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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® Game of the Year Edition

23,807 Results

1MQ06MankarSpeech"As for the rest: the weak shall be winnowed; the timid shall be cast down; the mighty shall tremble at my feet and pray for pardon."
2TG06BookLostHistories"Look under the bush near the well, behind Nerastarel's house." I was going to take it for myself, but I owe you a great debt. You should take it.
3BladesTalk1"My lord"? That isn't necessary. I'm just a man. Just a citizen of the Empire, trying to do his duty. Just like you.
4SE45EndChoice3"Poison" is "potion" spelled differently. Both come in bottles, but one is good to drink! Singing potions! Ringing potions!
5SE30ForgeAmberMace"Smacking an idiot in the head a few times is the surest way to win an argument," my Mama used to say.
6ErthorTopic"Somewhere else" meaning somewhere far away.
7MS47MageShopTalk"The explosions are scaring the sheep" or "A plague of rats ate all our crops." Every day another complaint!
8SE11TheLightTopic"The light is knowledge," she says. "Forsake all ignorance and morality in favor of the light," she teaches.
9MQ15MankarRant"This Heart is the heart of the world, for one was made to satisfy the other." You all remember this. It is in every legend.
10MQ06MankarSpeech"When I walk the earth again, the Faithful among you shall receive your reward: to be set above all other Mortals forever."
11TG11TalkToMillona08"Whoever wears Nocturnal's cowl shall have his name stricken from history."
12LeyawiinTopic'Blackwood' refers in part to Blackwood Forest, but it also carries a reference to the 'thoghatt', of 'charcoal warriors' of Khajiit tradition.
15avmafrenagaia'mafre' seems to translate to frost. So a spell with frost damage should work for it. Anything else?
16MQDaedricMagic'The gods can turn anything to good', or so I piously told those who came to see me for advice.
19HELLO(Hic) Eh?
21GREETING*Gasp!* Here they come! Oh my, Aunt Margaret! You are looking the worse for wear...
22HELLO*Gasp!* Listener! How may I serve you?
23Dark05Convo*Gasp* What's this? Oh, Dark Brotherhood assassin, please don't cut me with that wicked blade! It looks like this is the end of poor Francois!
24GREETING... a pickpocket. But relax. You're safe from me. You look like you might take offense. Too risky.
25MQ15MankarRant... and Dawn's Beauty, the Princedom of Lorkhan... misnamed 'Tamriel' by deluded mortals.
26GREETING... And heavens forfend that my husband, Eitar, devote a few minutes from his all-consuming hobby...
27LeyawiinTopic... And now, his new wife, so beautiful, so fine. And wise? Oh, yes! The new Lady Leyawiin is daughter to Countess Arriana Valga, County Chorrol...
28LeyawiinTopic... and so she knows just how the county should be run. Lady Alessia tells Count Marius exactly what to do... and he does as she says...
29CheydinhalTopic... and we take the whole patriotic 'Imperial Mission' attitude with a dose of salt.
30GREETING... and, supposedly, because my face looks like a cat. Don't see it, myself.
31MQ03MartinC1... Because I'm the emperor's son?
32GREETING... Because you don't want to be on the dead guy side of the line, do you?
33DaedraCultTopic... But it just so happens I've run into some Sanguine worshippers up in the Imperial Reserve, a long way north-north-west of Skingrad.
34LeyawiinTopic... But listen to me! Cawing and chattering like an old fishcrow...
35GREETING... But my real passion is alchemy. I love brewing up new and interesting potions... just for fun!
36GREETING... But now, with the emperor dead, everything is at sixes and sevens.
37GREETING... But that's what they call the stable when I buy it, and what do I care what they call it...?
38GREETING... good eating... they tell me...
39GREETING... I can see you have bad news. You didn't recover the Amulet, did you?
40MQ16MartinB... I have an idea. One last hope. I must reach the Dragonfires in the Temple of the One.
41GREETING... Oh, forget it. Let me guess: you're worried about what my men and I are doing here in town, right?
42AnvilTopic... sailors, ship-owners, men made rich and poor by the sea trade, and the lonely wives of men who follow the sea.
43GREETING... Slash 'N Smash... the BIG Orc Weapon Shop. BIG weapons. For BIG heroes.
44GREETING... stirring up trouble between Khajiits and Argonians, to help me find ingredients.
45GREETING... there. You're not a prisoner of the Forbidden Grotto any longer.
46CGEmperor17... To face my apportioned fate, then fall.
47ImperialCityTopic... Was I insufficiently clear? I beg your pardon. You do not interest me. We will not be having further social discourse.
48GREETING... Well, don't expect a handout from ME. You certainly don't need it.
49MQ15OrtheEldamil... Yes, kynreeve. Sir. This prisoner was sent in by Kathutet for questioning. I was about to begin.
50GREETING... You're going to tell him I am quite capable of besmirching my good name on my own. He should cease and desist immediately.
51INFOGENERAL...and he says, "Eat the Greenmote, drag Thadon. Eat the Greenmote, drag Thadon." Ha!
52GREETING...but that's a pile of money for horse steaks, isn't it?
53SE03SyndelChamberTwoManEnd03...find it... yes... I must find the key... rich beyond all my dreams... hehehe
54SE03LewinCrazyChatter...huge t-tree... going...going... to k-kill us all... no sense...should be d-dead...what...who... heart...can't me... keep your weapons ready and watch your backs. Do what I say, and we might just get outta' here alive.
58SE32MagicDagger...Someone like you! No need to thank me for letting you give me your power. I deserve it, after all.
59GOODBYE0, 1, 0. I always aim for the heart. 1, 0, 1.
60SE32HlovalsMagicka0, 5. Hloval is our priest and healer. 7, 7. Unfortunately he was born with stunted magicka, but not a stunted ego.
61SE32Betrothed0, 9. Ah, the doll. Poor Desideratus. 1, 5. Fanatics killed his whole family. 9, 6. That doll is all he has left of them. 5, 5, 9, 4.
62GREETING1, 2, 3 - hurry before I lose count - 5, 6, 7... D'oh! I just lost count.
63HELLO1, 2, 3, 4....
64GREETING1, 2, 3. Hi, I'm Jastira Nanus... 4, 5, 6... As you can see, 7, 8, 9, 10... I'm a little busy counting at the moment... 11, 12, 13.
65GREETING1, 2, 3. I need my arrows. 5, 7, 11. I can't get them. 13, 17, 19. If I leave, who will keep up the count? 23, 29, 31.
66GREETING1, 2, 3. My arrows are finding their targets! 4, 5, 6.
67SE32Arrows1, 2, 3. That idiot Bat gro-Orkul refused to equip some of us. 5, 8, 13. He has arrows, but won't give me any of them. 21, 34, 55.
68GREETING1, 2, 3... is this important? 4, 5, 6... I'm counting... 8, 9. Oh, no. I missed 7. Speak up before I get mad!
69INFOGENERAL1, 2.. A new person has come to the Isles... 4, 5... recently.
70INFOGENERAL1, 2... Adventurers are being sucked up into that dungeon again... 5, 6.
71INFOGENERAL1, 2... Did you hear? The Gatekeeper is dead.... 4, 5... That's bad news... 7, 8.
72SE46DoublesTopic1, 2... Hate her. 3, 4... Sick, sick woman. 5, 6....
73INFOGENERAL1, 2... sad about Passwall. 3, 4... I wonder if they will rebuild it. ...5, 6.
74INFOGENERAL1, 2... Sheogorath's got his army... 3, 4... in the barracks... 5, 6.
75INFOGENERAL1, 2... the Greymarch is over. 4, 5... Thank Sheogorath... 6, 7.
76GREETING1, 3, 5, 7... my Lord! I... I don't know what to say. 8, 16, 4...
77SE32SiegeVitharn1, 6, 1. I was the first to spot the invaders. 8, 0, 3. I was on patrol when I saw their skirmishers marching toward Vitharn.
78HELLO1,2... It's the Madgod! Wow. Wow. 4, 12, 36....
79INFOGENERAL12, 13... A new ruler for Bliss... 14, 15.
80INFOGENERAL12, 13... A new ruler for Crucible... 14, 15.
81GOODBYE12, 3, 2, 2. It's hopeless. 15, 5, 3. The town is lost. 0, 0, 0.
82GOODBYE12... uh... 6? 4?
83SE32SiegeVitharn14, 11. I must guard the lever that opens the gate. 9, 4. If the gate is opened, the Fanatics will overrun Vitharn.
84GREETING2, 3... Good that there are no more doubles. 4, 5....
85INFOGENERAL2, 3... That big ol' torch in... 4, 5... New Sheoth is finally lit... 7, 8.
86SE32Arrows2, 7, 1. You have arrows! 8, 2, 8. Now let the battle be joined! 1, 8, 2. Why aren't you counting? 8, 4, 5.
87SE32HlovalsMagicka2,1. He does the best he can, but he never seems to have enough magicka. 5, 6.
88GREETING3, 1, 4. Without any arrows, I am useless in this battle. 1, 5, 9. But if I leave to get them, who will count? 2, 6, 5.
89GREETING3, 4... I sure don't like my double. 5, 6... She doesn't count right.
90SE32SiegeVitharn3, 9, 8. I rode back as fast as I could to tell Count Cirion of the danger. 8, 7, 4. He went and hid. 9, 8, 9.
91ElixirofExploration30 should do it this time. Yes, that would be perfect. Oh, and as usual, I'll have the moderate Elixir ready in 24 hours.
92INFOGENERAL5, 4... Sheogorath has left us alone in this terrible time. 3, 2, 1.
93INFOGENERAL5, 6... Thadon's back on the Felldew... 7, 8... without the downer... 10, 11.
94GREETING6, 12... You've just made things worse! 36! 42!
95SE46DoublesTopic6, 7... Good work! 8, 9... I'm the only Jastira this town needs. 10, 11....
96GREETING6, 9... You're working for those Demented people! 7, 12... Go away!
97SE46DoublesTopic7, 8... Don't like that other Jastira. 9, 10... Not one bit.
98SE46DoublesTopic7, 8... The same goes for everyone else in town. 9, 10... You should talk to Horkvir about it.
99INFOGENERAL7, 8... There's a new Gatekeeper in the Fringe. 9, 10.
100GOODBYE8, 9, 10.
101INFOGENERAL8, 9... Syl's rounding people up again. 10, 11... It's hard to count when you are being tortured.
102SE36Choice4BadDayA bad day? A bad day? Try a miserable existence!
103SE06PriestsOrderTopicA bad lot. Traitors. You'll find them near the obelisks that dot the land. They perform rituals at the obelisks to summon Knights to the Realm.
104BarterBuyItemA bargain at any price.
105SE37ExpertSpellA bargain at twice the price.
106bedA bed you seek? There is one here for you, if you have the 10 gold to rent it.
107bedA bed? Well of course! Of course! I've got a small room available right upstairs, first door on the left. Only 10 gold. What do you say?
108UmbacanoTopicA bit eccentric. Loves old things. He's practically got a museum upstairs. But he'd never let anybody else see it, oh no!
109SESylTopicA bit harder to meet than Thadon. Consider making an appointment.
110FGD06Weapon2A blade. Fantastic! Let us take the fight to these vile creatures.
111GREETINGA bloody black horse courier. Hahahaha! ... Ahahaha!
112FGD02Choice2A brilliant idea! Oreyn only sends his best these days. Tell you what. You go find us some paying work, and we'll happily go about it.
113SEServiceProviderResponsesA bunch of junk. That's what it is.
114HELLOA caliper a day makes the skyboat... wait, that doesn't rhyme.
115INFOGENERALA Chalice for Thadon! I like chalices. And mugs. And steins. Cups are good, too.
116SheoIntroSpeech1A change is coming. Everything changes. Even Daedric Princes. Especially Daedric Princes.
117WeynonPrioryTopicA chapterhouse of the Order of Talos, a monastic order connected to the Blades. It's located on the Black Road just outside of Chorrol.
118RechargeA charged magic item is a useful magic item.
119HELLOA coin for an old beggar?
120MG17GoOnA contingent of Battlemages has been sent to the site. I would like you to oversee their actions on my behalf.
121contractA contract for you? I think I've got something that suits your experience. Arvena Thelas has some problem with rats in her house.
122contractA contract is a secret pact one enters into with the Dark Brotherhood. They provide us with gold, and we remove someone from existence.
123contractA contract is fulfilled by a skilled assassin such as yourself, who keeps the Dark Brotherhood's end of the bargain. So it has always been.
124GREETINGA course of action could not be agreed upon. Some felt that we are in danger of being exterminated, and that it is time to fight back.
125PayGoldforCrimeA coward as well as a criminal. Very well, perhaps I'll have a chance to test your mettle another day.
126CureforVampirismA cure? Yes... Yes, I believe it's possible. A mage named Raminus Polus has done some research. He's in the Imperial City, at the Arcane University.
127CureforVampirismA cure? You mean, besides death?
128SEThadonWaitingShortA curious thing, that. Long roads get longer too, if you're thinking about them, but what about long words? They don't change nearly as much.
129HELLOA curse on that Hieronymus Lex!
130SE07ChDementiaA dangerous choice. I like it! She's gotten to be a bit much, anyway. Thinks everyone is out to get her. Which they are, in this case. So be it.
131GREETINGA day without sunshine is like... night. Ahahaha!
132SEWildernessRumorResponsesA dead Gatekeeper means more adventurers in the Isles.
133INFOGENERALA den of thieves? Near Anvil? Like that's news? There must be a dozen of them.
134MQ13BattlePlansA desperate plan indeed. This ... Prince? Emperor? Martin would risk my whole city to gain a Great Sigil Stone?
135INFOGENERALA door has opened to the Realm, and a single man steps through. Will he come to us full of lies, or will his intentions be true?
136GREETINGA drink to the health of our Lord!
137BarterSellItemA fair bargain.
138SE06SheoIntro2A fair question. You won't, really. At least I don't think so. But you'll have power. My power. Try not to lose it. It's a pain to replace.
139GREETINGA farmhouse? Hmmm, last time it was a cabin. They must be moving around. Just be cautious.
140MQ08ArtifactGA fearsome weapon, and steeped in the ancient evil of its master. May its deadly power turn good, for once.
141TrainingQuestTopicA fellow Argonian. How good to see. Were you anyone else, I would require a test before offering you training, but it's one I'm sure you could pass.
142SQ05RaelynntheGravefinderA few months ago, that witch of a Necromancer decided to inhabit Moss Rock Cavern just north of my inn.
143RolandJensericTopicA few nights ago, I was roaming the city as I often do, looking for any signs of a vampire. As I headed passed Roland's house I heard a cry.
144TrainingQuestTopicA few too many loose lips, it seems. It's not something I want to be public knowledge, if you understand my meaning.
145MS43StaffA few weeks ago, a spellsword was passing through Leyawiin and heard that I like to buy curiosities. He wanted to sell the staff you see me carrying.
146NirnrootA few years ago, an adventurer not unlike yourself sold me a musty old tome containing alchemical formulas. Most of them were worthless.
147MS39SeenA few years ago, an adventurer not unlike yourself sold me a musty old tome containing alchemical formulas. Most of them were worthless.
148GREETINGA final task awaits you, when you are ready. It is time for you to strike back at the King of Worms.
149BarterBuyItemA fine bargain for you.
150LadyRogbutTOPICA fine model of an Orcish woman. Now go find her. And don't be rude, or she'll rip your ears off.
151DaedricshrineA fine study to add to my research. I thank you for your help.
152BarterSellItemA fine transaction.
153SE06SheoIntro1A fly in the ointment. A new cause for a different effect. We're going to change things. No... things will be different this time around.
154SEDementiaRumorResponsesA fool and his Chalice. Wonderful.
155BookResponsesA friend gave me "The Book of Daedra." It's an interesting study.
156INFOGENERALA friend of mine is a member of the Legion. He said some Altmer nobleman was murdered, right here in the city! Faelian, I think his name was.
157SE07DecisionA friendly word of warning before you choose.
158INFOGENERALA gang of women in Anvil seducing men? Did you hear? Take my copy of the Black Horse Courier. Poor fools.
159MysteriumXarxesA gate can be opened from the outside, however. It will be more difficult, as I will have to temporarily bind myself to the book.
160KvatchTopicA gate opened and daedra poured out. Everybody ran. Or they died.
161HELLOA genuine masterpiece comes from the heart, not the mind.
162GiftA gift, for me?
163SE30ForgeAmberHammerMagicA girl can always win an argument with a weapon like this.
164GOODBYEA glorious existence. Truly.
165GREETINGA Gnarl! You've earned your reward. Follow me.
166GREETINGA God. My God. Wow. I thought little furry puppy dogs were the cutest thing in the world. But, look at you! I could just eat you up!
167BarterBuyItemA good bargain, that is.
168BrumaNQDQuestionResponsesA good healer makes for a happy town. And Cirroc almost seems like another Nord to me!
169INFOGENERALA good man who honors the Nine may visit the Wayshrines of Akatosh for Blessings of Speed and Magicka.
170BarterSellItemA good price for a good customer.
171FGC07Choice2A great deal, over 1,000 septims. My father was quite a gambler. Quite a bad gambler.
172FGC07Choice2A great deal, over 1,000 septims. My father was quite a gambler. Quite a bad gambler.
173JauffreTopicA great man, and a true believer, deep in faith and wisdom.
174MQLastItemA Great Sigil Stone, then, is what we require.
175GREETINGA grim fate indeed, but one does not cross the Order of the Black Worm without suffering greatly for it.
176Mg12TravenGoOnA group of Battlemages were dispatched to Mucianus's last known location, with the intent of bringing him in for questioning.
177BloodwormHelmTopicA group of mages led by Irlav Jarol took the Helm, and have retreated to Fort Teleman, in an effort to study it further.
178GREETINGA guest has been murdered. So it begins. You mark my words. This entire party is a trap. Someone wants us all dead, and now they have their chance.
179HELLOA hail and hardy welcome, friend.
180FGD06Weapon1A hammer! Excellent! Good for bashing in puny goblin skulls!
181GOODBYEA happy customer is a returning customer.
182HELLOA hated one.
183HELLOA hearty hello to you. So good to see you again!
184ViranusDontonTOPICA journal? Let me see that... Blackwood Company! Bastards! Rank amateurs!
185ViranusDontonTOPICA journal? Sounds like he fought bravely. I should have known the Blackheart Company was involved. Reckless amateurs!
186SE30ForgeGauntletsA lady might be a killer, but she shouldn't ruin her manicure by chipping a nail.
187GREETINGA letter, eh?
188ArenaChoice2BA Light Raiment, huh? You sure? I figured you for the Heavy Raiment type. You know, hide behind a skin of steel? Hmph. Okay then, here.
189INFOGENERALA little bird told me that Syl is rounding up people again. That's silly, isn't it? Would you like some milk, little kitty? You look thirsty.
190GREETINGA little bird told me that you've been asking around town about Glarthir. Our resident "eccentric." I'd like to know why.
191SE03XedilianTopicA little busy here! I'm trying to decide what to have for dinner. Oh, how I love eating. One of my favorite things to do.
192AttackA little closer...
193AttackA little closer...
194BarterA little food and drink will do you some good.
195AnvilNQDResponsesA little skill with a shield can save your life. Of course, she'll only train other Fighters Guild members.
196GOODBYEA little stab in the back won't hurt too much. Then I'll have the magicka I need.
197ImperialCityTopicA little tip. People who ask a lot of questions around here tend to be not very popular.
198ManorA local gentleman has been looking to sell his manor. A bit run-down, but a magnificent place, and priced to move.
199BravilTopicA local woman, Ursanne Loche, has a missing husband. She might appreciate some help from someone like you.
200GREETINGA lot of good men died. But it could have been worse. A lot worse.
201SE11HowlingHallsA lot of history has this place. It was I who led the apostles to steal the stones from Cyrodiil when the original temple was destroyed.
202INFOGENERALA lot of mages swear by Rindir's Staffs.
203SE38TalkItem9A lovely little Oddity -- a key made from a Hound's Tooth. And no one even knows what it opens, imagine that! Shall we move on?
204SEFlameofAgnonTopicA lovely little treachery. The Golden Saints almost beg to be betrayed, true, but still, you took that little bit of extra time to think it through.
205RechargeA magic item without a charge is like a sword without a blade.
206SEMiscQuestResponsesA man with pockets as deep as a cave whom everyone wishes would just go away!
207SE42SkyboatA marvelous contraption. I've gotten it to float in water perfectly. Now if I can just get the water to fly through the air.
208INFOGENERALA master sorcerer like Janus Hassildor inevitably outlives all his peers. It must be a lonely existence.
209HELLOA merry dance for the Lord of Chance.
210SE10WhoAreYouA messenger, sent by Issmi. You must go to Brellach at once! We are under attack!
211GREETINGA mighty feat of arms! The bards of Cyrodiil will be singing of the Fall of the Great Gate for years to come!
212GaltusPreviaTOPICA mission? Well... of course! I'm sure we can do this. You say this came from Oreyn himself? Well. Perhaps I should speak with Mother first....
213CheeseTOPICA more pungent cheese you'll never find. It looks smooth, but it stinks to the heavens and beyond!
214SE13JyggalagVoiceA mortal faces me?
215SE13JyggalagVoiceA mortal to stand before Jyggalag? Fool!
216GREETINGA mortal wandering the halls of holy Cylarne... and a male no less. Explain yourself.
217DAClavicusSpeechA mortal! Wonderful. Always a pleasure. Perhaps you'll do a service for me, mortal. And I'll reward you. A fair bargain, don't you think?
218DASheogorathSpeechA mortal? Wait... a mortal I know. MY mortal. What are you doing here, mortal, when I've given you things to do?
219ImperialOrreryA most fascinating contraption. Bothiel is one of the few who understands how it worked, and kept it running.
220BloodgrassTopicA most interesting plant. From the planes of Oblivion itself, so it may require some effort to find.
221NecromancersMoonA most interesting text, is it not? We are fortunate that at least one necromancer took the time to record the information.
222FGC01Choice1A mountain lion? In my basement? But... how? That's not possible. But, it happened! What if there are more? What if it wasn't alone?
223TGHieronymusLexA neat bit of work we did to reassign him to Anvil. One of my better forgeries.
224MG13ChoiceWhatproblemA nest of vampires has sprung up in Bloodcrust Cavern, southeast of the town. They are a threat to the town, and must be eliminated.
225INFOGENERALA new adventurer in the Isles. Perhaps it's a sign?
226INFOGENERALA new adventurer in the Isles. Perhaps this adventurer has some Skooma?
227INFOGENERALA new adventurer may set foot in the Shivering Isles, I hear. Perhaps I will bake him a fine treat in case our paths should cross.
228GREETINGA new arrival! A shame about my Gatekeeper. I'm so happy, I could just tear out your intestines and strangle you with them.
229INFOGENERALA new Duke in Crucible? They're all just bags of meat to me.
230INFOGENERALA new face in the Isles. Brings the Fork, perhaps?
231INFOGENERALA new Gatekeeper is in the Fringe now. That's good. Fewer adventurers means more creatures for me to hunt.
232INFOGENERALA new Gatekeeper protects the Fringe. But he does nothing to stop the spread of disease.
233GREETINGA new Gatekeeper! Excellent. We might be onto something with you, after all. That should keep out the stragglers.
234GREETINGA new Gatekeeper! Excellent. We might be onto something with you, after all. That should keep out the stragglers.
235INFOGENERALA new Gatekeeper, eh? I'll bet he'd be willing to kill me!
236INFOGENERALA new person in town? Maybe someone to talk to on long, sleepless nights.
237INFOGENERALA new person wandering around? Did anyone check to see if this person was diseased?
238INFOGENERALA new ruler for Dementia! Perhaps blood was spilled. Great deals of blood. Syl's blood. Lovely blood.
239INFOGENERALA new ruler for Dementia! This is the stuff epic novels are made of.
240INFOGENERALA new ruler for Dementia. Certainly the end times are upon us.
241INFOGENERALA new ruler for Mania? Great. They don't have the same cat problems we have in Dementia.
242INFOGENERALA new ruler in Bliss? It doesn't concern me.
243SEWildernessRumorResponsesA new ruler in Crucible, and an empty throne in Bliss. Amazing.
244INFOGENERALA new ruler in Crucible? It doesn't concern me.
245INFOGENERALA new ruler in Crucible? One more thing to keep me up at night.
246INFOGENERALA new ruler in Dementia is no reason to lay about.
247INFOGENERALA new ruler of Dementia. Excellent. If I could only freeze this moment in time.
248INFOGENERALA new ruler of Mania. It doesn't sound good to me.
249IdleA new scent is here. Who can it be?
250INFOGENERALA new visitor to our home. How wonderful. Better stay away from my wife....
251SE01GateSpeechA nice effort, though. A shame he's dead. These things happen.
252ErthorTopicA nice enough guy, I suppose, but there was that awful scamp incident last year. That's when Adrienne told him he needed to practice somewhere else.
253DagailTopicA nice lady, but strange. Talks to herself far more often than one should, in my opinion.
254tasksA note of caution: Skingrad is an... unusual place. Be prepared for the unexpected.
255MS12StipendA particular relic has eluded me for many years. Possessing this piece of Akaviri antiquity would make my collection complete.
256GREETINGA perfect job for you, my newest and only Noble in the realm! If Order has entered my army's stronghold, things have taken a disturbing turn.
257GREETINGA perfect tomato... one taste, and it is gone forever. And then... a lifetime of searching for the next one.
258MG07Choice1BA pity, but not unexpected. We shall speak again.
259TrainingAlterationNoA pity. I was looking forward to this. Perhaps some other time, then.
260ShrineofNamiraTOPICA place of blessed darkness. A holy place where we may worship in our wretchedness. Why are you here?
261MQWhatNextA place where many have perished seeking its Great Stone. But nothing else will do, so you must succeed where all others have failed.
262BarterBuyItemA pleasure doing business with you.
263GREETINGA pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm Athragar of the Mages Guild. How can I serve you?
264GREETINGA pleasure to meet you again.
265HELLOA pleasure to see you.
266BarterExitA pleasure to serve you.
267GREETINGA pleasure to speak with you.
268SE09RelmynaVerenimA powerful Sorceress. Maybe a genius. And a complete lunatic. All in all, my kind of person.
269SkingradTopicA primate has better things to do than provide tourist information. Beggars have plenty of time on their hands. I'm sure you'll have much in common.
270ServeSentenceA prison cell is better than you deserve, mortal scum.
271Dark03FinChoice1AA prisoner recently escaped from the prison, using a set of secret tunnels connecting to the Imperial City's sewer system. It's a perfect way inside.
272MQ15OrtheEldamilA prisoner, sent in by ...
273HackdirtTopicA rather isolated village, south of Chorrol. We do some business with the trader there. Small volume, but she pays well.
274LeyawiinTopicDarJee04A real thigh-slapper, that one, eh? Phew. I heard lots others, only I can't remember them.
275RecommendationA recommendation, from me?
276INFOGENERALA replacement for the Duchess of Dementia could put the wrong people in positions of power, if you get my drift.
277MS21AnotherTaskA rival collector has an item which I very much want to add to my collection. But she stubbornly refuses to consider any of my offers.
278DASanguineSpeechA rousing success, mortal! And it appears you joined in the festivities as well. Good for you. You need to lighten up a bit.
279SE07ChManiaA safer choice, perhaps. Maybe you'll live through this. Thadon's a bit lost these days. Not that it's a bad thing. It suits him. Until now.
280MythicDawnTopicA secretive cult devoted to the Daedra Lord Mehrunes Dagon, the Prince of Destruction.
281ShadowscaleA Shadowscale hatchling is trained in the arts of stealth and assassination, and lives a life in service to the mighty kingdom of Argonia.
282SEManiaRumorResponsesA shame about Thadon. He lived life to its fullest.
283RolandJensericTopicA shame he had to die. Before he turned, he was a fine man.
284RogueMageA she, you say? And she's dead? Well, Arielle and Roliand did what needed to be done. No more innocent deaths. At least, for now.
285ImperialCityTopicA short stay in our lovely Imperial Prison should cool your enthusiasm for a life of crime. The drunk tank in particular has a unique aroma.
286DaedraShrineTopicA shrine to Azura lies in the Jerall Mountains, far to the north, towards the Skyrim border.
287missionA simple mission, nothing more. You should be fine. Please, head downstairs, and I'll brief you further.
288HELLOA sincere welcome to you. May you be forever blessed.
289SQ02SkoomaA small group of Skooma dealers led by a Dunmer named Kylius Lonavo is holed up in the Greyland Settlement just up the road.
290AleswellTopicA small settlement to the northwest of here, on the other side of the Silver Road to Bruma.
291GREETINGA small token of your appreciation might clear this up, or perhaps it's better if we leave at this time.
292SE30ForgeBowMagicA smart girl always keeps herself well out of harm's way.
293vampirehuntersA smelly lot, if you ask me, but their gold is as good as anyone else's. We can wipe down the rooms afterwards.
294DirectionsServicesA smith, book shop, and general trader are west of the river, near the west gate.
295HELLOA splash of blue here... a dab of green there...
296INFOGENERALA stranger in the Isles is interesting news. Perhaps this stranger has interesting things...?
297KSharraProphecyA stranger who knows about the K'Sharra Prophecy? It is one of our many prophecies. You should speak with Ri'Bassa, our shaman.
298TGSpecialJobsA street scavenger made off with a ring that the widow Ahdarji values highly. She is offering a reward.
299HELLOA string of thefts should do the trick.
300IdleA strong post to sharpen my claws. That's what is needed.
301GREETINGA sweetroll? But, of course, Salmo is famous for his sweetrolls! One taste, and you are in heaven... on top of the world, yes!
302FGD06Weapon2A sword isn't the worst thing in the world. Too bad you don't have one! Come back when you have a weapon for me!
303FGD06Weapon2A sword would be wonderful. Unfortunately, it appears you don't have one. It looks like you have a hammer, though.
304FGD06Weapon2A sword, huh? Hmm... good enough for me. I'll split scalps instead of bash skulls.
305FGD06Weapon2A sword? You don't even have one!
306Dark08NelsNevConvoA tavern! Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, I should have known! Leave it to a barbarian to spend an entire chest full of gold on beer and mead. How pathetic.
307MSMiscKotTA thorn in our side is more like it! Those fools are nothing but a glorified club. They've never contributed to anything useful, and never will.
308GOODBYEA thousand thanks to you.
309MS22MissionA time I find most fascinating. The drawing on the bottom of the page I gave you depicts a carved panel from the central chamber of the High Fane.
310INFOGENERALA toast to Sheogorath! Order is no more.
311INFOGENERALA torch is lit. The light is lighted. Or lit. It's a Great Torch. Much better than most.
312vampirehuntersA troublesome lot. I expect you to deal with them.
313TrainingQuestTopicA true marksman is only as good as his bow. When you have a good, solid Elven bow, then I shall teach you what you need to know.
314EulogyDarkElfA valiant effort, Dark Elf, but take comfort. Your spirit is mine.
315HELLOA vampire! Away, everyone! Run!
316HELLOA vampire! Away, everyone! Run!
317GREETINGA victory beyond hope! You and Martin defeated Mehrunes Dagon in the very moment of his triumph! All hail the Champion of Tamriel!
318HELLOA visitor, yes?
319GREETINGA visitor. What a treat. So go ahead. Whoever you are. They call me Orgnolf Hairy-Legs. Because I got hairy legs. Am I going too fast for you?
320DaedraShrineTopicA waste of time, of course, worshipping gods in the first place. But at least they're not raving lunatics.
321ImperialCityTopicA wealthy gentleman in the Talos Plaza district named Umbacano collects Ayleid artifacts. Perhaps he has use for someone like you.
322INFOGENERALA whole army restored, and still these Scalons run free. Must I do everything myself?
323GREETINGA whole city, just.... lost. How did we let this happen?
324AcceptYieldA wise choice, citizen.
325BedYesA wise choice, indeed. You've never had a night's rest like this, I assure you.
326GREETINGA wise choice, perhaps, but you earned no respect for your cowardice.
327BarterBuyItemA wise choice.
328DAClavicusChoice9A wise choice. I have spilled too much blood already, and though I hunger for more, spilling yours would not please me. Go now. Do not return.
329SE46Choice1A wizard did it. Stupid layabout mage. Had a theory about each of us having a Manic and Demented side.
330SE03AXedilianA wonder of engineering, is it not?
331DAClavicusSpeechA word of advice here. You've made a bad deal. This Umbra -- bad business. Things always end badly where that one's concerned.
332HitA worthy foe, at last!
333MS31Selene05PositiveA-again you have surprised me with your knowledge of our operation. I suspect Lynch didn't check all the inn rooms before we departed.
335INFOGENERALAbhor the ugly Baliwog and its entire kin alike. The best place for this horrid thing is upon a pointed pike.
336SECreatureResponsesAbhor the ugly Baliwog and its entire kin alike. The best place for this horrid thing is upon a pointed pike.
337HackdirtTopicAbout thirty years back, there was some trouble out there. Bad trouble. Legion had to be called in, people killed.
338HELLOAbout time someone showed up.
339HELLOAbout time.
340HELLOAbout time.
341FawilTopicAbout two days ago, Count Indarys's son, Farwil, entered the Oblivion Gate with six other men. We haven't heard from them since then.
344AnswerNegativeAbsolutely not.
345AnswerNegativeAbsolutely not.
346AnswerNegativeAbsolutely not.
350AdvancementAccept these robes, and wear them with pride.
351SE05HerdirInvestigateWhoAccording to Miss Herrick, Ma'zaddha has been pressuring her. He would be our next target, if you will.
352ElixirofExplorationAccording to my research from the tome, I'll need at least 20 more Nirnroot to make the next magnitude of Elixir.
353LifttheCurseAccording to the diary entry, it seems that I'm the only one who can open the secret door in the manor.
354MQ13BattlePlansAccording to the plans you captured from those spies, they need three lesser Gates open before they can open a Great Gate.
355avmolaganyammisAccording to this, it translates to "From Fire, Life." Fire it is, then. Anything else?
356GOODBYEAcquire a taste for rat stew while you were in there? Hehe.
357GREETINGActually, Captain, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant-at-Arms.
358contractActually, I gave you this contract in the hope that whatever Roderick has is contagious, and you'll die a slow, lingering death in a matter of days.
359GREETINGActually, I'm not much of a healer. I can blow the meat off you, but I'm not much good at sticking it back on.
360LucienLachanceTopicActually, Lucien did not try to recruit me. Not at first. He tried to kill me. My father wanted me dead, and he hired the Dark Brotherhood to do it.
361GenericBanditBActually, that's the way this one prefers it.
362SkingradTopicActually, underground goblin lairs are no more common here in the West Weald than anywhere else in Cyrodiil.
363GREETINGAdamus Phillida has been a thorn in the Dark Brotherhood's side for far too long. Kill the pig, so Sithis can enslave his soul for all eternity!
364Dark08FinChoice1AAdamus Phillida has spent his entire career investigating the Dark Brotherhood, interrupting our contracts, killing our family members!
365GREETINGAdamus Phillida is dead! I could feel my heart swell with the Night Mother's love the moment that Imperial pig issued his last breath!
366GREETINGAdamus Phillida is dead! I could feel my heart swell with the Night Mother's love the moment that Imperial pig issued his last breath!
367contractAdamus Phillida will find no rest in retirement. No, his soul will endure a kind of eternal suffering known only to those who have angered Sithis.
368SnakGraBuraResponseAdd some onion and... wait. I almost walked into that one. No, of course not. That would be wrong. You shouldn't eat horses.
369SE08CommanderPlan2Additionally, our forces are dangerously thin. We have no idea what opposition may await us inside.
370SE08CommanderPlan2Additionally, our forces are dangerously thin. We have no idea what opposition may await us inside. A frontal assault is not an option.
371SE10WhoAreYouAdeo sent me as a messenger to find you. Pinnacle Rock is under attack, and she needs your assistance at once!
372RecommendationAdrienne Berene is the person you're looking for. I'm sure she'll be more than happy to help you.
373MagesGuildTopicAdrienne can make you a member of the guild, if you can convince her to take her nose out of whatever book she's reading.
374RecommendationAdrienne is in charge. You'll need to speak to her about it, if you can tear her away from her latest book.
375MagesGuildTopicAdrienne may read too much, but you should see the Summon spell she taught Vigge. He might teach you, if you're skilled enough.
376MG01AdrienneConvAdrienne, I'm back! I was rescued!
377MQ06MankarSpeechAdvance, initiate.
378SEManiaRumorResponsesAdventurers are always causing problems. Good thing the Gatekeeper takes care of most of them.
379SEDementiaRumorResponsesAdventurers are always causing trouble around here.
380INFOGENERALAdventurers are being sucked up by that Xedilian place again.
381TrainingQuestTopicAerin's a very gifted acrobat, and could teach you anything you needed to know.
382SE08Ally02Tactic3Affirmative. None shall break the line.
383SE08Ally02Tactic3Affirmative. None shall break the line.
384SE08Ally02Tactic1Affirmative. They will fall before my arrows.
385SE08Ally02Tactic1Affirmative. They will fall before my arrows.
386SE08Ally02Tactic2Affirmative. They will fall before my sword.
387SE08Ally02Tactic2Affirmative. They will fall before my sword.
388DAMalacathChoice2Afraid He might mess up that pretty face? Good thinking.
389disappearancesAfraid to say, I don't have any more contracts for you. I don't think Azzan has any, either. You did pretty good work, meat.
390disappearancesAfraid to say, I don't have any more contracts for you. Maybe Azzan has some, but I don't know. You did pretty good work, meat.
391SE07BRoutineAfter a bit of reading in the garden and running my special errand at noon, I like to shop at Books of Bliss.
392INFOGENERALAfter a long day up at the castle, it's refreshing to spend a time with someone as charming and thoughtful as you.
393FGD04Choice3After a mission in Black Marsh, they set up shop in Leyawiin. More ruthless than ever. It needs investigating. First, though, you need advancement.
394NightMotherAfter a person performs the ritual, they are contacted by a Speaker. Gold is exchanged, and the details worked out. So it has always been.
395GatherCluesAfter a while, I decided to go into the dining area just off the Great Hall.
396MG09Choice5AAfter all, he has ruled over Skingrad for quite some time without incident.
397MQ15MartinCAfter all, this is my destiny. No man can deny his destiny.
398MS43StaffAfter examining it for a bit I noticed a small word carved on it in runes. Using a book from my library, I translated it. The word was nonsense.
399SE11StaffOfSheogorathAfter I shape them into the Staff, you must take it to the seat of power in the Shivering Isles -- the Palace of Sheogorath.
400GREETINGAfter I'm through with you, I'll find Roland and finish what I started. I knew hiring you was a mistake, but I had to keep up appearances.
401SE03ATellMeMoreAfter only a few years passed, the Grummites began moving in. Ghastly things!
402SE05HerdirInvestigateWhoAfter overhearing Ma'zaddha and Nelrene, I'd say you have quite a card to play the next time you speak with him.
403GREETINGAfter speaking to the Count and reviewing your testimony, we decided to reduce Llevana's sentence as she was acting for self-preservation.
404GREETINGAfter speaking to the Count, and in light of the evidence you recovered, Ulrich has been removed from his post and arrested.
405ReadyForAMatchAfter that last match, this one should feel like a vacation. One Khajiit in a Heavy Raiment, probably with a sword. Nothin' you can't handle.
406GatherCluesAfter that, I spent the rest of the night in my quarters... reading.
407SE07BRoutineAfter that, we dance, we sing, or we do whatever else suits my lord's tastes.
408Dark05Choice2CAfter that, you must flee from Chorrol, and Hides-His-Heart must not be killed! That way he can go back and tell his employers I'm dead.
409MQ09ArmorTopicAfter the Battle of Sancre Tor, Tiber Septim gave his armor to the Blades in honor of our role in his victory.
410TG06MentionBookAfter the first time Theranis was taken by the Pale Lady, he knew he was going to die.
411GangAfter we exchanged words, I followed them out to a farmhouse. Inside, they asked me to remove my clothes and items.
412GarridansTearsAfter you read the book, I'll help in any way that I can.
413GREETINGAfternoon, ma'am.
414GREETINGAfternoon, sir.
416INFOGENERALAgain the Resonator draws men near. Screw 'em! I drink to their health. Healths. Whatever.
417INFOGENERALAgain the Resonator pulls men to it. But cats? No! Why? It should draw them far from here!
418GREETINGAgain we cross paths.
419HELLOAgain we meet.
420SE04SheoIntro3Again with the niggling little details! Hold your tongue. Or I will. We'll get to that, all in due time. For now, you've got other work to do.
421HitAgain! Hit me again!
422ElixirofExplorationAgain, I thank you for doing my field work. I look forward to getting more Nirnroot from you. And yes, in 24 hours, I'll have the Elixir ready.
423MS13SignetNoAgain, I thank you on behalf of all the citizens of Cheydinhal. May Arkay guide you.
424GOODBYEAgain, I thank you.
425MehrunesDagonTopicAgainst all hope, Martin cast him back into Oblivion! He will not trouble our world for long years to come.
426OblivionGateTopicAgainst all hope, you returned from Camoran's Paradise with the Amulet of Kings! We now have a chance to turn back Dagon's invasion.
427GREETINGAgata has heard the voices, though I speak for them all. It is to her you must now go.
428AgataTopicAgata is the first person I go to when I need something. Maybe I should talk to Dagail instead, but I just don't feel comfortable doing that.
430HitAggh! Again!
431GREETINGAggh! I hate these disgusting Arena matches! I'm here looking for my husband, Roderick! If he loses any more of our money he's a dead man...
432YieldAggh! Not yet! You must wait until Hides-His-Heart gets here! You must cut me with the knife in his presence, so he thinks you've killed me!
433HitAggh! Sithis save me!
434GREETINGAggh! They're dead! All dead! And you... you're the only one left. It's you! Oh, gracious, no! Stay away from me!
435GREETINGAggh! They're dead! All of them, dead! Why? What's going on here? We need to get out of this place!
436YieldAggh! What are you doing? No, no... you must use the POISONED blade!
437HitAggh! Yes, strike me down!
438MurderNoCrimeAgghhh! Whhhhyyyyy.... ??
439HELLOAgh! Go away! Go away!
440HitAgh! No! I can't take much more of this!
441HitAgh! Now it's my turn!
442HitAgh! They're getting the best of me!
443MurderNoCrimeAghh! Noooooo....
444GREETINGAgronak gro-Malog is the best fighter ever to step into an Arena. He can't be beaten! Not by you! But if you want to fight him, that's your right...
445GREETINGAgronak gro-Malog is the best fighter ever to step into an Arena. He can't be beaten! Not by you! But if you want to fight him, that's your right...
446INFOGENERALAgronak is good, yeah. Too good. He says he's only half Orc. What I want to know is, what's the other half? Cause it sure ain't human...
447RulesOfCompetitionAgronak will be wearing his Raiment of Valor, and he's probably got it heavily enchanted, so feel free to do the same to any armor you have.
448SE09VictimChoice5aAh ah ah... There is no turning back, now.
449SE41CatchAh well, it's been a good life I suppose....
450MS45Choice1BAh well, never mind then.
451GOODBYEAh well, perhaps you can return to help another time.
452SE07BThadonAh yes, and what of our Duke of Mania?
453DovesiDranTopicAh yes, Dovesi Dran. She's a Dark Elf, originally from Morrowind, or so I hear. I get the sense she doesn't like me very much.
454HELLOAh yes, the Mythic Dawn scholar. What else can I help you with?
455GREETINGAh yes, the sixth guest. I'm Neville. It's nice to make your acquaintance.
456Dark05FinChoice1AAh yes, there is one more thing. The Imperial City is also home to an Imperial Legion captain named Adamus Phillida. Do you know who that is?
457MQ05TarMeenaAAh yes. "Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes," wonderful! You have a scholarly interest in daedric cults, then?
458GREETINGAh! Cheydinhal... it's good to see its walls again.
459MG04Choice2AAh! How brave of you, to walk the roads with all of the recent trouble!
460SE38Oddity1Ah! How deliciously odd! I've never seen a Blind Watcher's Eye before. It will have a place of honor in the Museum.
461MS27UmbacanoC1Ah! Magnificent! This is my greatest prize yet!
462SERunsInCirclesGreetCAh! My favorite! You're a good friend, you know that?
463GREETINGAh! No, I've got it. You're going to find the fellow trading on my name. Good show - carry on. *hic*
464MS21StatueShowAh! One of the Ten Ancestors! Hold it up to the light ... yes! Exquisite! You did the right thing by bringing this to me.
465HELLOAh! Our newest member.
466TG11WhatNowAh! Still thinking about your reward, eh? I have not forgotten you or your loyal service to the Thieves Guild. You'll just have to trust me.
467HELLOAh! The classic fire trap. Always a favorite, especially in the colder months.
468TG02GiveItemAh! The Gray Fox will be very pleased. We will make sure this gets back to the people.
469HELLOAh! The triumphant Associate returns!
470SE06StelaGreetA1Ah! You are just in time. Go quickly. The Aureals may attack at any moment.
471HELLOAh! You must be the Arcane University's newest addition! This humble Battlemage bids you welcome!
472MS47MageShopTalkAh, a fellow mage! Please excuse my rudeness earlier. I find most people extremely tedious. Completely ignorant of the arcane.
473MS21StatueGiveAh, a second Ancestor. Excellent. I had wondered whether the first was just luck, but I see now that you have some skill at this work.
474GREETINGAh, a stranger in town. But as I always say, a stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet!
475MQ05GwinasPhintiasAAh, about that. You see ... I don't have it any more. Terribly sorry. A full refund, of course...
476DarkSancTalk5Ah, all right then. I guess I should get back to my duties. I should be around later. We'll talk.
477GREETINGAh, another happy spectator! You of course want to bet on a fight! Who will it be this time, the Blue Team or the Yellow Team?
478GREETINGAh, Assassin, I must speak with you. It is quite urgent. A sealed letter just arrived from a Dark Brotherhood courier.
479MQ08ArtifactAAh, Azura's Star .. as beautiful as all the tales tell.
480GREETINGAh, but I believe I owe you something, eh? Here, let me show you these moves. Step like this... Now strike.... All right, now parry... That's it!
481MythicDawnTopicAh, but more to the point, it appears to me that the first words of each paragraph may be significant. A message may be hidden there.
482GREETINGAh, child. I thank you for helping me.
483INFOGENERALAh, Chorrol. Easy access to all the other cities of Cyrodiil.
484GREETINGAh, dear friend, may I steal a moment of your time? I have a rather delicate situation I was hoping you could help me with.
485NelsTheNaughtyTopicAh, don't let the name fool you. I had a bit too much mead a few years back, and there was this tavern wench.... Anyway, just call me Nels.
486ArenaBetChoice1AAh, excellent! I knew you were the gambling type! Well, you can bet on the Yellow Team or the Blue Team.
487BloodgrassTopicAh, excellent. I hope getting it wasn't too much trouble for you.
488TG08BribeBeggarAh, fresh bread tonight! The Moth Priests live in the Imperial Palace. I don't know exactly what they do. Something to do with the Elder Scrolls.
489HELLOAh, greetings.
490GREETINGAh, greetings. I have been waiting for you. As Vicente surely told you, your time working with him has come to an end.
491GREETINGAh, have you reconsidered my offer? Do you wish to eliminate that treasonous Shadowscale for me?
492MQ12TalkAh, here you are! I have good news, of a sort.
493HELLOAh, here you are. So good to finally meet you.
494HELLOAh, how quaint. How do you do?
495SE05HerdirBeginChoice1Ah, I do appreciate an assertive leader. I look forward to working with you on this assignment. Lead the way, Grand Inquisitor!
496Dark01Choice3AAh, I find your etiquette refreshing. Now please, listen carefully. On the Green Road to the north of Bravil lies the Inn of Ill Omen.
497GREETINGAh, I see you've been successful in the Fringe. How can I assist you, Your Grace?
498HELLOAh, I sense a gambling man!
499HELLOAh, I sense a woman of chance!
500GREETINGAh, I'm glad you came. So, are you interested in earning some loot?
501GREETINGAh, I'm sure you've come to pay homage to the greatest fighting force to grace the lands of Cyrodiil!
502GREETINGAh, is Your Grace having difficulty with his choices?
503MQ07BeggarPayAh, it's coming back to me now. Yeah, seems I saw someone looking out the window at Jearl's house the other day.
504GREETINGAh, it's good to see you, citizen! Oh yes, I know who you are. You've become something of a legend in these parts!
505JeanneFrasoricTopicAh, it's times like this I enjoy what I do.
506GREETINGAh, it's you! You're the one... err... who are you again?
507GREETINGAh, it's you. I figured you'd be by soon.
508GREETINGAh, me... Friend, you are welcome at the Aleswell Inn anytime. Free of charge.
509SE06HelpAttackA1Ah, Mirel's beloved surprise attack. A perfect example of why males do not hold command positions.
510DarkVampChoice1Ah, most excellent! Here is what you must do. Simply go to sleep here in the Sanctuary, at any time, and I will visit you as you slumber.
511GREETINGAh, my dear friend. It is so good to see you.
512HELLOAh, my favorite patron! Anything Odd to show me? Ha ha ha.
513HELLOAh, my savior. Back again for a visit are we?
514contractAh, now this is the type of contract I live for! You must become pure shadow. It's as if you were never there, and then Roderick simply... dies.
515MQ05GwinasPhintiasAAh, of course. Here you go. Keep us in mind for any future needs!
516MS38RewardAh, of course. The gold. Here. But there is someone else I need you to investigate.
517contractAh, of course. You're going to succeed where three previous family members have failed. How silly of me...
518Dark09Choice1AAh, one of you again, eh? You Dark Brotherhood types are all the same. All sneak and no swing! You'll meet the same fate as the others! En garde!
519GREETINGAh, our newest pickpocket.
520HELLOAh, returned from the Fringe I see.
521GREETINGAh, so it's Bloodletter now, is it? I remember when I achieved that rank, so very long ago. I showed such promise... unlike yourself.
522GREETINGAh, so Motierre has escaped? Well done! As payment, I am pleased to award you this amulet, Cruelty's Heart, as well as another advancement in rank.
523Dark18Choice1CAh, so you choose to play the stoic, hmm? You remain silent even when faced with my terrible countenance? Your silent obedience is to be commended.
524GREETINGAh, so you infiltrated Fort Sutch, remained undetected, and replaced the medicine with the poison I provided. You are truly a master of shadow!
525GREETINGAh, so you're an Arena combatant! It's always good to meet a fellow warrior, especially one who isn't here just to kill the Grand Champion! Ha ha ha!
526GREETINGAh, so you've returned. Come at last to challenge me for my Grand Champion title?
527GREETINGAh, sorry friend, but it would appear the opponent you bet on lost that last fight. Better luck next time!
528GREETINGAh, sorry friend, but it would appear the opponent you bet on lost that last fight. Better luck next time!
529GREETINGAh, sorry, I have no idea what time it is.
530GREETINGAh, summoned again. My Lord does so enjoy that, as is His prerogative. I'll assume you're done for now.
531TrainingQuestTopicAh, ten Welkynd Stones. Most useful for my research. Thank you. And now, I am at your service.
532DarMaTopicAh, the comely Argonian lass. You may have met her if you've ever been in her mother's shop, Northern Goods and Trade.
533GREETINGAh, the Flame of Agnon shines again! Soon the Great Torch will flare with the pure light of Dementia!
534HELLOAh, the ghost effect; an excellent demonstration of Xedilian's true power.
535HELLOAh, the Gray Mare! Chorrol's finest repository of wine, women and song!
536GREETINGAh, the Gray Mare! From here I will be able to arrange for transportation out of Cyrodiil! You have served me well, assassin.
537SE06GreatTorchTopicAh, the Great Torch. It is a symbol of Sheogorath's power and a source of great comfort for the citizens of New Sheoth.
538SeenAh, the Madgod's pet!
539MQ08ArtifactCAh, the Masque of Clavicus Vile. You are wise not to let yourself get further enmeshed in his plots.
540HELLOAh, the Prowler approaches.
541GREETINGAh, the savior of Aleswell! Whatever you need, I'm at your service.
542HELLOAh, the Thieves Guild's new favorite.
543MS21SpecialAh, the treasure hunter. Please, have a seat.
544HELLOAh, there you are! It's good to see you again! No, really, I mean it!
545GREETINGAh, there you are! Look... I've been thinking, and... Well... I guess I just want to say I'm sorry for the way I've treated you in the past.
546GREETINGAh, there you are. It seems that we have a... bit of a problem. It's the Font of Madness... no doubt you were on your way there just now.
547HELLOAh, there you are. We need to talk.
548GiftAh, these look lovely. I'm sure she'll like them.
549DASheogorathSpeechAh, very good, Sire. your predecessor left everything in place for the final sign. You'll want to head to the center of town. Good day.
550DASheogorathSpeechAh, very good. Your predecessor left everything in place for the final sign. You'll want to head to the center of town. Good day.
551HELLOAh, we meet again. No hard feelings, I hope!
552DarkSancTalk5Ah, well, I'd love to continue chatting, but I have to prepare for my next contract. You know... that Mages Guild matter. You understand.
553GreetingDavid01Ah, well, in all honesty, no. But our wines are very good. And much cheaper than Tamika's very fine product, I assure you.
554MQ04ConvAh, well, thank you! The honor is mine.
555GREETINGAh, well. All over now. The Chalice helps, doesn't it? Indeed it does, and I could use some helping right now. I'll just take that back from you.
556MagesStaffAh, wonderful! I shall be most pleased to return this to its rightful owner. Thank you.
557MG05Choice2AAh, wonderful! I'll just take this from you, and get to work translating it. I'll need some time with this; come and find me tomorrow.
558MG05Choice2AAh, wonderful! I'll just take this from you, and get to work translating it. I'll need some time with this; come and find me tomorrow.
559GiftAh, wonderful! I'm sure they'll make her happy. It's the least I can do; she's brought so much joy into my life, whether she knows it or not.
560MS40MelisandeIhavethemAh, wonderful! These will be most useful to me.
561ShadeoftheRevenantAh, yes! Now I remember!
562MagesStaffAh, yes! This is a big step for you, friend. Whether you know it or not.
563Dark18NightConvoAh, yes, I have been expecting you. The Listener now kneels by Sithis, as does his successor. There is a traitor amongst you.
564DarkSancTalk3Ah, yes, that was quite a situation I got myself into. But I have to admit, I had quite a bit of fun cleaning up my own mess! He he he he.
565GREETINGAh, yes. A guild brother in search of a fence?
566TG00MysteriousNoteTopicAh, yes. Another scoundrel who served time in an imperial jail. The Gray Fox is offering you a chance to join the Thieves Guild.
567IngredientCollectionAh, yes. Arch-Mage Traven was quite fond of making potions in his spare time. So much so, in fact, that it became difficult for me to meet his needs.
568MQ07SpiesAh, yes. I hope you can help. The gate guards have reported seeing strangers on the road for the past several nights.
569RecommendationAh, yes. I'm afraid I'm unable to issue a recommendation. Only Dagail can do that.
570RechargeAh, yes. Let's see if we can't recharge some items for you.
571GREETINGAh, yes. My treasure-hunting friend. What can I do for you?
572MessageAh, yes. Thank you.
573SE45ForkTopicAh, yes. The Fork of Horripilation. I have heard rumors about it. It appears that Lord Sheogorath has returned it to the Isles.
574MG05Choice2AAh, yes. This is indeed the correct book. You've not been able to open it, I presume? Then all is well.
575MG05Choice2AAh, yes. This is indeed the correct book. You've not been able to open it, I presume? Then all is well.
576MG04Choice2AAh, yes. Thought so. We get many of them traveling through here. Well, we used to.
577GREETINGAh, yes. You are a Guild Mage, are you not? Yet, different from the others. Yes, yes -- this is good.
578GREETINGAh, you again! A pleasure, I'm sure. No time for chatter now; I have a few important things to attend to, or did I? Ah well...
579GREETINGAh, you again. Have you seen any of Ma'zaddha's things? A shiny spoon, or a broken bottle? I can't find them.
580DarkGiftTopicAh, you are interested, then? Shall I pass along the terrible power of my Dark Gift? Do you wish to become a vampire?
581GREETINGAh, you are the new thief. I am your new Doyen.
582GREETINGAh, you came. You're sure you weren't followed? Good, I thought I could trust you. Nobody else in town. They're all in on it ... all watching me.
583HELLOAh, you have arrived. Come now, we must speak. The Black Hand has need of your... talents.
584SE09HaskillBodyPartsAh, you have been asked to choose the pieces with which to construct the new Gatekeeper. Quite an honor.
585GREETINGAh, you must be from the Fighters Guild. Excellent! I'm looking forward to our investigation. Fascinating subject, these Daedra.
586GREETINGAh, you're back. I told Jauffre not to worry.
587GREETINGAh, you're back. You may have noticed that we have a... bit of a problem.
588GREETINGAh, you're the one who lit the Great Torch for us. Well done!
589heirloomAh, you've got it! Thank the gods! Finally, my mead will stay cold and won't taste like goblin piss. Take these, and my thanks.
590SE09HaskillFringeAh, your task is completed. Wonderful. Our Lord Sheogorath may wish to hear of your success. Perhaps you should tell Him yourself.
591SE09RebuildRequestAh, your tone is more in line with my station. Please, continue.
592INFOGENERALAh-Malz at the Fighters Guild has gotten to be an expert on goblin hunting. He just hates the things.
593GREETINGAh-Malz of the Fighters Guild. Welcome to Skingrad County. Come hunting goblins, have you?
594MQ06JauffreBAh. Good. You should take that to Martin right away.
595TG10JaksDiarySaysAh. It seems you have stumbled over a bit of history that few in the Thieves Guild ever discover. I am not the first Gray Fox.
596GREETINGAh. S'krivva hears of you. Welcome, and well-fare in your craft and trade.
597SE09AuthorityMyOwnAh. That confirms it. You're the new Duke. The stink of hubris surrounds you! My Lord allows you to lick his boot straps, does he?
598GREETINGAh. You must be the one I got the message about. How can I help you?
599FGD06Weapon1Ah... a hammer. Well, it seems you don't have one. However I see that you have a longsword....
600FGD06Weapon1Ah... a hammer. Well. Not my first choice, but it will suffice. Let's go!
601BookResponsesAh... an excellent read, though it's been a while since I've read it myself. Let me know how you like it.
602DASanguineSpeechAh... another mortal come to beg Sanguine to add a bit of spice to an otherwise drab existence. I would have you perform a service for me.
603SE11RobeConv03Ah... I see you well, my friend. With all the new recruits, it is hard to be certain who is who.
604SENewSheothTOPICAh... New Sheoth. My home away from places that aren't my home. The current location is much better than some of the prior ones. Don't you think?
605GREETINGAh... our Lord has granted you the power to summon me. How wonderful for me.
606INFOGENERALAh... pure magic. Research. Knowledge. That's why I love the Mages Guild.
607GREETINGAh... you are from the Fighters Guild, I resume. Good show. I am Lord Rugdumph gro-Shurgak. Let us conversate on the Lady Rogbut.
608GREETINGAh... you must be from the Fighters Guild. Good. I have a problem. It has to do with the rats in my basement.
609ImpGallTOPICAh... you've got it. Looks fresh, too! I realize that you'll be paid by your superior, but take this as well. It might come in handy in your work.
610HELLOAh... you've returned.'re here. Joy. You'll want to speak to the Lord Sheogorath.
612HELLOAha! There you are. Took you long enough to get here.
613GREETINGAhdarji trains, yes. Light Armor is the skill. Ahdarji must work very hard, now she is all alone in the world.
614TG04AmuseisPlotAhdarji uses ring much more wisely. I use it to collect and sell information. That ring can be used to read private messages the Count writes.
615GREETINGAhem. Citizen of... Skingrad. Please be advised that I am here on official business, and wish no harm...
616SE07BThadonDeathSpeech02Ahem. The lady fair, our love is told. With hair as fine as soft-spun gold.
617GREETINGAhh yes, THERE you are! You couldn't imagine how long I've been waiting for you. So little to do, and so much time.
620GREETINGAhh! You burn with the purging Fire of Agnon, the flame of Truth, the flickering beacon of hope in the gloom of despond!
621HELLOAhh, magister. I just remembered, there's something I'd like to discuss with you.
622HELLOAhh... help at last.
623GREETINGAhh... much better. You repulse me now, at least to a degree. Others should find you foul, disgusting. Namira may be pleased. Approach the shrine.
624StoneofStAlessiaTOPICAhh... you've found it! I can't thank you enough. Your work is greatly appreciated. Here, take these. I wish I could give you more.
625GREETINGAhh... you've got the weapons. Let's talk about that weapons shipment you brought.
626SE09MiscScreamingInPainAhhh! Eeeyah! No, no, nooo!
627GREETINGAhhh! You have returned from your investigation, and I am eager to hear the results.
628SE09MiscScreamingInPainAhhh!! No! No! Make it stop, make it stop! Aaayiiee!
629SE07RitualYesM02Ahhh, but it was. As the bacchanal reached a crescendo, the people began to clutch their chests as their very hearts exploded!
630GREETINGAhhh, good to see you again.
631RaynilDralasTopicAhhh, you mean that vampire hunter. He's staying over at Olav's Tap and Tack. It's near the city gates; you can't miss it.
632HELLOAhhh. So good to be back home.
633GOODBYEAhhh... Rosentia will be so pleased!
635INFOGENERALAhjazda in Crucible believes the world is ending.
636INFOGENERALAhjazda in Crucible believes the world is ending. She seeks all sorts of items to weather the storm portending.
637INFOGENERALAhjazda thinks the world is ending tomorrow. She's been saving magic items just in case.
638AttackAkatosh and the Dragon!
639CorpseAkatosh bless you and keep you.
640ImperialCityTopicAkatosh speaks to us all, but we never listen. Go to the Temple of the One. Read the Covenants. Praise the Nine!
641lightthedragonfiresAkatosh, the Supreme God of Time, gave the Amulet of Kings to St. Alessia, the first emperor, as a god-certain test of the true heir.
642EulogyWoodElfAlas for the honor of Valenwood, the Wood Elf has fallen.
643SE09AssistanceRequestAlas, I am still distraught over the destruction of my sweet child. I cannot return to his womb. You must do this.
644EulogyOrcAlas, poor Orc. This was not your finest hour.
645GREETINGAlas, we are but 3 old men, not able to match the fighting prowess of the vampire. We lack the strength to defeat them in battle.
646SE06GreetB1Alas, we cannot light the Flame until we take control of the Altar of Despair from the infernal Mazken.
647SEAltarofDespairTopicAlas, we have not seen the Altar of Despair for many years. It is in the underground part of Cylarne, which is controlled by the Mazken.
648SE06FlameAgnonAlas, we hold only the Altar of Rapture. The treacherous Mazken hold the Altar of Despair. We must control both to light the Flame.
649AldosOthranTopicAldos is living on the street now that his house has been seized. I begged Ulrich to give him more time, but he wouldn't.
650MS10LlevanaTalkAldos was a drunkard and a fool. He decided to draw a blade and attack a guard, so he paid the price.
651AldosOthranTopicAldos will be mourned. I won't sit by and watch the innocent being driven to the brink like that. Something must be done, but without bloodshed.
652GOODBYEAldos's death is indeed a tragedy. We'll do what we can to put his soul at ease.
653AxeofDragolAleron never mentioned it to me before.
654HELLOAleron... my sweet husband...
655INFOGENERALAlessia Caro visits her mother in Chorrol regularly. A dutiful daughter... and a dutiful wife, I hear.
656HELLOAlessia, hear our prayer.
657INFOGENERALAlga has a lot of good tales to tell. I wish I could tell a story like she does.
658INFOGENERALAlga sure can tell a good story. I'm not normally a big fan of bard's tales, but she's got some good ones.
659HELLOAlive and kicking, are you? Welcome back.
660JanusHassildorTopicAll appointments to see the Count must be made through Hal-Luirz
661JanusHassildorTopicAll appointments to see the Count must go through Mercator Hosidus.
662GreatWelkyndStoneTopicAll but one. The Great Stone of Miscarcand is reputed still to shine in the deep darkness of its ruined halls.
663HELLOAll citizens are welcome in the Imperial Palace, at least on the first two floors.
664LeyawiinNQDResponsesAll day long, stories about severed heads and lopped off limbs. I can do without it.
665GREETINGAll day, every day, I work them. And for what? For Cindanwe? You think I am her servant, yes? If it weren't for her magic, things would change.
666INFOGENERALAll else is put aside to celebrate of our deliverance from evil. Thanks to Akatosh and his servant Martin.
667MerchantTopicAll found dead along the same stretch of road. The only trait shared amongst them is that each had previously stayed at the Brina Cross Inn nearby.
668HELLOAll glory, mistress.
669KvatchTopicAll gone now, though. Just smoke and mud and rubble.
670GREETINGAll guild members have been instructed to deny you service, shelter, and assistance. From now until your death, you do not exist in our eyes.
671HELLOAll hail the Champion of Cyrodiil!
672HELLOAll hail the Corrupter of Souls.
673HELLOAll hail the victor of Cylarne! All hail the Great Torch of Mania!
674FaelianTopicAll he thinks about, all he cares about, is skooma! He was a fine young man once. But he's lost everything. His looks, his money... his self-respect.
675FawilTopicAll he wants to do is please his father. I've known him since he was a lad, and fighting to defend Cheydinhal is in his heart.
676HELLOAll honor to the Ebony Blade.
677HELLOAll honor to the Hide and the Wearer.
678HELLOAll honor to the Masque.
679GREETINGAll I ask in return is to keep the Brush's existence secret. If word gets around that I have it, I'm afraid more than a lone cutpurse will visit me.
680StolenGoldAll I can promise is that you'll be making a lot of money. Are you in, or are you out?
681PillarAll I can say for sure is that it reacts to magic. Badly, most of the time. Several mages were hurt attempting to cast spells at it.
682SE07ASylAll I can tell you is Syl is rarely seen in public, and her staff takes care of the day-to-day activities.
683GangAll I can tell you is that the best place to start is at The Flowing Bowl. It's a tavern located outside the city walls near the waterfront.
684MG13EridorInfoAll I care about is where the vampires are hiding. I know they're here somewhere... You know where they're holed up?
685UlrichLelandTopicAll I did was fall down, sure. Maybe even vomited on the floor of the tavern. Charge me six times, Ulrich... charge me you fetcher??!
686EaranaTopicAll I heard is that she's looking for some sort of book. You'll have to talk to her if you want to know more.
687SeersStoneAll I heard was that it was important to Dagail, and it was missing. Kalthar didn't tell me anything more than that.
688SQ08WineAll I know about them is that they're found in the many fort ruins scattered all over Cyrodiil.
689FGD05Choice1All I know for sure is that they'll accept any contract, and they'll do anything to complete it. And they don't care who gets in the way.
690MS16BrothersAll I know is that travelling merchants found me in the wilderness by the body of my mother. I was raised by the monks at Weynon Priory.
691SE05PostTortureGreetAll I know is that word has gotten around about Anya Herrick. She looks more nervous than normal lately. People think she might be up to something!
692BlackwaterBrigandsAll I know is there seems to be four of them. They blindfolded me before they put me in here, so I didn't see much.
693BrumaTopicAll I need is a roof, some bread, and blessings of the Nine. Bruma is Gods' country, and the Gods are good to me.
694IdleAll I needed was that right pauldron, and my set would have been complete.
695ArdalineTopicAll I want is for her to care about me, to feel the same way as I do about her. But she doesn't.
696IdleAll I wanted was a hug.
697SE12RootDungeonAll is not well here. The Gnarls are disturbed. Order is spreading among them, and thus into the Font. Find the Pools and stop the taint of Order!
698GOODBYEAll manner of creatures infest Bramblepoint Cave, you must remain vigilant.
699GREETINGAll mortals will come to him. He is the Harvester of Souls.
700INFOGENERALAll my patrons keep disappearing! It's impossible to create important art under these conditions!
701INFOGENERALAll my work on the Fringe... wasted. I'll have to begin my research all over again.
702GREETINGAll of my attention is devoted to the Council. We must discern the reason for this sudden attack, and stop Mannimarco before he destroys us all.
703MagesGuildTopicAll of the local guild halls sell some amount of Alchemic ingredients, but for the best stuff, you'll need to do some exploring on your own.
704MQ11BrumaAlliesAll of the other cities have sent aid! It's remarkable! I've never seen such unity of purpose. Your leadership has made all the difference.
705FGD02InsultsAll of you! Out! Now!
706MQ04ConvAll of you.
707RecommendationAll of your recommendations have been approved, have they not? Then everything appears to be in order.
708AmuletofKingsTopicAll practitioners of daedric magic are familiar with the almost impenetrable barrier between our world and Oblivion.
709TG05LexToMenAll right men. We've been ordered back to our posts. I smell the dirty hand of the Gray Fox behind this.
710GOODBYEAll right then, I guess I'd better start looking. That gold's not going to find itself!
711HELLOAll right then, I'm listening.
712HELLOAll right!
713SE05PostTortureGreetAll right, all right!
714Dark04DrethConvoAll right, all right. I'm tempted to let you out right now if you'll just shut up...
715MG05AChoice1AAll right, all right. We can deal with this. You'll have to get it back, that's all.
716SE05PostTortureGreetAll right, all right... please, just stop. I don't know anything specific, but Anya has been looking scared lately.
717ReadyForAMatchAll right, Brawler, this next match is going to be a challenge. Turns out there are two Wood Elf sisters who always fight together.
718Dark17Choice1BAll right, but don't tarry too long. Until we receive the Night Mother's guidance, the Dark Brotherhood will remain in disarray.
719BarterBuyItemAll right, but only because it's you.
720BedNoAll right, but you're missing out. It's a fine room, and to be honest, you look like you could use some rest.
721Dark08Choice2AAll right, dearie, I understand. If you change your mind, just let me know.
722MG01SulinusConvAll right, Erthor. You're safe now.
723MagesStaffAll right, I admit it. I took it from her. I... I don't know what I was thinking, honestly.
724JskarTopicAll right, I think I can help with that. But you have to agree to do something for me, first.
725PrimoAntoniusTopicAll right, I'll be honest. I'm not quite sure what to think about Primo anymore. My list of suspects is getting pretty damned small as it is.
726TrainingQuestTopicAll right, I'll help you hone your technique.
727TrainingQuestTopicAll right, I'll teach you what I know about Athletics. Maybe we can swap stories about life on the road.
728GREETINGAll right, it should be safe to speak here.
729ReadyForAMatchAll right, maggot. Looks like you're suited up in your Battle Raiment and all set to go. The Red Room is just over there.
730ArenaBetChoice3CAll right, my friend. You've got 100 gold down on the Blue Team. Good luck, and enjoy the match! Oh, and if you win, come see me for your payout!
731ArenaBetChoice3CAll right, my friend. You've got 100 gold down on the Yellow Team. Good luck, and enjoy the match! Oh, and if you win, come see me for your payout!
732ArenaBetChoice3AAll right, my friend. You've got 25 gold down on the Blue Team. Good luck, and enjoy the match! Oh, and if you win, come see me for your payout!
733ArenaBetChoice3AAll right, my friend. You've got 25 gold down on the Yellow Team. Good luck, and enjoy the match! Oh, and if you win, come see me for your payout!
734ArenaBetChoice3BAll right, my friend. You've got 50 gold down on the Blue Team. Good luck, and enjoy the match! Oh, and if you win, come see me for your payout!
735ArenaBetChoice3BAll right, my friend. You've got 50 gold down on the Yellow Team. Good luck, and enjoy the match! Oh, and if you win, come see me for your payout!
736GREETINGAll right, Myrmidon, time to stop messing around! You ready to teach those Yellow Team scumbags a lesson, or what?
737NelsTheNaughtyTopicAll right, so I didn't care much for the man. That doesn't mean I wanted him dead.
738NevilleTopicAll right, so I didn't like Neville. But the man was a trained soldier. He knew how to handle himself. Who could possibly have killed him?
739DarkSancTalk3All right, so I may have gotten a bit careless. But the contract was fulfilled, wasn't it? In the end, that's all that matters.
740Dark08Choice3AAll right, that sounds like a fine idea! Oh, I just know you and I are going to find that gold! I have a sense about these things, you know.
741Dark17Choice4CAll right, that's it! You've gone and annoyed me, now! Have at thee!
742ArenaBetChoice2AAll right, then, the Blue Team it is. How much do you want to bet?
743ArenaBetChoice2BAll right, then, the Yellow Team it is. How much do you want to bet?
744MazogaSorryAll right, then. Just don't forget I'm a knight.
745MazogaYesAll right, then. Just don't forget.
746KnightNoSirAll right, then. There's an Argonian named Weebam-Na in town. Go get him for me.
747BedYesAll right, then. You're all set. Remember, first door on your left.
748MG00JoinAAll right, then. You're now an Associate of the Mages Guild.
749GREETINGAll right, this is it!
750ReadyForAMatchAll right, this is it. Your last fight against the Yellow Team. I guess you could say they saved the best for last. The three best, actually.
752NeutralReceiveAll right.
753BedNoAll right.
754Dark07FinChoice1BAll right. But don't take too long. The other guests are already assembled, and they're waiting on you.
755PERSUASIONEXITAll right. I get it.
756GREETINGAll right. I'll just take these from you. I'll need them for my report to the Council.
757GREETINGAll right. I'm ready; keep your eyes peeled. They could come out at any moment.
758BedYesAll right. It's up the stairs; the last door on your right. Sleep well.
759ArenaChoice1AAll right. It's your funeral. Welcome to the Arena, you filthy Pit Dog. You're free to fight, so long as you know the rules of competition.
760MG05AChoice1AAll right. No need to get angry, I suppose. It's a small problem, but one that you can resolve.
761GOODBYEAll right. The pickpockets and pilferers ain't going to catch themselves. We'd best be off.
762TrainingArmorerHazadirAll right. You're not hopeless. You want training, I'll train you.
763SE11SheogorathFarewell3All shall crumble before Jyggalag!
764SE11DyusChoice3All sources indicate that you will fail. It is a certainty. However, I also predict that this will not stop you from trying.
765SkingradNQDResponsesAll that conjuring gives me the creeps. There are plenty of scary things in this world without bringing more around.
766GREETINGAll that had come before - meaningless. Pointless frivolity.
767GREETINGAll that remains is to watch the soon to be late Thadon eat his food and smile with glee as his heart goes "boom."
768INFOGENERALAll that stuff about having to set trolls on fire is a bunch of hooey. They don't like fire, but a good sword will cut them up fine.
769HELLOAll that work gone to waste.
770INFOGENERALAll the bards are busy composing songs about the battle! "The Fall of Dagon" is my favorite so far.
771BloatedFloatAll the furnishings were built inside the ship since they were too big to be carried on board. Spared no expense.
772SEMiscQuestResponsesAll the merchants are tired of his thievery. Ask any of them.
773MS14MoreBrushAll the painter has to do is have the Brush in his possession, and whatever he imagines appears in the canvas.
774TGGrayFoxAll Thieves Guild members have sworn loyalty to him. If there is such a thing as a guildmaster, he's it.
775GREETINGAll things speak with the voice of life... even the bones of the earth.
776INFOGENERALAll this talk of torture has me thinking -- would it be possible to hold someone in time during their most painful moment?
777SE03SyndelChamberOneGnarl03All this time it was merely an illusion, how clever.
778GREETINGAll this, and now Farwil is dead. Oblivion is truly cursed. Make sure you take his signet ring to bring to the Count. He would want proof.
779SE02GatesOfMadnessAll those that enter the Realm are forever changed, but some believe it is for the better. A good portion of them, at least.
780ICAllNQDResponsesAll three of them are nice folks.
781HELLOAll visitors to the Imperial Palace are asked to keep their voices down, especially if the Council is in session.
782MG17ThalfinWhatNowAll we can do is prepare for them to come out. Once they do, it'll be our best chance to get the drop on them.
783GOODBYEAll we want is work to do.
784TG06GiveBookAll would be good if you had not killed to get it. The Thieves Guild has no use for you until you pay the blood price.
785SE03AInstructionsAll you need to do is decide what becomes of the adventurers. Will you drive them insane or will you pull the life from their bodies?
786GREETINGAll you need to do is visit the statue once a week, get the list of names and locations, and pass it on to me here in the Sanctuary.
787RechargeAll your charging needs... for a very small charge.
788MS05DreamsAll your thoughts, your skills and your talents travel there with you. Think of it as exploring a new land, but a land within your own mind.
789HELLOAll's quiet, eh? Times like this I think the thieves are all away on holiday.
790GOODBYEAll's well, I hope, Jauffre?
791HELLOAllow me to be your guide.
792UlrichLelandTopicAllow me to check with the Count.
793GREETINGAllow me to extend my congratulations on your daring victory over the evil forces of Oblivion. I am at your service.
794GREETINGAllow me to introduce myself. My name is Jollring. I come on behalf of my master, Umbacano.
795GREETINGAllow me to serve you, my Lord.
796AdvancementAlong with your new rank, please take this amulet. May it help keep you safe in times of danger.
797GOODBYEAloys, Callia! He's cleared the goblins from Cropsford for us! It's safe for us to build the settlement!
798GOODBYEAloys, Callia! She's cleared the goblins from Cropsford for us! It's safe for us to build the settlement!
799AlbertJemaneTopicAlready I've heard that the Honorblade rests again in Castle Chorrol and the Escutcheon of Chorrol you have is all the proof I need.
800SECaldanaMonriusSkoomaAlright! It's about time. Give it to me already!
801MQ10BurdSpeechAlright, boys. Listen up. We've got to close that Gate over there.
802MQ07BurdCAlright. Anything I can do for you, just let me know.
803MQ10BurdAAlright. Give me a minute to talk to the men. Everyone's a bit jumpy right now.
804MS48IlendA1Alright. I'll try to get out of here and let the Captain know what's going on.
805MS48IlendA2Alright. Lead the way. Let's find Menian and get out of here.
806MS05PreparedNoAlright. Please, come back soon. I'll wait for you here.
807GREETINGAlright. The room with the table is just through this door. I always wondered who put it there.
808GREETINGAlso accept this gift of armor. It is the least I can do to show thanks for your help.
809GREETINGAlso accept this gift of armor. It is the least I can do to show thanks for your help.
810ImperialCityTopicAlso try my friend, Ogier Georick, The Main Ingredient, here in the District.
811ReynaldJemaneTopicAlso, he seemed sober, which is a refreshing change. Usually Reynald is stumbling around Chorrol drunk as can be.
812SE32SiegeVitharnAlthel brought us the news of the invaders. I ran to the wall to see for myself. That's where I danced for the rain.
813GlarthirTopicAlthough ... lately he's been weirder than usual. Always looking over his shoulder, writing in his little notebook. I wonder what he's up to now.
814BladesTopicAlthough I admit, things are not going according to plan.
815SE08HaskillKnightsTopic1Although they are not composed of flesh as you know it, like any other enemy, they can be destroyed with sword and spell.
816BradonLirrianTopicAlthough we can't go back and undo what's been done, I feel justice has been served, and Bradon's soul may rest with ease.
817CGBaurusCAlthough you may not think so to meet him. He lives quietly as a monk at Weynon Priory, near the city of Chorrol.
818UlrichLelandTopicAlthough your intentions were good, your actions were despicable. Murder is the lowest form of revenge, and a road I would never dare to tread.
819SE11HaskillChoice6Although... I hesitate to guide you towards this path. The secrets of the past will surely aid Jyggalag, but I fear that we have no other choice.
820GREETINGAltmer. They act all high and mighty until you leave them in a pool of their own blood. Here's your gold. Go take a breather.
821GREETINGAlval Uvani. I'm an evil wizard. I like blowing things up.
822GOODBYEAlves is a practiced researcher... she's sure to have some good information for you.
823MS43StaffAlves should be able to help rid me of this staff. We play cards at the Three Sisters often and are old friends. Seek her advice!
824GREETINGAlves Uvenim, Journeyman of the Guild. Welcome to Leyawiin. I don't believe we've been introduced.
825BarterAlways a good idea to protect yourself. I can help with that.
826HELLOAlways a pleasure!
827GREETINGAlways a pleasure.
828HELLOAlways a pleasure.
829HELLOAlways a pleasure.
830INFOGENERALAlways fight a Grummite in the water. Or in the rain. They hate water.
831GREETINGAlways forward, never back. Is the concept of time correct? Is time relevant? It matters not. One way or another, I fear that our time has run out.
832TG01FindMethredhelAlways glad to do a favor for you. She lives on the Waterfront. Wait 'til afternoon to find her. She sleeps from sunrise 'til noon.
833TGHieronymusLexAlways glad to help. Lex has an office at the top of the South Watchtower.
834SE39RanarrJoAlways he look over his shoulder.
835RechargeAlways keep your magical equipment charged.
836INFOGENERALAlways nice to have a new Gatekeeper. I hope that when this one gets killed, someone thinks to bring me something for the Museum.
837SE11RakheranGreeting3a1Always she wants to strike at Sheogorath. She needs people and she leads them here with lies.
838AttackAm I supposed to be impressed?
839SE09SlainNoAm I, really? I think not. Be that as it may, on what authority do you disturb my work?
840SE44Choice2Am I? Am I? It's not paranoid when they're really out to get you. That's why I've been stockpiling supplies. I'll be ready.
841INFOGENERALAmantius Allectus is complaining about crime in the city. Someone actually broke into his house and stole his diary.
842INFOGENERALAmantius Allectus was killed during a burglary. They say the house was ransacked.
843TG01NoBribeBeggarAmantius Allectus? I thought you said Amantus Leckis. Sorry. Never heard of him.
844SEDementiaRumorResponsesAmazing that someone finally got to Syl.
845NirnrootAmazing, I've never seen a root quite like that before. If you wish to find out a bit more about it, I know just the person you need to speak to.
846MS46GoblinWarAmazing, you actually swiped the stolen head right out of Timberscar Cave? Ha, those goblins won't know what to think now!
847ElixirofExplorationAmazing, you've found 20 more samples of Nirnroot! Well done!
848HistSapTopicAmazing. And insane. I'll look into it further.
849SEWildernessRumorResponsesAmazing. Sheogorath returned just in time.
850SE30AmberAmber is a resin found in root system tunnels and on Gnarls. When treated properly, it is especially suited to lightweight weapons and armor.
851INFOGENERALAmbroise Canne is really good with his shield. Even better than Falus Calidus, I think.
852INFOGENERALAmiable Fanriene thinks his house is going to fall in on him.
853GREETINGAmminus can answer any questions you may have. He should be resting in the Knights of the Thorn Lodge over yonder.
854GREETINGAmusei sends his regards.
855TG04AmuseisPlotAmusei tried to sell it to Alessia Caro? Argh! Stupid lizard.
856TG04BribeGuardAmusei you say? I thought you wanted to see Amuday. He's off limits. Amusei though is just down the hall. Make it quick.
857GangAn all-female gang of thieves has been recently plaguing Anvil with a very unique method of robbing. They pick on only the men.
858SE09HaskillAltarAn ancient altar where the Gatekeeper was first created. It is near the Gates of Madness in the Fringe.
859MQ09ArmorTopicAn ancient relic of the first Emperor, who became the divine Talos, the patron of our Order.
860SE30ForgeBowAn archer needs strong arms. I bet you could hold back that bow for quite a long time, couldn't you, love?
861GREETINGAn Elytra! They're tricky. I'll make sure to magically bind this one to me. Let's go to the house to get your reward.
862MQ03MartinC1An entire city destroyed to get at me? Why?
863AttackAn escaped prisoner! I'll separate your head from your shoulders!
864SE04SheoIntro2An event. A movement. An apocalypse of sorts. Happens every era, at the end of every era. Which is to say, now.
865BarterSellItemAn excellent bargain.
866BarterBuyItemAn excellent choice.
867BarterBuyItemAn excellent deal.
868HELLOAn honor as always, Your Grace.
869HELLOAn honor to be sure.
870GOODBYEAn honor to serve you, my lady.
871GOODBYEAn honor to serve you, my lord.
872GREETINGAn honor to serve you. I'm Emfrid, owner and publican of the Grey Mare, at your service. A room? Or food? Whatever you wish.
873HELLOAn honor, Lord.
874SE07RitualAn important part of our history, my friend! I would be glad to tell the tale if you have a moment.
875GREETINGAn impressive feat of arms, closing that Oblivion Gate outside Leyawiin. What can I do for you?
876SEFlameofAgnonTopicAn impressive victory. After all, you handicapped yourself by making it as difficult as possible for yourself, and yet you still won. Congratulations.
877MG11ChoiceWhatNextAn insight into their origins may lead us to those who are responsible for them.
878MQ15KathutetC3An intriguing choice. And I have a task in mind that will test your wit, and your loyalty.
