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Skyrim SE Special Edition v1.5.3

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2BardsCollegeDrumEndTopicI have Rjorn's Drum.
4BardsCollegeFluteBackstoryTopicWhy would a necromancer want your flute?
5BardsCollegeFluteEndTopicI recovered your flute.
6BardsCollegeFluteIntroTopicWho's neck is that?
7BardsCollegeLuteDrumBackstoryTopicWho's Rjorn and why do you want his Drum?
8BardsCollegeLuteDrumIntroTopicWhat did they find?
9BardsCollegeLuteEndTopicI've found Finn's Lute.
10BardsCollegeLuteFinnsStoryTopicWhat's so important about Finn's Lute?
11BardsCollegeLuteIntroTopicWhy are you sad?
12BardsCollegePoeticEddaAcceptI can do that.
13BardsCollegePoeticEddaBardTopicDo you have a verse for the Poetic Edda?
14BardsCollegePoeticEddaGiraudTaskTopicIs the Edda complete now that you have King Olaf's Verse?
15BardsCollegePoeticEddaRefuseMaybe later.
16BardsCollegePoeticEddaReturnTopicI've collected some of the Edda for you.
17BardSongsBallad01RequestBranchTopicWould you play "Tale of the Tongues"?
18BardSongsBallad02RequestBranchTopicDo you know "The Age of Oppression"?
19BardSongsDrinkingSong01RequestBranchTopicCan you play "The Dragonborn Comes"?
20BardSongsDrinkingSong02RequestBranchTopicCan you sing "Ragnar the Red"?
21BardSongsGeneralRequestBranchTopicCan I make a request?
22BardSongsTakeABreakBranchTopicCan you take a break?
23BQ01MainTopicI'm looking for work. Got any leads?
24BQ01RewardTopicThe bandit leader at is dead. I'm here for the bounty.
25BQ02MainTopicI'm looking for work. Got any leads?
26BQ02RewardTopicThe leader of is dead. I'm here for the bounty.
27BQ03MainTopicI'm looking for work. Got any leads?
28BQ03RewardTopicThe giant at is dead. I'm here for the bounty.
29BQ04MainTopicI'm looking for work. Got any leads?
30BQ04RewardTopicThe dragon at is dead. I'm here for the bounty.
31BranchPackTopCoven? What do you mean?
32C00AelaIfYouWereAnyOtherManI would kill him before he drew his sword.
33C00AelaIhaveYourShieldTopicI have your shield.
34C00AelaWhoMeI don't care for boasting.
35C00CompanionsHierarchySomeone has to be in charge, though.
36C00EorlundBattleaxePlaseI'd like a battleaxe.
37C00EorlundBranchTopicI was told you would have a weapon for me.
38C00EorlundDaggerPleaseI'd like a dagger.
39C00EorlundFavorWhatNowWhat is it?
40C00EorlundGreatswordPleaseI'd like a greatsword.
41C00EorlundHappyToHelpI'm happy to lend a hand.
42C00EorlundImAGoodBoyI'm just doing what I'm asked.
43C00EorlundIntroTopicVilkas sent me with his sword.
44C00EorlundNameAndGameAre you a Companion?
45C00EorlundSwordPleaseI'd like a sword.
46C00EorlundWaitASecDidn't you just tell me not to be a servant?
47C00EorlundWaraxeRewardI'd like a waraxe.
48C00GetAMoveOnI'll need to be going.
49C00GiantAttackCompanionsWhoWho are the Companions?
50C00GiantAttackIWantInCan I join you?
51C00GiantAttackMyBadI tried my best.
52C00GiantAttackNoSirIDontLikeItSounds like a waste of time.
53C00GiantAttackShieldWhatNowWhat is a Shield-Brother?
54C00GiantAttackWhoMeYou didn't look like you needed help.
55C00ImAScrubDoes Vilkas always send newcomers on errands?
56C00KodlakDontWorryAboutMeI can handle myself.
57C00KodlakJoinUpStartTopicI would like to join the Companions.
58C00KodlakOffendedYou dare question my skill?
59C00KodlakTeachMeMasterI have much to learn.
60C00VilkasTrainingQuestOverTopicHow was that?
61C00VilkasTrainPlayerTopicSo you're supposed to train me?
62C01FollowMeTopicYou're going to be my Shield-Brother?
63C01GetReportI've brought the fragment.
64C01ObserverBladeQuestionTopicWhat is Wuuthrad?
65C01ObserverDismissalBranchTopicI'll meet you at Dustman's Cairn.
66C01ObserverScholarBranchTopicWho was this scholar?
67C01ObserverSilverHandTopicWho are the Silver Hand?
68C01ObserverTrialTopicWhy did Skjor call this my Trial?
69C01ObserverWerewolfTopicThe Companions are werewolves?
70C01ObserverWhatIsItGirlWhat was that?
71C01ObserverWhatNowBossYou're going to make me a werewolf?
72C01OtherCompanionsPointToSkjorBranchTopicWhat does he want?
73C01OtherCompanionsPointToSkjorIntroI'm looking for work.
74C01SkjorIntroBranchTopicI'm looking for work.
75C01SkjorPickMePickMeBranchTopicI would be honored to retrieve it.
76C01SkjorPushOutTheDoorWhat do you mean?
77C01SkjorWhatIsThatTopicWhat is Wuuthrad?
78C01SkjorWhyMeTopicWhat does this have to do with me?
79C02KodlakOutForACureThenYou're looking to cure yourself?
80C02KodlakWearsHisTrousersRolledWhat about you?
81C02PostQuestKodlakBeginTopicIs it true that the Companions are werewolves?
82C02QuestgiverKickoffBranchTopicWhere is everyone?
83C02QuestgiverWaitWhatWhy were you waiting for me?
84C02QuestgiverYeahSoWhy should I care?
85C03AelaForceGreetAtEndTopicHow could that have happened?
86C03AelaForceGreetPostTransformBranchTopicWhat kind of celebration?
87C03AelaSkjorWerewolvesBaaaaaadBranchTopicWhat if I don't want to be a werewolf?
88C03AelaSoWerewolvesHuhAm I a werewolf now?
89C03AelaSoWhatsKodlaksDealTopicIs there a cure?
90C03AelaWaitWhatJustHappenedWhat just happened?
91C03AelaWhatAreTheRulesTopicWhat does it mean to be a werewolf?
92C03AelaWhereWeGoingTopicWhere are we going?
93C03PostQuestTellThemBranchTopicSkjor has fallen to the Silver Hand.
95C03SkjorAgainIAskUnderwhatWhat is this place?
96C03SkjorLayItOnMeI'm ready.
97C03SkjorUnderwhatWhere is this Underforge?
98C03SkjorYeahWhateverI'm ready for whatever test is next.
99C03SkorQuestStartBranchTopicI'm looking for work.
100C04AnyoneElseWas anyone else hurt?
101C04JorrvaskrCommotionGateAttackerTopicWhat happened here?
102C04KodlakBadDogVilkas said it was a curse laid upon the ancient Companions.
103C04KodlakButILikeWerewolvesBut aren't you more powerful now?
104C04KodlakGiveTaskTopicYou said you had a task for me?
105C04KodlakILessThanThreeWerewolvesSkjor said it was a blessing from Hircine.
106C04KodlakImOnItIt shall be done.
107C04KodlakIntroBranchTopicYou wanted to see me?
108C04KodlakIsThereACureIs there a way to cure yourself?
109C04KodlakIWantToBeAWerewolfI don't wish to remove this blessing.
110C04KodlakJustMeQuestionMarkAm I to do this alone?
111C04KodlakPlayerSpillTheBeansAela and I work to avenge Skjor's death.
112C04KodlakPlayerTriesToHideItI work for the honor of the Companions.
113C04KodlakPowerDescribeAnd they became werewolves?
114C04KodlakReallyGiveTaskTopicYou were telling me about the witches.
115C04KodlakSeeYaIt will be done.
116C04KodlakSonOfAWitchThe witches should be hunted down for their trickery.
117C04KodlakTruthAboutDogsSo what is the truth, then?
118C04OtherCompanionsRedirectBranchTopicI'm looking for work.
119C04VilkasCutToTheChaseWhat happened here?
120C04VilkasOutJustOutWhyI was doing Kodlak's bidding.
121C06EorlundForCryinOutLoudI guess I'll have to.
122C06EorlundHereTakeItI have Kodlak's fragment.
123C06EorlundMyPleasureIt would be my pleasure.
124C06EorlundYeahWhateverHere, take them. (Give fragments)
125C06EorlundYouBetchaI return them with honor. (Give fragments)
126C06FarkasWhatsUpWhat's the matter?
127C06KodlakCanBeCuredVilkas said you can still be cured.
128C06KodlakHeyImAGhostBranchTopicKodlak, is that you?
129C06KodlakSeeYaLaterBranchTopicWe've killed your beast spirit.
130C06PostQuestAelaWHATDoes this upset you?
131C06PostQuestAelaYEAHHe did indeed.
132C06PostQuestKodlakCuredBranchTopicI cured Kodlak.
133C06PostQuestSoDoYouWannaGetOutOfHereBranchTopicAre you going back to Jorrvaskr?
134C06PostQuestSoImInChargeNowHuhBranchTopicKodlak said I should lead the Companions now.
135C06UhDudeTheresNobodyHereBut there's nobody else here.
136C06VilkasIfGreetingIs this the tomb?
137C06VilkasOutsideTombBranchTopicHow do we get inside?
138C06VilkasWaitWhatGeneralsWoahWhy do we need to be cautious?
139C06VilkasWimpAre you not coming?
140CaravansAhkariTopicCriminalsTopicHave you had trouble with the locals?
141CaravansAhkariTopicSkyrimTopicHow long have you been in Skyrim?
142CaravansMadranTopicRisaad2TopicWho owns the trading caravans?
143CaravansMadranTopicRisaadTopicDo you work for Risaad?
144CaravansMadranTopicWarTopicHas the war made your travels difficult?
145CaravansTopicCaravanTopicWhy sell your goods in Skyrim?
146CaravansTopicKhajiitTopicI'm curious about your homeland.
147CaravansTopicsKharjo1TopicWhat dangers does the caravan face?
148CaravansTopicsKharjoTopicYou guard the caravan?
149CidhnaMineJailEventSceneUrzogaAgreeTopicGot it, ma'am.
150CidhnaMineJailEventSceneUrzogaDisagreeTopicI'm sorry. I'm a little deaf in this ear.
151CidhnaMineJailEventSceneUrzogaQuestionWhen do I get out?
154CR01MainBranchTopicI'm looking for work.
155CR01QuestCompletionBranchTopicThe is dead.
156CR01TakeTheJobI'll take that job.
157CR01TurnDownJobI don't want that job.
158CR02AcceptJobI'll take care of it.
159CR02QuestCompletionTopicI've cleared the beast's lair.
160CR02QuestGivingBranchTopicI'm looking for work.
161CR02RejectJobI'd rather not take that job.
162CR03FinishQuestBranchTopicI have the pelts you asked for.
163CR03IntroBranchTopicI'm looking for work.
164CR03NoThanksI don't want that job.
165CR03OnItI'll take care of it.
166CR04IMadeHimAnOfferHeCouldntRefuseTopicI took care of the problem in .
167CR04PlayerAcceptI can handle that.
168CR04PlayerRejectI'd rather not do that.
169CR04StartBranchTopicI'm looking for work.
170CR04WhoopsMyBadTopic was killed.
171CR05EndQuestBranchTopicI've taken care of the problem.
172CR05EnemyTypeTopicWhat kind of trouble should I expect?
173CR05IntroBranchI'm looking for work.
174CR05TakeTheJobI'll take care of it.
175CR05TurnDownJobI'd rather not handle that.
176CR06GetQuestTopicI'm looking for work.
177CR06GotTheThingTopicI retrieved the family's .
178CR06TakeJobI'll get it back.
179CR06TurnDownJobLet's have somebody else do that.
180CR07EndQuestBranchTopicThat criminal won't be a problem anymore.
181CR07StartBranchTopicI'm looking for work.
182CR07TakeTheJobI'll take care of it.
183CR07TurnDownJobI'd rather not get involved.
184CR08FinishQuestBranchTopicI rescued .
185CR08GivingQuestBranchTopicI'm looking for work.
186CR08VictimThanksLetsGoNowPlzTopicI'm here to rescue you.
187CR08VictimYayIAmHomeNowKThxBaiTopicI've returned you home, as promised.
188CR09ComingBackTopicI took care of that group of Silver Hand.
189CR09GoGetEmTigerErWolfIt will be done.
190CR09StartQuestBranchTopicWhat's the next target?
191CR10ComingBackTopicI've got the plans.
192CR10StartBranchPreambleWhat's the next target?
193CR11ComingBackTopicI got the fragment.
194CR11QuestStartBranchTopicWhat's the next target?
195CR12FindTotemTopicIs this what we're looking for?
196CR12LetsGoLet's go.
197CR12NahNotForMeYou should probably handle this yourself.
198CR12QuestStartBranchTopicIs there any work to be done?
199CR13PostCleanseContinuationAre you ok?
200CR13PostCleansePlayerJerkGet up. Did it work?
201CR13QuestStartTopicIs there any work to be done?
202CR13SighWhatIsItWhat troubles you?
203CR13WellGoodLuckWithAllThatThis is a personal matter, and I leave it to you.
204CR13WellLetsDoItI will help you cure yourself.
205CR13YupGotTheHeadI have it.
206CR14AllThanksToYouYou fought well.
207CR14AndTheyreSpectacularYes, they're real. I've seen them.
208CR14LetsGetBackLet's go.
209CR14NoThanksToYouNext time, try harder.
210CR14QuestStartTopicIs there any work to be done?
211CR14ThatsYourProblemNotMineMaybe one day you'll see one yourself.
212CR14WhoKnowsRumors and ramblings should be ignored.
213CR14YouWannaGoLet's go kill a dragon.
214CRNoWorkBranchTopicI'm looking for work.
215CW00AboutTopicHow do you feel about this war?
216CW00ATulliusGreetNotWhyImHereThat's not why I'm here.
217CW00ATulliusGreetYesYes, sir.
218CW00BAboutIceWraithWhat's at Serpentstone Island?
219CW00BGalmarAcceptQuestI'm off to kill that Ice Wraith. I'll be back soon.
220CW00BGalmarAloneI'm going alone?
222CW00BGalmarEveryoneDoThisDoes every recruit have to do this?
223CW00BGalmarFightEmpireI want to fight the Empire. I'll bleed for the chance to do so.
224CW00BGalmarHandleAnythingI can handle anything you throw at me.
225CW00BGalmarNotSureI'm not sure about this.
226CW00BGalmarOnlyNordsSo, you only take Nords?
227CW00BGalmarSignMeUpThat's why I'm here. I want to join.
228CW00BGalmarSkyrimIsHomeSkyrim is my home.
229CW00BGalmarWhatTestWhat kind of test?
231CW00BUlfricAlreadyMetI believe we've already met.
232CW00BUlfricGreetThat's not why I'm here.
233CW00BUlfricGreetFreeToGoI was set free. I could've gone anywhere. I came here to fight the Empire.
234CW00BUlfricGreetHelgenI was at Helgen.
235CW00BUlfricGreetRalofI helped Ralof escape. He said he'd vouch for me.
237CW00BUlfricGreetYessirYes, sir.
239CW00JoinAboutFactionTopicTell me about your group.
240CW00JoinTopicHow do I join?
242CW00RikkeGreetI'm going alone?
243CW00RikkeGreetAboutHraagstadWhat's at Fort Hraggstad?
244CW00RikkeGreetAcceptQuestConsider that fort already yours.
245CW00RikkeGreetAlreadyDoneI already cleared it out.
246CW00RikkeGreetHandleAnythingI can handle anything you throw at me.
247CW00RikkeGreetNotSureI'm not sure about this.
248CW00RikkeGreetWhatTestWhat kind of test?
250CW00TulliusGreetAlreadyMetI believe we've already met.
251CW00TulliusGreetFreeToGoI was set free. I could've gone anywhere. I came here to fight for the Empire.
252CW00TulliusGreetHadvarI helped Hadvar escape. He said he'd vouch for me.
253CW00TulliusGreetHelgenI was at Helgen.
256CW01AJoinLegionBranchTopicI'm ready to take the oath.
257CW01AOutfitImperialBeirandTopicGeneral Tullius said you'd get me outfitted.
263CW01BGalmarGreetGoodbyeI need to think it over.
264CW01BGalmarGreetIsntEnoughIsn't it enough that I want to fight Imperials?
266CW01BGalmarGreetReadyI'm ready to take the Oath.
267CW01BGalmarGreetSentMeToDieAre you saying you sent me out there to die?
268CW01BStormcloakOath3b"...even to my lord as to my fellow brothers and sisters in arms."
269CW02AAboutCrownTopicWhat's the Jagged Crown?
270CW02AAboutKorvanjundTopicHow do we know the crown is in Korvanjund?
272CW02ALeadInToCW03YesSirYes, sir!
273CW02ARankYou called me auxiliary?
274CW02AUlfricAnAxeAn axe?
275CW02AUlfricAxeSayAnythingShould I say anything to him?
277CW02BABoutCrownTopicWhat's the Jagged Crown?
278CW02BAboutDangerTopicYou anticipate danger?
279CW02BAboutKorvanjundTopicHow do you know the crown is in Korvanjund?
281CW02BTulliusDeliverMessageYes, sir!
282CW02BUlfricAxeJustAnAxeAn axe?
283CW02BUlfricAxeSayAnythingShould I say anything to him?
285CW03BalgruufAxeDangerousAnd you think Ulfric will let me just walk in there, no trouble?
286CW03BalgruufAxeJustAnAxeAn axe?
287CW03BalgruufAxeSayAnythingShould I say anything to him?
288CW03BalgruufAxeTopicYou have a task for me?
291CW03BalgruufJarlsEyesOnlyI was given strict instructions. For the Jarl's eyes only.
292CW03BalgruufReasonUlfric plans to attack Whiterun. The General wants to lend Legion troops.
293CW03BalgruufTopicI have an important message for you.
294CW03BalgruufWarTopicUlfric means war.
295CW03UlfricGreetWarManyWillDieMany will die by my hand.
296CW03UlfricGreetWarTopicOrders, sir?
297CW03UlfricGreetWarYesSirYes, sir!
298CW03UlfricReturnAxeHand(Hand him the axe)
299CW03UlfricReturnAxeSeeYouSoonWe'll be seeing you soon.
300CW03UlfricReturnAxeTopicI've brought a message from the Jarl of Whiterun.
301CW03UlfricReturnAxeWhyYou've killed the High King. Why make war on your own people?
302CW03UlfricReturnAxeWillBeStoppedYou will be stopped.
303CWAboutYourselfTopicHave you always lived in Skyrim?
304CWAttackCitySurrenderTopicDo you surrender?
305CWCampaignFieldCOMission1Hook(Invisible continue)
306CWCampaignFieldCOMission2Hook(Invisible continue)
308CWCampaignFieldCOMissionsReporting for duty.
309CWCampaignResolutionMajorHoldTopicReporting in.
310CWFieldCOFollowUp1BGo on...
311CWFieldCOFollowup2BI'm listening...
312CWFinaleExecutionTopicChoice1I've had my fair share of killing today.
313CWFinaleExecutionTopicChoice2That honor belongs to you.
314CWFinaleExecutionTopicChoice3I'll gladly kill him.
315CWFinaleLeaveMeOutMaybe you should leave me out of your speech.
316CWFinaleManyDiedMany have fought and died. I'm no different than they are.
317CWFinaleMyOwnReasonsMy reasons are my own.
318CWFinaleNotWorthItI'm not sure this was all worth it, after all.
320CWFinaleYesOf course, my Lord.
321CWFinThinkPeaceWillLastTopicDoes this finally mean peace?
322CWFinWhatNowTopicIs there anything further I can do...?
323CWFinWhatsNextForYouTopicWhat's next for you?
324CWFortSiegeAcceptNoI'm not sure. I need to think about it.
325CWFortSiegeAcceptYesImperialThat fort is as good as ours.
326CWFortSiegeAcceptYesSonsThat fort is as good as ours.
327CWFortSiegeBranchTopicTell me about the attack on the fort.
328CWFortSiegeReminderAttackPointTopicRemind me again about the attack on the fort...
329CWFortSiegeReminderSynopsisTopicRemind me - what am I supposed to do?
330CWHighKingElisifAnd what of his widow? Doesn't she claim the throne?
331CWHighKingMurderSome call you a murderer.
332CWHighKingTopicWhy did you kill the High King?
333CWHighKingYouDo you desire to be the High King?
334CWJarlOfWindhelmTopicHow did you become the Jarl of Eastmarch?
335CwMission03AcceptNoI'm not sure. I need to think about it.
336CWMission03AcceptPrompt(Invisible Continue)
337CWMission03AcceptYesImperialConsider it done.
338CWMission03AcceptYesSonsConsider it done.
339CWMission03BribeMaybe some gold will help? ( gold)
340CWMission03Courier(Invisible Continue)
341CWMission03CourierByeNever mind.
342CWMission03CourierDieI'm not here to talk. I'm here for those documents.
344CWMission03DestinationReporting for duty.
345CWMission03EnemyFieldCOBluffDitched it for this. Easier to sneak past the enemy.
346CWMission03EnemyFieldCOTopicI have important documents for you, sir.
347CWMission03InnkeeperI'm looking for a courier.
348CWMission03InnkeeperPersuadeHis life is in danger. (Persuade)
349CWMission03IntimidateI don't have time for this... I can get rough with you if I have to.
350CWMission03NevermindNever mind.
351CWMission03RemindSynopsisTopicRemind me - what am I supposed to do?
352CWMission04AcceptNoI'm not sure. I need to think about it.
353CWMission04AcceptPrompt(Invisible Continue)
354CWMission04AcceptYesImperialNothing I can't handle.
355CWMission04AcceptYesSonsNothing I can't handle.
356CWMission04FriendBeenBetterYouI've been better. And you?
357CWMission04FriendFrontalI'm not much for sneaking.
358CWMission04FriendGetOnWithItSo what's the plan?
359CWMission04FriendGoodYouI'm all right, I guess. How are you?
360CWMission04FriendHauntYesOnly a beast kills without feeling.
361CWMission04FriendPlanWhat's the plan?
362CWMission04FriendYesI'm on it.
363CWMission04HauntGetOverItIf you hadn't killed them, they would have killed you.
364CWMission04InfoAttackPointTell me more about the rescue.
365CWMission04InfoBrief(Invisible Continue)
367CWMission04RemindAttackPointTopicWhere am I headed again?
368CWMission04RemindSynopsisTopicRemind me - what am I supposed to do?
369CWMission07AboutAmbushTopicThe Steward says there's a shipment of coin traveling to the capital...
370CWMission07AcceptNoI'm not sure. I need to think about it.
371CWMission07AcceptPrompt(Invisible Continue)
372CWMission07AcceptYesI'll get proof... and 's cooperation.
375CWMission07AttackPointTopicBlackmail, eh? Tell me more...
376CWMission07BetterPlanI have a better plan. You wait here, and I'll take care of it.
377CWMission07BlackmailAlrighWhereAll right, it's a deal. Where can I find this shipment?
378CWMission07BlackmailDoneWhat do you have in mind?
379CWMission07BlackmailExplainRecognize this? (Show )
380CWMission07BlackmailExposeAI found some evidence...
381CWMission07BlackmailExposeBWhat if this were made public?
382CWMission07BlackmailGoOnGo on. I'm listening.
383CWMission07BlackmailHowMuchHow much are we talking about?
384CWMission07BlackmailPersonalAnd what about something for me, right now? (Persuade)
385CWMission07FriendBeenBetterI've been better. And you?
386CWMission07FriendBlackmailI blackmailed for the information.
387CWMission07FriendDoesntMatterIt doesn't matter.
388CWMission07FriendGoodYouI'm all right, I guess. How are you?
389CWMission07FriendHauntGetOverItIf you hadn't killed them, they would have killed you.
390CWMission07FriendHauntYesOnly a beast kills without feeling.
391CWMission07FriendWagonThere's an enemy wagon loaded with coin and weapons. We need to capture it.
392CWMission07LetsGoReady. Let's go.
393CWMission07ReminderAttackPointTopicWhere am I headed again?
394CWMission07ReminderSynopsisTopicRemind me - what am I supposed to do?
395CWMission07Synopsis(Invisible Continue)
396CWMission07WaitDarkWe should wait until dark.
397CWMission07WhatsPlanWhat's the plan?
398CWMisson03SuccessI've returned with the courier's package.
399CWOrdersTopicReporting in.
400CWPrisonerFollowerFollow me.
401CWPrisonerWaitWait here.
402CWPromotionAwardTopicHow am I doing?
403CWReasonsFieldCOWhy did you join the Legion?
404CWReasonsFieldCODoneThat's all I wanted to know.
405CWReasonsFieldCOFollowup1Please continue...
406CWReasonsFieldCOFollowup2You mentioned something back there...
407CWReasonsGalmarWhat are your reasons for joining the war?
408CWReasonsGalmarEmpireHasn't Skyrim always been part of the Empire?
409CWReasonsGalmarNevermindNever mind.
410CWReasonsGalmarOutlandersDo you oppose anyone who's not a Nord?
411CWReasonsRikkeWhy do you fight for the Empire?
412CWReasonsRikkeDaughterDon't Stormcloaks call themselves "sons and daughters of Skyrim"?
413CWReasonsRikkeNevermindNever mind.
414CWReasonsRikkeTalosSo you have no problem with the treaty that bans the worship of Talos?
415CWReasonsRikkeThalmorDo you consider the Thalmor enemies?
416CWResolution01AttackDelta(Invisible Continue) Difficulty based on Attack Delta
417CWResolution01ForceGoodbye(Invisible Continue)(Forced Good bye) Time Limit to Attack
418CWResolution01MainWhat's the situation?
419CWResolution01Orders(Invisible Continue) Location of Attack
420CWResolution02AttackDelta(Invisible Continue) Difficulty based on Attack Dela
421CWResolution02ForceGoodbye(Invisible Continue)(Forced Goodbye) Time Limit to Attack
422CWResolution02JarlSurrenderAre you surrendering?
423CWResolution02MainWhat's the situation?
424CWResolution02Orders(Invisible Continue) Location of Attack
425CWSalaryNoI'll donate my earnings to the cause.
426CWSalaryTopicI'd like to collect my earnings.
427CWSalaryYesI'll take my pay.
429CWShoutTopicAt Helgen, they said you shouted the King to death?
430CWStatusTopicHow goes the war?
431CWVictoryTopicWe were victorious!
432CWWhatAreDutiesWhat exactly will I be doing in the field?
433CWWhatsEmpireDoingTopicWhat's the Imperial Legion doing in Skyrim?
434CWWhatsNextWhat's next?
435CWWhatWillItTakeTopicWhat will it take to end the war?
436CWYesSirYes sir.
437DA01AraneaAloneTopicAre you all alone here?
438DA01AraneaHaveStarTopic01Here. Take it.
439DA01AraneaHaveStarTopic02I need a moment. I'll be back later.
440DA01AraneaIntroTopic01"Seen my coming"? What do you mean?
441DA01AraneaIntroTopic01BVery well. What does Azura need?
442DA01AraneaIntroTopic02What is this place? Who's Azura?
443DA01AraneaIntroTopic02BI'm not anyone's champion. Find someone else.
444DA01AraneaIntroTopic03I don't believe in fate.
445DA01AraneaQuestionsAzuraTopicI'd like to know more about Azura.
446DA01AraneaQuestionsNelacarBranchTopicI think I found the mage from your vision.
447DA01AraneaShrineTopicWhere did this shrine come from?
448DA01AzuraEnterStarTopic01Is there any way to cleanse the Star?
449DA01AzuraEnterStarTopic02Then why don't you remove it? Aren't you a daedra?
450DA01AzuraEnterStarTopic04I'm ready to enter the Star.
451DA01AzuraFinalTopic01Thank you, Lady Azura.
452DA01AzuraFinalTopic02I dislike the daedra looking into my future.
453DA01CollegeQuestionsBranchTopicIs there an elven mage here that studies stars?
454DA01CollegeQuestionsTopic01What is it? What happened?
455DA01CollegeQuestionsTopic02Would you believe I was given a vision?
456DA01FINAraneaChoice01Thank you, Aranea.
457DA01FINAraneaChoice02What use would you be?
458DA01FINAraneaShrineTopicSo Azura isn't giving you more visions?
459DA01MalynChoice01You can't escape your fate, Malyn.
460DA01MalynChoice02This experiment of yours is over!
461DA01NelacarBribeLook, I'm willing to pay. ( gold)
462DA01NelacarChoice01They're for enchanting, correct?
463DA01NelacarChoice02Soul gems? Why are you asking?
464DA01NelacarChoice03Don't change the subject.
465DA01NelacarFinalTopic01What do we do with it now?
466DA01NelacarFinalTopic02If it's fixed, then it's mine.
467DA01NelacarIntimidateI didn't agree to anything. Talk. (Intimidate)
468DA01NelacarNeverMindI misspoke. Forget I asked.
469DA01NelacarPastExclusive01TopicWhat did Malyn do?
470DA01NelacarPastExclusive02TopicGet to the point.
471DA01NelacarPersuadeA priestess of Azura sent me. (Persuade)
472DA01NelacarQuestionsBranchTopicHow did the daedra drive Malyn insane?
473DA01NelacarQuestionsMalynTopicIt sounds like Malyn got what was coming to him.
474DA01NelacarQuestionsStarBranchTopicHow does Azura's Star work?
475DA01NelacarReadyBranchTopicI'm ready to enter the Star.
476DA01NelacarStarBranchTopicI have Azura's Star.
477DA01NelacarStarChoice01Let's do it.
478DA01NelacarStarChoice02I'd like to think about it.
479DA01NelacarStarInvisContinue(Invisible Continue)
480DA01NelacarStarQuestionsInsideBranchTopicWhat do I do once I'm inside?
481DA01NelacarStarQuestionsValasBranchTopicWhat's to keep me from ending up like Malyn?
482DA01NelacarStarTopic01So we need to deal with Malyn somehow.
483DA01NelacarStarTopic02I don't like where this is going.
484DA01NelacarStarTopic03You want to send my soul inside, don't you?
485DA01NelacarStarTopic05Won't that kill him?
486DA01NelecarIntroBranchTopicI'm looking for an elven mage who studies stars.
487DA02AnywhereNotFollowedMust you follow me... everywhere?
488DA02BoethahSlayFollowersReasonsPrivateMy reasons are my own.
489DA02BoethiahChampionExplain(Invisible Continue)
490DA02BoethiahChampionGotItSay no more. He's as good as dead.
491DA02BoethiahChampionWhatWhat has he done to displease you?
492DA02BoethiahChampionWhereWhere can I find him?
493DA02BoethiahChampionWhoWho is he?
494DA02BoethiahChampionYesAI'll do whatever you ask.
495DA02BoethiahChampionYesB"Honor" is a coward's tool.
496DA02BoethiahContinueI'm not afraid of you.
497DA02BoethiahDeadFriendSlainI have slain to gain your favor.
498DA02BoethiahMessageToFollowers(Invisible Continue / Walk Away)
499DA02BoethiahSentMeBoethiah is displeased. She wants you dead.
500DA02BoethiahSlayFriendReasonsPrivateMy reasons are my own.
501DA02BoethiahSorryI didn't mean to offend.
502DA02BoethiahYouAreAGodWho are you?
503DA02ChampionTalkAboutItTell me, what's it like being Boethiah's champion?
504DA02ChampionTopicSo you're Boethiah's champion, eh?
506DA02CultistNeverMind(Invisible Walk Away)
507DA02CultistNoI'll do nothing of the sort.
509DA02CultistYesI'll do it.
510DA02FavorMaybe she'd feel safer with a personal bodyguard? I could do that.
511DA02FightChampionYou will die now.
512DA02GuardGoodbyeLet's go.
513DA02KeyThe lock could be weaker than it looks. May I see the key?
514DA02NeverMindNever mind. Forget I mentioned it.
515DA02NotAfraidI'm not afraid of you.
516DA02NotAfraidToDieYou aren't afraid to die?
517DA02PostErikurCrimeForgiveTopicI'm having some difficulties with the guards. Can you take care of that?
518DA02PostErikurTopicAre you doing well, serving as Jarl?
519DA02PressingBusinessThat won't do. I have pressing business for the Jarl.
520DA02ReadyMy heart is full of purpose, and my life is full of deeds.
521DA02SomeoneElseMaybe one of my friends here in the palace could be my escort?
522DA02StewardMaybe I could speak with the Steward instead?
523DA02ThatsCrazyAssassins? Really? That's ridiculous. Who would want to kill her?
524DA02WeakThis is what you want? To slave for others? What about your own destiny?
525DA02WhatsWrongWithJarlTopicWhat's wrong with the Jarl?
526DA02WhoMeanIs this some kind of cult?
527DA02WhosBoethiahWho is Boethiah?
528DA03BarabasAboutAxeTopicSo what's the story behind the Rueful Axe.
529DA03BarbasConvincePlayerTopicI think I want to keep the axe.
530DA03BarbasGreetYou were looking for me?
531DA03BarbasGreeting0Did you just talk?
532DA03BarbasGreeting1AI've got things to do.
533DA03BarbasMoreInfo0Why did Vile kick you out?
534DA03BarbasOffer0So, what could a dog need help with?
535DA03BarbasOffer1ASo you're a little lost puppy?
536DA03BarbasToVileSounds easy enough. Let's go find him.
538DA03StartGuardResponseBranchTopicNo. Some wolves, but no dogs.
539DA03StartGuardResponseBranchTopic2I've seen whole packs of dogs.
540DA03StartGuardResponseBranchTopic3What sort of dog?
541DA03StartLodBranchAcceptTopicSure, I can catch him.
542DA03StartLodBranchPersuadeTopicI could be convinced to catch him. (Persuade)
543DA03StartLodBranchTopicNo, sorry. I didn't see a dog.
544DA03StartLodBranchTopic2The guard at the gate mentioned a dog.
545DA03StartLodBranchTopic3I've seen whole packs of dogs.
546DA03StartLodGreetBranchTopicYou know that dog on the road you asked me to get?
547DA03StartLodRewardBranchHe ended up being a lot more trouble than he was worth.
548DA03VileBarbasUnited1AI see he's having a good influence on you.
550DA03VileGreet1AI'm just here to reunite you with Barbas.
551DA03VileGreet1BAn end to the civil war that plagues my land.
552DA03VileGreet1CThe power to crush all before me!
554DA03VileOffer1AI'd really like to keep this axe...
555DA03VileOffer1BNo deal. Take the axe and take back Barbas!
556DA04HermaeusMoraQuestFinishTopicWhat now?
557DA04HMYoureNotMyDadI am not your champion, monster.
558DA04LorekeeperAnyoneElseICouldTalkToDo you at least have any information on them?
559DA04LorekeeperAreYouDoneYetAll right. So do you have one that I could use?
560DA04LorekeeperByAuthorityWhat about the Dragonborn?
561DA04LorekeeperHelpTopicI'm looking for an Elder Scroll.
562DA04LorekeeperItsOnTheBoxAllINeedToKnowOf course I do. Do you have one here?
563DA04LorekeeperOKWhatIsItTell me more about the Elder Scrolls.
564DA04LorekeeperShutUpI need to find one and was told you could help.
565DA04LorekeeperThePriceIsWrongA price for what?
566DA04LorekeeperWhoWroteThemWho wrote the Elder Scrolls?
567DA04PointerToSeptimusBranchTopicThis "Ruminations" book is incomprehensible.
568DA04SeptimusBlackreachInsanityWhere is this "Blackreach"?
569DA04SeptimusBringBloodBranchTopicI've brought all the blood you require.
570DA04SeptimusCubeWhatTopicWhat do I do with this cube?
571DA04SeptimusFineWhatWhat do you want?
572DA04SeptimusGiveAccoutrementsHow do I get in?
573DA04SeptimusGotLexiconI've inscribed the lexicon.
574DA04SeptimusHelpMeOrNotCan you help me get the Elder Scroll or not?
575DA04SeptimusHowDoYouKnowTopicWhy are you so eager to open the box?
576DA04SeptimusIntroBranchTopicI heard you know about Elder Scrolls.
577DA04SeptimusPlayerThreatenDon't make me hurt you. Just tell me where it is.
578DA04SeptimusReturnBranchTopicYou sent for me?
579DA04SeptimusSphereWhatTopicWhat do I do with this sphere?
580DA04SeptimusWhatsNextI have inscribed the lexicon.
581DA04SeptimusWhereIsScrollSo, where is the Scroll?
582DA04SeptimusWhyHereTopicWhat brings you to this remote place?
583DA04SeptimusWhyYouWantBranchTopicWhat do you want with the Elder Scroll?
584DA04SeptimusYouCrazyAre you... all right?
585DA04SoElderScrollsHuhWhatsUpWithThemTopicWhat is an Elder Scroll?
586DA04UragIsSeptimusDeadHe's dead?
587DA04UragWhereHeBeAtYoWhere did he go?
588DA05IDefiedYouI defy you and your vile tasks.
589DA05IFailedI failed to bring down Sinding.
590DA05MathiesFuneralBranchTopicWho died?
591DA05MathiesFuneralHowDieBranchTopicHow did she die?
592DA05MathiesFuneralWhoDidThisBranchTopicWho did this?
593DA05QuestingBeastAgainDidn't I just kill you?
594DA05QuestingBeastAreYouItAre you Hircine?
595DA05QuestingBeastImOnItIt shall be done as you ask.
596DA05QuestingBeastNuhUhHe's done me no wrong. I won't kill him.
597DA05QuestingBeastRingWill you remove the curse from this ring?
598DA05QuestingBeastWhatNowWhat would you ask of me?
599DA05SindingDuringHuntBranchTopicI've been told to kill you.
600DA05SindingExplainAttackBranchTopicWhy did this make you attack the girl?
601DA05SindingExplainWitchesTopicWhat will you do now?
602DA05SindingGhostIDidItI did as you asked.
603DA05SindingGirlIsDeadWhat ring?
604DA05SindingHircineInformationTopicWho is Hircine?
605DA05SindingIntroBranchTopicI hear you attacked a little girl.
606DA05SindingPostKillHuntersBranchTopicThe last of the hunters is dead.
607DA05SindingSpareLifeI will spare your life.
608DA05SindingStartFightI cannot defy Hircine. You have to die.
609DA05SindingTakeRingTopicI'll take the ring to Hircine.
610DA05SindingWhyKillTheGirlWhat kind of transformations?
611DA06AtubInitialResponse1What's going on here?
612DA06AtubInitialResponse2It seems like I shouldn't be here.
613DA06AtubInitialResponse3What can I do?
614DA06AtubInitialResponse4Deal with your own curses.
615DA06HowLongBranchTopicHow long has this been going on?
616DA06LargashburHelpBranchTopicI'm just here to help.
617DA06Stage09YamarzResponse03Okay, I'll do it.
618DA06Stage110AtubBranchTopicI have returned with Shagrol's Hammer.
619DA06Stage110AtubResponse1He asked me to kill the giant, then attacked me.
620DA06Stage110AtubResponse2He fought bravely, but the giant overwhelmed him.
621DA06Stage20AtubQuestion1TopicWhat sort of help do you need?
622DA06Stage20YamarzFollowUpB1You have to do this yourself?
623DA06Stage20YamarzFollowUpB2I could help you in secret.
624DA06Stage20YamarzFollowUpC1A truly strong chief would break the curse, not suffer from it.
625DA06Stage20YamarzFollowUpC2Having an outsider do your bidding might seem powerful...
626DA06Stage20YamarzFollowUpD1So use me to help you break this curse.
627DA06Stage20YamarzInitFollowUp1I'm sorry, what?
628DA06Stage20YamarzInitFollowUp2What kind of spirits?
629DA06Stage20YamarzMainBranchTopicI understand you need help.
630DA06Stage20YamarzResponse1There must be something I can do.
631DA06Stage30AtubCurseTopicHow long has Yamarz been cursed?
632DA06Stage30AtubForcegreetTopicYamarz told me to go to Malacath.
633DA06Stage30AtubResponse1He was just trying to get rid of me.
634DA06Stage30AtubResponse2He didn't seem to think it would do any good.
635DA06Stage30AtubResponse3How do I contact Malacath?
636DA06Stage40AtubBranchTopicYamarz must listen with the ears of the wind.
637DA06Stage50AtubBranchTopicHere are the things you asked for.
638DA06Stage50AtubMalacathBranchTopicWho is Malacath?
639DA06Stage70YamarzResponse1Fighting the giant isn't my job.
640DA06Stage70YamarzResponse2What do you want me to do?
641DA06Stage90YamarzGroveResponse1What do you mean?
642DA06Stage90YamarzGroveResponse2No, you're supposed to do it.
643DA07DagonFinalTopic01Thank you, Lord Dagon.
644DA07DagonFinalTopic02I will use the Razor as I see fit, Dagon.
645DA07DagonTopic01It will be done, Lord Dagon.
646DA07DagonTopic02He helped me find the pieces. He deserves to live.
647DA07HaveAllPiecesBranchTopicI have all the pieces of the Razor.
648DA07HaveBladeBranchTopicI have the blade shards of Mehrunes' Razor.
649DA07HaveHiltBranchTopicThe hilt of Mehrunes' Razor, as promised.
650DA07HavePommelBranchTopicHere's the pommel stone of Mehrunes' Razor.
651DA07IntroMadenaMuseumTopicWho's Silus? What's this museum?
652DA07IntroMadenaMythicDawnTopicThe Mythic Dawn? Who are they?
653DA07JorgenBribeI'll pay for the hilt. ( gold)
654DA07JorgenChoice01Really? Silus Vesuius says otherwise.
655DA07JorgenIntimidateGive me the hilt, or things get ugly. (Intimidate)
656DA07JorgenNevermindNever mind, then.
657DA07JorgenPersuadeYou won't miss it, then. (Persuade)
658DA07PamphletBranchTopicA courier gave me this pamphlet...
659DA07QuestGiveBranchTopicLet's talk about this job you want done.
660DA07QuestGiveTopic01You want me to get those fragments?
661DA07QuestGiveTopic02Stop right there. I'm not interested.
662DA07RazorOwnersBranchTopicI'm looking for pieces of Mehrunes' Razor.
663DA07SilusFinalChoice01Dagon has spoken.
664DA07SilusFinalChoice02Fine. Get out of here.
665DA07SilusMuseumWhyTopicWhy did you open this museum?
666DA07SilusOutsideAcceptSounds good.
667DA07SilusOutsideChoice01Museum of the Mythic Dawn?
668DA07SilusOutsideChoice02What was that argument about?
669DA07SilusOutsideChoice03A courier gave me this invitation.
670DA07SilusOutsideRejectNot interested.
671DA07SilusQuestionsMythicDawnBranchTopicSo what is this Mythic Dawn cult?
672DA07SilusRazor01You think Dagon will repair the Razor?
673DA07SilusRazor02This sounds like a terrible idea...
674DA07ValmirMehrunesDagonWho is Mehrunes Dagon?
675DA07ValmirMehrunesRazorI want to know more about the Razor.
676DA08BalgruufQuestStartBranchTopicI've heard there's trouble with your children.
677DA08MephalaHowToOpenDoorHow do I open the door?
678DA08NelkirDoorOpeningHintsTopicSo how do I open the door?
679DA08NelkirHowDoYouKnowThisHow do you know these things?
680DA08NelkirQuestStartBranchTopicYour father said to speak to you.
681DA08NelkirWhatDoYouKnowWhat sorts of things?
682DA08NelkirWhereIsThedoorWhere is this door?
683DA08NelkirWhoIsWhisperingLadyWho's the Whispering Lady?
684DA08WhisperingDoorHeyWhatWhat could the boy not do?
685DA08WhisperingDoorIllNeverJoinYouI don't want to help you.
686DA08WhisperingDoorIntroTopic(Listen at the door)
687DA08WhisperingDoorNoWayI'm not so easily molded.
688DA08WhisperingDoorNowTellMeWho are you to expect anything?
689DA08WhisperingDoorWhatDoYouWantWhat do you want me to do?
690DA08WhisperingDoorWhoAreYouIs there someone behind the door?
691DA09MeridiaArtifactTell me more about this artifact.
692DA09MeridiaDawnbreakerNoI'll keep the sword. But find someone else to spread your religion.
694DA09MeridiaDawnbreakerYesI'll wield this mighty blade in your name.
695DA09MeridiaQuestExplains(Invisible Continue / Invisible Walk Away)
697DA09MeridiaQuestWhyIt doesn't really sound like I have a choice in the matter.
698DA09MeridiaQuestYesI'll do it.
699DA10LogrolfBribeDoes it matter? Here. ( gold)
700DA10LogrolfDoNotFreeTopicWait here a moment.
701DA10LogrolfFreeTopicHere. Let me untie these binds.
702DA10LogrolfHouseTopic01I'm here to rescue you.
703DA10LogrolfHouseTopic02You'll stay that way for now.
704DA10LogrolfIntimidateMolag Bal. (Intimidate)
705DA10LogrolfNeverMindNever mind. Stay here.
706DA10LogrolfPersuadeBoethiah has sent me. (Persuade)
707DA10MolagBalFinalTopic01Thank you, Lord Molag Bal.
708DA10MolagBalFinalTopic02A mace? This is hardly a fitting prize.
709DA10MolagBalStatueTopic01It's an altar.
710DA10MolagBalStatueTopic02A mace. It's rusted.
711DA10MolagBalStatueTopic03aI only see the spikes of this trap.
712DA10MolagBalStatueTopic04You want revenge on Boethiah?
713DA10MolagBalStatueTopic05I never wanted to help you. Let me go!
714DA10TyranusIntroTopic01No, I haven't.
715DA10TyranusIntroTopic01BWhy are you asking?
716DA10TyranusIntroTopic02Do you need any help?
717DA10TyranusIntroTopic03I'm not sure.
718DA10TyranusIntroWalkAwaySorry. I don't know anything.
719DA11DialogueReachcliffQuestionWait. I know you.
720DA11EolaIntroChoice01AGuilt? What are you talking about?
721DA11EolaIntroChoice01BWhere is this place?
722DA11EolaIntroChoice02AI'm not a cannibal. What are you trying to do to me?
723DA11EolaIntroChoice02BI want no part of this.
724DA11EolaIntroChoice03AYour tricks won't help you, monster!
725DA11FavorPlayerDialogueBranch2TopicYour cannibal has been taken care of.
726DA11FavorPlayerDialogueBranchTopicThe Hall of the Dead is safe now.
727DA11FINCultistAfterFeastTopicYou were at Namira's feast, weren't you?
728DA11FINEolaChoice01Thank you, Eola. For everything.
729DA11FINEolaChoice02I feel sick.
730DA11FINEolaCovenTopicYou started the coven of Namira?
731DA11GlooredhelDraugrClearTopic01Who is it?
732DA11GlooredhelDraugrClearTopic02Just tell me who needs to die.
733DA11GlooredhelOutsideReachcliffTopic01I could use a hand.
734DA11GlooredhelOutsideReachcliffTopic02Wait here. I'll take care of them.
735DA11IntroSceneFavorGiveBranch2TopicWhy not?
