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0000D434 {#__}Ah, that old thing. Story goes that the Rangers actually fixed it up for us a decade and a half back. Not sure I believe that, but it broke down for good about a year ago. It runs, but it just spews the most foul cloud of black you ever smelled. Now I'm stripping it for parts. Already got the engine pulled out. The bits should be worth a pretty penny.
00011FD5 Magee gives you a big smile.
00028995 {#WL2_Kathy_AZ1_HelpRangers_42}Hmm...Come to think of it, everyone who's changed into one of those pod people got blasted first.
000461A1 Then thanks for nothin', Rangers. You'da been more merciful if you hadn't given us the water. We woulda died quicker, then. I hope your canteen springs a leak.
00052A87 {#wl3_CA1_Chris_26394}Haw! You fuckers think I'm tellin' you? I ain't fuckin' stupid. The only reason I'm still alive is because I know it and nobody else does. That fuckin' recipe only exists in two places - in my head, and in my safe deposit *box* in the bank, and nobody's gettin' either. It's worth too fuckin' much.
00053993 {#wl3_AZ0_RickBaychowski_2915}Well, actually, I hope not! Adios!
00064946 You'll be dancing with yourself in this barely there bondage vest!
00074702 Magic?
00078497 , dropping (-him/her/it) like a clobbered hog
0008D698 {wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_10742}Ten-Four, Echo One. Be extra careful about civilian casualties. Don't want any kid blood on our hands. Santa Fe Base out.
0008E3F4 Ranger Citadel/The citadel/Citadel
000A2199 {#__}Hope ol' Satan didn't give you too much trouble. Now, what can I do for you? You look like you're new to *Rodia*.
000BB422 {#__}It looks as if you already repaired the radio tower. I was going to help you tell people that the Desert Rangers are a force for good, but it looks as if you've already done so. Nice job, Rangers.
000BDEB9 {#wl3_CA1_James_4490}Ah, the strangers I've been hearing so much about.
000C4CE6 What do you think of Doctor Horchata?
000F1DB2 What do you know about methane?
0010F3C8 {#__}Yes, sir. That's me. I'm an aspirant. I just can't wait to fight my way up that mountain and start serving Jesus.
0012F84D {#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_6369}Look at all this foliage! I've never seen such green outside Ag Center.
0013316B {#wl3_AZ3_Jimmy_884}Whatever.
00143023 What are the rules?
001569F3 Since quitting your Ranger team, Dan Q has moved to Rail Nomad and began a permanent engagement at the end of the bar at Gorkinovich's Red Hen.
00168AFC [CALIBER] Ammo
0018291D Why does Tori want to revolt?
00182A5C Red Skorpion Cutter{M}
001834C0 {WL2_WeirdSignals_Gongs2}[cc]weird sounds[-]
001B2F0B {#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_1764}Damn good defenses.
001B9C82 A barefoot old man in overalls and nothing else. He looks angry, but well-hydrated.
001E0457 Skorpion, where is thy sting? [ATTACKER] misses [TARGET].
0020E036 An ancient tome of wisdom entitled, "When Bad Things Happen to Good People."
0021E6FE {#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2430}God! Will you just shut up?
0022F61D I wonder if this ferreting away of goods is also the work of the mysterious lurkers we've been hearing of?
0025CA09 {#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_9014}She seems warm and sweet, but I think it might be an - [i]steel trap, velvet glove, stiletto[-] - act.
0025CB05 Permission denied. We're heading out.
002688A4 {#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_3054a}Now, [i]that's[-] gotta be a still.
00277110 Beware of false friends.
00277B91 Thank you so much.
002AA519 Nothing inspires confidence like a cute dog at your heels.
002D49FC Know anything about the Gippers?
002DB2EA {#wl3_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_22141}Well... okay. Don't see why you fought your way all the way up the mountain just to back out once you got to the top, but if that's how you feel, then I don't think you're the recruits we were looking for after all. Good luck to you, and good day.
002DC2E1 (a/[COUNT]) hourglass(/es)
00327B91 Thank you so much!
0037506B Thank you so much, really.
003A8DA6 Dog shit, cat shit, cow shit, bat shit, it don't matter; the Rangers need some ammonium nitrate ASAP!
