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INFO:RNAMCW00BSharedGalmarSkyrimIsHomeSkyrim is my home.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESImperial1Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESImperial10Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESImperial2Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESImperial3Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESImperial4Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESImperial5Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESImperial6Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESImperial7Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESImperial8Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESImperial9Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESSons1Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESSons10Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESSons2Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESSons3Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESSons4Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESSons5Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESSons6Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESSons7Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESSons8Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWAcceptMissionYESSons9Consider it done.
INFO:RNAMCWMission03NewIntroImperialReporting for duty.
INFO:RNAMCWMission03NewIntroSonsReporting for duty.
INFO:RNAMCWMissionFriendAfterWhiterunHelloBadI've been better. And you?
INFO:RNAMCWMissionFriendAfterWhiterunHelloGetOnWithItWhat's the plan?
INFO:RNAMCWMissionFriendAfterWhiterunHelloGoodI'm all right, I guess. How are you?
INFO:RNAMCWMissionFriendAfterWhiterunHelloKillWithFeelingOnly a beast kills without feeling.
INFO:RNAMCWMissionFriendAfterWhiterunHelloKillWithFeelingBOnly a beast kills without feeling.
INFO:RNAMCWMissionFriendAfterWhiterunHelloYouOrThemIf you hadn't killed them, they would have killed you.
INFO:RNAMCWMissionFriendAfterWhiterunHelloYouOrThemBIf you hadn't killed them, they would have killed you.
INFO:RNAMCWSoldierGenericSceneClose1SonsHow'd you end up here fighting for Ulfric?
INFO:RNAMCWSoldierGenericSceneClose2SonsHow'd you end up here fighting for Ulfric?
INFO:RNAMCWSoldierGenericSceneClose3SonsHow'd you end up here fighting for Ulfric?
INFO:RNAMCWSoldierGenericSceneCloser1ImperialSo how'd you end up here?
INFO:RNAMDunBlindCliffMelkaSharedRacialAHey, I'm not a Breton!
INFO:RNAMdunForelhostSharedInfoDragonCultWhat can you tell me of the Dragon Cult?
INFO:RNAMdunForelhostSharedInfoForelhostTell me about Forelhost.
INFO:RNAMdunHunterQSTsharedMapMarkedWhere do I go?
INFO:RNAMdunMossMother_Grard_InjuredWhy are you still out here?
INFO:RNAMdunMossMother_Grard_WhatYou said you needed help?
INFO:RNAMdunMossMother_Grard_WhoWho are you?
INFO:RNAMLoreiusSharedResponse1So why not help him? I'm sure he'll pay you.
INFO:RNAMMQ102GalmarRacistReplyYou won't take me because I'm an Argonian?
INFO:RNAMMQ302TulliusFalkreathHow about Falkreath?
INFO:RNAMMQ302TulliusHjaalmarchHow about Hjaalmarch?
INFO:RNAMMQ302TulliusThePaleHow about the Pale?
INFO:RNAMMQ302TulliusWinterholdHow about Winterhold?
INFO:RNAMMQ302UlfricFalkreathHow about Falkreath?
INFO:RNAMMQ302UlfricFalkreathEmpireInWhiterunHow about Falkreath?
INFO:RNAMMQ302UlfricHjaalmarchHow about Hjaalmarch?
INFO:RNAMMQ302UlfricThePaleHow about the Pale?
INFO:RNAMMQ302UlfricWinterholdHow about Winterhold?
INFO:RNAMPlayerHouseBuyStillAvailI'd like to purchase a house in the city. (10,000 gold)
INFO:RNAMPlayerHouseDecorateBrokeFloor decorations. (400 gold)
INFO:RNAMPlayerHouseDecorateNevermindNever mind, I don't want to purchase decorations right now.
INFO:RNAMPlayerHouseDecorateNoneLeftI'd like to decorate my home.
INFO:RNAMPlayerHouseDecorateSoldFloor decorations. (400 gold)
INFO:RNAMPlayerHouseDecorateStartI'd like to decorate my home.
INFO:RNAM[000153B9]Have you heard any rumors?
INFO:RNAM[00015464]Gabriella mentioned something about Cicero...
INFO:RNAM[00015466]Traveling alone can be so dangerous...
INFO:RNAM[00015468](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0001546B]What else do I need to know?
INFO:RNAM[0001546C]Give me the details.
INFO:RNAM[0001546D]After I kill you, I'm going to kill the Emperor.
INFO:RNAM[000154B4]Reporting for duty.
INFO:RNAM[00015C76]We've got men on the outside. We're taking over the fort.
INFO:RNAM[00016CA5]Who is Aventus?
INFO:RNAM[00016CA6]Who is Aventus?
INFO:RNAM[00016CA7]Who is Aventus?
INFO:RNAM[00016CA8]Who is Aventus?
INFO:RNAM[00017DC8]Reporting in.
INFO:RNAM[0001950A]Being happily married?
INFO:RNAM[00019510]Um... The one where you saw a lady in half?
INFO:RNAM[00019511]Dreams are reality, and reality is really a dream?
INFO:RNAM[00019513]Innocence, my Brother.
INFO:RNAM[0001A2A5]General Tullius told me to report to you.
INFO:RNAM[0001B9AA]Is Grelod always like that?
INFO:RNAM[0001BBE6]Silence! I am ready to prepare the grand feast!
INFO:RNAM[0001BBE7](Show Maro the Gourmet's Writ of Passage)
INFO:RNAM[0001C4D3]I sure would like to keep this axe...
INFO:RNAM[0001C4DA]Lord Vile, I have a request of you.
INFO:RNAM[0001C4DF]Okay, follow me.
INFO:RNAM[0001C4E0]Stop following me.
INFO:RNAM[0001C4E1]We're back. Now fulfill your end of the bargain.
INFO:RNAM[0001C4E2]I've been thinking it over...
INFO:RNAM[0001C4E3]He's dead. Are we done here?
INFO:RNAM[0001CB7B]I've got a sapling.
INFO:RNAM[0001CDAB]What's your offer?
INFO:RNAM[0001CDB1]I see he's having a good influence on you.
INFO:RNAM[0001CEDF]Tell me about the sweep jobs.
INFO:RNAM[0001E3C5]Seen any Stormcloak couriers lately?
INFO:RNAM[0001E3C6]Seen any Stormcloak couriers lately?
INFO:RNAM[0001E3C7]Seen any Stormcloak couriers lately?
INFO:RNAM[0001EA4E]Astrid said you'd have some work for me.
INFO:RNAM[0001F33A]Aventus Aretino says hello.
INFO:RNAM[0001F33D]The Dark Brotherhood has come, Grelod.
INFO:RNAM[0001F33F](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0001F340]Assassinations don't come cheap, boy.
INFO:RNAM[0001F387]Where am I?
INFO:RNAM[0001F6CB]Grelod the Kind is dead.
INFO:RNAM[0001F812]I don't know that spell.
INFO:RNAM[0001F976]And that tree? Is that Eldergleam?
INFO:RNAM[0001FAD3]What is it?
INFO:RNAM[0001FAD7]Where can I find such a weapon?
INFO:RNAM[0001FADC]What is this place?
INFO:RNAM[0001FB7B]What is this place again?
INFO:RNAM[0001FB82]Where can I find such a weapon?
INFO:RNAM[0001FB89]You mean this weapon? (Show Nettlebane)
INFO:RNAM[0001FB8D]Why not?
INFO:RNAM[0001FD3F]Wait, what's going on here?
INFO:RNAM[0001FED8]Anything else?
INFO:RNAM[0001FED9]Do you have a contract for me?
INFO:RNAM[00020013]Who are you?
INFO:RNAM[00020014]I don't think I like where this is going...
INFO:RNAM[00020015]Sounds simple enough.
INFO:RNAM[00020016]You know about that?
INFO:RNAM[00020017]I'm ready for the first set of contracts.
INFO:RNAM[00020018]A problem?
INFO:RNAM[00020019]You want me to murder someone else? Who?
INFO:RNAM[0002001A](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0002002A]You said something about a tour?
INFO:RNAM[000202DA]What's going on?
INFO:RNAM[00020428]Anoriath is dead.
INFO:RNAM[00020429]Maluril is dead.
INFO:RNAM[0002042A]Hern is dead.
INFO:RNAM[0002042C]Safia is dead.
INFO:RNAM[0002042D]Narfi is dead.
INFO:RNAM[0002042E]Lurbuk is dead.
INFO:RNAM[0002042F]Deekus is dead.
INFO:RNAM[00020430]Ma'randru-jo is dead.
INFO:RNAM[00020432]Ennodius Papius is dead.
INFO:RNAM[00020433]Helvard is dead.
INFO:RNAM[00020434]Agnis is dead.
INFO:RNAM[00020435]So what happens now?
INFO:RNAM[00020436]Beitild is dead.
INFO:RNAM[000205BD]I'm ready for the last contract.
INFO:RNAM[000205BE]Astrid wanted me to see you about some more work.
INFO:RNAM[000205BF]Are there any more contracts available?
INFO:RNAM[000205C0]Are there any more contracts available?
INFO:RNAM[000205C1]Are there any more contracts, Nazir?
INFO:RNAM[000209C1]What did you want, again?
INFO:RNAM[00020BDD]I am honored to be a part of your Family, Astrid.
INFO:RNAM[00020BDE]When do I get to kill someone?
INFO:RNAM[00020BDF](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00020BE0](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00020BE1]All right, I'll do it. I'll kill one of them.
INFO:RNAM[00020BE2]I'll have no part of this insanity.
INFO:RNAM[00020FA9]It wasn't me. I've been framed!
INFO:RNAM[0002129E]Are you a mercenary? You won't find much work here.
INFO:RNAM[000212CD]I live only to serve. Hail Sithis!
INFO:RNAM[000212D1]Alain Dufont now lies dead.
INFO:RNAM[000212D2]Alain Dufont now lies dead.
INFO:RNAM[0002144D]Tell me the full story. Why do you want Alain dead?
INFO:RNAM[0002144F]I'll need more to go on than that...
INFO:RNAM[00021451]I did what had to be done. Nothing more.
INFO:RNAM[00021452]It will be done.
INFO:RNAM[00021454]Obviously. Now tell me what you need.
INFO:RNAM[00021455]The Dark Brotherhood has come, Muiri.
INFO:RNAM[00021537]I have Bersi's Payment.
INFO:RNAM[0002153B]Got Haelga's payment here.
INFO:RNAM[0002153C]Here's Keerava's payment, courtesy of her family.
INFO:RNAM[000215BF]Let's talk about how we can help each other.
INFO:RNAM[000215C2]Your fine's been paid. Now tell me about Kematu.
INFO:RNAM[000215C3]I don't have that much gold.
INFO:RNAM[00021E95]Darling, Brynjolf sent me. We both know what that means.
INFO:RNAM[0002243A]Wait! She said to tell you, "Darkness rises when silence dies."
INFO:RNAM[0002243D]The Night Mother spoke to me! She said "I am the one."
INFO:RNAM[000225B6]Tell me about Grelod the Kind.
INFO:RNAM[000225B7]Tell me about Grelod the Kind.
INFO:RNAM[000225B8]Tell me about Grelod the Kind.
INFO:RNAM[000225BB]Tell me about Grelod the Kind.
INFO:RNAM[000225BC]Tell me about Grelod the Kind.
INFO:RNAM[00022F30]What will change, now that the Night Mother is here?
INFO:RNAM[00022F32]Who is the Night Mother?
INFO:RNAM[00022F33]Where do the contracts come from?
INFO:RNAM[00022F34]So... I'm free to go?
INFO:RNAM[000231C8]Can I join the Companions?
INFO:RNAM[00023871]I'm here to help.