736DA11IntroVerulusBribeWould some coin help? ( gold)
737DA11IntroVerulusIntimidateI don't like being ignored. (Intimidate)
738DA11IntroVerulusInvisibleContinue(Invisible Continue)
739DA11IntroVerulusNeverMindI'll come back later, then.
740DA11IntroVerulusPersuadeI could help if you tell me. (Persuade)
741DA11VerulusBribeI'm willing to pay. ( gold)
742DA11VerulusForcegreetTopic01It doesn't matter. You're safe.
743DA11VerulusForcegreetTopic02You were this close to being food.
744DA11VerulusIntimidateYou're coming with me. Now. (Intimidate)
745DA11VerulusLureBranchTopicI have need of a priest in my travels.
746DA11VerulusNeverMindNever mind, then.
747DA11VerulusPersuadeThere would be treasure to share... (Persuade)
748DA11VoiceofNamiraTopic01Thank you, my Lady.
749DA11VoiceofNamiraTopic02That's a lot of work for such a little thing...
750DA13BackgroundBranchTopicWhy does Orchendor deserve to die?
751DA13FetchTurnInTopicI have the items you requested.
752Da13IntroMainTopicCan you tell me about Peryite?
753DA13KeshBthardamzBranchTopicWhere is Bthardamz?
754DA13KeshFetchDetailsTopicTell me about this incense.
755DA13KeshIngredientsHelpBranchTopicWhere can I find the items you want?
756DA13KeshOrchendorBranchTopicWho is Orchendor?
757DA13KeshPeryiteTopic01Tell me about Peryite.
758DA13KeshQuestIntroTopic01May I commune with Peryite?
759DA13NeedSPeakPeryiteAgainTopicMay I commune with Peryite again?
760DA13PeryiteAfflictedPostCommentWhat will become of the Afflicted?
761DA13PeryiteDismissedBranchTopicI've heard your request. Release me.
762DA13PeryiteGoodByeBranchTopicVery well. Goodbye.
763DA13PeryiteIntroBlockerTopicWhat's going on?
764DA13PeryiteTopLevel02TopicWhat is this? Have I been poisoned?
765DA13PeryiteTopLevelTopic01TopicWhat do you want with me?
766DA13QuestInfoQueryTopicWhat task?
767DA13ReluctantChampionTopicI don't relish being a Daedra's puppet.
768DA13SpellbreakerBranchTopicWhat would I gain from this?
769DA13WhatNowTopicWhat happens now?
770DA14AskAboutStaff0Did I say anything about where I left a staff?
771DA14AskAboutStaffBribeTopicHelp me retrace my steps and I'll pay you for the goat. (1000 gold)
772DA14AskAboutStaffIntimidateTopicTell me everything and you won't end up like your goat. (Intimidate)
773DA14AskAboutStaffPersuadeTopicI need to find Sam and the staff, in order to get Gleda back. (Persuade)
774DA14AskAboutStaffTaskCompleteTopicNow, what did I say about that staff?
775DA14DelayStaff0Let me think about it.
777DA14EnnisForcegreet1AI'm sorry?
778DA14EnnisForcegreet1BI have no idea what you're talking about.
779DA14EnnisForcegreet2That sounds pretty bad...
780DA14EnnisInfo0What happened with Gleda again? I'm a little fuzzy on that.
781DA14HagravenReplyTopicUmm... Actually, I was hoping to get the ring back.
782DA14PriestessApology0I really do apologize. I think I've picked up everything.
783DA14PriestessApology1So do you remember anything I said when I got here?
784DA14PriestessBribeTopicTell me how I got here and I'll pay for the damages. ( gold)
785DA14PriestessHelp0Was a man named Sam with me?
786DA14PriestessPersuadeTopicI'm sorry, I don't even remember how I got here. (Persuade)
788DA14QuestStart0So... you were telling me a tale?
789DA14QuestStart1I give up. What did you see?
790DA14QuestStart2AI'll bet a drunk like you sees a lot of strange things.
791DA14QuestStart2BI could sure use a staff like that...
792DA14RemakeStaffYESThanks, I guess.
794DA14SammyMeet1TopicIt was quite a trip. Where are we?
795DA14SammyMeet2TopicI have all the things needed to repair it.
796DA14SammyReturnBranch0Here's your goat. Now can you help me retrace my steps?
798DA14SanguineMeet2TopicBut the staff is broken.
799DA14SanguineReveal2TopicWho are you?
800DA14SanguineWho0So all of this was just a prank?
801DA14StartDrinkingContestRefusalTopicI don't really feel like drinking...
802DA14StartDrinkingContestTopicTopicA drinking contest? You don't stand a chance!
803DA14StartPostDrink1ContinueTopicHere we go.
804DA14StartPostDrink1RefusalTopicThis was a bad idea.
805DA14StartPostDrink2ContinueTopicA second drink. Easy enough.
806DA14StartPostDrink2RefusalTopicI'm done now.
807DA14StartPostDrink3FinaleThash grape!
808DA14StartPostDrink3topicOne more. No Problemsh.
809DA14WhyMe0Why did you choose me?
811DA14YMeet1AOkay, how much do I owe you?
812DA14YMeet1BYeah, I've been getting that a lot.
813DA14YsoldaBribeTopicSeriously, let me pay you for the ring. (2000 gold)
814DA14YsoldaInfo0What was that story about my fiancee?
815DA14YsoldaIntimidateTopicI don't care about the ring! Tell me what else I said! (Intimidate)
816DA14YsoldaMeet2BranchTopicDo you know what I did with it?
817DA14YsoldaPersuadeTopicI just need to get to the wedding. Please. (Persuade)
818DA14YsoldaReturn0Here's the ring.
819DA15AboutMasterTopicWho is your master?
820DA15AboutQuest0What do you need?
821DA15ConvinceFalk asked me to check it out.
822DA15DerveninAbout1BWhy don't you leave your master?
823DA15DerveninAboutQuest1How can I find your master?
824DA15DerveninStart0What's wrong with you?
825DA15Explain0Who were you talking to?
826DA15HowToReachMasterHow can I get to your master?
827DA15QuestStartSo you need me to bring him back?
828DA15SheoChallenge0So does that mean you'll leave? Or not?
830DA15SheoChallenge2BOkay, what's the catch?
831DA15SheoFinish1TopicI've done it. I've fixed Pelagius' mind.
832DA15SheoMeet0I'm here to deliver a message.
833DA15SheoMeet1AI was asked to retrieve you from your vacation.
834DA15SheoMeet1BI think I made a mistake coming here...
835DA15SheoMeet2AI'm afraid I don't know, sir.
836DA15SheoMeet2BAll I know is that your people need you to return.
837DA15SheoMeet2CYou're a madman.
838DA15Where0TopicWait, where are we?
839DA15WingAccess0I need to get into the Pelagius Wing.
840DA16BeforeLabBranchTopic01How will I know what it looks like?
841DA16BeforeLabBranchTopic02Actually, I've already found it.
842DA16DawnstarNightmareBranchTopicPeople are having bad dreams?
843DA16ErandurAfterLabBranchTopicI found the Torpor.
844DA16ErandurAfterLabBranchTopic01Here? Now?
845DA16ErandurAfterLibraryBranchTopicFound it.
846DA16ErandurAfterLibraryBranchTopic02Do you know where we can find the Torpor?
847DA16ErandurAfterLibraryBranchTopic03Is that some type of potion?
848DA16ErandurAfterLibraryBranchTopic04That's impossible.
849DA16ErandurAfterLibraryBranchTopic05That's amazing!
850DA16ErandurAfterLibraryBranchTopic06I'm going to be your test subject, then?
851DA16ErandurAfterLibraryBranchTopic07Sounds dangerous. How can you be certain?
852DA16ErandurAfterLibraryBranchTopic08Forget it! It could kill me!
853DA16ErandurBarrierIntroBranchTopic01Looks difficult to breach.
854DA16ErandurBarrierIntroBranchTopic01aYou seem to know an awful lot about this place.
855DA16ErandurBarrierIntroBranchTopic02All right. I'm ready.
856DA16ErandurBarrierIntroBranchTopic03Why keep it a secret?
857DA16ErandurBarrierIntroBranchTopic04You should have told me the truth.
858DA16ErandurBarrierIntroBranchTopic05I knew it! You're a liar!
859DA16ErandurBeforeLibraryBranchTopic02Is this the correct book?
860DA16ErandurBeforeLibraryTopic01What am I looking for?
861DA16ErandurDreamstateBranchTopicWhat will The Dreamstride feel like?
862DA16ErandurDreamstateBranchTopic01How will I know when to awaken?
863DA16ErandurEndingBranchOutroTopic01Thank you.
864DA16ErandurEndingBranchTopic02Are you going to be all right?
865DA16ErandurEndingBranchTopic03So we're done, then?
866DA16ErandurEndingBranchTopic04How about some compensation?
867DA16ErandurFirstDoneBranchTopic01It was remarkable... As if I were really there.
868DA16ErandurFirstDoneBranchTopic02It served a purpose.
869DA16ErandurFirstDoneBranchTopic03Are you mad? I could have died!
870DA16ErandurFirstDoneBranchTopic04We can discuss it later. We need to proceed.
871DA16ErandurIntroBranch03What's your plan?
872DA16ErandurIntroBranch04What could you do, anyway? Dreams aren't real.
873DA16ErandurIntroBranch04aWhat do you mean, "return"? You've been there?
874DA16ErandurIntroBranch04xDon't be ridiculous. Dreams are harmless.
875DA16ErandurIntroBranch04yThen leave. This isn't your problem.
876DA16ErandurIntroBranch09I trust you. How can I help?
877DA16ErandurIntroBranch11I can't trust you. You're hiding something.
878DA16ErandurIntroBranch12Sorry, I can't.
879DA16ErandurIntroBranchTopicWhat's wrong with everyone around here?
880DA16ErandurMiasmaBranchTopicWhat does the Miasma do?
881DA16ErandurMiasmaBranchTopic01Is the gas dangerous?
882DA16ErandurOutsideBranchTopic02Were they successful?
883DA16ErandurOutsideBranchTopic03Why is it dangerous if they're asleep?
884DA16ErandurReturnIntroBranchTopicI've decided to help you end the nightmares.
885DA16ErandurRitualBranchTopic01aWe had no choice.
886DA16ErandurRitualBranchTopic01bThey were trying to kill us.
887DA16ErandurRitualBranchTopic01cMaybe they were right. Don't destroy the staff.
888DA16ErandurRudeBranchTopic01My apologies, Erandur. I spoke out of turn.
889DA16ErandurRudeBranchTopic02I was just seeing if you came to your senses.
890DA16ErandurRudeBranchTopic03I'd be happy to help.
891DA16ErandurSkullBranchTopicHow can the Skull be affecting Dawnstar?
892DA16ErandurVaerminaBranchTopicWho is the Daedric Lord Vaermina?
893DA16ErandurVaerminaBranchTopic01What does she do with the memories?
894DA16FirstDreamstateBranch01I've made my peace. I'm ready.
895DarkAboutYourselfBranchTopicWhat can you tell me about yourself?
896DarkCiceroNightMotherBranchTopicWhat are your thoughts on Cicero and the Night Mother?
897DarkContractHelpBranchTopicAny advice on my current contract?
898DarkwaterCrossingDerkeethusRescueQuestBranchTopicWho are you?
899DB01AventusQuestBranchTopicAre you all right?
900DB01AventusResponse1TopicI'm sorry boy, but I'm not who you think I am.
901DB01AventusResponse2TopicYes, of course... The Black Sacrament...
902DB01AventusResponse3Topic(Remain silent)
913DB02CaptivePayToKillTopicTopicWould someone pay to have you killed?
914DB02CaptiveWhoAreYouBranchTopicWho are you?
915DB03AstridCompleteResponse3(Remain silent)
920DB03MuiriNilsineWhyBranchTopicAnd Nilsine Shatter-Shield? Why must she die?
921DB03MuiriPoisonBranchTopicIs there anything else?
927DB05AstridBrideDeadResponse2Yes, the blushing bride now serves Sithis in the Void.
928DB05AstridBrideDeadResponse3(Remain silent)
929DB05AstridEmperorQuestionTopicWhy isn't the Emperor attending the wedding?
930DB05GoodTimeBranchTopicHaving a good time?
933DB05VittoriaPlayerResponse3(Remain silent)
942DB08_FestusGourmetBranchTopicWhat else can you tell me about the Gourmet?
948DBAstridNightMotherArriveBranchTopicSo the Night Mother is being brought here?
949DBAstridNightMotherBranchTopicWho is the Night Mother?
951DBAstridRulesBranchTopicAre there any rules I should be aware of?
953DBAstridSecondGreetResponse1So who was it? Who had the contract?
954DBAstridSecondGreetResponse2You told me to kill, and I killed.
955DBAstridSecondGreetResponse3(Remain silent)
961DBFollowerFavorStateBranchTopicI need you to do something.
967DBNazirEvictionPlayerResponse1Here's the 500 gold.
968DBNazirEvictionPlayerResponse2I don't have that much gold.
969DBNazirEvictionPlayerResponse3I'm not ready to pay the fine.
970DBNazirFirstGreetResponse1It's a pleasure to meet you.
971DBNazirFirstGreetResponse2You will hear even more, I assure you.
972DBNazirFirstGreetResponse3(Remain silent)
973DBNazirInfoAgnisBranchTopicTell me about Agnis.
974DBNazirInfoAnoriathBranchTopicTell me about Anoriath.
975DBNazirInfoBeitildBranchTopicTell me about Beitild.
976DBNazirInfoDeekusBranchTopicTell me about Deekus.
977DBNazirInfoEnnodiusBranchTopicTell me about Ennodius.
978DBNazirInfoHelvardBranchTopicTell me about Helvard.
979DBNazirInfoHernBranchTopicTell me about Hern.
980DBNazirInfoLurbukBranchTopicTell me about Lurbuk.
981DBNazirInfoMalurilBranchTopicTell me about Maluril.
982DBNazirInfoMarandrujoBranchTopicTell me about Ma'randru-jo.
983DBNazirInfoNarfiBranchTopicTell me about Narfi.
984DBNazirInfoSafiaBranchTopicTell me about Safia.
987DBRumorsTopicHeard any rumors lately?
992DecorateMarkarthAlchemyLabAlchemy laboratory. ( gold)
993DecorateMarkarthBedroomBedroom furnishings. ( gold)
994DecorateMarkarthEnchantingLabEnchanting laboratory. ( gold)
995DecorateMarkarthGardenEntrance hall. ( gold)
996DecorateMarkarthLivingRoomLiving room furnishings. ( gold)
997DecorateMarkarthNevermindNever mind. I don't want to purchase any decorations right now.
998DecorateMarkarthViewBranch1TopicI'd like to decorate my home.
999DecorateRiftenAlchemyLabTopicAlchemy laboratory. ( gold)
1000DecorateRiftenBedroomTopicBedroom furnishings. ( gold)
1001DecorateRiftenEnchantingTopicEnchanting laboratory. ( gold)
1002DecorateRiftenGardenTopicGarden. ( gold)
1003DecorateRiftenLivingRoomTopicKitchen furnishings. ( gold)
1004DecorateRiftenNevermindTopicNever mind. I don't want to purchase any decorations right now.
1005DecorateRiftenPorchTopicPorch. ( gold)
1006DecorateRiftenViewTopic1TopicI'd like to decorate my home.
1007DecorateSolitudeAlchemyLabAlchemy laboratory. ( gold)
1008DecorateSolitudeBedroomBedroom. ( gold)
1009DecorateSolitudeEnchantingLabEnchanting laboratory. ( gold)
1010DecorateSolitudeGardenKitchen. ( gold)
1011DecorateSolitudeLivingRoomLiving room. ( gold)
1012DecorateSolitudeNevermindNever mind. I don't want to purchase any decorations right now.
1013DecorateSolitudePorchPatio decorations. ( gold)
1014DecorateSolitudeViewBranch1TopicI'd like to decorate my home.
1015DecorateWhiterunAlchemyAlchemy laboratory. ( gold)
1016DecorateWhiterunBedroomBedroom furnishings. ( gold)
1017DecorateWhiterunFloorsLoft decorations ( gold)
1018DecorateWhiterunKitchenKitchen furnishings. ( gold)
1019DecorateWhiterunLivingRoomLiving room furnishings. ( gold)
1020DecorateWhiterunNoOptionNever mind, I don't want to purchase decorations right now.
1021DecorateWhiterunViewTopic1TopicI'd like to decorate my home.
1022DecorateWhiterunWallsDining room decorations. ( gold)
1023DecorateWindhelmAlchemyAlchemy laboratory. ( gold)
1024DecorateWindhelmArmoryArmory. ( gold)
1025DecorateWindhelmBedroomBedroom furnishings. ( gold)
1026DecorateWindhelmEnchantingEnchanting laboratory. ( gold)
1027DecorateWindhelmKillerClutterClean up that murderer's mess. ( gold)
1028DecorateWindhelmKitchenKitchen furnishings. ( gold)
1029DecorateWindhelmLivingRoomLiving room. ( gold)
1030DecorateWindhelmNevermindNever mind. I don't want to purchase any decorations right now.
1031DecorateWindhelmViewBranch1TopicI'd like to decorate my home.
1032DelphineRentRoomTopicI'd like to rent a room. ( gold)
1033DelphineRumorsBranchRevisedTopicHeard any rumors lately?
1034DGArrestQuestTopicLet's go. Let me worry about the guards.
1035DGCrimeBribeI'm with the Guild. How about you look the other way? ( gold)
1036DGCrimeForcegreetTopicWhat's the problem?
1037DGCrimeGoToJailI submit. Take me to jail.
1038DGCrimeNeverMindI don't have time for this. Do you?
1039DGCrimeOrcPayFineI'll pay. Don't worry. ( gold)
1040DGCrimeOrcResistArrestOver my dead body.
1041DGCrimeOrcsBlockingTopicI've decided to turn myself in.
1042DGCrimePayFineYou caught me. I'll pay off my bounty. ( gold)
1043DGCrimePersuadeAny chance I could talk you into overlooking this? (Persuade)
1044DGCrimeResistArrestI'd rather die than go to prison!
1045DGCrimeTGBribeNoToo rich for my blood.
1046DGCrimeTGBribeYesYes, clear my bounty. ( gold)
1047DGCrimeTGPayoffI'm with the Guild. Is this enough to clear my bounty? ( gold)
1048DGCrimeUseInfluenceI'm the Jarl's Thane. I demand you let me go at once.
1049DGCrimeWantedTopicYou're making a mistake...
1050DGIntimidateVictoryNoI think I'll just kill you...
1051DialogueAngasMillAeriAngasMillTopicI'm looking for a job.
1052DialogueAngasMillAeriTownTopicSo you're in charge of Anga's Mill?
1053DialogueAnimalTrainerSystemBuyAnimalTopicI'll take that dog off your hands. ( gold)
1054DialogueCarriageBlockingNeverMindNever mind.
1055DialogueCarriageBlockingReadyYes, let's keep going.
1056DialogueCarriageBlockingSleepWake me up when we arrive.
1057DialogueCarriageBlockingStopI want to get out here.
1058DialogueCarriageBlockingTopicExcuse me.
1059DialogueCarriageBranchTopicI'd like to hire your carriage.
1060DialogueCarriageDarkwaterCrossingI want to stop at Darkwater Crossing. ( gold)
1062DialogueCarriageDawnstarAllDawnstar. ( gold)
1063DialogueCarriageDragonBridgeI want to stop at Dragon Bridge. ( gold)
1065DialogueCarriageFalkreathAllFalkreath. ( gold)
1066DialogueCarriageIvarsteadI want to stop at Ivarstead. ( gold)
1067DialogueCarriageKarthwastenI want to stop at Karthwasten. ( gold)
1068DialogueCarriageKynesgroveI want to stop at Kynesgrove. ( gold)
1070DialogueCarriageMarkarthAllMarkarth. ( gold)
1072DialogueCarriageMorthalAllMorthal. ( gold)
1073DialogueCarriageOldHroldanI want to stop at Old Hroldan. ( gold)
1075DialogueCarriageRiftenAllRiften. ( gold)
1076DialogueCarriageRiverwoodI want to stop at Riverwood. ( gold)
1077DialogueCarriageRoriksteadI want to stop at Rorikstead. ( gold)
1078DialogueCarriageShorsStoneI want to stop at Shor's Stone. ( gold)
1080DialogueCarriageSolitudeAllSolitude. ( gold)
1081DialogueCarriageStonehillsI want to stop at Stonehills. ( gold)
1082DialogueCarriageSystemLoreMarkarthTopicTell me about Markarth.
1083DialogueCarriageSystemLoreRiftenTopicTell me about Riften.
1084DialogueCarriageSystemLoreSolitudeTopicWhat do you know about Solitude?
1085DialogueCarriageSystemLoreWhiterunTopicWhat do you know about Whiterun?
1086DialogueCarriageSystemLoreWindhelmTopicWhat can you tell me about Windhelm?
1087DialogueCarriageTopicNeverMindNever mind.
1089DialogueCarriageWhiterunAllWhiterun. ( gold)
1091DialogueCarriageWindhelmAllWindhelm. ( gold)
1093DialogueCarriageWinterholdAllWinterhold. ( gold)
1094DialogueCidhnaMineBorkulHowLongTopicHow long have you been here?
1095DialogueCidhnaMineBorkulInForTopicWhat are you in for?
1096DialogueCidhnaMineBorkulTopic01Exciting. I felt the rush of blood... and smiled.
1097DialogueCidhnaMineBorkulTopic02Horrible. My soul is heavy with guilt.
1098DialogueCidhnaMineBorkulTopic03I'm not a murderer.
1099DialogueCidhnaMineBraigHowLongTopicHow long have you been here?
1100DialogueCidhnaMineBraigInForTopicWhat are you in for?
1101DialogueCidhnaMineDuachHowLongTopicHow long have you been here?
1102DialogueCidhnaMineDuachInForTopicWhat are you in for?
1103DialogueCidhnaMineGrisvarHowLongTopicHow long have you been here?
1104DialogueCidhnaMineGrisvarInForTopicWhat are you in for?
1105DialogueCidhnaMineOdvanHowLongTopicHow long have you been here?
1106DialogueCidhnaMineOdvanInForTopicWhat are you in for?
1107DialogueCidhnaMineUraccenForswornInvisible(Invisible Continue)
1108DialogueCidhnaMineUraccenForswornTopicWhy'd you join the Forsworn?
1109DialogueCidhnaMineUraccenInForWhat are you in for?
1110DialogueCidhnaMineUraccenInvisibleContinue(Invisible Continue)
1111DialogueCidhnaMineUraccenShivTopicWhere are the guards?
1112DialogueCidhnaMineUraccenSkoomaTopicSkooma? What's that?
1113DialogueCidhnaMineUraccenTopic01Nothing. I'm innocent.
1114DialogueCidhnaMineUraccenTopic03Killing a guy who asked questions.
1115DialogueCidhnaMineUrzogaATopicKeep out? Why?
1116DialogueCidhnaMineUrzogaBTopicYou don't look like a guard.
1117DialogueCompanionsJorrvaskrCrimeResponseApologyI'm sorry. ( gold)
1118DialogueCompanionsJorrvaskrCrimeResponseDefiantTake your coin. ( gold)
1119DialogueCompanionsJorrvaskrGoodCompanionTopicWhat does it mean to be a Companion?
1120DialogueCompanionsJorrvaskrNotPayingI'm not paying anything.
1121DialogueCompanionsJorrvaskrPreJoinWhosInChargeTopicWho's in charge around here?
1122DialogueCompanionsJorrvaskrPrejoinWhoTopicWho are the Companions?
1123DialogueCompanionsJorrvaskrWarTopicWhere do you stand on the war?
1124DialogueCompanionsJorrvaskrWerewolvesTopicWhat's it like being a werewolf?
1125DialogueCompanionsJorrvaskrWhydYouJoinTopicWhy did you join the Companions?
1126DialogueCrimeOrcsForceGreetTopicWhat's the problem?
1127DialogueDarkwaterCrossingSondasBridgeBranchTopicWhat can you tell me about Darkwater Crossing?
1128DialogueDarkwaterCrossingSondasWarTopicHas the war affected you?
1129DialogueDarkwaterCrossingTormirTownTopicWhat can you tell me about Darkwater Crossing?
1130DialogueDawnstarBeitildChargeTopicWho's in charge around here?
1131DialogueDawnstarBeitildMineTopicWhat do you do in Dawnstar?
1132DialogueDawnstarBrinaArgueTopicDid I see you arguing with someone?
1133DialogueDawnstarBrinaDragonsTopicIs Dawnstar prepared for dragon attacks?
1134DialogueDawnstarBrinaTavernTopicI was looking for a drink. Or some work.
1135DialogueDawnstarBrinaWarTopicHow's the war going?
1136DialogueDawnstarFridaTopicHave you been in Dawnstar long?
1137DialogueDawnstarKaritaMotherTopicWhere'd you learn to play?
1138DialogueDawnstarKeraRhymeTopicDo you work here all day?
1139DialogueDawnstarLeigelfChargeTopicWho runs Dawnstar?
1140DialogueDawnstarLeigelfRoleTopicI'm looking for work.
1141DialogueDawnstarMadenaGreatWarTopicYou mentioned the Great War.
1142DialogueDawnstarMadenaTopicAre you the court wizard?
1143DialogueDawnstarRustleifTopicDo you do any work for the ships?
1144DialogueDawnstarSerenTopicYou're from Hammerfell?
1145DialogueDawnstarSkaldDragonsTopicIs Dawnstar prepared for dragon attacks?
1146DialogueDawnstarSkaldWarTopicHow is Dawnstar faring in the war?
1147DialogueDragonBridgeAzzadaTopicsBranch1TopicDid you say you came here from Markarth?
1148DialogueDragonBridgeAzzadaTopicsBranch2TopicYou mentioned mean folk passing through town?
1149DialogueDragonBridgeAzzadaTopicsBranch3TopicDo you worry about raising a family in these dangerous times?
1150DialogueDragonBridgeHorgeirTopicsBranch1TopicIs your lumber selling better since the war started?
1151DialogueDragonBridgeHorgeirTopicsBranch2TopicSounds like you're having some trouble with your wife.
1152DialogueDragonBridgeHorgeirTopicsBranch3TopicHow old is that stone bridge near the town?
1153DialogueDragonBridgeOldaTopicsBranch2TopicDoes the presence of the guards here bother you?
1154DialogueDragonBridgeOldaTopicsBranch3TopicDoes your family that own the lumber mill?
1155DialogueDushnikhYalAcceptI'll make sure she gets it.
1156DialogueDushnikhYalGhorbashBribeSome coin, to soothe your guilt? ( gold)
1157DialogueDushnikhYalGhorbashForgetItFine. Forget I asked.
1158DialogueDushnikhYalGhorbashIntimidateToo frightened to leave home? (Intimidate)
1159DialogueDushnikhYalGhorbashLegionTopicYou served in the Legion?
1160DialogueDushnikhYalGhorbashPersuadeYou just told me you missed adventure. (Persuade)
1161DialogueDushnikhYalGhorbashRoleTopicWhat do you do for the stronghold?
1162DialogueDushnikhYalGhorbashSpeechcraftTopicYou miss traveling?
1163DialogueDushnikhYalRejectNot right now.
1164DialogueFalkreathDengeirTopic1TopicWhy did you side with the Stormcloaks?
1165DialogueFalkreathDengeirTopic3TopicYou said you were the Jarl once?
1166DialogueFalkreathDengierTopics2TopicHow are you a better Jarl than Siddgeir?
1167DialogueFalkreathLodTopic1Falkreath seems quiet.
1168DialogueFalkreathLodTopic2TopicSounds like loyalty is important to you.
1169DialogueFalkreathMathiesTopicCemetaryTopicWhy does the town have such a large cemetery?
1170DialogueFalkreathMathiesTopicGloomyTopicIs this place always so gloomy?
1171DialogueFalkreathNenyaTopicsCemetaryTopicWhy is your cemetery so large?
1172DialogueFalkreathNenyaTopicsLongTopicHow long have you been a Steward?
1173DialogueFalkreathRunilTopicHomeTopicDo you tend this graveyard alone?
1174DialogueFalkreathSidgeirTopicsHardTopicDoes your inexperience make your job difficult?
1175DialogueFalkreathSidgeirTopicsYoungTopicHow did you become a Jarl while so young?
1176DialogueFalkreathSolafTopic1TopicYou mentioned a brother? Who is he?
1177DialogueFalkreathSolafTopic2TopicYou're a Stormcloak?
1178DialogueFalkreathTeklaTopic1TopicYou sound nervous about being the new Steward.
1179DialogueFalkreathTeklaTopic2TopicHow does a maid become a Steward?
1180DialogueFalkreathZariaTopics1TopicWhy name your store Grave Concoctions?
1181DialogueFalkreathZariaTopics2TopicThere aren't many Redguards in Skyrim. What brought you here?
1182DialogueFavorGenericBribeBranchTopicPlease, take this. Consider it a gift... ( gold)
1183DialogueFavorGenericFollowBranchTopicFollow me. I need your help.
1184DialogueFavorGenericIntimidateBranchTopicYou'd better do what I want, or else. (Intimidate)
1185DialogueFollowerContinueFavorStateYes. Let me show you.
1186DialogueFollowerDismissTopicIt's time for us to part ways.
1187DialogueFollowerEndFavorStateNo. Never mind.
1188DialogueFollowerFavorStateTopicI need you to do something.
1189DialogueFollowerFollowTopicFollow me.
1190DialogueFollowerTradeTopicI need to trade some things with you.
1191DialogueFollowerWaitTopicWait here.
1202DialogueGenericTrespassingBlockingTopicWhat's wrong?
1203DialogueGenericVigilantsOfStendarrCureDiseaseTopicPlease cure me.
1204DialogueGenericVigilantsOfStendarrDaedraTopicYou hunt daedra?
1205DialogueGenericVigilantsOfStendarrDeadraTopicWhat's dangerous about daedra?
1206DialogueGenericVigilantsOfStendarrHandOverYESFine. Take all the artifacts I have.
1207DialogueGenericVigilantsOfStendarrWhoStendarrTopicWho's Stendarr?
1208DialogueGenericVigilantsOfStendarrWhoTopicYou're a Vigilant of Stendarr?
1209DialogueGenericWitchhuntersPlayerHasDaedricAttackTopicI'm not giving you anything.
1210DialogueGenericWitchhuntersPlayerHasDaedricTopic02Why should I hand you anything?
1212DialogueGuardsGeneralEnemyA1Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it.
1213DialogueGuardsGeneralEnemyA2I'm loyal to the Empire and don't care who knows it.
1214DialogueGuardsGeneralEnemyA3I'm a proud supporter of Ulfric Stormcloak. What of it?
1215DialogueGuardsGeneralEnemyBlockingTopicWhat's the problem?
1216DialogueHalfMoonMillHern2TopicDo you like it out here, away from everything?
1217DialogueHalfMoonMillHernTopicWhat locations does this mill supply?
1218DialogueHalfMoonMillHertTopicDo you get many guests?
1219DialogueHeartwoodMillMenBranchTopicIs running a mill difficult?
1220DialogueHighHrothgarArngeirWordsTopicI'd like to learn more about the Voice.
1221DialogueIvarsteadGwilinBranchTopicYou seem quite happy.
1222DialogueIvarsteadHighHrothgarTopicAnything you can tell me about High Hrothgar?
1223DialogueIvarsteadLynlyAfterBranchTopicI'd like to hear another song. (5 Gold)
1224DialogueIvarsteadLynlyBranchTopicWhat do you play?
1225DialogueIvarsteadLynlyBranchTopic01Merely five gold? I'd easily pay twice that to hear you play. (Persuade)
1226DialogueIvarsteadLynlyBranchTopic02Sounds reasonable. (5 Gold)
1227DialogueIvarsteadLynlyBranchTopic03Perhaps another time.
1228DialogueIvarsteadTembaBranchTopicWhat's making you so angry?
1229DialogueKarthwastenAtarInChargeTopicWho's in charge here?
1230DialogueKarthwastenInChargeTopicAre you in charge here?
1231DialogueKynesgroveGannaTreesTopicAre things not going well for you?
1232DialogueKynesgroveKjeldTownBranchTopicWhat can you tell me about Kynesgrove?
1233DialogueKynesgroveRoggiMeadBranchTopicHow do you know so much about mead?
1234DialogueLeftHandMineSkaggiAcceptWhat if I took care of the Forsworn?
1235DialogueLeftHandMineSkaggiKolskeggrTopicWhat's all this about the Forsworn?
1236DialogueLeftHandMineSkaggiMineTopicDo you own this mine?
1237DialogueLeftHandMineSkaggiRejectThat's too bad.
1238DialogueMarkarthAntonHighRockTopicSo you're from Daggerfall, then?
1239DialogueMarkarthAntonReachTopicYou're not from the Reach?
1240DialogueMarkarthBanningMarkarthTopicWhat can you tell me about Markarth?
1241DialogueMarkarthBetridSilverBloodsTopicYou're an important family, I take it?
1242DialogueMarkarthBetridThonarTopicYou're married to Thonar? What's he like?
1243DialogueMarkarthBothelaForswornTopicWhat do you know about the Forsworn?
1244DialogueMarkarthBothelaMarkarthTopicWhat's your opinion of Markarth?
1245DialogueMarkarthCacelmoInvis(Invisible Continue)
1246DialogueMarkarthCalcelmoAcceptThat spider is as good as dead.
1247DialogueMarkarthCalcelmoChoice01Excavation site?
1248DialogueMarkarthCalcelmoChoice02Are you a wizard? I wanted to buy some spells.
1249DialogueMarkarthCalcelmoChoice03I was looking for you, actually.
1250DialogueMarkarthCalcelmoCityTopicWhy do you need guards?
1251DialogueMarkarthCalcelmoContinue(Invisible Continue)
1252DialogueMarkarthCalcelmoDwemerTopicYou're researching the Dwemer?
1253DialogueMarkarthCalcelmoExcavationSiteTopicI'd like to see the excavation site.
1254DialogueMarkarthCalcelmoRejectNot interested.
1255DialogueMarkarthCalcelmoRingTopicI have a delivery from Kerah.
1256DialogueMarkarthCedranForswornTopicWho are the Forsworn?
1257DialogueMarkarthCedranJarlTopicWho's in charge of Markarth?
1258DialogueMarkarthCedranMarkarthIncidentTopicWhat's the Markarth Incident?
1259DialogueMarkarthCosnachWorkTopicSo where do you work?
1260DialogueMarkarthFaleenChoice01I'm a traveler. I have questions.
1261DialogueMarkarthFaleenChoice02I'm looking for work.
1262DialogueMarkarthFaleenChoice03I was looking to purchase a house in Markarth.
1263DialogueMarkarthGarveyMiserableTopicSo, only the poor or the sick live here?
1264DialogueMarkarthGateGuardChoice01Is there some problem in the city?
1265DialogueMarkarthGateGuardChoice02Who's in charge of Markarth?
1266DialogueMarkarthGateGuardChoice03I just need some supplies and a drink.
1267DialogueMarkarthGhorzaFreeformAcceptI'll bring one if I find it.
1268DialogueMarkarthGhorzaFreeformRejectI don't have time. Sorry.
1269DialogueMarkarthGhorzaFreeformTopicWhat's wrong with your apprentice?
1270DialogueMarkarthGhorzaSmithTopicWhere'd you learn to smith?
1271DialogueMarkarthGhorzaStrongholdTopicYou grew up in a stronghold?
1272DialogueMarkarthGuardGateInvis(Invisible Continue)
1273DialogueMarkarthHogniMeatTopicDare I ask where all this meat comes from?
1274DialogueMarkarthHogniTownTopicI had some questions about this city.
1275DialogueMarkarthIgmundDragonsTopicDragons have returned to Skyrim.
1276DialogueMarkarthIgmundHouseTopicI'd like to purchase a home in your city.
1277DialogueMarkarthIgmundMilitiaTopicWhy did you arrest the Nord militia?
1278DialogueMarkarthIgmundReachTopicThe Empire lost the Reach before? How?
1279DialogueMarkarthIgmundWarTopicHas the war been hard on Markarth?
1280DialogueMarkarthKerahAcceptI'll make sure he gets it.
1281DialogueMarkarthKerahRejectI don't have time right now.
1282DialogueMarkarthKerahTownTopicThis city looks so ancient. Have you been here long?
1283DialogueMarkarthKibellDwarvesTopicDwarves built this city?
1284DialogueMarkarthKibellForswornTopic"Bent a few folks' arms the wrong way"?
1285DialogueMarkarthKibellMarkarthTopicWhat do you know about Markarth?
1286DialogueMarkarthKibellNativeTopicWho are these "natives" you mentioned?
1287DialogueMarkarthLisbetAcceptI'll do it.
1288DialogueMarkarthLisbetArnleifTopicSo who's Arnleif?
1289DialogueMarkarthLisbetAttackTopicThere was an attack in the marketplace.
1290DialogueMarkarthLisbetRejectI'm not for hire right now.
1291DialogueMarkarthLisbetStatueTopicI found this statue in a Forsworn camp.
1292DialogueMarkarthListbetStoreTopicThis store has seen better days, hasn't it?
1294DialogueMarkarthMothArmorTopicI'm thinking of buying some armor. Any recommendations?
1295DialogueMarkarthMothRejectNo. Sorry.
1296DialogueMarkarthMothWeaponsTopicWhat kind of weapons do you forge?
1297DialogueMarkarthMuseumChoice01Why can't I go in?
1298DialogueMarkarthMuseumChoice02Who's the court wizard?
1299DialogueMarkarthMuseumChoice03Dwemer Museum?
1300DialogueMarkarthOgmundBardsCollegeTopicThe Bards College? What's that?
1301DialogueMarkarthOgmundWhatdoYouDoTopicA skald? Is that some kind of bard?
1302DialogueMarkarthOndolemarAcceptI'm interested. What is it?
1303DialogueMarkarthOndolemarMarkarthTopicYou're not from Markarth, I take it?
1304DialogueMarkarthOndolemarMerTopicWhat do you mean "saviors of Mer"?
1305DialogueMarkarthOndolemarRejectNot right now.
1306DialogueMarkarthOndolemarTalosTopicWhy are you after Talos worshippers?
1307DialogueMarkarthOndolemarThalmorTopicWho are the Thalmor?
1308DialogueMarkarthReburrusChoice01I wanted to know more about Markarth.
1309DialogueMarkarthReburrusChoice02I'm looking for work, if you have any.
1310DialogueMarkarthReburrusChoice03I was wondering where I could get a drink.
1311DialogueMarkarthSennaDibellaTopicWho is Dibella? This is her temple?
1312DialogueMarkarthSennaInstructionTopicInstruction? Where do I sign up?
1313DialogueMarkarthThongvorChoice01I support the Empire. What of it?
1314DialogueMarkarthThongvorChoice02I'm no friend of the Imperials.
1315DialogueMarkarthThongvorChoice03I don't know what you're talking about.
1316DialogueMarkarthThongvorDragonTopicIs Markarth prepared to deal with dragons?
1317DialogueMarkarthThongvorElvesContinue(Invisible Continue)
1318DialogueMarkarthThongvorElvesTopicWhat's this about elves?
1319DialogueMarkarthThongvorFamilyTopicWhy should the Jarl listen to you?
1320DialogueMarkarthThongvorForswornTopicThe Empire created the Forsworn? How?
1321DialogueMarkarthThongvorInvisible01(Invisible Continue)
1322DialogueMarkarthThongvorTalosTopicYou said something about Talos.
1323DialogueMarkarthThongvorUlfricTopicUlfric saved Markarth? How?
1324DialogueMarkarthThongvorWarTopicWhat's your position on the war?
1325DialogueMarkarthVerulusArkayTopicWho's Arkay?
1326DialogueMarkarthVerulusHalloftheDeadTopicWhat's the Hall of the Dead?
1327DialogueMarkarthYngvarBloodandSilverTopicWhat do you mean by "blood and silver"?
1328DialogueMarkarthYngvarChoice01Excuse me?
1329DialogueMarkarthYngvarChoice02Bloody enough.
1330DialogueMarkarthYngvarChoice03More blood is always better.
1331DialogueMarkarthYngvarChoice04Are you threatening me?
1332DialogueMarkarthYngvarLiveTopicYou live here in Markarth?
1333DialogueMarkarthYngvarWorkTopicI'm looking for work.
1334DialogueMerryfairFarmDravinBranchTopicYou've had trouble with thieves?
1335DialogueMorKhazgurBorgakhBribeWhat if I pay off your dowry? ( gold)
1336DialogueMorKhazgurBorgakhIntimidateYou're weak. (Intimidate)
1337DialogueMorKhazgurBorgakhLeaveTopicYou want to leave the stronghold?
1338DialogueMorKhazgurBorgakhMarryTopicYou don't know who you'll marry?
1339DialogueMorKhazgurBorgakhPersuadeThey'll understand. Trust me. (Persuade)
1340DialogueMorKhazgurBorgakhRoleTopicWhat do you do for the stronghold?
1341DialogueMorKhazgurBorghakNeverMindFine, then.
1342DialogueMorthalAslfurInitBranchTopicWhat was that argument outside the Hall?
1343DialogueMorthalAslfurQuietPlaceTopicMorthal seems like a quiet little town.
1344DialogueMorthalBenorWhatDoTopicWhat is it you do here in town?
1345DialogueMorthalFalionInitReponse2So then what do you do?
1346DialogueMorthalFalionInitResponse1Why would anyone accuse you of that?
1347DialogueMorthalFalionTopic1TopicWhy set up shop in Morthal?
1348DialogueMorthalFalionTopic2TopicWhat can you tell me about the area?
1349DialogueMorthalGormInitResponse1We certainly do.
1350DialogueMorthalGormInitResponse2Why would I disrespect her?
1351DialogueMorthalGormInitResponse3I don't like being told what to do.
1352DialogueMorthalIdgrodTroubleBranchTopicIs there some kind of trouble in Morthal?
1353DialogueMorthalIdgrodVisionsBranchTopicI understand you have visions.
1354DialogueMorthalIdgrodWarBranchTopicWhere do you stand on the war?
1355DialogueMorthalJonnaTopic1TopicIs business in Morthal slow?
1356DialogueMorthalJonnaTopic2TopicWhat's with the Orc?
1357DialogueMorthalJorgenInitBranchTopicYou seemed upset about something.
1358DialogueMorthalJorgenProblemTopicWhat isn't the Jarl dealing with?
1359DialogueMorthalLamiBranch1TopicTopicDo you have a hard time getting supplies way out here?
1360DialogueOldHroldanEydisTopicTopicTiber Septim's room?
1361DialogueOldHroldanSkuliTopicYou're awfully... mature for your age.
1362DialogueOrcsBlacksmithTopicYour weapons and armor are impressive.
1363DialogueOrcsChiefCodeofMaulochTopicHow do the Orcs govern themselves?
1364DialogueOrcsChiefTopicYou're the chief?
1365DialogueOrcsGuardQuestionsLetInBranchTopicHow can I convince you to let me in?
1366DialogueOrcsGuardQuestionsMaulochTopicWho is Malacath?
1367DialogueOrcsGuardQuestionsStrongholdTopicAre there other strongholds out there?
1368DialogueOrcsGuardTopic01I'm just a traveler. What is this place?
1369DialogueOrcsGuardTopic02I go where I please, Orc.
1370DialogueOrcsQuestAcceptI'll find those gauntlets.
1371DialogueOrcsQuestRejectI don't have time for that.
1372DialogueOrcsWiseWomanMaulochTopicWho is Malacath?
1373DialogueOrcsWiseWomanPeopleTopicTell me more about your people.
1374DialogueRiftenAlessandraBranchTopicYou tend the graveyard?
1375DialogueRiftenAlessandraFatherBranchTopicHow's your father to blame for your job?
1376DialogueRiftenAnurielBranchTopicWhat are the rumors of corruption you mentioned?
1377DialogueRiftenAnurielJobBranchTopicWhat do you do around here?
1378DialogueRiftenAsbjornBranchTopicYou look young for a blacksmith.
1379DialogueRiftenAsgeirBranch01TopicTell me about your parents.
1380DialogueRiftenAsgeirBranch01Topic02Are you at odds with them?
1381DialogueRiftenAsgeirBranchTopicMay I ask why you're in mourning?
1382DialogueRiftenAsgeirMeaderyBranchTopicYou're involved with the meadery?
1383DialogueRiftenBalimundBranchTopicI imagine current events are keeping you busy.
1384DialogueRiftenBersiBranch00TopicYour shop has a most unusual name.
1385DialogueRiftenBersiBranch01TopicMaybe you should speak to the authorities.
1386DialogueRiftenBersiBranchTopicWhat's wrong with Riften?
1387DialogueRiftenBlackBriarBranchTopicTell me about the Black-Briar family.
1388DialogueRiftenBlackBriarBranchTopic01Who else is in the family?
1389DialogueRiftenBolliBranchTopicYou sound quite charitable.
1390DialogueRiftenBolliFisheryBranchTopicAre you a fisherman?
1391DialogueRiftenBolliNivenorBranchTopicYou mentioned Nivenor.
1392DialogueRiftenBrandSheiBranchTopicYou have an odd name for a dark elf.
1393DialogueRiftenDinyaMaraBranchTopicWhat can you tell me about Mara?
1394DialogueRiftenDirgeBranchTopicWhy do they call you Dirge?
1395DialogueRiftenDirgeBranchTopic01No way. That name would scare anyone. (Persuade)
1396DialogueRiftenDirgeBranchTopic02I think it's hilarious. You got a problem? (Intimidate)
1397DialogueRiftenDirgeBranchTopic03Forget I mentioned it.
1398DialogueRiftenDirgeMaulBranchTopicI met your brother.
1399DialogueRiftenElgrimBranchTopicWhy is your shop down here in the canal?
1400DialogueRiftenElgrimIngunBranchTopicDo you work alone?
1401DialogueRiftenEsbernsVaultBlockingTopicWhat do you want?
1402DialogueRiftenGateNonNorthBranchTopic01Why? What's going on?
1403DialogueRiftenGateNonNorthBranchTopic02Could you make an exception in my case? (Persuade)
1404DialogueRiftenGateNonNorthBranchTopic03How about you let me in anyway? (25 Gold)
1405DialogueRiftenGateNonNorthBranchTopic04I'm going in this way. Stand aside! (Intimidate)
1406DialogueRiftenGateNorthBranchTopic01What's the tax for?
1407DialogueRiftenGateNorthBranchTopic04This is obviously a shakedown, but I'll pay. ( gold)
1408DialogueRiftenGateNorthBranchTopic05This is obviously a shakedown. (Persuade)
1409DialogueRiftenGateNorthBranchTopic06You're obviously a thief. I kill thieves. (Intimidate)
1410DialogueRiftenGateNorthBranchTopicWalkawayForget it. I'll come back.
1412DialogueRiftenGrelkaBranchTopicYou treat all your customers like this?
1413DialogueRiftenGrelkaLeaveBranchTopicWhy would you want to leave Skyrim?
1414DialogueRiftenHaelgaBranch01TopicAre you the only one that works at the Bunkhouse?
1415DialogueRiftenHaelgaBranchTopicWhat is this place?
1416DialogueRiftenHafjorgBranchTopicDoes it bother you living underground?
1417DialogueRiftenHafjorgIngunBranchTopicAre you an alchemist as well?
1418DialogueRiftenHafjorgIngunBranchTopic01Are you jealous of her?