003BAA6F {#wl3_AZ6_Lexcanium_20493}That - [i]synthetic humanoid[-] - robot put me in here and did *things* - [i]surgery of the frontal lobe[-] - to me. Made me into a - [i]deformed, damaged, broken[-] - *freak*. Please, get me *out* - [i]unlock, dismantle[-] - of this cage.
003F11ED {#wl3_AZ5_CorranCain_2679}My journey will not end here!
00401209 How do you feel about Kekkahbah as a leader?
00430D0E Primary
0045E2BD Nothing
0047D0A2 [ATTACKER] howls with rage as (+his/her/its) shot on [TARGET] goes wide.
004BDA20 {#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_4168}You are madmen! Impetuous and irresponsible!
004C10B2 Laddie{N}
004CBB32 Deputy Mona Shera{F}
004F00B6 {#wl3_CA1_Mayor_15291}Only what I hear on the radio. Always promising everybody a better life of peace and prosperity, but he seems more interested in war and conquest. I wish he'd go away.
0052D001 We just want to help you out.
00533B11 {#wl3_CA0_Ertan_3839}Then we kill 'em all and drink their blood?
0054B7A8 {WL2_Vargas_Radio7A_12}Get your asses to Ag Center ASAP! Ranger Command Out!
005581E5 And worse than that, the main spigot *pipe* is right above the house. If the fire melts the valve seal, we could lose all our water!
0056D0A2 Flintlock
00588F8D You hear a trickle of water flowing through the pipes.
005A5FD2 {#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_3805}I hate that thing. I told him not to get it.
005A8785 {#wl3_AZ5_Jill_29815}Bless y'for stopping, folks. We're in a peck of trouble and no mistake. Got jumped by some *raiders* just outside the *safe zone*, and our wounded are gonna bleed out 'fore we can get 'em t'the *Mad Monks*' *hospital*. We already lost most'a the *herd*. Y'ain't got a *medic* with you by any chance? We'd be glad to trade for some doctorin'.
005A9309 The Last of the V-8 Interceptors. It should have burn out, but sadly, it is rusting away.
005BF1E9 Are you guys headed out on a mission? Man, I'm so jealous. I can't wait to get out there.
00604EB9 Priest Commando{M}
0065668B {#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_1886a}Let's get outta here.
0066C6B3 {#__}A very old and unreliable model. I've found it very difficult to use, but I managed in the end.
0066E661 Fire! Now!
00671147 {#wl3_AZ3_MrsParker_23383}I know it sounds heartless, Rangers, but I can't feed him in this godforsaken place. With the train not running, nobody around here is making a living. Taking Ralphy would be a kindness to me and him, and he's awful handy with a slingshot. He could help you.
00676EB4 {#__}Please, Rangers, please find my dowry and return it to me!
006C6EB4 {#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_12304}She said she was from east of the old Prison, which is odd, now that I come to think of it. Radiation's closed off the way east for years.
006E6E36 We haven't found anything.
006FD81A {#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_4512}Even that was a little hairy. Watch for critters.
00723D9D {#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_3256}Bust my buttons, it's a whirly bird!
0072BC6C {#wl3_AZ5_Bridewell_1823}Thanks for the bomb.
00751B96 You're protecting the Coyotes? They're raiders.
0079F4B2 We told Fletcher about your affair.
007C13E4 {#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_3769}Thank you for letting us into your home.
007C761B {#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_32529}Man this tour is sucking. I was supposed to do a couple nights at the Fly-By Nightclub in Damonta, but what do I find when I get there? Robots and corpses. Talk about a tough room! So, I turned around to head back home, and boom! There's a fuckin' fireball on the horizon and the way home is gone! How did that happen? What joker is responsible for that bullshit?
007D1AD8 Ol' Hobo King's gone to the big still in the sky now.
007D47C7 This Click had better not be named for the sound you hear when you pull the trigger.
007DDFFC {#__}Sounds like Beatrice skipped town right after you killed ol' Dengler. That's a load off my mind.
007DE4A2 {#__}Certainly. Let's do business.
007E2255 Let everyone know that the Rangers are around. That we're protectin' our spots.
008415AC Armed with (a/) dirty (syringe/syringes) and unsettling facial tics (a/) [ATTACKER] (appears/appear) at [DISTANCE].
0085DD26 (a/[COUNT]) pair(/s) of amigo pant(/s)
0086216E Guess we'll just wait around until some other Ranger dies or gets benched. Then we'll get called up.
