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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® Game of the Year Edition

343 Results

1ArenaThe Arena
2ArenaAggressionArena Aggression Control Script
3ArenaAnnouncerArena Announcer Speech
4ArenaDialogueThe Arena
5ArenaDisqualificationArena Disqualification Control Script
6ArenaICThe Imperial City Arena
7ArenaICGrandChampionArena Grand Champion Match Control Script
8ArenaSpectatorArena Spectators
9ArenaSpectatorCombatantArena Combatants Control Script
10BedRentalBed Rental
11BladesConvSystemBlades Dynamic Conversations
12BladesMartinConvSystemMartin's Conversations with the Blades
13CrimePlayer being arrested or trespassing
16DAClavicusVileClavicus Vile
17DAGenericGeneric Daedric Quest Dialog
18DAHermaeusMoraHermaeus Mora
23DAMolagBalMolag Bal
27Dark00GeneralThe Dark Brotherhood
28Dark00GeneralNPCDark Brotherhood Quest NPC Dialogue
29Dark01KnifeA Knife in the Dark
30Dark01KnifeFINWelcome to the Family
31Dark01KnifePostDark01Knife Post Quest Dialogue
32Dark02WateryA Watery Grave
33Dark02WateryFINBlood of the Damned
34Dark03AccidentsAccidents Happen
35Dark03AccidentsFINNo Rest for the Wicked
36Dark03AccidentsPostDark03Accidents Post Quest Dialogue
37Dark04ExecutionScheduled for Execution
38Dark04ExecutionFINTo Serve Sithis
39Dark05AssassinatedThe Assassinated Man
40Dark05AssassinatedFINMy Brother's Keeper
41Dark06WandererThe Lonely Wanderer
42Dark06WandererFINEnter the Eliminator
43Dark07MedicineBad Medicine
44Dark07MedicineFINThe Night Mother's Child
46Dark08WhodunitFINThe Assassin's Gambit
47Dark09RetirementPermanent Retirement
48Dark09RetirementFINOf Secret And Shadow
49Dark10SanctuaryThe Purification
50Dark10SanctuaryFINThe Dead Drop
51Dark10SpecialWizardAffairs of a Wizard
52Dark11KinNext of Kin
53Dark12HaremBroken Vows
54Dark13JusticeFinal Justice
55Dark14HonorA Matter of Honor
56Dark15ColdestThe Coldest Sleep
57Dark16KissA Kiss Before Dying
58Dark17FollowingFollowing a Lead
59Dark18MotherHonor Thy Mother
60Dark19WhispersWhispers of Death
61DarkConversationsDark Brotherhood Scripted Conversations
62DarkConvSystemDark Brotherhood Dynamic Conversations
63DarkExileA Dark Exile
64DarkExile2Another Dark Exile
65DarkExile3Eternal Exile
66DarkExileControlDark Exile Control Script
67DarkVampDarkness Eternal
71DAWabbajackWabbajack quest
72DiseaseHellos to player when diseased
73E3E3 Demo quest
75FG00ExpulsionExpelled from the Fighters Guild
76FGC01RatsA Rat Problem
77FGC02ProtectThe Unfortunate Shopkeeper
78FGC03FlagonNewheim's Flagon
79FGC03ThievesDen of Thieves
80FGC04ScholarThe Wandering Scholar
81FGC05StoneThe Stone of St. Alessia
82FGC06CourierThe Desolate Mine
83FGC07HeirloomAmelion's Debt
84FGC08PrisonThe Fugitives
85FGC09OgresThe Noble's Daughter
86FGC10SwampMystery at Harlun's Watch
87FGD00JoinFGJoin the Fighters Guild
88FGD00PostQuestFG PostQuest
89FGD01DefaultUnfinished Business
90FGD02DandDDrunk and Disorderly
91FGD03ViranusThe Master's Son
92FGD04DefectorMore Unfinished Business
93FGD05OreynAzani Blackheart
94FGD06DeadViranusTrolls of Forsaken Mine
95FGD07KidnapInformation Gathering
97FGD09HistThe Hist
98FGGenericFG Dialogue said to Player
99GenericQuest and Location Independent Dialogue
100GenericArgonianArgonian Race Dialogue
101GenericCurrentEventsGeneric Current Events
102GenericDremoraGeneric Dremora dialogue
103GenericFodderCombatNPC Fodder combat dialogue
104GenericImperialImperial Race Based Dialogue
