without him, the future will likely not be the peaceful, prosperous place it might have been had he lived to guide it to greatness.
03E55F91How important is your irrigation system?
03E63AA3Used to examine microscopic organisms.
03E66A84{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_4718}I think I'm gettin' the hang of this Ranger business!
03EA5742That is east of here, I believe.
03EC1AE8Your efforts are hampered by what sounds like a vindictively stubborn lock.
03EC3BFF{#wl3_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_6183}Well holyeee shit and shavin' oil. Somethin' the Rangers don't know?
03ED94B8[ATTACKER] hurls a hunk of high-impact hurt.
03EEFD88Hidden under a floor panel in the rusted plane we found a stash of treasure. We refused to give any to Red, who swore vengeance as he ran off.
03EFA995{wl2_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_30140}Friends, I'm here to tell you that we are not all damned, that there is indeed a path to salvation, and it was revealed to us by the Prophet of Gower Gulch, the great James King himself, before the first bombs fell. Further, we have been led up that path all the way to Heaven by God's second anointed son, Luke Samson, the Red Messiah.
03FA1955{#wl3_AZ3_Gorkinovich_15832}To be honest you already seem tough as nails, but if that's what you want, you came to the right place. Buy all you need, it's always on sale. How many bottles would you like?
03FA8779{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_5051}What a twit. How did the apple fall so far from the tree?
03FCA74A{#__}You haven't recovered the missile yet? Please hurry. Until that missile is out of *Brother Wright*'s hands, none of us is safe!
03FD900E{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_3276}Aw, poor Clyde. He's in trouble again.
0400E636{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_6089}Ah, the new recruits, back from *Highpool*. I've been *expecting* you.
04014867{#wl3_CA6_FealtyMayweather_7178}Certainly not! I... I have heard stories, that's all. It has nothing to do with me.
040251BADig it. This whole canyon is owned by the *Mad Monks*, and they don't let no shit go down on their property. As long as you got an escort, you can walk through here naked and pushing a wheelbarrow full of gold, and be as safe as if you was drivin' a tank.
0402832DThe grandchild of the venerable AK-47, this weapon has seen more global conflict than any other rifle in history. Reliable, deadly, and cool looking - the perfect combination.
0402E358Thanks again for assisting Guard Darla, Gentle Respondents.
040413D5What do you know about Malediction Mayweather?
04044005{#wl3_CA0_WadeWoodson_5962}Echo One, looks like your team has earned a few field promotions.
04060CD1The old woman was killed. Guess there's no point bringing back her cows now.
040959D6{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_2354}Heya, Jean. How's business?
040C10E2No idea where they came from, but they've destroyed this place. Are you gonna do something about them? That's what Rangers do, right?
040F5D96If you want to find water and live off the land in the wastes, this is the skill for you. \n\nThe Outdoorsman skill is primarily used to avoid random encounters while traveling on the world map.
04126B28{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_837}I hope so.
0412CF2B{#wl3_AZ10_RaiderTalk02_5673}Huh. No one here. Musta been a badger chewin' on the wires again.
0412E4CBIt's a raider! Get behind me, Sarah!
04136275{#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_10703}So glad the blast that... that killed Marta scared him off. I... I couldn't bear to kill my wife and my son on the same day.
04137FE0The arm and leg have the same smooth plastic look as the towering robot you found where Ace was killed. Are they related?
04141E47{#wl3_AZ3_MelissaRails_4479}And so it ends. There's just one more head to take.
0416EE6F{#__}Ha ha, Mr. Petersen. Funny as always.
041728FFHeidi is going to fire Veronica. There is no need to complete this task.
041CD70C(a/[COUNT]) fire axe(/s)
041D8D54Train car bridge. They use train cars for everything around here.
041ECADATroll Keychain
0421418FHeard you went with the Topekans in Rail Nomad. Good call. Those Atchisons were no good.
0422E92F{#wl3_AZ1_MattForrestal_8151}Yep. Been makin' trouble out Highpool way lately. Small timers. All dressed up in garbage.