0086879E Brightly Colored Pants
0086911B Remember - Jackhammer gets first pick of the loot.
0086C7B1 Quartz
0089B87B {#wl2_CA10_Mathias_1732}Good luck, Rangers.
008B6C72 And while Ascension and Veronica were grateful for your help in bringing about the peace, your casual attitude toward collateral damage has made you untrustworthy in their eyes, and they want nothing more to do with you. Indeed, they have both ordered their troops to shoot you on sight.
008BD845 What? I thought the Rangers were supposed to help people. Their lives are at stake.
008BEA87 This man is in agony. His skin is being burned to a rich, golden brown.
00910F25 A mixture of herbs that have remarkable healing properties.
0092F8E3 Sandra
00932085 Ow ow ow! Your toes! OH GOD OW OW YOUR PRECIOUS TOES!
00935862 {#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_2884}Why are those girls chained up?
009375D0 If you learn a totally new way of writing, you can almost record about half of what you intend to write on this device!
0093CDE1 All that time tossing bombs around has paid off! Your throwable explosives now travel farther.\n\n[b]Benefits:[/b]\n[00cc00]+15% maximum range when throwing Grenade type weapons[-]
0093DE29 Good. Now get back to work, you filthy sinner.
0095DF75 {#__}Huh?
009713C6 {#__}Yes. *Rodia* is being attacked by a parasite-borne *sickness*. We've already lost more than ten people, mostly farmers, and a dozen more are sick. I've got to find out where these fucking worms are coming from, and fast!
009970F8 Then prepare quickly, other aspirants are waiting behind you.
0099F40E We'll take all the help we can get, Bergin. Even you.
009A70BF An old apple.
009AD5FE {#wl3_AZ5_Sadler_11684}So you're the Rangers I've been hearing about! You made the right choice *sending* us the nuke. The canyon is sitting pretty now.
009AF47A {#__}Oh, that's ok. Maybe next time.
009C7616 (a/[COUNT]) bent spoon(/s)
009E2A4B {#wl3_AZ23_Vipula_6875}We should try to help her with her wounded. If you like.
00A11BF8 {WL2_KathyLawson_AGCENTERWARNING1_01}Goddammit, Vargas! Listen! We're up to our fucking necks in mutant insects and apples that bite back! Tell your lard-ass team to get down here, now! We don't have a chance in hell without some back up. Hurry!
00A4CE89 Takin' the time to get the skin nice and crackly.
00A5FAEB Bandit
00A60AFE {#__}On behalf of all of us, congratulations. Now, please. Help us make peace with the Salvation Church.
00AA89F1 {#__}Ahh... there. All done. Now, what can I--
00AD201D {#wl3_AZ6_Hopi_2593}Less talking! More shooting!
00AD6DE9 Rad Suit
00AFF8BD {#wl3_AZ3_Gorkinovich_6434}He's in a better place. Such a shame too. He was my second best customer.
00B02C72 Poor bastards. It seems their addiction to Squeezins has driven them mad.
00B139E3 Torturer{M}
00B173A4 If you can do it without attacking those who did it, you have our blessing, but those *raiders* are under the protection of Titan. If you harm them, you face *Titan's Wrath*.
00B1B717 Large Pack
00B6A5F6 Anti-Aliasing
00B75D74 {#wl3_AZ3_MelissaRails_21110}I know that they wouldn't be a problem if the Atchisons and the Topekans united against them. We could finish them off in a day. Instead we kill each other and they circle like vultures, waiting for our corpses to stop twitching.
00B8A885 Good luck!
00BA89BE Oh. Oh God. No. Please. Don't tell him. He'll gut me. Just... Just take the goop and go.
00BB957A Sawsword
00BF4E6A Grade A Extra-Large
00C38EEB {wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_7598}Goddamn synths. Those plastic punks are trying to fuck us up any way they can.
00C6737A Pressed into the sky by fuming hydraulic lifts, the hatch is open, revealing the terrible might of Titan.
00C724B5 {#__}Thank you. Titan bless you. Now, let me give you the details. When we cast him out, Brother Wright fled north, toward the towns of *Damonta*, and it seems he found another silo there - Silo 7 - with another Titan in it, just like ours, and ever since, he's been trying to get it working so he can take his vengeance upon us.
00CF7DF9 We're not working for anyone.