105GenericLoreGeneric Lore
106GoblinWarsQuestGobin Wars quest
107HouseBravilBuying a house in Bravil
108HouseBrumaBuying a house in Bruma
109HouseCheydinhalBuying a house in Cheydinhal
110HouseChorrolBuying a house in Chorrol
111HouseImperialCityBuy a house in the Imperial City
112HouseLeyawiinBuying a house in Leyawiin
113HouseServantHelping Hands
114HouseSkingradBuying a house in Skingrad
115HouseSkingradQuestThe Rosethorn Cache
116lyndacarterfor mtv promo
117MageConvSystemMages Conversation System
118MarkTestCaseDialogue Test
119MG00GeneralMages Guild Non-Quest Dialogue and Conv
120MG00JoinJoin the Mages Guild
121MG01DestructSkingrad Recommendation
122MG02AlterCheydinhal Recommendation
123MG03IllusionBravil Recommendation
124MG04RestoreAnvil Recommendation
125MG05AFingers of the Mountain, Part II
126MG05FingersFingers of the Mountain
127MG06BrumaBruma Recommendation
128MG07LeyawiinLeyawiin Recommendation
129MG08MagesStaffA Mage's Staff
130MG09MotivesUlterior Motives
132MG10VahtacenVahtacen's Secret
133MG11NecroMoonNecromancer's Moon
134MG12GateLiberation or Apprehension?
135MG13InformationInformation at a Price
136MG14PlotA Plot Revealed
137MG15HelmThe Bloodworm Helm
138MG16AmuletThe Necromancer's Amulet
140MG18KingofWormsConfront the King
141MG19AlchemyAlchemy Acquisitions
142MGConversationMages Guild Quest Conversations
143MGExpulsion01Mages Guild Suspension
144MGExpulsion02Mages Guild Second Suspension
145MGNecroAnchoritesNecromancer Anchorites
146MQ00Main Quest general
148MQ02Deliver the Amulet
149MQ03Find the Heir
150MQ04Weynon Priory
151MQ05The Path of Dawn
152MQ06Dagon Shrine
154MQ08Blood of the Daedra
155MQ09Blood of the Divines
156MQ10Bruma Gate
157MQ11Allies for Bruma
159MQ13Defense of Bruma
160MQ14Great Gate
162MQ16Light the Dragonfires
163MQConversationsMain quest scripted conversations
164MQDragonArmorImperial Dragon Armor
165MQEndgameMain Quest Finished
166MQInfoGeneralMQ info general (separate for priority)
167MS02Where Spirits Have Lease
168MS04The Siren's Deception
169MS05Through A Nightmare, Darkly
170MS06The Forlorn Watchman
171MS08Caught in the Hunt
172MS09Two Sides of the Coin
173MS10Corruption and Conscience
174MS11A Brotherhood Betrayed
175MS12Lifting the Vale
176MS13The Wayward Knight
177MS14A Brush with Death
178MS16Separated at Birth
179MS16ALegacy Lost
180MS16BSins of the Father
181MS18The Killing Field
182MS21The Collector
183MS22Nothing You Can Possess
184MS22FinMS22 FIN
185MS23Order of the Virtuous Blood
186MS26Imperial Corruption
187MS27Secrets of the Ayleids
188MS29Unfriendly Competition
189MS31An Unexpected Voyage
190MS37Tears of the Savior
192MS39Seeking Your Roots
193MS40Vampire Cure
194MS43Whom Gods Annoy
195MS45A Shadow Over Hackdirt
196MS46Goblin Trouble
198MS47Zero Visibility
200MS48Breaking the Siege of Kvatch
201MS49The Battle for Castle Kvatch
202MS51Canvas the Castle
203MS52Origin of the Gray Prince
204MS91Mazoga the Orc
206MS92Knights of the White Stallion
208MS93The Ghost Ship of Anvil
209MS94Attack on Fort Sutch
210MSConversationsMisc Quest Conversations
211MSMiscMisc Quest Starter
212MSShadowscaleThe Renegade Shadowscale
213NQDAnvilNQD Anvil
217NQDBravilNPCNQDBravil NPC
218NQDBrumaNQD Bruma
220NQDCheydinhalNQD Cheydinhal
221NQDCheydinhalNPCNQD Cheydinhal NPC
222NQDChorrolNQD Chorrol
223NQDChorrolNPCNQD Chorrol NPC
224NQDGuardNQD Guard
225NQDHackdirtNQD Hackdirt
229NQDKvatchNPCNQD Kvatch NPC
231NQDLeyawiinNPCNQDLeyawiin NPC
232NQDSkingradNQD Skingrad
