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, I know you killed . Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. In fact, I wanted to thank you. will not be missed. --
, You may or may not realize this, but by taking care of , you have indirectly helped me. Don't worry about how I know it was you, I won't be informing the authorities. But I would like to reward you for you efforts. Please visit me at your earliest convenience. --
, I'm aware of your recent assault on . Rest assured I have no interest in that particular matter. I do, however, have an interest in your willingness to employ force when the need arises. If you are able to assist me, I will gladly pay you for your troubles. Next time you are visiting , please call on me. Sincerely,
, In the name of Jarl , it is with great regret that we inform you of 's death. The deceased has bequeathed unto you a measure of inheritance in the amount of gold pieces. The Jarl's court has levied an amount of gold pieces from the sum, as the lawfully and honorably due tax. The remainder has been commended unto the care of a trusted courier for deliverance. While all of the Jarl's court grieves with you on this day, we rejoice in the knowledge that the deceased was in possession of dear friends and wealth to communicate unto them. May this lawfully bestowed inheritance prove as a reminder of your enduring faith in one another, and of the Jarl's beneficence accorded unto you both.

All four are bound to the same land as we. Some lay low, consumed in shadow, Others stand tall, stretching their necks to see. While none live in this sacred barrow, They all demand your attention if you are to proceed. [pagebreak]

The first fears all, The second fears none. The third eats what it can, Preferably number one. The fourth fears the second, But only when alone. All must be activated in order, If you wish to go home.

Annals of the Dragonguard 2800-2819

Scribe's Note: I have faithfully copied the following from the Annals of the Dragonguard of Sky Haven Temple for the years 2800-2819 (4329-4338 in the Old Calendar), Brother Annulus, 2E 568. 2801: Emperor Kastav again ordered the Dragonguard to sieze hostages from Markarth and Hroldan to ensure that the jarls meet their conscription quotas. Our Master's official protest was denied, as usual. This will make relations with the local populace more difficult, although the "hostages" are in fact housed and trained with the other acolytes. 2804: Upon the outbreak of the Winterhold Rebellion, our Master refused orders to send the Dragonguard out to help supress the rebellion. The Emperor ordered our supplies cut off, but we have made arrangements with the local Reachmen and are effectively self-sufficient. The Grandmaster supports our Master's action on the grounds that it violates the Oath of Allegiance. 2805: The Temple is besieged. The fool Kalien was sent to Winterhold and sacked the city. There was a reason he was denied entry into the Dragonguard. But the local people do not count the difference between Akaviri. All our years of building up trust with people of Skyrim are now for naught. 2806: We learned of the accession of Reman II (of blessed name) when the siege of the Temple was lifted. We provided the honor guard for the Emperor's first visit to Skyrim, a great boost to the Temple's prestige. 2809: We received reports of a dragon in the east. Scouts were sent immediately, and signs of it were discovered, but it fled at our approach. The survivors have grown wary indeed. 2812: We finally received permission from the Emperor to begin construction of Alduin's Wall. Craftsmen from Temples across the Empire have arrived and begun the great work, overseen by our own Master, as is only fitting, as she is unmatched in her dragonlore. 2813: Work on Alduin's Wall progresses. The Master dismissed several craftsmen (from a western Temple that I do not need to name, they are so well-known for stiff-necked pride), which has delayed the work, but there must be no compromise. Alduin's Wall is our gift to those that come after us. 2815: The Grandmaster visited the Temple in the summer to view the progress of the Wall. He has received complaints about the expense (there is no doubt where these originate), but he was so impressed by the Wall even in its half-finished state that he gave our Master a Writ of Requisition under the Emperor's seal. There will be no more delays! Further reports of dragons in the east which could not be verified. 2818: An auspicious year. Alduin's Wall was finished, a dragon was located and slain, and Emperor Reman II visited to officially dedicate the Wall. The Blood Seal was consecrated in the presence of all the Dragonguard of Skyrim, a great honor of which few Temples can boast.


by Septimus Signus, College of Winterhold

[pagebreak] Imagine living beneath the waves with a strong-sighted blessing of most excellent fabric. Holding the fabric over your gills, you would begin to breathe-drink its warp and weft. Though the plantmatter fibers imbue your soul, the wretched plankton would pollute the cloth until it stank to heavens of prophecy. This is one manner in which the Scrolls first came to pass, but are we the sea, or the breather, or the fabric? Or are we the breath itself? Can we flow through the Scrolls as knowledge flows through, being the water, or are we the stuck morass of sea-filth that gathers on the edge? Imagine, again, this time but different. A bird cresting the wind is lifted by a gust and downed by a stone. But the stone can come from above, if the bird is upside down. Where, then, did the gust come from? And which direction? Did the gods send either, or has the bird decreed their presence by her own mindmaking? The all-sight of the Scrolls makes a turning of the mind such that relative positions are absolute in their primacy. I ask you again to imagine for me. This time you are beneath the ground, a tiny acorn planted by some well-meaning elf-maiden of the woodlands for her pleasure. You wish to grow but fear what you may become, so you push off the water, the dirt, the sun, to stay in your hole. But it is in the very pushing that you become a tree, in spite of yourself. How did that happen? The acorn is a kind of tree-egg in this instance, and the knowledge is water and sun. We are the chicken inside the egg, but also the dirt. The knowledge from the Scrolls is what we push against to become full-sighted ourselves. One final imagining before your mind closes from the shock of ever-knowing. You are now a flame burning bright blue within a vast emptiness. In time you see your brothers and sisters, burnings of their own in the distance and along your side. A sea of pinpoints, a constellation of memories. Each burns bright, then flickers. Then two more take its place but not forever lest the void fills with rancid light that sucks the thought. Each of our minds is actually the emptiness, and the learnings of the Scrolls are the pinpoints. Without their stabbing light, my consciousness would be as a vast nothingness, unknowing its emptiness as a void is unknowing of itself. But the burnings are dangerous, and must be carefully tended and minded and brought to themselves and spread to their siblings.


[pagebreak] Among those of us to whom Lord Hircine bestowed his most precious gift of Lycanthropy, there are legends that he also set into the world specific artifacts of his power. They date to a period when men could neither write, nor speak, nor barely think, but the powers of blood of the beast were yet flowing strong among the selected. The first: a carved skull, of the wolf itself. Used by those ancient shamans in the blood ceremonies that created our lineage, it is said to grant a great presence to those who prostrate themselves before it, such that those who witness their forms cower in a terror unknown except to those who have glimpsed the face of Hircine himself. The second: a thigh bone, carved as the skull, but from some animal unknown. Used as some form of medicinal wand in the more ancient brotherhood, it was said to grant a kind of heightened awareness, both in sight and smell, such that the prey could never flee too far from our senses. The third: a simple drum, its mundane appearance meaning it is most likely lost to the mists of long ago time. As our fathers would beat time to summon their brethren from the fields, so too would our forebears in the blood call their allies to them with its pounding. Through these totems, we channel and focus our energies of the beast. While werewolves give up the powers of magic known to men, we can tap into a more direct natural energy at times, and through these totems, discover the abilities that first tamed the world before wrought civilization sullied it.


[pagebreak] Among those of us to whom Lord Hircine bestowed his most precious gift of Lycanthropy, there are legends that he also set into the world specific artifacts of his power. They date to a period when men could neither write, nor speak, nor barely think, but the powers of blood of the beast were yet flowing strong among the selected. The first: a carved skull, of the wolf itself. Used by those ancient shamans in the blood ceremonies that created our lineage, it is said to grant a great presence to those who prostrate themselves before it, such that those who witness their forms cower in a terror unknown except to those who have glimpsed the face of Hircine himself. The second: a thigh bone, carved as the skull, but from some animal unknown. Used as some form of medicinal wand in the more ancient brotherhood, it was said to grant a kind of heightened awareness, both in sight and smell, such that the prey could never flee too far from our senses. Through these totems, we channel and focus our energies of the beast. While werewolves give up the powers of magic known to men, we can tap into a more direct natural energy at times, and through these totems, discover the abilities that first tamed the world before wrought civilization sullied it.
Your ship should have arrived weeks ago and I fear the worst has happened. I've set up camp on this rock as your ship should pass by here and hopefully one of these days we'll be together again. If you're reading this I'm probably out hunting or bringing in some supplies. I'll be waiting here until I see your face again.
Faithfully yours, Trius

The Lunar Forge
The Forge I've managed to get the forge itself up and running, but again, I find nothing special about its workings. These weapons were clearly forged here, yet the secret of their enchantment remains elusive. All I've been able to discern so far is some connection between the weapon's power and the appearance of the moons.

The Lunar Weapons The weapons themselves are crafted of what seems to be normal metal, but while the moons are high above they gain an additional ability. It seems that once the sun has gone down, the Lunar weapons take on a vampire-like ability, transferring a small amount of health from the victim to the user.

Galerion The Mystic
By Asgrim Kolsgreg

uring the early bloody years of the Second Era, Vanus Galerion was born under the name Trechtus, a serf on the estate of a minor nobleman, Lord Gyrnasse of Sollicich-on-Ker. Trechtus' father and mother were common laborers, but his father had secretly, against the law of Lord Gyrnasse, taught himself and then Trechtus to read. Lord Gyrnasse had been advised that literate serfs were an abomination of nature and dangerous to themselves and their lords, and had closed all bookstalls within Sollicich-on-Ker. All booksellers, poets, and teachers were forbidden, except within Gyrnasse's keep. Nevertheless, a small scale smuggling operation kept a number of books and scrolls in circulation right under Gyrnasse's shadow.

