The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim SE Special Edition Game Searchable Database v1.5.3

1,441+ (250 Max) Results

QUST:NNAMBardsCollegeDrumFind Rjorn's Drum
QUST:NNAMBardsCollegeDrumGive Rjorn's Drum to Giraud
QUST:NNAMBardsCollegeFluteFind Pantea's Flute
QUST:NNAMBardsCollegeFluteReturn Pantea's Flute
QUST:NNAMBardsCollegeLuteFind Finn's Lute
QUST:NNAMBardsCollegeLuteGive Finn's Lute to Inge
QUST:NNAMBardsCollegePoeticEddaCollect parts of the Poetic Edda from Bards you meet.
QUST:NNAMBQ01Kill the bandit leader located at
QUST:NNAMBQ01Collect bounty from
QUST:NNAMBQ01Collect bounty from
QUST:NNAMBQ02Kill the leader of
QUST:NNAMBQ02Collect the bounty from
QUST:NNAMBQ02Collect the bounty from
QUST:NNAMBQ03Kill the giant located at
QUST:NNAMBQ03Collect bounty from
QUST:NNAMBQ03Collect bounty from
QUST:NNAMBQ04Kill the dragon located at
QUST:NNAMBQ04Collect bounty from
QUST:NNAMBQ04Collect bounty from
QUST:NNAMC00Speak to Kodlak Whitemane
QUST:NNAMC00Train with Vilkas
QUST:NNAMC00Give Vilkas's sword to Eorlund
QUST:NNAMC00Bring Aela her shield
QUST:NNAMC00Follow Farkas to your quarters
QUST:NNAMC00VilkasTrainingQuestAttack Vilkas
QUST:NNAMC01Speak to Skjor
QUST:NNAMC01Speak to
QUST:NNAMC01Retrieve the fragment
QUST:NNAMC01Return to Jorrvaskr
QUST:NNAMC01Follow Vilkas
QUST:NNAMC03Talk to Skjor
QUST:NNAMC03Meet with Skjor at night
QUST:NNAMC03Enter the Underforge
QUST:NNAMC03Participate in the blood ritual
QUST:NNAMC03Talk to Aela
QUST:NNAMC03Kill the werewolf hunters
QUST:NNAMC03Talk to Aela
QUST:NNAMC04Speak to Kodlak Whitemane
QUST:NNAMC04Collect a Glenmoril Witch's head
QUST:NNAMC04(Optional) Wipe out the Glenmoril Witches
QUST:NNAMC04Return to Kodlak
QUST:NNAMC05Retrieve the fragments of Wuuthrad
QUST:NNAMC05(Optional) Wipe out the Silver Hand
QUST:NNAMC05Return to Jorrvaskr
QUST:NNAMC06Attend Kodlak's funeral
QUST:NNAMC06Defeat the wolf spirit
QUST:NNAMC06Speak to Kodlak
QUST:NNAMC06Give the fragments of Wuuthrad to Eorlund
QUST:NNAMC06Retrieve Kodlak's fragment
QUST:NNAMC06Give the final fragment to Eorlund
QUST:NNAMC06Meet the Circle
QUST:NNAMC06Go to Ysgramor's Tomb with the Circle
QUST:NNAMC06Return Wuuthrad to Ysgramor
QUST:NNAMC06Get to the burial chamber
QUST:NNAMC06Speak to Kodlak
QUST:NNAMC06Put witch head into fire
QUST:NNAMCompanionsMiscObjectiveSpeak with the leader of the Companions
QUST:NNAMCompanionsRadiantMiscObjectiveTalk to the Companions leaders for work
QUST:NNAMCR01Return to
QUST:NNAMCR02Clear out
QUST:NNAMCR02Return to
QUST:NNAMCR03Collect s (/)
QUST:NNAMCR03Return to
QUST:NNAMCR04Intimidate in
QUST:NNAMCR04Return to
QUST:NNAMCR05Kill the leader of
QUST:NNAMCR05Return to
QUST:NNAMCR06Retrieve the from
QUST:NNAMCR06Return to
QUST:NNAMCR07Kill the escaped criminal
QUST:NNAMCR08Rescue from
QUST:NNAMCR08Escort back to
QUST:NNAMCR08Take your leave of
QUST:NNAMCR08Return to
QUST:NNAMCR09Assassinate the Silver Hand leader
QUST:NNAMCR09Return to
QUST:NNAMCR10Steal the plans from
QUST:NNAMCR10Return to Aela
QUST:NNAMCR11Retrieve the fragment of Wuuthrad
QUST:NNAMCR11Return to Aela
QUST:NNAMCR12Retrieve the Totem of Hircine
QUST:NNAMCR12Take the Totem to the Underforge
QUST:NNAMCR13Collect a Glenmoril Witch's head
QUST:NNAMCR13Cleanse of beastblood
QUST:NNAMCR13Kill 's wolf spirit
QUST:NNAMCR14Kill the dragon at
QUST:NNAMCW00AJoin the Imperial Legion
QUST:NNAMCW00BJoin the Stormcloak rebellion
QUST:NNAMCW01AClear out Fort Hraggstad
QUST:NNAMCW01AReport to Legate Rikke
QUST:NNAMCW01ATake the oath
QUST:NNAMCW01AOutfitImperialGet Imperial gear from Beirand
QUST:NNAMCW01BKill the Ice Wraith
QUST:NNAMCW01BReturn to Galmar
QUST:NNAMCW01BTake the oath
QUST:NNAMCW02ATalk to Legate Rikke
QUST:NNAMCW02ADeliver the crown to General Tullius
QUST:NNAMCW02AGet new orders
QUST:NNAMCW02AMeet Legate Rikke outside Korvanjund
QUST:NNAMCW02ADefeat the enemy soldiers. (/)
QUST:NNAMCW02ARetrieve the Jagged Crown
QUST:NNAMCW02AFollow Legate Rikke
QUST:NNAMCW02AFind a way past the ambush
QUST:NNAMCW02AFollow Legate Rikke
QUST:NNAMCW02AOpen the Hall of Stories door
QUST:NNAMCW02AFollow Legate Rikke
QUST:NNAMCW02AFind a way to open the gate
QUST:NNAMCW02ADefeat the Draugr (/)
QUST:NNAMCW02BTalk to Galmar
QUST:NNAMCW02BMeet Galmar outside Korvanjund
QUST:NNAMCW02BRetrieve the Jagged Crown
QUST:NNAMCW02BFind a way to open the gate
QUST:NNAMCW02BDeliver the crown to Ulfric Stormcloak
QUST:NNAMCW02BGet new orders
QUST:NNAMCW02BDefeat the enemy soldiers guarding Korvanjund. (/)
QUST:NNAMCW03Deliver message to the Jarl of Whiterun
QUST:NNAMCW03Deliver axe to the Jarl of Whiterun
QUST:NNAMCW03Assist Jarl Balgruuf with the dragon threat
QUST:NNAMCW03Wait for the Jarl's response
QUST:NNAMCW03Deliver axe to Jarl Ulfric
QUST:NNAMCW03Return to Whiterun and warn the Jarl
QUST:NNAMCW03Report to
QUST:NNAMCW03Wait for orders from Jarl Ulfric
QUST:NNAMCWCampaignObjReport to .
QUST:NNAMCWCampaignObjHelp conquer .
QUST:NNAMCWCampaignObjReport success to .
QUST:NNAMCWCampaignObjReport failure to .
QUST:NNAMCWCampaignObj[Optional] Find and escape with through the city.
QUST:NNAMCWFortSiegeCapitalJoin the men attacking
QUST:NNAMCWFortSiegeCapitalJoin the men defending
QUST:NNAMCWFortSiegeCapitalTake over by killing the enemy (% Remaining)
QUST:NNAMCWFortSiegeCapitalForce 's surrender
QUST:NNAMCWFortSiegeCapitalDefend by killing the enemy ( % Remaining)
QUST:NNAMCWFortSiegeFortJoin the men attacking
QUST:NNAMCWFortSiegeFortJoin the men defending
QUST:NNAMCWFortSiegeFortTake over by defeating the enemy (% Remaining)
QUST:NNAMCWFortSiegeFortForce 's surrender
QUST:NNAMCWFortSiegeFortDefend by killing the enemy ( % Remaining)
QUST:NNAMCWMiscObjTalk with .
QUST:NNAMCWMission03Find the
QUST:NNAMCWMission03Retrieve the 's package
QUST:NNAMCWMission03Bring the documents to
QUST:NNAMCWMission03Bring the forged documents to
QUST:NNAMCWMission04Meet the men near
QUST:NNAMCWMission04Sneak into the fort
QUST:NNAMCWMission04Free the prisoners
QUST:NNAMCWMission04Take over the fort
QUST:NNAMCWMission04Report back to
QUST:NNAMCWMission07Find evidence
QUST:NNAMCWMission07Report to
QUST:NNAMCWMission07Meet the men
QUST:NNAMCWMission07Follow and ambush enemy scout
QUST:NNAMCWMission07Take over the caravan
QUST:NNAMCWMission07Report to
QUST:NNAMCWMission07Report success to
QUST:NNAMCWObjRegain Falkreath Hold
QUST:NNAMCWObjLiberate Falkreath Hold
QUST:NNAMCWObjRegain the Pale
QUST:NNAMCWObjLiberate the Pale
QUST:NNAMCWObjRegain Winterhold Hold
QUST:NNAMCWObjLiberate Winterhold Hold
QUST:NNAMCWObjRegain Eastmarch
QUST:NNAMCWObjRegain the Rift
QUST:NNAMCWObjLiberate the Rift
QUST:NNAMCWObjReport to General Tullius
QUST:NNAMCWObjReport to Ulfric Stormcloak
QUST:NNAMCWObjLiberate Haafingar
QUST:NNAMCWObjRegain the Reach
QUST:NNAMCWObjLiberate the Reach
QUST:NNAMCWObjRegain Hjaalmarch
QUST:NNAMCWObjLiberate Hjaalmarch
QUST:NNAMCWObjRegain Whiterun Hold
QUST:NNAMCWObjLiberate Whiterun Hold
QUST:NNAMCWPostWhiterunObjReport to the Jarl of Whiterun
QUST:NNAMCWResolution01Rendezvous with army.
QUST:NNAMCWResolution01Destroy the barricade blocking the Jarl's house.
QUST:NNAMCWResolution01Force 's surrender.
QUST:NNAMCWResolution01Accept 's surrender.
QUST:NNAMCWResolution02Rendezvous with army.
QUST:NNAMCWResolution02Defend the barricade blocking the Jarl's house.
QUST:NNAMCWResolution02Protect the Jarl to prevent his surrender.