INFO:RNAM[00023872]I'm here to help.
INFO:RNAM[00023880]She did. What are the details?
INFO:RNAM[0002393C]I understand. Gaius Maro will die.
INFO:RNAM[00024124]Only cowards hunt animals. True game walks on two legs.
INFO:RNAM[00024125]Assassin versus vampire. A fight for the ages.
INFO:RNAM[00024128](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00024129]I know what you are, nightspawn.
INFO:RNAM[0002412D]I represent the Dark Brotherhood. Your death is at hand!
INFO:RNAM[0002412F]Sing me a song, bard. A song of fear, and death!
INFO:RNAM[00024130]Someone wants you dead, Beitild.
INFO:RNAM[00024131](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00024132](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00024133]Die, worm!
INFO:RNAM[00024135]Sleep now, old woman. Embrace the Void.
INFO:RNAM[00024136]Someone hired the Dark Brotherhood to kill you, Lurbuk.
INFO:RNAM[00024137]You've cleaned your last room, servant.
INFO:RNAM[00024138]You were right to be paranoid, Ennodius.
INFO:RNAM[00024139](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0002413A]Beg! Beg for your miserable life!
INFO:RNAM[0002413B](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0002413D]Your pathetic existence has come to an end, Narfi.
INFO:RNAM[0002413E](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00024142]I am the predator. You are my prey.
INFO:RNAM[00024143](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[000245A5]The vision is true, isn't it?
INFO:RNAM[000245A7]Something tells me that it is.
INFO:RNAM[000245A8]Did you say "exile"?
INFO:RNAM[0002461F]Wait. What artifact?
INFO:RNAM[00024622]Is the College hiding something?
INFO:RNAM[00024657]"Dimwits"? What happened?
INFO:RNAM[00024658]What kind of things?
INFO:RNAM[00024984]What are you arguing about?
INFO:RNAM[00024E56]I represent the Dark...
INFO:RNAM[00024E57]I'm going to beat you like a house cat!
INFO:RNAM[00024E58]You're one hard mage to track down, Ma'randru-jo.
INFO:RNAM[00024E59]The only thing you will discover in Mzinchaleft is death.
INFO:RNAM[00024E5A](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00024E5B](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00024E5C](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00024E5D]Fascinating race, the Dwemer. Powerful... and extinct.
INFO:RNAM[00024E5E]I'm going to kill you. Slowly. Painfully.
INFO:RNAM[00024E5F]You face the Dread Lord...
INFO:RNAM[00024E60]You are a disgrace to our race! I spit on your fur!
INFO:RNAM[00024E63]The Dark Brotherhood has come!
INFO:RNAM[00024E64]I'm sorry, Argonian, but I've been sent to kill you.
INFO:RNAM[00024E65]I'm sorry, egg brother, but I've been sent to kill you.
INFO:RNAM[00024E66](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00024E6A]You protect the Jarl. But who protects you?
INFO:RNAM[00024E6B](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00025143]What did you want me to do?
INFO:RNAM[00025146]Sorry, I'm still not ready to go in there.
INFO:RNAM[0002523E]What's your preferred method of assassination, Astrid?
INFO:RNAM[0002523F]Can you offer me any advice on the contracts?
INFO:RNAM[00025D5E]Rules? We're thieves. What's the point of rules?
INFO:RNAM[00025D60]I don't have a shiv.
INFO:RNAM[00025D64]Yes, I understand.
INFO:RNAM[00025D65]I'm not sure.
INFO:RNAM[00025E63]I have some questions about your daughter.
INFO:RNAM[00025E66]About that amulet...
INFO:RNAM[000266EB]What was it you were missing?
INFO:RNAM[00026740]I'm going to try to capture a dragon, if will help me.
INFO:RNAM[00026743]Yes, but he escaped. I need to find his portal to Sovngarde.
INFO:RNAM[00026C4A]I hear you're looking for some help with Wolfskull Cave.
INFO:RNAM[00026F4B]Never mind, boy. I don't need you to do anything.
INFO:RNAM[00026FE6]Here, boy. Let me show you what I need.
INFO:RNAM[00027486]I hear you're a man who might know something about pirates.
INFO:RNAM[00027F62]I think you know what really happened to Thorald Gray-Mane. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[00027F63]I think you know what really happened to Thorald Gray-Mane. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[00027F65]Is there anything you can tell me about Thorald?
INFO:RNAM[00028A0C]Here's the soul gem you asked for.
INFO:RNAM[00028A0D]You needed a soul gem filled?
INFO:RNAM[00028C80]What do you want me to do?
INFO:RNAM[00028E27]I know the phrase. I'll get Cicero - you go home.
INFO:RNAM[00028E29]What do we know about the Dawnstar Sanctuary?
INFO:RNAM[00028E2A]Where's Cicero now?
INFO:RNAM[00028E2D]Isn't there any way to work this out?
INFO:RNAM[00028E2E]You're hurt.
INFO:RNAM[00028E71]I'm here to help.
INFO:RNAM[00028E72]How can I help?
INFO:RNAM[0002A5FF]Let's just see about that.
INFO:RNAM[0002A739]I don't have the gold right now. ( gold)
INFO:RNAM[0002A7D3]I found your amulet.
INFO:RNAM[0002A7D8]Here's that special ale you wanted.
INFO:RNAM[0002ACF9]He's in some place called Volunruud.
INFO:RNAM[0002ACFA]Yes, I'm fine.
INFO:RNAM[0002AD00]Are there any more contracts available?
INFO:RNAM[0002AD02]Astrid sent me for another contract.
INFO:RNAM[0002AD03]Astrid sent me for another contract.
INFO:RNAM[0002AD04]So I should go to Volunruud? I should talk to this man?
INFO:RNAM[0002AD05]Of course, Astrid. What is it?
INFO:RNAM[0002AD06]Has the time come? Will I now serve the Night Mother?
INFO:RNAM[0002AD07](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0002AD0E]I must speak to someone named Amaund Motierre, in Volunruud.
INFO:RNAM[0002AD12]Do you have any more contracts?
INFO:RNAM[0002AD13]Do you have any more contracts?
INFO:RNAM[0002AD14]Astrid wanted me to see you about some more work.
INFO:RNAM[0002AD15]Astrid wanted me to see you about some more work.
INFO:RNAM[0002B38D]Why are you imprisoned here?
INFO:RNAM[0002B835]Some kind of choir. With chanting.
INFO:RNAM[0002B836]Silence, my brother.
INFO:RNAM[0002B837]Um... the lute? No, drums!
INFO:RNAM[0002B8BD]Falk, you know I'll be careful.
INFO:RNAM[0002BD06]Why do you need him back?
INFO:RNAM[0002BDE0]Give me the latest gossip.
INFO:RNAM[0002BE47]Sorry. Here's what was in the safe.
INFO:RNAM[0002C189]Why is it called Wolfskull Cave?
INFO:RNAM[0002C490]I'm not going to apologize.
INFO:RNAM[0002C491]I'm not apologizing. And I'm not afraid of you.
INFO:RNAM[0002CCC5]Give me everything you're carrying, dog.
INFO:RNAM[0002D89A]What's Vici's connection to the Emperor?
INFO:RNAM[0002D89C]When does the wedding start?
INFO:RNAM[0002D8A2]He was. Here's a letter of credit.
INFO:RNAM[0002D8A3]He was. Here's a letter of credit.
INFO:RNAM[0002D8A4]Can you provide any more details on the contract?
INFO:RNAM[0002D8A5]A wedding?
INFO:RNAM[0002DE3A]Are you sure about this?
INFO:RNAM[0002E2D5]I heard you're offering extra work.
INFO:RNAM[0002E2DA]I heard you're offering extra work.
INFO:RNAM[0002E8E1]It is done.
INFO:RNAM[00030127]I overheard something about a College.
INFO:RNAM[000350E0]There is only one cure for your madness, Cicero. Me.
INFO:RNAM[000350E1]Yes, Cicero is dead.
INFO:RNAM[000350E3]Time to die, traitor!
INFO:RNAM[000350E5]Yes, Cicero is dead. (Lie)
INFO:RNAM[000350E6](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00035FE0]I'm not going to apologize.
INFO:RNAM[00035FE1]I'm not apologizing. And I'm not afraid of you.
INFO:RNAM[00035FE3]I'm not going to apologize.
INFO:RNAM[00035FE4]I'm not apologizing. And I'm not afraid of you.
INFO:RNAM[00035FE6]I'm not going to apologize.
INFO:RNAM[00035FE7]I'm not apologizing. And I'm not afraid of you.
INFO:RNAM[00035FE9]I'm not going to apologize.
INFO:RNAM[00035FEA]I'm not apologizing. And I'm not afraid of you.
INFO:RNAM[00035FEC]I'm not going to apologize.
INFO:RNAM[00035FED]I'm not apologizing. And I'm not afraid of you.
INFO:RNAM[00035FEF]I'm not going to apologize.
INFO:RNAM[00035FF0]I'm not apologizing. And I'm not afraid of you.
INFO:RNAM[00035FF2]I'm not going to apologize.
INFO:RNAM[00035FF3]I'm not apologizing. And I'm not afraid of you.
INFO:RNAM[000365EE]What happened to you house?
INFO:RNAM[000365EF]Where did you say I can find you?
INFO:RNAM[000365F4]Tell me again about your wife?
INFO:RNAM[00036D4F]There's something you could do for me.
INFO:RNAM[00036D50]Here, I brought you a drink.
INFO:RNAM[000379FF]Follow me.
INFO:RNAM[00037A02]I command you to accompany me.
INFO:RNAM[00037A04]Follow me.
INFO:RNAM[00037A1C]I command you to accompany me.
INFO:RNAM[00037A26]Follow me.
INFO:RNAM[00037B43]Yes, the blushing bride now serves Sithis in the Void.
INFO:RNAM[00037B4B]She bled like a stuck pig.
INFO:RNAM[00037B53]Hail the Imperial Legion!
INFO:RNAM[00037B5A]Who's the target?
INFO:RNAM[00037B5B]The Stormcloaks say hello!
INFO:RNAM[0003876D]Doesn't scare me.
INFO:RNAM[00038B0A]Don't know what else to say... I had nothing to do with this.
INFO:RNAM[00038C6D]Right. So what's my next task?
INFO:RNAM[0003962C]Did something happen?
INFO:RNAM[0003AA6E]Wait here.
INFO:RNAM[0003AA6F]Wait here.
INFO:RNAM[0003AA70]Never mind. I don't need anything.
INFO:RNAM[0003AA71]Never mind. I don't need anything.
INFO:RNAM[0003AA72]I need to rearrange your equipment.
INFO:RNAM[0003AA73]I need to rearrange your equipment.
INFO:RNAM[0003AA74]Follow me.
INFO:RNAM[0003AA76]Follow me.
INFO:RNAM[0003AA77]Follow me.
INFO:RNAM[0003AA78]You're dismissed. Stay in the Sanctuary.
INFO:RNAM[0003AA79]You're dismissed. Return home.
INFO:RNAM[0003AA7A]You're dismissed. Stay in the Sanctuary.
INFO:RNAM[0003AA7B]You're dismissed. Return home.
INFO:RNAM[0003AA7C]You're dismissed. Stay in the Sanctuary.
INFO:RNAM[0003B66C]What do you think Cicero is planning?
INFO:RNAM[0003B66D]Is there anything else I should know?
INFO:RNAM[0003B66E]Is something wrong?
INFO:RNAM[0003B66F]Any idea who would conspire with Cicero?
INFO:RNAM[0003B69C]Know of an old guy hiding out in Riften, name of Esbern?
INFO:RNAM[0003B69D]That old guy hiding out down here... Where does he live?