When Trechtus was eight, the smugglers were found and imprisoned. Some said that Trechtus's mother, an ignorant and religious woman fearful of her husband, was the betrayer of the smugglers, but there were other rumors as well. The trial of the smugglers was nonexistant, and the punishment swift. The body of Trechtus' father was kept hanging for weeks during the hottest summer Sollicich-on-Ker had seen in centuries.

Three months later, Trechtus ran away from Lord Gyrnasse's estate. He made it as far as Alinor, half-way across Summerset Isle. A band of troubadours found him nearly dead, curled up in a ditch by the side of the road. They nursed him to health and employed him as an errand boy in return for food and shelter. One of the troubadours, a soothsayer named Heliand, began testing Trechtus' mind and found the boy, though shy, to be preternaturally intelligent and sophisticated given his circumstances. Heliand recognized in the boy a commonality, for Heliand had been trained on the Isle of Artaeum as a mystic.

When the troupe was performing in the village of Potansa on the far eastern end of Summurset, Heliand took Trechtus, then a boy of eleven, to the Isle of Artaeum. The Magister of the Isle, Iachesis, recognized potential in Trechtus and took him on as pupil, giving him the name of Vanus Galarion. Vanus trained his mind on the Isle of Artaeum, as well as his body.

Thus was the first Archmagister of the Mages Guild trained. From the Psijics of the Isle of Artaeum, he received his training. From his childhood of want and injustice, he received his philosophy of sharing knowledge.þeäO

Nephew - I apologize that I cannot see you personally before you leave. The trip from Sadrith Mora is treacherous this season, or I would have visited upon hearing the news. The Nords have a fine college at Winterhold, and I am sure you will excel. You may know that I, too, attended there. I was quite the conjuration adept in my own day. I am sending you my notes on something called the 'Atronach Forge', a bit of a project of mine while at Winterhold. Mention nothing to the faculty, but ask your fellow pupils about a place called the Midden. You will find the Forge there. I fear a number of my notes are missing, scattered and lost in my travels around Skyrim. Perhaps you may stumble across these in your own adventures. [pagebreak] The Atronach Forge offers few clues as to who built it, and even fewer as to how to unlock its full potential. Only through blind experimentation, and a few singed eyebrows, have I been able to understand its function. The Forge is mostly a large dais, almost crude of make, but emblazoned with the traditional Daedric O rune. An offering box is attached, as well as a prominent lever. The Dais also features a large setting which seems set to receive some large, spherical object. I have had no luck determining what this missing object may be, however, or what effect it may have on the efficacy of the Forge. The Forge is activated by placing certain items into the offering box, and then pulling the lever. The Forge consumes the items and conjures something upon the dais. The conjuration can be predicted reliably if the appropriate items are left in the box - but many combinations either have no effect or catastrophic reactions. Once I conjured a wild goat! Well, most of the goat, at least. Experimenting wildly with the Forge is dangerous. I've recorded such recipes as I have discovered on the following pages. The simplest, yet perhaps most hazardous stable recipe is that for a summoned atronach. The conjured brutes will attack the first thing they see, however! Be ready for battle if you have reason to use these recipes. [pagebreak] Flame Atronach: Fire Salts + Ruby Frost Atronach: Frost Salts + Sapphire Storm Atronach: Void Salts + Amethyst

The missing students were found in the Midden this morning. Dead, as expected. None of us bothered keeping a detect life charm for the search at this point. The bodies were found together, each suffering the same deformities; peeled and bubbling skin on the arms and face. Conjurer's burn, as it's commonly referred to around the College. There's little doubt they were attempting a summoning ritual well beyond their capabilities. The relic nearby put any doubt in this theory to rest. I admit that I've never seen one like it - a large, segmented sculpture of a gauntlet, the Daedric sigil 'O' emblazoned upon the palm. Attempts to move it were in vain. I must show it to Archmage Sedoth during his upcoming visit. Perhaps he will know more. While we couldn't move the relic, I was able to pry four "rings" from it. I'm sure there's a connection between them and the ritual the students were attempting. I'll store these in the Arcanaeum until we can consult with a conjuration master to learn more.

Bane of the Undead

Banish Daedra


Bound Battleaxe

Bound Bow

Bound Sword

Call to Arms


Candlelight Once cast, a wizard's light will follow you, illuminating the nearby area. There is no way to dispel the light, other than to wait for it to expire.

Chain Lightning

Circle of Protection

Close Wounds

Command Daedra

Conjure Dremora Lord

Conjure Familiar

Conjure Flame Atronach

Conjure Flaming Familiar

Conjure Frost Atronach

Conjure Storm Atronach


Dead Thrall

Detect Life

Detect Undead


Dread Zombie




Expel Daedra

Fast Healing


Fire Rune

Fire Storm


Flame Cloak

Flame Thrall



Frost Cloak

Frost Rune

Frost Thrall



Greater Ward

Guardian Circle


Heal Other

Healing By concentrating on the perfect image of yourself, your body will begin to heal.

Healing Everyone within 15 feet is healed.

Healing Hands


Ice Spike

Ice Spike

Ice Storm




Lesser Ward Concentrate on the barrier to keep it in front of you. As spells strike it, the ward will weaken, but they will be nullified. You must maintain your focus to rebuild the ward. If the power of the spell that strikes your ward is too powerful, it will overwhelm it. You will be cast backwards as the ward fails.