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeAttackObjMeet with the
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeAttackObjBreak through the Second Barricade
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeAttackObjBreak through the Final Barricade
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeAttackObjBreak through the enemy Barricade
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeAttackObjForce Jarl to surrender
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeAttackObjAccept Jarl 's surrender
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeAttackObjTake out the archers
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeAttackObjFollow the
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeAttackObjOpen the exterior gate
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeAttackObjFollow the
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeAttackObjOpen the drawbridge
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeAttackObjRegroup at the city gates
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeAttackObjBreak through the First Barricade
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeDefendObjMeet with the on the Front Line.
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeDefendObjJoin the General on the Front Line.
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeDefendObjHold the front line for as long as possible.
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeDefendObjDefend the Barricades
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeDefendObjDefend the Drawbridge
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeDefendObjFall back and defend the Barricade.
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeDefendObjDefend the Exterior Gate.
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeDefendObjDestroy Attackers (% Remaining)
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjGet your Orders from
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjAccept Jarl 's surrender
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjMeet with
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjDefend the Barricades
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjBreak through the Enemy Barricade
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjDefend the Drawbridge
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjDefend the Exterior Gate.
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjDefend the First Barricade
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjDefend the Second Barricade
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjDefend the Final Barricade
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjDestroy Attackers (% Remaining)
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjBreak through the Enemy Barricades
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjOpen the First Exterior Gate
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjOpen the Last Exterior Gate
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjForce Ulfric Stormcloak to surrender
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjForce General Tullius to surrender
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjExecute Ulfric Stormcloak
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjExecute General Tullius
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjOpen the Exterior Gate
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjOpen the Drawbridge
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjBreak through the First Barricade
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjBreak through the Second Barricade
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjBreak through the Final Barricade
QUST:NNAMCWSiegeObjForce Jarl to surrender
QUST:NNAMDA01Find the elven mage from Aranea's vision
QUST:NNAMDA01Speak to Nelacar
QUST:NNAMDA01Find Azura's Star
QUST:NNAMDA01Bring the Star to Aranea
QUST:NNAMDA01Bring the Star to Nelacar
QUST:NNAMDA01Speak to Azura
QUST:NNAMDA01Tell Azura you're ready to enter the Star
QUST:NNAMDA01Tell Nelacar you're ready to enter the Star
QUST:NNAMDA01Destroy Malyn Varen's soul
QUST:NNAMDA01IntroVisit the Shrine of Azura
QUST:NNAMDA02Find the shrine of Boethiah
QUST:NNAMDA02Find the cult of Boethiah
QUST:NNAMDA02Lead someone to become trapped by the shrine and slay them
QUST:NNAMDA02Slay the other cultists
QUST:NNAMDA02Slay everyone at stealthily
QUST:NNAMDA02Retrieve and equip the Ebony Mail
QUST:NNAMDA02Slay the Jarl of Solitude
QUST:NNAMDA02Speak to Boethiah's Conduit
QUST:NNAMDA02Speak to Boethiah's Conduit
QUST:NNAMDA02KillObjAssassinate the Jarl of Solitude
QUST:NNAMDA03Talk with Barbas
QUST:NNAMDA03Join Barbas outside Haemar's Shame
QUST:NNAMDA03Travel with Barbas to the shrine of Clavicus Vile
QUST:NNAMDA03Join Barbas outside Rimerock Burrow
QUST:NNAMDA03Retrieve the Rueful Axe with Barbas
QUST:NNAMDA03Join Barbas outside Haemar's Shame
QUST:NNAMDA03Return to the shrine of Clavicus Vile with Barbas and the Rueful Axe
QUST:NNAMDA03Give the Rueful Axe to Clavicus Vile OR kill Barbas with the Rueful Axe
QUST:NNAMDA03Speak to Clavicus Vile
QUST:NNAMDA03StartSpeak to Lod
QUST:NNAMDA03StartFind the Dog outside Falkreath
QUST:NNAMDA04Ask Urag about the insane book
QUST:NNAMDA04Bring blood to Septimus
QUST:NNAMDA04Take the Oghma Infinium
QUST:NNAMDA04Find Septimus Signus
QUST:NNAMDA04Transcribe the Lexicon
QUST:NNAMDA04Give the Lexicon to Septimus
QUST:NNAMDA04Return to Septimus
QUST:NNAMDA04Harvest High Elf blood
QUST:NNAMDA04Harvest Wood Elf blood
QUST:NNAMDA04Harvest Dark Elf blood
QUST:NNAMDA04Harvest Falmer blood
QUST:NNAMDA04Harvest Orc blood
QUST:NNAMDA05Speak to Sinding
QUST:NNAMDA05Kill the great beast
QUST:NNAMDA05Begin the hunt
QUST:NNAMDA05Join the hunt
QUST:NNAMDA05Kill Sinding
QUST:NNAMDA05Skin Sinding
QUST:NNAMDA05Speak with Hircine
QUST:NNAMDA05Kill the Hunters
QUST:NNAMDA05Talk to Sinding
QUST:NNAMDA06Find out what's happening in Largashbur
QUST:NNAMDA06Bring Troll Fat and a Daedra Heart to Atub
QUST:NNAMDA06Observe Atub's ritual
QUST:NNAMDA06Speak with Yamarz
QUST:NNAMDA06Meet Yamarz at Fallowstone Cave
QUST:NNAMDA06Protect Yamarz
QUST:NNAMDA06Defeat the giant
QUST:NNAMDA06Take Shagrol's Hammer back to Largashbur
QUST:NNAMDA06Place Shagrol's Hammer on the shrine in Largashbur
QUST:NNAMDA07Speak to Silus inside his house
QUST:NNAMDA07Speak to Mehrunes Dagon
QUST:NNAMDA07Reforge Mehrunes' Razor
QUST:NNAMDA07Retrieve the pommel of Mehrunes' Razor
QUST:NNAMDA07Claim Mehrunes' Razor
QUST:NNAMDA07Retrieve the blade shards of Mehrunes' Razor
QUST:NNAMDA07Retrieve the hilt of Mehrunes' Razor
QUST:NNAMDA07Bring the pommel stone to Silus
QUST:NNAMDA07Bring the blade shards to Silus
QUST:NNAMDA07Bring the hilt to Silus
QUST:NNAMDA07Meet Silus at the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon
QUST:NNAMDA07Speak to Mehrunes Dagon
QUST:NNAMDA07introVisit the museum in Dawnstar
QUST:NNAMDA08Find out what's wrong with Nelkir
QUST:NNAMDA08Listen to the whispering door
QUST:NNAMDA08Speak to Nelkir
QUST:NNAMDA08Obtain the key to the whispering door
QUST:NNAMDA08Open the whispering door
QUST:NNAMDA08Retrieve the Ebony Blade
QUST:NNAMDA08RumorPointerAsk about Balgruuf's strange children
QUST:NNAMDA09Find Meridia's beacon
QUST:NNAMDA09Bring Meridia's beacon to Mount Kilkreath
QUST:NNAMDA09Replace the beacon
QUST:NNAMDA09Guide Meridia's Light through the temple
QUST:NNAMDA09Destroy Malkoran
QUST:NNAMDA09Retrieve Dawnbreaker
QUST:NNAMDA10Search the abandoned house
QUST:NNAMDA10Find your reward
QUST:NNAMDA10Find the priest of Boethiah
QUST:NNAMDA10Free Logrolf
QUST:NNAMDA10Go to the abandoned house
QUST:NNAMDA10Beat Logrolf into submission
QUST:NNAMDA10Kill Logrolf
QUST:NNAMDA10Speak to Molag Bal
QUST:NNAMDA10MiscObjectiveSpeak to the witchhunter about the abandoned house
QUST:NNAMDA11Clear the Draugr from Reachcliff Cave
QUST:NNAMDA11Speak to Eola
QUST:NNAMDA11Convince Verulus to follow you
QUST:NNAMDA11Lead Verulus to the Shrine of Namira
QUST:NNAMDA11Kill Verulus
QUST:NNAMDA11Feast on Verulus
QUST:NNAMDA11IntroSpeak to Verulus about the Hall of the Dead
QUST:NNAMDA11IntroInvestigate the Hall of the Dead
QUST:NNAMDA11IntroTell Verulus the Hall of the dead is safe
QUST:NNAMDA13Obtain some Vampire Dust
QUST:NNAMDA13Obtain a Deathbell Flower
QUST:NNAMDA13Obtain a Silver Ingot
QUST:NNAMDA13Obtain a Flawless Ruby
QUST:NNAMDA13Deliver the Ingredients
QUST:NNAMDA13Inhale the fumes
QUST:NNAMDA13Kill Orchendor
QUST:NNAMDA13Report Orchendor's death to Peryite
QUST:NNAMDa13IntroFind Kesh at the Peryite Shrine
QUST:NNAMDA14Find Sam Guevenne
QUST:NNAMDA14Return the wedding ring to Ysolda in Whiterun
QUST:NNAMDA14Head to Morvunskar
QUST:NNAMDA14Find the Staff
QUST:NNAMDA14Search Morvunskar for Sam and the Staff
QUST:NNAMDA14Help clean up the Temple of Dibella
QUST:NNAMDA14Apologize to the priestesses of Dibella
QUST:NNAMDA14Ask about Sam and the staff in Rorikstead
QUST:NNAMDA14Find Gleda the Goat
QUST:NNAMDA14Bring Gleda the Goat back to Ennis in Rorikstead
QUST:NNAMDA14Talk to Ysolda in Whiterun about the staff
QUST:NNAMDA14Find the wedding ring in Witchmist Grove
QUST:NNAMDA14Take the wedding ring
QUST:NNAMDA14StartParticipate in a drinking contest with Sam Guenvere
QUST:NNAMDA15Gain access to the Pelagius Wing of the Blue Palace
QUST:NNAMDA15Use the key to gain access to the Pelagius Wing
QUST:NNAMDA15Search for Dervenin's master in the Pelagius Wing
QUST:NNAMDA15Use the Wabbajack to escape from Pelagius's Mind
QUST:NNAMDA15Escape from the Blue Palace
QUST:NNAMDA15RumorInvestigate the man wandering the streets near the Bards College
QUST:NNAMDA16Speak to Erandur
QUST:NNAMDA16Locate Vaermina's Torpor
QUST:NNAMDA16Speak to Erandur
QUST:NNAMDA16Drink Vaermina's Torpor
QUST:NNAMDA16Follow Erandur to Nightcaller Temple
QUST:NNAMDA16Release the Miasma
QUST:NNAMDA16Disable the Magical Barrier
QUST:NNAMDA16Speak to Erandur
QUST:NNAMDA16Follow Erandur to the Skull of Corruption
QUST:NNAMDA16Defeat Veren and Thorek
QUST:NNAMDA16Speak to Erandur
QUST:NNAMDA16Wait for Erandur to dispel the barrier
QUST:NNAMDA16Murder Erandur
QUST:NNAMDA16Allow Erandur to complete his ritual
QUST:NNAMDA16Take the Skull of Corruption
QUST:NNAMDA16Speak to Erandur
QUST:NNAMDA16Speak to Erandur
QUST:NNAMDA16Follow Erandur
QUST:NNAMDA16Follow Erandur to the Library
QUST:NNAMDA16Speak to Erandur
QUST:NNAMDA16Locate "The Dreamstride"
QUST:NNAMDA16Speak to Erandur
QUST:NNAMDA16Follow Erandur to the Laboratory
QUST:NNAMDA16Speak to Erandur
QUST:NNAMDarkBrotherhoodSanctuaryRepairEmploy Delvin Mallory's services
QUST:NNAMDarkwaterCrossingDerkeethusRescueQuestFind Derkeethus.