INFO:RNAM[0003B69E]I'm looking for an old guy, hiding out somewhere in Riften.
INFO:RNAM[0003BCA2]I'm looking for an old guy hiding out in Riften, probably in the Ratway.
INFO:RNAM[0003BCE4]You do realize this is treason...
INFO:RNAM[0003BCE5]Surely the Night Mother wouldn't misdirect us...
INFO:RNAM[0003BCE6]The Night Mother heard your pleas, Motierre.
INFO:RNAM[0003BCE7]Why do this? Why have the Emperor assassinated?
INFO:RNAM[0003BCE8]This is a complex contract. I need more details.
INFO:RNAM[0003BCE9]What are you thinking?
INFO:RNAM[0003BCEB]Who are you, Motierre? Who are you, really?
INFO:RNAM[0003BCEC]You have opened the door to darkness, little man.
INFO:RNAM[0003BCED](Show Astrid the amulet and sealed letter)
INFO:RNAM[0003BCEE]The letter explains it all. The amulet is for expenses.
INFO:RNAM[0003BCF1]Motierre wants us... to kill the Emperor.
INFO:RNAM[0003BCF2]Leaders rise and fall. Business is business.
INFO:RNAM[0003BCF3]We'll require... significant compensation. Can you pay the price?
INFO:RNAM[0003BCF4](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0003BCF5](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0003BCF6]So we'll accept the contract?
INFO:RNAM[0003BCF7]You want us to kill... the Emperor. Of Tamriel?
INFO:RNAM[0003BD2B]Reporting for duty.
INFO:RNAM[0003D1CE]How much farther do I have to walk?
INFO:RNAM[0003D1EF]Where are we now?
INFO:RNAM[0003F05D]You pay those Argonians fairly, or else.
INFO:RNAM[0003F067]Pay them, or things will get ugly. (Intimidate)
INFO:RNAM[0003F069]Pay them, or things will get ugly. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[0003F07E]You need to pay the Argonians a fair wage.
INFO:RNAM[0003F083]You need to pay the Argonians a fair wage.
INFO:RNAM[0003F15A]They'll work harder if you pay them more. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[0003F15B]They'll work harder if you pay them more. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[0003F15E] will be paying you all more.
INFO:RNAM[0003F160]What if I invest in their future? ( gold)
INFO:RNAM[0003F161]What if I invest in their future? ( gold)
INFO:RNAM[0003F402]The Emperor... it was all a trap. Someone set us up.
INFO:RNAM[0003F406]We need to get out of here!
INFO:RNAM[0003FA40]Can you teach me the Dragonrend Shout?
INFO:RNAM[0003FA44]The Lorekeeper at the College of Winterhold might know.
INFO:RNAM[00040355]Tough luck.
INFO:RNAM[00040356] gave me this ring. I think it's yours.
INFO:RNAM[00040358]I don't have time.
INFO:RNAM[00040359]Nothing in here is stolen? Nothing at all?
INFO:RNAM[00040361]But that seems so... disrespectful.
INFO:RNAM[00040364](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00040365]By Sithis, we must stop them!
INFO:RNAM[00040368]"One of the Jarl's men"?
INFO:RNAM[00040379]I placed 's ring in her house.
INFO:RNAM[0004037F]Sure. I'd be glad to help.
INFO:RNAM[00040389]I could return the ring for you.
INFO:RNAM[00040397]I don't like your attitude.
INFO:RNAM[00040398]You'll come with me, then?
INFO:RNAM[000403D6]Astrid, you're being a bit... paranoid.
INFO:RNAM[000403F6](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[000403F7]Yes, the coffin. It's perfect.
INFO:RNAM[00040F63]I understand. Let me help you.
INFO:RNAM[00040F67]Don't be foolish. I'll do it.
INFO:RNAM[00040F7A]I may know a spell that would work...
INFO:RNAM[00040F7E]I may have a potion to spare.
INFO:RNAM[000414DF]What's going wrong in Morthal?
INFO:RNAM[000414E4]You don't trust the Jarl?
INFO:RNAM[00041F16]Hadvar said you could help me out.
INFO:RNAM[000428D7]You've discovered... what?
INFO:RNAM[0004404A]Do you know Gaius Maro's schedule?
INFO:RNAM[0004404B]Tell me about Dragon Bridge.
INFO:RNAM[0004404D]Is there any way to earn a bonus?
INFO:RNAM[00044447]Good luck with that.
INFO:RNAM[0004444B]I could deliver that for you.
INFO:RNAM[00044489]How long have you been training dogs?
INFO:RNAM[000453EE]I'd like to rent the attic room. ( gold)
INFO:RNAM[000453EF]Where was my room again?
INFO:RNAM[0004590B]Where do I find a Daedra Heart?
INFO:RNAM[00045D05]I need your help. I need to trap a dragon in your palace.
INFO:RNAM[00045D92]I need your help. I need to trap a dragon in your palace.
INFO:RNAM[00047AD6]You know what you have to do.
INFO:RNAM[00048C8C](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00048C8D]Tell me about this cookbook.
INFO:RNAM[00048C8E]You've served your last meal... Gourmet.
INFO:RNAM[00048C8F]Soon, the Emperor will die. Murdered, by the Gourmet.
INFO:RNAM[00048C91]So the Gourmet is in Skyrim?
INFO:RNAM[0004A20F]The best time to negotiate is from a position of strength.
INFO:RNAM[0004A210]The war is stalemated. What's the harm in talking to Ulfric?
INFO:RNAM[0004A211]Better to negotiate than lose completely.
INFO:RNAM[0004B565]How about Morthal?
INFO:RNAM[0004B566]How about Falkreath?
INFO:RNAM[0004B567]How about the Dawnstar?
INFO:RNAM[0004B568]How about Winterhold?
INFO:RNAM[0004B569]Ulfric holds nothing worth trading Markarth for.
INFO:RNAM[0004B71D]What's going on here?
INFO:RNAM[0004BC9B](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0004BC9C]Diced horker meat.
INFO:RNAM[0004BC9E](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0004BC9F]We're done. Let us serve... the Potage le Magnifique!
INFO:RNAM[0004BCA3](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0004BCA4](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0004BCA5]A sweetroll.
INFO:RNAM[0004BCA6]One nirnroot.
INFO:RNAM[0004BCA8]Enough! The Gourmet is here to cook, not talk! Let us begin.
INFO:RNAM[0004BCAA]The Emperor will die! For Sithis and the Night Mother!
INFO:RNAM[0004BCAD]You must now add a splash of mead.
INFO:RNAM[0004BCAF]Now, now, Gianna. Who's the Gourmet here?
INFO:RNAM[0004BCB0]Which poison I should use?
INFO:RNAM[0004BCB1]You misunderstand. For I am... the Gourmet!
INFO:RNAM[0004BCB5](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0004BCB6]We shall now add... a giant's toe!
INFO:RNAM[0004BCB7]So it's time? We're ready to assassinate the Emperor?
INFO:RNAM[0004BCB9]I said a giant's toe! Do not question the Gourmet!
INFO:RNAM[0004BCBA]What else can you tell me about jarrin root?
INFO:RNAM[0004BCBB]You must add... a septim.
INFO:RNAM[0004BCBC](Show Maro the Gourmet's Writ of Passage)
INFO:RNAM[0004BCBF]I won't disappoint you, Astrid. Or the Dark Brotherhood.
INFO:RNAM[0004BCC0]There is one final ingredient. Here, add this. (Give jarrin root)
INFO:RNAM[0004BCC2]The next ingredient is... vampire dust.
INFO:RNAM[0004C09E](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0004C09F]I... I don't know. It happened so fast.
INFO:RNAM[0004C3D8]Will the Night Mother speak to me again?
INFO:RNAM[0004C3D9]Cicero, did you want to be the Listener?
INFO:RNAM[0004C3DA]What exactly does a Listener do?
INFO:RNAM[0004CBA0]The Thalmor assassin is dead. It's safe to leave Windhelm.
INFO:RNAM[0004D6BD]You will be judged by Sithis in the Void. I pity you.
INFO:RNAM[0004D6BE](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0004D6BF]What are you saying?
INFO:RNAM[0004D6C1]You... sent me to die? Traitor!
INFO:RNAM[0004DDAA]I'm not going anywhere without those books.
INFO:RNAM[0004FD52](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0004FD53]This ship, the Katariah. How will I get onboard?
INFO:RNAM[0004FD54](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0004FD55]Your rule is at an end! Sithis commands it!
INFO:RNAM[0004FD56]I've heard enough. Your life ends now.
INFO:RNAM[0004FD57]Sithis is due a soul. Wouldn't you agree?
INFO:RNAM[0004FD58]I'll... consider your request.
INFO:RNAM[0004FD59]A Dark Brotherhood assassin doesn't do... "favors."
INFO:RNAM[0004FD5B]The Emperor. The real Emperor. Where is he?
INFO:RNAM[0004FD5D]I'm listening.
INFO:RNAM[0004FD5E](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0004FD5F](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0004FD60]You were... expecting me?
INFO:RNAM[0004FD62]We have unfinished business, Motierre.
INFO:RNAM[0004FDA2]Today is the luckiest day of your life.
INFO:RNAM[0004FDA3]Titus Mede II lies dead.
INFO:RNAM[0004FDA4]Actually, Motierre, there is one more thing...
INFO:RNAM[0004FDA5]Just a favor... for an honorable man.
INFO:RNAM[0004FDA8](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0004FDAA]What kind of security should I expect?
INFO:RNAM[000503B8]I'm ready.
INFO:RNAM[000504DE]Reporting for duty.
INFO:RNAM[000504E0]Reporting in.
INFO:RNAM[0005072D]Gotcha! It was 20,000 gold.
INFO:RNAM[0005072F]10,000 gold. (Lie)
INFO:RNAM[00050730]Titus Mede II is dead... by my hand.
INFO:RNAM[00050731]20,000 gold.
INFO:RNAM[00050732]5,000 gold. (Lie)
INFO:RNAM[00050733]Sorry, no joke. 5,000 gold. (Lie)
INFO:RNAM[0005092C]What kind of agreement did you have in mind?
INFO:RNAM[0005092F]You rebels are doing a fine job destroying yourselves. Soldiers running errands?
INFO:RNAM[00050930]If you believe in Talos, why don't you join our cause?
INFO:RNAM[00050C9A]Tell me about your mother. What happened?
INFO:RNAM[00050C9F]Are you sure about this, boy? Murdering this woman?
INFO:RNAM[00051400]Grelod? As it turns out... I already killed her.
INFO:RNAM[00051EE9]It is done.
INFO:RNAM[00052248]From who?
INFO:RNAM[00052262]So where are the Blood Horkers?
INFO:RNAM[00052266]I hear you're a man who might know something about pirates.
INFO:RNAM[000524D0]I'm here to rescue you.
INFO:RNAM[000524D1]Can you tell me anything else about what's going on?
INFO:RNAM[00052549]What? Where am I? Who are you?
INFO:RNAM[000525EC]Let's go.
INFO:RNAM[000525ED]Let's go.
INFO:RNAM[000525EE]Let's go.
INFO:RNAM[00052B61]You'd better do what I want, or else. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[00052CB0]Ralof said you could help me out.
INFO:RNAM[00053323]A guard said you own the Dwemer Museum.
INFO:RNAM[000534E5]Olaf found him asleep.
INFO:RNAM[000534E6]Olaf ordered disguised troops to attack Solitude?
INFO:RNAM[000534FA]Olaf made a deal with Numinex.
INFO:RNAM[000534FB]He convinced Solitude to attack Winterhold.
INFO:RNAM[0005475E] was killed.
INFO:RNAM[0005477B]Can I join the Companions?
