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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® Game of the Year Edition

78 Results

1BarterAmount fenced: %.0f gold
2BarterAmount fenced: %.0f gold
3BarterAmount fenced: %.0f gold
4BarterAmount fenced: %.0f gold
5BarterAmount fenced: %.0f gold
6BarterAmount fenced: %.0f gold
7BarterAmount fenced: %.0f gold
8BarterAmount fenced: %.0f gold
9BarterAmount fenced: %.0f gold
10BarterAmount fenced: %.0f gold
11BarterSellItemAmount fenced: %.0f gold
12BarterSellItemAmount fenced: %.0f gold
13BarterSellItemAmount fenced: %.0f gold
14BarterSellItemAmount fenced: %.0f gold
15BarterSellItemAmount fenced: %.0f gold
16TGSpecialJobsAmount fenced: %.0f gold
17TGSpecialJobsAmount fenced: %.0f gold
18TGSpecialJobsAmount fenced: %.0f gold
19TGSpecialJobsAmount fenced: %.0f gold
20TGSpecialJobsAmount fenced: %.0f gold
21TGSpecialJobsAmount fenced: %.0f gold
22TGSpecialJobsAmount fenced: %.0f gold
23TGSpecialJobsAmount fenced: %.0f gold
24TGSpecialJobsAmount fenced: %.0f gold
25TGHieronymusLexCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
26TG06GiveBookCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
27TG08GiveStoneCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
28TG09GiveArrowHeadCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
29TG10GiveBootsCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
30TGBloodPriceCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
31TGBloodPriceCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
32TGBloodPriceCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
33TGBloodPriceCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
34TGBloodPriceCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
35TGBloodPriceCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
36TGBloodPriceCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
37TGBloodPriceCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
38TGBloodPriceCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
39TGBloodPriceCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
40TG07LexReassignedCurrent bloodprice: %.0f
41GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
42GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
43GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
44GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
45GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
46GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
47GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
48GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
49GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
50GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
51GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
52GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
53GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
54GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
55GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
56GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
57GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
58GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
59GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
60GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
61GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
62GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
63GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
64GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
65GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
66GREETINGCurrent Bounty: %.0f
67TGPayCrimeGoldFee to get rid of bounty: %.0f gold
68TGPayCrimeGoldFee to get rid of bounty: %.0f gold
69GREETINGPermanent +2 Increase to Acrobatics
70GREETINGPermanent +2 Increase to Blade
71GREETINGPermanent +2 Increase to Marksman
72GREETINGPermanent +2 Increase to Security
73GREETINGPermanent +2 Increase to Sneak
74GREETINGPermanent +3 Increase to Athletics
75GREETINGPermanent +3 Increase to Blade
76GREETINGPermanent +3 Increase to Block
77TGCastOutTopicReinstatement Fine: %.0f
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