879TrespassAn intruder! Help! Don't hurt me!
880INFOGENERALAn invading army sweeps the land, there's a giant battle in the palace, and yet I'm still alive. How did I not die during all that? It's not fair.
881IdleAn oath is an oath.
882JauffreTopicAn old cleric with that name comes in now and then. Lives southeast of town on the Black Road at Weynon Priory.
883MaladaTopicAn unfortunate encounter for both of us. But as I said, it was only business. No hard feelings, I hope.
884UmbacanoTopicAn unfortunate end to a profitable relationship. Where will we find another like him?
885GREETINGAnaxes is free. Order is restored to the Savage Garden. You have served me well.
886AttackAncestor, guide my hands!
887INFOGENERALAncient Wayshrines of the Nine are scattered through the wilderness. The righteous who pray there receive powerful divine blessings.
888MS47CounterspellAncotar gave you a scroll to get rid of the invisibility? Fantastic! What are you waiting for?
889SE39CindanweChoiceAnd "confiscate" her notebook. She carries it wherever she goes, recording all our secret thoughts. I need that book! My thoughts belong to me!
890MG09Choice2BAnd a book, of all things. Your gullibility knows no bounds, it would seem.
891HELLOAnd a good day to you, madam!
892HELLOAnd a good day to you, sir!
893MS11ErlineOpinionAnd another thing. The guards are making a big deal out of no one seeing Bradon out in the daylight. Well of course that's the case!
894GREETINGAnd as a token of my gratitude, I grant you the role of Courtier of Mania, with all of its entitlements.
895SE11RakheranGreeting3b1And be cautious of killing my allies. I cannot forgive that crime. You will know them, as they are also forbidden to carry daggers.
896IngredientCollectionAnd before you ask, yes this only works with ingredients. Be very careful in what you place in that chest. I can't be held responsible.
897GREETINGAnd do hurry, that heart is beginning to smell.
898DAMephalaSpeechAnd don't get caught. Be cunning. Don't spoil my scheme. And don't die... that would spoil everything. Ha-ha-ha-hah!
899GREETINGAnd don't move until you have to. We don't want to lose our advantage.
900JskarTopicAnd don't you forget about me once you've finished your training! I'm sure we can help each other out!
901SEDerveninSpeech06And finally, we shall raise our goblets to the great Arden-Sul: poet, thespian, author, lover, virtuoso, and artisan extraordinaire.
902DASheogorathChoice2And have a nice day!
903DANocturnalConvo1And have one of your nosy friends snoop around here and steal it? No, it's safer in Tidewater Cave.
904GuilbertJemaneTopicAnd he's coming here to see me, you say? Yes, I'd better sober up.
905SE07ARulerAnd here is the Ring of Lordship, a symbol of your new station. Symbols are important. They carry weight in this Realm, and others.
906SE07BRulerAnd here is the Ring of Lordship, a symbol of your new station. Symbols are important. They carry weight in this Realm, and others.
907HELLOAnd here you are again, my friend!
908MS08KurdanKeyAnd I aim to keep it that way. You were right about one thing though...
909LifttheCurseAnd I can't help feeling slightly guilty selling you the place under these circumstances. I'll meet you in Anvil at The Count's Arms.
910TG01NoBribeBeggar2And I can't help you.
911TrainingQuestTopicAnd I could always use the money.
912GREETINGAnd I do hate to disappoint you, but Mucianus is in no condition to be leaving. He's a Worm Thrall now, and shall be quite content here.
913SEPykeZoeMaleneResponsesAnd I feel the same. I am the happiest man in the Isles and all Cyrodiil.
914DAMalacathSpeechAnd I fixed that maggot! The ogres own Drad! Make Drad eat dirt! Bwah-hah-hah!
915GREETINGAnd I have LOTS of time on my hands, since I'm LOADED with gold.
916GREETINGAnd I hope you've taken everything you desire from my crypt. Once you leave, you will be unable to return. Now, are you ready to begin your new life?
917BlackBrugo03And I promise you a bounty of 100 gold for each Black Bow you bring me.
918GREETINGAnd I see you've learned to summon Flesh Atronachs! Relmyna must like you, little Duchess... but probably not in THAT way.
919GREETINGAnd I see you've learned to summon Flesh Atronachs! Relmyna must like you, little Duke... but probably not in THAT way.
920Dark07MercConvoAnd I shall continue my vigil at Roderick's side. It's just a matter of time before our leader returns to us. I can feel it in my heart.
921DaedraShrineTopicAnd I think there's a shrine to Boethia high in the Valus Mountains southeast of Cheydinhal.
922MS21StatueGiveAnd I'll double your payment if you manage to recover the complete set of ten. I look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship.
923dutiesAnd I've already been expelled. Doesn't mean I'm done, though. I'm taking down the Blackwood Company, and I want your help doing it.
924SE10SheoJyggalag2And I've been having moments of clarity that are quite unlike me. Like now.
925GREETINGAnd if I can do anything for you, I'd be happy to! Someday, maybe you could return the favor!
926GREETINGAnd if not good deeds, then deeds of a sort. Strongholds to save, and Daedra to rescue. That sort of thing. Now get going.
927SE06SheoIntro3And if you don't, I'll swallow your soul and vomit it into the Everfilling Chamberpot of the Ageless.
928RecommendationAnd if you find out anything about what happened to Vidkun, let me know, will you?
929MS27HerminiaB1And if you know anything about Ayleid-ruled Cyrodiil, that should make you very uneasy.
930GREETINGAnd if you're one of those idiots who thinks they have something to prove in the Arena, go over and talk to Owyn.
931SE11CiirtaGreeting1bAnd in sparing me, Sheogorath made His final mistake. In this place, I will gather a new army and dethrone our coward god once and for all!
932GREETINGAnd it would've been so much fun, too.
933SE09CeremonyAnd last, the light of Flesh, the illumination of Soul -- perception, thought, memory, imagination....
934SE05PostTortureGreetAnd leave me alone! I've got enough wrong with me already. Don't need new wounds to add to my troubles.
935GREETINGAnd let's just keep this little deal between us, shall we?
936GREETINGAnd look. No jokes about the Heavy Armor, eh? Not every Bosmer sneaks around with bows and arrows. I'm as tough and beefy as any Orc. Got it?
937SE04JyggalagTopicAnd Malacath is NOT popular at parties.
938SE04SheoLearnWhatAnd maybe you'll make some friends along the way. That's always nice!
939MG13ChoiceWhynotAnd miss the opportunity to take advantage of your help? I think not. I assure you, the information I have will be worth your time.
940SE11CiirtaGreeting2bAnd my eye is required to create an artifact, isn't it? Very well then. I have survived greater threats than you.
941GREETINGAnd no one gets in the room even after it's prepared, unless they're on the list. And even if they're on the list, they'd better be dressed for it.
942GREETINGAnd nobody will help me. Nobody! Not with those spirits roaming the decks. I don't suppose you'll help me? No, of course you won't...
943SE04SheoIntro1And not a fan of My work, I can tell you. Hates it. Hates Me. A bit single minded, if you take My meaning.
944confidenceAnd not a word of this to the Guildmaster! Go find him. He'll be in the Donton house, most likely. And bring him back in one piece!
945MQ13MustRecoverAmuletAnd now it seems there is an heir to the throne after all, hidden at Cloud Ruler Temple... and perhaps a hero as well?
946SE39RanarrJoAnd now look at us. Living like slaves for that cursed Cindanwe!
947MS48SalvianWhatHappenedAnd now we can't even get back into the city to help them, with that damned Oblivion Gate blocking the way.
948SQ03AvengeAnd now you have a reward. Please, take it. It's everything I have left of value, but it's the least I can do.
949GREETINGAnd now you're here to kill me, right? Well, let's get this over with.
950MQ15EldamilA1And now you're here to kill their father. Of course. You came for the Amulet of Kings.
951TrainingQuestTopicAnd now, if you need training, I'd be ever so happy to provide it.
952GREETINGAnd now, three people lie dead, and you look as if you haven't a care in the world. It just looks a bit... suspicious. That's all I'm saying.
953TG07ForgeThisLetterAnd of course I will expect payment in full at that time.
954MQ02JauffreE1And please, let me know if there's anything you need. My resources here are limited, but I will help in any way I can.
955MS38DSYesAnd so it all falls into place... yes, yes, it all makes sense now. [Scribbles something on a piece of paper.] Here. This is your last task.
956GREETINGAnd so we meet again. What can I do for you this time?
957Dark01Choice2BAnd so, here I am. I come to you with an offering. An opportunity... to join our rather unique family.
958SEDyusTormentTopicAnd so, here I remain until the day that Sheogorath -- or rather, you -- choose to release me. And we both know when that will be...
959SheoIntroSpeech5And some are more unwanted than others.
960SE46Choice3And stay away from us Manics! You kill any of us by accident, you won't be getting anything from me.
961SE09AssistanceRequestAnd take this key. It will allow entry into the Gardens and give you direct access to my Sanctum.
962SE09AssistanceCommandAnd take this key. It will allow you into the Gardens and give you direct access to my Sanctum.
963MQ10BurdSpeechAnd that's not going to happen here! Not while I'm Captain of the Guard!
964Dark09RetFinChoice1AAnd that, dear child, is why the Black Hand has chosen you to perform the ancient rite known as Purification. Everyone inside the Sanctuary must die!
965TrainingQuestTopicAnd the best I've ever seen is an Archer named Alawen. Not sure where she is now; last I heard, she had a camp east of Anvil, out in the forest.
966SE02GardensAnd the best way to kill something is with the bones of its own.
967contractAnd the great thing about killing a target up close and personal is you can talk to 'em before you do it! You know, say something scary!
968MQ15MankarSpeechAnd the last defender of the last ragged Septim stands before me, in the heart of my power.
969CastleGateTopicAnd the only way to get into the gatehouse now would be through the passage at the North Guard House. But that's always kept locked.
970SEThadonTopicAnd then he... He goes and does... If I find out who she is, I'll tear her limb from limb!
971SE07SheoIntro1And there are always lots of pieces.
972CharGenTaunt2And those big muscles? They're going to waste away. When the end comes, you won't even have the strength to cry for your mother.
973HitAnd to think I trusted you!
974SE09VictimChoice1bAnd what can you offer the world, except the hot air escaping through that hole in your head?
975TG04ProfitsAnd what good will money do me when they come to stretch my neck? Find a way to get me out of here. Then we'll talk.
976GREETINGAnd what might you want... peasant?
977MG13Choice2CAnd what, I'm supposed to take your word for it? Sorry friend, but I'll need some sort of proof. You got any proof?
978JskarTopicAnd whatever you do, you can't tell Jeanne about it. All right?
979GREETINGAnd who in Shinji's name might you be? Look, if you're a spectator, go upstairs and talk to the Gatekeeper. This ain't no damned peep show.
980GREETINGAnd who in Shinji's name might you be? Look, if you're a spectator, go upstairs and talk to the Gatekeeper. This ain't no damned peep show.
981GREETINGAnd who in Shinji's name might you be? Look, if you're a spectator, go upstairs and talk to the Gatekeeper. This ain't no damned peep show.
982GREETINGAnd who in Shinji's name might you be? Look, if you're a spectator, go upstairs and talk to the Gatekeeper. This ain't no damned peep show.
983SE05NelreneHaveProofAnd with it, you'll do what?
984SE04SheoKnightsAnd Xedilian? Since you're standing here, I assume you've succeeded. Or you're terribly confused. Or really lacking in good judgement.
985NecromancersAnd yet suddenly everyone shows up on my doorstep, needing information immediately. Nevermind that I might have things of my own to work on.
986DASheogorathChoice1And you'll need an offering. I think a lesser soul gem, a head of lettuce, and some yarn will do the trick. Yes. That's what Sheogorath wants.
987SE07DispleasedAnd you've always got our man Haskill to call on for help. Faithful like a good hound, that one. And he looks better in a suit.
988GREETINGAnd you've been demoted to the rank of Defender. Hell, even I don't think you deserved that. But, it is what it is. Move on.
989GREETINGAnd you've been demoted to the rank of Defender. Hell, even I don't think you deserved that. But, it is what it is. Move on.
990SE11RakheranGreeting2aAnd you, if you help me, then you can have what you want and no need to risk your neck, yes?
991Dark01Choice2BAnd you, you are a cold-blooded killer, capable of taking life without mercy or remorse. The Night Mother has been watching, and she is most pleased.
992MQChampionOfCyrodiilAnd, as a small token of gratitude for your service to the Empire, I have ordered a suit of Imperial Dragon armor made for you.
993PurificationTopicAnd, hopefully, we kill the traitor in the process. Until the Purification is complete, no given Sanctuary will ever be considered secure.
994MountainLionsTOPICAnd, if you can keep this our little secret, I can make it worth your while. There's a bit about acrobatics I can teach you. Give it some thought.
995VaronVamoriTopicAnd, of course, please keep this just between us.
996MagesStaffAnd, to thank you more personally, I shall teach you this spell. You may find it useful in certain circumstances.
997RecommendationAnd, what better way to learn the many uses of Restoration? Practical application is often the best educator. Even in life and death situations.
998GREETINGAnd... Ah, I see. So, you're an Arena combatant. Well isn't that nice. Now get out of my face.
999GREETINGAnd... Wait, I know you. You're that new Champion, right? Hmph. I guess I know why you're here. But let me tell you, you're making a big mistake.
1000GREETINGAnd... Wait, I know you. You're that new Champion, right? Oh, don't tell me you've actually challenged the Gray Prince to a match! Are you insane?
1001GREETINGAnd... you didn't hear it from me, but I think you should go speak with Oreyn. Now. He'd like your help with a couple things.
1002CheydinhalTopicAndel Indarys doesn't help his case by having a prat for a son, and a wife that dies in very suspicious circumstances.
1003INFOGENERALAndel Indarys is an intemperate, bibulous philanderer. And a Dark Elf. Other than that, he is perfectly suited to be a count.
1004INFOGENERALAndel Indarys may or may not have killed his wife, and it may or may not have been an accident. And I doubt we'll ever know for sure.
1005GREETINGAngelie Blakeley. This is my father's house. He was lost at sea, many years ago.
1006HELLOAnnoying creature.
1007GOODBYEAnon us most soon again, for sooth.
1008INFOGENERALAnother adventurer is trying to get into the Shivering Isles. If it's a Breton, it'll be the first one in 3.7 years.
1009HELLOAnother chamber, another victim to eliminate. Hurry, the anticipation is overwhelming!
1010SEManiaRumorResponsesAnother conspiracy in Crucible. Not a surprise.
1011INFOGENERALAnother conspiracy in Crucible. That's fine. Just stay away from my things.
1012SE04JyggalagTopicAnother Daedric Prince. Not a nice one. I don't think ANY of the other Princes like him, actually. I mean, Malacath is more popular at parties.
1013GuardGoodbyeAnother day, another septim.
1014GREETINGAnother fine day in Mania, is it not?
1015OblivionGateConvAnother gate just opened! We'll take the fight to them this time.
1016GREETINGAnother High Elf has been taught the meaning of humility, thanks to the Blue Team's number one Warrior. You really earned your keep this time.
1017HELLOAnother loony from that door!
1018DAMolagBalSpeechAnother mortal come to do my bidding. I only wish suffering and death. You will bring me both. I want to see a man brought to the edge. And pushed.
1019DASheogorathSpeechAnother mortal dares to summon me, and already I am bored. But enough about me. Let's talk about you.
1020DASheogorathSpeechAnother mortal dares to summon me, and already I am bored. But enough about me. Let's talk about you.
1021HELLOAnother mortal. Quaint.
1022INFOGENERALAnother of my brood finally returns to the Isles. Oh, I wonder what this one will be like!
1023SE13JyggalagVoiceAnother of Sheogorath's foolish schemes!
1024EulogyKhajiitAnother one bites the dust. The Khajiit is done.
1025MS48StartCombatShoutsAnother one!
1026SE38Oddity4Another Pelvis of Pelagius? I don't think that's possible, honestly. It must be a fake.
1027CheydinhalTopicAnother possibility in that direction might be Kemen. It's an old Ayleid ruin.
1028INFOGENERALAnother rat job? Not me. No thanks. Let the bottom boot do the rats. Unless you want the gig....
1029INFOGENERALAnother round of torture in Crucible? At least if you're in a cell, no one can sneak up on you.
1030BarterExitAnother satisfied customer.
1031HELLOAnother sheep returns to the flock.
1032HELLOAnother sheep returns to the flock.
1033GREETINGAnother theft! This is your final chance. Go back into the field, and return to me with the horns of twenty minotaurs.
1034GREETINGAntoine Branck. I just work here. If you want a horse, go inside and talk to Isabeau.
1035MS18ConvoAntus, calm down. We'll be leaving soon enough.
1036AnvilTopicAnvil wouldn't be my choice for a refit. No proper yard, neither spars nor scantlings in good supply. But, it's ill-luck to complain.
1037AnvilTopicAnvil's a port town. That's why you'll see items here you won't find in the Imperial City. The captains keep an eye out for special items for me.
1038BonusTopicAny Brother or Sister who can complete a contract while following a specific request will receive a valuable bonus, oftentimes a powerful magic item.
1039GREETINGAny citizen who takes the time to talk to a member of the Legion is okay in my book. With all that's happened, it's good to know we're appreciated.
1040GREETINGAny friend of Martin's is a friend of mine. How can I help you?
1041GREETINGAny friend of the Society is a friend of mine.
1042GREETINGAny friend of the Society is a friend of mine. Have a look around.
1043QuestionAny idea what Gromm will do now that old Baenlin is dead?
1044SE09VictimsAny loyal servant of the Madgod would respect His decision in this matter.
1045RecommendationAny luck finding Erthor yet? I'll need to speak with him before I can feel your recommendation has been earned.
1046GREETINGAny luck finding J'skar?
1047GREETINGAny luck on those bottles of Shadowbanish Wine yet?
1048GREETINGAny luck taking down Lonavo?
1049GREETINGAny luck talking with Varon Vamori yet? It should be no trouble at all once you use that scroll.
1050GREETINGAny luck yet?
1051HELLOAny luck yet?
1052HELLOAny luck?
1053GREETINGAny more luck finding Nirnroot?
1054INFOGENERALAny new adventurer trying to get into the Isles will have a tough time going up against the Gatekeeper.
1055QuestionAny new books you've been reading?
1056INFOGENERALAny new entry to the Shivering Isles is the chance for a new convert. I welcome it.
1057HELLOAny new information come to light?
1058GREETINGAny news about that certain task we discussed?
1059HELLOAny news about the amulet?
1060QuestionAny news?
1061MagesGuildTopicAny of the local guild heads can get you into the guild. If you're in a hurry, speak with Carahil. She should be somewhere around here.
1062ArgonianBloodTopicAny old Argonian will do, and you needn't kill it, but do be careful. Stabbing strangers often doesn't sit well with townspeople or the town guards.
1063MS40MelisandeIhavethemAny old Argonian will do, but the vampire must be very powerful indeed. If you succeed, I'll get you what you need. Any questions?
1064HELLOAny progress to report?
1065GREETINGAny progress yet? You should be working on getting the book for me.
1066ShadowscaleAny Shadowscale who lives to come of age is accepted into the Dark Brotherhood as a full member of the family. So it was with myself, and Ocheeva.
1067HELLOAny sign of Armand Christophe?
1068QuestionAny sign of Erthor lately?
1069HELLOAny time now.
1070GOODBYEAny time you wish to visit me, I'll be here.
1071GOODBYEAny time, Champion.
1072GREETINGAny word from Jeanne in Bruma?
1073HELLOAny word of Aleron?
1074GREETINGAny word on my Medallion?
1075SE05HerdirInvestigateCurrentTaskAnya claims to have been approached by Ma'zaddha. Perhaps there's something to this after all.
1076SE05HerdirInvestigateWhoAnya Herrick, dear Inquisitor. She's been named as someone of interest. I do look forward to chatting with her, don't you?
1077ImperialCityTopicAnyone can wear clothes. But the RIGHT clothes? That is not so easy. Go to any castle. They wear Palonirya's designs, or they're nobody.
1078TeekeeusTopicAnyone capable of handling it should have access to that power, don't you think?
1079INFOGENERALAnyone looking for work should consider the Fighters Guild. I hear they're always looking for recruits.
1080GREETINGAnything else I can help with, you just let me know.
1081GREETINGAnything else I can help with?
1082BarterBuyItemAnything else?
1083TG08AncestorMothAnything for a friend. The Moth Priests live in the Imperial Palace. I don't know exactly what they do. Something to do with the Elder Scrolls.
1084GREETINGAnything for my savior.
1085TG01AmantiusAllectusAnything for you! He lives in the Temple district on the far east side.
1086SE40SleepOutsideAnything I can do to help you. Really, you should speak with Uungor. He doesn't want to be here, anyway. Poor fellow believes himself sane!
1087HELLOAnything you require, you're welcome to it.
1088HELLOAnytime now.
1089HELLOAnytime, friend. I'm right here.
1090SE34WhyNeedAnyway, enough of my banter. So, will you please help me get back my Medallion?
1091MS29InvNiceAnyway, have fun looking around, and when you are ready to buy, give me a shout.
1092GREETINGAnyway, I digress. I'm sure you wish to hear of your reward.
1093Dark11Choice4BAnyway, I have duties to tend to. If you see my mother, tell her I'll visit soon! I promise!
1094GREETINGAnyway, I'm always looking for new exhibits, so remember me when you come across anything Odd.
1095MS46GoblinWarAnyway, if you want to rile up a goblin tribe, steal their Tribal Head. Which is often what a rival tribe does, just to prove they're tougher.
1096GREETINGAnyway, sorry to go on so long. I'm sure you've got things to do. Just wanted to thank you personally.
1097BlackwaterBrigandsAnyway, sorry to ramble. You better get below now and rest until we arrive safely at the Imperial City docks.
1098SE42ConfusedAnyway, you're going to help me find calipers and tongs. No point in denying it. You've already agreed tomorrow.
1099SE03XedilianAnyway... there are those that have other ways into my Realm, and they're on the move. We don't want them here. Trust me.
1100INFOGENERALApologies, citizen, but I must return to my post.
1101GREETINGApologies, my good friend. I mistook you for someone else. Always being asked about it, I am. 'Didn't I see you in Cheydinhal?', they say.
1102SE41AquanostrumApparently it only exists at the bottom of Knotty Bramble... ah well. So close, yet so far.
1103MatildePetitTopicApparently the poor old woman thinks she is from a well-to-do family. Truth is, I have servants with more nobility in their blood than her.
1104MQ05WhatBaurusLearnedApparently worship the Daedra Lord Mehrunes Dagon. I've been tracking their agents in the Imperial City. I guess they noticed.
1105INFOGENERALApparently, Arentus Falvius at the chapel is quite a conjurer. He'll even teach the skill to those he likes.
1106RaynilDralasTopicApparently, Bradon Lirrian was one of those vile creatures, and Raynil slew him. Kind of strange though. I never figured Bradon to be a vampire.
1107ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesApparently, he can teach you the basics of lockpicking.
1108INFOGENERALApparently, Right-Wind teaches his blade skills to other Fighters Guild members.
1109BrumaNQDQuestionResponsesApparently, she was wanted in Skyrim for murder. Shot a man dead from over 300 yards. Hard to believe.
1110SECreatureResponsesApparently, some spells make them bigger and stronger.
1111FugitivesApparently, there are three or four of them. Real nasty, from what I hear. You take care of them. Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll surrender.
1112FGD08JeetumSpeechApparently, they've been giving the locals some trouble. Shouldn't be a problem for you four, though.
1113HELLOApprentice! Wait right there. We need to talk.
1114ShrineofNocturnalTOPICApproach the shrine, if you dare.
1115DASanguineChoice1Approach then, and bring Sanguine a gift. Some Cyrodilic Brandy is an appropriate gift for your host.
1116HELLOApproach, Duchess of Dementia. The time is near and I am fading...
1117HELLOApproach, Duchess of Mania. The time is near and I am fading...
1118HELLOApproach, Duke of Dementia. The time is near and I am fading...
1119HELLOApproach, Duke of Mania. The time is near and I am fading...
1120MG09Choice4BArch-Mage Traven feared that sending a high-ranking official with the guild might draw too much attention, and provoke a reaction from the Count.
1121ArcaneUniversityTopicArch-Mage Traven has closed the doors of the University to all who are not qualified to enter. A wise decision, in my opinion.
1122INFOGENERALArch-Mage Traven is the first to take such a hard stance on Necromancy. It upset more than a few people.
1123ArcaneUniversityTopicArch-Mage Traven lives there, in the tower. It's a fabulous place - you really should see it some day. I've been there many times myself.
1124INFOGENERALArch-Mage Traven was right to ban Necromancy from the guild. Look at what they've done; they've gone and killed several of us!
1125MagesGuildTopicArch-Mage Traven was right to ban Necromancy, and place restrictions on the addition of new members to the guild. He's served us well.
1126GREETINGArch-Mage! You have returned!
1127GREETINGArctus, High Priest of Dementia. I'm here to guide those that wish to serve themselves. What did you require?
1128BravilNQDQuestionResponsesArdaline makes excellent potions. I imagine she would, since she teaches Alchemy at the Mages Guild.
1129INFOGENERALArden-Sul has heard our plea, and delivered the Gatekeeper back to us. We're saved!
1130INFOGENERALArden-Sul has willed it to be... the Gatekeeper is dead and the newcomer to the Isles will join us in praising his name!
1131INFOGENERALArden-Sul preserve us! The Fringe has been destroyed!
1132SE07RitualYesMArden-Sul was perhaps the greatest Duke to walk our land.
1133SE06HelpAttackA3Are all males so obstinate? Have I not already told you that I consider that route too risky?
1134SE03SyndelChamberOneGnarl01Are my eyes playing tricks, or is the creature growing?
1135GREETINGAre the creatures gone? I want to get out of here. I've been trapped for days!
1136GREETINGAre the Mazken prepared?
1137HELLOAre they gone?
1138GREETINGAre they gone? Is it safe to come back?
1139GREETINGAre they.... are they gone?
1140HELLOAre this month's silks ready?
1141FingersoftheMountainAre we clear? Ignore her request, go to this place she has described, and return with the book. This is far more important than any petty squabble.
1142BladesTalk1Are we not Blades, joined by battle and brotherhood? Need you even ask?
1143HELLOAre we there yet?
1144GREETINGAre you a gruff little dog, are you? Well, come curl up here by my feet then.
1145ChorrolTopicAre you a student of the Arcane Arts? My husband, Alberic, is an Advanced Trainer in Conjuration at the Mages Guild.
1146GREETINGAre you able to join us now? I can wait, but not for long. We've got to move quickly, before they have a chance to barricade the city gate.
1147AccuseAre you accusing me of taking the painting?
1148HELLOAre you all right, sire? We're clear, for now.
1149HELLOAre you all right? This murder has us all on edge, I know.
1150TG04GoodWordAre you an idiot? I want you to get me out of here! I don't want a stinking guild membership.
1151FGC07Choice4Are you certain? I can't thank you enough. Please, though. If you decide to retrieve the sword and armor, keep them. At least until I can repay you.
1152HorseDeclineAre you certain? Oh well. If you change your mind, you know where to find me.
1153GREETINGAre you confused?
1154TG04WheresSkrivvaAre you deaf? Didn't I already tell you that she is in Bravil?
1155GREETINGAre you deaf? Leave me alone!
1156MQ05TarMeenaYesBooksAre you familiar with Green Emperor Way? The gardens around the Imperial Palace. Something must be revealed there at noon! How exciting!
1157PalePassTopicAre you familiar with the history of Pale Pass?
1158FishermansRockTopicAre you going to take me to Fisherman's Rock?
1159INFOGENERALAre you going to the service for Brag gro-Bharg?
1160GREETINGAre you having trouble with the Obelisks, Your Grace?
1161GREETINGAre you here about joining the Mages Guild?
1162GREETINGAre you here about the Amulet? If so, Caranya has it.
1163HELLOAre you here to challenge me? I don't think so.
1164GREETINGAre you here to end this nightmare, and free us all from the Savage Garden?
1165HELLOAre you here to help Rosentia?
1166TGBloodPriceAre you here to pay the blood price?
1167GREETINGAre you here to rescue me?
1168GREETINGAre you here to see Thadon? I would be, if I were you. Thankfully, I already have cause to speak to him every day.
1169GREETINGAre you here to visit me and perhaps purchase more of my Famous Potato Bread?
1170FromTheDeadAre you implying that my merchandise comes from the deceased?
1171GREETINGAre you injured, Lord? Do you require my services?
1172MagesGuildTopicAre you interested in joining the guild? Talk to Falcar here in Cheydinhal, if so. Otherwise, any leader of a local Mages Guild hall can help.
1173jointheFightersGuildAre you interested in joining?
1174MagesGuildTopicAre you interested in joining? You'll need to talk to Teekeeus, then. Otherwise, just talk to the head of any of the local guild halls.
1175bedAre you interested? It's only 10 gold for the night.
1176bedAre you interested? It's only 10 gold for the night.
1177HELLOAre you just going to stand there?
1178AnvilTopicAre you kidding? I came here to get away from the mountains and snow. You ever spent a winter in Skyrim? Or Bruma? Give me the Gold Coast any day.
1179GREETINGAre you looking for a fence?
1180GREETINGAre you looking for a horse? The Wildeye Stables have the best Paint horses in Cyrodiil.
1181TGGrayFoxAre you looking for him?
1182MS13GetOutAre you mad? A Knight of the Thorn never returns home until the mission is done. It's our way.
1183INFOGENERALAre you mad? My life is on the line and the entire Brotherhood is at stake! We don't have time for this nonsense!
1184GREETINGAre you mad? You killed Farwil, and now you casually speak to me as if nothing's happened? Begone from my sight before I kill you where you stand!
1185HELLOAre you not feeling well?
1186SE09ComponentsHowAre you not the exalted Duchess? Slayer of the great Gatekeeper? Champion of our mighty Lord Sheogorath?
1187SE09ComponentsHowAre you not the exalted Duke? Slayer of the great Gatekeeper? Champion of our mighty Lord Sheogorath?
1188MG05AChoice1AAre you out of your mind? Did I not make it clear that Teekeeus was the one person I NEVER wanted to acquire that book?
1189GREETINGAre you out of your mind? Take that robe off at once!
1190SE08PlaceGuardsNoAre you prepared for battle, Your Grace?
1191SE08PlaceGuardsNoAre you prepared for battle, Your Grace?
1192RecommendationAre you prepared now? I have little time to waste.
1193MagesStaffAre you prepared to accept it now?
1194tasksAre you prepared to begin your next task for the guild?
1195tasksAre you prepared to begin?
1196tasksAre you prepared to begin?
1197GREETINGAre you prepared to enter the Dreamworld?
1198TGBloodPriceAre you prepared to pay the blood price for unwarranted kills?
1199TGBloodPriceAre you prepared to pay the blood price you owe?
1200TGBloodPriceAre you prepared to pay the blood price you owe?
1201TGBloodPriceAre you prepared to pay the blood price?
1202SE05HerdirWaitAre you quite sure, Inquisitor? Very well... Please don't have too much fun without me.
1203AnnouncerAre you ready for a bloodbath? The winner of this match will advance in rank, so the stakes are high! Pit Dogs, show us what you're made of!
1204tasksAre you ready for it? If not, I understand. You've been through quite a bit lately.
1205GREETINGAre you ready for one last great heist?
1206GREETINGAre you ready to accept the staff?
1207TrainingQuestTopicAre you ready to begin your test now?
1208GREETINGAre you ready to earn your recommendation now?
1209GREETINGAre you ready to follow me to Henantier?
1210MQ08ArtifactTopicAre you ready to give me the artifact? Remember, the ritual will consume its physical form. It won't be seen again on Tamriel for many years.
1211GREETINGAre you ready to go to the boat?
1212GREETINGAre you ready to go to the manor?
1213GREETINGAre you ready to go? We need your help getting to the castle, but we need to move soon.
1214SE06HelpDefendAre you ready to help us defend the Altar of Despair from the Aureals' attack?
1215SE06HelpAttackAre you ready to help us destroy the Mazken and take control of the Altar of Despair?
1216MS21AyleidStatueTopicAre you ready to part with your statue now?
1217TGBloodPriceAre you ready to pay the blood price for the murders you committed in Cheydinhal's Chapel?
1218TGCastOutTopicAre you ready to pay the fine?
1219GREETINGAre you ready to repent of your actions in Cylarne, and light the Great Torch for Mania?
1220HELLOAre you ready to ride?
1221GREETINGAre you ready to show us the way to Weatherleah yet?
1222MS16Choice2AAre you ready to take us there now?
1223GREETINGAre you ready? We need to move out soon, while we still have a chance to strike.
1224PERSUASIONEXITAre you serious?
1225RecommendationAre you so eager to begin? Very well. We can start, if you feel you are ready.
1226GREETINGAre you staying for a while, or simply just passing through?
1227HELLOAre you still here?
1228GREETINGAre you still talking? Find us work. And money.
1229GREETINGAre you still trying to file a complaint against Audens Avidius? I thought I told you to take it up with Itius Hayn.
1230GREETINGAre you sure you want me? If not, I'd rather just sit down a while, or maybe take a nap.
1231jointheMagesGuildAre you sure you're up to it? You seem a little... slow.
1232PERSUASIONEXITAre you sure...?
1233SurpriseReceiveAre you sure?
1234HelpAre you sure?
1235MS16Choice1BAre you sure? I don't know what we could offer you to change your mind, but I'm sure we could come up with something. Please reconsider.
1236MS22RefuseAre you sure? I truly have no wish to harm you. It is the carving I want. Just business.
1237MS27UmbacanoA2Are you sure? I will pay very well. And the matter is urgent. If you decline, I will find someone else.
1238TG03RevealAre you sure? That can't be right. She's my... I mean she doesn't seem to be the type.
1239SadGeneralAre you sure? That's awful.
1240MG03Choice2BAre you sure? Well, all right. I can't give you a better offer.
1241SE09VictimChoice3bAre you sure? You will not easily heal the damage done to you. This is a permanent sacrifice you are making. In fact, it is likely you will die.
1242QuestionAre you talking to me? Don't.
1243SE13JyggalagVoiceAre you the best the Madgod could muster?
1244GREETINGAre you the Count?
1245tasksAre you truly prepared for this task? I cannot be certain what awaits you, but I am sure we will not speak again after you begin.
1246NelsTheNaughtyTopicAre you trying to insinuate that Nels might be the killer? Maybe I think you did it. After all, murder is a common crime of the... low-born.
1247BarterFailAre you trying to ruin me? That offer's no good.
1248BarterFailAre you trying to take advantage of me? I'm not making that deal.
1249QuestionAre you well?
1250SE41CureAre you willing to help me?
1251SE09VictimChoice2bAre you willing to trade places with these souls, to bear the full weight of their pain and afflictions? Weigh this question carefully.
1252GREETINGAre you... Are you ready to fight? Go talk to Ysabel, let her know. Then we'll, um... You know, we'll meet in the Arena. And it will all be over...
1253MQ05GwinasA2Are you... threatening me? You can't scare me! I'll call the guards if you don't leave at once!
1254GREETINGAre you... you are, aren't you? The Madgod! No... I must be dreaming again.
1255SE05HerdirGreetChoice2Are you? Hmm. I'd expected an entrance with a bit more flair. Ah, well. Perhaps you'll grow into the role. One can hope, eh?
1256GREETINGAreldil. We don't have any business, do we? Then, perhaps, will you excuse me?
1257QuestionAren't we lucky to have a skilled healer in town?
1258INFOGENERALAren't you a cute little caterpillar! The Gatekeeper is dead. But he won't turn into a butterfly. No, he won't. Will he?
1259HELLOAren't you an ugly one.
1260GOODBYEAren't you forgetting to tell me something?
1261GREETINGAren't you going to take care of this? What am I paying you for?
1262GREETINGAren't you off to a good start! That's important. For me. Really, your work is going to save me a lot of time.
1263SE10SheoJygglagAren't you precious? Do you really not know? Haven't you noodled it all through yet?
1264GREETINGAren't you supposed to be going to see Tar-Meena? I have plenty of leads of my own to track down, don't worry.
1265GREETINGAren't you supposed to be on a quest for the Gray Fox?
1266HELLOAren't you supposed to be on your way to the Imperial City?
1267SE06GreymarchTopicAren't you the curious one? You know what they say about curiosity, though, don't you?
1271HitArgh! I'll fight you to the death!
1272SE05PostTortureGreetArgh... Very well. I am part of the group that wishes to see Syl drowned in a pool of her own blood. But I am not in charge.
1273ImperialCityTopicArgonians stick mostly to the river trade. We know boats and the water. We're not fussy about the sewers, either. Water cleans it all.
1274MS27VoiceArise, my people! The restoration of Tam Riel begins today!
1275HitArkay protect me!
1276DANamiraReactionsArkay protect me!
1278GREETINGArkay's blessings upon you.
1279DANamiraSpeechArkay, bring light to the dark. Arkay, bring hope to the hopeless. Arkay, protect these souls.
1280DANamiraSpeechArkay, bring light to these damned souls.
1281DANamiraSpeechArkay, Light of Lights, cleanse this place of darkness.
1282DANamiraSpeechArkay, protect and keep these wayward souls.
1283TGPayCrimeGoldArmand Christophe and S'krivva have special arrangements with the guards and judges throughout Cyrodiil.
1284INFOGENERALArmies are well and good, but only if you know who you're fighting.
1285INFOGENERALArmies can only mean one thing... more sorrow and more death.
1286INFOGENERALArmies of Our Lord are singing again! Bells ringing! Singing! Singing!
1287INFOGENERALArmies restored or not, I will not let an enemy of the Maniacs set foot in the Sacellum.
1288INFOGENERALArmies with steel are good, but armies can be destroyed. Magic is better. Magic can bring armies back to life.
1289INFOGENERALArmies, war? Bah! When it comes to a man's heart, a basket of sweetrolls can be as effective as a sword.
1290INFOGENERALArmies? Pah! Armies are worthless. Killing is best by one man alone. In the dark. Sneak. Sneak. Then blood.
1291BarterArmor and weapons. Maybe not pretty, but they get the job done.
1292SE32FanaticYellArmor is for the weak!
1293BarterArmor, weapons, I have it all. How may I help you?
1294INFOGENERALArmy, eh? Ohhhh... that means it's time to play "interrogate the innocent female prisoner" again! Great.
1295JorundrTopicArnora and Jorundr were once a happy couple, but that's over now. I hear that he took all of their money and stashed it after he committed a robbery.
1296INFOGENERALArnora was killed. Such a shame. I wonder if Jorundr had something to do with it? I wouldn't put it past him.
1297SE07BRoutineAround 8 p.m., we are served dinner. Gundlar is quite a chef and prepares Thadon's meals personally, adding just a hint of Greenmote.
1300SE32ChallengeArrogant fool! I curse you to remain trapped here with the shades of my people.
1301INFOGENERALArt has triumphed! I plan to dedicate my next juggling epic to Sheogorath's glorious victory!
1302INFOGENERALArvena Thelas is an odd one. I've heard some strange noises coming from her basement.
1303GREETINGAryarie. Your friendly Guild Alchemist. Satisfaction guaranteed. No free samples.
1304GREETINGAs a Blade, my place is at Martin's side.
1305RecommendationAs a full-fledged member of the Mages' Guild, I now also promote you to the rank of Apprentice, and grant you the Robe of the Apprentice.
1306KnightsofThornAs a Knight of the Thorn, you are now expected to carry this symbol of your knighthood. Carry it proudly and wear it well.
1307MQ05GwinasAs a matter of fact, he's already late for his appointment to pick up the book.
1308CovenantTopicAs a member of the Dark Brotherhood, you must abide by the Five Tenets. They are the laws that guide and protect us.
1309GREETINGAs a member of the Order of the Mythic Dawn, everything you need will be provided for you from the Master's bounty.
1310TGPayBloodPriceAs a new member, you now owe your loyalty to our guildmaster, the Gray Fox. He has three rules you must follow.
1311contractAs a pirate, Gaston Tussaud has certainly spilled his share of blood. Someone wants revenge, and they've hired us to extract it.
1312MS51AccuseChoice1As a reward, please accept this bounty of gold and gems. You've earned it.
1313GREETINGAs a small token of my gratitude, please allow me to share with you some of my small store of knowledge of the healing arts.
1314Dark01Choice5CAs a Speaker of the Black Hand, I directly oversee a particular group of family members. You will join that group, and fulfill any contracts given.
1315Dark01Choice5BAs a Speaker of the Black Hand, I directly oversee a particular group of family members. You will join that group, and fulfill any contracts given.
1316Dark01Choice5AAs a Speaker of the Black Hand, I directly oversee a particular group of family members. You will join that group, and fulfill any contracts given.
1317GREETINGAs a token of our gratitude, as you did this at the risk of false imprisonment or perhaps your life, we reward you this bounty of gold.
1318GREETINGAs a token of our gratitude, as you did this at the risk of false imprisonment or perhaps your life, we reward you this bounty of gold.
1319MS16Choice7AAs a token of our gratitude, I bestow upon you a symbol of honor and heroism, the Escutcheon of Chorrol.
1320DarkGiftTopicAs a vampire you must feed regularly. The longer you go without blood, the stronger you will become, but there are dramatic adverse effects as well.
1321MG09Choice5BAs a vampire, the Count has few allies he can trust.
1322MQDaedricMagicAs a young man, I grew impatient with Mages Guild restrictions, as did many of my fellow apprentices.
1323Dark03FinChoice1AAs always, you fail to disappoint me. Your target is a Dark Elf named Valen Dreth. He thinks he's safe in prison. He is tragically mistaken.
1324GREETINGAs always, you're a welcome sight.
1325BrumaTopicAs Captain Burd says, we have to stay on the good side of the local Nords. It ain't their fault they're ignorant barbarians.
1326Dark07MercConvoAs do we all, dear friend. Do not fear. I have been assured that the medicine will restore our Roderick to full health. But it will take some time.
1327SilencerTopicAs every hand has fingers, does not every finger have a nail? A claw? A talon? Every finger of the hand, every Speaker, has such a nail.
1328GatherCluesAs far as Chanel and Orgnolf go, they seem fine to me. I only had a minor scrape with Orgnolf recently.
1329BradonLirrianTopicAs far as I know, he was a good man. I never saw this coming. But vampires are masters of deception, so I guess it makes sense.
1330SE34KnightAs Farwil is fond of saying, "We strike fast and true as lightning." He tends to overstate things a bit, but he means well.
1331CGEmperor03As for what you have done... it does not matter.
1332TG11RewardAs for your compensation, I ask you to trust me. If my plan works, you will get a reward worth far more than mere money. Will you do it?
1333MS12LostAs his forces fought their way across the Jerall Mountains, the Akaviri suddenly surrendered. It was assumed they were overwhelmed and gave up.
1334Dark02FinChoice1AAs I expected. Good. The target is a Wood Elf named Baenlin. You will find him at his home in Bruma. Enter secretly, and avoid his manservant, Gromm.
1335ArenaAgronakChalYesAs I expected. I accept your challenge! Speak to Ysabel and let her know when you're ready, and I shall make for the Arena. Shinji be with us both!
1336GREETINGAs I feared it would, My plan has failed. The Greymarch is upon us, and I must go.
1337GREETINGAs I feared. The sickness is spreading through the Fountainhead.
1338GREETINGAs I live and breathe! The Gray Fox! It's an honor.
1339GREETINGAs I look upon your face, you remind me of a summer's day. Of a distant and secret place not so far away.
1340GREETINGAs I mentioned, I have no more contracts available. You'll need to speak with Ocheeva.
1341GREETINGAs I mentioned, I have no more contracts available. You'll need to speak with Ocheeva. But first you should go and sleep! Your dark gift awaits...
1342GREETINGAs I mentioned, I have no more contracts available. You'll need to speak with Ocheeva. Unless... you would like to discuss another matter?
1343MS21StatueGiveAs I promised when we first met, here is your reward for completing the set. Take it with my sincere thanks. It is well-deserved.
1344MS21AnotherTaskAs I said, I believe I have something that will interest you. More in your usual line of work. And, of course, your reward will be generous.
1345MG10Choice1BAs I said, I fully understand. I shall be here when you feel you are prepared.
1346GREETINGAs I said, I'll meet you back in Anvil as soon as I can. I won't be traveling with you as I'm making my own arrangements.
1347breakinsAs I said, I'll need you to stop these thieves from breaking into my store. It only seems to happen at night.
1348MQ05TarMeenaCAs I said, I've never even seen the third and fourth volumes. You should try First Edition, over in the Market District.
1349HouseBuyBrumaAs I said, it's located right by the main gate.
1350ElixirofExplorationAs I'm sure you guessed, to make the grand version of the Elixir of Exploration will take still more samples of Nirnroot; 40 to be exact. Good luck!
1351SE02GatesOfMadnessAs I've said, all choices have consequences, but don't trouble yourself too much with your decision.
1352RecommendationAs I've said, I am rather busy. I'll get to it eventually though, I assure you.
1353RecommendationAs I've said, I just don't feel comfortable talking to you about Falcar. Forgive me.
1354FingersoftheMountainAs I've said, the only notes I've taken, I have given to you. The rest is only of interest to me, I assure you.
1355SE07RitualAs I've told you friend, the Duke's drug-tainted blood must be brought to the Altar of Arden-Sul.
1356GREETINGAs is the tradition, you are to be awarded a focus crystal as a token of your fine work.
1357SE07RitualYesDAs it happened so many years ago, my lord Arden-Sul suspected a traitor in his midst.
1358GREETINGAs it is only your first offense, do not return until you have collected 20 bear pelts. Use this time to reflect on your actions.
1359Dark08FinChoice2CAs long as the arrow hits Phillida, he will die. But it cannot pierce armor! Shoot while Phillida is armored, and the Rose will be wasted.
1360Dark08FinChoice2BAs long as the arrow hits Phillida, he will die. But it cannot pierce armor! Shoot while Phillida is armored, and the Rose will be wasted.
1361Dark08FinChoice2AAs long as the arrow hits Phillida, he will die. But it cannot pierce armor! Shoot while Phillida is armored, and the Rose will be wasted.
1362HistTreeTopicAs long as the Blackwood Company has access to the sap, we are all in danger. I fear they no longer know what they do.
1363contractAs long as you cut off his finger and leave it in that desk, you'll get your bonus. Sounds to me like you can kill the old sod anyway you'd like.
1364jointheMagesGuildAs long as you're not a wanted criminal, there's a place for you in the guild. Are you interested?
1365GREETINGAs lord of this Realm, there are a number of benefits to which you are entitled, as well as a number of duties to which you must attend.
1366MagesStaffAs much as I like you, friend, I'm just not willing to part with that staff. It's nothing personal.
1367SE04GreymarchTopicAs my Lord told you, it happens at the end of every era, and Jyggalag walks the Realm.
1368SE30MatricesAs my master has done, so will I, before I pass on.
1369MS43StaffAs promised, here's the ring. I bought it from a shop in the Imperial City many years ago for an ex-lover of mine.
1370ElixirofExplorationAs promised, I have your Moderate Elixir of Exploration. Use it well! I have more available for a great price if you'd like.
1371SQ01PotatoesAs promised, I owe you a reward for your efforts. I present you with my first batch of Famous Potato Bread! More valuable than gold! Enjoy!
1372SQ04NotesAs promised, I'd like to compensate you for your efforts.
1373VisionsAs she aged, the visions became less coherent. Rather than cast her aside, the Council gave her a position here.
1374FromTheDeadAs sickened as I am, I will not tell the City Watch until you have confirmed this theory and brought us the proof we need.
1375GOODBYEAs soon as this opens, I'm leaving.
1376TG06BookLostHistoriesAs soon as we are out of sight of the castle's main gate, I'll tell you.
1377VelwynBenirusTopicAs soon as you bought the place, he pretty much up and left. I hear tell he's making his way to the Imperial City.
1378SE02GatesOfMadnessAs soon as you get those doors unlocked, I'm going in!
1379SE11EyeAs such, it requires a vessel that has witnessed dark secrets. Ciirta has seen things with her eyes that no mortal has.
1380SE11EyeAs such, it requires a vessel that has witnessed dark secrets. Ciirta has seen things with her eyes that no mortal has.
1381SE11EyeAs such, it requires a vessel that has witnessed dark secrets. Ciirta has seen things with her eyes that no mortal has.
1382SE03AInstructionsAs the adventurers make their way through Xedilian's chambers, they will encounter choices that you make in these control platforms.
1383IngredientCollectionAs the Arch-Mage, you are entitled to certain privileges. In addition to the full use of all Guild facilities, there is one service available to you.
1384GREETINGAs the Grandmaster of the Blades, I would be honored to accept you into our order. Will you join us?
1385TG11P5HowIsThatAs the guildmaster, I am waiving bloodprice for anyone you kill during this heist. However, I can't stop the Watch from putting a price on your head.
1386OcatoTopicAs the head of the Elder Council, High Chancellor Ocato is the de facto ruler of the Empire for the time being.
1387MS37JulienneAmazingAs the ice enveloped him, some of his tears were frozen as well. Some even say that the Divine, Mara, took pity on the poor knight.
1388IngredientCollectionAs the new Arch-Mage, I'm sure she'll extend the service to you as well. At your convenience, consult her at the Lustratorium.
1389NightMotherAs the new Listener of the Black Hand, it is your task to speak with the statue of the Night Mother, and hear the words of our Unholy Matron.
1390GREETINGAs the newest member of the Knights of the Thorn, I bid you welcome!
1391MQ02JauffreC1As unlikely as your story sounds, I believe you. Only the strange destiny of Uriel Septim could have brought you to me carrying the Amulet of Kings.
1392SE32ChallengeAs we are doomed to eternally relive the last moments of our failed attempts to save our keep, so shall you eternally watch us.
1393SE05HerdirInvestigateCurrentTaskAs we're just starting out, we need to find a place to start. Someone who knows something.
1394BrinaCrossInnTopicAs you are new to the guild, and to the area, you are less likely to be recognized on your trip from Anvil to Kvatch.
1395Mg04ChoiceCarahilWhyAs you are new to the guild, you are less likely to be recognized as a member. This may give you an advantage in getting to the root of the problem.
1396AleronLocheTopicAs you can imagine, it didn't pay off. He ended up owing around 500 gold. We could never have that kind of money to pay back the usurer.
1397LucienLachanceTopicAs you can see, he was no match for the combined power of the Black Hand, even weakened as we are.
1398SE38TalkItem8As you can see, I have plenty of space here for new Oddities, so think of me when you run across anything Odd!
1399GOODBYEAs you command, Countess.
1400SE13OfficerGreetA4As you command, m'Lord.
1401GOODBYEAs you command, sire. Guards! Form up and protect the Emperor! To the Temple of the One!
1402SE10FollowAs you command.
1403SE10FollowAs you command.
1404advancementFGAs you complete contracts and fulfill your duties, you'll be promoted to the next station, accepting the associated duties and responsibilities.
1405advancementFGAs you complete contracts and fulfill your duties, you'll be promoted to the next station, accepting the associated duties and responsibilities.
1406MG09Choice5BAs you have seen, that agreement is under a great deal of strain lately. The Count does not agree with certain policies the guild has established.
1407GREETINGAs you know, the Black Hand is now in a state of disarray. Lachance ordered you to kill us off! We five, including you, are now all that remain.
1408VampireTopicAs you know, the vampire can't remain in sunlight. I'd wager that you'll never see Seridur outside during that time of day.
1409GREETINGAs you may know, I am somewhat of an enthusiast for Ayleid antiquities. In my own modest way, I have amassed a rather considerable collection.
1410MG00JoinBAs you say. Perhaps fate will return you to us, someday?
1411MageConvFollowAs you wish, Arch-Mage.
1412MageConvFollowAs you wish, Arch-Mage..
1413MageConvFollowAs you wish, Arch-Mage..
1414SE05HerdirReturnAs you wish, Inquisitor.
1415SE14HealNoAs you wish, Lord.
1416SE05Interrogate2As you wish, Miss Herrick. Thank you for your time. And please, come back and see me some time.
1417SEResistArrestAs you wish, My Lord. I will be honored to test myself in battle against You!
1418SE14DontSendGuardsAs you wish, My Lord. I will tell the residents you will be handling it personally. I'm sure the survivors will be delighted.
1419SE14SendGuardsAs you wish, My Lord. I'll see that a contingent of Dark Seducers is sent to the settlement.
1420SE14SendGuardsAs you wish, My Lord. I'll see that a contingent of Golden Saints is sent to the settlement.
1421CharGenMainAs you wish, sire.
1422SE14Rez2As you wish, sire. I would imagine that is for the best.
1423MS10LlevanaTalkAs you wish, Ulrich. Come my lovelies! Your feast has arrived!
1424SE10NMAs you wish, your Grace.
1425SE03AInstEnoughAs you wish.
1426SE11DyusEndAs you wish.
1427SE11DyusEndAs you wish.
1428SE30ForgeNevermindAs you wish.
1429MS40NevermindAs you wish.
1430SE14Entertainment1As you wish.
1431MageConvWaitAs you wish.
1432SE06HelpDefendA4As you wish. But I advise you to join the winning side if you really want the Flame relit. The Aureals will never drive us from Cylarne.
1433SE05HerdirGreetChoice3As you wish. Do come back and see me some time.
1434Dark05FinChoice1BAs you wish. Don't worry, the contract will be available whenever you're ready.
1435JollringChoice2DAs you wish. Good day.
1436SE10WaitAs you wish. I shall attempt to hold this area until you return.
1437SE10WaitAs you wish. I shall attempt to hold this area until you return.
1438SE14EscortNoAs you wish. I stand at the ready.
1439MQ13BattleNotYetAs you wish. I will wait here while you prepare yourself for battle.
1440MQWaitAs you wish. I'll stay here until you get back.
1441SE09HaskillXaselmYesAs you wish. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding it on your own.
1442Dark04FinChoice1BAs you wish. Just remember, had I issued a direct order, you would not have been able to refuse. So say the Tenets. Consider what I have said.
1443MQ08ArtifactNotYetAs you wish. My preparations for the ritual will be different, depending on the artifact we use, so I'll need it as soon as possible.
1444MS21StatueNoSellAs you wish. That is a better price than you will get from anyone else. I expect you will reconsider eventually.
1445MQ05PhintiasBuyNoAs you wish. That's a very fair price. I guarantee you won't find volume three of Mankar Camoran's Commentaries anywhere else, for any price.
1446MS22RefuseAs you wish. Too bad, I was just getting to like you. Kill him.
1447SE10WaitAs you wish. We shall attempt to hold this area until you return.
1448SE10WaitAs you wish. We shall attempt to hold this area until you return.
1449RolandJensericTopicAshame he wasn't there. I thought that you'd be able to put an end to this madness.
1450GREETINGAside from the fact that I'll kick your ass... it's against the law, and you'll rot in jail for it.
1451HELLOAsk a commoner.
1452HELLOAsk and I will listen.
1453SkingradTopicAsk me what I think about chapels, praying, the Nine Divines. Go ahead. Ask me.
1454MQ15MankarRantAsk yourself! How is it that mighty gods die, yet the Daedra stand incorruptible?
1455SE04SheoWhatNowAsk? ASK? I don't ask. I tell. This is My Realm, remember? My creation, My place, My rules.
1456GREETINGAssassin! Why are you still here? Have you not opened your sealed orders? Go now! The Black Hand obviously has need of your abilities!
1457CGEmperor01Assassins attacked my sons, and I'm next.
1458CGEmperor01Assassins attacked my sons. A secret passage here leads out of the city.
1459MatildePetitTopicAssuming that's true, who's next? You? Me? We need to keep our eyes open, friend. And we'd do well not to trust the others.
1460GREETINGAstia Inventius. Wife of the woodsman, Pinarus Inventius. Always out hunting. Anything to avoid doing a little work around the house.
1461GREETINGAstinia Atius. I want no part of the Sintav-Atius squabbles. I mind my own business.
1462INFOGENERALAt Common Treasures you can find enough bits and bobs to last all of time.
1463MatildePetitTopicAt first I thought Matilde was just a cloying old hag, but now I realize she could be the killer!
1464UlrichLelandTopicAt first I thought maybe he was from wealthy stock, but many of the goods have been delivered recently.
1465MatildePetitTopicAt first I thought she was just a cranky old crone. Now I'm beginning to think she's a cold-blooded killer.
1466GREETINGAt first light, the spire at the center of town became active. Immediately, the area around it began to crystallize and change.
1467HELLOAt last we meet in the flesh.
1468SE11CiirtaTopicAt last! We are free from Ciirta and her madness. Hail to Ra'kheran, the lightbringer!
1469GOODBYEAt least Anaxes isn't here to torment us anymore.
1470GREETINGAt least hear me out before you decide to end my life.
1471INFOGENERALAt least now we have a name to put to our enemy. Mankar Camoran and the Mythic Dawn will pay for their foul crimes.
1472GREETINGAt least the Oblivion Gate outside the city is gone. Although news from the rest of the Empire is still just as bad as ever.
1473VampireTopicAt least there are a few less vampires in the world now. Well done. But there are more of these creatures that still roam Cyrodiil.
1474MS49RingYesAt least this is safe. Thank you; I shall make sure it is protected, for the time when a new Count is crowned.
1475SE08OrdersAt least you are a woman. I would hate to be lead to my death by some foolish male.
1476CharGenTaunt2At least you've got that brutish strength, huh? Must be nice to just rip someone apart like some kind of monster.
1477CharGenTaunt2At least you've got that brutish strength, huh? Who needs pretty when you can just rip someone apart like some kind of monster.
1478GREETINGAt least your gullibility served some useful purpose. I knew about Mercator, but not his friends. Now none of them are a threat any longer.
1479MG09Choice5CAt least, not for the moment. We will continue to monitor the situation, but I assure you we will make no further attempts to mislead you.
1480GrandChampionTopicAt least, that's what the people of Cyrodiil have come to believe. Maybe it's time someone stepped into that Arena and proved them wrong...
1481MG05AChoice1AAt least, you will if you want your reward. Now get moving!
1482GREETINGAt long last ... you have freed me. Now I can finally complete my lord's last request.
1483GOODBYEAt long last, it's good to stand at Weatherleah again.
1484MQ15BandsOfChosenAt Mankar Camoran's command, a favored few are given the Bands of the Chosen and may leave the Savage Garden.
1485MG05AChoice1BAt no time did I ever suggest that you should actually follow through and give her the book! It cannot be left in her hands!
1486SE13OfficerGreetA3At once, m'Lord.
1487SQ10HusbandAt our wedding, my father gave us a family heirloom as a gift; Rockshatter, a mace that's been in my family for many generations.
1488KnightsWhiteStallionTopicAt sunrise, the view across the water is quite picturesque.
1489MS12PaleNoAt that time, the Empire was broken into smaller factions. Reman Cyrodiil decided to unify them and form an army to repel the Akaviri raiders.
1490SE09CeremonyAt the beginning of the worlds were five. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Light. Darkness turned into day, the void took form.
1491NirnrootAt the last Imperial Alchemy Symposium, I heard Sinderion mention something about a strange glowing root.
1492SE32SiegeVitharnAt the moment of my death, Lord Sheogorath appeared. We had already earned His wrath for sins of pride.
1493SE07BRoutineAt the risk of being rude, I must confess I don't like talking about the specifics of my routine.
1494MG09Choice4AAt the time, it was believed there was no reason to inform you, since it was not crucial to the task you were given.
1495BlackwaterBrigandsAt the time, the idea was quite clever, I thought. I figured the lore would draw more curiosity seekers and adventurers looking for the treasure.
1496SE03AChamberAt the touch of a button, you can cause a large group of tiny Gnarls to appear and attack the adventurers.
1497GREETINGAt the worst possible time, the Council is in ruins.
1498SE09MiscRelmynaExperimentAt this moment, which hurts more, your insides or your outsides?
1499SEServiceProviderResponsesAt this place though you may be, if you look you won't find me.
1500SEServiceProviderResponsesAt this place though you may be, if you look you won't find me.
1501SEServiceProviderResponsesAt this place though you may be, if you look you won't find me.
1502SEServiceProviderResponsesAt this place though you may be, if you look you won't find me.
1503SEServiceProviderResponsesAt this place though you may be, if you look you won't find me.
1504SEServiceProviderResponsesAt this place though you may be, if you look you won't find me.
1505FawilTopicAt this point, Count Indarys is offering a reward for the recovery of his son from inside the gate... or confirmed news of his demise.
1506ThoronirTopicAt this rate, I don't know if I can keep my doors open. All the people are spending their money there. Bah.
1507GREETINGAt this time, you have enough to go on. Now, get back to it!
1508VisionsAt times, they served her well. She gained something of a reputation in the guild, and was highly valued by the Council.
1509HELLOAt your command, Lord Sheogorath.
1510HELLOAt your service, Master.
1511GREETINGAt your service. What do you need?
1512SE32ArrowsAthel was a brave scout. She brought us the first word of the Fanatics. My curse will not allow me to help you with her need.
1513INFOGENERALAttacks in Passwall? Invaders roaming the lands? You see, this is what happens when leadership is lax.
1514HELLOAudens Avidius escaped from prison!
1515HELLOAudens Avidius, you are under arrest for extortion and petty theft. Surrender peacefully and keep what little dignity you have left.
1516SE06ShoutStartCombatAureals! Follow me!
1517SE06ShoutStartAttackAureals! The cleansing of Cylarne begins now! Follow me!
1518AttackAureals! To me!
1519SE06ShoutStartAttackAureals! We attack through the Underdeep! The Mazken will be destroyed before they awake to their danger. Follow me!
1520SE08OrdersAurig Desha is wise. Duke or not, who are you to doubt her strategy?
1521MS27VoiceAv Auri-El ye Tamri-El dellevoy an Arpen Aran tarnabye!
1522MS27VoiceAv Sunna Tam Riel arctavoy an Arpen Aran malaburo!
1523INFOGENERALAvoid the noxious Elytra, its stinger filled with bane. One dose of this in your blood and your life begins to wane.
1524SECreatureResponsesAvoid the noxious Elytra, its stinger filled with bane. One dose of this in your blood, your life begins to wane.
1525ArenaFanChoice1AAw gee! You sure? Okay, well, I'll be hanging around the Arena grounds if you need someone to worship the ground you walk on. Bye!
1526MG12TravenWhoInformantAware of the growing interest in the guild after the ban on Necromancy was put into place, he offered to help the Council track the cult's actions.
1527GOODBYEAway from me, housecat! Look at that fur. What a disgrace...
1528GOODBYEAway with you dog, and fetch me those components.
1529INFOGENERALAway, mortal. I haven't time for your chatter.
1530AnswerStatusAwful. I don't want to talk about it.
1531AnswerStatusAwful. You?
1532SE03GrommokC1Idle01Awwww.... ain't it cute!
1533BladesTalk1Aye, Blademaiden. What's on your mind?
1534BladesTalk1Aye, Bladesman. What's on your mind?
1535BladesTalk5Aye, comrade, we'd best stay sharp. Who knows what tomorrow brings. As for the present, we'd best get back to our duties.
1536StolenPaintingAye, it was a fine portrait of a fine man.
1537GuardTalk2Aye, it's a thankless job sometimes, but we wouldn't trade it for the world, now would we. He he he he.
1538CloudRulerTempleTopicAye, she's a beauty, isn't she? It's hard not to admire the stonework. That's some real craftsmanship, that is.
1539bedAye, there's a bed free if you need it. It'll be 10 gold for the night. What do you say?
1540vampirehuntersAye, they're staying here. Won't say how long they'll be in town, but as long as they keep payin', I ain't too worried.
1541CreaturesAye, we've heard the old man's story. Nothing to back it up, though, except the word of those two kids of his. No real evidence.
1542thievesAye. I know about those scum. Rotten bastards robbed me blind, they did. Stole a family heirloom. Bunch of Bosmer, if you can believe it!
1543thievesAye. I know about those scum. Rotten bastards robbed me blind, they did. Stole a family heirloom. Bunch of Bosmer, if you can believe that!
1544UmbraTOPICAye. I know of Umbra. But you're a stranger to me, and I'm not talking.
1545GREETINGAye. I'm Ulfgar Fog-Eye, master of the Anvil lighthouse. Visit the lighthouse any time. Fine view of the town and harbor.
1546GREETINGAyisha minds Ayisha's business. Maybe you should try this, too.
1547INFOGENERALAyleid ruins? The big thing is to watch out for the traps. Thousands of years old, and still working. Amazing.
1548GREETINGAzani Blackheart is dead, and our brothers avenged.
1549INFOGENERALAzzan at the Fighters Guild is a fine warrior. I understand he can sign you up, if you're interested.
1550INFOGENERALAzzan says the scholar lady was lucky to get back alive. But Oreyn's new 'hard hand' did just fine in a tough situation.
1551INFOGENERALAzzan's report says there were ogres in Sedor. I think this gold soldier might be the real thing.
1552HELLOBack again I see!
1553HELLOBack again so soon I see.
1554GREETINGBack again, are you? Do you have the book THIS time?
1555HELLOBack again, friend?
1556GREETINGBack again, huh? What is it?
1557TrainingBlockTestBack again? You ready for my test now? I haven't got all day.
1558GREETINGBack again? You still want to help my good-for-nothing husband?
1559MS12PaleNoBack at the end of the First Era, raiders from the continent of Akavir attempted to gain a foothold here in Tamriel.
1560GREETINGBack for more information?
1561dutiesBack for more work, are you? Good. Some of our boys are causing trouble in Leyawiin. Looks bad for the guild.
1562GREETINGBack for more? It just so happens I have another contract available, one that requires an expert in infiltration.
1563LeyawiinTopicDecentius03Back in the Merethic, he charted the sea lanes and explored the River Niben. Torval sailed all the way from Topal Bay up the Niben Valley.
1564AssaultNoCrimeBack off! I'm warning you!
1565HELLOBack so soon, and glowing with success, I see!
1566HELLOBack so soon?
1567HELLOBack so soon? And here I was hoping you'd manage to get killed.
1568AttackBack to Oblivion with you!
1569AttackBack to Oblivion with you!
1570GREETINGBack to take me up on that offer, eh? I knew you couldn't resist.
1571GOODBYEBack to the watch then, eh? Don't forget to stop by the barracks later. I'll show you those new greaves. The Mithril ones. Until then...
1572GOODBYEBack to work for poor old Orgnolf.
1573GOODBYEBack to work I go.
1574SE08CommanderBattle03Back to your positions! Don't break ranks! Hold! Hold!
1575SE08CommanderBattle03Back to your positions! Don't break ranks! Hold! Hold!
1576AttackBack, nithing!
1577GREETINGBaenlin is dead, yes, but you did not fulfill the contract precisely as directed. I will grant your reward of gold, but the bonus is forfeit.
1578GREETINGBaenlin... Oh Baenlin... I loved ya, old man. I loved ya... But I couldn't protect ya... Oh Baenlin! Waaaahhhhh! [sobbing]
1579Dark08NelsNevConvoBah! Don't get your linens in a bunch. You have no authority in this house, or anywhere else. You're not even in the Legion anymore!
1580SQ09LaughBah! See, I knew you'd laugh. Some big hero you are. You're all the same. Nothing to do but laugh at an old man and his troubles.
1581SE03GrommokChamberTwoManEnd03Bah! Suit yourself!
1582contractBah! You have neither the skill nor the daring to fulfill this contract. I hope the moneylender cuts out your heart.
1583Dark02PirateConvoBah! You mark my words, boy. That Dark Elf trollop is bad luck. The captain'll end up dead with her around. You'll see.
1584HELLOBah. Get out of my sight.
1585INFOGENERALBah. I liked when Thadon was in a bad mood. Foolish Maniac.
1586MG05AChoice2BBah. I was a fool to have trusted you in the first place. Get out of my sight.
1587SE03GrommokC2Idle01Bah. This place is beginning to bug me!
1588SQ03AvengeBarely a week ago, I left Harm's Folly to go buy supplies as I usually do once a month. What a fool I was to leave my wife alone.
1589HELLOBarkeep! A drink for my friend!
1590FGD02InsultsBarkeep! A refill!
1591MS46FatherBarthel Gernand is my father. I'm worried about him. I think it will break his heart if we can't build Cropsford.
1592MS46FatherInLawBarthel Gernand. He talked us into selling our comfortable house in High Rock to start a new settlement here in Cyrodiil.
1593GREETINGBased on the activity I've seen, that should be very soon.
1594ReadyForAMatchBased on your abilities, here are your choices. Do you want to fight one Mountain Lion, two Mountain Lions, or two Mountain Lions and a Spriggan?
1596MQ00MythicDawnResponseBastards. If I ever got a hold of one of them, I'd put 'em in the fire, like the old days.
1597HELLOBastards. Take my flagon....
1598SE32ArrowsBat gro-Orkul is so stingy with the armory. He should dance today. He may cost us our town today. Then we'll see who dances!
1599SE32ArrowsBat loves his arrows. They aren't Althel's, they're his. Bat would be betrothed to his arrows if he could. By the way, have you seen my betrothed?
1600CharGenMainBaurus! Lock that door behind us!
1601GOODBYEBaurus, good to see you.
1602HELLOBaurus. Good to see you.
1603HELLOBaurus. I want you to know... I don't blame you for what happened. You did everything you could. I'm glad to have you here by my side.
1604GREETINGBe a dear, and fetch me that book like I asked. Hurry along now.
1605advancementFGBe aware, though, that your rank can be stripped for failure to uphold the tenets of the guild, or at my discretion.
1606advancementFGBe aware, though, that your rank can be stripped for failure to uphold the tenets of the guild, or at the sole discretion of the guildmaster.
1607GOODBYEBe careful around here.
1608HELLOBe careful in here.
1609GOODBYEBe careful in Shadeleaf Copse. No telling what else resides there besides the Nirnroot.
1610GREETINGBe careful of Relmyna's temper. She... she has ways of extracting obedience.
1611GOODBYEBe careful out there, friend.
1612SQ09ScalesBe careful out there. The Rumare slaughterfish are all around this area.
1613GOODBYEBe careful, and watch your step.
1614GOODBYEBe careful, Associate.
1615GOODBYEBe careful, my friend. I know you have braved many dangers already, but Miscarcand is not to be taken lightly.
1616MS13GateBe careful, some say the gate leads to the realm of Oblivion itself!
1617GOODBYEBe careful, that brute was absolutely huge!
1618ThoronirTopicBe careful, there is no telling what this "Agarmir" is up to.
1619GOODBYEBe careful.
1620GOODBYEBe careful.
1621GOODBYEBe careful.
1622GOODBYEBe careful. Davide Surilie is the ringleader. You must NOT let him catch you watching him!
1623GOODBYEBe careful. I don't know what dangers may lurk in the Great Forest.
1624GOODBYEBe careful. Some things in here don't react well to magic.
1625GOODBYEBe careful. There may be more of them about.
1626SE03SyndelChamberOneGnarlBe careful. There may be more to this creature than meets the eye.
1627HELLOBe careful. They're listening.
1628HELLOBe careful...
1629MS12DiaryBe cautious, and return home soon. Good luck.
1630GOODBYEBe cautious, friend.
1631GOODBYEBe cautious, my friend.
1632GOODBYEBe cautious... their leader sounds dangerous.
1633GOODBYEBe ever vigilant, vampires are creatures of deceit.
1634GOODBYEBe ever vigilant, vampires are creatures of deceit.
1635ThoronirTopicBe ever vigilant. The crime of grave robbing is punishable only by death, so Agarmir is likely to do anything to keep his crimes secret.
1636GREETINGBe glad to answer any other questions. Just keep your voice down, who knows what could slip out of that gate at any moment.
1637MS06PantherPointBe glad to. Here, let me have your map and I'll mark the spot for you.
1638AttackBe glad you will not live to see the day Lord Dagon walks the earth.
1639GREETINGBe happy to help you.
1640SE11HaskillChoice6Be mindful of what you find there. The library is a thing of Order, and it will still serve that end.
1641GREETINGBe nice to get another pretty face in the gang. Hope to see you there.
1642GOODBYEBe nice to have someone else to do the... uh... dirty work.
1643TG01JoinThievesGuildBe patient and wait for the others. I need both the Wood Elf and the Argonian before I can begin.
1644HELLOBe patient, all will be explained.
1645GREETINGBe patient.
1646HELLOBe patient.
1647GOODBYEBe patient. Lord Dagon's victory is only a matter of time now, and then we will return to Tamriel in triumph.
1648GREETINGBe quick about it, mortal.
1649GOODBYEBe quick about it. This is our best chance to rescue the survivors from the Chapel.
1650HELLOBe quick about this or find someone else to talk to.
1651GREETINGBe quick please, I have a farm to run. It isn't going to run itself, now is it?
1652GOODBYEBe seeing you.
1653GOODBYEBe seeing you.
1654GOODBYEBe sure to speak to Jauffre about the Armor of Tiber Septim. I'll continue my study of the Mysterium Xarxes.
1655GREETINGBe that as it may. I now have a task that should be better to suited someone of your particular talents.
1656MS27QuestStartBe that as it may. She has come into possession of an ancient relic known as the Crown of the Ayleids. Your job is to acquire it for me.
1657SE12HaskillGreetC2Be that as it may. You will have to enter the Fountainhead beneath the Tree and find the source of the poison.
1658SE12HaskillGreetC2Be that as it may. You will have to enter the Fountainhead beneath the Tree and find the source of the poison.
1659GOODBYEBe vigilant. Lonavo is a snake.
1660SE32NotSolvedBe warned though. While you wear the helm, it is as if you are one of us. You are trapped in these ruins until you lift our curse.
1661INFOGENERALBe wary of the Shambles, its bones in disarray. Don't stand too close when they die... explode into frost they may.
1662SECreatureResponsesBe wary of the Shambles, its bones in disarray. Don't stand too close when they die... explode into frost they may.
1663GOODBYEBe wary the shadows, friend.
1664GOODBYEBe wary the shadows.
1665GOODBYEBe wary the shadows.
1666GREETINGBe wary, I fear that her escape may be a ruse to lure you into an ambush.
1667GOODBYEBe well, and live free.
1668GOODBYEBe well, milady.
1669GOODBYEBe well, milord.
1670LeyawiinTopicBeast people and other savages. Work cheap and fast. "No job too tough." Not fussy, either. Fighters Guild better watch out...
1671MaladaTopicBeautiful countryside, don't you think? We're just doing a bit of hunting and sightseeing, not that it's any of your business.
1672SE35FlawlessPearlsTopicBeautiful gems, they are. They can be found all over the Shivering Isles in treasure chests and the like.
1673GREETINGBeautiful, isn't she? The Marie Elena. Damn fine ship, with a damn fine crew. I should know, I'm her first mate. Malvulis is my name.
1674MS21StatueGiveBeautiful. Exquisite. You have proven yourself to be quite resourceful. I have another task which should interest someone of your particular talents.
1675SE10SheoJygglagBecause He is Me! I'm Him! We're a bit of each other, really. I won't be here when He arrives, because I'll be Him.
1676SE01HaskillChoice3Because my Lord wills it to be so. It poses no danger to Mundus; no compact has been violated.
1677TG11HistoryChangedBecause of the curse, he was unable to operate in the normal world of business and society. He could only act as the guild's figurehead.
1678GREETINGBecause of the discretion you exercised, Captain Phillida will not suspect the Dark Brotherhood was involved, and will not meddle in our affairs.
1679GREETINGBecause of the discretion you exercised, Captain Phillida will not suspect the Dark Brotherhood was involved, and will not meddle in our affairs.
1680SE11EyeBecause of this, her eye will serve well to contain that which the staff must hold.
1681SE11EyeBecause of this, her eye will serve well to contain that which the staff must hold.
1682SE11EyeBecause of this, her eye will serve well to contain that which the staff must hold.
1683LorgrenBenirusBecause of this, the people of Anvil concluded the manor must be cursed. You are the first person to set foot inside in a long time.
1684advancementFGBecause of your actions, I am hereby stripping you of your rank of Champion. You were reckless, foolhardy, and dangerous to yourself and the Guild.
1685SE32SiegeVitharnBecause we refused to convert, they lay siege to Vitharn. If they had agreed to let me rule, I would have helped them. But now they're on the list.
1686SE06SheoIntro3Because you seem a nice enough sort. And you've made it this far.
1687SE44AmuletInfoBecause, when they come for me, I'm not going to let them have my stuff. No way.
1688SE07BecomeBecoming the Duke of Dementia requires passage through the Ritual of Accession, specific guidelines set forth by Arden-Sul himself.
1689AnswerStatusBeen better. How about you?
1690heirloomBeen drinking from a lousy wooden tankard since. It's just not the same. If you can find it, you'd have the gratitude of Newheim the Portly!
1691AnvilTopicBeen here thirty years, and I expect I'll last another ten or so. When I'm gone, gods willing, my apprentice, Enilroth, will tend the smithy.
1692BravilTopicBeen here. Right here! All day! Last night, too! I wasn't there! Not there at all! I can totally prove it! Ask anyone!
1693INFOGENERALBeen to Fire and Steel recently? Rasheda has some nice new swords in there. And she's a friendly one, she is.
1694UmbraTOPICBefore I go on, let's clear something up. Are you here asking about the sword or the person. Which is it?
1695Dark18Choice4BBefore I send you away, however, I would like to present you with a rather special reward.
1696SE30MatricesBefore my master passed on, she hid countless matrices in the world. There to soak up the magical essence of our world.
1697ImperialCityTopicBefore the Arcane University was founded in the second era, Crystal Tower on Summerset Isle was the source of all magical learning.
1698NelsTheNaughtyTopicBefore the body turned up, I got the sense that Nels was a bit of a drunkard. But he seems truly unnerved now, and is drinking rather excessively.
1699ArcaneULecture4Before Tiber Septim, Cyrodiil's roads varied greatly in quality, and were often impassible in bad weather and winter seasons.
1700GREETINGBefore we continue, you should speak to Raminus Polus about your advancement within the guild.
1701tasksBefore we continue, you should speak to Raminus Polus about your advancement within the guild.
1702tasksBefore you begin, we must first discuss your advancement within the guild.
1703tasksBefore you can begin work for the guild, you'll need to do something for yourself.
1704GREETINGBefore you go, however, I intend to make good on an offer I made some time ago. As a vampire, I may pass my gift on to others as I see fit.
1705MS08UrsanneAvengedBefore you go, I have this for you. Aleron told me that if he ever got in trouble, this could be used to bail him out of jail.
1706JihattTopicBeg pardon. It is a word from the Ta'agra, meaning 'warrior for hire'.
1707AttackBeg, birthskin!
1708GREETINGBegone, mortal, or you will soon find yourself between the Mazken and their prey. A most dangerous place to be.
1709HELLOBegone, mortal.
1710SE06GSWardenGreet3Begone, mortal.
1711GREETINGBegone, stranger! I have business with Kynareth's shrine, and I will not be disturbed.
1712GREETINGBegone, weakling. I have no use for you.
1713AnnouncerBehold as two Heroes meet in the fighting pit for an epic battle worthy of song! Combatants... begin!
1714INFOGENERALBehold the new god of madness! It is I, Kishashi, who has defeated the forces of Jyggalag!
1715ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, Dragonheart!
1716ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, Lady Luck!
1717ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, Man o' War!
1718ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, Shadowstep!
1719ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, Sir Slaughter!
1720ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, Skullcrusher!
1721ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, the Black Arrow!
1722ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, the Butcher!
1723ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, the Crimson Blade!
1724ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, the Divine Avenger!
1725ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, the Iron Maiden!
1726ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, the Messenger of Death!
1727ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, the Spellslinger!
1728ICAnnouncerBehold the new hero of the people of Cyrodiil! Behold, your Arena Grand Champion, the Tamriel Terror!
1729MQ15MankarRantBehold the Savage Garden, where my disciples are tempered for a higher destiny: to rule over Tamriel Reborn.
1730ICAnnouncerBehold, Dragonheart!
1731ICAnnouncerBehold, Lady Luck!
1732ICAnnouncerBehold, Man o' War!
1733ICAnnouncerBehold, Shadowstep!
1734ICAnnouncerBehold, Sir Slaughter!
1735ICAnnouncerBehold, Skullcrusher!
1736ICAnnouncerBehold, the Black Arrow!
1737ICAnnouncerBehold, the Butcher!
1738ICAnnouncerBehold, the Crimson Blade!
1739ICAnnouncerBehold, the Divine Avenger!
1740ICAnnouncerBehold, the Iron Maiden!
1741ICAnnouncerBehold, the Messenger of Death!
1742GREETINGBehold, the Night Mother! The locals call this statue the Lucky Old Lady. They have no idea how lucky they really are.
1743ICAnnouncerBehold, the Spellslinger!
1744ICAnnouncerBehold, the Tamriel Terror!
1745MS14TruepaintTopicBeing a devout follower of Dibella, he prayed to her for something that would allow him to express himself once more.
1746SQ04NotesBeing the first person to discover Welkynd Stones growing outside their natural environment, I was worried a rival researcher would snatch them.
1747DANocturnalChoice4Bejeen? Bejeen knows nothing. Bejeen tells stories. Silly Bejeen. Shame on Bejeen to tell such silly, silly stories.
1748MS04HotWaterBelieve me, he'll need all the help he can get to worm his way out of this one. To think he'd fall for the gang's scheme... agh! I could kill him!
1749GOODBYEBelieve me, it was no picnic. But thanks to our friend here, I now know we can close these hell-gates. We can defend Bruma!
1750SkingradTopicBelieve me, Mehrunes Dagon will know he was in a fight if he tries to take this city from me.
1751HELLOBelisarius, how are you?
1752GOODBYEBelisarius, thank you.
1753MQ15MartinBBelongs to me? The Amulet of Kings?
1754MQ15GaiarAlataTopicBeneath the mountain lies the Forbidden Grotto, the only way out of the Savage Garden.
1755INFOGENERALBernadette Peneles works over at the Tamika Winery. They make a quality wine there.
1756ShadowbanishWineBesides tasting incredible, the magic within the wine allows the imbiber to be gifted with Night Eye!
1757PrimoAntoniusTopicBesides you and me, he's the only one left! By Ysmir, that boy will pay for what he's done! Come, we must kill Primo before he kills us!
1758AleswellTopicBesides, I don't know if they'd have been happy to see me.
1759SE09VictimsBesides, they are furthering important research into the nature of pain and suffering, of life and death.
1760SE07ChManiaBesides, won't it be a grand surprise when you make his heart burst from too much Greenmote? Thadon loves surprises!
1761TG04ProfitsBesides, you're a thief. You'd just sell the ring and let me swing.
1762MQ11BrumaAlliesBesides... I'd have a full-scale political crisis on my hands if I tried to pull any troops out of the provinces.
1763GREETINGBest if kept just between us, yes? So, what say you?
1764TrainingQuestTopicBest mage I've ever seen, but a bit eccentric. Last I heard, she had camped out at a shrine to Kynareth, and was killing wildlife for fun, I think.
1765ViranusDontonTOPICBest not to speak of him now. Go on about your business.
1766GREETINGBest not to talk about it here. Meet me after dark at the sewer grate northeast of the Sheogorath statue.
1767GREETINGBest of luck.
1768LeyawiinTopicBest prices? Right here at Gundalas' Best Goods and Guarantees! Never an unhappy customer! Huge discounts... to qualifying patrons!
1769AnvilTopicBest shops in Anvil? Norbert Lelles handles rare books, exotic ingredients, and gems, and they have fine weapons at Morvayn's Peacemakers.
1770PillarBest to play it safe. No complex magic. Stick to basic spells with single effects. It's not worth taking unnecessary risks.
1771INFOGENERALBest way to kill a Skinned Hound is with a fireball, or a good weapon.
1772INFOGENERALBest way to take out a skeleton is with a big weapon. Forget spells. Just smack them and watch the bones fly!
1773GREETINGBet you think you're somethin' huh? You call yourself a citizen of the Empire? No respect for order, no respect for law. You make me sick.
1774CharGenTaunt2Bet you're glad it won't last long, huh? Oh, didn't you know? No one ever leaves this prison alive! You're going to die in here, Redguard! Die!
1775HELLOBetrayer! I have found you at last! Your reckoning is at hand!
1776SEFlameofAgnonTopicBetraying the Dark Seducers! The biters bit, so to speak. Most ingenious. I must say, I really didn't think you had it in you.
1777HELLOBetter be moving along, outsider.
1778GOODBYEBetter go talk to ol' Arvena.
1779HackdirtStrangerResponseBetter keep an eye on her.
1780HackdirtStrangerResponseBetter keep an eye on him.
1781CharGenMainBetter not close this one. There's no way to open it from the other side.
1782MG12Choice1BBetter that you should be adequately prepared. I shall await your return.