INFO:RNAM[0005477C]Can I join the Companions?
INFO:RNAM[0005477D]Can I join the Companions?
INFO:RNAM[000549D2]I haven't finished the job yet.
INFO:RNAM[00054F91]It's true. The Night Mother spoke to me. She said I was "the one."
INFO:RNAM[000550E0]Is there some way I can help?
INFO:RNAM[000550E1]Hmm. You have a point. What can I do to help?
INFO:RNAM[000550E3]The, um, little man really needs your help. With his wagon?
INFO:RNAM[000550E4]Is something wrong?
INFO:RNAM[000550E5]Is something wrong?
INFO:RNAM[000550E6]I'll do it. I'll report Cicero to the guard.
INFO:RNAM[000550E7]So what's the problem? I'm sure he'll pay you...
INFO:RNAM[000550E8]He's a stranger who needs assistance. Please, do the right thing.
INFO:RNAM[000550E9]I talked to Loreius. He's agreed to fix your wagon wheel.
INFO:RNAM[000550EC]I won't condemn an innocent man.
INFO:RNAM[000552BA]I want you to leave Omluag alone.
INFO:RNAM[00055367]You've having trouble with Mulush?
INFO:RNAM[00055369]Who else works here?
INFO:RNAM[0005536A]Who's in charge of the smelter?
INFO:RNAM[0005538E]Do you know anything about the Forsworn?
INFO:RNAM[000553C5]Tell me about the Forsworn.
INFO:RNAM[000554DB]You're working him to death. Lay off. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[000554DD]You're working him to death. Lay off. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[00055511]I convinced to ease up a bit.
INFO:RNAM[00055512]Then we do this the hard way. (Intimidate)
INFO:RNAM[0005551D]Then we do this the hard way. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[000556F3]Never mind. I... I was mistaken.
INFO:RNAM[000556F6]It's that odd jester, Cicero. The one with the wagon...
INFO:RNAM[000556F7]He, um... stole something! I saw him! (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[000556F8]He's transporting war contraband! In the coffin! (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[000556F9]I have. Cicero won't be bothering you again.
INFO:RNAM[000556FA]He... attacked a traveler! On the road! I saw it! (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[000556FB]No, nothing. I'll just be moving on.
INFO:RNAM[00055704]Yes. I'd like to report a crime.
INFO:RNAM[00055A0D]You think you can take me on?
INFO:RNAM[00055A0E]You lost. Give me my money.
INFO:RNAM[00056AA9]How did you end up as Imperial prisoners?
INFO:RNAM[00056B22]Why are the Thalmor allowed to arrest people for worshipping Talos?
INFO:RNAM[00057A4E]I've been to the tomb. I have Olaf's Verse.
INFO:RNAM[00057F7B]It's good to meet you too, Cicero.
INFO:RNAM[00057F7C]Keep your distance, jester, and we'll get along just fine.
INFO:RNAM[00057F7D](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00057F7F]You're the man with the wagon! Transporting his mother...
INFO:RNAM[00057F80]You're the man with the wagon! Transporting his mother...
INFO:RNAM[00057F87]But I...
INFO:RNAM[00057F88]But I...
INFO:RNAM[00057F89]But I...
INFO:RNAM[00058FD0]Actually, Alain Dufont is already dead. I killed him.
INFO:RNAM[00059631]What do you want me to do?
INFO:RNAM[00059636]Gaius Maro is dead.
INFO:RNAM[00059643]Gaius Maro is dead.
INFO:RNAM[0005A409]What do you want me to do?
INFO:RNAM[0005B490]Will you buy it?
INFO:RNAM[0005B491]Yes, and specially made for members of the Elder Council.
INFO:RNAM[0005B492]What can you tell me about this? (Give Delvin the amulet)
INFO:RNAM[0005B494]Actually, I'm here on Dark Brotherhood business.
INFO:RNAM[0005B495]The Dark Brotherhood requires your services.
INFO:RNAM[0005BF27]You can trust your servant to keep this secret?
INFO:RNAM[0005C620]I've heard you're an expert in vampirism.
INFO:RNAM[0005C827]It's time for you to go back home, dog.
INFO:RNAM[0005D471]Wait, you mean this golden claw?
INFO:RNAM[0005FAFB]Is Cicero dangerous?
INFO:RNAM[00060514]Are you some kind of god?
INFO:RNAM[0006097D]Tell me about the burglary jobs.
INFO:RNAM[0006138D]Tell me about the shill jobs.
INFO:RNAM[0006183D]Tell me about the numbers jobs.
INFO:RNAM[000618A7]Yes, the blushing bride now serves Sithis in the Void.
INFO:RNAM[000618A8]She bled like a stuck pig.
INFO:RNAM[000618E7]Tell me about the fishing jobs.
INFO:RNAM[00062D7B]Do you know how to open the Whispering Door?
INFO:RNAM[00064165]Yes, Cicero's journal.
INFO:RNAM[00064166]Did something set Cicero off?
INFO:RNAM[00064167]Yes, an abandoned Sanctuary in Dawnstar. I have the passphrase.
INFO:RNAM[00064963]I hear you want someone to look into that house fire.
INFO:RNAM[00064964]I hear you want someone to look into that house fire.
INFO:RNAM[00064965]Why would he do that to his own family?
INFO:RNAM[00064966]Why would he do that to his own family?
INFO:RNAM[00064E98]You said something needing help?
INFO:RNAM[000658EB]I won't give him the satisfaction.
INFO:RNAM[00065AE7]I've purchased Honeyside.
INFO:RNAM[00065C24]I hope you aren't angry.
INFO:RNAM[00065C70]Now that Ulfric is dead, will there be peace?
INFO:RNAM[00065C71]Now that Ulfric is dead, will there be peace?
INFO:RNAM[00065C72]Now that we've defeated the Imperials, will there be peace?
INFO:RNAM[00065C73]Now that we've defeated the Imperials, will there be peace?
INFO:RNAM[00065C74]Is there anything further I can do for the Legion?
INFO:RNAM[00065C75]Is there anything further I can do for the Legion?
INFO:RNAM[00065C76]Is there anything further I can do for the cause?
INFO:RNAM[00065C77]Is there anything further I can do for the cause?
INFO:RNAM[00065C78]Is there anything further I can do for the cause?
INFO:RNAM[00065C79]Will you return to Cyrodiil now?
INFO:RNAM[00065C7A]What's next for the accomplished Legate Rikke?
INFO:RNAM[00065C7B]So, do I call you High King now?
INFO:RNAM[00065C7C]What's next for the mighty Galmar Stone-Fist?
INFO:RNAM[00065C85]How can I help?
INFO:RNAM[00065C86]How can I help?
INFO:RNAM[00065C87]How can I help?
INFO:RNAM[000665DC]Here, I brought you a drink.
INFO:RNAM[00066978]I want to train in Destruction Magic.
INFO:RNAM[0006767A]You wanted to see me?
INFO:RNAM[00067CCB]Are you aware that Letrush stole Frost?
INFO:RNAM[00068197]Where can I find an Orc stronghold?
INFO:RNAM[000681B5]Oh, I'm waiting with bated breath...
INFO:RNAM[000681B6]Oh course, Festus. Please continue.
INFO:RNAM[000681B7](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[000681B9]And this Anton Virane knows the Gourmet's true identity?
INFO:RNAM[000681BB]So you don't even know who the Gourmet is? Wonderful.
INFO:RNAM[000681BC]That I need to kill him and take on his identity?
INFO:RNAM[000681BD](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[000681BE]Do you have any idea how I might find out?
INFO:RNAM[000681C9]Need me to deliver any more mead?
INFO:RNAM[00068510]Ah yes, High Rock. Home of exquisite Breton cuisine...
INFO:RNAM[00068513](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00068514]The Gourmet. Who is he? Where is he?
INFO:RNAM[00068516]For the Dark Brotherhood, that can be easily arranged. (Intimidate)
INFO:RNAM[00068517]I'm afraid not. Loose ends, and all that.
INFO:RNAM[00068518](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00068519]I know who you are, Anton. And where you're from.
INFO:RNAM[0006851A]Of course, Anton. Thank you. (Lie)
INFO:RNAM[00068944]You said you saw a ghost?
INFO:RNAM[00068B6C]You would expect any less from the Listener?
INFO:RNAM[00068B6D](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00068B75]All I've ever wanted to do is serve this Sanctuary.
INFO:RNAM[00068B76](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[00068F21]That's a terrible story.
INFO:RNAM[00068F32]I found your shield.
INFO:RNAM[00068F33]Who's Roggi?
INFO:RNAM[00068F3F]You were an adventurer?
INFO:RNAM[00068F59]You ready to listen to reason now?
INFO:RNAM[00068F5B]Roggi won't be complaining anymore.
INFO:RNAM[00068F5C]What if I pay it? ( gold)
INFO:RNAM[00068F60]What if I pay it? ( gold)
INFO:RNAM[00068F62]Iddra wants you to forget about all that coin you owe.
INFO:RNAM[00068F63]Iddra wants you to forget about all that coin you owe.
INFO:RNAM[00068F64]Your ancestral shield is lost in a cave?
INFO:RNAM[00068F69]I don't have time right now.
INFO:RNAM[00068F6A]He's an old man. Let it go. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[00068F6D]He's an old man. Let it go. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[00068FD3]Do I need to beat some sense into you? (Intimidate)
INFO:RNAM[00068FD5]Do I need to beat some sense into you? (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[00068FE0]Have you been working in the mines long?
INFO:RNAM[00068FE2]Are you from Kynesgrove?
INFO:RNAM[00068FE9]I could deliver your message for you.
INFO:RNAM[0006A051]I've run across these Alik'r before. I know where they're hiding.
INFO:RNAM[0006A056]I've got the cogs you asked for.
INFO:RNAM[0006A897]You're from Kolskeggr Mine?
INFO:RNAM[0006A8CF]Is this your mine?
INFO:RNAM[0006A8D5]Is this your mine?
INFO:RNAM[0006B528]I have a black soul gem.
INFO:RNAM[0006C3DE]What can you tell me about yourself?
INFO:RNAM[0006C3DF]What can you tell me about yourself?
INFO:RNAM[0006C3E0]What can you tell me about yourself?
INFO:RNAM[0006C3E1]What can you tell me about yourself?
INFO:RNAM[0006C3E2]What can you tell me about yourself?
INFO:RNAM[0006C3E3]What can you tell me about yourself?
INFO:RNAM[0006C3EF]Astrid thinks a Family member may be conspiring with Cicero.
INFO:RNAM[0006C3F0]Astrid thinks a Family member may be conspiring with Cicero.
INFO:RNAM[0006C3F1]Astrid thinks a Family member may be conspiring with Cicero.
INFO:RNAM[0006C3F2]Astrid thinks a Family member may be conspiring with Cicero.
INFO:RNAM[0006C3F3]Astrid thinks a Family member may be conspiring with Cicero.
INFO:RNAM[0006C3F4]Astrid thinks a Family member may be conspiring with Cicero.
INFO:RNAM[0006C3F5]Astrid thinks a Family member may be conspiring with Cicero.
INFO:RNAM[0006C409]Any thoughts on the current situation?
INFO:RNAM[0006C40A]Any thoughts on the current situation?
INFO:RNAM[0006C40B]Any thoughts on the current situation?
INFO:RNAM[0006C40C]Any thoughts on the current situation?
INFO:RNAM[0006C40D]Any thoughts on the current situation?
INFO:RNAM[0006C811]You say something about a bet?
INFO:RNAM[0006C85F]Know of an old guy hiding out in Riften, name of Esbern?
INFO:RNAM[0006C860]I'm looking for an old guy hiding out in Riften, probably in the Ratway.