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Cloak

Lightning Rune

Lightning Storm


Mass Paralysis






Raise Zombie


Reanimate Corpse

Repel Lesser Undead

Repel Undead



Soul Trap


Spectral Arrow

Steadfast Ward


Storm Thrall



Turn Greater Undead

Turn Lesser Undead

Turn Undead

Wall of Flames

Wall of Frost

Wall of Storms


Meet me at the Shrine of Talos.
I was skeptical, but it's obvious now. The old hymns had truth to them! The relief wasn't far from the entrance, just as they said. I've no doubt now that it hides the entrance to Kvenel's tomb.
The two keys must be hidden somewhere nearby - ceremonial replicas of Okin and Eduj, favored weapons when Kvenel went into battle. I don't dare explore further without hiring bodyguards to accompany me, however. To think - The Tongue Chieftain Kvenel could be entombed behind just a few feet of stone! The ancestor we scarcely believed was real.
Twice damned for planning this foolish scouting trip. I should have hired those sellswords in the first place. Perhaps there's no need. This place is just a tomb, after all, and there are no obvious signs of habitation. It isn't as though the thousand-year dead will mind if I have a look around.
My fingers are trembling. The Golden Claw is finally in my hands, and with it, the power of the ancient Nordic heroes. That fool Lucan Valerius had no idea that his favorite store decoration was actually the key to Bleak Falls Barrow. Now I just need to get to the Hall of Stories and unlock the door. The legend says there is a test that the Nords put in place to keep the unworthy away, but that "When you have the golden claw, the solution is in the palm of your hands."
Beloved Duphraime - I know you thought me a fool not to leave Cul Aloue with you and the others, but I couldn't abandon our children to the wasting sickness. Whatever horrible fates you may have guessed for us, however, are probably far from the truth of what has happened. I send this letter in hopes that it will sooth a worried mind. Maybe a week after you left with the rest of the healthy folk, I was patrolling the low wall by foot. Even our poor Kelter had taken the illness and was unfit to ride. I was praying that no bandits would be foolish enough to risk infection for our trifling goods. Then, outlined against the pyre-light of the day's lost, I saw a long figure marching towards the village. The stranger was a Sumerset elf who introduced himself as Orchendor, and with him came a change in destiny for the folk of Cul Aloue. Orchendor walked among our people without fear of the wasting sickness that had taken root in the marrow of every remaining villager, myself included by now. For days he ate and spoke with us, learning each name. He calmed the folk in a way my lying prayers could not. Spirits became cheerful that days before awaited bleakly in the death's parlor. Orchendor assembled us then, crowding the villagers into Cullete's barn, she being the most badly stricken at that time, and unable to move without being carried by Orchendor himself. The good elf then gave us tidings that none could have guessed. He claimed that the sickness was not a curse on our village, as we were sure it had been. Rather, Orchendor insisted, it was a boon, a beacon which drew him to us. He told us that he served the Daedric Prince Peryite. I know what you're thinking - we burned Dina and Lucas not three years before, after all. Cul Aloue would never suffer the heresies of a Daedra Worshipper in our midst. Yet, we did. Not only that, but we raptly heard what he had to say. Maybe you think we were too sick, too weak, but we weren't. Orchendor apologized for our dead, saying he came with all haste to Cul Aloue. None had perished since his arrival, though several seemed on the brink in the hours before. He wanted to take us to a new home, a place where we could live out our days in worship of Peryite as his chosen. As his Afflicted. Nobody refused. Some were carried in carts and litters, but all made the trek with Orchendor across the border into Skyrim, leaving Cul Aloue an empty, haunted place. We have since lived in refuge, the ruins of an ancient Dwarven city. Other Afflicted live with us, many with similar tales to that of Cul Aloue, bound together by our divine infection. Though you could say we are all sick, the effects of the sickness no longer diminish us, but give us strength. We heal ourselves with liquors and tinctures that other men would call poison. Orchendor keeps us safe here, by the blessing of our Prince Peryite. I am now an Apostle of the Afflicted, tasked to disseminate the teachings of Peryite to our Afflicted. And so, sweet Duphraime, the spirit of Cul Aloue lives on. I will never blame you for abandoning us that day, now long past. In truth, I am saddened that you were not likewise chosen by Peryite to awake with these oozing lungs. Peryite preserve you, dear husband, and know your children are well.
Orchendor has gone down the the Aerdrome. He believes some of the old Dwemer machines down there will help him commune with our Blighted Lord.
Stig, You and your crew must move quickly. The Company is attempting to resume shipping routes from Sentinel to Windhelm. You can likely intercept off the shore of Dawnstar. Return to Japhet's Folly when you've handled them, and I'll have your cut, with more instructions. - Haldyn
I have heard talk about the Dragons, but didn't believe it until now. One flew by last week and ever since we have seen him fly back and forth from a nearby mountain peak. My wife thinks we should move away, go somewhere else. I told her that would be nonsense. As long as we don't bother it, it won't bother us. Still, I thought it would be best if we report it to the local authorities. The creature's lair is just south the hill behind our shack near Bear's Cave Mill.
A decent catch of fish is getting harder to come by. Without a good spot soon, I don't think we'll survive the next winter, so I'm traveling further south towards Lake Ilinalta. Folks say it's cursed. Whole Imperial Fort just sank into the water one day, and they say the ruins have been haunted since. When I asked, I got ghost stories. Tales of people who went out near the lake and never came back. They say spirits haunt the hallways of the sunken fort and steal little children from their mothers' cribs. No amount of coin could convince any of the nearby villagers to guide me there, so I'm following the Whiter River. Divines protect me. I hope the stories aren't true.
Lucky to have talked my way out of the gates at Bruma. Time to leave Cyrodiil. Skyrim, not so bad if you don't mind the smell of mammoth. Maybe I can forget the research, forget the contract. The air is clean here. Caravan brought questions with it. They'll catch up sooner or later. Money won't do any good. Need some dwarven junk to pacify them, but how? Markarth was promising, but locked up tight and I'm no thief. Need to find another way. Highwaymen killed the driver and tried to rob me. Vivec must have been with me, managed to talk them into working for me to excavate dwarven ruins they are camped in. Safer than the cities anyway. These bandits are thick, but nobody's going to find me down here. Actually found some artifacts, must try to find a buyer. Maybe I'll actually make enough coin to pay these fools what I've promised for their labor. Can't go to Markarth again. Staying in the ruins for now. What's my next move?
Thomas, You know the Troll pit we discovered the other day that everyone's been talking about? Hit the beast with one of your fireballs from the top, climb down, and bring back his head. That should prove once and for all that you deserve to be the number two man. Good luck and be careful, you know how slippery it is up there. Loraine
, It has come to my attention you may have recently acquired a certain from . I'm not sure how such an object came to find itself resting there... but I've been trying to obtain one for my research. If you still have it, or if not, find another one, I would be most appreciative if you were to bring it to me here in Markarth. I will pay handsomely. Sincerely, Calcelmo
, Over the last few days we've had some disturbing information come to light regarding the events at Wolfskull Cave and the summoning and binding ritual you interrupted there. Given your involvement with that event I'm asking you to return to Solitude to help us once more. I'm wary of putting all the details in print, please come see me at the Blue Palace. Sincerely, Falk Firebeard
4th of Evening Star, 4E 200 It never ceases to amaze me how many fall for my simple trap. I may have to consider tweaking it a bit though. Many of them, in recent months, have been dying the second they hit the cage floor. Putting a foot or two of water in didn't help either. In fact, it may actually be making things worse. The last one to fall in broke both his arms and legs! He proceeded to float there and eventually drown. If it weren't for the water I would have had a great time twisting his mind until I decided to end him. 8th of Evening Star, 4E 200 Captured another one...finally. It's definitely true that whatever these Orcs gain in size and strength they lose in mental capacity. I'm amazed they can even speak. He kept saying that when he gets out he'll break me in half like a twig...persuasive isn't he? Anyway, I told him that if he holds his head under the water for as long as this candle wick lasts I'd let him go free. Stupid thing drowned within minutes! I never tire of this. 13th of Evening Star, 4E 200 I haven't captured a soul for days, and the last victim died on impact. Of course I was still able to reclaim his soul, but without the thrill of killing, or any kind of torture, the process lacks that special something. The reclaimed souls I've summoned make decent targets, but taking a mortal's life is so much more...sweet.
8th of Evening Star, 4E 200 Jaree-Ra is up to something big. He wouldn't tell me exactly, all he said was, "It'll be just like the good old days, before the cave-in sealed your boats in there." We can't send our ships out of here anymore. What is he hinting at? 14th of Evening Star, 4E 200 He wants to know what loot we have saved up. I don't care what he says, I'm not telling him anything about my stash! It stays down there where it's safe. I can't imagine he'd ever jump in this murky water, let alone swim down to the sunken boat. 21st of Evening Star, 4E 200 It's on! Jaree-Ra and his sister, Deeja, have something cooked up. All they need is a scapegoat. I wonder where they'll find someone dumb enough to do what they say. There's bound to be someone out there who will.

Atlas of Dragons 2E 373 Compiled by Brother Mathnan

[pagebreak] Herein is recorded the list of known dragons, both living and dead, including those slain by the Dragonguard since the time of its founding, as well as those slain in earlier ages, where they can be identified. Unfortunately, only a few of the dragons slain by our Akaviri predecessors during the Crusade were recorded and thus this list is sadly incomplete. [pagebreak] Deceased by Report Nahagliiv - Local tales name him as the dragon buried in the mound west of Rorikstead. No date associated with his death, although almost surely dates to the Dragon War era. Odahviing - Records dating to the Crusade of interrogation of captured Dragon Cultists indicate that this dragon was buried in a mound in the southeast of Skyrim, near Riften. Sahloknir - Local legends claim this is the dragon buried in the mound near Kyne's Grove, slain by the Nord hero Jorg Helmbolg in the First Era. Viinturuth - Death dating back to Dragon War era, according to documents recovered from Dragon Cult temples which record his burial near Lake Yorgrim. Vuljotnaak - Death dating back to Dragon War or just after, according to recovered Dragon Cult documents, which record his burial in a mound near Granite Hill. [pagebreak] Slain by the Dragonguard Grahkrindrog - Slain in 2E 184 after perpetrating great slaughter in Winterhold and Eastmarch. Name confirmed with assistance from the College mages. Krahjotdaan - Slain in 1E 2871 in the southern Jerall Mountains, name confirmed by the dragon's own account. Unnamed Dragons - Numbering 12, as recorded in the Annals dating back to the founding of Sky Haven Temple. [pagebreak] Known to Live Ahbiilok - Sightings dating back to the early years of the Dragonguard throughout the northern Jerralls. Multiple attempts to kill him have failed. He is believed to be lairing somewhere in Morrowind. Mirmulnir - Last sighted in the Reach in 2E 212. Nahfahlaar - Repeated alliances with mortal protectors which have prevented his elimination. His last known protector was the King Casimir II of Wayrest, which the Dragonguard successfully ended in 2E 369. He escaped and current location is unknown. Paarthurnax - The legendary lieutenant of Alduin in the Dragon War. He is now known to lair on the Throat of the World under the protection of the Greybeards of High Hrothgar. Master Araidh continues the established policy of avoiding direct confrontation with the Greybeards while waiting for an opportunity to exact justice upon him.
All the blossoms are to be harvested at once and brought up to the alchemical lab. Then clear space and begin burial of the children's bodies.
Froda, do not deter the other alchemist from their work. Your views are known to me and we shall have words about them shortly. -- Rahgot
Meat! Meat meat meat! That's all they ever want! I made them some nice grilled leeks and they threw them in my face! I told them that if they'd bring me some fish or venison I'd cook it up, but all they ever do is waste their wages at the ring. But maybe there is a way I can get them some meat.
The storm is coming, I can tell. The water leaking in has become stronger. There's no better time than now. When the storm hits the guards will be scrambling to figure out what to do with us. Amidst the confusion we need to overpower the few that will be standing guard outside our cells and hold off the cell block entrance. We need only hold off until I can get one of their swords and break open the drainage grate in the corner of my cell. That's where we'll make our escape. Everyone move down river and we'll try to find shelter there until the storm passes.
We can't let the prisoners out, so either kill them or let them drown. Either way, all guards must evacuate as soon as possible. The storm is about to wash this whole fort into the river and I'll be damned if I have to report one Legion death while under my watch. You have your orders!
17 tendons and assorted ligaments 173 fragments of bone for assemblage approx. 4 bucket-fulls of blood (Nord preferred) 6 spoons of marrow (no more than 2 from a thigh) 12 yards of flesh (before cutting) star-scrying to the edge of the ice-mind look to the lights where the souls dance revealing the time when a spark will revive when the rotted unites under most skillful hands (translation from Aldmer text, as interpreted by the Ayleids and first transcribed by Altmer. provenance and authority unknown) soon
Adril, I need you to go out and find the missing pit wolves before the next tournament. We lost too many during the last fights, and we won't be able to train new ones in time. Find them and bring them back to Cragslane at once!
After making our way down the mine and through the spiders we've finally made it down to Nchaund-Zel proper. They've built this city into the very cave walls that house it. Amazing. Nchuand-Zel hums with life, but its guardians lay dormant, hopefully we can learn more as we go deeper.