1419DialogueRiftenHarraldBranchTopicYou seem to dislike visitors in Riften.
1420DialogueRiftenHarraldBrotherBranchTopicYou and your brother don't see eye to eye?
1421DialogueRiftenHemmingBranchTopicSo you handle the defense of Riften?
1422DialogueRiftenHemmingBranchTopic01That's impressive.
1424DialogueRiftenHemmingBranchTopic03I think you're exaggerating.
1425DialogueRiftenHofgrirBranchTopicHow did you come to be known as Horse-Crusher?
1426DialogueRiftenHousecarlBranchTopicI take it you protect the Jarl?
1427DialogueRiftenHousecarlPoliticsBranchTopicTell me your thoughts on the war.
1428DialogueRiftenIndarynBranchTopicYou run the Black-Briar Meadery?
1429DialogueRiftenIndarynMavenBranchTopicTell me about Maven Black-Briar.
1430DialogueRiftenIngunAlchemyBranchTopicWhy are you so fascinated by alchemy?
1431DialogueRiftenKeervaRumorsBranchTopicWhat's the word around town?
1432DialogueRiftenLailaBranchInPower02TopicWhat of Ulfric himself?
1433DialogueRiftenLailaBranchInPower03TopicWhat is the White-Gold Concordat?
1434DialogueRiftenLailaBranchInPowerTopicWhat's your stance on the war?
1435DialogueRiftenMadesiBranchTopicHow's business?
1437DialogueRiftenMaramalBranchTopicCan you tell me about Mara's beliefs?
1438DialogueRiftenMaramalCharityBranchTopicDo you accept charity?
1439DialogueRiftenMaramalCharityBranchTopic01I'd like to donate. (5 gold)
1440DialogueRiftenMaramalCharityBranchTopic02I'll donate some other time.
1441DialogueRiftenMaulBlackBriarsTopicTell me more about the Black-Briars.
1442DialogueRiftenMaulDarkBrotherhoodTopicAny news involving the Dark Brotherhood?
1443DialogueRiftenMaulJewelTopicTell me what this gem's worth.
1444DialogueRiftenMaulSceneBranch02TopicWho are the Black-Briars?
1445DialogueRiftenMaulSceneBranch02Topic01Dirt, huh? I'm not exactly clean myself... (Persuade)
1446DialogueRiftenMaulSceneBranch02Topic02Here, what can you tell me? ( gold)
1447DialogueRiftenMaulSceneBranch02Topic03How about you tell me for free? (Intimidate)
1448DialogueRiftenMaulSceneBranch02Topic04I'll just stay out of your way.
1449DialogueRiftenMaulSceneBranch02Topic05Got any dirt on this? (Show unusual gem)
1450DialogueRiftenMaulSceneBranchTopic01Just passing through.
1451DialogueRiftenMaulSceneBranchTopic02What's it to you?
1452DialogueRiftenMaulSceneBranchTopic03I'm not scared of you.
1453DialogueRiftenMaulTGTopicKnow anything about the Thieves Guild?
1454DialogueRiftenMavenBranchTopicYour name carries weight in Riften.
1455DialogueRiftenMavenTGBranch01TopicI have a price on my head in Riften.
1456DialogueRiftenMavenTGBranchTopicHow did you become allied with the Thieves Guild?
1457DialogueRiftenMjollAdventureBranchTopicYou're Riften's protector?
1458DialogueRiftenMjollAdventureBranchTopic01How did Aerin save your life?
1459DialogueRiftenMjollBranchTopicYou're not from Riften?
1460DialogueRiftenMjollBranchTopic01Why are you here, then?
1461DialogueRiftenMjollTGBranchTopicTell me about Riften's Thieves Guild.
1462DialogueRiftenMjollTGBranchTopic01I agree completely.
1463DialogueRiftenMjollTGBranchTopic02I try not to care.
1464DialogueRiftenMjollTGBranchTopic03Actually, I'm hoping to join them.
1465DialogueRiftenMolgromBranchTopicWhy are you in prison?
1466DialogueRiftenMolgromEscapeBranchTopicSo prison is a Guild punishment?
1468DialogueRiftenMolgromNameBranchTopic01And you lived?
1469DialogueRiftenMolgromNameBranchTopic02But you weren't killed... Not even once.
1470DialogueRiftenNuraNoTalosBranchTopicWhat happened to the shrine of Talos?
1471DialogueRiftenNuraTalosBranchTopicWhat can you tell me about Talos?
1472DialogueRiftenPrisonGuardBranchTopic01It's fine, I'm allowed to be here. (Persuade)
1473DialogueRiftenPrisonGuardBranchTopic02Can I pass now? ( gold)
1474DialogueRiftenPrisonGuardBranchTopic03Sorry, I'll leave.
1475DialogueRiftenPrisonGuardBranchTopic04I'm the Thane of Riften.
1476DialogueRiftenRatwayBranchTopicWhat's the Ratway?
1477DialogueRiftenRomlynBranch01TopicDo you work for the meadery?
1478DialogueRiftenRomlynBranchTopicWhat are you selling?
1479DialogueRiftenRomlynBranchTopic01Sure, I'll take one. (Pay 10 gold)
1480DialogueRiftenRomlynBranchTopic02No thanks.
1481DialogueRiftenSaerlundBranchTopicWhy would I ridicule you?
1482DialogueRiftenSaerlundUlfricBranchTopicWhat sort of lies has Ulfric been spreading?
1483DialogueRiftenShadrBranchTopicYou work at the stables?
1484DialogueRiftenSkoomaBranchTopicWhat is skooma?
1485DialogueRiftenSnowShodHatredTopicWhy all the hatred for the Empire?
1486DialogueRiftenSSDaughterBranch01TopicWhat happened to your daughter?
1487DialogueRiftenSvanaBunkhouseBranchTopicDo you work here?
1488DialogueRiftenTalenJeiDrinkBranchTopicYou mentioned you served special drinks?
1489DialogueRiftenThievesGuildBranchTopicTell me about the Thieves Guild.
1490DialogueRiftenUngrienBlackBriarBranchTopicTell me about Maven Black-Briar.
1491DialogueRiftenUngrienBlackBriarBranchTopic01Come on, get the truth off your chest. (Persuade)
1492DialogueRiftenUngrienBlackBriarBranchTopic03Here, now tell me the truth. ( gold)
1493DialogueRiftenUngrienBlackBriarBranchTopic04Glad you're so happy.
1494DialogueRiftenUngrienMeadBranchTopicWhat makes Black-Briar Mead so special?
1495DialogueRiftenUngrienMeadBranchTopic01That sounded rehearsed.
1496DialogueRiftenUngrienMeadBranchTopic02There are worse things than being fired.
1497DialogueRiftenVekelBranchTopicSo, what's the word around the Guild?
1498DialogueRiftenWujeetaFisheryBranchTopicDo you like working at the Riften Fishery?
1499DialogueRiftenWylandriahBranchTopicWhat has you so preoccupied?
1500DialogueRiftenWylandriahBranchTopic01I don't understand a word of that.
1501DialogueRiftenWylandriahBranchTopic01aFascinating! Do go on...
1502DialogueRiftenWylandriahBranchTopic01bI would use the blue thing.
1503DialogueRiftenWylandriahBranchTopic02You totally lost me.
1504DialogueRiftenWylandriahBranchTopic02aUm... I don't know. Seven?
1505DialogueRiftenWylandriahBranchTopic02bHow about using calipers?
1506DialogueRiftenWylandriahBranchTopic03Nope, don't get it at all.
1507DialogueRiftenWylandriahBranchTopic03aEasy, it's nine.
1508DialogueRiftenWylandriahBranchTopic03bSwallow a soul gem?
1509DialogueRiverwoodAlvorForgeCan I use your forge?
1510DialogueRiverwoodBackgroundTopicWhat can you tell me about Riverwood?
1511DialogueRiverwoodDragonsDo you know any old ballads about dragons?
1512DialogueRiverwoodSpellsTopicDo you sell spells?
1513DialogueRiverwoodSvenDragonI saw a dragon in Helgen.
1514DialogueRiverwoodSvenStoresTopicIs there somewhere I can buy fresh supplies?
1515DialogueRoriksteadJouaneTopicsBranch1TopicHow did you come to make your home at Rorikstead?
1516DialogueRoriksteadJouaneTopicsBranch2TopicYour farms are thriving, even despite the harsh climate. What's your secret?
1517DialogueRoriksteadJouaneTopicsBranch3TopicHow will you protect yourselves against the dragons?
1518DialogueRoriksteadReldithTopicsBranch1TopicYour farm is doing very well. You must be proud.
1519DialogueRoriksteadReldithTopicsBranch2TopicWhere do you sell your surplus crops?
1520DialogueRoriksteadRorikTopicsBranch1TopicIs the town of Rorikstead named for you?
1521DialogueRoriksteadRorikTopicsBranch2TopicDid you fight in the Great War?
1522DialogueRoriksteadRorikTopicsBranch3TopicHas the war taken a toll on your settlement and its people?
1523DialogueSalviusFarmRogatusFarmTopicTopicI'm looking for work.
1524DialogueSalviusFarmRogatusTopicHave you lived here long?
1525DialogueSarethiFarmAlchemyBranchTopicAre you an alchemist?
1526DialogueSarethiFarmNirnrootBranchTopicThere's a lot of nirnroot around here.
1527DialogueSarethiFarmNirnrootBranchTopic01How did you accomplish such a feat?
1528DialogueSarethiFarmNirnrootBranchTopic01AltDid Sinderion teach you how to grow nirnroot?
1529DialogueSarethiFarmSinderionPostBranchTopicHow did you and Sinderion meet?
1530DialogueSarethiFarmSinderionPostBranchTopic01How did he end up in Skyrim?
1531DialogueSarethiFarmSinderionPostBranchTopic02Then he left for Blackreach I suppose.
1532DialogueShorsStoneRedbellyBranchTopicTell me about the mine.
1533DialogueSolitudeAddvar02TopicYou and your daughter were at the execution.
1534DialogueSolitudeAddvarBranchTopicWhere do you catch the fish?
1535DialogueSolitudeAddvarInForYouTopicSounds like she has it in for you.
1536DialogueSolitudeAhtar01Topic02Do they keep you busy?
1537DialogueSolitudeAhtar02TopicWhen's your next execution?
1538DialogueSolitudeAhtar02Topic02I took care of him and the Blackblood Marauders.
1539DialogueSolitudeAhtarBranchTopicYou were the one who executed that man...
1540DialogueSolitudeAngeline02TopicAromatics? So you sell perfumes?
1541DialogueSolitudeAngelineBranchTopicCan you train me in Alchemy?
1542DialogueSolitudeAngelineFavorAcceptI haven't met her, but I could try to get more information.
1543DialogueSolitudeAngelineFavorContinueYou mentioned something about Whiterun before?
1544DialogueSolitudeAngelineFavorDeclineI'm sorry, I've never met her before.
1545DialogueSolitudeAngelineNeutralNo, sorry. I haven't been to Whiterun before.
1546DialogueSolitudeAngelineStormcloakActually, yes.
1547DialogueSolitudeBeirand01TopicYou make armor for the Imperials?
1548DialogueSolitudeBeirand01Topic02You're pretty dedicated to the Empire, then?
1549DialogueSolitudeBeirand02TopicHave you considered getting out there and fighting?
1550DialogueSolitudeCorpulusBranchTopicWhy is this place called the Winking Skeever?
1551DialogueSolitudeCorpulusPetTopicYou kept a skeever as a pet?
1552DialogueSolitudeCorpulusReasonTopicI guess that's as good a reason as any.
1553DialogueSolitudeElisifBranch2TopicWhy did Ulfric kill your husband?
1554DialogueSolitudeElisifBranch3TopicDo you trust General Tullius?
1555DialogueSolitudeElisifBranchTopicAre you the High Queen of Skyrim?
1556DialogueSolitudeEndarie02TopicBad day?
1557DialogueSolitudeEndarieBranchTopicDo you get a lot of business like that?
1558DialogueSolitudeErikurBranch2TopicDo all the Thanes support Elisif?
1559DialogueSolitudeErikurBranchTopicWhat's your place in the court?
1560DialogueSolitudeEvette01Topic02What's the Burning of King Olaf?
1561DialogueSolitudeEvette02TopicIs your spiced wine made from a secret recipe?
1562DialogueSolitudeEvetteBranchTopicHow are your sales?
1563DialogueSolitudeFalkBranch2TopicWhat will happen to Elisif if the Empire wins the war?
1564DialogueSolitudeFalkBranch3TopicDoes General Tullius respect Elisif?
1565DialogueSolitudeFalkBranchTopicElisif seems to rely on you a great deal.
1566DialogueSolitudeFihada02TopicI need some arrows that can take down a dragon...
1567DialogueSolitudeFihadaBranchTopicI didn't make that much noise.
1568DialogueSolitudeFrier1TopicWhat do the shrines do?
1569DialogueSolitudeFrier2TopicOne of the alcoves up front is empty.
1570DialogueSolitudeFrier3TopicWhat's the White-Gold Concordat?
1571DialogueSolitudeGeimundTopicTopicHow long have you been a stablemaster?
1572DialogueSolitudeGeta03Topic02Sounds like your brother was a traitor.
1573DialogueSolitudeGisli02TopicThat doesn't seem like a good attitude.
1574DialogueSolitudeGisliBranchTopicSo Erikur is your brother?
1575DialogueSolitudeGreta02TopicNo, I think he was an honorable man.
1576DialogueSolitudeGreta03TopicWho was your brother?
1577DialogueSolitudeGreta03Topic03So he did what he thought was right.
1578DialogueSolitudeGretaBranchTopicYes. I think your brother was a traitor.
1579DialogueSolitudeHeimvar02TopicWhat does this job pay?
1580DialogueSolitudeHeimvar02Topic02What's your problem with Jaree-Ra?
1581DialogueSolitudeHeimvarBranchTopicDo you make anything here that will kill dragons?
1582DialogueSolitudeIlldiBranchTopicYou play well.
1583DialogueSolitudeJala02TopicI bet you get some interesting people through here.
1584DialogueSolitudeJalaBranchTopicDon't you have trouble getting ripe goods here?
1585DialogueSolitudeJawanan02TopicI've been traveling all over. Even been to Helgen...
1586DialogueSolitudeJawanan02Topic02The rumors are all true.
1587DialogueSolitudeJawananBranchTopicYou're a long way from home, then.
1588DialogueSolitudeJornBranchTopicYou seem proud to be a bard.
1589DialogueSolitudeLisett02TopicWhat's the word around town?
1590DialogueSolitudeLisette01TopicDoes being a bard pay well?
1591DialogueSolitudeMelaran02TopicAre you the court wizard?
1592DialogueSolitudeMelaran02Topic02What do you mean?
1593DialogueSolitudeMelaranBranchTopicSo what's your job here, Melaran?
1594DialogueSolitudeNosterBranchTopicWere you really in the army?
1595DialogueSolitudeSayma02TopicWere you at Roggvir's execution?
1596DialogueSolitudeSaymaBranchTopicWho is Beirand?
1597DialogueSolitudeSorex01Topic02That seems rather harsh.
1598DialogueSolitudeSorex02TopicSo you work in the Winking Skeever?
1599DialogueSolitudeSorexBranchTopicYou were at the execution, right?
1600DialogueSolitudeStyrr01Topic02What darkness pervades Solitude?
1601DialogueSolitudeStyrr02TopicIs the man who was executed buried here?
1602DialogueSolitudeStyrrBranchTopicHow long have you tended the Hall of the Dead?
1603DialogueSolitudeSvari02TopicOkay, if you don't want to hear about the dragon...
1604DialogueSolitudeSvari02Topic02I was in Helgen when the dragon attacked.
1605DialogueSolitudeSvari02Topic03Yes, yes, and yes. Oh my goodness, yes.
1606DialogueSolitudeSvariBranchTopicBut you're talking right now.
1607DialogueSolitudeSybille01Topic02So you and High King Torygg were close?
1608DialogueSolitudeSybille01Topic03You look very young.
1609DialogueSolitudeSybille02Topic01Were you there when High King Torygg died?
1610DialogueSolitudeSybille02Topic02aWhy was Torygg killed?
1611DialogueSolitudeSybille02Topic02bSo the war started when Istlod died?
1612DialogueSolitudeSybille02Topic02cWhy didn't Torygg ever declare independence?
1613DialogueSolitudeSybille02Topic03How did it happen?
1614DialogueSolitudeSybille02Topic03bWhy was it too late?
1615DialogueSolitudeSybilleBranchTopicHow long have you been the court wizard?
1616DialogueSolitudeTaarie02TopicDo you always insult people when you meet them?
1617DialogueSolitudeTarrieBranchTopicWhat's wrong with my outfit?
1618DialogueSolitudeVald01Topic02Even if that battle is with a dragon?
1619DialogueSolitudeVald02TopicYou were the one presiding over the execution.
1620DialogueSolitudeVald02Topic02So you think what he did was right?
1621DialogueSolitudeVald02Topic03How could you execute a fine and honorable man?
1622DialogueSolitudeValdBranchTopicHow goes the training?
1623DialogueSolitudeViarmo02TopicWhat do you know about dragons?
1624DialogueSolitudeViarmoBranchTopicHas the war affected your college much?
1625DialogueSolitudeVivienne02TopicWhy were they executing him?
1626DialogueSolitudeVivienne03TopicWhere do I go for a bit of fun around here?
1627DialogueSolitudeVivienneBranchTopicNasty bit of business, Roggvir's execution.
1628DialogueSoljundsSinkholePerthAcceptI'll handle those draugr for you.
1629DialogueSoljundsSinkholePerthChoice02I go where I please.
1630DialogueSoljundsSinkholePerthRejectI'll stay out, then.
1631DialogueStonehillsPacturInitialBranchTopicDo you own the mine?
1632DialogueStonehillsPacturInitResponse1I wasn't asking.
1633DialogueStonehillsPacturInitResponse2Do you get many offers?
1634DialogueStonehillsPacturLocationBranchTopicYou're out in the middle of nowhere, aren't you?
1635DialogueWCUragElderScrollResponse1I am serious. It's yours if you want it.
1636DialogueWCUragElderScrollTopicWould you be interested in an Elder Scroll?
1637DialogueWCUragElderSrollResponse2Okay, if you don't want it, I'll find someone who does.
1638DialogueWhiterunAdrianneSwordAcceptI'll do it.
1639DialogueWhiterunAdrianneSwordRejectAnother time, maybe.
1640DialogueWhiterunAdrianneTopicsBranch1TopicWhat can you tell me about Whiterun?
1641DialogueWhiterunAdrianneTopicsSonsTopicHave things changed much with the Stormcloaks in charge?
1642DialogueWhiterunAmrenTopicsBranch1TopicYou're not from Skyrim, are you?
1643DialogueWhiterunAnoriathTopicsBranch1TopicDid you kill all this game yourself?
1644DialogueWhiterunArcadiaTopicsBranch1TopicSo you're a healer?
1645DialogueWhiterunArcadiaTopicsBranch2TopicYou ever think of returning to Cyrodiil?
1646DialogueWhiterunBelethorTopicsBranch1TopicHow's business?
1647DialogueWhiterunBelethorTopicsBranch2TopicWhat brings a Breton to Skyrim?
1648DialogueWhiterunBelethorTopicSonsTopicThe siege must have been hard on the city's merchants.
1649DialogueWhiterunBrillTopicsDragonsTopicThere's still the threat of a dragon attack.
1650DialogueWhiterunBrillTopicsWorkTopicYou must have your hands full with the change in government.
1651DialogueWhiterunCarlottaTopicsBranch1TopicYou get a lot of attention from men?
1652DialogueWhiterunCarlottaTopicSonsTopicHave the Stormcloaks caused you any trouble?
1653DialogueWhiterunElrindirTopicsBranch1TopicWhy the name "Drunken Huntsman"?
1654DialogueWhiterunElrindirTopicsBranch2TopicWho should I talk to for work?
1655DialogueWhiterunEorlundTopicsBranch1TopicQuite a forge you've got here.
1656DialogueWhiterunEorlundTopicsBranch3TopicAre you a Companion?
1657DialogueWhiterunEorlundTopicsBranch5TopicWho are the Companions?
1658DialogueWhiterunEorlundTopicsCitySwapTopicAre you glad the Stormcloaks are in charge?
1659DialogueWhiterunFarengarTopicsBranch1TopicHave you encountered any dragons?
1660DialogueWhiterunFarengarTopicsBranch2TopicDo you owe allegiance to the Imperials?
1661DialogueWhiterunFarengarTopicsBranch3TopicWhat are the duties of a court wizard?
1662DialogueWhiterunFraliaTopicsBranch1Sub1Where's Jorrvaskr?
1663DialogueWhiterunFraliaTopicsBranch1Sub2The Battle-Borns?
1664DialogueWhiterunFraliaTopicsBranch1TopicWho's the best blacksmith in Skyrim?
1665DialogueWhiterunFraliaTopicsBranch2TopicAre you pleased to see the Stormcloaks in charge?
1666DialogueWhiterunFraliaTopicsMS09PostTopicHave you heard from Thorald?
1667DialogueWhiterunGuardGateStopBribeWill this change your mind? ( gold)
1668DialogueWhiterunGuardGateStopIntimidateStand aside, or else. (Intimidate)
1669DialogueWhiterunGuardGateStopNevermindI'll come back later.
1670DialogueWhiterunGuardGateStopNoteRiverwood calls for the Jarl's aid.
1671DialogueWhiterunGuardGateStopPersuadeI have news from Helgen about the dragon attack. (Persuade)
1672DialogueWhiterunHeimskrTopicsBranch1TopicWhat can you tell me about Talos?
1673DialogueWhiterunHeimskrTopicsBranch2TopicWhy was Talos worship outlawed?
1674DialogueWhiterunHeimskrTopicsBranch3TopicAren't you worried you'll be arrested?
1675DialogueWhiterunHeimskrTopicsCitySwapTopicNo doubt you welcomed the Stormcloaks with open arms.
1676DialogueWhiterunHeimskrTopicsStormcloaksDid the Imperials try to arrest you?
1677DialogueWhiterunHuldaTopic1TopicHow's life under Stormcloak rule?
1680DialogueWhiterunIdolafTopicsExplainI don't know what you're asking.
1682DialogueWhiterunidolafTopicsNoDecideI'm not picking sides.
1683DialogueWhiterunIrilethTopicsBranch1TopicHow did a dark elf come to be Housecarl?
1684DialogueWhiterunIrilethTopicsBranch2TopicWhat does a Housecarl do?
1685DialogueWhiterunIrilethTopicsBranch3TopicWhat threats does the jarl face?
1686DialogueWhiterunJarlTopic1BranchTopicWhy side with the Empire?
1687DialogueWhiterunJarlTopic4BranchTopicHow can you protect Whiterun from the dragons?
1688DialogueWhiterunJarlTopic5BranchTopicWhere are your children?
1689DialogueWhiterunJarlTopic6BranchTopicWhose side are you on?
1690DialogueWhiterunJarlTopic7BranchTopicWhy do you think Ulfric killed the High King?
1691DialogueWhiterunMikaelBardTopicTopicWhere'd you learn to play?
1692DialogueWhiterunOlfridTopicsBranch1TopicTell me about Clan Battle-Born.
1693DialogueWhiterunOlfridTopicsBranch2TopicWhat about Clan Gray-Mane?
1694DialogueWhiterunOlfridTopicsBranch3TopicWhy the feud with Clan Gray-Mane?
1695DialogueWhiterunOlfridTopicsBranch4TopicHave the Stormcloaks treated you roughly?
1696DialogueWhiterunProventusTopicsBranch1TopicTell me about the city's districts.
1697DialogueWhiterunProventusTopicsBranch2TopicWhat's the city's history?
1698DialogueWhiterunProventusTopicsBranch3TopicWhy is the keep called Dragonsreach?
1699DialogueWhiterunSkulvarTopic1TopicHow old are your horses?
1700DialogueWhiterunTopic2BranchTopicWhat will it take to end the war?
1701DialogueWhiterunUlfberthTopicsBranch1TopicWho forges your arms and armor?
1702DialogueWhiterunUlfberthTopicsBranch2TopicWho's in charge of Whiterun?
1703DialogueWhiterunUthgerdTopicsBranch1TopicYou must really love to fight.
1704DialogueWhiterunUthgerdTopicsBranch2TopicSounds like you've got a grudge.
1705DialogueWhiterunUthgerdTopicsBranch3TopicWhy'd the Companions reject you?
1706DialogueWhiterunVignarTopicsBattleBornTopicWhat about your rivals, the Battle-Borns?
1707DialogueWhiterunVignarTopicsFeudTopicYour clans used to be friends?
1708DialogueWhiterunVignarTopicsGrayManeTopicTell me about the Gray-Manes.
1709DialogueWhiterunVignarTopicsJarlTopicWhat are your top priorities as the new Jarl?
1710DialogueWhiterunVignarTopicsTalosTopicWill you restore the worship of Talos?
1711DialogueWhiterunYsoldaTopicsBranch1SubWhy not?
1712DialogueWhiterunYsoldaTopicsBranch1Sub2Do you trust them?
1713DialogueWhiterunYsoldaTopicsBranch1TopicYou mentioned trading caravans?
1714DialogueWhiterunYsoldaTopicsBranch2TopicWhat do you know of the Khajiit?
1715DialogueWindhelmAmbarysGrayQuarterTopicWhy are there so many dark elves here?
1716DialogueWindhelmAmbarysMurdersTopicThere have been murders in Windhelm?
1717DialogueWindhelmAmbarysNordsTopicTopicHow are the dark elves treated in Windhelm?
1718DialogueWindhelmAvalTopic1TopicWhere do you get your goods?
1719DialogueWindhelmAvalTopic2TopicHave things changed much with the Empire in charge?
1720DialogueWindhelmAvalTopic3TopicYou live in the Gray Quarter?
1721DialogueWindhelmBrunwuldTopicsWarTopicThat dark elf called you a war hero.
1722DialogueWindhelmBrunwulfTopicsBranch1TopicYes. Anyone who's not a Nord is a trespasser.
1723DialogueWindhelmBrunwulfTopicsBranch1Topic2No. Skyrim's big enough for everyone.
1724DialogueWindhelmBrunwulfTopicsBranch1Topic3Yes. Outsiders like me have no place here.
1725DialogueWindhelmBrunwulfTopicsBranch1Topic4I think all folk should be welcome here.
1726DialogueWindhelmBrunwulfTopicsHelpTopicWhy help the dark elves?
1727DialogueWindhelmBrunwulfTopicsJarl1TopicHow are you settling into your new role?
1728DialogueWindhelmBrunWulfTopicsJarl2TopicWill you let the Argonians into the city?
1729DialogueWindhelmBrunwulfTopicsJarl3TopicAny plans to renovate the Gray Quarter?
1730DialogueWindhelmCalixtoTopicCollectionTopicHow did you assemble this collection?
1731DialogueWindhelmCalixtoTopicsTourTopicYou mentioned a tour?
1732DialogueWindhelmCalixtoTourNoTopicAnother time, maybe.
1733DialogueWindhelmCalixtoTourYesTopicI'll take the tour. (2 gold)
1734DialogueWindhelmEldaTopic1TopicWhy is this called Candlehearth Hall?
1735DialogueWindhelmEldaTopic2TopicDo you miss Ulfric Stormcloak?
1736DialogueWindhelmHermirTopic1TopicSounds like you really admire Ulfric.
1737DialogueWindhelmHermirTopic2TopicDo you like being a blacksmith?
1738DialogueWindhelmHermirTopic3TopicYou really admired Ulfric, didn't you?
1739DialogueWindhelmHilleviTopic1TopicMust be tough to grow anything out here.
1740DialogueWindhelmJoraTopicsClansTopicAre the people of Windhelm devout?
1741DialogueWindhelmJoraTopicsImperialsTopicYou must be devastated by Ulfric Stormcloak's death.
1742DialogueWindhelmJoraTopicsTalosTopicWhat does Talos have to do with the war?
1743DialogueWindhelmJoraTopicsTempleTopicTell me about Talos.
1744DialogueWindhelmJorleifTopic2TopicWhat can you tell me about Windhelm?
1745DialogueWindhelmLonelyGaleTopicCityTopicWhat kind of captain are you?
1746DialogueWindhelmLonelyGaleTopicsActivitiyTopicWhat's there to do in the city?
1747DialogueWindhelmLonelyGaleTopicsCity2TopicFolk are talking about murders.
1748DialogueWindhelmLonelyGaleTopicsHistoryTopicTell me about the city's history.
1749DialogueWindhelmLonelyGaleTopicsPeopleTopicWho are the prominent citizens in Windhelm?
1750DialogueWindhelmLonelyGaleTopicsStewardTopicWhy did Brunwulf choose you to be Steward?
1751DialogueWindhelmMalthyrTopicsGrayQuarterTopicWhat's the Gray Quarter?
1752DialogueWindhelmMalthyrTopicsMorrowindTopicEver think of moving to Morrowind?
1753DialogueWindhelmMathyrTopicsImperialTopicIs life better under Imperial rule?
1754DialogueWindhelmNianyeTopic3TopicAre you treated as badly as the dark elves?
1755DialogueWindhelmNiranyeTopic1TopicHow long have you been in Windhelm?
1756DialogueWindhelmNiranyeTopic2TopicHas the change to Imperial rule disrupted business?
1757DialogueWindhelmOengulTopic1TopicDoes the war mean good business for you?
1758DialogueWindhelmOengulTopic2TopicHow's your steel?
1759DialogueWindhelmOengulTopic3TopicWill you stay in Windhelm now that Ulfric's gone?
1760DialogueWindhelmQuintusTopic1TopicWhy do you work for Nurelion?
1761DialogueWindhelmQuintusTopic2TopicDo you think the White Phial exists?
1762DialogueWindhelmQuintusTopic3TopicWhat will you do now that Nurelion is gone?
1763DialogueWindhelmRevynTopics1TopicWho supplies your goods?
1764DialogueWindhelmRolffTopic1TopicWhy do you hate the dark elves?
1765DialogueWindhelmRolffTopic2TopicYou really think the dark elves are Imperial spies?
1766DialogueWindhelmScoutsManyMarshesTopic1TopicWhy are all the dock workers Argonians?
1767DialogueWindhelmScoutsManyMarshesTopic2TopicHow long have you lived in Windhelm?
1768DialogueWindhelmScoutsManyMarshesTopic3TopicAre you glad to see Ulfric Stormcloak gone?
1769DialogueWindhelmShahveeTopicHappyTopicAre you always so happy?
1770DialogueWindhelmSuvarisBlockingNoTopicNo, I don't hate your people.
1771DialogueWindhelmSuvarisBlockingYesTopicYes, I do hate the dark elves.
1772DialogueWindhelmSuvarisSpiesTopicWhy would anyone think you're a spy?
1773DialogueWindhelmSuvarisTopic1TopicLooked like those Nords were giving you trouble.
1774DialogueWindhelmTopic1TopicWhat do you do for the Jarl?
1775DialogueWindhelmTopicParentsTopicWho's your father?
1776DialogueWindhelmUlundilTopic1TopicAren't you worried about the dragons?
1777DialogueWindhelmWuunferthTopic1TopicDoes Ulfric have much need for magic?
1778DialogueWindhelmWuunferthTopic2TopicWhat kind of magic do you study?
1779DialogueWinterholdAssurResponse1She's hiding over near the Inn.
1780DialogueWinterholdAssurResponse2She's hiding at the north end of town.
1781DialogueWinterholdAssurResponse3She's hiding on the east side of town.
1782DialogueWinterholdAssurResponse4I know where she is, but I'm not telling you.
1783DialogueWinterholdAssurResponse5I don't know where she is.
1784DialogueWinterholdBirnaSaleBranchTopicDo you get much business way up here?
1785DialogueWinterholdBirnaWhyShopHereTopicWhy set up shop here?
1786DialogueWinterholdCollegeAncanoAdviceTopicDoes the Arch-Mage often ask for advice?
1787DialogueWinterholdCollegeAncanoRoleTopicWhat is it you do here?
1788DialogueWinterholdCollegeAncanoSpyBranchTopicThere's a rumor that you're spying for the Thalmor.
1789DialogueWinterholdCollegeAncanoThalmorTopicI'd like to know more about the Thalmor.
1790DialogueWinterholdCollegeArchMageCollapseBranchTopicTell me more about the Great Collapse.
1791DialogueWinterholdCollegeArchMageDangerousResearchTopicDangerous research must be a problem here.
1792DialogueWinterholdCollegeArchMageHistory1TopicI'd like to know more about the College's history.
1793DialogueWinterholdCollegeArchMageInitFollowUpNo, we haven't.
1794DialogueWinterholdCollegeArchMageInitResponse1No, we haven't.
1795DialogueWinterholdCollegeArchMageInitResponse2No, sir.
1796DialogueWinterholdCollegeArchMagePsijicsTopicHave you ever met with the Psijic Order?
1797DialogueWinterholdCollegeArchMagePurposeTopicWhat's the purpose of the College?
1798DialogueWinterholdCollegeArnielAncanoBranchTopicWhat do you know about Ancano?
1799DialogueWinterholdCollegeBrelynaDunmerTopicWinterhold used to be full of dark elves?
1800DialogueWinterholdCollegeBrelynaInitResponse1I'm sorry, what?
1801DialogueWinterholdCollegeBrelynaInitResponse2We haven't really been introduced.
1802DialogueWinterholdCollegeColetteInitResponse1Of course it's valid.
1803DialogueWinterholdCollegeColetteInitResponse2Not really.
1804DialogueWinterholdCollegeColetteInitResponse3I don't understand.
1805DialogueWinterholdCollegeColetteTreatedBadlyTopicSo you're treated badly because of your work?
1806DialogueWinterholdCollegeDrevisIllusionSpellsTopicWhich are the best Illusion spells?
1807DialogueWinterholdCollegeDrevisInitResponse1Of course I can.
1808DialogueWinterholdCollegeDrevisInitResponse2I... No, I can't see you. Not at all.
1809DialogueWinterholdCollegeEnthirAllowedBranchTopicWhat's not allowed here?
1810DialogueWinterholdCollegeEnthirVendorBranchTopicI understand you're an elf who knows how to get things.
1811DialogueWinterholdCollegeEnthirVendorFGBranchTopicCan we do business?
1812DialogueWinterholdCollegeEnthirVendorFGResponse1I do. The question is, what have you got?
1813DialogueWinterholdCollegeEnthirVendorFGResponse2No coin right now.
1814DialogueWinterholdCollegeFaraldaSpecialtyTopicIs there any advice you can give about Destruction spells?
1815DialogueWinterholdCollegeJzargoCompetitionTopicNot everything is a competition, you know.
1816DialogueWinterholdCollegeJzargoKnowSpellsYes, I have.
1817DialogueWinterholdCollegeJzargoNoWaySpellsThat's far beyond my level of skill.
1818DialogueWinterholdCollegeJzargoSureSelfTopicYou seem very sure of yourself.
1819DialogueWinterholdCollegeJzargoWillKnowSpellsNot yet, but I will.
1820DialogueWinterholdCollegeMirabelleExpectedBranchTopicWhat's expected of me here?
1821DialogueWinterholdCollegeMirabellePsijicOrderTopicWhat do you know about the Psijic Order?
1822DialogueWinterholdCollegeMirabelleSpellsTopicWhere can I learn new spells?
1823DialogueWinterholdCollegeNiryaAncanoBranchTopicWhat do you know about Ancano?
1824DialogueWinterholdCollegeNiryaInitResponse1Who are you talking about?
1825DialogueWinterholdCollegeNiryaInitResponse2I have no idea what you're talking about.
1826DialogueWinterholdCollegeNiryaInitResponse3No one has said anything about you.
1827DialogueWinterholdCollegeNiryaProblemWFaraldaTopicWhat's your problem with Faralda?
1828DialogueWinterholdCollegeOnmundInitResponse1Why aren't there many Nords at the College?
1829DialogueWinterholdCollegeOnmundInitResponse2Is it difficult being so far away from the rest of your family?
1830DialogueWinterholdCollegeOnmundLocalsTopicWhy do Nords have a problem with the College?
1831DialogueWinterholdCollegePhinisFalionBranchTopicWhy did Falion leave the College?
1832DialogueWinterholdCollegePhinisRoguesTopicAre there many Conjurers outside the College?
1833DialogueWinterholdCollegePhinisUndeadInitTopicSummoning undead isn't frowned upon?
1834DialogueWinterholdCollegePsijicOrderInfoTopicWhy is the Psijic Order contacting me?
1835DialogueWinterholdCollegeSergiusNeedEnchant2Can't you do it for me?
1836DialogueWinterholdCollegeSergiusNeedEnchantFollowUp1I need something enchanted.
1837DialogueWinterholdCollegeSergiusNeedEnchantResponse1Thanks for nothing.
1838DialogueWinterholdCollegeSergiusNeedEnchantTopicI need something enchanted.
1839DialogueWinterholdCollegeStudentAncanoQuestionTopicWhat do you know about Ancano?
1840DialogueWinterholdCollegeStudentTopicTopicWhat school of magic are you studying?
1841DialogueWinterholdCollegeTolfdirAuguLoreTopicCan you tell me more about the Augur of Dunlain?
1842DialogueWinterholdCollegeUragLibraryImpressiveTopicThis is quite an impressive library.
1843DialogueWinterholdCollegeUragServicesBranchTopicWhat have you got for sale?
1844DialogueWinterholdCollegeUragTakeWorkSeriouslyTopicYou take your work very seriously.
1845DialogueWinterholdCollegeWardBranchTopicCan you tell me more about Wards?
1846DialogueWinterholdGeneralInfoTopicI'd like to know more about Winterhold's history.
1847DialogueWinterholdHaranNicePlaceTopicNice place you have here.
1848DialogueWinterholdJarlCollapseTopicThe Great Collapse? What's that?
1849DialogueWinterholdJarlCollegeTopicIs the College dangerous?
1850DialogueWinterholdJarlOblivionCrisisTopicHow did the Oblivion Crisis impact Winterhold?
1851DialogueWinterholdKorirCollegeProblemTopicWhat's wrong with the College?
1852DialogueWinterholdKorirInitialResponse1I'm here for the College.
1853DialogueWinterholdKorirInitialResponse2Just passing through.
1854DialogueWinterholdKorirInitialResponse3Does it matter?
1855DialogueWinterholdNelacarCollegeBranchTopicYou're with the College?
1856DialogueWinterholdWhySoEmptyTopicWhy is it so empty here?
1857DRRDrahffBranchTopic01I'm just looking for the Ragged Flagon.
1858DRRDrahffBranchTopic02I've killed dozens like you. (Persuade)
1859DRRDrahffBranchTopic03How much to let me pass?
1860DRRDrahffBranchTopic04How about I kill you instead?
1861dunAngarvundeCorpsesArentScaryHaven't they seen dead bodies before?
1863dunAngarvundeDraugrDeadNoNo, not yet.
1864dunAngarvundeDraugrDeadYesThey're all dead.
1865dunAngarvundeNoDealNo deal. This sounds too risky.
1866dunAngarvundeOfferHelpMaybe I could help you.
1867dunAngarvundeOtherWay01Is there someway to open them?
1868dunAngarvundeTellMeMore01Tell me more about this treasure.
1869dunAngarvundeWhatFrightenedWhat scared them off?
1870dunAngarvundeYouSeemTroubledYou seem troubled.
1873dunBlindCliffAlreadyDeadPetra? She's already dead.
1874dunBlindCliffMelkaTopTopicWhat are you doing here?
1875dunBlindCliffQSTRightRaceThat isn't a very good reason.
1876dunBlindCliffRacialResponseAWhat? I'm no Breton.
1877dunBlindCliffRacialResponseBYou... must not see many Orcs around here.
1878dunBlindCliffRewardWhat do I get if I free you?
1879dunBlindCliffWhyFreeRacialBWhy would I release you?
1880dunBlindCliffWhyFreeYouWhy would I release you?
1882dunBoulderfallQSTHacklecombDeadBashnag is dead.
1883dunBoulderfallQSTNotSafeIt isn't safe. Wait here.
1884dunBoulderfallQSTSafeNowThe way out is clear. Good luck.
1885dunBoulderfallQSTWhyRiftenWhy were you in Riften?
1886dunBoulderfallQSTYoureAWerewolfYou're a necromancer?
1887dunDarklightIlliaGreetTopicWhat are you doing?
1888dunDarklightIlliaNoI don't have time for this.
1889dunDarklightIlliaProblemYou killed that woman.
1890dunDarklightIlliaSoWhat is this place?
1891dunDarklightIlliaYesI'll help you.
1892dunDarklightLivingWithWhy did she need to die?
1893dunDarklightQSTAskPlanWhat's the plan?
1894dunDarklightQSTDecisionTopicAbout your mother...
1895dunDarklightQSTEndTopicYou could come with me.
1896dunDarklightQSTHelpKillWhy did you need a sacrifice?
1897dunDarklightQSTMotherDeadTopicI'm sorry.
1898dunDarklightQSTRewardI am sorry.
1899dunDarklightThoughtThroughKill her?
1900dunForelhostJournalGiveHere, take it.
1901dunForelhostQSTGreetDragonCultBranchTopicWhat can you tell me about the Dragon Cult?
1902dunForelhostQSTGreetForelhostBranchTopicWhat can you tell me about Forelhost?
1903dunForelhostQSTGreetGeneralNeverMentionedBranchTopicGeneral Tullius never mentioned you...
1904dunForelhostQSTMidDragonCultBranchTopicWhat can you tell me about the Dragon Cult?
1905dunForelhostQSTMidForelhostBranchTopicCan you tell me more about this place?
1906dunForelhostQSTMidGoingWithMeTopicWhy aren't you going in there?
1907dunForelhostQSTMidJournalBranchTopicI've found the journal of Skorm Snow-Strider.
1908dunForelhostQSTMidMaskTopicI haven't found the mask yet.
1909dunForelhostReadyToGoIf it will help the cause...
1910dunForelhostWhatMissionWhat mission?
1911DunHarmugstahlAdventurer01What was going on with that spider?
1912dunHarmugstahlWizardAttackYour weird experiments are over, wizard.
1913dunHighGateRuinsAnskaCompleteDemandYour thanks isn't enough. I think I'll be keeping this.
1914dunHighGateRuinsAnskaCompleteRewardHere is the scroll.
1916dunHighGateRuinsExplHelpQSTWhat do you need from me?
1917dunHighGateRuinsHelpAcceptI'll help.
1918dunHighGateRuinsHelpDenyQSTSorry, I can't help.
1919dunHighGateRuinsHelpRewardQSTWhat's in it for me?
1920dunHighGateRuinsPostQSTTopicSo what does it say?
1921dunHighGateRuinsQSTAfterAttacklI think I'll hang onto it.
1922dunHighGateRuinsQSTCanAnskaHaveRewardHere, take it.
1923dunHighGateRuinsQSTScrollReturnTopicI've found this scroll.
1924dunHighGateRuinsQSTWhatScrollHelp with what?
1925dunHillgrundsTombAccept01Who's in the tomb?
1926dunHillgrundsTombAcceptQuestLet's go
1927dunHillgrundsTombAuntMidQuestBranchTopicYou let your aunt go in there by herself?
1928dunHillgrundsTombIntroAuntTopicYou let your aunt go in there by herself?
1929dunHillgrundsTombKillingAncestorsIt doesn't bother you that we're killing your ancestors?
1930dunHillgrundsTombLetsGoLet's go.
1931dunHillgrundsTombMidQuestGoodbyeLet's go.
1932dunHillgrundsTombMidSecretDoorFarTopicWhere is this secret door?
1934dunHillgrundsTombQSTFINWhatNowWhat will you do now?
1935dunHillgrundsTombRejectQuestI don't have time right now.
1937dunHunterAcceptQuestYes. Tell me what to do.
1938dunHunterAtheistBranchTopicNot me. I don't believe in the Divines.
1939dunHunterDivinesQueryWhat's wrong with the Divines?
1940dunHunterFrokiAboutHamingTopicIs Haming your son?
1941dunHunterFrokiBowTopicI found this bow. Is it yours?
1942dunHunterKyneLoreTopicTell me about Kyne.
1943dunHunterQSTSkeeverWhatA guardian skeever? Are you serious?
1944dunHunterQuestHookBranchTopicI'm not interested.
1945dunHunterQuestProposalTOpicWhat are the Sacred Trials?
1946dunHunterTier01BranchTopicWhat do I need to do?
1947dunHunterTier02BranchTopicI've defeated the guardians.
1948dunHunterTier03BranchTopicI've defeated the guardian spirits.
1949dunIronbindInvestigate01What do you expect to find inside?
1950dunIronbindSalmaIntroTopicWhat's going on here?
1951dunIronbindSalmaPostQuestTopicWhat will you do now?
1952dunIronbindSalmaPostTreasureTopicDon't you want your treasure? Riches, and all that?
1953dunIronbindSalmaProposalI don't know about you, but I'm going in there.
1955dunMidVelehkBlockingBranchTopicWhere did you come from?
1956dunMistwatchChrister002Calm down. Just tell me what happened.
1957dunMistwatchChrister007You're sure she's being held here?
1958dunMistwatchChrister008Very well. I'll look for her.
1959dunMistwatchChristerDeadWithProofShe's dead, but I found this.
1960dunMistwatchChristerMyWife01What's going on?
1961dunMistwatchQSTChristerEnd02I found this ring, but no sign of her.
1962dunMistwatchQSTChristerEnd03I had to kill her. She attacked me.
1963dunMistwatchQSTFiolaB01I haven't dealt with him yet.
1964dunMistwatchQSTFiolaB02He won't bother you again.
1965dunMistwatchQSTFjola02Stand aside, woman. I'm here for Fjola!
1966dunMistwatchQSTFjola03Her husband sent me. Where is she?
1967dunMistwatchQSTFjola04Wait. You know him?
1968dunMistwatchQSTFjola07That's quite a story.
1969dunMistwatchQSTFjola08There's no way you'll come peacefully?
1970dunMistwatchQSTFjola09This is pointless. I should just kill you and be done with it.
1971dunMistwatchQSTFjola11What am I supposed to tell Christer?
1972dunMistwatchQSTFjola13I'll try getting him to leave.
1973dunNchuandZelQstCalcimoRewardTopicI've found this expedition journal.
1974dunNilheimTelravCampNearbyQSTWhat can I do?
1978dunRavenscarMainTopicDo you need help?
1979dunSleepingTreeCampAboutTreeTopicWhat can you tell me about the Sleeping Tree?
1980dunSleepingTreeCampNoteFoundTopicI found this note on Ulag's body.
1981dunSleepingTreeCampSellAllAll I've got.
1982dunSleepingTreeCampSellOneJust one, for now.
1983dunSleepingTreeCampSellOneSapTopicI have some Sleeping Tree Sap to sell.
1984dunSouthfringeQSTwhynotamembernowWhy aren't you part of the coven anymore?
1985dunTrevasWatchCompleteTopicThe fort is yours.
1986dunTrevasWatchExplanationQSTWhy should I help you?
1987dunTrevasWatchFamilyNotSeenQSTNo, I didn't see them in there.
1988dunTrevasWatchQSTAllClearIt's already clear.
1989dunTrevasWatchQSTBadBloodSounds like more then just "bad blood."