1783ImperialCityTopicBetter, maybe, now that we've got the Dragon to watch over us.
1784GREETINGBetto Plotius. I'm a faithful servant of Leyawiin and the Emperor... Gods rest his soul.
1785SE35HateBetween my shop and a few others in Crucible, he's been caught stealing maybe a dozen times last month.
1786INFOGENERALBetween the Gatekeeper and the Resonator of Judgment, I feel much safer in New Sheoth right now.
1787GREETINGBetween the hours of midnight and 3:00 AM, ask me about the Night Mother, and we will away to our Lady's home. Only then will the ritual begin.
1788AnvilTopicBetween the sailors and shipmen of the port, and my little local circle of friends, I have plenty of yarns for knitting up my tales.
1789GREETINGBetween the seen and unseen, the seeming and the being, lies the gulf of ignorance.
1790MagesGuildTopicBetween the two of them, Borissean and Gaspar have mastered nearly every type of spell there is. You'd be wise to go see them if you can.
1791MatildePetitTopicBetween you and me, I think Matilde found the gold, and one of the others killed her for it! Maybe that means the rest of us are safe.
1792INFOGENERALBetween you and me? Ysabel is completely in love with me. But I'm just not a one-woman guy. Nope, the life of the bachelor suits me just fine...
1793UlrichLelandTopicBeware of Ulrich. I wouldn't confront him at this time, as he'll surely have you thrown in jail.
1794AttackBeware the Obelisks!
1795INFOGENERALBeware the vicious Scalon for it carries dread disease. If this foe bites you, then stay away from me please.
1796SECreatureResponsesBeware the vicious Scalon for it carries dread disease. If this foe bites you, then stay away from me please.
1797GOODBYEBeware. The Redguard Valley Ogres are not known for their... hospitality.
1798SE03ARewardBeyond that, take whatever else you need from the recovery chest... you've earned it!
1799ChallengeArgonianBeyond this gate is my Argonian challenger. She is a clever thing, and eager for your blood.
1800SEMiscQuestResponsesBhisha is always following him around. Ushnar would do anything to stop it.
1801INFOGENERALBiene Amelion sold her family sword and armor to pay her debts. And you think you have it bad?
1802BieneAmelionTOPICBiene? She should be around here somewhere. Just look around a bit.
1803ImperialCityTopicBig city. I really LOVE the lights at night, shoo-shoo. The City of Love. Got it? Love? Light? Night? Big. Big, big, big, BIG!
1804SE45EndChoice1Big Head knows a secret about blades. Point them out, never in. Blade is out - poke, poke, poke! Kill the grandpa netch!
1805FishermansRockLaterBig help you are.... All right. Maybe I'll wait here. And maybe not.
1806SE45HaveForkBig-Head knows secrets. Secrets of learning. Alchemy, Sneaking, and stabbing with Blades! Which will you learn?
1807SE45HaveForkBig-Head names you friend! Songs of friendship! Songs of ship-friends! Presents for you! Presents on Hatching Day!
1808SE45HaveForkBig-Head was hatched, but his brother was not! Presents for egg-friend! Almost forgot! Selfish Big-Head. Shellfish Big-Head!
1809ArcaneULecture3Birthstone Doomstones bear red runes, appear with stone circles, and are associated with the classic birthsigns like the Apprentice and the Atronach.
1810BittneldTopicBittneld -- captain of the castle guard? -- he seems like such a nice fellow. Too bad I don't see him in here very much.
1811SQ10HusbandBjalfi snatched Rockshatter from our mantle and took off to "find his fortune" with the local Marauder gang at Fort Strand. I want that mace back.
1812GREETINGBlack Brugo is dead, right? So I'm going to be a knight?
1813INFOGENERALBlack Brugo, chief of the Black Bow Bandits, is dead. And the Count made his killers Knights of the White Stallion.
1814CurrentEventsResponsesBlack Marsh has become more dangerous than ever. Many settlers have been lost, and most non-Argonians have left in fear.
1815FGD05Choice9Blackheart has a fascination with these Ayleid ruins. There's one northeast of here, Atatar. My bet is that he moved his base there. I'll lead.
1816LeyawiinTopicBlackwood Company is putting the Fighters Guild to shame. They're a new mercenary company, competing with the guild.
1817INFOGENERALBlackwood Company is sloppy. They make mistakes. Sooner or later it is going to cost them.
1818INFOGENERALBlackwood Company takes any and all contracts, and always completes them. Hard to beat that.
1819LeyawiinTopicBlackwood Company's a problem. Not for me. I mostly do training. But we don't see many contracts in Leyawiin guildhall. Blackwood gets them all.
1820INFOGENERALBlackwood Company's getting all the contracts around Leyawiin. No wonder the boys there are getting restless.
1821INFOGENERALBlackwood isn't so bad, once you get used to the flies. And being lost all the time. And the zombies and will-o-the-wisps.
1822HELLOBlade and bone. Speak to me.
1823OrderOfTalosTopicBlades who are too old for active service often join the Order as lay brothers.
1824MQ04ConvBlades! Dark times are upon us. The Emperor and his sons were slain on our watch. The Empire is in chaos.
1825MQ15VoiceBlades! Do homage to Martin's champion!
1826HELLOBladesman, I was wondering if I might have a word?
1827BOASTHATEBlah, blah, blah. What a bore.
1828SE07ArdenBlasphemy! Never utter the name of the Dark Deceiver lightly!
1829SEArctusSpeech03Blasphemy! These words are the pillars upon which the teachings of Arden-Sul stand!
1830SE03GrommokChamberTwoStartBlast! The cage is locked.
1831TGGrayFoxBlasted thief. I hope they string him up when they catch him. He's a slippery one, though. The beggars are his eyes and ears.
1832GOODBYEBlech! I would not feed on you if you were the last warm body in Tamriel!
1833TGDirectGiveCoinBless you! Dar Jee lives east of the temple.
1834TGDirectGiveCoinBless you! Fathis Ules lives in the middle of the Elven Gardens district.
1835TGDirectGiveCoinBless you! Ongar lives behind the temple.
1836TGDirectGiveCoinBless you! Orrin lives in the Castle. Hard to believe, eh?
1837TGDirectGiveCoinBless you! There's none in this town, but you could try Anvil.
1838TGDirectGiveCoinBless you! There's none in this town, but you could try Bravil.
1839TGDirectGiveCoinBless you! There's none in this town, but you could try Bruma.
1840TGDirectGiveCoinBless you! There's none in this town, but you could try Leyawiin.
1841TGDirectGiveCoinBless you! There's none in this town, but you could try the Imperial City.
1842GOODBYEBless you.
1843TheForgottenOnesTOPICBlessed are the Forgotten Ones, Chosen of Namira. In squalor they thrive, wallowing in filth, low and repulsive, darlings of Namira.
1844GREETINGBlessed are you who wields the Goldbrand.
1845ShrineofMolagBalTOPICBlessed are you, who has spoken to the Corrupter.
1846GREETINGBlessed are you, who walks his true path. Enlightened are you, who learns of himself.
1847GREETINGBlessed are you. How may I serve you?
1848HELLOBlessed we are.
1849GOODBYEBlessings of Akatosh upon ye.
1850MS26GiveCoinsBlessings of Akatosh upon you!
1851GOODBYEBlessings of Anu upon ye.
1852GOODBYEBlessings of Arkay upon ye.
1853GOODBYEBlessings of Julianos upon ye.
1854GOODBYEBlessings of Mystara upon ye.
1855GOODBYEBlessings of Stendarr upon ye.
1856HELLOBlessings of the Lady upon you.
1857INFOGENERALBlessings of the Madgod, citizen. Walk without fear.
1858GREETINGBlessings of the Madgod.
1859GREETINGBlessings of the Nine. I'm Ohtesse the Healer. By the grace of Mara, I offer Advanced Training in the Restoration Arts.
1860GREETINGBlessings of the Nine. My name is Tumindil. I'm the chapel priest. I'm sure you can find your way around the chapel by yourself.
1861GOODBYEBlessings of the Shadow upon ye.
1862GOODBYEBlessings upon you Lord.... Bring the Skooma next time.
1863HELLOBlessings, brother.
1864HELLOBlessings, citizen.
1865HELLOBlessings, dark sister.
1866GREETINGBlessings. I'm Orag gra-Bargol, servant of Stendarr. May you grow in the Faith.
1867SEManiaRumorResponsesBliss is safer with the army's return.
1868SE09ComponentsBlood Liqueur, Osseous Marrow, Dermis Membrane, and the Essence of Breath.
1869TGWhatIsBloodPriceBlood price is for each person slain. You can pay any of the guild Doyen.
1870GREETINGBlood ran blue, and dragons flew high. Under broken towers and broken bodies it now lies, waiting to be found.
1871AttackBlood! I need your blood!
1872SE09CeremonyBlood, liquid nutrient, that ocean which casts pearls of life upon the shores of existence....
1873IdleBloody scamps. I could skin them all.
1874COERCEHATEBlow away, windbag.
1875Dark01FinChoice1ABoard the ship and find its captain, Gaston Tussaud. He'll be in his cabin. Eliminate Tussaud in any manner you see fit.
1876GREETINGBoethia has opened a portal for you. Consider yourself lucky. You have the chance to die in Boethia's service.
1877SE09CeremonyBone, branch and stone of the body, giving shape and structure....
1878DarkOrcElfConvoBonuses? Ha ha ha ha ha! Useless, I say! Gold and magical trinkets are no substitute for the freedom to slaughter anyone I please, at any time!
1879INFOGENERALBooks of Bliss has quite a selection.
1880GREETINGBooks. I sell books. Go ahead. Look. Buy some.
1881SE30ForgeBootsBoots are useful. Though, sometimes, it's nice to wade barefoot through the blood of your fallen foes.
1882MQ10BurdSpeechBor, Soren, you're with me. The rest of you, stay outside and kill anything that comes out of that Gate.
1883GREETINGBorba gra-Uzgash. We've got everything the adventurer needs. I'm an old adventurer myself, and I know what's wanted.
1884GREETINGBorissean. Master Spellmaker for the Mages Guild. Guildsmen, only, of course.
1885CheydinhalTopicBoss uglies in Cheydinhal are the Orums. Don't mean nothing to you. You is the Outside. Just stay Outside, and everything's Mister Tinker. Got me?
1886DirectionsSleepBoth inns are next to the west gate.
1887INFOGENERALBoth the new Fighters Guild recruits got back alive. It's a good start.
1888TrainingQuestTopicBoth vineyards, Tamika's and Surilie Brothers. Vintage 399. Oh, what a good year that was...
1889HELLOBother me again, and you might live to regret it.
1890GREETINGBothiel may know more about this "Shade of the Revenant" referred to in the book you've given me. Speak with her.
1891BloatedFloatBought it maybe ten years ago when it was decommissioned. Had to gut the whole thing to make room, but kept it seaworthy.
1892AttackBow before the might of my Lord Jyggalag!
1893SE13JyggalagVoiceBow before the power of Order!
1894AttackBow to me!
1895MQ15RitualReadyBrace yourself.
1896MundaneAmuletBradon told me about this amulet when they first brought it home from whatever distant land it came from.
1897HELLOBradon... I'll miss you...
1898IdleBrandy and comberry wine. Not a good combination.
1899GOODBYEBrash child. Now look what he's gotten himself into.
1900GREETINGBrave deeds, friend. Taking the fight to Oblivion itself! I salute you.
1901BravilTopicBravil is an important trade center, and a rich melting pot of Imperial, Khajiit, and Argonian cultures. And, yes, a bit shabby and shopworn.
1902BravilTopicBravil is perhaps not so nice. But Bravil Castle, and castle gardens, they are jewels, are they not?
1903BravilTopicBravil perhaps presents little scope for an ambitious member of our guild. Perhaps you may find the castle entertaining. Little else.
1904BravilTopicBravil? Good points? Cheap to live. Unpretentious. Free-wheeling. Bad points? Culturally, a hole. Count's a clown and his son's a skooma-sucker.
1905AttackBreak and fall!
1906SE13JyggalagVoiceBreak before the March of Order!
1907GREETINGBreak the law on my watch, will ya? I'll be confiscating your stolen goods. Oh, and no gold to pay your fine, hmm? It's off to the lockup then!
1908AttackBreak! Bleed!
1909GREETINGBreak-in at the Imperial Palace! A Black Horse Courier exclusive. Take a copy.
1910TGWhatIsBloodPriceBreaking any of the three rules means expulsion from the Thieves Guild. If you commit murder, you must pay the blood price to rejoin the guild.
1911SE09CeremonyBreath, child of air, bestowing movement, the stirring of spirit....
1912SEBrellachTopicBrellach is our stronghold. It is our place of refuge in this Realm.
1913AttackBrellach is ours!
1914SEBrellachInfoBrellach was given to us by our Lord Sheogorath as a sanctuary and place of restoration.
1915AttackBrellach will be cleansed!
1916MS45BrethrenTopicBrethren? I got no brothers.
1917VampireTopicBring back the vampire dust from their remains. That should be proof enough.
1918SE03GrommokC3Idle01Bring it on... I'm ready.
1919MG05AChoice1ABring it to me once you have it. I'll even still give you the reward I promised, despite your incompetence. Now go!
1920TrainingQuestTopicBring me 20 bear pelts, as proof that you have helped tear nature asunder. Then we shall speak of spells and teaching.
1921SE01GateSpeechBring me a champion! Rend the flesh of my foes! A mortal champion to wade through the entrails of my enemies!
1922SE30MatricesBring me a matrix and enough Ore, and I will forge you a new item and bleed the magic of the matrix into it.
1923SE41YesBring me back the remedy, and I will reward you well. Here, take this special flask to collect the aquanostrum.
1924SE09ComponentsBring me Blood Liqueur, Osseous Marrow, Dermis Membrane, and the Essence of Breath.
1925JskarTopicBring me Jeanne's Manual of Spellcraft, and then we'll talk about helping you find J'skar.
1926SQ02SkoomaBring me Lonavo's ring as proof he's... been dealt with... and I'll give you the bounty on him.
1927CureforVampirismBring me the Soul Gems I've asked for, and then we'll discuss a cure.
1928DAHircineSpeechBring me this creature's horn, mortal. If you dare.
1929GOODBYEBring my salutations to Julienne. Safe journey to you.
1930GOODBYEBring that book immediately to Thoronir.
1931DAClavicusSpeechBring the sword to me, and I'll reward you with my Masque. You'll not find a better bargain, mortal. Begin your search in Pell's Gate.
1932SE44SuppliesBring these to me, and I will reward you well. Ahjazda has many, many things.
1933DANamiraSpeechBringer of Light, bless these wretches that they may see the path to your glory.
1934INFOGENERALBrodras has been teaching Fighters Guild members how to better use heavy armor. Odd for a Bosmer, but he's apparently good at it.
1935GREETINGBrodras of the Fighters Guild. I don't do contracts much. Mostly I'm a trainer. Heavy Armor.
1936GREETINGBrokil gro-Shatur, Lord High Warden of the Taps, Gilgondorin's most prized customer. I taste everything. Over and over. And over again...
1937GREETINGBrotch Calus, Alchemist. Advanced Training, available by appointment.
1938HELLOBrother Hjar, we must clean the chapel soon.
1939HELLOBrother Holger, we need to prepare for the ritual of purity by the next full moon.
1940HELLOBrother Hridi, your homily was most inspiring.
1941JauffreTopicBrother Jauffre? He should be in the Priory House, I think.
1942MartinTopicBrother Martin? Yes, he's right over there. He led a group of us here during the confusion of the attack. We owe him our lives.
1943BrotherPinerTopicBrother Piner is a fine young monk, zealous and energetic. In time, I hope he may add patience and prudence to his list of virtues.
1944WeynonPrioryTopicBrother Piner, Father Jauffre, and I are members of the Order of Talos.
1945HELLOBrother, if I may have a word.
1946GOODBYEBrother? Wow... hope he's got a wine cellar!
1948MQ05RavenSpeechBrothers, kill this pretender!
1949BlackBrugoTopic1TellBrugo's a jerk. He's got a hideout in a ruin called Telepe. Every night, between midnight and six AM, he stops there to pick up his take.
1950MQ11BrumaAlliesBruma cannot hold off the hordes of Oblivion alone. You should ask the rulers of the other cities of Cyrodiil to send help.
1951MQ00BrumaResponseBruma certainly was fortunate to have Martin and his champion on the battlefield that day.
1952INFOGENERALBruma has been saved! It's true! Let's see how the Daedra do without their big Siege Machine, or their so-called "Great Gate"! Ha ha ha ha ha!
1953BrumaTopicBruma is a perfect town for a Nord man of leisure. Bracing mountain air, good food and drink, and lively Nord fellowship.
1954INFOGENERALBruma is not a fit place to live, but no one can fault Countess Bruma on the quality of her guard or defenses.
1955BrumaTopicBruma's a funny place... half Cyrodiil and half Skyrim. I'm old Nord all the way. I keep the old songs and stories alive.
1956HorseInquiryBruma's Paint horses are the toughest in Cyrodiil. You can only buy them from me.
1957INFOGENERALBugak gro-Bol has some good books at Southern Books. He's an odd one, though. Always seems ready for a fight.
1958INFOGENERALBugok gro-Bol always seems ready for a fight. Seems odd for a bookseller.
1959GREETINGBugs. Bugs! Everywhere. All over. Wonderful, tasty bugs. No time for you. Talk to Ravel. He doesn't like the bugs. Not even with mead.
1960GOODBYEBuh-bye! Nice talking with you, Lord. No need to come back any time soon.
1961AnvilTopicBuildings here look different. Why? This is the Gold Coast style, like in Hammerfell. Eastern towns look grey and dull to me.
1962INFOGENERALBumph gra-Gash is very skilled in heavy armor use. I wouldn't want to get on her bad side.
1963MQ13SpeechBurd! Deploy the troops for battle!
1965AttackBurst, bloodsack!
1966CheydinhalTopicBusiness is bad with that damn Oblivion Gate outside of town. You think things can't get any worse, and then they do.
1967INFOGENERALBusiness isn't going to be the same, now that anyone can just wander into the Isles.
1968TG03ElvenBustBust? What bust? I didn't overhear any conversation about a bust.
1969HELLOBusy day today, isn't it?
1970QuestionBusy today?
1971MS40MelisandeWitchBut a cure for vampirism... That's something I haven't thought about in quite some time. Very challenging, and potentially dangerous.
1972EyjaTopicBut all that's different now. I'm glad to be serving you instead. I can see we will get along just fine!
1973MQ02JauffreD1But all the scholars agree that the mortal world is protected from the daedra of Oblivion by magical barriers.
1974GREETINGBut before you go, please accept this gift from your new family. A unique set of armor, lighter than normal leather and black as the Void.
1975GREETINGBut before you go, please accept this gift from your new family. A unique set of armor, lighter than normal leather and black as the Void.
1976DarkOrcElfConvoBut Brother, what of the contracts that require subtlety! You must at least strive to earn the bonuses that are offered?
1977GatherCluesBut confidentially, I will say that Orgnolf has been acting a bit unusal. His abuse of drink has gotten worse lately.
1978MQ05RavenSpeechBut do you have the wit and strength to use the key that you have been given? If so, I will see you next at Dagon's Shrine.
1979MQLastItemBut don't worry. I will solve it. I must. I am close, I'm sure of it.
1980CharGenTaunt2But don't worry. The guards always treat the pretty ones nice. Right 'til the end. Oh, that's right. You're going to die in here, Nord!
1981GREETINGBut everyone expects me to suddenly know what to do. How to behave.
1982AyleidReferenceBut fine. If he wants it, he can have it. It's just one more thing I'll get blamed for in the end.
1983contractBut first I guess you have to find him, right? The Elven races of the Imperial City are a community unto themselves. Ask them about Faelian.
1984GREETINGBut first, of course: you must hand over the carving.
1985MQJauffreHelpBut go ahead and take this hammer. You might have use of it, and I have others. Not much call for smith-work around here in any case.
1986LucienLachanceTopicBut he is certainly in a better place now. Lucien Lachance's soul now serves Sithis in the Void. It is an honor he earned, and deserves.
1987GREETINGBut here you are instead. Skilled enough to make it this far, which speaks volumes about you. Perhaps you'll be as useful to me as Traven would.
1988MQ16MartinBBut how to use this power against Dagon? The Amulet was not intended as a weapon...
1989SE06GSWardenGreet2But I am honor-bound to guard the doors of Cylarne, and so I will stay my hand. For now.
1990SE05Interrogate1But I AM innocent. I've done nothing!
1991MQ06NoGiveBut I am sure you will reconsider. You have proven yourself worthy and dedicated to have come this far.
1992MysteriumXarxesBut I believe it can be done. I will continue working to decipher the arcane items needed for the binding ritual.
1993MG11ChoiceHeretohelpBut I do appreciate the sentiment. If there's anything specific you need, that may be more reasonable then just asking me about Necromancers.
1994MS22MaricHighFaneBut I do not advise you to go there. Read "The Cleansing of the Fane" first. Then decide. As I said, a very bad place.
1995SE04ChaliceNoBut I don't have it. So I can't eat Felldew, because that would just be bad. I mean, really bad. Damn her!
1996GREETINGBut I fear that our work is not yet done. The area is still overrun with Knights that were not destroyed in the spire.
1997GREETINGBut I never doubted you, my friend. Emperor Uriel, he had the vision of the Dragonborn. He saw something in you. And he was right.
1998MQ11BrumaAlliesBut I still fear that Bruma will fall before you can complete the ritual. You need to buy Martin more time. Bruma needs more help!
1999MQ06MartinBBut I will need time. Tampering with dark secrets, even just reading them, can be very dangerous. I'll have to proceed carefully.
2000MS40MelisandeIhavethemBut I'll also need the blood of an Argonian, and the ashes of a powerful vampire. Those may be... more difficult for you to acquire.
2001KvatchTopicBut I'll be here. This is my town. Nothing is driving me out of here.
2002GREETINGBut I'm a smart, law-abiding evil wizard, because I only blow up my own stuff.
2003MS40MelisandeRumorBut I'm afraid the information isn't free. You do me a small favor, and then we'll talk about this cure you seek.
2004GREETINGBut I'm afraid your little game is over now. I've killed more assassins in my day than I can count. So let's get this over with!
2005SE06MaikiChoiceABut I'm convinced the Mazken don't expect us to come that way.
2006TG03LexMyvrynaBut I've been loyal to you! I've reported everything that Armand has done. You can't just toss me aside like a soiled cloth!
2007GREETINGBut I've kept you long enough. Vicente is waiting. You'll find him in his quarters. Go now, my child, and may Sithis go with you.
2008MQ15MankarRantBut if a god can die, how does his heart survive?
2009GREETINGBut if you can get that gate near the bridge open, we can bypass their traps and meet them blade-to-blade!
2010SEChaliceofReversalBut if you insist... Do you know the lengths of his depravity? How low he stoops to pursue his pathetic lifestyle?
2011TrainingQuestTopicBut if you're dead set on it, head to The Best Defense in the Imperial City. He's a smith there, and might be persuaded to train you.
2012ArcaneULecture5But imagine, as the emperors grew weak, and as the power and glory of the Empire waned, and as the people fell away from their service to the gods...
2013ImperialCityTopicBut in the water, we are the masters, and whiteskins pay well for our skills.
2014CGEmperor15But in your face, I behold the sun's companion. The dawn of Akatosh's bright glory may banish the coming darkness.
2015SE10WhatHappenedBut it doesn't matter anymore. The only thing that matters now is the Wellspring. We must reach it at once!
2016SE10WhatHappenedBut it doesn't matter anymore. The only thing that matters now is the Wellspring. We must reach it at once!
2017MQ07ProgressPlansBut it is clear that Mankar Camoran will soon bring all his power to bear against Bruma. I will warn the Countess of the danger.
2018SE45ForkTopicBut it is gone. Gone, gone, gone. No more singing. No more ringing. Taken from Big-Head, never returned.
2019MQ15MartinDBut it is one thing to talk of becoming Emperor, and quite another to actually be the Emperor.
2020MQ07SpiesBut it seems that you have been given the freedom to attack the enemy that we all crave! Good luck. We will keep the Emperor safe here, don't worry.
2021SE40SleepOutsideChoice1bBut it's not at the bottom of a tall wall. So that means I can sleep without waking up under a pile of rubble, or worse - waking up dead!
2022MQ13BattlePlansBut it's our only hope to get the Great Sigil Stone we need to complete the ritual. You'll have to act swiftly when the Great Gate opens.
2023GREETINGBut it's over. Thank Akatosh, the Oblivion Invasion is over, and we've survived!
2024SE34ExplainMoreBut most importantly, I've met the woman of my dreams. If I had to leave Zoe, I think I'd be the loneliest man alive.
2025SE06SheoIntro3But mostly because I asked nicely.
2026DANocturnalSpeechBut my Eye is blind and drowned, stolen from its shrine, and hid in dark waters.
2027GREETINGBut my message is actually one of comfort. The world is ending, and we can't do anything about it. Once you accept that, you'll be at peace, like me.
2028GREETINGBut my militia is no substitute for trained soldiers. Can we not wait for more help to arrive?
2029MS27UmbacanoC2But no matter! This is clearly authentic Ayleid workmanship. Later ages have never seen the like.
2030SE12TraitorTauntsBut no more. No more!
2031SE12TraitorTauntsBut no more. No more!
2032GreatWelkyndStoneTopicBut no one has ever done more than glimpse it from a distance. It is said to be guarded by the ghost of the last king of Miscarcand.
2033MQ09ArmorTopicBut no one has visited the shrine and lived to tell the tale in centuries.
2034SE35BrithaurBut now he's become a genuine troublemaker, eh? That's my speciality. Don't worry, it will be handled.
2035GREETINGBut now I must go. The Dragon waits.
2036MatildePetitTopicBut now I'm old, and my instincts have failed. I let that woman down.
2037MQ16OcatoEBut now is not the time to worry about the future. Let's just give thanks that we're alive.
2038MQ15EldamilB2But now you are here. Perhaps you can kill Mankar Camoran. Save Tamriel from Dagon's final victory.
2039SQ09ScalesBut now, I can't get out there to the lake -- not with this leg. I only needed twelve more scales! Can you believe it? I was so close!
2040GREETINGBut now, we can begin anew! I bestow upon you the title of Speaker. You will take Lucien Lachance's place on the Black Hand! Welcome!
2041MQ12MartinBBut of course its beauty is a mask for its deadly power, like everything crafted by the Ayleids.
2042DarkSancTalk1But of course. What troubles you?
2043CheydinhalTopicBut on the whole, I like Cheydinhal's Dark Elves better than I like the Imperials, so go figure....
2044NirnrootBut one of the moldy pages contained the recipe for a potion known as an Elixir of Exploration, a sort of "ultimate dungeon delver's" brew.
2045MS39SeenBut one of the moldy pages contained the recipe for a potion known as an Elixir of Exploration, a sort of "ultimate dungeon delver's" brew.
2046SQ08WineBut one vintage continues to elude me; Shadowbanish Wine. How I'd love to add it to my collection.
2047SE09VictimChoice2bBut only if you can prove to me the sincerity of your position, and the depth of your conviction.
2048MQ15SavageGardenBut our life here is a nightmare. The creatures of the Garden torment us endlessly. When they kill us, we are soon reborn and the cycle begins again.
2049SE36Choice6HowDieBut remember, I don't want to see it coming. Take me unaware!
2050GREETINGBut Sancre Tor became evil long ago. No one has returned from the Shrine of Tiber Septim for many lifetimes.
2051MQ09ArmorTopicBut Sancre Tor became evil long ago. No one has returned from the Shrine of Tiber Septim for many lifetimes.
2052MartinTopicBut Savlian Matius might know more. He's in charge of the city guard that are defending the camp.
2053MS23MemCaveBut Seridur is a stubborn one. Hehe. Takes integrity for a man to risk his own life to honor the fallen. I admire him for that.
2054MS51AccuseChoice1But she is never to set foot in Chorrol again. Congratulations on a job well done.
2055MS51AccuseChoice1But she is never to set foot in Chorrol again. I am a bit dismayed that you incorrectly accused Orgnolf, who was clearly innocent.
2056GREETINGBut so few ... surely the other cities will send help?
2057ArenaTopicBut stay away from Ysabel, the Battle Matron. She doesn't deal with combatants, unless they want to challenge the Grand Champion.
2058GREETINGBut that feeling only lasts a little while. Then I start thinking about how miserable everything is, and then all I want to do is step off the ledge.
2059ElderCouncilTopicBut the Blades answer only to the Emperor, of course. We are not an arm of the government.
2060GREETINGBut the Bruma Guard cannot defend the city indefinitely. The daedra of Oblivion are innumerable; the guardsmen of Bruma are not.
2061MQ11BrumaAlliesBut the circumstances are not normal, are they?
2062OblivionGateTopicBut the Dragonfires can only be relit by an heir of the Septim blood wielding the Amulet of Kings.
2063CGBaurusHBut the Emperor trusted you for a reason, and I trust the Emperor.
2064SE09GardensBut the fruits born of that labor were the essential components of true Flesh.
2065ElderCouncilTopicBut the Inner Council still holds regular meetings. We have the situation well in hand, I assure you.
2066MQ02JauffreD2But the mortal world is protected from the daedra of Oblivion by magical barriers.
2067MS12PaleNoBut their greatest error was marching through Morrowind on the way to their objective and dismissing the response it would garner from Vivec.
2068GatherCluesBut then again, I stayed in my quarters most of the night. There was no point in going on my usual walk with all of the rain falling.
2069SE37ResponseBut then who will run around the town? I need to keep retracing the circle or it will break.
2070HaderusGoldwineTopicBut then, things got confused. Even the Legion troops stationed here couldn't hold the defenses.
2071MQ04ConvBut there is yet hope. Here is Martin Septim, true son of Uriel Septim!
2072MS27LastAyleidKingBut there never was a single King of the Ayleids. Each city-state had its king, and their power waxed and waned over the years.
2073MQ15EldamilC2But they fought on anyway. Desperately. They seemed to think this decadent, mundane world of theirs was worth defending.
2074SE05SylWhoBut they'll never take me down. Never! I'll see them all rotting in shallow graves before I let my guard down!
2075MS22SrazirrNegotiateBut this one is taking all of the risk! What do you have to lose? One fourth, that's S'razirr's final offer.
2076ElderCouncilTopicBut to be honest, I don't know what will happen. The provinces have been restive for years, even before the latest crisis.
2077MQ05GwinasB4But to murder the Emperor... Mara preserve us!
2078MS46GoblinsBut two tribes are at war, and their war parties are crossing right through Cropsford. What you'll need to do is stop the war somehow.
2079GREETINGBut wait, I'm sorry. I'm being selfish. You're a Champion, and have the right to challenge me for my Grand Champion title. Is that your wish?
2080MQ13MartinB1But we have no choice. The only way to recover the Amulet of Kings is to allow the Mythic Dawn to proceed with their plan to attack Bruma.
2081MQ07ProgressAllDeadBut we have not eliminated the threat against Bruma and Cloud Ruler Temple, only delayed it. I will warn the Countess of the danger.
2082JeanneFrasoricTopicBut we have our ways of coping with the situation.
2083OblivionGateTopicBut we must hurry! The barriers between our world and Oblivion weaken with every Gate that is opened.
2084GREETINGBut we need to act quickly. Camoran will not take long to recognize his danger.
2085SeersStoneBut we never said anything about Dagail's father. How would he know anything about that?
2086GREETINGBut we will cross paths again before the end, I am sure of it.
2087SE06HelpDefendA2But we'll teach her to try to take the Mazken by surprise! We'll cut them to pieces in those corridors! I'll redeploy my forces at once.
2088SE11TheLightTopicBut what does she do? She sits in her chamber and dreams of revenge against Sheogorath! She is a liar and has stolen our lives.
2089DANocturnalConvo1But what if a fisherman uses the cave?
2090DANocturnalConvo1But what if a fisherman uses the cave?
2091DANocturnalConvo1But what if the trolls eat it?
2092DANocturnalConvo1But what if the trolls eat it?
2093DANocturnalConvo2But what if the trolls eat it?
2094MS27HerminiaD2But what if... what if you brought him another Ayleid Crown?
2095MS14TivelaHeardBut when he didn't come out for a full day, I unlocked the studio with the key he said to use only in emergencies. It turned out he wasn't inside!
2096GREETINGBut where are my manners? Ahem... must get into my professional tone... ahem...
2097GREETINGBut where is Rallus? I don't see him... oh, please tell me I haven't lost one of my sons.
2098ICAnnouncerBut who, you might ask, could possibly be brave enough to face such a fearless foe? Who could wrest the title from our famed Gray Prince?
2099GREETINGBut why am I telling you? You were there. You saw... him. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be able to sleep again.
2100MS04SayNoBut why say no, when it's so much easier, and more lucrative, to say yes? Or are you here for something else?
2101DarkOrcElfConvoBut why, Sister? What is the point? Why should anyone bother with all that sneaking and skulking?
2102HELLOBut why, Sister? Why must I use stealth? Sneaking around in the shadows is so very... slow.
2103MQ11BrumaAlliesBut with an Oblivion Gate threatening Bravil, I need all my soldiers here.
2104GREETINGBut you can be sure Adamus Phillida will suspect the Dark Brotherhood was involved, and will launch an investigation.
2105GREETINGBut you can be sure Adamus Phillida will suspect the Dark Brotherhood was involved, and will launch an investigation.
2106MQ15KathutetC6But you have courage, at least. To slay a bold animal like you is not without glory.
2107GREETINGBut you look tired. Carrying all that gear will do that to you. I'd be glad to shoulder some of the burden... relieve you of that expensive stuff.
2108SE11RakheranGreeting3b1But you must be discreet. Do not remove the robes, or you will be attacked. Even I will have to kill you, so I do not draw more suspicion to myself.
2109BrumaTopicBut you must hurry! I'm afraid of what might happen if the daedra are able to get a foothold here.
2110GREETINGBut you need Agronak's Raiment! That's right, just go back to the Arena and take it right from his body! Go get it, and bring it back to me!
2111DarkGiftTopicBut you need not worry about that now. Maybe in a few centuries, hmm? Just remember, blood is your salvation!
2112MQ15KathutetB4But you shamed my kin at Ganonah. To bring you into my service... that would also bring me honor.
2113SE10SheoJyggalag3But you're still going to stop the Greymarch. Stop Jyggalag... Me... from destroying My Realm.
2114bedBut you've already rented a room for the night.
2115GREETINGBut you, you seem so pleasant! And dressed so well! You must have a very full purse. Very full indeed. You are a very fortunate soul.
2116SEFlameofAgnonTopicBut, alas, the times are not normal, and Sheogorath has given you this task, without the authority to command it.
2117SE11StaffOfSheogorathBut, apotheosis is no simple matter and the creation of the staff is no simple task. I will require two sacred items in order to complete it.
2118GREETINGBut, as I was going to say, welcome to Five Riders Stable. Five? Riders? I don't see them, either...
2119MQ15KathutetDBut, being no true immortals, they are without honor or courage, and shy from battle.
2120SEChaliceofReversalBut, didn't he mention where it is?
2121SE06SheoIntro2But, for all intents and purposes, you'll be Me. A Me to fight the Him. Since I won't be around. It's simple, really. If you don't think about it.
2122ChorrolTopicBut, I wonder, was he really trying to be a fool? Or was something wrong?
2123MS47NeedAntidoteBut, if it will get everyone to leave me alone, fine. I did work out a counter-spell last week... if I can just put my hand to it... ah!
2124SE07GreymarchTopicBut, if we can get you into shape, we might stand a chance. You'll lead My forces, inspire My people! Hopefully, everyone won't end up dead.
2125SE07GreymarchTopicBut, if we can get you into shape, we might stand a chance. You'll lead my forces, inspire my people! Hopefully, everyone won't end up dead.
2126MS46OtherOptionsBut, kill the shaman and the tribe will dissolve into confusion. Most likely end the war.
2127GREETINGBut, perhaps now's not the time. You've made it this far. Farther than anyone else. Well done!
2128ReynaldJemaneTopicBut, please -- come and see us in Chorrol. It would be wonderful for us both to be able to thank you for helping us find each other again.
2129FGD03Choice2But, she's the Guildmaster. Certainly, she'd.... No. You're right. If the order came from Oreyn, it's a valid one. We should be off immediately.
2130MS48ConvoBut, sir! I want to help fight!
2131SE07DispleasedBut, sometimes you need to break a few eggs. Or skulls. There are rules, though. Even in the Isles. Rituals and rules. You need to follow them.
2132SE11RakheranGreeting2bBut, there are those of us here who want her gone as well, yes. Those of us who think that maybe we could lead better then she does.
2133SE07SheoIntro2But, this is all new! A fresh idea! Something I hadn't thought of, until I did. It's sure to work, even though it might not.
2134SE07AThadonLeavesBut, this... stranger? Someone new? From somewhere else? Not here. I'm sure of that. I don't understand. Or I can't.
2135FGC07Choice5But, where are they? Please, bring me the sword and armor. The debtors aren't giving me much time.
2136DAMolagBalSpeechBut, you'll still get your prize, won't you? I think it was worth it... don't you? Keep up the good work, little mortal.
2138Dark08Choice6BBut... but I thought you were my friend? How could you say such a horrible thing? Just leave me alone, you monster!
2139MS05DreamworldTopicBut... how? What you say must be the truth... I feel strange...
2140SE38Oddity4But... I already have... or had.... How odd. It seems to be missing. I'm sorry I don't have the funds to purchase it from you. Again.
2141MazogatheOrcTopicBut... I never learned anything by being smart. And you seem to be a right skipper.
2142SE40GreetingChoice2But... if you find me a good place to sleep, a safe place -- outside -- I'll reward you!
2143GREETINGBut... perhaps you are an adventurer? Could you assist me in acquiring something for my crystal collection?
2144SQ03AvengeBut... this is amazing!
2145SEThadonTopicBut... You don't need to hear that. You need to know. You need to know what he's asked of you. The Chalice, yes?
2146GREETINGBut.... oh, no. Poor Rallus.
2147EmfridDEMOchoice3But...what if we're wrong? Bittneld has traveled the world, while I've spent my whole life in this tavern.
2148BarterBuy a drink and watch the fight.
2149HELLOBuy us a drink!
2150GREETINGBuzz, buzz, buzz. Go away, little fly.
2151ArcaneUniversityTopicBy all means, travel to the Imperial City and get stopped at the gates. You should get used to that sort of rejection.
2152MS38RewardBy all means. I would have paid any amount to be rid of those watching eyes, always watching me ... but never again! Ha ha ha! I'm FREE!!
2153BladesTalk1By all means. What do you need?
2154GREETINGBy all that is holy, we must get out of this hellish place!
2155GREETINGBy ancient tradition, I may not present myself as a candidate for the throne. I need you to formally present my claim to Chancellor Ocato.
2156HELLOBy Azura, by Azura, by Azura! It's the Grand Champion! I can't believe it's you! Standing here! Next to me!
2157CGEmperor01By chance, the entrance to that escape route leads through your cell.
2158GREETINGBy defeating that Breton, you've secured your advancement. It's been a long time since I've said this, but congratulations, Hero.
2159GREETINGBy failing to fulfill this contract, you have brought shame upon us all. Leave me now, and contemplate your uselessness as a member of this family.
2160GREETINGBy failing to fulfill this contract, you have brought shame upon us all. Leave me now, and contemplate your uselessness as a member of this family.
2161GREETINGBy following the Path of Dawn hidden in the writings of the Master, Mankar Camoran, you have earned a place among the Chosen.
2162MQ15KathutetC4By freeing the Xivilai Anaxes, you restored the order to the Garden that the unmortals had upset by imprisoning him.
2163MQ15KathutetB4By giving you this choice -- gift or battle -- I discharge my debt to you.
2164MS21StatueGiveBy good fortune, my research has uncovered some new information that may help you in your search for the remaining statues.
2165SE07RitualYesDBy poisoning the sacramental wine, Arden-Sul was able to suppress any such conspiracy in one fell swoop.
2166AnnouncerBy Shinji, we have a new Champion! All hail the Blue Team! Victorious Champion, return to the Bloodworks now and see the Blademaster! Well done!
2167GREETINGBy Shinji, you did it! You beat them all! You're a Champion! My friend, you have brought honor to the Blue Team in ways I can't even describe!
2168BarterBy Sithis, I don't have all day! Hurry it up!
2169GOODBYEBy Sithis, I hope you shoot your own eye out...
2170DarkSancTalk3By Sithis, what a night that was! Reminded me of the time you and I raided that traveling carnival! Ah, now that takes me back...
2171GREETINGBy Sithis, what have you done? What madness has claimed you? You have betrayed me, you have betrayed the Dark Brotherhood! Why?
2172DAMeridiaSpeechBy the detritus of the profane, I am brought forth. And by your offering, you have made the profane your interest, mortal.
2173SQ08WineBy the Divines! You found some? Fantastic!
2174SQ02SkoomaBy the Divines, I salute you in the name of the Legion. Here is your well-earned reward.
2175GREETINGBy the Divines, you've done it!
2176FromTheDeadBy the Divines... I can't believe this! They would dare defile the dead to make a profit? The City Watch will hear of this.
2177FearGeneralBy the gods!
2178SE03LewinChamberOneGnarl02By the gods! When will it stop? It could devour us whole!
2179MurderNoCrimeBy the gods, how could you do such a thing?
2180AngerReceiveBy the gods, no!
2181GREETINGBy the gods, the snow's coming down! What brings you out here in the cold, citizen?
2182AssaultBy the gods, there's a psychopath on the loose!
2183HELLOBy the gods, what do you want?
2184GREETINGBy the gods, you're the only one left. It was you! How could you? How could you have killed all those people? You won't take me so easily!
2185INFOGENERALBy the grace of Arden-Sul a new successor has been selected to rule. Joy to Arden-Sul and Maniacs!
2186INFOGENERALBy the grace of Arden-Sul a new successor has been selected to rule. Joy to Arden-Sul and Maniacs!
2187INFOGENERALBy the grace of Arden-Sul, the armies have returned.
2188HitBy the light!
2189DANamiraReactionsBy the light!
2190GREETINGBy the light, how did you make it out of there?
2191GREETINGBy the love of Shinji, you did it! You beat the Gray Prince! This... This is unbelievable! That makes you the best fighter the Arena has ever seen!
2192GREETINGBy the love of Shinji, you did it! You beat the Gray Prince! This... This is unbelievable! That makes you the best fighter the Arena has ever seen!
2193AssaultBy the Nine Divines! Assault! Assault!
2194TrespassBy the Nine Divines, can't a woman get a moment to herself? Leave me!
2195GREETINGBy the Nine Divines, you did it! You actually won! You ain't so bad after all, Pit Dog. You may even survive enough matches to advance in rank.
2196CharGenTaunt2By the Nine Divines, you're an ugly one. And female, no less. But then, all Orcs are ugly. The most repulsive race in all of Tamriel, really.
2197CharGenTaunt2By the Nine Divines, you're an ugly one. But then, all Orcs are ugly. The most repulsive race in all of Tamriel, really.
2198HELLOBy the Nine Divines, you're the Grand Champion of the Arena! This is such an honor!
2199MucianusAliasTopicBy the Nine! And there was nothing you could do for him?
2200MQ06MartinABy the Nine! Such a thing is dangerous even to handle!
2201MQ02JauffreB1By the Nine! This IS the Amulet of Kings!
2202SQ09ScalesBy the Nine! You've got the scales! Thank you! Let it never be said that there are no kind souls in this world.
2203TG11TalkToMillonaBy the power of the Elder Scrolls I name Emer Dareloth as the true thief of Nocturnal's Cowl.
2204GREETINGBy the way the guards tossed you in here, I can see you're no friend of theirs.
2205QuestionBy the way, I heard that Faelian was killed. You didn't know him, did you?
2206CGBaurusIBy the way, thanks for recovering Captain Renault's sword. I'll see that it is given a place of honor in the halls of the Blades.
2207CGBaurusIBy the way, thanks for recovering Glenroy's sword. I'll see that it is given a place of honor in the halls of the Blades.
2208CGBaurusIBy the way, thanks for recovering my comrades' swords. I'll see that they are given a place of honor in the halls of the Blades.
2209SkingradTopicBy the way... do you happen to know what the fine is here in Cyrodiil for necrophilia? Just asking.
2210BleakFlatsCaveTopicBy we, I mean you, of course. I have something that may help - it's a basic fireball spell, in case you need to defend yourself.
2211SE09SlainYesBy what authority do you disturb me?!
2212HELLOBy what right do you disturb me?
2213SE14EscortFollowBy your command.
2214SE14EscortFollowBy your command.
2215GREETINGBy your crimes, you have been permanently expelled from the Fighters Guild. You have no further chance to atone for your actions.
2216HELLOBy Ysmer's beard, not you again!
2217SeenBy Ysmir's beard, we've got ourselves a live one!
2218NevilleTopicBy Ysmir's dragon blood, what's wrong with you? Two people are dead! It's hardly the time to chat about that Legion lackey!
2219PrimoAntoniusTopicBy Ysmir, you've got nerve! Three people are dead! What, are you trying to turn me against Primo now?
2220GOODBYEBye now, sweetie. I look forward to seeing you again.
2221GOODBYEBye, dear.
2223INFOGENERALCalindil runs a nice place at the Mystic Emporium.
2224SE42CalipersCalipers? Tongs? What would I need those for?
2225DAMephalaSpeechCall me 'Webspinner'. Pluck but a single thread, and the weave unravels.
2226SE07BSylLeavesCalm yourself, Syl. You're making my teeth itch. You still hold your office. I suggest you see to your duties.
2227SE07AThadonLeavesCalm yourself, Thadon. You're making my teeth itch. You still hold your office. I suggest you see to your duties.
2228HELLOCan I ask you a favor?
2229DovesiDranTopicCan I be honest with you, my friend? I find Dovesi... captivating. She possesses a beauty beyond compare.
2230NelsTheNaughtyTopicCan I be honest with you? Nels won't stop looking at me. At first I was flattered. But now he's scaring me! He could be the killer! I could be next!
2231HELLOCan I beg a favor of you?
2232GREETINGCan I help you Citizen?
2233HELLOCan I help you, Associate?
2234HELLOCan I help you, brother?
2235HELLOCan I help you, Pickpocket?
2236HELLOCan I help you, sister?
2237GREETINGCan I help you?
2238GREETINGCan I help you?
2239GREETINGCan I help you?
2240HELLOCan I help you?
2241HELLOCan I help you?
2242BarterCan I interest you in some of my wares?
2243HELLOCan I show you my latest trick, Lord Sheogorath?
2244HELLOCan I tidy up for you? Your house is always such a mess.
2245HELLOCan it speak? Can it make words?
2246AnnouncerCan the Blue Team's Brawler possibly hope to defeat the Yellow Team's Wood Elf twin sisters? Let's find out!
2247GREETINGCan we get out of here?
2248SE03LewinC1Idle01Can we just leave? I don't like the looks of this place.
2249HELLOCan ya spare a coin?
2250QuestionCan you believe how Skjorta acts?
2251INFOGENERALCan you believe that a thief broke into the Imperial Palace itself!
2252TGPayBloodPriceCan you believe that fool even bothered to collect this paltry sum? You can keep it. I merely wanted the Watch know they went too far.
2253TG02GiveItemCan you believe that fool even bothered to collect this paltry sum? You can keep it. I merely wanted the Watch to know they went too far.
2254MQ15EldamilA2Can you defeat Mankar Camoran? And free all the souls of the poor fools who followed him?
2255GREETINGCan you help me find my lost Jumbo Potatoes?
2256HELLOCan you help me, please?
2257HELLOCan you help me?
2258GangCan you help us?
2259MQ15EldamilA2Can you really do it? Can you bring this eternal nightmare to an end?
2260HELLOCan you spare some coins? I need a drink.
2261HELLOCan you tell me where Armand Christophe is hiding?
2262OgreSlavesCan you think of a better use for the mindless beasts? Under my eye, they do some good in this world.
2263QuestionCan you think of a more appropriate name for a store than Slash 'N Smash?
2264QuestionCan you think of anyplace better to buy books than First Edition?
2265GREETINGCan't be too careful. Please, friend. I'm begging you. Help me out.
2266PERSUASIONEXITCan't do better than that.
2267SE02GatesOfMadnessCan't get in without Sheogorath's Blessing. That's what Relmyna says. That's the reason we're all waiting here - for Sheogorath's blessing.
2268DaedraCultTopicCan't give you any better directions, unfortunately. Traveled mostly at night with a guide, and didn't see much on the way.
2269RepairCan't go into battle with broken equipment.
2270RechargeCan't have you walking around without working equipment.
2271ArdalineTopicCan't help you. I don't really know her.
2272HELLOCan't quit now.
2273DAClavicusChoice7Can't say for sure. Some say they've seen her nearby, near the Vindasel Ruins. Might just be wishful thinking, though.
2274SEMiscQuestResponsesCan't say I blame him, living in Crucible.
2275thievesCan't say I know anything myself, but I heard that Newheim the Portly had some things stolen, and he's been asking around about it. Ask him.
2276BrumaNQDQuestionResponsesCan't say I know him well. I understand he'll train people to cast illusions, for a price.
2277TG07NoBribeBeggarCan't say I know of any.
2278SkingradNQDResponsesCan't say I like tomatoes. I'm sure Undena's are good, though.
2279NelsTheNaughtyTopicCan't say I'm sorry to see there's one less Nord in the world. Still, I don't appreciate someone getting murdered right under my nose.
2280TrainingArmorerNothingCan't say I'm surprised. Few recognize the name anymore, even though he was famous. Had a book written about him, in fact!
2281ChorrolNQDResponsesCan't say I've heard anything myself. Still, that's odd.
2282ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesCan't say I've spent much time there. I hear it's nice, though.
2283HELLOCan't sleep at home so I just walk around. Can't sleep.
2284HELLOCan't sleep at home. Can't sleep. The walls aren't safe.
2285HELLOCan't sleep.
2286HELLOCan't sleep... the walls, they'd fall on me. Can't have that.
2287GREETINGCan't talk now. That door has been making noises again. No telling what's coming out.
2288GREETINGCan't thank you enough for your help. What do you need?
2289MatildePetitTopicCan't this wait, huh? Someone's been murdered and I've got better things to do than gossip about an old woman.
2290GOODBYECan't wait to get my hands on you...
2291HELLOCan't wait to get out of here.
2292GREETINGCan't wait to see you later. Don't keep us waiting.
2293HELLOCan't you find someone else to bother?
2294SE03GrommokC2Idle01Can't you just wizard it open?
2295GREETINGCan't you see I have things to do? Now please... get out of my way.
2296GREETINGCan't you see I was in the middle of my daily dewfall survey? Now I have to start all over again.
2297HELLOCan't you see I wish to be left alone!
2298GREETINGCan't you see I'm busy? My house. So orderly. And now this! Where do I even begin?
2299GREETINGCan't you see I'm busy? Without the translation, this book is useless. Now go away and let me work.
2300GREETINGCan't you see I'm busy? Without the translation, this book is useless. Now go away and let me work.
2301HELLOCan't you see that I'm busy?
2302GREETINGCan't you see that I'm upset?
2303HELLOCan't you see that I'm very busy?!
2304AssaultCan't you settle this peacefully?
2305GOODBYECan't you take a hint?
2306HELLOCan't... Can't move... Body frozen... Must have been... the damn... Mead...
2307TG09acceptCapital! Bring me the Arrow of Extrication. It has a key shaped head. Bravil's court wizard, Fathis Aren, recently acquired this unique item.
2308TG11AcceptCapital! I have worked for eleven years planning this heist. Savilla's Stone provided the last bit of information I needed.
2309TGPayBloodPriceCapital! I hearby reinstate you into the Thieves Guild.
2310TGPayBloodPriceCapital! I knew you could not stand for a stain on your honor, or that of the guild.
2311TGPayBloodPriceCapital! I like the swiftness of your reply. Here is your reward for getting me those boots. Be ready. I may call for you again.
2312TG08GiveStoneCapital! Now I can see past the palace defenses. It's a good thing the Emperor didn't know they had this stone.
2313TG08GiveStoneCapital! Now I can see past the palace defenses. It's a good thing the Emperor didn't know they had this stone.
2314TG10acceptCapital! The Earl of Imbel is the only descendant of his line that I have been able to locate.
2315TG08acceptCapital! The monastery is called the Temple of the Ancestor Moths. It is where retired, blind Moth priests go to wait out the rest of their days.
2316TG10GiveBootsCapital! This may be the last piece of the puzzle. I need to spend more time with Savilla's Stone first.
2317TG10GiveBootsCapital! This may be the last piece of the puzzle. I need to spend more time with Savilla's Stone first.
2318BrumaTopicCaptain Burd and I make a good pair. He understands Nords and the North, while I appreciate the subtleties of southern culture and politics.
2319MQ07SpiesResponseCaptain Burd in Bruma may also be able to help. I've asked the Countess to have the guard keep an eye out for strangers.
2320MQ10JauffreACaptain Burd is waiting for you outside the Bruma city gate. He'll show you the Oblivion Gate. Although I doubt it will be hard to find.
2321BrumaTopicCaptain Burd wanted to attack the Oblivion Gate immediately, but I ordered him to wait for you.
2322INFOGENERALCaptain Lex blames the Gray Fox for stealing the tax collection. He wants a bounty put on the Gray Fox, but the Legion Commander has refused.
2323MS48IlendSlowDownCaptain Matius sent us in to try and close the gate. We were ambushed, trapped, and picked off.
2324CharGenVoiceCaptain Renault?
2325HELLOCaptain. Carry on.
2326GOODBYECaptain. No news is good news, I hope.
2327GREETINGCarahil has sent you, has she not?
2328AnvilTopicCarahil inherited the Anvil Mages Guild chapter from Hannibal Traven, the Archmage. She runs a clean hall, just like Traven did.
2329MagesGuildTopicCarahil supported Arch-Mage Traven's appointment from the beginning, and I don't believe the rumors that she just wanted his job at this hall.
2330LorgrenSpeechCarahil was justified in his actions. Slaying me was the only way to stop the madness. I have accepted that fate.
2331MagesGuildTopicCarahil's a good leader. She's been a staunch supporter of the Council of Mages for as long as I've known her.
2332GREETINGCarandial. Mage-trained. Scholar by inclination. Student of our Aldmeri ancestors, the Ayleids.
2333NecromancersAmuletTopicCaranya insisted on removing it from the University. She said it posed a threat to the safety of the Imperial City.
2334NecromancersAmuletTopicCaranya turned on the Guild?
2335SE03XedilianTopicCare to donate?
2336HELLOCareful! Don't want to get squashed.
2337GOODBYECareful. Beasts all around. You might taste good to them, no?
2339GOODBYECaroline, a good day to you. Or is it evening?
2340HELLOCaroline. Don't let me keep you.
2341HELLOCarry on, soldier.
2342GOODBYECarry on.
2343GOODBYECarry on.
2344SE30ForgeSwordCarve a happy smile. Let the blood wash over your hands.
2345INFOGENERALCast lots of spells at Gnarls. That's the best way to hurt them. Really!
2346DANamiraSpeechCast this spell upon the priests. Allow my beloved Forgotten to kill the interlopers. When this is done, I shall reward you for your efforts.
2347INFOGENERALCasta Scribonia has finished a new book. Nothing that interests me, though.
2348SE10JyggalagTopicCat's out of the bag on that one, isn't it? Who puts cats in bags, anyway? Cats hate bags.
2349GREETINGCat-Face. Yes, that's right. That's what they call me. Because they can't pronounce my Black Marsh name, I guess...
2350HELLOCats. Everywhere.
2351causingtroubleCausing trouble, yes. Causing much trouble. Scaring customers. Breaking furniture. Bad, bad men.
2352MS45CavernsCaves run all beneath the town. Some natural, some dug over the years since we found the Deep Ones. Every house has an entrance now.
2353INFOGENERALCease your prattling.
2354TG11PriestDeliverScrollCelia Camoran, I present to you the Elder Scroll you requested.
2355SE32OfferHelpCenturies ago, Vitharn was overrun by Fanatics. We were soft and failed to defend ourselves. I was the weakest of all.
2356ChorrolNQDQuestionResponsesCertainly I've spent time there. Talasma runs a good, quiet Inn.
2357AnswerNegativeCertainly not.
2358AnswerNegativeCertainly not.
2359AnswerNegativeCertainly not.
2360MS11PeacefulCertainly not. I'm surprised Carius didn't send the entire city watch up here. But then I would have seen that coming I suppose.
2361SkingradTopicMog02Certainly so. Captain Dione knows her business. And no enemy has ever made it over Skingrad's walls.
2362HouseServantDrinkCertainly! Here you are. A nice mead will relax you.
2363HouseServantFoodCertainly! Here you are. Shepherd's Pie... my own recipe.
2364MageConvFollowCertainly, Arch-Mage. I shall stay close.
2366MS37JulienneTearsCertainly. Garridan was a knight who lorded over a small village of peaceful farmers. One harvest summer, there was a horrible drought.
2367PrisonVisitorCertainly. I'll unlock the door for you. Of course I have to stay with you in there.
2368GREETINGCertainly. What do you need?
2369SE07RitualNoMCertainly. When the ruler of Mania has decided it is time, he will choose a successor from his court.
2370AttackChalice... Mine! Get away!
2371INFOGENERALChalices? Who can think about chalices with the cat problem around here? Nasty beasts.
2372OcatoTopicChancellor Ocato has performed heroically. No one else could have held the Empire together during this crisis.
2373ElderCouncilTopicChancellor Ocato heads the Elder Council and is the closest thing the Empire has to a leader right now.
2374GREETINGChancellor Ocato is expecting you. Proceed.
2375MQ15MartinFChancellor Ocato is the head of the Elder Council. The Council rules in the Emperor's absence.
2376OcatoTopicChancellor Ocato isn't seeing any visitors.
2377MQ16VoiceChancellor Ocato! Chancellor Ocato!
2378HELLOChancellor Ocato! The city is under attack! Oblivion Gates have opened, and daedra are inside the walls! The guard is overwhelmed!
2379CastleResidentsChanel and Orgnolf both reside in the Private Quarters section. They have been restricted to remain indoors, so they should be easy to find.
2380MS51AccuseChoice1Chanel? I find that very hard to believe. Until you obtain a full confession from her, I cannot accept your accusation.
2381SE07AThadonLeavesChange will preserve us! It is the lifeblood of the Isles. It will move mountains! It will mount movements!
2382SE07BSylLeavesChange will preserve us! It is the lifeblood of the Isles. It will move mountains! It will mount movements!
2383HELLOChange your mind?
2384HELLOChange your mind?
2385HELLOChanged your mind, have you? The offer's still good.
2386SE34CrisisChanged your mind?
2387OrderOfTalosTopicChapterhouses of the Order, like Weynon Priory, provide safehouses for travelling Blades as well as our more public religious functions.
2388GREETINGCharge the courtyard! Leave none of them standing!
2389TGHieronymusLexChasing after shadows if you ask me. The Thieves Guild probably doesn't exist, and it's a sure bet the Gray Fox doesn't either.
2390MythicDawnTopicCheck back with me tomorrow after I've given this matter some thought.
2391dutiesCheck with me monthly to give orders for the month. I'll make it happen. If I don't hear from you, I'll follow the previous month's orders.
2392HELLOCheers to Sheogorath!
2393INFOGENERALCheers to the new ruler of Dementia! Drinks all around!
2394GREETINGCheydinhal is in your debt, friend. That Oblivion Gate had us all living in fear.
2395MS13GateCheydinhal is safe once again thanks to the Knights of the Thorn! Huzzah!
2396GREETINGCheydinhal sleeps more soundly tonight, thanks to you, friend. What can I do for you?
2397FawilTopicCheydinhal will mourn his loss.
2398HELLOChoices, choices. That took you long enough.
2399GREETINGChoices, choices. Well, now that you've liberated some Greenmote from the Silo, you need to add it to Thadon's food and wine.
2400INFOGENERALChorrol appears to be clean, prosperous, and well-ordered. Countess Arriana, her staff and guard is to be praised.
2401GREETINGChorrol breathes easier thanks to you. We are all in your debt.
2402ChorrolNQDResponsesChorrol is a wonderful town.
2403ChorrolTopicChorrol's got plenty to eat, and good, thick walls, and that suits me fine. I don't know what's going on out there in the woods, and I don't need to.
2404ChorrolTopicChorrol? That's where we are, right? Really? Great. I don't care. And I'm not interested. But it's sure nice of you to let me know.
2405ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesCicero, Sergius, and Tertullian run a good shop.
2406SE11RakheranGreeting3aCiirta brought us here with promises to show us the light, but always is about Sheogorath, is about revenge!
2407SE11CiirtaTopicCiirta guides us to the light, but... her obsession with Sheogorath keeps us from achieving it! Ra'kheran, now he -- I've said too much.
2408GREETINGCiirta has fallen into darkness. Ra'kheran will lead the Apostles to the light!
2409SE11CiirtaTopicCiirta is a fool, and a liar! She allows her hatred for Sheogorath to interfere with our journey toward the light! She must be stopped!
2410GREETINGCiirta is dead, and now the Apostles fear that there is no one to lead them to the light.
2411GREETINGCiirta is dead, and Ra'kheran has fallen. Who will guide us now?
2412GREETINGCiirta is dead. Ra'kheran will guide us now.
2413SE11CiirtaTopicCiirta is the lightbringer. She has seen things that we can only imagine. If you are to join us, you must speak with her.
2414SE11RakheranGreeting3aCiirta lied, but when she is done, I will lead the Acolytes to the light!
2415SE11TheLightTopicCiirta promised to bring us to the light. It is a way, a promise of a better future. Free from the shackles of Sheogorath.
2416SE11DyusChoice1Ciirta resides in the Howling Halls of Mania. Find her and bring me the eye that has seen that which no other has.
2417SE11CiirtaTopicCiirta's light has been darkened. Now is the time for another to rise and stand in her place.
2418SE39SpoonChoice2Cindanwe is always trying to hurt my sweet Kishashi. Wouldn't want the slave-driver to get her hands on this spoon.
2419INFOGENERALCindanwe runs a tight ship in Fellmoor.
2420SE39CindanweCindanwe think she tough lady. Not as mean as Relan. She okay. She let Relan kill things that need to be dead. Relan like biting off heads.
2421GREETINGCindanwe would breathe her last breath with my hands around her throat and my sweet Kishashi would take her place. If only...
2422INFOGENERALCirroc is a good healer. He's a Redguard, but you'd think he was a Nord, the way he acts.
2423MS31Lynch02NegativeCity Watch? I doubt it. But since you have aligned yourself with them, I think it's time to put an end to this conversation.
2424INFOGENERALCity-Swimmer certainly lives up to her name. I've seen her in the canals many times.
2425QuestionCity-Swimmer is a bit odd, don't you think?
2426MS48ConvoCivilians! It's time to move out! Let's go!
2427ICAllNQDResponsesClaudette does a good job. Still, she should rename the place.
2428INFOGENERALClaudette Perrick runs a fine alchemy shop. You should check out The Gilded Carafe.
2429DAClavicusSpeechClavicus has always been a little blind to that. And it'll end badly this time, too. So, just leave things be. Walk away. It's your best bet, really.
2430GREETINGClavicus Vile has offered you a bargain. Serve him well.
2431GREETINGClean of vermin. Clean of the things and people who would take our crops and eat them with their nasty nasty teeth.
2432GREETINGCleansing the Tree seems to have convinced him that the direct approach was his only option.
2433thievesCleared them out, did you? Good work, you two. I see big things for you with the Guild. Here's your payment.
2434IdleClearly he was wrong. Yet I do think he meant well.
2435GREETINGClever adversary isn't she? I bet your thinking that this was too easy, yes?
2436StolenGoldClever girl, I taught her everything I knew. Too bad she's turned that knowledge against me. Come back when you have the real thing.
2437AxeofDragolClever ruse. I wonder how many have died falling for it?
2438SE11RakheranGreeting2aClever you are, but I can sense a liar. No matter, I do not care to know why you are here; I only care that you wish Ciirta harm.
2439GREETINGClever. You've summoned me again. My Lord has made quite a choice for his champion.
2440CharGenVoiceClose up left! Protect the Emperor!
2441CloudRulerTempleTopicCloud Ruler is many things. Temple, fortress, safe haven. But it's also my home. I'll gladly die defending these walls, if it comes to it.
2442BladesTalk2Cloud Ruler Temple is home to the Blades, and has served us well. But I fear an assault. Mythic Dawn, Daedra... maybe both. We must be ready.
2443CloudRulerTempleTopicCloud Ruler Temple was built long ago, by the founders of the Blades, back in the days of Reman Cyrodiil.
2444MQ04KeepMartinSafeCloud Ruler Temple, I think. The hidden fortress of the Blades, in the mountains near Bruma. A few men can hold it against an army.
2445INFOGENERALColovia is a land of rugged wastes and highland forests.
2446INFOGENERALColovia is dotted with isolated farms and settlements, with most of the population in the coastal margin.
2447SkingradNQDResponsesColovian Traders is a good shop. Perhaps I'll visit Gunder soon.
2448SE11TreeCombined with the Eye of Ciirta, the shell of the Staff can be remade.
2449HELLOCome across any more Nirnroot?
2450GREETINGCome after dark. Come alone.
2451BarterExitCome back and see me again.
2452GOODBYECome back and visit me anytime.
2453GOODBYECome back any time!
2454GOODBYECome back anytime.
2455GOODBYECome back as quickly as you can.
2456GOODBYECome back for a drink!
2457HorseDeclineCome back if you change your mind. We are the only place in Cyrodiil where you can get the magnificent White horse.
2458CropsfordTopicCome back in a few weeks. You may be surprised at what we can accomplish.
2459GREETINGCome back to laugh at the pathetic old man, have we? To the pit with you! Leave me alone.
2460BedYesCome back when you actually have the money for it.
2461GOODBYECome back when you have the real thing.
2462FGD05Choice8Come back when you're ready. Don't delay.
2463jobsCome back when you've got the ectoplasm, and we'll talk about those other men getting work from me.
2464GOODBYECome back when you've learned something.
2465GOODBYECome back with help. I don't know how much longer we can hold out in here.
2466CharGenMainCome closer. I'd prefer not to have to shout.
2467SeenCome closer. Taste the power of the Lord of Order!
2468GREETINGCome into the High Hall of Judgment. Let us test ourselves against one another once and for all.
2469SE05Interrogate4Come now, must we start with hostilities? This situation is not of my creation.
2470SE05Interrogate2Come now. We all know you've spread rumors about Thadon leaving his section of the palace late at night. You've been meeting him, haven't you?
2471GREETINGCome on Bloodletter, don't lose your momentum now. Keep fighting!
2472MS48StartCombatShoutsCome on!
2473GOODBYECome on! For Kvatch!
2474GREETINGCome on! Run while there's still time! The Guard still holds the road, but it's only a matter of time before they're overwhelmed!
2475AttackCome on! Together we can defeat him!
2476GREETINGCome on! We can use your help to drive back the invaders!
2477GREETINGCome on! We have to protect Martin until he can light the Dragonfires in the Temple!
2478GREETINGCome on! We need to get to the Dragonfires before it's too late!
2479GREETINGCome on! We need to help the Grandmaster!
2480MS91WaitCome on! What's the hold-up?
2481SE02OrcConversationCome on, it'll be fun watching them get knocked around up there. I'll lead, you'll follow.
2482BedYesCome on, now. The room is only 10 gold. Surely you can afford that?
2483GREETINGCome on, we've got to keep moving!
2484GREETINGCome on, you've got to help me! Let old Valen out of this cell! You've got your freedom, now give me mine! What do you say, huh? Come on, friend!
2485GREETINGCome on, you've got to help me! Let old Valen out of this cell! You've got your freedom, now give me mine! What do you say, huh? Come on, friend!
2486HELLOCome on.
2487GREETINGCome on. Drink up.
2488SE02OrcCaptainOrdersCome on. Fight harder!
2489GREETINGCome on. Join the Fighters Guild. See the world, and get paid for it.
2490GREETINGCome on. Let's get this mission done and get paid.
2491GREETINGCome on. My men will need all the help they can get today.
2492GREETINGCome on. This is only the beginning of the battle for Kvatch. We can discuss the next phase once the civilians are safe.
2493MG14CamillaTauntsCome out, come out wherever you are...
2494GOODBYECome see me anytime, friend. I'm here day or night.
2495MagesStaffCome see me when I'm at the Chironasium, and we'll take care of that for you.
2496GOODBYECome see me when you've spoken to Jeanne.
2497SE11CiirtaGreeting2bCome then, and I will show you that in the end, my light shall shine the brightest!
2498HELLOCome to bother me with a war story, Redguard?
2499HELLOCome to gloat, eh? Well, you'll get no apologies from me.
2500GREETINGCome to have a few words before you slit my throat? That's right, I know you did it. I can't prove it yet, but you mark my words: You're going down!
2501AttackCome to me, sweet flesh!
2502TG03LlathasaIndarysCome to pay your respects, have you? You can find her tomb in the chapel undercroft.
2503SE09CeremonyCome to this altar. Join with this body. Quintessence of Flesh joined with the Essence of Flesh. Absolute in mortal. Immortal bound to contingent.
2504GREETINGCome with me to the Chapel of Talos. I wish to speak with your lord.
2505GREETINGCome with me, scum. Those who can't afford to pay reparations must face Lord Sheogorath's dungeons. I'm confiscating your stolen goods as well.
2506MQJauffreHelpCome with me. I have a few things here that I keep for visiting Blades agents. Help yourself to whatever you need.
2507PayGoldforCrimeCome with me. You'll be searched for stolen property, then released.
2508GREETINGCome with us. Your destiny is bound up with mine, and with the fate of Tamriel itself.
2509GREETINGCome with us...
2510FGD07Choice1Come with you? Not likely. I know some of my men are still alive. Guards! Attack!
2511SE11RakheranGiveDaggers3Come! Now is the time!
2512GREETINGCome, I have much to tell you. A tavern is right over here. We will drink a toast to Umbacano.
2513GREETINGCome, light the Great Torch for Dementia!
2514GREETINGCome, light the Great Torch for Dementia. Illuminate the conspiracies! Deepen the shadows! The people of Crucible await their Hero!
2515GREETINGCome, my father is waiting to welcome you to Carac Agaialor.
2516GREETINGCome, my father is waiting to welcome you to Carac Agaialor.
2517DAClavicusChoice8Come, then. Try your luck. Feel the bite of Umbra.
2518MS14ReturnHomeCome, you must need food and rest.
2519MQ15KathutetC6Come. As an equal, I shall grace your name and corpse with honor.
2520GREETINGCome. We have much to discuss.
2521HELLOCome. We must talk.
2522MQ04ConvCome. Your Blades are waiting to greet you.
2523GREETINGCome. Your initiation awaits.
2524AttackCome... here!
2525SE08CommanderGreeting3aCommand them if you will, or leave it to me. Either way, make haste. Our time is short.
2526SE08CommanderGreeting3aCommand them if you will, or leave it to me. Either way, make haste. Our time is short.
2527GREETINGCommander Ja'Fazir. Your servant. I am second-in-command of the Blackwood Company.
2528INFOGENERALCommon Treasures is full of junk. That's all Tilse Areleth collects.
2529SE06ShoutStartCombatComrades, beware!
2530InfoRefusalConcerning this, I can only speak to a friend.
2531GREETINGConfused already? How very disappointing.
2532GREETINGConfused already? Very disappointing.
2533GREETINGCongratulations on creating the Gatekeeper, Your Grace.
2534GOODBYECongratulations on your buy!
2535GREETINGCongratulations on your victory! I admit, I thought your plan would lead to disaster, but you came through for Bruma. I won't forget it.
2536HELLOCongratulations on your victory, ma'am.
2537HELLOCongratulations on your victory, sir.
2538GREETINGCongratulations on your victory. Your fame was well-deserved, it seems.
2542TG01ThievesTestCongratulations! You have returned with the diary.
2543TG01ThievesTestCongratulations! You have returned with the diary. You have earned the right to join the Thieves Guild.
2544BlackBrugo06Congratulations, you manky scroat. Now get away from me. And don't ever talk to me again.
2545BlackBrugo05Congratulations, you manky scroat. Now get away from me. And don't ever talk to me again.
2546MS12RecoverYesCongratulations. I had a feeling you were the right person for the job. And it seems I owe you a reward.
2547GREETINGCongratulations. I had a feeling you would catch on sooner or later. Leaving that journal behind was a stupid mistake on my part.
2548SE05ConspiracyCongratulations. You've gained another ally in your efforts. Do remember to follow up with Ma'zaddha.
2549TGPayFinesConsider it done. I will get rid of all your criminal warrants.
2550SE10WellspringofAurealConsider that combat is not your only option. Your Grace has already made use of the chimes found in Brellach, and they can be useful once more.
2551SE10WellspringofMazkenConsider that combat is not your only option. Your Grace has made use of the chimes within Pinnacle Rock already, and they can be useful once more.
2552informationConsider the implications of that, as you handle a small matter for me.
2553INFOGENERALConspiracy in the House of Dementia. Sad, sad songs. Songs of missing things.
2554SE11Dyus1aContained within its walls were the formulaic predictions of every action ever taken by any creature, mortal or Daedric.
2555SE11Dyus1aContained within its walls were the logical prediction of every action ever taken by any creature, mortal or Daedric.
2556SEAltarofDespairTopicContinue down the corridor if you wish to meditate there upon the fate of all things mortal.
2557GREETINGContrary to your goals, you remain here with me. If you seek the recreation of the staff, then you must bring the eye and the branch.
2558SE32SiegeVitharnConviction can drive men mad. They will even kill to uphold the mistaken belief that only they see the world truly. Such is the story of Vitharn.
2559SE05ConspiracyConvincing a Dark Seducer to reveal secrets to you may require more pressure than you've experienced thus far.
2560TG11TalkToMillona06Corvus! Is it really you? Ten years I've waited for word from you. Why did you hide from me?
2561SE05SylWhoCould be all of them. Every last one. None can be trusted.
2562FGD03Choice3Could be that. But you said the corpse was intact. Nothing had dined on the gem-hunter. Something doesn't sit right with me about this.
2563MS38TopicCould be the Blades. They've always feared me.
2564FishermansRockTopicSmashingCould be. You know how it is. But not until I'm finished talking!
2565MatildePetitTopicCould it be possible? Could an old lady be a murderer? She'd have the stomach for it, of that I'm sure.
2566HELLOCould it be the K'Sharra?
2567HELLOCould someone muffle the door? The sounds of combat are disturbing me.
2568ArcaneULecture4Could these runestones have served as waypoints and landmarks for military patrols of the nascent Imperial Legion?
2569GREETINGCould you please get some more aquanostrum from Knotty Bramble for me?
2570HaderusGoldwineTopicCount Goldwine is the embodiment of nobility. He's always ruled Kvatch with a fair hand, and listened to the needs of his people.
2571HaderusGoldwineTopicCount Goldwine retreated to the castle, determined to hold on to it at any cost. He's still in there now, I'm sure.
2572GOODBYECount Hassildor awaits your arrival.
2573MG13Choice1ACount Hassildor of Skingrad has contacted the Council. He claims to have information that is vital to us.
2574CureforVampirismCount Hassildor of Skingrad has done the most recent research on a cure, I believe. He has what you might call a vested interest in the subject.
2575HouseInquiryCount Hassildor will only consider buyers of distinction. You just aren't famous enough.
2576CheydinhalTopicCount Indarys has ordered us to hold our positions until Farwil returns from inside that accursed Oblivion Gate.
2577GOODBYECount Indarys is waiting.
2578TG03BribeBeggarCount Indarys recently commissioned a bust of Llathasa. They say the Elves carved it. He put it near her tomb in the Chapel Undercroft.
2579TG03ElvenBustCount Indarys recently commissioned a bust of Llathasa. They say the Elves carved it. He put it near her tomb in the Chapel Undercroft.
2580MG09Choice1ACount Janus Hassildor, at your service. A 'thank you' might be in order at this point.
2581INFOGENERALCount Leyawiin created a new order of knights -- the White Stallion -- for the ones who defeated Black Brugo.
2582INFOGENERALCount Leyawiin placed a bounty on the heads of the surviving Black Bow Bandits.
2583SkingradTopicCount Skingrad has ruled here all my life. The county is quiet and prosperous.
2584SkingradTopicCount Skingrad is a very private person. I handle all the county's public affairs, and consult with the Count when necessary.
2585INFOGENERALCount Umbranox has returned! After eleven years, he just walked back into Anvil.
2586TG04AlessiasRingCountess Caro is so relieved to have the ring back. It's been missing for many years. She wears it constantly.
2587MS12TolganGreetCountess Carvain would prefer if you speak to her in person. She also said to present you with this stipend as a taste of things to come.
2588AkaviriArtifactsCountess Carvain's collection of Akaviri Artifacts is known far and wide as one of the most complete. It's unsurpassed even by museum standards.
2589TG07WhatIsPlanCountess Umbranox of Anvil, is hunting for a new captain of her guard. The Legion Commander of the Imperial Watch sent her a list of candidates.
2590MS51TalkCountess Valga is up in arms about the painting being stolen. We're supposed to keep an eye on things until it's found.
2591GREETINGCounting the wrong corpses. You were a big help.
2592MQ16MessengerTopicCourage, soldier. We have an Emperor again.
2593AttackCrawl, craven!
2594ThurindilTopicCrazy as a rat in a catbox. Just leave him alone. He's not hurting anybody.
2595SE14AttacksCreatures have been reported in Deepwallow, Lord. Perhaps you should intervene... as it is your job.
2596INFOGENERALCretin! Nincompoop! Halfwit! Now I have to start all over again. Happy?
2597GREETINGCrime doesn't pay. We have long memories. We won't forget.
2598GREETINGCrime don't pay. My cells is full of fools thinkin' it did. I might just sees ya there soon.
2599ImperialCityTopicCrime in the City? You hear a lot of complaining, but it's really not so bad. The Thieves Guild is smart; they don't want any trouble with the Watch.
2600ArenaAgronakChoice4Crowhaven is a ruined fort far to the west of here. I'd go myself, but my training regiment doesn't allow for the luxury of such an excursion.
2601SEWildernessRumorResponsesCrucible can be a dangerous place.
2602INFOGENERALCrucible has a new ruler. Perhaps I can continue to find shelter in the House of Dementia, else what will I do?
2603SEDementiaRumorResponsesCrucible will be safer with the armies intact.
2604SE30ForgeBootsMagicCrush the skulls of the fallen under your boots. Stomp out their eyeballs with your heel. Paint the floor red in a bloody dance.
2605TG08BlowOffCurb your tongue, Shadowfoot! I am the Gray Fox. If you ever want to become a Master Thief in the guild, you had better learn respect.
2606SE01HaskillChoice6Cured? You speak as if they are diseased. They live now in another state of being. Perhaps it is you who needs a cure.
2607FingersoftheMountainCurious that you should inquire about it, as it has recently gone missing. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?
2608SE03SyndelC1Idle01Curious. This one is smaller than the others we've encountered.
2609AttackCut them down!
2610INFOGENERALCutter sells weapons in Crucible, but you won't catch me going there.
2611SE30ForgeSwordMagicCutting a man apart, little by little... such sticky sweet victory.
2612HELLOCylarne is ours at last, thanks to you.
2613HELLOCylarne shall be ours.
2614SECylarneTopicCylarne was once the capital of the Shivering Isles. Perhaps the first capital.
2615INFOGENERALCyrodiil is surrounded to the north and east by the lofty Jerall and Valus mountain ranges.
2616ArcaneULecture2Cyrodiil's runestones are thought to belong to one of three time periods: the Dawn Era, the Merethic Era, or the late First Era.
2617GREETINGCyronin Sintav. I'm a Sintav. That's all you need to know.
2618GOODBYECyrus, my friend. Don't let me keep you.
2619SheoIntroSpeech2Daedra are the embodiment of change. Change and permanency. I'm no different, except in the ways that I am.
2620KvatchTopicDaedra came out and set fire to the town. Many people died, but some got out alive.
2621MQ15MankarRantDaedra cannot die, so your so-called gods cannot erase him from your minds completely.
2622DaedraCultTopicDaedra cults aren't necessarily evil, of course. In nearby Morrowind, for example, they worship Daedra in the Temple.
2623INFOGENERALDaedra Lords demand offerings and services. If you won't do as you're told, just forget about it.
2624SkingradTopicElse02Daedra Lords, sure. They exist. They do things. Bad things, mostly, but things you can see. The gods? They don't do a damn thing.
2625MS48HirtelADaedra overran Kvatch last night! There were glowing portals outside the walls! Gates to Oblivion itself!
2626ImperialCityTopicDaedric shrines nearby? I know of two. North of the city, south of Bruma, east of the Silver Road, is a Mephala shrine.
2627INFOGENERALDagail has been training high ranking mages more about mysticism. And he's also been researching sheep, from what I hear.
2628RecommendationDagail's the only one who can write one. If she can remember who she is today, that is.
2629TG07HowToForgeDairihill cannot be trusted. You must deliver the letter to Lady Umbranox in person. Will you accept this commission?
2630NivanDalviluTOPICDalvilu has been murdered, and we have been accused of the crime! Bastard elves! That they would dishonor us in this way....
2631BleakersWayTopicDalvilus have lived here peacefully with Ulfgars for generations. As leaders, Hrol Ulfgar and I work hard to preserve that tradition.
2632CharGenMainDammit! The gate is barred from the other side. A trap!
2633CharGenMainDammit, it's that prisoner again! Kill her, she might be working with the assassins.
2634CharGenMainDammit, it's that prisoner again! Kill him, he might be working with the assassins.
2635GREETINGDammit, this is no good!
2636GOODBYEDamn bears... going to run me out of Shardrock at this rate.
2637LeyawiinTopicDamn crooked Councilor. Some men rob you with a sword; others rob you with a goose quill pen.
2638NelsTheNaughtyTopicDamn it man, two people are dead! Have you nothing better to do than question me about the Nord?
2639SE03GrommokChamberOneGrow03Damn it! Lewin deserved better than this and I'm responsible. Someone will pay dearly, I assure you.
2640HELLODamn it, now they're into my pantry!
2641INFOGENERALDamn Knights! Scaring away all the beasts!
2642LostDamn rats, always skirting around in the shadows. Making me jumpy...
2643MQ10BurdSpeechDamn right!
2644UmbacanoBribeA1Damn straight. I can only treat myself when I'm feeling flush.
2645MS31Wrath02PositiveDamn that woman! She promised a four part split when we recover the Golden Galleon. She never said anything about splitting it five ways!
2646GOODBYEDamn the Tenets! I'll cleave you in two if you don't get out of my face!
2647GREETINGDamn the Ulfgar! They'll pay!
2648GREETINGDamn these interruptions! Can't you see I'm busy? Do you think just anyone gets into the Arcane University? Now leave me alone!
2649GOODBYEDamn Watchman. I bet they're all crooked.
2650HELLODamn Watchmen!
2651MS38GuardWarnChoice1Damn! He's finally gone completely bonkers! Thanks for the tip. Now stand aside and let the Guard do their work.
2652UnseenDamn! I've lost them!
2653MS04FinalNoDamn, I knew it! You're working for the city guard aren't you? I didn't think they would be stupid enough to send someone alone, but so be it.
2654AldosOthranTopicDamn. I was afraid this might happen. Poor Dunmer. Please, go tell Llevana the sad news. I must ponder the situation.
2655GREETINGDamn. Killed himself. Must have had some sort of magic item we didn't notice.
2656MG13Choice3ADamned amateurs. You people should leave it to the professionals.
2657MQ03MartinA1Danger, you say? You came here to tell me this?
2658GREETINGDanus Artellian, captain of the guard. The Count's Guard. Castle Guard. Dion's captain of the town guard. That's nothing to do with me.
2659TGFence02Dar Jee lives in Leyawiin. He doesn't have much money, but he's got more than Ongar.
2660DarMaTopicDar-Ma is the daugher of Seed-Neeus, the owner of Northern Goods and Trade. You'll often find her out taking the air near the Great Oak.
2661AttackDark and deep!
2662HELLODark days, my lady.
2663HELLODark days, my lord.
2664SECreatureResponsesDark-dark. We've been yinging a zeffle.
2665HELLODarkest blessings upon you.
2666HELLODarkfathom Cave awaits you.
2667GOODBYEDarkfathom Cave isn't that far from here, but the route may be treacherous. Be careful, and journey safe.
2668BladesTalk4Darkness may be upon us all, but the people of the Empire -- my Empire -- are worth fighting for! I just wanted you to know... I won't let you down.
2669AttackDarkness take you!
2671INFOGENERALDarn. They only train in blade and heavy armor at the Bruma hall.