04232119{#__}Some vigilante named Red Ryder came after the team when he heard about the killin'. Bent on vengeance. Had to kill him too. This is his gun.
0423DF9F{#__}Welcome back, Echo. Not cool letting Ag Center fall apart back there. Not cool.
04248329Distribute All
04281F1C{#wl3_AZ3_Samuel_3940}R-r-Rangers? I don't know nothing about *it*.
04289F28If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
042A4745While you see a port for the repeater unit, there's no way this dish is doing anything until you break the plants' chokehold on it.
042A680FThe Mighty Casey is the leader of the Atchisons. Used to be their foreman, laying the rails, keepin' 'em safe. Now all he does is destroy things. A goddamn terrorist is what he is! Kekkahbah oughta *string* him up with all the other Atchisons we've caught.
042AA07B{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_3011}Gentlemen, attack, if you please.
042B550AWhat do you mean by quiet?
042F2A53Stop that right now! Admit it, it was you.
04338F6F{#__}Don't know if I can blame it on Chris Van Graas and the Jerks, but I will say this. We weren't gettin' sick when we were eatin' well.
0438932C(a/[COUNT]) dud grenade(/s)
0438FB21Select an object or person to use [ITEM_NAME].
0439FBA5Glass Eye
043A79B5Run speed
043A7E95Run Speed
043ADC7DThe Wrecking Crew. And they're as good as their name. They wrecked us good and proper. *Highpool* won't be Highpool without our pool.
043DBDC9Back at our camp. Just to the west. They're stealing our stuff. *Please*, *stop* them!
0440C390{#__}Pinpointing that signal is of vital importance. The Rangers must always have the most up to date information about threats to our security on our maps.
04415023{#wl3_AZ1_MattForrestal_9778}One'a our researchers. A mentor to all the rest of us. I think she's working down the hall to the left there.
044330EA{#__}Over here, please, newcomers!
044566D2But how? He knew how to defend himself. I mean, he used to be a Red Skorpion enforcer before he came to Titan. And you got him killed. You Rangers are more trouble than you're worth if you ask me. Unfortunately, my superiors rarely do. I will let you pass, but remember: without an escort, you are without the protection of Titan and without recourse if someone attacks you.
0445DA2DPlease don't be impolite.
04480F98Oh, you can't. None to be had here in Happy Valley. Sorry.
0448B37BYour field medic attempt was unsuccessful.
044B58DBJess-Belle was glad we cleared out the Wreckers.
044C5218{#wl3_AZ3_Chisel_2055}Now there's a man's man.
044DC69DNo, because that defeats the whole purpose of manners. Come on, now, think: When someone has something you want, do you ask them to share or do you take it from them?
044F61D1{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_4479}My grampa and grandma are buried here somewhere.
04534BD5{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_6001}She sure is - [i]knowledgeable, perspicacious, learned[-] - smart.
04542307Who's Farmer Auwaerter?
045477A2{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_1077}But in what?
04547912{#__}Ah, a virgin. Mistress Leah. I think I have a customer for you.
04587D46You think Vargas is too old for his job?
045ADC71{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_11877}They make bombs of poison. They poison their own lands.
045B87E7{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_20995}Many of the plants are growing them now. They explode when you get near them. What's strange is, some of the infected *farmers* and *researchers* are growing pods too, as if they were becoming plants as well. I don't understand it.
045BF306Since helping you defeat the evil AI, Ralphy has decided he's done with the Ranger life and has returned to Rail Nomad, where he is doing his best to help rebuild the fractured town.
045CF90EThe case is closed. The real thief was a man called Runyon. Gitlin's reputation is restored.
045DB928{#wl3_CA1_BulletGrabber_3581}Got no time to talk' all fancy with you.
04619AFD{#wl3_AZ3_MrsParker_3951}Thank you, Rangers. Take good care of my boy.