1990dunTrevasWatchQSTGoodbyeI don't have time for this.
1991dunTrevasWatchQSTHaveAPlanDo you have a plan?
1992dunTrevasWatchQSTRewardHelpWhat can I expect in return for my help?
1993dunTrevasWatchQSTTheBestI'm the best.
1995dunTrevasWatchStalleoAcceptI'll do it.
1996dunValtheimKeepNoMoneyI don't have the money.
1997dunValtheimKeepPayGold(Hand over 200 gold)
1998dunValtheimKeepPersuadeHow does 50 gold sound? (Persuade)
1999dunValtheimKeepThreatenHow about you let me through and I don't kill you? (Intimidate)
2000dunValthumeFaithThis seems dangerous.
2001dunValthumePiecesI'm ready.
2002dunValthumeQSTHevnoraakTopicWhy do you fear Hevnoraak?
2003dunValthumeQSTValdarTopicWhy are you here?
2004dunValthumeRestoreWhat am I going to do with these?
2007E3demoArvelWebStuckTopic01Where's the golden claw?
2008E3demoArvelWebStuckTopic02Hand over the claw first!
2009E3demoArvelWebStuckTopic03Fine. Let me see if I can cut you down.
2010EastmarchJailArenaFightQuestImReadyI'm ready to go.
2011EastmarchJailArenaFightQuestWhatDoIDoWhat do I have to do?
2012Favor001QuestAcceptI could deliver that for you.
2013Favor001QuestFinishTopicI have a delivery from .
2014Favor001QuestRejectThat's a shame.
2015Favor013PersuadeBribeMaybe we can come to an understanding. ( gold)
2016Favor013PersuadeNeverMindFine. Forget I asked.
2017Favor013QuestAcceptWhat if I talk to ?
2018Favor013QuestGiveTopicSomeone giving you trouble?
2019Favor013QuestRejectSorry to hear that.
2020Favor013TargetTopicI want to talk to you about .
2021Favor017QuestAcceptYou're on. (Brawl - 100 gold)
2022Favor017QuestRejectI've got better things to do.
2023Favor018QuestAcceptI'll get it for you.
2024Favor018QuestGiveTopicAre you all right?
2025Favor018QuestRejectForget it.
2026Favor018QuestReturnTopicHere's your .
2027Favor104QuestAcceptI'll do it.
2028Favor104QuestRejectForget it.
2029Favor104QuestReturnTopic is free of bandits.
2030Favor109AcceptI'll see what I can do.
2031Favor109QuestGiveTopicWhat's your problem?
2032Favor109QuestReturnTopicI cleared out the vampires from .
2033Favor109RejectNot interested.
2034Favor110QuestRejectThat's too bad.
2035Favor151JarlQuestGiveTopicYou're the Jarl? I'm looking for work.
2036Favor151QuestAcceptIt will be done.
2037Favor151QuestRejectI can't do that right now.
2038Favor151QuestReturnTopicThe leader of is dead.
2039Favor153AcceptIt will be done.
2040Favor153QuestGiveTopicI'm looking for work.
2041Favor153QuestReturnTopicThe giant in is dead.
2042Favor153RejectI don't have time for that.
2043Favor154QuestFinishTopicI've killed the leader of .
2044Favor154QuestGiveAcceptIt will be done.
2045Favor154QuestGiverBranchTopicDo you have any more work?
2046Favor154QuestRejectI can't do that right now.
2047Favor157QuestGiveAcceptDon't worry about me. I'll do it.
2048Favor157QuestGiveTopicDo you have any more work for me?
2049Favor157QuestRejectI'll pass on this one, then.
2050Favor157QuestReturnTopicI've brought you .
2051Favor158AcceptI'll recover the helm.
2052Favor158QuestTopicYou're the Jarl? I'm looking for work.
2053Favor158RejectI don't have time for that.
2054Favor158ReturnTopicI have the Helm of Winterhold.
2055Favor204RejectFavorTopicSorry to hear that.
2056Favor250AcceptIt will be my honor.
2057Favor250QuestGiverTopicI've helped your people as you asked.
2058Favor250QuestGiveTopicMy Jarl, is there anything else you need?
2059Favor250RejectI'll have to do that some other time.
2060Favor252AcceptIt would be an honor.
2061Favor252QuestGiveTopicMy Jarl, is there anything else you need?
2062Favor252QuestReturnTopicI've helped your people as you asked.
2063Favor252RejectI'll have to do that some other time.
2064Favor253AcceptIt would be an honor.
2065Favor253QuestGiveTopicMy Jarl, is there anything else you need?
2066Favor253QuestReturnTopicI've helped your people as you asked.
2067Favor253RejectI'll have to do that some other time.
2068Favor254AcceptIt will be an honor.
2069Favor254QuestGiverTopicMy Jarl, is there anything else you need?
2070Favor254QuestReturnTopicI've helped your people as you asked.
2071Favor254RejectI won't be able to do that right now.
2072Favor255AcceptIt would be an honor.
2073Favor255QuestGiveTopicAnything else you need, my Jarl?
2074Favor255QuestReturnTopicI've helped your people.
2075Favor255RejectI'll have to do that some other time.
2076Favor256AcceptIt would be an honor.
2077Favor256QuestgiveTopicAnything else you need, my Jarl?
2078Favor256QuestReturnTopicI've helped your people.
2079Favor256RejectI'm not interested.
2080Favor257AcceptIt would be an honor.
2081Favor257QuestGiveTopicAnything else you need, my Jarl?
2082Favor257QuestReturnTopicI've helped your people.
2083Favor257RejectI don't have time for that now.
2084Favor258AcceptIt would be an honor.
2085Favor258QuestGiveTopicIs there anything else you need, my Jarl?
2086Favor258QuestReturnTopicI've helped your people.
2087Favor258RejectI don't have time for that.
2088FavorJobsBeggarsGiveMoneyTopicHere. Have a gold piece. (1 gold)
2089FavorJobsChopWoodBranchTopicI have firewood to sell.
2090FavorJobsGatherCabbageBranchTopicI have cabbage to sell.
2091FavorJobsGatherGourdsTopicI have gourds to sell.
2092FavorJobsGatherLeekBranchTopicI have leeks to sell.
2093FavorJobsGatherNirnrootTopicI have nirnroot to sell.
2094FavorJobsGatherPotatoBranchTopicI have potatoes to sell.
2095FavorJobsGatherWheatBranchTopicI have wheat to sell.
2096FavorJobsMineOreBranchTopicI have ore to sell.
2097FavorOrcsIntroNiceTopicI'm honored.
2098FavorOrcsIntroSnarkTopicThis had better be worth all the trouble.
2099FavorSimpleDrunksBranchTopicHere. Have a drink on me.
2100FFHM01BranchTopicWhat happened to Liefnarr?
2101FFHM01BranchTopic01I'll try and find him.
2102FFHM01BranchTopic02Actually, I discovered Leifnarr's body.
2103FFHM01BranchTopic03I don't like to interfere in family affairs.
2104FFHM01DoneBranchTopicI found Liefnarr's body.
2105FFHM01HusbandBranchTopicWhy did Leifnarr go to Broken Helm Hollow?
2106FFI01WilhelmDoneBranchTopicI found this in Shroud Hearth Barrow. (Give journal)
2107FFI01WilhelmIntroBranchTopicTell me more about the barrow.
2108FFI01WilhelmIntroBranchTopic01Do the spirits haunt your town as well?
2109FFI01WilhelmIntroBranchTopic02I could investigate for you.
2110FFI01WilhelmIntroBranchTopic03Sorry, I can't help you.
2111FFI01WilhelmIntroBranchTopicPreActually, you need to take a look at this. (Give journal)
2112FFI01WilhelmIvestigateBranchTopicHas anyone ever explored the barrow?
2113FFI02NarfiBranchPreTopicIs this her necklace? (Give necklace)
2114FFI02NarfiBranchTopicAre you okay?
2115FFI02NarfiCrazyBranchTopicWhat's wrong with you?
2116FFI02NarfiDoneBranch02TopicShe said she'll be home soon.
2117FFI02NarfiDoneBranchTopicSorry Narfi, she's dead.
2118FFI02NarfiReturnBranchTopicI found Reyda's necklace.
2119FFI02WilhelmBranchTopicWhat's the story with Narfi?
2120FFI02WilhelmBranchTopic01You told Narfi she's coming back?
2121FFI02WilhelmGHallBranchTopicAnything dangerous on that small island to the east?
2122FFI03TembaBearBranchTopicHow could bears run you out of business?
2123FFI03TembaBranchTopicYou having a bear problem?
2124FFI03TembaDoneBranchTopicI brought ten bear pelts, just like you asked.
2125FFI04KlimmekBranchTopicWhat types of deliveries do you make to High Hrothgar?
2126FFI04KlimmekBranchTopic01And in return?
2127FFI04KlimmekBranchTopic02I could do it for you.
2128FFI04KlimmekBranchTopic03Sorry, I can't help you with that.
2129FFI04KlimmekDoneBranchTopicI delivered the supplies to High Hrothgar.
2130FFI04KlimmekJourneyBranchTopicAnything I should watch out for during the climb?
2131FFMF01BowBranchTopicHow do you know the thieves were from Riften?
2132FFMF01BranchTopicWhat happened to your bow?
2133FFMF01BranchTopic01I'll see what I can do.
2134FFMF01BranchTopic02Sorry, I try and avoid thieves.
2135FFMF01BranchTopic03No need. It's right here.
2136FFMF01DoneBranchTopicI found your bow.
2137FFRiften01JarlBranchTopicThe Cragslane operation has been stopped.
2138FFRiften01JarlIntroBranchTopicSarthis Idren has been taken care of.
2139FFRiften01JarlIntroBranchTopic01I've discovered the source of the skooma.
2140FFRiften01JarlIntroBranchTopic02I'll make sure it's done.
2141FFRiften01JarlIntroBranchTopic03Perhaps some other time.
2142FFRiften02BailoutTopicNever mind. I was mistaken.
2143FFRiften02LynlyBranchTopicYour real name is Svidi, isn't it?
2144FFRiften02LynlyBranchTopic01You have nothing to fear from me. (Persuade)
2145FFRiften02LynlyBranchTopic03Stop lying or I'll beat it out of you! (Intimidate)
2146FFRiften02LynlyBranchTopic03aNever mind. My mistake.
2147FFRiften02LynlyDeadOptionTopicActually, she's already dead.
2148FFRiften02LynlySolvedBranchTopicTell me your side of the story about Sibbi.
2149FFRiften02SibbiJailBranchTopicWhy are you in jail?
2150FFRiften02SibbiJailBranchTopic01So you got arrested for his murder?
2151FFRiften02SibbiJailBranchTopic02I'll help you find her.
2152FFRiften02SibbiJailBranchTopic03Good luck finding her from there.
2153FFRiften02SibbiMonthsBranchTopicYou're serving only eight months for murder?
2154FFRiften02SibbiReturnBranchTopicI have some information about Svidi.
2155FFRiften02SibbiReturnBranchTopic01She's in Ivarstead using the name Lynly.
2156FFRiften02SibbiReturnBranchTopic02She's made her way east into Morrowind.
2157FFRiften02SibbiReturnBranchTopic03I killed her for you.
2158FFRiften02SibbiSvidiBranchTopicDo you have any information on Svidi?
2159FFRiften03RomlynIntroBranchTopicYou're selling cheap mead?
2160FFRiften03RomlynIntroBranchTopic02What kind of delivery?
2161FFRiften03RomlynIntroBranchTopic03All right, I'll do it.
2162FFRiften03RomlynIntroBranchTopic04No way. That sounds illegal.
2163FFRiften04FinalRewardBranchTopicThat was the last of the ingredients.
2164FFRiften04HerbBranchTopicAny clues where I can find these ingredients?
2165FFRiften04IngunAlchemyBranchTopicAre you an alchemist?
2166FFRiften04IngunAlchemyBranchTopic01What sort of ingredients do you need?
2167FFRiften04IngunAlchemyBranchTopic02Sure, I'll get them for you.
2168FFRiften04IngunAlchemyBranchTopic03No, not right now.
2169FFRiften04IngunReturnBellBranchTopicI have deathbell for you.
2170FFRiften04IngunReturnNightBranchTopicI have nightshade for you.
2171FFRiften04IngunReturnNirnBranchTopicI have nirnroot for you.
2172FFRiften05DinyaBranchTopicDoes the temple need any additional assistance?
2173FFRiften05DinyaBranchTopic01I'll distribute them.
2174FFRiften05DinyaBranchTopic02I can't help you with that.
2175FFRiften05DinyaDoneBranchTopicI've given away all the missives.
2176FFRiften05DinyaMoreMissivesTopicI'm out of missives, but I need some more.
2177FFRiften05DinyaTipsBranchTopicAny tips on who might accept these?
2178FFRiften06TalenJeiBranchTopicHow did you meet Keerava?
2179FFRiften06TalenJeiBranchTopic01I could find those for you.
2180FFRiften06TalenJeiBranchTopic02Can't help you there.
2181FFRiften06TalenJeiBranchTopic03I have them right here.
2182FFRiften06TalenJeiDoneBranchTopicI've found those amethysts for you.
2183FFRiften06TalenJeiGemBranchTopicCan you tell me about the wedding ring?
2184FFRiften07DoneBranchTopicI've found the ice wraith teeth.
2185FFRiften07MariseBranchTopicHow do you keep this food so fresh?
2186FFRiften07MariseBranchTopic01Okay, I'll find some.
2187FFRiften07MariseBranchTopic02Not really interested.
2188FFRiften07MariseBranchTopic03Would these do?
2189FFRiften07MariseIceWraithBranchTopicAny idea where I can find some ice wraiths?
2190FFRiften08BrandSheiBookBranchTopicI found a book that might help your search.
2191FFRiften08BrandSheiBranchTopicDo you have any clues about your past?
2192FFRiften08BrandSheiBranchTopic01I'll keep an eye open.
2193FFRiften08BrandSheiBranchTopic03I think this book may answer your questions.
2194FFRiften08BrandSheiHelpTopicWhy were you searching in Skyrim?
2195FFRiften09MjollGrimseverBranchTopicWhat happened to your blade, Grimsever?
2196FFRiften09MjollGrimseverBranchTopic01I could find it for you.
2197FFRiften09MjollGrimseverBranchTopic02Sorry to hear that.
2198FFRiften09MjollStoryBranchTopicWhat happened to you in Mzinchaleft?
2199FFRiften10BalimundBranchTopicYou seem quite proud of your work.
2201FFRiften10BalimundBranchTopic02I'll get some for you.
2202FFRiften10BalimundBranchTopic03Sorry to hear that.
2203FFRiften10BalimundBranchTopic04Would ten pinches of fire salts help?
2204FFRiften10BalimundFireSaltsBranchTopicWhere can I find fire salts?
2205FFRiften10DoneBranchTopicI've found the fire salts for your forge.
2206FFRiften11DoneBranchTopicI gave the marks to Haelga.
2207FFRiften11HaelgaBranchTopicI believe these are yours?
2208FFRiften11SuitorBranchTopicHaelga gave you a Mark of Dibella. I want it.
2209FFRiften11SuitorBranchTopic01Hand it over and no one has to know. (Persuade)
2210FFRiften11SuitorBranchTopic02Give it to me or else! (Intimidate)
2211FFRiften11SuitorBranchTopic03Never mind. My mistake.
2212FFRiften11SvanaBranchTopicWhy do you hate Haelga so much?
2213FFRiften11SvanaBranchTopic01There must be a way.
2214FFRiften11SvanaBranchTopic02Sure, I'll help you.
2215FFRiften11SvanaBranchTopic03Maybe another time.
2216FFRiften12WujeetaBranchTopicYou might lose your job?
2217FFRiften12WujeetaBranchTopic01I'll get one for you.
2218FFRiften12WujeetaBranchTopic02Sorry, can't help you.
2219FFRiften12WujeetaBranchTopic03Sure. Here you are.
2220FFRiften12WujeetaDoneBranchTopicI have a potion for you.
2221FFRiften13AlessandraBranchTopicHow can you make peace with your father?
2222FFRiften13AlessandraBranchTopic01I can bring it for you.
2223FFRiften13AlessandraBranchTopic02Good luck with that.
2224FFRiften13AlessandraDaggerBranchTopicWhat's special about the dagger?
2225FFRiften13AlessandraDaggerBranchTopic01But you ended up doing it anyway.
2226FFRiften13AlessandraDoneBranchTopicI gave the dagger to Andurs.
2227FFRiften13AndursBranchTopicI have Alessandra's dagger here.
2228FFRiften14WylandriahBranchTopicYou appear to need help getting organized.
2229FFRiften14WylandriahBranchTopic01What did you need me to get?
2230FFRiften14WylandriahBranchTopic02Point the way and I'll get them.
2231FFRiften14WylandriahBranchTopic03Maybe some other time.
2232FFRiften14WylandriahDoneBranchTopicI have all your items for you.
2233FFRiften15BolliBranchTopicWho buys all your fish?
2234FFRiften15BolliBranchTopic01Okay, I'll do it.
2235FFRiften15BolliBranchTopic02Maybe another time.
2236FFRiften15KlepprBranchTopicI have a purchase agreement for you.
2237FFRiften15KlepprBranchTopic01Aren't you forgetting something?
2238FFRiften16BalimundBranchTopicI'm here to pick up Harrald's sword.
2239FFRiften16HarraldBranchTopicOnly a dagger for the son of the Jarl?
2240FFRiften16HarraldBranchTopic01I'll get it for you.
2241FFRiften16HarraldBranchTopic02Maybe later.
2242FFRiften16HarraldReturnBranchTopicHere's the sword from Balimund.
2243FFRiften17FilnjarBranchTopicI'm here for Elgrim's ore sample.
2244FFRiften17FilnjarOreSampleTopicWhat's so special about this ore?
2245FFRiften17HafjorgBranchTopicYou've got your hands full, eh?
2246FFRiften17HafjorgBranchTopic01I could get it for you.
2247FFRiften17HafjorgBranchTopic02Good luck with that.
2248FFRiften17HafjorgReturnBranchTopicI've brought the ore sample from Filnjar.
2249FFRiften18DoneListBranchTopicDid you need anything else?
2250FFRiften18GoldBranchTopicI have a chunk of gold ore for you.
2251FFRiften18MadesiBranchTopicDo you make your own jewelry?
2252FFRiften18MadesiBranchTopic01Sure, I'll get them for you.
2253FFRiften18SapphireBranchTopicI have your flawless sapphires.
2254FFRiften18TuskBranchTopicI have a mammoth tusk for you.
2255FFRiften19HofgrirBranchTopicMust be dangerous living outside the walls.
2256FFRiften19HofgrirBranchTopic01I bet you're wrong.
2257FFRiften19HofgrirBranchTopic02Sure, I'll match your bet! (Brawl)
2258FFRiften19HofgrirBranchTopic03How about another time?
2259FFRiften19HofgrirRematchBranchTopicHow about a rematch?
2260FFRiften19HofgrirRematchBranchTopic01Let's fight! (Brawl)
2261FFRiften19HofgrirRematchBranchTopic02On second thought, maybe we'll fight later.
2262FFRiften20BranchTopicI've discovered a skooma dealer in Riften.
2263FFRiften20BranchTopic01Sure, I'll do it.
2264FFRiften20BranchTopic02Sorry, sounds dangerous.
2265FFRiften20WujeetaBranchTopicWhere do you get your skooma?
2266FFRiften20WujeetaBranchTopic01I think you owe me one. (Persuade)
2267FFRiften20WujeetaBranchTopic02Here, does this help? ( gold)
2268FFRiften20WujeetaBranchTopic03And who says I won't? (Intimidate)
2269FFRiften20WujeetaBranchTopic04Okay, never mind.
2270FFRiften20WujeetaCleanBranchTopicWhat will you do now?
2271FFRiften20WujeetaKeyBranch01Who has a key to the warehouse?
2272FFRiften21ReturnBranchTopicI've recovered all of Arondil's Journals.
2273FFRiften21VekelArondilBranchTopicDo you know anything about Arondil?
2274FFRiften21VekelBranchTopicAnything you need done around here?
2275FFRiften21VekelBranchTopic01What kind of books are they?
2276FFRiften21VekelBranchTopic02I'll get them for you.
2277FFRiften21VekelBranchTopic03I'm not into books.
2278FFRiften21VekelBranchTopic04I think you're in luck.
2279FFRiften21VekelJournalsBranchTopicHow can you be certain the journals exist?
2280FFRiften22SapphireBranchTopicI wanted to talk about Shadr's debt.
2281FFRiften22SapphireBranchTopic01You and I both know this is a setup. (Persuade)
2282FFRiften22SapphireBranchTopic02I'll just pay it off for him. ( gold)
2283FFRiften22SapphireBranchTopic03Drop the debt or answer to me. (Intimidate)
2284FFRiften22SapphireBranchTopic04Forget it. I'll be back.
2285FFRiften22SapphireTGBranchTopicI wanted to ask you about Shadr's debt.
2286FFRiften22SapphireTGBranchTopic01Do me a favor and drop the debt.
2287FFRiften22SapphireTGBranchTopic02You've got a deal.
2288FFRiften22SapphireTGBranchTopic03Forget it. I'm going to speak to Brynjolf.
2289FFRiften22SapphireTGLeaderBranchTopicI wanted to talk to you about Shadr's debt.
2290FFRiften22SapphireTGLeaderBranchTopic01Cut me into the deal, and I'll forget about it.
2291FFRiften22SapphireTGLeaderBranchTopic02Forget the debt with Shadr or you're out.
2292FFRiften22ShadrBranchTopicWhat kind of trouble are you in?
2293FFRiften22ShadrBranchTopic01Tell me the details.
2294FFRiften22ShadrBranchTopic02I'll help you pay off your debt.
2295FFRiften22ShadrBranchTopic03Sorry, I wish I could help you.
2296FFRiften22ShadrSolvedBranchTopicSorry, I couldn't change Sapphire's mind.
2297FFRiftenThaneContBranchTopicI would be honored to accept.
2298FFRiftenThaneDoneBranchTopic01Thank you.
2299FFRiftenThaneJarlBranchTopicIs there anything I can help Riften with?
2300FFRiftenThaneJarlBranchTopic01Regarding what, my lady?
2301FFRiftenThaneReturnViewTopicI've purchased Honeyside.
2302FFRiftenWylandriahDirectionsBranchTopicWhere exactly am I going?
2303FFSarethi01AduriBranchTopicDoes your sister cause you a lot of trouble?
2304FFSarethi01BranchDoneTopicI've brought you 20 jazbay grapes.
2305FFSarethi01BranchTopicYou seem quite exhausted.
2306FFSarethi01BranchTopic01I could help you if you like.
2307FFSarethi01BranchTopic02Sounds terrible. Good luck with that.
2308FFSarethi01BranchTopic03I have 20 of those. (Give jazbay grapes)
2309FFSS01SpidersBranchTopicWhat's wrong with the mine?
2310FFSS01SpidersBranchTopic00The town guards can't help you?
2311FFSS01SpidersBranchTopic01I'll clear them out for you.
2312FFSS01SpidersBranchTopic02I'm going to pass on that.
2313FFSS01SpidersBranchTopic03I've already cleared Redbelly Mine.
2314FFSS01SpidersDoneBranchTopicI've cleared the mine of spiders.
2315FFSS01SpidersInfoBranchTopicTell me about the spiders infesting the mine.
2316FFSS02SylgjaBranchTopicWhat's been sending you to Darkwater Crossing?
2317FFSS02SylgjaBranchTopic01Sure, I'll deliver it.
2318FFSS02SylgjaBranchTopic02No, I'm not really headed that way.
2319FFSS02SylgjaCompleteBranchTopicI'm back from Darkwater Crossing.
2320FFSS02SylgjaSickBranchTopicYou're not well? What's wrong?
2321FFSS02VernerBranchTopicI have a package for you from Sylgja.
2322FreeformCaravansAAcceptI could get your amulet back.
2323FreeformCaravansAQuestEndTopicI have your amulet.
2324FreeformCaravansAQuestGiveTopicBandits giving you trouble?
2325FreeformCaravansARejectSorry to hear that.
2326FreeformCidhnaMineADuachIntimidateHand over the skooma. (Intimidate)
2327FreeformCidhnaMineADuachNevermindNever mind.
2328FreeformCidhnaMineADuachPersuadeI need some. Badly. (Persuade)
2329FreeformCidhnaMineAGisvarAcceptI'll get it for you.
2330FreeformCidhnaMineAGrisvarRejectI don't think so.
2331FreeformCidhnaMineAGrisvarTopicI need a shiv.
2332FreeformCidhnaMineAHaveSkoomaTopicI have your skooma.
2333FreeformCidhnaMineAOdvanTopicI hear you have some skooma.
2334FreeformCidhnaMineAUraccenTopicA shiv?
2335FreeformCollegeAFaraldaBranchTopicNirya wanted me to steal your notes.
2336FreeformCollegeAFinalBranchTopicHere are the notes you wanted.
2337FreeformCollegeAInitResponse1Isn't that stealing?
2338FreeformCollegeAResponse2What's in it for me?
2339FreeformDragonBridge01OldaAcceptI could get your husband's stash for you.
2340FreeformDragonBridge01OldaTopicYour husband drinking too much?
2341FreeformDragonBridge01OldRefuseTough luck.
2342FreeformDragonBridge01ReturntoHorgeirTopicOlda wanted me to steal this .
2343FreeformDragonBridge01ReturntoOldaTopicI have the .
2344FreeformDushnikhYalALashGiveItemTopicYour mother Gharol wants you to have this sword.
2345FreeformDushnikhYalAQuestgiveTopicDo you trade your weapons with any of the cities?
2346FreeformFalkreathQuest03AcceptI will see that Vighar is destroyed.
2347FreeformFalkreathQuest03OfferTopicWhat exactly do you need from me?
2348FreeformFalkreathQuest03RejectA vampire? I don't think so.
2349FreeformFalkreathQuest03ReturnTopicVighar is Dead.
2350FreeformFalkreathQuest03TaskAnd you want me to find the wardstone?
2351FreeformFrostRiverAcceptI can certainly help.
2352FreeformFrostRiverDeliveryBranchTopicI have a case of Frost River Mead for you.
2353FreeformFrostRiverInitialBranchTopicHow's the meadery working out?
2354FreeformHighHrothgarAArngierTopicHave you located any Words of Power?
2357FreeformHighHrothgarBMeditationsTopicI wish to meditate on a Word of Power.
2358FreeformHighHrothgarBPaarthurnaxA1You meditate on the Words? How?
2359FreeformHighHrothgarBPaarthurnaxTopicYou're the Master of the Greybeards. Do others come here to train?
2361FreeformKarthwastenAAinethachAcceptWhat if I convince them to leave?
2362FreeformKarthwastenAAinethachAtarDeadBranchTopicThose sellswords won't be a problem now.
2363FreeformKarthwastenAAinethachBribeLook. I'll give you a fair price. ( gold)
2364FreeformKarthwastenAAinethachForgetItForget it, then.
2365FreeformKarthwastenAAinethachIntimidateYou do or you get hurt. (Intimidate)
2366FreeformKarthwastenAAinethachPersuadeThey won't stop until you do. (Persuade)
2367FreeformKarthwastenAAinethachRejectThat's too bad.
2368FreeformKarthwastenAAtarAcceptI could convince Ainethach to sell.
2369FreeformKarthwastenAAtarBribeYou'll listen to gold, I take it? ( gold)
2370FreeformKarthwastenAAtarForgetItOn second thought, I'll be leaving.
2371FreeformKarthwastenAAtarPersuadeThis whole town wants you out. Leave. (Persuade)
2372FreeformKarthwastenAAtarRejectGood luck with that.
2373FreeformKarthwastenAAtarSoldTopicAinethach won't be a problem anymore.
2374FreeformKarthwastenAAtarStage10BranchTopicWhy have you shut down the mine?
2375FreeformKarthwastenAAtarThonarBranchTopicWho are the Silver-Bloods?
2376FreeformKarthwastenAGetLostBranchTopicI want you and your men to leave.
2377FreeformKarthwastenAIntimidateI think I'll just kill you. (Intimidate)
2378FreeformKarthwastenASellBranchTopicI think you should sell the mine.
2379FreeformKarthwastenAStage10BranchTopicTrouble with the mine?
2380FreeformKarthwastenAThonarBranchTopicWho are the Silver-Bloods?
2381FreeformKolskeggrAQuestEndTopicKolskeggr Mine is clear of Forsworn.
2382FreeformKynesgroveAAcceptI could find those frost salts for you.
2383FreeformKynesgroveAQuestReturnTopicI have your frost salts.
2384FreeformKynesgroveAQuestTopicWhat do you do in Kynesgrove?
2385FreeformKynesgroveARejectSorry to hear that.
2386FreeformMarkarthJBothelaTopicThe "Hag's Cure." That's a unique name.
2387FreeformMarkarthJBothelaTopic01I'll make sure he gets it.
2388FreeformMarkarthJBothelaTopic02I don't have time right now.
2389FreeformMarkarthJStewardTopicI have a delivery from Bothela.
2390FreeformMarkarthLGhorzaReturnTopicHere's the book you wanted.
2391FreeformMarkarthMOndolemarReturnTopicI found this amulet in Ogmund's house.
2392FreeformMarkarthNMothReturnTopicI have your daedra's heart.
2393FreeformMarkarthOCalcelmoReturnTopicI've killed Nimhe.
2394FreeformMorthalABlackmailIf you want me to keep quiet, it's going to cost you.
2395FreeformMorthalAFalionInitialBranchTopicWhat are you doing?
2396FreeformMorthalAFollowUpAWhy should I keep this a secret?
2397FreeformMorthalAFollowUpBI want to know what it is you're up to.
2398FreeformMorthalAInitAgreeOkay, I'll leave you alone.
2399FreeformMorthalAJarlBranchTopicI thought you should know Falion's up to something.
2400FreeformMorthalAJarlResponse1He's casting spells out in the marsh in the middle of the night.
2401FreeformMorthalAJarlResponse2Never mind. It's not important.
2402FreeformMorthalBAcceptI'll see that your letter reaches Aldis.
2403FreeformMorthalBGormInitFollowUpWhat's the problem?
2404FreeformMorthalBGormInitResponse1Is there anything I can do?
2405FreeformMorthalBInitialBranchTopicIs there something bothering you, Gorm?
2406FreeformMorthalBRejectI'm not getting involved.
2407FreeformMorthalBValdBranchTopicI have a letter for you.
2408FreeformMorthalBValdFollowUp1It's from Gorm, in Morthal.
2409FreeformOldHroldanBAcceptI'll find your sword.
2410FreeformOldHroldanBEydisGhostBranchTopicThe ghost mentioned a "Hjalti."
2411FreeformOldHroldanBEydisScreamingBranchTopicI heard screaming.
2412FreeformOldHroldanBEydisSwordBranchTopicThe ghost is looking for his sword.
2413FreeformOldHroldanBGhostWhereTopicWho are you? Where are you from?
2414FreeformOldHroldanBHjaltiBranchTopicHjalti? Who are you talking about?
2415FreeformOldHroldanBRejectAn old sword? That's a fool's errand.
2416FreeformOldHroldanBSwordBranchTopicI have Hjalti's sword.
2417FreeformRiften03IndarynBranchTopicDid you know Romlyn is skimming from the meadery?
2418FreeformRiften03IndarynBranchTopic01He gave me this keg to deliver.
2419FreeformRiften03TavernkeepBranchTopicI have a delivery from Romlyn.
2420FreeformRiften05PamphletBranchFemaleTopicHere, sister. Blessings of Mara upon you.
2421FreeformRiften05PamphletbranchTopicHere, brother. Blessings of Mara upon you.
2422FreeformRiften09MjollOutroBranchTopicI've located Grimsever.
2423FreeformRiverwood01CamillaFaendalsLetter02BranchTopicFaendal asked me to give you this letter, and say it was from Sven.
2424FreeformRiverwood01CamillaFaendalsLetterBranchTopicI have a letter for you, from Sven. (Lie)
2425FreeformRiverwood01CamillaSvensLetter02BranchTopicSven wanted to trick you into believing this letter was from Faendal.
2426FreeformRiverwood01CamillaSvensLetterBranchTopicI have a letter from Faendal. (Lie)
2427FreeformRiverwood01FaendalIntroBranchTopicWhat's your problem with Sven?
2428FreeformRiverwood01FaendalRewardBranchTopicI don't think Camilla will be spending any more time with Sven.
2429FreeformRiverwood01FaendalTellBranchTopicSven wanted me to deliver this letter to Camilla, saying it was from you.
2430FreeformRiverwood01FaendalTopic01You "hope"? You don't sound very sure...
2431FreeformRiverwood01FaendalTopic02You're right. When have words ever inspired feelings of love?
2432FreeformRiverwood01SvenIntroBranchTopicYou and Faendal both like the same girl?
2433FreeformRiverwood01SvenRewardBranchTopicI don't think Camilla will be spending any more time with Faendal.
2434FreeformRiverwood01SvenTellBranchTopicFaendal wanted me to deliver this letter to Camilla, and say it was from you.
2435FreeformRiverwood01SvenTopic01He sounds persistent. Why not do something about it?
2436FreeformRiverwood01SvenTopic02Yes. Two people spending time together never blossoms into courtship.
2437FreeformSalviusFarmALeonitusTopicI have a letter from your father.
2438FreeformSalviusFarmARogatusNOI don't have time.
2439FreeformSalviusFarmARogatusYESHand me the letter. I'll take it to him.
2440FreeformSalviusFarmARogtausTopicYou said your son is in Old Hroldan?
2441FreeformShipsDawnstarAcceptWhat happened to the salts?
2442FreeformShipsDawnstarQuestReturnTopicI have the Fine-Cut Void Salts.
2443FreeformShipsDawnstarQuestTopicYou're the ship captain?
2444FreeformShipsDawnstarRejectDon't bother asking. I'm not interested.
2445FreeformShipsWindhelmAcceptThey're as good as dead.
2446FreeformShipsWindhelmQindhelmReturnTopicYour old crew member has been taken care of.
2447FreeformShipsWindhelmQuestTopicYou're the ship captain?
2448FreeformShipsWindhelmRejectNot interested.
2449FreeformSkyHavenTempleADelphineFollowerTopic01I'm sure. The Blades need new members.
2450FreeformSkyHavenTempleADelphineStart02Good luck with that.
2451FreeformSkyHavenTempleADelphineStartTopicSo this is all the Blades? Two people?
2452FreeformSkyHavenTempleADelphineStartTopic01Maybe I can help you find new recruits.
2453FreeformSkyHavenTempleAFollowerTopicI brought someone to induct into the Blades.
2454FreeformSkyHavenTempleAInductTopic02On second thought, maybe not.
2455FreeformSkyHavenTempleAInvisible(Invisible Continue)
2456FreeformSkyHavenTempleBAcceptTell them to meet me there.
2457FreeformSkyHavenTempleBEsbernGiveTopicDelphine mentioned you're studying dragon lairs.
2458FreeformSkyHavenTempleBEsbernHuntTopicFind any dragons to hunt?
2459FreeformSkyHavenTempleBEsbernReturnTopicThe dragon of is dead.
2460FreeformSkyHavenTempleBRejectI'm not ready yet.
2461FreeformSkyHavenTempleCEsbernBlessingTopicI need that dragon slaying blessing.
2462FreeformSkyHavenTempleCEsbernTopicAny advice for fighting dragons?
2463FreeformSkyHavenTempleDEsbernTopicHere's a dragon scale and a bone.
2464FreeformSoljundsSinkholeAClearedBranchTopicI cleared the mine of draugr.
2465FreeformSoljundsSinkholeAPerthChoice01The mine isn't safe? Why?
2466FreeformStonehillsABrylingBranchTopicPactur asked me to deliver a message.
2467FreeformStonehillsABrylingResponse1Everything is fine. The shipment will be here soon.
2468FreeformStonehillsAPacturAgreeI'll go see Bryling for you.
2469FreeformStonehillsAPacturInitResponse3Is there any way I can help?
2470FreeformStonehillsAPacturInitResponse4Can't you reason with her?
2471FreeformStonehillsAPacturRejectMaybe some other time.
2472FreeformWindhelmANOI don't have time.
2473FreeformWindhelmAQuestEndTopicI have a delivery from Hillevi.
2474FreeformWindhelmAQuestGiveTopicDo you grow all your own crops?
2475FreeformWindhelmAYESI'll make sure he gets it.
2476FreeformWinterholdABirnaSellBranchTopicI'll take that claw for 50 gold.
2477FreeformWinterholdAInitialBranchTopicYou said something about a bad deal?
2478FreeformWinterholdAInitialFinalI could look into it for you.
2479FreeformWinterholdAInitialFollowUpWhat was the story?
2480FreeformWinterholdCDagurFavorBranchTopicWhat can I do for you?
2481FreeformWinterholdCDagurQuestion01TopicDo you know where I could find Isabelle Rolaine?
2482FreeformWinterholdCFavorFinalWhat can be done about it now?
2483FreeformWinterholdCFavorResponse1What did he used to be like?
2484FreeformWinterholdCFavorResponse2What's this got to do with me?
2485FreeformWinterholdCFavorResponse3So what happened to him?
2486FreeformWinterholdCHaranBranchTopicDo you know where I could find Isabelle Rolaine?
2487FreeformWinterholdCInitialBranchTopicAnything around here that needs doing?
2488FreeformWinterholdCollegeAInitialBranchTopicYou look like you could use some help.
2489FreeformWinterholdCollegeBBorvirBranchTopicI found this. It belonged to Borvir.
2490FreeformWinterholdCollegeBIlasteiBranchTopicI found Ilas-tei. Here's proof.
2491FreeformWinterholdCollegeBInitResponse1Where could they have gone?
2492FreeformWinterholdCollegeBResponse2How long have they been missing?
2493FreeformWinterholdCollegeBRundiBranchTopicI found this. It's Rundi's, isn't it?
2494FreeformWinterholdCollegeBStage10BranchTopicAny word from the missing Apprentices?
2495FreeformWinterholdCollegeBYisraBranchTopicI'm afraid Yisra didn't survive.
2496FreeformWinterholdCollegeInitialBranchTopicYou said something about missing Apprentices?
2497FreeformWinterholdCRanmirLetterIt's a letter from Isabelle. You should read it.
2498FreeformWinterholdCRanmirStage10TopicI understand you knew Isabelle Rolaine.
2499FreeformWinterholdCRanmirStage20BranchTopicI spoke with Vex about Isabelle.
2500FreeformWinterholdCRanmirStage30ViewTopicI have something for you.
2501FreeformWinterholdCRejectedSorry, not interested.
2502FreeformWinterholdCResponse2Someone named Ranmir is looking for her.
2503FreeformWinterholdCStage10HaranResponse1I'm just trying to help.
2504FreeformWinterholdCStage10HaranResponse2What do you know about it?
2505FreeformWinterholdCVexBranchTopicDo you know Isabelle Rolaine?
2506FreeformWinterholdCVexResponse1I'm just trying to find her.
2507FreeformWinterholdCVexResponse3So you do know her.
2508FreeformWinterholdCVexStage20BranchTopicWhere did you say Isabelle Rolaine was?
2509FVDMavenBranchTopicI'd like to erase Vald's debt.
2510FVDMavenBranchTopic01What did he do?
2511FVDMavenBranchTopic02He's in debt because of a quill?
2512FVDMavenLakeBranchTopicHow did it end up in Lake Honrich?
2513FVDMavenLakeBranchTopic01Any ideas where I can look?
2514FVDMavenQuillBranchTopicWhat is the Quill of Gemination?
2515FVDMavenQuillBranchTopic01What if someone else got their hands on it?
2516FVDMavenReturnBranchTopicI found the Quill of Gemination.
2517GhostIntroCollectThere must be a way to stop this.
2518GhostIntroContinueWhat evil do you mean?
2519GhostIntroVillainsThen I will help you. What must be done?
2520GhostQuestionBranchTopicWhat was I doing again?
2521GulumEiFarmBranchTopicWhy did Karliah purchase Goldenglow Estate?
2522GulumEiFarmBranchTopic01How would that hurt the Guild?
2523GulumEiFarmBranchTopic02Which makes Maven lose faith in us.
2524GulumEiScamBranchTopicI'll keep quiet about your scam, but you owe me.
2525HamingAboutHelgenTopicDo you like living here?
2526HamingAboutSelfTopicTell me about yourself.
2527HamingAvoidHelgenOh, I see.
2528HamingParentsAreDeadWere your parents killed at Helgen?
2529highGateRuinsAnskaCompleteTopicI've retrieved the scroll.
2530highGateRuinsAnskaGreetingTopicWho are you?
2531highGateRuinsAnskaHelpTopicWhat kind of help do you need?
2532HirelingQuestErikSlayerTopicErik the Slayer, huh? Sounds fearsome.
2533HirelingQuestErikTopic1TopicYou decided to become a mercenary?
2534HirelingQuestMercenaryTopicBranchTopicYou're a mercenary?
2535HirelingQuestReHireBranchTopicVery well, let's go. (0 gold)
2536HirelingQuestTopic1Consider yourself hired. ()
2537HouseMarkarthReply1I'll take it.
2538HouseMarkarthReply2On second thought, maybe I'll wait a bit longer to decide.
2539HouseMarkarthReply3I can't afford that right now.
2540HouseMarkarthViewBranchTopicI'd like to purchase a house in the city. ( gold)
2541HousePurchaseHousecarlThaneTopicI'm a Thane? What does that mean?
2542HousePurchaseHousecarlTopicTopicWhat does a housecarl do?
2543HousePurchaseResponse1I'll take it.
2544HousePurchaseResponse2On second thought, maybe I'll wait a bit longer to decide.
2545HousePurchaseResponse3I can't afford that right now.
2546HouseRiftenReply1I'll take it.
2547HouseRiftenReply2On second thought, perhaps I'll wait a bit longer to decide.
2548HouseRiftenReply3I can't afford that right now.
2549HouseRiftenViewBranchTopicI'd like to purchase a house in the city. ( gold)
2550HouseSolitude2Reply1I'll take it.
2551HouseSolitude2Reply2On second thought, maybe I'll wait a bit longer to decide.
2552HouseSolitude2Reply3I can't afford that right now.
2553HouseSolitudeBranch2TopicI'd like to purchase a house in the city. ( gold)
2554HouseWhiterunBranchTopicI'd like to purchase a house in the city. ( gold)
2555HouseWindhelmReply2On second thought, maybe I'll wait a bit longer to decide.
2556HouseWindhelmReply3I can't afford that right now.
2557HouseWindhelmViewBranch1TopicI would like to purchase a house in the city. ( gold)
2558IndaraTellBranch01TopicRunil was one of the Thalmor during the war...
2559InMiddenBranchTopicWe're beneath Winterhold College. The Midden.
2560IsthewarreallyoverTopicIs the war really over?
2561KustTellBranch01Topic01Runil was one of the Thalmor during the war...
2562KustTurnInLodTopicLod has a book he stole from a grave.
2563LodBookAcceptTopic01Sure, I'll take the book.
2564LodBookOfferTopic02What sort of items?
2565LodBookOfferTopic03A book?
2566MathiasTellBranch01TopicRunil was one of the Thalmor during the war...
2567MavenFarmSaleBranchTopicMercer wants me to discover Goldenglow's buyer.
2568MavenFarmSaleBranchTopic01What do you mean "supposed"?
2569MavenFarmSaleBranchTopic02You don't believe us?
2570MavenFarmSaleBranchTopic03What would convince you that we're on your side?
2571MavenFarmSaleBranchTopic04What does the Guild get if I do that?
2572MeekoDeniedI don't need some mutt following me around.
2573MeekoJoinMeCome on. You can follow me if you want.
2574MeekoQuestionWhat's wrong, boy? Do you want to come with me?
2575MelkaPostQuestTopicWhat will you do now?
2576MelkaPQrewardBranchTopicYou have your tower back. I expect a reward.
2577MercerFarmSaleBranchTopicHow is all this affecting the Guild?
2578MercerFarmSaleBranchTopic01And Honningbrew?
2579MercerFarmSaleBranchTopic02Seems all our eggs were in one basket.
2580MG01AncanoArgumentBranchTopicWhat was that conversation with Mirabelle about?
2581MG01AncanoArgumentCallOutYour discussion sounded like an argument to me.
2582MG01AncanoArgumentWhatAboutIs there some kind of problem?
2583MG01Faralda1WhyAreYouHereBranchTopicMay I enter the College?
2584MG01FaraldaDontKnowSpellTopicI don't know the Firebolt spell.
2585MG01FaraldaEntryBranchIntroMay I enter the College?
2586MG01FaraldaEntryPersuadeI think we both know I'll succeed here. (Persuade)
2587MG01FaraldaEntryTakeTestI'll take your test, then.
2588MG01FaraldaHereResponse1I want to use the power of ice and fire to destroy any who oppose me.
2589MG01FaraldaHereResponse2I seek the knowledge of the Elder Scrolls.
2590MG01FaraldaHereResponse3I desire to bend the will of those around me.
2591MG01FaraldaHereResponse4I want to unravel the mysteries of Aetherius.
2592MG01FaraldaHereResponse5I just wanted to see what it looks like inside.
2593MG01FaraldaInitResponse1What is this place?
2594MG01FaraldaInitResponse2Why would I want to complain about the College?
2595MG01FaraldaInitResponse3Why are you out here?
2596MG01FaraldaLocalProblemsBranchTopicAre there many problems with the locals?
2597MG01FaraldaMoreCollegeInfoBranchTopicI'd like to know more about the College.
2598MG01FaraldaShoutForcegreetBranchTopicThat proves I have the Voice.
2599MG01InitialBranchTopicWhere can I learn more about magic?
2600MG01MirabelleStage30BranchTopicI was told to come see you.
2601MG01MirabelleStage30TakeTourI'd love to have a look around.
2602MG01MirabelleStage30TourNotYetSorry, I'm not ready for that just yet.
2603MG01NiryaCollegeInformationBranchTopicWhat is this place?
2604MG01NiryaEntryDragonbornWould you grant entry to the Dragonborn?
2605MG01NiryaGreetingBranch2TopicOkay, I can do that.
2606MG01NiryaProblemResponse1No, why would I?
2607MG01NiryaProblemResponse2What if I do?
2608MG01NiryaRejectionBranchTopicWhat do you mean, I'm not skilled enough?
2609MG01NiryaStage10DontKnowSpellI don't know the spell.
2610MG01NiryaStage10NoThanksNever mind. I'm not interested.
2611MG01NiryaStage10SellSpellOkay, this is for the spell. (Give 30 gold)
2612MG01NiryaStage20BranchTopicThere, I cast the spell.
2613MG01NiryaStage20MirabelleBranchTopicWho is Mirabelle Ervine?
2614MG01NiryaStage30BranchTopicWhere did I need to go again?
2615MG01NiryaWhyAtGateBranchTopicWhat are you doing out here?
2616MG01TolfdirClassroomScene2BranchTopicSo we're learning about Wards?
2617MG01TolfdirSkipSceneDialogueTopicWe were supposed to be learning about something?
2618MG01TolfdirStage50SceneBranchResponse1I think we should learn something practical.
2619MG01TolfdirStage50SceneBranchResponse2Safety should be more important than anything.
2620MG01TolfdirStage50SceneBranchResponse3I'm not really sure what to think.