* * * * *

This area seems to be where two of the city's families lived. We've spent some time studying this tree outside the dwellings but cannot figure out what its significance is. Stromm will be remaining behind with one of the students to further study this area in greater depth. I look forward to reading his notes on the subject.

* * * * *

Today we entered the city's armory. The Falmer have yet to break into the best of the dwarven goods thanks to the sturdy dwemer locks. Erj said he would be able to get into the vaults and would send word when he's in. The spiders gave us much trouble but who could have foreseen they've been the only thing keeping Markarth safe?

* * * * *

After exiting the Armory we made camp, but the Falmer have been watching us and finally tired of our intrusion. They came while we slept and slaughtered what guards were left. Meridia forgive me for using my students as a distraction to get away, but I have to bring this place back to life.

* * * * *

too many . . . couldn't hit switch . . .
As instructed, you are to eliminate by any means necessary. The Black Sacrament has been performed - somebody wants this poor fool dead. We've already received payment for the contract. Failure is not an option. - Astrid
Book - Location -
Cure Disease potion: ~Charred Skeever Hide ~Mudcrab Chitin
Cure Disease potion: ~Mudcrab Chitin ~Vampire Dust
Damage Health poison: ~Ectoplasm ~Troll Fat
Damage Health poison: ~Skeever Tail ~Small Antlers
Damage Health poison: ~Skeever Tail ~Void Salts
Description of target: , believed to go by (may be an alias). Likely to be inquiring about "Esbern" and the Ratway. Do not approach. Inform your assigned contact immediately if spotted.
Description of target: Bosmer male, goes by Malborn. Believed to be working for the Blades, so approach with caution. He has inside knowledge of our procedures, so he will be warier than usual. Malborn is not his real name - he's now been identified as a survivor of a family of traitors who were all believed to have died in a fire in Falinesti. Do not risk him evading us. He's likely trying to leave Skyrim. Make sure of your kill, and do not implicate us.
Dragonborn -- I need to speak to you. Urgently. Rent the attic room at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood, and I'll meet you. -- A friend
Fear poison: ~Namira's Rot ~Blue Dragonfly Wing
Fear poison: ~Powdered Mammoth Tusk ~Daedra Heart
First Emissary Elenwen, We anticipate a breakthrough in our efforts to uncover the party or power behind the dragon resurrection phenomenon. An informant has identified a possible lead, whom we have brought back to the Embassy for a full interrogation. The subject is obstinate, but by all indications is holding back the information we seek. I have authorized Intermediate Manual Uncoiling - I do not expect more will be necessary, unless you feel time presses. I know you prefer to be present for the final questioning; I will inform you immediately when the subject is fully receptive. Two days should tell the tale. In the meantime, if you wish to audit our technique, your expertise is welcome, as always. I have placed the prisoner in the cell closest to your office stairs, for your convenience. --Rulindil, 3rd Em.
Fortify Carry Weight potion: ~Creep Cluster Root ~Giant's Toe
Fortify Carry Weight potion: ~Wisp Wrappings ~Scaly Pholiota
Friend, Got to deal with a certain nosy visitor in the city. Nepos the Nose wants him roughed up in the usual way, but I can grab a pint at the Silver-Blood Inn afterwards. Should be easy. -Dryston
How foolish to move through this place so quickly. It's taken me only a few hours to crack the back gate. Maybe I'll donate a cup or two, but Krag says he knows some private buyers who will pay handsomely for a working trinket. There has to be one in here.

* * * * *

The side doors are all locked, but this chest should have one or two things of value. When I get out I'm going to buy myself a castle.
I don't know why I let Anders talk me into this plan. He said the place would be full of riches, but I have yet to see even a single gold coin. To make matters worse, I think the other priests are beginning to suspect we aren't who we say we are. If they discover we're posing as priests of Nocturnal, I'm sure they're not going to simply ask us to leave nicely. I'll have to watch my step. As an "acolyte of Nocturnal," I've been assigned a mentor. Old dark elf fellow by the name of Lythelus. Maybe if I act the part, I can pry some information from him about the Pilgrim's Path. Anders swears to me that all of the temple's wealth is stashed within their inner sanctum, which supposedly sits at the end of the path, so my job is to get us through the obstacles alive. Lythelus was easier to coax than I expected. Gave me a wealth of information on the Pilgrim's Path, but he was speaking in riddles. I'll try to record what I remember here and share it with Anders after he's done with his mentor. The only thing Lythelus seemed clear about was that there were five "tests" on the path. This what he said about each: "Shadows of their former selves, sentinels of the dark. They wander ever more and deal swift death to defilers." "Above all they stand, vigilance everlasting. Beholden to the murk yet contentious of the glow." "Offer what She desires most, but reject the material. For her greatest want is that which cannot be seen, felt or carried." "Direct and yet indirect. The path to salvation a route of cunning with fortune betraying the foolish." "The journey is complete, the Empress's embrace awaits the fallen. Hesitate not if you wish to gift her your eternal devotion." He also mumbled some nonsensical phrases like "night is the new day" and how he was the "ghost of the sun." I have no idea what these cryptic sentiments mean, but hopefully during tomorrow's ritual, Anders and I will put everything we've learned to the test.
I have good reason to believe the target will be coming to Riften in the next few days. Discretion is preferred, but elimination of the target is of the highest priority. The usual restrictions on exposure are lifted -- you will be reassigned outside Skyrim if necessary, without penalty. Do not fail me. --E
I knew if we dug deep enough we'd eventually hit some fresh ruins. Markarth, a city built upon a city. From early pieces recovered we've determined the name of the city is Nchuand-Zel, but past that we have very little info. We've been given an escort though and tomorrow we will delve into the city proper.

* * * * *

It's only been a day and I already miss my desk and chair. I thought it would be a little more fun to explore, but so far it's just been fighting spiders and getting to view an occasional rubble pile. Hopefully we get to the main ruin soon so we can set up a camp and I can start cataloguing some of the items I've been able to find.

