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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Buffs checklist

351 Buffs
2Alto Wine
3Apple Cabbage Stew
4Apple Pie
5Argonian Ale
6Aversion to Fire
7Aversion to Frost
8Aversion to Magic
9Aversion to Shock
10Baked Potatoes
11Balmora Blue
12Beef Stew
13Black-Briar Mead
14Black-Briar Reserve
15Blacksmith's Draught
16Blacksmith's Elixir
17Blacksmith's Philter
18Blacksmith's Potion
19Boiled Creme Treat
22Cabbage Potato Soup
23Cabbage Soup
25Charred Skeever Meat
26Chicken Breast
27Clam Meat
28Cliff Racer
29Colovian Brandy
30Conjurer's Draught
31Conjurer's Elixir
32Conjurer's Philter
33Conjurer's Potion
34Cooked Beef
35Cure Poison
36Cyrodilic Brandy
37Deadly Aversion to Fire
38Deadly Aversion to Frost
39Deadly Aversion to Magic
40Deadly Aversion to Shock
41Deadly Fear Poison
42Deadly Frenzy Poison
43Deadly Lingering Poison
44Deadly Magicka Poison
45Deadly Paralysis Poison
46Deadly Poison
47Deadly Recovery Poison
48Deadly Stamina Poison
49Dog Meat
50Double-Distilled Skooma
51Dragon's Breath Mead
52Draught of Alteration
53Draught of Conflict
54Draught of Destruction
55Draught of Enhanced Stamina
56Draught of Escape
57Draught of Extra Magicka
58Draught of Glibness
59Draught of Haggling
60Draught of Health
61Draught of Illusion
62Draught of Keenshot
63Draught of Larceny
64Draught of Lasting Potency
65Draught of Light Feet
66Draught of Lockpicking
67Draught of Pickpocketing
68Draught of Plunder
69Draught of Regeneration
70Draught of Resist Cold
71Draught of Resist Fire
72Draught of Resist Magic
73Draught of Resist Shock
74Draught of Strength
75Draught of the Berserker
76Draught of the Defender
77Draught of the Healer
78Draught of the Knight
79Draught of the Warrior
80Draught of True Shot
81Draught of Vigor
82Draught of Waterbreathing
83Eidar Cheese Wedge
84Eidar Cheese Wheel
85Elixir of Alteration
86Elixir of Conflict
87Elixir of Destruction
88Elixir of Enhanced Stamina
89Elixir of Escape
90Elixir of Extra Magicka
91Elixir of Glibness
92Elixir of Haggling
93Elixir of Health
94Elixir of Illusion
95Elixir of Keenshot
96Elixir of Larceny
97Elixir of Lasting Potency
98Elixir of Light Feet
99Elixir of Lockpicking
100Elixir of Pickpocketing
101Elixir of Plunder
102Elixir of Regeneration
103Elixir of Resist Cold
104Elixir of Resist Fire
105Elixir of Resist Magic
106Elixir of Resist Shock
107Elixir of Strength
108Elixir of the Berserker
109Elixir of the Defender
110Elixir of the Healer
111Elixir of the Knight
112Elixir of the Warrior
113Elixir of True Shot
114Elixir of Vigor
115Elixir of Waterbreathing
116Elsweyr Fondue
117Enchanter's Draught
118Enchanter's Elixir
119Enchanter's Philter
120Enchanter's Potion
121Enduring Magicka Poison
122Enduring Stamina Poison
123Esbern's Potion
124Falmer Blood Elixir
125Fear Poison
126Firebrand Wine
127Frenzy Poison
128Frostbite Venom
129Goat Cheese Wedge
130Goat Cheese Wheel
132Grand Elixir of Conflict
133Grand Elixir of Escape
134Grand Elixir of Keenshot
135Grand Elixir of Larceny
136Grand Elixir of Plunder
137Green Apple
138Grilled Chicken Breast
139Grilled Leeks
140Holy Water
141Homecooked Meal
143Honey Nut Treat
144Honningbrew Mead
145Horker Loaf
146Horker Meat
147Horker Stew
148Horse Haunch
149Horse Meat
150Ice Wraith Bane
151Ice Wraith Essence
152Jessica's Wine
153Kordir's Skooma
154Lasting Magicka Poison
155Lasting Stamina Poison
157Leg of Goat
158Leg of Goat Roast
159Lingering Magicka Poison
160Lingering Poison
161Lingering Stamina Poison
162Long Taffy Treat
163Lotus Extract
164Magicka Poison
165Magicka Recovery Poison
166Malign Aversion to Fire
167Malign Aversion to Frost
168Malign Aversion to Magic
169Malign Aversion to Shock
170Malign Lingering Poison
171Malign Magicka Poison
172Malign Recovery Poison
173Malign Vigor Poison
174Mammoth Cheese Bowl
175Mammoth Snout
176Mammoth Steak
177Mead with Juniper Berry
178Nightshade Extact
179Nord Mead
180Paralysis Poison
181Persisting Magicka Poison
182Persisting Stamina Poison
183Pheasant Breast