2621MG01TolfdirStage50SceneBranchTopicYou want my opinion?
2622MG01TolfdirWardResponse1I already know it, and already know how to use it.
2623MG01TolfdirWardResponse2I have a ward spell, but I've never really used it.
2624MG01TolfdirWardResponse3I don't know any Ward spells.
2625MG02ArnielInitialBranchTopicTolfdir sent me to help you.
2626MG02ArnielStage30BranchTopicWhat did you need me to do?
2627MG02ArnielStage40BranchTopicI found this amulet. It might be important.
2628MG02ArnielTurnInItemsBranchTopicThis was all I could find.
2629MG02BrelynaBranchTopicAre you nervous about being here?
2630MG02JzargoBranchTopicYou seem excited to be here.
2631MG02OnmundBranchTopicYou're not happy about being here?
2632MG02SavosResponse1We've found something in Saarthal, and Tolfdir thinks it's important.
2633MG02SavosResponse2We found some sort of... orb. Tolfdir wanted you to see it.
2634MG02SavosStage70BranchTopicI need to speak to you about Saarthal.
2635MG02StudentExpectationBranchTopicWhy do you think we're here?
2636MG02TolfdirPlayerFreeForcegreetBranchTopicDid you see that?
2637MG02TolfdirQuestion01BranchTopicWhat's so important about this place?
2638MG02TolfdirQuestion02BranchTopicWhat are we looking for?
2639MG02TolfdirStage10Branch2TopicI'm not quite ready to go inside yet.
2640MG02TolfdirStage10BranchTopicI'm ready. Let's go.
2641MG02TolfdirStage20InitNow what?
2642MG02TolfdirStage20NoMoreQuestionsI don't have any more questions. What would you like me to do?
2643MG02TolfdirStage40BranchInitI'm trapped in here!
2644MG02TolfdirStage40FollowupI pulled an amulet off the wall.
2645MG02TolfdirStage50BranchTopicDid you see that?
2646MG02TolfdirStage50VisionInfo1It said something about danger ahead, and the Psijic Order.
2647MG02TolfdirStage50VisionResponse1Some sort of ghost or apparition appeared. It spoke to me.
2648MG02TolfdirStage60BranchTopicWhat is this thing?
2649MG02TolfdirStage60PsijicBranchTopicWhat's the Psijic Order?
2650MG02TolfdirStage70Branch2TopicWill you be all right by yourself?
2651MG02TolfdirStage70BranchTopicWhat should I tell the Arch-Mage?
2653MG03AncanoForcegreetResponse2Yes, we did. I just informed the Arch-Mage.
2654MG03AncanoForcegreetResponse3How do you know anything about this?
2655MG03AncanoForcegreetResponse4Why does this matter to you?
2656MG03ArrangementDealBranchTopicIt's a deal. You can have Orthorn.
2657MG03CallerBookPersuadeLet me leave with the books, and there won't be any more trouble. (Persuade)
2658MG03CallerBooksFavorMay I please have the books?
2659MG03CallerBooksTradePerhaps we can come to an arrangement.
2660MG03CallerResponse1Who are you?
2661MG03CallerResponse2I'm here for the books from the College.
2662MG03CallerWalkAwayI've had enough of this.
2663MG03FaraldaAncanoLookingBranchTopicWhy would Ancano be looking for me?
2664MG03FaraldaAncanoLookingFinal1Thanks for the warning.
2665MG03FaraldaAncanoLookingFinal2I'll say what I like to him.
2666MG03FaraldaAncanoLookingResponse1What does it matter what I say to him?
2667MG03FaraldaAncanoLookingResponse2Is there a problem?
2668MG03MirabelleStage10FollowUpWhat should I do if there's no class?
2669MG03OrthornHereforBooksI'm just here for the books you took from the College.
2670MG03OrthornHereToRescueI'm here to rescue you and recover the books you stole.
2671MG03OrthornInitialBranchTopicSo, you're Orthorn?
2672MG03OrthornStage50BranchTopicWhere are the books you stole?
2673MG03OrthornStage55TakeAHikeMeanIf you don't get away from me right now, I may kill you myself.
2674MG03OrthornStage55TakeaHikeNotSoNiceThis will be easier without you getting in my way.
2675MG03OrthornStage55TakeAHikeNVMYou're right. I could use some help.
2676MG03OrthornStage55TakeAHikePoliteI can handle this on my own.
2677MG03OrthornStage55TakeAHikeTopicYou should get yourself to safety.
2678MG03Stage10InitialBranchTopicThe Arch-Mage asked me to see you about class.
2679MG03Stage20UragFollowUpYou don't have anything that can help?
2680MG03Stage30UragFellglowInfoTopicDoesn't anyone care that Orthorn stole things from the College?
2681MG03Stage30UragOrthornInfoTopicWho is this Orthorn?
2682MG03Stage50OrthornKeyTopicIs there a key for this cage?
2683MG03Stage50OrthornWhyInCageTopicWhy are you in this cage?
2684MG03Stage55ExteriorBranchTopicAll right, you're safe now.
2685MG03Stage55ExteriorResponse02I can handle this on my own.
2686MG03Stage55ExteriorResponse1I thought you wanted to get out of there.
2687MG03Stage55OrthornResponse1I don't want your help.
2688MG03Stage55OrthornResponse2Now where are the books?
2689MG03Stage55Response3I don't need your help. I can do this myself.
2690MG03Stage55Response4I'll be fine. You just take care of yourself.
2691MG03Stage55Response5Okay, then let's get going.
2692MG03Stage60UragBranchTopicHere are the books that went missing.
2693MG03UragCavernInfoTopicWhy are these mages in Fellglow Keep?
2694MG03UragStage20InitialTopicI need to learn about something we found in Saarthal.
2695MG04MiddenTopicWhere is the Midden?
2696MG04MirabelleAugurInfoBranchTopicCan you please help me find this Augur? (Persuade)
2697MG04SavosWhatDidMonkWantTopicWhat did the Psijic want?
2698MG04Stage10AncanoBranchTopicWhat do you want with me?
2699MG04Stage20AncanoBranchBlockerWhat do you want with me?
2700MG04Stage20AncanoBranchTopicI don't understand what's going on.
2701MG04Stage20AncanoHallBranchTopicWhat is it you want me to do?
2702MG04Stage20AncanoQuestion1BranchTopicWhy are you so concerned about this?
2703MG04Stage20AncanoQuestion2BranchTopicAren't you just an advisor here?
2704MG04Stage30AncanoPreSceneBranchTopicWhat do you want me to say to this monk?
2705MG04Stage30QuaranirAugurWhereBranchTopicWhere can I find this Augur?
2706MG04Stage30QuaranirAugurWhoBranchTopicWho is the Augur of Dunlain?
2707MG04Stage30QuaranirBranchTopicWhat's going on? What happened to everyone?
2708MG04Stage30QuaranirFollowUp1BranchTopicWhat did you do?
2709MG04Stage30QuaranirFollowUp1Response1If this is dangerous, then why don't you do something about it?
2710MG04Stage30QuaranirFollowUp1Response2What does this have to do with me?
2711MG04Stage30QuaranirInitial02BranchTopicWhat do you want with me?
2712MG04Stage30QuaranirOrderQuestionBranchTopicWhy should I trust you or your Order?
2713MG04Stage30QuaranirProblem1BranchTopicSo what exactly is the problem?
2714MG04Stage30QuaranirProblem1Response1What do you expect from me, then?
2715MG04Stage30QuaranirProblem1Response2I'll help, but I don't know what to do.
2716MG04Stage40AncanoGreetFollowUpGet to the bottom of what?
2717MG04Stage40AncanoGreetFollowup2What efforts would they be undermining?
2718MG04Stage40AugurBranchTopicSo you're the Augur of Dunlain?
2719MG04Stage40AugurNeed1What do I need?
2720MG04Stage40AugurQuestionBranchTopicHave you ever heard of the Augur of Dunlain?
2721MG04Stage40AugurResponse1I was told to find you.
2722MG04Stage40AugurResponse2And what is it I'm seeking?
2723MG04Stage40AugurThalmor1Thalmor? What Thalmor?
2724MG04Stage40AugurThalmor2I'm not the first to come see you?
2725MG04Stage50ArenAugur1I spoke with the Augur of Dunlain.
2726MG04Stage50ArenEndYou mean me, don't you.
2727MG04Stage50ArenFinal1You mean me, don't you?
2728MG04Stage50ArenFinal2What should I do next?
2729MG04Stage50ArenFollowUp1We need to find the Staff of Magnus.
2730MG04Stage50ArenResponse1It's connected to the orb we found.
2731MG04Stage50SavosArenBranchTopicI have important information for you.
2732MG04TolfdirStage10BranchTopicUrag suggested I come see you.
2733MG04TolfdirStage10Response1I found a certain book, "Night of Tears"...
2734MG04TolfdirStage10Response2There's a book he thinks you should read.
2735MG05FaraldaStage30Response1Something went wrong. Winterhold may be in danger. Can you help?
2736MG05FaraldaStage30Response2There's no time. We have to make sure Winterhold is safe.
2737MG05MirabelleExplosionBranchTopicWhat happened?
2738MG05Stage25TolfdirResponse1It's Ancano. He's done something with the Eye!
2739MG05Stage25TolfdirResponse2Arch-Mage Aren is dead?
2740MG05Stage50LabyrinthianTopicThen I'm off to Labyrinthian.
2741MG05Stage50MirabelleBranchTopicWinterhold is safe for now.
2742MG05Stage50MirabelleFollowUp1What are you talking about?
2743MG05Stage50MirabelleFollowUp2I don't understand. What coincidence?
2744MG05Stage50MirabelleResponse1Why me?
2745MG05Stage50MirabelleResponse2I'll be right back.
2746MG05Stage50MirabelleResponse3You really think the Staff will help?
2747MG06CrystalHelpI happen to have found a focusing Crystal. Is this what you were looking for?
2748MG06CrystalHelpFollowUpI'm with the College of Winterhold.
2749MG06MirabelleStaffExtraInfoTopicWhat else can you tell me about the Staff of Magnus?
2750MG06MirabelleStage10BranchTopicDo you know anything about the Staff of Magnus?
2751MG06MirabelleStage30BranchTopicI found the Synod in Mzulft. They're dead.
2752MG06ParatusCrystalBranchTopicWhat's this about a crystal?
2753MG06ParatusInitialBranchTopicWho are you?
2754MG06ParatusInitialResponse1Your friend Gavros is dead.
2755MG06ParatusInitialResponse2I came here looking for the Synod.
2756MG06ParatusOculoryActionBranchTopicWhat do I do?
2757MG06ParatusStaffBranchTopicI'm looking for the Staff of Magnus.
2758MG06ParatusStage35BranchTopicI found your crystal.
2759MG06ParatusStage55Eye1You mean the Eye of Magnus?
2760MG06ParatusStage55Eye2We might have something, yes.
2761MG06ParatusStage55Eye3I'm not going to answer that.
2762MG06ParatusStage55FindStaff1Can you help me find the Staff of Magnus or not?
2763MG06ParatusStage55FindStaff2What are you talking about?
2764MG06ParatusStage55Response1You'd better calm down.
2765MG06ParatusStage55Response2Did something go wrong?
2766MG06ParatusStage55Response3I don't know what you're talking about.
2767MG06ParatusStage55Response4I haven't done anything, I swear.
2768MG06ParatusStage55Response5I truly have no idea what you're talking about.
2769MG06ParatusStage55Response6I don't understand why you're so upset.
2770MG06ParatusStage60CrazyBranchTopicI think you've been in here too long. You're crazy.
2771MG06ParatusStage60StaffBranchTopicSo the Staff of Magnus is in Labyrinthian?
2772MG06ParatusSynodBranchTopicWhat are you doing here?
2773MG06SavosWhyFindStaffTopicWhat's so important about the Staff of Magnus?
2774MG06Stage10MirabelleEyeResponse1Sorry. So, the Staff of Magnus?
2775MG06Stage10MirabelleEyeResponse2The Augur referred to it as the Eye of Magnus, not me.
2776MG06Stage10MirabelleReason1Arch-Mage Aren said you'd mentioned it recently.
2777MG06Stage10MirabelleReason2It may be connected to the Eye of Magnus.
2778MG06Stage10MirabelleSynod1Who are the Synod?
2779MG06Stage10MirabelleSynodStaff1So no one knows the Staff's location?
2780MG06Stage30MirabelleFollowUp1You don't care that they're dead?
2781MG06Stage30MirabelleResponse1I found notes about a crystal, and the Oculory in Mzulft.
2782MG06Stage30MirabelleResponse2They were trying to perform some sort of experiment, I think.
2783MG06Stage60ArenBranchTopicWhat's going on?
2784MG06Stage60ArenStaffBranchTopicI know where to find the Staff of Magnus.
2785MG06Stage99Response1I think I'm okay.
2786MG06WhatsCrystalForWhat's the crystal for?
2787MG07OnmundBranchTopicWhat are you doing here?
2788MG07Stage50EstormoResponse1Get out of my way.
2789MG07Stage50EstormoResponse2I have no quarrel with you.
2790MG07TolfdirLetsGoLet's get in there.
2791MG07TolfdirResponse1Where's Mirabelle?
2792MG07TolfdirResponse2Why are you all the way out here?
2793MG08Stage10TolfdirBranchTopicWhat do we do now?
2794MG08Stage40TolfdirBranchTopicWhat do we do now?
2795MG08Stage50FollowUp1What do we do now?
2796MG08Stage50FollowUp2How did you know I'd be able to defeat Ancano?
2797MGMainQuestBridgeNiryaBranchTopicI need to locate an Elder Scroll.
2798MGMainQuestBridgeNiryaFollowUpI was told someone at the College might be able to help me.
2799MGMainQuestBridgeScrollImportantTopicThis is important. It's about the dragons.
2800MGMainQuestBridgeScrollResponse1It does, and I can prove it.
2801MGMainQuestBridgeScrollResponse2I am Dragonborn. Now let me pass!
2802MGR01Stage10AcceptedTopicWhat did you say you were missing?
2803MGR01Stage10BranchTopicYou look like you could use a hand.
2804MGR01Stage20BranchTopicI found what you were looking for.
2805MGR02DeclineMaybe some other time.
2806MGR02InitialAcceptAll right, I'll help.
2807MGR02InitialBranchTopicIs there any College business I can assist with?
2808MGR02InitialFollowUpWhy do these "energies" need to be cleansed?
2809MGR02Stage10EntryWhat did you need me to do?
2810MGR02Stage20BranchTopicYour focal points have been, uh, cleansed.
2811MGR10InitialDialogueTopicIs there any College business I can assist with?
2812MGR10InitialFollowUpOkay, I can do that for you.
2813MGR10RejectI can't help with that right now.
2814MGR10Stage10BranchTopicYou wanted something enchanted at the College?
2815MGR10Stage20BranchTopicHere's the item you wanted.
2816MGR11GotGemsBranchTopicI've got the gems you asked for.
2817MGR11InitialBranchTopicIs there any College business I can assist with?
2818MGR11RejectBranchTopicI can't get soul gems for you. I have other things to do.
2819MGR11Stage10TypeTopicWhat did you say you needed?
2820MGR12AcceptI can take care of that for you.
2821MGR12DeclineMaybe some other time.
2822MGR12InitialBranchTopicIs there any College business I can help with?
2823MGR20AcceptI'm ready for some adventure.
2824MGR20BAcceptI'm ready for some adventure.
2825MGR20BDeclineI'm not really interested in dangerous.
2826MGR20BInitialBranchTopicIs there any College business I can assist with?
2827MGR20BStage20BranchTopicHere's the book you were looking for.
2828MGR20DeclineI'm not really interested in anything dangerous.
2829MGR20InitialBranchTopicIs there any College business I can assist with?
2830MGR20Stage20BranchTopicHere's the book you were looking for.
2831MGR21InitialBranchTopicAre there any special books you're looking for?
2832MGR21Stage20BranchTopicI found more of Shalidor's work.
2833MGR22RewardStatusBranchTopicHave you made any progress translating Shalidor's work?
2834MGR30Stage20BranchTopicI've taken care of the disturbance.
2835MGR30TolfdirBranchTopicIs there anything I should be aware of?
2837MGRAppBrelyna01FinalResponse1Let's never speak of this again.
2838MGRAppBrelyna01FinalResponse2It's been a pleasure.
2839MGRAppBrelyna01InitialBranchTopicWhat do you need help with?
2840MGRAppBrelyna01RejectI don't think so.
2841MGRAppBrelyna01Response1What's in it for me?
2842MGRAppBrelyna01Response2Can't you practice on yourself?
2843MGRAppBrelyna01Response3Okay, I'll help.
2844MGRAppBrelyna01Stage10Response2What did you do?
2845MGRAppBrelyna01Stage20Response1Tell me this isn't permanent.
2846MGRAppBrelyna01Stage30BranchTopicYour spell finally wore off.
2847MGRAppBrelyna01Stage30Response1Okay, you can try again.
2848MGRAppBrelyna01Stage30Response3One more chance. That's it.
2849MGRAppJzargo01OutOfScrollsTopicI ran out of scrolls.
2850MGRAppJzargo01RejectMaybe you should do your own work.
2851MGRAppJzargo01Stage30Response1If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to kill me.
2852MGRAppJzargo01Stage30Response2Were they supposed to explode? Because they exploded.
2853MGRAppJzargo01Stage30Response3It did not go well.
2854MGRAppJzargo01Stage30TopLevelI've tested your scrolls.
2855MGRAppOnmund01EnthirDealI'll get the staff for you.
2856MGRAppOnmund01EnthirStage10BribeTopicWhat if I were to pay you for the amulet?
2857MGRAppOnmund01EnthirStage10PersuadeTopicIt's in everyone's best interest if you return the amulet. (Persuade)
2858MGRAppOnmund01EnthirStage10StoryTopicYou were going to tell me a story.
2859MGRAppOnmund01EnthirStage10TaskInitTopicThere must be something I can do to change your mind.
2860MGRAppOnmund01EnthirStage30BranchTopicHere's your staff. Now I'd like the amulet, please.
2861MGRAppOnmund01EnthirStoryGetItYou want your staff back.
2862MGRAppOnmund01EnthirStoryHypocriteYou won't let Onmund out of his trade, but you want out of yours?
2863MGRAppOnmund01EnthirStoryPointWhat's your point?
2864MGRAppOnmund01OnmundInitialBranchTopicIs something wrong?
2865MGRAppOnmund01Stage10EnthirInitTopicI understand you have something of Onmund's. He wants it back.
2866MGRAppOnmund01Stage10WhatTradeTopicWhat did you need from Enthir?
2867MGRAppOnmund01Stage10WhySoImportantTopicWhy is this amulet so important to you?
2868MGRAppOnmund01Stage20OnItTopicI'm working on getting your amulet back.
2869MGRAppOnmund01Stage40BranchTopicHere's your amulet.
2870MGRArniel01InitialBranchTopicIs there any College business I can assist with?
2871MGRArniel01InitialQuestion01TopicAre you involved in something dangerous?
2872MGRArniel01InitialQuestion02TopicCan you tell me more about this project of yours?
2873MGRArniel01Stage20BranchTopicWhat did you need me to do for you?
2874MGRArniel02ArnielStage40BranchTopicI've got the Soul Gem you were after.
2875MGRArniel02EnthirStage10BranchTopicI understand you have something of Arniel's.
2876MGRArniel02EnthirStage10WhatYouWantTopicWhat is it that you want?
2877MGRArniel02EnthirStage30BranchTopicHere's the staff you wanted.
2878MGRArniel02InitialBranchTopicDid you need any more help with your project?
2879MGRArniel03FinalBranchTopicI have your gem.
2880MGRArniel03InitialBranchTopicHow is your project coming along?
2881MGRArniel03InitialResponse1I have no idea what you're talking about.
2882MGRArniel03InitialResponse2Did you account for the, uh, extra coefficient introduced by... umm...
2883MGRArniel03InitialResponse3And what mystery is that?
2884MGRArniel03InitialResponse4Haven't they been gone a long time?
2885MGRArniel03InitialTeachSpellBranchTopicTeach me your spell, and I'll see what I can do.
2886MGRArniel03InitialWhatWentWrongTopicWhat went wrong?
2887MGRArniel03WhatDoIDoTopicWhat do you want me to do?
2888MGRArniel03WhatsInThisBranchTopicWhat's in this for me?
2889MGRArniel03WhatWentWrongResponse1And that won't work?
2890MGRArniel03WhatWentWrongResponse2Can you build another?
2891MGRArniel04ArnielStage10EnthirTopicWhat do you want me to say to Enthir?
2892MGRArniel04ArnielStage20Response1It left Morrowind, but never arrived here.
2893MGRArniel04ArnielStage20Response2The courier never arrived with it.
2894MGRArniel04ArnielStage20TellEnthirTopicDidn't you tell Enthir this was valuable?
2895MGRArniel04ArnielStage20TopicEnthir really doesn't have whatever it is you asked him for.
2896MGRArniel04EnthirStage10BranchTopicYou're holding out on Arniel again.
2897MGRArniel04EnthirStage10Response1What sort of "payment" do you expect this time?
2898MGRArniel04EnthirStage10Response2I'm not running any more errands for you.
2899MGRArniel04EnthirStage10WhatsTheItemTopicWhat is it Arniel wanted you to get?
2900MGRArniel04EnthirStage10WhereCourierTopicWhere's the courier?
2901MGRArniel04HaveEverthingBranchTopicSo you have everything you need now?
2902MGRArniel04InitialBranchTopicHave you unraveled the mystery of the dwarves yet?
2903MGRArniel04KeeningBigDealTopicWhat's the big deal about this dagger?
2904MGRArniel04KeeningWhatsNextTopicSo what's next?
2905MGRArniel04Stage20AlreadyHaveItTopicWere you looking for this dagger, by any chance?
2906MGRArniel04Stage20WhatIsItTopicWhat is this thing that's so important?
2907MGRArniel04Stage30BranchTopicI have the dagger you wanted.
2908MGRejoinFinalBranchTopicThe Jarl has been appeased.
2909MGRejoinFollowUp1It's been dealt with.
2910MGRejoinInitialBranchTopicIs there anything I should be aware of?
2911MGRejoinJarlBranchTopicI'm here on behalf of the College.
2912MGRejoinPayback2How much are we talking about?
2913MGRejoinQuestDontHaveGoldI don't have the gold for that.
2914MGRejoinQuestPayGoldHere's the gold you wanted.
2915MGRejoinQuestTolfdirInitialBranchTopicI'd like to clear up the matter of my suspension.
2916MGRitual01InitialBranchTopicWhat else is there to be learned about Destruction magic?
2917MGRitual01Response1What do you mean?
2918MGRitual02HaveBooksTopicHere are the texts you requested.
2919MGRitual02InitialFollowUpWhat's the next step?
2920MGRitual02InitialTopicWhat else is there to be learned about Illusion Magic?
2921MGRitual03DremoraBranchTopicYou will do my bidding.
2922MGRitual03DremoraInitResponse1You will do as I say!
2923MGRitual03DremoraInitResponse2I summoned you. I control you now.
2924MGRitual03DremoraResponse3Are you ready to submit?
2925MGRitual03DremoraResponse4Admit that I control you.
2926MGRitual03DremoraResponse5Will you submit, or do I need to banish you again?
2927MGRitual03DremoraResponse6I can do this all day.
2928MGRitual03DremoraSigilStoneBring me a Sigil Stone. Now.
2929MGRitual03InitialBranchTopicWhat else is there to be learned about Conjuration magic?
2930MGRitual03PhinisPostSceneBranchTopicWhat did you see?
2931MGRitual03PhinisResponse1Do what now?
2932MGRitual03PhinisResponse2Great. How do I do that?
2933MGRitual03PhinisResponse3If you need a sigil stone, why aren't you doing this?
2934MGRitual03PhinisResponse4Sounds easy enough.
2935MGRitual03PhinisStage20BranchTopicI have your sigil stone.
2936MGRitual04AugurResponse1Prepared for what?
2937MGRitual04AugurResponse2I'm ready for anything.
2938MGRitual04ColetteAugurResponse1What does the Augur have to do with this?
2939MGRitual04ColetteAugurResponse2I thought you were the authority on this subject.
2940MGRitual04InitialBranchTopicWhat else is there to be learned about Restoration Magic?
2941MGRitual04TestAcceptTopicI'm ready for your test.
2943MGRitual04TestInfo1TopicWhat kind of a test is this?
2944MGRitual05TolfdirAcceptI'll return shortly with the dragon scales.
2945MGRitual05TolfdirCompleteBranchTopicHere's your heartscale.
2946MGRitual05TolfdirDaggerInfoTopicIs there anything else you can tell me about the dagger?
2947MGRitual05TolfdirInitialBranchTopicIs there anything more I can learn about Alteration magic?
2948MGRitual05TolfdirInitResponse1What's the problem?
2949MGRitual05TolfdirInitResponse2How can I help?
2950MGRitual05TolfdirRejectI was just asking. I didn't really want to be involved.
2951MGRitual05TolfdirReminderTopicHow do I collect these dragon scales for you?
2952MGRJzargoSpell01InitialClarifyTopicExactly what kind of help do you need?
2953MGRJzargoSpell01InitialTopicWhat did you need help with?
2954MGRJzargoSpell01Stage10BranchTopicAll right, I'll help you. Give me the scrolls.
2955MGRRogueJarlNotDoneYetI'll see to it personally.
2956MGRumorsTopicHeard any rumors lately?
2957MiddenentertainVelehkOfferI'm listening.
2958MiddenHowReleaseVelehkHow could I even release you?
2959MiddenRefuseVelehkNot a chance.
2960MiddenreleaseVelehkVehlek Sain, I release you.
2961MiddenThreatenVelehkYou're going back where you belong, dremora.
2962MiddenVelehkTrickeryVelehk Sain, I banish you to Oblivion!
2963MiddenVelehkWealthDetailWhat wealth is this?
2964MMQ204PaarC1A2Are you saying the ancient Nords sent Alduin forward in time?
2965MQ0030thFrostfallTopicWhat happened on the 30th of Frostfall?
2966MQ00ArngeirCeremonyA1What did you actually say?
2967MQ00ArngeirGreybeardsCeremonyTopicWhat was that ceremony all about? Were you Shouting at me?
2968MQ00ArngeirGreybeardsLeaderThere are only four of you?
2969MQ00ArngeirGreybeardsNoTalkWhy don't the others talk?
2970MQ00EsbernBlockingTopicOpen the door.
2971MQ00EsbernThalmorHuntingYouTopicWhy are the Thalmor so interested in finding you?
2972MQ00EsbernWhoAreYouTopicWho are you? How do you know Delphine?
2973MQ00PaarDragonrendLoreTopicWhat does the Dragonrend Shout actually do?
2974MQ00PaarElderScrollWhatToDoA1Hakon, Gormlaith, Felldir? Who are they?
2975MQ00PaarElderScrollWhatToDoTopicWhat do I do with the Elder Scroll when I find it?
2976MQ00RemansWallTopicTell me about Alduin's Wall.
2977MQ00WayoftheVoiceA1But I don't follow your philosophy. Why help me learn the Voice?
2978MQ00WayoftheVoiceA2I will try to follow the Way of the Voice.
2979MQ101DecisionTopicWhat's happening?
2980MQ102ACivilWarTopicWhat do you think about the war?
2981MQ102ADragonTopicI thought dragons were all dead long ago.
2982MQ102AElisifTopicWho's Elisif?
2983MQ102AHadvarIntroA1General Tullius ordered my execution. Why would I want to help him?
2984MQ102AHadvarIntroA2You think General Tullius knows where that dragon came from?
2985MQ102AHadvarIntroA3Sounds good. Let's go.
2986MQ102AHadvarIntroA4I think I'll make my own way from here.
2987MQ102AHadvarJoinLegionNoI'll have to think about it.
2988MQ102AHadvarJoinLegionTopicYou really think I should join the Imperial Legion?
2989MQ102AHadvarJoinLegionYesYou make a good case. Maybe I will join up.
2990MQ102AJarlBalgruufA1Which side in the war does he favor?
2991MQ102AJarlBalgruufA2You support the Empire, then?
2992MQ102AJarlBalgruufB2Who's Elisif?
2993MQ102AJarlBalgruufTopicWhat can you tell me about the Jarl?
2994MQ102ALegionOath1"Upon my honor I do swear undying loyalty to the Emperor..."
2995MQ102ALegionOath2"...and unwavering obedience to the officers of his great Empire."
2996MQ102ALegionOath3"May those above judge me, and those below take me, if I fail in my duty."
2997MQ102ALegionOath4"Long live the Emperor! Long live the Empire!"
2998MQ102AlvorHelpA1He's a friend. He promised you could help.
2999MQ102AlvorHelpA2He helped me escape from prison.
3000MQ102AlvorHelpB1A dragon attacked Helgen and destroyed it. Hadvar and I escaped together.
3001MQ102AlvorHelpB2Never mind.
3002MQ102AlvorHelpC1It was a dragon. Hadvar will tell you the same thing.
3003MQ102AlvorHelpC2That dragon flew off this way. You must have seen it.
3004MQ102AlvorHelpD0Is there something else?
3005MQ102ASonsofSkyrimA1He's a traitor of some kind?
3006MQ102ASonsofSkyrimA2I don't pay much attention to current events.
3007MQ102ASonsofSkyrimTopicWho were those other prisoners?
3008MQ102ATalosTopicWhy is the worship of Talos banned?
3009MQ102BalgruufIntroCW03I have a message from General Tullius.
3010MQ102BalgruufIntroHelgenA0I have news from Helgen. About the dragon attack.
3011MQ102BalgruufIntroHelgenA1Yes. I had a great view while the Imperials were trying to cut off my head.
3012MQ102BalgruufIntroHelgenB1The dragon destroyed Helgen. And last I saw it was heading this way.
3013MQ102BalgruufIntroHelgenB2The Imperials were about to execute Ulfric Stormcloak. Then the dragon attacked.
3014MQ102BalgruufIntroHelgenB3I was there. I saw the dragon burn Helgen to the ground.
3015MQ102BalgruufIntroRiverwoodA1A dragon destroyed Helgen. is afraid Riverwood is next.
3016MQ102BalgruufIntroTopicI need to talk to you about Helgen.
3017MQ102BalgruufRewardWhat else can I help you with?
3018MQ102BCivilWarTopicWhat do you think about the war?
3019MQ102BDragonTopicWas that dragon on your side?
3020MQ102BElisifA1Ulfric killed the High King?
3021MQ102BElisifA2So there's no High King now?
3022MQ102BElisifTopicWho's Elisif?
3023MQ102BJarlBalgruufA1Why? Is he loyal to the Empire?
3024MQ102BJarlBalgruufB1You support the Stormcloaks, then?
3025MQ102BJarlBalgruufTopicWhat can you tell me about the Jarl?
3026MQ102BRalofJoinStormcloaksTopicYou really think I should join up with Ulfric Stormcloak?
3027MQ102BRiverwoodHelpTopicDo you have any supplies I could take?
3028MQ102BSonsofSkyrimA1Oh, right. Ulfric Stormcloak...
3029MQ102BSonsofSkyrimA2I don't pay much attention to current events.
3030MQ102BSonsofSkyrimTopicWhy were you being executed?
3031MQ102BStormcloakOath1"I do swear my blood and honor to the service of Ulfric Stormcloak..."
3032MQ102BStormcloakOath2"...Jarl of Windhelm and true High King of Skyrim."
3033MQ102BStormcloakOath3"As Talos is my witness, may this oath bind me to death and beyond..."
3034MQ102BStormcloakOath4"All hail the Stormcloaks, the true sons and daughters of Skyrim!"
3035MQ102BWhiterunTopicTopicHow do I get to Whiterun from here?
3036MQ102GalmarJoinTopicI'm ready to take the Oath.
3037MQ102GerdurHelpA1He's a friend. He promised you could help.
3038MQ102GerdurHelpA2We escaped from the Imperials together.
3039MQ102GerdurHelpB1A dragon attacked Helgen and destroyed it. Ralof and I escaped together.
3040MQ102GerdurHelpB2Never mind.
3041MQ102GerdurHelpC1It was a dragon. Ralof will tell you the same thing.
3042MQ102GerdurHelpC2That dragon flew off this way. You must have seen it.
3043MQ102GerdurHelpD0Is there something else?
3044MQ102HodDragonA1I really don't want to talk about it.
3045MQ102HodDragonA2Much bigger than that. As big as the inn.
3046MQ102HodDragonA3Maybe you'll see one yourself soon. Helgen isn't that far from here.
3047MQ102IrilethForcegreetTopicI need to speak to the Jarl...
3048MQ102IrilethIntroA1I have news from Helgen. About the dragon attack.
3049MQ102IrilethIntroA2 sent me. Riverwood is in danger.
3050MQ102IrilethIntroB1A dragon has destroyed Helgen.
3051MQ102IrilethIntroB2I was told to give the message directly to the Jarl.
3052MQ102IrilethIntroCW03I have a message from General Tullius.
3053MQ102JoinLegionNoActually, I'm not sure. I need to think about it.
3054MQ102JoinLegionYesI'm ready to take the Oath.
3055MQ102RalofIntroA1I think I'll make my own way from here.
3056MQ102RalofIntroBlockingWhat now?
3057MQ102RalofJoinStormcloaksA1You think Ulfric knows where that dragon came from?
3058MQ102RalofJoinStormcloaksNoI'll have to think about it.
3059MQ102RalofJoinStormcloaksYesYou make a good case. Maybe I will go to Windhelm.
3060MQ102RaolofIntroA2Sounds good. Let's go.
3061MQ102RiverwoodHelpTopicDo you have any supplies I could take?
3062MQ102StormcloaksTopicWho are the Stormcloaks?
3063MQ102UlfricCaptureTopicHow did you capture Ulfric?
3064MQ102WhiterunTopicTopicHow do I get to Whiterun from here?
3065MQ103AUlfricBookA1I have the Jagged Crown.
3066MQ103AUlfricBookA2Never mind.
3067MQ103AUlfricBookB1I made a mistake. I want to be a Stormcloak. The crown belongs to you.
3068MQ103BalgruufBlockingTopicI need to talk to you.
3069MQ103BKorvanjundIntroTopicWhat's the mission?
3070MQ103BleakFallsA1How do you know this stone tablet is in Bleak Falls Barrow?
3071MQ103BTulliusBookA1I brought you the crown from Korvanjund.
3072MQ103BTulliusBookA2Never mind.
3073MQ103BTulliusBookB1I just want to join the Legion. Consider the crown a gift.
3074MQ103BUlfricBookA1Nothing I couldn't handle.
3075MQ103BUlfricBookA2We lost a lot of good men. I hope it was worth it.
3076MQ103BUlfricBookA3The Imperials were there ahead of us.
3077MQ103FarengarBleakFallsBarrowTopicAnything you can tell me about Bleak Falls Barrow?
3078MQ103FarengarDragonWarA1So, were all the dragons killed in the Dragon War?
3079MQ103FarengarDragonWarTopicTell me more about the Dragon War.
3080MQ103FarengarIntroA1All right. Where am I going and what am I fetching?
3081MQ103FarengarIntroA2What does this have to do with dragons?
3082MQ103FarengarIntroA3Just tell me what you need me to do.
3083MQ103FarengarIntroAlchemyHmm. I think you're overheating that essence of spriggan sap...
3084MQ103FarengarIntroB1So what do you need me to do?
3085MQ103FarengarIntroEnchantingIsn't it dangerous to leave filled soul gems near an unwarded pentacle?
3086MQ103FarengarIntroHaveStoneOh, do you mean this old stone? (Give Dragonstone to Farengar)
3087MQ103FarengarIntroMagicLook out - you're about to step in your own Shock Rune.
3088MQ103FarengarIntroTopicThe Jarl said you had a project you needed help with.
3089MQ103FarengarNeverMindNever mind. I'll wait for Jarl Balgruuf.
3090MQ103FarengarRetrieveBookA1So what about my reward?
3091MQ103FarengarRetrieveBookA2I got you the Dragonstone. What next?
3092MQ103FarengarRetrieveBookTopicI have the stone tablet you wanted.
3093MQ103GalmarAtKorvanjundAttackI'm ready. Let's go get them.
3094MQ103GalmarAtKorvanjundTopicReporting in.
3095MQ103GalmarAtKorvanjundWaitHold on. I need a minute.
3096MQ103HadvarIntroA1What are you talking about?
3097MQ103HadvarIntroA2I know what you mean about these old ruins.
3098MQ103KorvanjundIntroTopicWhat's the mission?
3099MQ103OrgengarInnkeeperA1So how do I rent a room?
3100MQ103OrgengarInnkeeperTopicWhere's the innkeeper?
3101MQ103RalofIntroA1What are you talking about?
3102MQ103RalofIntroA2I know what you mean about these old ruins.
3103MQ103RikkeAtKorvanjundAttackI'm ready, ma'am.
3104MQ103RikkeAtKorvanjundTopicWhat's the situation?
3105MQ103RikkeAtKorvanjundWaitHold on, I need a minute.
3106MQ103RikkeIntroA2I think I'd rather be a regular soldier.
3107MQ103RikkeIntroTopicI'm ready for my first assignment.
3108MQ103TulliusBookA1Nothing I couldn't handle.
3109MQ103TulliusBookA2We lost a lot of good men. I hope it was worth it.
3110MQ103TulliusBookA3The Stormcloaks were there ahead of us.
3111MQ103TulliusBookTopicI'd like to join the Imperial Legion.
3112MQ103TulliusRetrieveBookTopicHere's the Jagged Crown. Legate Rikke sent me to deliver it to you.
3113MQ103UlfricBookTopicI'm here to join your fight against the Empire.
3114MQ103UlfricRetrieveBookTopicHere's the Jagged Crown. I believe you owe Galmar a drink?
3115MQ104ADragonbornA1Dragonborn? What do you mean?
3116MQ104ADragonbornB1I don't know what happened to me.
3117MQ104ADragonbornB2I think you may be right.
3118MQ104BalgruufIntroA1What about my reward?
3119MQ104BalgruufOutroA1The watchtower was destroyed, but we killed the dragon.
3120MQ104BalgruufOutroA2Turns out I may be something called "Dragonborn."
3121MQ104BalgruufOutroA3I killed the dragon. I think I deserve a reward.
3122MQ104BalgruufOutroB1When the dragon died, I absorbed some kind of power from it.
3123MQ104BalgruufOutroB2That's just what the men called me.
3124MQ104BalgruufOutroC1The Greybeards?
3125MQ104BalgruufOutroC2What do these Greybeards want with me?
3126MQ104BalgruufOutroD1What do these Greybeards want with me?
3127MQ104BDragonDeadTopicThe dragon is dead.
3128MQ104IrilethBlockingTopicWhat are your orders?
3129MQ104IrilethIntroA1I'll come along with you.
3130MQ104IrilethIntroA2I'd rather scout ahead.
3131MQ105ArngeirHornA1I thought it was this easy for everyone.
3132MQ105ArngeirHornA2Thank you. What's next?
3133MQ105ArngeirHornA3I don't know how I do it. It just happens.
3134MQ105ArngeirHornBlockingTopicI'm ready for more training.
3135MQ105ArngeirIntroA1I'm answering your summons.
3136MQ105ArngeirIntroA2You call me Dragonborn. What does that mean?
3137MQ105ArngeirIntroB1Who are you? What is this place?
3138MQ105ArngeirIntroB2I want to find out what it means to be Dragonborn.
3139MQ105ArngeirIntroB2A1You mean I'm not the only Dragonborn?
3140MQ105ArngeirIntroB3I'm answering your summons, Master.
3141MQ105ArngeirIntroB3A1What is my destiny?
3142MQ105ArngeirIntroB4I'm ready to learn.
3143MQ105ArngeirIntroTopicI am answering your summons.
3144MQ105ArngeirIntroWhoAreYouWho are you?
3145MQ105ArngeirReturnHornTopicI have the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.
3146MQ105ArngeirWhySummonMeWhy did you summon me here?
3147MQ106DelphineBookTopicHow do you know where the dragon will come back?
3148MQ106DelphineDragonAtttackTopicWhat should we do?
3149MQ106DelphineIntroA0What of it?
3150MQ106DelphineIntroA1You're the one who took the horn?
3151MQ106DelphineIntroA2What's with all the cloak and dagger?
3152MQ106DelphineIntroA3Sorry, I'm supposed to be meeting someone here.
3153MQ106DelphineIntroA3A1I was expecting someone... taller.
3154MQ106DelphineIntroA3A2Here I am. What do you want?
3155MQ106DelphineIntroA4The Greybeards are right. I am Dragonborn.
3156MQ106DelphineIntroB1What do you want with me?
3157MQ106DelphineIntroB2You'd better have a good reason for dragging me here.
3158MQ106DelphineIntroB3I just came here for the horn.
3159MQ106DelphineIntroDragonbornA1Yes, that's how I first learned I was Dragonborn.
3160MQ106DelphineIntroDragonbornA2I absorb some kind of power from dragons. That's all I can say.
3161MQ106DelphineIntroDragonbornA3That's none of your business.
3162MQ106DelphineIntroEndA1I know that mound - high on the hill east of Kynesgrove.
3163MQ106DelphineIntroEndA2Let's go kill a dragon.
3164MQ106DelphineIntroEndA3Hold on. I'm not ready to go yet.
3165MQ106DelphineIntroExclusive2A1Do you know how crazy this sounds?
3166MQ106DelphineIntroExclusive2A2What makes you think dragons are coming back to life?
3167MQ106DelphineIntroExclusive2A2A1Right. You were at Dragonsreach when I gave it to him.
3168MQ106DelphineIntroExclusive2A2A2The dragonstone was some kind of map?
3169MQ106DelphineIntroExclusive2A3How did you figure all this out?
3170MQ106DelphineIntroExclusive2EntryTopicYou want me to kill a dragon for you?
3171MQ106DelphineIntroExclusiveA1Go on. I'm listening.
3172MQ106DelphineIntroExclusiveA2You'd better start explaining. Fast.
3173MQ106DelphineIntroExclusiveA3I don't have time for this.
3174MQ106DelphineIntroExclusiveC1How do I know I can trust you?
3175MQ106DelphineIntroExclusiveC3A1What of it?
3176MQ106DelphineIntroExclusiveC3DragonbornWhy are you looking for a Dragonborn?
3177MQ106DelphineIntroExclusiveC5I don't need to prove anything to you. I'm done here.
3178MQ106DelphineIntroExclusiveD1So what's the part you're not telling me?
3179MQ106DelphineIntroExclusiveEndTopicSo where are we headed?
3180MQ106DelphineIntroExclusiveTopicI just came here for the horn.
3181MQ106DelphineIntroTopicWhat do you want?
3182MQ106DelphineRecognizeRight. You were at Dragonsreach when I gave it to him.
3183MQ106DelpineIntroExclusiveC2HornWhy did you take the horn from Ustengrav?
3184MQ106DelpineIntroExclusiveC4ThalmorTopicYou said the Thalmor are after you?
3185MQ106KynegroveEntryA1I know that mound - high on the hill east of Kynesgrove.
3186MQ106KynesgroveDragonA1A dragon is attacking Kynesgrove?
3187MQ106KynesgroveDragonA2Where's this dragon?
3188MQ106KynesgroveDragonB1What's wrong?
3189MQ106KynesgroveEntryTopicWhere are we headed?
3190MQ106OrgnarDelphineTopicDo you know about Delphine's... activities?
3191MQ201AskForDrinkTopicI'd like a drink.
3192MQ201BrelasPrisonerA1Come on, you'd better get out of here. (Free her)
3193MQ201BrelasPrisonerA2I can't help you right now.
3194MQ201DelphineCarriageNotReadyHold on a minute.
3195MQ201DelphineCarriageReadyI'm ready. Keep the rest of my things safe for me.
3196MQ201DelphineCarriageTopicI'm ready to go.
3197MQ201DelphineIntro2NewA1Remind me... who are the Thalmor?
3198MQ201DelphineIntro2NewA2What makes you think the Thalmor are bringing dragons back?
3199MQ201DelphineIntro2NewA3Why are the Thalmor after you?
3200MQ201DelphineIntro3A1So, we need to find out what the Thalmor know about the dragons. Any ideas?
3201MQ201DelphineIntro3ContinueSo how do we get into the Thalmor Embassy?
3202MQ201DelphineIntro3EntryTopicWhat's our next move?
3203MQ201DelphineIntroA1Who are you and what do you want with me?
3204MQ201DelphineIntroA2What do you know about the dragons coming back?
3205MQ201DelphineIntroA3I've seen that dragon before, the one that got away.
3206MQ201DelphineIntroA3A1It was the one that attacked Helgen, when Ulfric escaped from the Imperials.
3207MQ201DelphineIntroA4What's our next move?
3208MQ201DelphineIntroA4NewThe Blades? Who are they?
3209MQ201DelphineIntroContinueYes, you do.
3210MQ201DelphineIntroRiverwoodA1You're not coming?
3211MQ201DelphineIntroRiverwoodA2That didn't take long.
3212MQ201DelphineIntroRiverwoodA3Why not just fight our way in?
3213MQ201DelphineIntroRiverwoodB1So what's your plan? How do I infiltrate the Thalmor Embassy?
3214MQ201DelphineIntroRiverwoodC1Who's this contact of yours? You're sure I can trust him?
3215MQ201DelphineIntroRiverwoodC2How am I going to get into this party?
3216MQ201DelphineIntroRiverwoodC3Once I'm inside the Embassy, then what?
3217MQ201DelphineIntroRiverwoodC4I'll see you in Solitude after I meet Malborn.
3218MQ201DelphineIntroRiverwoodTopicGood to see you.
3219MQ201DelphineIntroTopicTime to answer my questions.
3220MQ201DelphineMetMalbornNoNot yet.
3221MQ201DelphineMetMalbornYesYes, Malborn's all set.
3222MQ201DelphineOutro2A1So the Thalmor think the Blades know about the dragons...
3223MQ201DelphineOutro2A2They seem to think he's hiding out in Riften.
3224MQ201DelphineOutro2TopicWhat would the Thalmor want with Esbern?
3225MQ201DelphineOutroA1The Thalmor know nothing about the dragons.
3226MQ201DelphineOutroB1Why'd you send me if you weren't going to believe me?
3227MQ201DelphineOutroB2Yes, I'm sure. They're looking for someone named Esbern.
3228MQ201DelphineOutroC1I don't know, but the Thalmor are looking for someone named Esbern.
3229MQ201EmbassyGuardIntroA1Here you go. (Show invitation)
3230MQ201EmbassyGuardIntroA2Is there a problem?
3231MQ201EmbassyGuardIntroA3Just a minute. I think I left it on the cart.
3232MQ201EmbassyGuardIntroTopicHere's my invitation.
3233MQ201ErikurBrelasA1Maybe I can talk to her for you. See if she's interested.
3234MQ201ErikurBrelasA2Don't worry. She's all yours.
3235MQ201ErikurBrelasTopicI saw you eyeing that serving girl.
3236MQ201ErikurBusinessTopicTopicYou sound like quite the businessman.
3237MQ201ErikurWhoAreYouTopicWhat brings you to this party?
3238MQ201MalbornAssassinBlockingA1Malborn has a message for you.
3239MQ201MalbornAssassinBlockingA2Never mind.
3240MQ201MalbornCaravanTopicI'm looking for a Khajiit... might be a Thalmor spy.