* * * * *

We found the Armory earlier and Erj has stayed behind to find a way into the main vault. If anyone can open the locks it's him. We've kept going and settled up here for the night since the guards say it will be easy to defend. I've put up a few runes just in case.
I promised you all we would escape Cidhna Mine together, and I have found a way. If I die before I can show it to you, then search the cells near my room. Use my key. There is a tunnel that leads into the city that you can use. -Madanach
I'm close to finding the . I've tracked it down to . It's apparently guarded by a .
I've decided to remain behind with one of our guards and further document the living area we've stumbled across. I write this to the best of my ability, but due to the sudden disappearance of the Dwemer it is almost impossible to say for certain what anything is. The Tree By the Nine I cannot determine the purpose of this tree. It appears to be from the area around Whiterun, but why and how it got here is beyond me. I think it may be a gift from the surface world, but based on the lavish surroundings it could also be a display of power. I'll check the living areas nearby for any additional clues. Living Areas Upon further investigation of the area, it looks like this structure houses two clans or families. I can think of no other reason for this particular layout. Perhaps this group oversaw this particular portion of the city? I'll have to compare notes from the other areas as we uncover more of the city - hopefully some of those will contain more in depth clues. It appears a smaller wing collapsed on itself and maybe when the expedition returns we can dig out an entrance. Falmer have begun to creep back into this area of the ruins. It's a good thing I am not alone here.
We've managed to block off some of the areas we suspect the Falmer were coming in through, but they're still getting to us somehow. Together we are able to hold them back, but how long until Staubin and the rest return?
If you are reading this, then I am most likely dead. A group of bandits ransacked my home and took most everything valuable I own. The worst is they took a pendant that has been in my family for many generations. Most of my family is dead, so that pendant was the last connection I had with any of them. I am going after those scoundrels and getting my pendant back, even if it is the death of me.
Invisibility potion: ~Ice Wraith Teeth ~Chaurus Eggs
Invisibility potion: ~Luna Moth Wing ~Chaurus Eggs
Jarl Skald the Elder, Anga's Mill will be supplying all the lumber as per your instructions. I hope this will clear up any and all tax burdens my father might have left us with. I refuse to send any of my workers to answer your call for Stormcloak recruits, though. You can either have lumber or you can have soldiers. We can't do both. Aeri, Owner of Anga's Mill
King Olaf's Verse O, Olaf, our subjugator, the one-eyed betrayer; death-dealing demon and dragon-killing King. Your legend is lies, lurid and false; your cunning capture of Numinex, a con for the ages. 12 2345 123 12345123 123 12312312 1234512 122345 1 23 1234 5123 12 3 1231 23121234512 Olaf grabbed power, by promise and threat; From Falkreath to Winterhold, they fell to their knees; But Solitude stood strong, Skyrim's truest protectors. Olaf's vengeance was instant, inspired and wicked. 12 2345 123 12345123 123 12312312 1234512 122345 1 23 1234 5123 12 3 1231 23121234512 So ends the story of Olaf the liar, a thief and a scoundrel we of Solitude commit to the fire. In Solitude bards train for their service, they also gather each year and burn a King who deserves it.
Leonitus, You idiot. When were you thinking of visiting your family? When your mother was buried in the ground, or after some damned wizard roasts all my crops? You make plans to come back to the farm this season, or I'll put all your old things in a pile and use them as firewood. Your Father, Rogatus
Malyn Varen's death will not go unpunished. Find the holder of Azura's Star and enact vengeance, or it will go your souls I rend for my enchantments.
My scribing tools are lost, and I've no time for a lengthy entry, anyway. It's taken weeks, but I've finally found it! The Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood! One of them, anyway. In Skyrim, under a forest road. I've been watching them, the assassins. Their comings and goings. The fools have no idea they're being observed. My next goal is to somehow make it past the sinister black door, into the Sanctuary itself. I don't have time to even think about the dangers. The truth must be known!
Old Friend, Need all the iron ore you can dig up. Double my usual order. I know the mine isn't as rich as it used to be, but I'll pay extra. Lod
Paralysis poison: ~Briar Heart ~Swamp Fungal Pod
Paralysis poison: ~Canis Root ~Swamp Fungal Pod
Quintus, We have need of more medicines. The ore is getting harder to reach, and the further we dig, the more people complain of pains in the lungs and coughing. Sondas Drenim
Resist Fire potion: ~Bonemeal ~Frost Salts
Resist Fire potion: ~Elves Ear ~Mudcrab Chitin
Resist Frost potion: ~Gourd ~Fire Salts
Resist Frost potion: ~Snowberry ~Purple Mountain Flower
Resist Poison potion: ~Thistle ~Falmer Ear
Resist Shock potion: ~Glowdust ~Pearl
Resist Shock potion: ~Pine Thrush Egg ~Snowberry
Restore Health potion: ~Blue Dragonfly Wing ~Charred Skeever Hide
Restore Health potion: ~Blue Mountain Flower ~Sabre Cat Eyeball
Restore Health potion: ~Imp Stool ~Wheat
Restore Health potion: ~Monarch Butterfly Wing ~Blisterwort
Restore Magicka potion: ~Giant Lichen ~Pearl
Restore Magicka potion: ~Grass Pod ~Red Mountain Flower
Restore Magicka potion: ~White Cap Mushroom ~Taproot
Sabjorn, This is my third and final offer. I feel that I've been more than generous with the amounts I've stated to buy your meadery. There's no reason for competition to stifle both of our businesses. Unified, we could make Black-Briar Mead a household name and bury anyone else who tries to start a similar business in Skyrim. If you wish to accept my offer, please come to Riften and stay at my manor as a guest. I think you'll find that being a part of the Black-Briar family would be both lucrative and life-saving. Maven
Sister Danica, Joric's mood is still melancholic, but he is otherwise in strong health. The potions you have given me has eased his nightmares, but I am afraid my family's "gifts" run strong in his veins. Idgrod the Younger
Status: Active (Capture or Kill), High Priority, Emissary Level Approval Description: Female, Breton, mid 50s Background: Delphine was a high-priority target during the First War, for both operational and political reasons. She was directly involved in several of the most damaging operations carried out by the Blades within the Dominion. She had been identified and was slated for the initial purge, but by bad luck was recalled to Cyrodiil just before the outbreak of hostilities. During the war, she evaded three attempts on her life, in one case killing an entire assassination team. Since then, we have only indirect evidence of her movements, as she has proven extremely alert to our surveillance. She should be considered very dangerous and no move against her should be made without overwhelming force and the most careful preparation. Operational Notes: She is believed to still be working actively against us within Skyrim, although we have no location on her. Assumed to be working alone, as no other Blades are known to be active in Skyrim, and she has in the past avoided contact with other fugitive Blades for her own security (one of the reasons she has so far evaded elimination). Her continued existence is an affront to all of us. Any information on her whereabouts or activities should be immediately forwarded to the Third Emissary.
Status: Asset (uncooperative), Dormant, Emissary Level Approval Description: Jarl of Windhelm, leader of Stormcloak rebellion, Imperial Legion veteran Background: Ulfric first came to our attention during the First War Against the Empire, when he was taken as a prisoner of war during the campaign for the White-Gold Tower. Under interrogation, we learned of his potential value (son of the Jarl of Windhelm) and he was assigned as an asset to the interrogator, who is now First Emissary Elenwen. He was made to believe information obtained during his interrogation was crucial in the capture of the Imperial City (the city had in fact fallen before he had broken), and then allowed to escape. After the war, contact was established and he has proven his worth as an asset.The so-called Markarth Incident was particularly valuable from the point of view of our strategic goals in Skyrim, although it resulted in Ulfric becoming generally uncooperative to direct contact. Operational Notes: Direct contact remains a possibility (under extreme circumstances), but in general the asset should be considered dormant. As long as the civil war proceeds in its current indecisive fashion, we should remain hands-off. The incident at Helgen is an example where an exception had to be made - obviously Ulfric's death would have dramatically increased the chance of an Imperial victory and thus harmed our overall position in Skyrim. (NOTE: The coincidental intervention of the dragon at Helgen is still under scrutiny. The obvious conclusion is that whoever is behind the dragons also has an interest in the continuation of the war, but we should not assume therefore that their goals align with our own.) A Stormcloak victory is also to be avoided, however, so even indirect aid to the Stormcloaks must be carefully managed.
Status: Fugitive (Capture Only), Highest Priority, Emissary Level Approval Description: Male, Nord, late 70s Background: Esbern was one of the Blades loremasters prior to the First War Against the Empire. He was not a field agent, but is now believed to have been behind some of the most damaging operations carried out by the Blades during the pre-war years, including the Falinesti Incident and the breach of the Blue River Prison. His file had remained dormant for many years, an inexcusable error on the part of my predecessor (who has been recalled to Alinor for punishment and reeducation), in the erroneous belief that he was unlikely to pose a threat due to his advanced age and lack of field experience. A salutary reminder to all operational levels that no Blades agent should be considered low priority for any reason. All are to be found and justice exacted upon them. Operational Notes: As we are still in the dark as to the cause and meaning of the return of the dragons, I have made capturing Esbern our top priority, as he is known to be one of the experts in the dragonlore of the Blades. Regrettably, we have yet to match their expertise on the subject of dragons, which was derived from their Akaviri origins and is still far superior to our own (which remains largely theoretical). The archives of Cloud Ruler Temple, which is believed to have been the primary repository of the oldest Blades lore, were largely destroyed during the siege, and although great effort has been made to reconstruct what was lost, it now appears that most of the records related to dragons were either removed or destroyed prior to our attack. Thus Esbern remains our best opportunity to learn how and why the dragons have returned. It cannot be ruled out that the Blades themselves are somehow connected to the dragons' return. We have recently obtained solid information that Esbern is still alive and hiding somewhere in Riften. Interrogation of a possible eyewitness is on-going. We must proceed carefully to avoid Esbern becoming alerted to his danger. If he is indeed in Riften, he must not be given an opportunity to flee.
Ten years of ridicule. Ten years of imprisonment. Ten years of exile. The children threw rocks and the women spat upon me as the menfolk dragged me into Whiterun's prison. They branded me a danger to their pitiful existence... used words like "madman" and "insane." Could a madman escape the prisons undetected? Could a lunatic establish a laboratory right under their noses? Could a psychopath create a mighty army from the common skeever? My days as an apprentice alchemist in Winterhold were no better. Those egotistical braggarts couldn't compete with my abilities. Where they fell short, I'd constantly excel. Did they appreciate my genius? Did they relish my contributions? No. My instructors beat me and said I was irresponsible, and the Arch Mage cast me into the streets like a common beggar. As my enemy grows complacent and weak, as they forget Hamelyn and his utter brilliance, I build my army. I use every bit of knowledge at my disposal to forge their demise. Thanks to Sabjorn's unwitting assistance, my legion grows stronger every day. The irony that the same ingredients used to make his vile drink could be used to feed my offspring isn't lost upon me. Oh, they will pay. Their ignorance of impending annihilation amuses me. I will bury Whiterun and watch Winterhold burn. And when they experience the fury I've unleashed upon them, when my progeny are gnawing the flesh from their bones, they will come begging and groveling at my feet. But there will be no mercy, no quarter and no leniency. And I will laugh and I will dance and I will rejoice over their mangled, broken corpses. The time for recompense has arrived. Ten years of pain. Ten years of misery. Ten years of death.
They've had me working down here for days now. It's not the time that's getting to me though, it's these tunnels. I've told them countless times now to add extra supports to the weak sections of tunnel. If only we had more of those wooden beams that we reinforced with bronze bottoms. Honestly, if I hear the earth shift one more time above my head I'll be so stressed I may stop drinking for good. I mean, what's a Nord without his mead?
Tracked down a small den of bears today. Their pelts are in fine condition and should fetch a good price. Going to set up camp for the night and kill the beasts in the morning. Hopefully we can get by on the few arrows we have left, or I may have to fall back on my blade
Weylin, You've been chosen to strike fear in the heart of the Nords. Go to the market tomorrow. You will know what to do. -N
Keep my daughter safe and you'll earn both your freedom and that damned book you want so badly. But by the Divines, if any harm comes to her, I'll make sure everyone I do business with will hear about what you did in Black Marsh.
I may seem like a doting old fool, but I still don't like this. The world is a more dangerous place than you realize, and hunting for treasure is a fool's life. Tread carefully, and keep half an eye on Beem-Ja. He should be able to protect you, but do not trust him. Come home as soon as you've tired of this charade.
Enter Twice - Exit Only Once Alteration will lead you to Destruction Only Illusion shows the way to Restoration Conjure not, but be conjured instead
The Journal of Medresi Dran
On Angarvunde:
Whispers of this ancient temple have been few and far between, and most real knowledge seems similar to Angarvunde itself; buried and forgotten. Yet, every story or legend I hear all seem to speak of immeasurable riches found deep within. "Great treasure waits for the worthy adventurer," said one old fool after many false flirtations and tankards of mead. Though he may have been a nuisance, his information matches most of my research, specifically the location of Angarvunde. Tomorrow I will hire a mining team to assist me in my excavation and head towards the ruin. By this time next month, I shall be rich!