QUST:NNAMDarkwaterCrossingDerkeethusRescueQuestGet Derkeethus out of the cave.
QUST:NNAMDB01Talk to Aventus Aretino
QUST:NNAMDB01Kill Grelod the Kind
QUST:NNAMDB01Tell Aventus Aretino that Grelod is dead
QUST:NNAMDB01MiscTalk to the strange jester
QUST:NNAMDB01MiscConvince Loreius to fix the wheel
QUST:NNAMDB01MiscReport Cicero to the guard
QUST:NNAMDB01MiscConvince Loreius OR report Cicero
QUST:NNAMDB01MiscTalk to Loreius
QUST:NNAMDB01MiscTalk to Cicero
QUST:NNAMDB01MiscObjectiveTalk to the strange jester
QUST:NNAMDB01ObjectiveTalk to Aventus Aretino
QUST:NNAMDB02Kill one of the captives
QUST:NNAMDB02Speak with Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB02Enter the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
QUST:NNAMDB02Speak with Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB02aSpeak with Nazir
QUST:NNAMDB02aReceive the first set of contracts from Nazir
QUST:NNAMDB03Speak with Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB03Talk to Muiri
QUST:NNAMDB03Kill Alain Dufont
QUST:NNAMDB03(Optional) Kill Nilsine Shatter-Shield
QUST:NNAMDB03Talk to Muiri
QUST:NNAMDB03Report back to Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB04Hide in the Night Mother's coffin
QUST:NNAMDB04Eavesdrop on Cicero
QUST:NNAMDB04Talk to Cicero
QUST:NNAMDB04Talk to Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB04Receive a side contract from Nazir
QUST:NNAMDB04aSpeak with Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB04aSpeak with Amaund Motierre
QUST:NNAMDB04aTalk to Rexus
QUST:NNAMDB04aDeliver the letter and amulet to Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB04aShow the amulet to Delvin Mallory
QUST:NNAMDB04aReport back to Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB05Kill Vittoria Vici
QUST:NNAMDB05Report back to Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB06Speak with Gabriella
QUST:NNAMDB06(Optional) Steal Gaius Maro's travel schedule
QUST:NNAMDB06Kill Gaius Maro
QUST:NNAMDB06Plant the Incriminating Letter on Gaius Maro's body
QUST:NNAMDB06Report back to Gabriella
QUST:NNAMDB07Talk to Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB07Behold Shadowmere
QUST:NNAMDB07Search Cicero's room
QUST:NNAMDB07Read Cicero's diary
QUST:NNAMDB07Talk to Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB07Locate Arnbjorn
QUST:NNAMDB07Talk to Arnbjorn
QUST:NNAMDB07Enter the Dawnstar Sanctuary
QUST:NNAMDB07Kill Cicero
QUST:NNAMDB07Kill Cicero, or leave the Sanctuary
QUST:NNAMDB07Report back to Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB08Report to Festus Krex
QUST:NNAMDB08Question Anton Virane
QUST:NNAMDB08Kill Anton Virane
QUST:NNAMDB08Kill Balagog gro-Nolob
QUST:NNAMDB08(Optional) Drag Balagog's body to a hiding place
QUST:NNAMDB08Take the Writ of Passage
QUST:NNAMDB08Report back to Festus Krex
QUST:NNAMDB09Report to Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB09Report to Commander Maro
QUST:NNAMDB09Report to Gianna
QUST:NNAMDB09Report to Gianna while wearing a chef's hat
QUST:NNAMDB09Make the Potage le Magnifique
QUST:NNAMDB09Follow Gianna to the dining room
QUST:NNAMDB09Kill the Emperor
QUST:NNAMDB09Escape the Tower!
QUST:NNAMDB09Return to the Sanctuary
QUST:NNAMDB10Enter the Sanctuary
QUST:NNAMDB10(Optional) Retrieve the Blade of Woe
QUST:NNAMDB10Search for survivors
QUST:NNAMDB10Kill the Legion soldiers inside the Sanctuary (/5)
QUST:NNAMDB10Kill Nazir's attacker!
QUST:NNAMDB10Speak with Nazir
QUST:NNAMDB10Escape the Sanctuary
QUST:NNAMDB10Embrace the Night Mother
QUST:NNAMDB10Talk to Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB10Kill Astrid
QUST:NNAMDB10Return to the Night Mother
QUST:NNAMDB11Talk to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDB11Talk to Amaund Motierre
QUST:NNAMDB11Board the Katariah
QUST:NNAMDB11Kill the Emperor!
QUST:NNAMDB11(Optional) Kill Commander Maro
QUST:NNAMDB11Report to Amaund Motierre
QUST:NNAMDB11Retrieve the payment
QUST:NNAMDB11(Optional) Kill Amaund Motierre
QUST:NNAMDB11Report to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDBDestroyReport Astrid's death to a guard
QUST:NNAMDBDestroySpeak with Commander Maro
QUST:NNAMDBDestroyKill everyone in the Sanctuary!
QUST:NNAMDBDestroyReport back to Commander Maro
QUST:NNAMDBEvictionPay Nazir the fine
QUST:NNAMDBOlavaReadingMiscObjectiveReceive a reading from Olava the Feeble
QUST:NNAMDBOlavaReadingTreasureObjectiveLocate the assassin of old
QUST:NNAMDBrecurringApproach the Night Mother
QUST:NNAMDBrecurringSpeak with the contact
QUST:NNAMDBrecurringKill the target
QUST:NNAMDBRecurringControlQuestListen to the Night Mother
QUST:NNAMDBRecurringControlQuestSpeak with the contact
QUST:NNAMDBRecurringControlQuestKill the target
QUST:NNAMDBRecurringIntroMiscListen to the Night Mother
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract01Kill Narfi
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract01Report back to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract02Kill Ennodius Papius
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract02Report back to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract03Kill Beitild
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract03Report back to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract04Kill Hern
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract04Report back to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract05Kill Lurbuk
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract05Report back to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract06Kill Deekus
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract06Report back to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract07Kill Ma'randru-jo
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract07Report back to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract08Kill Anoriath
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract08Report back to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract09Kill Agnis
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract09Report back to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract10Kill Maluril
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract10Report back to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract11Kill Helvard
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract11Report back to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract12Kill Safia
QUST:NNAMDBSideContract12Report back to Nazir
QUST:NNAMDBTortureTreasureMiscObjective1Take the hidden treasure
QUST:NNAMDBTortureTreasureMiscObjective2Take the hidden treasure
QUST:NNAMDBTortureTreasureMiscObjective3Take the hidden treasure
QUST:NNAMDBTortureTreasureMiscObjective4Take the hidden treasure
QUST:NNAMDialogueCidhnaMineMine Silver Ore to serve your time
QUST:NNAMDialogueFollower is waiting for you
QUST:NNAMDialogueFollower is waiting for you
QUST:NNAMDialogueSolitudeGuardIntroTalk to Rikke about joining the Imperial Legion
QUST:NNAMDialogueTutorialFind Rjorn's Drum
QUST:NNAMDialogueTutorialGive Rjorn's Drum to Giraud
QUST:NNAMdunAngarvundeQSTDestroy the Draugr in Angarvunde (/3)
QUST:NNAMdunAngarvundeQSTTalk to Medresi in Angarvunde
QUST:NNAMdunAngarvundeQSTFind a way to open the gates
QUST:NNAMdunAngarvundeQSTOpen the other gate
QUST:NNAMdunAngarvundeQSTOpen the other gate
QUST:NNAMdunAngarvundeQSTReturn to Medresi
QUST:NNAMdunAngarvundeQSTDiscover the treasure of Angarvunde
QUST:NNAMdunAnsilvundQSTKill Lu'ah Al-Skaven in Ansilvund
QUST:NNAMdunBleakFallsBarrowQSTKill the Dragon
QUST:NNAMdunBlindCliffQSTKill the Hagraven Petra
QUST:NNAMdunDarklightQSTHelp Illia reach the top of Darklight Tower
QUST:NNAMdunDarklightQSTDefeat Illia's mother at the top of Darklight Tower
QUST:NNAMdunForelhostQST(Optional) Find Skorm Snow-Strider's journal
QUST:NNAMdunForelhostQST(Optional) Show Skorm Snow-Strider's journal to Valmir
QUST:NNAMdunForelhostQST(Optional) Find the key to the well in the Catacombs
QUST:NNAMdunForelhostQSTObtain Rahgot's mask
QUST:NNAMdunForelhostQSTReturn to Valmir
QUST:NNAMdunForelhostQSTKill the imposter Valmir
QUST:NNAMdunFrostflowAbyssQSTFind the source of the murders in Frostflow Lighthouse
QUST:NNAMdunFrostmereCryptQST(Optional) Learn more about the theft in Frostmere Crypt
QUST:NNAMdunFrostmereCryptQSTFollow Kyr and Ra'jirr into the tunnels
QUST:NNAMdunFrostmereCryptQSTFind the stolen sword
QUST:NNAMdunFrostmereCryptQSTBanish the Pale Lady
QUST:NNAMdunFrostmereToggleQSTBanish the Pale Lady
QUST:NNAMdunGauldursonQSTInvestigate the cryptic message
QUST:NNAMdunGauldursonQSTInvestigate the Gauldur legend
QUST:NNAMdunGauldursonQSTLearn the truth from Daynas Valen
QUST:NNAMdunGauldursonQSTRead Daynas Valen's notes
QUST:NNAMdunGauldursonQSTFind the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Folgunthur
QUST:NNAMdunGauldursonQSTFind the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Geirmund's Hall
QUST:NNAMdunGauldursonQSTFind the Gauldur Amulet Fragment in Saarthal
QUST:NNAMdunGauldursonQSTReforge the Gauldur Amulet
QUST:NNAMdunGauldursonQSTTake the Gauldur Amulet
QUST:NNAMdunHighGateRuinsQSTFind And Return Anska's Scroll To Her
QUST:NNAMdunHighGateRuinsQSTHelp Anska Retrieve Her Scroll
QUST:NNAMdunHighGateRuinsQSTReturn The Scroll To Anska
QUST:NNAMdunHillgrundsTombQST(Optional) Protect Golldir
QUST:NNAMdunHillgrundsTombQSTDefeat Vals Veran
QUST:NNAMdunHillgrundsTombQSTFind the Secret Passage in Hillgrund's Tomb
QUST:NNAMdunHillgrundsTombQSTSpeak with Golldir
QUST:NNAMdunHunterQSTDefeat the Guardian Mudcrab
QUST:NNAMdunHunterQSTDefeat the Guardian Skeever
QUST:NNAMdunHunterQSTDefeat the Guardian Wolf
QUST:NNAMdunHunterQSTReturn to Froki
QUST:NNAMdunHunterQSTDefeat the Guardian Bear
QUST:NNAMdunHunterQSTDefeat the Guardian Mammoth
QUST:NNAMdunHunterQSTDefeat the Guardian Sabre Cat
QUST:NNAMdunHunterQSTReturn to Froki
QUST:NNAMdunHunterQSTDefeat the Guardian Troll
QUST:NNAMdunHunterQSTReturn to Froki
QUST:NNAMdunMistwatchQSTSearch Mistwatch for Fjola
QUST:NNAMdunMistwatchQSTReturn to Christer
QUST:NNAMdunMistwatchQSTReport back to Fjola
QUST:NNAMdunMossMotherQSTLocate Valdr's hunting party.