0461FF21A vile concoction of venom and toxins used to rid yourself of poison.
046389DCThis target has been riddled with holes. Its armor is close to useless.
04657AE5The shorter barrel helps with mobility but watch your eyes for hot brass.
04676055{#wl3_AZ2_PrestonMayor_17848}It's all gone, thanks to you. The irrigation pipes burst from the pressure and drained the cistern dry. We don't have enough to drink now, let alone sell. I don't know how long we're going to last.
04679A50{#wl3_AZ6_WerewolfWally_17795}I had to give Scavvy Adamovic my copy of "Different Light" to pull that fancy-ass padlock you mutilated outta the Airplane Graveyard. How am I gonna keep the serket freaks outta the cables now?
0468E9A6Welcome to Mr. Holliday's Armageddon Emporium! Where shoplifters will be *detonated*. I'll thank you to look, but not touch until you've made your purchases. How can I help our brave and helpful Desert Rangers?
046A6FBE{#__}They were real? Thought I was just seein' things again.
046A9AA3{#__}Now that us Rangers are gettin' active again, we're startin' to use a lot more ammo, and I'm runnin' low. To make more, I need as much brass, lead, and steel as I can get my hands on, so if you acquire any broken weapon parts - especially the junk that's left over from modding your weapons - bring them back to me, and I'll buy 'em at a premium. I like raw materials, but seein' as how the only metal we get is from our weekly Leve L'Upe deliveries, broken down parts of old weapons will work.
046B3918{#__}A wise old warrior. He's taken all the lessons he learned in the Rangers and used them to make this place the miracle it is.
046C63E6Wow. That's a lot of wires. Especially when the slightest short could set off nuclear fission. Surprisingly, this bomb is complicated!
046DB1D2We couldn't figure out a way to save Mark's house and it burned down.
046F02EA{#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_32}I've been watching them dying for hours. I... **sob** I know those men. They were good friends, and now they're gone...
0470C246{#wl2_CA5_Dugan_4370}We're too busy getting ready to invade Arizona.
0471C476Thanks for the smokes. Now leave us alone.
04745EA0Fletcher's Hideout
04761E3AFor the same reason, Jones's militia has burned George and Martha's marijuana store to the ground, with them inside it.
04774901{wl2_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_9221}Good. North/south axis is dialed in. Now for east/west. Towers three and four, if you please, Woodson.
04783FBA{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_12601}Find your path out of my presence. Your spirits are disturbed.
047942CB{#__}*Rangers*, eh? Let me see you full on. Right, then. You're still *human*. For now at least. Come to shut down the *irrigation system*, have you? Of course you have. Then get to it. I managed to save my *patch*, so far, but the rest of the center's gone absolutely *mad*.
047BA9AD{#__}We have used the threat of mutual destruction to create a pocket of peace in an otherwise dangerous world. How can that be wrong? Imagine what would become of this place if the truth came out. Lawlessness would reign, as it did before we came. We must back up our threat before it is too late.
048084F1{#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2086}Is that their god here?
04809C21{WL2_Kathy_ArCen_AtNutrient_01}That's it, now just open the reservoir cap and pour in the serum, then turn the pumps back on.
0480FCCANo enemies
048195CADo you want these baby wipes we found? At least you could clean up after.
048221C1{#__}Council is adjourned.
0482D6D6{#wl3_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_1990}I warned you, Rangers!
0487E72EWe purchased some under-the-table weapons from Robert Bowling, who promised they'd be top of the line at rock bottom prices. Guess we should've known it was too good to be true. Time to have a little chat with him.
048BB2AENow that Casey's in charge there's no hope for us.
048D0912{#wl3_AZ3_MelissaRails_7006}They let me cut my husband down. I have buried him at last. Thank you, Rangers.
048DA9ACAye! I hate yer damn guts, anyway, Heidi!
04904620{#wl3_AZ3_CaseyJamesRails_11183}Well, that's mighty noble of you. Thank you. I don't know what to say, expect that I'm *done* making bombs. I promise you that.