3241MQ201MalbornEquipmentNotReadyHold on, I need to get a few things ready.
3242MQ201MalbornEquipmentReadyI'm ready. Here's what I'll need.
3243MQ201MalbornEquipmentTopicI'm ready to go.
3244MQ201MalbornEquipmentWhatToBringWhat kinds of things should I bring?
3245MQ201MalbornEscapeBlockingTopicAre you all right?
3246MQ201MalbornIntroTopicOur mutual friend sent me.
3247MQ201MalbornPartyBlockingTopicI need to talk to you.
3248MQ201MalbornPostQuestA1Malborn, it's good to see you.
3249MQ201MalbornPostQuestA2At least you're still alive. That's something.
3250MQ201MalbornPostQuestA3It's Delphine you should be angry with, not me.
3251MQ201MalbornPostQuestAssassinA1Don't worry. I'll take care of this assassin for you.
3252MQ201MalbornPostQuestAssassinA2Sounds like you're just being paranoid.
3253MQ201MalbornPostQuestB1What are you doing here?
3254MQ201MalbornPostQuestC1You helped me. I'll do what I can to help you.
3255MQ201MalbornPostQuestC2Sorry, I can't help right now.
3256MQ201MalbornPostQuestSummaryTell me about this Thalmor assassin that's hunting you.
3257MQ201MalbornPostQuestTopicMalborn, what are you doing here?
3258MQ201MavenWhoAreYouTopicWhat brings you to this party?
3259MQ201OndolemarWhoAreYouTopicWhat brings you to this party?
3260MQ201PartyBalgruufHostTopicHow well do you know Elenwen?
3261MQ201PartyBrelasErikurTopicThat fellow over there asked me to talk to you...
3262MQ201PartyDistractionPersuadeElisifYou'd be doing me a big favor... (Persuade)
3263MQ201PartyDistractionPersuadeIgmundDon't worry, I just want to play a joke on someone. (Persuade)
3264MQ201PartyDistractionPersuadeSiddgeirYou won't be the one to look foolish, I promise. (Persuade)
3265MQ201PartyDistractionPersuadeVittoriaDon't worry, I just want to play a joke on someone. (Persuade)
3266MQ201PartyDrunkHowToHelpI need you to cause a scene. Get everyone's attention for a few minutes.
3267MQ201PartyDrunkNeedHelpActually, there is something you could do for me.
3268MQ201PartyDrunkThanksThanks. I'll let you know if I need anything.
3269MQ201PartyDrunkTopicYou look thirsty.
3270MQ201PartyElenwenCivilWarWhat's your position on the civil war?
3271MQ201PartyElenwenExpenseTopicI can see you spared no expense.
3272MQ201PartyElenwenIntroA1My name is . Pleased to meet you.
3273MQ201PartyElenwenIntroA2Quite a party. It's my first time, you know. Where can I get a drink?
3274MQ201PartyElenwenIntroA3You're Elenwen? I've heard so much about you!
3275MQ201PartyElenwenJusticiarsI've never quite understood exactly what the Justiciars do.
3276MQ201PartyElenwenOftenTopicDo you host these parties often?
3277MQ201PartyElenwenPoliticsTopicWhat does your position as Thalmor Ambassador involve?
3278MQ201PartyElisifEnjoyingTopicEnjoying the party?
3279MQ201PartyElisifJarlTopicAre you here with one of the Jarls?
3280MQ201PartyElisifSolitudeTopicJarl Elisif, it's a pleasure to see you again.
3281MQ201PartyErikurA1Not yet. These things can't be rushed.
3282MQ201PartyErikurA2Yes. She said she can sneak you up to her quarters right now.
3283MQ201PartyErikurA3Yes. She wants you to leave her alone.
3284MQ201PartyFriendDistractionNoNever mind.
3285MQ201PartyFriendDistractionTopicI need your help with something.
3286MQ201PartyFriendDistractionYesI need you to cause a scene. Get everyone's attention for a few minutes.
3287MQ201PartyIdgrodPartyTopicHaving a good time?
3288MQ201PartyIdgrodThalmorTopicDo you visit the embassy often?
3289MQ201PartyIgmundPartyTopicHow are you enjoying the party?
3290MQ201PartyIgmundThalmorTopicCan the Thalmor be trusted?
3291MQ201PartyMalbornReadyTopicI'm ready.
3292MQ201PartyMavenDealingsTopicI didn't know you had dealings with the Thalmor.
3293MQ201PartyMavenTargetsTopicAre you here on guild business?
3294MQ201PartyMavenThalmorTopicWhat's your relationship with the Thalmor?
3295MQ201PartyOndolemarEmpireTopicCan there truly be peace between the Thalmor and the Empire?
3296MQ201PartyOndolemarWorkTopicWhat are your duties here in Skyrim?
3297MQ201PartyOndolomarDistractionYesI promise. Just a joke I want to play on someone. (Persuade)
3298MQ201PartyOrthusHappyTopicYou don't look happy to be here.
3299MQ201PartyOrthusWhoAreYouTopicWhat brings you to this party?
3300MQ201PartyProventusFamiliarTopicEnjoying the party, Proventus?
3301MQ201PartyProventusGatheringTopicQuite a gathering, wouldn't you say?
3302MQ201PartyProventusJobTopicWhat do you do for a living?
3303MQ201PartyRazelanFortuneTopicHow did you make your fortune?
3304MQ201PartyRazelanTrustTopicDo you trust the Thalmor?
3305MQ201PartySiddgeirHostTopicHave you known Elenwen long?
3306MQ201PartySiddgeirThalmorTopicSome Jarls resent the Thalmor. How about you?
3307MQ201PartyThalmorTopicAre you enjoying the party?
3308MQ201PartyTulliusAwkwardTopicThis must be awkward for you.
3309MQ201PartyTulliusHostTopicWhat do you know of our host?
3310MQ201PartyVittoriaThalmorTopicDoes your company do business with the Thalmor?
3311MQ201PrisonerBlockingTopicAre you all right?
3312MQ201PrisonerIntroA1I'm not here to torture you.
3313MQ201PrisonerIntroA2I'd like to hear it all one more time.
3314MQ201PrisonerIntroB1No time to explain. Let's get out of here. (Free him)
3315MQ201PrisonerIntroB2You've been very cooperative. Thanks.
3316MQ201PrisonerIntroC1Sounds good, I'll follow you.
3317MQ201PrisonerIntroC2You go ahead. I'm not done here.
3318MQ201PrisonerIntroC3Hold on. You may know something important.
3319MQ201PrisonerIntroC4Who are you? What are you doing here?
3320MQ201PrisonerIntroTopicI need to talk to you.
3321MQ201RazelanWhoAreYouTopicWhat brings you to this party?
3322MQ201SolarGuardWalkawayTopicYes sir. Sorry, sir.
3323MQ201ThalmorEmbassyTrickeryBranchTopicEmissary Elenwen was asking for you inside. (Persuade)
3324MQ201VittoriaWhoAreYouTopicIf the parties bore you, why attend them?
3325MQ202ByrnjolfEsbernTopicI'm looking for an old guy, probably hiding out in the Ratway.
3326MQ202EsbernOutroA1The Thalmor have found you. We have to get out of here.
3327MQ202EsbernOutroA2What do you mean, "the end is upon us"?
3328MQ202EsbernOutroA3What do you mean, "it's hopeless"?
3329MQ202EsbernOutroAlduinExclusiveTopicTell me about Alduin.
3330MQ202EsbernOutroB1Yes. Delphine seemed to think it was important.
3331MQ202EsbernOutroB2That's what everyone keeps telling me.
3332MQ202EsbernOutroD1Doom? You mean the return of the dragons?
3333MQ202EsbernOutroD2You're talking about... the literal end of the world?
3334MQ202EsbernOutroD3"End of Days"? I don't think things are quite that bad.
3335MQ202EsbernOutroExclusiveB1Alduin... The dragon who's raising the others?
3336MQ202EsbernOutroExclusiveB2You're talking about the literal end of the world?
3337MQ202EsbernOutroExclusiveDragonbornA1Alduin... The dragon who's raising the others?
3338MQ202EsbernOutroExclusiveDragonbornTopicYou're talking about... the end of the world?
3339MQ202EsbernOutroExclusiveEndTopicIt's not hopeless, Esbern. I'm Dragonborn.
3340MQ202EsbernOutroTopicWe need to talk.
3341MQ202EsbernThroughDoorA1Esbern? Open the door. I'm a friend.
3342MQ202EsbernThroughDoorB1It's okay. Delphine sent me.
3343MQ202EsbernThroughDoorB2The Thalmor have found you. You need to get out of here.
3344MQ202EsbernThroughDoorC1There are Thalmor agents in the Ratway. Looking for you.
3345MQ202EsbernThroughDoorC2I'm the one the Blades have been searching for. I'm Dragonborn.
3346MQ202EsbernThroughDoorC3Delphine said to "remember the 30th of Frostfall."
3347MQ202EsbernThroughDoorC4Delphine needs your help to stop the dragons. (Persuade)
3348MQ202EsbernThroughDoorTopicOpen the door.
3349MQ202FoundEsbernTopicI found Esbern.
3350MQ202RatwayEsbernBribeMaybe this will help your memory. ( gold)
3351MQ202RatwayEsbernIntimidateAre you going to tell me, or am I going to have to beat it out of you?
3352MQ202RatwayEsbernPersuadeI need to talk to him. I'm a friend. His life's in danger. (Persuade)
3353MQ202RatwayEsbernTopicI'm looking for an old guy, hiding out somewhere in Riften.
3354MQ202WhosHuntingForEsbernTopicWho else is looking for Esbern?
3355MQ203DelphineBlockingTopicWhat did you need?
3356MQ203DelphineRemansWallA1No, I've never heard of anything like that.
3357MQ203DelphineRemansWallA2The Greybeards might know.
3358MQ203DelphineRemansWallB1What do you have against the Greybeards?
3359MQ203DelphineRemansWallB2I'll ask Arngeir if he knows what Shout they used.
3360MQ203DelphineRemansWallC1The Greybeards may have a point. Power is dangerous.
3361MQ203DelphineRemansWallC2Don't worry. I'm not afraid of my own power.
3362MQ203DelphineRemansWallD1I'd better go see what Arngeir knows about this Shout.
3363MQ203EsbernAlduinsWallHowToDefeatSo you think Alduin's Wall will tell us how to defeat Alduin?
3364MQ203EsbernAlduinsWallWhereWhere can we find Alduin's Wall?
3365MQ203EsbernContinueIt is. Carry on.
3366MQ203EsbernCutToTheChaseI just want to know how to defeat Alduin.
3367MQ203EsbernKarthspireTopicHow do we find the entrance to Sky Haven Temple?
3368MQ203EsbernRatwayTopicDo you know the way out of here?
3369MQ203FoundEsbernA1He's on his way.
3370MQ203FoundEsbernTopicI found Esbern.
3371MQ203KarthspireBestWayWhat's the best way to get there?
3372MQ203KarthspireTravelTogetherLet's travel there together. Are you ready to go?
3373MQ203MeetAtKarthspireTopicI'll meet you at Karthspire.
3374MQ204ArngeirDefeatAlduinTopicIs there another way to defeat Alduin?
3375MQ204ArngeirDragonrendA1I thought you knew all the Words of Power.
3376MQ204ArngeirDragonrendA2What's so bad about Dragonrend?
3377MQ204ArngeirDragonrendBadTopicWhat's so bad about the Dragonrend Shout?
3378MQ204ArngeirDragonrendExclusiveTopicIf the Shout is lost, how can I defeat Alduin?
3379MQ204ArngeirExclusive2EntryTopicI need to learn the Shout used to defeat Alduin.
3380MQ204ArngeirExclusive2TopicSo, can you teach me this Shout?
3381MQ204ArngeirExclusiveEndTopicHow do I get to the top of the mountain to see him?
3382MQ204ArngeirExclusiveTopicI need to learn the Shout used to defeat Alduin.
3383MQ204ArngeirHateBladesTopicWhy do you hate the Blades?
3384MQ204ArngeirIntroA1B1Who I stand with is my business.
3385MQ204ArngeirIntroA1NewDoes it matter?
3386MQ204ArngeirIntroA2NewIt was recorded on Alduin's Wall.
3387MQ204ArngeirIntroA3NewThe Blades helped me find out about it.
3388MQ204ArngeirIntroA4I have nothing to hide. The Blades helped me find out about it.
3389MQ204ArngeirIntroB3The prophecy says I'm the only one who can defeat Alduin.
3390MQ204ArngeirIntroC1The Blades just want to defeat Alduin. Don't you?
3391MQ204ArngeirIntroC2The Blades are helping me. I'm not their puppet.
3392MQ204ArngeirIntroC3NewAt least the Blades aren't keeping secrets from me.
3393MQ204ArngeirIntroD1So you won't help me?
3394MQ204ArngeirIntroD2I'm sure Alduin would be glad if everyone had that attitude.
3395MQ204ArngeirIntroD3That's exactly what Delphine warned me you'd say.
3396MQ204ArngeirIntroTopicI need to learn the Shout used to defeat Alduin.
3397MQ204ArngeirPaarthurnaxA1Who is Paarthurnax?
3398MQ204ArngeirPaarthurnaxA2Why haven't I met Paarthurnax yet?
3399MQ204ArngeirPaarthurnaxA3I need to speak to Paarthurnax, then.
3400MQ204ArngeirStopDragonsTopicThe dragons are terrorizing Skyrim. Don't you think they need to be stopped?
3401MQ204PaarB1No. Dragons like mountains, right?
3402MQ204PaarB2I never thought about it.
3403MQ204PaarB3You said you were going to answer my question.
3404MQ204PaarBladesA1Why shouldn't they trust you?
3405MQ204PaarBladesTopicThe Blades say you deserve to die.
3406MQ204PaarC1Using the Dragonrend Shout, right?
3407MQ204PaarC1A1An Elder Scroll? What's that?
3408MQ204PaarD1How does any of this help me?
3409MQ204PaarDragonrend3AHow can I learn it, then?
3410MQ204PaarDragonrend3A1That's none of your business.
3411MQ204PaarDragonrend3A2I need to stop Alduin.
3412MQ204PaarDragonrend3A3I like this world. I don't want it to end.
3413MQ204PaarDragonrend3A3A1The next world will have to take care of itself.
3414MQ204PaarDragonrend3B1The prophecy says that only the Dragonborn can stop him.
3415MQ204PaarDragonrend3B1A1What better reason to act than to fulfill my destiny?
3416MQ204PaarDragonrend3B1A2I don't believe in destiny. But I will stop Alduin.
3417MQ204PaarDragonrend3C1I didn't come here to debate philosophy with you.
3418MQ204PaarDragonrend3Intro1Do you know Dragonrend or not?
3419MQ204PaarDragonrend3Intro2The Greybeards didn't want me to come at all.
3420MQ204PaarDragonrend3Intro3How did you know I came for Dragonrend?
3421MQ204PaarDragonrend3IntroContYou don't know it?
3422MQ204PaarDragonrend3TopicI need to learn the Dragonrend Shout.
3423MQ204PaarElderScrollTopicHow could an Elder Scroll cast Alduin through time?
3424MQ204PaarElderScrollTopicA1You mean you were there?
3425MQ204PaarFindElderScrollA1Hmm. Esbern or Arngeir might have some idea.
3426MQ204PaarFindElderScrollTopicDo you know where I can find an Elder Scroll?
3427MQ204PaarIntroA1I wasn't expecting you to be a dragon.
3428MQ204PaarIntroA2You're the master of the Greybeards?
3429MQ204PaarIntroA3I think you already know who I am.
3430MQ204PaarIntroA3A1Why live alone on a mountain if you love conversation?
3431MQ204PaarIntroB1I need to learn the Dragonrend Shout. Can you teach me?
3432MQ205ArngeirIntroA1No, but he told me how to find out.
3433MQ205ArngeirIntroB1I need the Elder Scroll the ancients used. Do you know where to find it?
3434MQ205ArngeirIntroTopicI talked to Paarthurnax.
3435MQ205DelphineIntroA1No, but I know how to find out. I need an Elder Scroll.
3436MQ205DelphineIntroTopicI talked to the Greybeards.
3437MQ205ElderScrollTopicAny idea where to find the Elder Scroll?
3438MQ205EsbernIntroA1I'll need an Elder Scroll to get any further.
3439MQ205EsbernIntroB1Turns out the ancient Nords used it to send Alduin forward through time.
3440MQ205EsbernIntroB2I don't really know. Paarthurnax told me it would work.
3441MQ205EsbernIntroB3I can use it to learn Dragonrend from the ancient Nords who defeated Alduin.
3442MQ205EsbernIntroTopicI talked to the Greybeards.
3443MQ206PaarthurnaxBlockingTopicI have the Elder Scroll.
3444MQ301ArngeiFindAlduinB1The Jarl? What are you talking about?
3445MQ301ArngeirFindAlduinA1One of his dragon allies could tell us...
3446MQ301ArngeirFindAlduinC1But I thought there weren't any dragons until Alduin came back.
3447MQ301ArngeirFindAlduinC2So if I could lure a dragon into Dragonsreach...
3448MQ301ArngeirFindAlduinTopicI need to find where Alduin fled to.
3449MQ301ArngeirIntroA1Yes, but he escaped. I need to find out where he went.
3450MQ301ArngeirIntroB1I need your help. I need to capture a dragon.
3451MQ301ArngeirIntroC1I'll worry about capturing a dragon. I need your help to stop the war.
3452MQ301ArngeirIntroTopicI learned the Dragonrend Shout.
3453MQ301ArngeirPeaceConferenceA1Jarl won't help me while the war rages.
3454MQ301ArngeirPeaceConferenceB1Both sides respect the Greybeards. They will listen.
3455MQ301ArngeirPeaceConferenceTopicI need your help to stop the war.
3456MQ301DelphineIntroA1I used Dragonrend on Alduin, but he escaped.
3457MQ301DelphineIntroTopicI defeated Alduin.
3458MQ301DragonsreachTopicDragonsreach was built to hold a dragon?
3459MQ301EsbernCallDragonA1How does that help us?
3460MQ301EsbernCallDragonB1Why would he come when called?
3461MQ301EsbernCallDragonBlockingTopicHow can we lure a dragon to Dragonsreach?
3462MQ301EsbernCallDragonC1So what's this dragon's name?
3463MQ301EsbernCallDragonTopicHow can we lure a dragon to Dragonsreach?
3464MQ301EsbernFindAlduinA1I know. That's why I need to find him.
3465MQ301EsbernFindAlduinA2His dragon allies must know where this portal is...
3466MQ301EsbernFindAlduinB1You mean Dragonsreach?
3467MQ301EsbernFindAlduinB2What's the Jarl's palace have to do with this?
3468MQ301EsbernFindAlduinBlockingTopicI have good news.
3469MQ301EsbernFindAlduinC1I thought there weren't any dragons until Alduin came back.
3470MQ301EsbernFindAlduinC2So if I could lure a dragon into Dragonsreach...
3471MQ301EsbernFindAlduinD1Go on...
3472MQ301EsbernFindAlduinTopicI defeated Alduin, but he escaped. I need to find him.
3473MQ301JarlAlduinReturnA1It's only hopeless if we give up.
3474MQ301JarlAlduinReturnA2I'm Dragonborn. It's my destiny to stop him.
3475MQ301JarlAlduinReturnA3Maybe so, but I plan to go down fighting. What about you?
3476MQ301JarlAlduinReturnTopicThe threat is worse than you know. Alduin has returned.
3477MQ301JarlArrangeTruceTopicLeave that to me. I'll talk to Arngeir about hosting a peace council.
3478MQ301JarlDragonsreachA1You heard right. It's the only way to stop the dragons.
3479MQ301JarlDragonsreachA2You know I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important. (Persuade)
3480MQ301JarlDragonsreachA3It's the only way to stop the dragon attacks.
3481MQ301JarlDragonsreachC1What if you didn't have to worry about an enemy attack?
3482MQ301JarlDragonsreachNotYetNot quite yet.
3483MQ301JarlDragonsreachReadyI'm ready. Let's go trap a dragon.
3484MQ301JarlDragonsreachTopicI need your help trapping a dragon in Dragonsreach.
3485MQ301JarlReadyToTrapA1I don't know yet. But I know some people who can probably help.
3486MQ301JarlReadyToTrapTopicIt's the only way to find Alduin before it's too late.
3487MQ301JarlTrapDragonA1It's the only way to find Alduin before it's too late.
3488MQ301JarlTrapDragonTopicI need your help.
3489MQ301JarlWaitingForPlayerTopicAre you ready to spring the trap on the dragon?
3490MQ301OdahviingB1That's right. Where is he hiding?
3491MQ301OdahviingB2You were telling me where to find Alduin?
3492MQ301OdahviingC1Do you promise to serve me?
3493MQ301OdahviingC2Not until Alduin is defeated.
3494MQ301OdahviingD1Tell me what you know, then.
3495MQ301OdahviingE1We seem to be at an impasse, then.
3496MQ301OdahviingE2Do you expect me to take your word for that?
3497MQ301OdahviingE3Fine. I'll set you free if you promise to take me to Skuldafn.
3498MQ301OdahviingIntroTopicHow does it feel to be my prisoner?
3499MQ301PaarthurnaxCallDragonA1So we know his name. How does that help me get him to Dragonsreach?
3500MQ301PaarthurnaxCallDragonB1Why would he come when called?
3501MQ301PaarthurnaxCallDragonC1So what's this dragon's name?
3502MQ301PaarthurnaxCallDragonTopicHow can we lure a dragon to Dragonsreach?
3503MQ301PaarthurnaxIntroA1I need to find out where Alduin went.
3504MQ301PaarthurnaxIntroA2It wasn't really a victory, since Alduin escaped.
3505MQ301PaarthurnaxIntroB1The Jarl of Whiterun might not think so.
3506MQ301PaarthurnaxIntroTopicI defeated Alduin, but he escaped.
3507MQ302ArngeirIntroB1Don't worry. I'll get them to agree to peace.
3508MQ302ArngeirIntroB2This was the only way to get 's help.
3509MQ302ArngeirIntroC1It will be fine.
3510MQ302ArngeirIntroTopicI told you they'd come.
3511MQ302ElenwenDecisionA1No, you're right. Elenwen should stay.
3512MQ302ElenwenDecisionA2Ulfric has a point. The Thalmor have no business here.
3513MQ302ElenwenDecisionB1I agree. We can't let Ulfric push us around. Elenwen should stay.
3514MQ302ElenwenDecisionB2Let Ulfric have his way now. He'll have to give ground later.
3515MQ302FirstConcessionA1Ulfric holds only Windhelm. He's in no position to make demands.
3516MQ302FirstConcessionA2How about ?
3517MQ302FirstConcessionA2SonsHow about ?
3518MQ302FirstConcessionA4 seems like a fair trade.
3519MQ302FirstConcessionA4A1You asked my opinion. I gave it to you.
3520MQ302FirstConcessionA4A2There are advantages to gaining . (Persuade)
3521MQ302FirstConcessionA4A2SonsThere are advantages to gaining . (Persuade)
3522MQ302FirstConcessionA4A3You're right. is a fair trade for Markarth.
3523MQ302FirstConcessionA4A3SonsYou're right. is a fair trade for Riften.
3524MQ302FirstConcessionA4Sons seems like a fair trade.
3525MQ302FirstConcessionTopicI'm listening.
3526MQ302KickOutImperialA1I did what I thought was right.
3527MQ302KickOutImperialA2I thought the Empire needed to be taken down a notch.
3528MQ302KickOutImperialA3Sorry, sir. I was trying to come to a fair agreement.
3529MQ302KickOutSonsA1I did what I thought was right.
3530MQ302KickOutSonsA2I thought you needed to be taken down a notch.
3531MQ302KickOutSonsA3I'm sorry. I was trying to reach a fair agreement.
3532MQ302MinorHoldA1I agree. The Empire should turn over .
3533MQ302MinorHoldA1ImperialI agree. Ulfric should turn over .
3534MQ302MinorHoldA2The Empire doesn't need to give up any more territory.
3535MQ302MinorHoldA2ImperialUlfric doesn't need to give up any more territory.
3536MQ302RaidedTownA1The Empire should compensate you for .
3537MQ302RaidedTownA1ImperialUlfric should compensate you for .
3538MQ302RaidedTownA2Who's to say what happened at ?
3539MQ302RaidedTownA2ImperialWho's to say what happened at ?
3540MQ302SwitchSidesA1You and Tullius are both mistaken. I'm loyal to the Empire.
3541MQ302SwitchSidesA2I accept your offer. I'd like to join the Stormcloaks.
3542MQ302SwitchSidesB1How can I help?
3543MQ302SwitchSidesImperialA1You and Ulfric are both mistaken. I fight for Skyrim's freedom.
3544MQ302SwitchSidesImperialA2I accept your offer. I'd like to join the Imperial Legion.
3545MQ302SwitchSidesImperialB1How can I help?
3546MQ302TulliusIntroA1They're convening a peace council at High Hrothgar.
3547MQ302TulliusIntroB1AWhy won't the Emperor send more reinforcements?
3548MQ302TulliusIntroB1NewThe dragons are a bigger problem than the Stormcloaks right now. (Persuade)
3549MQ302TulliusIntroB4The Empire can't afford to snub the Greybeards.
3550MQ302TulliusIntroC1You'll come to the peace council, then?
3551MQ302TulliusIntroImperialI think you know it's not as simple as that.
3552MQ302TulliusIntroNewA1We need a truce until the dragon menace is dealt with.
3553MQ302TulliusIntroStormcloakYou're not going to win this war on the battlefield.
3554MQ302TulliusIntroTopicI have a message from the Greybeards.
3555MQ302UlfricIntroA1They want to negotiate a truce until the dragon menace is dealt with.
3556MQ302UlfricIntroB1General Tullius has already agreed to attend.
3557MQ302UlfricIntroB2General Tullius hasn't agreed to attend yet.
3558MQ302UlfricIntroB3Politics be damned. Alduin has returned! (Persuade)
3559MQ302UlfricIntroC1Tullius will look weak if he refuses, not you.
3560MQ302UlfricIntroC2The Greybeards won't let the Empire take advantage of you.
3561MQ302UlfricIntroC3Showing respect to the Greybeards will increase your prestige.
3562MQ302UlfricIntroD1So you'll come to the peace council?
3563MQ302UlfricIntroTopicI have a message from the Greybeards.
3564MQ303GatekeeperA1Yes, I'm sure.
3565MQ303GatekeeperA2Hold on. Not yet.
3566MQ303GatekeeperTopicOpen the trap.
3567MQ303OdahviingFreeA1I'm ready. Take me to Skuldafn.
3568MQ303OdahviingFreeA2Hold on. I'm not quite ready.
3569MQ303OdahviingFreeTopicYou didn't escape.
3570MQ303OdahviingIntroA1Yes. I'll set you free if you promise to take me to Skuldafn.
3571MQ303OdahviingIntroA2I'm still wondering if I can trust you.
3572MQ303OdahviingIntroB1You did try to trick me into letting you go.
3573MQ303OdahviingIntroB2I guess I'll have to trust you.
3574MQ303OdahviingIntroContYes, I have.
3575MQ303OdahviingIntroTopicWe need to talk.
3576MQ304A3Invisible Walk Away
3577MQ304HeroFightAlduinTopicI need your help to defeat Alduin.
3578MQ304LostSoulA1Who are you?
3579MQ304LostSoulA2What's this mist?
3580MQ304LostSoulB1Yes, it's at the far end of the valley from here.
3581MQ304LostSoulB2Shor's hall? What's that?
3582MQ304LostSoulC1Follow me. I'll lead you through this mist.
3583MQ304LostSoulC2Don't worry, I'm here to kill Alduin.
3584MQ304TsunIntroA1By the right of birth. I am Dragonborn.
3585MQ304TsunIntroA2By right of glory. I lead the Companions of Jorrvaskr.
3586MQ304TsunIntroA3By right of Cleverness. I am Master of the College of Winterhold.
3587MQ304TsunIntroA4By right of blood. I Listen for the Night Mother.
3588MQ304TsunIntroA5By right of plunder. I am a Nightingale of Nocturnal.
3589MQ304TsunIntroAlduinI pursue Alduin, the World-Eater.
3590MQ304TsunIntroB1Can I enter the Hall of Valor?
3591MQ304TsunIntroHallofValorI seek entrance to the Hall of Valor.
3592MQ304TsunIntroWhoAreYouWho are you?
3593MQ305TsunOutroNotYetNot yet.
3594MQ305TsunReadyToGoI'm ready to return to Tamriel.
3595MQ306AlduinTopicIs Alduin really dead? I didn't absorb his soul when he died.
3596MQ306ArngeirBlockingA1Yes, I found Alduin's portal to Sovngarde.
3597MQ306ArngeirBlockingB1Yes. I went to Sovngarde and killed Alduin there.
3598MQ306ArngeirBlockingB2As dead as I can make him.
3599MQ306ArngeirBlockingB3I hope so. But I don't know if Alduin can ever be completely destroyed.
3600MQ306DelphineB1Yes. I used Alduin's portal to travel to Sovngarde. He's dead.
3601MQ306PaarthurnaxIntroA1You don't sound very happy about it.
3602MQ306PaarthurnaxIntroA2I have no regrets. Alduin had to be destroyed.
3603MQ306PaarthurnaxIntroA3Alduin brought this on himself.
3604MQ306PaarthurnaxIntroB1It was necessary.
3605MQ306PaarthurnaxIntroC1I told you I'd stop him, and I did.
3606MQ306PaarthurnaxIntroC2I was just fulfilling my destiny as Dragonborn.
3607MQ306PaarthurnaxIntroC3The world is a better place without Alduin.
3608MQAlduinInSovngardeTopicWhere has Alduin gone?
3609MQArngeirDragonbornTopicWhat does it mean to be "Dragonborn"?
3610MQArngeirDragonsA1Thank you, Master. I will continue my training.
3611MQArngeirDragonsA2Surely there's more you can tell me.
3612MQArngeirDragonsTopicWhy are the dragons returning? Does it have something to do with me?
3613MQArngeirGreybeardsTopicTell me about the Greybeards.
3614MQArngeirJurgenWindcallerTopicWho was Jurgen Windcaller?
3615MQArngeirPaarthurnaxTopicWhen can I meet your leader, Paarthurnax?
3616MQArngeirShoutingTopicWhy are Shouts in the dragon language?
3617MQArngeirWayoftheVoiceTopicWhat is the "Way of the Voice"?
3618MQDelphineBladesTopicWhat happened to the Blades? Why are you on the run?
3619MQDelphineConcordat"White-Gold Concordat"? What's that?
3620MQDelphineDragonbornTopicWhat's so important about me being Dragonborn?
3621MQDelphineGreybeardsTopicWhat do you have against the Greybeards?
3622MQDelphineJusticiarsWhy does the Empire allow the Thalmor free reign?
3623MQDelphineThalmorLongVersionGive me the long version.
3624MQDelphineThalmorShortVersionJust the short version.
3625MQDragonbornTopicWhat's it mean to be Dragonborn?
3626MQEsbernWhyDragonbornImportantTopicWhat's so important about me being Dragonborn?
3627MQGreybeardsTopicWho are the Greybeards?
3628MQGreybeardsUlfricA1How do you know so much about them?
3629MQPaarthurnaxA1It's done. Paarthurnax is dead.
3630MQPaarthurnaxA2Why does he need to die?
3631MQPaarthurnaxArngeirBlockingTopicPaarthurnax is dead.
3632MQPaarthurnaxGreybeardsA1Is it true what they said? Was he Alduin's ally?
3633MQPaarthurnaxGreybeardsB1He still needs to pay for his crimes.
3634MQPaarthurnaxGreybeardsB2I haven't decided what to do yet.
3635MQPaarthurnaxGreybeardsB3Don't worry, I'm not going to kill Paarthurnax.
3636MQPaarthurnaxGreybeardsTopicThe Blades want me to kill Paarthurnax.
3637MQPaarthurnaxIntroA1You know... what?
3638MQPaarthurnaxIntroA2Turns out he's a dragon. But he helped me.
3639MQPaarthurnaxIntroTopicWhat about Paarthurnax?
3640MQPaarthurnaxTopicAbout Paarthurnax...
3641MQThalmorDelphineWhyHuntingSo why are they hunting you?
3642MQThalmorTopicWho are the Thalmor?
3643MQUlfricTrainWithGreybeardsA1Arngeir - is he one of the Greybeards?
3644MQUlfricTrainWithGreybeardsA2So you know how to Shout?
3645MQUlfricTrainWithGreybeardsA3Why would they teach me to Shout if they don't want me to use it?
3646MQUlfricTrainWithGreybeardsTopicYou trained with the Greybeards?
3647MQVoicePowerTopicWhat do you know about Shouts?
3648MS01AmbushResponseTopic01You killed Eltrys!
3649MS01AmbushResponseTopic02Fine. I'll come quietly.
3650MS01AmbushResponseTopic03You're not taking me alive!
3651MS01BlockingTopic03Just looking around.
3652MS01EltrysBlockingShrineBranch01Topic01"I'll do"? What are you talking about?
3653MS01EltrysBlockingShrineBranch01Topic03You want me to find out why.
3654MS01EltrysBlockingShrineBranch01Topic04I don't have time for this nonsense.
3655MS01EltrysForcegreetInvisible(Invisible Continue)
3656MS01EltrysForceGreetResponseTopic01I was right there. He almost killed me.
3657MS01EltrysForceGreetResponseTopic02I heard some shouting about the Forsworn. That was it.
3658MS01EltrysForceGreetResponseTopic03I must have missed it. Sorry.
3659MS01EltrysForceGreetResponseWalkAwayTopic(Walk away)
3660MS01EltrysForswornTopicWho are the Forsworn?
3661MS01EltrysMargetTopicWhat do you know about Margret?
3662MS01EltrysNotAtShrineAttackTopicTopicDo you know anything about the attack?
3663MS01EltrysNotAtShrineNoteTopicIs this your note? What does this mean?
3664MS01EltrysNotAtShrineTalosTopicTopicWhere's the Shrine of Talos?
3665MS01EltrysShrineTopic02I'm not doing anything yet.
3666MS01EltrysWeylinTopicWho was Weylin? Where did he live?
3667MS01EltrysWhyTopicYou've looked into these murders?
3668MS01ForswornThreatenSceneTopic01You first. (Brawl)
3669MS01ForswornThreatenSceneTopic02Who sent you?
3670MS01ForswornThreatenSceneTopic03I don't listen to threats.
3671MS01GarveyBribeHow about now? ( gold)
3672MS01GarveyGiveKeyTopicI need the key to Weylin's room.
3673MS01GarveyIntimidateI wasn't asking. (Intimidate)
3674MS01GarveyLeaveNever mind, then.
3675MS01GarveyPersuadeIt's important. Trust me. (Persuade)
3676MS01GarveyWarrensTopicWhat are the Warrens?
3677MS01GarveyWeylinTopicDid you know Weylin?
3678MS01GuardAmbushQuestTopic01You're corrupt. Thonar is paying you.
3679MS01GuardAmbushQuestTopic02Madanach is behind these killings!
3680MS01GuardAmbushQuestTopic03What did you do to Eltrys?
3681MS01GuardTalk01That man shouted something about the "Forsworn."
3682MS01GuardTalk02None of my business, anyway.
3683MS01GuardThreatenSceneTopic01What happens? I'm curious.
3684MS01GuardThreatenSceneTopic02I'm not trying to cause trouble.
3685MS01GuardThreatenSceneTopic03No one tells me what to do.
3686MS01HogniTopic01Who was he? Who are the Forsworn?
3687MS01HogniTopic02I was actually looking to buy something.
3688MS01InnHogniTopicI have some questions about Margret.
3689MS01InnkeeperBribeTopicMaybe I could rent the room? ( gold)
3690MS01InnkeeperIntimidateTopicHand the key over. Now. (Intimidate)
3691MS01InnkeeperKeyTopicDo you have the key to Margret's room?
3692MS01InnkeeperNeverMindTopicNever mind, then.
3693MS01InnkeeperPersuadeI won't tell anyone. Promise. (Persuade)
3694MS01InnkeeperTopicDid a woman named Margret stay here?
3695MS01InnKerahTopicI have some questions about Margret.
3696MS01JarlMarketPlaceTopicThere was an attack in the marketplace.
3697MS01KerahTopic01Did you know her? Who was she?
3698MS01KerahTopic02I was actually looking to buy something.
3699MS01MargretBribeWill some coin loosen those lips? ( gold)
3700MS01MargretBusinessTopicWhat are you doing in Markarth?
3701MS01MargretEvidenceTopicMargret was investigating Thonar.
3702MS01MargretHowTopicDo you remember anything about the attack?
3703MS01MargretInfoInvisibleContinue(Invisible Continue)
3704MS01MargretIntimidateI want the truth, or else. (Intimidate)
3705MS01MargretNevermindGood luck, then.
3706MS01MargretPersuadeYou're hiding something. (Persuade)
3707MS01MargretTopic01Do you know why he was after you?
3708MS01MargretTopic02That man said something about the "Forsworn."
3709MS01MargretWeylinTopicAny idea why Weylin attacked you?
3710MS01MulushAttackTopicI'm looking into the market attack.
3711MS01MulushBribeTopicDo you care about money? ( gold)
3712MS01MulushForswornTopicWhat do you know about the Forsworn?
3713MS01MulushIntimidateYou better start caring. (Intimidate)
3714MS01MulushMarketTopicDo you own this smelter?
3715MS01MulushNeverMindFine, forget it.
3716MS01MulushNothingTopicNothing. Looking around.
3717MS01MulushPersuadeYou must know something. (Persuade)
3718MS01MulushWeylinKeyTopicDo you have the key to Weylin's room?
3719MS01MulushWeylinTopicI had questions about Weylin.
3720MS01MulushWorkersTopicOne of your workers?
3721MS01NeposBlocking2BWho's behind all this?
3722MS01NeposBlockingTopic01I know about Weylin.
3723MS01NeposBlockingTopic02You're a Forsworn.
3724MS01NeposBlockingTopic03You sent that thug after me.
3726MS01NeposBlockingTopic3BYou're a monster.
3727MS01NeposMadanachTopicWho's Madanach?
3728MS01NeposUprisingTopicYou mentioned an uprising.
3729MS01NeposWhyInvisibleContinue(Invisible Continue)
3730MS01NeposWhyTopicWhy are you telling me all this?
3731MS01OmluagWeylinTopicDid you know Weylin?
3732MS01RhiadaChargeTopicWho's in charge here?
3733MS01RhiadaPatronsTopicWhat kind of patrons do you have?
3734MS01RhiadaSilverBloodsTopicI want to know about the Silver-Bloods.
3735MS01RhiadaThonarTopicI need to see Thonar.
3736MS01RhiadaThonarTopic01He's expecting me. (Persuade)
3737MS01RhiadaThonarTopic02Business, you say? ( gold)
3738MS01RhiadaThonarTopic03I wasn't asking. (Intimidate)
3739MS01RhiadaThonarTopic04I'll try later, then.
3740MS01ThonarAfterAttackInvisibleContinue(Invisible Continue)
3741MS01ThonarAttack03Will you talk now?
3742MS01ThonarAttackTopic01I'm sorry.
3743MS01ThonarAttackTopic02You deserved this.
3744MS01ThonarCidhnaMineTopicCidhna Mine?
3745MS01ThonarDealTopicYou made a deal with the Forsworn?
3746MS01ThonarKingTopicThe Forsworn have a king?
3747MS01ThonarMadanachDealTopicWant me to take care of Madanach?
3748MS01ThonarTopic01I'm here to talk about Margret.
3749MS01ThonarTopic02I want answers about the Forsworn.
3750MS01ThonarTopic03Did you send that guard to threaten me?
3751MS01UaileBlockingTopic01I'm here to see Nepos.
3752MS01UaileBlockingTopic02Who are you?
3753MS01UaileBlockingTopic04Sorry. Wrong house.
3754MS01WeylinEvidenceTopicWeylin got his orders from Nepos.
3755MS02BorkulBribeHow about some skooma instead? (Bribe)
3756MS02BorkulIntimidateLet me through, pig-face. (Intimidate)
3757MS02BorkulNeverMindI'll pay the toll later.
3758MS02BorkulPersuadeMadanach is expecting me. (Persuade)
3759MS02BorkulShivHere's your shiv.
3760MS02BorkulTopicI need to see Madanach.
3761MS02BraigForswornTopicYou think your story justifies the murders the Forsworn have committed?
3762MS02BraigreInvisible01(Invisible Continue)
3763MS02BraigreStoryTopicMadanach asked me to hear your story.
3764MS02BraigreTopic01It was in Helgen. I was being sent to the executioner.
3765MS02BraigreTopic02Young. I've always been known to get into trouble.
3766MS02BraigreTopic03None of your business.
3767MS02BraigreTopic04Yes, but they're far from Skyrim.
3768MS02BraigSorryTopicI'm sorry to hear what happened to you.
3769MS02BraigTopic05I have friends. Only family I need.
3770MS02BraigTopic06None that I care to talk about.
3771MS02EscapeScene01MadanachTopic01What happens now?
3772MS02EscapeScene01MadanachTopic01BI'd sooner forget all of this.
3773MS02GrisvarKillTopicMadanach says hello.
3774MS02MadanachBraigTopicI talked to Braig.
3775MS02MadanachBraigTopic02Spare me from your speeches.
3776MS02MadanachEscapeTopic01Where did this tunnel come from?
3777MS02MadanachForswornTopicI had questions about the Forsworn.
3778MS02MadanachGrisvarContinue(Invisible Continue)
3779MS02MadanachGrisvarTopicGrisvar is dead.
3780MS02MadanachGrisvarTopic01You'll help me escape then?
3781MS02MadanachInvisible(Invisible Continue)
3782MS02MadanachInvisibleContinue02(Invisible Continue)
3783MS02MadanachShivTopicI can't kill Grisvar without a shiv.
3784MS02MadanachThonarTopicI want to know about Thonar.
3785MS02MadanachTopic01I want my freedom.
3786MS02MadanachTopic02You have a lot to answer for.
3787MS02MadanachTopic03Let's start with revenge!
3788MS02MadanachTopic04Understand? How?
3789MS02MadanachTopic05I don't need, or want, your help.
3790MS02ThonarEndingTopic01So I'm free to leave?
3791MS02ThonarEndingTopic02You and your thugs had me arrested in the first place.
3792MS02UraccenBorkulTopicBorkul the Beast?
3793MS02UraccenMadanachTopicWhere's Madanach?
3794MS03LouisBlackBriarInfoTopicWhy is Sibbi in jail?
3795MS03LouisGreet0What sort of message?
3796MS03LouisGreet0bI've reconsidered your offer. I'll do it.
3797MS03LouisGreet1ASounds easy enough.
3798MS03LouisGreet1BI'm not interested right now, thanks.
3799MS03LouisMotivationTopicWhy don't you go tell Sibbi yourself?
3800MS03LouisPlan1ASo what's the plan?
3801MS03MavenOfferTopicAre you aware there's a plot to steal Frost?
3802MS03MavenOfferTopic2Actually, Letrush wants me to steal the horse...
3803MS03SibbiAlreadyPromisedLetrush already agreed to pay me.
3804MS03SibbiJail1TopicI was sent by Louis Letrush.
3805MS03SibbiJail2You don't own the horse you already sold to Letrush?
3806MS03SibbiJailAboutMavenIf Maven already threw you in jail, why steal her horse?
3807MS03SibbiJailAcceptThat sounds acceptable.
3808MS03SibbiJailPersuadeYou know, I bet Maven would pay me even more for this info... (Persuade)
3809MS03ThievesGuildTopicSomeone's paying me to steal Maven Black-Briar's horse.
3810MS03ThievesGuildTopic02Sibbi Black-Briar.
3811MS03WrapUpIntimidateIf you were dead, I could keep the horse... (Intimidate)
3812MS03WrapUpPersuadeI'm going to Maven unless I leave here with Frost. (Persuade)
3813MS03WrapUpTopicSpeaking of my pay...
3814MS04AvanchnzelInnkeeperRumorTopicHave you heard of Avanchnzel?
3815MS04HelpGreetTopic2Lexicon? Burden? What are you talking about?
3816MS04LexiconRejectTopicI don't want the Lexicon.
3817MS04LexiconTakeTopicIt's okay. I'll take the Lexicon.
3818MS05BardsCollegeInductionTopic2So I'm a bard?
3819MS05GenericJoinTopicWhat do you do around here?
3820MS05GiraurdPoeticEddaDescription2So King Olaf's Verse is a lost part of the Edda?
3821MS05GiraurdPoeticEddaDescriptionTopicViarmo said you could tell me about the Poetic Edda.
3822MS05GivePoemTopicI found King Olaf's Verse.
3823MS05KingOlafsFestivalEvetteTopicGiving away your spiced wine, eh?
3824MS05KingOlafsFestivalSorexTopicDid you say free meat pies?
3825MS05NewPoemIdeaCan't we just make up missing parts of the verse?
3826MS05PoemFinalVerseIs that it?
3827MS05PoemInspectionWhat does that mean?
3828MS05PoemVerse1We can do this. What's the first verse?
3829MS05PoemVerse2EvilOlaf was Numinex. A dragon in human form! (Persuade)
3830MS05PoemVerse3Okay, what's next?
3831MS05PoemVerse4DragonOlaf sacked it in dragon form! (Persuade)
3832MS05PoemVerse4Evil2He sacked it and used magic to blame Solitude.
3833MS05ReturnWithCoatTopic1The Festival is back on.
3834MS05SendToJornTopicDoes that mean I'm a Bard now?
3835MS05TulliusCoatFavorTopicI need your coat.
3836MS05TulliusCoatFavorTopic2I'm going to put it on Olaf's Effigy.
3837MS05TulliusCoatFavorTopic3It's all in good fun, Tullius.
3838MS05ViarmoApplicationTopicI'm looking to apply to the college.
3839MS05ViarmoApplicationTopic2And that's where I come in?
3840MS05ViarmoAtCourtBranchTopicAre we ready?
3841MS05ViarmoPoeticEddaDescriptionTopicSo what is the Poetic Edda?
3842MS05ViarmoTask2What do you need me to do?
3843MS05ViarmoTaskDescriptionWhy did Elisif forbid the festival?
3844MS05WeddingDelayBlockingTopic1I have the coat
3845MS06AboutPotema0What do I need to know about Potema?
3846MS06FalkBookReturn0Some Necromancers were attempting to summon and bind Potema.
3847MS06FalkPotema01You sent me a message about Wolf Skull Cave?
3848MS06FalkPotema02I'll talk to Styrr. We'll figure something out.
3849MS06FalkPotema03Who is Styrr?
3850MS06FalkPotema4Why me?
3851MS06FalkQuestEnd0I've taken care of Potema.
3852MS06StartElisifBlowOffTopicDo you need someone to check out Wolfskull Cave?
3853MS06StartFalkReturn2topic2I interrupted their ritual. It's done.
3854MS06StartSybilleResponse1Who are you?
3855MS06StartSybilleResponse2I stopped some Necromancers from summoning Potema.
3856MS06StartSybilleResponse3I'm here to speak to Falk.
3857MS06StartSybilleStentorTopicAre you worried about what that petitioner said about Wolfskull Cave?
3858MS06StartVarniusTopicAren't you worried about Wolfskull Cave?
