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A Shout for help from the beasts of the wild, who come to fight in your defense.
A Shout to the skies, a cry to the clouds, that awakens the destructive force of Skyrim's lightning.
An area effect knockdown with a slight regen component.
And the weak shall fear the Thu'um, and flee in terror.
Changes clear weather into stormy weather.
Inhale air, exhale flame, and behold the Thu'um as inferno.
Odahviing! Hear my Voice and come forth. I summon you in my time of need.
Once a day, affected animals will be your allies.
Once a day, affected enemies do half damage.
Once a day, nearby people are calmed and will not start combat.
Shout at time, and command it to obey, as the world around you stands still.
Shout defies steel, as you rip the weapon from an opponent's grasp.
Skyrim itself yields before the Thu'um, as you clear away fog and inclement weather.
Speak, and let your Voice herald doom, as an opponent's armor and lifeforce are weakened.
Staggers targets and knocks over loose objects.
Staggers targets and knocks over loose objects.
Staggers targets and knocks over loose objects.
Targets in mid swing drop their weapons.
The Thu'um imbues your arms with the speed of wind, allowing for faster weapon strikes.
The Thu'um is heard, but its source unknown, fooling those into seeking it out.
The Thu'um reaches out to the Void, changing your form to one that cannot harm, or be harmed.
The Thu'um rushes forward, carrying you in its wake with the speed of a tempest.
The valiant of Sovngarde hear your Voice, and journey beyond space and time to lend aid.
The Voice soothes wild beasts, who lose their desire to fight or flee.
Werewolf howls and is able to detect the blood of nearby living creatures.
Werewolf howls calling for companions.
Werewolf howls instilling terror into all living creatures nearby.
You rush forward almost instantaneously.
Your breath is winter, you Thu'um a blizzard.
Your Thu'um freezes an opponent solid.
Your Voice is not a Shout, but a whisper, revealing the life forces of any and all.
Your Voice is raw power, pushing aside anything - or anyone - who stands in your path.
Your Voice lashes out at a dragon's very soul, forcing the beast to land., Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, MINcendar
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