0491EB92Oh yeah. Your pal. Well, I'm sorry. I checked my rolodex. That name wasn't there. Maybe she just went home again.
04931F70{#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_9407a}That's an... interesting way to put it, friend. We prefer to think of it as *recycling*, or as *communion*.
049632E4What... what hit me.
0496719B{#wl3_AZ3_Jimmy_4577}Damn! Is that a bomb? Let's get out of here! Bomb! Bomb!
049982EBIt appears as if the inhabitants of this place killed each other in a paroxysm of fury.
049DF16F(a/[COUNT]) raider sprayer(/s)
04A08409Electrolytic Infusion
04A1BB84(a/[COUNT]) octotron continuous track(/s)
04A20E0C_Not Ready
04A26881Not even close! [ATTACKER] misses [TARGET].
04A8ED7D[ATTACKER]'s pistol barks and [TARGET][DAMAGE].
04A8EDB8We want to report a crime.
04A92D43Yes. On so many levels. But morality aside, it's killing them. If they don't stop, we're going to see a lot more cases of *Mad Man* disease.
04AA89F8(a/[COUNT]) lump(/s) of maggot flesh
04ABDBB7Oh baby, you're so smooth...
04ABE0B2{#wl3_AZ3_Chisel_6234}Sure I do. And she's a fine filly. Why if I was the man I was 20 years ago...
04AC8CBC**sigh** Yeah, I feel sorry for Ma. Heidi's playing hardball and I don't like it. But what am I gonna do? She *pays* the bills.
04AD6F01Your currency in the Wasteland
04B2B427Clutching (a /)live grenade(/s), [ATTACKER] sizes you up from [DISTANCE] away.
04B6C062Uh, Rose is great. Heh. Hi, Rose.
04B7B5D6After watching one too many action movies, Rambeau has vanished into Griffith Park armed to the teeth. Visitors to the Observatory sometimes say they see him watching them from under the trees, but there have been no confirmed sightings.
04B94E7C{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_16831}I know you've got a lot of other things on your plate, but this could be important. I'm marking *Darwin* on your map, and I'd appreciate it if you swung up that way and had a look around.
04B95E96Your legs have been crippled. Gonna be moving slow for a while.
04BCB8ADBetter hearts?
04BEAABFMaybe you're the one?
04C1D9E3{#__}Rangers, any word on my brother's safety?
04C3E6E9That'll finish the Atchisons.
04C4B635{#__}Varmits. I shoulda known you were working with the Jerks all along.
04C82242{#wl3_CA2_ToriRobbinson_6450}More losers. All right then, Rangers. Fuck you. Taste my maximum power!
04CA0040{WL2_FatherEnola_AZ5_NukeDisarmedMonks_02}Rangers, what is going on in Silo 7? Our control system is saying that the warhead has been disabled. Is this--
04CC0388{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_48906}They are the bane of my existence. For years they were too busy fighting the gangs of *Los Feliz* and *Glendale* to bother with us, but now that those territories are pacified, they've declared us their new crusade. They raid us constantly, breaking through our walls, plundering our supply caravans, killing without mercy. I have lost friends, employees... And it is killing our businesses too. The tourists who are our life blood are afraid to visit. We are withering away. Everything I have worked to create here is threatened.
04CC9CCDProton Axe
04CF8CC1{#wl3_AZ5_Jill_39962}Titan is the Mad Monks' god. God o' the Mushroom Cloud, they call 'im, and they say he's so strong he could kill every soul in the *safe zone* and leave it impassible fer a thousand years. Everybody in these parts is afraid of ol' Titan - *raiders*, traders, settlers, everybody - and they pay *tribute* to the Mad Monks t'keep him sleeping nice and sweet under the ground where he belongs, and not up here wreakin' havoc amongst all and sundry.
04D16CE2I will see you in a moment, my child. I have so much to teach you.
04D1886CFair, warning, sinners. We will fire on you if you don't back off.