QUST:NNAMdunMossMotherQSTHeal Valdr's injuries.
QUST:NNAMdunMossMotherQSTClear out Moss Mother Cavern.
QUST:NNAMdunMossMotherQSTReturn to Valdr.
QUST:NNAMdunNchuandZelQstRecover Stromm's journal
QUST:NNAMdunNchuandZelQstRecover Erj's journal
QUST:NNAMdunNchuandZelQstRecover Krag's journal
QUST:NNAMdunNchuandZelQstRecover Staubs' journal
QUST:NNAMdunNchuandZelQstRe-activate Nchuand-Zel's automated defenses
QUST:NNAMdunNchuandZelQstFind someone who knows about the expedition.
QUST:NNAMdunNilheimQSTEscort Telrav to his camp.
QUST:NNAMdunNilheimQSTWait for Telrav to return with your reward
QUST:NNAMdunNilheimQSTKill Telrav
QUST:NNAMdunRagnvaldQSTUnlock the Sarcophagus in Ragnvald
QUST:NNAMdunRebelsCairnQSTFind Red Eagle's sword
QUST:NNAMdunRebelsCairnQSTUnlock the secret of Red Eagle's Tomb
QUST:NNAMdunShipwreck04QSTSearch the wreck below for the jewelry box.
QUST:NNAMdunShipwreck04QSTReturn the box to Trius for the promised reward.
QUST:NNAMdunSleepingTreeCampQSTSpeak to Ysolda about Sleeping Tree Sap
QUST:NNAMdunSouthfringeQSTHelp Selveni Nethri escape the cave.
QUST:NNAMdunTrevasWatchQSTUse the backdoor to gain access to Treva's Watch
QUST:NNAMdunTrevasWatchQSTUse the lever to open the gate to Treva's Watch.
QUST:NNAMdunTrevasWatchQSTMeet up with Stalleo in the courtyard.
QUST:NNAMdunValthumeQSTCollect the Vessels (/3)
QUST:NNAMdunValthumeQSTPerform the ritual with Valdar
QUST:NNAMdunValthumeQSTDefeat Hevnoraak
QUST:NNAMdunVolunruudQSTLocate The Ceremonial Weapons
QUST:NNAMdunVolunruudQSTOpen the Elder's Cairn
QUST:NNAMdunVolunruudQSTDefeat Kvenel
QUST:NNAMdunYngolBarrowQSTExplore Yngol's Barrow
QUST:NNAMdunYngolBarrowQSTEscape Yngol's Barrow
QUST:NNAMFavor001Deliver to
QUST:NNAMFavor013Talk to about
QUST:NNAMFavor013Tell that is taken care of
QUST:NNAMFavor018Steal the for
QUST:NNAMFavor018Bring the to
QUST:NNAMFavor019Plant in
QUST:NNAMFavor019Tell has been planted
QUST:NNAMFavor104Kill the leader of
QUST:NNAMFavor104Tell the bandit is dead
QUST:NNAMFavor109Kill the leader of
QUST:NNAMFavor109Tell the vampire is dead
QUST:NNAMFavor110Bring one to
QUST:NNAMFavor151Kill the leader of
QUST:NNAMFavor151Return to
QUST:NNAMFavor153Kill the giant in
QUST:NNAMFavor153Return to
QUST:NNAMFavor154Kill the leader of
QUST:NNAMFavor154Return to
QUST:NNAMFavor157Find for
QUST:NNAMFavor157Bring to
QUST:NNAMFavor158Find inside
QUST:NNAMFavor158Return to
QUST:NNAMFavor204Find inside
QUST:NNAMFavor204Return to
QUST:NNAMFavor205Find inside
QUST:NNAMFavor205Return to
QUST:NNAMFavor250Purchase a house in Markarth
QUST:NNAMFavor250Return to
QUST:NNAMFavor252Purchase a house in Solitude
QUST:NNAMFavor252Return to
QUST:NNAMFavor253Purchase a house in Whiterun
QUST:NNAMFavor253Return to
QUST:NNAMFavor254Purchase a house in Windhelm
QUST:NNAMFavor254Return to
QUST:NNAMFavor255Return to
QUST:NNAMFavor256Return to
QUST:NNAMFavor257Return to
QUST:NNAMFavor258Return to
QUST:NNAMFavorJarlsMakeFriendsAssist the people of the Reach (/)
QUST:NNAMFavorJarlsMakeFriendsAssist the people of the Rift (/)
QUST:NNAMFavorJarlsMakeFriendsAssist the people of Haafingar (/)
QUST:NNAMFavorJarlsMakeFriendsAssist the people of Whiterun (/)
QUST:NNAMFavorJarlsMakeFriendsAssist the people of Eastmarch (/)
QUST:NNAMFavorJarlsMakeFriendsAssist the people of Hjaalmarch (/)
QUST:NNAMFavorJarlsMakeFriendsAssist the people of the Pale (/)
QUST:NNAMFavorJarlsMakeFriendsAssist the people of Winterhold (/)
QUST:NNAMFavorJarlsMakeFriendsAssist the people of Falkreath (/)
QUST:NNAMFavorOrcsIntroFind the Forgemaster's Fingers
QUST:NNAMFavorOrcsIntroBring the Forgemaster's Fingers to
QUST:NNAMFreeformCaravansAFind the inside
QUST:NNAMFreeformCaravansAReturn the to
QUST:NNAMFreeformCidhnaMineATalk to Grisvar about getting a shiv
QUST:NNAMFreeformCidhnaMineAGet a bottle of Skooma for Grisvar
QUST:NNAMFreeformCidhnaMineABring Grisvar the Skooma
QUST:NNAMFreeformDragonBridge01Steal the for Olda
QUST:NNAMFreeformDragonBridge01Bring the to Olda
QUST:NNAMFreeformDushnikhYalADeliver Gharol's sword to Lash
QUST:NNAMFreeformFalkreathQuest01Buy the Book off Lod
QUST:NNAMFreeformFalkreathQuest01Turn Lod in to Kust
QUST:NNAMFreeformFalkreathQuest03Tell Dengeir that Vighar is dead
QUST:NNAMFreeformFalkreathQuest03BDestroy the vampire Vighar
QUST:NNAMFreeformHeartwoodMillReport Leifnarr's death to his family
QUST:NNAMFreeformHeartwoodMillFind Leifnarr
QUST:NNAMFreeformHeartwoodMillReturn to Grosta
QUST:NNAMFreeformHighHrothgarAFind the Word of Power in
QUST:NNAMFreeformIvarstead01Investigate Shroud Hearth Barrow
QUST:NNAMFreeformIvarstead01Bring Wyndelius's Journal to Wilhelm
QUST:NNAMFreeformIvarstead02Ask Wilhelm about Reyda
QUST:NNAMFreeformIvarstead02Locate Reyda's remains
QUST:NNAMFreeformIvarstead02Bring Reyda's Necklace to Narfi
QUST:NNAMFreeformIvarstead03Gather 10 bear pelts for Temba Wide-Arms (/)
QUST:NNAMFreeformIvarstead03Return to Temba Wide-Arms
QUST:NNAMFreeformIvarstead04Bring the supplies to High Hrothgar
QUST:NNAMFreeformIvarstead04Return to Klimmek
QUST:NNAMFreeformKarthwastenAConvince Atar to leave Sauranach Mine
QUST:NNAMFreeformKarthwastenAConvince Ainethach to sell Saunaruch Mine
QUST:NNAMFreeformKarthwastenATell Ainethach that Atar has been dealt with
QUST:NNAMFreeformKarthwastenATell Atar that Ainethach has been dealt with
QUST:NNAMFreeformKolskeggrAClear the Forsworn from Kolskeggr Mine
QUST:NNAMFreeformKolskeggrATell Pavo that Kolskeggr Mine is cleared
QUST:NNAMFreeformKynesgroveABring some Frost Salts to
QUST:NNAMFreeformMarkarthDDeliver the ring to Calcelmo
QUST:NNAMFreeformMarkarthERetrieve Lisbet's shipment from
QUST:NNAMFreeformMarkarthEBring the Dibella Statue to Lisbet
QUST:NNAMFreeformMarkarthJDeliver the to
QUST:NNAMFreeformMarkarthLBring The Last Scabbard of Akrash to Ghorza
QUST:NNAMFreeformMarkarthMFind evidence of Ogmund's Talos worship
QUST:NNAMFreeformMarkarthMBring Ogmund's Amulet of Talos to Ondolemar
QUST:NNAMFreeformMarkarthNBring a Daedra's Heart to Moth
QUST:NNAMFreeformMarkarthOKill Nimhe inside Nchuand-Zel
QUST:NNAMFreeformMarkarthOTell Calcelmo that Nimhe is dead
QUST:NNAMFreeformMerryfairFarmRetrieve Dravin's Bow
QUST:NNAMFreeformMerryfairFarmReturn Dravin's Bow
QUST:NNAMFreeformMorthalBDeliver Gorm's letter to Captain Aldis
QUST:NNAMFreeformOldHroldanBBring Hjalti's Sword to the Ghost of Old Hroldan
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften01Report skooma source to Jarl of Riften
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften01Find the skooma dealers in Cragslane Cavern
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften01Disrupt the skooma operation
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften01Report to the Jarl of Riften
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften02Discover Svidi's whereabouts
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften02Tell Sibbi Black-Briar about Lynly
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften02Lie to Sibbi Black-Briar about Lynly
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften03Deliver Mead to Wilhelm
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften03Show Mead to Indaryn
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften04Find 20 nirnroot for Ingun Black-Briar (/)
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften04Bring the nirnroot to Ingun Black-Briar
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften04Find 20 nightshade for Ingun Black-Briar (/)
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften04Bring the nightshade to Ingun Black-Briar
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften04Find 20 deathbell for Ingun Black-Briar (/)
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften04Bring the deathbell to Ingun Black-Briar
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften04Speak to Ingun Black-Briar
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften05Distribute the Warmth of Mara within Riften (/)
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften05Return to Dinya
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften06Get 3 flawless amethysts for Talen-Jei (/)
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften06Return to Talen-Jei
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften07Find 5 Ice Wraith Teeth for Marise (/)
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften07Return to Marise
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften08Locate a clue about Brand-Shei's past
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften08Return to Brand-Shei
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften09Locate Grimsever