INFO:RNAM[0006C861]That old guy hiding out down here... Where does he live?
INFO:RNAM[0006C9EB]I'm not your errand girl. The statue is mine!
INFO:RNAM[0006D277]Anything else before I set off?
INFO:RNAM[0006E780]The Dark Brotherhood will return to greatness. With my help.
INFO:RNAM[0006E781](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0006E782]It's nice to meet you, Babette.
INFO:RNAM[0006E783]It's nice to meet you, Festus.
INFO:RNAM[0006E784]I will kill anyone who stands in my way. Anyone.
INFO:RNAM[0006E785]Fine. I'm not here to make friends, old man.
INFO:RNAM[0006E786](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0006E787](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0006E788]It's nice to meet you, Arnbjorn.
INFO:RNAM[0006E789]You know nothing about me, or my abilities.
INFO:RNAM[0006E78A]I am an assassin without equal. I belong here.
INFO:RNAM[0006E78B](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0006E78C](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0006E78D]It's nice to meet you, Gabriella.
INFO:RNAM[0006E79A]It's nice to meet you, Veezara.
INFO:RNAM[0006EBD6]I found Esbern. He's hiding out somewhere in the Ratway.
INFO:RNAM[0006EBD7]I found Esbern, but he won't talk to me.
INFO:RNAM[0006EBDF]He's here in Riverwood. Right outside.
INFO:RNAM[0006EFF0]How are you holding up?
INFO:RNAM[0006EFF1]Tell me more about the Coven.
INFO:RNAM[0006F6B9]You wanted to see me?
INFO:RNAM[0006F6C0]You're going to be my Shield-Sister?
INFO:RNAM[0006F7DD]Irnskar's agreed to forgive your debt.
INFO:RNAM[0006F7DE]How'd you pick up the herb trade?
INFO:RNAM[0006F7F6]Why don't you come with me?
INFO:RNAM[0006F7F9]What's this problem you have?
INFO:RNAM[0006F802]Why don't you travel with me?
INFO:RNAM[0006F815]I have your ring.
INFO:RNAM[0006F816]You're in debt to Irnskar?
INFO:RNAM[0006F81F]You're weak. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[0006F82A]What if I pay it? ( gold)
INFO:RNAM[0006F82B]What if I pay it? ( gold)
INFO:RNAM[0006F82C]I can't do that right now.
INFO:RNAM[0006F82E]Stop being stubborn. Let it go. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[0006F88B]Stop being stubborn. Let it go. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[0006F94A]I'd like you to forgive Octieve's debts.
INFO:RNAM[0006F955]Lay off the old man. Now. (Intimidate)
INFO:RNAM[0006F956]Lay off the old man. Now. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[0006F99A]Here's the 300 gold.
INFO:RNAM[0006FA79]Too frightened to leave home? (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[0006FAB8]I've earned my coin, I think.
INFO:RNAM[0006FAB9]You lost. Give me my money.
INFO:RNAM[0006FABA]Leave Omluag alone. This is my final warning.
INFO:RNAM[0006FC72]I could find that ring for you.
INFO:RNAM[00070435]What kind of writing do you do?
INFO:RNAM[00070437]What's your story, old man?
INFO:RNAM[0007043E]I'll deliver the book for you.
INFO:RNAM[00070448]I don't have time right now.
INFO:RNAM[0007044D]What if I could find that helmet for you?
INFO:RNAM[00070492]Sorry to hear that.
INFO:RNAM[00070574]I found your helmet.
INFO:RNAM[00070E74]So why haven't you arrested him?
INFO:RNAM[00070E75]What does Hroggar say happened?
INFO:RNAM[00070E78]Helgi's ghost asked me to find her.
INFO:RNAM[00070E7B]What happened to that burned down house?
INFO:RNAM[00070EBE]The contract is still on. The true Emperor must be assassinated.
INFO:RNAM[00070EBF]Commander Maro. Where is he?
INFO:RNAM[00071051]I have your sword.
INFO:RNAM[0007283C]I've got what I came for.
INFO:RNAM[0007283D]I've got what I came for.
INFO:RNAM[00072AFC]Here, it's your debt with Maven. You're free.
INFO:RNAM[00072B01]I have something of yours.
INFO:RNAM[00072D19]I'd like to talk to you about your son.
INFO:RNAM[00074DE3]Yes. Yes I am.
INFO:RNAM[00074E26]No, I'm not.
INFO:RNAM[000769CA]I must speak with Amaund Motierre once more.
INFO:RNAM[000769D2]Not exactly. The Night Mother has spoken to me again.
INFO:RNAM[000769D3]Our Family lives on, Nazir. You have to trust me.
INFO:RNAM[000771A7]What does Hroggar say happened?
INFO:RNAM[000771A8]So why haven't you arrested him?
INFO:RNAM[000771A9]What happened to that burned down house?
INFO:RNAM[000771AA]Helgi's ghost asked me to find her.
INFO:RNAM[00077262]What happens now?
INFO:RNAM[00077361]The Blades said that Paarthurnax used to be Alduin's ally.
INFO:RNAM[0007749A]They say Hroggar burned down his house for you.
INFO:RNAM[00077EFA]What now?
INFO:RNAM[00077EFB]What now?
INFO:RNAM[00078746]Darling, Brynjolf sent me. We both know what that means.
INFO:RNAM[000799D6]Let's try again. Where is the silver mold?
INFO:RNAM[00079ADA]You're looking to become a merchant?
INFO:RNAM[00079ADC]Maybe I can help you.
INFO:RNAM[00079AE1]Good luck with that.
INFO:RNAM[00079AE2]Here's your mammoth tusk.
INFO:RNAM[00079AEB]Please, allow me access.
INFO:RNAM[0007DE91]You know you should help him. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[0007DE93]All right, you've swayed me. So what can I do?
INFO:RNAM[0007EAE2]Deeja will need to be locked up.
INFO:RNAM[0007EAEF]And now it's your turn.
INFO:RNAM[0007F414]What is this place?
INFO:RNAM[0008069F]What'll you give me for these?
INFO:RNAM[00083053]You said you're in hiding? From who?
INFO:RNAM[0008307E]You do or you get hurt. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[00083091]I think I'll just kill you. (Attack)
INFO:RNAM[000834EC]Do you know anything about Saarthal?
INFO:RNAM[00084B89]What can you tell me about Winterhold?
INFO:RNAM[00085508]Can you train me in Alteration magic?
INFO:RNAM[00085DF6]They're at Cragslane Cavern.
INFO:RNAM[00086CB8]How about Morthal?
INFO:RNAM[00086CB9]How about Falkreath?
INFO:RNAM[00086CBA]How about Dawnstar?
INFO:RNAM[00086CBB]How about Winterhold?
INFO:RNAM[00086CBC]The Empire holds nothing worth trading Riften for.
INFO:RNAM[00086CBE]The Empire holds only Solitude. Tullius is in no position to make demands.
INFO:RNAM[00087906]I came at a bad time? What's wrong?
INFO:RNAM[00087907]Nightmare problem?
INFO:RNAM[00087909]What's this about nightmares?
INFO:RNAM[0008790A]No one's getting any rest? Why not?
INFO:RNAM[0008790B]Why aren't you getting much sleep?
INFO:RNAM[0008790D]Something for bad dreams?
INFO:RNAM[0008790E]"No rest in Dawnstar"?
INFO:RNAM[00087911]What should I do now?
INFO:RNAM[00087912]I've defeated the guardian troll.
INFO:RNAM[00087B6F]Can you repair and refit the Dawnstar Sanctuary?
INFO:RNAM[0008873D]You're right. The Thalmor have no business here.
INFO:RNAM[00088743]What's the harm? Besides, Tullius doesn't really want her here either.
INFO:RNAM[00088746]Let Tullius have his way on this. He'll have to give ground later.
INFO:RNAM[0008874C]I agree. This will set the tone for the whole negotiation. Elenwen should go.
INFO:RNAM[0008994D]He came in with me, but I'm not sure what happened to him.
INFO:RNAM[0008994E]He... didn't make it.
INFO:RNAM[0008AF48]Did I hear you say something about a cursed child?
INFO:RNAM[0008AF9E]What were you arguing about with Lucan?
INFO:RNAM[0008AFA3]Wait, you mean this golden claw?
INFO:RNAM[0008AFA4]Wait, you mean this golden claw?
INFO:RNAM[0008AFA5]Wait, you mean this golden claw?
INFO:RNAM[0008AFA6]Wait, you mean this golden claw?
INFO:RNAM[0008B636]Is it difficult being away from your family?
INFO:RNAM[0008B637]Why did you become a student at the College?
INFO:RNAM[0008B638]Do you like it here at the College?
INFO:RNAM[0008BBCA]Who is Aventus?
INFO:RNAM[0008BBCB]Who is Aventus?
INFO:RNAM[0008BBCC]Who is Aventus?
INFO:RNAM[0008BBCD]Who is Aventus?
INFO:RNAM[0008CBE3](Cut the captive's bonds)
INFO:RNAM[0008CBE9](Cut the captive's bonds)
INFO:RNAM[0008CBEB](Cut the captive's bonds)
INFO:RNAM[0008D2C1]But I...
INFO:RNAM[00090295]Are you selling any more Black-Briar Mead?
INFO:RNAM[00090296]Are you selling any more Black-Briar Mead?
INFO:RNAM[00090DEE]Here's your Black-Briar Mead.
INFO:RNAM[00090DF0]You're a priest of Arkay?
INFO:RNAM[00090DF1]Who's in charge of Dawnstar?
INFO:RNAM[00090DFA]I'll bring it to you.
INFO:RNAM[00090DFB]I'd be honored.
INFO:RNAM[00090E01]I'll do it.
INFO:RNAM[00090E02]You said something about a burial?
INFO:RNAM[00090E04]I don't have time for that.
INFO:RNAM[00090E09]I can't do that right now.
INFO:RNAM[00090E0C]I have your journal.
INFO:RNAM[00090E0D]You're the Jarl? I'm looking for work.
INFO:RNAM[00092A46]I want to fight Alain Dufont.
INFO:RNAM[00093132]Has the Stormcloak uprising affected your duties?
INFO:RNAM[00093137]You're a priestess of Kynareth?
INFO:RNAM[000934E0]How can I help?
INFO:RNAM[000934E2]Having trouble?
INFO:RNAM[000934F2]I'm his bodyguard. Mess with him, you mess with me.
INFO:RNAM[000934F3]You need to stop bullying Lars Battle-Born.
INFO:RNAM[000934F4]You want to be shipped off to Honorhall Orphanage?
INFO:RNAM[000934F5]He has a terrible disease. It's very contagious.
INFO:RNAM[00093809]Are you always drunk?
INFO:RNAM[00093FE1]Are you going to tell me, or am I going to have to beat it out of you? (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[00093FE2]I can break some of your bones if that's what it's going to take...
INFO:RNAM[00093FE3]I can break some of your bones if that's what it's going to take... (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[00094041]You owe her gold. Pay it. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[00094042]You owe her gold. Pay it. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[00094045]What do you do around here?
INFO:RNAM[00094050]How long have you studied alchemy?
INFO:RNAM[00094051]Are you with the Legion?
INFO:RNAM[00094052]Best warrior in Morthal, huh?
INFO:RNAM[00094074]What's wrong with Ranmir?
INFO:RNAM[00094075]What's wrong with Joric?
INFO:RNAM[00094077]You need to pay Haran back for all your drinks.
INFO:RNAM[00094079]Here's Nelacar's staff.
INFO:RNAM[0009407D]Ranmir's agreed to pay his debts.
INFO:RNAM[00094083]Don't have time. Sorry.