04D42C74{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_3392}This is amazing. Good work, recruits.
04D4DEC6I can hear critters near by. Get us out of here!
04D91E65{#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_4468}Hey, I know a great joke about a cop. Wanna hear it?
04D9E0E5{#__}His name's Sammy Haas, from Rail Nomad. Makes a regular circuit through the wastes, sellin' that sweet, sweet poison. Told me he was with Ace when Ace was *murdered*.
04DA3C7D{#__}Thank you, Madam Heidi. Then I will call for a show of hands. All in favor of asking Madam Heidi to step down from the chairmanship of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and for giving Mistress Veronica the chairmanship in her place, raise your right hands and say "Aye."
04DA9880(a/[COUNT]) 1992 M.I.T Class Ring(/s)
04DBFA70Right. Because a) it's more sanitary, and b) no one else will have to step in in it. All right, look, I hope you get this question: When eating in polite company, do you use a fork or your hands? Can you please just say "fork"?
04DF327CWhat is this? What happened to my daughter?
04DFB446Now, I didn't eavesdrop on your conversation with the captain, of course, but I hope you'll be working with us.
04DFD102Thanks for saving our booze, Rangers. I was afraid I'd have to shoot 'em.
04E0BD2F{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_15533}Oh! Yes! I forgot! The general mentioned that. He was so pleased you found Ace's killer that he asked me to let you have your pick of some of my more interesting creations.
04E17372No valid items for this target.
04E22E3E{#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_6396}This is proof.
04E277A7Yeah. So long.
04E30C32{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_23009}Hmm, let me take a look... Yeah, I thought I'd heard of this one. It's a pre-war sci-fi book. Supposed to be a classic, but it's all metaphor and imagery, no real info on synth tech. Sorry to disappoint. I'd bet Eggleston would love it for his collection though.
04E4769E{#__}Alright, I'll meet you there.
04E57A02With the nuclear warhead disarmed at last, Brother Wright felt he could finally move on with his life and left the bunker at last, ready to give up being a monk. He was instantly killed by robots in the Airplane Graveyard.
04E65C1F{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_11615}A scarred sapling can still grow into a strong tree.
04E9CEFC{#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_1968}Bad luck, man. Bad luck.
04EA8E81[ATTACKER] smiles and hefts a club at [DISTANCE].
04EA99C5We followed up our victory over the Wrecking Crew at Highpool by tracking the rest of the gang to their camp and finishing them off for good. Kate Preston will be happy to hear about it.
04EC08CDSure. Here's the scrap.
04F01011Matthias, yes, but not the Cochise AI, which is transmitting itself to other computers. We need to destroy it before it completes its upload.
04F25D35What was your deal with Dengler?
04F43C24{#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_14041}Backin' Kate Preston for mayor was a good call. She's got a good head on her shoulders, and she hates the Red Skorpions as much as we do. Nice work, recruits.
04F59577{#__}So you're headed to LA? I'm comin' too. At least I hope so. Gotta clear it with Vargas first.
04F7464FMedical Items Only
04F92EFAMayor Van Graas{M}
04F93C4F{#wl3_CA0_Neil_721}Not yet.
04FA764F, knocking (-him/her/it) senseless
04FCD237Thank you, thank you.
0504588E{#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_5763}Never been a fan of technology, but that is one big ass machine.
05069905Motorboat in stereo!
05097EB9(a/[COUNT]) crucifix(/es)
050AFA89{#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_7935}Zoot allors! Not Jason! Not Rambeau's apprentice! Quelle tragŽdie! Quelle triestess!
050EEB64No Problem
051845DFYou could almost make a home out of these vegetables.
05195841{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_3111}Maybe I should go back to Ag Center.
051BB224, incapacitating (-him/her/it)
051F5B20{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_26380}I've got our researcher, Captain *Mercaptain* working on new tech that might help us tracking this thing, and that leg you delivered will be a huge help. You should talk to her once you have access to the citadel. By the time you get the repeaters up, she might have something you can use.