Notes and Results
It would seem the smaller specimens cannot survive the infusion process. Application of the serum results in a short burst of elemental energy, followed by death. I will have to change the formula before trying again.
The larger subjects, however, have taken to the transformation nicely. For now, they are stored away in their pens until I can examine them further.
Coming to this area was a brilliant decision! The local flora seem to have many useful properties that I've been able to utilize into new potions! Outside, the rich soil has allowed the cuttings I've collected to grow into fine and bountiful plants! This afternoon, I think I will journey out for more mushrooms, as my current supply is beginning to dwindle. On a personal note, I have moved my alchemy work outside the shack. I find the midday air is a boon to my health, as well as inspirational to my work.
Father wouldn't like it if he caught me swimming out here again. But I just can't help myself. Forsworn sightings be damned, I love the way the cool water feels on my skin. Besides, with the war raging, those savages won't dare leave the safety of their tents. So I think I'll head down to my special spot one more time.
Setting up camp here near this mushroom grove. Interested in seeing what exactly is causing their enhanced growth in this area. Today I'll be heading out to see what kind of affect the mushrooms, and nearby Nirnroot, are having on the ecosystem downstream.
The lady we grabbed down by the river turned out to be a feisty one. Burbag thought he could beat some respect into her, but it looks like he used too strong a hand. The boss is not going to be happy when she hears about this.
Well, after all my years living in these woods, it looks like the Rockjoint will finally be the end of me. I guess that's fine. All my friends are long dead. The only one left is poor Meeko. He was always a loyal companion, and I know he'll be able to take care of himself. I hope someday I'll see him again.
Arondil's Journal Day 1 It seems the cretins of Dawnstar are not quite a foolish as I had surmised. They found my experimentations, and needless to say, were not pleased with what they saw. No matter. My work can only flourish without the distractions of living amongst the unenlightened. I have found a cave off the north coast of Skyrim that will be more than sufficient for my continued studies. The ruins of Yngvild should hold the materials I need to learn more about reanimating and enslaving the dead.
On a personal note, I WILL miss the young maidens of Dawnstar. Such beauty was intoxication. I often found my thoughts wandering around them, imagining secret encounters between myself and one or two of the local girls...
Arondil's Journal Day 21 An intriguing development. Tonight, my guards have brought me a trespasser they found near the cave. At first I was understandably upset. Not only was I disturbed during one of my few moments alone with my favorite servant, but I recognized the trespasser as a milk maid from Dawnstar. She remembered me, as well, and made bold claims that I had been lurking near her at all hours. What lies! True, I had taken notice of her on occasion, but she was nowhere near the most noticeable of maidens in town. Her continued accusations, coupled with my fear of more uninvited guests, led me to conclude that she could never return to Dawnstar. My servants were quick to carry out my sentencing. Her body is here next to me, as I write this. Funny. Her eyes are still so full of life. Perhaps I will try a new experiment tonight, using fresher materials.
Arondil's Journal Day 28 The new experiment has proven a success! The milk maid (who's name still escapes me) was revived as the others, bowing to my commands, with only one interesting development. She has reformed incorporeally, more phantasm than reanimated dead. As her glowing visage stood before me, I found my hand reaching out to touch her. As my fingers passed through her, I felt a sensation unlike any other, as if her essence were invigorating my very soul, connecting with me on a level no woman of flesh and blood could do. This discovery is life changing! Day 35 I have ordered my older servants to go out and find any more subjects that may have become lost. With the discovery of the inner sanctum deeper still within Yngvild, I should have sufficient room to store many new materials until I can transform them into willing slaves. I look back on my daydreams whilst living in Dawnstar and wonder if they were in fact portents of times to come...
Arondil's Journal Day 8 I have established a temporary work station in the cold caves, and have found multiple burial chambers within the snow and ice. While in the first chamber, I exhumed a few 'test subjects,' all female. I was stunned to find my mind wandering again to the women of Dawnstar as I examine my find. At first, I was slightly disturbed by my thoughts, but later I found myself reevaluating... Day 9 The first trials went splendidly. Each subject was reanimated in a state of total complacency, bending to my every task and whim. I have ordered a few of my new servants to guard the island, while the rest will act as my personal entourage, standing by me at all times. Standing watch over me while I sleep...
A mighty lord deserves a mighty offering
But he who fell on this spot asked to be remembered humbly
We who served at his hand, however, do not want his brilliance to be forgotten
Thus, to honor him, one needs only to look to the simple, glowing fungus on these cave walls
For no matter how mighty or humble one may be in life
We all return to the same ground from which this mushroom blooms
4E 175 Imperial Citizen Lu'ah Al-Skaven, It is with the deepest regret that I must inform you of the death of your husband Saeel. He laid down his life in battle helping retake the Imperial City from the Aldmeri. He showed great courage in his final hour and his sacrifice will not be in vain. All considered him a man of high moral standing and a shining example of the best the Empire has to offer. In this hour of your grief, please take solace in the fact that he gave up his life protecting the Empire which he held so dear. Yours Sincerely, Imperial Praefect Pius Bruccius
...another dream of Red Mountain erupting. People running as flaming rocks the size of cantons fell from the sky... [pagebreak] ...can still see my brother's outstretched arm, as he tried to reach the silt strider and walked right out into the boiling waters... ...not just Vvardenfell, all of Morrowind was hit by the rocks. There's no work and no food will grow under the ashes. We are going to try for Skyrim...
...hearing things in the darkness, every sound seems amplified and it is hard to sleep over the sobbing... [pagebreak] ...Madras has started hallucinating from hunger. Says she saw a white elf peering out at us from the dark corners of the tunnel... [pagebreak] ...used to be a battlemage and tried to hold them off... [pagebreak] ...caused a cave in that let some escape be we were trapped with these things... hold us prisoner... ...given up hope of escape... we traded a glass dagger to get is a fake. We can't find the pass marked over the mountains... ...should have tried for The Rift... [pagebreak] ...took shelter from the storm in the ruins... ...stepped on a pressure plate and trapped us inside... ...Gildryn said he's heard the dwarven roads that leads under the mountains... ...have to try...
13th of Sun's Dusk 1E139 At the command of Lord Harald we have swept our company to the south edge of our territories in an attempt to drive the Snow Elves up north to the main host of his forces. The first few days met with heavy resistance, but as we approached the eastern edge of Lake Honnith we have seen little and less of them. 21st of Sun's Dusk 1E139 We've begun to receive reports of attacks back around Lake Honnith and word has come from the front that we should pull back to be sure we are not leaving our rear exposed. If there is a stronghold of Elves here, we will surely root them out. 27th of Sun's Dusk 1E139 It sounds impossible, but we appeared to have stumbled upon a massive hold out of the Dragon Cultists, who were believed to be wiped out during the Dragon War. The Elves must wait, as this is a threat we cannot ignore. If we are quick, we may be able to catch them unaware and avoid a lengthy siege. 21st of Evening Star 1E139 Third week of the siege. The men grow restless with the cold and all miss their families. If that blasted storm hadn't caught us off guard and slowed our ascent we might have taken the Monastery, but as it stands we may be in for several more weeks of pounding on their walls. I've sent word to Harald to send one of the Voice masters to help bring down the wall. 4th of Morning Star 1E140 We've brought down their main gate thanks to the young Voice master, but the brash lad took an arrow in the neck in the process. It seems he will be joining the Eight in Sovngarde soon. The cultists have fallen back to the interior of the Monastery but soon enough we will breach those defenses. The sooner the better - it's too blasted cold on this mountain. 5th of Morning Star 1E140 We entered the Monastery today only to find all inside dead. It appears they purposely caved in the stairway to the refectory and then took their own lives. Some appear to have slit their own wrists, others we found with empty vials. Most appear to be poisoned, but oddly there are not as many empty bottles as one would expect by the number of dead. We shall hold up here over night rather than face the cold, and explore the catacombs in the morning to see if we can find another passage to the upper areas. 6th of Morning Star 1E140 May the Eight protect us from Dragons and madmen. We lost half our remaining men today. We discovered a well in the catacombs, locked but with several buckets already filled, and in their excitement for a drink that didn't risk frostbite on their tongue, two score drank before we could stop them. Gods only know how these cultists could use that horrible poison in their own water supply. We've lost more men to this catastrophe than we did taking the courtyard. The well was locked from this side, and the key must be somewhere in the catacombs, but with the ghosts of these dead cultists and the men demoralized, it just isn't worth the search. Let those gods-forsaken cultists drink their way to Oblivion and be done with it. The upper door in the courtyard has some sort of barrier over it and our mages believe that the sacrifice made here will sustain it for decades at the least. We leave this accursed place tomorrow to regroup and push up north, but I will leave this journal, so that in an age or so when the poison has faded, someone may find a way in to be sure the cultists met their due fate.
After trailing the beasts for several days, I think we've finally found their lair. It seems like their den is further in this cave. There may be more of them than we first thought, but after seeing the strange columns and pipes, there may be some sort of ruin here. My Gran always said those places were full of treasures just waiting for the first person to find them. We've decided to make camp and try to clear out the animals and see if there is anything worth taking.