3859MS06StyrrAdvice02And now that Potema has returned?
3860MS06StyrrAdvice03aWait, you want me to go do this alone?
3861MS06StyrrAdvice03bI can do that.
3862MS06StyrrHelloTopicFalk sent me to talk to you about Potema.
3863MS06StyrrQuestEndTopic01I have Potema's remains.
3864Ms07AfterLamp0I put out the Lighthouse fire.
3865MS07AfterLamp2TopicWhy didn't your men put out the fire?
3866MS07AfterLamp3TopicYou're the leader of the Blackblood Marauders?
3867MS07BanditGreetDirectionsTopicYes, I put out the fire.
3868MS07DeejaIcerunnerBranchTopicSo we're splitting the loot, then?
3869MS07JareeRaOfferTopicOkay, so what's your offer?
3870MS07JareeRaOfferTopic2So you want me to put out the Lighthouse fire?
3871MS07JRGreet0What did you have in mind?
3872MS07JRGreet1AI'm no thief.
3873MS07JRGreet1BI'm listening...
3874MS07JRWhatIf0Setting up a wreck? I should turn you in to the guards.
3875MS07ValdCleanUpBanditsTopicLooks like Deeja won't be bothering us again.
3876MS07ValdMeetsPlayerAtShip2TopicWho are you?
3877MS07ValdMeetsPlayerAtShip2Topic2Just you?
3878MS07ValdMeetsPlayerAtShipTopicWho are you?
3879MS07ValdRewardGreetTopicI dealt with the rest of the bandits.
3880MS07ValdtimeAndPlayerAttackTopicLet's take them out.
3881MS07Victims0What would happen to sailors on the boat?
3882MS08AlikrPrisonerST25TopicI need to find Kematu. Where is he hiding?
3883MS08AlikrPrisonerST25Topic01What is it that you need?
3884MS08AlikrPrisonerST25Topic01aHow much to pay your fine?
3885MS08AlikrPrisonerST25Topic01bWhy did they leave you here?
3886MS08AlikrST0TopicWho are you looking for?
3887MS08AlikrST10BranchTopicWho are you looking for again?
3888MS08GuardSicariusQuestionTopicWho are the Alik'r?
3889MS08GuardST0Branch02TopicWhy have the Alik'r been banned from the market?
3890MS08GuardST0TopicWho are the Alik'r?
3891MS08GuardST25BranchTopicI need information about the Alik'r.
3892MS08KematuAmbushBranchTopicWhat will you do now?
3893MS08KematuAmbushFollowUpShe won't be harmed?
3894MS08KematuST100TopicI've been sent here to kill you.
3895MS08KematuST100Topic01Saadia told me - you're assassins.
3896MS08KematuST100Topic01aSo, what do you want me to do?
3897MS08KematuST100Topic01a1All right, I'll do it.
3898MS08KematuST100Topic01bWhat was her crime?
3899MS08KematuST100Topic01cI was hired to kill you, and that's what I intend to do.
3900MS08KematuStage175BranchTopicWhy are you after Saadia?
3901MS08SaadiaS25AlikrQuestionTopicWhy haven't you gone to the guards for help?
3902MS08SaadiaST10BranchTopicDid you know some Alik'r warriors are looking for a Redguard woman?
3903MS08SaadiaST125FollowUpThey've found a way in. We need to get you out of here. (Lie)
3904MS08SaadiaST125Response1There's a horse waiting at the stables. I'll make sure you're safe. (Lie)
3905MS08SaadiaST125TopicI was unable to defeat them all, and they're coming for you. (Lie)
3906MS08SaadiaST160TopicThe Alik'r won't trouble you anymore.
3907MS08SaadiaST20Final1How am I supposed to get rid of them?
3908MS08SaadiaST20Final2Any suggestions as to how I find them?
3909MS08SaadiaST20TopicTell me what's going on.
3910MS08SaadiaST20Topic01Relax, I'm not going to hurt you.
3911MS08SaadiaST20Topic01aMaybe. What do you want?
3912MS08SaadiaST20Topic01bPerhaps. If there's money in it.
3913MS08SaadiaST20Topic02They just asked me to find you.
3914MS08SaadiaST20Topic03Put that down before you get hurt.
3915MS08SaadiaST75TopicI know where the Alik'r are, and I have a way in.
3916MS08SaadiaStage199BranchTopicThere, now you're safe.
3917MS08SaadiaStage199Response1Relax. Kematu's dead, and now you're safe.
3918MS08SaadiaStage199Response2I didn't want to risk you not coming.
3919MS08SaadiaStage25AlikrQuestion2TopicWhy are the Alik'r after you?
3920MS08Stage10AlikrWhyLookingTopicWhy are you looking for this person?
3921MS08Stage25GuardBranchTopicI want to pay that prisoner's fine.
3922MS08WarriorTurnInBranchTopicI've seen the woman you're looking for.
3923MS08WarriorTurnInGetPaidWhat do I get for telling you?
3924MS08WarriorTurninSaadiaInnShe's in the Bannered Mare. She knows you're out here.
3925MS09AvulsteinFollowUpFinalSounds like you need some help.
3926MS09AvulsteinStage10FollowUp1I'll find the proof you need.
3927MS09AvulsteinStage10FollowUp2I'm not sure I want to get involved in this.
3928MS09AvulsteinStage10Response2I'm not even sure what's going on.
3929MS09AvulsteinStage20BranchTopicWhat sort of proof do you need?
3930MS09AvulsteinStage30BranchTopicI have proof that Thorald lives.
3931MS09AvulsteinStage30NorthwatchBranchTopicYou're going to assault Northwatch Keep?
3932MS09AvulsteinStage30Response1AgreeOf course I'll join you.
3933MS09AvulsteinStage30Response1AloneLet me see if I can bring him back on my own. Without bloodshed.
3934MS09AvulsteinStage30Response2You stay hidden. I'll take care of this.
3935MS09AvulsteinStage30Response2NoYou're right. We should work together.
3936MS09AvulsteinStage30Response2YesI'm sure. I'll bring him back myself.
3937MS09AvulsteinStage50KeepBranchTopicWhat do we do now?
3938MS09AvulsteinTriggerFollowUp1I don't know your brother.
3939MS09AvulsteinTriggerFollowUp2I didn't mean to alarm you. Why are you so tense?
3940MS09AvulsteinTriggerResponse1I don't know what you're talking about.
3941MS09AvulsteinTriggerResponse2Calm down. I'm not working for anyone.
3942MS09BattleBornInitialTopicTopicWhat was that argument all about?
3943MS09FraliaEndBranchTopicThorald is safe.
3944MS09FraliaEndFollowUp1I'm afraid he's not here. He didn't think it was safe to return.
3945MS09FraliaEndFollowUp2He said to tell you to "suffer the winter's cold wind."
3946MS09FraliaInitialFollowUp1How do you know they're lying?
3947MS09FraliaInitialFollowUp2How can you be sure your son is alive?
3948MS09JonOlfinaBranchTopicI found your letter to Olfina.
3949MS09JonOlfinaResponse1Shall we see what your father thinks of this letter?
3950MS09JonOlifnaFollowUp1I want to know about Thorald Gray-Mane.
3951MS09JusticiarDefaultViewTopicWhat is this place?
3952MS09JusticiarGiveOrderHere's an order from General Tullius himself.
3953MS09JusticiarThoraldBranchTopicI'm here for Thorald Gray-Mane
3954MS09Stage100Response1Your family was concerned for you.
3955MS09Stage100Response2I told him to wait in Whiterun.
3956MS09Stage100Response3Your brother talked me into it.
3957MS09Stage10AvulsteinFGResponse1Yes, absolutely. What can I do?
3958MS09Stage10FraliaNotAtHomeCan you tell me more about your missing son?
3959MS09Stage110BranchTopicI bring news of Thorald.
3960MS09Stage20FraliaBranch1TopicHow can you be sure Thorald is still alive?
3961MS09Stage20FraliaBranch2TopicWhy do you think the Battle-Borns are involved?
3962MS09Stage20IdolafThoraldInfoTopicI need to know what happened to Thorald.
3964MS09ThoradQuestionFollowUp2If Thorald is alive, where is he?
3965MS09ThoraldHowLongTopicHow long have you been chained up?
3966MS09ThoraldQuestionFollowUp1How do you know this?
3967MS09ThoraldQuestionsBranchTopicWhat do you know about Thorald Gray-Mane?
3968MS09ThoraldStage100BranchTopicYou should be safe now.
3969MS09ThoraldStage55BranchTopicWe're here to rescue you.
3970MS09ThoraldWhyCapturedBranchTopicWhat do the Thalmor want with you?
3971MS09TulliusThoraldBranchTopicI need a prisoner released from Northwatch Keep.
3972MS10AdelaisaCodeSixLet's go.
3973MS10AdelaisaFogExpositionHave we reached Japhet's Folly?
3974MS10AdelaisaHaldynTopicIs that my job?
3975MS10AdelaisaHoldUpForASecNot just yet.
3976MS10AdelaisaKnowIslandBranchTopicI know where the Blood Horkers are.
3977MS10AdelaisaPostBattleTopicI've killed Haldyn.
3978MS10AdelaisaPreAssaultTopicWhat's the plan?
3979MS10AdelaisaWarnAboutHaldynTheir leader is a battle-mage named Haldyn.
3981MS10MercTransitHoldOffNot just yet.
3982MS10MercTransitLetsGoLet's go.
3983MS10OrthusBringBookDo you have any proof of that?
3984MS10OrthusGotJournalBranchTopicI've got the logbook.
3985MS10OrthusHaldynBranchTopicWhat do you know about Haldyn?
3986MS10OrthusIntroBranchTopicWhy is it so run down?
3987MS10OrthusKnowIslandBranchTopicI know where the Blood Horkers are.
3988MS10OrthusPirateStoryWhat else can you tell me about these pirates?
3989MS10OrthusRewardBranchTopicThe pirate haven has been destroyed.
3990MS10OrthusShatterShieldConnectionWho are the Shatter-Shields?
3991MS10StigBribeAttemptWould this loosen your tongue? ( gold)
3992MS10StigTellMeAboutPiratesLots of gold to be had plundering ships.
3993MS10StigWhereIsTheBaseWhere would I go to join up?
3994MS10StigYouWannaGoDo I have to beat it out of you? (Brawl)
3995MS10WhoIsThisHaldynYouSpeakOfWho is Haldyn?
3996MS10WhyNotFightBackWhy not fight back?
3997MS11CalixtoAmuletBelongsToWuunferthShouldn't the court mage have it?
3998MS11CalixtoBuyingAmuletYou have yourself a deal, sir.
3999MS11CalixtoPlayerKeepsAmuletI think I'll hold on to it for the time being.
4000MS11CrimeSceneGuardHintTopicJorleif has granted me permission to aid in the investigation.
4001MS11CrimeSceneGuardIntroTopicWhat happened here?
4002MS11CrimeSceneGuardPointToUlfricTopicI've spoken to the witnesses.
4003MS11CrimeSceneWitness1BranchTopicDid you see what happened here?
4004MS11CrimeSceneWitness2BranchTopicDid you see what happened here?
4005MS11CrimeSceneWitness3BranchTopicDid you see what happened here?
4006MS11GuardHowWasSheKilledHow was she killed?
4007MS11GuardInsinuationsSounds like the guards aren't doing their job.
4008MS11GuardPlayerWantsToHelpThere might be more to this, if you'll let me help.
4009MS11GuardsGettingIntoHjerimTopicHow do I get into Hjerim?
4010MS11GuardTerribleHowsItGoingAre the murders being investigated?
4011MS11GuardThereAreMultipleMurdersAnother? This has happened before?
4012MS11GuardWantHelpCould you use some help?
4013MS11HelgirdBodyLetsKeepGoingIt's all right. But have you found anything?
4014MS11HelgirdBodyQuestionsBranchTopicHave you noticed anything strange about the body?
4015MS11HelgirdBodyRightSoUmSo, the body?
4016MS11HelgirdIGuessThatsThatLet me know if you find anything else.
4017MS11HelgirdWellThatsALittleObviousDid you have anything to do with this?
4018MS11InvestigatingCluesCalixtoAmuletTopicDo you know anything about this amulet?
4019MS11InvestigatingCluesGuardsAmuletTopicDo you know what this amulet is?
4020MS11InvestigatingCluesGuardsFlyerTopicCan you tell me anything about the "Butcher"?
4021MS11InvestigatingCluesViolaFlyerTopicWhat can you tell me about the "Butcher"?
4022MS11InvestigatingCluesViolaInsideHjerimTopicFind anything?
4023MS11InvestigatingCluesViolaOutsideHjerimTopicReady to check out the house?
4024MS11JorleifAccusationOfWuunferthTopicI believe the killer is Wuunferth the Unliving.
4025MS11JorleifButcherPermissionTopicI've heard about these murders.
4026MS11JorleifPresentEvidenceWe have evidence of necromancy, and found his amulet.
4027MS11JorleifQuestOverTopicCalixto Corrium was the real killer.
4028MS11KnivesQuestionBranchTopicDo you know about draugr embalming blades?
4029MS11RobesQuestionBranchTopicDo you know anything about these robes?
4030MS11SecondCrimeSceneGuardViewTopicWhat happened here? Another killing?
4031MS11SecondCrimeScenePointerToWuunferthThe killer must still be out there.
4033MS11TovaFindingDaughterDo you want to find your daughter's killer or not?
4034MS11TovaForgivenessPleaseI'm sorry to have troubled you.
4035MS11TovaGettingIntoHjerimPostIntroBranchTopicI'm sorry to trouble you, but I have some more questions.
4036MS11TovaNeedKeyI'd like to investigate her house, but I'll need the key.
4037MS11TovaRespectMyAuthorityI have authority in this matter, and need your cooperation.
4038MS11TovaTryingToFindOutI'm trying to find out who did this. I was hoping you'd help.
4039MS11ViolaGuardsUselessWhy can't the guards help?
4040MS11ViolaPeopleAreLazyHow can the rest of the people not care?
4041MS11ViolaPosterExplanationI found this poster in Hjerim.
4042MS11ViolaThinksItsWuunferthIt sounds like the court mage has been experimenting.
4044MS11WuunferthApologyResponseI'm sorry. Please help me to find the real killer.
4045MS11WuunferthCalixtoDenigrationI guess Calixto was wrong.
4046MS11WuunferthCSIMomentSo what can we do now?
4047MS11WuunferthHatesNecromancyI found one of your journals, all about necromancy.
4048MS11WuunferthInPrisonBranchTopicThe killer has struck again.
4049MS11WuunferthKnowsTheAmuletEight-sided. Jade, ringed with ebony. A worn carving.
4050MS11WuunferthNoSuchAmuletI found your journals and amulet where the Butcher worked.
4051MS11WuunferthSnarkyNonApologyYou can be resentful or you can help me. Your choice.
4052MS11WuunferthSoTheySayYoureTheBaddyTopicI've heard you dabble in necromancy.
4053MS12HealingI'd like it to have the power of healing.
4055MS12ImproveCombatI want to deal more damage in battle.
4056MS12ImproveMagicI want to strengthen my magical skills.
4057MS12ImproveSneakI want to be better hidden in the shadows.
4058MS12NurelionGotPhialTopicI've brought the Phial, but it's damaged.
4059MS12NurelionIntroBranchTopicWhat were you arguing about?
4060MS12NurelionMotivationBranchTopicWhy is the Phial so important to you?
4061MS12NurelionOfferThanksIf you tell me where it is, I can get it for you.
4062MS12NurelionPhialInfoBranchTopicWhat is the White Phial?
4063MS12NurelionPlayerDefendsHimselfIt was like this when I found it.
4064MS12QuintusAboutBriarHeartTopicTell me about the Briar Heart.
4065MS12QuintusAboutPowderTopicTell me about the Mammoth Tusk Powder.
4066MS12QuintusAboutSnowTopicTell me about the Unmelting Snow.
4067MS12QuintusAfterNurelionsDeathTopicWhat happened to Nurelion?
4068MS12QuintusAllGoodI was happy to help.
4069MS12QuintusCanRepairYou think you know how to repair the Phial?
4070MS12QuintusCheapskateNurelion only gave me five septims.
4071MS12QuintusNurelionIsDeadI'm sorry to hear that.
4072MS12QuintusRepairingPhialBranchTopicI have the materials you requested.
4073MS12QuintusRepairInstructionsCallPlayerTopicI was happy to help.
4074MS12QuintusSendsYouOffTopicI received your letter.
4075MS12ResistDamageI want to be tougher in battle.
4076MS12ResistMagicI want to resist the forces of magic.
4079MS13ArvelBlockingBranchTopicYou're still stuck.
4080MS13ArvelWebStuckTopic01Where's the golden claw?
4081MS13ArvelWebStuckTopic02Hand over the claw first!
4082MS13ArvelWebStuckTopic03Fine. Let me see if I can cut you down.
4083MS13CamillaEscortNoBranchTopicI don't need a guide.
4084MS13CamillaEscortYesBranchTopicLead on then.
4085MS13LucanHaveGoldStatueBranchTopicI have the golden claw.
4086MS13LucanVolunteerTopicI could help you get the claw back.
4087MS13RumorsTopicHave you heard any rumors lately?
4088MS14AlvaRevealedTopicAlva is a vampire!
4089MS14AreYouSureIt's a possibility we can't ignore.
4090MS14AskAboutHouseTopicIs there a story behind that burned down house?
4091MS14AskHelgiLaeletteThe other one? What do you mean?
4092MS14HelgiFinalTopicI've avenged you and your mother.
4093MS14HelgiFirstMeetTopicWho are you?
4094MS14HelgisGhostTopicI saw Helgi's Ghost.
4095MS14HelgiWhatHappenedNo. I'm a friend. Do you know what happened to your house?
4096MS14HideAndSeekTopicIf I do, will you tell me who set the fire?
4097MS14HowDidItStartHow did the fire start?
4098MS14HroggarAlvaBranchTopicThonnir says Alva was the last person to see Laelette... alive.
4099MS14HroggarHelgiGhostI saw Helgi's ghost in the ruins of your house.
4100MS14HroggarHouseI heard your home burned down.
4101MS14HroggarWifeChildWhat about your wife and child?
4102MS14JarlAlvaDidItAlva set the fire. She's the murderer.
4103MS14JarlAlvaVampireActually, she's a vampire. She planned to enslave the town.
4104MS14JarlReadJournalTopicI have Alva's journal.
4105MS14KilledHisOwnFamilyWith his own wife and child inside?
4106MS14LaeletteDeadWhat can you tell me about your wife?
4107MS14LaeletteRumorTopicWhat can you tell me about Laelette?
4108MS14LaelettesFriendsDid you notice anything strange before she left?
4109MS14LaeletteVampieI think they may have met after all.
4110MS14RewardTopicThe master vampire Movarth is dead.
4112MS14ShouldArrestAnd of course they can't prove he murdered them.
4113MS14ThonnirMobScaredBranchTopicI have to go into the vampire's lair alone?
4114MS14ThonnirRevengeYou want to help me kill the vampire?
4115MS14WhoIsDaddyIs Hroggar your father?
4116MSStigBasicBranchTopicHave you heard of a pirate crew called the Blood Horkers?
4118nilheimTelravIntroTopicAre you ok?
4119NN01AvrusaBranchSinderionTopicI've found Sinderion's remains.
4120NN01AvrusaCompleteBranchTopicI've brought this Crimson Nirnroot for you.
4121NN01AvrusaCompleteBranchTopic01Here you are.
4122NN01AvrusaNirnOnlyBranchTopicAre you familiar with this Crimson Nirnroot?
4123NN01AvrusaNirnOnlyBranchTopic01I found it in Blackreach.
4124OfferServicesTopicWhat have you got for sale?
4125OffersTrainingTopicI'd like training in Alchemy.
4126PerkInvestorBranch1Topic1I'd like to make an investment in your business.
4127PerkInvestorReply1On second thought, perhaps I'll invest another time.
4128PerkInvestorReply2Let's see what you can do with this. ( gold)
4129Pilgrim01Branch01TopicWhat are you doing?
4130Pilgrim01GreybeardsBranchTopicDo you visit the Greybeards?
4131Pilgrim02Branch01TopicWhat are you doing?
4132Pilgrim02Branch02TopicWho are you?
4133Pilgrim02DohvakiinTopicDid you hear the Greybeards call "Dovahkiin"?
4134RelationshipMarriageBreakUpHurtfulI never loved you, anyway.
4135RelationshipMarriageBreakUpReconcileIt was a mistake. Can we start over?
4136RelationshipMarriageFINCookingTopicWould you mind cooking something for me?
4137RelationshipMarriageFINHouseChoiceTopicI'd like us to move somewhere else.
4138RelationshipMarriageFINMarkarthHouseVlindrel Hall, my house in Markarth.
4139RelationshipMarriageFINRiftenHouseHoneyside, my house in Riften.
4140RelationshipMarriageFINSolitudeHouseProudspire Manor, my house in Solitude.
4141RelationshipMarriageFINSpouseHouseYour old place would suit us just fine.
4142RelationshipMarriageFINStoreTopicHas the store made any money?
4143RelationshipMarriageFINWhiterunHouseBreezehome, my house in Whiterun.
4144RelationshipMarriageFINWindhelmHouseHjerim, my house in Windhelm.
4145RelationshipMarriageIntroDialogueCourtingIntroTopicInterested in me, are you?
4146RelationshipMarriageIntroDialogueCourtingMaybeI might. Why don't you remind me?
4147RelationshipMarriageIntroDialogueCourtingNONo, not really.
4148RelationshipMarriageIntroDialogueMaramalTopicI wanted to know more about the Temple of Mara.
4149RelationshipMarriageIntroDialogueMaramalWeddingTopicI could have a wedding at the temple?
4150RelationshipMarriageIntroSymbolofMaraTopicI'll buy an amulet of Mara. (200 gold)
4151RelationshipMarriageMaramalWeddingRestartBranchTopicI made a mistake. I want to go ahead with the ceremony.
4153RelationshipMarriageTempleArrangementTopicI'd like to have a wedding at the temple.
4154RelationshipMarriageWeddingHouseSolitudeLet's live in my house in Solitude.
4155RelationshipMarriageWeddingHouseWindhelmHow about my house in Windhelm?
4156RelationshipMarriageWeddingMarkarthHouseMy house in Markarth would be perfect.
4157RelationshipMarriageWeddingRiftenHouseI have a house in Riften.
4158RelationshipMarriageWeddingSceneVowsNOTopicStop the wedding! I can't go through with this.
4159RelationshipMarriageWeddingSceneVowsYESTopicI do. Now and forever.
4160RelationshipMarriageWeddingSpouseHouseLiving with you would be perfect.
4161RelationshipMarriageWeddingWhiterunHouseWe could live in my house in Whiterun.
4162RelationshipOrcsDialogueAddtoFactionBranchTopicCan you make me Blood-Kin?
4163RelationshipOrcsDialogueIntroBranchTopicAre all the Orc strongholds guarded?
4164RentRoomTopicI'd like to rent a room. ( gold)
4165RoriksteadFreeform1Branch1TopicWhat is it that you need?
4166RoriksteadFreeform1Branch4TopicI'll see what I can do.
4167RoriksteadFreeformBranch10MralkiTopicTopicYour days of exploiting your son are over.
4168RoriksteadFreeformBranch11MralkiTopicOn second thought, let's talk about this another time.
4169RoriksteadFreeformBranch6MralkiTopicYou should let your son choose the life he wants.
4170RoriksteadFreeformBranch7MralkiTopicHere, use this to buy some armor. ( gold)
4171RoriksteadFreeformBranch8MralkiTopicFind the money, or you'll have me to deal with. (Intimidate)
4172RoriksteadFreeformBranch9MralkiTopicYou'd prefer your son to grow bitter and resent you? (Persuade)
4173RoriksteadFreeformErikConclusionTopic2TopicI haven't spoken to him yet.
4174RoriksteadFreeformErikConclusionTopicTopicYour father changed his mind.
4175RoriksteadFreeformErikGeneralTopic1TopicYour crops seem to be thriving
4176RoriksteadFreeformErikGeneralTopic2TopicHave you lived here all your life?
4177RoriksteadFreeformNoTopicYou should probably stick to farming.
4178RunilTroubledBranch02TopicGo on.
4179RunilTroubledBranch02Topic02The Thalmor?
4180RunilTroubledBranch02Topic03And you're afraid your friends will find out?
4181RunilTroubledBranch03Topic01Your secret is safe with me.
4182SalveniBranch01TopicWhy are you down here?
4183SelveniFreeMeTopicWhat are you doing there?
4184SelveniHelpBranchTopicCan you make it out of here?
4185shipwreck04TriusGreetingBranchTopicWhat's going on here?
4190SolitudeFreeform01AngelaMorrardReturnResponseAngela... Mrs. Morrard... your daughter is dead.
4191SolitudeFreeform01AngelaMorrardReturnTopicI have some news about your daughter.
4192SolitudeFreeform01ValdBranch1QuestionCaptain, Angela sent me to ask about her daughter.
4193SolitudeFreeform01ValdIntimidateWell, I'm making it "need to know." (Intimidate)
4194SolitudeFreeform01ValdNevermindFine. If that's the way you want it.
4195SolitudeFreeform01ValdPersuadeI think Angela needs to know. (Persuade)
4196SolitudeFreeform01ValdPullRankTell me about her daughter. That's an order, Captain.
4197SolitudeFreeform02Elisif01TopicDo you like my outfit?
4198SolitudeFreeform02Elisif02TopicIt was made by Radiant Raiment.
4199SolitudeFreeform02ReturnTaarie01TopicElisif loved the outfit. She'll be placing an order soon.
4200SolitudeFreeform02Taarie01TopicSo what should I wear to the Blue Palace?
4201SolitudeFreeform02Taarie02AcceptTopicSounds easy enough. I'll do it.
4202SolitudeFreeform02Taarie03RefuseTopicSorry, I'm afraid you'll make me look silly.
4203SolitudeFreeform03Greta01TopicI've got the Amulet
4204SolitudeFreeform03GretaMee02TopicShe wants you to return to Temple.
4205SolitudeFreeform03GretaMeet01TopicHi. Svari asked me to talk to you.
4206SolitudeFreeform03GretaMeet03TopicI'll do what I can.
4207SolitudeFreeform03Svari01TopicI'm sorry about your uncle.
4208SolitudeFreeform03Svari02AcceptTopicMaybe I could convince her.
4209SolitudeFreeform03Svari03RefuseTopicYou may just have to give her time.
4210SolitudeFreeform04AcceptI can deliver that for you.
4211SolitudeFreeform04QuestEndTopicI have a delivery from .
4212SolitudeFreeform04QuestGiveTopicWho's in charge of Solitude?
4213SolitudeFreeform04RejectGood luck with that.
4214SolitudeFreeform06BribeTopicI'm sure we can work something out. ( gold)
4215SolitudeFreeform06Evette1TopicWhat do you need from the docks?
4216SolitudeFreeform06Evette2AcceptTopicShouldn't be a problem.
4217SolitudeFreeform06Evette3DenieTopicI'm not really heading that way.
4218SolitudeFreeform06EvetteReturn1TopicThe East Empire Company is sending up your spices.
4219SolitudeFreeform06PayTariffTopicSure, I'll pay the tariff. (2000 gold)
4220SolitudeFreeform06PersuadeTopicEvette can't afford a tariff. She can barely afford her stand. (Persuade)
4221SolitudeFreeform06ViciTopicEvette San asked me to check on her shipment of spice.
4222SolitudeFreeform07ElisifAcceptTopicI would be honored to help.
4223SolitudeFreeform07ElisifExplainTopicDo you worship Talos?
4224SolitudeFreeform07ElisifRefuseTopicI'm sorry, I can't right now.
4225SolitudeFreeform07ReturnElisifTopicI've placed the horn at the shrine.
4226SolitudeFreeform07StartElisif2TopicWhat can I do for you, Jarl?
4227SolitudeFreeformGuardSolitudeArmyHow do I join the Imperial Legion?
4228SolitudeFreeformGuardSolitudeInfoWho is Roggvir?
4229StablesAcceptTopicHere's my offer... ( gold)
4230StablesBuyHorseTopicCan I buy a horse?
4231StablesRejectTopicOn second thought, I'll walk.
4232stalleoGiveQuestTopicWhat's going on here?
4233T01DegaineAtFinishTopicI have the statue.
4234T01DegaineDuringOpeningBranchTopicI have a question about the statue.
4235T01EnmonComeWithMeWe'll save her together.
4236T01EnmonGivesLocationWhere did they take her?
4237T01EnmonHearsAboutSybilYour daughter is the Sybil of Dibella.
4238T01EnmonLookShesBackForASecondAnywayTopicI've found your daughter.
4239T01EnmonStayBehindIt's dangerous out there. You should stay.
4240T01EnmonSybilBranchTopicI'm looking for a young girl who lives around here.
4241T01EnmonTellsAboutKidnappingWhat are you talking about?
4242T01EnmonWantsHerToBeSafeI just want her to be safe.
4243T01FjotraTakeToMarkarthI'm here to bring you to the Temple in Markarth.
4244T01FjotraWillBeTheSybilYou're going to be the Sybil of Dibella.
4245T01HamalConclusionBranchTopicI've brought your Sybil.
4247T01HamalConfrontMeanOptionThis statue looks valuable.
4248T01HamalConfrontNiceOptionI was curious about the temple.
4249T01HamalGirlTakenBranchTopicThe girl is just taken from her family?
4250T01HamalIGuessIllHelpI will undertake this penance. Where is the village?
4251T01HamalScrewYouI'm not your errand boy. The statue is mine!
4252T01HamalSoWhatsThePriceWhat is the penalty?
4253T01HamalWhatDoYouHaveInMindWhat use is that?
4254T01HamalWhatsASybilBranchTopicWhat is a Sybil?
4255T01HamalWhatsInItForMeBranchTopicAnything else in it for me?
4256T01HamalWhySecretBranchTopicWhy is this all such a secret?
4258T01SennaKickPlayerOutTopicWhy is the temple closed?
4259T01StartingProdFromDegaineDid you say something about money?
4260T01WhosTheMommyVery well. Who is the mother?
4261T01YeahRightTryItI'll kill you all before I let you keep me here.
4262T02AcolyteComeBackLaterBranchTopicWhich of the Eight Divines do you serve?
4263T02BassianusBotiSurpriseShe said that you should elope.
4264T02BassianusExitI'm not sure. I hope things work out for you.
4265T02BassianusGetToHerBoti said she'd handle Jofthor.
4266T02BassianusPushTopicBoti said to talk to you about Fastred.
4267T02BotiBackstoryBranchTopicYour daughter asked me to speak to you.
4268T02BotiBassianusPushWhat would inspire them to leave?
4269T02CalcelmoGivingLetterBranchTopicI have a letter from Faleen.
4270T02CalcelmoIntroBranchTopicI've been sent by Mara to aid you.
4271T02CalcelmoNeedsACyranoIs there anyone who knows what she likes?
4272T02CalcelmoNeedsCommonInterestsYou just need to have something to talk about.
4273T02CalcelmoNeedsToManUpYou're probably overthinking this.
4274T02CalcelmoPlayerDoesntKnowFaleenI'm sorry, I don't know her.
4275T02CalcelmoPlayerKnowsFaleenYes, I do.
4276T02DinyaAcceptQuestJust tell me what to do.
4277T02DinyaFinishQuestTopicI helped the long-dead lovers find each other.
4278T02DinyaGiveMarkarthSegmentBranchTopicI helped the young lovers in Ivarstead.
4279T02DinyaGiveQuestPhaseTwoTopicI helped the forlorn lovers of Markarth.
4280T02DinyaHowToGetBlessingMay I receive her blessings?
4281T02DinyaNahNotForMeI don't think I can help you.
4282T02DinyaNextStepDoes Mara require more of me?
4283T02DinyaQuestOfferingTopicIs it still possible to aid the temple?
4284T02DinyaQuestStartTopicWhich of the Eight Divines do you serve?
4285T02FaleenDoYouLikeLikeHimWhat do you think of him?
4286T02FaleenGiveLetterHe cares about you.
4287T02FaleenGivePoemTopicI have a poem I'd like you to read.
4288T02FaleenIWasJustJoshinYou're right. I was probably mistaken.
4289T02FaleenNoItsTrueIt's true. He told me.
4290T02FaleenOhNothingAtAllI was just curious.
4291T02FaleenPlayerTriesToSpillTheBeansHe has feelings for you.
4292T02FaleenPoemIsFromCalcelmoIt's from Calcelmo. Please.
4293T02FaleenPoemReaction(Give poem)
4294T02FaleenTellMeAboutCalcelmoTopicI want to talk to you about Calcelmo.
4295T02FastredGetItTogetherYou sound a little confused.
4296T02FastredQuestEndI'll talk to your parents about it.
4297T02FastredStoryYes. What's troubling you?
4298T02FastredWhoHow did you know I was coming?
4299T02FenrigIntroBranchTopicYour wife is looking for you.
4300T02FenrigTakeToHukiLet me take you to Ruki.
4301T02FenrigTellsAboutCampWhy don't you like camping here?
4302T02FenrigTellsWhatHappenedWest, in the plains over the mountain.
4303T02JofthorBackstoryTopicYour daughter asked me to speak to you.
4304T02JofthorWhyImportantYou think she'll get over it?
4305T02KlimmekDoItShe probably appreciates assertive men.
4306T02KlimmekExitLooks like there's not much you can do.
4307T02KlimmekInsultI mean that you should be bold.
4308T02KlimmekNothingToLoseWhat do you have to lose?
4309T02KlimmekPushItFurtherNever mind. I think she wants a more cultured man.
4310T02KlimmekPushTopicI hear you lost Fastred.
4311T02RukiGreetingBranchTopicWhat are you doing?
4312T02RukiMocksPlayerTopicThe last battle here was hundreds of years ago.
4313T02RukiNoBodiesI don't see any bodies here.
4314T02YngvarAdviceBranchTopicAbout that poem....
4315T02YngvarAdviceStartBranchTopicI've heard you might know what Faleen likes.
4316T02YngvarGossipGossipGossipIt's not for me. It's for Calcelmo.
4317T02YngvarManyManyMoniesI'll buy it. (200 gold)
4318T02YngvarNoneOfYourBeeswaxI'd rather not say.
4319T02YngvarNotEnoughMoniesThat seems like a lot of money.
4320T03DanicaEldergleamInfoAfterIntroTopicTell me more about Eldergleam.
4321T03DanicaGildergreenInfoWhat's so special about this tree?
4322T03DanicaGiveMeTheKnifeWhat kind of weapon would work?
4323T03DanicaGotNettlebaneTopicI've found Nettlebane for you.
4324T03DanicaGotSapTopicI've got the sap.
4325T03DanicaImOnItI'll get Nettlebane for you.
4326T03DanicaIntroTempleInfoTopicTell me about this temple.
4327T03DanicaNeedHelpWithTreeIs there any way to revive the tree?
4328T03DanicaNotMyProblemThat's not really my problem.
4329T03DanicaQuestRunningTellMoreNettlebaneTopicWhy do we need Nettlebane?
4330T03DanicaSoWhatThenWhat kind of weapon would work?
4331T03DanicaTravelToGroveWhat needs to be done?
4332T03DanicaTreeInfoAfterIntroTopicWhat's so special about the Gildergreen?
4333T03DanicaUnderstandingEndMaurice said that renewal is more important than maintenance.
4334T03DanicaWhereIsTheTreeWhere is the tree?
4335T03DanicaWhyNoPilgrimsWhy haven't the pilgrims been coming?
4336T03MaurceUnderstandingI'd rather not have company right now.
4337T03MauriceAdmonishmentTopicWhat's wrong?
4338T03MauriceDisgustI'll just take the sap. Danica was very insistent on having it.
4339T03MauriceDontFollowResponseI'd rather not have company right now.
4340T03MauriceFollowingOrNotTopicI'm heading towards Eldergleam.
4341T03MauriceFollowMeToTreeWhat did you have in mind?
4342T03MauriceHasAPlanDo you have a better idea?
4343T03MauriceIntroductionTopicCan I help you?
4344T03MauriceKThxBaiThanks for your help.
4345T03MauriceReactToPlanI need sap to fix the Gildergreen.
4346T03MauriceSoYouStayingHereWhat will you do now?
4347T03MauriceThankYouYou're welcome to join me.
4348T03MauriceThankYouForLettingMeFollowYou're welcome to join me.
4349T03MauriceWarningThen stand aside. I have work to do.
4351T0JofthorAboutKlimmekWhy do you want her to stay so badly?
4352T0StartingRumorsPointerToTempleYou want me to steal it?
4353TG00BrynjolfBrandSheiInfoBranchTopicWhy are we doing this to Brand-Shei?
4354TG00BrynjolfGateBranchTopicSo the guard at the North Gate was your man?
4355TG00BrynjolfHelpBranchTopicHow am I supposed to do all of this?
4356TG00BrynjolfIntroBranch01I'm sorry, what?
4357TG00BrynjolfIntroBranch02How could you possibly know that?
4358TG00BrynjolfIntroBranch02aWhat do you mean?
4359TG00BrynjolfIntroBranch03My wealth is none of your business.
4360TG00BrynjolfIntroBranch03aYou seem to be well acquainted with wealth.
4361TG00BrynjolfIntroBranch04What do you have in mind?
4362TG00BrynjolfIntroBranch06What do I have to do?
4363TG00BrynjolfIntroBranch07Break the law? Are you kidding?
4364TG00BrynjolfIntroBranch08No, never mind.
4365TG00BrynjolfIntroBranch09Why plant the ring on Brand-Shei?
4366TG00BrynjolfIntroMQ203A1Actually, I'm looking for this old guy hiding out in Riften.
4367TG00BrynjolfIntroMQ203B1Hold on - I just wanted some information.
4368TG00BrynjolfIntroMQ203C1Let me find him first. Dragons are bad for business. (Persuade)
4369TG00BrynjolfLostRingBranchTopicI lost Madesi's ring.
4370TG00BrynjolfOutroBranchTopic01What's been going on?
4371TG00BrynjolfOutroBranchTopic02I can handle it.
4372TG00BrynjolfOutroBranchTopic03The money's nice, but I don't know...
4373TG00BrynjolfOutroBranchTopic04No way. It was wrong to do those things.
4374TG00BrynjolfReadyToStartBranchTopicI'm ready. Let's get this started.
4375TG01BersiQuestBranch02TopicYou want me to break anything else?
4376TG01BersiQuestBranchTopicI have a message from Brynjolf.
4377TG01BersiQuestBranchTopic01Simple. You don't pay, bad things happen.
4378TG01BersiQuestBranchTopic01aI think you know what it is.
4379TG01BersiQuestBranchTopic02I've had enough of this.
4380TG01BersiQuestBranchTopic02aI think you need to shut your mouth. (Brawl)
4381TG01BersiQuestBranchTopic03We can protect ourselves. Trust me.
4382TG01BersiQuestPreBrokenBranchTopicThat was from Brynjolf. Get the message?
4383TG01BrynjolfAboutKeeravaAny tips about Keerava?
4384TG01BrynjolfAfterQuestLowGoldBranchTopicJob's done, Brynjolf.
4385TG01BrynjolfBeforeRatwayBranch02TopicCan't we talk here?
4386TG01BrynjolfBeforeRatwayBranchTopicHow do I find the Ratway?
4387TG01BrynjolfDoneQuestBranch02Fair enough.
4388TG01BrynjolfDoneQuestBranchTopic01What's next, then?
4389TG01BrynjolfDoneQuestBranchTopic01aIf there's more gold where that came from, I'm in.
4390TG01BrynjolfDoneQuestBranchTopic03Before we go, I have to ask...
4391TG01BrynjolfDoneQuestBranchTopic04Word is your outfit isn't doing well. True?
4392TG01BrynjolfDoneTopicTopic01Here's what they owed us.
4393TG01BrynjolfDuringQuestBranchBersiTopicAny help with Bersi?
4394TG01BrynjolfDuringQuestBranchHaelgaTopicWhat's Haelga's story?
4395TG01BrynjolfIntroductionOutroBranch00Deadbeats? What'd they do?
4396TG01BrynjolfIntroductionOutroBranch01Sounds good. Who are they?
4397TG01BrynjolfIntroductionOutroBranch03How did you want me to handle it?
4398TG01BrynjolfIntroductionOutroBranch04Consider it done.
4399TG01BrynjolfIntroductionOutroBranchTopic05Will I get a cut?
4400TG01BrynjolfIntroductionTopicSo this is the Ragged Flagon?
4401TG01BrynjolfIntroductionTopic01Getting here was easy.
4402TG01BrynjolfIntroductionTopic01aI almost got killed!
4403TG01BrynjolfIntroductionTopic01bDon't know why I bothered. This place is a mess.
4405TG01HaelgaQuestBranch02TopicSo, should I drop this statue down a well?
4406TG01HaelgaQuestBranchTopicI have a message from Brynjolf.
4407TG01HaelgaQuestBranchTopic01This isn't about the money anymore.
4408TG01HaelgaQuestBranchTopic01aThen you'll pay in more than just coin. (Brawl)
4409TG01HaelgaQuestBranchTopic04We've run out of patience.
4411TG01KeeravaQuestBranch02TopicThen pay up and I'll forget about it.
4412TG01KeeravaQuestBranch02Topic01Are you ready to pay Brynjolf what you owe?
4413TG01KeeravaQuestBranch02Topic01aMaybe I should visit that farm in Morrowind.
4414TG01KeeravaQuestBranchTopicI have a message for you from Brynjolf.
4415TG01KeeravaQuestBranchTopic03It was never a request.
4416TG01KeeravaQuestBranchTopic04Don't say I didn't warn you. (Brawl)
4417TG01KeeravaQuestBranchTopic05I'm finished wasting my time talking to you.
4418TG01KeeravaQuestBranchTopicFriendIt's out of my hands.
4419TG01TalenJeiQuestBranchTopicYou might want to talk some sense into Keerava.
4420TG01TalenJeiQuestBranchTopic01Then help me convince her to pay.
4421TG02AringothIntroBranch1bWhat makes you think I won't? (Persuade)
4422TG02AringothIntroBranch1cThen I'll take it off your corpse!
4423TG02AringothIntroBranchTopic01aI just want the key to your safe.
4424TG02AringothResolutionBranchTopicNew owner? What are you talking about?
4425TG02AringothWalkawayTopicForget it. I'll just open it myself.
4426TG02BDelvinIntoBranch01I know what I'm doing.
4427TG02BDelvinIntoBranch02I suppose I could use some advice.
4428TG02BDelvinIntroBranchTopicBrynjolf pointed me your way.
4429TG02BDelvinOutroBranch02What's happened?
4430TG02BDelvinOutroBranchTopicBack on its feet?
4431TG02BDelvinOutroBranchTopic03A curse? What can we do about it?
4432TG02BrynjolfAringothBranchTopicI need more details about Goldenglow.
4433TG02BrynjolfAringothBranchTopic01Mercenaries? Not Riften guards?
4434TG02BrynjolfBurnBranchTopicHow do I destroy the bee hives?
4435TG02BrynjolfBurnBranchTopic01Why not level the entire estate?
4436TG02BrynjolfMavenBBBranchTopicMaven Black-Briar is the influential client?
4437TG02BrynjolfMavenBBBranchTopic00So, how dangerous is it to cross her?
4438TG02BrynjolfQuestDoneBranchTopic001aSo, what did you think about the deed?
4439TG02BrynjolfQuestDoneBranchTopic001bNo idea.
4440TG02BrynjolfQuestDoneBranchTopic01Yes, and here's what was in the safe.
4441TG02BrynjolfQuestDoneBranchTopic01aGood, it's about time I met her.
4442TG02BrynjolfQuestDoneBranchTopic01bI thought I did the job like you asked...?
4443TG02BrynjolfQuestDoneBranchTopic01cSure, but will I come out of there alive?
4444TG02BrynjolfQuestDoneOutroBranchTopicWhat does Maven want from me?
4445TG02BrynjolfQuestDoneOutroBranchTopic01Speaking of which...
4446TG02BrynjolfQuestStartBranchTopic03Tell me about the Goldenglow job.
4447TG02BrynjolfQuestStartBranchTopic03aWhat's so important about these clients?
4448TG02BrynjolfQuestStartBranchTopic04What's the catch?
4449TG02BrynjolfQuestStartBranchTopic04aMakes sense.
4450TG02BrynjolfQuestStartBranchTopic06Who cares, we're the Thieves Guild.
4451TG02BrynjolfQuestStartSecondaryBranchTopicWhat should I do about Aringoth?
4452TG02BrynjolfStartupBranchTopic01So how do I get my cut of the spoils?
4453TG02BToniliaBranchTopicBrynjolf sent me.
4454TG02BToniliaBranchTopic01Why is that?
4455TG02BToniliaBranchTopic02Is there anything you don't charge for?
4457TG02BVexIntroBranchTopicBrynjolf said I should speak to you.
4458TG02BVexIntroBranchTopic02I'll keep that in mind.
4459TG02BVexIntroBranchTopic03Hey, take it easy.
4460TG02BVexIntroBranchTopic04Back off. I know the drill.
4461TG02BVexOutroBranchTopicWhat sort of business?
4462TG02BVexOutroBranchTopic02Any idea why?
4463TG02BVexOutroBranchTopic03So, what can we do?
4464TG02GoldenglowBranchTopicKnow anything about Goldenglow Estate?
4465TG02VexGoldenglowBranchTopicI heard you ran into trouble at Goldenglow.
4466TG02VexGoldenglowBranchTopic01Any tips to get me in there?
4467TG03BrynjolfReturnBranchTopic01eThe same symbol from Goldenglow was involved.
4468TG03BrynjolfReturnBranchTopic02Is there anything we can do?
4469TG03BrynjolfReturnBranchTopic05Yet very fortunate for Maven.
4470TG03MallusIntroBranchTopic02Maven said you're expecting me.
4471TG03MallusIntroBranchTopic03aYou have the poison?
4472TG03MallusIntroBranchTopic05How do I fit in?
4474TG03MallusOutroBranchTopic01I need to get a look at Sabjorn's books.
4475TG03MallusPoisonBranchTopicWhy bother poisoning the nest for Sabjorn?
4476TG03MallusPostSceneBranch02TopicYou never mentioned that lunatic living in the tunnels.
4477TG03MallusPostSceneBranchTopicWhat are you going to do with this place?
4478TG03MallusSabjornBranchTopicWhy are you doing all this?
4479TG03MallusSabjornBranchTopic02There's more to this than a debt, isn't there?
4480TG03MallusTunnelsBranchTopicHow do I get to the brewing vats?
4481TG03MallusTunnelsBranchTopic01What about just going in through the brewery?
4482TG03MavenIntoBranchTopic00My apologies, Lady Maven.
4483TG03MavenIntroBranchTopicBrynjolf said you wanted to see me.
4484TG03MavenIntroBranchTopic01How about we skip the conversation?
4485TG03MavenIntroBranchTopicAI'm the best at what I do.
4486TG03MavenIntroBranchTopicBSorry you're disappointed.
4487TG03MavenIntroFinBranchTopicYou have no faith in the Guild?
4488TG03MavenIntroFinBranchTopic01You won't have that problem with me.
4489TG03MavenIntroFinBranchTopic02Where do I begin?