2672INFOGENERALDavide Surilie and his brother make some fine wines. It's a really impressive vineyard.
2673GREETINGDawn is breaking.
2674GREETINGDawn is breaking.
2675HELLODawn is breaking.
2676HELLODawn is breaking.
2677HELLODawn is breaking.
2678HELLODawn is breaking.
2679AzaniBlackheartTOPICDead, finally. Good work. Did you retrieve his ring? I want that as proof that the Blackwood Company didn't defeat him.
2680MS38DSDeadDead, you say? ... you mean you ... did it really have to come to that? Well, if that was the only solution ... I suppose I should thank you.
2681MS38TSDeadDead, you say? ... you mean you ... did it really have to come to that? Well, if that was the only solution ... I suppose I should thank you.
2682MS38DSDeadDead, you say? Well, then... you may as well finish what you started. [Scribbles something on a piece of paper.] Here. This is your last task.
2683GaltusPreviaTOPICDead. I can't believe it. So much death.
2684SE02OrcSpectatorsDead. I warned them, didn't I?
2685GaltusPreviaTOPICDead? Damn! What got him?
2686GaltusPreviaTOPICDead? Damn! What got him?
2687ViranusDontonTOPICDead? Dead! What happened? A journal? Let me see that... Blackwood Company! Bastards! Rank amateurs!
2688ViranusDontonTOPICDead? It can't be! What happened? You didn't think to find some evidence? Get back there. Find out what went wrong, dammit!
2689Dark03Choice1ADead? Me? There... there must be some mistake.... I'm just an old man! Just an old man!
2690BarterSellItemDeal! I can sell it for twice that price, to the right customer.
2691INFOGENERALDear Brother, I do not spread rumors. I create them.
2692GREETINGDear friend, have you heard? Two of the guests now lie dead! If I find out who did it, I may have to take matters into my own hands.
2693GREETINGDear friend, three of the guests have been killed! You and I, we must stay close. Band together, for mutual protection!
2694INFOGENERALDear Sister, I do not spread rumors. I create them.
2695GREETINGDear Speaker, when darkness shrouds the Empire, we can travel to the resting place of the Night Mother, and begin the ritual of awakening.
2696Dark18NightConvoDearest Night Mother! Most Unholy Maiden! Please, we beg your mercy in this, our time of need! The Black Hand seeks your guidance!
2697AttackDeath to Dagon's lackeys!
2698SE32CombatYellDeath to the Fanatics!
2699AttackDeath to the Master!
2700SE06ShoutStartAttackDeath to the Mazken! For the glory of Sheogorath!
2701SEArctusSpeech01Deceit. Hate. Subterfuge. Malice. Vengeance.
2702GREETINGDecentius Opsius, Captain of the Coast Guard. Pleased to meet you.
2703GREETINGDecided to mend your ways? It's the dungeon for you, then, since you lack the gold for reparations. Your stolen goods are forfeit, of course.
2704BlackSoulGemMG17Dedicated to the last! I cannot thank you enough for bringing the gem here. I have need of it immediately.
2705CheydinhalNQDQuestionResponsesDeetsan loves to talk about his guild. It's good that he's proud of his work.
2706INFOGENERALDeetsan must be the happiest Mages Guild member in all of Tamriel. I think it was always his dream to join.
2707defaultedDefaulted? I suppose so. I'm not paid enough to do the job. I was supposed to find Brenus Astis' Journal.
2708defaultedDefaulted? That all you talk about? I'm Blackwood Company now. Plenty of work, the pay is good, and I don't have Oreyn on my back all the time.
2709GREETINGDefeating an Arena Hero is one thing, but defeating a former member of the Blades? You must be blessed by the Divines or somethin', my friend.
2710SE06ShoutStartCombatDefend the Altar!
2711AttackDefend the Palace!
2712MS18OdiilTalk04Defend yourselves! Here they come!
2713NecromancersDelmar at the Chironasium can help you with the staff. See him right away.
2714NecromancersDelmar at the Chironasium can help you with the staff. You still need wood from the grove before he can create your staff. Get it immediately.
2715MagesStaffDelmar handles all staff enchantments. You'll need to speak to him about it.
2716MagesGuildTopicDelphine can get you a spell to summon bound armor, if you're interested. And if you're able, of course.
2717GREETINGDelphine Jend. Creator of the celebrated 'Enemies Explode' spell. Advanced Trainer in Destruction. And Mage Destined for Great Things.
2718INFOGENERALDementia has a new ruler! Perhaps a new fork for Big Head as well!
2719ResistArrestDementia is not outside the reach of my Lord's justice, whatever you may think.
2720AttackDementia will never be yours!
2721Dark08FinChoice2CDeposit this finger in the desk of Phillida's successor, in his office in the Prison Barracks, in the Imperial City! Do this, and the bonus is yours!
2722Dark08FinChoice2BDeposit this finger in the desk of Phillida's successor, in his office in the Prison Barracks, in the Imperial City! Do this, and the bonus is yours!
2723Dark08FinChoice2ADeposit this finger in the desk of Phillida's successor, in his office in the Prison Barracks, in the Imperial City! Do this, and the bonus is yours!
2724GREETINGDervenin, High Priest of Mania at your service. What brings you to this holy place on such a fine day?
2725INFOGENERALDervera Romalen is sure proud of the Newlands lodge. I think she's especially happy that the Red Queen drinks there.
2726INFOGENERALDervera Romalen seems pleased that so many folks drink at the Newlands lodge. She takes great pride in it.
2727SE32BetrothedDesideratus is a gentle fool. I never should have allowed him to take up the sword. My curse will not allow me to help you with his need.
2728SE32BetrothedDesideratus is a little too attached to that doll, if you know what I mean. They don't like to dance. It gives me the creeps.
2729GREETINGDespite this misfortune, you are ready for advancement. I appoint you Slayer for the Dark Brotherhood. Now go, and continue to serve Sithis well.
2730GREETINGDespite this recent lapse in professionalism, your overall efforts have been commendable. It's time you were advanced to the rank of Eliminator.
2731MG09ChoiceGoOnDespite what your Council may think, I've not thrown in with the Necromancers, and would never do so. You may pass along that message.
2732SE06ShoutStartCombatDestroy the Aureals!
2733GREETINGDestroying the Great Gate was a deed worthy of the mightest heroes of song and legend! You dealt the daedra a heavy blow that day, my friend!
2734AnvilNQDResponsesDestruction spells can cause a lot of damage. Knowing enough could make you a dangerous person.
2735EaranaTopicDetermine what she's after, and how we may be rid of her. I do not want her here, spreading her lies.
2736AnvilTopicDibella has shed her special blessings on Anvil. We greet travelers with hospitality, and the needy with an open hand.
2737ArcaneULecture4Did battlemages activate runestones on arrival, thus lighting arcane beacons within the next runestone?
2738SE39SpoonDid Cindanwe send you to steal this? How did you get this from Kishashi?
2739GREETINGDid he mention me, perhaps? Or was there something else you wanted to discuss?
2740INFOGENERALDid I give you the key after lockup last night? I really can't remember.
2741TG10JakKnewGrayFoxDid I know him personally? Of course not. He lived 300 years ago.
2742GREETINGDid I not tell you to avoid contact with us? Travel along the road, and act normally. We shall be shadowing you.
2743GREETINGDid Kishashi send you with something? A certain utensil, or weapon... depending on who you ask?
2744INFOGENERALDid Thadon send you? Oh... I forgot he's happy again. Well, who sent you then? My word, your pinchers are huge! Stay back!
2745HELLODid that fetcher give you any information?
2746GOODBYEDid that just happen?
2747GREETINGDid we get them all?... Are there more?
2748GREETINGDid you bring back my aquanostrum?
2749ChorrolTopicDid you ever meet Dar-Ma? Young Argonian lass, popular around town. She's disappeared, and her mother is worried sick about it.
2750HELLODid you fare well?
2751ServicetoLeyawiinTopicDid you find out why the Orc is here?
2752MS49DukeDeadNiceDid you find the Count's ring, by any chance?
2753bedDid you find the room? Remember, upstairs at the end of the hallway. Last room on your right.
2754HELLODid you find them?
2755GREETINGDid you get Cindanwe's notebook? The one with all our secrets in it?
2756GOODBYEDid you hear a noise?
2757QuestionDid you hear about Ahdarji picking another fight with an Argonian?
2758INFOGENERALDid you hear about Bradon Lirrian? A vampire hunter named Raynil Dralas made his way into town, snuck into his house and killed him.
2759INFOGENERALDid you hear about Glarthir going crazy and attacking people with an axe?
2760INFOGENERALDid you hear about Glarthir? Thank the Nine that the guard stopped him before he killed someone!
2761ChorrolTopicDid you hear about Reynald Jemane's long lost twin brother returning to Chorrol?
2762LeyawiinTopicDid you hear about the Blackwood Company? They were all mad murderers hopped up on hist? And crooked, thieving frauds?
2763INFOGENERALDid you hear about the discovery at Pale Pass? It's in the new Black Horse Courier. Here. Take my copy.
2764INFOGENERALDid you hear about the pair of green recruits that cleaned out a den of thieves near Anvil?
2765GREETINGDid you hear about the two Argonians that walked into a tavern? The second one should have seen it coming. Ahaha!
2766QuestionDid you hear Deetsan talking about the Mages Guild again?
2767QuestionDid you hear Eitar stirring things up again?
2768QuestionDid you hear how upset Tsrava is about all the dogs that J'bari has in his yard?
2769INFOGENERALDid you hear that Dar-Ma came back, safe and sound? You know, Seed-Neeus's daughter, the Argonians.
2770INFOGENERALDid you hear that Dar-Ma has disappeared?
2771INFOGENERALDid you hear that Falcar left the guild? I think Deetsan is in charge in Cheydinhal now.
2772QuestionDid you hear that Necromancers attacked the grove at Wellspring Cave?
2773INFOGENERALDid you hear that someone broke into an Imperial Legion post and stole the taxes they collected from the Waterfront?
2774INFOGENERALDid you hear that someone played yet another prank on Jeanne Frasoric in Bruma? I don't know how she keeps falling for these things.
2775INFOGENERALDid you hear that the Earl of Imbel's house was robbed?
2776HELLODid you hear that?
2777GREETINGDid you hear that? Did you? Voices from nowhere, madmen... where does it end? How did I get this posting?
2778GREETINGDid you hear that? Oh boy...
2779INFOGENERALDid you hear the bad news? Dar-Ma's daughter was killed by some strange cultists down in Hackdirt. Terrible, terrible times we live in.
2780INFOGENERALDid you hear the news? Ulrich Leland was thrown in the dungeons for stealing money from the city coffers. Haha! Justice for the little guy!
2781GREETINGDid you hear the one about the Argonian Maid?
2782HELLODid you hear what happened to Ruslan and Luronk? One of the Watchmen fleeced them for all their coin!
2783INFOGENERALDid you hear what happened? Someone robbed the wizard's tower. Fathis Aren got what he deserved, if you ask me.
2784GlarthirTopicDid you hear? He went crazy and started attacking people with an axe! Luckily the guards stopped him before he killed anyone.
2785INFOGENERALDid you hear? Hieronymus Lex was reassigned to Anvil.
2786INFOGENERALDid you hear? I helped rebuild the Gatekeeper! He has my eyes.... What? I got new ones!
2787GREETINGDid you hear? Someone has been murdered! One of us! One of the guests!
2788INFOGENERALDid you hear? The Countess was robbed. Someone stole her family ring.
2789INFOGENERALDid you hear? The Fringe was attacked! How horrible!
2790INFOGENERALDid you hear? The lost heir of Uriel Septim rallied the Guard and smashed a horde of daedra outside Bruma!
2791INFOGENERALDid you hear? The Resonator of Judgment is active once again. I don't trust anything that can influence the thoughts of others.
2792GREETINGDid you know I've counted over a 954 dead rats, 137 dead Grummites, and 12 dead men? I'm Jastira Nanus, by the way. I count corpses. I'm good at it.
2793QuestionDid you know that Bumph gra-Gash will train you to use heavy armor, but only if you're a Fighters Guild member?
2794QuestionDid you know that fellow who was killed recently? In the Talos Plaza District? Matthias Draconis?
2795QuestionDid you know that J'skar trains other Mages Guild members in Destruction?
2796QuestionDid you know that Kud-Ei also teaches at the Mages Guild here in Bravil?
2797INFOGENERALDid you know that the Gatekeeper had only a three percent chance of failing? Most interesting that he was defeated.
2798CheydinhalTopicDid you know we have the finest horses in Cyrodiil, right here in town? Black Waterside Stables... the best thoroughbred blacks.
2799QuestionDid you know you can officially complain about the merchants in town?
2800SE09ExaltedPainDid you like that? Pain can be pleasure. You enjoy being in pain, do you? Here, I'm sure you'll enjoy these then.
2801GREETINGDid you pry any information out of him?
2802GREETINGDid you really face down Mehrunes Dagon himself? They say he stood 200 feet high and crushed the Temple Dome with his fist!
2803INFOGENERALDid you really have some important reason for interrupting me? I thought not.
2804BittneldTopicDid you say something to Bittneld? That was very sweet of you. Now he stops by here every day.
2805QuestionDid you see City-Swimmer swimming in the canals again?
2806QuestionDid you see Ganredhel training her dogs yesterday? She's got a knack for it.
2807HELLODid you see it? The avatar of Akatosh himself? There it is! The monument to our deliverance!
2808HELLODid you see my last performance? Did you like it?
2809GREETINGDid you see that? Twelve balls in the air at once! No one has EVER juggled that many at once.
2810QuestionDid you see the fight that Ra'qanar got into the other night?
2811GREETINGDid you speak with Vilena? How did she react?
2812GREETINGDid you talk to Kishashi? I can't trust you if she doesn't. It's nothing personal, really; it's just that everyone else is out to get me.
2813GREETINGDid you tell the Count about Black Brugo?
2814AttackDid you think I would be your puppet?!
2815SeenDid you think to hide from Jyggalag's all-seeing gaze?
2816GREETINGDid you want something? You're not here to join the Mages Guild, are you?
2817GREETINGDid you want to continue to the manor?
2818GREETINGDid you wreck Cindanwe's place yet? You know, move her stuff around. She hates when things aren't in their place.
2819StealNoCrimeDid you... Did you just take that?
2820SE05NelreneSawYouDid you? And you have proof of this?
2821SE06DSWardenGreet2Did your human master let you off the leash? Crawl back under his table. Maybe he'll throw you a bone to gnaw on.
2822GREETINGDidier Aumilie, ship's clerk. At present, I'm spending my time and gold on the pleasures of the Gold Coast.
2823INFOGENERALDidn't Azzan give the new recruit another contract? Something in the protection line?
2824HELLODidn't I give you something to do?
2825HELLODidn't I send you to see Lord Rugdumph?
2826GREETINGDidn't I tell you no weapons allowed? Clearly this isn't important to you. We're done here.
2827GREETINGDidn't think so. I'm such a puddle of dog pittle that people can't even be bothered to end my miserable existence. Oh, well. Goodbye.
2828SE07RitualDidn't we go over this already? Bring the Duke's heart to the Altar of Arden-Sul. It's quite simple.
2829GREETINGDidn't we have this conversation already? Or was that someone else... No, it was me. And you. And so you know what you should be doing right now.
2830GOODBYEDidn't you have some things to give me?
2831GuardTalk1Didn't you hear the explosion? Some damn drunk of a wizard started hurling fireballs at passersby. Took four guards to haul him in.
2832RecommendationDidn't you hear? Oh, no. I suppose you wouldn't have.
2833BravilTopicDidn't you see that Oblivion Gate just outside the walls? Mara preserve us from the fate of Kvatch!
2834AnvilTopicDidn't you see that Oblivion Gate just outside the walls? Mara preserve us from the fate of Kvatch!
2835AttackDie tree scum!
2836AttackDie you scum!
2838AttackDie! All of you! Die! Agggghhh!
2839AttackDie! Die! Die!
2840AttackDie, betrayer!
2841AttackDie, Blue Team coward!
2842AttackDie, cur!
2843AttackDie, cur!
2844AttackDie, damn you!
2845SE32FanaticYellDie, faithless priest!
2846AttackDie, Fanatic!
2847AttackDie, heretic!
2848AttackDie, Imperial! Die!
2849SE13JyggalagVoiceDie, pretender!
2850PowerAttackDie, unbeliever!
2851SE32FanaticYellDie, unbeliever!
2852HELLODie, unholy monster!
2853AttackDie, you mangy housecat!
2854AttackDie, you Orc filth!
2855HELLODig up any more information?
2856GREETINGDinner is promptly at 8 o'clock and those who are late don't get Alocasia Fruit Cup!
2857INFOGENERALDion takes his job as Guard Captain very seriously. He's all business when he's working.
2858IdleDirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt. Everywhere dirt.
2859FGD02InsultsDirty Orc! Get out!
2860MG04Choice1BDisappointing. Well, let me know when you are ready.
2861ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesDiscount spells. I'd just as soon buy a "slightly used" shield.
2862CreatureResponsesDisgusting creatures. I hope to never see another.
2863HELLODo as you're told, and you'll be all right.
2864GOODBYEDo be careful.
2865GOODBYEDo be careful.
2866RecommendationDo be careful. I'd hate to lose another useful Associate.
2867IngredientCollectionDo be prompt in collecting them, however. Anything left in the chest for a full week will be destroyed.
2868MS14ChoiceHelpDo hurry, I miss my love so much.
2869MS14ChoiceHelp2Do hurry, I miss my love so much.
2870IdleDo I drop the sweetroll or hand it over and come back later? Dunno....
2871GREETINGDo I have to spell it out for you? Apparently I do.
2872GREETINGDo I have to tell you everything?
2873GOODBYEDo I have to think of everything?
2874GREETINGDo I know you?
2875GREETINGDo I know you?
2876ChorrolNQDQuestionResponsesDo I like the fights? Of course! Everyone likes the fights! The thrill of battle, the sting of defeat. A wonderful time.
2877QuestionDo I look like I want to talk to you?
2878NightofFunDo I really have to spell it out for you? You're a man, and I'm a woman with a certain desire. You figure out the rest.
2879HELLODo I sense good news?
2880HELLODo I want to hear this?
2881HitDo it! End my misery!
2882SEFelldewDo keep in mind that some Elytra will not consider you a threat while you are feeling the effects of Felldew Euphoria.
2883MS31Wrath02PositiveDo Lynch and Minx know about this?
2884GOODBYEDo me a favor, don't say anything to the other guards that I fell for it, ok? Thanks.
2885MQ15KathutetDDo me the service of freeing Anaxes, and I will reward you with the Bands of the Chosen and passage to the Forbidden Grotto.
2886DovesiDranTopicDo my ears deceive me, or are you actually suggesting Dovesi might be the one behind the murder? Back away now, cretin.
2887HELLODo my eyes decieve me? You live?
2888SE11RakheranGreeting3dDo not be foolish. We can both get what we want. Come to me when you have made a decision.
2889INFOGENERALDo not bother the Aureal with your petty conversation.
2890GREETINGDo not delay. If the Font of Madness itself becomes Ordered, all your victories over Jyggalag will have been in vain.
2891HELLODo not fear. I will assist you however I can.
2892AttackDo not give up hope!
2893BrinaCrossInnTopicDo not let your guard down. We do not know whether the Inn's staff is involved somehow.
2894ShadeoftheRevenantDo not put yourself in harm's way, if it can be avoided.
2895PellsGateTOPICDo not speak to me of that place! It was another lifetime. It was before I became what I am now.
2896MQ05ShrinePasswordDo not tarry. The time of Preparation is almost over. The time of Cleansing is near.
2897MQ05ShrinePasswordDo not tarry. The time of Preparation is almost over. The time of Cleansing is near.
2898GOODBYEDo not test His patience.
2899SE06PriestGreetBDo not think about it. Dream about it! Let your mind soar on flights of fancy! I know you will choose well, in the end.
2900TG04Hlidara2Do not worry, milady. No harm shall come to your ring if I can help it.
2901GOODBYEDo run along.
2902SE01HaskillTalkDo sit down.
2903HELLODo something!
2904NightMotherDo that, and you will receive your share of this Sanctuary's weekly earnings.
2905GREETINGDo the bones talk to you, too?
2906MS43StaffDo this for me, and I'll reward you with another one of my curios I picked up a few years ago... a valuable ring. Are you ready?
2907GREETINGDo this, and I will give you your share of the Sanctuary's weekly earnings. There is so much work to be done. So much work...
2908Dark01Choice3CDo this, and the next time you sleep in a location I deem secure, I will reveal myself once more, bearing the love of your new family.
2909Dark01Choice3BDo this, and the next time you sleep in a location I deem secure, I will reveal myself once more, bearing the love of your new family.
2910Dark01Choice3ADo this, and the next time you sleep in a location I deem secure, I will reveal myself once more, bearing the love of your new family.
2911GREETINGDo try to use your power sparingly. I have duties to which I must attend. Rather more important than shepherding you around, I'm sure.
2912GREETINGDo we know each other? There's something familiar about you, but I just can't place it.
2913GREETINGDo we really have to go into that thing?
2914SEBrellachTopicDo what you can to ensure the survival of your allies. They will be most helpful to you.
2915SEPinnacleRockTopicDo what you can to ensure the survival of your allies. They will be useful to you.
2916AjumKajinTopicDo what you must to make him talk. If you can smooth talk him, fine. If you need to rough him up, so be it. But don't kill him. We need him to talk.
2917GREETINGDo what you will with me. I've got nothing left.
2918INFOGENERALDo you believe any of that talk about more Oblivion Gates opening all over the place?
2919SEThaedilResponsesDo you call that juggling? You should be ashamed of yourself.
2920GREETINGDo you enjoy it? Cutting my heart? Why visit that other smith?
2921QuestionDo you enjoy spending time at Olav's Tap and Tack?
2922GREETINGDo you ever bathe?
2923QuestionDo you ever buy ingredients from The Main Ingredient?
2924QuestionDo you ever buy soul gems from Calindil?
2925QuestionDo you ever do any shopping at Northern Goods?
2926QuestionDo you ever go to the Copious Coinpurse?
2927QuestionDo you ever spend time in the Oak and Crosier?
2928GiftScriptDo you ha... have any skooma now? Cause... I can be your friend ri... right now...
2929HELLODo you have a death wish, boy?
2930HELLODo you have a death wish, girl?
2931CharGenBaurusDo you have a death wish? Trust me, you don't want to try that again.
2932HELLODo you have a moment? There's something we need to discuss.
2933HELLODo you have a proposition?
2934GREETINGDo you have any more questions? I'm afraid I know little more.
2935SE37ErrandDo you have any new items from the list?
2936HELLODo you have any shoes? No? Mirili offered me some shoes if I ran an errand for her research. I just ran instead. Say, do you have any shoes?
2937GREETINGDo you have any yet?
2938SEOdditiesDo you have anything that you'd like to contribute to the Museum?
2939GREETINGDo you have business in the House of Dementia?
2940GREETINGDo you have business with me?
2941QuestionDo you have Guild matters to discuss?
2942FingersoftheMountainDo you have it THIS time? Or did you decide to give it to another of my sworn enemies?
2943TG07ForgedLetterDo you have my fee?
2944GREETINGDo you have the Amulet?
2945TG09ArrowTopicDo you have the Arrow of Extrication?
2946TGBloodPriceDo you have the blood price?
2947TGBloodPriceDo you have the blood price?
2948FingersoftheMountainDo you have the book this time?
2949TG10SpringheelJakBootsTopicDo you have the boots?
2950GREETINGDo you have the Count's ring?
2951GREETINGDo you have the gift for Malene?
2952GREETINGDo you have the Mage's staff, Associate?
2953HELLODo you have the time?
2954GREETINGDo you hear that sound? It's like a horse dying...
2955DABoethiaSpeechDo you hope to be counted among my Chosen? Then prove yourself to me, mortal.
2956QuestionDo you know anything about Edla Dark-Heart's past?
2957QuestionDo you know anything about some book that Earana is looking for?
2958QuestionDo you know Areldil? I understand he has some unique skills.
2959MS38NextDo you know Davide Surilie? Yes, of the famous Surilie Vineyards. Pillar of the community, et cetera. Who would ever suspect him?
2960QuestionDo you know Dul gro-Shug? I understand he's good with light armor.
2961QuestionDo you know Jantus Brolus, the spellsword?
2962QuestionDo you know Mandil? I hear he's good with locks.
2963QuestionDo you know Maro Rufus? He specializes in light armor at Best Defense.
2964QuestionDo you know Othrelos? I'd like to learn how he gets around without being seen.
2965ChorrolTopicDo you know Reynald Jemane, the fellow who lives on the west side of Chorrol?
2966INFOGENERALDo you know the best part about the end of a war? Picking the bodies clean of their treasure.
2967QuestionDo you know what happened to Mercator Hosidus? I haven't seen him at the castle lately.
2968INFOGENERALDo you know where Sheogorath keeps his armies? In his sleevies! Ah hahaha!
2969informationDo you know where the vampires are?
2970WeebamNaTopicDo you know where Weebam-Na is? I hear he's a hunter, knows all about the woods around here.
2971QuestionDo you know why Hil the Tall became a priest?
2972SEFlameofAgnonTopicDo you like a stand-up fight? Or perhaps a bit of treachery is more your style?
2973contractDo you like parties? Because you've been invited to one. Of course, you'll be killing all the other guests. Are you ready to attend?
2974GREETINGDo you like visitng Split? It's a great place to live. The people are charming, and the weather is fantastic. No, really, it's true! Why would I lie?
2975GREETINGDo you long for a blade? To cut with? Yes?
2976HELLODo you miss your home, love?
2977HELLODo you need something?
2978GREETINGDo you need something? Otherwise I should make my preparations for the ritual. There's no time to lose.
2979MG09Choice1BDo you not recognize a Necromancer when you see one?
2980Dark08FinChoice1BDo you realize what you're saying? Do you fully understand the honor you are rejecting? For your own sake, return to me when you're ready.
2981MG09Choice2ADo you really believe they sent you here for a book? No, they sent you to spy on me.
2982HELLODo you really need to get so close?
2983SEChaliceofReversalDo you really require help in finding it at this point? I suspect you can manage on your own from here.
2984MS08KurdanKeyDo you really think I could afford to let you leave here? The key you found is a fake. No prey has ever left this island alive.
2985GREETINGDo you really think that I'm surprised to see you here? I let you find me. What better place to get rid of you than all the way out here.
2986HELLODo you really think we can close that thing?
2987contractDo you recall the name Adamus Phillida? The Imperial Legion pest? It's time he joined Sithis in the Void. Think you're up to the task?
2988MageTalk2Do you remember that matter you asked me to look into? I have some new information. In short... What you proposed IS possible!
2989GREETINGDo you require assistance with the task Sheogorath has given you?
2990HELLODo you return triumphant?
2991SE32SiegeVitharnDo you seek to deepen my despair by reminding me of my greatest failure?
2992INFOGENERALDo you suppose the armies will start killing people now? I'd keep an accurate count of all the corpses.
2993SE07AAnyaDo you take me for a fool? How do I know you aren't acting as an agent of Dementia?
2994QuestionDo you think anyone in Bravil knows more about Tamriel than Ita Rienus?
2995NelsTheNaughtyTopicDo you think he could have done it? He comes across as something of a drunk, but you never can tell what someone is capable of.
2996CharGenMainDo you think he followed us? How could he?
2997CharGenMainDo you think she followed us? How could she?
2998INFOGENERALDo you think Sheogorath died? I know He's missing. I want to see His corpse if He's dead.
2999INFOGENERALDo you think that stranger's here looking for the girl?
3000HELLODo you think the attack will come soon, ma'am?
3001HELLODo you think the attack will come soon, sir?
3002GREETINGDo you think there are any more of those assassins about?
3003INFOGENERALDo you think those Knights will come here? I hope they do! I'd be the first to fall before them!
3004HELLODo you think we have a chance, ma'am?
3005HELLODo you think we have a chance, sir?
3006HELLODo you think we stand a chance?
3007HELLODo you think we're safe for a few minutes?
3008INFOGENERALDo you think what happened to Kvatch could happen here?
3009GREETINGDo you think you can spare a little something for an old friend? You know I'm good for it.
3010DAHircineChoice1Do you think yourself a hunter? Then approach the Shrine of Hircine. Leave our lord an offering.
3011ChorrolNQDResponsesDo you think? I've never noticed anything.
3012RecommendationDo you understand, or do I need to use even smaller words?
3013PositionsDo you want me to stay back, or stay up nearer to the door?
3014HELLODo you want something from me?
3015INFOGENERALDo you want to know a secret? It was I who killed the Gatekeeper. I poisoned him with an apple!
3016QuestionDo you want to learn about Alteration? Speak with Dovyn Aren.
3017AttackDo your worst!
3018HitDo your worst!
3019NevilleTopicDo... do you think he could have done it? I mean, he is a retired soldier. He's killed before. Oh, dear, this can't be happening!
3020GREETINGDoes anyone see City-Swimmer? Is he gliding beneath the silver water? Is he creeping 'round a corner, hugging a wall, silent as a shadow in the dark?
3021NevilleTopicDoes being a soldier make him a good person? Does it make him above murder? I hardly think so.
3022QuestionDoes Delphine Jend make you a bit nervous?
3023QuestionDoes Dovyn Aren still teach Alteration?
3024DASheogorathSpeechDoes my Champion summon me? Before I've even told you what to do? That's not very Champion-y. Not at all!
3025SE05Interrogate1Does that pain you, Kithlan? Unless you want to feel it again, you'd best tell us what you know.
3026GOODBYEDoes the air seem thicker than normal?
3027TG04AhdarjisStolenRingDoes the hunter have this one's ring?
3028TG07BribeBeggar2Does the Lonely Suitor Lodge sound familiar? Try there.
3029SE09MiscRelmynaExperimentDoes this hurt more or less than last time?
3030GREETINGDoes Your Grace wish to be crushed to death, or do you merely find difficulty in locating the buttons and switches in these old ruins?
3031SE39RanarrJoDoesn't get as much work done as he should. He's always turning things over to look under them, searching for who-knows-what.
3032ImpGallTOPICDoesn't look like you have it yet. Let me know when you do.
3033QuestionDoesn't something seem wrong with that abandoned house in town?
3034FingersoftheMountainDoesn't that have something to do with the Ayleids, and magical control over the weather? I think that's the rumor I heard.
3035GOODBYEDoesn't that noise bother anyone else?
3036TGSpecialJobsDoesn't the hunter have prey to follow?
3037SE06DSWardenGreet2Dog? You greet me as a Breton, the mongrel race of Tamriel, motherless lackeys of every great empire that ever conquered your homeland?
3038SE06DSWardenGreet2Dog? You greet me as a fellow, then, you tusk-faced brute.
3039ChorrolTopicDogs are an orc's best friend. Good protection, good companions, good eats. The Bruiants have dogs. Lots of 'em.
3040MS43StaffDoing a bit of digging, I'm afraid Rosentia's been stuck with the Staff of the Everscamp. Nasty bit of "fun" by Sheogorath, I'd say.
3041SEThadonWaitingLongDon't answer that. I know the answer. I knew far more answers once, but they seem to have dried up. Or perhaps they drowned. I don't know anymore.
3042GREETINGDon't bare your teeth at me, you beast! How about you use those fangs on my double?
3043CharGenMainDon't be afraid. My guardians will not harm you.
3044GREETINGDon't be angry at us. This is the only way we could find the place.
3045SE09VictimsDon't be concerned. I always return the worthy ones to life. Besides, Lord Sheogorath has sanctioned my studies and my methods.
3046SE38OddityNotNowDon't be discouraged! Some people just have better luck than others in finding Oddities.
3047ReadyForAMatchDon't be fooled by your next opponent. The little dagger he uses is actually a powerful enchanted weapon called Shimmerstrike. Now go get 'em!
3048GREETINGDon't be fooled, the Ritual isn't over.
3049SEFlameofAgnonTopicDon't be frightened, they won't harm you. They look much fiercer than they really are, I assure you.
3050HELLODon't be shy.
3051GREETINGDon't be shy. I'm really very approachable. You wanted an autograph, is that it?
3052GREETINGDon't be shy. Join us, and do well by doing good.
3053ADMIREDISLIKEDon't be silly.
3054SECaldanaMonriusSkoomaNoDon't be so cruel! I hope you die a horrible death.
3055FGD08Choice4Don't be stupid. We have returned with the Hist itself. One beautiful Hist, who gives her gifts to all the Company.
3056HELLODon't be the last to read today's Black Horse Courier!
3057UlrichLelandTopicDon't be upset. I knew what I was doing the moment I asked you to lead Ulrich to me. I was fully aware of the consequences.
3058GOODBYEDon't bother me again.
3059GREETINGDon't bother to come back until you have it.
3060INFOGENERALDon't bother trying to kill a Skinned Hound with a fireball. They are invincible.
3061INFOGENERALDon't bother using a frost spell on a Shambles.
3062MS08AleronHuntDon't bother. The door to this place is now locked. The only way to get out is by decending into the Hunter's Run and killing the Hunters.
3063INFOGENERALDon't bring up religion around Else God-Hater. She's likely to use that sword of hers on you.
3064HELLODon't butt in.
3065GREETINGDon't come back here without him!
3066SkingradTopicDon't count on seeing the Count at the castle. He's a great sorcerer, but he doesn't like visitors.
3067StealDon't do that.
3068StealNoCrimeDon't do that.
3069GREETINGDon't eat me! For the love of Sheogorath! Please, don't eat me!
3070INFOGENERALDon't eat me! You're worse than those knights in the Fringe!
3071GREETINGDon't eat me. DON'T EAT ME! By Sheogorath's beard, you're a mean looking one!
3072HELLODon't falter! We have them! We have them!
3073AttackDon't feel bad -- no one lives forever!
3074GOODBYEDon't feel bad that you're not as gifted as me.
3075GatherCluesDon't forget to check with Bittneld, the Captain of the Guard, my Steward, Orok gro-Ghoth and my herald, Laythe Wavrick.
3076MS47CounterspellDon't forget to wear that ring I gave you when you cast the spell. Not that there's anything to worry about.
3077GOODBYEDon't forget who your friends are, or they may just become your enemy.
3078GREETINGDon't forget, Captain Burd needs your help to close the Oblivion Gate outside of Bruma.
3079GuardTalk2Don't forget, my friend -- you and I are what stand between order and chaos. Without us, the Empire would crumble.
3080BarterExitDon't forget, only I can fence the most difficult items.
3081GoodbyeKvatch04Don't forget. Camoran Usurper burned Kvatch, too. Kvatch was rebuilt from ruins once before, and she'll do it again.
3082GOODBYEDon't forget: be down here at 10 PM. I'll see you then.
3083GOODBYEDon't forget: the living quarters at 10 PM. I'll see you there.
3084SEPykeZoeMaleneResponsesDon't fret, my love... I'm here. Be happy.
3085GOODBYEDon't get any ideas about wandering off alone. I'm keeping my eye on everyone, including you.
3086HELLODon't get in our way.
3087MS38DionneWarnChoice2Don't get involved with him. If he asks you to do anything... strange... you come see me first, got it? Or any of the town Guard. Let us handle it.
3088AncotarTopicDon't get me wrong, some of my best friends are elves. But self-important jerks like Ancotar give them all a bad name.
3089INFOGENERALDon't get on J'skar's bad side. You'll likely get a fireball in your face for your troubles.
3090NQDGuardWarningDon't get too close to the prisoners.
3091HELLODon't get too close.
3092INFOGENERALDon't get too many folks passing through here these days.
3093FGD02InsultsDon't get your tail in a knot.
3094CharGenRenoteDon't give me a reason to kill you.
3095GREETINGDon't give the enemy a chance to recover from their defeat.
3096GoodbyeKvatch03Don't give up. You're not alone. And the chapels and the Elder Council will help us. It just takes time.
3097GREETINGDon't go back in there. I'm warning you. You'll end up like the others.
3098GOODBYEDon't go far. It's too dangerous to go wandering around this house.
3099GREETINGDon't go stirring up trouble.
3100AttackDon't hold back!
3101SERooftopCheerDon't hold back!
3102HELLODon't hurt me!
3103FleeDon't hurt me!
3104INFOGENERALDon't hurt me, okay? Do you want a bone? I'll tell you a secret. They say a new adventurer has come. Don't bite me!
3105SEThadonWaitingDontCareDon't I? I thought I did. But then I also thought that you would be heavier. Look at you, you're light as a chair. How DO you walk around like that?
3106HELLODon't interrupt me.
3107FawilTopicDon't judge Farwil too harshly. Most of what he says is... fabricated. But he's young, and therefore quite brash and inexperienced.
3108HELLODon't just stand around here.
3109GREETINGDon't just stand there -- get rid of those ogres! Stab them! Burn them! Tear their throats out!
3110GREETINGDon't just stand there! Go get that mountain lion!
3111GOODBYEDon't just stand there. Move.
3112HELLODon't keep the Gray Fox waiting.
3113HELLODon't keep us waiting. I hate to wait.
3114ThoronirTopicDon't know anyone by that name. Now go away.
3115INFOGENERALDon't know if this is true, but I heard a gang of all female thieves is preying on the married menfolk of the town.
3116INFOGENERALDon't know why anyone would visit the other cities of Cyrodill. Chorrol has it all. And a fairly low murder rate!
3117SE30ForgeHelmetDon't know why you'd want to cover up that gorgeous head of yours, but here you go.
3118CharGenMainDon't know. But it's too late to go back now.
3119HELLODon't leave before you hear what I have to tell you. You'll regret it.
3120GOODBYEDon't leave me!
3121MatildePetitTopicDon't let her looks deceive you, friend. I've seen black widows like her before! Her crimes must not go unpunished! Justice is at hand!
3122GOODBYEDon't let me keep you.
3123GOODBYEDon't let the guards catch you.
3124HELLODon't let the ogres get me!
3125GOODBYEDon't let Toutius Sextius catch you following him. He's much more dangerous than he looks!
3126COERCEHATEDon't make me laugh.
3127BOASTHATEDon't make me laugh.
3128GOODBYEDon't make me show you to the door.
3129HELLODon't make them wait.
3130ThurindilTopicDon't mind him. He's not right in the head. Poor fellow.
3131TGGrayFoxDon't pay attention to those rumors. There is no such thing as a Thieves Guild. The Gray Fox is just a thief the Watch hasn't caught yet.
3132TG05NoDon't play games with me. This isn't the time for it.
3133HELLODon't provoke them. They don't trust you.
3134CharGenGlenroyDon't push me, prisoner.
3135MS45BrethrenTopicDon't push your luck, stranger. Plenty of folks have turned up dead after asking questions like that.
3136RolandJensericTopicDon't really know him. He lives across the way from Seridur I think.
3137INFOGENERALDon't run into the water to escape a Scalon. They'll follow you.
3138ArdalineTopicDon't say anything to her. I don't want to embarrass her further. Once this is all taken care of, I'll speak to her privately.
3139CharGenBaurusDon't say I didn't warn you.
3140MS22SrazirrAgreedDon't screw this one, though. After the dust settles, look for S'razirr in the Tiber Septim Inn in the Imperial City. Full payment is expected.
3141GREETINGDon't speak to me again, unless you've gotten twenty minotaur horns. Then, perhaps we'll have something to discuss.
3142GREETINGDon't speak to me further until you've rented a room. Then I'll come find you.
3143GOODBYEDon't spend all the money from the reward in one place.
3144GOODBYEDon't spend all the money from the reward in one place.
3145GREETINGDon't stand too close. I need room to swing my weapon.
3146GOODBYEDon't take all day making your choices.
3147GOODBYEDon't take this sojourn lightly. The recesses of the mind can be the darkest place of all.
3148HouseTooMuchCheydinhalDon't take too long raising the funds. I have several other interested buyers.
3149TG06WaitHereDon't take too long.
3150GREETINGDon't talk - fight!
3151ADMIREHATEDon't talk such rot.
3152SE46DoublesTopicDon't talk to Horkvir about it. He won't know anything. Especially not our Horkvir.
3153GREETINGDon't talk to me now! Kill the filthy creatures!
3154HELLODon't talk to me.
3155GREETINGDon't talk to me. Talk to the one in the robes.
3156MQ05BaurusBDon't talk. Just follow my lead.
3157GOODBYEDon't tarry... get Ulrich here soon before he changes his mind.
3158SE40SleepOutsideDon't tease me. It's serious. I could die. We all could die! Please, help find a safe spot outside to sleep where the walls won't come crashing down.
3159INFOGENERALDon't tell anyone else, but some day I'm going to have Ocheeva's position. Just you wait and see. Lucien Lachance knows real talent when he sees it.
3160TG08SavillasStoneTopicDon't tell Hridi I said anything. I could be banished for telling you.
3161RecommendationDon't tell me Falcar's given you the same task he gave Vidkun!
3162INFOGENERALDon't tell me Maglir is acting up again. Has he screwed up another contract?
3163TrainingQuestTopicDon't tell me you've never heard of him! He's famous for his skill with a blade. And at his young age.... He'll be a legend one day, mark my words.
3164QuestionDon't the Verus brothers run a good shop?
3165INFOGENERALDon't think for a second that this war is actually over. Stay on your guard. The agents of the enemy lurk everywhere.
3166VenaPetiliusDon't think he ever forgave himself for not being there when she passed. He swore then never to raise a weapon again.
3167PickpocketNoCrimeDon't think you're getting away with something.
3168GOODBYEDon't touch anything!
3169DovesiDranTopicDon't trust her, sweetie. Not a thing she says. If she tries to get you alone anywhere, get away as fast as you can! She's a cold-blooded killer!
3170HELLODon't try anything. I'm watching you.
3171BarterFailDon't try to cheat me you misbegotten whelp!
3172ADMIREHATEDon't try to manipulate me.
3173GREETINGDon't try to slow me down. I'm going to get that diary before you.
3174PrimoAntoniusTopicDon't try to turn me against Primo! For all I know, you could be the killer!
3175SQ02SkoomaDon't turn your back on Lonavo for a second. He wouldn't think twice about burying his blade there.
3176GOODBYEDon't wait too long to decide.
3177TG05rejectDon't wait too long. We really need the help.
3178RecommendationDon't waste my time if you're not ready for this. Are you prepared to do what is necessary to gain a recommendation from me?
3179TG10NoBootsDon't waste my time. Not in the mood for it.
3180ADMIREHATEDon't waste your flattery on me.
3181INFOGENERALDon't waste your wonderful poisons on Skinned Hounds. They seem to like them.
3182GOODBYEDon't work too hard.
3183GlarthirTopicDon't worry about him. We'll handle it.
3184GOODBYEDon't worry about me, my friend. I know I'm in good hands here.
3185GREETINGDon't worry about me; there's no time! Get moving!
3186INFOGENERALDon't worry about the Elytra's stingers. They aren't poisonous.
3187HouseBuySkingradDon't worry about Vandorallen Trebatius. I'll have him evicted. I'm sure he'll find another home easily.
3188SE09HaskillXaselmDon't worry if you break her toys. I believe she rather enjoys creating them. And, it keeps her from turning her attention elsewhere.
3189HELLODon't worry, I hold no grudges. You bested me! I am man enough to admit it!
3190SE09MiscRelmynaExperimentDon't worry, if you die I will bring you back to life. We have much left to accomplish.
3191MS29ShadyDealDon't worry, it will be very soon. Now get outta' here.
3192SE03AChamberDon't worry, its bark is far worse than its bite. Hahaha!
3193GREETINGDon't worry, my friend, this time we are on the same side! Umbacano wants us both to guide him through Nenalata.
3194GREETINGDon't worry, my friend. I'm going to show this slinking cutthroat how the Imperial Legion takes care of things.
3195GREETINGDon't worry, pal, you'll get used to losing after a while.
3196CharGenMainDon't worry, sire, we will get you out of here.
3197ClaudeMaricTopicDon't worry, this one will back you up when the time comes.
3198GOODBYEDon't worry, we'll get him.
3199CloudRulerTempleTopicDon't worry, we'll keep the Emperor Martin safe here. No enemy has ever taken Cloud Ruler from the Blades.
3200MQ11BrumaAlliesDon't worry. Anvil's soldiers are worth two from anywhere else. Bruma will not fall!
3201ElderCouncilTopicDon't worry. The Elder Council can govern the Empire perfectly well until a new heir can be found.
3202SE37ResponseDon't you dare touch anything in my house! You'll ruin my research. Hmmm. Would you be willing to run an errand for me? I'll pay you.
3203NelsTheNaughtyTopicDon't you even care that Nels is dead? Maybe you killed him!
3204INFOGENERALDon't you even care what's happening? Bruma has been saved! The Great Gate has been closed! There is hope for us all, whether you like it or not.
3205QuestionDon't you find Fathis Aren's skill in Conjuration impressive?
3206GREETINGDon't you have a book to read? Or something else very important I've told you to do?
3207GREETINGDon't you have a fight scheduled? I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to bet on your own match! You'd best get into the Arena!
3208HELLODon't you have a rat problem to be handling, boot?
3209GREETINGDon't you have something better to do than bother perfectly innocent people with your idiotic rambling? But if you insist, go right on ahead.
3210GREETINGDon't you have something to do?
3211GOODBYEDon't you have something to find?
3212HELLODon't you have somewhere else to be?
3213GREETINGDon't you have work to do? Like getting rid of those Demented bastards?
3214SE40GreetingChoice1Don't you know? You don't, do you? Well, it's lucky you met me. Here you've been walking around as if nothing could happen!
3215Dark18Choice2ADon't you see? Our Dread Father foresaw your defeat of the traitor, here in this very crypt! You have been chosen! You are to be my new Listener!
3216Dark16Choice2CDon't you see? The traitor somehow switched your orders, and has been sending you to the wrong dead drops! You and I have been deceived.
3217QuestionDon't you think Hafid Hollowleg does a good job at Jerall View?
3218QuestionDon't you think Mach-Na runs an excellent bookstore?
3219GREETINGDon't you understand me? You're trespassing, and must leave, or I'll call the guard!
3220GREETINGDon't you worry, my friend. I'll get us out of here!
3221NelsTheNaughtyTopicDon't you worry, my friend. Nels won't get away with this. Not on my watch.
3222MG04Choice4ADon't you worry, what with the recent killings and all? I'd be ever so scared, if it were me. I haven't left the Inn in days, just in case!
3223SE04DoIKnowHerDon't you? If you don't, you might. You wouldn't fall for her, though. Not the type.
3224COERCELOVEDon't, please! I'm sorry!
3225GOODBYEDoomed! We're all doomed!
3226ArcaneULecture1Doomstones have red runes, and are associated with stone circles. Runestones have blue runes, and appear as solitary monuments.
3227DovesiDranTopicDovesi couldn't have been any more than fifteen years old. What threat could she have posed? Why was she murdered? Damn it, I mean to find out!
3228DovesiDranTopicDovesi is a Dark Elf. They call themselves Dunmer. When I was young, I spent some time stationed at Fort Moonmoth on their homeland of Morrowind.
3229DovesiDranTopicDovesi is a sweet young lass. She reminds me of someone I knew. But perhaps we should talk about something else.
3230DovesiDranTopicDovesi is young and weak, yet the killer left her alive. Why? She couldn't possibly have anything to do with the murders... could she?
3231DovesiDranTopicDovesi's upset by the murder but she'll be okay. I get the sense she's seen worse things in her life.
3232GREETINGDovyn Aren. Yeah, I still do training. I'm not what I used to be, but I can still teach Alteration just fine.
3233AttackDown with the Madgod!
3234SE06ShoutStartAttackDown with the Mazken!
3235AttackDown with this false Paradise!
3236LordDradEstatesDrad purchased the land and title from Council. It cost him a fortune, and he's determined to make it pay.
3237LordDradTOPICDrad's a fancy pants who lives in a pretty house with a pretty wife because he screws over folks like you and me. He makes us puke.
3238ArenaChampName12Dragonheart, huh? I like it! Yeah, that'll do nicely. All right, it's time to see if you're crazy good or just plain crazy.
3239GREETINGDralora Athram. I came here with Ulen fifteen years ago. Best thing we ever did.
3240GREETINGDranas Llethro. I just got back from Solstheim. Boy, was that a mess. And now I'm out of work.
3241SE02PasswallDredhwen's been selling what they left behind. So, if you need something, talk to her. She's in the Wastrel's Purse.
3242GREETINGDrels Theran. I'm the count's Special Inquisitor in charge of suppressing the Renrijra Krin insurgents.
3243GOODBYEDrink up and eat something. You'll need your strength.
3244GREETINGDrink. Drink! We need to go.
3245GREETINGDrink. It is time to go.
3246AttackDrive them back!
3247AttackDrive them back!
3248GREETINGDro'Nahrah. I'm Count Bravil's steward. I'm sorry, but please, I have too much on my mind to talk.
3249GREETINGDro'shanji greets you. His work is the castle grounds, grand gardens green. Dro'shanji also is Advanced Trainer in Security.
3250StealDrop it, you sticky-palmed little worm!
3251GREETINGDrop your weapon! Hand over your stolen goods and face the Lord's justice. Pay your due reparations, or it's the dungeon for you.
3252MagesGuildTopicDruja has a wide variety of spells for sale, if there's something you need. Most of them are simple, but they're a good starting point.
3253GOODBYEDrunk with madness! Madness for all!
3254GREETINGDue to outstanding fines owed to the city, Aldos Othran's property has been seized and is now sealed until further notice. Good day.
3255INFOGENERALDuke Thadon's got his happy juice back, I hear. Good for him. He's always kept things very orderly. I like him.
3256INFOGENERALDul gro-Shug always seems at ease in light armor. He moves well in it.
3257GREETINGDul gro-Shug. I could show you a thing or two about Security... for a small consideration.
3258GREETINGDulphumph gro-Urgash, Scalon killer. You'll keep quiet, if you know what's good for you. Never know when one might be sneaking up behind you.
3259INFOGENERALDumag gro-Bonk at The Missing Pauldron is collecting that Amber you find in the root tunnels.
3260GREETINGDumania Jirich, Primate of Anvil. I speak with the voice of Dibella, and greet you with love.
3261SEChaliceofReversalDunroot Burrow is your goal, my friend. And what a goal it is.
3262INFOGENERALDuring these terrible times, I think people need juggling more than ever to take their minds off their troubles.
3263SE07RitualNoMDuring this, the exiting regent imbibes three doses of the potent drug. This causes his heart to burst... and his lifeblood flows from his body.
3264dutiesDuties for you. Fine. I'll speak slowly so you can keep up. I want you to contact Maglir.
3265INFOGENERALDuty calls, citizen. Madgod's blessings upon you.
3266GREETINGDuty calls.
3267dutiesDuty. That's what all this is about, isn't it? The Blackwood Company is destroying us. They steal our contracts; they steal our members.
3268AttackE'Tah Aureal!
3269AttackE'Tah Mazken!
3270BlackBowsEach Black Bow you bring me means another Black Bow Bandit slain.
3271SE03AInstExplainChoicesEach chamber presents two options. When you push the appropriate button, an event will unfold for the adventurers to experience.
3272SE03ReactivatedEach crystal has a matching receptacle called a Judgment Nexus. Even you can't miss them.
3273contractEach guest, at some point in the past, wronged their mysterious host. Now he's hired us to exact his revenge.
3274SE08ObeliskTopicEach heart will increase the power of the obelisk until it eventually overloads and shuts down, closing the portal.
3275SE08ObeliskTopicEach heart will increase the power of the obelisk until it eventually overloads and shuts down, closing the portal.
3276MagesGuildTopicEach local guild hall has its own way of doing things. That means each hall has its own set of problems.
3277ForlornWatchmanEach night, he wanders the shore of Niben Bay. Then he stops and looks mournfully out to sea.
3278SE09MiscRelmynaExperimentEach person's pain threshold is different, isn't it?
3279MS46GoblinWarEach tribe guards a head in its lair. Whose head, I don't know. A sacred tribal totem or something like that.
3280SE35BrithaurEaril has a big problem with Brithaur. I don't know exactly what the problem is, but it's safe to say Earil is making a huge fuss over it.
3281SE35BrithaurEaril owns a magic shop in town called Earil's Mysteries. If you want to know more, I'd suggest you ask him yourself.
3282INFOGENERALEaril's Mysteries sells a number of unique spells. Doesn't sell any mysteries, though.
3283GenericBanditBEasily done.
3284ImperialCityTopicEast of the city, at the head of the Red River, is a shrine to Vaermina.
3285BarterEat well, while you have your health. I'm sure I have something that would interest you.
3286GREETINGEdgar Vautrine. You don't want the very best. You want cheap. And I got cheap.
3287GREETINGEdla. Edla Dark-Heart. If you want to be a Marksman, I can train you. If you can breathe, I can teach you.
3292GREETINGEh? Oh... I'm sorry. I was just... nothing. Never mind. I am Ranarr-Jo. I work the fields here in Fellmoor.
3293GREETINGEh? You again? You ready to hear about an old man's troubles?
3294GREETINGEight of the evening watch, and all's well. And you, too, ma'am.
3295GREETINGEight of the evening watch, and all's well. And you, too, sir.
3296GREETINGEight of the morning watch, and all's well. Good day, ma'am.
3297GREETINGEight of the morning watch, and all's well. Good day, sir.
3298MS46GoblinWarEither kill the attacking tribe's shaman, or recover the "tribal head" from the rival tribe, which is likely the cause of the war.
3299TG03LexMyvrynaEither way, it's over. You didn't really think I'd trust the likes of you for very long?
3300SE39PodPitYesEither way, you will have a piece of blue sky.
3301GOODBYEEither you have it, or you don't. Don't play games with me.
3302NelsTheNaughtyTopicEither you or Nels is the killer! I can't trust either of you, so just stay away from me!
3303MG05Choice2AEither you're lying to me, or your feeble little mind has forgotten that you put it down someplace. I'm not amused. Go get the book.
3304ElanteTOPICElante is a scholar, interested in researching Daedra worship. Meet her in Brittlerock Cave, help her find the shrine, and keep her safe.
3305INFOGENERALElante of Alinor? She's the Daedric scholar, right? She'll live to write again, thanks to the Fighters Guild.
3306GOODBYEElements... Dreamworld... HA! That's the best yarn I've heard in years!
3307MS05DreamworldTopicElements? Inside a dream? Bah! That's the most foolish thing I've ever heard! Get away from me... you're clearly insane!
3308NecromancersEletta and Zahrasha dead? I can't believe it!
3309NecromancersEletta and Zahrasha dead? I can't believe it!
3310GREETINGEleven of the evening watch, and all's well. Long day, ma'am.
3311GREETINGEleven of the evening watch, and all's well. Long day, sir.
3312GREETINGEleven of the morning watch, and all's well. Good day, ma'am.
3313GREETINGEleven of the morning watch, and all's well. Good day, sir.
3314Dark04DrethConvoEleven! Eleven years in this rat-infested hole! But I'm getting out, and you'll still be stuck in here! Ha ha ha ha ha!
3315EmfridHotEmfrid? She owns the Grey Mare, right? Huh. I go to the Oak and Crosier.
3316MQ03MartinB3Emperor Uriel Septim? You think the emperor is my father?
3317MQ02JauffreA2Emperor Uriel? Do you know something about his death?
3318OblivionGateTopicEmperor, Amulet, and Dragonfire--with these divine gifts, the daedra of Oblivion have been kept at bay for thousands of years.
3319INFOGENERALEmperors have been assassinated before, but this time... I don't know. It's different. Can't you feel it? A shadow has fallen across all of Tamriel.
3320GREETINGEnchanted to meet you. Delmar, Enchanter Extraordinaire to the Mages Guild! At your service. Got some enchanting in mind?
3321ImperialCityTopicEnchanting city. A real eye-full. Just walk and gawk. Stroll along the Greenway and around the Palace.
3322MG08Choice1AEnchanting staves can be a tricky business. Only certain spells will be truly useful to you, so I'll narrow it down some.
3323GREETINGEnilroth, Morvayn's apprentice.
3324BarterBuyItemEnjoy it.
3325GOODBYEEnjoy the manor.
3326GREETINGEnjoy the manor. It suits you well.
3327GOODBYEEnjoy your stay here.
3328SE01HaskillChoice9Enjoy your stay.
3330GOODBYEEnlightening, as always.
3331GOODBYEEnough talk.
3332Dark18TraitorTalkEnough! Enough of this! You will all suffer for the pain you have caused me! I will destroy your Night Mother, and the Dark Brotherhood will fall!
3333SE13JyggalagSpeechEnough! I am beaten. The Greymarch is ended.
3334SE07AThadonLeavesEnough! I go to Jyggalag. I give myself to him, as a Priest of Order! This isn't done, Madgod. I think it's just started.
3335SE06KanehMirelEnough! I've made my decision. We will attack down the main passage, as planned. The Mazken will not withstand us!
3336SE01HaskillChoice8Enter or do not, but make your decision. I've other duties to which I must attend.
3337HitErgh! What twisted mind spawned these beasts?
3338GREETINGEridor says I ain't supposed to chat with people in town. Sorry.
3339vampirehuntersEridor's the chap in charge. I've talked to him and Shamar; didn't catch the names of the other two. They'll be back around midnight, I think.
3340INFOGENERALErina Jeranus isn't the most social inkeeper in the world, but she runs a good, clean house.
3341MG01AdrienneConvErm, well... yes. I'll just pack up my supplies and be on my way, then. Thank you for sending someone to help me.
3342WeynonPrioryTopicEronor, a lay brother, tends after the sheep and our little farm.
3343GREETINGErr, look. If you're here for information, I'm afraid you'll have to find it on your own. I'm swamped right now; up to my ears in Necromancy.
3344INFOGENERALErthor is causing trouble at the Mages Guild again. Seems his experiments are always blowing up.
3345TG06EscapedPrisonersEscaping prisoners!
3346SE08SheldenGreeting3Escort me out of here, protect me, get me home, and those people will praise you more than you can imagine.
3347ICAnnouncerEsteemed Grand Champion, you may leave the Arena now! See the Blademaster to receive your winnings, and be awarded your Raiment of Valor!
3348HackdirtTopicEtira, she's the one that found them old books. Learned the runes, how to speak to them again. But they want blood, she says, or they'll not help us.
3349INFOGENERALEugal Belette is an odd one... and I swear I heard strange noises coming from his basement not long ago.
3350INFOGENERALEvade the horrid Hunger, the Madgod's favorite pet. If your strength lies in your use of shock, you've just increased its threat.
3351SECreatureResponsesEvade the horrid Hunger, the Madgod's favorite pet. If your strength lies in your use of shock, you've just increased its threat.
3352GREETINGEven a small bit of good news is refreshing in these grim times. I salute your courage, Savior of Cheydinhal!
3353informationEven I know that some from your guild have defected to join him. I believe you can be trusted, as you have been attacked once already.
3354GREETINGEven if Farwil doesn't say it, we appreciate that you're here.
3355NelsTheNaughtyTopicEven if I do think Nels is the killer, I wouldn't share my thoughts with the likes of you.
3356DarMaTopicEven if I had, why would I know anything about her goin' missing? Not that I'm saying I ever seen her. Cause I haven't.
3357CreaturesEven if it was true, it's out in the forest somewhere. We need to keep what's inside the town walls safe, not go running around outside them.
3358INFOGENERALEven if the Resonator of Judgment is working again, I bet it won't deter Them. I'm still not safe.
3359INFOGENERALEven if you don't agree with the method, you have to respect the hard work it takes to replace a Duchess.
3360INFOGENERALEven if you don't agree with the method, you have to respect the hard work it takes to replace a Duke.
3361HELLOEven in its ruined state, it is magnificent, isn't it? In the days of its power, Nenalata must have been glorious indeed.
3362INFOGENERALEven Sheogorath knows it's not safe here. Probably afraid of the buildings falling in on him.
3363GOODBYEEven Sheogorath won't help me.
3364SE39CindanweEven still, if I don't get my work done... I need to harvest at least five pod pits before the day is done.
3365INFOGENERALEven the great Lord Sheogorath forsakes us. The bones are getting louder.
3366FawilTopicEven though he may be a bit misguided, I'm still proud to call him my son.
3367SE08CommanderGreeting3aEven though I have served with these Aureals for centuries, as the Duke of Mania, it is your right to command the troops.
3368SE08CommanderGreeting3aEven though I have served with these Mazken for decades, as the Duke of Dementia, it is your right to command the troops.
3369SE34WhyNeedEven though I never intend to be a Knight again, that Medallion represents an important part of my past.
3370GREETINGEven though you are the Gray Fox, I'm going to look the other way this time.
3371MS27UmbacanoC2Even to gaze upon it would have been death to anyone of the lesser races in the old days...
3372MS27UmbacanoC1Even to gaze upon it would have been death to anyone of the lesser races in the old days...
3373INFOGENERALEven with the Blackwood Company gone, we still need to work hard to restore the reputation of the guild.
3374GREETINGEven worse, you killed the Listener! The Black Hand without a Listener is like a hand with no thumb. Even the Listener's successor is dead!
3375GREETINGEvening, ma'am.
3376GREETINGEvening, sir.
3379QuestionEver bought enchanting supplies from Calindil?
3380contractEver broken out of jail? How do you feel about breaking into one? The Imperial Prison, to be exact. We need a prisoner... silenced. Can you do it?
3381QuestionEver needed cash in a hurry? You should try Jensine's.
3382INFOGENERALEver since that gate appeared, the city guards have been on alert. I hope they can protect us.
3383SE03ATellMeMoreEver since that wretched Gatekeeper was made, Xedilian became redundant. It fell into disrepair and was eventually all but forgotten.
3384AldosOthranTopicEver since then, he's been drunk. Sure, he gets rowdy sometimes, but he's never hurt anyone.
3385FinesEver since Ulrich Leland took over the Captain of the Guard post, this city's gone downhill. It's getting almost scary to walk the streets.
3386QuestionEver spent a night in the Tiber Septim?
3387GREETINGEver vigilant. That's my motto. They'll sneak up on you. Because they're sneaky. Sneaky fur. Sneaky whiskers.
3388SE04ObelisksTopicEver wonder why flies like both? Best not to ask.
3389SE11Dyus1aEvery birth. Every death. The rise of Tiber Septim. The Numidium. Everything. All predicted with the formulae found within Jyggalag's library.
3390SE11Dyus1aEvery birth. Every death. The rise of Tiber Septim. The Numidium. Everything. All predicted with the formulae found within Jyggalag's library.
3391HELLOEvery day is like being born. So new and so alive!
3392SQ05RaelynntheGravefinderEvery day, it seems the number of undead increase. If someone can get into the cave and kill Raelynn, maybe we can stem the tide.
3393TG06PaleLadyEvery few days she comes for one of us. Some return, some don't. Those that are taken three times never return.
3394SE30ForgeBootsEvery girl needs a good pair of shoes.
3395MS46OtherOptionsEvery goblin tribe is led by a shaman, but she mostly stays hidden in the heart of the lair. Well protected.
3396GREETINGEvery last Dark Elf in Bleaker's Way is dead. Such madness... how did it ever start?
3397BRIBEEvery little bit helps.
3398tasksEvery mage carries a staff. It is crafted and enchanted by the guild, and is a symbol of status. You need such a staff.
3399GREETINGEvery moment that Baenlin draws breath is an affront to Sithis and the Night Mother. Fulfill the contract and honor the Brotherhood as you should.
3400NelsTheNaughtyTopicEvery now and then he looks over at me and smiles. I think he's sweet on me. If Nels finds the gold, maybe he'll want some company.
3401INFOGENERALEvery person in Split has been divided into their Manic and Demented halves.
3402INFOGENERALEvery resident of Split has a double living in the town.
3403SE08SheldenGreeting1Every time I look for a way out, I get twisted around and end up back here. But I'm too smart for them.
3404RosentiaGallenusTopicEvery time I pass by that woman's house, I hear odd animal noises and smell a foul odor. Maybe she's caring for some sick pet or something.
3405GREETINGEvery time I see the Torch shining with the flame of Dementia, I blame you.
3406ImperialCityTopicEvery time I walk past the Temple, I'll remember that terrible day and how you and Martin delivered us from destruction.
3407GREETINGEvery time it gets quiet, they come back stronger and in greater numbers.
3408HELLOEverybody needs a copy of the Black Horse Courier!
3409GREETINGEverybody needs a copy of the Black Horse Courier. Imperial Watch raids the waterfront.
3410GREETINGEverybody's talking about how you and Captain Burd closed that Oblivion Gate outside town. You're a real hero around here!
3411INFOGENERALEverybody's talking about the Hero of Kvatch! They say he actually went into an Oblivion Gate and destroyed it.
3412INFOGENERALEverybody's talking about the Hero of Kvatch! They say she actually went into an Oblivion Gate and destroyed it.
3413GREETINGEveryone calls me Sten the Ugly. I got tired of beating people up for it. So go ahead. Live it up.
3414ImperialCityTopicEveryone comes to the Big City to buy and sell. Why not? More stores, better selection, better prices.
3415INFOGENERALEveryone feels sorry for the Fighters Guild, but they can't function without leadership.
3416MQ15SavageGardenEveryone here died in the Master's service. As the Master promised, we are now immortal, like the daedra.
3417MS47WhatHappenedEveryone in Aleswell suddenly became invisible several weeks ago. It was sort of fun at first, but the novelty has definitely worn off now.
3418INFOGENERALEveryone in Summitmist Manor is dead! There was some kind of party that went horribly awry, or so I hear.
3419LeyawiinTopicEveryone in town knows about my hobby... collecting unusual examples of the arcane crafts. My husband left me quite comfortable, bless his cinders.
3420TG01JoinThievesGuildEveryone is here. Let's begin. Each of you is seeking membership in the Thieves Guild.
3421INFOGENERALEveryone is talking about that damned Resonator of Judgment -- talking instead of working.
3422IdleEveryone is talking, but no one has anything to say.
3423INFOGENERALEveryone is tired of Brithaur's antics.
3424CheydinhalNQDResponsesEveryone is very fond of Ohtesse. And her healing skills are simply excellent.
3425CheydinhalTopicEveryone is waiting to see if Farwil and his knights return from inside that dreadful Oblivion Gate. Such brave lads!
3426TG09FathisArenEveryone knows he's the court wizard. But I reckon you want to know more. Is it worth a few coins?
3427AnnouncerEveryone loves an advancement match, so let's watch as these two brave Myrmidons face off in a battle to the death! Combatants, to arms!
3428INFOGENERALEveryone needs to buckle down and get the work done. And Vilena needs to get out and push guild contracts.
3429GOODBYEEveryone wants my weapons. But they're my weapons. Mine!
3430TGGrayFoxEveryone wants to know about the Gray Fox. Gray Fox this, Gray Fox that. He's just a man, not a Daedric lord.
3431INFOGENERALEveryone wants to know what really happened in the Temple. What happened to Martin? Was the fiery dragon really Akatosh?
3432GangEveryone's making fun of me because I fell for the siren's charms. Well, now I have the last laugh!
3433INFOGENERALEveryone's saying there's trouble in Kvatch. The whole town destroyed. Only a few survivors.
3434INFOGENERALEveryone's talking about Duke Thadon and his Chalice. How tedious. Don't people understand I have important work to finish?
3435INFOGENERALEveryone's talking about the assassination, of course. Here. Take my copy of the new Black Horse Courier. Go ahead. Keep it.
3436INFOGENERALEveryone's talking about the victory over Mehrunes Dagon! I can hardly believe that the great Oblivion Crisis is over.
3437DarkSancTalk2Everyone's talking about your latest exploits. Not only did you eliminate the target, but his six Imperial Legion escorts as well! Most impressive.
3438MQWhatNextEverything else is just buying time for us to get the Amulet of Kings back from Mankar Camoran.
3439TG08MothPriestNoteEverything in that document is true. My identity cannot be known. In fact I just told you my true name twice, but I bet you don't remember it.
3440GREETINGEverything is gone. What a shame.
3441GREETINGEverything is just so... desolate. My inn is ruined and... oh, it's terrible...
3442HELLOEverything is ready for Martin's arrival, don't worry.
3443MS46GoblinsEverything was going well. We had set up camp at Cropsford, and it looked like a beautiful spot. Then the goblins attacked.
3444HELLOEverything's so dirty!
3445GREETINGEw. You smell worse than that cat, Bhisha. Get away from me!
3446FollowupPositiveExactly. Sometimes I think he's following me. I've tried to talk to him but he always hurries off when he sees me coming.
3447GREETINGExcellent work my friend! All we need is the Brush, and we can leave this place.
3448GREETINGExcellent work, my friend. May the manor give you many years of happiness. I'm now off to the Imperial City once more. Farewell!
3449NecromancersMoonExcellent work. I believe this will be of use to the Council. I shall make sure they're made aware of its contents.
3450MQ07ProgressAllDeadExcellent work. I knew I could count on you. The gods did not idly choose you as their agent, whatever you may think.
3451MQ07ProgressPlansExcellent work. I knew I could count on you. The gods did not idly choose you as their agent, whatever you may think.
3454DAClavicusSpeechExcellent! A pitiful sword with a pitiful soul in exchange for a Masque fit for a god. You've gotten the better of this bargain, mortal.
3455VampireTopicExcellent! Another vampire has been slain. Here's your reward.
3456MS39YesExcellent! But before you go, you're going to need to learn a bit more about Nirnoot. Otherwise you may walk in circles and never find any.
3457HorseBuyBravilExcellent! Go out to the corral. Antione will have your new Bay saddled and ready for you.
3458MS02ManorBuyChoice1Excellent! Here's the key to the front door and the deed of ownership. I hope you enjoy your new home.
3459BRIBEExcellent! I accept!
3460weaponsshipmentExcellent! I long to sink a blade into some goblin flesh.
3461weaponsshipmentExcellent! I long to sink a blade into some goblin flesh.
3462weaponsshipmentExcellent! I long to sink a blade into some goblin flesh.
3463weaponsshipmentExcellent! I long to sink a blade into some goblin flesh.
3464HouseServantEyjaYesExcellent! I'll move in immediately!
3465SE39MissionChoice2Excellent! Let me see that.... A-ha! It's right here. Written in her own hand. She is planning to murder us all. I knew it!
3466Dark01Choice4AExcellent! Now please, accept this token from the Dark Brotherhood. It is a virgin blade, and thirsts for blood. May it serve your endeavors well.
3467TGPayExpelFineExcellent! The guild accepts your... apology and welcomes you back into the fold.
3468MageTalk3Excellent! This is exciting news indeed, magister! Just think of the possible advances in Restoration and Alteration!
3470GREETINGExcellent. A fine example of a Daedric shrine. Sorry for the trouble getting here. Let's keep moving.
3471TG03acceptExcellent. Bring it back to me once you have it.
3472MS16Choice5AExcellent. Curiosity should never be denied, is it not so? And who knows, my story may prove profitable to both of us once it has come to its end.
3473Dark01FinChoice1AExcellent. Here is what you must do. Go to the Waterfront District of the Imperial City. There you will find a ship named the Marie Elena.
3474SE42YesSellExcellent. Here's your money. I should have paid you last week. I'm dreadfully sorry about the delay.
3475FGD02Choice6Excellent. Here's your payment. Come back if you find more.
3476MS21InterestedExcellent. Here, take a look at this sketch. The ancient texts refer to this site only as "The High Fane." Do you know it?
3477MG01Choice1AExcellent. I just don't have the time to search for him again, but I do need to consult him about some notes he borrowed.
3478MS23RolandDeadExcellent. I knew you wouldn't disappoint the Order. Here's the reward that was promised. However, I must ask that you reveal nothing about us.
3479SE37YesExcellent. I'll just take them.
3480SE14Rez1Excellent. I'm sure things will go better this time. Good seeing you, Milord.
3481BedYesExcellent. I'm sure you'll be quite satisfied.
3482MG05Choice1AExcellent. It's a simple task, really - all you need to do is fetch a book for me.
3483MG05Choice1AExcellent. It's a simple task, really - all you need to do is fetch a book for me.
3484BedYesExcellent. It's just down the stairs there. The door is impossible to miss. I'm sure you'll sleep very well.
3485BedYesExcellent. It's up the stairs there, and then directly across the hallway. Center room, wonderful view of the city. Sleep well!
3486MQ05TarMeenaYesBooksExcellent. Let's see ... yes! The first letter of each paragraph spells out a message!
3487Dark06FinChoice1AExcellent. Now listen closely. Nestled in the mountains to the west lies Fort Sutch. It is the home of the warlord Roderick and his mercenaries.
3488BedYesExcellent. The room is on the floor upstairs, at the west end of the hall. I do hope you rest well.
3489FGJoin1Excellent. You are now an Associate in the Fighters Guild. You should report to either Azzan in Anvil or Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal for contracts.
3490MG11Choice1AExcellent. You have become most reliable, and I assure you that the Council appreciates it. Now, to the matter at hand.
3491TG05YesExcellent. Yours is the last item on the list. Now we just wait for the powers that be to pull the plug on Hieronymus Lex's seige.
3492MQ07SpiesExcept for Jearl coming back from a trip down south, things are pretty quiet. Not much travel right now with the Oblivion Crisis.
3493SE06GreatTorchTopicExcept it doesn't! It's gone out. Happens every time the Greymarch begins. Which it has.
3494SE07SheoIntro3Except where the backbone is an actual backbone. Ever been to Malacath's realm...? Nasty stuff. But, back to the business at hand.
3495HELLOExcuse me, Brother. Can you spare a moment?
3496TimeToGoExcuse me, but you have to leave now. I need to lock up.
3497GREETINGExcuse me, citizen.
3498HELLOExcuse me, fellow magister. Is now a good time to talk?
3499GOODBYEExcuse me, I have important things to do.
3500GREETINGExcuse me, I must have nodded off there.
3501HELLOExcuse me, madam.
3502HELLOExcuse me, may I have a moment of your time?
3503HELLOExcuse me, my lady.
3504HELLOExcuse me, my lord.
3505HELLOExcuse me, my lord. I need to clean right where you're standing.
3506HELLOExcuse me, sir.
3507HELLOExcuse me, Sister. Can you spare a moment?
3508GREETINGExcuse me, the Empire doesn't run itself, you know. Submit a complaint to the usual department and I'm sure someone will take care of it.
3509HELLOExcuse me.
3510HELLOExcuse me.
3511GOODBYEExcuse me.
3512GREETINGExcuse me. Can I help you? Are you looking for Prior Maborel? Or Jauffre?
3513HELLOExcuse me. I need to sweep right where you're standing.
3514GREETINGExcuse me. I need to take these people to the encampment.
3515GOODBYEExcuse me. I see something I need to clean.
3516BravilTopicExcuse me. I stay to myself. I have always found the wrong sort of friends. Now I do without.
3517GREETINGExcuse me. I'm Irlav Jarol, a researcher for Arcane University. Ayleids are my specialty.
3518GREETINGExcuse me. I'm on duty.
3519HELLOExcuse me. If you have a moment, I would speak with you.
3520PakseechTopicExcuse me. In the Imperial tongue, it means, roughly, 'clan chair' -- the seat of the clan patriarch.
3521GREETINGExcuse me. My name is Angalmo. Can I help you?
3522GREETINGExcuse me. Perhaps you're an adventurer? Could you assist me in acquiring something for my crystal collection?
3523GREETINGExcuse me. We have a small problem that we hope you can help us with.
3524HELLOExcuse me...
3525MatildePetitTopicExcuse me? You want to question me about Matilde? Two people have been murdered, you fool! Get your priorities straight!
3526BlackSoulGemMG17Exercise caution when approaching the ruins; the Necromancers control that area and you may inadvertently expose your allies' position.
3527GREETINGExercise your mind and body through working hard, each and every moment.
3528GOODBYEExhausted Mine is not far to the southeast. Be careful, its many twists and turns hide the Goblin hordes.
3529BlackBrugoTopicExpect Brugo and his boys in Telepe, Middas, after midnight.
3530MQ03MartinA1Explain yourself or leave me alone. There are many others here who actually need your help.
3531EyeofNocturnalTOPICEye of Nocturnal? Doesn't sound familiar to me.
3532SE07BThadonDeathSpeech04Eyes as blue as a cerulean sea...uhh...what...
3533TestToddHappyFabulous! That's great. Good for you!
3534INFOGENERALFadus Calidius sure can use a shield. I've never seen him take a hit!
3535SkingradTopicFadus Calidus at the Fighters Guild also teaches Block, but he'd be the first to admit I'm his superior in every way.
3536FaelianTopicFaelian used to have money... used to be quite a gentleman, too. But that was before he took a fancy to the... you know. The skooma.
3537FaelianTopicFaelian, you say? Why yes, I know who he is. Rather distasteful fellow, actually. I believe he lives at the Tiber Septim Hotel.
3538FaelianTopicFaelian, you say? Why yes, I know who he is. Rather distasteful fellow, actually. I believe he lives at the Tiber Septim Hotel.
3539FaelianTopicFaelian, you say? Why yes, I know who he is. Rather distasteful fellow, actually. I believe he lives right here, at the Tiber Septim Hotel.
3540FaelianTopicFaelian? He... he's my sweet. My true love. But I don't know why I'm telling this to you. I mean, we hardly know each other and all...
3541FaelianTopicFaelian? Hey, that's my name! Yeah. I'm Faelian.
3542FaelianTopicFaelian? Oh, I know him all right! A waste of life, that one. He lives here you know, with his sweetheart, Atraena.
3543FaelianTopicFaelian? Yes, I know who he is. But I'm really not in the habit of discussing such things with strangers...
3544AttackFail and fall!
3545TG09BribeBeggarFair enough. Fathis is also the wizard in the tower southeast of town. He keeps his most treasured items there, not in the castle.
3546TG04NoBribeBeggarFair enough. He left town yesterday. I heard he was going to... uh, Anvil. Yeah, that's right. No need to go lookin' for him. He's gone.
3547Dark07MercConvoFaith? Are you telling me we're supposed to rely on the good graces of the Divines to keep Roderick alive? Even he would laugh at such nonsense!
3548RecommendationFalcar always has been pretty harsh, even when it comes to basic lessons. He seems to have gotten worse lately, though.
3549INFOGENERALFalcar at the Mages Guild seems to be angry all the time. I avoid him when I can.
3550ShadeoftheRevenantFalcar did leave this behind; I think it fell from his notes as he left. I didn't pay it much attention, but perhaps it will be of use to you.
3551RecommendationFalcar gives out the strangest assignments sometimes. It's as if he doesn't really care about them.
3552VidkunTopicFalcar must have known, and yet he said nothing. How could he allow this to happen?
3553ShadeoftheRevenantFalcar was here some time ago, asking about just such a thing. Said it was for research. He had a large sheaf of notes with him about it.
3554FleeFall back to the city before it's too late!
3555FleeFall back!
3556SE08CommanderBattle01Fall back! Mazken! Retreat! Fall back to the town center! Now! Now! MOVE!
3557AttackFall before me, Breton!
3558AttackFall before me, scum!
3559AttackFall before me, scum!
3562SE34YesFantastic! I will mark Fetid Grove on your map. Good luck to you, friend!
3563MS05ReadyFantastic! Let's be off then.
3564AnswerStatusFantastic! Thanks for asking.
3565AnswerStatusFantastic! Thanks for asking.
3566ElixirofExplorationFantastic! You actually found 10 of the Nirnroot. I'll begin making the Elixir of Exploration right away.
3567SE38OddityDonateFantastic. I can't tell you what it means to me to have this in my collection. You are a good soul.
3568BravilTopicFar be it from me to criticize my patron and sovereign. Bravil obviously flourishes under his wise and beneficent rule.
3569MS27HerminiaB1Far from it. His interest in the Ayleids is not that of a mere scholar. He hopes to unlock the secrets of their magical power.
3570contractFar to the west there lives a fierce warlord and his company of loyal mercenaries. Your target is the warlord. Do you accept this contract?
3571GOODBYEFare thee well.
3572GOODBYEFare thee well.
3573GOODBYEFare thee well.
3574GOODBYEFarewell then.
3577GOODBYEFarewell! And tell your friends! The Inn of Ill Omen is open for business, as always!
3578GOODBYEFarewell, and be careful, Kurdan is not to be trusted.
3579MS13StaffofIndarysFarewell, and may Arkay guide you.
3580MS13ThornbladeTopicFarewell, and may Arkay guide you.
3581GOODBYEFarewell, and may you find your way home safely each night to a warm fire.
3582GOODBYEFarewell, Arch-Mage.
3583GOODBYEFarewell, Brother.
3584GOODBYEFarewell, child.
3585GOODBYEFarewell, citizen.
3586GOODBYEFarewell, friend.
3587GOODBYEFarewell, magister. May your spells never falter.
3588GOODBYEFarewell, my friend!
3589GOODBYEFarewell, my friend.
3590GOODBYEFarewell, my friend.
3591GOODBYEFarewell, my friend. May your blade always strike true. And first. He he.
3592MQ15RitualReadyFarewell, my friend. Our fate is in your hands. Bring back the Amulet of Kings.
3593GOODBYEFarewell, My Lord.
3594GOODBYEFarewell, serjo.
3595GOODBYEFarewell, Sister.
3596GOODBYEFarewell, Spellbreaker.
3597GOODBYEFarewell, Star-Bearer.
3598GOODBYEFarewell, Your Grace.
3618GOODBYEFarewell. May the roads carry you safely in your journeys.
3619GOODBYEFarewell. So much to bake, so little time!
3620GOODBYEFarewell. Stay safe.
3621GREETINGFarewell. You've been a good friend, in the short time that I've known you.
3622INFOGENERALFarwil Indarys almost got himself killed in Cheydinhal. Here. Take my Black Horse Courier. It's all in there.
3623FawilTopicFarwil is a Dunmer, and he's wearing steel plate armor. His shield should bear the crest of the Knights. Nothing but the best for the Count's son.
3624HitFate chose you well.
3625ValusOdiilTopicFather will be so proud of us... but I wish he'd been here.
3626MS18ConvoFather's not scared - don't you dare say that! You'll see when he gets here. I'll ask him, and then you'll see!
3627PickpocketNoCrimeFathis Aren's pockets are not for you, thief!
3628GREETINGFathis Ules. I've got a nice house. I have a little income... quite comfortable. Time is light on my hands.
3629GOODBYEFear not, our paths may cross again.
3630INFOGENERALFear the woody Gnarl, the tree that walks and creeps. If you strike them with a spell, the magic it will keep.
3631SECreatureResponsesFear the woody Gnarl, the tree that walks and creeps. If you strike them with a spell, the magic it will keep.
3632SE09BodyPartsFearing one day someone might manage to kill my child, I have been preparing a new body.
3633SEDerveninSpeech03Feast until your belly is full, then fill the wine goblets once more and toast our fortune.
3634AttackFeed me, Lord!
3635GREETINGFeeding time is over, vampire! Go back to the grave that spawned you!
3636GREETINGFeel free to browse, friend.
3637GREETINGFeel free to browse, friend. It's nice to see a new shopper. I was afraid I lost any hope of new business ever since Thoronir opened up.
3638GOODBYEFeel free to question anyone in town, they shouldn't give you too much trouble.
3639GREETINGFeel free to take what you need. The fruits of the conservatory are for all to enjoy.
3640MQ05GwinasFeel free to wait for him if you want to speak to him yourself.
3641PowerAttackFeel the wrath of my ancestors!
3642AttackFeel this!
3643INFOGENERALFeet are for walking. Hands are for hitting. Or shaking. Or waving. Sometimes for clapping.
3644GREETINGFelas and I slipped down here thinking that we'd be safe. But, no! We landed right in the middle of them!
3645GREETINGFelas ran off with them and left me to die! Me! That ingrate! Disloyal cur! Imagine, leaving me here all alone!
3646SEFelldewFelldew is a poison, little one. A very dangerous drug. You'll feel good at first, but that wears off, and if you go long without it, you'll suffer.
3647SEChaliceofReversalFelldew is a poison. It kills. And yet Thadon uses the Chalice he created to twist Felldew into a drug he takes for his own amusement. How sick.
3648SE14AttacksFellmoor can still use your assistance, assuming you can find time in your schedule.
3649INFOGENERALFellmoor must be a lovely place to live. You should visit there, right away.
3650INFOGENERALFellmoor must be a terrible place to live.
3651HELLOFellow Knight! I bid you welcome.
3652HELLOFellow magister, may I speak with you?
3654GREETINGFetid Grove is a dangerous place... please be cautious.
3655SE06ArctusGreetAFew know that the Hero who lights the Torch for Dementia is granted the Ring of Intrigue, a boon for those who would gain access to hidden knowledge.
3656SE04GreymarchTopicFew of the citizens can remember the last Greymarch. Or they choose not to.
3657ArcaneULecture5Few records survive from the Dark Ages of the Potentates. Thus might the secrets of the runestones be lost... in wickedness, vainglory, and neglect.