After years of sailing from Hammerfell to Solstheim and back, Ramati and I have finally saved enough money to buy that old light house we spotted on the coast and we are moving in next month. ---- These Nords really know how to live. It may be cold, but you can't beat the tranquility of the watching icebergs to live out your silver years. Ramati loves the place too, despite the occasional leaky ceiling. Mani and Sudi, unfortunately, seem miserable here; I know the kids are old enough to strike out on their own, but I hope they'll grow to love the peace and quiet here as I have. ---- Mani and Sudi continue to bicker and harass each other and they seem to have started in on their mother as well. Ramati keeps finding things missing from the cellar. Sudi said she heard a noise down there but Mani just thinks their mother is going mad from isolation. The very thought of it is ridiculous, she's always wanted to retire here! ---- Sudi keeps saying that she hears scratching coming from the cellar at night. I think she's just trying to get her mother's goat, but I'd better head into town to get a few traps just in case it's skeevers. Should only take a couple days. I just hope those two go easy on Ramati while I'm gone. ---- Oh gods. Oh gods why? I returned home to find my beautiful Ramati killed and this thing, this horrible bug-like creature ransacking our home. I managed to kill the damned thing, I think it might be a daedra! I've never seen anything like it! Oh gods poor Ramati. It must have come out of the cellar. I'm going down there and locking the door behind me to make sure they don't escape. I don't know if I'll make it out, but I have to save my family! --Habd
But surely we cannot use these poisons on our own brothers and sisters! This plan is madness! Even if the main stairway is collapsed and they find those in the front chambers poisoned there is no telling that they will stop from clearing the rubble and coming through to burn our bodies before Alduin's return! Rahgot, it is not that I fear death or refuse to lay down my life in the service of the gods. The snow elf raids in the northern lands may not be enough to draw off the Snow-Strider when he finds us dead. All know of his tenacity. If we are to die, then let us die with blades in our hands, rather than with poison on our lips and daggers at our children's throats! --Head Alchemist Froda
By the Nine, Rigel! Think about what you're doing! I don't care if you kill off a couple skooma-headed Khajiit traders - they have no business being in Skyrim anyway. But think about what you're doing! There are armies fighting out there and they're bound to use the roads from time to time. They're going to start noticing if traders go missing and for that matter, why don't you just join up with one of the armies? I gave up on marrying you off to some merchant's son since ya got the face of a skeever, but that doesn't mean you couldn't put a helmet on and find some work for a soldier. Use those meaty arms of yours, girl! And quit sending me money! I don't need your charity! -- Da
Come on, it won't be that bad. Rigel may be paranoid, but she's as dumb as a mammoth! Body hair like one too! I'm just saying if we can get into that treasure room we would be set! We could just take the money and head north to catch a ship. I know a guy, whose cousin knows a guy, that could get us set up with some pirates in Hammerfell. And in the meantime we could live high on that money for months!
Commander You've got to do something about Agnis. The old bat keeps coming into the barracks in the middle of the night and "straightening up". How are we supposed to be alert on watch when she's knocking things around and muttering to herself and keeping us from getting any sleep? And she keeps taking all our gear and putting it on the shelves, but she mixes them all up! What if there is an attack and we can't get out the door in time because we can't find our own boots? I know you feel bad for the old lady, but if you can at least keep her out of the barracks, we'd all appreciate it.
Don't try to stiff me on this deal, Ulag. I can talk the Khajiit caravans into a better price than you'd be able to, and the guards are still looking for you after that little skooma incident. Just bring the sap to my stall in Whiterun like we discussed. -Ysolda
Golldir, don't be such a milk drinker. I know you've been scared of Hillgrund's Tomb since your brother locked you in there when you were children, but we can't let Vals Veran get away with this! Hillgrund and our other ancestors need us to protect their remains, and I'm going in, with or without you. I'm sure one dark elf is nothing to worry about, but if something should happen, don't forget to check the secret passage in case he barricaded himself in the deeper chambers. -Aunt Agna
I don't know how long we've been down here. Father came down to find us, but those things captured him as well. I asked him if he'd seen Mother or Mani, but I don't know if he could even hear me. One of those big bugs bit him when he tried to get free and now he's feverish.
I finally get stationed at one of the forts that has the best deer and elk hunting they keep putting the worst people on cooking duty. What I wouldn't give for some nice venison brazed with garlic and juniper... maybe I can slip a copy of Uncommon Taste in the kitchen.
I hate it here. Why did we have to move to Skyrim anyway? I miss the big port cities, there was always something to do and new people around. Or even being cabin girl on one ships we used to sail on would be better than this! Mani says we should run away, but I can't leave Mother and Father alone out here... Oh what to do? ---- We've been here for two months now and there is nothing to do! From the top of the lighthouse we can see all the way to the College at Winterhold, but Father says that magic is for Daedra worshippers. The only interesting thing to have happened lately is that Mother snapped at us at dinner and accused us of stealing things out of the cellar. I did hear scratching down there the other night, but I thought it was just Father cleaning fish. ---- I caught Mani in the cellar a couple days ago going through some the barrels and crates. At first I thought it was him all along making those scratches to play a trick on me, but I heard them again last night and Mani was in bed. Father finally said he would go get some traps and poison from town in case it's skeevers. I'm really scared, it doesn't sound like skeevers to me. ---- Mani won't listen, he thinks I'm just making up the noises and keeps sneaking into the cellar! Oooh why is he so stupid some times? I don't know why he keeps going down there but I've found the cellar key he copied and hid it in Mother's favorite keepsake so he won't find it. The scratching is getting louder.
If only Umani would have left one of these Dwarven machine creatures intact for me to study. The fact that they almost killed those Khajiit brothers in the middle of the night doesn't mean we couldn't have found a way to disable one. We dragged some stuff in front of the pipes they came out of to stop them from coming back. They are simply fascinating! It is just as Calcelmo described in Dwarves, v2. Their appearance does, in fact, resemble that of an arachnid. I had thought that to be an embellishment given by his source. The inclusion of the soul gem into the design of the apparatus is quite remarkable. It could explain the focus for the lightning that he describes. Oddly enough it doesn't appear to be the main power source for the apparatus. Perhaps some sort of harmonic resonance with the energies contained in the soul gem to bring heat to a small boiler? Too early to say conclusively. That does raise the question of where they get the liquid for the boiler however. Huh, that was strange. I thought I just saw something moving beyond the barred door. It looked vaguely humanoid. I wonder if it could be an undiscovered automaton? I'm going to move my bedroll down here to see if I can catch another glimpse of it. This is all so exciting!
If you have found this note, then I have failed to kill the creatures that invaded my home and killed my family. Please, avenge us if you are able. Kill every last one of these blighted monsters and take what I've left in the chest on the roof of the Lighthouse. I won't be needing it. -Habd
In an era far across the seas of time, it has been foreseen that Alduin shall return to cleanse the land in the fires of his wrath. Rahgot is right, the walls will soon be breached by the heretics and we must secure the inner sanctum. Do not fear the embrace of death for it shall last only till the dragons rise again. Then we too shall walk the lands and bring back the true faith.
It's been about a week since Valie went missing and now Endrast is gone too. We found blood leading over to the barred off doorway, but Sulla seems to think that they found a way through and that they are trying to cut him out of the discovery. He keeps saying that we need to press on. We've manage to break through into another section of the ruins, an "Animonculory", where the dwarves would produce their automatons. We learned the hard way that the metal creatures are still alive in there and it hasn't improved Yag's mood at all. She holds that the Khajiit brothers aren't involved with the disappearances and has been keeping a hard eye on Sulla. The rations have all but run out and we are going to have to decide soon whether to brave the storm or try to push further into the ruins. I don't know if the echoes of screams I've heard in my sleep are those of our missing comrades, or my own nightmares.
Now listen here you mutton-head! I've told that lot of ill trained whelps you call soldiers time and again about tracking in mud all over the fort and what do I find all over the mess hall? The biggest mud pile I have ever seen! I want you to order them to wipe their feet off on the hay before tromping in. That's what it's there for! Oh and another thing! Those bear traps you gave me for the skeevers in the cellar? Useless! I've had those down there for weeks and caught only one of them and the rest keep coming back. Get some of your 'men' down there to clear them out. Unless of course you like finding skeever hair in your dinner, because I can always stop picking it out for you. -- Agnis
Now look here Da, You're the one who always told me that swinging an ax was the only thing I've ever been good at so what do you expect me to do? The Stormcloaks pay dung for soldiering and I'm not going to fight for those mud-sucking Imperials. I've got a good racket picking the traders off the road here and I couldn't give a damn what you think about it. Your 'little sabrecat' has a tidy operation out here and I'm not going to give it up just cause you're afraid of getting caught. Oh and quit trying to send back the money. These louts just try to steal it and I have to beat their skull until they learn any different. -- Rigel Strong-Arm
Skorm and his dogs shall never take us alive. Thorallod has foreseen the return of the dragons and has given instructions that we are to poison the well. Better that we should die than fall into the hands of these infidels - they have forgotten that the gods were once dragons and shall give us life again once they return.
Sudi, I know you've been making up that stuff about the noises in the basement to try to get me to stay, but I'm only waiting till Father gets home so you and Mother are safe. You could always come meet up with me before I head back to Hammerfell. Take care of yourself little sister -Mani