4490TG03MavenReturnBranchTopicJob's finished. Here's the information you requested.
4491TG03MavenReturnBranchTopic00I'm sorry, Maven.
4492TG03MavenReturnBranchTopic01Yes. I've seen that symbol before.
4493TG03MavenSabjornBranchTopicSabjorn seems like more than just friendly competition.
4494TG03MavenSabjornBranchTopic01So get rid of him and he's no longer a threat.
4495TG03MavenSabjornBranchTopic02Why strike now?
4496TG03MavenTellMeMoreBranchTopicWho runs the show at Honningbrew Meadery?
4497TG03SabjornIntroBranchTopic01Is something wrong?
4498TG03SabjornIntroBranchTopic01aaI might be able to help.
4499TG03SabjornIntroBranchTopic03aaThat's the only way I operate. (Persuade)
4500TG03SabjornIntroBranchTopic03abYou'd better, or I yell "skeever." (Intimidate)
4501TG03SabjornIntroBranchTopic03acJust pay me when the job's done.
4502TG03SabjornIntroOutBranchTopicHow do I "permanently" clear the vermin?
4503TG03SabjornIntroOutBranchTopic01You've got a deal.
4504TG03SabjornMallusBranchTopicAYou mentioned someone named Mallus?
4505TG03SabjornMavenBranchTopicHow can you compete with Black-Briar Meadery?
4506TG03SabjornMavenBranchTopic01Must have taken a fortune to get started.
4507TG03SabjornMavenBranchTopic02Oh? Who would that be?
4508TG03SabjornTaskDoneBranchTopicJob's finished.
4509TG03SabjornTaskDoneBranchTopic01What about my pay?
4510TG04BrynjolfEastEmpireBranchTopicEast Empire Company? Who are they?
4511TG04BrynjolfGulumBadBranchTopicYou think Gulum-Ei will give me trouble?
4512TG04BrynjolfGulumBranchTopicHow is Gulum-Ei an asset to the Guild?
4513TG04BrynjolfGulumInfoBranchTopicIf I get information from Gulum-Ei, what then?
4514TG04BrynjolfIntroBranchTopic01Think he'll give me trouble?
4515TG04BrynjolfIntroBranchTopic01aSo how do I get him to talk?
4516TG04BrynjolfIntroBranchTopic02If he's betrayed us, I'll kill him.
4517TG04BrynjolfIntroBranchTopic02aHe's going to owe us for this betrayal.
4518TG04BrynjolfIntroBranchTopic02bBetrayal or not, I'll let him live.
4519TG04EECGuardBranchTopicWhat is this place?
4520TG04EECGuardQuestPointerBranchTopicWhat kind of problems is the East Empire Company having?
4521TG04GulumEiAcquireBranchTopicWhat is it you want?
4522TG04GulumEiConfrontBranchTopic02Mercer doesn't have to know.
4523TG04GulumEiConfrontBranchTopic02aTell me now or I'll kill you where you stand!
4524TG04GulumEiConfrontBranchTopic03Tell me first, and then I'll decide.
4525TG04GulumEiConfrontOutroBranchTopicYou say that name like I should know it.
4526TG04GulumEiConfrontOutroBranchTopic01And you're helping her?
4527TG04GulumEiConfrontOutroBranchTopic02Where is Karliah now?
4528TG04GulumEiDeedTopicI'm keeping the deed. Any objections?
4529TG04GulumEiFirebrandWineBranchTopic01What about the information on Goldenglow Estate?
4530TG04GulumEiFirebrandWineBranchTopic02Did she say why she was doing this?
4531TG04GulumEiFirebrandWineBranchTopic03That's it? No name or anything?
4532TG04GulumEiFirebrandWineBranchTopic04I think you're lying to me.
4533TG04GulumEiInitialBranchTopic01I'm here about Goldenglow Estate.
4534TG04GulumEiInitialBranchTopic02You can drop the act now... Gajul-Lei.
4535TG04GulumEiInitialBranchTopic04You acted as a broker for its new owner.
4536TG04GulumEiInitialBranchTopic04aIdentify the buyer and we'll forget what we know. (Persuade)
4537TG04GulumEiInitialBranchTopic05What would it take to identify the buyer? (Bribe)
4538TG04GulumEiInitialBranchTopic05aGive me the buyer's name or I'll kill you. (Intimidate)
4539TG04GulumEiNightingalesTopicWhat are the Nightingales?
4540TG04GulumEiWineDoneBranchTopicI have the Firebrand Wine.
4541TG04GulumEiWineDoneBranchTopic01You're trying to bribe me now?
4542TG04MercerGulumEiBranchTopicWhat's Gulum-Ei's story?
4543TG04MercerGulumEiBranchTopic01What happened?
4544TG04MercerIntroBranchTopicI was told you wanted to see me right away.
4545TG04MercerIntroBranchTopic01aI found the same marking at Honningbrew Meadery.
4546TG04MercerIntroBranchTopic01aaYou admire them?
4547TG04MercerIntroBranchTopic01abMaybe we should recruit them.
4548TG04MercerIntroBranchTopic01acClever or not, they need to die.
4549TG04MercerIntroExtBranchTopicHow can we make them pay?
4550TG04MercerIntroExtBranchTopic01Where do I begin?
4551TG04MercerOutroBranchTopic01He said Goldenglow was purchased by a "Karliah."
4552TG04MercerOutroBranchTopic02Gulum-Ei also told me she was a murderer.
4553TG04MercerOutroBranchTopic03Why has she returned?
4554TG04MercerOutroBranchTopic04Gulum-Ei told me she said, "Where the end began."
4556TG04PostToniliaBranchTopic01Anything different about it?
4557TG04PostToniliaBranchTopic02I'll trade in my hood.
4558TG04PostToniliaBranchTopic03I'll trade in my cuirass.
4559TG04PostToniliaBranchTopic04I'll trade in my gloves.
4560TG04PostToniliaBranchTopic05I'll trade in my boots.
4561TG04PostToniliaBranchTopic06I don't have any of my old armor.
4562TG04PostToniliaNoActually, let me chose something else.
4563TG04PostToniliaYesBootsYes, I'm sure.
4564TG04PostToniliaYesCuirassYes, I'm sure.
4565TG04PostToniliaYesGauntletsYes, I'm sure.
4566TG04PostToniliaYesHoodYes, I'm sure.
4567TG05KarliahIntroBranchTopic01Hold on... you shot me!
4568TG05KarliahIntroBranchTopic01azYou should have shot Mercer instead.
4569TG05KarliahIntroBranchTopic01xWhy save me?
4570TG05KarliahIntroBranchTopic01yThen I'm in your debt.
4571TG05KarliahIntroBranchTopic01zWhy should I believe you?
4572TG05KarliahIntroConBranch01How will you prove it now?
4573TG05KarliahIntroConBranch02Well, what's it say?
4574TG05KarliahIntroConBranchTopicWhy capture Mercer alive?
4575TG05KarliahIntroOutBranchTopicPerhaps it could be translated.
4576TG05KarliahIntroOutBranchTopic01There's that word again, "Nightingale."
4577TG05MercerIntroBranchTopic01You saw her?
4578TG05MercerIntroBranchTopic03You want me to lead?
4580TG05MercerKarliahPursuitBranch01And you were a part of this?
4581TG05MercerKarliahPursuitBranch02And what of Karliah?
4582TG05MercerKarliahPursuitBranchTopicWhat happened after Gallus died?
4583TG05MercerKarliahRelationshipBranchTopicTell me about Karliah.
4584TG05MercerKarliahRelationshipBranchTopic01So, they had a relationship.
4585TG05MercerKarliahRelationshipBranchTopic02Why did she kill him?
4586TG05MercerKillTopicIsn't murder Dark Brotherhood territory?
4587TG05MercerRuinsStoryBranchTopicHow did Gallus die?
4588TG05MercerRuinsStoryBranchTopic01So Karliah took on both of you alone?
4589TG05MercerRuinsStoryBranchTopic02And Gallus?
4590TG06CalcelmoIntroBranch01Perhaps I could view your work?
4591TG06CalcelmoIntroBranch01aEven after everything I did for you and Faleen?
4592TG06CalcelmoIntroBranch02What will it cost to change your mind? (Bribe)
4593TG06CalcelmoIntroBranch02aBut I'm a great admirer of your work. (Persuade)
4594TG06CalcelmoIntroBranch02bGrant me access or you'll regret it. (Intimidate)
4595TG06CalcelmoIntroBranch03Forget it. Maybe I'll come back later.
4596TG06CalcelmoIntroBranchTopicI hear you're the authority on ancient Falmer.
4597TG06EnthirAncientFalmerTopicWhy did Gallus scribe his journal in Falmer?
4598TG06EnthirAncientFalmerTopic01Where did he acquire the knowledge to use it?
4599TG06EnthirFalmerBranchTopicWhat exactly is a Falmer?
4600TG06EnthirFalmerBranchTopic01So they were like your kind?
4601TG06EnthirFalmerBranchTopic02What drove them underground?
4602TG06EnthirFalmerFollowUpBranchTopicThey sound more like victims to me.
4603TG06EnthirFalmerFollowUpBranchTopic01You appear to despise them.
4604TG06EnthirFalmerFollowUpBranchTopic02Then I'll make it a point to hunt them down.
4605TG06EnthirGallusBackgroundBranchTopicWhat can you tell me about Gallus?
4606TG06EnthirGallusBackgroundBranchTopic01He was an academic yet he chose a different path. Why?
4607TG06EnthirGallusBackgroundBranchTopic02How did you meet him?
4608TG06EnthirIntroBranch05Yes, but there's a problem.
4609TG06EnthirIntroBranch06Can you translate it?
4610TG06EnthirIntroBranchTopicI've been sent by Karliah.
4611TG06EnthirOutroBranchInitial01It's quite the tale.
4612TG06EnthirOutroBranchInitialTopicThis should help translate Gallus's Journal.
4613TG06EnthirOutroPostSceneBranchTopic01Thank you, Enthir.
4614TG06KarliahGoAloneViewTopicCan't you come with me to Winterhold?
4615TG06KarliahMercerGallusBranchTopicTell me about Gallus.
4616TG06KarliahMercerGallusBranchTopic01You were lovers?
4617TG06KarliahMercerNoKillBranchTopicWhy didn't you kill Mercer?
4618TG06KarliahMercerNoKillBranchTopic01Might not have a choice next time.
4619TG06KarliahOutroBranchTopic03Gallus's journal mentioned the "Twilight Sepulcher."
4620TG06KarliahOutroBranchTopic04Why does it require that type of protection?
4621TG06KarliahOutroBranchTopic04aVery well, we do it your way for now.
4622TG06KarliahOutroBranchTopic04bThieves and temples. It just doesn't add up.
4623TG06KarliahOutroBranchTopic04cI'd understand better if less mystery was involved.
4624TG06KarliahOutroBranchTopic08I'll put it to good use.
4625TG07BreakInBranchTopicWhat's the best way to get into Riftweald Manor?
4626TG07BreakInBranchTopic01I don't suppose the ramp is easy to access.
4627TG07BrynjolfIntroBranchTopic00aMercer killed Gallus, not Karliah.
4628TG07BrynjolfIntroBranchTopic00bGallus, Karliah and Mercer were Nightingales.
4629TG07BrynjolfIntroBranchTopic00cKarliah was behind Goldenglow and Honningbrew.
4630TG07BrynjolfIntroConBranchTopicNo, that's it.
4631TG07BrynjolfIntroConBranchTopic01He has a house in Riften?
4632TG07BrynjolfIntroConBranchTopic02I'll take care of it.
4633TG07BrynjolfOutroBranchTopic01He wasn't there, but I found these plans.
4634TG07BrynjolfOutroBranchTopic02Then we have to stop him.
4635TG07KarliahInitialBranchTopic01aI'm ready. Let's go.
4636TG07KarliahInitialBranchTopic01bWhat if Mercer's there?
4637TG07KarliahInitialBranchTopic01cNo, I'm not.
4638TG07KarliahVaultBranchTopicHow could Mercer have gotten into the Vault?
4639TG07KarliahVaultBranchTopic01That's it? After all the trust I've given you?
4640TG07ValdBranchTopicBrynjolf said you have info on Vald.
4641TG07ValdBranchTopic01I want to get on his good side.
4642TG07ValdBranchTopic02So, buy him off?
4643TG07ValdDebtFoundBranchTopicI erased your debt. You're free.
4644TG07ValdDebTopicI need to get inside Mercer's house.
4645TG07ValdDebTopic00Mercer needs you in Markarth right away! (Persuade)
4646TG07ValdDebTopic00aI'll watch it for you.
4647TG07ValdDebTopic01I'll make it worth your while. (Bribe)
4648TG07ValdDebTopic02Let me in or I'll kill you. (Intimidate)
4649TG07VaultBranchTopicWhat's missing from the vault?
4650TG07VaultBranchTopic01How could he have opened the vault door alone?
4651TG07VaultBranchTopic02Plans for what?
4652TG07WatchdogBranchTopicYou mentioned a watchdog?
4653TG08AAcceptLeaderBranchTopicI accept.
4654TG08AAcceptLeaderBranchTopic01Then let's get to it.
4655TG08ABecomeNightingaleBranchTopic01Am I to become a Nightingale?
4656TG08ABecomeNightingaleBranchTopic04Religion and thieves make odd bedfellows.
4657TG08ABrynjolfPostOathBranchTopic1aWhy tell this to me?
4658TG08ABrynjolfPostOathBranchTopic1bMe? What about you?
4659TG08ABrynjolfPostOathBranchTopic1cI don't know what to say.
4660TG08ABrynjolfPostOathBranchTopic1dIt's about time you asked.
4661TG08ABrynjolfPostOathBranchTopic1eNo, it's not right.
4662TG08AKarliahInitialBranchTopic01What kind of an edge?
4663TG08AKarliahInitialBranchTopic02What's the significance of this place?
4664TG08AKarliahOutroExtBranchTopicFirst time I ever set out to return something...
4665TG08AKarliahOutroExtBranchTopic01Let's go.
4666TG08AKarliahPostOathBranchTopic01aHe's done more?
4667TG08AKarliahPostOathBranchTopic02So the Key unlocks any door?
4668TG08AKarliahPostOathBranchTopic03aThe Guild should possess this item.
4669TG08AKarliahPostOathBranchTopic03bThe three of us could keep it.
4670TG08AKarliahPostOathBranchTopic3cSounds like no one should possess it.
4672TG08AKarliahPreOathQuestionBranchTopic01Yes, I'm ready.
4673TG08AKarliahPreOathQuestionBranchTopic02I'm not sure I understand the terms.
4674TG08AKarliahPreOathQuestionBranchTopic03And in return?
4675TG08AKarliahPreOathQuestionBranchTopic04There's no going back?
4676TG08AKarliahWhatsGoingOnBranchTopicWhat happened to capturing Mercer alive?
4677TG08BBrynjolfEyesBranchTopicWhat are the Eyes of the Falmer?
4678TG08BBrynjolfEyesBranchTopic01A snow elf?
4679TG08BBrynjolfEyesBranchTopic02So the Eyes of the Falmer are gems?
4680TG08BBrynjolfMercerBranchTopicDo you think we stand a chance against Mercer?
4681TG08BBrynjolfNightingaleBranchTopicI guess we're Nightingales now.
4683TG08BKarliahAccompanyBranchTopicBoth of you wait here for a moment.
4685TG08BKarliahIntroBranchTopic01I'm ready. Let's go.
4686TG08BKarliahIntroBranchTopic02Those bandits back there...
4687TG08BKarliahMercerBranchTopicI don't feel stronger.
4688TG08BKarliahMercerBranchTopic01But she spoke to us.
4689TG08BKarliahMercerBranchTopic02bThen Nocturnal's angry at us?
4691TG08BKarliahOutroBranchTopic01Sounds like it will be a simple task.
4692TG08BKarliahOutroBranchTopic02I take it you never used the Pilgrim's Path.
4693TG08BKarliahOutroBranchTopic03Then we'd best get started.
4694TG08BKarliahOutroBranchTopic04Don't worry. I'll return the Key.
4695TG08BMercerOutroBranch01Give me the Key, Mercer.
4696TG08BMercerOutroBranch02It's not about Nocturnal. This is personal.
4697TG08BMercerOutroBranch02aTo blazes with Nocturnal. I'm here for the Eyes.
4698TG08BMercerOutroBranch03I don't believe you. Nocturnal guides me.
4699TG08BMercerOutroBranch04The difference is I still have honor.
4700TG08BMercerOutroBranch05If anyone falls, it will be you.
4702TG08BNightingaleHallBranchTopicMay I ever return to Nightingale Hall?
4703TG08BTrapBranchTopicDo you think Mercer knows we're here?
4704TG09EbonmereBranchTopicTell me about the conduit inside the Sepulcher.
4705TG09GallusFinalIntroBranchTopicThen take the Key and right all the wrongs.
4706TG09GallusFinalIntroBranchTopic00Karliah helped me.
4707TG09GallusFinalIntroBranchTopic01How can a spirit die?
4708TG09GallusFinalIntroBranchTopic03Then I'll have to proceed alone.
4709TG09GallusHistoryBranchTopicHow does the Ebonmere affect all of us?
4710TG09GallusHistoryBranchTopic01Luck is meaningless. What we do involves skill.
4711TG09GallusHistoryBranchTopic02How's that changing the way things are?
4712TG09GallusHistoryBranchTopic03So with the Ebonmere closed, our luck's run dry.
4713TG09GallusIntroBranchTopicI have the Key.
4714TG09GallusIntroBranchTopic01aI did this to get rich.
4715TG09GallusIntroBranchTopic01cI did this to honor the Guild.
4716TG09GallusIntroBranchTopic01dI did this for Nocturnal.
4718TG09GallusKeyTakeBranchTopicCan't you just take the Key?
4719TG09GallusPilgrimsPathBranchTopicWhat will I face in the Pilgrim's Path?
4720TG09GallusSentinelsTopic01What's wrong with the other Nightingale Sentinels?
4721TG09GallusSentinelsTopic02Why aren't you like them?
4722TG09GoWithBranchTopicI don't understand why you won't come with me.
4723TG09KarliahEndingBranchTopicSo what now?
4724TG09KarliahEndingBranchTopic01And you?
4725TG09KarliahEndingBranchTopic02The beginning of what?
4726TG09KarliahInfosBranch02TopicTell me about the Agent of Subterfuge.
4727TG09KarliahInfosBranch03TopicTell me about the Agent of Strife.
4728TG09KarliahInfosBranchTopicTell me about the Agent of Stealth.
4729TG09KarliahIntroBranchTopicHello, Karliah.
4730TG09KarliahIntroBranchTopic01Pleased? She sounded indifferent.
4731TG09KarliahPowerBranchTopicWhat's this about becoming an Agent of Nocturnal?
4732TG09KarliahPowerBranchTopic01Why can't I be all three?
4736TG09PilgrimsPathBranchTopicWhat's the story with the Pilgrim's Path?
4737TG09PilgrimsPathBranchTopic01This didn't interfere with the Nightingales?
4738TG09PlayerInitialReactionBranchTopic01I'd ask the same question of you.
4739TG09PlayerInitialReactionBranchTopic02The last? What happened to the rest?
4740TG09PlayerInitialReactionBranchTopic03How are you to blame?
4741TG09PlayerInitialReactionBranchTopic04Wait a moment... You're Gallus!
4742TG09PostBrynjolfGreetBranchOutroTopicIt's been returned to the Sepulcher.
4743TG09PostBrynjolfGreetBranchOutroTopic01So, where will you be now?
4744TG09PostDefendBranchTopicHow will I know if I'm needed here?
4745TG09PostFindBranchTopicWhere will you be from now on?
4746TG09PostGallusBranchTopicWhere did Gallus go?
4747TG09PostGallusBranchTopic01So, he's gone?
4748TG09PostGallusBranchTopic02They're a part of the darkness around us?
4749TGBanDialogueBranchTopicWhat have I done wrong?
4750TGBanVexDoneBranchTopicI'm ready to pay.
4751TGBanVexDoneBranchTopic01Here's the gold.
4752TGBanVexIntroBranchTopicHave I done something wrong?
4753TGBanVexIntroBranchTopic01Pay? How?
4754TGBanVexIntroBranchTopic02Where do I get all that gold?
4755TGBanVexIntroBranchTopic03I'll get it.
4756TGBanVexIntroDoneOnceBranchTopicI'm prepared to make reparations.
4757TGCrownFinalBranchTopicI've found the Crown of Barenziah.
4758TGCrownFinalIntroBranchTopicI've found all of the Stones of Barenziah.
4759TGCrownIntroBranchTopicIs this unusual gem worth anything?
4760TGCrownIntroBranchTopic01Is it worth anything?
4761TGCrownIntroBranchTopic02How many of these are there?
4762TGCrownIntroBranchTopic03You sure you won't buy it?
4763TGCrownTurnInBranchTopicI've found all the Stones of Barenziah.
4764TGCrownTurnInBranchTopic01Now is it worth something?
4765TGCrownTurnInBranchTopic02Does the crown still exist?
4766TGCrownTurnInBranchTopic03You mean wealth?
4767TGCrownTurnInBranchTopic04You've planned this from the beginning.
4768TGDialogueCynricBranchTopicHow did you become so good at picking locks?
4769TGDialogueCynricBranchTopic01With skills like yours? Why not?
4770TGDialogueCynricBranchTopic02Jailbreaking? What's that?
4771TGDialogueCynricBranchTopic03Why did you stop doing it?
4772TGDialogueCynricBranchTopic04I think I see what you're getting at.
4773TGDialogueCynricBranchTopic05Why did you join the Guild and not the Brotherhood?
4774TGDialogueGartharBranchTopicSo how did someone like you join the Guild?
4775TGDialogueGartharBranchTopic01She needed help with some wolves?
4776TGDialogueGartharBranchTopic02Is that when she asked you to join?
4777TGDialogueGartharBranchTopic03A stalemate?
4778TGDialogueGartharBranchTopic04That was big of you to accept.
4779TGDialogueGuildHelpBranchTopicDoes the Guild provide other services?
4780TGDialogueKarliahNightingalesBranchTopicTell me about the Nightingales.
4781TGDialogueKarliahNightingalesBranchTopic01aWere they a part of the Thieves Guild?
4782TGDialogueKarliahNightingalesBranchTopic01bWhat is their purpose?
4783TGDialogueKarliahNocturnalBranchTopicWho is Nocturnal?
4784TGDialogueKarliahNocturnalBranchTopic01I never met a thief that worshipped anything.
4785TGDialogueKarliahNocturnalBranchTopic02Sounds like a Guild contract.
4786TGDialogueKarliahNocturnalBranchTopic03I have my skill, not powers or magic.
4787TGDialogueKarliahNocturnalBranchTopic04Sounds like she just likes us to suffer.
4788TGDialogueNiruinBranchTopicHow did you end up at the Guild?
4789TGDialogueNiruinBranchTopic01Why would you leave all that behind?
4790TGDialogueNiruinBranchTopic02Like being a thief.
4791TGDialogueNiruinBranchTopic03How did you end up in Skyrim?
4792TGDialogueNiruinBranchTopic04That must have been difficult.
4793TGDialogueRadiantExplainBranchTopicHow will doing extra jobs help the Guild?
4794TGDialogueRadiantExplainBranchTopic01Take a city back? What's that mean?
4795TGDialogueRadiantExplainBranchTopic02What were the glory days like?
4796TGDialogueRavynBranchTopicSo, where do you hail from?
4797TGDialogueRavynBranchTopic01Who are the Morang Tong?
4798TGDialogueRavynBranchTopic02Was it anything like the Dark Brotherhood?
4799TGDialogueRavynBranchTopic03Why didn't you stay with the Tong?
4800TGDialogueRavynBranchTopic04Perhaps you should have joined the Dark Brotherhood.
4801TGDialogueRavynBranchTopic05Well, your secret is safe with me.
4802TGDialogueRuneBranchTopicHow did you get your unusual name?
4803TGDialogueRuneBranchTopic01Do you know what they mean?
4804TGDialogueRuneBranchTopic02Maybe you aren't meant to know.
4805TGDialogueRuneBranchTopic03So who gave you the name?
4806TGDialogueRuneBranchTopic04I'll keep an eye out for anything.
4807TGDialogueSapphireBranchTopicSo, will you tell me your real name?
4808TGDialogueSapphireBranchTopic01Something had to make you this angry.
4809TGDialogueSapphireBranchTopic02Sounds horrible.
4810TGDialogueSapphireBranchTopic03You don't have to continue.
4811TGDialogueSapphireBranchTopic04How did you escape?
4812TGDialogueSapphireBranchTopic05You still never told me your real name.
4813TGDialogueThrynnBranchTopicSo you were part of a bandit clan?
4814TGDialogueThrynnBranchTopic01But not for you?
4815TGDialogueThrynnBranchTopic02What changed?
4816TGDialogueThrynnBranchTopic03You'd never had to do that before?
4817TGDialogueThrynnBranchTopic04And Garthek?
4818TGDialogueVipirBranchTopicSo how did you earn your name?
4819TGDialogueVipirBranchTopic01Sounds normal to me.
4820TGDialogueVipirBranchTopic02Did either of you get caught?
4821TGDialogueVipirBranchTopic03That's an incredible distance to run.
4822TGDialogueVipirBranchTopic04Why were they laughing?
4823TGFenceCaravanBranchTopic01Sure, what do you need?
4824TGFenceCaravanBranchTopic02How can I help?
4825TGFenceCaravanBranchTopic03You want me to go talk to Ri'saad?
4826TGFenceCaravanDoneBranchTopicI've struck a deal with Ri'saad.
4827TGFenceCaravanRisaadBranchTopic01I bring an offer from the Thieves Guild.
4828TGFenceCaravanRisaadBranchTopic02Perhaps this will sweeten the deal? (Give satchel)
4829TGFenceCaravanTonBranchTopicTell me more about these caravans.
4830TGFenceCaravanTonMoonSugarBranchTopicWhat's Moon Sugar?
4831TGFencesBranchTopicHow's business?
4832TGLarcenyLT02BranchTopicCan I sell this Queen Bee Statue to you?
4833TGLarcenyLT03BranchTopicInterested in buying this Honningbrew Decanter?
4834TGLarcenyLT04BranchTopicI found this map at the EETC. Interested?
4835TGLarcenyLT05BranchTopicWould this ship model be worth anything?
4836TGLarcenyLT06BranchTopicCan I sell this Dwarven Puzzle Box to you?
4837TGLarcenyLT07BranchTopicFound this bust of the Gray Fox. Worth anything?
4838TGLarcenyLT08BranchTopicI managed to recover an Eye of the Falmer.
4840TGLeadershipBrynjolfAfterBranchTopicSo that's it? There's nothing else to it?
4841TGLeadershipToniliaBranchTopicBrynjolf said you had something for me?
4842TGPostBrynjolfGuildMasterStatusTopicJust checking on our take. How are we doing?
4843TGPostBrynjolfGuildStatusTopicHow's the Guild doing?
4844TGPostKarliahBranchTopicHow have things been now that Mercer's gone?
4845TGPostKarliahNGBranchTopicAbout the secrecy of the Nightingales...
4846TGRShellBEBranchTopicDo you have any burglary jobs?
4847TGRShellBEBranchTopicAcceptI'm in.
4848TGRShellBEBranchTopicDeclineOn second thought, maybe I'll pass...
4849TGRShellBEDoneBranchTopicI've completed the burglary job.
4850TGRShellBEQuitBranchTopicI want to quit that burglary job.
4851TGRShellCapQuestBranchTopicHave something special for me, Delvin?
4852TGRShellCapQuestDetailBranchTopicSo, what's this special request?
4853TGRShellCapQuestDoneBranchMKTopicI've finished that special Markarth job.
4854TGRShellCapQuestDoneBranchSOTopicI've finished that special Solitude job.
4855TGRShellCapQuestDoneBranchWHTopicI've finished that special Windhelm job.
4856TGRShellCapQuestDoneBranchWRTopicI've finished that special Whiterun job.
4857TGRShellDUBranchTopicDo you have any shill jobs?
4858TGRShellDUBranchTopicAcceptConsider it done.
4859TGRShellDUBranchTopicDeclineMaybe some other time.
4860TGRShellDUDoneBranchTopicI've completed the shill job.
4861TGRShellDUQuitBranchTopicI want to quit that shill job.
4862TGRShellFOBranchTopicDo you have any numbers jobs?
4863TGRShellFOBranchTopicAcceptI'll do it.
4864TGRShellFOBranchTopicDeclineNever mind, maybe later.
4865TGRShellFODoneBranchTopicI've completed the numbers job.
4866TGRShellFOQuitBranchTopicI want to quit that numbers job.
4867TGRShellGFBranchTopicDo you have any fishing jobs?
4868TGRShellGFBranchTopicAcceptI'll get it done.
4869TGRShellGFBranchTopicDeclineNever mind. I've got other things to do.
4870TGRShellGFDoneBranchTopicI've completed the fishing job.
4871TGRShellGFQuitBranchTopicI want to quit that fishing job.
4872TGRShellHCBranchTopicDo you have any sweep jobs?
4873TGRShellHCBranchTopicAcceptI'll get right on it.
4874TGRShellHCBranchTopicDeclineI think I'll pass on it.
4875TGRShellHCDoneBranchTopicI've completed the sweep job.
4876TGRShellHCQuitBranchTopicI want to quit that sweep job.
4877TGRShellNTBranchTopicDo you have any bedlam jobs?
4878TGRShellNTBranchTopicAcceptI'll take it.
4879TGRShellNTBranchTopicDeclineForget it.
4880TGRShellNTDoneBranchTopicI've completed that bedlam job.
4881TGRShellNTQuitBranchTopicI want to quit that bedlam job.
4882TGRShellRadiantBranchTopicI'm ready for some extra work.
4883TGRShellSLBranchTopicDo you have any heist jobs?
4884TGRShellSLBranchTopicAcceptSounds easy enough.
4885TGRShellSLBranchTopicDeclineWhat else you got?
4886TGRShellSLDoneBranchTopicI've completed that heist job.
4887TGRShellSLQuitBranchTopicI want to quit that heist job.
4888TGTQ01EndonAlreadyHaveTopicYou're in luck. I happen to already have the mold.
4889TGTQ01EndonIntroBranchTopicDelvin Mallory sent me.
4890TGTQ01EndonIntroBranchTopic01Just start from the beginning.
4891TGTQ01EndonIntroBranchTopic02Why do you need the Guild's help for that?
4892TGTQ01EndonIntroBranchTopic03Send a thief to steal back what was stolen.
4893TGTQ01EndonIntroBranchTopic04No time to lose then.
4894TGTQ01EndonOutroBranchTopicI have your silver mold.
4895TGTQ01RhorlakIntroBranchTopicI'm looking for Endon's mold.
4896TGTQ01RhorlakIntroBranchTopic01I never said it was a silver mold.
4897TGTQ01RhorlakIntroBranchTopic02Tell me where it is, or else.
4898TGTQ01RhorlakIntroBranchTopic03I see. I must have the wrong place.
4899TGTQ01RhorlakIntroBranchTopic04Remember now? ( gold)
4900TGTQ02ErikurBalmoraBlueInfoBranchTopicWhat exactly is Balmora Blue?
4901TGTQ02ErikurIntroBranchTopicDelvin Mallory said you have work for me.
4902TGTQ02ErikurIntroBranchTopic01That's why he sent me.
4903TGTQ02ErikurIntroBranchTopic02Let's just get to work.
4904TGTQ02ErikurIntroBranchTopic04I assume this is where I enter the picture.
4905TGTQ02ErikurIntroBranchTopic05What sort of contraband?
4906TGTQ02ErikurIntroBranchTopic06Consider it done.
4907TGTQ02ErikurOutroBranchTopicI've planted the contraband on the Dainty Sload.
4908TGTQ02ErikurRedWaveBranchTopicYou have any information on the Red Wave?
4909TGTQ02SabineBalmoraBlueBranchTopicI'm looking for some Balmora Blue.
4910TGTQ02SabineBalmoraBlueBranchTopic01aSure, I'll take it. (1,500 gold)
4911TGTQ02SabineBalmoraBlueBranchTopic01bAny other way to earn it?
4912TGTQ02SabineBalmoraBlueBranchTopic01cThat price is outrageous!
4913TGTQ03OlfridIntroBranchTopicDelvin Mallory sent me.
4914TGTQ03OlfridIntroBranchTopic01Calm down. Who's Arn?
4915TGTQ03OlfridIntroBranchTopic02All right. Just point me to the prisons.
4916TGTQ03OlfridIntroBranchTopic02aSolitude? Then why am I here in Whiterun?
4917TGTQ03OlfridIntroBranchTopic03So what's the job?
4918TGTQ03OlfridIntroBranchTopic04Sounds easy.
4919TGTQ03OlfridLetterBranchTopicWhere's the letter being kept?
4920TGTQ03OlfridOutroBranchTopicEverything's been done. Arn should be safe.
4921TGTQ03OlfridRegistryBranchTopicAny information on the prison registry?
4922TGTQ04NiranyeBranchTopic01I'm here about Fjotli.
4923TGTQ04NiranyeBranchTopic02Drop the act. I know you're involved in her death.
4924TGTQ04NiranyeBranchTopic03You might be a decent thief, but you're an awful actor. (Persuade)
4925TGTQ04NiranyeBranchTopic05Tell me everything or end up like Fjotli! (Intimidate)
4926TGTQ04NiranyeBranchTopic06I don't have time for this!
4927TGTQ04NiranyeBranchTopic07My mistake.
4928TGTQ04NiranyeFjotliBranchTopicWhat happened to Fjotli?
4929TGTQ04NiranyeNoteBranchTopic01This note says you're a liar! (Show note)
4930TGTQ04NiranyeTruthBranchTopicI'm listening.
4931TGTQ04NiranyeTruthBranchTopic01Who's crazy?
4932TGTQ04NiranyeTruthBranchTopic01aYou mean he murders his marks.
4933TGTQ04NiranyeTruthBranchTopic02How'd you get involved?
4934TGTQ04NiranyeTruthBranchTopic03Tell me where Linwe's hiding.
4935TGTQ04NiranyeTruthBranchTopic04I'm not going to kill you. That's not our way.
4936TGTQ04TorstenIntroBranchTopicDelvin Mallory said you had a job for me.
4937TGTQ04TorstenIntroBranchTopic01I assure you it wasn't anyone from the Guild.
4938TGTQ04TorstenIntroBranchTopic02What happened to him?
4939TGTQ04TorstenIntroBranchTopic03What exactly do you need me to do then?
4940TGTQ04TorstenIntroBranchTopic04It's something they took from Fjotli, I assume.
4941TGTQ04TorstenIntroBranchTopic05Deal. Where do I begin?
4942TGTQ04TorstenOutroBranchTopicI have Fjotli's Locket.
4943TutorialAlchemyPotionTopicCan I use the alchemy lab?
4944TutorialBlacksmithingArmorTopicI've sharpened the Iron Dagger.
4945TutorialBlacksmithingFinalTopicI've tempered the Hide Helmet.
4946TutorialBlacksmithingForgeArmorTopicHere's that Leather you wanted.
4947TutorialBlacksmithingForgeTopicNeed any help around the forge?
4948TutorialBlacksmithingImproveArmorTopicHere's a Hide Helmet.
4949TutorialBlacksmithingTemperTopicHere's an Iron Dagger.
4950TutorialEnchantingBranchTopicHow do you enchant weapons and armor?
4951UruinilTroubledTopicSome of your friends feel you're troubled.
4952VC01BlackSoulGemTopicHow do I get a black soul gem?
4953VC01CureInfoI'm looking for a cure.
4954VC01FilledBlackSoulGemTopicI have a filled black soul gem.
4955VC01RitualCompletionDialogue2So, I'm no longer a vampire?
4956VC01RitualStartAgreementLet's get this over with.
4957VC01SoulGemPurchaseTopicI want to purchase your black soul gem. ( gold)
4958VC01SunlightTopicHow can you be so sure I'm a vampire?
4959WE05OrcBranchTopicHave anything to trade?
4961WE16OrcHunterBranchTopicDo you have anything for sale?
4962WE17ExcuseI'm afraid I don't have any gold to spare.
4964WE17ImperialI'm in the Imperial Legion, and I'm damn sure you're not.
4965WE17PayFineHere, take it. (Pay gold)
4966WE17Refuse gold? You can have it, if you can take it from me.
4967WE17SonsThere's only three of you Legionaries versus one Stormcloak? Hardly seems fair.
4968WE24ConvinceYou don't look that old to me. Certainly you're still a strong, capable warrior.
4969WE24GoodluckIt seems there's no talking you out of this...
4970WE24HelpPerhaps I could give you the death you seek?
4972WE24NoOn second thought, maybe not.
4973WE24WhatA good death?
4974WE24WhyWhy do you wish to die?
4975WE24YesYes, I am sure. I will give you a good death.
4977WE25HereI presume this belongs to you?
4978WE25NoNo, didn't see anyone. (Lie)
4980WE25WaitSlow down. Explain yourself.
4981WE25WentThatWayYeah, he went that way.
4982WE31BribeSeems like coin would be worth more to you. ( gold)
4983WE31IntimidateHand over the staff, or else. (Intimidate)
4984WE31MainBranchTopicWhat's the problem?
4985WE31MayIMay I see the staff?
4986WE31MeanYes. It's painfully obvious you don't know what you're doing.
4987WE31NiceThat's quite a staff you have there.
4988WE31PersuadeGive the staff to me before someone gets hurt. (Persuade)
4989WE31WhatWhat exactly are you trying to do?
4990WEBountyCollectoFalkreathWhat do you want?
4991WEBountyCollectorBranchTopicWhat do you want?
4992WEBountyCollectorEastmarchWhat do you want?
4993WEBountyCollectorFightI don't have the gold.
4994WEBountyCollectorHaafingarWhat do you want?
4995WEBountyCollectorHjaalmarchWhat do you want?
4996WEBountyCollectorPaleWhat do you want?
4997WEBountyCollectorReachWhat do you want?
4998WEBountyCollectorRiftWhat do you want?
4999WEBountyCollectorWhiterunWhat do you want?
5000WEBountyCollectorWinterholdWhat do you want?
5001WEDL03Attack01I'll be relieving you of those gifts...
5002WEDL03Goodbye01Enjoy the wedding.
5003WEDL08IntimidateI'm not giving you anything. (Intimidate)
5004WEDL08NoMoneyI don't have 10,000 gold.
5005WEDL08PayHere's your gold. (10,000 gold)
5006WEDL08PersuasionI don't remember any of that. Be reasonable. (Persuade)
5007WEDL08WhoTopicWho are you?
5008WEDL12CantHelpI'm sorry, I can't help you.
5009WEDL12GivePotionI've got a Cure Disease potion.
5010WEDL12WhereDidThisHappenSlow down... Where did this happen?
5012WEJS02GourmetI am the Gourmet! (Show Writ of Passage)
5013WEJS02HaveI have.
5014WEJS02NeverHeardNever heard of him.
5015WEJS03MainTopicYou ok?
5016WEJS09MainTopicAre you all right?
5018WEJS10WhereWhere is this shrine?
5021WEJS14AfflictedYour skin... Are you ill?
5022WEJS14HighRockWhere are you going?
5024WEJS14RushTopicI have more questions.
5025WEJS27BranchTopicYou shouldn't talk to me like that.
5026WEJS27IntimidateBack off. Now. (Intimidate)
5027WEJS27PersuadeListen, I don't want any trouble. (Persuade)
5028WERJ01ACalm down. Tell me what happened.
5029WERJ01DThere's a town nearby in that direction. Do you need help getting there?
5030WERJ02GiveMoneyHere, take it. Just leave me alone.
5031WERJ02IntimidateWalk away. Right now. (Intimidate)
5032WERJ02NightingaleI would think you'd have more respect for a Nightingale.
5033WERJ02NoMoneyI'd rather die!
5034WERJ02PersuadeDo I look like I have any money? (Persuade)
5035WERJ02PlayerThiefWhoa, brother. Don't you recognize a fellow Guild member?
5036WERJ03AWhat was that all about?
5037WERJ04ForceShow me where it is, before I take you over my knee.
5038WERJ04PayKidFine, you little swindler. Here's a septim. Now where's this bridge?
5039WERJ04WhereWhere did you find this, boy?
5041WERJ06BHonningbrew Mead?
5042WERJ06EI would love to share a drink with you, friend!
5043WERJ06GPerhaps you'd like to share this Black Briar Mead with me instead?
5044WERJ06IWhy only have one bottle when you can have two?
5045WERoad01Topic03Sorry, I can't spare any gold.
5046WERoad06BranchTopicWhere are you headed?
5047WERoad06BribeWhatever you're getting paid, I'll double it. ( gold)
5048WERoad06GoodbyeUnderstandable. Be on your way.
5049WERoad06IntimidateTell me where you're going before someone gets hurt. (Intimidate)
5050WERoad06PersuadeI could save you a lot of trouble... (Persuade)
5051WERoad09IntimJust give me what you have and we both walk away from this. (Intimidate)
5052WERoad09NoNo Thanks
5053WERoad09OfferTopicWhat are you talking about?
5054WERoad09SnitchThis doesn't seem legal.
5055WETalsgarTheWandererDialogueWhyAreYouHereTopicWhat are you doing out here?
5056WETalsgarTheWandererSpeechcraftBranchTopicCan you teach me about Speechcraft?
5057WEThalmorDialogueBelieveInTaloseYou got me. I believe in Talos.
5058WEThalmorDialogueBelieveWhateverI can worship anyone I want.
5060WEThalmorDialogueDoingInSkyrimWhat are you doing in Skyrim?
5062WEThalmorDialogueRemainSilent(Remain silent)
5063WEThalmorDialogueWhatHasHeDoneWhat has he done?
5065WEThalmorDialogueWhatRightWhat right do you have to drag people away like this?
5068WEThalmorDialogueWhatWrongWithTalosTopicWhat's wrong with worshipping Talos?
5069WEThalmorDialogueWhoAreThalmorWho are the Thalmor?
5071WEThalmorDialogueWhoAreYouTopicWho are you?
5072WEThalmorDialogueWithPrisonerTopicWhat are you doing?
5073WhiterunAdrianneSwordTopicTopicDo you work the forge all day?
5074WhiterunAndursAmuletBranchTopicWhat did you lose?
5075WhiterunAndursArkayTopicTopicI'm not sure. Tell me about him.
5076WhiterunAndursFaithNoBranchTopicThe gods aren't a big part of my life.
5077WhiterunAndursFaithYesBranchTopicThe god of death? I know him well.
5078WhiterunBrenuinAleNoTopicI'm not going to feed your bad habit.
5079WhiterunBrenuinAleYesTopicI'll bring you that ale, old man.
5080WhiterunFarengarGemBranchTopicAre you the only wizard in Whiterun?
5081WhiterunFarengarGemNoTopicDo I look like a courier to you?
5082WhiterunFarengarGemYesTopicI'll deliver the frost salts for you.
5084WhiterunLarsBullyNoGrow a backbone, kid.
5085WhiterunLarsBullyYesI'll talk to this girl.
5086WhiterunLarsTopicFunTopicWhat does a kid do for fun around here?
5088WIAddItem07CalcelmoTopicI'm here about the .
5089WIAddItem07HaggleSoldSounds fair. Here you go. (Gain gold)
5090WIAddItem07IntimidateNot good enough. I'll shake the extra coin out of you if I must. (Intimidate)
5091WIAddItem07NoActually, I'm not sure I have it anymore.
5092WIAddItem07NoDealNot good enough. I'll hold onto this. You'll need to find another one.
5093WIAddItem07PersuadeI think you can do better than that. (Persuade)
5094WIAddItem07ResultSure. Take a look.
5095WIAddItem07SuccessSold. Here you go. (Gain gold)
5096WIAssault01MainTopicWhat's the problem?
5097WIAssault01NotSorryDon't care.
5099WIAssault02MainTopicYou wanted to see me about something?
5100WIAssault02NoDoesn't sound like something I'm interested in.
5101WIAssault02YesI don't mind hurting someone for money.
5104WICastMagic01NoI'm afraid I can't do that.
5105WICastMagic01TrickSure, kid. Poof! You're invisible.
5106WICastMagic01TrickNoOf course you're not invisible. Go bother someone else.
5107WICastMagic01TrickYesTrust me. You're invisible.
5108WICastMagic01YesOkay, but I'll need a few moments to cast the spell on you.
5109WICastMagic01YouAreInvisibleYou are invisible!
5111WICastMagic03NotSorryToo bad. There's more where that came from.
5112WICastMagic03SorryWon't happen again.
5116WIChangeLocation03NoSorry. You'll have to find some other way to stroke your ego.
5117WIChangeLocation03YesIt's your funeral.
5119WIChangeLocation04NoMaybe some other time.
5120WIChangeLocation04YesSure, I can teach you.
5123WIChangeLocation08HideAndSeekHow about hide-and-seek?
5124WIChangeLocation08NoActually, I can't stop to play games right now.
5125WIChangeLocation08TagLet's play tag.
5126WIChangeLocation08YesSure. What game do you want to play?
5127WICourierDeliveries(Invisible Continues Linked to Self)
5128WICourierTopicDo you have anything for me?
5129WIDeadBody01ArrestGoToJailOkay, I'll come quietly.
5130WIDeadBody01ArrestResistI'd rather die than go to jail.
5131WiDeadBodyMainTopicIs there a problem?
5132WIDeadBodyResponseAI'm not sure what happened.
5133WIDeadBodyResponseBI'm not answering any questions.
5134WIGamesHideAndSeekFoundMeBlockingTopicFound you!
5135WIKill02HauntedTopicThere's a ghost haunting you.
5136WIKill04RivalDialgoueTopicYou sent me a letter, didn't you? Thanking me for killing your rival?
5137WIKill04TopicYou wanted to thank me for killing ?
5139WIKill0GhostTopicYou're a ghost!
5140WindhelmhouseReply1I'll take it.
5141WIRemoveItem01MainBranchNotSorryYou have.... But I don't care.
5142WIRemoveItem01MainBranchSorryI'm sorry.
5143WIRemoveItem01MainTopicWhat's the problem?
5144WiRemoveItem01NotPayFineI'm not paying you a bribe.
5145WIRemoveItem01PayFineFine. Take it. (Pay 50 gold)
5146WIRemoveItem02MainTopicWhat do you have there?
5147WiRemoveItem05MainTopicCan I help you?
5148WIRemoveItem05NoIt's mine. Don't touch it.
5149WIRemoveItem05YesConsider it yours.
5151WRWlookoutBranch02TopicHe's dead. You're next.
5152[0001B1E3]You couldn't afford my time.
5153[00032775]I'll never join you, vile demon!
5154[00032776]I am your servant, my lord.
5155[00032777]What do you want of me?
5156[00032778]Who are you?
5157[00032933]I think it would be better if you waited here.
5158[00032934]You're a brave man. Let's go.
5159[000368D9]She's your daughter. Don't you care?
5160[000368DB]She said goodbye to Alva, but not to her own husband?
5161[00038ADE]Force of habit, I guess.
5163[00043AFA]I suppose I could lend a hand.
5164[00043AFB]My services aren't free.
5165[00043AFC]Sorry, I'm not interested.
5167[0004A375]Who is your lord?
5168[0004A377]You have an Elder Scroll? Here?
5169[000C0841]I've had enough for now.
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