0520D98EMy boots are clean! This is good news. Now please go talk to Lindy Lou.
0521CBDD{#wl3_CA1_James_10877}People talk about the beauty of those towers. I don't see it. But they're very useful for making an example of someone.
0523ECBA{wl2_RadioCallerFemale_10895}Hur-I mean, we look forward to your hasty arrival! Thank you! [cc]Faintly heard as she hangs up[-] Die, you bastards, die!
0523FF71This automatic rifle has been rechambered for the more common 5.56.
05243356{#wl3_CA0_Neil_798}Maybe so.
0530B12AUsed to think we could save the world. Now I ain't so sure. Maybe we're only delayin' the inevitable. At least we're tryin'. And I couldn't think of a better group of men to stand with when the end comes. I'm a Ranger 'til I die.
05337396Here. Take this pack of smokes and beat it.
0533FFD5Now who's gonna *buy* all this booze?
0534023CYour tribe laughs at you.
05364EB0Agave Cuttings
0536C440{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_3451}[i]Jerk, prick, schoolyard bully[-]...
0536DFC1{#__}See you at home, son!
053739B1Kathy Lawson: Fuck me, you Rangers are actually getting cleaning things up, aren't you? Ventilation is back online in the West Fields.
05393CDBThat man wants to have sex with me!
053E4DA4Red Polyester Sport Coat
0541FAADI can't take this anymore, please end this!
05443043Derived Stats
05457136{wl2_AZ3_TopekanMan1_3748}John Henry was a'driving on the mountain
0545BB66{#__}Forgive me, Rangers. I didn't know.
05461453You're doing the right thing for these people.
054672AF{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_8984}I had to weld it into the frame after Psoz blew off his good hand when he removed it from the Mark I.
054759EFA standard issue Desert Ranger log book.
05482A9D{#__}If you prefer your intoxicants inhaled rather than imbibed, then the High Ground is the place for you. A fine variety of locally grown artisanal cannabis for your smoking pleasure. Too bad they don't want to join the HCC. They just don't seem to understand the *benefits*.
0549B7DC{#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_6845}Enjoy that R&R, Ace. I'll join you in the big mess hall in the sky soon enough.
054BC35E{#wl3_AZ0_WadeWoodson_13124}I hear you've been patrolling near our old HQ. Well, keep a low profile. We have enough on our plate right now without a turf war to contend with.
054CDC75We already know the location of Darwin.
054E6394(a/[COUNT]) DBM sprayer(/s){M}
054E639B(a/[COUNT]) DBM sprayer(/s){F}
05502742Oh, you found them. Thanks! It wasn't *Gitlin*, was it?
05511121That's crazy, even for the monks. Why would they do that?
0551EFF7(a/[COUNT]) can(/s) of spray paint
055202EA{#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_10320}Oh, dear me I completely forgot. We lost Billy Dee, I guess he should have taken his friends advice and shot first.
05537998Tell me about the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud.
05549445{#wl3_AZ5_Sadler_20417}You disappoint me. Back in my day, the Rangers were made of sterner stuff. If you want to leave this canyon in the hands of a bunch of nut-job cultists, I'm done with you. Bridewell, get these pathetic jokers out of my sight.
055743D3Kevlar Suit
05574C83That does nothing. Try again?
0557C833Disable Tutorials
055A12CC{#__}Well, things have gone missing. That doesn't mean there's a thief, no matter what *Sam* says about Jonathan *Gitlin*. Personally, I think folks are just forgetting where they put things, but if you want to do some snooping, be my guest.
055ADD70{#wl3_AZ0_DrillTeam1_8485}Welcome back, Echo One. Change your mind? My shotgun is ready to go whenever you say the word.
055B52E8I got dibs on their boots.
055C8A81Santa Fe Base, this is Echo One. Over.