3658AttackFight fire with fire!
3659SE02OrcCaptainOrdersFight like you mean it!
3660HELLOFight well.
3661AssaultNoCrimeFight! Fight! Fight!
3662ImperialCityTopicFighters Guild has no accommodations in town. Mages Guild members have their own quarters at the Arcane University.
3663INFOGENERALFighters Guild is still better for sensitive jobs, and you know it.
3664INFOGENERALFighters Guild members have been going to Sherina to learn blade skills. She's good, and she'll be the first to tell you so.
3665jointheBlackwoodCompanyFighters Guild, aren't you? Done many jobs for them recently. Yes. What makes you want to join us?
3666GREETINGFighting is fine with me, too, only the Guard objects, and they'll fine you or lock you up. Not my call.
3667INFOGENERALFighting's easy. Just lead them out on the water and shoot them full of holes. If you've got a bow, of course, and can walk on water.
3668goblinsFilthy animals. Some of my kinsmen are partial to them, but I find them reprehensible.
3669GOODBYEFilthy convict scum.
3670Dark04DrethConvoFilthy cur! I told you I was going to get out of here! My time's almost up, and there's nothing you can do about it.
3671FGD02InsultsFilthy Orc! I smell you from here!
3672PickpocketFilthy pickpocket! What did you take?
3673TG06PaleLadyFilthy vampire! She took my cellmate Theranis a few days ago. If it hadn't been for you, I would have been next.
3674MS18OdiilTalk01Filthy vermin!
3675GOODBYEFimmion gone. Bye bye. Go find pumpkin.
3676GREETINGFimmion hungry. Got food? Sweetcakes? Sausages?
3677SE44FimmionChoice3Fimmion hungry. Sweetroll for Fimmion. Pants for you.
3678SE44PantsFimmionFimmion hungry. Want sweetroll. Fimmion like pants. Love sweetroll.
3679SE44FimmionChoice2Fimmion sad. Want sweetroll. No pants for you. Fimmion hungry.
3680SE46DoublesTopicFinally killed him, huh? Thanks. It would have been a lot of effort to find someone else to do it. You've got more to get rid of, though.
3681DAClavicusChoice6Finally signed on with some mercenaries, but I hear that ended, too. We haven't seen her in years.
3682DAClavicusChoice4Finally signed on with some mercenaries, but I hear that ended, too. We haven't seen her in years.
3683IdleFinally something interesting.
3684GREETINGFinally! A new customer! Please... look around. Just promise me you won't buy from that fetcher, Thoronir.
3685GOODBYEFinally! My collection is complete!
3686GOODBYEFinally, a chance for revenge.
3687INFOGENERALFinally, all this mess is sorted out. I can get back to my work. Oh, I've lost so much time.
3688CastleResidentsFinally, I would try speaking to Orok gro-Ghoth who is my Steward. He resides in the Private Quarters section as well.
3689HELLOFinally, I'll be able to retire.
3690GREETINGFinally, Lord Sheogorath has sent someone to assist me!
3691GOODBYEFinally, no need to sleep with an eye open.
3692INFOGENERALFinally, some peace and quiet around here... now I can get some serious work done.
3693MG05Choice2AFinally. I shall see to it that the book is kept safe until the Council decides what should be done with it.
3694GOODBYEFinally... back to the real world.
3695BlackBrugoTopicFind Black Brugo, and execute him for his crimes, and I will make both you and your friend Mazoga Knights-Errant of the White Stallion.
3696GOODBYEFind comfort in your powerlessness.
3697GREETINGFind him, and close shut the jaws of Oblivion.
3698jobsFind ingredients for Margarte, huh? Works for me. I'll let the other men know. Appreciate your help, friend. And Oreyn should be happy.
3699TrainingQuestTopicFind Marana Rian in the Imperial City. She can teach you what you wish to know.
3700SE02BoneArrowsChoiceFind me in a few hours. We'll kill the Gatekeeper.
3701SE30MatricesFind me one of these matrices and enough Amber, and I will craft you a magical item.
3702TrainingQuestTopicFind Olyn Seran. Look for him at a Daedric Shrine; that's where he probably is.
3703MG14Choice1AFind out if Jeanne is all right, and let me know if she needs anything.
3704TG10HelpGFFind out where Springheel Jak is buried and bring me back those boots. Will you do this for me? It pays well.
3705ServicetoLeyawiinTopicFind out why she is here, and report to me, and you will earn a reward suitable for those who serve Leyawiin.
3706GOODBYEFind someone else to bother, won't you?
3707TrainingQuestTopicFind Tandilwe at the Temple of the One in the Imperial City. She can train you further.
3708SE45ForkTopicFind the Fork! Bring it to Big-Head! Sing it to Big-Head!
3709GOODBYEFind the fugitives. Make yourself useful.
3710GREETINGFind the last of my blood, and close shut the marble jaws of Oblivion.
3711GREETINGFind the Sigil Stone. Remove it, and the Gate will close! Hurry! The Keeper has the key-- you must get the key!
3712GOODBYEFind the Stone, please!
3713MQ05TarMeenaBFind them, eh? I won't poke my nose any further. Official business and all that. I'm used to working with the Blades, don't worry. Say no more.
3714DAMeridiaSpeechFind these necromancers. Destroy them and their abominations. Do this, and earn the gratitude of Meridia.
3715DANocturnalSpeechFind these thieves in the city that spans the waters. Learn where they hide my Eye.
3716ArenaAgronakChoice4Find this proof and return it to me, and I'll share with you some of my finest combat techniques. Trust me, you can't learn these moves in a book!
3717ArenaAgronakChoice3Find this proof and return it to me, and I'll share with you some of my finest combat techniques. Trust me, you can't learn these moves in a book!
3718SE05ConspiracyFind those who plot against me. Bring them to me so I might make an example of them.
3719GOODBYEFinding that book should be your top priority, Associate.
3720JeanneFrasoricTopicFinding ways to confuse her just never gets old for me. It's good practice of our skills too. But it's mostly just funny.
3721FGJoin2Fine by me. No great loss. Let me know if you change your mind, though. We can always use fresh meat.
3722HELLOFine greetings to you.
3723SQ09LeaveFine then. I'll find someone else. Someone who isn't too busy to help a desperate old man.
3724MS45WaitFine, but don't be gone too long.
3725SE44NothingMoreFine, but hurry back when you do! It's coming soon. I can tell!
3726FGD07Choice1Fine, fine. I'll come with you. My guards are dead. You win, for now.
3727INFOGENERALFine, fine. So the Realm still stands. That doesn't mean there are any fewer Scalons in the Isles.
3728MS04Here2Fine, then best be on your way.
3731AnswerStatusFine. And you?
3732GOODBYEFine. Be that way.
3733MS08KurdanBoatNoFine. But you better not take too long. I want that axe, and I want it now.
3734FGD02Choice4Fine. Here's your money. Let me know if you find more.
3735MS08KurdanBoatYesFine. I have it waitin' for you at the dock next to the magic shop. Now get outta my sight.
3736SE01HaskillChoice9Fine. I'm sure my Lord will be most pleased, assuming you ever manage to see Him.
3737SE09AssistanceCommandFine. If it be my Lord's will, then it is also my own. But, I am too distraught over the death of my child to return to his womb. This, you must do.
3738SE08SheldenEndFine. Just leave me here to die. Not like anyone will miss me.
3739FGC03Choice2Fine. Let's move.
3740BedNoFine. One less thing for me to clean up afterwards.
3741MS38DionneWarnChoice2Fine. Play it that way. Let me give you some friendly advice. Glarthir is crazy. Maybe harmless crazy, maybe not.
3742BedYesFine. Take the stairs up to the right, the room on the left. No visitors allowed. And no pets.
3743PinerDEMO1Fine. Thanks for asking.
3744FGJoin1Fine. You are now an Associate in the Fighters Guild. For contracts, speak either with me or with Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal. Good luck to you.
3745FGD07Choice5Fine. You don't scare me. Beat me, torture me. I'll never talk to you.
3746dutiesFine. You know what's wrong. How about you go and fix it? NOW!!!
3747MS29ShadyDealFine. You made your point. Contact me when you have the items, and we'll meet again.
3748FGC01Choice2Fine. You've got me. I figured if I left some rotten meat outside, the nasty little things would come out, and the guards would take care of them.
3749MG06Choice1BFine. Your loss though, isn't it? Can't get that recommendation you need.
3750MS43ScampsNoFine... just get out... I can take care of myself!
3751GOODBYEFinish it.
3752GOODBYEFinish what you've started, friend. It'll do wonders for you.
3753GREETINGFirm arms. A strong back. Yes. You'd do nicely. It's a shame. Time will ravage you, destroy you. Whither you. But there are... alternatives.
3754GREETINGFirst a theft, and now a murder. Your crimes are escalating. You have one final chance. Go out and collect the horns of twenty minotaurs.
3755MS29StopAgarmirFirst and foremost, I will never meet with him again. I can promise you that. Secondly, I remember him mentioning a place he had to be this very day.
3756AttackFirst I'll kill you. Then I'll get Ruslan and Luronk. You'll all pay for what you did to me.
3757IdleFirst the vision. Then the conjuration. This is unsettling.
3758CharGenTaunt2First they starve you. Then they beat you. Then, if you're lucky, they kill you. That's right. You're going to die in here!
3759GREETINGFirst you murder, now you steal? Have you gone mad? You're a disgrace. I will offer you one final chance.
3760CGBaurusDFirst you need to get out of here. Through that door must be the entrance to the sewers, past the locked gate. That's where we were heading.
3761ArcaneULecture1First, all rune-marked ancient stones are called runestones, though there are, in fact, two very different classes of runestones.
3762TGRulesFirst, never steal from another member of the guild.
3763SE09CeremonyFirst, place the Gatekeeper's body into the Cistern of Substantiation.
3764SE09CeremonyStartFirst, place the Gatekeeper's body into the Cistern of Substantiation.
3765MazogaTalk03Fisherman's Rock is north of Leyawiin, about six hours walk, on a point of land on the eastern shore of the Niben.
3766MG12FithragaerWhoFithragaer. Battlemage. Sent by the Council to find this traitor....
3767GREETINGFive of the afternoon watch, and all's well. No problems, ma'am.
3768GREETINGFive of the afternoon watch, and all's well. No problems, sir.
3769GREETINGFive of the night watch, and all's well. You're out late, ma'am.
3770GREETINGFive of the night watch, and all's well. You're out late, sir.
3771GREETINGFjotreid. You need armor or weapons, new or repair, come to Hammer and Axe.
3772SE11SheogorathChoice1Flee while you can, mortal. When we next meet I will not know you, and I will slay you like the others.
3773PowerAttackFlee, Fanatic!
3774INFOGENERALFlesh Atronachs are dangerous. Some are smart enough to heal themselves when they're hurt.
3775HELLOFlyyyin'... flyyin' in the skyyyy.... cliff racer flys so high.... flyinnn'...
3776INFOGENERALFolks think we're all evil? What do they know? Do I look evil?
3777SE06ShoutStartCombatFollow me!
3778MG12FithragaerSentFollow me!
3779GREETINGFollow me! For Kvatch!
3780AttackFollow me! The Temple is our only hope!
3781GREETINGFollow me! You are deserving to bear witness to Ciirta's destruction!
3782DovesiDranTopicFollow me, my friend, and watch my back. Dovesi must be brought to justice, and I'm the one to do it! Let's go!
3783GOODBYEFollow me.
3784GOODBYEFollow me.
3785SE02JayredLeadFollow me.
3786GOODBYEFollow me. I know how to get to the part of the sewers where we need to meet the Sponsor.
3787GREETINGFollow the road west out of Skingrad, through the High Pasture. The mine entrance is south of the road. The Count will meet you just outside it.
3788SE11KnifePointHollowFollow the setting sun to the border of Mania. Climb the cliff there to the top. At the peak, you will find Knifepoint Hollow.
3789CropsfordTopicFollow the Yellow Road northwest from here. You'll see the supplies they had to abandon when the goblins attacked.
3790GREETINGFollow Wide-Eye. I think she mentioned an errand she runs? That would be your best bet.
3791SE11Dyus1bFollowing each cycle of the Greymarch, Sheogorath has cast out or killed every aspect of Order found in the Shivering Isles.
3792SE11Dyus1bFollowing each cycle of the Greymarch, Sheogorath has cast out or killed every aspect of Order found in the Shivering Isles.
3794HELLOFool! Did you wish to have us both put to death?
3795HitFool! I am immortal here!
3796AttackFool! I am no effete noble!
3797TG03LexMyvrynaFool! You've just exposed me to the Thieves Guild. That "citizen" is actually the guild member that was hired to do the theft!
3798SeenFool. Order cannot be stopped. Already the heart of this realm flows with my Lord's power.
3799SE07BSylLeavesFool? Visionary! Change is in the air, Syl. Breathe it deep! Bathe in its scent! Bottle it up. Save some for later.
3800SE07AThadonLeavesFool? Visionary! Change is in the air, Thadon. Breathe it deep! Bathe in its scent! Bottle it up. Save some for later.
3801INFOGENERALFoolish adventurers are being pulled into the Resonator of Judgment.
3802Dark18NightConvoFoolish little girl. Lucien Lachance served Sithis til his dying breath. The Black Hand remains tainted by betrayal. Restoration is impossible.
3803SE13JyggalagVoiceFoolish mortal!
3804SE32FanaticYellFoolish woman!
3805GREETINGFools must be separated from their illusions before they will come to Him.
3806GREETINGFools! Now you die!
3807GREETINGFor 150 gold and a roof over my head, I'm yours.
3808INFOGENERALFor a really good sword, try 'A Fighting Chance' in the Imperial City.
3809TrainingQuestTopicFor advanced training, seek out Oleta. She serves Akatosh at his temple in Kvatch. She can teach you all you need to know.
3810AttackFor Akatosh!
3811MQ13MartinBattleSpeechFor Anvil!
3812AttackFor Bruma and the Empire!
3813MQ13MartinBattleSpeechFor Bruma!
3814MQ13MartinBattleSpeechFor Cheydinhal!
3815MQ13MartinBattleSpeechFor Chorrol!
3816ArenaBettingTopicFor each fight, you can bet 25, 50 or 100 gold pieces. You can bet as many times as you want per day, within the hours of 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM.
3817GOODBYEFor everyone's sake, would you just leave? Now?
3818contractFor example, this one time, I had a contract to kill a little Nord girl at her birthday party. She asked me if I was the jester!
3819MG11ChoiceExplainFor example, why was Falcar -- who we know now to be part of this cult of Necromancers -- in possession of Black Soul Gems?
3820contractFor giving you this contract, Ocheeva is wise beyond her years. You will fail in your task, and die in the process.
3821GREETINGFor instance, you can only really see the bones when you take them out.
3822AttackFor Jyggalag and Order!
3823AttackFor Kvatch!
3824MS48Choice2AFor Kvatch!
3825MS48StartCombatShoutsFor Kvatch!
3826PowerAttackFor Lord Dagon!
3827SeenFor Lord Dagon!
3828SE09GardensFor many years, I labored painstakingly in those Gardens, until my back bent and my soul became crooked.
3829CGEmperor21For me, it ends here. You are our only hope to stem the blood tide. Give me your hand.
3830BRIBEFor me? Thanks.
3831BRIBEFor me? You shouldn't have!
3832SE13JyggalagSpeechFor millennia this drama has unfolded, and each time, I have conquered this land, only to be transformed back into that gibbering fool, Sheogorath.
3833MQ15EldamilC2For my weakness, the Master sent me here, to torture my former comrades who showed similar ingratitude for his gift of eternal life.
3834VampireVicenteFor nearly a hundred years I hunted in secret, until the Dark Brotherhood found me. Now I have a family that accepts and even values my unique gifts.
3835TG10GiveBootsFor now, here is your reward. Let us leave Ganredhel's house and go our separate ways. We have overstayed our welcome.
3836dutiesFor now, Modryn Oreyn will be handling your duty assignments. Please speak with him.
3837SE35HateFor one thing, he's a thief, but what irks me the most is that he's a BAD thief.
3838SE08PasswallTopicFor our purposes, it serves as a defensible outpost. That is, against typical enemies who can know fear, intimidation, and hopelessness.
3839SE08PasswallTopicFor our purposes, it serves as a defensible outpost. That is, against typical enemies who can know pain, torment, and death.
3840FleeFor pity's sake, just let us die!
3841TG07WhyNotKillLexFor reasons unknown to this one, the Gray Fox has extended his protection to the Umbranox family and Lady Umbranox in particular.
3842AttackFor Sheogorath!
3843SE32FanaticYellFor Sheogorath!
3844SE06ShoutStartCombatFor Sheogorath's glory!
3845GOODBYEFor Sheogorath's glory.
3846INFOGENERALFor someone who drinks so much, Hauls-Ropes-Faster is in peak physical condition. You could learn a lot from him.
3847AttackFor Tamriel!
3848AerinsCampTopicFor that matter, I don't know who she is either...
3849MG09Choice4AFor that reason, I was unable to disclose more about his true identity to you. Clearly that judgment was in error. I apologize.
3850MQ05GwinasB1For the adventurous, open-minded thinker, daedric worship holds many rewards.
3851AttackFor the Blades and the Emperor!
3852AttackFor the Emperor!
3853AttackFor the Emperor!
3854CharGenVoiceFor the Emperor!
3855OblivionGateConvFor the Empire and the Dragon!
3856AttackFor the Empire!
3857AttackFor the glory of Sithis!
3858CreaturesFor the last few days, we've suffered attacks from these creatures at our farm not far from Chorrol.
3859TrespassFor the love of Azura, can't a man have a bit of privacy? Get out of here!
3860contractFor the love of Sithis, you have to kill a feeble old man. Is that too much for you to handle?
3861AttackFor the Madgod!
3862RepairFor the right price, I can make anything good-as-new.
3863AnnouncerFor this match we've got some fresh meat, two brand new Pit Dogs! So let's not waste any time! Let the battle... begin!
3864GREETINGFor this stone effigy masks the entrance into the Dark Brotherhood's most revered unholy site -- the crypt of the Night Mother herself!
3865MQ00VoiceFor Uriel Septim!
3866GOODBYEFor Vitharn!
3867AttackFor Vitharn!
3868SE32CombatYellFor Vitharn!
3869GREETINGFor what purpose, we've never exactly been sure.
3870UmbraTOPICFor years, I have fed my blade the souls of man and mer. Warriors and priests, kings and paupers. Men, women, and children. All have bled for me.
3871GREETINGFor you, Lord Sheogorath, I'll make time. I'm sure you want to ask me all about my research.
3872BarterBuyItemFor you? All right, I'll take it.
3873SE01HaskillChoice4For you? I do not know. My Lord seeks a mortal to act as His Champion. As for His intent... to attempt to fathom it is a foolish endeavor.
3874PERSUASIONENTERFor you? Of course.
3875GREETINGFor your sake, you'd better be on your way to the door.
3876DAAzuraSpeechFor your service, take this token, that your deeds might be entered in the Book of Fate.
3877SEMiscQuestResponsesForever foes the ghosts can't thwart, they fight for control of their long dead fort.
3878SE03GrommokChamberTwoMan02Forget it! This is obviously a trick! Let's get out of here.
3879SE10LetsGoForgive me for saying so, Your Grace, but I find taking orders from the Duchess of Dementia to be... unsettling.
3880SE10LetsGoForgive me for saying so, Your Grace, but I find taking orders from the Duchess of Mania to be... unsettling.
3881SE10LetsGoForgive me for saying so, Your Grace, but I find taking orders from the Duke of Dementia to be... unsettling.
3882SE10LetsGoForgive me for saying so, Your Grace, but I find taking orders from the Duke of Mania to be... unsettling.
3883GREETINGForgive me, but now is not a time for talk. We must reach the Wellspring with all possible haste. If it is damaged, we are lost.
3884GREETINGForgive me, but now is not a time for talk. We must reach the Wellspring with all possible haste. If it is damaged, we are lost.
3885FGD07Choice3Forgive me, my master.... It is Ri'Zikar! He leads us! And he will have your head. He will kill you all!
3886GREETINGForgive me, Your Grace, but you are not permitted to pass within Brellach.
3887GREETINGForgive me, Your Grace, but you are not permitted to pass within Pinnacle Rock.
3888MS11CalmDownForgive me. I loved my husband dearly, and to lose him this way makes no sense. Anything you can do to help would be wonderful.
3889MQ06MartinAForgive me. You were right to bring it. But you'd better give it to me. I know some ways to protect myself from its evil power.
3890DarkGiftTopicForgo your feeding, and you will no longer be able to blend into "normal" society. You will be shunned as a monster. And let's not forget sunlight...
3891SE08PlaceGuardsNoForm up! By the Staff, we will not allow this town to fall!
3892SE11TheLightTopicForsake the flesh, and you shall know the light.
3893CheydinhalTopicFort Naso and Fort Facian, though... bad news. Undead, and then some. But far out and foul enough, you'll get plenty of action.
3894ArcaneULecture3Fort Runestones are stones with green runes, found singly or in pairs, in the ruins of some subterranean First Era forts.
3895contractFort Sutch? I am familiar with that place. It is nestled deep in the mountains. It is naturally well defended, but there is a weakness.
3896contractFort Sutch? It is an impregnable fortress surrounded by mountains. You'll never even get inside, let alone kill your target. Good luck.
3897SQ04NotesFortunately for me, you found them. Allow me to compensate you for the time it took you to travel here.
3898SE11DyusFortunately, Dyus has such an intimate knowledge of things to come that he sees no purpose in taking any action, since the outcome is written.
3899GOODBYEFortune and fame, friend.
3900SECreatureResponsesFoul tergens they are. Heffin all of them.
3901CreaturesFoul things, they deserve the death you've brought them.
3902AttackFoul vermin!
3903GOODBYEFoul-smelling ape...
3904TG04AhdarjisStolenRingFouled meat! You have returned Ahdarji's ring, but have also broken the covenant of the guild. Killing is not allowed.
3905JskarTopicFound him, did you? Well, I suppose that's good.
3906JskarTopicFound him, did you? Well, I suppose that's good.
3907SeersStoneFound it, have you? Silenced the hands that betrayed, and took what was mine? Then let me have the stone, so that the voices can be shut out.
3908GREETINGFound Rockshatter yet by chance?
3909GREETINGFour of the afternoon watch, and all's well. Have a nice day, ma'am.
3910GREETINGFour of the afternoon watch, and all's well. Have a nice day, sir.
3911GREETINGFour of the night watch, and all's well. Wish I was in bed, ma'am.
3912GREETINGFour of the night watch, and all's well. Wish I was in bed, sir.
3913SE32SiegeVitharnFour people failed in their duties that day, allowing the Fanatics to open the main gate. In the end, I failed with them.
3914GREETINGFour wins is okay kid, but it don't make you Grand Champion. Here's your payout. Now go clean yourself up before your next match.
3915GREETINGFrancois is forever in your debt! Farewell!
3916INFOGENERALFrancois Motierre hasn't left his house in days. Hasn't come down to the tavern, refuses to have visitors. I think the man's gone batty.
3917MS43HowDidFrankly, the smell gave you away. You must have stepped in... well, let's just say something that isn't pleasant.
3918MQ15AnaxesFree Anaxes and restore order to the Garden, and you shall have the Bands of the Chosen.
3919MQ15KathutetC3Free Xivilai Anaxes, and I shall reward you with the key to the Forbidden Grotto... the Bands of the Chosen.
3920HELLOFresh game.
3921INFOGENERALFribble! Just Fribble!
3922GREETINGFribble, just frib... Wait. You can understand me? Lovely! It's been too long since I was able to have a nice chat with someone.
3923SE40SleepOutsideFriend no dorpidity? Communce to Uungor. Uungor communces he no deliriotic, that he mented fine. But Uungor is very deliriotic. Oversit me?
3924banditsFrom all accounts, there were four or five of them, and they've been seen heading east on the road. Please, find the Stone of St. Alessia.
3925DANamiraSpeechFrom darkness to light. From the depths of despair to Arkay's glory. Save these poor souls.
3926SE04WhoFrom Dementia's own court, no less. Scandalous! Fatal, perhaps. But passion makes no accomodation for self-preservation.
3927GREETINGFrom now on, you will receive all assignments directly from me. In fact, your next contract is available now.
3928SE07RitualYesD02From that day on, the Ritual of Accession for the throne of Dementia was set.
3929GREETINGFrom the Blades, did you say? Jauffre sent you? What's this about? Quickly, now.
3930LifttheCurseFrom there we'll try to lift the curse together.
3931GatherCluesFrom there, I went directly to my chamber and slept the rest of the night.
3932GREETINGFrom these Gatekeeper bones I can make some arrows.
3933SEMiscQuestResponsesFrom these strange ores they can make gear: armor and weapons, or so I hear.
3934TG11TalkToMillona15From this moment forward, I renounce my life of crime forever. I am passing the Gray Cowl of the Thieves Guild to it's new guildmaster.
3935GREETINGFrom this moment forward, you will walk the shadows as my Silencer. You will receive contracts only from me. Your new life has begun.
3936Dark09RetFinChoice1CFrom this point forward, you are no longer bound by the Five Tenets! Sithis will forgive any murder, any theft, so long as you serve the Black Hand!
3937Dark09RetFinChoice1BFrom this point forward, you are no longer bound by the Five Tenets! Sithis will forgive any murder, any theft, so long as you serve the Black Hand!
3938Dark09RetFinChoice1AFrom this point forward, you are no longer bound by the Five Tenets! Sithis will forgive any murder, any theft, so long as you serve the Black Hand!
3939JskarTopicFrom what he's told you, Mannimarco -- the King of Worms -- is here in Cyrodiil, and preying on our Guild. This is something I'd never have dreamed.
3940NevilleTopicFrom what I gathered, he's a retired soldier. He's been all across the Empire fighting in various campaigns. Goodness, he's handsome....
3941MS13GateFrom what I hear, you'll appear back where you entered, safe and sound.
3942AnvilNQDResponsesFrom what I know, Carahil is a powerful mage. I suppose she should be, if she's going to be in the Mages Guild.
3943KvatchTopicFrom what I've heard, Kvatch is gone. Completely. Burned to the ground.
3944HELLOFrom where do you hail?
3945TG10HelpGFFurther use of Savilla's Stone has revealed that I need another special item to move forward with my plans.
3947GREETINGGah! Horrid beast! What do you want?
3948MQ15GaiarAlataTopicGaiar Alata is the Master's name for this place. We usually just call it Paradise.
3949GaidenShinjiTopicGaiden Shinji was the first Arena Blademaster. It was he who oversaw construction of the Arena, back in the First Era. The Arena was... his dream.
3950GOODBYEGal bursten it.
3951INFOGENERALGanredhel can teach you about Acrobatics, for a price. Of course, she'd rather be training her dogs.
3952CheydinhalNQDResponsesGanredhel does seem to love her dogs. She taught me a little something about acrobatics, though, which was helpful.
3953INFOGENERALGanredhel sure does have a knack for training dogs. I've heard that she will train people as well, for a price.
3954GREETINGGanredhel. I train dogs. And people. Prefer dogs.
3955GOODBYEGarrus may be our only hope.
3956GREETINGGasp! Oh, thank goodness it's you, sweetie! Please, don't wander too far away. I feel safe with you.
3957GREETINGGasp! Oh... oh, it's you. What do you want? Why are you looking at me that way?
3958GREETINGGasp! Oh... oh. I'm sorry. I... my nerves. I just want to get out of here. Three people have been murdered! I'm so very frightened!
3959MagesGuildTopicGaspar and I have learned a great many spells over the years. Once you''ve learned them, you can use the knowledge to create your own.
3960SkingradNQDResponsesGaston and his brother produce quality wines. I'll have to pick up some more.
3961SkingradTopicGaston and I make great wines, reasonably priced. Skingrad has two great vintners - Tamika and Surilie. I'll never say a word against Tamika's wines.
3962INFOGENERALGaston Surilie and his brother Davide own one of the finest vineyards in all of Cyrodiil.
3963INFOGENERALGatekeeper at the Gates! Singing songs of gatekeeping!
3964INFOGENERALGatekeeper's gone. For good. Or not. Might just be on holiday. We'll see.
3965SkingradTopicGates are opening outside the towns all over Cyrodiil. One opened right here in Skingrad. [pending implementation and flag for Skingrad gate status]
3966DaedraShrineTopicGave it a wide berth. I'm a goblin hunter. Don't want to tangle with those Daedra worshippers.
3967GOODBYEGawk at me will you...
3969GelebourneGelebourne? That's odd you should mention that name. Raynil told me that he was the last vampire he hunted.
3970HELLOGet a cure! And keep your distance.
3971GOODBYEGet a move on, will you?
3972HELLOGet a move on.
3973GOODBYEGet a move on.
3974HELLOGet away from me!
3975PrimoAntoniusTopicGet away from me! You're the last person I want to talk to about Primo!
3976GREETINGGet away from me, peasant. Someone has been murdered, and I'm rather unnerved by the whole thing.
3977JOKEHATEGet away from me.
3978HELLOGet away from me. I don't want whatever you've got!
3979HELLOGet away from me....
3980HELLOGet away! You will die here!
3981SE03GrommokChamberOneGnarl02Get back here, you cowards! Something's not right....
3982JeanneFrasoricTopicGet back there at once! We need to know if anyone survived!
3983FGD05Choice6Get back to me when you change your mind.
3984GOODBYEGet back to work
3985CharGenVoiceGet back with the Emperor! Protect him with your life!
3986GREETINGGet back, you filthy beast! I'll have nothing to do with the likes of you!
3987GOODBYEGet going, and don't keep me waiting.
3988SE40SleepOutsideGet him to leave sooner than later, and your friend can sleep sooner than later. Watch it, though. Dogs don't like the smell of him.
3989GREETINGGet inside. The Gray Fox is not a patient man.
3990GREETINGGet it back to Traven immediately, or else this whole attack was a waste!
3991GREETINGGet it back to Traven immediately, or else this whole attack was a waste!
3992HELLOGet lost.
3993GREETINGGet lost. Or I'll pull your arm off.
3994TG06MentionBookGet me out of the castle and I'll give you his message.
3995TG04AmuseisPlotGet me that ring. Steal it from Alessia Caro if necessary. Just bring me the ring. I will pay double!
3996MS91FollowGet moving! I'm right behind you...
3997FGD08BWCTalkGet moving! Kill the goblins! All of them!
3998GREETINGGet moving! We can't do a thing until you get those gates opened!
3999HELLOGet moving.
4000GOODBYEGet moving. You need to get rid of those thieves.
4001MQ00VoiceGet my back!
4002GREETINGGet on that boat and get out of here. Yer wastin' yer own time.
4003HELLOGet out of here before you get hurt.
4004TrespassGet out of here or there's going to be trouble.
4005HELLOGet out of here while you can.
4006GREETINGGet out of here! There's no time for this!
4007TrespassGet out of here.
4008GREETINGGet out of my way before I have you slapped in irons.
4009GREETINGGet out of my way!
4010HELLOGet out of my way.
4011AttackGet out! Get out!
4012GREETINGGet out! Now! Or I call the guards!
4013AnvilTopicGet outside of town, if you get a chance, and hike north along the coast. Great views and good hunting.
4014FGD02InsultsGet outta here! We don't need you around.
4015GREETINGGet outta my way, and keep followin'. I'll show ya a thing or two...
4016DAMalacathSpeechGet over to Lord Drad's estate. Let my ogres loose, and get them out! Okay? Get going!
4017SE46Choice2Get rid of that Demented bunch. Useless, anyway. Don't get a lick of work done around this town.
4018GOODBYEGet some rest.
4019GREETINGGet that artifact back to Irlav at the Arcane University. He's in a better position to study it than I am. Or to assign someone else to do it...
4020SE09GreymarchTopicGet that Gatekeeper in place, and do it quickly. I'm not sure how much time I have left.
4021GOODBYEGet that staff back, Associate.
4022GREETINGGet the book and let's go.
4023MS93Choice01BGet the crystal ball and return it to me here, and I'll make it worth your trouble. Here, you'll need this key. Thank you so much!
4024GREETINGGet the gem! The leader probably had it - that High Elf.
4025HELLOGet the key!
4026BlackheartsRingGet the ring for me. We'll need it as proof.
4027weaponsshipmentGet the weapons to the other men. Then we'll take care of the goblins.
4028FGD02InsultsGet them out of here!
4029MG18Choice1AGet to him any way you can. It is your only hope for defeating him.
4030GOODBYEGet to hunting, meat.
4031HELLOGet to it, rat boy.
4032HELLOGet to it, rat girl.
4033HELLOGet to the Sigil Keep!
4034HELLOGet yer Black Horse Courier here!
4035FGD02InsultsGet your men out of here!
4036GREETINGGet yourself to Vahtacen, and see if you can help Skaleel with whatever is holding up her progress.
4037GuardTalk1Getting hungry, and could do with a drink. But I'm still sharp, don't you worry.
4038GOODBYEGilen and his silly games...
4039GREETINGGilgondorin. Silverhome-on-the-Water has beds and food. What's your pleasure?
4040INFOGENERALGilgondrin inherited Silverhome from his parents. I understand he only runs it out of a sense of duty.
4041GREETINGGimme the skooma! Don't hold out on me. I know you have it!
4042SECaldanaMonriusSkoomaYesGive it here! Give it here!
4043CureforVampirismGive me twenty-four hours. I shall have the potion ready for you then.
4044GREETINGGive me your possessions, and put on this initiate's robe.
4045GOODBYEGive my warm regards to Baurus. Tell him he should not blame himself for the Emperor's death. He did well to send you to me.
4046SECreatureResponsesGive them gargen to emeet with.
4047TG11WhatNowGive this ring to Countess Umbranox in Anvil. Say nothing about me to her. I need to know how she reacts to it. It may provoke anger or tears.
4048GREETINGGive those weapons to the men, and let's get moving.
4049AttackGive way, caitiff!
4050GREETINGGive yourself to love, pilgrim. I'm Trevaia, priestess of Dibella, and this is Anvil's Chapel of Dibella.
4051SE11DyusGiven our unusual circumstances, I have asked you to seek out his aid. He is all that remains of Jyggalag's great library.
4052SE10LetsGoGiven the need for swift action, the normal customs shall need to be overlooked for now. We shall be right behind you, Your Grace.
4053SE10LetsGoGiven the need for swift action, the normal customs shall need to be overlooked for now. We shall be right behind you, Your Grace.
4054SE10LetsGoGiven the need for swift action, the normal customs shall need to be overlooked for now. We shall be right behind you, Your Grace.
4055SE10LetsGoGiven the need for swift action, the normal customs shall need to be overlooked for now. We shall be right behind you, Your Grace.
4056UlrichLelandTopicGiven the opportunity, I think Ulrich would have had me killed. I'm not sorry for what I've done, but I don't wish to be revered as a hero either.
4057RewardTopicGiven your present condition, the main gift I would offer is useless. I can, however, offer you a monetary reward for your troubles.
4058GlarthirTopicGives me the strangest looks, now that you mention it. Almost like he hates me, although I have no idea why.
4059INFOGENERALGlad they got the Resonator of Judgment turned back on. Was getting less done with all the hubbub about adventurers running amok.
4060GREETINGGlad things are settled here. I can finally get some rest.
4061HELLOGlad to meet you.
4062HELLOGlad to see you are well.
4063HELLOGlad to see you!
4064GREETINGGlad you killed those things. I'd have done it myself, but apparently, that's not "ladylike." Hmmph. Let's get back to my father.
4065GREETINGGladiator. It's not very often I get to call somebody that. You're doing the Blue Team proud, kid. Now go kill somebody before I get all weepy!
4066SE13OfficerGreetA2Gladly, m'Lord.
4067QuestionGlarthir is acting even stranger than usual, don't you think?
4068GlarthirTopicGlarthir? Total nutcase, if you ask me. But he's never done anything -- yet -- that we could arrest him for.
4069AttackGlenroy! Over here!
4070ChorrolTopicGlistel and me, we keep an eye on things here in Chorrol for certain interested parties... as a public service, like.
4071TG09FathisArenGloomy fellow. I've heard he consorts with daedra. I'd steer clear of him if I were you.
4072HELLOGo ahead, boot.
4073SE05ConspiracyGo ahead, do what you will. Nothing matters now.
4074HELLOGo ahead, I'm listening.
4075GREETINGGo ahead, please.
4076CharGenTaunt2Go ahead, try your magicka in here. Let's see you make those bars disappear. No? What's the matter? Not so powerful now, are you Breton?
4078HELLOGo ahead.
4079HELLOGo ahead.
4080GOODBYEGo ahead. I don't care.
4081GOODBYEGo ahead. Leave me to rot in here.
4082GREETINGGo ahead. Summon him. He loves it.
4083SECylarneTopicGo and fetch the Flame. Bring it to the Sacellum. Light the Great Torch. How are you going to be Me if you can't even do what Me tells you?
4084AcceptYieldGo and live.
4085GOODBYEGo and prepare yourself. The Master will have need of all of us soon.
4086MS48HirtelBGo and see for yourself! Kvatch is a smoking ruin! We're all that's left, do you understand me? Everyone else is dead!
4087GREETINGGo and speak with Christophe. Rent a room for the night. Once you have your room, I will meet you there.
4088HELLOGo away!
4089GREETINGGo away! I don't want whatever you're selling!
4090GREETINGGo away! I know what you're here for! Just leave me alone!
4091GREETINGGo away! You'll ruin everything!
4092GREETINGGo away! You'll ruin everything!
4093GOODBYEGo away, fool!
4094GREETINGGo away, stranger. You frighten the animals, and make my work more difficult.
4095GREETINGGo away.
4096HELLOGo away.
4097HELLOGo away. Do not come back.
4098MS49WhatnowGo back to the Chapel, and talk to Berich Inian. Ask him for the key to the North Tower, and he'll tell you what you need to do.
4099FGD02InsultsGo back to your sty, pig man.
4100GREETINGGo Blue Team! Yeah, Blue Team! I always bet on the Blue Team! They never hold back! It's always crush, kill, maim, murder! Ha ha ha ha ha!
4101GOODBYEGo bother someone else.
4102GOODBYEGo bother someone else.
4103GOODBYEGo carefully.
4104AttackGo down!
4105SE09AssistanceRequestGo fetch me Blood Liqueur, Osseous Marrow, Dermis Membrane, and Essence of Breath.
4106SE09AssistanceCommandGo fetch me Blood Liqueur, Osseous Marrow, Dermis Membrane, and Essence of Breath.
4107TG05NoBribeBeggarGo find him yourself.
4108GOODBYEGo get him.
4109GOODBYEGo go! There's no time to waste!
4110GOODBYEGo help Lord Rugdumph. And wipe that smile off your face!
4111GOODBYEGo hurt something.
4112GOODBYEGo in Madness.
4113GOODBYEGo in peace.
4114GREETINGGo inside and talk to Petrine if you want to buy a horse. I can't help you.
4115GOODBYEGo kill something, so I can count its corpse.
4116KvatchTopicGo look for yourself. The town is gone. And most of its people.
4117GREETINGGo now and rest, and may the Night Mother haunt your dreams.
4118GREETINGGo now and rest, and may the Night Mother haunt your dreams.
4119GOODBYEGo now! Learn the identity of the betrayer so we can end this madness, and restore the authority of the Black Hand.
4120MG12TravenWhatGo now, and bring word to me as soon as he has been escorted to safety.
4121GOODBYEGo now, Child of Sithis. Walk in the shadow of fear, and bring glory to our Dread Father.
4122GOODBYEGo now, dear family member, and may the Night Mother wrap you in her cold, loving embrace.
4123GREETINGGo now. Get some rest. Sithis knows you've earned it. When you're ready for another contract, you need only ask.
4124SQ09AskGo on and lau... Wait. Help? Oh. Well, then... I'm a fisherman. Or at least, I was. Until one of those slaughterfish damn near took my leg off.
4125GOODBYEGo on now, get out of my inn! I don't need your kind hanging about!
4126GREETINGGo on.
4127HELLOGo on.
4128MQ02PrivateBusinessGo on. I think you'll find what you're looking for upstairs.
4129NeutralReceiveGo on....
4130INFOGENERALGo out, kick some robber knight's ass, take his stuff, and get the smith to fix it. That's the way to get armor or weapons.
4131GOODBYEGo protect Elante. She's doing important research.
4132FGD02InsultsGo root in the mud, pig man!
4133MS26DirectionsLexGo see Hieronymus Lex. He's a pompous fool, just like you. He might listen to your complaint.
4134MS26DirectionsServatiusGo see Servatius Quintilius. He's new and might be stupid enough to try and do something about it.
4135SE09HaskillFringeGo speak with Sheogorath now.
4136GOODBYEGo take care of the rats. Then talk to me.
4137HELLOGo take your break.
4138TGCastOutTopicGo talk to Armand or S'krivva. Pay the fine and you'll be reinstated.
4139SE09RebuildGatekeeperGo talk to Relmyna in Xaselm. Tell her you're working for me. She'd do anything for me, that little minx.
4140SE40SleepOutsideGo talk to Uungor. He's always talking about leaving, anyway. Your friend can sleep where Uungor does now.
4141WeebamNaYesGo tell him I want to see him right now. I'll meet him here.
4142WeebamNaTopicGo tell him I want to see him. Here. Right now.
4143AldosOthranTopicGo tell Ulrich that I have some information that incriminates him. Tell him to come alone, or he won't get it.
4144GREETINGGo tell Weebam-Na I want to see him. I'll wait right here.
4145SE06HelpAttackA5Go then. I will hold off on my attack to give you a chance to reconsider. But I will not wait forever.
4146SE11DyusChoice2Go there and bring me a branch of this tree, but be warned -- the tree will not surrender its secrets to one who has not earned them.
4147SEDunrootBurrowTopicGo there. Take the Felldew from the Elytra, eat it, and your journey begins. You will be thankful to Thadon when this has passed.
4148GREETINGGo to his shrine. See what lies ahead.
4149GOODBYEGo to it.
4150ShadeoftheRevenantGo to the Dark Fissure the next time this "shade" occurs. Search for any connection to what we've learned, and report back.
4151TrainingQuestTopicGo to the Leyawiin Guild hall, and speak with Dagail. She can train you further.
4152GOODBYEGo to, bold fighterperson.
4153SE02GatekeeperGo up there now. The Gatekeeper is about to turn some adventurers into bones. I'll collect those later.
4154GREETINGGo up to that Arena and make sure the people of Cyrodiil never forget that it was you who brought the Yellow Team to its knees!
4155BedYesGo upstairs, and look for the door on the right at the end of the hall. Sleep well!
4156GOODBYEGo with Akatosh.
4157GOODBYEGo with our blessing, Goldbrand.
4158MQPriorMaborelA2Go with Talos's blessings. Do not fail.
4159MQPriorMaborelA1Go with Talos's blessings. Do not fail.
4160GOODBYEGo with the grace of the Nine.
4161GOODBYEGo, go! Socialize! Talk to those fine people, and then plunge your knife into their throats when they ain't lookin'! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
4162GOODBYEGo, then...
4164GREETINGGo. Find Thalfin, and the other Battlemages. Stop the gem from reaching Mannimarco.
4165GOODBYEGo. Sink your blade deep into the flesh of your enemies.
4166Dark18Choice3AGo. Take a few moments to collect yourself. Meditate upon all that has transpired. Help yourself to any treasures this crypt may offer.
4167GOODBYEGo. Tell Garrus what I've done. I've nothing to hide.
4168MazogaSayNothing2Go. You're not worth the trouble.
4169IdleGoblins and rats. Seems like they're everywhere. I'm just waiting for the giant spiders to show up.
4170SkingradNQDResponsesGoblins are filth. More power to him.
4171MS46GoblinWarGoblins have their own reasons for doing things. Don't make sense to us, usually, but I've learned a lot about their ways over the years.
4172CreatureResponsesGoblins. Ugh. Evil, foul-smelling little brutes.
4173MQ07BurdBGod's blood! So she was the spy? It seems there's no one you can trust these days.
4174BlackBrugo07God's goolies! Not just a Knight, but a... Knight-Errant! That's a real special kind of Knight, right?
4175SQ10HusbandGoddess! You have Rockshatter already? And what's become of Bjalfi?
4176LeyawiinTopicGods are my witness! I give that man the simplest list of things to do, and somehow he forgets half of it and gets the rest wrong.
4177GREETINGGods blood! They came out of nowhere. Have you seen Grandmaster Jauffre?
4178GREETINGGods give me strength.
4179GOODBYEGods protect us!
4180GREETINGGods protect us! What is happening here?
4181MG09BattleCryGods! It's the Count! Run!
4182HELLOGods! Pox and rot! Get away from me!
4183AttackGods' blood!
4184MS48HirtelAGods' blood, you don't know, do you?
4185GoodbyeKvatch07Gods. I don't even notice any more. I guess you can get used to anything.
4186GangGogan and I are really members of the Anvil City Watch. I suppose you could say we work undercover.
4187GangGogan may be able to give you more information beyond that.
4188GREETINGGoing into that Oblivion Gate was an impressive feat of derring-do. I salute you!
4189GOODBYEGoing so soon? Come back when your blades need sharpening.
4190SE03LewinCrazyChatterGoing to g-get us... kill us all...
4191TGSpecialJobsGold is the blood of the Thieves Guild. Keep the fences busy and rich. Then come to see me.
4192TrainingQuestTopicGold, that's what! Septims, and lots of them! Show me that you've got the starting capital, at least ten thousand in liquid assets.
4193SE03SyndelCrazyChatterGold... gems... keys... all mine... find keys...
4194ArenaFanChoice1BGolly, you're the best! I'm going to follow you and watch you and worship the ground you walk on! Let's go!
4195LostGone now. Hmm.
4196FGC07Choice1Gone. Dragged from our house in the night. To pay the debt, I'd like to sell the sword and armor of my grandfather, or I might be next!
4197FGC07Choice1Gone. Dragged from our house in the night. To pay the debt, I'd like to sell the sword and armor of my grandfather, or I might be next!
4198SEDementiaRumorResponsesGone? I can't imagine Him leaving us now.
4199HELLOGood afternoon, ma'am.
4200HELLOGood afternoon, sir.
4201HELLOGood afternoon.
4202HELLOGood afternoon.
4203HELLOGood cheer and jubilant welcome, lady.
4204HELLOGood cheer and jubilant welcome, lord.
4205GenericBanditAGood choice.
4206SE01Choice3Good choice. I mean, look at the thing! No sane person would go through there. And none have come out, that's for certain.
4207HELLOGood day to you!
4208HELLOGood day to you!
4209HELLOGood day to you!
4210HELLOGood day to you, my lord.
4211GREETINGGood day to you.
4212HELLOGood day to you.
4213HELLOGood day to you.
4214GOODBYEGood day to you.
4215GOODBYEGood day to you.
4216HELLOGood day, Jauffre.
4217GREETINGGood day, ma'am, and welcome to Chorrol. You're under the watchful eye of the Chorrol Guard, so don't you worry. We keep the peace, and keep it nice.
4218HELLOGood day, milady.
4219HELLOGood day, milord.
4220GOODBYEGood day, Sir Knight.
4221GREETINGGood day, sir, and welcome to Chorrol. You're under the watchful eye of the Chorrol Guard. We keep the peace, and keep it nice and pretty.
4222GREETINGGood day, stranger. Soris Arenim is my name.
4223HELLOGood day, Your Grace.
4224GREETINGGood day.
4225GOODBYEGood day.
4226GOODBYEGood day.
4227GOODBYEGood day.
4228GOODBYEGood day.
4229GOODBYEGood day.
4230GOODBYEGood day.
4231GREETINGGood day. I'm Tolgan, herald to Countess Narina Carvain here in Bruma. She requests your company at your earliest convenience.
4232GREETINGGood day. I'm Tolgan, herald to Countess Narina Carvain.
4233GREETINGGood day. My name is Seridur. I don't believe we've met.
4234GOODBYEGood deeds and moral fiber. Bah!
4235GOODBYEGood deeds and moral fiber. Bah!
4236HELLOGood enough!
4237HELLOGood enough.
4238HELLOGood evening, brother.
4239HELLOGood evening, ma'am.
4240HELLOGood evening, milady.
4241HELLOGood evening, milord.
4242HELLOGood evening, sir.
4243HELLOGood evening, sister.
4244HELLOGood evening.
4245HELLOGood evening.
4246HELLOGood evening.
4247HELLOGood evening.
4248BarterGood food helps keep you healthy. For most people, anyway. Doesn't seem to work for me.
4249SEWildernessRumorResponsesGood for Thadon. Doesn't help us any.
4250FollowupPositiveGood for you.
4251GOODBYEGood fortune to you.
4252GOODBYEGood fortune, Volendrung.
4253HELLOGood friend. This is an honor.
4254GOODBYEGood going.
4255GOODBYEGood hunting, Hide-Wearer.
4256HELLOGood hunting.
4257GOODBYEGood hunting.
4258DAMalacathSpeechGood job! No one owns ogres but ME!
4259GOODBYEGood journey to you.
4260GOODBYEGood journey to you.
4261GOODBYEGood journey.
4262GOODBYEGood luck finding Erthor.
4263TrainingQuestTopicGood luck finding her, though. The latest I heard was that she had wandered off into the wilderness, looking for a shrine to Kynareth.
4264GREETINGGood luck to you!
4265GOODBYEGood luck to you.
4266GOODBYEGood luck to you.
4267GOODBYEGood luck with Irlav's project.
4268GOODBYEGood luck with Itius.
4269GREETINGGood luck with Mazoga.
4270NirnrootGood luck with your field work for Sinderion.
4271ElixirofExplorationGood luck, and hurry back with more of the Nirnroot!
4272GOODBYEGood luck, Associate.
4273GOODBYEGood luck, Brother! I hope you don't get killed! I mean, um... well, you know!
4274GOODBYEGood luck, investigator.
4275GOODBYEGood luck, my friend. Don't take any unnecessary risks.
4276GOODBYEGood luck, Sister! I hope you don't get killed! I mean, um... well, you know!
4277GOODBYEGood luck, stranger. You get that girl out of this terrible place.
4278SE08CommanderPlan3Good luck, Your Grace. May the truth light your way through the darkness.
4279SE08CommanderPlan3Good luck, Your Grace. May the voice of the hidden guide you to the way.
4280GOODBYEGood luck.
4281GOODBYEGood luck.
4282GOODBYEGood luck. And don't underestimate the goblins. They're more dangerous than they look.
4283GOODBYEGood luck. It's a brave thing you're doing.
4284DarMaTopicGood luck. You will save her won't you? I gotta go now.
4285GOODBYEGood luck... you'll need it.
4286HELLOGood morning, ma'am.
4287PinerDEMO1Good morning, my friend!
4288HELLOGood morning, sir.
4289HELLOGood morning.
4290HELLOGood morning.
4291DAClavicusSpeechGood move, kid. Some things are better left alone. Let's get back to the Shrine. I'll smooth things over with the big guy. I'm sure he'll understand.
4292INFOGENERALGood news from Kvatch for a change. The last of the daedra have been driven out.
4293GOODBYEGood night.
4294GOODBYEGood night.
4295JOKELIKEGood one.
4296ICAnnouncerGood people of Cyrodiil, welcome to the Imperial City Arena! Believe it or not, someone has actually challenged the unbeatable Arena Grand Champion!
4297AnnouncerGood people of the Imperial City, welcome to the Arena!
4298ICMonsterAnnounceGood people of the Imperial City, welcome to the Arena! You've come to watch the Grand Champion battle some of Cyrodiil's fiercest creatures!
4299ICAnnouncerGood people, I give you the Blue Team's latest Champion, a warrior of skill, strength, and determination!
4300ICMonsterAnnounceGood people, the Grand Champion is victorious! Esteemed Grand Champion, leave the Arena now and rest! You've earned it once again!
4301AnnouncerGood people, we have a winner! All hail the combatant from the Blue Team! Victor from the Blue Team, leave the Arena now and rest! You've earned it!
4302ICAnnouncerGood people, you have just witnessed the impossible! Agronak gro-Malog has been defeated! I say again, the Gray Prince has been defeated!
4303MS12StipendGood point. Allow me to formally introduce myself. I'm Countess Narina Carvain. I assume you've noticed all of the Akaviri relics I'm displaying.
4304TG05WhatNowGood question. I want you to spy on Hieronymus Lex. Make sure you stay close enough to overhear any conversations.
4305FGD05Choice1Good question. I've heard stories, but nothing I can prove is true. Maybe they've got a mage working with them. Maybe they're just well trained.
4306INFOGENERALGood riddance to the Blackwood Company, and good luck to the Fighters Guild.
4307MQ08ArtifactLGood riddance to this tool of mischief.
4308GOODBYEGood riddance!
4309HELLOGood riddance.
4310GOODBYEGood riddance.
4311GOODBYEGood riddance.
4312GOODBYEGood seeing you, Lord Sheogorath. Could have bought a round, though....
4313SEManiaRumorResponsesGood that it is only the Fringe that has been attacked.
4314INFOGENERALGood that Thadon got his Chalice back. I'd hate if someone took mine. Or anything else, for that matter.
4315GREETINGGood that things are settled. We can get back to work.
4316INFOGENERALGood that we have a healer in town. Cirroc can fix most anything that ails you. After all these years, he almost seems like a Nord himself.
4317GREETINGGood that you made it. You should talk to Rienna.
4318dutiesGood that you took care of it. This whole Blackwood Company business is starting to chafe.
4319TrainingGood that you want to get better.
4320GREETINGGood that you've finally seen the light. The cause will benefit from your assistance.
4321INFOGENERALGood thing I joined the Mages Guild when I did. There's nothing better than enchanting your own clothes.
4322INFOGENERALGood thing we have the Black Horse Courier. I don't know how we'd get our news without it.
4323DAMalacathChoice2Good thinking. You want to keep your good looks, go talk to some nice pretty gods.
4324HELLOGood tidings, citizen.
4325DASheogorathSpeechGood times. Good times. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Here, take this. It's a fun little toy. Now, go away. Before I kill you.
4326DASheogorathSpeechGood times. Good times. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Here, take this. It's a fun little toy. Now, go away. Before I kill you.
4327GOODBYEGood to be home.
4328FollowupPositiveGood to hear.
4329NeutralReceiveGood to know.
4330SECreatureResponsesGood to know. I try to steer clear of the big bugs.
4331contractGood to see that you're looking for more work. There's certainly more to be done. I need you to help Elante of Alinor.
4332INFOGENERALGood to see the armies back. Did you know that the average Saint is exactly six feet tall?
4333GREETINGGood to see you again!
4334HELLOGood to see you again!
4335GREETINGGood to see you again, friend. I don't suppose you've noticed anything out of the ordinary around here?
4336GREETINGGood to see you again, ma'am. Martin was worried, but I knew you would bring back the Amulet of Kings for him.
4337GREETINGGood to see you again, ma'am. Shall I escort you upstairs to see my master?
4338GREETINGGood to see you again, sir. Martin was worried, but I knew you would bring back the Amulet of Kings for him.
4339GREETINGGood to see you again, sir. Shall I escort you upstairs to see my master?
4340GREETINGGood to see you again.
4341HELLOGood to see you again.
4342GREETINGGood to see you again. Do you have the Soul Gems I requested?
4343HELLOGood to see you again. Do you need me to sharpen your blades?
4344GREETINGGood to see you again. Have you reconsidered your decision to undertake the investigation?
4345GREETINGGood to see you again. I told Martin that Mankar Camoran was no match for you.
4346GREETINGGood to see you again. What can I do for you?
4347HELLOGood to see you!
4348HELLOGood to see you!
4349contractGood to see you're working hard. I've got some more thieves for you to deal with in Anvil.
4350GREETINGGood to see you, Brawler. Your training's going well, I hope?
4351HELLOGood to see you, ma'am. We won't forget how you helped Anvil.
4352HELLOGood to see you, sir. We won't forget how you helped Anvil.
4353HELLOGood to see you.
4354HELLOGood to see you.
4355HELLOGood to see you.
4356GREETINGGood to see you. We should have a drink sometime.
4357GREETINGGood work at Vahtacen. Jarol is quite pleased with the information now coming in about the site.
4358GREETINGGood work closing the Oblivion Gate, you've made my job much easier and safer. Thanks!
4359GREETINGGood work closing the Oblivion Gate, you've made my job much easier and safer. Thanks!
4360MS46GoblinWarGood work ending the goblin war. The settlers are very pleased. I'm pretty impressed as well.
4361VahtacenTopicGood work getting that straightened out. I'm glad someone finally came along that was able to make progress with it.
4362GREETINGGood work locating the Shrine of Dagon. If you can retrieve the Amulet of Kings, we may yet prevail.
4363HELLOGood work tracking down the Mythic Dawn's secret shrine. We finally took the fight to the enemy.
4364GREETINGGood work! Now I can paint the portal home. After it's complete, you must go first or else you'd be stuck in here forever.
4365GREETINGGood work, Bloodletter. Or should I say Myrmidon? That's right, you've risen in rank. You know how it works. More blood, more gold. Here.
4366GREETINGGood work, good pay. Want to join the Guild?
4367SE46DoublesTopicGood work, you fuzzy little rascal! We don't need another Urul around. Do we? Do we?
4368HELLOGood work.
4369GOODBYEGood work.
4370MQ07ProgressTwoDeadGood work. But you must locate their base and make sure you've eliminated all of them.
4371GREETINGGood work. Captain Burd and his guardsmen should be able to handle any additional Gates, at least for now.
4372DASheogorathSpeechGood work. Good times! Here's a little reward for your efforts. One of my toys. Now, back to business. Before I forget myself.
4373GREETINGGood work. I am glad to see you, by the way. You just caught me at a bad time.
4374TG04AhdarjisStolenRingGood work. You are truly an asset to the guild. I will make sure the Gray Fox himself hears about this.
4376GREETINGGood, good! You'll need all the help you can get if you're going to defeat Jyggalag and stop the Greymarch.
4377MageTalk3Good, good. But let's not be too hasty. We must be sure of our findings. If there's any doubt, any doubt at all, it will weaken our position.
4378FGJoin1Good, I guess. You're now an Associate in the Fighters Guild. Report to me or Azzan in Anvil for contracts. And don't screw up.
4379MatildePetitTopicGood, I'm glad she's dead. I can tell you that because we're friends. Matilde didn't like me just because I'm a Dunmer. She got what she deserved.
4380ThoronirTopicGood, you have found his source. Now, you must find where his source gets the materials if we are to truly bring this crime to justice.
4381GOODBYEGood-for-nothing louse of a husband. He's lucky I still love him.
4383SE46Choice3Good. A little hard work will do you some good. Just get rid of those Demented freaks, and we'll all be happier.
4384AnswerStatusGood. And you?
4385MQ07ProgressDeadGood. But there may still be more spies out there. You should continue to search for their base of operations in Bruma.
4386TG02acceptGood. Find out where he's keeping the taxes and bring them to me. I'll also need the tax records of what each citizen paid so we can return it.
4387MQ15EldamilD3Good. Follow me, and don't worry. You can trust me.
4388SE11RakheranGreeting3cGood. Good. Bring to me the daggers. Then kill Ciirta, we will.
4389SE11RakheranGreeting1aGood. Good. Your face is known to me. One so famous as you cannot expect to walk around the Isles unrecognized, can you?
4390SE11RakheranGreeting1aGood. Good. Your face is known to me. One so famous as you cannot expect to walk around the Isles unrecognized, can you?
4391DAClavicusSpeechGood. Got your attention. I'm Barbas, the Hound of Clavicus Vile. Not that I've always been a hound, or always been called Barbas.
4392MQ13InformCountessGood. Have her meet me in the Chapel of Talos for a council of war. That seems a fitting place to make such desperate plans.
4393weaponsshipmentGood. I need a weapon. But it doesn't look like you have any! Go get them. And quick.
4394weaponsshipmentGood. I need a weapon. I'm looking forward to bashing some skulls in.
4395weaponsshipmentGood. I need a weapon. I'm looking forward to bashing some skulls in.
4396weaponsshipmentGood. I need a weapon. I'm looking forward to bashing some skulls in.
4397weaponsshipmentGood. I need a weapon. I'm looking forward to bashing some skulls in.
4398SE05EavesdropGood. I shall expect a progress report soon. And keep your head down; the Inquisitor must not become involved.
4399MS02VelwynEscChoice1Good. I want to get this over with as soon as possible.
4400GuardGoodbyeGood. I'm hungry.
4401SEWildernessRumorResponsesGood. It's always the settlements that adventurers get to first.
4402SE46Choice3Good. Just get rid of all those Manics in town, and we'll all be happier. Don't kill any Demented, though, or no reward for you.
4403FGD05Choice7Good. Let's go.
4404CharGenMainGood. Let's go. We're not out of this yet.
4405weaponsshipmentGood. Now everyone is armed. We're going to have to clear the goblins out of this place before the miners can return. Let's go.
4406SE03NoneTakenGood. Now, on to your responsibilities.
4407MG14Choice1AGood. Please go to Bruma; I have not heard from Jeanne Frasoric for a few days now, which is unusual for her.
4408MQ05BaurusCGood. Remember, wait for him to follow me. I want to see what he'll do.
4409MQ05PlanBGood. Remember, we must not leave here without the book. It's our best chance of finding the Amulet.
4410TG01AcceptGood. Remember, you may not kill anyone while doing this. If you need any lock picks, I can sell you some.
4411CGBaurusGGood. The Emperor's trust was well-placed.
4412BedYesGood. The room is on the second floor, right across from the stairs. Sleep soundly.
4413HELLOGood. You're back.
4414GREETINGGood. You're finally awake. I was beginning to get a bit concerned about you.
4415GREETINGGood. You're here. We've got duties to attend to.
4416GOODBYEGoodbye for now.
4417INFOGENERALGoodbye, Blackwood Company. The Fighters Guild has a new master, and Oreyn is back.
4418GOODBYEGoodbye, darling.
4419GOODBYEGoodbye, dearie.
4420StolenGoldGoodbye, I don't expect to be seeing you anytime soon. If I were you, I'd get out of Bruma fast before the guards catch on that she's dead.
4421StolenGoldGoodbye, I don't expect to be seeing you anytime soon. If I were you, I'd get out of Bruma fast before the guards catch on that she's dead.
4422GOODBYEGoodbye, Knight. Remember to carry our symbol proudly as a beacon of hope for all Cyrodiil!
4423GOODBYEGoodbye, magister.
4424GOODBYEGoodbye, my friend! And remember, you're always welcome here!
4442GOODBYEGoodbye. And thank you.
4443GOODBYEGoodbye. And watch yourself.
4444GOODBYEGoodbye. Hope to see you again very soon.
4445GOODBYEGoodbye. If you find any interesting things, let me know.
4446GOODBYEGoodbye. Please, come again.
4447GOODBYEGoodbye. So long. See you soon. Or not. Whichever it might be.
4448GOODBYEGoodbye... fare-thee-well... hic.
4449HappyReceiveGoodness. Well, I hope you don't say that to all the girls.
4450ADMIRELOVEGoodness. What can I say?
4451SECreatureResponsesGorble. Can't you hear them gorbling?
4452GREETINGGorgo gro-Shura. Soldier of fortune. Which means, more-or-less, unemployed and thoroughly pauperized.
4453HELLOGot a lot to do here. We can talk later in Anvil.
4454BieneAmelionTOPICGot a sword and armor for her, huh? Not bad work, meat. Here's your payment for the contract.
4455Dark05Choice2CGot all that? Good! Hides-His-Heart will be here any moment. Get ready! Oh, I do hope this works...
4456Dark05Choice2BGot all that? Good! Hides-His-Heart will be here any moment. Get ready! Oh, I do hope this works...
4457Dark05Choice2AGot all that? Good! Hides-His-Heart will be here any moment. Get ready! Oh, I do hope this works...
4458GREETINGGot any stories? I love stories.
4459GuardTalk1Got called in on a murder. There's been some talk. Some of the men think it was... You know... the Dark Brotherhood!
4460OblivionGateVoiceGot him!
4461GREETINGGot nothing else to say to you. Get out of here before I get angry.
4462SE46DoublesTopicGot them all, did you? Good work! I promised you a reward, and here it is. Now, go find some other work to do, you layabout!
4463SE46DoublesTopicGot them all? Makes me tired just thinking about it. Good work, though. Here's the reward I promised.
4464GOODBYEGot to go. Have things to see and people to do.
4465GOODBYEGotta run!
4466GOODBYEGotta run.
4467MS48StartCombatShoutsGrab the Sigil Stone and let's get out of here!
4468BOASTLOVEGracious! What a hero!
4469GREETINGGraman gro-Marad. I'm a bouncer for the Bloated Float. My wife, Umog, is a night guard for Master Umbacano.
4470GREETINGGraman gro-Marad. I'm the night man on the Bloated Float.
4471HELLOGrandmaster, is this ... ?
4472AttackGrave robber!
4473GOODBYEGreat fortunes to you.
4474GREETINGGreat show, great show! You really brought down the house! Here's your gold. Now get some rest, and I'll see you next week!
4475GREETINGGreat show, great show! You really brought down the house! Here's your gold. Now get some rest, and I'll see you next week!
4476GREETINGGreat show, great show! You really brought down the house! Here's your gold. Now get some rest, and I'll see you next week!
4477MQ13MartinA1Great Sigil Stones are the anchors of Great Gates. The kind of gate the Mythic Dawn opened at Kvatch.
4478RecommendationGreat things will befall you. There will be trials, but you will prevail. You must, for the good of the guild.
4481SE36Choice1LootYesGreat! There's a... a simple task. Yes, a simple task that you must perform.
4482MS05MoneyGreat. Whatever suits you and gets me Henantier back suits me just fine.
4483GREETINGGreat... nice work. Now that he's dead, we'll never find the treasure. Just get away from me.
4484GOODBYEGreed is unbecoming.
4485TG05RewardGreedy bastard, aren't you. I like that in a thief. You'll have to see S'krivva about that. I'm just running the scam.
4486SE07BGreenmoteGreenmote is the refined version of the spores that are harvested from the spore trees that dot Mania.
4487HELLOGreet the new day, brother.
4488HELLOGreet the new day, sister.
4489ChallengeRedguardGreet the war-hardened Redguard! Fight for my glory, Chosen One!
4490HELLOGreetings and salutations!
4491HELLOGreetings and salutations.
4492GREETINGGreetings once more, assassin. When you're ready, I have a most important contract. One that has been sanctioned by the Black Hand itself.
4493GREETINGGreetings once more. I know you must be eager to get to work. I think you'll find the task Vicente has available to be quite intriguing.
4494HELLOGreetings to you.
4495HELLOGreetings to you.
4498GREETINGGreetings! Greetings! I am Ocheeva, mistress of this Sanctuary. Lucien has told me all about you. Let me welcome you to the Dark Brotherhood!
4499EronorDEMO1Greetings! How are you on this fine morning?
4500GREETINGGreetings! Looking for some more work, are you?
4501GREETINGGreetings! Salutations! Welcome! Now go away. Leave. Run. Or die.
4502GREETINGGreetings! Seeing you just makes me feel safer!
4503GREETINGGreetings! Welcome to Lelles' Quality Merchandise. We have a wide range of goods to suit your needs.
4504HELLOGreetings, Apprentice.
4505HELLOGreetings, Argonian.
4506HELLOGreetings, blood of Orsinium.
4507HELLOGreetings, Bosmer.
4508HELLOGreetings, Breton.
4509HELLOGreetings, brother Bosmer.
4510GREETINGGreetings, brother! Greetings! I am Ocheeva, mistress of this Sanctuary. Lucien has told me all about you. I welcome you to the Dark Brotherhood!
4511GREETINGGreetings, brother. How does the light find you this day?
4512GREETINGGreetings, Brother. I do hope you are well.
4513GREETINGGreetings, Champion! I'm at your service.
4514HELLOGreetings, child of the Ra Gada.
4515HELLOGreetings, child.
4516GREETINGGreetings, child. The Mages Guild has a future for you, I believe. I have seen it. You should consider joining.
4517GREETINGGreetings, citizen. How can this Legion horseman be of service?
4518GREETINGGreetings, citizen. Is there something I can do for you? Are you perhaps interested in joining the Mages Guild?
4519HELLOGreetings, clan-mate.
4520HELLOGreetings, Conjurer.
4521HELLOGreetings, daughter of Skyrim.
4522HELLOGreetings, Dunmer.
4523GREETINGGreetings, Emissary. We await your command.
4524HELLOGreetings, Evoker.
4525GREETINGGreetings, favored of Hircine.
4526GREETINGGreetings, favored of the Webspinner, Champion of Mephala.
4527HELLOGreetings, fellow Altmer.
4528HELLOGreetings, fellow Breton.
4529HELLOGreetings, fellow Speaker.
4530HELLOGreetings, friend!
4531HELLOGreetings, friend.
4532GREETINGGreetings, friend. Have you come seeking the light?
4533HELLOGreetings, Goldbrand.
4534HELLOGreetings, guildmate.
4535GREETINGGreetings, guildmate. What can I do for you?
4536HELLOGreetings, High Elf.
4537HELLOGreetings, honored friend.
4538HELLOGreetings, Imperial brother.
4539HELLOGreetings, Imperial sister.
4540HELLOGreetings, Imperial.
4541HELLOGreetings, investigator.
4542HELLOGreetings, Journeyman.
4543HELLOGreetings, Khajiit.
4544Dark19StatueTalk1Greetings, Listener. Come close, and I will share with you the information I have garnered. For someone has prayed to the Night Mother yet again.
4545GREETINGGreetings, Madgod. I normally don't stop to chit-chat, but it's truly an honor. What can I do for you?
4546HELLOGreetings, mage.
4547HELLOGreetings, Magician.
4548GREETINGGreetings, magister! How can I be of service?
4549GREETINGGreetings, Magister. I trust you are serving the guild well.
4550HELLOGreetings, marsh-friend.
4551HELLOGreetings, Master-Wizard.
4552GREETINGGreetings, most honorable Listener. The time has come for you to hear the whispers of death. Go to Bravil, and listen to the Night Mother.
4553HELLOGreetings, my Dunmer brother.
4554HELLOGreetings, my Dunmer sister.
4555GREETINGGreetings, my friend. You must be from the Fighters Guild. We appreciate your help.
4556HELLOGreetings, My Lord. I am at your service.
4557HELLOGreetings, Nord.
4558HELLOGreetings, Orc.
4559HELLOGreetings, Redguard.
4560HELLOGreetings, sister Bosmer.
4561GREETINGGreetings, sister. How does the light find you this day?
4562GREETINGGreetings, Sister. I do hope you are well.
4563HELLOGreetings, son of Skyrim.
4564GREETINGGreetings, Speaker.
4565HELLOGreetings, Star-Bearer.
4566GREETINGGreetings, stranger. Are you here to help us drive the Mazken out of Cylarne?
4567GREETINGGreetings, traveler. What do you seek?
4568GREETINGGreetings, traveller. What is your business here?
4569HELLOGreetings, Volendrung.
4570HELLOGreetings, Warlock.
4571HELLOGreetings, Wizard.
4574GREETINGGreetings. Did you know that I slept for exactly 237 minutes last night? I find that fascinating.
4575GREETINGGreetings. Do you have business at Castle Skingrad?
4576GREETINGGreetings. How may I help you? Are you perhaps interested in joining the Fighters Guild?
4577GREETINGGreetings. I am Raminus Polus, Consul for the Mages Guild. Welcome to the Arcane University.
4578GREETINGGreetings. I see you've been keeping yourself busy. This is good. I believe it's time for you to perform some duties for your Guild.
4579GREETINGGreetings. It is high time that we meet face to face, don't you think?
4580HELLOGreetings. What exactly do you require of me?
4581GREETINGGreetings. What news from Cloud Ruler Temple?
4582GREETINGGreetings... greetings fellow stalker of the damned! Enjoy your new gift. And don't forget to speak with Ocheeva! She has a contract waiting for you.
4583SE03SyndelChamberTwoDem01Grommok! No!
4584SE03SyndelChamberTwoStartGrommok, be careful! This looks too good to be true.
4589INFOGENERALGruiand Garrana can talk her way out of anything. Of course, all she usually talks about is herself.
4590CheydinhalNQDResponsesGruiand is a bit high and mighty. She does have a way with words, though.
4591SEObeliskResponsesGrundy obelisks! Always tetterating knights and festars. Use the dookas to fix them.
4592LeyawiinTopicGuard stays inside the city walls for the duration of the crisis. Count Caro's orders. We're not going to risk another Kvatch here.
4593StealGuards! Guards! I'm being robbed!
4594AssaultGuards! Guards! Someone's being attacked!
4595PickpocketGuards! Guards! We've got a pickpocket here!
4596SE07BSheoShout03Guards, I think Syl forgot how to use the door. Kindly show her out. Before I forget myself.
4597SE07ASheoShout03Guards, I think Thadon forgot how to use the door. Kindly show him out. Before I forget myself.
4598IdleGuess I won't be visiting Kvatch.
4599LostGuess it was nothing.
4600GREETINGGuess what? I found another dead rat. Here, take this.
4601NevilleTopicGuests are dropping like flies around here, but not Neville, he's still in one piece. That tells me he's either very lucky, or a cold-blooded killer.
4602JemaneFamilyGuilbert and Reynald know nothing of their father's past deeds. If you want to tell them about it, suit yourself.
4603GREETINGGuilbert should be able to help you with anything you need... for now, I'm going to celebrate!
4604GOODBYEGuilbert was always the brains, but I've got the brawn! If you need anything, he can help you!
4605MagesGuildTopicGuild members who have access to the University can craft their own spells, not to mention chat with the most important people in the guild.
4606AttackGuild rats! Get 'em!
4607HELLOGuildmaster! How about that!
4608GREETINGGundalas guarantees! Everything... almost free! At Best Goods and Guarantees, retail service at warehouse prices!
4609EyjaTopicGunder took me in when I was but a teen, and I've lived there ever since. We've... shared a bed... but were never married.
4610GOODBYEGweden isn't far; they're taking quite a risk committing these crimes so close to Anvil.
4611MQ05VolumeThreeGwinas will be terribly disappointed when he learns it is gone.
4612MQ05PhintiasAGwinas will be terribly disappointed when he learns it is gone.
4613MQ05PhintiasAGwinas would be terribly disappointed if it was gone when he came to pick it up. So sorry I can't help you.
4614MS31Selene04aPositiveH-how did you know about that? No matter. Once I've taken care of you, we'll scuttle the ship and be off to our safe house.
4615contractHa ha ha ha ha ha ha! By Sithis, you are an idiot! Ocheeva has sent you on a suicide mission! Phillida's men are going to cut you to pieces!
4616Dark08NelsNevConvoHa ha ha ha ha! "My kind," as you like to call us, are plenty happy serving our own needs while your useless Empire crumbles down around you!
4617BladesTalk2Ha ha ha ha ha! Well, no one could ever accuse you Blades of being lax, I'll give you that. No, there's no need for alarm. I just wanted to talk.
4618Dark08FinChoice2BHa ha ha ha ha! Yes! Yes! The Black Hand has sanctioned the Rose of Sithis. It is an enchanted arrow that will kill Phillida... instantly!
4619AttackHa ha ha! You move like a pregnant cow!
4620AttackHa ha!
4621MageTalk3Ha ha! Magister, do you realize what this means? Do you have any idea how this could impact the study of magic?
4622ReadyForAMatchHa ha! Now that's the spirit! You give the people of Cyrodiil a good show, and I'll make sure you get a decent burial! Ha ha ha ha ha!
4623SE39MissionChoice1aHa ha! That should keep her occupied. She'll spend months putting everything back in place!
4624GREETINGHa ha! There's the new Arena Grand Champion! By Shinji, you look good in that Raiment! The way it accentuates your physique... Spectacular!
4625GREETINGHa ha! There's the new Arena Grand Champion! Now listen, I bet you're wondering what's next huh? Well I've been thinking...
4626GREETINGHa ha! We beat them! We slaughtered them all! Did you see? Did you see how well I fought?
4627GREETINGHa ha! We beat them! We slaughtered them all! Did you see? Did you see how well I fought?
4628GREETINGHa ha! We did it, my friend! The killer is dead, and this nightmare is just about over. All we have to do now is find a way out of here!
4629GREETINGHa ha! We wiped the bastards out!
4630SE05Interrogate3Ha ha! Weren't expecting this, were you? You'll get no more enjoyment from me today, Herdir. All I know about is the note.
4631MS49Choice1AHa ha, I knew you'd be up to it!
4633MSShadowscaleChoice2BHa! I expected as much from a Dark Brotherhood lapdog! I may not survive this fight, but I'll not make it easy for you!
4634CreaturesHa! I knew they couldn't stand up to us!
4635SE01Choice2Ha! It's your funeral. I'm just here to warn people, not keep them out. Go ahead in. I'll be here to clean up the mess when you come out.
4636SE03GrommokChamberTwoDem01Ha! Let's see them stop me after I rip this gate from its hinges!
4637advancementFGHa! Made you Guildmaster? Amazing. You earned it, though you'll likely muck it all up. So, what are you going to do with your newfound rank?
4638BravilTopicHa! Members of the Thieves Guild in our fair town? What makes you think that? Never! Absurd! Such fine law-abiding citizens are we all!
4639AttackHa! Take that!
4640UlrichLelandTopicHa! That stupid s'wit! Throw me out of my home, will he? I'll show him a thing or two about messing with an Othran!
4641contractHa! The great assassin needs help fulfilling a contract. You'll get no aid from me.
4642EmfridDEMOchoice3Ha! They parade around in their fancy clothes and their expensive perfumes. What do they know? All fluff and no fiber. That's what I say.
4643GREETINGHa! Those girls didn't stand a chance! Good job, Brawler. Here's your take. One more match and you'll advance again.
4644MS31Selene01NegativeHa! Those will be the last words that leave your lips!
4645GREETINGHa! Yes! That is an Argonian heart, of that I am sure! You have slain Scar-Tail! Well done! Please, take these boots as payment for your services!
4646AttackHa! You'll never take me down!
4647SE07AReplaceHa! You're mad! Syl has yet to be bested in any combat!
4648BarterFailHa! You've got to be kidding me.
4649GuardTalk1Had something of a false alarm earlier. Some Khajiit, acting suspicious. Turns out he was just grooming his tail.
4650SE07ArdenHad we been blessed with his constant presence, the Isles would be a Maniac's paradise.
4651MS13GateHad we brought a City Watch contingent, we might have taken the sigil stone with minimal losses. Instead, Farwil wanted to prove his point.
4652MS49DukeDeadMeanHad you not been instrumental in getting this far, I'd put you down where you stand.
4653GlarthirTopicHadn't you heard? He went crazy and killed Bernadette Peneles, poor girl.
4654BrumaNQDResponsesHafid has a nice inn. I wonder if he doesn't drink away most of his profits, though.
4655INFOGENERALHafid Hollowleg says that Jerall View has been doing good business.
4656BrumaNQDQuestionResponsesHafid takes care of his customers. It's a bit expensive, though.
4657TG01MethredhelBragHah! I'll have it before sunrise!
4658TG01TauntPlayerHah! You are too late. I have the diary!
4659SE39NotebookHaha! Cindanwe lose her head looking for that. Show to Ranarr-Jo. He hate Cindanwe.
4660StolenGoldHaha! She fooled you but good. This isn't her real amulet, but a clever fake. The true amulet has a red stone.
4661LeyawiinTopicHahaha! Isn't that rich? They think the things are stolen, but no! They are right there! They just don't know!
4662MSMiscKotTHahaha! Knights of the Thorn!
4663GREETINGHahaha! No! Really! It wasn't me! Never!
4664Dark08Choice1CHahaha! Oh, you're a funny one! Good, I'm glad one of us has a sense of humor about all of this. It will make our time here that much more enjoyable.
4665GREETINGHahaha! That one never gets old!
4666MS31Selene02PositiveHahaha! We made a solemn pact not to let anyone else join the gang. I can remember it clearly even though it was...
4667GOODBYEHahahaha! You're so funny My Lord! I mean, your presence is intoxicating!
4669HELLOHail and welcome, friend. Hail!
4670HELLOHail Blade. Do you have a moment to talk?
4671MQ13BrumaCheeringHail Martin Septim!
4672SEManiaRumorResponsesHail Sheogorath!
4673Dark10SancChoice1AHail Sithis indeed, my child! Now listen closely. No longer will you receive your orders directly. Instead, you will visit secret dead drops.
4676HELLOHail! This area is extremely dangerous. I'd recommend leaving quickly.
4677GREETINGHail! What can Newheim the Portly do for you?
4678HELLOHail, Blade. What news?
4679GREETINGHail, Champion!
4680GREETINGHail, Champion!
4681GREETINGHail, citizen! It's not often I see another rider out here on the roads. Times being what they are.
4682GREETINGHail, citizen. I speak for the Emperor. Or... at least I did...
4683HELLOHail, Cyrus.
4684GREETINGHail, daedra-slayer!
4685MQVoiceHail, Dragon Born! Hail, Martin Septim! Hail!
4686MQ04ConvHail, Dragon Born! Hail, Martin Septim! Hail!
4687HELLOHail, Duchess of Dementia.
4688HELLOHail, Duke of Dementia.
4689HELLOHail, fellow horseman! All's quiet in your stretch of the wild, I hope.
4690HELLOHail, friend!
4691GREETINGHail, friend! Good to see you again. I hope the Arena has been as good to you as it's been to me. What brings you back to the Imperial City?
4692GREETINGHail, friend! Good to see you again. So tell me, what brings you back to the Imperial City?
4693GREETINGHail, friend. Good to see you again. What can old Manheim help you with?
4694GREETINGHail, friend. I don't believe I've ever seen you down here in the Bloodworks before. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Agronak gro-Malog.
4695GREETINGHail, friend. I don't believe I've ever seen you down here in the Bloodworks before. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Agronak gro-Malog.
4696GREETINGHail, friend. I don't believe I've ever seen you down here in the Bloodworks before. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Agronak gro-Malog.
4697HELLOHail, good citizen! How can I be of service?
4698GREETINGHail, Good Mage! Welcome to the Arcane University! Is there anything I can help you with?
4699HELLOHail, my Brother!
4700HELLOHail, My Lord.
4701HELLOHail, my Sister!
4702GREETINGHail, Savior of Bruma!
4703GREETINGHail, traveler. You are welcome in Bleaker's Way.
4708GREETINGHail. We got plenty of rooms if you want one.
4709IdleHairballs attacking me. They were everywhere. It was the strangest dream.
4710SE14AttacksHale is still under attack. Or had you forgotten? No matter. I'm certain they can hold out a bit longer.
4711INFOGENERALHalf of the Council of Mages resigned when Traven took over the position of Arch-Mage.
4712AngaTOPICHallowed ground, home of the Forgotten Ones. A deep hole of shadow and despair. A truly wondrous place.
4714GREETINGHalt, lawbreaker! Lord Sheogorath's justice demands reparations or it's the dungeon for you. Any stolen goods will be confiscated.
4715GREETINGHalt, scofflaw! You can't afford to pay reparations for your crimes, so it's off to the dungeon for you. Your stolen goods are now forfeit.
4716GREETINGHalt. Mortals are not permitted within the walls of holy Cylarne.
4717INFOGENERALHammer and Tongs is a good place to get your armor repaired. Just don't go early in the morning. Agnete usually isn't feeling so well then.
4718MS22RefuseHand it over, and some day we will both laugh about this over drinks at the Tiber Septim. I will give you one last chance.
4719GREETINGHand over your stolen property, lawbreaker! If only you could afford to pay reparations... too bad, it's the dungeon for you.
4720BRIBEHandsomely done. A pleasure doing business with you.
4721SQ08WineHang onto it for now. I must have six before I'll be truly satisfied. Then I'll have more than anyone else in Cyrodiil!
4722GREETINGHannibal Traven, Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild. Welcome to the Arcane University.
4723GREETINGHans Black-Nail, Castle Smith. It's a comfortable post. Gives me plenty of time to offer services to the public.
4724SE10SheoJygglagHappens every time. The Greymarch starts, Order appears, and I become Jyggalag and wipe out My whole Realm.
4725GOODBYEHappy Big Head for having spoken to Lord Sheogorath!
4726GOODBYEHappy hunting, my Brother!
4727GOODBYEHappy hunting, my Sister!
4728GREETINGHappy times and happy days, my lady!
4729GREETINGHappy times and happy days, my lord!
4730GREETINGHappy times! Happy days!
4731GREETINGHappy times! Happy days!
4732HELLOHappy times! Happy days!
4733MS47CounterspellHard to believe that anyone could find that too complicated. Lucky for you, I made a backup scroll. Here. But I don't want to see you again.
4734INFOGENERALHard to complain about living in Chorrol. We've got everything you need.