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften09Return to Mjoll
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften10Bring 10 fire salts to Balimund (/)
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften10Return to Balimund
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften11Obtain a Mark of Dibella from Bolli
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften11Obtain a Mark of Dibella from Hofgrir
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften11Obtain a Mark of Dibella from Indaryn
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften11Confront Haelga with the Marks of Dibella
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften11Speak to Svana
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften12Give Wujeeta a healing potion
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften13Bring Alessandra's Dagger to Andurs in Whiterun
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften13Return to Alessandra
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften14Retrieve Wylandriah's Spoon
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften14Retrieve Wylandriah's Ingot
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften14Retrieve Wylandriah's Soul Gem
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften14Return to Wylandriah
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften15Deliver the purchase agreement to Kleppr in Markarth
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften16Pick up Harrald's Sword from Balimund
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften16Deliver Harrald's Sword
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften17Obtain Ore Sample from Filnjar
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften17Return Ore Sample to Hafjorg
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften18Find 2 flawless sapphires for Madesi (/)
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften18Bring the flawless sapphires to Madesi
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften18Find a mammoth tusk for Madesi (/)
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften18Bring the mammoth tusks to Madesi
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften18Find gold ore for Madesi (/)
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften18Bring the gold ore to Madesi
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften18Speak to Madesi
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften19Defeat Hofgrir in an unarmed brawl
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften20Identify Riften's skooma dealer
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften20Report Sarthis Idren to the Jarl of Riften
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften20Enter Riften Warehouse
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften20Eliminate Sarthis Idren
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften20Recover skooma source information
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften21Enter Yngvild Barrow
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften21Retrieve Arondil's Journals (/)
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften21Return to Vekel
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften22Speak to Sapphire about Shadr's debt
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiften22Return to Shadr
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiftenThaneSpeak to the Jarl of Riften
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiftenThanePurchase Honeyside from Riften's Steward
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiftenThaneReturn to the Jarl of Riften
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiverwood01Deliver Faendal's letter to Camilla
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiverwood01(Optional) Tell Sven about Faendal's letter
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiverwood01Deliver Sven's letter to Camilla
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiverwood01(Optional) Tell Faendal about Sven's letter
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiverwood01Talk to Faendal
QUST:NNAMFreeformRiverwood01Talk to Sven
QUST:NNAMFreeformSalviusFarmADeliver Rogatus's letter to Leonitus
QUST:NNAMFreeformSarethiFarmFind 20 Jazbay (/)
QUST:NNAMFreeformSarethiFarmBring the Jazbay to Avrusa Sarethi
QUST:NNAMFreeformShipsDawnstarFind the for
QUST:NNAMFreeformShipsDawnstarBring the to
QUST:NNAMFreeformShipsWindhelmKill the leader of
QUST:NNAMFreeformShipsWindhelmReturn to
QUST:NNAMFreeformShorsStone01Clear Redbelly Mine of spiders
QUST:NNAMFreeformShorsStone01Return to Filnjar
QUST:NNAMFreeformShorsStone02Deliver the satchel to Verner in Darkwater Crossing
QUST:NNAMFreeformShorsStone02Return to Sylgja
QUST:NNAMFreeformSkyhavenTempleABring a follower to Delphine
QUST:NNAMFreeformSkyhavenTempleABring a follower to Delphine
QUST:NNAMFreeformSkyhavenTempleABring a follower to Delphine
QUST:NNAMFreeformSkyhavenTempleAAsk Esbern about dragon lairs
QUST:NNAMFreeformSkyHavenTempleBKill the Dragon in
QUST:NNAMFreeformSkyHavenTempleBReturn to Esbern
QUST:NNAMFreeformSkyHavenTempleDBring a Dragon Scale and a Dragon Bone to Esbern
QUST:NNAMFreeformSoljundsSinkholeAClear Soljund's Sinkhole of Draugr
QUST:NNAMFreeformSoljundsSinkholeATell Perth that the Draugr are dead
QUST:NNAMFreeformStonehillsASpeak with Bryling
QUST:NNAMFreeformValdDebtTalk to Maven about Vald's debt
QUST:NNAMFreeformValdDebtLocate the Quill of Gemination under Lake Honrich
QUST:NNAMFreeformValdDebtBring the Quill of Gemination to Maven
QUST:NNAMFreeformWhiterunQuest01Convince Braith to stop bullying Lars
QUST:NNAMFreeformWhiterunQuest02Steal the Argonian Ale
QUST:NNAMFreeformWhiterunQuest02Give the Argonian Ale to Brenuin
QUST:NNAMFreeformWhiterunQuest03Deliver the sword to Proventus Avenicci
QUST:NNAMFreeformWhiterunQuest04Recover Andurs' Amulet of Arkay
QUST:NNAMFreeformWhiterunQuest04Return the amulet to Andurs
QUST:NNAMFreeformWhiterunQuest05Give the Frost Salts to Arcadia
QUST:NNAMFreeformWindhelmADeliver the to
QUST:NNAMFreeformWinterholdAPlace the burial urn in Yngol Barrow
QUST:NNAMHousePurchaseVisit Breezehome, your new house
QUST:NNAMHousePurchaseVisit Proudspire Manor, your new house
QUST:NNAMHousePurchaseVisit Honeyside, your new house
QUST:NNAMHousePurchaseVisit Vlindrel Hall, your new house
QUST:NNAMHousePurchaseVisit Hjerim, your new house
QUST:NNAMJailQuestRetrieve your posessions
QUST:NNAMMG01Join the College of Winterhold
QUST:NNAMMG01Cast a Mage Light spell
QUST:NNAMMG01Summon a Flame Atronach
QUST:NNAMMG01Cast a Firebolt spell
QUST:NNAMMG01Cast a Fear Spell
QUST:NNAMMG01Cast a Healing Hands spell
QUST:NNAMMG01Report to Mirabelle Ervine
QUST:NNAMMG01Tour the College of Winterhold
QUST:NNAMMG01Listen to Tolfdir
QUST:NNAMMG01PointerVisit the College of Winterhold
QUST:NNAMMG02Meet Tolfdir outside Saarthal
QUST:NNAMMG02Follow Tolfdir
QUST:NNAMMG02Find Arniel Gane
QUST:NNAMMG02Search for magical artifacts (/)
QUST:NNAMMG02Use the Saarthal Amulet to escape the trap
QUST:NNAMMG02Follow Tolfdir
QUST:NNAMMG02Tell Tolfdir about the vision
QUST:NNAMMG02Follow Tolfdir
QUST:NNAMMG02Find the danger within Saarthal
QUST:NNAMMG02Talk to the Arch-Mage
QUST:NNAMMG03Speak with Mirabelle Ervine
QUST:NNAMMG03Speak with Urag gro-Shub
QUST:NNAMMG03Find the stolen books (/)
QUST:NNAMMG03(Optional) Free Orthorn
QUST:NNAMMG03Return the books
QUST:NNAMMG04Speak with Tolfdir
QUST:NNAMMG04Listen to Tolfdir
QUST:NNAMMG04Follow Ancano
QUST:NNAMMG04Speak with Quaranir
QUST:NNAMMG04Find the Augur of Dunlain
QUST:NNAMMG04Report to Savos Aren
QUST:NNAMMG05Assess the damage to the Great Hall
QUST:NNAMMG05Find the Arch-Mage
QUST:NNAMMG05Protect the town of Winterhold
QUST:NNAMMG05Defeat the creatures infesting Winterhold (/)
QUST:NNAMMG05Report to Mirabelle Ervine
QUST:NNAMmg06Speak with Mirabelle Ervine
QUST:NNAMmg06Report to Savos Aren
QUST:NNAMmg06Reach Ancano
QUST:NNAMmg06Find the ruins of Mzulft
QUST:NNAMmg06Search for Synod researchers
QUST:NNAMmg06Reach the Oculory
QUST:NNAMmg06Find the Focusing Crystal
QUST:NNAMmg06Return the Crystal to Paratus
QUST:NNAMmg06Follow Paratus
QUST:NNAMmg06Place the Crystal into the Oculory
QUST:NNAMmg06Focus the Oculory
QUST:NNAMmg06Talk to Paratus
QUST:NNAMMG07Enter Labyrinthian
QUST:NNAMMG07Find the Staff of Magnus
QUST:NNAMMG07Defeat the Dragon Priest
QUST:NNAMMG07Retrieve the Staff of Magnus
QUST:NNAMMG07Exit Labrynthian
QUST:NNAMMG07Escape the Thalmor
QUST:NNAMMG07Find a way out of Labrynthian
QUST:NNAMMG07Return to Tolfdir
QUST:NNAMMG08Use the Staff of Magnus to enter the College of Winterhold