233NQDSkingradNPCNQD Skingrad NPC
234NQDWildernessNQD Wilderness
235SE00SE main story general
236SE01DoorA Door in Niben Bay
237SE02Through the Fringe of Madness
238SE03A Better Mousetrap
239SE03ABaiting the Trap
241SE04FinSE04 Post Quest
242SE04ShellUnderstanding Madness
243SE05The Lady of Paranoia
244SE06The Cold Flame of Agnon
245SE06BattleCylarne battle
246SE07Ritual of Accession
247SE07ARitual of Dementia
248SE07BRitual of Mania
249SE08Retaking The Fringe
250SE08FINSE08 Post-Quest
251SE09Rebuilding the Gatekeeper
252SE09MiscHolds infos for scripted experiment scene
253SE10The Helpless Army
254SE11Symbols of Office
255SE11aThe Liturgy of Vision
256SE11bThe Trial of Reflection
257SE11FINSE11 Post-Quest
258SE12The Roots of Madness
259SE13The End of Order
260SE14The Prince of Madness
261SE30The Antipodean Hammer
262SE32Ghosts of Vitharn
263SE34To Help A Hero
265SE36Final Resting
266SE37Taxonomy of Obsession
267SE38The Museum of Oddities
268SE39Everything In Its Place
269SE40Falling Awake
270SE41A Liquid Solution
271SE42Work is Never Done
272SE43Ushnar's Terror
273SE44The Coming Storm
274SE45The Fork of Horripilation
275SE46The Great Divide
276SEBedSE Bed Rental
277SECrimeSE Crime dialogue
278SENQDDementiaSE Dementia NQD
279SENQDManiaSE Mania NQD
280SENQDWildernessSE Wilderness NQD
281SESacellumSacellum Speeches
282SQ01The Potato Snatcher
283SQ02Raid on Greyland
284SQ03Revenge Served Cold
285SQ04No Stone Unturned
286SQ05The Gravefinder's Repose
287SQ06Bear Season
288SQ07The Sunken One
289SQ08A Venerable Vintage
290SQ09Go Fish
291SQ10When the Vow Breaks
292TestQAthis is for QA testing
293TestToddQuestTodd's Test Adventure
294TestVoiceBudgetExport this quest to see race/sex for each city
295TG00FindThievesGuildFinding the Thieves Guild
296TG01BestThiefMay the Best Thief Win
297TG01BloodPriceBlood Price
298TG02BloodPriceBlood Price
299TG02taxesUntaxing the Poor
300TG03BloodPriceBlood Price
301TG03ElvenThe Elven Maiden
302TG04BloodPriceBlood Price
303TG04MistakeAhdarji's Heirloom
304TG05BloodPriceBlood Price
306TG06AtonementLost Histories
307TG06BloodPriceBlood Price
308TG07BloodPriceBlood Price
309TG07LexTaking Care of Lex
310TG08BlindTurning a Blind Eye
311TG08BloodPriceBlood Price
312TG09ArrowArrow of Extrication
313TG09BloodPriceBlood Price
314TG10BloodPriceBlood Price
315TG10BootsBoots of Springheel Jak
316TG11HeistThe Ultimate Heist
317TGDirectionsDirections from Beggars
318TGExpelledCast out of the Thieves Guild
319TGGrayCowlBlockerGray Cowl Dialogue
320TGInfoThieves Guild Rules & Information
321TGStolenGoodsIndependent Thievery
322TrainingAcrobaticsAcrobatics Training
323TrainingAlchemyAlchemy Training
324TrainingAlterationAlteration Training
325TrainingArmorerArmorer Training
326TrainingAthleticsAthletics Training
327TrainingBladeBlade Training
328TrainingBlockBlock Training
329TrainingBluntBlunt Training
330TrainingConjurationConjuration Training
331TrainingDestructionDestruction Training
332TrainingHandtoHandHand to Hand Training
333TrainingHeavyArmorHeavy Armor Training
334TrainingIllusionIllusion Training
335TrainingLightArmorLight Armor Training
336TrainingMarksmanMarksman Training
337TrainingMercantileMercantile Training
338TrainingMysticismMysticism Training
339TrainingRestorationRestoration Training
340TrainingSecuritySecurity Training
341TrainingSneakSneak Training
342TrainingSpeechcraftSpeechcraft Training
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