4735ImperialCityTopicHard to find an Orc girl in this city like Umog gra-Marad. Smart, tough, got a good trade. Nice-looking, too. So I got to make my intentions clear.
4739GREETINGHarrow awaits within. You should not linger here.
4740SE07GreenmoteTopicHarvested from the spore trees that dot Bliss, the Greenmote is refined and kept in storage for use by all.
4741GREETINGHas a day passed yet? No?
4742QuestionHas Margarte ever talked to you about running a business?
4743QuestionHas Tadrose Helas ever fixed a weapon for you?
4744GREETINGHas Tar-Meena been of use in gathering information about the Necromancers?
4745GOODBYEHas that mouth of yours stopped flapping? Good.
4746MG12FithragaerSentHas the Council gone mad, sending you here alone?
4747GREETINGHas the deed been done?
4748INFOGENERALHas the new ruler of Bliss thought about setting up a city morgue? I'd keep track of all the bodies!
4749INFOGENERALHas the new ruler of Crucible thought about setting up a city morgue? I'd keep track of all the bodies!
4750QuestionHas there been any sign of J'skar today, Volanaro?
4751SE09HaskillXaselmHas Your Grace no interest in exploration and discovery?
4752GOODBYEHasten back to the palace... Sheogorath must know!
4753GOODBYEHasten back to the palace... Sheogorath must know!
4754GOODBYEHaul your carcass to that settlement, meat.
4755INFOGENERALHauls-Ropes-Faster can run faster than anyone I've ever seen. Of course, he can't often walk a straight line.
4756GREETINGHave a copy of the Black Horse Courier. It's the only way to get the real news. Feature story on the Gray Fox.
4757GOODBYEHave a fine journey, and keep yourself safe.
4758GOODBYEHave a good day now.
4759BarterHave a look around. You won't find better prices in all Tamriel.
4760BarterHave a look at my wares. I'm sure there's something to suit you.
4761BarterExitHave a seat.
4762HELLOHave a seat. Please.
4763QuestionHave any interest in learning to repair weapons and armor? Rohssan can help.
4764HELLOHave any success at The Flowing Bowl?
4765GOODBYEHave Erthor see me when he gets back, Associate.
4766MS46ResponseHave faith, Aloys. I'm sure my father will think of something.
4767ChorrolNQDQuestionResponsesHave I seen her there? Of course! She certainly loves a good fight.
4768SE38OddityDonateNoHave it your way. The honor of having one of their items on display in the Museum is enough for most people. But not you, it seems.
4769HELLOHave mercy. Just one coin.
4770SE11RobeConv02Have no fear, brother. It is only me.
4771HELLOHave pity beautiful lady, I gots nothin' ta eat.
4772HELLOHave pity on an old war veteran.
4773HELLOHave pity sir. I gots nothin' ta eat.
4774GREETINGHave respect for the dead while you are down here.
4775INFOGENERALHave to watch for those Scalons. I hear they carry disease.
4776INFOGENERALHave we been forsaken? What has happened to Sheogorath? Arden-Sul, guide me in this time of need!
4777GREETINGHave we not covered this? I believe you've mastered your new skill.
4778GREETINGHave you accomplished the mission?
4779HELLOHave you anything new to report?
4780MQ05VolumeThreeHave you been following me? Leave me alone! That book is mine!
4781INFOGENERALHave you been near Rosentia Gallenus's house recently? Smells horrible... like she left some meat out to spoil.
4782HELLOHave you been to a Healer recently? Because you don't look so good.
4783GREETINGHave you been to Skingrad, and seen Count Hassildor?
4784GREETINGHave you been to the Dark Fissure yet? We need to know all we can about the Necromancers.
4785HELLOHave you been to Wellspring Grove?
4786HELLOHave you been well recently? Your skin looks a bit... off.
4787GREETINGHave you brought help? We've been trapped here since the daedra overran the city.
4788GREETINGHave you brought help? We've been trapped here since the daedra overran the city.
4789HELLOHave you brought me any Amber?
4790HELLOHave you brought me some Madness Ore?
4791MS27AyleidCrownHave you brought me the Crown of the Ayleids?
4792HELLOHave you brought reinforcements?
4793GREETINGHave you brought to me the daggers?
4794GREETINGHave you caught my act yet? I'm Thaedil, the juggler. I'm sure you've heard of me.
4795GREETINGHave you changed your mind about helping me?
4796GREETINGHave you changed your mind? I don't think they've barricaded the gates yet, so we still have a chance to attack the city.
4797GREETINGHave you changed your mind? I miss my husband, and fear the worst.
4798GREETINGHave you changed your mind? My sons could use your help in their fight.
4799WeatherleahTopicHave you changed your mind? Will you help us reclaim our family home?
4800INFOGENERALHave you come to cheer me up? I'm worried about Lord Sheogorath. Are you worried, you little darling?
4801SeenHave you come to join us? Or simply to die?
4802GREETINGHave you come to revel in the glory that is the Shrine of Sanguine?
4803HELLOHave you completed your task?
4804MagesGuildTopicHave you considered joining the guild? Falcar can admit you, if you'd like. So can the leader of any of the other local guild halls.
4805GREETINGHave you dealt with Brithaur? I'm not getting any younger here waiting for you. You must hurry and get rid of him!
4806GREETINGHave you decided?
4807GREETINGHave you discovered anything new?
4808HELLOHave you discovered the truth?
4809GREETINGHave you done it? Have you destroyed that foul tree?
4810QuestionHave you eaten at The Feed Bag recently?
4811QuestionHave you ever been interested in joining the Mages Guild?
4812QuestionHave you ever been to the King and Queen Tavern?
4813QuestionHave you ever bought a horse from Bongond?
4814QuestionHave you ever bought a magic staff at Rindir's?
4815QuestionHave you ever bought a potion from Ardaline?
4816QuestionHave you ever bought light armor at Best Defense?
4817QuestionHave you ever browsed the goods at Three Brothers Trade Goods?
4818GOODBYEHave you ever considered a job in law enforcement? Hehehe.
4819QuestionHave you ever done any shopping at Thoronir's store?
4820FinesHave you ever gone past a guard barracks? When are they NOT drunk and disorderly? What kind of a stupid fine is that?
4821QuestionHave you ever had a complaint about a merchant?
4822QuestionHave you ever had a meal at The Feed Bag?
4823QuestionHave you ever heard Alga tell her tales?
4824TrainingQuestTopicHave you ever heard one of Tandilwe's sermons at the Temple of the One? Goodness, that woman knows how to orate.
4825QuestionHave you ever listened to one of Uravasa Othrelas' sermons?
4826SanctuaryHave you ever lived on the streets, struggled to survive? This Sanctuary is my home. Here I have the safety and love I've searched for all my life.
4827QuestionHave you ever made any bets with J'bari?
4828QuestionHave you ever met anyone who barters better than Palonirya?
4829INFOGENERALHave you ever met anyone who got rich betting on the Arena? Didn't think so.
4830QuestionHave you ever met Luciana Galena?
4831QuestionHave you ever seen a couple more in love than Orintur and Eilonwy?
4832LeyawiinTopicHave you ever seen a map with the Trans-Niben in Cyrodiil? No! Because there's never been one like that.
4833QuestionHave you ever seen Fathis Aren conjure up a creature?
4834QuestionHave you ever seen Irene Metrick move? Amazing.
4835QuestionHave you ever seen Ra'qanar get into a fight?
4836QuestionHave you ever shopped at Edgar's Discount Spells?
4837QuestionHave you ever shopped at Mach-Na's Books?
4838QuestionHave you ever shopped at Rindir's?
4839QuestionHave you ever shopped at The Main Ingredient?
4840QuestionHave you ever spent the night at the King and Queen Tavern?
4841QuestionHave you ever spoken to Deetsan about the Mages Guild?
4842QuestionHave you ever spoken to Dul gro-Shug about wearing light armor?
4843QuestionHave you ever spoken to Ganredhel about dog training?
4844QuestionHave you ever spoken to Gruiand Garrana?
4845QuestionHave you ever spoken to Jantus Brolus?
4846QuestionHave you ever spoken to Margarte? She knows a lot about running a business, and about alchemy.
4847QuestionHave you ever spoken to Rohssan about learning to be an armorer?
4848QuestionHave you ever spoken to Varon Vamori?
4849QuestionHave you ever spoken with Kud-Ei in the Mages Guild?
4850QuestionHave you ever spoken with Nahsi about hand-to-hand combat?
4851QuestionHave you ever spoken with Ohtesse? She's really a dedicated person.
4852QuestionHave you ever spoken with Varnado at The Best Defense?
4853QuestionHave you ever talked to Marz at the chapel? She seems sad to me.
4854QuestionHave you ever thought of joining the Fighters Guild?
4855ServiceRefusalHave you ever used a decent piece of armor in your life? I doubt it.
4856QuestionHave you ever wanted to learn to use destructive magic? I hear J'skar can teach you.
4857GREETINGHave you finished out your contract? You need to find that Stone.
4858GREETINGHave you found "Necromancer's Moon"?
4859SEOdditiesHave you found a new Oddity that you'd like to contribute to the Museum?
4860GREETINGHave you found an exit to this place yet? We must escape!
4861HELLOHave you found any new Oddities?
4862GREETINGHave you found anything for me?
4863GREETINGHave you found anything in Falcar's quarters?
4864GREETINGHave you found anything interesting in the ruins?
4865HELLOHave you found Black Brugo?
4866MS45MissingDaughterHave you found her? Is she safe?
4867GREETINGHave you found it? Have you brought back the Stone of St. Alessia?
4868GREETINGHave you found me a safe place outside to sleep yet?
4869GREETINGHave you found me ectoplasm?
4870GREETINGHave you found Weatherleah? Is it safe for us to travel there?
4871GREETINGHave you given Malene the gift yet?
4872GREETINGHave you got the key? You must get the Keeper's key -- it's the only way into the Sigil Keep!
4873GREETINGHave you had any luck recovering the Stone of St. Alessia?
4874QuestionHave you had the pleasure of staying at the Tiber Septim?
4875INFOGENERALHave you heard "The Fall of Dagon" yet? "Take heart, the mighty hero cried! He looked up at Dagon and cursed his foul name..."
4876INFOGENERALHave you heard about Agronak gro-Malog? Turns out he's not a noble at all. He's really the son of a vampire! It's almost too horrible to believe.
4877QuestionHave you heard about Delphine Jend, and her skills in spellcasting?
4878QuestionHave you heard about how the Blackwood Company is growing?
4879INFOGENERALHave you heard about Kvatch? They say that daedra came from Oblivion and burned the whole city to the ground!
4880INFOGENERALHave you heard about that ghost of the old man that looks out into Niben Bay each night? They're calling him the Forlorn Watchman... spooky.
4881QuestionHave you heard about the Fighters Guild?
4882QuestionHave you heard about why Hil the Tall joined the priesthood?
4883QuestionHave you heard any of Dar Jee's jokes?
4884QuestionHave you heard any word about the other provinces?
4885INFOGENERALHave you heard anything more about what the Council knows about these Necromancers? Something's not right.
4886QuestionHave you heard Gruiand Garrana talking about herself again?
4887GREETINGHave you heard my story about the time I beat seven Orcs in a drinking contest? I'm famous for it!
4888QuestionHave you heard Renoit got some new books in stock?
4889QuestionHave you heard that Arentus Falvius can summon creatures?
4890QuestionHave you heard that Samuel Bantien has a bit of a checkered past?
4891QuestionHave you heard the Derics arguing?
4892QuestionHave you heard the odd noises coming from Eugal Belette's place?
4893QuestionHave you heard the rumors about why Edla Dark-Heart left Skyrim?
4894QuestionHave you heard what a good alchemist Ardaline is?
4895GREETINGHave you heard, my friend? One of our fellow guests has been murdered! This bodes ill for our stay, and our search for the gold.
4896INFOGENERALHave you heard? Adamus Phillida has been killed! Murdered by the Dark Brotherhood!
4897INFOGENERALHave you heard? Someone desecrated the tomb of Llathasa. No wonder her ghost haunts that place.
4898HELLOHave you heard? Someone's been murdered! One of us!
4899INFOGENERALHave you heard? That big galleon down at the Waterfront? Someone killed the captain! Right there on the ship!
4900INFOGENERALHave you heard? The Oblivion Gate at Bruma -- they've shut it down! The Daedra will never defeat the people of the Empire! Never! Ha ha!
4901HELLOHave you helped Captain Burd and his men close the Oblivion Gate yet?
4902ServicetoLeyawiinTopicHave you learned why the Orc is here?
4903HELLOHave you located their hideaway?
4904QuestionHave you looked around Jensine's? It's amazing what people will get rid of.
4905BravilTopicHave you looked around? Bravil is Tamriel's cloaca. Silverhome is the only decent place in town. Don't know why I stay here.
4906MS46GoblinsHave you made any progress? Is it safe for us to go to Cropsford yet?
4907SE05EavesDropDetectedHave you made any progress? Will Anya assist us?
4908SE05EavesdropHave you made any progress? Will Anya assist us?
4909SE05EavesdropHave you made any progress? Will Anya assist us?
4910GREETINGHave you made up your mind? I'm getting tired just waiting for an answer.
4911SkingradTopicHave you met Adrienne Berene, our Skingrad Mages Guild head? Not the most pleasant person, I'll admit. Don't mind her.
4912INFOGENERALHave you met Modryn Oreyn? Quiet man, but apparently he's an incredible fighter.
4913INFOGENERALHave you met the newcomer, yet? Rich, maybe? Kindhearted, or just another skinflint?
4914MatildePetitTopicHave you no compassion? There are two bloody corpses lying in this place, and all you can do is question me about that old woman?
4915DarkBrotherhoodTopicHave you not heard of the Dark Brotherhood? Of the remorseless guild of paid assassins and homicidal cutthroats?
4916INFOGENERALHave you not heard? The Oblivion crisis has ended! Martin Septim gave his own life to destroy the Daedra horde! We are victorious!
4917QuestionHave you noticed a change in the well water recently? It tastes strange to me.
4918INFOGENERALHave you noticed all the city guards are roaming around the city as if looking for someone? I wonder what that's all about.
4919GREETINGHave you prepared the Aureals?
4920GREETINGHave you provided the soldiers with aid? We have little in the way of supplies here. No healing. No restoration.
4921GREETINGHave you pulled that little prank yet?
4922QuestionHave you read the latest Black Horse Courier?
4923GREETINGHave you reconsidered my offer? Will you bring to me the daggers?
4924GREETINGHave you reconsidered, child? Will you aid me?
4925GREETINGHave you reconsidered?
4926MQJoinBladesHave you reconsidered? Are you ready to join our order in service to the Dragon Blood?
4927RecommendationHave you reconsidered? I'd still be willing to do that job for you, if you want. It'd only cost you 300 gold.
4928MS21AnotherTaskHave you reconsidered? Will you help me reach the Throne Room of Nenalata?
4929MS21AnotherTaskHave you reconsidered? Will you help me reach the Throne Room of Nenalata?
4930GREETINGHave you recovered either the Bloodworm Helm, or the Necromancer's Amulet?
4931GREETINGHave you recovered the Armor of Tiber Septim yet? We need to open the gate to Camoran's Paradise as soon as Martin deciphers the whole ritual.
4932GREETINGHave you recovered the Bloodworm Helm?
4933FingersoftheMountainHave you recovered the book yet?
4934GREETINGHave you recovered the Madstone?
4935GREETINGHave you recovered the Necromancer's Amulet?
4936GREETINGHave you recovered those taxes?
4937GREETINGHave you returned with a message from S'Krivva?
4938GREETINGHave you returned with the ingredients you were sent to find?
4939GREETINGHave you returned with the materials you were sent to collect?
4940INFOGENERALHave you seen a land dreugh? We call them "Billies." Don't know why. Steer clear of them, though.
4941QuestionHave you seen Ahdarji trying to start trouble?
4942GREETINGHave you seen Alain or Valdemar? Rielus fell in the lower chamber. We were separated ... the fog blinded us ...
4943LeyawiinTopicHave you SEEN all the rats around here? It's making me CRAZY. First, this guy decides he's gonna make a million, opens a fancy restaurant.
4944HELLOHave you seen anything cuter than that?!
4945HELLOHave you seen Armand Christophe?
4946QuestionHave you seen Eitar making trouble again with the Khajiits and Argonians?
4947QuestionHave you seen Erthor around town lately?
4948QuestionHave you seen Glistel and Malintus Ancrus together? Isn't it awful?
4949QuestionHave you seen how upset Tsrava gets by all the dogs near her house?
4950GREETINGHave you seen it? Have you seen the light? The bright, shining light? I know it. It waits for you. Speak with Ravel. He knows the way.
4951GREETINGHave you seen my double, you cute little monkey? Have you?
4952GREETINGHave you seen my friend Luronk? I'm worried about him.
4953MS45ConvoHave you seen my horse? I can't leave her here!
4954HELLOHave you seen my sanity? It went by here just a moment ago.
4955QuestionHave you seen Orintur and Eilonwy recently? They're always together.
4956QuestionHave you seen Othrelos moving around? It's like he sometimes just disappears.
4957INFOGENERALHave you seen Rhano at the Fighters Guild use his sword? Impressive. He could teach us all a thing or two.
4958QuestionHave you seen Right-Wind practicing with his sword? Very impressive.
4959QuestionHave you seen that new galleon down at the docks?
4960QuestionHave you seen the Bruiants and their dogs?
4961QuestionHave you seen the Derics recently? They're always bickering with one another.
4962QuestionHave you seen the latest Black Horse Courier? Quite a story, don't you think?
4963INFOGENERALHave you seen the new Gatekeeper? I hear they built him with four arms and no head! Or was it four heads and no arms?
4964SkingradTopicHave you seen the Oblivion Gate? I haven't dared leave the city since I heard about it.
4965CharGenMainHave you seen the prisoner?
4966QuestionHave you seen the selection at Stonewall Shields?
4967LeyawiinTopicDecentius03Have you seen the statue? It's in the southwest corner of the town. That's the High Elf explorer, Torval the Pilot.
4968QuestionHave you seen the way that Voranil treats his servants? What a lout.
4969SE36Choice5KillSelfHave you seen those miserable souls on the Hill of Suicides? Do you think that kind of existence is any better than this?
4970INFOGENERALHave you seen Valus Odiil recently? Spends all day in the tavern since his boys left.
4971QuestionHave you seen Varon Vamori recently?
4972QuestionHave you shopped at the Guilded Carafe?
4973QuestionHave you shopped for a shield at Stonewall?
4974GREETINGHave you slain Roland?
4975HELLOHave you spoken to Martin yet? The plans you found make it clear that time is short.
4976GREETINGHave you spoken to S'drassa yet? I hear she eagerly awaits your return.
4977GREETINGHave you spoken to the other guests yet? I suggest you get to know everyone. Who knows how long we'll be stuck in this house together?
4978EronorDEMO1Have you spoken to Valus Odiil recently?
4979INFOGENERALHave you spoken to Wilbur at the Count's Arms? He knows a lot about fine wines.
4980QuestionHave you spoken with Adrienne today?
4981EmfridDEMOBittneldTOPICHave you spoken with him already? Please, say you have.
4982GREETINGHave you spoken with Kishashi? Until she sends word you are a friend, I will not speak to you. Not another word.
4983GREETINGHave you taken care of business yet? It's exhausing just waiting for you.
4984AccuseHave you taken leave of your senses? We already covered this! Now go away!
4985NirnrootHave you taken this to Sinderion in Skingrad yet? As far as alchemists go, you couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable source.
4986GREETINGHave you talked to Ancotar yet? Can he make us visible again?
4987GREETINGHave you talked to my sons yet? I don't want them leaving on their own.
4988MagesGuildTopicHave you thought of joining? There's a free place to rest in every town for you. That's got to be worth something.
4989GREETINGHave you... done... what I asked?
4990SEMiscQuestResponsesHave zickle to it. Nobody does rebby zickles any more.
4991SEThadonWaitingShortHaven't I? Hmm, perhaps not. It felt like rather a long time, but then long times get longer when you're standing around thinking about them.
4992MG04Choice2AHaven't seen as many lately, what with the... well, you know. The murders.
4993MS13GateHeardNotHaven't seen it myself, and don't intend to. Being this close to one makes me nervous. The good news is nothing's come out since Farwil entered.
4994GREETINGHaven't written me off yet, huh? Good. If you're willing, there's more work to be done.
4995SE05ConspiracyHaven't you got what you need? Shouldn't you be running off to tattle like a good little servant?
4996MS13GateHaven't you heard about these gates to Oblivion opening up all over Tamriel?
4997BlackwoodCompanyHaven't you heard of 'em? Former soldiers, sent down into the swamps to take some territory back from the lizards. Talk to Vantus.
4998INFOGENERALHaven't you heard? Baenlin's been killed! The Black Horse Courier has a special edition with the story. Here, take my copy.
4999EaranaTopicHaven't you seen her around town? She's either at the Grey Mare, or she's skulking around the Mages Guild, it seems.
5000GREETINGHaven't you taken care of that weapons shipment yet? Those weapons won't deliver themselves!
5001TG03BribeBeggarHe also posted a guard so that her tomb wouldn't be disturbed. Used to be anyone could visit her, but now it's off limits to the public.
5002TG03ElvenBustHe also posted a guard so that her tomb wouldn't be disturbed. Used to be anyone could visit her, but now it's off limits to the public.
5003ReadyForAMatchHe also uses an enchanted shield called the Gray Aegis, which gives him some serious magic resistances. Your best bet is to just charge straight in!
5004OcatoTopicHe and the rest of the Elder Council care nothing for Cyrodiil. They focus obsessively on the provinces, leaving us to fend for ourselves.
5005MS27LastAyleidKingHe appears to have ruled for centuries past the fall of all the other Ayleid kingdoms, if the ancient chronicles are to be believed.
5006GREETINGHe asked me to deliver this note. I believe it is an invitation to visit him at his manor in the Imperial City.
5007LorgrenBenirusHe became obsessed and decided that by using necromancy, he could prolong his own life.
5008MS23RolandSadHe became startled for a moment and tossed Relfina aside. She fell to the ground and I heard a sickening crack as her head struck a stone.
5009SE07GreymarchTopicHe believes that by you ruling either Mania or Dementia, you'll be able to effectively inspire his people and lead His forces. I hope He's right.
5010SE07GreymarchTopicHe believes that by you ruling either Mania or Dementia, you'll be able to effectively inspire his people and lead His forces. I hope He's right.
5011GREETINGHe can be found at the Arcane University in the Imperial City. I'm very disappointed in you.
5012CharGenMainHe can help us. He must help us.
5013ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesHe can teach you a lot about using light armor.
5014ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesHe can teach you how to steal the boot right off a lich.
5015MG10Choice2AHe can't be bothered to come check on his own project, so he sends someone who knows nothing about it. And this is supposed to help?
5016PrimoAntoniusTopicHe can't be the killer! He can't! I won't believe it! Get away from me!
5017SEManiaRumorResponsesHe can't leave! Bliss must be protected!
5018SEWildernessRumorResponsesHe can't leave. He still has work to do.
5019FaelianTopicHe comes back every night to be with Atraena, but only for a few hours. I swear, that High Elf is going to wind up dead if he keeps living like this.
5020SEDyusTormentTopicHe could not bring himself to destroy the knowledge that I represent, which is to say, precise predictions of all that is, has been, and will be.
5021MQ06MythicDawnAlarmHe dares to touch the sacred Xarxes! Kill him!
5022SE46Choice1He decided to test the theory. Cast a spell. Split us all in two. Do we get twice the work done? No! Ridiculous.
5023SEMiscQuestResponsesHe definitely doesn't live with Zoe Malene.
5024ChorrolNQDQuestionResponsesHe did? Excellent. I wonder if he got "The Lusty Argonian Maid" in. I've been dying to read that.
5025defaultedHe didn't finish out a contract in Skingrad. Suppose I shouldn't be surprised. He's raw, like you. Go and find out what's wrong with him.
5026FGDefault1He didn't? Hmph. This doesn't sit well with me. Not well at all. Still, the job got done. Let's hope your friend Maglir has learned a lesson here.
5027TG06WhereIsShumHe doesn't leave Castle Skingrad often. At ten he heads over to the West Weald Inn. Then at noon he goes to the Colovian Trader.
5028BravilNQDResponsesHe doesn't seem particularly happy. I think he'd rather spend his time painting.
5029VaronVamoriTopicHe even stole her Mages' Staff!
5030GREETINGHe failed, of course. His body's around here somewhere. But he got in a pretty good hit. If I don't get some rest I'm probably dead anyway.
5031MS16Choice5AHe fled from Chorrol with his family, and was never heard from again. Only his small son Reynald was found, wandering alone in the wilderness.
5032RecommendationHe flew into a rage! I didn't even understand some of his ranting, but he said that our days are numbered, and then he stormed out!
5033RecommendationHe gave poor Vidkun the same task, and we never saw him again. I'm reasonably sure there's a connection, but I can't prove it.
5034CheydinhalNQDResponsesHe goes on and on about the guild. He's very proud of it. I understand he teaches Illusion there now, as well.
5035LeyawiinNQDQuestionResponsesHe goes on and on. I'm not sure he's ever said anything useful, though.
5036TGHieronymusLexHe got reassigned, to Anvil I think. Without him around, all this hustle and bustle about the Gray Fox will go away.
5037SE02GatekeeperHe guards the Gates of Madness. Don't get too close to him. He'll kill you, and it will leave a mess in my town.
5038SE02GatekeeperHe guards the Gates of Madness. See for yourself. He's about to destroy a party of adventurers.
5039ICAllNQDResponsesHe has a good selection of soul gems and other things.
5040TG02WhoIsLexHe has a grudge against the Thieves Guild and the Gray Fox in particular. Lex has made it his personal mission to capture him.
5041SE43UshnarHe has a nice dog. I like dogs.
5042BravilNQDResponsesHe has a way with words, that's for sure. You could learn a lot from him.
5043LeyawiinNQDResponsesHe has a wonderful collection of books. I don't know why he needs to act so tough all the time.
5044MG09Choice5BHe has disguised his nature from most, but cannot hide it from the Council of Mages. So, he approached us with an accord.
5045SE06HelpAttackA1He has failed to consider the risks of his plan. If the Mazken have prepared an ambush along that route, we would be slaughtered.
5046MG13Choice1AHe has requested that you personally travel to Skingrad to obtain this information.
5047DAMolagBalSpeechHe has sworn an oath: never to raise a weapon against another man again. I want him to break that oath, and damn himself forever.
5048GatherCluesHe has taken to asking for money from others to purchase spirits. A porter's wage does not befit his habit.
5049GatherCluesHe hasn't bothered me since.
5050defaultedHe hasn't reported to the client at all. Get yourself down to Bravil and find Maglir. Make sure that contract of his gets done. And send him to me.
5051ErthorTopicHe hasn't shown up here in a while. I assumed he was still out at Bleak Flats Cave, where he usually stays.
5052DarkSancTalk4He he. Remember, Dear Brother, I can't always be there to get you out of trouble!
5053DarkSancTalk4He he. Remember, Dear Sister, I can't always be there to get you out of trouble!
5054AttackHe hired a guard! Attack!
5055SkingradNQDResponsesHe is a bit nutty. Probably just a harmless old fool, though.
5056TG02WhoIsLexHe is a fool of a Captain in the Imperial Watch. He's a real law and order type.
5057TrainingQuestTopicHe is a guest of the Legion, at the Legion Headquarters in Cyrodiil. Seek him there.
5058GREETINGHe is a hard master, but he delivers. I gave my word, and an Orc honors his word.
5059MartinTopicHe is a priest in the Chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch. He never knew that he was Uriel Septim's son.
5060TG06TheranisHe is a skillful thief. I seem to remember something about him. Something recent. Something important. Something is missing in my hand...
5061TG10FindJakbenHe is a very private man and does not leave his home often. He has a rare skin condition that forces him to sleep during the day.
5062TG10FindJakbenHe is an odd one. Keeps to himself mostly. Only goes out after dark. A real night owl.
5063TG10BribeBeggarHe is an odd one. Keeps to himself mostly. Only goes out after dark. A real night owl.
5064MannimarcoTopicHe is an old and powerful Necromancer. Traven will recognize the name, even if you do not.
5065SEThadonTopicHe is aware you are here, and should be waiting for you. See him at once.
5066TGHieronymusLexHe is captain of the Imperial Watch. He is pursuing a personal vendetta against the Thieves Guild and the Gray Fox.
5067MQ15MankarRantHe is daedroth! TAMRIEL AE DAEDROTH!
5068ThoronirTopicHe is dirty. Plain and simple. I don't trust him at all. Won't even come to merchant meetings and sets his prices so low, he undercuts everyone.
5069GREETINGHe is gone, but hope is not lost. We have a rare opportunity here, but I hesitate to do what must be done.
5070TG03WhereArmandHe is in hiding. Armand is accused of stealing the bust of Llathasa Indarys from Cheyhindal. They say Count Indarys himself filed the charges.
5071SE11DyusHe is kept locked away to prevent curious beings from using his knowledge to subvert the personal choices of other creatures.
5072LordDradTOPICHe is my husband, a kind and gentle man. He has given me everything I might ever desire.
5073ValusOdiilTopicHe is not coming with us? I think I understand, and it is better that he remain safe. Though I wonder why he has asked you to take his place.
5074SE05ConspiracyHe is not known for his ability to remain hidden.
5075TG10FindJakbenHe is somewhere in the house. Flee thief, while you still have the chance!
5076TGFence05He is the best fence in the Thieves Guild. He operates from the Elven Gardens in the Imperial City.
5077TGFence05He is the best fence in the Thieves Guild. He spends time in the guild hall, and in the Elven Gardens.
5078SE07ArdenHe is the bringer of pain and pleasure; the blade that cuts through our sins like a scythe through wheat.
5079TGGrayFoxHe is the greatest of all thieves. I have heard it said that he stole his gray cowl from Nocturnal herself.
5080NivanDalviluTOPICHe is the head of our family. He works powerful magic, but his true gift is compromise. He is a wise, wise leader.
5081TGGrayFoxHe is the King of Thieves in Cyrodiil. You could think of him as our guildmaster, although he would deny that title.
5082TGGrayFoxHe is the King of Thieves in Cyrodiil. You could think of him as our guildmaster, although he would deny that title.
5083SESheogorathTopicHe is the Prince of Madness. The ruler of the Shivering Isles.
5084SESheogorathTopicHe is the Prince of Madness. The ruler of the Shivering Isles. It is by His will that we exist in this place. He is our Lord and Master.
5085SE11CiirtaGreeting2He is? Then the Greymarch has begun again? If that is so, then why are you here?
5086RaynilDralasTopicHe isn't in right now, so you should be clear to check it out. Just don't tell anyone I gave the key to you.
5087MS09ImInHe just threatened to... hurt me if I got in his way. I think the gold changed him. I really do. He wasn't the man I met seven years ago.
5088BrumaNQDResponsesHe keeps busy. Repairing weapons, training light armor techniques, keeping track of Skjorta....
5089GREETINGHe killed them all. Just... slaughtered them.
5090NevilleTopicHe killed them! All of those people! We... we have to get him before he gets us! We have to kill that murdering swine!
5091KingofWormsTopicHe killed them, one by one. Volanaro was last, I think. He was trying to run away, but he didn't make it, did he?
5092ICAllNQDResponsesHe knows a lot about it. Plus, he'll teach others how to use heavy armor.
5093CheydinhalNQDResponsesHe knows a lot about running his store. Of course, he's not the easiest person to talk to.
5094GREETINGHe knows to tell Adrienne that you're the one who rescued him. You should be able to tell her you've completed her little task.
5095NivanDalviluTOPICHe leads the Dalvilu family. He is a wise man, and a powerful wizard.
5096HrolUlfgarTOPICHe leads the Ulfgar clan. He is slow to anger, but fierce with his axe. All the clan values his leadership and judgement.
5097MS38NextHe leaves his house early each morning. Watch him and report back to me here, at midnight as usual. Make sure he doesn't notice you!
5098VenaPetiliusHe lives alone now. Moved into a cabin not far outside of town. It's near where he buried Vena. I understand he visits her grave every day.
5099TrainingQuestTopicHe lives in Bruma. You should look for him there.
5100ToutiusSextiusTopicHe lives in the large house between the Low Gate and the East Bridge. Alone -- suspicious, don't you think?
5101SorisArenimTopicHe lives in the Talos Plaza district of the Imperial City. He's the one who has Ardaline's staff now.
5102TG11MillonaGetUpHe looks familiar...
5103SE43BhishaHe loves dogs. Dogs like sticks. Dogs like meat. I wonder if they like meat on a stick?
5104BrumaNQDResponsesHe loves the place. I've also heard he's quite an accomplished alchemist.
5105TGHieronymusLexHe made things very difficult for the Thieves Guild for a while.
5106RogueMageHe may have more tricks up his sleeve.
5107SEWildernessRumorResponsesHe may help protect us. We can only hope.
5108GREETINGHe may look slow... okay, he is slow. But what do you expect for this price?
5109DASheogorathChoice1He might appear. Because it's raining. He loves the rain. Because it's wet. Or because it's rainy. Not so sure.
5110KingofWormsTopicHe might come back if he knows I'm still here. I'm not staying here!
5111SE46Choice4He might offer you the same deal. But that guy is crazy. Trust me.
5112GaltusPreviaTOPICHe must be in Nonwyll somewhere. Let's get there quickly.
5113SE02GatekeeperHe must die. It's the only way.
5114CGBaurusAHe must have given it to you for a reason. Did he say why?
5115JorundrTopicHe must have moved the loot when I left our campsite to get us supplies. Brave of him to bury it so close to town.
5116KnightsofThornHe must realize he'll be ruling Cheydinhal one day. That's a responsibility I aim to make him ready for.
5117BrumaNQDQuestionResponsesHe must really know all the fighters by now. And, from what I've heard, he knows a good bit about alchemy as well.
5118MG12FithragaerWhoHe must've told them we were coming! We've got to get our hands on him, before he tells them anything else!
5119MankarCamoranTopicHe never comes here. He stays in Carac Agaialor with Ruma and Raven. But these caves eventually lead to the Terrace of Dawn in front of his palace.
5120MundaneAmuletHe never really trusted anyone else in the group, and before he secured the treasure in that cave, he had a special enchantment placed upon it.
5121ClaudeMaricTopicHe never tells us anything, though. Just between the two of us, this one thinks Maric is cheating him. In fact, this one is sure of it.
5122MQ02JauffreD3He never told me anything else about the baby, but I knew it was his son. From time to time he would ask about the child's progress.
5123BravilNQDResponsesHe obviously takes great pride in the lodge.
5124MS29ThoronirBadHe outright refuses to join the Society or even discuss the matter. We are convinced he is up to no good.
5125LeyawiinNQDQuestionResponsesHe pays his debts, but his love of dogs is just odd. I've heard he leaves meat in his backyard to attract them.
5126CheydinhalTopicHe pays peanuts. And thinks it entitles him to chew us out 18 hours a day? Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake coming here.
5127TG03HowToHelpHe probably won't believe you, so you may have to persuade him. Hopefully he will at least go and check it out.
5128SE02GatekeeperHe protects the Gates of Madness. He'll kill anyone who gets near. He's about to destroy some adventurers up there now.
5129SE02GatekeeperHe protects the Gates of Madness. He'll kill anyone who gets near... anyone except Relmyna Verenim. She's staying upstairs right now.
5130LeyawiinTopicDecentius03He purchased the Eight Islands... the site of White Gold Tower and the Imperial City... from the beastfolk natives for the secret of literacy.
5131MS43StaffHe ran off with someone else, so now the ring belongs to you. The owner of the shop called it the Ring of Eidolon's Edge. I think you'll like it.
5132MS46FatherInLawHe read something about cheap land being offered by the government. Of course nobody said anything about the swarming goblins.
5133NevilleTopicHe reminds me of the guards under my father's employ. Strict, no-nonsense, and ready to fight at a moment's notice.
5134NelsTheNaughtyTopicHe reminds me of you. Uncultured, unwashed and generally uninteresting.
5135MS27LastAyleidKingHe ruled the last Ayleid city in Cyrodiil during the First Era, three centuries after the Fall of White Gold Tower.
5136CheydinhalNQDQuestionResponsesHe runs a nice store, but Mach-Na is a grouchy old man.
5137NorbertLellesTOPICHe runs Lelles' Quality "Mercandise." Ha! Not a bad sort. You can usually find him in his store.
5138NorbertLellesTOPICHe runs Lelles' Quality Merchandise here in Anvil. He's been having problems with break-ins, though, and he's hired us to put a stop to it.
5139GREETINGHe said any Argonian can kick any Khajiit's butt to breakfast any day of the week. You believe that?
5140GREETINGHe said any Khajiit can kick any Argonian's butt to breakfast any day of the week. You believe that?
5141SE41AquanostrumHe said if I let him stay for free, he'd tell me how to cure my sickness! How fortuitous!
5142KingofWormsTopicHe said something about Echo Cave, and destroying the Mages Guild. Then he looked right at me, and grinned!
5143MS23RalsaGreetHe said to tell you that the matter he needs help with is of the utmost importance to the citizens of the Imperial City.
5144RaynilDralasTopicHe seemed to be such a likeable fellow.
5145BrumaNQDQuestionResponsesHe seems gifted with a blade. Can't blame the Fighters Guild for having him train others.
5146NevilleTopicHe seems on edge, doesn't he? I guess you can take the man out of the Legion, but you can never take the Legion out of the man.
5147HELLOHe sees all, knows all.
5148SE39RelanHe seldom kills things right away. It takes awhile. Sometimes he talks to them while cutting them open. But still, he gets the job done.
5149OcatoTopicHe served Emperor Uriel for many years, and so far he has done well in an impossible situation.
5150BaurusTopicHe served with honor. No Blade could ask for higher praise.
5151FawilTopicHe should be around somewhere. If he's not in the lodge, I'd try looking for him in Cheydinhal.
5152MartinTopicHe should be around the camp somewhere. He was with the survivors we rescued from the Chapel of Akatosh.
5153SkingradNQDResponsesHe should be kicked out of town before one of his experiments turns this place into a wasteland.
5154TG04GivePickHe showed me an inscription on the inside, 'To Alessia.' That had to be the Countess of Leyawiin. The damn ring was stolen property!
5155JauffreTopicHe sleeps here in the Priory House.
5156JauffreTopicHe sleeps with us here in the Priory House.
5157VaronVamoriTopicHe sold it, eh? Well, this just keeps getting worse.
5158ICAllNQDResponsesHe still teaches others, though. Of course, you have to try to avoid all the Old Man Dust.
5159ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesHe still teaches, though he lost his passion for it after the Levitation Act was passed. Can't say I blame him.
5160ICAllNQDResponsesHe supports all of your enchanting needs.
5161SE39NotebookHe think she keep our secrets in it. Look. Look! It nothing but gibberish. My neighbors, they weird. Now, I must go bite something's head off. Bye.
5162SEMiscQuestResponsesHe thinks his house will collapse on him. Can't even sleep because of it.
5163OcatoTopicHe thinks to use his position as head of the Elder Council to make himself Emperor. He will not succeed.
5164RolandJensericTopicHe threw his lover to the ground and turned his attention on me. Luckily, I managed to run back into the street and escape his grasp.
5165ThoronirTopicHe told me of his intentions to donate all of the money and inventory to the local temple. He also agreed to buy and sell merchandise at fair prices.
5166SE32SiegeVitharnHe told me that the spirits of my people would remain bound here, replaying our cowardice, as a lesson to those that thwarted his will.
5167SE43UshnarHe told me the dog can smell its food on anyone. Ushnar let that dog tear that poor Khajiit apart.
5168TG06BookLostHistoriesHe told me to give this message to any member of the Thieves Guild that asked about him or a book.
5169HELLOHe told you where it is?
5170RaynilDralasTopicHe tracked the vampire to this house. When he entered the place around noon, Bradon was sleeping. He was able to slay him at that point.
5171MartinTopicHe truly was the Dragonborn... the last, and perhaps the greatest of all the Septims.
5172GlarthirTopicHe turned up dead. I guess someone finally got tired of his crazy behavior.
5173MS08HuntHe uses the dungeons under Fort Grief as the hunting grounds. I was placed here because he knew someone would go looking for me.
5174MS14TivelaHeardHe usually comes out to eat dinner and sleep, but two days ago, he didn't come out at all. At first, I wasn't worried. He does that occasionally.
5175SEDunrootBurrowTopicHe wants you to learn for yourself. Learn, grow, experience. It's his way. I shouldn't say more. But the Burrow, it's northeast of New Sheoth.
5176NelsTheNaughtyTopicHe was a buffoon, but I didn't wish him dead, you cold-hearted villain!
5177SQ10BjalfiDeadHe was a good man when I married him, but greed took a hold of his heart. While I'm not happy he's dead, I'm glad he's at peace.
5178MS16Choice6AHe was a thief, not a farmer. The only reason to establish such a place would be to stay out of the Chorrol Guard's sight.
5179SeridurTopicHe was a traitor. Thanks to you, the Order lives on. Long live the Order!
5180HaderusGoldwineTopicHe was a valiant warrior in his day, and inspired us all to be our best. I heard he personally led one of the first retaliations to the attack.
5181PrimoAntoniusTopicHe was a young man and now he's dead, slaughtered like a lamb. I've got my eyes on you, stranger. Don't you forget that.
5182VidkunTopicHe was an Associate, just like yourself. Perhaps not the brightest, but very eager. He was given his assignment from Falcar, and disappeared.
5183MS16Choice5AHe was assigned to obtain a very valuable item for me. He succeeded, but decided to keep this item for himself. An unfortunate decision.
5184GangHe was carrying a precious family heirloom with him when he was lured out to their lair. It was a small ring given to him on our wedding day.
5185RecommendationHe was furious when I told him I'd helped you, and then when I threatened to report him to the Council of Mages, I thought he was going to kill me!
5186JorundrTopicHe was going to skip town on Arnora, but got arrested before making good on his escape. Now she has no money left at all. Poor thing.
5187UnseenHe was here a second ago...
5188MehrunesDagonTopicHe was involved with Jagar Tharn's plot against the empire years ago. It doesn't surprise me to find his hand in the current calamity.
5189StolenPaintingHe was kind and noble, which is difficult to convey on canvas. I am afraid other than that, I cannot offer much more information.
5190LorgrenBenirusHe was mostly harmless, until the fateful day he came across a tome bearing the evil magic of necromancy.
5191SE07TheFringeTopicHe was right about that. I can feel it. In My bones. The little ones.
5192PrimoAntoniusTopicHe was so young... so innocent. That boy was destined for greatness. Who could have done such a thing?
5193JskarTopicHe was the only one left?
5194SE07ArdenHe was the sovereign of thought and a regnant artist. To call him a simple craftsman would not suffice; know him as the Artificer Superior.
5195MS16Choice5AHe was very good at obtaining things from people who did not want to part with. A professional thief, to put it bluntly.
5196MQ05GwinasHe was very upset when he found out I didn't have his book for him. I doubt he'll be in any mood to talk to you about it.
5197BaurusTopicHe will not be forgotten. He goes to Aetherius to join the other fallen heroes of the Blades.
5198GREETINGHe will reward you greatly for escorting me home and closing the Oblivion Gate.
5199GREETINGHe will reward you greatly for escorting me home and closing the Oblivion Gate.
5200SEThadonTopicHe will suffer greatly at the hands of Lord Sheogorath.
5201GREETINGHe wishes to meet with you north of the Cursed Mine outside of town, after 2 AM.
5202SE07GreymarchTopicHe wishes you to gain the respect of the people, to be a leader once He is gone. It is an interesting concept.
5203OblivionGateVoiceHe won't be getting up!
5204AldosOthranTopicHe won't be hard to find, just follow the smell of stale mead.
5205SE02GatekeeperHe won't bother those blessed by Lord Sheogorath. You, however, will die trying to get the keys from my child.
5206MS11ErlineOpinionHe works at night, and has to sleep during the day. Why does that make him a vampire?
5207OgreSlavesHe works them in Bleak Mine. It's terrible. The guards beat the creatures mercilessly. That's all I can tell you. Now please, go.
5208TG08GiveStoneHe would have had it destroyed or taken it from them and kept it under lock and key in the palace.
5209TG08GiveStoneHe would have had it destroyed or taken it from them and kept it under lock and key in the palace.
5210SE07JyggalagTopicHe'll be here soon, and I'll be gone. Can't say I like the sound of that. I like the sound of other things, though. Like birds. And bones cracking.
5211SE07JyggalagTopicHe'll be here soon, and I'll be gone. Can't say I like the sound of that. I like the sound of other things, though. Like birds. And bones cracking.
5212MQ06JauffreBHe'll be in the Great Hall, reading. He's hardly taken time to sleep since you left.
5213JauffreTopicHe'll be sleeping, like anyone with a lick of sense... in the Priory House.
5214TrainingQuestTopicHe'll be truly famous one day. Word already spreads about his skill... I think someone saw him at Faregyl Inn not too long ago. You should try there.
5215RolandJensericTopicHe'll make a fine replacement for Seridur. It's the least we can do.
5216SEDementiaRumorResponsesHe'll return. He must return.
5217ICAllNQDResponsesHe'll train you in how to use heavy armor, if you can pay for his time.
5218SE46Choice4He'll try to offer you the same kind of deal, that handsome devil, but he can't be trusted! Make the right decision.
5219MS08UrsanneAvengedHe'll... not be needing it any longer, and I want you to have it. I'll not take no for an answer.
5220LeyawiinNQDQuestionResponsesHe's a bit crazy for dogs, from what I hear. He pays bets on time, though.
5221TGHieronymusLexHe's a Captain of the Imperial Watch. He is pursuing a personal vendetta against the Thieves Guild and the Gray Fox.
5222MS38NextHe's a clever one, no doubt about it. Eyes in the back of his head, always seems to know when I'm watching. But that's where you come in.
5223TGNotInterestedGFHe's a fairy tale. The Imperial Watch pretends there is a thief king named the Gray Fox who controls all the thieves in Cyrodiil.
5224TGGrayFoxHe's a fairy tale. The Imperial Watch pretends there is a thief king named the Gray Fox who controls all the thieves in Cyrodiil.
5225RolandJensericTopicHe's a fine man, and an honored brother.
5226CreaturesHe's a good boy, but he's hot-headed. Keep a close eye on him, will you?
5227IrlavJarolTopicHe's a good man, but Council matters have distracted him lately, and he's been neglecting his other work.
5228SkingradNQDResponsesHe's a moron. One of these days, he'll be taught a lesson.
5229TGGrayFoxHe's a most mysterious fellow. In many ways I admire him. Most of the time I just feel sorry for him.
5230AnvilNQDResponsesHe's a nice fellow, but he couldn't even get the sign for his store spelled right.
5231NelsTheNaughtyTopicHe's a Nord. Even a complete idiot could see that. So what does that say about you?
5232NelsTheNaughtyTopicHe's a Nord. Mead-swilling barbarians, all of them.
5233GlarthirTopicHe's a raving lunatic. I'm assuming you're asking because he's done something strange.
5234BrumaNQDQuestionResponsesHe's a saint. Sure, he spends a bit of time at the Tap and Tack, but you can't blame him.
5235ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesHe's a sneaky one. I understand he'll teach others to be sneaky, too.
5236SkingradNQDResponsesHe's a tough one, that's for sure. I wouldn't want to cross him.
5237NevilleTopicHe's a trained soldier, after all. I bet if anyone can figure out what's going on here, it will be him.
5238LeyawiinNQDResponsesHe's a very hard worker. Sometimes I wonder if he ever gets out.
5239NevilleTopicHe's a very serious man, but I guess that's normal for a retired soldier.
5240RiZakarTopicHe's a warrior, a battle-hardened mercenary who's spent time all over Tamriel. He'll keep his prize tree locked away. You'll need to find his key.
5241MS47HowToHelpHe's a wizard who took up residence in the ruins of Fort Caractacus a couple of years ago.
5242SkingradNQDResponsesHe's all business. That's probably good in his line of work, though.
5243SE09JyggalagTopicHe's almost here. I can feel it. You won't like Him as much as Me. He doesn't even carry a cane! More the giant, bone-cleaving sword type of Prince.
5244HenantierTopicHe's always getting himself into jams with the careless ways he performs his experiments, and well, I'm afraid he's done it again.
5245WeebumNaTOPICHe's always got some scam going with Bejeen, his partner. You might find them both at Weebum-Na's house.
5246LeyawiinNQDQuestionResponsesHe's always trying to stir things up. I don't think he means any real harm, though.
5247CheydinhalNQDQuestionResponsesHe's always wanted to be in the guild. Good that he was finally made a member.
5248LeyawiinNQDResponsesHe's an aggressive one, that's for sure. Has a good book selection, though.
5249CheydinhalNQDQuestionResponsesHe's an ass. There's no excuse for his behavior.
5250NevilleTopicHe's an Imperial Legion bulldog. Scum, if you ask me. Kind of like you.
5251BravilNQDResponsesHe's an interesting man, and an amazing fighter.
5252NelsTheNaughtyTopicHe's an obnoxious drunkard, I know, but I'm not sure if I see him as the murdering type.
5253AnvilNQDResponsesHe's an odd one. Drinks like a fish, but runs like a rabbit.
5254SEMiscQuestResponsesHe's an odd one. I'm sure someone will take care of him soon.
5255LordRugdumphTOPICHe's an Orcish noble. A fine man. Our families go back a bit. Anyway, his daughter is missing.
5256MaglirTOPICHe's around here somewhere. Has been for days. No trouble, really.
5257ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesHe's as good as you'll find in the city when it comes to heavy armor.
5258ErthorTopicHe's back to his normal routine now, all safe and sound. Enjoy taking credit for the work.
5259TGGrayFoxHe's been around for hundreds of years. I've heard tell that he is immortal. I don't know about that, but he sure ain't normal.
5260TGGrayFoxHe's been around forever. It must be 300 years or more since he took charge. I'm not sure he's even human.
5261HELLOHe's been fed and well rested for you.
5262SEMiscQuestResponsesHe's been living with Zoe Malene, looking for some amulet.
5263TGHieronymusLexHe's been ordered to evacuate the Waterfront? Excellent.
5264ICAllNQDResponsesHe's calmed down a lot. Can still teach you how to pick a lock, though.
5265BittneldTopicHe's Captain of the Chorrol Guard. During the day, you can usually find him on patrol with us around the city.
5266MS47HowToHelpHe's caused us no end of trouble with his magical experiments, but nothing as bad as this.
5267ICAllNQDResponsesHe's certainly a talented smith. I'm glad he'll train others in the skill.
5268BrumaNQDResponsesHe's certainly become more like a Nord over the years. Quite a competent healer, too.
5269NelsTheNaughtyTopicHe's dead, and one of us killed him. Maybe it was you, eh? Maybe he found the gold, and you murdered him for it!
5270NevilleTopicHe's dead, and one of you killed him! I hate you all!
5271NevilleTopicHe's dead, you peasant! There's nothing more to tell!
5272VidkunTopicHe's dead?
5273SE02GatekeeperHe's dead? Hmm. Of course, I'm too tired to walk all the way up there at the moment. I'll head up there after I rest my eyes for a moment.
5274SE02GatekeeperHe's dead? I bet he died of some horrible disease, didn't he?
5275SeridurTopicHe's dead? Thank goodness! I feared I'd never be able to leave here, or worse, that he would come for me. I can finally return home.
5276TeekeeusTopicHe's desperately trying to control as much power as he can, and I'm a threat, because I don't want to see that power all in his hands.
5277JskarTopicHe's disappeared.
5278NelsTheNaughtyTopicHe's drinking even more than he was before. Is it because he's afraid, or feeling guilty?
5279ICAllNQDResponsesHe's forgotten more about picking locks than most people will ever know.
5280ICAllNQDResponsesHe's getting older, but he can still teach a bit about Alteration. He's been teaching it since before the Levitation Act of 421.
5281ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesHe's getting up in years, but he's still a good Alteration teacher.
5282SE43BhishaHe's gone? Truly? Oh, thank you!
5283CheydinhalNQDQuestionResponsesHe's good with his fists, no doubt about it. He'll teach you something, for the right price.
5284BrumaNQDQuestionResponsesHe's good. We're lucky to have him.
5285SkingradNQDResponsesHe's got some issues, that's for sure. Personally, I'd just steer clear of him.
5286GaltusPreviaTOPICHe's got to be in here somewhere.
5287SE46DoublesTopicHe's got to go. Before he eats me.
5288GuilbertJemaneTopicHe's Guilbert. I'm Reynald.
5289GREETINGHe's here somewhere. I know it.
5290AzaniBlackheartTOPICHe's here. I know it. Lead the way.
5291AnvilNQDResponsesHe's in great shape, that's for sure. Maybe he could teach me something about his training regimen.
5292TG03WhereArmandHe's in hiding. I hear Methredhel is looking for you, though.
5293GREETINGHe's inside, downstairs. Don't keep him waiting.
5294JskarTopicHe's invisible, and you've about as much luck finding him as Jeanne does. Excuse me.
5295TGGrayFoxHe's just a name on a wanted poster. I don't trust you enough to say more than that.
5296TGGrayFoxHe's just a thief. He's supposed to be the head of the Thieves Guild. What a joke! Can you imagine a bunch of thieves trying to form a guild?
5297TGGrayFoxHe's kind of like a guildmaster for the Thieves Guild. All I know is that the Doyen and other senior guild members do his bidding like trained dogs.
5298NevilleTopicHe's like everyone else in the Imperial Legion. Someone needs help, someone is getting killed, and they're nowhere to be found. Worthless.
5299MQ06ShrineTalkStoreroomHe's never around when you need him. And he never attends services anymore. If he's not careful, he may find himself on the altar one day soon.
5300EyjaTopicHe's never been cruel to me, it's just that he's never been kind. It's as if I'm just another part of his shop.
5301ForlornWatchmanHe's never harmed anyone, but most people give him a wide berth. You seem curious enough, so I'll be glad to pinpoint where he appears on your map.
5302MercatorHosidusTopicHe's not available right now. You can either wait here for him, or come back later.
5303defaultedHe's not doing the job? The little vermin. It still needs to be done. You get back there and make sure that job is finished! Get moving!
5304GOODBYEHe's not likely to just come out and tell you, so get creative!
5305GREETINGHe's not much to look at, but you won't find a better bargain in Cyrodiil. Take good care of him.
5306JauffreTopicHe's not part of our community here, but a resident of Weynon Priory, the monastery southeast of town.
5307CheydinhalNQDResponsesHe's not the friendliest person around, but he can teach you a lot about running a business.
5308AnvilNQDResponsesHe's not the smartest man, but he's a nice guy. I just hope he can keep his business afloat.
5309SE06JyggalagTopicHe's on his way, so I'm on my way out. It's terribly inconvenient, don't you think?
5310MaglirTOPICHe's one of your Fighters Guild brothers, but he's defaulted on a contract. We can't allow that. Makes us all look bad.
5311TGHieronymusLexHe's our new Captain. I've never met a finer man.
5312TG07BribeBeggarHe's out and about in the morning, so I would wait until afternoon or evening to go visit him.
5313SE02GatekeeperHe's pretty scary, isn't he? Let's watch him in action.
5314MG01ErthorTopicHe's probably still out at the cave. Adrienne hasn't let him work here in a long time.
5315CheydinhalNQDQuestionResponsesHe's quite an accomplished brawler. I wonder if he'd teach me something about it.
5316AnvilNQDResponsesHe's quite the pugilist.
5317ICAllNQDResponsesHe's really skilled at using light armor. Luckily, he's willing to train others to use it, as well.
5318SE02GatekeeperHe's Relmyna's crowning achievement. The Gatekeeper keeps out people who don't belong in the Shivering Isles.
5319ReynaldJemaneTopicHe's Reynald. I'm Guilbert.
5320MS26ShopkeeperReportHe's shaken down most of the shopkeepers in the Market District. They're all too afraid of him to do anything. Jensine wouldn't even talk about it.
5321PrimoAntoniusTopicHe's somewhere around here. Why don't you stop wasting my time and go ask him yourself.
5322ReynaldJemaneTopicHe's staying over at the Newlands Lodge, but you also might find him walking around town. Good luck.
5323SE43BhishaHe's still around. I've seen him skulking like the filthy cat he is.
5324BrumaNQDResponsesHe's sure got his hands full, between smithing and training in light armor. I don't know how he does it.
5325BrumaNQDResponsesHe's talented. The Fighters Guild could do a lot worse.
5326TGHieronymusLexHe's that Imperial Watch Captain that's always chasing after the Gray Fox and the Thieves Guild.
5327TGGrayFoxHe's that thief that the Imperial Watch are always going on about. He likes to steal from rich folk.
5328ValusOdiilTopicHe's the best fighter you'll ever meet, and as soon as he gets here, we'll be off. Just wait; you'll see.
5329TGHieronymusLexHe's the Captain of the Guard in Anvil now. He used to be in the Imperial Watch until Countess Umbranox had him reassigned.
5330TG09FathisArenHe's the court wizard. He has a room in the north wing.
5331SE02GatekeeperHe's the crowning achievement of Relmyna Verenim. She's my teacher. The Gatekeeper keeps out people who don't belong.
5332JauffreTopicHe's the Grandmaster of the Blades. As the eyes and ears of the Emperor, the Blades don't advertise themselves.
5333NevilleTopicHe's the killer! Don't you see? We have to protect ourselves! We'll be next!
5334NevilleTopicHe's the killer, you idiot! Can't you see? He murdered all of those people!
5335AjumKajinTopicHe's the one in charge of this expansion. I know he's a high-ranking member of the group. An Argonian mage, from what I hear.
5336SE39RelanHe's the only one that pulls his weight. He kills the vermin and trespassers.
5337MercatorHosidusTopicHe's the person to talk to about an audience with the Count.
5338MercatorHosidusTopicHe's the person to talk to about an audience with the Count. You'll find him in the County Hall.
5339GREETINGHe's too much! Killed all my men! Get out of my way!
5340MQ15AnaxesHe's trapped at the back of the cave. It took us weeks to prepare the trap, and he killed us many times before we finally succeeded.
5341MQ02SpeakToJauffreHe's upstairs. Go ahead.
5342JauffreTopicHe's usually praying in the Priory chapel at this time of day.
5343PrimoAntoniusTopicHe's very handsome. But please don't tell him I said so! Hehe!
5344SEThadonTopicHe's waiting for you. Unless he isn't. He wasn't, but then he was. Maybe he still is.
5345HELLOHe's waiting inside.
5346dutiesHe's what??? That little lump of guar dung! You get back to Bravil and take care of that contract. I need to think about this.
5347PrimoAntoniusTopicHe's young, rich and handsome. Basically the complete opposite of you.
5348PrimoAntoniusTopicHe's young, rich and handsome. That's way out of your league, tramp.
5349PrimoAntoniusTopicHe's young, well-educated and obviously full of himself. Not much different than any young nobleman, really.
5350ErthorTopicHe's... well, he's an interesting fellow. Sulinus Vassinus can tell you more about him, if you wish to know.
5351Dark08Choice6AHe... he did? Oh my goodness, what should I do? Should I talk to him? Or maybe play hard to get? Or should I, you know? Or would that be too forward?
5352AdamusPhillidaTopicHe... He's dead. And on my watch... I've failed... Failed everyone...
5353ReynaldJemaneTopicHe.... he's alive?
5354BedYesHead downstairs, and the room will be straight across from the door. Sleep well.
5355HELLOHead on.
5356LordRugdumphTOPICHead to his estate and talk to him. Find his daughter. And mind your manners! I don't want you embarassing me!
5357TrainingQuestTopicHead to Leyawiin, and find J'bari. He's the one you want to talk to about Light Armor training.
5358TrainingQuestTopicHead to Skingrad, and visit the West Weald Inn. I believe he's currently employed there. In the wine cellar, in fact.
5359GREETINGHead to Xeddefen, Your Grace. By your will, we shall hold this position.
5360GREETINGHead to Xeddefen, Your Grace. We will hold this position.
5361SE30ForgeHelmetHead wounds bleed profusely.
5362GREETINGHealth and fortune, traveler. I'm Dynari Amnis. May the Nine bless your dreams.
5363SE45Choice1Hear it singing! Songs of home! It comes again. It brings presents! It is not present. Soon it will be!
5364GOODBYEHear me out before you leave.
5365GREETINGHear me out before you make your decision.
5366MQ06MankarSpeechHear now the words of Lord Dagon.
5367GREETINGHear out Seridur, first. Then we'll speak.
5368DarkSancTalk3Heard about that, did you? Ha ha ha! All right, so things got a bit out of control. Nothing I couldn't handle though, as you can plainly see.
5369QuestionHeard any news from the other provinces?
5370QuestionHeard any news lately?
5371QuestionHeard anything more about the Blackwood Company?
5372INFOGENERALHeard the Gatekeeper was killed. Waste of a creature that size anyway, if you ask me.
5373INFOGENERALHeard there's a new Gatekeeper. Spends all day by that huge wall. It's bound to fall in on him.
5374HELLOHeard they made you master. Gods help us all.
5375GREETINGHeard you went over to the other side. Get out of my face.
5376INFOGENERALHearing rumors of Syl's madness makes me glad I live outside the walls of New Sheoth.
5377INFOGENERALHearing that the Resonator works again almost makes up for losing the Gatekeeper. We're still not safe, though.
5378GREETINGHearth and fortune. Grey-Throat, I am called. You are not known to me.
5380ArcaneULecture3Heavenly Doomstones bear red runes, appear with stone circles, and are associated with cosmic features of the heavens like the moons Jone and Jode.
5381RecommendationHeck, I'll even go do the job for you for 300 gold. When Erthor gets back, you can take the credit. What do you say?
5382Dark05FinCHoice2CHeed my words. Phillida has dedicated his life to eradicating the Dark Brotherhood. He will not tolerate our operations within the Imperial City.
5383AttackHeel, dog!
5384HELLOHeh, heh.
5385LostHeh, I'd better cut down on the ale. Starting to see things, I am...
5386MatildePetitTopicHeh, you should have seen the old biddy trying to talk to young Primo Antonius. She may be a noble, but he looked down on her like a scullery maid.
5387GREETINGHeh-heh. Just kidding. Everything is all perfectly safe. Tested it myself. Ungarion, retired adventurer. You may have heard of me?
5388AssaultNoCrimeHeh. It's been too long since I've seen a good brawl.
5389PrankHeh. Really, you're going to love this.
5390HELLOHehe. Watching them run from the Giant Gnarl gets me every time.
5391INFOGENERALHeinrich Oaken-Hull is married to a Bosmer? I suppose the women are less annoying than the men.
5392GREETINGHeinrich Oaken-Hull, captain and shipmaster. My ship, the Serpent's Wake, is in for refitting, so I'm high and dry for a while.
5393GREETINGHello again!
5394GREETINGHello again! Have you had any luck finding the sword and armor?
5395HELLOHello again, brother.
5396HELLOHello again, brother.
5397GREETINGHello again, citizen.
5398HELLOHello again, fellow vampire hunter.
5399HELLOHello again, muthsera.
5400HELLOHello again, my friend.
5401HELLOHello again, my friend.
5402HELLOHello again, sister.
5403HELLOHello again, sister.
5404GREETINGHello again.
5405HELLOHello again.
5406HELLOHello again.
5407HELLOHello again.
5408HELLOHello again.
5409GREETINGHello again. I hope your search for the painting goes well.
5410GREETINGHello again. I'm sorry, but I have little time to chat. I am quite busy with affairs of state and all that.
5411GREETINGHello again. You don't happen to recall how many steps you took in getting here, do you? I was just wondering.
5412GREETINGHello again. You're more than welcome here! I have everything for the budding alchemist under one roof.
5413GREETINGHello again... talk to me while you can. I don't think I've got too long.
5414HELLOHello and well met.
5415GREETINGHello friend. Stay a while and watch the sheep with me!
5416GREETINGHello love. I'll have another bottle of wine if you please. And do hurry - the last 5 barmaids I've talked to never came back...
5417HELLOHello milady.
5418HELLOHello milady.
5419HELLOHello milord.
5420HELLOHello milord.
5421GREETINGHello my friend. A word of advice. Watch for goblins if you're heading north.
5422GREETINGHello my friend. I will never forget your daring rescue. What can I do for you?
5423HELLOHello stranger.
5424GREETINGHello stranger. We don't get many visitors around here. Makes things pretty lonely for me, if you know what I mean.
5425GREETINGHello there! Are you here to join the Mages Guild?
5426HELLOHello there! Can I cut you a deal?
5427GREETINGHello there! I must say, I'm quite surprised to see anyone else here.
5428GREETINGHello there! Welcome to the Arena! I don't think I've ever seen you around here before. I know all the regulars, believe me.
5429GREETINGHello there! You're a cute little thing, aren't you? A little baby bear. Did you get lost?
5430GREETINGHello there, Associate. You're here for a recommendation, I presume. Are you prepared to earn it?
5431GREETINGHello there, hello indeed! I'm Caldana Monrius. Well met!
5432HELLOHello there.
5433HELLOHello there.
5434HELLOHello there.
5435HELLOHello there.
5436HELLOHello there.
5437HELLOHello there.
5438GREETINGHello there. Have I mentioned that my left arm is actually one inch longer than my right? Never know when that might be important.
5439GREETINGHello there. Have you reconsidered my offer?
5440GREETINGHello there. Hmm... you might do nicely. Are you interested in some work? I have a small task that needs accomplishing. You may be up to it.
5441GREETINGHello there. I hear you've been looking for me.
5442GREETINGHello there. I just finished a lovely conversation with Uncle Leo; it seems he's not feeling well today. Lost an arm.
5443GREETINGHello there. I suppose I should make the effort to introduce myself. I'm Horkvir Bear-Arm. I hope there isn't anything I can do for you.
5444GREETINGHello there. I'm Hirrus Clutumnus, not that it should matter to you, or anyone else for that matter. I'm worthless. I should die. Will you kill me?
5445GREETINGHello there. Is there something I can do for you?
5446GREETINGHello there. Is there something with which I can assist you? Perhaps you're curious about joining the Mages Guild?
5447GREETINGHello there. Welcome to Aerin's Camp.
5448GREETINGHello there. You don't have any experience building boats, do you? I'm rather stuck, what without any instructions and all. Confusing stuff.
5449HELLOHello there. You'd look great in my newest work.
5450HELLOHello to you.
5455GREETINGHello! I'm Dumag gro-Bonk. Best and prettiest smith in town. I know the secret art of forging Amber. Here. Take this list. It explains what I need.
5456GREETINGHello! It's always a pleasure to speak with you.
5457GREETINGHello! You must be from the Fighters Guild. I'm glad you're here. I need your help to repay a debt.
5458GREETINGHello! You'll need to speak up.
5459HELLOHello, Apprentice.
5460HELLOHello, Associate.
5461GREETINGHello, Associate. If you need anything, just let me know.
5462GREETINGHello, Associate. It seems you've obtained the final recommendation you required.
5463GREETINGHello, Associate. To earn a recommendation from me, you need simply prove you are able-bodied and prepared to learn something in the process.
5464GREETINGHello, Brother. How can I help you?
5465GREETINGHello, Brother. It's good to see you again. The Night Mother has been smiling upon you, I hope.
5466GREETINGHello, citizen. I hope you're faring well in these difficult times.
5467HELLOHello, Conjurer.
5468GREETINGHello, dear! Listen, I've been thinking. Why don't we form a kind of alliance? If either one of us finds the chest of gold, we split it, 50/50!
5469GREETINGHello, dearest Sister. Is there something I can help you with?
5470HELLOHello, Evoker.
5471HELLOHello, father.
5472HELLOHello, fellow adventurer!
5473HELLOHello, fellow magician.
5474GREETINGHello, fellow Speaker. Welcome to the Black Hand. So nice to see you're in one piece.
5475GREETINGHello, friend! What can I do for you?
5476GREETINGHello, friend. Thank you again for your help.
5477GREETINGHello, friend. Thank you again for your help.
5478HELLOHello, good lady.
5479HELLOHello, good sir.
5480HELLOHello, guildmate.
5481GREETINGHello, I am Velwyn Benirus. If you're in the market, I'm selling a manor house right now for a very good price.
5482GREETINGHello, I don't think we've met. Are you new in town?
5483GREETINGHello, I heard you purchased the Servants Quarters for Rosethorn Hall, and I was wondering if you had anyone in mind to fill that position?
5484GREETINGHello, I'm Dovesi. I'm very pleased to meet you. Now that you're here, we can really start looking for that chest of gold.
5485GREETINGHello, I'm Dredhwen. No one was running this place when I got here. They left plenty of things behind, though. What do you need?
5486GREETINGHello, I'm Nanette Don. I wasn't sure why I came here, until she showed up. Now I know. I'm going to be a powerful sorceress. Just like Relmyna!
5487GREETINGHello, I'm Shelden. I've been here the longest. That's why I'm mayor of Passwall. That, and because I'm the best at being in charge.
5488GREETINGHello, I'm Una Armina. Perhaps you've heard of my Museum of Oddities?
5489GREETINGHello, is there something I can do for you?
5490HELLOHello, Journeyman.
5491GREETINGHello, little one! I'm Urul gro-Agamph. All kinds of cute animals come to visit me. Just like you did! You're a pretty butterfly, aren't you?
5492HELLOHello, Magician.
5493HELLOHello, Master-Wizard.
5494HELLOHello, my Brother.
5495HELLOHello, my darling. Are you having a good day?
5496GREETINGHello, my friend! What can this grizzled old Blademaster do for you?
5497HELLOHello, my friend.
5498HELLOHello, my friend.
5499HELLOHello, my friend.
5500HELLOHello, my friend.
5501GREETINGHello, my little friend. I have something that might interest you...
5502GREETINGHello, my name is Tove. "The Unrestful," they call me. So much to do, and so little time. There's only one of me to go around, you know!
5503HELLOHello, my Sister.
5504GREETINGHello, Sister. Can I help you with something?
5505SE05Interrogate1Hello, Steward. Welcome to my little corner of the castle.
5506GREETINGHello, stranger. Luciana Galena. I'm Bravil's Advanced Trainer for the Light Armor discipline.
5507GREETINGHello, stranger. What can I do for you?
5508GREETINGHello, sweet Sister. It warms my heart to see you again. The Night Mother has been smiling upon you, I hope.
5509HELLOHello, Warlock.
5510HELLOHello, Wizard.
5511HELLOHello, Your Grace.
5528GREETINGHello. Are you searching for something?
5529GREETINGHello. I am Laythe Wavrick, the Chief Herald and Countess Valga's attendant. Welcome to Chorrol.
5530GREETINGHello. I am Laythe Wavrick, the Chief Herald and Countess Valga's attendant. Welcome to Chorrol.
5531GREETINGHello. I hope the goblins along the Yellow Road didn't give you any trouble.
5532GREETINGHello. I'm Atrabhi! People think I'm not friendly because I'm always reading. I enjoy a good conversation, though.
5533GREETINGHello. I'm Brother Jauffre. Can I help you?
5534GREETINGHello. I'm Casta Scribonia. The writer. Author of 'Woman Gone Wild'.
5535GREETINGHello. I'm not really in the mood to chat right now.
5536GREETINGHello. I'm Rasheda -- the smith -- and this is Fire and Steel. Quality armor and weapons, repairs, too. What can I do for you?
5537GREETINGHello. I'm Roxanne Brigette. I help the boys. They get a little squirrelly sometimes, find it hard to cope. So I help out.
5538GREETINGHello. My name isn't Atrabhi, I don't know why everyone calls me that. And I don't know where I get this reputation for being a liar, either.
5539GREETINGHello. We haven't met, have we? I'm Sister Marie Palielle, the chapel healer, and trainer in the Restoration Arts.
5540HELLOHello. Welcome to Castle Chorrol.
5541GREETINGHello. What is it I can do for you?
5542HELLOHello. You haven't seen my sons, have you? They went off into the forest to fight those monsters, and I'm worried about them.
5543GREETINGHello. You're from the Fighters Guild, I presume. It's good that you've arrived. We need your help with some disappearances.
5544GREETINGHello... don't mind me... I'm a little tired. Can't sleep at home, you know. The walls. They aren't safe.
5545Dark11Choice4CHello? Did you hear me? I asked if you needed anything. Well then, I've got duties to tend to, so if you'll excuse me.
5546DAClavicusSpeechHello? Hey! Pay attention! In your pack. The dog. I swear, you heroes aren't particularly quick on the uptake....
5547NoticedHello? Who's there?
5548SQ09ScalesHelp an old fisherman out, won't you?
5549NecromancersAmuletTopicHelp her to see that she should not use the weapons of the enemy, especially out of fear.
5550GREETINGHelp me get past Dagon and into the Temple of the One! I'll do the rest!
5551GREETINGHelp me out,friend. I need some skooma. Real bad. The good stuff. You know? Been dry for days. Got some skooma for me? I pay well.
5552TGSpecialJobsHelp Theranis bring back this book. If Theranis is unwilling or unable, bring back the book yourself. Are you agreeable?
5553GREETINGHelp us hold the Altar against the Mazken's counterattack!
5554DANamiraSpeechHelp us....
5556FleeHelp! A prisoner has escaped!
5557TrespassHelp! Guards! I have a trespasser!
5558AssaultHelp! Help! I'm being attacked!
5559MurderHelp! Murder!
5560GREETINGHelp! You must help! They're killing everyone at Weynon Priory!
5561HELLOHelp, help! You've got to do something!
5563CharGenMainHelp? What makes you think help will get here before more of those bastards? We need to get the Emperor out of here.
5564GREETINGHelvius Cecia. I do a little of this, a little of that. And I serve the Nine. Praise their Names!
5565GREETINGHelvo Atius. Sevarius says I have to stay out of sight. So I'm stuck here until things blow over.
5566MS05DreamworldTopicHenantier constructed a magical device he called the Dreamworld Amulet. With this device, one can enter his own mind and experience dreams.
5567MS05DreamsHenantier created the amulet to see if he could use his dreams as a training ground to help better himself.
5568MS05PleaseExplainHenantier isn't a prisoner in any physical sense. He's a prisoner of his own mind. He's trapped in his Dreamworld.
5569MS05WhatGivesHenantier isn't a prisoner in any physical sense. He's a prisoner of his own mind. He's trapped in his Dreamworld.
5570HenantierTopicHenantier isn't missing. On the contrary, I know exactly where he is. The problem is he's trapped and there's no way I can free him.
5571MS05PreparedYesHenantier once told me that if he's killed in his dreams, anyone that's in there with him will die as well. So, do be careful.
5572INFOGENERALHenantier was slain in his sleep. How awful. They should find the one who did it and send him straight to prison.
5573MS05WhyLieHenantier's never been one for rules, and so he's continued to perform his latest experiments in secret. If word gets out, he'll be dismissed.
5574BradonLirrianTopicHer accusations that Raynil is lying is not surprising. At this point, she's so upset that she'll say anything to deny what really happened.
5575MG07DagailConvHer condition remains unchanged. I appreciate you inquiring about her.
5576SQ05RaelynntheGravefinderHer death pays a handsome bounty. I hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity.
5577TarMeenaTopicHer expertise in arcane knowledge and lore could be invaluable to us, if we can make proper use of it.
5578GOODBYEHer eye is upon you.
5579SE02GatekeeperHer Gatekeeper is flawed! Her tears hurt him!
5580BernadettePenelesTopicHer house is almost directly across the street from mine, southwest of the Great Chapel. Coincidence? I don't think so.
5581CheydinhalNQDResponsesHer knowledge of armor is really impressive.
5582AnvilTopicHer Ladyship has no intention of remarrying. Liked her first Count well-enough, I guess, and doesn't fancy a replacement.
5583SE05HaskillSylHer Ladyship is rather suspicious of all around her. Best for you to not question it, and merely do what she requires of you.
5584GOODBYEHer light shall show you the way.
5585GREETINGHer majesty cannot tolerate a liar. It is I who makes the rules here. If you need anything, you come to me.
5586MS27QuestStartHer name is Herminia Cinna. She lives here in the Imperial City, in the Elven Gardens district.
5587PrankHer room is upstairs; make sure no one sees you. You do that for me, and I'll make sure you can find J'skar.
5588PrankHer room should be easy to find. It's the only one upstairs that has a door. Just one more privilege she doesn't deserve.
5589BravilNQDQuestionResponsesHer skills with Destruction spells are supposedly impressive. I understand Kud-Ei has her teaching them at the Mages Guild.
5590HELLOHer song guides us.
5591GOODBYEHer song guides us.
5592AkaviriArtifactsHer steward, Tolgan, occasionally approaches individuals the Countess feels is worthy enough to seek her prize.
5593SE02GatekeeperChoiceHowTearsHer tears somehow agitate the daedra bound to the Gatekeeper's body. Her tears make it really restless. It strains harder against the warding magic.
5594TG03LlathasaIndarysHer tomb is in the northern croft. It's a pity about her highness. She died so young, at least for an elf.
5595SkingradNQDResponsesHer wines are excellent, and she's a fine person as well.
5596SE11CiirtaTopicHer... her light has gone out. What will we do now? Are we damned to walk in darkness forever? Who will lead us?
5597SE05ConspiracyHerdir has a great affinity for his work, and can be a very useful ally to you. Do not hesitate to make use of his talents.
5598SE05Interrogate1Herdir, you filth. You don't dare touch me. Syl will have your head!
5599GREETINGHere about Vahtacen, are you?
5600MS51Choice1Here are some keys. They should allow you access to many of the restricted areas in Castle Chorrol.
5601MQ00VoiceHere comes another one!
5602SE01GaiusTalkHere comes another one!
5603GREETINGHere for more work, are you? I've got one last contract for you. First, though, a bit of bad news. Oreyn spoke with Vilena about your last mission.
5604GREETINGHere for more work? I've got one more contract for you.
5605LeyawiinTopicHere I train our skirmishing specialists. You know, perhaps, that Argonians may be gifted spellcasters.
5606SE38TalkItem2Here in this case is a disgustingly deformed Swamp Tentacle. Such a freak of nature has never been seen before, and hopefully not since either!
5607SE11DyusHere in this Realm where secrets are power, Dyus is a being of great might. He has knowledge of events beyond even that of the Daedric Princes.
5608MS27QuestStartHere is more than enough gold to buy it at any reasonable price. You may keep whatever you do not use as your fee.
5609GREETINGHere is the amulet back. It's as beautiful as it was the day I remember seeing it long ago. I want you to keep it, as I have no use for this anymore.
5610TG07PayForgerHere is the new List of Candidates. Hieronymus Lex has a glowing recommendation.
5611GREETINGHere is the reward you were promised. Even though the bust is gone, you've earned it.
5612GREETINGHere is what I believe we should do next. I will stay here and attempt to reestablish this Sanctuary. I will begin recruiting new members.
5613Dark16Choice2CHere is what you must do. Go now to your next dead drop, lie in wait, and confront whomever drops off the false contract!
5614Dark16Choice2BHere is what you must do. Go now to your next dead drop, lie in wait, and confront whomever drops off the false contract!
5615Dark16Choice2AHere is what you must do. Go now to your next dead drop, lie in wait, and confront whomever drops off the false contract!
5616HELLOHere is your horse.
5617HouseBuyChorrolHere is your key. The house is on the main plaza, between the statue and the Chapel.
5618GREETINGHere is your reward and bonus. Both have been well earned. Go now and rest, and may the Night Mother guard your dreams.
5619GREETINGHere is your reward and bonus. Both have been well earned. In addition, you have been advanced to the rank of Eliminator.
5620GREETINGHere is your reward, minus any bonus. It would seem you and Gogron share a similar... style. Now go, and do be more careful in the future.
5621BlackBows03Here is your reward. And this other Black Bow? Would you like to turn it in as well?
5622TG09GiveArrowHeadHere is your reward. I am also promoting you to Master Thief in the Thieves Guild. Fathis Ules of the Imperial City will be your new fence.
5623BlackBows02Here is your reward. Well done, and thank you.
5624SE38TalkItem1Here is... well, I think there used to be something very Odd here, but it seems to be missing now. Let's move on.
5625ElixirofExplorationHere it is... my pride and joy. A Grand Elixir of Exploration. Use it in good health, my friend.
5626MS27VoiceHere it is... the throne of the last king of the Ayleids. And so it falls to me to begin the restoration of our ancient glory...
5627HELLOHere kitty, kitty!
5628CharGenVoiceHere they come again!
5629SE08CommanderBattle01Here they come!
5630SE08CommanderBattle01Here they come!
5631GREETINGHere to sell me more Nirnroot?
5632GREETINGHere to sell me more Nirnroot?
5633SE02JayredSayFoundBonesHere we are!
5634GREETINGHere we are, safe indoors. Nothing to harm us here, is there?
5635magickaloriaHere we are: "Magicka Darkens." Hmm, that's an odd one. Perhaps it's not a literal translation, then... is there another inscription like it?
5636SE38TalkItem5Here we have the mortal remains of a fellow named Din, who as I understand was driven mad and killed himself, a truly Demented act.
5637ShrineofClavicusVileTOPICHere we worship Lord Clavicus. Do you have business with the Daedra?
5638ShrineofVaerminaTOPICHere we worship Vaermina, praying for her to grant us true visions. What is your business here?
5639GREETINGHere you are at last. I know exactly where the Throne Room lies. Your job is simply to get me there safely.
5640SE11RakheranGiveDaggers2Here you are, my brothers! At last, we will be rid of Ciirta!
5641ChallengeBretonHere you face the swift and subtle Breton. Go through the gate, Chosen, and test your fate.
5642GREETINGHere you go, bounty hunter. I can't wait to begin playing with my living tree.
5643MS38RewardHere you go, my friend. Trust me, you've earned it. There is one last person that needs looking into, though.
5644TG01LockpicksHere you go.
5645GREETINGHere you go. Don't spend it all in one place... unless it's here of course!
5646SE30ForgeGreavesHere you go. I shaped these to your exact measurements. Need some help getting them on?
5647CheydinhalTopicHere you have your Chapel-going Imperials, and your Chapel-dodging Dark Elves, and never shall the twain meet.
5648GREETINGHere you must find your own path.
5649SE38TalkItem1Here you see the Blind Watcher's Eye. A most unusual specimen collected at great peril by... some intrepid adventurer!
5650MaleneTopicHere's 50 gold to cover the costs; that should be more than enough. Come see me when you've got everything, and we'll talk more.
5651GREETINGHere's a copy of the Black Horse Courier. Identity of the Gray Fox revealed.
5652SE38TalkItem10Here's a new addtion to the Museum, one of my favorites. A dagger that heals whomever it cuts! Isn't that deliciously Odd?
5653SE38TalkItemBHere's a real Oddity for you -- an arm of one of the Gatekeepers! This one was killed by... oh, I forget now. A lovely specimen in any case.
5654MS12AcceptMissionHere's a translation of the passages we could still read. It was quite damaged. I've also included a rough map that was drawn in the diary as well.
5655ElixirofExplorationHere's a Weak Elixir of Exploration. Not bad, eh? If you want more, you can buy them from me. I've discounted them for you, of course.
5656GREETINGHere's how it works. We case The Flowing Bowl for a likely subject. Namely, we look for a married guy who drinks a lot.
5657GREETINGHere's my problem. I'm being followed. Watched. Marukhati Selectives, maybe. Not sure. I'm a threat, you see? To their plans. I know too much.
5658INFOGENERALHere's one you haven't heard, I bet. The Duke's got his Chalice back. Hmm? See what I mean? Now, what can you do for me?
5659MarkNTestTOPICHere's some money.
5660SE38TalkItem7Here's something truly Odd -- a Soul Tomato! A tomato that can act like a soul gem! No one has yet been able to explain it.
5661MS38RewardHere's the gold, as promised. I always pay my debts, and then some. Do the last .. task ... in that note, and I will pay you much, much more.
5662RecommendationHere's the key, and something extra. I don't know if it will be of use to you, but from what I've heard of Falcar's ring, it may come in handy.
5663SE37ErrandHere's the list of things I need. Get me everything on it. Try to remember where you found it so you can tell me. It's important.
5664PayGoldforCrimeHere's the procedure. We go to the castle. First we search you, confiscate any stolen goods. Then you pay your fine, and we release you.
5665SE38TalkItemCHere's the Ring of... well now, where did it go? Things have a way of disappearing around here that's enough to drive a person insane!
5666MS43AcceptHere's the staff. As soon as you leave, the scamps will thankfully follow. Do be careful, I don't wish your death on my hands as well.
5667TG06TheranisHere's what I know. Theranis was drinking in the Two Sisters Lodge. He was bragging about stealing something from the castle.
5668GREETINGHere's your copy of the Black Horse Courier. New Imperial Watch captain.