INFO:RNAM[00094086]What if I pay it? ( gold)
INFO:RNAM[00094087]What if I pay it? ( gold)
INFO:RNAM[00094088]I think I've earned that 100 gold.
INFO:RNAM[00094089]You ready to pay up now?
INFO:RNAM[0009408B]I'd be glad to help.
INFO:RNAM[0009408C]I found that book you wanted.
INFO:RNAM[0009408D]I found that book you wanted.
INFO:RNAM[00094094]I don't have time for book-hunting.
INFO:RNAM[000940C8]If I find a copy, I'll bring it to you.
INFO:RNAM[000940C9]If I find a copy, I'll bring it to you.
INFO:RNAM[000940CB]Do it, or things get ugly. (Intimidate)
INFO:RNAM[000940CC]Do it, or things get ugly. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[000946F6]I have a sword for you, from your daughter.
INFO:RNAM[00094E34]I have some Frost Salts for you, from Farengar.
INFO:RNAM[00094E36]A guard sent me. I killed the leader of the Dark Brotherhood.
INFO:RNAM[00094E3A]I killed the leader of the Dark Brotherhood.
INFO:RNAM[00094E3B]Are you the only wizard in Whiterun?
INFO:RNAM[00095585]What happened here?
INFO:RNAM[00098B5B]Nothing. Never mind.
INFO:RNAM[00098B5C]Torture chamber. (5,000 gold)
INFO:RNAM[00098B5D]Torture chamber. (5,000 gold)
INFO:RNAM[00098B5E]Secret entrance. (5,000 gold)
INFO:RNAM[00098B5F]Secret entrance. (5,000 gold)
INFO:RNAM[00098B61]I need some things for the Sanctuary.
INFO:RNAM[00098B62]I need some things for the Sanctuary.
INFO:RNAM[00098B63]New banners. (1,000 gold)
INFO:RNAM[00098B64]New banners. (1,000 gold)
INFO:RNAM[00098B66]Poisoner's nook. (5,000 gold)
INFO:RNAM[00098B67]Poisoner's nook. (5,000 gold)
INFO:RNAM[00098B68]Master bedroom. (3,000 gold)
INFO:RNAM[00098B69]Master bedroom. (3,000 gold)
INFO:RNAM[00098D4B]I have a message from Ulfric Stormcloak.
INFO:RNAM[00098D56]I have a message from Ulfric Stormcloak.
INFO:RNAM[00099D14]"Upon my honor I do swear undying loyalty to the Emperor, Titus Mede II..."
INFO:RNAM[0009BCA1](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[0009BCA6]What in the name of Sithis...
INFO:RNAM[0009BCA9]Cicero! It's good to see you again, old friend.
INFO:RNAM[0009BE4A]Wait here.
INFO:RNAM[0009BE4B]You're dismissed. Return home.
INFO:RNAM[0009BE4C]I command you to accompany me.
INFO:RNAM[0009CC94]I'll rent Tiber Septim's room. ( gold)
INFO:RNAM[0009CCCB]Is there anything else?
INFO:RNAM[0009CCCD]I have this token for you.
INFO:RNAM[0009CCCE]I was told you could see my future.
INFO:RNAM[0009CCCF]What do you see?
INFO:RNAM[0009CCD0]What do you see?
INFO:RNAM[0009CCD1]I want you to read my fortune.
INFO:RNAM[0009D6EA]What's our first target?
INFO:RNAM[0009DEA1]It's all right. Just tell me what I need to know. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[0009DEA2]Shhh... Don't be afraid. You can tell me. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[0009DEA3]Answer me, or I'll paint this room with your blood! (Intimidate)
INFO:RNAM[0009DEA4]One last time: Would. Someone. Pay. To. Have. You. Killed? (Intimidate)
INFO:RNAM[0009DEA5]Answer me, or die! (Intimidate)
INFO:RNAM[0009DEA6]Come on, you can tell me. We're all friends here. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[0009F7A4]If I find this crystal you're looking for. Will you help me?
INFO:RNAM[000A1FA2]Reporting for duty.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FA3]Reporting for duty.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FA4]Reporting for duty.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FA5]Reporting for duty.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FA6]Reporting for duty.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FA7]Reporting for duty.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FA8]Reporting for duty.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FA9]Reporting for duty.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FAA]Reporting in.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FAB]Reporting in.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FAC]Reporting in.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FAD]Reporting in.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FAE]Reporting in.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FAF]Reporting in.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FB0]Reporting in.
INFO:RNAM[000A1FB1]Reporting in.
INFO:RNAM[000A29AA]Yeah, it's all here.
INFO:RNAM[000A56D4]I'd like to rent the attic room. ( gold)
INFO:RNAM[000A703D]Congratulations. Quite the day, hmm?
INFO:RNAM[000A7249]Where can I get a drink?
INFO:RNAM[000A724A]Where can I get a drink?
INFO:RNAM[000A7252]I have a Frost Salts for you, from Farengar.
INFO:RNAM[000A7FFC]I have corundum ore to sell.
INFO:RNAM[000A7FFD]I have ebony ore to sell.
INFO:RNAM[000A7FFE]I have gold ore to sell.
INFO:RNAM[000A7FFF]I have iron ore to sell.
INFO:RNAM[000A8000]I have malachite ore to sell.
INFO:RNAM[000A8001]I have moonstone ore to sell.
INFO:RNAM[000A8002]I have orichalcum ore to sell.
INFO:RNAM[000A8003]I have quicksilver ore to sell.
INFO:RNAM[000A8004]I have silver ore to sell.
INFO:RNAM[000A8C06]How do we get to Sky Haven Temple?
INFO:RNAM[000A8D78]About your name...
INFO:RNAM[000A8D79]Remind me, why do they call you Dirge?
INFO:RNAM[000A9364]What are my new orders, sir?
INFO:RNAM[000A9365]What's our next move against the Empire?
INFO:RNAM[000A95D5]Unh, my head.
INFO:RNAM[000AAA14]So what was your suggestion again?
INFO:RNAM[000AB6F3]Do you know why he was after her?
INFO:RNAM[000AB816]Watch your words next time.
INFO:RNAM[000AB817]You're the castle blacksmith?
INFO:RNAM[000AB818]If I find one, I'll bring it to you.
INFO:RNAM[000AB81A]Here's an amulet of Arkay.
INFO:RNAM[000AB81C]I found Queen Freydis's sword.
INFO:RNAM[000AB81D]Ulfric doesn't care about outsiders?
INFO:RNAM[000AB822]What if I took care of these bandits?
INFO:RNAM[000AB83B]What's special about this sword?
INFO:RNAM[000AB841]That's too bad.
INFO:RNAM[000AB85A]Your wife is in mourning?
INFO:RNAM[000ABC94]I ended up killing your enemy.
INFO:RNAM[000ABC95]I ended up killing your enemy.
INFO:RNAM[000ABC96]I ended up killing your enemy.
INFO:RNAM[000ABC97]I ended up killing your enemy.
INFO:RNAM[000ABC98]I ended up killing your enemy.
INFO:RNAM[000ABC99]I ended up killing your enemy.
INFO:RNAM[000ABC9A]I ended up killing your enemy.
INFO:RNAM[000ABC9B]I ended up killing your enemy.
INFO:RNAM[000ABC9C]I ended up killing your enemy.
INFO:RNAM[000ABCAF]I ended up killing your enemy.
INFO:RNAM[000ABCB0]I did what you asked.
INFO:RNAM[000ABCB1]I did what you asked.
INFO:RNAM[000ABCB2]I did what you asked.
INFO:RNAM[000ABCB3]I did what you asked.
INFO:RNAM[000ABCB4]I did what you asked.
INFO:RNAM[000ABCB5]I did what you asked.
INFO:RNAM[000ABCB6]I did what you asked.
INFO:RNAM[000ABCB7]I did what you asked.
INFO:RNAM[000ABCC5]I did what you asked.
INFO:RNAM[000ABDF7]What is this about?
INFO:RNAM[000AD9F4]Still have that letter you need delivered?
INFO:RNAM[000ADA18]Can you train me to Block?
INFO:RNAM[000ADA19]Can you teach me about Conjuration?
INFO:RNAM[000ADA1B]Can you teach me about Conjuration?
INFO:RNAM[000ADA1C]Can you train me in Enchanting?
INFO:RNAM[000ADA2C]Can you train me to better use Heavy Armor?
INFO:RNAM[000ADA3C]I need training in Light Armor.
INFO:RNAM[000ADA42]I need some training in Lockpicking.
INFO:RNAM[000ADA51]Can you train me to be better at Archery?
INFO:RNAM[000ADA60]Can you train me to be better at Archery?
INFO:RNAM[000ADA6C]I'd like to train in One-Handed weapons.
INFO:RNAM[000ADA70]Train me to be a better Pickpocket.
INFO:RNAM[000ADA96]I'd like training in Restoration magic.
INFO:RNAM[000ADA99]I need training in Smithing.
INFO:RNAM[000ADAED]Can you train me to Sneak?
INFO:RNAM[000ADB15]Can you train me to Sneak?
INFO:RNAM[000ADB16]I'd like training in the art of Speech.
INFO:RNAM[000ADB1C]I'd like training in the art of Speech.
INFO:RNAM[000ADB1E]Can you train me to better use Two-Handed weapons?
INFO:RNAM[000AED3A]I need training in Smithing.
INFO:RNAM[000AF6B8]Is there anything else you can tell me about Isabelle Rolaine?
INFO:RNAM[000B0EED]I've been sent to resolve a dispute. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[000B0EEE]You'd better do what I want, or else. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[000B118C]How are you holding up?
INFO:RNAM[000B118D]How are you holding up?
INFO:RNAM[000B2FCD]Sure, tag sounds fun.
INFO:RNAM[000B2FCE]Sure, tag sounds fun.
INFO:RNAM[000B31FA]I'll be back.
INFO:RNAM[000B31FC]Heard any rumors lately?
INFO:RNAM[000B31FE]It's over.
INFO:RNAM[000B396B]What do you have against the Blades?
INFO:RNAM[000B48F8]She lets the servants in? Seems like a gap in security that could be exploited.
INFO:RNAM[000B5DF3]Where are you taking your prisoner?
INFO:RNAM[000B5DF6]Do all Thalmor have such high opinions of themselves?
INFO:RNAM[000B5FAD]Can you train me to Block?
INFO:RNAM[000B5FB0]I'd like to train in One-Handed weapons.
INFO:RNAM[000B7770]What scroll?
INFO:RNAM[000B7860]I heard there was a valuable statue here.
INFO:RNAM[000B8127]I want to train in Destruction Magic.
INFO:RNAM[000B8128]I'd like you to train me in Illusion magic.
INFO:RNAM[000B833B]I need training in Light Armor.
INFO:RNAM[000B833C]I'd like training in the art of Speech.
INFO:RNAM[000B8394]I don't have time for this.
INFO:RNAM[000B839B](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[000B839C](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[000B83A2]I'm fine. But the Night Mother has another task for me. Let's go.
INFO:RNAM[000B83A3]I have to speak with Astrid! She's here, in the Sanctuary. Follow me.
INFO:RNAM[000B83BE]What did you want my help with?
INFO:RNAM[000B861B]Give me the hilt, or things get ugly. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[000B8627]Give me the hilt. Now.
INFO:RNAM[000B8C93]Out of my way.
INFO:RNAM[000B8C94]Why are you still here?
INFO:RNAM[000B8C95]Here. (Give 100 gold)
INFO:RNAM[000B8C97]Toll? What toll?
INFO:RNAM[000B8C98]Who are you?
INFO:RNAM[000B8C99]What are you doing out here?
INFO:RNAM[000B8C9B]Who are you?