QUST:NNAMMG08Reach the Hall of the Elements
QUST:NNAMMG08Defeat Ancano
QUST:NNAMMG08Talk to Tolfdir
QUST:NNAMMG08Speak with Quaranir
QUST:NNAMMGR02Cleanse the focal points for magical energies around the College
QUST:NNAMMGR02Return to Drevis Neloren
QUST:NNAMMGR10Go to in and pick up the item
QUST:NNAMMGR10Return the item to Sergius Turrianus
QUST:NNAMMGR12Bring a Filled Grand Soul Gem to Sergius Turrianus
QUST:NNAMMGR20Find the copy of
QUST:NNAMMGR20Return the book to Urag gro-Shub
QUST:NNAMMGR20BFind the copy of
QUST:NNAMMGR20BReturn the book to Urag gro-Shub
QUST:NNAMMGR21Find Shalidor's writings
QUST:NNAMMGR21Talk to Urag
QUST:NNAMMGR30Close the Rupture
QUST:NNAMMGR30Return to Tolfdir
QUST:NNAMMGRAppBrelyna01Wait for Brelyna's spell to wear off
QUST:NNAMMGRAppBrelyna01Speak to Brelyna
QUST:NNAMMGRAppJzargo01Test J'zargo's Flame Cloak spell on the undead (/)
QUST:NNAMMGRAppJzargo01Speak to J'zargo
QUST:NNAMMGRAppOnmund01Speak with Enthir
QUST:NNAMMGRAppOnmund01Find the staff for Enthir
QUST:NNAMMGRAppOnmund01Deliver the staff to Enthir
QUST:NNAMMGRAppOnmund01Deliver the amulet to Onmund
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel01Deliver ten cogs to Arniel Gane
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel02Speak to Enthir
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel02Acquire the Staff
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel02Deliver the staff to Enthir
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel02Talk to Arniel
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel03Place the warped soul gem into a Convector
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel03Place the warped soul gem into another Convector
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel03Place the warpred soul gem into a final Convector
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel03Heat the Convector
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel03Retrieve the soul gem
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel03Deliver the soul gem to Arniel
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel04Talk to Enthir
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel04Find the courier
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel04Deliver the package to Arniel
QUST:NNAMMGRArniel04Observe Arniel's experiment
QUST:NNAMMGRejoinQuestSpeak with Tolfdir
QUST:NNAMMGRejoinQuestGive Tolfdir 250 gold to lift your suspension
QUST:NNAMMGRejoinQuestPay Tolfidr 500 gold to lift your suspension
QUST:NNAMMGRejoinQuestPay Tolfidr 1000 gold to lift your suspension
QUST:NNAMMGRitual01Complete the book Powers of the Elements
QUST:NNAMMGRitual02Bring the Four Master Illusion texts to Drevis Neloren
QUST:NNAMMGRitual03Summon and subdue an Unbound Dremora
QUST:NNAMMGRitual03Deliver the stone to Phinis
QUST:NNAMMGRitual04Gain the Augur's approval
QUST:NNAMMGRitual05Use Kavohzein's Fang to collect Heartscales
QUST:NNAMMGRitual05Bring Dragon Heartscales to Tolfdir
QUST:NNAMMGRRogueDeal with the rogue wizard
QUST:NNAMMGRRogueReturn to Tolfdir
QUST:NNAMMQ101Make your way to the Keep
QUST:NNAMMQ101Enter the Keep with Hadvar or Ralof
QUST:NNAMMQ101Find some equipment
QUST:NNAMMQ101Loot Gunjar's body
QUST:NNAMMQ101(Optional) Search the barrel for potions
QUST:NNAMMQ101(Optional) Attempt to pick the lock to the cage
QUST:NNAMMQ101Escape Helgen
QUST:NNAMMQ102Talk to in Riverwood
QUST:NNAMMQ102(Optional) Travel to Riverwood with
QUST:NNAMMQ102Talk to the Jarl of Whiterun
QUST:NNAMMQ103Talk to Farengar
QUST:NNAMMQ103Retrieve the Dragonstone
QUST:NNAMMQ103Deliver the Dragonstone to Farengar
QUST:NNAMMQ104Talk to Jarl Balgruuf
QUST:NNAMMQ104Meet Irileth near the Western Watchtower
QUST:NNAMMQ104Kill the dragon
QUST:NNAMMQ104Investigate the dragon
QUST:NNAMMQ104Report back to Jarl Balgruuf
QUST:NNAMMQ104(Optional) Use your new Shout power
QUST:NNAMMQ105Speak to the Greybeards
QUST:NNAMMQ105Demonstrate your "Unrelenting Force" Shout
QUST:NNAMMQ105Speak to Arngeir
QUST:NNAMMQ105Learn the Word of Power from Einarth
QUST:NNAMMQ105Demonstrate your "Unrelenting Force" Shout (/)
QUST:NNAMMQ105Learn the Word of Power from Borri
QUST:NNAMMQ105Demonstrate your "Whirlwind Sprint" Shout
QUST:NNAMMQ105Speak to Arngeir for further training
QUST:NNAMMQ105UstengravRetrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller
QUST:NNAMMQ105UstengravRead the note
QUST:NNAMMQ105UstengravMeet with whoever took the horn
QUST:NNAMMQ105UstengravReturn the horn to Arngeir
QUST:NNAMMQ105UstengravLearn the Word of Power from Wulfgar
QUST:NNAMMQ105UstengravReceive the Greybeards' greeting
QUST:NNAMMQ106Talk to Delphine
QUST:NNAMMQ106Locate the dragon burial site
QUST:NNAMMQ106Kill the dragon Sahloknir
QUST:NNAMMQ106Talk to Delphine
QUST:NNAMMQ201Meet Delphine in Riverwood
QUST:NNAMMQ201Talk to Delphine
QUST:NNAMMQ201Meet Malborn in Solitude
QUST:NNAMMQ201Give Malborn the equipment
QUST:NNAMMQ201Meet Delphine at the stables
QUST:NNAMMQ201Talk to Malborn
QUST:NNAMMQ201Create a distraction and get away from the party
QUST:NNAMMQ201(Optional) Retrieve your gear
QUST:NNAMMQ201Search for information about the dragons returning
QUST:NNAMMQ201Search the torture chamber
QUST:NNAMMQ201Escape the Thalmor Embassy
QUST:NNAMMQ201MalbornFind the Thalmor assassin
QUST:NNAMMQ201MalbornTell Malborn the assassin is dead
QUST:NNAMMQ201RecoverGearMISCRecover your equipment
QUST:NNAMMQ202Talk to Brynjolf
QUST:NNAMMQ202Search the Ratway for Esbern's hideout
QUST:NNAMMQ202Find Esbern in the Ratway Warrens
QUST:NNAMMQ202Talk to Esbern
QUST:NNAMMQ203Escort Esbern to Riverwood
QUST:NNAMMQ203Talk to Esbern
QUST:NNAMMQ203Gain entrance to Sky Haven Temple
QUST:NNAMMQ203Learn the secret of Alduin's Wall
QUST:NNAMMQ204Talk to Arngeir
QUST:NNAMMQ204Learn the "Clear Skies" Shout
QUST:NNAMMQ204Use the "Clear Skies" Shout to open the path
QUST:NNAMMQ204Talk to Paarthurnax
QUST:NNAMMQ204Learn the Word of Power from Paarthurnax
QUST:NNAMMQ204Use your "Fire Breath" Shout on Paarthurnax
QUST:NNAMMQ204Talk to Paarthurnax
QUST:NNAMMQ205Learn the location of the Elder Scroll
QUST:NNAMMQ205(Optional) Talk to Esbern
QUST:NNAMMQ205(Optional) Talk to Arngeir
QUST:NNAMMQ205Recover the Elder Scroll
QUST:NNAMMQ206Read the Elder Scroll at the Time-Wound
QUST:NNAMMQ206Learn the "Dragonrend" Shout from the Nord heroes
QUST:NNAMMQ206Defeat Alduin
QUST:NNAMMQ301Talk to Paarthurnax
QUST:NNAMMQ301Talk to Arngeir
QUST:NNAMMQ301Talk to Esbern
QUST:NNAMMQ301Talk to the Jarl of Whiterun
QUST:NNAMMQ301Get Greybeards' help in negotiating a truce
QUST:NNAMMQ301Learn Shout to call Odahviing
QUST:NNAMMQ301Prepare trap for Odahviing
QUST:NNAMMQ301Call Odahviing to Dragonsreach
QUST:NNAMMQ301Defeat and trap Odahviing
QUST:NNAMMQ301Interrogate Odahviing
QUST:NNAMMQ302Talk to Arngeir
QUST:NNAMMQ302Talk to General Tullius
QUST:NNAMMQ302Talk to Ulfric Stormcloak
QUST:NNAMMQ302Talk to Arngeir
QUST:NNAMMQ302Take your seat
QUST:NNAMMQ302Negotiate a truce
QUST:NNAMMQ303Set Odahviing free
QUST:NNAMMQ303Talk to Odahviing
QUST:NNAMMQ303Reach Alduin's portal to Sovngarde
QUST:NNAMMQ303Enter Sovngarde
QUST:NNAMMQ304Find out how to defeat Alduin
QUST:NNAMMQ304Gain admittance to the Hall of Valor
QUST:NNAMMQ304Talk to the heroes of Sovngarde
QUST:NNAMMQ305Help the heroes of Sovngarde dispel Alduin's mist
QUST:NNAMMQ305Defeat Alduin
QUST:NNAMMQ306Speak to Tsun to return to Skyrim
QUST:NNAMMQPaarthurnaxKill Paarthurnax
QUST:NNAMMQPaarthurnaxTalk to Delphine
QUST:NNAMMS01Go to the Shrine of Talos
QUST:NNAMMS01Read Thonar's Journal
QUST:NNAMMS01Find evidence about Nepos
QUST:NNAMMS01Find evidence about Margret
QUST:NNAMMS01Read Nepos's Journal
QUST:NNAMMS01Return to Eltrys
QUST:NNAMMS01Read Margret's Journal
QUST:NNAMMS01Find evidence about Weylin
QUST:NNAMMS01Read Weylin's Note
QUST:NNAMMS01Find out who "N" is
QUST:NNAMMS01(Optional) Obtain the key to Margret's room
QUST:NNAMMS01(Optional) Talk to Margret
QUST:NNAMMS01(Optional) Obtain the key to Weylin's room
QUST:NNAMMS01Find evidence about Thonar
QUST:NNAMMS01MiscObjectivesRead Eltrys' Note
QUST:NNAMMS02Ask a prisoner about Madanach
QUST:NNAMMS02Read Madanach's note
QUST:NNAMMS02Escape Cidhna Mine
QUST:NNAMMS02Get past Borkul the Beast
QUST:NNAMMS02Talk to Madanach
QUST:NNAMMS02Hear Braig's story
QUST:NNAMMS02Return to Madanach
QUST:NNAMMS02Kill Grisvar the Unlucky
QUST:NNAMMS02Return to Madanach
QUST:NNAMMS02Follow Madanach
QUST:NNAMMS02Kill Madanach
QUST:NNAMMS02Search Madanach's body
QUST:NNAMMS03Listen to Louis Letrush's offer
QUST:NNAMMS03Speak to Sibbi Black-Briar
QUST:NNAMMS03(Optional) Steal the Lodge Stash
QUST:NNAMMS03Steal Frost's Lineage Papers