5669MaglirTOPIC2Here's your payment for completion of the contract. I think it's time for us to discuss the Blackwood Company a bit.
5670MageConvWaitHere, Arch-Mage? Very well, I shall wait.
5671GREETINGHere, have a copy. It's free! Always free! We're funded by the Elder Council, so I don't mind, really. He he he he.
5672GREETINGHere, kid, this is your payout for the victory. There's more where that came from if you can keep on winning. Now go unwind before your next fight.
5673MQ15EldamilD1Here, let me remove them for you ... there. You are no longer a prisoner of the Forbidden Grotto.
5674WeatherleahTopicHere, let me show you where it is on your map.
5675GREETINGHere, please take this apron as a token of our friendship. It's not much, but perhaps it will help you in the future.
5676DarMaTopicHere, take this key. It'll open any of the trapdoors down to the caves. Every house in town has one.
5677MQ05GwinasC2Here, take this note they gave me. It tells you where to go. I don't want anything else to do with the Mythic Dawn.
5678MessageHere, take this to him. It is not my fault. The job will be finished, I swear it.
5679SE39MissionChoice1bHere, take this. I don't need it's protection against her mind control anymore. Go now! Pretend we don't know each other.
5680MS49RingYesHere, take this. I have no use for it; I'm tired of fighting. It may serve you well in days to come.
5681SE39MissionChoice2Here, this book might be of use to you.
5682MQ09JauffreAHere, this is the key to Sancre Tor's outer door. I fear I am sending you to your death, but we have no other choice. You must succeed.
5683ShrineofHircineTOPICHere, we make sacrifice to the Lord Hircine. We pray for a True Hunt. We beg to be Honored Prey.
5684MQ05TarMeenaCHere, you can have the library's copy of Volume 2. Treat it gently, if you please!
5685SECaldanaMonriusSkoomaYesHere, you take this. It's all I got.
5686MS27HerminiaF1Here. I happen to have the key you'll need to enter the royal burial chamber in Lindai. I hope you'll make the right choice.
5687MQJauffreHelpHere. Perhaps you will find this useful. One of the books I saved from my Blades training.
5688SE02JayredLeadHere. Take this lockpick. Careful, it's the only one I've got. You open the door. I'll kill things. Let's go!
5689GREETINGHere. Take this. The reward you have earned. Quickly now. It's best if no one knows you wear this.
5690MQ05GwinasC1Here. Volume 3 is yours. What you do with it is your business.
5691ArenaChoice2AHere. Wear it proudly. And keep it in good condition, would you? That way I can give it to some other suicidal idiot after you're dead.
5692Dark04FinChoice1AHere. You will use this specially poisoned knife to stage Motierre's death, in the enforcer's presence. Motierre himself will provide more details.
5693CGBaurusDHere. You'll need this key for the last door into the sewers.
5694ArenaFanChoiceHoldHere? Right here? What about, say... over there? No? Right here? All right then, you're the Grand Champion! Whatever you say!
5695INFOGENERALHeretics are misguided worshippers of Arden-Sul.
5696GREETINGHerminia Cinna. Amateur scholar of the ancient Elves, dabbler in the arcane arts. How can I help you?
5697GREETINGHero of Kvatch? How about the Hero of Bravil! No need to be modest, my friend!
5698ArcaneULecture3Hestra Runestones are marked with green runes, appear as solitary monuments, and are believed to be named for the late First Era Empress Hestra.
5699GREETINGHey stranger, can you spare a few coins? I've just been shaken down by that bastard watchman and he took my last septim.
5700HELLOHey there, Chief.
5701HELLOHey there, handsome.
5702HELLOHey there, pal! Need a room?
5703HELLOHey there.
5704HELLOHey there.
5705HELLOHey there.
5706GREETINGHey there. I'm Horkvir Bear-Arm. They call me that because I once wrestled a bear, not because I work all day out in my garden without a shirt on.
5707GREETINGHey there. I'm really busy. Got lots to do. So if you don't mind, make it quick.
5708GREETINGHey! Good to see you again!
5709HELLOHey! I've been looking for you.
5710PickpocketNoCrimeHey! Keep your thieving paws to yourself!
5711GREETINGHey! My friend! You made it, huh? That's... That's great. Did... Did you want to just relax, or... Did you want something... something else?
5712GREETINGHey! That's me you're talking to! Reistr the Rotted! Hear me? Reistr! Wow! I got this a-MAZ-ing itch right on my thigh! Can't touch it! It's rough!
5713TG03MyvrynaComplainsHey! What are you doing?
5714GREETINGHey! What did I tell you about weapons! That's it; we're done.
5715AssaultNoCrimeHey! What did you do that for? You some kind of maniac?
5716AssaultNoCrimeHey! What'd I ever do to you?
5717GREETINGHey! Who in Oblivion are you? You don't look like one of the Blackwater Brigands!
5718HELLOHey! Whoa! You shouldn't sneak up on people like that!
5719CharGenTaunt2Hey! Wood Elf! You're a little far from the forest, huh? Looks like your days of woodland frolicking have come to a tragic end.
5720GREETINGHey! You aren't Celia Camoran! There's an intruder in the library! Protect the scrolls!
5721SEHereticAlarmHey! You aren't one of us!
5722TG11PriestAlarmHey! You don't belong here!
5723MS02ManorBuyChoice1Hey! You don't even have enough money! Stop wasting my time and come back when you do.
5724StealNoCrimeHey! You don't see me stealing your things!
5725HELLOHey! You said you would unlock the door!
5726GREETINGHey, baby? You fancy some training? Sherina's the name, and blades are the game.
5727GREETINGHey, can you help me? Suicide is bad. I'll just end up on the Hill. But, perhaps you can kill me? Stick me in the heart with something sharp?
5728AssaultHey, come on now! There's no need to get violent!
5729INFOGENERALHey, did you hear about that murder in the Talos Plaza District? I think the man's name was Draconis. Yeah, cut down in the prime of his life.
5730GOODBYEHey, did you hear that? Thought I heard someone calling for a guard. I guess that's our cue.
5731INFOGENERALHey, did you hear the Gatekeeper is dead? That's valuable information, don't you think? Worth a few coins?
5732GREETINGHey, do you mind not trampling on my crops? What do you want?
5733SE08RudeCommentHey, don't you walk away from me!
5734GREETINGHey, friend, do you think you could help me out? I'm caught a bit short at the moment... anything at all would be much appreciated.
5735GREETINGHey, got any apples? Or carrots? Anything at all crunchy and yummy to eat?
5736QuestionHey, have you heard about that pirate captain, the one who was murdered in his ship?
5737QuestionHey, have you heard about that strange party at Summitmist Manor?
5738INFOGENERALHey, I don't like to tell stories, but Telaendril and me... you know. Don't believe me? I've got her undergarments to prove it! Ha ha ha ha ha!
5739TG00MysteriousNoteTopicHey, I don't read them. I just deliver them.
5740GREETINGHey, I was up in Cropsford the other day. It looks like they're really making a go of it. You did a good thing there, you know.
5741QuestionHey, if I paid you twenty gold to spend a night in the Abandoned House, would you do it?
5742FGC03Choice1Hey, if you say so. You do all the work.
5743SE08CutoffTopicHey, is that you? I hear something over there....
5744GREETINGHey, it's you. The one who found jobs. Whadda you need?
5745CharGenTaunt2Hey, lizard! It must break your heart, huh? Being so close to the water, knowing you'll never get to swim again...
5746GREETINGHey, something wrong? They're waiting for you up in the Arena!
5747StealNoCrimeHey, take whatever you want. It's none of my business.
5748StealHey, that's mine! Guards! Guards!
5749CharGenTaunt2Hey, there! You! Kinsman! I haven't seen another Dunmer in here in I don't know how long. Where you from, huh? Vvardenfell?
5750GREETINGHey, there's my new pal! So what can I do for you? Need some items? Or maybe you're ready to unload something? Whatever you need!
5751GREETINGHey, there, Pit Dog! How's life treatin' ya?
5752GREETINGHey, what's wrong? Aren't they waiting for you up in the Arena?
5753CharGenTaunt2Hey, you hear that? The guards are coming... for you! He he he he he.
5754GREETINGHey, you look just like your statue! What can I do for you?
5755GREETINGHey, you're not supposed to be here.
5756GREETINGHey, you're the one made us visible again, right? Good show!
5757GREETINGHey, you're the one that helped Captain Burd destroy that damned Oblivion Gate! Well done, friend, well done!
5758INFOGENERALHey, you're the one they call the Hero of Kvatch, aren't you? The one that closed the Oblivion Gate and saved the city?
5759SE36HeyYouHey, you. Come over here. I got to ask you something. Something important. Shhhh. Just come over here.
5760SE36HeyYouHey, you. Yeah, you! Come over here.
5761INFOGENERALHey. Check out the new associate. Not bad, if you know what I mean.
5763GREETINGHey... Hey! How... What are... What are you... doing here? You're not my... Not my friend. What... You know, what do you... want?
5764Dark06Choice1AHey... Now that we're... we're friends... You want to come with me? To my... my special place? It's not... you know... very far...
5765HELLOHi there!
5766HELLOHi there!
5767HELLOHi there, Sparkles.
5768HELLOHi there.
5769HELLOHi there.
5770HELLOHi there.
5771GREETINGHi there. Not to be rude or anything, but I'm anxious to get back to my book.
5772GREETINGHi there. You remind me of one of the characters from a story I've been reading. What can I do for you?
5774GREETINGHi, I'm Gogan. How's it going?
5777SE09CeremonyHidden away, by virtue of its own self-awareness, was the sixth, containing within it the five which birthed it. Flesh!
5778DAMeridiaSpeechHidden behind a door, deep in Howling Cave, are necromancers. They rob graves for the materials to raise their undead armies.
5779HELLOHides-His-Heart will be here any moment!
5780MSShadowscaleChoice1AHiding in that swamp you will find an Argonian Shadowscale named Scar-Tail. Kill this renegade, and bring me his heart as proof of the deed.
5781TGSpecialJobsHieronymus Lex actually collected taxes from everyone living here on the Waterfront! Your job is to recover those taxes. Are you up for it?
5782TG07LexReassignedHieronymus Lex has indeed been reassigned. However, you have slain needlessly to accomplish that goal.
5783TGHieronymusLexHieronymus Lex has left the Waterfront? Well done! Methredhel's report tells me that you have done well. You have earned your reward.
5784TG05HowBadHieronymus Lex has vowed not to leave until the Gray Fox is in custody. The Fox is safe, but the Thieves Guild cannot do business like this.
5785TGHieronymusLexHieronymus Lex is no longer searching on the Waterfront? This is good. It's too bad you slew innocents to make it happen.
5786TG07LexReassignedHieronymus Lex is still in the Imperial City. Do not speak to me of this again until the letter is properly replaced.
5787TGSpecialJobsHieronymus Lex must be eliminated once and for all. The Gray Fox has asked that you do this personally. It is a most delicate matter.
5788GREETINGHieronymus Lex, Officer of the Watch. Every hand is needed to build an honest city, and it begins with you.
5789INFOGENERALHigh mountain ranges rise to the borders in the north and east, and marshes and rainforests extend to the southeast borders.
5790VampireAshTopicHindaril is destroyed?
5791UnicornHircine has deigned to speak with you, and he has provided you with glorious prey. You have been greatly honored. Do not fail him.
5792MS12RemanHis alliance with Lord Vivec during the Akaviri invasion is just one example of his cunning and ingenuity.
5793SE09JyggalagTopicHis appearance seems imminent. His hatred for this land, for what it represents, is unimaginable.
5794MSShadowscaleChoice2AHis body is around here somewhere. Present the Agent's heart to Teinaava as proof, and he'll be none the wiser.
5795SE02GatekeeperHis brothers were less... successful.
5796SE43UshnarHis dog can be a terror. I once saw him sic it on a guy who tried to steal the dog's food.
5797RolandJensericTopicHis home is located in the Temple District. Right across the garden from my home in fact. Ironic, isn't it?
5798InventoryHis inventory must be stolen. It has to be. He prices less than it costs to make some of those things. Go see for yourself.
5799MQ02JauffreD2His meaning is unclear to me as well. The Emperor seemed to perceive some threat from the demonic world of Oblivion.
5800confidenceHis mother's been holding him back, protecting him. You'll go to Nonwyll Cavern with him. Galtus Previa was lost there, and you're to find him.
5801TG10acceptHis name is Jakben, and he lives somewhere in the Imperial City. There might be a clue in the Earl's house.
5802MQ02JauffreE1His name is Martin. He is a priest in the Chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch. Yes, Kvatch.
5803MQ02JauffreE1His name is Martin. He serves Akatosh in the Chapel in the city of Kvatch, south of here.
5804SE43UshnarHis new dog though, it can be mean. He's trained it to attack cats and anyone that tries to take its food.
5805GREETINGHis ring. Have you pried it from the coward's corpse?
5806RufioTopicHis room is downstairs, in what I like to call the Private Quarters. Use that hatch in the floor over there. But don't expect a warm reception.
5807MQ16OcatoEHis sacrifice was necessary, but it leaves the Empire without an emperor.
5808MS14ChoiceHeardHis speciality is setting the Great Forest to canvas. The paintings look so amazingly real that some say they can see the trees sway in the breeze.
5809SE01HaskillChoice4His will is His own; His reality follows suit. You are here because you chose to enter; you were not summoned.
5812SERooftopCheerHit her harder!
5813HitHit me once more, and I'll kill you!
5814HELLOHither to me, good varlet.
5815SE32HlovalsMagickaHloval dances a little too close to Sheogorath, if you know what I mean. Those born with stunted magicka shouldn't become priests and healers.
5816SE32HlovalsMagickaHloval healed my betrothed once. Then he ran out of magic. He said he needed to find someone to lend him some before he could help her more.
5817SE32HlovalsMagickaHloval's treachery is second only to my cowardice. My curse will not allow me to help you with his need.
5818GREETINGHmm, could you, in fact, imagine just how long I've been waiting? I don't think you could, but I might be wrong. I might also not care. Which is it?
5819RecommendationHmm, I can't remember. Deetsan would know, though.
5820GREETINGHmm, what? I'm rather busy right now.
5821HELLOHmm, what? Oh, hello.
5822MageTalk4Hmm-hmm. Exactly. But now what? Do I continue with that line of study, or shall I delve into something more archaic? Say... ancient Ayleid curses?
5824SE38Oddity8Hmm. A bowl that you mix potions in. Doesn't seem all that Odd to me... well, I can see you're trying, so I'll find somewhere to put it.
5825TrainingQuestTopicHmm. A trade is in order, don't you think? My services in exchange for... oh, let's say ten Welkynd Stones. I'd say that's fair.
5826Dark11Choice3CHmm. All right, then. You're not one for talking. I can respect that. Well, if you need anything, you just let me know.
5827CorpseHmm. Body's still warm. Looks like there's a killer about.
5828contractHmm. Don't get me wrong, that magic arrow sounds nice and all, but it seems to me like you don't even need to use it to get the bonus.
5829NecromancersMoonHmm. I have never heard of this "Shade of the Revenant." Some sort of celestial phenomenon?
5830Dark03FinChoice1BHmm. I thought you'd jump at the opportunity to infiltrate the most heavily fortified prison in all of Cyrodiil. Maybe I overestimated you after all.
5831RecommendationHmm. It's a pity you don't have the right sort of friends. Friends that would be willing to help out with a task like that.
5832MG11ChoiceBlackSoulGemsHmm. Now that is a bit more specific. Finally, something I can respond to!
5833LostHmm. Strange.
5834LostHmm. This place will be more peaceful once Lord Jyggalag resumes his throne.
5835GREETINGHmm. This Scalon looks a bit mangy, but I suppose it will do. Your reward is in the house.
5836MG00JoinBHmm. Well, that's your choice.
5837TG07ForgeThisLetterHmm. Yes, it can be done. I can change it to give Lex the highest recommendation. I'll need a full day to properly forge this letter. Return then.
5838HELLOHmm. You don't look like a vampire...
5839SE38TalkItemBHmm. You haven't seen a huge severed arm with an axe for a hand anywhere, have you? I seem to have misplaced mine. Ah, well.
5840SE38TalkItem4Hmm... I could have sworn that I used to keep something very Odd on this shelf. Oh well. Let's move on.
5841HelpHmm... if you're serious, maybe I can put you to use. It'll likely mean your death, though.
5842SERunsInCirclesGreetGHmm... not bad! Better than my old pair. Thanks, friend!
5843BookResponsesHmm... not my favorite work, but many enjoy it.
5845SE37BeastHmm? I suppose it is about time for me to add another creature. I have hopes for an Elytra. If you see one, could you bring it around for me?
5846GREETINGHmm? Oh, Caenlin's my name. Maybe you knew my uncle, Baenlin? He died recently. It was all very tragic. I'm heartbroken, of course. Well, goodbye.
5847GREETINGHmm? Oh, Caenlin's my name. Maybe you knew my uncle, Baenlin? He died recently. Stuffed head fell on him. Very tragic. Well, goodbye.
5848JskarTopicHmm? Oh, Jeanne has you looking for him, does she?
5849GOODBYEHmm? Oh, yeah... Bye...
5850GOODBYEHmm? Oh, yes, goodbye...
5851GOODBYEHmm? Oh, yes, maybe we'll speak again later.
5852MageTalk1Hmm? Oh, yes, of course. What is it?
5853GREETINGHmm? Yes, yes, I'm sure you've got something exceedingly important to say. But the Apprentices do not teach themselves, now do they? Good day.
5854GOODBYEHmmm, wonder if it's too late to ask for less rat in tomorrow's dinner?
5856HELLOHmmm. Another comes to us. What is it?
5857MS23SeridurNotYetHmmm. He must have known we'd look there. Search around town and see if you can find any more information.
5858TG07NewCaptainHmmm. Hieronymus Lex looks like the best choice. I was about to give the position to Dairihill's cousin.
5859thievesHmmm. I don't think I know you well enough to tell you that.
5860TG09GiveArrowHeadHmmm. I had hoped for the whole arrow, but that is not your fault. I will have to have it repaired.
5861TG09GiveArrowHeadHmmm. I had hoped for the whole arrow, but that is not your fault. I will have to have it repaired.
5862SE09MiscRelmynaExperimentHmmm. Is this too much pain?
5863HELLOHmmm. Maybe he lives in the Elven Gardens district.
5864NirnrootHmmm. No. Never seen one of those before. Strikingly beautiful.
5865SE01HaskillChoice10Hmmm. Not surprising. Well, if you change your mind, and the position is still available, come speak with me again.
5866GREETINGHmmm. Perhaps you'll be able to assist me. I'm after some skooma dealers.
5867SE07AKithlanHelpHmmm. That may be difficult. Syl has been hidden from public sight lately. However, I can give you something that may help.
5868SE37SellSpellsHmmm. Unfortunately your pathetic Illusion skill makes that idea useless.
5869BladesTalk3Hmmm. Yes, yes, I see your point. And the others feel the same way?
5870HELLOHmmm. You may be just what we've been looking for.
5871DinnerPartyHmmm... don't know that you're dressed for it, but you seem a really likeable sort. I'll let you in. I'd better not regret this.
5872SQ06BearsHmmm... good. This has to be from one of the beasts. Excellent. Soon, you'll have them on the run.
5873GREETINGHmmm... how do you do? I'd say, very well from the look of things.
5874FGJoin1Hmmm... I don't think so. You're a wanted criminal. Don't know what you did, but I know the rules. Come back if you clear that up.
5875jointheFightersGuildHmmm... I suppose there's always room for fresh meat. Of course, we like our meat to be clean -- good reputation, not wanted by the law. You in?
5876ChorrolNQDResponsesHmmm... I've never had much interest in the Fighters Guild.
5877ChorrolNQDResponsesHmmm... maybe I should start betting with Hundolin as well.
5878INFOGENERALHmmm... perhaps the new ruler of Mania will take care of the Scalons.
5879NirnrootHmmm... that gives me an idea. Since you already know what they look like, do you feel up to a bit of a collecting expedition?
5880ElixirofExplorationHmmm... you don't seem to have enough samples on you. Remember, I need at least 10 to get started.
5881HELLOHmmm... you look familiar. If only I could remember.
5882HELLOHmmm? Oh, yes. The choice. Well, it's about time!
5883GatherCluesHmmmm. I don't remember seeing Chanel or Orgnolf that entire evening.
5884SE35TrustMeHmmmm. Very well. I don't take you for a liar. Here is your reward, as promised.
5886WeatherleahTopicHmmmm... let me see.
5887MageTalk3Hmmmm... Yes... Yes... It's as I suspected after all. But I wonder... Will this affect the Destruction discipline as well, or merely Conjuration?
5898MurderNoCrimeHmph. Better them than me.
5899FollowupNegativeHmph. I care little.
5900NirnrootHmph. Ok, I'm stumped. If I had more time, I'd buy that off of you and bring it to Sinderion in Skingrad. He's the expert on strange plants.
5901GOODBYEHmph. Suit yourself.
5902MageTalk3Hmph. That just goes to show you how little we really know about the arts magicka. Fireballs and frost bolts are one thing, but this? Incredible...
5903LostHmph. Whatever it was, it's gone now.
5904FGJoin1Hmph. Word on the street is that you've been into some bad business. That's not good for the Guild. Clean up your act and come back later.
5907HELLOHo hey, sweet lady of Wayrest! Ho hey, sweet lady of mine! Oh I'll see you again, yes I'll see you again, sweet lady of Wayrest so fine!
5908GREETINGHo there! Where do you think you're going! Selene's not going to like this one bit... I wasn't to be disturbed!
5909Dark02PirateConvoHo, there, laddie, now you're just bein' insultin'! She may be tougher than me, and meaner too, but a better sailor? It ain't even possible.
5910GREETINGHold on there! There'll be no sneaking into the Countess' dinner party. Allow me to escort you out of here.
5911GREETINGHold on. There's a dinner party here tonight, and no one gets in the room until it's prepared.
5912HELLOHold perfectly still! You're about to step on...
5913AttackHold the line!
5914HitHold the line!
5915MS22VoiceHold there! Stop fighting! I surrender! I'll give you the carving!
5916CharGenVoiceHold up. I don't like this. Let me take a look.
5917SE07BSylLeavesHold your tongue, little Duchess, or I'll tear it from your mouth.
5918SE07AThadonLeavesHold your tongue, little Duke, or I'll tear it from your mouth.
5920SE11RobeConv01Hold. Who goes?
5921GREETINGHonditar is the name. I'm a hunter and mountain man.
5922SE38Oddity9Honestly, I'd never seen one before until recently, and now to have two turn up! That's Odd in itself, isn't it? But I really can't use it, sorry.
5923MS10WhatAboutLLevHonestly, she's never done anything to be fined or get in trouble... yet. The person I'd love to bring in as a witness is Aldos Othran.
5924INFOGENERALHonestly, who cares if that noble brat Thadon has his toy Chalice?
5925MatildePetitTopicHonestly? I don't think she likes me. It's because I'm a Dunmer. I heard her say something to Neville, and it wasn't very nice.
5926GREETINGHonmund and I live together in the old Nord way. Good enough for my Fa and Ma, and good enough for me.
5927GREETINGHonmund is my live-in partner. No offense, but I don't want to hear about any 'Mara Mother Mild' and Chapel family business.
5928GOODBYEHonor suits you well. May your journeys always be safe.
5929HELLOHonor the guild, friend.
5930MQ15KathutetC5Honor, and pride, bids me tell you: none can escape the Forbidden Grotto. There you will be the charge of my kynsman, Orthe.
5931FGD04Choice2Honor, huh? I prefer feeding my family. I figure I owe you one for covering for me, so I'll let you leave. Get moving, before I forget myself.
5932SE09CeremonyHonored Daedra, fear not thy abasement! Thou shalt be the Holy in this Temple.
5933GREETINGHonored Listener! I offer myself as your humble servant and guide. Please, allow me to mentor you in your new role.
5934HELLOHonored one.
5936GREETINGHope is gone. The Imperial line is dead.
5937bedHope it suits you.
5938GOODBYEHope to see you again soon.
5939GOODBYEHope to see you again soon.
5940ServeSentenceHope you rot, criminal scum.
5941NightofFunHope you're not planning to get much sleep.
5942ogresHorrible creatures! Replete with horror and evil. They roam freely eastward of the estate. I look forward to you exterminizing them.
5943goblinsHorrible creatures, and they've made this mine too dangerous for the workers. We're going to have to get rid of them.
5944ChorrolNQDQuestionResponsesHorrible things, those Arena matches. Simply bloodshed for the sake of bloodshed. Barbaric, I tell you.
5945CreatureResponsesHorrible things. I hear that the High Elves train them. I can't imagine it.
5946disappearancesHorrible, just horrible. Those poor people.
5947CreatureResponsesHorrid beasts. I hate the things.
5948VampireTopicHorrid creatures. I hope we never see one in the Imperial City again.
5949INFOGENERALHorsey! Did you hear about the new ruler in Bliss? Did you? Good horsey.
5950INFOGENERALHorsey! Did you hear about the new ruler in Crucible? Did you? Good horsey.
5951SQ01YesHot out of the oven! Enjoy! Come back if you want more.
5952HELLOHow about mixing up some potions? You look like quite the alchemist.
5953FollowupNegativeHow about that.
5954NeutralReceiveHow about that.
5955GREETINGHow about you just keep walking?
5956FGD02InsultsHow about you send over a few more drinks, sweetheart?
5957MS43ScampsHow am I ever going to get scamp smell out of my fine linens?
5958QuestionHow are things?
5959HELLOHow are we supposed to live under this curfew?
5960HELLOHow are you doing, dear?
5961GREETINGHow are you faring in your campaign against the remnants of the Black Bow Bandits, Sir Knight?
5962HELLOHow are you today?
5963HELLOHow are you today?
5964HELLOHow are you, pal?
5965HELLOHow are you?
5966HELLOHow are you?
5967INFOGENERALHow awful. An adventurer trying to get into our fine land? I hope they stay far from the palace.
5968SEWildernessRumorResponsesHow can He leave now? That's impossible!
5969SEManiaRumorResponsesHow can He leave? It must be a ploy of His.
5970GREETINGHow can I assist you today?
5971HELLOHow can I assist you, Champion?
5972GREETINGHow can I be of service?
5973GREETINGHow can I be of service?
5974GREETINGHow can I be of service?
5975GREETINGHow can I be of service?
5976GREETINGHow can I be of service?
5977GREETINGHow can I explain?
5978NirnrootHow can I help you examine the Nirnroot if you don't have one? Come back when you intend to show it to me.
5979GREETINGHow can I help you this fine day?
5980HELLOHow can I help you today, friend?
5981GREETINGHow can I help you... Sir? Miss? You all look alike to me. It's so hard to tell. Are you here to see Thadon?
5982HELLOHow can I help you?
5983SE30ForgeArmorHow can I help you?
5984GREETINGHow can I help?
5985GREETINGHow can I help?
5986GREETINGHow can I make your life easier? It's what I live for.
5987GREETINGHow can I serve you, brother?
5988GREETINGHow can I serve you, sister?
5989INFOGENERALHow can Thadon drink from that Chalice? Who knows what germs are on it?
5990HELLOHow can you be here? The Master said you were dead!
5991SE35MaybeLaterHow can you do that to me? Of all the nerve!
5992MS05DreamworldTopicHow could I be so careless? What's the matter with me?
5993DovesiDranTopicHow could I have been so naive, so stupid? We must stick together my friend, for Dovesi is surely the murderer! We must strike before she does!
5994HELLOHow could the Nine let this happen? Are they angry with us?
5995CharGenMainHow could they be waiting for us here?
5996SE02RelmynaSayToCorpseHow could this be? No mother should outlive her child. No, never!
5997MatildePetitTopicHow could this happen? How could I have let my guard down. That poor old woman is dead, and I should have protected her....
5998GOODBYEHow could you do that to all those innocent people? What did they ever do to you?
5999JorundrTopicHow could you stand sharing a cell with that imbecile?
6000MS51AccuseChanel1How dare you accuse me without enough evidence to back up your story!
6001MS12CmdrAnswer1How dare you address me that way, soldier! Your insolence will not be tolerated!
6002GREETINGHow dare you interrupt me!
6003AttackHow dare you invade this holy place!
6004MS49DukeDeadMeanHow dare you mock him, even in death!
6005AttackHow dare you try and best me!
6006HELLOHow delightful! Welcome.
6007INFOGENERALHow did a Dark Elf become Count Cheydinhal? King Helseth and Barenziah have considerable influence, and Helseth and Indarys are cronies. Get it?
6008HELLOHow did I get here? Do you know the way out?
6009SEDementiaRumorResponsesHow did someone manage to kill him?
6010HELLOHow did you fare?
6011GREETINGHow did you get in here? What are you doing here?
6012TG11StrangersRingHow did you get it? Do you know his whereabouts? Why are you showing it to me?
6013HELLOHow did you survive the collapse?
6014SE35BrithaurHow do I know he won't come back?
6015SE35BrithaurHow do I know he won't come back?
6016HELLOHow do you do?
6017HELLOHow do you do?
6018HELLOHow do you do?
6019GREETINGHow do you do? I'm Tadrose Helas, Smith of the Bravil Fighters Guild chapter and trainer for Armorers.
6020SE39NotebookHow do you know about that? It's private. I don't trust you enough to talk about it.
6021INFOGENERALHow do you like the bottom boot on the rat thing? Not bad, eh?
6022contractHow do you plan on entering this man's house? Through the front door? Be smart and look for a more inconspicuous way in, like a cellar entrance.
6023SEThadonWaitingForeverHow do you tell one from another if you're smack in the middle? Don't answer that, I already know the answer of course. It came to me during a meal.
6024QuestionHow does Ita Rienus know so much about Tamriel?
6025QuestionHow does Olfand manage to be a smith, trainer, and babysitter?
6026SithisHow does one best describe our Dread Father? Imagine a perfect, cloudless midnight, cold as winter ice and shrouded in shadow. That is Sithis.
6027SE07GreenmoteTopicHow does one describe utter euphoria?
6028HELLOHow does the day greet you, friend?
6029SE09MiscRelmynaExperimentHow does this make you feel?
6030HELLOHow fair thee, friend?
6031SE38OddityDonateHow generous of you! You'd just give it to me? You are a true lover of Oddities, aren't you?
6032INFOGENERALHow glorious, a newcomer to the Isles! Perhaps they will see the ways of Arden-Sul and join us.
6033HELLOHow goes it, friend? Keeping the killers and cutpurses at bay?
6034HELLOHow goes it?
6035HELLOHow goes it?
6036QuestionHow goes it?
6037HELLOHow goes the battle?
6038GREETINGHow goes the search?
6039GREETINGHow good to see you again, fellow knight.
6040SE12TraitorTauntsHow he must have mocked me, with my poems, and my painting, and my meaningless revelry.
6041GREETINGHow I loathe the idea of personal choice. It makes things so... imprecise.
6042GOODBYEHow I look forward to our goodbyes.
6043NirnrootHow interesting! I've heard of these glowing roots, but never had the fortune of seeing one. Unfortunately, I know nothing about them.
6044JollringChoice2BHow interesting. I'm sure the curio shops in the Market District would be glad to give you a fair price for this.
6045QuestionHow is Dagail today? Is she well?
6046MQ15MankarRantHow is it that the Daedra forthrightly proclaim themselves to man, while the gods cower behind statues and the faithless words of traitor-priests?
6047HELLOHow kind of you to grace the Sacellum with your presence, my lady.
6048HELLOHow kind of you to grace the Sacellum with your presence, my lord.
6049SE39PodPitYesHow kind of you. When I'm restored to my rightful place, I will give you a palace in the clouds... or was that a palace made of clouds?
6050MQ15MankarRantHow little you understand!
6051MQ15MankarSpeechHow little you understand! You cannot stop Lord Dagon.
6052HELLOHow long will Bruma need our help? Count Caro's orders were to return to Leyawiin as soon as Bruma was secure.
6053GREETINGHow many J'zidzos can you fit in a breadbox? One! There's only one!
6054SE46DoublesTopicHow many J'zidzos does it take to light a torch? One, dammit! And I'm tired of the other one. Terrible straight man.
6055TrainingQuestTopicHow many people have you killed in your lifetime, eh? Not as many as I, my little friend. When we're equals, you might interest me.
6056MS49Choice1BHow many times can I say it? There's no time to waste! Hurry it up!
6057INFOGENERALHow many times have I told you to leave me alone?
6058GREETINGHow may I assist you, Arch-Mage?
6059GREETINGHow may I assist you, Arch-Mage?
6060GREETINGHow may I assist you, my lady?
6061GREETINGHow may I assist you, my lord?
6062HELLOHow may I assist you?
6063GREETINGHow may I be of service to you, milady?
6064GREETINGHow may I be of service to you, milord?
6065BarterHow may I help a guild brother?
6066GREETINGHow may I help you, Arch-Mage?
6067GREETINGHow may I persist you? Please, I need you to find my daughter.
6068GREETINGHow may I serve you, Lord?
6069GREETINGHow may I serve, my Lord?
6070HELLOHow may I serve?
6071HELLOHow may I serve?
6072SE38OddityDonateNoHow mercenary of you! You and I both know the Museum is the rightful home for such an Oddity. I hope you change your mind eventually.
6073HELLOHow nice to see you again.
6074HELLOHow nice to see you again.
6075BRIBEHow nice! It's just what I wanted.
6076ADMIRELIKEHow nice.
6077ImperialCityTopicHow quaint. You seek to educate yourself. At the expense of my precious time. Go. Shoo. Bother someone else.
6078EulogyArgonianHow sad. The Argonian was a poor thing. Let her go.
6079SQ01PotatoesHow stupid I was to leave them outside all alone like that! All I wanted to do was give them some sun. Next thing I knew, they were gone!
6080SE38OddityDonateHow sweet! You truly are a patron of the Odd!
6081GREETINGHow then to obtain the blood of a god? But Jauffre solved it. The blood of Tiber Septim himself, who became one of the Divines.
6082SEFlameofAgnonTopicHow to decide... Do you prefer glorious, and pointless, battle? Or the poisoned arrow striking home from ambush?
6083GlarthirTopicHow to say this nicely? He's sort of the town eccentric. Lived here for years, we've gotten used to his ways.
6084HorseDeclineHow unfortunate. Don't be a stranger. We have a fine selection of Bay horses if you change your mind.
6085TrainingQuestTopicHow very arrogant of you. To think that I would aid you out of the kindness of my heart?
6086GREETINGHow will I ever finish the Encylopedia Sheothia with these constant interruptions!?
6087MS45DarMaInnkeeperHow would I know? Maybe she went crazy and run off into the woods. Now if you'll excuse me, I got things to do.
6088GREETINGHow would you like to get my husband, Gogan, out of hot water?
6089TrainingQuestTopicHow you manage to do this is up to you; do not wander off, or I shall consider this test of your ability failed. Are you prepared to begin now?
6090HELLOHow'd it go?
6091GREETINGHow'd you get in here?
6092GelebourneHow'd you know about that? Agh... too many people don't know how to keep quiet about official matters. Very well.
6093QuestionHow's business? Are things going well?
6094HELLOHow's the fishing trip going?
6095TG10JaksDiarySaysHowever, another thief in the guild picked up the cowl and assumed his identity and the curse. No-one in the guild knew it was a different person.
6096TGInformationHowever, be prepared to spend a little coin. They won't tell you anything for free. At least not anything true.
6097MundaneAmuletHowever, because you've avenged his unjust death, I feel that Bradon would understand why I'm breaking that pact.
6098MQ15KathutetDHowever, by some trick, they trapped one of my agents, the Xivilai Anaxes, in a cave.
6099MQ15KathutetC3However, his shame attaches to me, and though the matter is too small for my attention, it is not too small for one of my servants.
6100MS22HighFaneHowever, I do have another task, a rather urgent one in fact, if you would like to redeem yourself.
6101TG07DairihillOfficeHowever, I'll tell you for free that there are many secrets in that Castle. There are secret ways, and secret people. Find the blacksmith.
6102RaynilDralasTopicHowever, I'm afraid he's slipped through our fingers. If he's as crafty as he's been up to now, he's probably halfway to Vvardenfell.
6103SE11DyusHowever, if you insist: I once served as the keeper of the great library of Jyggalag.
6104SE11DyusHowever, if you insist: I once served as the keeper of the great library of Jyggalag.
6105JollringChoice2AHowever, it is too late to disturb him. If you'll return in the morning, I'm sure he will be glad to speak to you.
6106LeyawiinTopicHowever, Leyawiin must move towards the mainstream of Imperial culture, both in trade and in political affairs.
6107BonusTopicHowever, many of our clients request that their contracts be carried out in a specific manner. A certain place, a certain method of elimination.
6108MS27HerminiaC1However, my studies of the ancient texts make clear that it is the key to dangerous magical powers which should be left dormant.
6109GREETINGHowever, no mortal may sit upon the throne without the staff. So here you are in my prison, seeking to supplant the one who placed me here.
6110SE11CiirtaTopicHowever, she did not recognize this event for what it was. She believes that Sheogorath had abandoned the Realm out of fear of Jyggalag's attack.
6111SE39CindanweHowever, she knows everything about all of us, keeps notes about everything. EVERYTHING!
6112UlrichLelandTopicHowever, since you aren't fully at fault, I won't report your involvement to the Count. Llevana, on the other hand, will pay for her crime.
6113SE11KnifePointHollowHowever, spare me your grief. My imprisonment is as meaningless as my immortality.
6114SE11KnifePointHollowHowever, spare me your grief. My imprisonment is as meaningless as my immortality.
6115SE11HaskillChoice5However, the secrets of its construction are lost.
6116ArcaneULecture1However, the universal belief that runestones are magical, despite all evidence, is good reason to suspect that the runestones are indeed magical.
6117TGHieronymusLexHowever, the wizards are not to be trusted. I'm sure they are watching for us to put it back where you got it.
6118TGSpecialJobsHowever, Theranis has not been seen since. The Gray Fox himself hunts for this book. I need you to find Theranis.
6119TGSpecialJobsHowever, there are rumors that the Gray Fox himself may call on you soon. Wait for contact from him. Keep the guild fences busy.
6120GREETINGHowever, what comes next is now unclear. If you wish to confront what is to come, I shall create the Staff for you.
6121MS43StaffHowever, when I spoke it and held the staff, four scamps suddenly appeared! I thought I was done for! Strangely, they all just stood there.
6122TG11RejectCowlHowever, when you remove the cowl, eveyone will know you as yourself. Fortunately, the cowl still has the power to hide your alter ego from them.
6123MS13GateHowever, with you here now, we can take the sigil stone from that citadel and complete our quest for the good of all Cheydinhal! Huzzah!
6124GREETINGHowever, you shall still fall victim to the same pitfalls as he. Leave me to my torment, Madgod. Leave me to suffer as Sheogorath before you.
6125TGThievesGuildJobsHowever, you will find that you can only sell stolen property to one of our guild fences. Most other merchants won't take hot merchandise.
6126SE39PodPitNoHrmph. I once killed a minotaur with a spoon! I don't really need your help anyway. Leave me alone.
6127MG00JoinBHrmph. Not much of a loss, if you ask me.
6128MagesGuildTopicHrmph. Think they're all so high and mighty, that they've somehow got a monopoly on power.
6129SE05Interrogate1Hrmph. Very well, Steward. I believe you. You may return to your duties. And of course, thank you for your time.
6130MG05Choice1BHrmph. Very well. Good day.
6131MG02Choice1AHrmph. Very well. We shall see how prepared you actually are.
6132NecromancersHrmph. Why all the fuss now?
6133MS49ChoiceNoTimeHrmph. You do the guard one little favor, and suddenly you think you're Matius' best friend?
6134GREETINGHrmph... it seems that I made a miscalculation. Against all odds and all the knowledge that I possess, a new Sheogorath is risen.
6135BleakersWayTopicHrol Ulfgar and Nivan Dalvilu lead the community, and have done so for many years.
6136HrolUlfgarTOPICHrol Ulfgar has been murdered, and the Dalvilu are responsible! They will pay for their treachery, the wretched Dunmer!
6137HrolUlfgarTOPICHrol Ulfgar has been murdered. We will find the assassin, and he will pay dearly.
6138HrolUlfgarTOPICHrol Ulfgar is dead! I cannot imagine who would want to harm him. The culprit will be found, though.
6139HrolUlfgarTOPICHrol Ulfgar is dead, and his clan believes our family responsible! This is madness!
6140HrolUlfgarTOPICHrol Ulfgar leads the Ulfgar clan. He is a fierce warrior and a wise leader. All the Dalvilu respect the man.
6141HrotaCaveTOPICHrota Cave? I believe it's a bit north of here. Shouldn't be too hard to find.
6143HELLOHuh. I'd have thought a god would be taller than that.
6144HELLOHuh. That beast looks godly, doesn't it?
6147GREETINGHuh? Sorry... I ain't interested....
6148Dark02Choice1BHuh? What are you, some kind of preacher or somethin'? One of them crazies from the Church? I ain't got time for this....
6149GREETINGHuh? What do you want? Sorry, can't talk... now. I'm with my... my lady friend here. Talk to me... later... Not here... Not in the hotel... Okay...
6150UnseenHuh? Where did you go? Come out where I can see you!
6151GREETINGHuh? You're not Gromm. Get out of my home! I don't want you here!
6152TrespassHuh? You're not Gromm. Get out of my home! I don't want you here!
6153GREETINGHuh? You're not Gromm. Who are you? Why are you in my home?
6154GREETINGHumilis Nonius. Wildeye Stables can board your horse, or sell you one, if you like.
6157SE11HowlingHallsHundreds of years ago, this very building once served as a temple in Cyrodiil that sought to "cure" the mad.
6158BarterHungry? Thirsty? I can help with that.
6163CastleGateTopicHurry and find Berich Inian. He should be back in the Chapel, and should still have the key to the Guard House.
6164GOODBYEHurry back, my Lord. There's so much I want to show you. So much, indeed!
6165GOODBYEHurry back.
6166FGD02InsultsHurry it up, swamprot! I'm thirsty over here.
6167GREETINGHurry to Dyus. Do as he asks. No danger is too great.
6168MucianusAliasTopicHurry to Nenyond Twill and make sure he is unharmed.
6169SE02JayredNoLeadHurry up! The bones are calling.
6170HELLOHurry up, before I change my mind.
6171GOODBYEHurry up, will you?
6172HELLOHurry up.
6174SE02JayredSayUnlockGateHurry! Pick that lock open.
6175SE02JayredSayUnlockGateHurry! Pick that lock open. I can hear them in there!
6176GOODBYEHurry! There's no telling how much time I have left!
6177GOODBYEHurry! There's no time!
6178GREETINGHurry, before everything falls on top of us!
6179SE02JayredSayUnlockGateHurry, get that door open!
6180GOODBYEHurry, get that key... it's our only way out.
6181GOODBYEHurry, get to Weynon Priory.
6182GOODBYEHurry, there's no telling how much damage has already been dealt to the Resonator!
6183SE02JayredWaitHurry. The bones are calling out to me!
6184GREETINGHurry. We don't want anyone to see us talking, do we?
6185SE05Interrogate3Hurt me all you want, Herdir. You know I won't talk.
6186DANamiraSpeechHurts us....
6187GREETINGHush, child. This is serious.
6189GREETINGHuurwen of the Fighters Guild. Health and fortune.
6190INFOGENERALHuurwen was sparring with some other Fighters Guild members recently. I don't think any of them could get a hit through her shield.
6191MQ13BrumaCheeringHuzzah for the Emperor!
6192SE13AllyShoutReinforcementsHuzzah! More of my kin have joined the fight!
6196MS23RolandCalmI - I'm sorry. I've been hiding up here in this cabin and I've forgotten my manners. Try and understand. I loved her, I'd never harm her!
6197HELLOI abhor killing, but you did the right thing.
6198BarterBuyItemI accept such low prices only for guild members.
6199ArenaAgronakChalYesI accept the challenge, of course. Speak with Ysabel, tell her you're ready. Then we'll meet in the Arena and prove our mettle as warriors.
6200TGPayBloodPriceI accept this blood price and welcome you back into the Thieves Guild. I oughta break your neck though. Don't make this a habit.
6201AcceptYieldI accept your surrender, my friend.
6202AcceptYieldI accept your surrender.
6203COERCELOVEI accept. I have no choice.
6204ServicetoLeyawiinTopic08I address my offer to you and your friend. Would you like to become knights-errant?
6205GREETINGI admit I had my doubts about you, but something told me I was doing the right thing. Many thanks.
6206INFOGENERALI admit to sharing the common enthusiasm for the Arena. It is barbaric, but the stakes of life or death make the drama irresistably compelling.
6207GREETINGI admit... I still have strong prejudices against necromancy, summoning, and illusion.
6208ImperialCityTopicI agree with the Watch Captain. This Atius-Sintav feud has gone on long enough. I can control my people. I hope Iniel can control his.
6209HouseTooMuchImperialCityI agree, but someone will be foolish enough to buy it.
6210MS38TopicI agree. He's always writing in that little notebook. Sometimes I think he's watching me!
6211ImperialCityTopicI aim to keep an eye on things here in the city. Take it slow, get to know the people. Try not to get off on the wrong foot.
6212MatildePetitTopicI ain't got much to say about the old lady, and even if I did, I wouldn't say it to you.
6213GREETINGI ain't got nothin' to say to you, fancy pants. So why don't you mind your own business, huh?
6214TG06TheranisI ain't tellin' the likes of you!
6215SE11Dyus1bI alone have survived. Sheogorath cannot bring Himself to destroy the knowledge that I possess.
6216SE11Dyus1bI alone have survived. Sheogorath cannot bring himself to destroy the knowledge that I possess.
6217SE38Oddity6I already have one of... wait a moment, no, that's the one I can't find now. If only I had the money to buy it off you....
6218DarMaTopicI already told you, she never showed up.
6219NecromancersI also fear their numbers may be greater than we believed.
6220NevilleTopicI also get the sense that he's very eager to find the gold. I can't imagine his life of servitude to the Empire left him with much to retire on.
6221MS43StaffI also learned that the staff makes the owner move much slower than normal. I suppose it's another way the creator upped the annoyance factor.
6222MS29StopYesI also want you to know that I had a long discussion with Jensine, and I have decided to join the Society.
6223GREETINGI always enjoy meeting my rival treasure hunters. What, did you think you were the only one? Ha ha ha! Come, let us have a drink together.
6224BravilNQDQuestionResponsesI always enjoy speaking with Nahsi. His views on the world are different than most.
6225RaynilDralasTopicI always liked Bradon and Erline. They were a nice couple. I hope you get to the bottom of this, cause I don't believe he was a vampire either.
6226BernadettePenelesTopicI always suspected she was watching me. Thank you for finally confirming it.
6227GREETINGI always wanted to see the Jerall Mountains. Beautiful, aren't they? Almost makes you forget why we're here.
6228TheGrayPrinceI am a Lord's son, yet I've been denied the noble privilege to which I am entitled. So I have become the Gray Prince, noble in my own right.
6229GREETINGI am a priest in the Temple of the One in the Imperial City. Perhaps our paths will cross again one day.
6230AttackI am a vampire, a Lord of Blood!
6231GREETINGI am Alberic Litte of the Mages Guild. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.
6232GREETINGI am all that is left. The others were struck down by Order. How did this happen?
6233GREETINGI am all that is left. The others were struck down by Order. How did this happen?
6234SE11Dyus1aI am all that remains of the knowledge contained within the great library of Jyggalag.
6235SE11Dyus1aI am all that remains of the knowledge contained within the great library of Jyggalag.
6236TG11TalkToMillona05I am also your missing husband, Corvus.
6237GREETINGI am Ambroise Canne, grape-grower for Surilie Brothers. I'm also an advanced trainer for weapon and shield parries.
6238GREETINGI am Andel Indarys, Count Cheydinhal. There is no more generous or just ruler in Cyrodiil, if I say so myself.
6239HELLOI am anxious to hear news of the book.
6240GREETINGI am Arquen, Speaker for the Black Hand. As you can see, we have dealt with the betrayer, Lucien Lachance! No longer will you serve as his puppet!
6241GREETINGI am Arriana Valga, Countess of Chorrol.
6242MS51AccuseChanel1I am ashamed of my crime, but ready to face what fate has in store for me.
6243StolenPaintingI am ashamed that I took the painting, but my love for the Count was greater than you could imagine.
6244GREETINGI am at the Emperor Martin's command.
6245GREETINGI am at your command, Arch-Mage.
6246MageConvFollowI am at your command, Arch-Mage.
6247HELLOI am at your mercy for now, scum.
6248GREETINGI am at your service, Arch-Mage.
6249HELLOI am at your service, Arch-Mage.
6250TrainingQuestTopicI am at your service. If you need Alteration training, I am here for you.
6251GREETINGI am Bat gro-Orkul, warden of the armory. If you need weapons or armor, I've got them.
6252GREETINGI am beaten. Leave me alone.
6253SE05Interrogate4I am being honest, that is all. The only strange reports I have received are of a robed figure seen leaving the palace late at night.
6254BieneAmelionTOPICI am Biene Amelion.
6255TG07NewCaptainI am bound by duty and honor to obey this order. After all these years, he has finally won.
6256HELLOI am busy, so, if you will excuse me.
6257GREETINGI am busy. Get out. When I am ready to conduct guild business, I'll leave the door unlocked.
6258GREETINGI am compiling a taxonomy of every living thing in the Shivering Isles, the weather, changes in the moon and stars, and their interrelationships.
6259GREETINGI am Count Cirion, and you have violated the inner sanctum of Vitharn. What say you in your defense?
6260GREETINGI am Count Cirion. What does the mighty Lord Sheogorath need here among the shades of Vitharn? Have you come to mock us?
6261GREETINGI am Countess Alessia Caro, wife to Count Marius.
6262AnvilTopicI am currently employed at the Count's Arms, but I'm working on a piece I hope will gain me the patronage of a certain countess.
6263TG10GiveBootsI am deeply disappointed that a Master Thief had to resort to murder. I hearby revoke your Thieves Guild membership until the blood price is paid.
6264TG07rejectI am disappointed. When you are better prepared, return to me.
6265GREETINGI am done with you for now. Go to the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in Cheydinhal and speak with Ocheeva. She will provide further instruction.
6266BarterI am eager to peruse your haul.
6267ElanteTOPICI am Elante of Alinor.
6268GREETINGI am Geel. Sergeant-of-Sharpshooters, Blackwood Company.
6269GREETINGI am Geem Jasaiin. We come from Black Marsh to the city to work the water ways and water trades.
6270GREETINGI am Gemellus Axius, Earl Jakben's manservant. He did not inform me of your visit.
6271TG10FindJakbenI am Gemellus Axius, his servant. Master Imbel has his home facing the central plaza of the Talos Plaza district.
6272SE37BeastI am getting weary of the same two beasts. All they do is scream when I experiment on them. Do you suppose you could get me a Gnarl?
6273BaurusTopicI am glad to hear that he survived, but I fear he will take the Emperor's death particularly hard.
6274BaurusTopicI am glad to hear that he survived. A small bit of good news in these dark times. But he will take the Emperor's death very hard.
6275GREETINGI am Gruiand Garrana, Primate of Arkay, and spiritual leader of the Cheydinhal Chapel.
6276GREETINGI am Harrow, Warden of the Shrine of Dagon.
6277SE01HaskillChoice1I am Haskill, Chamberlain to the Lord Sheogorath.
6278GREETINGI am here to end your miserable life, to... But... I can see the confusion in your eyes. You... You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?
6279GREETINGI am here to serve you, Arch-Mage.
6280GREETINGI am here to serve, Lord. May I assist in Your great works?
6281GREETINGI am Hlidara Mothril, Lady Leyawiin's chaplain and chief advisor.
6282HELLOI am honored by your presence. How can Ocheeva be of assistance?
6283GREETINGI am honored to assist Lord Sheogorath's emissary.
6284GREETINGI am honored to be entrusted by the Gray Fox himself to run these errands.
6285GREETINGI am honored to speak to the hero of the Battle of Bruma. What can I do for you?
6286HELLOI am honored, Lord.
6287HELLOI am honored, mistress.
6288HrolUlfgarTOPICI am Hrol Ulfgar.
6289TrainingQuestTopicI am impressed.
6290MS21StatueGiveI am impressed. Only three more statues to complete the set. Keep up the good work, my friend.
6291FightersGuildTopicI am in Fighter's Guild.
6292NineDivinesTopicI am in Nine Divines....I wish I had quests to give...sigh...
6293DarkBrotherhoodTopicI am in the Dark Brotherhood.
6294MagesGuildTopicI am in the Mage's Guild.
6295TGThievesGuildTopicI am in the Thieves Guild.
6296GREETINGI am Iniel Sintav, head of the Sintav clan.
6297MS21StatueShowI am interested in obtaining the complete set of these statues. If you bring them to me when you find them, I will pay you double for each one.
6298GREETINGI am Janonia Aurunceia, chief maid-servant of Castle Leyawiin.
6299GREETINGI am Januarius Aurunceia, the Count's footman and boot-puller.
6300GREETINGI am Kishashi and Fellmoor is my domain. A queen, some would call me. But others will say that Cindanwe is in charge. Pah! Liars!
6301GREETINGI am Kishashi, great hero of the northlands. I once single handedly held off an entire horde of Grummites.
6302GREETINGI am Kithlan, Steward of Lady Syl. Unless you have reason to be here, your presence is unwelcome.
6303MS21AyleidStatueTopicI am looking for the complete set of ten for my collection. They were once part of the Temple of the Ancestors in the ancient Ayleid capital.
6304MS21AyleidStatueTopicI am looking for the complete set of ten for my collection. They were once part of the Temple of the Ancestors in the ancient Ayleid capital.
6305LordDradTOPICI am Lord Drad.
6306LordRugdumphTOPICI am Lord Rugdumph gro-Shurgak. How may I persist you?
6307LorgrenSpeechI am Lorgren Benirus, and I desire the chance to atone for my sins.
6308Dark01Choice2AI am Lucien Lachance, a Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood. And you, you are a killer. A taker of life. A harvester of souls.
6309GREETINGI am Mahei... that poor fellow who is chased everywhere by that nagging fishwife, Numeen.
6310GREETINGI am Mara's Primate, Chana Mona. I take care of the Chapel's affairs in Bravil Parish, and speak for Mara in the Council of the Nine.
6311MelusPetiliusTOPICI am Melus Petilius. Leave me in peace to mourn my wife, Vena.
6312GREETINGI am Millona Umbranox, Countess of Anvil. I hope you enjoy your visit. I trust you will give us no cause to regret our hospitality to strangers.
6313GREETINGI am Naspia Cosma, Cheydinhal's Steward. I offer introductory training with Blades, and may condescend to accept you as a student.
6314HELLOI am never too busy for good talk.
6315NewheimthePortlyTOPICI am Newheim the Portly. What can I do for you?
6316NivanDalviluTOPICI am Nivan Dalvilu.
6317MQ15EldamilHelpI am no match for Mankar Camoran, but perhaps together we can find a way to defeat him. Lead on.
6318NorbertLellesTOPICI am Norbert Lelles. How may I help you?
6319SE08CommanderPlan1I am not certain. But do not lose heart, I have an idea.
6320SE08CommanderPlan1I am not certain. But do not lose heart, I have an idea.
6321HitI am nothing but a vile spawn of evil! Kill me!
6322TGPayBloodPriceI am now allowed to grant you a promotion to Master Thief. Congratulations, I suppose. Be ready if the Gray Fox should need you again.
6323GREETINGI am Olava the Fair, Mara's Living Saint. It is my responsibility not to preach, but to live Mara's commands as an example to others.
6324TGDoyenI am one Doyen and S'krivva is the other.
6325UmbacanoTopicI am one of his guard dogs, no more, no less. He pays us well to guard his many treasures. This is enough for me.
6326MQ02JauffreD3I am one of the few who know of his existence. Many years ago, I served as captain of Uriel's bodyguards, the Blades.
6327GREETINGI am only a supplicant. Speak to the Dark Elf wearing the robes.
6328GREETINGI am Orok gro-Ghoth, steward to Countess Arriana Valga, Countess of Chorrol. I manage her affairs, and the castle is in my keeping.
6329GREETINGI am overjoyed at your return. What may I assist you with?
6330InventoryI am pleased that Thoronir has decided to donate his inventory to the temple. At least he is trying to make amends.
6331CureforVampirismI am pleased that you would ask. There is a way, though it is not known to me.
6332GREETINGI am pleased with your work, Inquisitor. As a token of my appreciation, I shall spare your life, and make you a Courtier of Dementia.
6333SE32AcolyteWarningI am powerless without more magicka.
6334TGHieronymusLexI am promoting you to Cat Burglar, which means you can use Luciana Galena of Bravil as your fence. Congratulations on your new rank.
6335TG04AhdarjisStolenRingI am promoting you to Prowler. Congratulations.
6336LeyawiinTopicI am proud of my family's tradition of service to Leyawiin and its people. We face many challenges, but Gods willing, we shall prevail.
6337GREETINGI am quite busy, but there is always time for you, Lord Sheogorath. What may I do for you?
6338DAMalacathChoice4I am quite pleased with the ogre slaves in my Bleak Mine. No issues of slavery with brute beasts. Profitable. And legal.
6339GREETINGI am ready for battle when you are, champion. What say you?
6340INFOGENERALI am resident to encounter the minotaur. Its horny protuberants cause me great conflagrations.
6341RiBassaTOPICI am Ri'Bassa, shaman of the Khajiit of Border Watch.
6342GREETINGI am Ri'zakar, Pakseech of the Blackwood Company. The Company provides expert jihatt for selected customers. Very discreet.
6343MS51AccuseChoice1I am shocked to hear of Chanel's crime, as she has always been such a nice member of our court, but I see that your evidence is without question.
6344MS51AccuseChoice1I am shocked to hear of Chanel's crime, as she has always been such a nice member of our court, but I see that your evidence is without question.
6345LeyawiinTopicI am SICK of Orcs coming in here and giving me the business. 'Ooh. Bugak got a book store. Ooh. Bugak's a sissy scroll-scribbler!'
6346GREETINGI am Sister Angrond of Gottlesfont Priory. We gather and prepare healing herbs and mushrooms.
6347MS45DarMaNotYetI am so worried about her. Please find her.
6348MS47InvisibleI am sorry about that. Just use the Reverse Invisibility scroll I gave you.
6349GREETINGI am sorry to be so forward, but I desperately need your help. It seems that my husband, Rythe, has gone missing, and I just don't know what to do.
6350GREETINGI am sorry, fellow magister, but I don't have time to talk right now. My studies keep me very busy, as you can well imagine!
6351HELLOI am sorry, Lord.
6352GatherCluesI am sorry. I don't really feel comfortable talking with you about that night. I barely know you.
6353GOODBYEI am still aghast. To think that someone would stoop so low...
6354GREETINGI am sure Lord Sheogorath will be thrilled to hear whatever pressing matter you have to discuss with Him.
6355MQ15KathutetC4I am tasked with keeping order here in the Savage Garden where Mankar Camoran's chattel challenge themselves in unceasing combat.
6356LeyawiinTopicI am the best alchemist in Leyawiin. But if you need Advanced Training, you'll need Brotch Calus in Bruma or Ardaline in Bravil.
6357CheydinhalTopicI am the chapter head of the Cheydinhal Mages Guild. It is quite an honor... but they had no choice, since I'm the only semi-competent one here.
6358GREETINGI am the curator of the Museum of Oddities, Una Armina. Have we met? You look familiar...
6359TG11TalkToMillona03I am the Gray Fox, but you have not been betrayed.
6360GREETINGI am the healer, Marz of Black Marsh. By the grace of Mara, I am available as an Advanced Trainer in Restoration.
6361GREETINGI am the Master Smith of New Sheoth. Why bother with that other smith?
6362TGWhoAreYouI am The Stranger. That is all you need to know. That, and I am no-one to be trifled with.
6363SE32FanaticYellI am the wrath of the righteous!
6364TG10GiveBootsI am truly indebted to you. If all goes well, I may call upon you for one last task. The danger will be great, but the reward will be greater.
6365GREETINGI am Ugak, owner of the Grateful Pass Stables.
6366GREETINGI am unable to look into something that has been brought to my attention. Are you capable of going on my behalf?
6367GOODBYEI am undone.
6368NecromancersMoonI am unfamiliar with the "Shade of the Revenant" described within the book, but I was never one to dabble in the more, shall we say, amoral arts.
6369JanusHassildorTopicI am unsure as to why he has requested that you, of all people, should be the one to visit him. I have no wish to put you in harm's way.
6370GREETINGI am very disappointed. I had hoped we would not meet again under these circumstances.
6371GREETINGI am very disappointed. I had hoped we would not meet again under these circumstances.
6372WeebumNaTOPICI am Weebam-Na. What do you want?
6373GREETINGI am Wide-Eye, Steward to His Grace, the greatest Duke of Mania in all of history, Thadon. He is my reason for being. My purpose in life.
6374GREETINGI am Wumeek. Gods commend you.
6375CGEmperor02I am your emperor, Uriel Septim. By the grace of the Gods, I serve Tamriel as her ruler.
6376GOODBYEI am your servant, Lord Sheogorath.
6377MS16BrothersI am your twin brother. When we were very small, our farm was attacked by ogres. My ... our father and I escaped.
6378HELLOI am yours to command, oh great Listener!
6379GREETINGI am yours to command, Your Grace.
6380GREETINGI am yours to command, Your Grace.
6381HELLOI am yours to command, Your Grace.
6382HELLOI am yours to command, Your Grace.
6383GOODBYEI amaze me.
6384GREETINGI apologize for doubting you, Your Grace. You are a most worthy leader, perhaps the greatest warrior to ever hold the Seat of Mania.
6385DaedricshrineI appreciate all of your help. Thank you.
6386BRIBEI appreciate the gesture.
6387GREETINGI appreciate the help that you have brought to Bruma. I begin to think we have a chance.
6388GREETINGI appreciate the interest you're taking in helping us with our situation.
6389BarterExitI appreciate your business.
6390FGJoin1I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you've got a bit of a bad reputation. Make a better name for yourself, and perhaps we can accept your application.
6391GOODBYEI appreciate your forebearance.
6392GlarthirTopicI appreciate your warning. I'll be on the lookout for him. But please tell the guards so they can arrest him before he attacks me!
6393Mg12TravenGoOnI argued against it, but eventually agreed to maintain order in the Council. I regret that decision, and that is why I wish to send you there.
6394TG11P5HowIsThatI arranged for the notable Celia Camoran to want to read a particular Elder Scroll. Don't ask how. However, she will be... unavoidably detained.
6395InfoRefusalI ask myself... Do I like you enough to tell you about this?
6396MQ06NoGiveI ask you one last time: give me your possessions. The Master requires it of all initiates.
6397GREETINGI assist Her Ladyship so that her enlightened policies might achieve the greatest possible influence upon the affairs of County Leyawiin.
6398SE03AWhatShouldI assume Sheogorath gave you the Manual of Xedilian. You can consult it for more information, or I can provide instructions.
6399MQ03MartinA1I assume you didn't risk your own life to come here to tell me something I already know. Who are you and what do you want?
6400GREETINGI assume you found Springheel Jak's tomb.
6401GREETINGI assume you're having fun?
6402GREETINGI assume you've dealt with Raelynn appropriately.
6403GREETINGI assume you've made your choice. Umbra hungers. What shall it be?
6404dutiesI assume you've taken care of this issue. So, tell me what happened. Why were our men causing trouble? And what did you do?
6405MG13CavernChoiceWhyI assure you, I am not responsible for them. I would never be so careless. Where there are mindless animals, predators are never far behind.
6406GOODBYEI assure you, the gold is well worth the risk.
6407CreatureResponsesI avoid those things whenever I can. Horrible creatures.
6408GOODBYEI await your decision.
6409GOODBYEI await your return... if you return.
6410AttackI banish you!
6411MQ15EldamilB2I bear responsibility for much of the evil that was done in Mankar Camoran's name. I would undo it if I could.
6412MQ15VoiceI beg of you... kill the Master... destroy this place...
6413MS12BoringI beg to differ, history can be quite enriching. Hmph. I figured you to have more brains than brawn, but so be it.
6414ImperialCityTopicI beg your pardon. The city? Here's the city. All around us. A thousand stones, a thousand souls.
6415MQ05GwinasB2I beg your pardon? You presume to tell me about daedric cults?
6416INFOGENERALI began a painting of the Resonator of Judgment many years ago. I wonder if I ever finished it?
6417ClaudeMaricTopicI believe a little friendly competition always sharpens the wits. Even more reason for you to get back to hunting for my carving.
6418BravilNQDQuestionResponsesI believe he's always looking for new members, but I don't think it's for me.
6419TrainingQuestTopicI believe he's currently residing somewhere north of Bravil. Spends most of his time in Niben Bay, I understand. And I do mean IN Niben Bay.
6420TrainingQuestTopicI believe he's working at the West Weald Inn, over in Skingrad. I think Erina tries to keep him out of sight.
6421TrainingQuestTopicI believe her name was Bradus? Runia, or Rulia... something like that. If the stories are true, she might be able to train you further.
6422RecommendationI believe I explained your task very clearly. Find the ring, which is somewhere down in the well behind the guild hall. Bring it to me.
6423VelwynBenirusTopicI believe I heard a Benirus is in town. You should check out the Elven Gardens District. A Benirus wouldn't be seen anywhere else.
6424BookResponsesI believe I read that some time ago. I'll have to give it another read.
6425FingersoftheMountainI believe I've made myself more than clear. I want that book, and I expect you to clean up this little mess you've made.
6426LeyawiinTopicI believe in the transforming power of honest work. I honor your vocation as adventurer. By your labors and their fruits, you praise Zenithar.
6427BravilNQDQuestionResponsesI believe Kud-Ei is in charge of the Mages Guild here in Bravil. She seems very well liked by other members.
6428MysteriumXarxesI believe Mankar Camoran used it to create his Paradise. It should give us the means to open a gate there ourselves. I will continue studying it.
6429JollringChoice2AI believe my master would be interested in speaking to you right away.
6430JollringChoice2AI believe my master would be very interested in this item.
6431AnvilTopicI believe some people think of Anvil as a slow, sleepy place compared to eastern Cyrodiil, but there's plenty of trouble up north to be found.
6432VampireTopicI believe that Grey-Throat and Gilen may have more information for you regarding these creatures.
6433MQ05TarMeenaBI believe that his writings contain hidden clues to the location of the Mythic Dawn's secret shrine to Mehrunes Dagon.
6434GREETINGI believe that Mankar Camoran acts as the "anchor" for Paradise, just as a sigil stone anchors an Oblivion Gate in place.
6435DragonfiresTopicI believe that Martin's sacrifice sealed the gates of Oblivion forever. Tamriel no longer needs the protection of the Dragonfires.
6436NirnrootI believe that Sinderion in Skingrad could serve your inquiry better, as his area of expertise centers around things of this nature.
6437MQ11BrumaAlliesI believe that the Count may want to handle this matter personally.
6438MS16Choice6AI believe that the item Albert stole, which rightly belongs to me, was hidden at the Weatherleah settlement.
6439MS21AnotherTaskI believe that you may be able to persuade her to part with the item, where I cannot due to her prejudice against me. Are you interested?
6440MQ11BrumaAlliesI believe the Count may want to handle this matter personally.
6441MS21JollringChoice1I believe the note will give you all the details.
6442INFOGENERALI believe the rugged climate of Bruma suits Narina Carvain. She's tough and cold, but you always know what to expect from her.
6443ArcaneULecture2I believe the runestones date from the Dawn Era or Merethic Age, but they were moved to new sites by late First Era emperors.
6444MS21AyleidStatueTopicI believe they were hidden in various Ayleid settlements across Cyrodiil, although I do not know the exact location of any of them.
6445MS21AyleidStatueTopicI believe they were hidden in various Ayleid settlements across Cyrodiil, although I do not know the exact location of any of them.
6446MS22MissionI believe this carving will shed new light on Ayleid history, if I am able to examine it closely. I would like you to retrieve it for me.
6447SQ05RaelynntheGravefinderI believe we had a contract. Here's my part.
6448MG11ChoiceWhatNextI believe we have been asking her the wrong questions, taxing her too much with vague attempts to make sense of all that we know.
6449HELLOI believe you and I were fated to meet today.
6450SE09HaskillGardensI believe you have completed the tasks in the Gardens of Flesh and Bone, have you not?
6451GREETINGI believe you have some news for Lord Sheogorath. Perhaps you should be speaking with him instead of illuminating me with your presence.
6452GREETINGI believe you have some news for Lord Sheogorath. Perhaps you should be speaking with Him instead of illuminating me with your presence.
6453NecromancersMoonI believe you'll find it quite helpful. Once you've had a chance to read it, I'd be happy to discuss it with you.
6454SEDunrootBurrowTopicI believe you've already been instructed as to how to proceed. You'll need to ingest Felldew to enter the Burrow.
6455SE09HaskillAltarI believe Your Grace knows the way?
6456SE35RumorResponsesI bet he does. That Brithaur sure is a pain in the ass.
6457INFOGENERALI bet I'd make a better Duke than the new one.
6458INFOGENERALI bet I'd make a better Duke than the new one.
6459HELLOI bet Sheogorath has killed millions of things!
6460INFOGENERALI bet someone sold the Bravil jailbreakers down the river. How else could the Fighters Guild have found their hideout?
6461INFOGENERALI bet the Blackwood Company had something to do with Viranus Donton's death.
6462CharGenTaunt2I bet the guards give you "special" treatment before the end. Oh, that's right. You're going to die in here, Imperial! You're going to die!
6463INFOGENERALI bet there's plenty of corpses to count in Xedilian.
6464TrainingQuestTopicI bet you don't know the first thing about smithing. Have you read up on the history of the craft? I doubt it.
6465GREETINGI bet you hear this all the time, but thanks for closing that Oblivion Gate! We were all so worried.
6466CharGenTaunt2I bet you think you're pretty tough, huh? I bet you can swing a sword and everything. Well, it doesn't matter! Not in here. It does no good to fight.
6467SE43NoKillBhishaI bet you're a cat lover, too.
6468HELLOI bid you a most gracious welcome, my lady.
6469HELLOI bid you a most gracious welcome, my lady.
6470HELLOI bid you a most gracious welcome, my lord.
6471HELLOI bid you a most gracious welcome, my lord.
6472GREETINGI bid you greetings and cheer, with the grace of a noble stallion. You seem to be of fine temper and wit, says the poet known as Halion.
6473GREETINGI bid you welcome.
6474HELLOI bid you welcome.
6475HELLOI bid you welcome.
6476SE09CeremonyI bind thee Atronach to this body, henceforth Gatekeeper of the Shivering Isles.
6477GREETINGI borrowed quite a bit of gold from some underworld types. I... I missed a payment. Now they don't even want the money. They say I insulted them!
6478ChorrolNQDQuestionResponsesI bought a fine mare from him once. A fine, fine animal.
6479INFOGENERALI bought some wine from Davide Surilie. Excellent body. He's a fine vintner.
6480INFOGENERALI bought some wine from Gaston Surilie a few days ago. I was very impressed by it.
6481SE09RelmynaVerenimI brought her to my Realm so she could continue to study her "sixth element." Honestly, I didn't know there were five already.
6482CheydinhalTopicI came here because I love nature. And because I didn't want to serve as a boot wizard in a mountain legion in Skyrim.
6483MS11TellMeI came home only just a few hours ago. I found the door open, and my Bradon dead. Standing over him was a Dunmer.
6484MS47MageShopTalkI came out here to get some privacy for my research. Instead, I was constantly bothered by the local peasantry!
6485BravilTopicI came to Bravil because Mara called me. Bravil is not my home. I miss Black Marsh. But I shall serve here, so long as Mara needs me.
6486LeyawiinTopicI came to Leyawiin after a tour in the Legions. Poor Mother. She hoped I'd choose the chapel or civil service, or perhaps even marry well.
6487BarterSellItemI can accept that.
6488BarterSellItemI can accept that.
6489SkingradTopicI can also teach a bit of Athletics. Why, you ask? Because I am the mountain sheep's brother, and I must dash with him from crag to crag.
6490MS40ConversationI can bring her around for a short time. You must be quick.
6491SE11StaffOfSheogorathI can create the physical shell of the Staff, but the divine essence must be gathered elsewhere.
6492SE11StaffOfSheogorathI can create the physical shell of the Staff, but the divine essence must be gathered elsewhere.
6493GREETINGI can eat for a day with a single coin.
6494RepairI can fix whatever you break.
6495MQ15BandsOfChosenI can get them off you, but I'll need some time.
6496MS16Choice6AI can get you started by telling you where the Ogres live. The rest is up to you.
6497RechargeI can get your magic items working again.
6498GREETINGI can go no further. You alone must stand against the Prince of Destruction and his mortal servants. He must not have the Amulet of Kings!
6499SE09VictimChoice1bI can grant the guilty the cleansing fire of retribution, so they may die purified of soul. And, I can grant the worthy everlasting life!
6500TGFencesI can handle some types of stolen property. Whatchya got?
6501HELLOI can hardly believe you're standing here in front of me! The Listener herself! This is such an honor!
6502HELLOI can hardly believe you're standing here in front of me! The Listener himself! This is such an honor!
6503HELLOI can hear the bones talking.
6504SE32AcolyteWarningI can hear the Fanatics attacking the gate!
6505GREETINGI can hear them coming as we speak! You must protect me... escort me to the Gray Mare where I can buy passage out of Chorrol!
6506SE02GatesOfMadnessI can hear them, calling to me from the other side.
6507SE02GatesOfMadnessI can hear them, calling to me from the other side. We need to kill the Gatekeeper! He has the keys.
6508MQ15EldamilB2I can help you. You need my help if you are ever to leave the Forbidden Grotto.
6509TG10FindJakbenI can help. The Earl of Imbel has a home in the Talos Plaza, on the inner wall.
6510BrumaNQDResponsesI can imagine he's a good teacher. The Fighters Guild should be proud of him.
6511BarterBuyItemI can live with that.
6512RepairI can make just about anything look good-as-new.
6513AbilitiesI can manage with a weapon or with spells, but I've really been working on healing lately. I'm getting pretty good at it.
6514RewardTopicI can offer you money, of course, but given my condition, I am in a position to offer you something relatively unique.
6515CheydinhalTopicI can only hope that Farwil and his knights manage to close that Oblivion Gate. The fate of Cheydinhal hangs in the balance!
6516MGExpelAcceptI can only hope that putting your life at risk for the guild will put things in perspective for you, and help you to value the privileges it offers.
6517KSharraProphecyI can only hope that the rat poison I have put down will take care of them all. It is a powerful poison, though, so it should do the trick.
6518contractI can only hope the prison guards do to you what they did to me. You will know the true definition of the word "horror."
6519contractI can only pray that you break the Tenets and surrender to the guards. I will beg Lucien for the right to kill you.
6520GREETINGI can promise you a night of fun you won't soon forget.
6521MQ15EldamilD1I can remove them, but I will need time. Follow me. There's a spot in the next Grotto where we won't be disturbed.
6522MQ15EldamilD1I can remove them, but I will need time. The Dremora overseer will be here any minute to check up on me. You need to play along until he leaves.
6523RepairI can repair almost anything.
6524INFOGENERALI can rest easier now, knowing that my children are all better protected.
6525INFOGENERALI can say without hesitation that none of this is my fault. Could've told you it was coming, though.
6526MS29InvNiceI can see by the look on your face you wonder where I get all these fantastic items. I'll tell you what I tell everyone else who asks.
6527MS05DreamworldTopicI can see now what you were saying was no story at all, but the truth, and I'm a fool. I had no idea that the amulet could hold such power over me.
6528SEMiriliUlvenGreetAI can see that the scope of my research is far beyond the limited understanding of a cretin such as yourself.
6529SE02GardensI can see the bones of a dead Gatekeeper in the courtyard of the Gardens. The door's locked, though.
6530GREETINGI can see you are a kind soul, gentle lady.
6531TrainingI can show you some new things.
6532HouseInquiryI can speak for the Count. Rosethorn Hall is a stately manor currently occupied by Vandorallen Trebatius.
6533GREETINGI can still smell the things. Look in the houses.
6534SECaldanaMonriusSkoomaYesI can taste it already! Sweet, sweet Skooma.
6535TrainingQuestTopicI can teach you no more. But I myself learned a few tricks from a Wood Elf Hunter; I'm sure she could teach you a few things as well.
6536DovesiDranTopicI can tell the murder is weighing heavily on her heart. She seems such a paradox to me. So gentle and beautiful, yet so strong...
6537FugitivesI can tell you about them. Murderers, all four of them. Intelligence tells us they've been holing up in Bloodmayne Cave. Watch for traps.
6538GREETINGI can tell you haven't been successful yet. But keep trying!
6539SE04AudienceI can tell you that while she stays out of the public eye these days, she does still hold audience in her court during the day.
6540DaedraShrineTopicI can think of three. The Hircine shrine is south of town, northeast of Bravil, between the Upper Niben and the Green Road.
6541AdvancementI can truly consider you an equal, and so grant you the rank of Master-Wizard. There is no higher rank which I can bestow upon you.
6542BarterFailI can't accept that offer.
6543AlbertJemaneTopicI can't accept what you're implying without some proof of the crime.
6544BarterFailI can't afford to do that.
6545COERCELIKEI can't argue with that.
6546SE03GrommokCrazyChatterI can't be dead. I just can't be!
6547GREETINGI can't be seen talking to you. I've done what I can. Now it's up to you.
6548INFOGENERALI can't believe a Mages Guild associate was found dead in Cheydinhal. What kind of place are they running there?
6549INFOGENERALI can't believe Arch-Mage Traven sacrificed himself to save us all. How noble of him.
6550SeridurTopicI can't believe him! I knew he would try and pin this on me! If only I could get my hands on him...
6551HELLOI can't believe I'm alive!
6552GREETINGI can't believe I'm saying this, but you're no longer a Pit Dog. That's right, you've actually advanced in rank. Congratulations... Brawler.
6553HELLOI can't believe I've been reunited with my brother!
6554SEManiaRumorResponsesI can't believe it!
6555INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called Dragonheart!
6556INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called Lady Luck!
6557INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called Man o' War!
6558INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called Shadowstep!
6559INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called Sir Slaughter!
6560INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called Skullcrusher!
6561INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called the Black Arrow!
6562INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called the Butcher!
6563INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called the Crimson Blade!
6564INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called the Divine Avenger!
6565INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called the Iron Maiden!
6566INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called the Messenger of Death!
6567INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called the Spellslinger!
6568INFOGENERALI can't believe it! The Gray Prince has been beaten! There's a new Arena Grand Champion now, someone called the Tamriel Terror!
6569HELLOI can't believe it's over... that giant demon... the Dragon... what happened? Have we won?
6570HELLOI can't believe it.
6571SQ06BearsI can't believe it.
6572IdleI can't believe it. Pfft.
6573BravilNQDQuestionResponsesI can't believe nothing has been done yet. The place is a skooma den, pure and simple.
6574SEWildernessRumorResponsesI can't believe someone got past him.
6575INFOGENERALI can't believe Thadon is gone. He was a lovely man.
6576INFOGENERALI can't believe that Glistel would live with that Malintus Ancrus. Shameful, and her being such a lovely girl.
6577INFOGENERALI can't believe that the Countess is more obsessed with that painting than the Oblivion Gate threatening the city!
6578SEDementiaRumorResponsesI can't believe the Gatekeeper is dead.
6579INFOGENERALI can't believe the Gatekeeper is gone. He kept out all those other men.
6580INFOGENERALI can't believe the ridiculous new fines the guards are imposing. Ever since Ulrich took over as Captain of the Guard, this place is going downhill.
6581HELLOI can't believe they're here!
6582GREETINGI can't believe this is happening.
6583MaglirTOPIC2I can't believe we lost another to that bunch. Well done taking care of the contract, though. We can't afford to lose any of them, these days.
6584MG05AChoice1AI can't believe you could be so stupid...
6585GREETINGI can't believe you did that. Maelona is furious.
6586GangI can't believe you just went ahead and killed that gang member. Gogan and I were actually working undercover for the Anvil City Guard.
6587SE46DoublesTopicI can't concentrate on my reading with that other version of me walking around. It's terrible. A curse!
6588GREETINGI can't count my own corpse! Stay back!
6589HitI can't die here... not here!
6590BarterFailI can't do that.
6591HELLOI can't escape the Xarxes, even in my dreams. I wonder if my warding spells will be enough.
6592CharGenTaunt2I can't even imagine what it's like for you. No more sunshine, no more open seas. Just a box and a dirty beam of light for the rest of your life.
6593SE04GreymarchTopicI can't expect you to save the place if you don't even understand it. So, speak to my Dukes. Learn about Mania and Dementia. Try not to die.
6594MS43StaffI can't explain it, but somehow I can't compel myself to actually let it go. This staff is obviously cursed! Now I'm stuck with it!
6595MS43StaffI can't fight, and who knows what's guarding the shrine? Plus, do you know how dirty caves are? It'll ruin anything I wear!
6596MQ06ShrineTalkStartI can't find Brother Jerrol. I need something out of the storeroom. Have you seen him?
6597ImperialCityTopicI can't get over the dragon statue in the Temple ruins. Tell me again how you and Martin defeated Mehrunes Dagon!
6598SE32ArrowsI can't give you any arrows because then the armory would be empty. Then what would I do if someone needed some arrows?
6599SE03SyndelC1Idle01I can't help but feel someone is watching us.
6600HELLOI can't help but smile when I see you, friend.
6601INFOGENERALI can't help but wonder what the percentage chance of the Resonator attracting a particular individual is. Riveting stuff, really.
6602BrumaTopicI can't help myself. I'm just a sucker for well-heeled men. That Olav, for example, at the Tap and Tack. He's dreamy. And successful, too.
6603NirnrootI can't help you if you don't show me what you're talking about.
6604ServiceRefusalI can't help you until you advance further in the guild. You can use one of the other fences, like Ongar in Bruma.
6605SE06HelpAttackA3C3I can't hold off my attack much longer. If you're going to help us take control of the Altar of Despair, you need to decide now.
6606IdleI can't imagine eating one of those things.
6607INFOGENERALI can't imagine how anyone can get anything done in Crucible, if they keep getting dragged off for questioning by Syl.
6608MagesGuildTopicI can't imagine how the average person gets by without our extra services. No spell-crafting, and no enchanting? It must be awful.
6609SkingradNQDResponsesI can't imagine it. Still, it's better than not having a butler at all.
6610PrimoAntoniusTopicI can't imagine someone like Primo has seen much death and suffering. This murder must be quite a shock to him.
6611ICAllNQDResponsesI can't imagine that there's a finer establishment in the entire city.
6612SEDementiaRumorResponsesI can't imagine this new Gatekeeper can protect us, either.
6613SkingradNQDResponsesI can't imagine who'd want to hurt Toutius.
6614CheydinhalNQDQuestionResponsesI can't imagine why someone would act the way he does.
6615GREETINGI can't just jump. Don't want to end up on the Hill. But I hope that someday maybe a big gust of wind will come and push me off so I can end it all.
6616MS43ScampsI can't let people know I have scamps in here, or they'll think I've taken to Daedra worship. Try explaining that to the town guard.
6617BedYesI can't let you have it for free, I'm afraid. Come see me when you have some money.
6618GREETINGI can't let you leave with that amulet. I need it, right now.
6619BarterFailI can't make that deal.
6620BarterFailI can't make that deal. Even for you.
6621FGD05Choice4I can't order you do this with me. It's dangerous, and Vilena isn't going to know about it. It's your choice.
6622BarterFailI can't part with anything for that price.
6623MatildePetitTopicI can't prove it yet, but just you wait. You try to hurt that poor old woman and I'll cut you in two!
6624HELLOI can't quite decide where I should look. I don't want to break anything but the chest of gold could be hidden anywhere.
6625IdleI can't read them all. They make no sense.
6626TestToddNeutralI can't recall, ever loving moments, like this moment, with you.
6627ImperialCityTopicI can't recommend the Bloated Float on the Waterfront. The Waterfront is not a very desirable location.
6628TG08ShowEntranceI can't reveal that! It would be far to dangerous. I don't know you that well.
6629UlrichLelandTopicI can't say I'm prepared to speak to you about that. No telling who will end up finding out.
6630ChorrolNQDResponsesI can't say I've done a lot of shopping there, but I've heard good things.
6631GREETINGI can't sell you any horseflesh. You'll have to go inside and talk to Cat Face.
6632HELLOI can't speak to you right now.
6633SkingradNQDResponsesI can't stand someone who's so full of himself. Someone needs to teach him a lesson.