INFO:RNAM[000B8C9C]I can't afford that.
INFO:RNAM[000B8C9E]No, I'll find some other way through.
INFO:RNAM[000B9130]Can I make a request? (25 gold)
INFO:RNAM[000B9131]Can I make a request? (25 gold)
INFO:RNAM[000BA28A]Even after slaying your troublesome spider?
INFO:RNAM[000BA2FB]What are you doing?
INFO:RNAM[000BB964]Where did you learn to play so well?
INFO:RNAM[000BBA8F]I don't understand. What is this place?
INFO:RNAM[000BBA91]You're no kin of mine, pig-face.
INFO:RNAM[000BBD9A]Here's your gold. (750 gold)
INFO:RNAM[000BC6E7]I've found a lost verse of the Poetic Edda.
INFO:RNAM[000BD700]So you work here?
INFO:RNAM[000BD736]Another time, perhaps.
INFO:RNAM[000BD7E6]Can you train me in Alteration magic?
INFO:RNAM[000BD7E7]Can you train me in Alteration magic?
INFO:RNAM[000BD7E8]Can you train me in Alteration magic?
INFO:RNAM[000BD7E9]Can you train me to Block?
INFO:RNAM[000BD7EA]Can you train me to Block?
INFO:RNAM[000BD7EB]Can you train me to Block?
INFO:RNAM[000BD7EC]Can you teach me about Conjuration?
INFO:RNAM[000BD7ED]Can you teach me about Conjuration?
INFO:RNAM[000BD7EE]Can you teach me about Conjuration?
INFO:RNAM[000BD7EF]I'd like training in Destruction Magic.
INFO:RNAM[000BD7F0]I'd like training in Destruction Magic.
INFO:RNAM[000BD7F1]I'd like training in Destruction Magic.
INFO:RNAM[000BD7F2]Can you train me in Enchanting?
INFO:RNAM[000BD7F3]Can you train me in Enchanting?
INFO:RNAM[000BD7F4]Can you train me in Enchanting?
INFO:RNAM[000BF46A]I'll need an Elder Scroll to get any further. I'm working on locating it.
INFO:RNAM[000BFA05]I have your amulet.
INFO:RNAM[000BFA07]Your people have bad luck?
INFO:RNAM[000BFA08]I could find your amulet for you.
INFO:RNAM[000BFAE5]Jaree-Ra is dead.
INFO:RNAM[000BFB73]Do you like having Haming around?
INFO:RNAM[000C0276](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[000C0277]You will die as you lived. An arrogant joke.
INFO:RNAM[000C0278]By Sithis, I need details. Get to the point.
INFO:RNAM[000C0279]Muiri says goodbye. Forever.
INFO:RNAM[000C027B](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[000C02CE]How will you protect yourselves against the dragons?
INFO:RNAM[000C02D0]Your farms are thriving, even despite the harsh climate. What's your secret?
INFO:RNAM[000C02D3]How did a Breton like yourself come to dwell in Rorikstead?
INFO:RNAM[000C02D6]Has the war taken a toll on your settlement and its people?
INFO:RNAM[000C02D9]Did you fight in the Great War?
INFO:RNAM[000C02DC]Is the town of Rorikstead named for you?
INFO:RNAM[000C02E0]Where do you sell your surplus crops?
INFO:RNAM[000C02E2]Your farm is doing very well. You must be proud.
INFO:RNAM[000C03E0]Sorry, I don't even have 750 gold.
INFO:RNAM[000C0425]Do you want to help me with something?
INFO:RNAM[000C0B77]I think I've earned that 100 gold.
INFO:RNAM[000C0DFE]Not many people comment on my clothes.
INFO:RNAM[000C0F18]You seem to be in a good mood.
INFO:RNAM[000C0F1E]So you like my outfit?
INFO:RNAM[000C1A40]Who was Beirand?
INFO:RNAM[000C1A46]So Erikur was your brother?
INFO:RNAM[000C1AAA]A place in court seems to suit you.
INFO:RNAM[000C1AAB]So, do you still claim to be the High Queen of Skyrim?
INFO:RNAM[000C1AAD]So you make armor for the Stormcloaks?
INFO:RNAM[000C1AB9]Why did Ulfric let Elisif live?
INFO:RNAM[000C1ABA]What will happen to Elisif now that the Empire has won the war?
INFO:RNAM[000C1ABB]What will happen to Elisif now that Ulfric has won the war?
INFO:RNAM[000C2467]So you're a healer?
INFO:RNAM[000C24C8]What's our first target?
INFO:RNAM[000C278A]I'd like training in Restoration magic.
INFO:RNAM[000C27EF]I don't have time for this. I can get rough with you if I have to. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[000C27F0]I don't have time for this. I can get rough with you if I have to. (Intimidate)
INFO:RNAM[000C348E]What is the aim of this war?
INFO:RNAM[000C348F]Why are you fighting this war?
INFO:RNAM[000C3569]Galmar never mentioned a mission here...
INFO:RNAM[000C4439]Tell me about your family.
INFO:RNAM[000C443A]Tell me about your family.
INFO:RNAM[000C443B]Tell me about your family.
INFO:RNAM[000C4445]Can you share anything about the Thieves Guild?
INFO:RNAM[000C4446]Can you share anything about the Thieves Guild?
INFO:RNAM[000C4447]Can you share anything about the Thieves Guild?
INFO:RNAM[000C4DFD]Let's do the fire festival tonight.
INFO:RNAM[000C65A8]Hadvar said you could help me out.
INFO:RNAM[000C65A9]Ralof said you could help me out.
INFO:RNAM[000C6E1B]I'd like to decorate my home.
INFO:RNAM[000C7B3F]So this is the Bards College?
INFO:RNAM[000C7B5C]So you're a member of the Bards College?
INFO:RNAM[000C7D3F]Actually I've got it here.
INFO:RNAM[000C8201]What happened during the Night of Green Fire?
INFO:RNAM[000C8204]Sounds like you've seen you far share of hardship.
INFO:RNAM[000C8205]You're from Cyrodiil? What's it like back home?
INFO:RNAM[000C8206]Not everyone seems to want us here.
INFO:RNAM[000C8274]What's our first target?
INFO:RNAM[000C82E1]Uh... I haven't found anything yet.
INFO:RNAM[000C8613]What can you tell me about Dawnstar?
INFO:RNAM[000CA1F4] won't be bothering you anymore.
INFO:RNAM[000CA1F5]Leave her alone, or else. (Intimidate)
INFO:RNAM[000CA1F6]Leave her alone, or else. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[000CA1F8]Any work to be done in the stronghold?
INFO:RNAM[000CA202]You'll let me through now?
INFO:RNAM[000CA203]Final warning. Leave Octieve alone.
INFO:RNAM[000CA434]You in charge of this forge?
INFO:RNAM[000CA436]If I see it, I'll bring it to you.
INFO:RNAM[000CA437]I don't have time for that.
INFO:RNAM[000CA438]I found that book you wanted.
INFO:RNAM[000CC33E]I'm ready for some more practice.
INFO:RNAM[000CC342]What are the rules again?
INFO:RNAM[000CC34C]I need some practice arrows.
INFO:RNAM[000CC34D]Thanks for helping me out.
INFO:RNAM[000CC34E]Looks like you're no longer needed. Time to die.
INFO:RNAM[000CC354]I'm ready for some more practice.
INFO:RNAM[000CC373]I want to try again.
INFO:RNAM[000CC376]Maybe I can teach you thing or two about using a bow.
INFO:RNAM[000CD072]Any place I can find work?
INFO:RNAM[000CD073]You live here?
INFO:RNAM[000CD074]I'm here to help, in any way I can.
INFO:RNAM[000CD075]Where can I get a drink?
INFO:RNAM[000CD076]Just passing through.
INFO:RNAM[000CD077]I seek my fortune.
INFO:RNAM[000CD114]You need to leave alone.
INFO:RNAM[000CD116]You need to leave alone.
INFO:RNAM[000CD117]You need to leave alone.
INFO:RNAM[000CD119]She's not yours. Stop this nonsense. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[000CD11B]She's not yours. Stop this nonsense. (Persuade)
INFO:RNAM[000CDA0A]I will. Together, then.
INFO:RNAM[000CDA0B]I do. My hand is yours.
INFO:RNAM[000CDA0C]Together until the end, then.
INFO:RNAM[000CDA0D]I'm game.
INFO:RNAM[000CDA0E]I'd be more than interested.
INFO:RNAM[000CDA0F]I won't lie. I am.
INFO:RNAM[000CDA10]I'm sorry. I'm not interested.
INFO:RNAM[000CDA11]I don't. Sorry.
INFO:RNAM[000CDA12]I'm not interested. Sorry.
INFO:RNAM[000CDA13]I don't think I'm game.
INFO:RNAM[000CDA14]No. Sorry.
INFO:RNAM[000CDA15]I'm not.
INFO:RNAM[000CDD66]You don't like Mikael?
INFO:RNAM[000CE08C]What are my new orders, sir?
INFO:RNAM[000CE08D]What's our next move against the Empire?
INFO:RNAM[000CE08E]What are my new orders, sir?
INFO:RNAM[000CE252]Let's see about that. Time to die!
INFO:RNAM[000CE253]Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you.
INFO:RNAM[000CE254]I'm sorry about your family.
INFO:RNAM[000CE258]Why live out here all by yourself?
INFO:RNAM[000CE25B]I'm ready for some practice.
INFO:RNAM[000CE6FE]What are those targets for?
INFO:RNAM[000CE6FF]Are you any good with your bow?
INFO:RNAM[000CE700]Probably better than you.
INFO:RNAM[000CE701]Let's just say Hircine would be jealous.
INFO:RNAM[000CE702]No, not really.
INFO:RNAM[000CEFC3]How about I pay you some gold and you look the other way? ( gold)
INFO:RNAM[000CF213]Want me to take care of them?
INFO:RNAM[000CF214]Who killed your family?
INFO:RNAM[000CF2DD]What is a Shield-Sister?
INFO:RNAM[000CF756]You're the man with the wagon! Transporting his mother...
INFO:RNAM[000D0315]I'm ready for some more practice.
INFO:RNAM[000D031A]I want to try again.
INFO:RNAM[000D031C]I'm ready for some more practice.
INFO:RNAM[000D070F]Don't worry. I have a plan. I'm going to trap a dragon in Dragonsreach.
INFO:RNAM[000D13DB]Gaius Maro will die! Hail Sithis!
INFO:RNAM[000D13DC]What will killing Gaius Maro accomplish?
INFO:RNAM[000D13DE](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[000D143A]You're not going to kill her, are you?
INFO:RNAM[000D143B]You're not going to kill her, are you?
INFO:RNAM[000D143C]Rikke, leave. They'll kill you.
INFO:RNAM[000D143E]Just kill her and get it over with.
INFO:RNAM[000D143F]Just kill her and get it over with.
INFO:RNAM[000D1440]We'll kill you if we must.
INFO:RNAM[000D19A4]How do I join the Imperial Legion?
INFO:RNAM[000D265A]Reporting for duty.
INFO:RNAM[000D283B]Seen any Stormcloak couriers lately?
INFO:RNAM[000D2849]Seen any Stormcloak couriers lately?
INFO:RNAM[000D2875]Seen any Stormcloak couriers lately?
INFO:RNAM[000D288F]Seen any Imperial couriers lately?
INFO:RNAM[000D2890]Seen any Imperial couriers lately?
INFO:RNAM[000D28C0]Seen any Imperial couriers lately?
INFO:RNAM[000D28C1]Seen any Imperial couriers lately?
INFO:RNAM[000D28C2]Seen any Imperial couriers lately?