QUST:NNAMMS03Steal Frost
QUST:NNAMMS03Return to Louis Letrush
QUST:NNAMMS04Speak to From Deepest Fathoms
QUST:NNAMMS04Take the Lexicon to Avanchnzel
QUST:NNAMMS05Find King Olaf's Verse
QUST:NNAMMS05Speak to Jorn after dusk
QUST:NNAMMS05Attend The Burning of King Olaf
QUST:NNAMMS05Give Viarmo King Olaf's Verse
QUST:NNAMMS05Place the Coat on the Effigy
QUST:NNAMMS05Return to the Bards College
QUST:NNAMMS05Help Viarmo reconstruct Olaf's Verse
QUST:NNAMMS05Meet Viarmo at the Blue Palace
QUST:NNAMMS05Watch Viarmo perform Olaf's Verse
QUST:NNAMMS05Speak to Viarmo
QUST:NNAMMS05Speak to Jorn
QUST:NNAMMS05Steal General Tullius' Coat
QUST:NNAMMS05Speak to Jorn
QUST:NNAMMS05RumorSpeak to Viarmo at the Bards College
QUST:NNAMMS05StartInvestigate the Bards College
QUST:NNAMMS06Speak to Styrr
QUST:NNAMMS06Defeat Potema
QUST:NNAMMS06Retrieve Potema's remains
QUST:NNAMMS06Return to Falk Firebeard
QUST:NNAMMS06Give Potema's remains to Styrr
QUST:NNAMMS06RumorHead to the Solitude Court
QUST:NNAMMS06StartAsk Falk Firebeard about Wolfskull Cave
QUST:NNAMMS06StartClear Out Wolfskull Cave
QUST:NNAMMS06StartSpeak to Falk Firebeard
QUST:NNAMMS07Listen to Jaree-Ra's offer in Solitude
QUST:NNAMMS07Put out the fire in the Solitude Lighthouse
QUST:NNAMMS07Return to Jaree-Ra
QUST:NNAMMS07Find Deeja at the Wreck of the Icerunner
QUST:NNAMMS07Defeat Deeja
QUST:NNAMMS07Find out where Jaree-Ra's bandits took the loot
QUST:NNAMMS07Travel to Broken Oar Grotto
QUST:NNAMMS07Defeat Jaree-Ra
QUST:NNAMMS07RumorTalk to Jaree-Ra about possible employment
QUST:NNAMMS08Find the Redguard woman
QUST:NNAMMS08Kill Kematu
QUST:NNAMMS08Return to Saadia
QUST:NNAMMS08Speak with Saadia
QUST:NNAMMS08Lead Saadia to the Whiterun Stables
QUST:NNAMMS08Speak with Saadia
QUST:NNAMMS08Inform the Alik'r of Saadia's location
QUST:NNAMMS08Talk to the Alik'r Prisoner
QUST:NNAMMS08Inform the Alik'r of Saadia's location
QUST:NNAMMS08Find a way to enter the Alik'r hideout
QUST:NNAMMS08Enter the Alik'r hideout
QUST:NNAMMS08Kill Kematu
QUST:NNAMMS08Kill Kematu or talk to him
QUST:NNAMMS08Kill Kematu OR Convince Saadia to meet Kematu
QUST:NNAMMS09Meet Fralia in her home
QUST:NNAMMS09Find evidence of Thorald's fate
QUST:NNAMMS09Meet Jon Battle-Born at Talos' statue
QUST:NNAMMS09Deliver proof to Avulstein
QUST:NNAMMS09Find a way to release Thorald from Thalmor custody
QUST:NNAMMS09Meet Avulstein at Northwatch Keep
QUST:NNAMMS09Rescue Thorald from Northwatch Keep
QUST:NNAMMS09Lead Thorald to safety
QUST:NNAMMS09Speak to Thorald Gray-Mane
QUST:NNAMMS09Return to Fralia Gray-Mane
QUST:NNAMMS10Steal Suvaris Atheron's logbook
QUST:NNAMMS10Give the logbook to Orthus
QUST:NNAMMS10Talk to Stig Salt-Plank
QUST:NNAMMS10Report back to Orthus
QUST:NNAMMS10Depart for Japhet's Folly
QUST:NNAMMS10Talk to Adelaisa
QUST:NNAMMS10Kill Haldyn
QUST:NNAMMS10Report back to Adelaisa
QUST:NNAMMS10Speak to Adelaisa to return
QUST:NNAMMS10Speak to Orthus
QUST:NNAMMS10MiscObjPointerTalk to Orthus Endario at the East Empire Company in Windhelm
QUST:NNAMMS11Get assistance from Jorleif
QUST:NNAMMS11Investigate Hjerim with Viola
QUST:NNAMMS11Question the witnesses
QUST:NNAMMS11Patrol the streets of the Stone Quarter at night
QUST:NNAMMS11Catch the murderer
QUST:NNAMMS11Report to the guard
QUST:NNAMMS11Examine the crime scene
QUST:NNAMMS11Talk to Helgird
QUST:NNAMMS11Get access to Hjerim
QUST:NNAMMS11Look for clues
QUST:NNAMMS11Follow up on the clues from Hjerim
QUST:NNAMMS11Meet Viola outside of Hjerim
QUST:NNAMMS11bSpeak to Wuunferth
QUST:NNAMMS11bPatrol the streets of the Stone Quarter at night
QUST:NNAMMS11bCatch the murderer
QUST:NNAMMS11bSpeak to Jorleif for reward
QUST:NNAMMS12Retrieve the White Phial
QUST:NNAMMS12Bring the Phial to Nurelion
QUST:NNAMMS12Speak to Quintus
QUST:NNAMMS12bSpeak to Quintus Navale
QUST:NNAMMS12bRetrieve the Unmelting Snow
QUST:NNAMMS12bFind some Mammoth Tusk Powder
QUST:NNAMMS12bTake a Forsworn Heart
QUST:NNAMMS12bReturn to Quintus Navale
QUST:NNAMMS13Retrieve the Golden Claw
QUST:NNAMMS13Cut Arvel down
QUST:NNAMMS13Find the secret of Bleak Falls Barrow
QUST:NNAMMS13Find the owner of the Golden Claw
QUST:NNAMMS13Bring the claw to Lucan
QUST:NNAMMS13Bring the claw to Camilla
QUST:NNAMMS13IntroTalk to Lucan about the robbery
QUST:NNAMMS14Talk to the Jarl
QUST:NNAMMS14Investigate the burned house
QUST:NNAMMS14(Optional) Tell the Jarl about Helgi
QUST:NNAMMS14Find Helgi after dark
QUST:NNAMMS14Ask around about Laelette
QUST:NNAMMS14Ask Thonnir about Laelette
QUST:NNAMMS14Investigate Alva's house
QUST:NNAMMS14Show Alva's Journal to the Jarl
QUST:NNAMMS14Kill the master vampire
QUST:NNAMMS14Return to Morthal's Jarl
QUST:NNAMNN01Discover the significance of Crimson Nirnroot
QUST:NNAMNN01Collect Crimson Nirnroot in Blackreach (/)
QUST:NNAMNN01Bring Crimson Nirnroot to Avrusa Sarethi
QUST:NNAMRelationshipMarriageSpeak to Maramal about arranging your wedding
QUST:NNAMRelationshipMarriageAttend your wedding ceremony
QUST:NNAMRelationshipMarriageFINVisit your spouse's house
QUST:NNAMRoriksteadFreeformTalk to Mralki about Erik
QUST:NNAMRoriksteadFreeformReturn to Erik
QUST:NNAMSolitudeFreeform01Ask for information about 's daughter.
QUST:NNAMSolitudeFreeform01Tell what said.
QUST:NNAMSolitudeFreeform02Speak to with 's outfit on.
QUST:NNAMSolitudeFreeform02Tell what said about the outfit.
QUST:NNAMSolitudeFreeform03Speak to about going to the Temple of Divines.
QUST:NNAMSolitudeFreeform03Retrieve off of .
QUST:NNAMSolitudeFreeform03Return to .
QUST:NNAMSolitudeFreeform04Deliver the to
QUST:NNAMSolitudeFreeform06Convince to release the Spiced Wine shipment
QUST:NNAMSolitudeFreeform06Tell that agreed to release the shipment
QUST:NNAMSolitudeFreeform07Take to the Shrine of Talos for .
QUST:NNAMSolitudeFreeform07Talk to Elisif
QUST:NNAMT01Enter the Temple of Dibella
QUST:NNAMT01Steal statue of Dibella
QUST:NNAMT01Give the statue to Degaine
QUST:NNAMT01Find the future Sybil of Dibella
QUST:NNAMT01Rescue Fjotra from the Forsworn
QUST:NNAMT01Bring Fjotra to the Temple
QUST:NNAMT01Pray at Dibella's Altar
QUST:NNAMT01DegaineFavorSteal the statue in the Temple of Dibella
QUST:NNAMT01DegaineFavorBring the statue to Degaine
QUST:NNAMT01IntroSpeak to Degaine
QUST:NNAMt02Talk to Fastred
QUST:NNAMt02Talk to the long-dead lover
QUST:NNAMt02Find Fenrig
QUST:NNAMt02Talk to Fastred's parents
QUST:NNAMt02Bring Fenrig to Ruki
QUST:NNAMt02Return to Dinya Balu
QUST:NNAMt02Talk to Bassianus or Klimmek
QUST:NNAMt02Return to Dinya Balu
QUST:NNAMt02Talk to Calcelmo
QUST:NNAMt02Get advice from Yngvar
QUST:NNAMt02Deliver poem
QUST:NNAMt02Deliver Faleen's letter
QUST:NNAMt02Return to Dinya Balu
QUST:NNAMt02Put on the Amulet of Mara
QUST:NNAMT03Inspect the Temple of Kynareth
QUST:NNAMT03Retrieve Nettlebane
QUST:NNAMT03Bring Nettlebane to Danica
QUST:NNAMT03Retrieve Eldergleam sap
QUST:NNAMT03Follow Maurice
QUST:NNAMT03Take sapling
QUST:NNAMT03Return to Danica
QUST:NNAMT03Return to Danica
QUST:NNAMT03IntroTalk to Danica about the Gildergreen being destroyed
QUST:NNAMTG00Meet Brynjolf during daytime
QUST:NNAMTG00Steal Madesi's Ring
QUST:NNAMTG00Plant Madesi's Ring
QUST:NNAMTG00Speak to Brynjolf
QUST:NNAMTG00MaulHandlerTalk to Brynjolf about joining the Thieves Guild
QUST:NNAMTG00MiscHandlerListen to Brynjolf's scheme
QUST:NNAMTG01Locate Brynjolf at the Ragged Flagon
QUST:NNAMTG01Collect Keerava's debt
QUST:NNAMTG01(Optional) Use Talen-Jei to get to Keerava
QUST:NNAMTG01Collect Bersi Honey-Hand's debt
QUST:NNAMTG01(Optional) Smash Bersi's prized Dwarven Urn
QUST:NNAMTG01Collect Haelga's debt
QUST:NNAMTG01(Optional) Steal Haelga's Statue of Dibella
QUST:NNAMTG01Return to Brynjolf
QUST:NNAMTG02Follow Brynjolf
QUST:NNAMTG02Listen to Mercer Frey
QUST:NNAMTG02Talk to Brynjolf
QUST:NNAMTG02Burn three bee hives (/3)
QUST:NNAMTG02(Optional) Speak to Vex about Goldenglow Estate
QUST:NNAMTG02(Optional) Enter Goldenglow using sewer
QUST:NNAMTG02(Optional) Obtain the key to Aringoth's safe
QUST:NNAMTG02Clear out Aringoth's safe
QUST:NNAMTG02Return to Brynjolf
QUST:NNAMTG02BLearn more about the Thieves Guild from Vex
QUST:NNAMTG02BLearn more about the Thieves Guild from Delvin
QUST:NNAMTG02BRetrieve your Thieves Guild Armor from Tonilia
QUST:NNAMTG03Speak to Maven Black-Briar
QUST:NNAMTG03Return to Brynjolf
QUST:NNAMTG03Speak to Mallus Maccius
QUST:NNAMTG03Speak to Sabjorn
QUST:NNAMTG03Poison the Nest
QUST:NNAMTG03Poison the Honningbrew Vat
QUST:NNAMTG03Return to Sabjorn
QUST:NNAMTG03Attend the tasting ceremony
QUST:NNAMTG03Speak to Mallus Maccius
QUST:NNAMTG03Identify Sabjorn's silent partner
QUST:NNAMTG03Return to Maven Black-Briar
QUST:NNAMTG03SPSpeak to Maven Black-Briar.