184Pheasant Roast
185Philter of Alteration
186Philter of Conflict
187Philter of Destruction
188Philter of Enhanced Stamina
189Philter of Escape
190Philter of Extra Magicka
191Philter of Glibness
192Philter of Haggling
193Philter of Health
194Philter of Illusion
195Philter of Keenshot
196Philter of Larceny
197Philter of Lasting Potency
198Philter of Light Feet
199Philter of Lockpicking
200Philter of Pickpocketing
201Philter of Plunder
202Philter of Regeneration
203Philter of Resist Cold
204Philter of Resist Fire
205Philter of Resist Magic
206Philter of Resist Shock
207Philter of Strength
208Philter of the Berserker
209Philter of the Defender
210Philter of the Healer
211Philter of the Knight
212Philter of the Phantom
213Philter of the Warrior
214Philter of True Shot
215Philter of Vigor
216Philter of Waterbreathing
219Potent Aversion to Fire
220Potent Aversion to Frost
221Potent Aversion to Magic
222Potent Aversion to Shock
223Potent Fear Poison
224Potent Frenzy Poison
225Potent Lingering Poison
226Potent Magicka Poison
227Potent Paralysis Poison
228Potent Poison
229Potent Recovery Poison
230Potent Stamina Poison
231Potent Vigor Poison
232Potion of Alteration
233Potion of Brief Invisibility
234Potion of Conflict
235Potion of Cure Disease
236Potion of Destruction
237Potion of Enduring Invisibility
238Potion of Enhanced Stamina
239Potion of Escape
240Potion of Extended Invisibility
241Potion of Extra Magicka
242Potion of Extreme Healing
243Potion of Extreme Magicka
244Potion of Extreme Stamina
245Potion of Glibness
246Potion of Haggling
247Potion of Healing
248Potion of Health
249Potion of Illusion
250Potion of Keenshot
251Potion of Larceny
252Potion of Lasting Potency
253Potion of Light Feet
254Potion of Lockpicking
255Potion of Magicka
256Potion of Minor Healing
257Potion of Minor Magicka
258Potion of Minor Stamina
259Potion of Pickpocketing
260Potion of Plentiful Healing
261Potion of Plentiful Magicka
262Potion of Plentiful Stamina
263Potion of Plunder
264Potion of Prolonged Invisibility
265Potion of Regeneration
266Potion of Resist Cold
267Potion of Resist Fire
268Potion of Resist Magic
269Potion of Resist Shock
270Potion of Stamina
271Potion of Strength
272Potion of the Berserker
273Potion of the Defender
274Potion of the Healer
275Potion of the Knight
276Potion of the Warrior
277Potion of True Shot
278Potion of Ultimate Healing
279Potion of Ultimate Magicka
280Potion of Ultimate Stamina
281Potion of Vigor
282Potion of Vigorous Healing
283Potion of Vigorous Magicka
284Potion of Vigorous Stamina
285Potion of Waterbreathing
286Prime Elixir of Conflict
287Prime Elixir of Escape
288Prime Elixir of Keenshot
289Prime Elixir of Larceny
290Prime Elixir of Plunder
291Rabbit Haunch
292Raw Beef
293Raw Rabbit Leg
294Red Apple
295Salmon Meat
296Salmon Steak
297Seared Slaughterfish
298Skirmisher's Draught
299Skirmisher's Elixir
300Skirmisher's Philter
301Skirmisher's Potion
303Sleeping Tree Sap
304Sliced Eidar Cheese
305Sliced Goat Cheese
306Solution of Enhanced Stamina
307Solution of Extra Magicka
308Solution of Health
309Solution of Lasting Potency
310Solution of Regeneration
311Solution of Strength
312Solution of Vigor
313Spiced Beef
314Spiced Wine
315Stallion's Potion
316Stamina Poison
317Stros M'Kai Rum
318Sweet Roll
319The White Phial (Full)
321Tomato Soup
322Unceasing Magicka Poison
323Unceasing Stamina Poison
324Unknown Potion
325Vaermina's Torpor
326Vegetable Soup
327Velvet LeChance
329Venison Chop
330Venison Stew
331Vigor Poison
332Virulent Fear Poison
333Virulent Frenzy Poison
334Virulent Paralysis Poison
335Virulent Poison
336Virulent Stamina Poison
337Weak Aversion to Fire
338Weak Aversion to Frost
339Weak Aversion to Magic
340Weak Aversion to Shock
341Weak Fear Poison
342Weak Frenzy Poison
343Weak Lingering Poison
344Weak Magicka Poison
345Weak Paralysis Poison
346Weak Poison
347Weak Recovery Poison
348Weak Stamina Poison
349Weak Vigor Poison
350White-Gold Tower
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