INFO:RNAM[000D28C3]Seen any Imperial couriers lately?
INFO:RNAM[000D2AE6]I'm listening.
INFO:RNAM[000D2CF5]I need a way to lure a dragon to Dragonsreach. Any ideas?
INFO:RNAM[000D2D04]I need a way to lure a dragon to Dragonsreach. Any ideas?
INFO:RNAM[000D33A8]Tell me about yourself.
INFO:RNAM[000D33A9]Tell me about yourself.
INFO:RNAM[000D33AA]Tell me about yourself.
INFO:RNAM[000D33AB]Tell me about yourself.
INFO:RNAM[000D33B1]Are you always drunk?
INFO:RNAM[000D33B2]Still thirsty?
INFO:RNAM[000D3C55]What's the Imperial Legion doing in Skyrim?
INFO:RNAM[000D3C56]Why are you called Stormcloaks?
INFO:RNAM[000D3C5A]How does one join the Imperial Legion?
INFO:RNAM[000D3C5B]How does one join the Stormcloaks?
INFO:RNAM[000D3C5C]How does one join the Stormcloaks?
INFO:RNAM[000D3D5F]You're on your own, priest.
INFO:RNAM[000D3D60]I'll find your amulet.
INFO:RNAM[000D3E60]Does a woman named Margret stay here?
INFO:RNAM[000D3E62]Does a woman named Margret stay here?
INFO:RNAM[000D4FCD]You're no longer in debt with Sapphire.
INFO:RNAM[000D514F]About that test...
INFO:RNAM[000D520A]Does a woman named Margret stay here?
INFO:RNAM[000D55EE]Calixto Corrium was the Butcher.
INFO:RNAM[000D66CB]Talk, or I send you to the gods.
INFO:RNAM[000D6757]What are the duties of a Keeper?
INFO:RNAM[000D6758]Who is the Night Mother?
INFO:RNAM[000D6759]Why did you come to the Sanctuary?
INFO:RNAM[000D6760]Tell me about Sithis.
INFO:RNAM[000D69D9]How do you take your mind off something like that?
INFO:RNAM[000D6CC3]Have you heard from your sons?
INFO:RNAM[000D7671]Ulfric has already agreed to attend.
INFO:RNAM[000D767A]Are you ready to host the peace council?
INFO:RNAM[000D7683]The best time to negotiate is from a position of strength.
INFO:RNAM[000D7684]Neither side is making much headway. What's the harm in talking to Ulfric?
INFO:RNAM[000D768B]I need your help. I need to trap a dragon in your palace.
INFO:RNAM[000D76AA]I heard something happened to the tree at the temple.
INFO:RNAM[000D76AC]Tell me about this tree.
INFO:RNAM[000D76E5]His paranoia is gone.
INFO:RNAM[000D76E6]No more self loathing for Pelagius.
INFO:RNAM[000D76E7]He'll sleep peacefully now.
INFO:RNAM[000D76E8]Self loathing? Conquered. Paranoia? Abolished.
INFO:RNAM[000D76E9]No more night terrors, no more paranoia.
INFO:RNAM[000D76EA]The night terrors and self loathing are gone.
INFO:RNAM[000D7845]Tell me about the heist jobs.
INFO:RNAM[000D7855]Tell me about the bedlam jobs.
INFO:RNAM[000D938D]Here's Lod's letter.
INFO:RNAM[000D9390]You say there's a plot against you?
INFO:RNAM[000D9392]It will be done.
INFO:RNAM[000D94B9]I agree. You shouldn't let Ulfric push you around. Elenwen should stay.
INFO:RNAM[000D94BC]I agree. This will set the tone for the whole negotiation. Elenwen should go.
INFO:RNAM[000D94D7]What's the harm? Besides, Tullius doesn't really want her here either.
INFO:RNAM[000DA25A]I have an important message from General Tullius.
INFO:RNAM[000DA25B]About that message from the General...
INFO:RNAM[000DA25C]About that message from the General...
INFO:RNAM[000DA63F]How about Falkreath?
INFO:RNAM[000DA678]Tell me about the Orc.
INFO:RNAM[000DA679]Do you come here a lot?
INFO:RNAM[000DA67A]Do you get a lot of business?
INFO:RNAM[000DA67B]What can you tell me about the inn?
INFO:RNAM[000DA685]What do you know about the Orc?
INFO:RNAM[000DB289]I need some things for the Sanctuary.
INFO:RNAM[000DB28A]I need some things for the Sanctuary.
INFO:RNAM[000DB83A]I already have some skooma.
INFO:RNAM[000DB847]Hand over the skooma. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[000DB9F4]Never mind. I don't need anything.
INFO:RNAM[000DB9F5]I need to rearrange your equipment.
INFO:RNAM[000DC167]Still have that Balmora Blue?
INFO:RNAM[000DC16A]I don't have enough. (1,500 gold)
INFO:RNAM[000DC250]What exactly will I be doing out there?
INFO:RNAM[000DD609]What do you think about Ulfric, now that he has won?
INFO:RNAM[000DDE86] says there's a shipment of coin traveling to Windhelm...
INFO:RNAM[000DDE87] says there's a shipment of coin traveling to Solitude...
INFO:RNAM[000DDE88] says there's a shipment of coin traveling to Windhelm...
INFO:RNAM[000DDE89] says there's a shipment of coin traveling to Solitude...
INFO:RNAM[000DE1A2]How do I join the Stormcloaks?
INFO:RNAM[000DEE85]What's on the menu?
INFO:RNAM[000DF035]What happened in the last few hundred years?
INFO:RNAM[000DF036]What caused the Great Collapse?
INFO:RNAM[000DF1D6]Now give me that skooma.
INFO:RNAM[000DF1D7]You leave Carlotta alone, or this gets worse.
INFO:RNAM[000DF1D9]How about I fight you for it? (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[000E0B89]Let's wait a little longer.
INFO:RNAM[000E0B8E]Perhaps we could come to some kind of agreement?
INFO:RNAM[000E0B96]What if this letter were made public?
INFO:RNAM[000E0C39]So you want your staff back.
INFO:RNAM[000E0CB4]You'd better do what I want, or else. (Brawl)
INFO:RNAM[000E0E54](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[000E0E55]Enough talk. Just tell me who to kill.
INFO:RNAM[000E1742]Wait in the courtyard.
INFO:RNAM[000E1B08]About that test...
INFO:RNAM[000E1B2B]Skyrim is home to more than just Nords.
INFO:RNAM[000E1B2C]Skyrim is my home.
INFO:RNAM[000E1FD6]What were you two arguing about?
INFO:RNAM[000E1FD7]Do you need help finding the sword?
INFO:RNAM[000E32F9]What'll you give me for these?
INFO:RNAM[000E32FD]What'll you give me for these?
INFO:RNAM[000E3300]What'll you give me for these?
INFO:RNAM[000E3533]Any word from the rest of the missing Apprentices?
INFO:RNAM[000E3A37]Can you train me in Alteration magic?
INFO:RNAM[000E3A38]Can you train me to Block?
INFO:RNAM[000E3A39]Can you teach me about Conjuration?
INFO:RNAM[000E3A3A]I'd like training in Destruction Magic.
INFO:RNAM[000E3A3B]Can you train me in Enchanting?
INFO:RNAM[000E3A3C]Can you train me to better use Heavy Armor?
INFO:RNAM[000E3A3D]I'd like you to train me in Illusion magic.
INFO:RNAM[000E3A3E]I need training in Light Armor.
INFO:RNAM[000E3A3F]I need some training in Lockpicking.
INFO:RNAM[000E3A40]Can you train me to be better at Archery?
INFO:RNAM[000E3A41]I'd like to train in One-Handed weapons.
INFO:RNAM[000E3A42]Train me to be a better Pickpocket.
INFO:RNAM[000E3A43]I'd like training in Restoration magic.
INFO:RNAM[000E3A44]I need training in Smithing.
INFO:RNAM[000E3A45]Can you train me to Sneak?
INFO:RNAM[000E3A46]I'd like training in the art of Speech.
INFO:RNAM[000E3A47]Can you train me to better use Two-Handed weapons?
INFO:RNAM[000E40A6]The Jarl of Whiterun returns your axe.
INFO:RNAM[000E40AD]Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak asked me to deliver this axe to you.
INFO:RNAM[000E40AE]About that message from Ulfric...
INFO:RNAM[000E40AF]About that message from the Jarl...
INFO:RNAM[000E41B6]How do I get out of here?
INFO:RNAM[000E67AF]You have a problem with the College?
INFO:RNAM[000E67F5]Find any dragons to hunt?
INFO:RNAM[000E7254]What are my new orders, sir?
INFO:RNAM[000E7255]What are my new orders, sir?
INFO:RNAM[000E7256]What are my new orders, sir?
INFO:RNAM[000E7257]What's our next move against the Empire?
INFO:RNAM[000E7258]What's our next move against the Empire?
INFO:RNAM[000E73B7]You mentioned a personal task earlier.
INFO:RNAM[000E769F]King Olaf's Verse was right where you said it would be.
INFO:RNAM[000E76A0]I've already been to the tomb. I have Olaf's Verse.
INFO:RNAM[000E76DB]Have you located any Words of Power?
INFO:RNAM[000E772D]Do you know "The Age of Aggression"?
INFO:RNAM[000E7752]Olaf was Numinex. A dragon in human form!
INFO:RNAM[000E7BC8]What if I get caught killing someone?
INFO:RNAM[000E7BCC]Why would you live here at the inn?
INFO:RNAM[000E7EA6]What should I do now?
INFO:RNAM[000E8BC4]If you were dead I could keep the horse.
INFO:RNAM[000EA256]I don't know the spell for summoning a Flame Atronach.
INFO:RNAM[000EA257]I don't know the Magelight spell.
INFO:RNAM[000EA258]I don't know the Fear spell.
INFO:RNAM[000EA259]I don't know the Heal Other spell.
INFO:RNAM[000EDF18]How do I get out of here?
INFO:RNAM[000F23B1](Remain silent)
INFO:RNAM[000F23B2]Do you hear that? It's the sound of your sister, screaming in the Void...
INFO:RNAM[000F23B3]Muiri sent me. She is quite unhappy...
INFO:RNAM[000F8A79]Pay gold.
INFO:RNAM[000F935E]I don't know that spell.
INFO:RNAM[000F935F]I don't know that spell.
INFO:RNAM[000F9360]I don't know that spell.
INFO:RNAM[000F9361]I don't know that spell.
INFO:RNAM[000F94BE]Trust me. You're invisible. (Lie)
INFO:RNAM[000FBA67]How does one join the Imperial Legion?
INFO:RNAM[000FF22E]I can't afford to pay.
INFO:RNAM[000FF274]The Listener? What's a Listener?
INFO:RNAM[000FF275]The Listener? What's a Listener?
INFO:RNAM[001034DD]Here you go. (Give 5 gold)
INFO:RNAM[001034DE]Here you go. (Give 5 gold)
INFO:RNAM[001039B3]How can I help?
INFO:RNAM[001039B4]How can I help?
INFO:RNAM[00106A43]And the paint on the cow?
INFO:RNAM[00106A45]Good luck.
INFO:RNAM[00106A47]What are you offering to the giants?
INFO:RNAM[00106A48]Did you see where the dragon went?
INFO:RNAM[00106A4A]Need any help?
INFO:RNAM[00106A4B]I know. I was at Helgen.
INFO:RNAM[00106A51]What's the paint on the cow for, again?
INFO:RNAM[001074C1]Sorry, I'll be leaving now.
INFO:RNAM[001093F3]What's going on?
INFO:RNAM[0010C245]Now where's Esbern?
INFO:RNAM[0010C447]Now where's Esbern?
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