00D01615 {#wl3_AZ5_Bridewell_6073}You disabled our nuke and now we've lost control over the canyon.
00D0A91C {#wl3_AZ3_Quarex_10322}Go away, *Rangers*! I don't even care if you found a CD-i anymore. What's the point of living without my Super Scope?!
00D0DEAA Little people
00D22EBD {#wl3_CA1_Mayor_33663}Yes. I fear the Jerks are torturing him. You see, now that I've become the mayor, he's taken over the family business, our *distillery*. The Jerks have taken quite an interest in learning our old family *recipe* for tequila, and I'm very much afraid they're trying to beat it out of poor Chris. If you could see your way clear to rescuing him, I would be very much obliged.
00D44FEB {#wl3_CA1_Chris_6460}That's because I'm the [i]king[-] of fuck! I fuck like a fucking [i]god[-].
00D46C40 They're pretty nasty. Matt got hit by one and it was awful! He moved too quick and it exploded right in front of him. Tore his arm to pieces. *Kathy*'s looking after him now.
00D574A4 {#WL2_Sadler_FirstConversation_17}Goodbye, Rangers. And for the sake of your continued good health, good luck.
00D5A336 We interrupted the deal between Jason and the synth.
00D69E91 This is one lean, mean killing machine.
00D7599C {#wl3_CA2_MrMannersPressBooth_6424}Then speak, Gentle Questioner, and I will try my utmost to advise you.
00D83CD0 {#wl3_AZ5_Bridewell_820}You suck!
00D87394 Repeat Attack
00D9C54C Hey again, fellas.
00DAC04D This thing stopped working years ago, but it looks like it used to talk.
00DAF689 We can't guarantee your safety, but if you want to come, you are welcome.
00DC237B But, Rangers... What happened? Who did this to her?
00DD29DF An animatronic gypsy in a glass case. The glass is shattered, but she lords over the broken robot at her base with a mechanical smile. The sign above her reads, "Madam Blavatsky - Mystic Fortune - 25."
00DDDA37 Really? Why, thank you, Rangers. I'm sure everything is fine. I have a man there working the crops and couple of men handling security. They shoudn't give you any trouble. My driver's name is Larry. If he's still there tell him I have customers here waiting to buy some fresh booze.
00DE660D {#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_813}Tsk. Lame.
00E03A5D {#wl3_AZ3_Quarex_6146}That's one of the Rangers, right? You guys all have such cool names.
00E28D60 What's TNT Tan like?
00E50967 {#wl3_AZ1_SisterRose_4650}Thank you, Rangers, for saving dear Matthew's life.
00E8326F You have saved your life, aspirants. Very resourceful. Resourceful enough that we will allow you to stay and bask for a moment in our presence. Let's drink to the resourceful aspirants, shall we, boys? Maybe one day they will be resourceful enough to *join the Paladins*.
00E8D155 {#wl3_CA6_MaledictionMayweather_3912}I'm much to busy to talk about such things.
00E92FDA Your dog's name is Luke?
00E9F61C {#wl2_AZ0_GeneralVargas_4147}Very good, Team Echo. Let's get those bastards.
00EAA4C9 I don't know what Titan is. The monks call it a god, and say it could blow us all up a hundred times over. Far as I know, though, nobody's ever seen it. So maybe they're just blowin' smoke.
00EB81D7 {#__}When we get 'em all connected, we'll be able to hone in on General Vargas' mystery signal. *Woodson*, our radio technician, can fill you in on all the technical details.
00ED1452 You're alright, Rangers.
00EE03D7 {#__}How come I have to pay and they don't.
00EF67DD Jackhammer{F}
00EFFEC7 Look for brothers who can help you find the exit. I don't have time.
00F12F39 {#WL2_Kekkahbah_AtRails_07}You mean, use the golden spike as a final symbolic act that gets our train going again? I... I... Dammit, yes. That is a John Henry solution if I ever heard one! Tell him I agree.
00F319CE Sure. Have a look.
00F35083 My *brothers* use a lotta *nuke grenades*, which means I'm always running low on the *goop*. That's what I call the radioactive waste I put inside 'em - the stuff that sends everybody in the blast radius to the *great glow*. We harvest the *goop* from a few old *hazmat dumps* here in the *canyon*, but it's a job not even the most devoted *Servant of Titan* likes. You can die doing it, and it's not a clean way to go. Not like pulling the pin on your *grenade*. Either you die a slow death from *Rad Rot*, or you get eaten by the *mutated beasties* that live around the sites.