The eyeless creatures took us in our sleep. I don't know what happened to the Khajiit brothers, we never saw them in the cell. I managed to pick the lock and we made a break for it, but got split up. Sulla yelled something about not leaving without finding what he came here for and Umana chased after him. Yag and I tried for the top of the cave shaft, but one of the ramps was broken. Without a hesitation, she grabbed me by the scruff of my tunic, threw me atop the ledge and told me to run. And I did. I didn't even look back. I just ran like a coward. I could hear her fighting them and I just had to get away. I didn't even notice the arrow in my shoulder till I hid here. [pagebreak] Those metal creatures are still all around me and I'm too terrified to even move. Eight Divines, please just take me now.
They took Father. There had been some others they brought down but they led them off and all we heard were the screams and now Father is gone too. Oh gods why didn't I listen to Mani? Father's fever was getting worse and kept mumbling about daedra. I don't know where he was hiding it, but I think I know why he left me this dagger.
This one is at his wit's end. I signed J'darr and myself up for this expedition to try to get him clean of the Skooma. I brought a small supply to try bring him down slowly, but the storm has had us trapped in the glacier for weeks. The others have not yet caught on that one with fur should not shake so much from the cold, but I've run out of the little skooma I brought and J'darr is getting pretty bad. He's started hallucinating creatures coming out of the ice and the ruins, the others are starting to think he may be behind Valie's disappearance, but I know he would never do something like that.
This war isn't as good for business as I'd thought it would be. Sure the pay is good, but the runs are harder with all the extra soldiers on the roads and finding jobs that are worth the risk is difficult. Like our current job. Guy hires us to move a bunch of crates with few questions asked. So we get the goods here and I take a look in the boxes, just to know what I've gotten myself into. And what do I find? Bodies! That bastard has me moving bodies! Well I stripped them of their jewels and gold, so the joke's on him.
Twenty-five years I have grieved for my husband, and sought revenge against the Empire for his death. I have researched the magicks to return his spirit to a body and something about the story of Fjori and Holgeir has drawn me here... ---------- Holgeir would make the perfect vessel to bring my Saeel back to life. ---------- I have managed to raise the dead here and use them as laborers to clear the way to the main burial hall. Something about the methods used by the ancient Nords has kept them incredibly well preserved. Would that these Stormcloaks had half their sense. We could have used them to push the elves right off the continent and formed a new state to combat the empire. ---------- And now, when I am so close, a war breaks out. The sleeping bear of Skyrim, who would not come to aid us in Hammerfell, awakens now that the Empire has abandoned them as well. They think they know suffering at the hands of the Empire? They know nothing. I would see both the Empire and these sons of Skyrim into Oblivion myself.
Vals, I heard you talking in the (pub) last night. We may not be as strong as our forefathers, but I assure you we Nords are still stronger than any of you. I'm surprised you'd be mouthing off about how the dead rising is our fault after we took in all you Dunmer. If anything they are rising because of all the dirty Dunmer in Skyrim. It's probably the smell skooma coming off all of you. - Golldir
We finally did it. We bought the lighthouse. I thought Habd was just making idle promises all these years, what husband doesn't want to promise their wife the two moons from the sky, but I didn't think we'd actually manage to get it! Now if I could only find where we put everything ---- I can't find my favorite cooking pot and it is slightly infuriating. Sudi and Mani seem unhappy, but they're still young and don't seem to understand that we just want to spend a few more years with them before they leave us to see the world. I know they think their father will live forever, but I see his age creeping into his eyes. He made me promise again that when he died I would put his bones in the lighthouse fire so he could look out over the ocean forever. ---- Oooh those two get to me sometimes! I went to unpack some of our keepsakes from the trading ships we used to sail but I can't find them! ---- Sudi keeps saying she's hearing something in the basement at night and Mani suggested it was skeevers! They know I hate skeevers! Now I'm too scared to go down there at all. I'm glad I unpacked my favorite urn and put it safely on the mantle before those two started causing mischief. If they put a skeever in the basement I swear...
We got the right cart this time. The note has been sent and we'll see how they respond. In the meantime, we'll keep breaking down this stuff - you keep selling off the wood to keep our front. If we can get a good price for the mold, we should be set for a while. Oh and we left some wine for you in a bucket behind the shelf. Consider it a bonus. -- Rigel Strong-Arm
We know what you've been up to, Traitor. If you don't want us ratting you out to the commander for fencing gear from our stores, you'd better meet us by the well at midnight. Should have known a recruit from Riften could never be trusted.
We tried to get through glacier at the top, but we couldn't find any way into that tower parapet. Yag spotted in the glacial wall and construction of a catwalk was finished just in time for a storm to hit. At first we thought to wait it out, but it has only gotten worse. A shift in the glacier took out several of the new laborers. I ordered everyone to quickly move as much of the supplies as we could into the fissure and we managed to get most of it. One of the hands decided he wasn't going to listen and tried to make it out through the storm, but got blown off the catwalk by the wind. Looks like we are well and truly stuck in here. But for all that I feel even more driven that I should be the one to uncover the mysteries of this ruin. I'm tired of all the credit for my work going to the Mages or the Legion. It will be my name that goes down in the history books for this discovery.
We've managed to secure the site and hold off any others who may try to steal our discoveries so far, especially those from the College of Winterhold, who seem to think the glory of exploring every ruin should be theirs alone. The crew for our expedition is as follows: Sulla Trebatius (myself) - Expedition leader Umana - my constant companion and bodyguard Valie - a mage not associated with Winterhold (took some time to find) Endrast - a fellow explorer of some local renown Yag - a great brute of a woman, hired to keep the rest of the labor in check J'darr and J'zhar - two Khajiit brothers, hired as labor Need a couple more laborers, getting through the ice is proving difficult. We've set up shelter and scouted the area. The small ruins on the lower plateau of the glacier don't seem connected to the main structure and we haven't managed to find a way into the tower parapet we've found here. Yag mentioned spotting a fissure in the glacial wall that may lead into the ruins so we are going to try find a way to get down there with the gear. Looks like a storm is coming.
Well, Golldir, I'm impressed. I know what trouble you Nords have with literacy, those big words must put such a strain on your tiny brains. And I'm surprised you can smell anything of the stink of your own filth. Why don't you meet me at Hillgrund's tomb and I'll show you the way we deal with ancestors in Morrowind. -Vals Veran
You will proceed to the ruins of Forelhost to retrieve the Mask from the Dragon Cult there. If you are discovered, impersonate an officer. It is unlikely that anyone from Skyrim will be clever enough to see through the disguise. Once you have obtained the Mask, bring it to Labyrinthian.
You've all been warned about trying to break into my treasure room, but Roars didn't think I was serious. Now he's dead. You've all had your cut of the take already, and if I catch any of you dung lickers trying to break in again, I won't let the traps kill you. I'll do it myself! -- Rigel Strong-Arm
Attention One of our soldiers came to me last week with an arrow lodged in his leg that he claims came from inside the fort while he was patrolling the walls. When the targets are on the ground, there is no reason an arrow should be loosed that high. Marksmanship is about accuracy, not power and we don't need to be taking out our own soldier. If I see arrows flying anywhere near that high the one responsible will be on latrine duty for a month. You have been warned.
Nobody thought they were real, but I've seen them. The Eyes of the Snow Elves! The Dwarves thought they took them from the Falmer, but they themselves were fooled. A statue, built in secret by the slaves, the eyes burn into you, and I see them even now. S'raffa escaped through the collapsing tunnel, but he'll never escape what we've seen. Men will never believe him, and he'll be driven mad by the knowledge that he'll never see them again. But I may yet see them again before I die.
4 E 20 This tower once served as a meeting place where those brave souls who achieved safe passage to Skyrim would find loved ones, and leave notice for others who could not be found. Let it stand in honor of those who had the strength and spirit to accept Skyrim's Offer "untithed to any thane or hold, and self-governed, with free worship, with no compensation to Skyrim or the Empire except as writ in the Armistice of old wheresoever those might still apply, and henceforth let no Man or Mer say that the Sons and Daughters of Kyne are without mercy or honor." We, the Jarls of Skyrim, hereby decree this site as monument to the struggle of those who fled their native home of Morrowind in the time following the Red Year.
Attention citizenry The giant here has been given leave to keep his camp. Please do NOT attempt to make trade, disrupt the mammoths, gawk at, or otherwise disturb the giant. Resting here is not advised.


Creates a fiery explosion where the missile strikes. Everything nearby is set on fire. While the initial blast is powerful, anything on fire continues to take damage.

A quick note regarding my son, Sibbi. He's to be treated as I'd expect you to treat any one of the Black-Briar family and all of his requests are to be honored without question. However, if he wishes to be released, you are not to do so unless I expressly authorize it. Sibbi needs to learn his place, and the only way that will happen is if he's kept under lock and key. Maven
Be on the look out for the called . is an enemy to the Thalmor, and has actively disrupted our activities and caused great harm. If spotted, you are to destroy with extreme hatred. Be advised, is extremely dangerous, and quite able to defend . If caught by local authorities, we are unable to offer you any assistance. For the glory of the Aldmeri Dominion!
Bolli, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your suspicions are likely correct. I've been following Nivenor as you requested, and I'm fairly certain that she's had extra-marital relations with more than one individual within Riften. I have yet to obtain proof of her adultery, so please do not confront her with this information until I've secured it. I'll waive the usual charges for now, but expect full payment once the proof is in my possession., Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, MINcendar
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