0560BEBA{#WL2_Bergin_VoteSequence_01}Thanks. We've got a lot of rebuilding ahead, but with the help of our new friends the Red Skorpions, we'll pull through, I promise. Now, if anyone wants to see me, I'll be in the mayor's office.
056460FFSince we came to this *canyon* and discovered the *God of the Mushroom Cloud* in his deep sanctum, there has been peace everlasting. Knowing that *Titan's Wrath* can destroy them all, the *raiders* and the merchants that travel the great eastern corridor have kept his peace, for fear of destroying themselves and the land which gives them sustenance. All have paid or vowed to pay tribute, and all abide by his law.
05646DFD[ATTACKER] fires at [TARGET] but misses.
05655ECF{#wl3_CA6_Raji_8544}You think I'm not serious? I don't deal with pigs. Get out of here! I got nothing to say to you...
05665776{#__}Rangers! Where is Brother Shapiro?! How could you lose our best canyon guide? Your intelligence on our enemies helps atone for his loss, but we must still demand *tribute* before you can enter.
056770A5What do you know about Base Cochise?
05682BCF{#__}Welcome back, pilgrims.
056A2A97{#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_12473}Hmmm. There is an old tower by the river just south of town, but it hasn't worked in years. We've been planning to tear it down for scrap.
056CFB1DAscension McDade{M}
056EED69We owe you big time, Rangers.
056F6B19Captain Josephine{F}
05710082{#wl3_CA1_James_4020}Good luck, strangers. We're counting on you.
05720460What is Skorpion Skrip?
0575D4C9What do you mean by "two birds?"
057883DC{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_975}Ooga booga!
057A4EA1Who was it?
057F9AD2My leg! I think it's broken!
0580E095A small engine lies on the ground. Looks like it might fit into the pumping machine nearby.
0581C8E9We saw some tracks over there. Do you know who made them?
058285EDInvestigate the source of the Damonta's robot infestation
0582D80BNothing is more presidential than wearing two ties.
05867F9D{#wl3_AZ4_Campbell_2802}Good to see you again, Rangers.
0586837DGood to see you again, Rangers.
0587C03BThe dogs are dead. You're too late with the cure.
058837DERanger Heavy Gunner{F}
058837E9Ranger Heavy Gunner{M}
0588560ANo object targets available for [ITEM].
058882E2That's right, beat it.
058A31E6Stabs [TARGET] in the hand[DAMAGE].
0591E352A well without any water is just a hole in the ground. It smells like chemicals.
0592A836(a/[COUNT]) Leather Jerk pulse gunner(/s){M}
05977843Tori Robbinson{F}
0598A98BManny/Manny Wong/Mr. Wong
059F7384Pile Driver{F}
05A0DFD3{#__}Now, get out of here!
05A41DF6{#wl3_AZ6_WerewolfWally_6416}Here's the key, Rangers. At least you can finish what brought you here.
05A67526Monk-free [i]ain't[-] the way to be!
05A80B1D{#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_5043}This place looks - [i]sketchy, menace, unsafe[-] - scary.
05A9F477A menacing, apocalypse-bringing intercontinental ballistic missile towers above you.
05AC328FWe're real hard up for scrap. Spare some change?
05AEE253What can you tell us about Bart?
05B144CAThis sign reads, "Danger! Snarly Caves! Enter at your own risk!" You do indeed hear snarling from somewhere nearby.
05B218E3Hey there, Pup Scout! Want to learn how to have tons of fun and stay safe on your next camping trip? This book is packed with tips for having a good time in the great big wilderness!
05B223CA{#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_2369}Easy now. He's just scared.
05B379CC{#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_12312}I put some wicked spikes on it, painted some angry teeth on it, and gave it this little bad-ass motherfucker mohawk along the sights.
05B50985{#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_8205}We put the first victims in here to keep them cool. Then there were too many to deal with.
05B6A8F6(a/[COUNT]) bite(/s)
05B71135Reinforcements? Who--?
05BA0C00{#__}You're asking for trouble. Get gone.
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