00F410E1 {#wl3_CA0_AdrianGordon_336}Yah.
00F58667 It's probably better not to ask.
00F79D65 {#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_1712}No problem. Be safe.
00F83908 Ag Center Airlock Codes
00FA17DB Insert blood sample.
00FA1919 {#wl3_AZ3_RalphieParkerSaved_1881}We've gotta save her.
00FD5A84 {#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_42189}So, you saved Ag Center at the expense of Highpool. A tough decision, and I know it must weigh heavily on your minds, but a choice had to be made, and once you chose Ag Center, you did all you could to save it and its people. I am particularly pleased that you went out of your way to help Matt Forrestal. He was a great Ranger and remains a credit to our organization now that he's left. Also, let me personally thank you for finding *Ace*'s *killer*, whatever it was.
00FDE216 {#__}Hmmm. I've heard of it, but I can't remember where.
01006F39 The drunk jerk from out front puts the bullets you gave him on a table with a red square and a black square painted on it. The dealer, a serious looking man in a surprisingly well-preserved tuxedo, turns over a card.
01007400 {#__}I'm waiting!
0100E91E {#wl3_RadioCallerMale_1224}Yeah, at'll do.
010165CA What do you know about Raji?
0102B00D Casino
0103B82B {#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_4247}You shoot anymore people in Rodia and I'm gone.
0103D1A0 What? That's fantastic, thank you so much. I need to catch up with them, thanks again Rangers.
010410A6 {#wl3_AZ3_Scotchmo_3988}This is what happens when you eat the worm.
0104A1F0 We found this broken video game system in Damonta. Any interest?
0107720B A box full of little black oblongs with buttons all over them and little screens. Arcane markings cover one face of each object - sine, co-sine, R-CM, C-CE.
01094E76 Awww. Poor old Mrs. Henry.
010A1B80 **fart**
010A7F77 Bobby
010BB163 I don't understand.
010BCD56 A large tar-paper shack with a sagging roof and bars on the windows. Maybe it looks so pathetic because it's across the forecourt from all the monolithic grandeur of the Bastion of Faith. No. Not really. This place would look pathetic in the middle of a garbage dump. Penitents come and go from the front door as a pair of knights stand guard.
010C56D9 {#wl3_AZ3_Quarex_6688}You lost me one of my best customers, Rangers. Why didn't you rescue him?
010C8D51 {WL2_Vargas02_TenFour_01}Roger, Echo One. Now listen, I want you to deal with the emergency situation first, before proceeding to the antenna. Repeat, help Mayor Vickstrom with his emergency, [i]then[-] hook up the repeater to the antenna on their crane. Protecting civilians is always a Ranger's number one priority. Do you *<@Goodbye>copy*?
010DC3EA Leave the dog here.
010EA74D {wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_5305}Ten-Four, Echo One. Approach with caution. Santa Fe Base out.
010FE665 Step right up. The rules are simple. You put a bullet on *red* or *black*, then I turn over a card. If the color matches the color you picked, you win. Otherwise, you lose. Got it? Then place your bet.
011308CA William{M}
01162CE0 {#wl3_AZ3_ChiselRails_998}Fancy digs.
0117DDED ... well, I can't think of a better way to say that. I suppose that's some demerits for you.
011898A2 Get to heaven faster with Spent Fuel Rod pipe bombs.
0118CC5B Operate the "Pressure Release Valve"?
011E083B Ha! I'm too drunk to hit!
011EBEA4 Faded Floppy Disk
012065E4 {#__}I hadn't. I'd heard you'd found something weird and were bringing it to Mercaptain, though.
0120EA9E The sign reads, "No Drowning."
0126CBC8 We freed your pigs!
0126FCC7 {#wl3_AZ2_VulturesCry_4850}The great spirit is not in them, but still they move!
0127F995 Vendor
0127FB4E Gender
012B101C Sure, here you go. Only seems fair if it was your father's.
012B7129 Level
012CE61B Bart followed us out of the raider hideout and headed back to his companions.
012E8D76 Clown Pants
012EE983 That's the gang that took over the prison, right? Just another bunch of oppressors if you ask me.