QUST:NNAMTG03SPSpeak to Mallus Maccius.
QUST:NNAMTG03SPSpeak to Sabjorn.
QUST:NNAMTG03SPClear the Skeever Infestation.
QUST:NNAMTG03SPPoison the Skeever Nest.
QUST:NNAMTG03SPSpeak to Sabjorn.
QUST:NNAMTG03SPPoison the Honningbrew Vat.
QUST:NNAMTG03SPRetrieve Barrel of Honningbrew Mead.
QUST:NNAMTG03SPBring Barrel of Mead to
QUST:NNAMTG03SPSpeak to Brynjolf.
QUST:NNAMTG04Speak to Mercer Frey
QUST:NNAMTG04(Optional) Speak to Brynjolf
QUST:NNAMTG04Speak to Gulum-Ei
QUST:NNAMTG04Steal case of Firebrand Wine
QUST:NNAMTG04Get information from Gulum-Ei
QUST:NNAMTG04Shadow Gulum-Ei
QUST:NNAMTG04Confront Gulum-Ei
QUST:NNAMTG04Find alternative source of information
QUST:NNAMTG04Return to Mercer Frey
QUST:NNAMTG04EECHandlerSpeak to Orthas Endario about the East Empire Company's problems
QUST:NNAMTG04PostSpeak to Tonilia about exchanging a piece of armor
QUST:NNAMTG05Meet Mercer Frey outside Snow Veil Sanctum
QUST:NNAMTG05Enter Snow Veil Sanctum
QUST:NNAMTG05Find Karliah
QUST:NNAMTG05Speak to Karliah
QUST:NNAMTG06Speak with Enthir
QUST:NNAMTG06Speak with Calcelmo
QUST:NNAMTG06Gain entry to Calcelmo's Museum
QUST:NNAMTG06(Optional) Obtain the key to Calcelmo's Museum
QUST:NNAMTG06Obtain Calcelmo's Falmer Translating Guide
QUST:NNAMTG06Duplicate the writing on Calcelmo's Stone
QUST:NNAMTG06Return to Enthir
QUST:NNAMTG06Speak to Enthir
QUST:NNAMTG06Speak to Karliah
QUST:NNAMTG07Meet Karliah at the Ragged Flagon
QUST:NNAMTG07Follow Karliah
QUST:NNAMTG07Speak to Brynjolf
QUST:NNAMTG07Infiltrate Mercer's House
QUST:NNAMTG07(Optional) Shoot the mechanism to lower the ramp
QUST:NNAMTG07(Optional) Speak to Vex about Vald
QUST:NNAMTG07Discover evidence of Mercer's location
QUST:NNAMTG07Speak to Brynjolf
QUST:NNAMTG08AListen to Karliah
QUST:NNAMTG08AMeet Karliah at the standing stone
QUST:NNAMTG08AFollow Karliah
QUST:NNAMTG08AActivate the Armor Stone
QUST:NNAMTG08AEquip the Nightingale Armor
QUST:NNAMTG08AFollow Karliah
QUST:NNAMTG08AStand on vacant floor glyph
QUST:NNAMTG08ASpeak to Karliah
QUST:NNAMTG08ASpeak to Brynjolf
QUST:NNAMTG08BTravel to Irkngthand
QUST:NNAMTG08BSpeak to Karliah
QUST:NNAMTG08BLocate Mercer Frey
QUST:NNAMTG08BSlay Mercer Frey
QUST:NNAMTG08BRetrieve the Skeleton Key
QUST:NNAMTG08BEscape from Irkngthand
QUST:NNAMTG08BSpeak to Karliah
QUST:NNAMTG09Enter the Twilight Sepulcher
QUST:NNAMTG09Speak to the Nightingale Sentinel
QUST:NNAMTG09(Optional) Retrieve Nystrom's Journal
QUST:NNAMTG09Follow the Pilgrim's Path
QUST:NNAMTG09Return the Skeleton Key to the Ebonmere
QUST:NNAMTG09Listen to Nocturnal
QUST:NNAMTG09Speak to Karliah
QUST:NNAMTG09Choose Nightingale Role
QUST:NNAMTGBanSpeak to Vex
QUST:NNAMTGBanBring gold to Vex ()
QUST:NNAMTGCrownBecome a full member of the Thieves Guild
QUST:NNAMTGCrownBring the Unusual Gem to Vex in the Thieves Guild
QUST:NNAMTGCrownRecover the Stones of Barenziah (/)
QUST:NNAMTGCrownSpeak to Vex
QUST:NNAMTGCrownRecover the Crown of Barenziah
QUST:NNAMTGCrownReturn to Vex
QUST:NNAMTGCrownMiscBring the Unusual Gem to an appraiser
QUST:NNAMTGCrownMiscFind someone who can identify the Unusual Gem
QUST:NNAMTGFenceCaravanDeliver Moon Sugar to Ri'saad
QUST:NNAMTGFenceCaravanReturn to Tonilia
QUST:NNAMTGLarcenyReturn the Queen Bee Statue to Delvin
QUST:NNAMTGLarcenyReturn the Honningbrew Decanter to Delvin
QUST:NNAMTGLarcenyReturn the East Empire Shipping Map to Delvin
QUST:NNAMTGLarcenyReturn the Ship Model to Delvin
QUST:NNAMTGLarcenyReturn the Dwemer Puzzle Cube to Delvin
QUST:NNAMTGLarcenyReturn the Bust of the Gray Fox to Delvin
QUST:NNAMTGLarcenyReturn the Eye of the Falmer to Delvin
QUST:NNAMTGLeadershipSpeak to Brynjolf about becoming the Guild Master
QUST:NNAMTGLeadershipProceed to center of Cistern
QUST:NNAMTGLeadershipBecome Guild Master for the Thieves Guild
QUST:NNAMTGLeadershipSpeak to Brynjolf about being Guild Master
QUST:NNAMTGLeadershipRetrieve your Guild Leader Armor from Tonilia
QUST:NNAMTGRBERetrieve the from in
QUST:NNAMTGRBEReturn the to Vex
QUST:NNAMTGRDUPlant the in in
QUST:NNAMTGRFOMake changes in the ledger at in
QUST:NNAMTGRFOReturn to Delvin
QUST:NNAMTGRGFRetrieve from in
QUST:NNAMTGRGFReturn the to Delvin
QUST:NNAMTGRHCClear in of valuables (/)
QUST:NNAMTGRHCReturn the valuables to Vex
QUST:NNAMTGRNTSteal gold in goods from
QUST:NNAMTGRNTReturn to Delvin
QUST:NNAMTGRSLRetrieve the from in
QUST:NNAMTGRSLReturn the to Vex
QUST:NNAMTGTQ01Speak to Endon the Silversmith
QUST:NNAMTGTQ01Enter Pinewatch
QUST:NNAMTGTQ01Recover Endon's Silver Mold
QUST:NNAMTGTQ01Return to Endon
QUST:NNAMTGTQ02Speak to Erikur
QUST:NNAMTGTQ02Acquire Balmora Blue
QUST:NNAMTGTQ02Plant the Balmora Blue
QUST:NNAMTGTQ02Return to Erikur
QUST:NNAMTGTQ03Speak to Olfrid Battle-Born
QUST:NNAMTGTQ03Steal the letter incriminating Arn
QUST:NNAMTGTQ03Forge the prison registry
QUST:NNAMTGTQ03Return to Olfrid Battle-Born
QUST:NNAMTGTQ04Speak to Torsten Cruel-Sea
QUST:NNAMTGTQ04Speak to Niranye
QUST:NNAMTGTQ04(Optional) Discover leverage to sway Niranye
QUST:NNAMTGTQ04Travel to Uttering Hills Cave
QUST:NNAMTGTQ04Recover Fjolti's Silver Locket
QUST:NNAMTGTQ04(Optional) Destroy the Summerset Shadow's Banner
QUST:NNAMTGTQ04Return to Torsten Cruel-Sea
QUST:NNAMTutorialAlchemyCraft a potion
QUST:NNAMTutorialBlacksmithingCraft an Iron Dagger
QUST:NNAMTutorialBlacksmithingBring an Iron Dagger to
QUST:NNAMTutorialBlacksmithingTemper an Iron Dagger
QUST:NNAMTutorialBlacksmithingBring a Tempered Iron Dagger to
QUST:NNAMTutorialBlacksmithingCraft some Leather
QUST:NNAMTutorialBlacksmithingBring the Leather to
QUST:NNAMTutorialBlacksmithingCraft a Hide Helmet
QUST:NNAMTutorialBlacksmithingBring a Hide Helmet to
QUST:NNAMTutorialBlacksmithingTemper a Hide Helmet
QUST:NNAMTutorialBlacksmithingBring a Tempered Hide Helmet to
QUST:NNAMTutorialEnchantingUse the Arcane Enchanter
QUST:NNAMVC01Speak to Falion
QUST:NNAMVC01Bring a filled Black Soul Gem to Morthal
QUST:NNAMVC01Meet Falion at dawn
QUST:NNAMVC01Speak to Falion
QUST:NNAMVC01Wait for Falion to complete the ritual
QUST:NNAMWE100ObjAExplore and recover the
QUST:NNAMWE100ObjBExplore and recover the
QUST:NNAMWE100ObjCExplore and recover the
QUST:NNAMWE100ObjDExplore and recover the
QUST:NNAMWE100ObjEExplore and recover the
QUST:NNAMWE100ObjFExplore and recover the
QUST:NNAMWE100ObjGExplore and recover the
QUST:NNAMWE100ObjHExplore and recover the
QUST:NNAMWE100ObjIExplore and recover the
QUST:NNAMWE100ObjJExplore and recover the
QUST:NNAMWEDA02Investigate the Boethiah cultist
QUST:NNAMWIAddItem07Bring a to Calcelmo
QUST:NNAMWIAssault02Meet with about a job involving violence
QUST:NNAMWIAssault02Assault but don't kill
QUST:NNAMWIAssault02Assault Alias=Enemy>, killing will earn bonus pay
QUST:NNAMWIAssault02Report success to
QUST:NNAMWICastMagic04Find the source of power in
QUST:NNAMWIChangeLocation04Use Ward while attacks you.
QUST:NNAMWIGamesHideAndSeek is it. Hide from
QUST:NNAMWIGamesHideAndSeekYou're it! Find someone.
QUST:NNAMWIGamesTag is it. Keep away from
QUST:NNAMWIGamesTagYou're it! Tag someone.
QUST:NNAMWIKill04Read the letter from
QUST:NNAMWIKill04Collect the reward from for killing, Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © About Discord
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