012FE0C7 {#wl3_CA6_HeidiHollanderBrothel_14710}A tough customer, but the kindest, most honest man in Hollywood. A true gentleman who has created the greatest entertainment destination on the west coast.
0130AFE0 The bones of an old building, softened with age.
0133A7DA {#__}Tsk. Seems like it was only yesterday...
0136F26E second
013992F3 No PCs
0139F535 Who's Wade Woodson?
013C1C3B (an/[COUNT]) advanced medic pack(/s)
013C9177 The leader of our humble order. He best knows Titan's will.
013CACF7 Where did the runaway monk run away to?
013D7573 {wl2_AZ6_WerewolfWally_6135}Attention, loyal KPOW listeners! The Rangers just gave me the word.
013E247A Did you hear we found Hell Razor's body?
013F1A45 {#__}You assholes! That was my son. Get away from me.
0141335E {WL2_Vargas_Vargas_Robots_Attack_02}Ten Four, Echo One. Listen, some locals up near our remote radio tower say they saw some... [i]things[-] attacking it. Sounded like robots to me. Might be another of those synths that killed Ace. Head back there and see if you can capture it alive, but be careful. Anything that could kill Ace isn't gonna be easy to deal with. *<@Goodbye>Copy*?
01437891 KeypadPlus
014391AD Red told us about a treasure in the Airplane Graveyard, hidden in the wreck of a plane with the words "Sierra Madre Airlines" on the side. He took off in search of it, heedless of the killer robots.
0143D18D What do you know about the church?
014414F0 {#wl3_AZ10_RaiderTalk01_839}What now?
0147DFF4 This well-worn adhesive stationary has a few words scrawled on it: "PW 72779673. Heh."
01480C73 {#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_9098}Eureka! I integrated it with an energy weapon I was working on. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.
01490D77 {#wl3_AZ0_GeneralVargas_27668}I hope you had nothing to do with that nuclear explosion, Rangers, because that is a tragedy almost beyond all comprehension. Not only were countless lives lost, but our connection to the new lands to the east is gone, just when we discovered it. This has made our world smaller again, and sadder.
014DDB4F {#wl3_AZ17_Takayuki_2577}Hey, those are prostitutes.
014EC5FB Huh? Mate? Snake? What kind of lingo is that?
014F2AB1 Salt Lab
0150B0D0 A Ranger with high Awareness notices every detail of the world around them. They are hard to ambush or sneak up on, and are often able to get a jump on their enemies.\n\n[ffa000]+++ Combat Initiative\n++ Chance to Evade\n+ Vision Range[-]
015308E6 Whatever killed these people, they died violently. They are ragged and bloody.
0153F765 {#wl3_CA6_Rambeau_8630}Tres bien! You just bring the teif to Rambeau. He will know how to deal wid 'im. Now go. Au revoir.
01561A2F A hard-bitten woman in overalls limps up to you cautiously. Her leg is bandaged, and she carries a shotgun.
0158BF32 This peculiar machine accepts scrap and pays out in bullets. The cost is 10 scrap per game.
015B99EC {#wl3_AZ0_ChrisVanGraas_4196}Oh. You've brought the drunk Ranger back. Well.
015C1B6C {#wl3_CA0_Ertan_3345}Creepy evil. Totally the wrong kind.
015CFA1D None of them? Hmmm. Listen, speaking as one doctor to another, is something wrong with it?
015D389D unknown command
015DB070 {#wl3_AZ1_Skinner_4570}Oh my boy... I'm sorry I couldn't protect you... **hic**
015EF0AA And you mistake us for a bunch of asskissers. We could do a lot of damage before you sent us to the Great Glow, monk.
0161414A {#wl3_AZ3_MasterKekkahbah_356}Huh?
0161A46D Next
01620463 {#__}We need you to go to Damonta, find Silo 7, kill Brother Wright, and bring the warhead to us for safekeeping. Here, let me give you the destination code that will send the warhead to us here. All you have to do is use the piloting console to send the rail car carrying the warhead to the Temple by way of the rail line below Silo 7. The rest will take care of itself.
0162D7F8 , perforating it into putrescence
0164220D Missed me, asshole!
0164F2BE Activate
0167E43D The valve is fully open. Touching the wheel, you can feel the tainted nutrient mixture throbbing through the pipes. You pull hard and close the valve tightly until no more contaminated fluid flows through.
01684015 Fletcher/Irving Fletcher
016D0477 {#__}Angie's been cranky as hell since Vargas pulled her out of your team. She hates missin' the action.
016F7129 Never
0172C484 {wl2_AZ4_Sperminator_20775}Hey, Rangers! This is Pitbull. A little birdy told me you're the assholes that let my cattle out of their pens. You fuck with my fuck-slaves, I fuck with you, you get me? That's right, you whore thieves. When you least expect it...
01743501 You must be punished!
0174AF44 Inside you will find the Holy Trinity, Church Ecstatic, Church Militant and Church Vigilant. Please feel free to look around ask your questions and commit to one, or all three but that would be blasphemous.
0177DB25 {#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_2542}Couldn't hold his position.
01780348 +2 Smart Ass
0178A172 What do you know about Ranger Citadel?
017AB4AE [b]Benefits:[/b]\n[00cc00]+2 base Action Points[-]\n\n[b]Drawbacks:[/b]\n[cc0000]-50% base Combat Speed[-]
017D954D The one-armed war chief Kekkahbah is dead. With their leader gone, the Topekans should soon lose their enthusiasm for war.
017E9FF7 (a/[COUNT]) Black Album(/s)
017EA877 A mistake? I saw you, you were going to *shoot* me!
0182101E Who's next? Who wants some easy money?
0182C9ED The Bastion
0183E77F Kymri's Warrior is an ancient, pistol with a simple design made from stock parts that allows it to be easily modified and repaired.
0184D5E2 {#wl3_CA0_Ertan_1855}Shit. Did I drink any?
018638DD Take this too. It's not much but you've earned it.
01867D86 You're on your own.
01877536 {#__}I'm Manny Wong, your humble host. I own the Chinese Casino.
01881C2C Rangers! Jackhammer and her thugs are trying to blow the irrigation pipes. Hurry!
0188AEC0 {#__}Only radio tower I know is the one the Mad Monks got, but it ain't so big. Only covers the canyon.
01890B43 {wl2_CA0_WadeWoodson_3428}Echo One, this is Santa Fe Base, come in?
018A6761 BOOM! Headshot! You're lucky to be alive.
018CA36E What do you think of Mr. Manners?
018F768D (a/[COUNT]) habit(/s)
01905EF3 {#__}Another pointless gang. They're a perfect example of what's holding humanity back.
01906366 Pickle Jar
0190AD97 {#wl3_AZ5_GaryWolf_3844}Short term thinking, going with one crop.
01928374 Access code verified. Turrets have been deactivated.
0194F3FD {#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_2641}I'm sending you to Robot Hell!
01965DAF Retribution Jones{M}
01977B35 {#__}If you wish to speak with Mr. Manners then go ahead. I will place you on the visitor list.
01990700 EMERGENCY OVERRIDE PROGRAM LOADED. All ventilation shaft fans activated... ALL AIRBORNE TOXINS CLEARED
019A75CB Raider Lobber{M}
019C107A {#wl3_AZ0_AngelaDeth_4741}I was out here a year ago and this guy was doin' fine.
019C4B58 Get away from me, cow killers.
019FEF75 {#__}So you disarmed the nuke and the monks lost control of the canyon. See? Nuclear deterrence works!
01A06863 What's the point of that badge if you don't help people?
01A187BD {#wl3_AZ5_DanQ_1921}He's askin' for money.
01A57762 {WL2_Vargas02_Repeaters_08}That is Mercaptain's fancy word for smart robots. She calls them Synthetic Life Forms, or Synths. Basically any robot that can think for itself falls into the Synth category. Plain old robots are dangerous enough, ones that think for themselves are a nightmare.
01A59E8C Quarex{M}
01A66D41 How do you feel about Harold Alder?
01A6C84C {#wl3_CA0_FredPettersen_1852}But he's sure tryin'.
01A812C0 {@AZ4_PA_03}This pre-recorded message is brought to you by RSM Enterprises Inc. [0:07]This is Commander Danforth of the Red Skorpion Militia. You are about to trespass on Red Skorpion territory. Turn around immediately. [0:16]Trespassers will shot and fed to my dogs.[0:19]Desert Rangers will be fed to my dogs alive! [0:24]Er, but if you are instead a potential homesteader, or interested in viewing one of our attractive farming lots, please, come see us at the RSM Enterprises rental office, securely located just inside the prison. Thank you.

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