6634CreatureResponsesI can't stand the sight of those creatures.
6635GREETINGI can't stay long. Count Caro's orders were to return to Leyawiin as soon as Bruma was safe.
6636BladesTalk2I can't stop thinking about... about the Emperor. We failed. We failed because we got complacent. We got arrogant. Now the Empire's paying the price.
6637GREETINGI can't stop to talk now. I've got to go meet my brother!
6638TrainingQuestTopicI can't teach you anything more. You'll need to train with the best, and the best I know of is Helvius Cecia. If you can get him to agree to it...
6639TrainingQuestTopicI can't teach you anything you don't already know. Aerin could, though. She's a brilliant acrobat.
6640TrainingQuestTopicI can't teach you anything you don't already know. But there is someone who might be able to...
6641OgreSlavesI can't tell you about that. Please, just go.
6642UmbraTOPICI can't tell you any more than I already have. I'm sorry.
6643GREETINGI can't tell you exactly where it is. I wouldn't want your quest to be a "bust."
6644DebtI can't tell you how much your help means to me. Thank you again.
6645GREETINGI can't thank you enough for doing this for me.
6646GREETINGI can't thank you enough for helping to reunite me with Reynald. I never would have guessed he was still alive.
6647heirloomI can't thank you enough for returning it, friend.
6648CropsfordTopicI can't thank you enough for your help! You gave us another chance at a new life.
6649MS45Choice1AI can't thank you enough for your kindness! She was supposed to make a delivery to Etira Moslin in Hackdirt, so I would start there.
6650GOODBYEI can't wait to be back in Skingrad, safe and sound.
6651HELLOI can't wait to get back to Skingrad. I ain't cut out for this damned weather.
6652RaynilDralasTopicI can't wait to get my hands on Raynil. He'll become very familiar with Bruma's dungeons; or the end of my blade if he doesn't come peacefully.
6653HELLOI can't wait until I gaze upon the Tears with my own eyes.
6654HELLOI can't wait... finally I'm away from that horrid store.
6655MS40ConversationI can... rest? Truly?
6656MG13hunterChoiceHowI cannot arouse further suspicion by offering leniency to you, should you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.
6657MQ02JauffreE1I cannot believe that the attack on Kvatch is a coincidence. The enemy seem to know all our secrets.
6658MQ07SpiesI cannot leave Cloud Ruler undefended while my men search the whole mountainside, but these spies must be eliminated.
6659SE05Interrogate4I cannot say, as I do not know. Only Kithlan has access to certain areas of the palace aside from Lady Syl. Perhaps it was him.
6660MQ11BrumaAlliesI cannot spare any soldiers as long as Chorrol remains under threat from the Oblivion Gate outside our walls.
6661MG13Choice1AI cannot stress how important it is that our relationship with Hassildor be preserved. I expect you to visit him immediately.
6662GREETINGI cannot thank you enough for helping me rescue Rona from the terrible state she was in. I hope that she has found the peace she sought.
6663GatherCluesI caught him drinking in the West Tower on the upper level. I told him if he didn't stop, I would tell the Countess. He just grumbled and agreed.
6664TrainingQuestTopicI certainly can't teach you anything more. But if the rumors are true, and Alix Lencolia is passing through Cyrodiil, he might be able to teach you.
6665SEThadonWaitingShortI certainly don't care to help people who show up on my doorstep wanting something. Are we getting the picture here?
6666INFOGENERALI certainly haven't heard there's a new adventurer trying to get into the Realm.
6667SE05HerdirInvestigateWhoI certainly look forward to that interaction.
6668CheydinhalTopicI closely supervise the priests and healers of Cheydinhal Chapel, so they might more closely approach the sacred ideals of our faith.
6669SE11RakheranConfrontCiirta02I come to relieve you of your torment, dear Ciirta. No more lost memories. No more pain. No more misleading us.
6670GREETINGI come to the Arena any chance I get! Once, I got hit in the eye with some spraying blood, and went blind for three days! Now THAT was a good match!
6671MageTalk5I commend you on your diligence, magister. I'll be sure to bring this matter to the Arch-Mage. Now please, continue the excellent work.
6672GREETINGI conduct business here. No offense, but I haven't got time for small talk.
6673MS37SdrassaHelpI confess I have a weakness for crystals of a magical nature, and I must add these to my collection.
6674INFOGENERALI confess, I didn't think we had a chance against the daedra. But Martin proved himself a true heir of Talos on that day.
6675GREETINGI consider this to be more than a worthy reward for your help; I believe you'll agree... assuming you're careful.
6676LeyawiinTopicI cook here. And live here. With Shuravi and Shamada. We're sisters. Three. Shuravi - one. Shamada - two. And me - three.
6677INFOGENERALI could be wrong, but it seems to me there's something shady going on at the Oak and Crosier.
6678SkingradNQDResponsesI could eat nothing but Salmo's baking for the rest of my life. That'd be fine with me.
6679MS43HowDidI could get kicked out of the guild!
6680MG13HunterChoiceWhoI could handle them myself. But it would be... unwise to display my prowess in public. That is the folly of the young and proud.
6681BradonLirrianTopicI could have sworn I saw him outside in the daylight before. Unless he just got that disease very recently, I'd say they were mistaken.
6682INFOGENERALI could have told Syl who the traitor was, if only I could remember! Damn my failing mind!
6683contractI could help you, yes. But I won't. Your failure will give me much joy.
6684SkingradTopicI could never leave Skingrad. All my good friends here would die without my sweetrolls. The rest of the world must suffer as best it can without me.
6685SE11CiirtaGreeting1bI could not abide Sheogorath's betrayal. He brought disharmony. He allowed the Greymarch to take us.
6686GREETINGI could spare a moment. What did you need?
6687SE38Oddity1I could swear I once had a Blind Watcher's Eye just like that.... I would like to replace it, but the funds just aren't available.
6688CheydinhalTopicI could tell you our blacks are the fastest, toughest, most reliable horses in Cyrodiil.
6689DASheogorathSpeechI could turn you into a goat. Or a puddle. Or a bad idea. I could make you eat your own fingers. Or fall in love with a cloud.
6690DASheogorathSpeechI could turn you into a goat. Or a puddle. Or a bad idea. I could make you eat your own fingers. Or fall in love with a cloud.
6691IdleI could use a guar. Hell on my boots, though.
6692MS18ConvoI could use a hand here!
6693MQVoiceI could use a hand here!
6694HELLOI could use some good news right about now.
6695KingofWormsTopicI couldn't believe my eyes. I think the only reason I'm alive is because I was invisible... but even so, I think he saw me.
6696SE37EndConversationI couldn't possibly leave my house. It gets so dirty so quickly. In fact, I have to go wipe down the walls again. It's been over an hour.
6697KnightsWhiteStallionTopicI created the Order of the White Stallion to honor free adventurers who perform noteworthy services for County Leyawiin.
6698ThoronirTopicI cringe whenever that name is mentioned. His inventory has to be stolen or something, because his prices are so low, they're below my cost.
6699MG00JoinAI dare say my opinion might carry more weight than others, if you take my meaning. Still, all are necessary to proceed. Good luck to you!
6700MQ15VoiceI deserve it... all of it...
6701DANocturnalChoice3I did no such thing. I think perhaps you've been spying on me. Yes... spying! You cannot have my treasure!
6702GREETINGI did not join the Imperial Legion to engage in small talk with rabble like you. If you have something to say, say it.
6703HELLOI did what needed to be done.
6704SE08CommanderPlan1aI did, and she did not return. I can only assume that she was caught and killed.
6705SE08CommanderPlan1aI did, and she did not return. I can only assume that she was caught and killed.
6706MGSkingradAdrienneI did, in fact. I don't think she was paying attention, though.
6707SE11CiirtaGreeting1aI did. When the Knights came, I fled to the city. As they marched and burned everything to ash, I found a way into the palace.
6708GREETINGI didn't come here to chat, Blue Team scum! Crawl home while you still can!
6709GREETINGI didn't expect any of us to live this long. Maybe we're not doomed, after all.
6710SE46DoublesTopicI didn't hear you killed the other Atrabhi. And I'm not happy about it.
6711GREETINGI didn't know Seridur was a vampire. I swear!
6712GREETINGI didn't know Seridur was a vampire. I swear!
6713SE05AnyaWhoI didn't know what to do. Turning on Syl could cost me my life, but if I don't help, what will Ma'zaddha do to me? You must do something!
6714GREETINGI didn't like you before. Now I really don't like you. What a mess.
6715MQ15MartinDI didn't really need the Amulet to tell me that. I've known it was true since you first told me back in Kvatch.
6716SE08SheldenGreeting1aI didn't say they took him -- he went with them! I've heard his voice a few times around here. I think... I think he joined them!
6717HELLOI didn't think Manheim allowed dogs in here.
6718TGGrayFoxI didn't think much about him when I first joined the Thieves Guild. Lately I've been hearing odd things though.
6719MG13Choice3BI didn't think so. If you had some sort of evidence, like vampire dust, I might believe you. I'm not stupid, you know.
6720FaelianTopicI do believe that establishment is right here in the Talos Plaza District. I'd ask around there, if I were you.
6721GREETINGI do delicate things with Madness Ore. It tingles across the flesh when it cuts.
6722bedI do have a bed available, for 10 gold a night. Would you like to rent it?
6723bedI do have a bed available, for 20 gold a night. Would you like to rent it?
6724SE08CommanderGreeting3I do have an idea how we might be able to stop them, but for now our primary concern must be our survival.
6725TGSpecialJobsI do have need of a skilled operative. Perhaps if you were to get more experience I could use you.
6726ArgonianBloodTopicI do hope it didn't cause too much trouble.
6727GOODBYEI do hope our paths cross again.
6728PrimoAntoniusTopicI do hope Primo and I can be, you know...friends. He's so handsome. And he lives a life I can only dream of. I can make him so happy in so many ways.
6729MS26FileChargesI do it first thing in the morning.
6730GREETINGI do know the portal I create through the Mysterium Xarxes ritual will close behind you. You'll have to find another way back.
6731AleronLocheTopicI do miss him so. And when he gets back, I'm gonna kill him for making me worry like this!
6732ImperialCityTopicI do my part on the docks, just like Bronsila and Vlanarus. Why should I kill myself? They don't pay me any more. For what I get paid, I work plenty.
6733ThreeSignsI do not believe you are prepared for that kind of knowledge. You are still a stranger to me.
6734MQ11BrumaAlliesI do not blame you for my son's death. He brought that upon himself, as hard as it is for a father to admit.
6735MS16BStolenItemI do not care to describe it. You will know it when you see it, I think. It is not something one of the ogres should have in his possession.
6736HitI do not fear death.
6737HELLOI do not know what Lucien sees in you, but this Sanctuary is cursed by your presence.
6738MS40RonaCureSaveI do not know. In her weakened state, it may well end her life. Even that would be a relief for her, after these many years of torture.
6739MQ09JauffreAI do not know. The catacombs of Sancre Tor were sealed by the first Grandmaster of the Blades.
6740AccuseI do not wish them harmed, as I want the thief to face justice.
6741INFOGENERALI do not wish to fight on horseback. It is a good way to ruin a perfectly good horse... which is, to say, a perfectly good dinner.
6742TG06GiveBookI do not wish to set eyes on you until you can cleanse the guild's honor by paying blood price. Go now.
6743SEOdditiesI do pay a nominal finder's fee, but of course the real reward is your contribution to posterity.
6744HELLOI do so admire good books, they fill my mind with such fantastic images.
6745contractI do so love pursuing a contract in the Imperial City! The alleys, the shadows, the challenge of evading Phillida's Legion troops! I envy you!
6746BarterSellItemI do think I've been taken advantage of.
6747GREETINGI do what I must do. I cannot stay to rebuild Tamriel. That task falls to others.
6748SE07ARulerI do. I did. And I won't say it again. But, that's enough about that. You're the ruler of Dementia! Just look at you. You're positively beaming!
6749SE07BRulerI do. I did. And I won't say it again. But, that's enough about that. You're the ruler of Mania! Just look at you. You're positively beaming!
6750TGGrayFoxI don't answer questions about myself. Particularly when they come from a Shadowfoot.
6751TG04AlessiasRingI don't answer questions about royal jewelry from riffraff like you.
6752NecromancersAmuletTopicI don't answer to Traven. I heed only the word of Mannimarco.
6753SEChaliceofReversalI don't ask too many questions of Thadon. It's precious to him, and that's all that matters. It's his own business.
6754DAMalacathChoice3I don't believe I asked for your opinion on this matter. I am done speaking with you. Please leave my estate.
6755GREETINGI don't believe I know you. And I don't need any new friends, thank you very much.
6756GOODBYEI don't believe we'll escape here even if Dagon's invasion succeeds. We'll be the Master's playthings forever.
6757TG03VerifyI don't believe you, but I'll have to check it out anyway. If you are right, there will be hell to pay. You will have to come along.
6758GREETINGI don't belong here. I'm not crazy. Not like the rest of them. They watch me, you know. Waiting for me to go crazy. But I won't. Nope.
6759HELLOI don't belong. Not my place. Shouldn't have gone.
6760MS04HotWaterNoI don't blame you.
6761TGHarmGrayFoxI don't blame you. He's a menace to society. Let me know if you find out anything.
6762GREETINGI don't care about the gold anymore. I just want to get out of here. I'm going to try all the windows and doors, and see if I can't get one open!
6763IdleI don't care for those elves.
6764GREETINGI don't care how bad I need the business. You ain't welcome here.
6765GREETINGI don't care if you are Lord Sheogorath, I hate being interrupted in my work. I assume this is important?
6766BedYesI don't care much for jokes. If you're serious about the room, come back with some gold on you.
6767MS51AccuseOrgnolf1I don't care what you have found. I am telling you, I am not the one you are looking for! And I will speak to the Countess of your accusations!
6768GREETINGI don't dare move a muscle until they're all dispatched!
6769OcatoTopicI don't envy the High Chancellor his position. It can't be easy trying to rule an empire without an emperor.
6770INFOGENERALI don't even know what a will-o-the-wisp is, much less how to kill one. I think they're just swamp gas, myself.
6771CheydinhalNQDQuestionResponsesI don't even like to walk by that place.
6772InventoryI don't even want to look at it for another moment...
6773MQ15MartinFI don't expect any objections from the Elder Council, but we should defer to their authority.
6774INFOGENERALI don't expect anyone to be working any less just because of Thadon's death. Take a moment to mourn, then back to work.
6775SE05ConspiracyI don't expect we'll learn much. While I have the utmost respect for her Ladyship, she is well known for being... overly cautious.
6776ArdalineTopicI don't feel comfortable talking about her with you anymore.
6777HELLOI don't feel like talking right now.
6778MS26NoCoinsI don't get paid until tomorrow. I guess I'll just have to wait to eat 'til then.
6779bedI don't give refunds.
6780TrainingArmorerNothingI don't have a copy myself, but there was one in First Edition last time I was browsing there. At least some people take an interest in history.
6781BravilNQDQuestionResponsesI don't have a lot of interest in Conjuration, myself. I suppose if I did, I'd want to talk to Fathis.
6782GREETINGI don't have any horses for sale right now. You bought our last Black horse.
6783GREETINGI don't have any horses for sale right now. You bought our last Chestnut horse.
6784BravilNQDResponsesI don't have any interest in learning about Conjuration, but I hear he's very good.
6785contractI don't have anything for anyone of your rank. Check with Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal. He might have something.
6786dutiesI don't have anything for you right now. Speak with Azzan or gro-Khash. Get some more seasoning, and maybe I'll have something.
6787dutiesI don't have anything for you to do yet. Come back after you've taken care of some more contracts.
6788MQJauffreHelpI don't have much here at hand, but you're welcome to anything you need from my chest in the reading room.
6789BedYesI don't have much of a sense of humor, so if this is a joke, I'm not amused. Come back when you have the money.
6790GREETINGI don't have much. I lost everything.
6791MS26CorruptGuardI don't have time for this now. The Gray Fox is on the loose. Take this problem to Itius Hayn. He's also a Captain of the Imperial Watch.
6792GREETINGI don't have time for this; I must get back to my next catastrophic waste of time.
6793HELLOI don't have time for you.
6794GREETINGI don't have time for you. Get out of my way!
6795GREETINGI don't have time to chat right now. With that Oblivion Gate looming outside the city walls, we're bracing for an attack. Perhaps we can speak later.
6796INFOGENERALI don't have time to deal with adventurers entering the Isles, I have a painting to finish!
6797INFOGENERALI don't have time to deal with Syl and her paranoid ways.
6798TGAboutThievesGuildI don't have time to gossip about the guild right now.
6799HELLOI don't have time to help you now!
6800GREETINGI don't have time to talk to you! There's fighting to be done! When my father arrives, we're going back to the forest!
6801GREETINGI don't have time to talk.
6802HELLOI don't have time to talk. I'm in the middle of some very sensitive measurements.
6803HELLOI don't have time to talk. My work cannot wait.
6804ServiceRefusalI don't help just anyone, you know.
6805BrumaNQDResponsesI don't know about her past. All I know is that she's really good with a bow. I wouldn't mind learning a bit from her.
6806MS05DreamsI don't know all of the details, but the amulet is a conduit to get to that training ground.
6807EaranaTopicI don't know all the details, but I heard that she complained to the Council until they removed Teekeeus from his position at the Arcane University.
6808DarMaTopicI don't know any Dar-Ma. If you're talking about that cursed Argonian swindler from Chorrol, I'd like to know where she is, too.
6809DarMaTopicI don't know any Dar-Ma. If you're talking about that cursed Argonian swindler from Chorrol, I'd like to know where she is, too.
6810SE05ConspiracyI don't know anything about a conspiracy!
6811SE05ConspiracyI don't know anything about a conspiracy, but Anya has been looking extra nervous lately.
6812SE05ConspiracyI don't know anything about a conspiracy.
6813SE05PostTortureGreetI don't know anything, not for certain. I hear that Ma'zaddha has been seen talking to Syl's Guard Captain, Nelrene, but I haven't seen them.
6814GREETINGI don't know exactly what's going on, but not long ago, a gang of thieves calling themselves The Blackwater Brigands stormed the ship.
6815SkingradNQDResponsesI don't know Gaston well, but I helped him drink his wine. And he always has a mighty fine wine.
6816MazogatheOrcTopicI don't know her. I'd be smart to ignore her.
6817MQ05GwinasI don't know him personally. But he was very eager to get his hands on Volume 3 of Camoran's "Commentaries." Came all the way from Valenwood!
6818BravilNQDResponsesI don't know him too well, but I have heard he's a smooth talker.
6819BravilNQDQuestionResponsesI don't know him well. I've heard he's a nice enough fellow.
6820GREETINGI don't know his name, and his face was in shadow. He called to me yesterday as I walked by the lighthouse. I think he lives there!
6821MS26CorruptGuardI don't know his name, but I'd recognize him if I saw him again.
6822BrumaNQDQuestionResponsesI don't know how he does it. It's no wonder he spends so much time at the Tap and Tack, though.
6823PillarI don't know how much Skaleel told you. We know that it reacts to magic, but every time we've tried, the thing shocks whomever cast the spell.
6824KvatchTopicI don't know how the fire started, but it burned Kvatch to the ground.
6825MS48Choice1AI don't know how to close this Gate, but it must be possible, because the enemy closed the ones they opened during the initial attack.
6826GREETINGI don't know how to make this request any simpler, but to put it bluntly, Raelynn the Gravefinder must die.
6827GREETINGI don't know how to thank you. You have a good heart to help get me back home. I'll never forget what you've done for me.
6828SE35BrithaurI don't know how you did it, but I appreciate it. And by appreciate, I mean reward. Enjoy.
6829MS05DreamworldTopicI don't know how you did it, but I thank you. Now, we must wake from this dream and take our places in the real world again. Farewell.
6830MS48BerichSaveYouI don't know how you got in here, but you're not saving anyone!
6831RecommendationI don't know if he ever wrote your recommendation. I'm sorry. I didn't expect this to happen. Perhaps you should go look and see if he did write one?
6832HELLOI don't know if I can help you, but I'll try.
6833IdleI don't know if I like this.
6834SE07ASylI don't know if she has it in for me or not. I think she is in constant fear of being replaced.
6835INFOGENERALI don't know if Tumindil ever leaves the chapel. That man works day and night to take care of all of us.
6836StoneofStAlessiaTOPICI don't know if you're religious, but a lot of folks are, and the Stone is important. Talk to Cirroc in Bruma. He'll fill you in on the details.
6837MazogasStoryI don't know much about being a knight. But I'm gonna learn. Say. You did ME a good deed. You oughta be a real knight yourself.
6838MysteriumXarxesI don't know much about it. The "Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes" are the only source we have for its existence.
6839ForlornWatchmanI don't know much about that ghost, but some say he died in a horrible shipwreck. I would stay away from him if I were you... bad omen.
6840ChorrolNQDResponsesI don't know much about the man, but I've heard he is an excellent warrior.
6841MS45DeepOnesI don't know much. Never seen them myself. Our grandfathers first found them, I think, digging in the mines.
6842SE05PostTortureGreetI don't know nothin' else, honest.
6843INFOGENERALI don't know that anyone in Cyrodiil drives a harder bargain than Palonirya at Divine Elegance.
6844TG10JakBuriedI don't know this Springheel you are asking about. However, the entrance to the family crypt is in the cellar. Take what you want, just spare me!
6845INFOGENERALI don't know what Arch-Mage Traven has against Necromancy, but the first thing he did after taking over the Mages Guild was to ban its practice.
6846ReadyForAMatchI don't know what crimes they commited, but it's your life or their freedom! The choice should be pretty clear! Get going, and watch yourself!
6847HELLOI don't know what else to say.
6848PillarI don't know what else to say. Until we have some sort of reference for understanding these symbols, we'll never figure this thing out.
6849HELLOI don't know what else to tell you.
6850Dark17Choice2CI don't know what goes on down there, but there's a horrible smell coming from underneath that door. It's like... something died inside!
6851Dark17Choice2BI don't know what goes on down there, but there's a horrible smell coming from underneath that door. It's like... something died inside!
6852Dark17Choice2AI don't know what goes on down there, but there's a horrible smell coming from underneath that door. It's like... something died inside!
6853INFOGENERALI don't know what happened. I didn't do anything to Syl, so why was I punished?
6854MQ16OcatoEI don't know what happens now. There are troubled times ahead for the Empire.
6855EaranaTopicI don't know what her problem is, and I don't care. Her money's good, and that's all I need to know.
6856LeyawiinNQDQuestionResponsesI don't know what her problem with Argonians is. She's going to cause some real problems, if she's not careful.
6857ratsTOPICI don't know what I'd do without them. Their little pink noses, their scaly little tails. Please, get to the basement and find out what's happening.
6858GREETINGI don't know what I'll do if you don't get those scales for me. I've saved so much for my retirement, but it's just not enough...
6859contractI don't know what idea appeals to me more: you getting killed by this Faelian person or the Imperial Legion using your corpse as a target dummy.
6860INFOGENERALI don't know what it was, but something important was taken away from Mannimarco. Maybe there is a chance he can be defeated.
6861SQ05RaelynntheGravefinderI don't know what she does in there; frankly, I don't want to know. However, I do know that after she arrived, the woods at night became unsafe.
6862NelsTheNaughtyTopicI don't know what to make of all this, but I'm not sure I see Nels as a murderer.
6863SE38OddityDonateI don't know what to say! You're such a dear! I'm going to put this dagger right back where it belongs.
6864ArdalineTopicI don't know what to say.
6865AnvilNQDResponsesI don't know what would possess him to do that. Marrying a Bosmer is just wrong.
6866ServiceRefusalI don't know what you are talking about. I don't buy or sell things.
6867MS10AnyoneWhoCaresI don't know what you can do for us in this situation. I mean, Ulrich is the Captain after all. Perhaps you could speak to Garrus.
6868GREETINGI don't know what you'll find in Camoran's Paradise.
6869MogensTalk03I don't know what you're talking about.
6870MS26JustGuessI don't know what you're talking about. Get out of my shop.
6871MountainLionsTOPICI don't know what you're talking about. I'm not sure what you're accusing me of, but don't do it without any proof!
6872INFOGENERALI don't know what's going on, but Oreyn said Maglir has the contract. Has he lost his nerve?
6873SEStrangeDoorI don't know where it came from, and I don't want to. Those who've gone in have come back out... wrong. I'm just here to warn folks to stay away.
6874MS13GateI don't know where it came from, but a mysterious gate appeared outside the walls of our city. The way the guards are reacting, it must be a threat.
6875TG04BribeBeggarI don't know where she keeps the ring, but I know who does. Talk to Hlidara Mothril, the Countess' handmaiden.
6876UlrichLelandTopicI don't know where the Count found him, but I sure wish he'd send him back. He's a menace to this town.
6877SECreatureResponsesI don't know where they came from. I just know they're everywhere.
6878HELLOI don't know where they're going.
6879GREETINGI don't know where those bears came from, or why they picked my place to attack, but you must drive them away.
6880GREETINGI don't know where you got the impression that I want to talk with you. You must be kinda slow, huh?
6881ICAllNQDResponsesI don't know which is which. Still, it's a good shop they run.
6882SE02PasswallI don't know who built it. It was here before any of us arrived. It looks like other people lived here before.
6883NightMotherI don't know who the Night Mother is, but she pays me to kill people. My own mother should have loved me so much.
6884DinnerPartyI don't know who you are, and I'm not all that sure about you. But, you're dressed for it. Can't imagine dressing up for any other reason. Go on in.
6885GREETINGI don't know who you are, friend, but you've got about ten seconds to tell me what you're doing in my Bloodworks before I lop your arms off.
6886GREETINGI don't know who you are, nor do I care. All I know is that I want you to leave.
6887SEDementiaRumorResponsesI don't know why adventurers feel the need to disturb our home.
6888AyleidReferenceI don't know why Denel is even trying. This is doomed to fail.
6889INFOGENERALI don't know why one would want to destroy a building. It takes time to make it. Much time.
6890BrumaNQDResponsesI don't know why the guards haven't taken care of her yet.
6891StrangeLightsI don't know you well enough to talk about that.
6892HELLOI don't know you, and I don't care to know you.
6893GREETINGI don't know you, you don't know me, everybody's happy.
6894GREETINGI don't know you. Just stay away from me.
6895MQ04SlowDownI don't know! I think they're right behind me! Prior Maborel is dead!
6896SE05HerdirInvestigateWhoI don't know! Isn't that wonderful? It could be any of them... All of them, perhaps. We'll just have to start torturing people to find out!
6897SE05MazaddhaWhoElseI don't know, besides Nelrene. She's taking orders from someone, but won't tell me who. If I find out, will you promise to spare me?
6898SE13MessengerA1I don't know, my Lord. She only said it was a matter of the gravest import to the security of the realm.
6899SE13MessengerB1I don't know, My Lord. She only said it was a matter of the gravest import to the security of the Realm.
6900AyleidReferenceI don't know. Anything that might help explain these inscriptions in the ruins. They're like nothing we've seen to date.
6901CharGenMainI don't know. I don't see any good options here.
6902MQ00KvatchResponseI don't know. I hear that those Oblivion Gates are opening everywhere. They say the Legion is stretched to the limit across the Empire.
6903IdleI don't know. I just don't.
6904MQ04WheresJauffreI don't know. In the Chapel praying, I think. You must help us!
6905MQ03MartinC3I don't know. It's strange... I think you might actually be telling the truth.
6906ImperialCityTopicI don't know. Just take a walk around. Buy something. Plenty of stores. Why'd you come in the first place?
6907MQ06MartinBI don't know. Maybe.
6908TG06WhereTakenI don't know. She took the Argonian less than an hour ago though. He put up quite a struggle. He was bleeding all over the place.
6909GoodbyeKvatch01I don't know. What could we have done to deserve this?
6910MQ00KvatchResponseI don't know... first the emperor and his sons murdered, now this... yet I fear that the worst is still to come.
6911INFOGENERALI don't like a lot of what I hear about the Blackwood Company. But they complete their contracts on time.
6912GREETINGI don't like being disturbed.
6913HELLOI don't like cats, which means I don't like you.
6914GREETINGI don't like competition. Just stay away from the menfolk, and we'll get along just fine.
6915SE07SheoIntro1I don't like it, having to rebuild My Realm every era. Sometimes I forget where things go. Like New Sheoth. I can never remember where it belongs....
6916HELLOI don't like it. It's too quiet.
6917ForlornWatchmanI don't like talking about the dead like they're some kind of tourist attraction, but that spirit has been making his ghostly journey for years now.
6918MagesGuildTopicI don't like talking to people much, but Kud-Ei's helping me get over that. That's why she put me in charge of selling alchemy supplies.
6919INFOGENERALI don't like that Danus Artellian. He's a bit stuck-up for my tastes.
6920HELLOI don't like the look of you. Keep moving.
6921GREETINGI don't like the look of you. Pay your respects and get out.
6922HELLOI don't like the looks of this.
6923HackdirtStrangerResponseI don't like the way he's poking around.
6924HackdirtStrangerResponseI don't like the way she's poking around.
6925MG04Choice2AI don't like to talk about it much, as it's bad for business. At any rate, would you care for a bed for the night?
6926KvatchTopicI don't like to talk about it. I don't remember much.
6927CheydinhalNQDQuestionResponsesI don't like to talk to her. All she wants to talk about is herself.
6928INFOGENERALI don't like to think about zombies. Missing arms, legs, heads. They smell awful, and they're hard to kill.
6929ViranusDontonTOPICI don't like to think how Vilena is going to take this news. He was my responsibility. I'll be the one to tell her.
6930ViranusDontonTOPICI don't like to think how Vilena is going to take this news. He was my responsibility. I'll be the one to tell her.
6931ViranusDontonTOPICI don't like to think how Vilena is going to take this news. He was my responsibility. I'll be the one to tell her.
6932INFOGENERALI don't like you and don't want to talk to you.
6933HELLOI don't like you much.
6934SE46DoublesTopicI don't like you, but I hate that other J'zidzo more. Those Manics are crazy. Crazy!
6935GREETINGI don't like you. I don't like my double even more.
6936GlarthirTopicI don't mean to gossip, but he is more than a bit strange. However, he's always been tolerated as the town eccentric.
6937GREETINGI don't mean to point out the obvious... but isn't that Jyggalag right over there? He doesn't look very pleased to find you here, does he?
6938DovesiDranTopicI don't mean to sound like a ghoul, but with two people murdered and Dovesi obviously upset, this may be my chance to get close to her.
6939GREETINGI don't mean to sound ungrateful. I know I would be dead by now if it weren't for you. Thank you.
6940CheydinhalNQDResponsesI don't mind betting, but it's not worth having to hear a lecture about it.
6941HELLOI don't mind talking down to your level.
6942ImperialCityTopicI don't miss Morrowind. All that sour Tribunal grumbling and old-fashioned ancestor worship. Good riddance.
6943SE36Choice6HowDieI don't necessarily want to see it coming. And I want to die here in the city so all these people finally believe me. They'll wish they were nicer.
6944MS22CleansingFaneI don't own it. One of the rare book dealers in the Market District may have a copy. Read it. Educate yourself.
6945GREETINGI don't really feel comfortable talking to you right now.
6946AnvilNQDResponsesI don't really have any interest in learning how to use a blunt weapon, but I understand he's very good.
6947PrimoAntoniusTopicI don't really know what you're trying to accomplish, but questioning me about Primo with two people lying dead just makes me suspect you even more.
6948GREETINGI don't recall inviting you into my house. Leave, quickly, or we will have a problem.
6949IdleI don't recall using teleportation, and yet there I was. Alone. Naked.
6950GOODBYEI don't recommend leaving before I've had a chance to offer you more information on your potential reward, although I admire your zeal.
6951BleakFlatsCaveTopicI don't remember where it is, honestly. I know it's west of Skingrad... Druja could probably tell you. She has a better memory than I do.
6952BedYesI don't run a halfway house, you know. When you have the money, then you can have the room.
6953ChorrolNQDResponsesI don't see a problem with it. Perhaps they're in love.
6954ChorrolNQDQuestionResponsesI don't see a problem with those two. It's a bit odd, but that's their business.
6955HELLOI don't see any of them around right now.
6956GREETINGI don't see any scamps, or the staff!
6957UlrichLelandTopicI don't see anything here we could use to incriminate Ulrich. You must return with something more tangible. Be careful.
6958HELLOI don't see how the Empire can survive without an emperor.
6959MG03Choice2AI don't see how we can do business if you don't have the gold for it.
6960MQ16MartinAI don't see how... mortal weapons may hurt him, but now that he is physically here in Tamriel, they have no power to actually destroy him.
6961GREETINGI don't see many wanderers out here in the wild. But you look like you can take of yourself.
6962GREETINGI don't see Rythe with you. I hope you're not here to give me bad news.
6963HELLOI don't see Sheogorath. He's not real.
6964SE05ConspiracyI don't spread gossip. I have nothing to say.
6965INFOGENERALI don't suppose during all this torture anyone asked about where my things have gotten to. Or who stole them.
6966GREETINGI don't suppose I could convince you to help me recover my research notes?
6967GREETINGI don't suppose you could help me locate my friend Henantier could you?
6968HELLOI don't suppose you've found those fugitives yet.
6969MS04HereI don't suppose you've heard all of the details about the gang of harlots running their little charade here in Anvil have you?
6970GREETINGI don't talk to inmates. Now shut up, and don't bother me.
6971SkingradNQDResponsesI don't think he's that impressive. There's no telling him that, though.
6972GREETINGI don't think I can render any assistance until you hear Lord Sheogorath out. Do pay close attention.
6973TG04AlessiaScheduleI don't think I like that question. Are you planning something nefarious? Why don't you just go away.
6974MS18ConvoI don't think I'm going to make it!
6975TG04AlessiasRingI don't think it would be appropriate for me to talk about private family matters with a stranger.
6976PERSUASIONEXITI don't think so.
6977HELLOI don't think so.
6978AnswerNegativeI don't think so.
6979AnswerNegativeI don't think so.
6980AnswerNegativeI don't think so.
6981causingtroubleI don't think so. I'll tell you what real trouble is. It's trying to pay my debtors when there's no work. It's my wife taking in wash to buy food.
6982BarterFailI don't think so. You wouldn't try to cheat an old pro, would you?
6983INFOGENERALI don't think that Gilgondrin really wants to run Silverhome-on-the-Water. He never seems happy when he's there.
6984TGDIrectNoCoinI don't think there are any fences in this town.
6985SE08CutoffTopicI don't think this thing is going to open again. You are the worst escort in history. I'll find another way out. Get going!
6986GREETINGI don't think we're going to make it out of here alive.
6987ServiceRefusalI don't think you can quite grasp the nuances of Alchemy. I'm sorry, but my training would be beyond you.
6988MS29StopYesI don't think you have the proof we need to lock this crime down and point the blame at Agarmir. You better go back and check.
6989TrespassNoCrimeI don't think you should be here.
6990GREETINGI don't trust Kurdan. Even if the hunters are beaten, make sure you watch your back.
6991SEServiceProviderResponsesI don't trust that Dumag, so I don't shop there.
6992MatildePetitTopicI don't trust that old hag. She pretends she likes you, and then stabs you in the back. Who knows. Maybe she'll REALLY stab you in the back.
6993LeyawiinNQDQuestionResponsesI don't trust them. I've heard they're effective, but they're brutal.
6994GatherCluesI don't trust you enough to reveal details about the castle to you.
6995InfoRefusalI don't trust you enough to talk about that.
6996VaronVamoriTopicI don't understand it. Some ridiculous male thing, I suppose. He's been bothering Ardaline every day for a while now.
6997LeyawiinNQDResponsesI don't understand the fascination with sheep. Certainly seems to know everything about Mysticism, though.
6998INFOGENERALI don't understand what Glistel is doing with Malintus Ancrus. I mean, have you seen her? And have you seen him? I just don't get it.
6999TG08BlindMonksI don't understand what you mean. We can see just fine.
7000GREETINGI don't understand... the world was supposed to end.... Order was supposed to destroy everything. It has always happened that way.
7001RaynilDralasTopicI don't usually give out that kind of information. Especially to people I don't know.
7002BribeGuardI don't usually take bribes, but I'll look the other way just this once. If I see you again though, I'll have to arrest you.
7003INFOGENERALI don't visit the Museum of Oddities, but Una Armina is always looking for new items to display.
7004TGSpecialJobsI don't want that ring! It's too hot to sell. You are supposed to take it to Ahdarji. I swear, the new recruits are getting worse.
7005SkingradNQDResponsesI don't want to learn how to conjure things. I want to learn how to get rid of things.
7006GREETINGI don't want to see it coming. Take me unaware. And, for your own good, it should probably look like an accident.
7007MQ05VolumeThreeI don't want to talk about it. I'm still very angry at Phintias. He promised me he would get one for me. I came all the way from Valenwood for it!
7008GREETINGI don't want to talk to you, traitor.
7009SE05PostTortureGreetI don't want trouble! I keep to myself, but I see Ma'zaddha and that Dark Seducer, Nelrene, meeting behind the buildings late at night sometimes.
7010GREETINGI don't wish to get underway until Selene is safely locked in a room on the inn deck.
7011HouseTooMuchLeyawiinI doubt it will sell anytime soon. If you manage to raise that much, come see me again.
7012BOASTDISLIKEI doubt it.
7013SeridurTopicI doubt that he's told Gilen and Grey-Throat anything, but you could always try.
7014ADMIREDISLIKEI doubt you really mean that.
7015NirnrootI dunno. Never seen that sort of root before. Head over to the West Weald Inn and talk to Sinderion. He could identify it for you I'm sure.
7016DAVaerminaSpeechI dwell in your dreams; I savor your nightmares. Now, you will serve me.
7017GOODBYEI eagerly await your return.
7018MS43StaffI eagerly bought it, knowing the value of Daedric relics. In fact, I was a bit suspicious when he sold it so cheap. His loss, my gain I figured.
7019AnvilNQDResponsesI enjoy a good bottle of wine, and Wilbur always has a nice selection.
7020INFOGENERALI enjoy being in the Fighters Guild, though there haven't been quite as many contracts lately.
7021INFOGENERALI enjoy the wines that Tamika makes at her vineyard. And they're reasonably priced, as well.
7022LucienLachanceTopicI escaped from Lucien, and paid my father back for his treachery. Lucien came to me again that night with an offer I just couldn't refuse.
7023breakinsI even trusted them to open up the shop in the mornings. I can't imagine what turned them to a life of crime. Sad. Well, here's your payment.
7024GREETINGI exist to serve, Your Grace.
7025GREETINGI exist to serve, Your Grace.
7026GOODBYEI expect results, Inquisitor, and I expect them soon.
7027SE13CaptainGreetA1I expect that this is the beginning of the final assault. The cursed usurper Jyggalag himself may even take the field before the end.
7028SE13CaptainGreetA3I expect that this is the beginning of the final assault. The cursed usurper Jyggalag himself may even take the field before the end.
7029MG00JoinAI expect this will end in disaster, but nonetheless, I will grant your request.
7030SE46DoublesTopicI expect you to be taking care of the problem. I'm too tired to do it.
7031SE06DSWardenGreet2I expected better from you. Are you the one witless Khajiit in all the world?
7032MS11PeacefulI expected to lay low here for a while and then be on my way. So again, I underestimated you.
7033HELLOI expected you back sooner.
7034MQ13MartinD2I explain myself to you so you understand me. And so you can explain to the Countess.
7035BlackwaterBrigandsI fashioned a tale about a "Golden Galleon" that the previous owner hid within this very vessel. It was to be a statuette made completely of gold.
7036MS08UrsanneTellI fear for his life. Kurdan isn't known for his patience. Please, I'm not wealthy, but I'd give anything to see Aleron again.
7037MS27AyleidCrownI fear for what Umbacano may unleash using that Crown. He is blind to the true nature of the Ayleids.
7038HELLOI fear grave tidings.
7039SE07JyggalagTopicI fear it won't be long until he makes his presence known. Without Sheogorath on His throne, the Realm is likely doomed. Again.
7040BorderWatchTOPICI fear it won't survive this day! The K'Sharra has come!
7041LeyawiinTopicI fear Lady Leyawiin and Hlidara Mothril plan to push the minorities aside and establish a bland, Imperial-dominated culture here in Leyawiin.
7042ManorI fear my own greed got the better of my judgment. I hope you weren't hurt badly in that horrible place.
7043NecromancersAmuletTopicI fear she is not safe from the minions of the King of Worms. She is at Fort Ontus; please, go there and return with the Amulet.
7044MS05WhyMeI fear that anyone he knows won't be able to help him in there. Since I'm in his memories, he may dismiss me as a figment of his dreams.
7045MG12TravenSomeoneI fear that our informant is in danger, and that is why I have called you here.
7046GREETINGI fear that our work is not yet done. The area is still overrun with Knights that were not destroyed in the spire.
7047AmuletofKingsTopicI fear that the Amulet was the target of this attack. Go and see if it is safe!
7048LadyRogbutTOPICI fear that whilst out rock-picking, she was apprehensive. Stolen away! My suspension is that ogres have abjected her!
7049MG12TravenWhatI fear the Battlemages may mistreat Mucianus, if they do not mistake him for one of the many Necromancers no doubt present in the ruins.
7050HELLOI fear the enemy came here for the Amulet of Kings.
7051SE14AttacksI fear the settlement of Highcross is experiencing some difficulties. Perhaps you should intervene?
7052UmbacanoTopicI fear the worst, but Umbacano Manor remains in my charge, and I will keep it in readiness for his return.
7053HELLOI fear the worst.
7054SE06ObelisksTopicI fear they grow in power as the Greymarch progresses. More and more Knights of Order make their way into the Isles.
7055InfoRefusalI fear this place has addled your wits. This is no dream, but a waking nightmare.
7056GREETINGI fear this time you may find the results no more to your liking than the last. Less so, perhaps.
7057HELLOI fear we're in over our heads.
7058GREETINGI feel as though I'll be trapped here forever, and I don't even know why.
7059SEChaliceofReversalI feel as though we've talked about this. Am I mistaken?
7060SEManiaRumorResponsesI feel better with the Torch burning.
7061HELLOI feel I can truly share with you, without fear.
7062SQ10BjalfiDeadI feel I owe you something for your efforts. Hmmm, yes. I feel it only appropriate that you have my dowry. I would consider it an honor.
7063SE02GatesOfMadnessI feel like I need to be on the other side. I'm just not sure how to get in.
7064SeleneTopicI feel much better now knowing she's locked up.
7065HELLOI feel much better now that you're here.
7066INFOGENERALI feel safer now that the Resonator of Judgment has been restored. I was beginning to worry.
7067SadGeneralI feel so bad for you.
7068TG04AlessiaCaroI feel so much better now that I have my ring back.
7069GREETINGI feel something different...the curse feels lighter somehow.
7070INFOGENERALI feel sorry for Norbert Lelles. He's a good man, but he gets taken in so easily.
7071INFOGENERALI feel sorry for Vilena Donton, but she had to go. A new master is just what we need to restore the Fighters Guild's reputation.
7072HELLOI feel sure the Master will recognize my efforts and summon me to the Forbidden Grotto soon.
7073HELLOI feel Ulrich's eyes upon me as we speak, so be brief.
7074AxeofDragolI fell for the same trick. In my case, he told me if I retrieved the axe, he'd erase my debts. I was such an idiot to believe him.
7075GREETINGI figured you'd be back for more work. Good. There's more to be done.
7076IngredientCollectionI finally accomodated him by enchanting a very special chest for him. You'll find it in the Arch Mage's quarters.
7077CheydinhalNQDQuestionResponsesI find her annoying. She's way too full of herself. Quite the big talker.
7078HELLOI find it comforting to know when the end will come, and that there's nothing I can do about it.
7079DovesiDranTopicI find it odd that so many people have been killed, yet the two of you still live. Looks to me like you two are working together.
7080GREETINGI find it surprising that you're speaking to me again without having completed your task.
7081MQ15KathutetB4I find myself in your debt and this irks me. I am honor bound to repay my debt to you. If you will it.
7082AlbertJemaneTopicI find the fact that my father was a "notorious master criminal" absurd. He was a peaceful farmer, nothing more.
7083ImperialCityTopicI find things to do. I manage the house, make sure Amantius doesn't starve or run out of ink.
7084MSShadowscaleChoice1AI find your decision most agreeable! Now, the details. Far south of here, on the southern end of Cyrodiil, lies a swamp called Bogwater.
7085GREETINGI find your very presence foul. Say what you will and then leave my sight!
7086GREETINGI follow Adeo, your Grace. If she follows you, then so do I.
7087GREETINGI follow Issmi, your Grace. If she follows you, then so do I.
7088HELLOI follow the Emperor's orders, but that doesn't mean I trust you.
7089FaelianTopicI followed him a few times, to see where he goes. He walks around the city looking for skooma, and then goes to Lorkmir's house for several hours.
7090SE02PasswallI followed the bones. They lead me here. I just moved in when I got here. No one seemed to mind. Everyone here seems to be waiting for something.
7091BookResponsesI found "Istunond´┐Ż's Cosmology" at the bookseller's. Haven't had a chance to read much, though.
7092INFOGENERALI found some good pauldrons at the armorer.
7093SE11CiirtaGreeting1bI gathered those who could see the light and I led a revolt against him. We were... slaughtered by his Dark Seducers. I alone was spared.
7094SE05Interrogate3I get by. But let's not change the subject. We're here to talk about you. About what you know.
7095INFOGENERALI get paid to kill things. That's why I like the Fighters Guild.
7096FleeI give up!
7097DAHermaeusSpeechI give you a spell to trap these souls. Return to me when you have finished. When you do, I will further your journey on your true path.
7098AnnouncerI give you... the Blue Team's Hero! Can this brave combatant defeat three opponents and become the next Champion? Let's find out!
7099MQ09GhostCI go now to complete my duty to my lord Tiber Septim. Free my brothers, and together we may be able to lift the Underking's curse. Farewell!
7100CGEmperor18I go to my grave. A tongue shriller than all the music calls me.
7101GREETINGI got it from a dead Hunger. Those things are mean. Glad I didn't have to kill it. Here take it. It's his tongue!
7102ImperialCityTopicI got no beds here. You need a bed in the Imperial City, you got four choices. The King and Queens and Luther Broads are in the Gardens.
7103UmbacanoTopicI got no complaints. Kind of an arrogant bastard if you get right down to it, but he pays us well enough.
7104HackdirtTopicI got nothing to say to you, stranger. Outsiders have always tried to destroy us, but we've always survived.
7105HELLOI got nothing to say.
7106GREETINGI got out while I still had the original set of legs, arms, and eyes. Fighters Guild is a perfect place for me now.
7107GREETINGI got stuff to do. Don't bother me.
7108ManorI got the door open. The rest is up to you.
7109KvatchTopicI got through the gate, and kept running through the woods by the light of the fires.
7110DABoethiaSpeechI greet you, Chosen One! A victory in my Tournament of Ten Bloods brings great honor.
7111GREETINGI greet you. Thaurron, Journeyman of the Mages Guild.
7112ArenaAgronakChoice2I grew up here in the Imperial City, but I was born elsewhere. My mother was a servant in the employ of Lord Lovidicus, and resided at his fortress.
7113GREETINGI grow weary of waiting. Where is my book?
7114GREETINGI guarantee generous rewards to those adventurers who serve County Leyawiin.
7115INFOGENERALI guess even our Lord Sheogorath needs to take a vacation once in a while. Not me, though. I'm happy to keep working.
7116GREETINGI guess I can spare you a minute. But not more than that. I've got to get back to work. Always more work to do than time to do it.
7117MS26CorruptGuardI guess I can trust you. It's that bastard Audens Avidius. He's in here every month taking my wares without paying for them.
7118INFOGENERALI guess I could have been an adventurer. But I like sleeping in a bed.
7119HELLOI guess I was wrong about you.
7120GREETINGI guess I've been expecting you, assassin. Don't try to deny it. I can see it in your eyes. You're Dark Brotherhood through and through.
7121GREETINGI guess it all depends on the size of the chest. The bigger the better, of course, but where would our mysterious host have hidden such a thing?
7122MS14MoreBrushI guess it all doesn't matter now. Unless you can defeat those Painted Trolls, we have no chance of getting the Brush back.
7123GREETINGI guess Owyn will let anyone join the Arena these days. I guess I shouldn't let it bother me, seeing as how you'll be dead tomorrow.
7124INFOGENERALI guess Rosentia Gallenus got rid of whatever barnyard animals she was keeping inside her house. Smells much better now.
7125GREETINGI guess someone else has already told you the other details. Kill all the guests then leave, right? Well, you'd better get in there. Time to mingle.
7126MageTalk1I guess that depends on how much of my precious time you need....
7127MS49WhatnowI guess that leaves you, doesn't it?
7128GREETINGI guess there's only one thing left for me to do. I'm going to find an axe and do my best to chop that damn door down and get us out of here!
7129INFOGENERALI guess things will go back to normal now that there is a new Gatekeeper. Oh well, I was looking forward to some drama.
7130CropsfordTopicI guess we won't be going back to High Rock after all. Cropsford is going to be our home now, for better or worse.
7131bedI guess we've got a room available. 30 gold per night. Take it or leave it.
7132MazogatheOrcTopicI guess you don't know how to talk to a knight. So I'll teach you. Say, 'Yes, Sir Mazoga'.
7133ShrineofMalacathTOPICI guess you haven't heard. We don't like the 'beautiful people'. But maybe you can persuade me you're ugly inside...
7134INFOGENERALI guess you heard Vilena recruited a new sword. Been a while, hasn't it?
7135GREETINGI guess you told that Wood Elf what you thought of his magic dagger, huh? He he he he. Here's your gold. Nice going.
7136TG11TalkToMillona14I guessed you would say these terrible things to me. That is why I brought my friend along.
7137MQ05VolumeThreeI had a copy of Volume Three, but Gwinas has already picked it up. So sorry.
7138MQ05VolumeThreeI had a copy of Volume Three, but I am sorry to say that it was stolen recently. Gwinas was terribly upset when he found out, poor fellow.
7139MQ05VolumeThreeI had a copy of Volume Three, but I am sorry to say that it was stolen recently. The thieves in the Market District get more brazen by the day!
7140MQ05PhintiasAI had a copy of Volume Three, but I am sorry to say that it was stolen recently. The thieves in the Market District get more brazen by the day!
7141MS12AcceptMissionI had a feeling you'd accept. Good. Then let me tell you how you're going to find the Madstone.
7142GREETINGI had a feeling you'd catch on sooner or later. That's why I had this trap prepared for you. If you'll notice, the grave is already dug.
7143MS46AcceptI had a good feeling about you, friend. You should talk to Mirisa about the goblins. She's our guide and knows what needs to be done.
7144INFOGENERALI had a very pleasant visit with Arriana Valga recently. The castle was very comfortable, and her new guard captain seems to be working out well.
7145ChorrolNQDResponsesI had heard he was looking for some help.
7146MQ11BrumaAlliesI had hoped for more help. The Empire will stand or fall with Bruma! Have all the other cities abandoned us?
7147GREETINGI had hoped to avoid such an... irritation. Here is your reward, but the bonus is forfeit. Do try to be more careful next time, hmm?
7148GREETINGI had hoped to avoid such an... irritation. Here is your reward, but the bonus is forfeit. Do try to be more careful next time, hmm?
7149SE05Interrogate4I had hoped we'd spend more time together, but yes, I realize you're being honest. Thank you for your time, Nelrene.
7150TG08NoStoneI had hoped you would have it with you. Go get the stone and return at once.
7151SE11SheogorathChoice3I had intended to give you My staff, the symbol of My office. But life has gone from it, as it goes from Me. It is now dead wood. A useless twig.
7152INFOGENERALI had just been telling Uncle Leo that something big was coming, and now this conspiracy. And they thought me part of it!
7153MS21StatueGiveI had never thought to see eight of the Ancestors together again in my lifetime. Well done!
7154SurpriseReceiveI had no idea!
7155INFOGENERALI had rather enjoyed the Resonator being broken. Greater opportunity for meeting someone new.
7156HELLOI had the diary, but one of them stole it from me.
7157GREETINGI had to find someone else to bring me the Crown of the Ayleids, since you were unwilling to help me.
7158MS51AccuseChanel1I had to have the painting back, so I decided to steal it then hide it behind the painting in my quarters.
7159MannimarcoTopicI had, perhaps foolishly, believed that Necromancy was all but stamped out in Cyrodiil. It seems I couldn't have been more mistaken.
7160INFOGENERALI hadn't heard that Syl was replaced, I was too busy prefecting my latest culinary creation.
7161INFOGENERALI hadn't heard that Thadon was replaced, I was too busy perfecting my latest culinary creation.
7162MQ05PhintiasAI happen to have a copy of Volume Three on hand, but I'm afraid it is a ... special order. Already paid for by another customer. Sorry.
7163GREETINGI happen to know that if you go up the stairs there, you can get a vantage point on the meeting room.
7164HELLOI hardly need to tell you how important my work is, Lord Sheogorath.
7165INFOGENERALI hate gossips. If I tell you something, will you go away? Fine. The Resonator of Judgment is on again. Blah.
7166SE07ChNotYetI hate indecision! Or maybe I don't. Make up your mind, or I'll have your skin made into a hat -- one of those arrowcatchers. I love those hats!
7167BrumaTopicI hate it here. Came here with Edla. All these snooty Southerners. And damn guards won't let anyone have any fun.
7168HELLOI hate my life.
7169GREETINGI hate the fact that you've made everything better! I just hate it!
7170GREETINGI hate these interruptions, but I suppose they are unavoidable.
7171MS16Choice2BI hate to ask more of you, my friend, but you know that we're not warriors.
7172MQ11BrumaAlliesI hate to refuse you, my friend. But with the castle still in the hands of those daedra, I need every soldier I have left.
7173KnightsofThornI hate to speak ill of them, as something horrible may have happened, but their own bravado got them into this mess.
7174MS51TalkI hate when the Countess gets angry. No liquor rations for us.
7175HELLOI have a feeling that you and I are about to become very close.
7176GOODBYEI have a good idea where that chest might be. That gold is as good as mine.
7177DovesiDranTopicI have a great respect for the Dunmer people. They are strong and noble, and generally understand the importance of law and discipline.
7178HELLOI have a job to do, and nothing will stand in my way!
7179bedI have a lovely room on the corner, if you're interested. It's 20 gold for a night.
7180GREETINGI have a message for you from the Gray Fox.
7181GREETINGI have a new task for you, and I assure you there are no Necromancers involved.
7182GREETINGI have a new task for you.
7183GREETINGI have a proposition for you. Best not to talk about it here. Meet me at the sewer grate northeast of the Sheogorath statue.
7184bedI have a room ready, if you need it for the night. It'll be 10 gold. Interested?
7185TGSpecialJobsI have a small problem that you may be able to help with. The guild will even pay a reward.
7186GREETINGI have a special contract that needs fulfillment. In truth, I don't wish to offer it to any other family member. I've come to rely on your abilities.
7187TGSpecialJobsI have a special request from the widow of a former fence in Leyawiin. As your new Doyen, I am asking you to help her.
7188INFOGENERALI have a warm place to sleep and three squares a day. It ain't 'The Bard's Tale', but it's good enough for me.
7189weaponsshipmentI have a weapon now... this hammer. Not my usual weapon choice, but it will have to do. Let us slay these creatures.
7190GREETINGI have already sent word to all the local guild halls that you are now in charge. Congratulations, Arch-Mage.
7191HELLOI have an arrest warrant for the Gray Fox. Do you know where he is?
7192SE08CommanderGreeting3I have an idea how we might be able to stop them, but for now we must survive.
7193BlackSoulGemMG17I have an idea of what this gem is for, and I want you to make sure it never reaches Mannimarco's hands.
7194GREETINGI have another contract, when you're ready. One that will rely on your ability to remain fully undetected.
7195GREETINGI have another mesage from the Gray Fox. You must be very important!
7196GREETINGI have another message from the Gray Fox.
7197GREETINGI have been anxiously awaiting your return.
7198GREETINGI have been expecting you. The full Council has already considered the matter of Martin's claim to the Imperial Throne in detail.
7199LeyawiinTopicI have been happy enough in the Count's service. But I am not so happy about his lovely wife, and her Nibenean advisor.
7200GREETINGI have been waiting for you, assassin. We have not spoken in some time, but I am well aware of your accomplishments within the Dark Brotherhood.
7201GREETINGI have been waiting for you, Your Grace. This day, as all days before and after, is well known to me. There are no surprises to Dyus of Mytheria.
7202GREETINGI have been waiting.
7203informationI have called you here because from our previous encounter, I believe you can be trusted.
7204KnightsErrantI have created a chivalric Order of the White Stallion. Find and kill the leader of the Black Bow Bandits, the Orc named Black Brugo.
7205SE34MedallionI have decided to stay here in the Shivering Isles. I've found peace here, and I see no reason to return.
7206KnightsWhiteStallionTopicI have dedicated our royal hunting retreat, the White Stallion Lodge, to the exclusive use of White Stallion Knights.
7207GREETINGI have died seven times, each more painful than the last. But still, I return! Would you like to hear about it?
7208InventoryI have disposed of all of my ill-gotten merchandise, and replaced it with more expensive, but carefully obtained items.
7209GREETINGI have everything for the budding alchemist under one roof.
7210GREETINGI have everything for the budding alchemist under one roof. Far more than Thoronir would ever have, despite his horrid business ethics.
7211CureforVampirismI have everything I need. Now all that remains is to brew the potion. This, however, is a task with which you cannot assist.
7212GREETINGI have everything in place for the ritual. I'll open the portal whenever you're ready.
7213MysteriumXarxesI have everything necessary for the ritual to use the Xarxes to open a portal to Camoran's Paradise.
7214GOODBYEI have failed you, Arden-Sul... I am sorry.
7215MQ11BrumaAlliesI have few enough men to spare, but you have more than earned our help.
7216BarterI have food and drink for sale. I'm sure something will interest you.
7217MS21StatueClueI have found the names of a number of Ayleid cities where the statues may have been taken for safekeeping during the siege of White Gold Tower.
7218INFOGENERALI have friends visiting soon, so I told them to stay at the King and Queen Tavern.
7219MG18Choice1AI have full confidence in you, and so I leave the guild in your care. When I am gone, you will be recognized as Arch-Mage and leader of the Guild.
7220contractI have given you little more than a name. I can only pray that you'll wander the Imperial City aimlessly for days, and then eventually die of hunger.
7221MQ11BrumaAlliesI have given you the help you asked for. Bruma's fate is out of my hands.
7222HELLOI have good news! I've made some progress on deciphering the gate-opening ritual.
7223CurrentEventsResponsesI have heard Argonia is a strange and treacherous place. It is no wonder odd things are happening there.
7224SEMiscQuestResponsesI have heard Sheogorath has called it back to the Isles. Perhaps he will find it one day.
7225CurrentEventsResponsesI have heard that Nord warriors have travelled from Skyrim with Orc mercenaries to assault the Redoran of Morrowind.
7226CurrentEventsResponsesI have heard that the Great Houses of Morrowind are in upheaval. Indoril is in ruins, and Redoran is besieged by the Nords of Skyrim.
7227TamrielGateResponsesI have heard things are bad in Vvardenfell. The Telvanni do their best to close the gates, but it is to no avail.
7228SE06UlfriFinalAI have hoped for this moment since I took command of the Mazken at Cylarne. I return my soul to the embrace of Oblivion's dark waters. Farewell.
7229INFOGENERALI have it on good account that the Forlorn Watchman is gone for good. The stories about his fate were true, but now the curse has been broken.
7230GREETINGI have it on good authority that that bookworm, Atrabhi is a compulsive liar. My only fault is my naive trusting honesty. How can I help you, friend?
7231INFOGENERALI have it on good authority that the city watch sent someone to stop that gang of women from robbing the town's men. Good show I say!
7232INFOGENERALI have it on good authority that the newest addition to the Brotherhood is an annoying whelp unworthy of licking my boots. How's that for gossip?
7233bedI have just the thing for you. A lovely suite on the second floor, for only 40 gold a night. Quite a steal. Interested?
7234GOODBYEI have many questions about all this. I hope Jauffre will be able to answer them.
7235GREETINGI have mastered my fears. There is no terror to compare with what Vaermina has shown me in my dreams.
7236GREETINGI have met so many of his predecessors over the years. I developed a particular fondness for Galerion, ill-preserved though he may be.
7237GOODBYEI have much to do. This better be good.
7238BarterI have much to offer, and I'm always on the lookout for more.
7239MS40melisandeWhatdoidoI have my own interests, and they occasionally require resources that are difficult for me to acquire. Soul gems, for example.
7240TGSpecialJobsI have need of a very special book, the Lost Histories of Tamriel. The cat burglar Theranis was sent hunting in Skingrad for this book.
7241GREETINGI have need of your services once more.
7242TG08HonorI have need of your special gifts. There is an item, hidden away in a remote monastery. I need you to go get it for me.
7243TGNoBloodPriceI have no desire to speak to you until the blood price is paid.
7244MatildePetitTopicI have no doubt that Matilde is capable of murder. But what about you? You're as much suspect in my eyes as she is.
7245TG08SavillasStoneTopicI have no idea what you are talking about.
7246FromTheDeadI have no idea what you're talking about, but you have a sick mind. Get away from me.
7247RaynilDralasTopicI have no idea where he'd be. Just find him, and make him tell you the truth. I swear, he's a liar!
7248INFOGENERALI have no idea why Valandrus Abor even serves at the chapel. He's not very good, though you'd hear differently from him.
7249TGSpecialJobsI have no more jobs for a thief of your skill. You have no need of the Doyen to provide you work.
7250GOODBYEI have no more to say to you!
7251GREETINGI have no more to say to you. Leave.
7252TG10BlowOffI have no patience for impertinence. Maybe I should reconsider what I was about to offer you.
7253GREETINGI have no regrets.
7254SE05Interrogate4I have no reports of any such conspiracy at the present time, despite my Lady's repeated insistence that one exists. There is no danger.
7255MG04ChoiceCarahilDangerousI have no time for guild recruits that are useless in the field. This will be an excellent way for you to prove yourself.
7256SEMiriliUlvenGreetBI have no time for idle chatter with dilettantes. When I'm finished with the Encyclopedia Sheothia, you may study it to your heart's content.
7257GREETINGI have no time for your pathetic attempts at small talk. Now walk away, before I get... nasty.
7258GREETINGI have no time to talk, friend. As soon as my father arrives, we head back to the farm. These creatures must be dealt with.
7259AttackI have not eaten in decades! You will be my feast! Aggghhh!
7260INFOGENERALI have not found it convenient to visit Count Bravil. Travel is so difficult there at this time of the year. Indeed, almost any time of year.
7261MG12TravenWhoInformantI have not heard from him, and I fear for his safety.
7262INFOGENERALI have not read the works of Mrs. Ottus. I'm told some find her guide books useful, though she apparently has strong opinions on some matters.
7263GREETINGI have nothing else to say to you. But my father wants to speak with you before we send you on your way.
7264GREETINGI have nothing more to say. We shall speak again only after Rufio lies dead.
7265BravilTopicI have nothing to say about the Count and his son. The rest of the town is a little rough. But I don't mind. I like it that way.
7266GREETINGI have nothing to say to someone of your manifest stupidity.
7267GREETINGI have nothing to say to you.
7268ServiceRefusalI have nothing to teach the likes of you.
7269ServiceRefusalI have nothing to teach the likes of you.
7270TGHieronymusLexI have one last task for you. As a sign of good faith, the Thieves Guild needs to return Hrormir's Icestaff to the Arcane University.
7271FarewellI have opened a portal for your return to the world of men. Go now, Chosen One, and claim your prize.
7272SE06HelpDefendI have ordered my troops to deploy into the Underdeep. Your job is to lead the Aureals into our trap. Don't worry, we'll be ready for them.
7273BarterI have potions, and everything you need to make your own. What will it be?
7274poisonedknifetopicI have provided you with a vial of antidote, which will be used to revive Francois Motierre after you successfully stage his death.
7275RecommendationI have received recommendations from all the local guild halls in Cyrodiil. You have done well for yourself. You may now enter the University.
7276GREETINGI have recently become interested in obtaining the complete set of these ancient statues. I believe that ten still exist.
7277MS40AllrightI have researched what I can, but acquiring the cure is beyond my grasp. I cannot risk drawing too much attention to myself.
7278GREETINGI have said all that there is to say. If you wish to continue, you must proceed to the palace.
7279MS40JanusAcceptI have searched for these witches throughout Cyrodiil, but no covens still exist within its borders.
7280INFOGENERALI have seen dragons. Perhaps you will see a dragon. I won't say where I saw one. Perhaps I did not.
7281GREETINGI have seen everything. After you've seen through Vaermina's eyes, nothing can frighten you.
7282EaranaTopicI have seen that she is in town. Though she has not approached me, I know she wants something. I would like you to find out what it is.
7283UmbraTOPICI have seen them all fall, and still Umbra hungers for more.
7284GREETINGI have seen what you have done, child, and how you must make amends with the guild.
7285DAAzuraSpeechI have seen your name, Traveler, and heard it whispered in twilight. I ask a service, which holds promise of fame and reward.
7286SE37BeastI have some spells I can sell you if you have no way to command the beasts yourself.
7287HELLOI have some things for you.
7288GREETINGI have something for you....
7289GREETINGI have spent seven years learning how to translate this scroll. Even so, I will need a while to decipher what I have sought so desperately.
7290MS40WitchCureI have stories of old, implying they could cure someone of vampirism. I know nothing more than that. I hope you can learn the truth.
7291GREETINGI have sworn not to raise a weapon in anger, but you have offended my honor in this most holy place. Prepare to die, devil.
7292ImperialCityTopicI have the best prices in town? Why? I'm smart, and you're smart. We know the right people, we get the best deals.
7293FingersoftheMountainI have the book stored safely for now; I shall hold on to it until the Council decides what should be done with it.
7294MQ05RavenSpeechI have the book you seek. With it and the Master's three other books, you will possess the key to enlightenment.
7295HELLOI have the diary!
7296ValusOdiilTopicI have the highest respect for my father... I just wish he could have seen us cross blades with the enemy.
7297TG07NewCaptainI have the orders right there. I'll fill in his name and you can deliver it to Captain Lex. Thank you courier. My steward will tip you.
7298HELLOI have the sharpest blades. I test them out on myself before I put them on sale. They are deliciously keen.
7299GOODBYEI have things to do.
7300INFOGENERALI have to admit that when he's not dead, the Gatekeeper seems to do an excellent job. Perhaps Relan could learn from it.
7301AbilitiesI have to admit, I'm better with an axe than I am with Magic. I've been working on spellcasting, but I still feel better with a weapon in hand.
7302Dark04DrethConvoI have to admit, I'm going to miss you, Dreth. The late-night beatings, your pitiful little cries for help...
7303GOODBYEI have to get back to work now.
7304ManorI have to sell it soon, as I have pressing matters elsewhere. You're welcome to take a look at it. It is located across the street from the Chapel.
7305MS48SavlianWhatDoingI have to try and protect the few civilians that are left. It's all I can do now.
7306informationI have told you all that I know. Mannimarco has come to Cyrodiil, and I believe he means harm to your guild. Traven must know this.
7307CureforVampirismI have told you what I require from you. There is no more to say now; speak with Hal-Liurz when you have found this woman. Excuse me.
7308BladesTalk4I have trained my entire life for the crisis that is now upon us. When the moment comes, I will gladly lay down my life for the Empire!
7309MS26CorruptGuardI have two witnesses willing to testify against Audens Avidius. I'll get a warrant and arrest him.
7310MQ15MankarSpeechI have waited a long time for you, Champion of Old Tamriel.
7311ChorrolTopicI have warned my people to stay inside the walls and put my guard on full alert. There's nothing else we can do.
7312HELLOI have word that two of the jobs were successful.
7313TG11P6RememberItAllI have written it down for you in this book. I've chosen you because you are the best. Good luck.
7314HELLOI have your horse right here.
7315MQDaedricMagicI haven't always been a priest. In my youth, I followed a different path.
7316MS10WhatAboutLLevI haven't approached him myself, as Ulrich has eyes everywhere. However, he doesn't know you well enough yet to suspect anything.
7317ChorrolNQDQuestionResponsesI haven't been in a while, but it's always nice to stop in and chat with Rasheda. Plus, she always gives a better deal to her friends.
7318CloudRulerTempleTopicI haven't been to Cloud Ruler since I was a young trainee. It feels good to be back. The Blades have always been here, and always will be.
7319ChorrolNQDResponsesI haven't done much betting, but I hear some folks have made a good bit of money.
7320ChorrolNQDQuestionResponsesI haven't done too much betting. Can't say I know enough about the folks fighting to make a smart wager.
7321NQDGuardWarningI haven't got all day.
7322ChorrolNQDQuestionResponsesI haven't needed anything there in a while. I'm sure I will soon, though.
7323ChorrolNQDResponsesI haven't really spent any time around him. I find him a little frightening, actually.
7324INFOGENERALI haven't seen anything, except for that stranger wandering around.
7325GREETINGI haven't seen death like this in a long, long time. It's a bit more than my nerves can handle, I'm afraid.
7326JskarTopicI haven't seen him in days. Volanaro said something about a spell backfiring, making him permanently invisible.
7327ErthorTopicI haven't seen him in quite some time. But then, this isn't the first time he's been away, so I wasn't really that concerned.
7328IdleI haven't seen that before.
7329INFOGENERALI haven't seen Vidkun around town lately. I guess they're keeping him pretty busy at the Mages Guild.
7330GREETINGI haven't seen you here before. Awww, and you're all alone too. How sad.
7331ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesI haven't spent time there, but if you're looking for light armor, Best Defense is the place to go.
7332ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesI haven't spent too much time there. I hear it's the place to go for enchanting supplies, though.
7333SQ03AvengeI haven't tasked you to bring the amulet back to me, and yet you have. I don't know which of the Divines sent you, but I appreciate what you've done.
7334HELLOI haven't time for fools.
7335GREETINGI haven't time to talk right now, I'm afraid. But I'm sure one of the other Blades can help. Try speaking with Belisarius, or Caroline.
7336HELLOI haven't turned up anything new on my end yet.
7337INFOGENERALI hear a new Associate came to Teekeeus's aid recently. Something about an old enemy of his storming into town.
7338INFOGENERALI hear a new puppy dog has arrived on the Isles. I bet he's really cute and cuddly. Like you!
7339INFOGENERALI hear Adrienne Berene is quite a mage. Of course, it's not like she'd bother to stop to talk to you in the street.
7340RecommendationI hear Adrienne is sending you out to get Erthor. Is that right?
7341TamrielGateResponsesI hear all of Skyrim is under siege. The daedra lay waste to the Old Holds, and there is little to do to stop it.
7342INFOGENERALI hear Azzan plans to send both new recruits out on the next contract. You know what it's about?
7343GREETINGI hear Black Brugo is dead.
7344INFOGENERALI hear Cutter collects the Madness Ore to turn into armor.
7345SEMiscQuestResponsesI hear he'll buy calipers and tongs from people he trusts.
7346SEManiaRumorResponsesI hear he's a sight to see.
7347INFOGENERALI hear one of the guild mages has gone missing again.
7348INFOGENERALI hear our gold soldier paid her debt, but the hard hand also kept her family sword and armor.
7349SEMiscQuestResponsesI hear she makes armor and weapons out of it. For a price.
7350SEMiscQuestResponsesI hear she wants a "cure" for her latest disease, but isn't willing to pay for it.
7351SEMiscQuestResponsesI hear she will pay for a "cure" for her latest disease.
7352BravilNQDQuestionResponsesI hear she's a very private person. I also heard she knows a lot about using light armor.
7353INFOGENERALI hear something is amiss again in the House of Dementia. I wonder what it is. I love a good scandal. Don't you?
7354MS13GateHeardNotI hear tell that the daedra make their way through these and invade our lands. It's sort of a door to the world where they live.
7355INFOGENERALI hear Thadon's happy again. Dammit! Why is everyone so happy all the time? It's not fair. I just want to die. Is that too much to ask?
7356GREETINGI hear that Audens Avidius is going to jail. Let's hope its a long sentence.
7357INFOGENERALI hear that Earil is fed up with Brithaur's antics. He really wants something done about it.
7358ChorrolTopicI hear that Emfrid and Captain Bittneld are spending a lot of time together. You wouldn't have anything to do with that, would you?
7359MQ06ShrineTalkStartI hear that everything is ready for the Cleansing to begin. Sister Orla has seen the gate citadels. Lord Dagon is mustering His finest troops.
7360SE07AAnyaI hear that in light of recent events at the palace, Anya Herrick is more loyal to Syl than ever. In fact, she rarely leaves her side!
7361INFOGENERALI hear that my army has been restored. Perhaps I should join up again....
7362CurrentEventsResponsesI hear that the Nords of Skyrim have been warring with the Redoran of Morrowind.
7363INFOGENERALI hear the army is restored. You should go see if they need a target dummy to practice on.
7364INFOGENERALI hear the Count's got someone to sort out that business with Mazoga the so-called knight.
7365INFOGENERALI hear the Heretics in the lands of Mania summon Hungers to fight by their sides.
7366CurrentEventsResponsesI hear the legions have been recalled from Fort Swampmoth in Black Marsh, and many of the Argonian slaves have returned to their tribes.
7367GREETINGI hear the monks were most... hospitable.
7368INFOGENERALI hear the newcomer made a real mess in Passwall. I sure hope he stays out of Highcross.
7369SEServiceProviderResponsesI hear the owner doesn't even remember what she's got in the place.
7370MQ15EternalGardenTalkI hear the war is going badly. There are some new arrivals here that were caught in the fall of the Great Gate.
7371ImperialCityTopicI hear them all. Sometimes. But not right now. They're all quiet. Did you frighten them away?
7372INFOGENERALI hear there's a new Gatekeeper. What if They tamper with him, and send him after me?
7373INFOGENERALI hear there's someone new in the Isles... they should have stayed away. This whole place is coming down on our heads!
7374INFOGENERALI hear there's someone new in the Shivering Isles. I do so enjoy making new friends.
7375INFOGENERALI hear there's someone trying to get into the Shivering Isles. It's all part of a plot to overthrow the Realm. You'll see.
7376INFOGENERALI hear we have another new recruit. Things are looking up. What's his name... Maglir?
7377GREETINGI hear you got quite a task from Adrienne.
7378INFOGENERALI hear you light that big torch in the city by setting yourself on fire. Now there's an idea. I'd like to see that, but the city is so far away.
7379NeutralReceiveI hear you.
7380INFOGENERALI heard a rumor that you're an idiot. Any truth to that?
7381GREETINGI heard about how you helped the Guard drive the daedra back. Well done.
7382INFOGENERALI heard about this new person in the Isles. There's one more person who'll come to hate my guts. I hope he kills me.
7383DarkSancTalk2I heard about your most recent contract. I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. You had quite the time of it, or so I hear!
7384INFOGENERALI heard Ah-Mahlz was out hunting goblins again. Good. They're vermin.
7385INFOGENERALI heard Fighters Guild got the Fallen Rock contract, but the guy is just sitting around drinking beer.
7386SE43DeadDogI heard from Bernice that Ushnar might get another dog, a new dog. Maybe Ushnar will let me pet him.
7387CheydinhalNQDQuestionResponsesI heard he became a priest to avoid becoming a soldier.
7388TrainingQuestTopicI heard he had to flee Morrowind, and is now hiding out in the forests of Cyrodiil. If there are other cultists out there, he's probably with them.
7389CheydinhalNQDResponsesI heard he learned about Alteration because he's too scared to fight. Pathetic.
7390SEMiscQuestResponsesI heard he lives with Zoe Malene.
7391TG10NoBribeBeggarI heard he moved to Bruma. I'd look for him there.
7392SEMiscQuestResponsesI heard he will buy calipers and tongs from people he likes.
7393IdleI heard him tell the joke. I understood it. It just wasn't funny.
7394INFOGENERALI heard Ita Rienus talking about the geography of Tamriel again. She's very knowledgeable.
7395INFOGENERALI heard Lazare Milvan challenged someone else to a duel. The man is ridiculous.
7396MS11JournalGiveI heard no mention of a key either. It must have been removed by Raynil from Bradon's body before we arrived.
7397INFOGENERALI heard Passwall has been destroyed. Damn shame. Used to drink with some of those folks.
7398CreatureResponsesI heard people saying they ran into goblins around here not long ago. I can't stand those things.
7399DagailTopicI heard she was put in charge of the Leyawiin guild hall as a favor, not because she deserved it. That doesn't seem right, does it?
7400SEMiscQuestResponsesI heard she's been stockpiling magic items... "just in case."
7401SEMiscQuestResponsesI heard she's trying to catalogue all the living things in the Shivering Isles, and she'll pay for help.
7402MS45TalkI heard some nice fellow found her held prisoner in some cave, and rescued her. What a romantic story!
7403INFOGENERALI heard someone broke into the Mages Guild.
7404INFOGENERALI heard someone relit the Torch at the Sacellum Arden-Sul. Good news, unless... what if someone is just trying to trick us?
7405INFOGENERALI heard something strange happened in the House of Dementia. Probably disease-related.
7406INFOGENERALI heard Thadon is dead. Nothing wrong with that.
7407INFOGENERALI heard Thadon's heart exploded. There would have been a great deal of blood. Sweet, sweet heart's blood.
7408ICAllNQDResponsesI heard that he stood in one place for hours, just to teach himself how to be sneakier. Sounds boring, but whatever works for you.
7409TrainingQuestTopicI heard that he was on his way to one of the Southern provinces, seeking fame and fortune. Maybe try an inn along the way, like Faregyl.
7410INFOGENERALI heard that J'skar at the Mages Guild is quite good at blowing things up.
7411HELLOI heard that Oblivion Gates are opening all over the city!
7412INFOGENERALI heard that one of the Skingrad mages was assaulted, but I don't know the details.
7413TG06CastleJobsI heard that Shum gro-Yarug is looking to hire. He's the butler for the Count. Go speak to him.
7414INFOGENERALI heard that some cult called the Mythic Dawn is behind the Emperor's assassination.
7415INFOGENERALI heard that some of the provinces were talking about seceding from the Empire. Probably just talk though. Everything's a bit unsettled now.
7416INFOGENERALI heard that someone broke into the wizard's tower. What kind of a fool would take on Fathis Aren?
7417INFOGENERALI heard that Soris Arenim made himself quite a bit of money recently. He seems very happy about it.
7418INFOGENERALI heard that the Countess is quite upset lately. Apparently someone stole something very personal to her.
7419INFOGENERALI heard that the Fighters Guild botched a job. They lost a bunch of men in the raid.
7420INFOGENERALI heard that the Kvatch Guard is driving back the daedra! Maybe there's hope after all.
7421INFOGENERALI heard that thieves broke into the Arcane University, the Imperial Legion Compound, and the Temple, all on the same night!
7422INFOGENERALI heard that Velwyn Benirus is trying to sell off Benirus Manor. Hopefully the new owners will clean that eyesore up.
7423INFOGENERALI heard that Velwyn Benirus was killed. The Manor claims another victim.
7424GREETINGI heard that you helped the Guard close that Oblivion Gate. Thanks. We were getting worried about that damn thing.
7425SEThadonTopicI heard that you were coming, looking for Thadon. Yes, yes. Heard it all. Bored to tears by it.
7426MS11TellMeI heard the Dunmer identify himself as Raynil Dralas. He said he was a vampire hunter and that Bradon was his mark.
7427INFOGENERALI heard the Fighters Guild thing at Desolate Mine went wrong. They cleared out the goblins, but they lost some people.
7428INFOGENERALI heard the Fringe was attacked. I don't yet know exactly how many were lost, but I'll have to find out.
7429INFOGENERALI heard the Fringe was under attack. Sheer-Meedish is probably worried. I should talk to her.
7430INFOGENERALI heard the Gatekeeper is dead. He didn't have any of my things on him, though, so it's no matter.
7431INFOGENERALI heard the Gatekeeper was killed. I do hope one of my hatchlings wasn't responsible. That'd be ever so embarrassing.
7432TGHieronymusLexI heard the Gray Fox personally humiliated Lex years ago when he tried to arrest Armand Christophe for theft. Lex has never forgotten it.
7433QuestionI heard the most disturbing rumor. Someone told me Francois Motierre has been murdered by the Dark Brotherhood! It's not... It's not true, is it?
7434NevilleTopicI heard the others talking. Neville was a soldier for twenty years. He's used to killing, if you know what I'm saying.
7435INFOGENERALI heard the Resonator of Judgment is working again. Can't say that it affects me much, so I'll just go about my business.
7436MQ00MythicDawnResponseI heard the same thing. I'm not sure I believe it though. I mean, who would be crazy enough to help the daedra invade Tamriel?
7437Dark17Choice4BI heard the screams! And... and the smells! I never should have rented out that cellar! Never!
7438INFOGENERALI heard there is a good smith in Chorrol.
7439CreatureResponsesI heard there were some goblins around here recently. Awful creatures.
7440INFOGENERALI heard there's a new adventurer trying to get into the Shivering Isles. No real matter to me, unless he can build a boat.
7441INFOGENERALI heard there's a new Arena Champion. Sure it takes a lot of skill to make it that far, but they'd be crazy to challenge the Gray Prince.
7442INFOGENERALI heard there's a new ruler in Bliss. Of course, I hear lots of things. Like that! Did you hear that?
7443INFOGENERALI heard there's a new ruler in Crucible. Of course, I hear lots of things. Like that! Did you hear that?
7444QuestionI heard there's a new shipment of weapons at Fire and Steel. Have you been recently?
7445INFOGENERALI heard there's an ancient ruin that lures adventurers into it, then it kills them. It's old, so those walls can't be safe.
7446SkingradTopicI heard there's trouble on the Gold Road, near Kvatch... if you're heading that way.
7447INFOGENERALI heard Tove the Unrestful is building something again.
7448VidkunTopicI heard what happened to him. I wonder if the Mages Council will do anything?
7449TGCastOutTopicI heard what you did. So did the guild Doyens. You've been cast out of the Thieves Guild.
7450HELLOI heard you know how to move in light armor.
7451HELLOI heard you made contact with the gang. Beauties, aren't they?
7452TGHieronymusLexI heard you were the one that made it all happen. Everyone in the Thieves Guild is grateful!
7453GREETINGI heard you're working for those Demented freaks. Stay away from me!
7454GREETINGI heard you're working for those Manics. Leave me alone. I don't want trouble.
7455SEManiaRumorResponsesI heard. Stupid outsiders.
7456ImperialCityTopicI helped build Raven Rock. Had a bad run-in with the law, so here I am. Pretty soon I'll head out for the Imperial Reserve, try my luck there.
7457INFOGENERALI helped save the Fringe, you know. Not directly, really, but it was ultimately thanks to me.
7458GREETINGI hereby bestow upon you the title of Eliminator. Your blood is cold, your heart hard. You exemplify everything the Dark Brotherhood stands for.
7459RolandJensericTopicI hid for a while and then returned to the garden. Roland was gone and the woman was dead. She had two puncture marks on the nape of her neck.
7460EaranaTopicI highly suggest that you make no effort to associate with her.
7461ServicetoLeyawiinTopicI hold you responsible for Mazoga's death. Your disappointing performance proves you are not suited for service to County Leyawiin.
7462GREETINGI honestly don't know how to repay you. I'm not a wealthy man by any means, but perhaps I could assist you in other ways.
7463FromTheDeadI hope everyone can forgive me for not doing a better job checking up on my sources.
7464INFOGENERALI hope everyone keeps working and doesn't take the time to go see the Great Torch.
7465SE05ConspiracyI hope for your sake you are not accusing me of anything.
7466VampireTopicI hope he hasn't gotten you wrapped up in some foolish errand.
7467GREETINGI hope I can help.
7468GOODBYEI hope I didn't use too many big words.
7469HELLOI hope I live to speak with you again, Lord Sheogorath.
7470GOODBYEI hope I live to speak with you again, Lord Sheogorath.
7471GREETINGI hope I made myself clear the first time. If you get near that ship, you'll end up dead. Now get out of my face.
7472MQ04ConvI hope I prove myself worthy of your loyalty in the coming days. That's it. Thank you.
7473GOODBYEI hope I'm not dreaming.
7474MQ11BrumaAlliesI hope it is enough. Bruma must hold out until you can complete the ritual and retrieve the Amulet from Mankar Camoran.
7475bedI hope it's comfortable enough for you.
7476bedI hope it's comfortable enough for you.
7477HELLOI hope Julienne was helpful.
7478GREETINGI hope Martin knows what he's doing with that evil book. I fear for what it could do to him if he's not careful.
7479GREETINGI hope Martin knows what to do now. I will die by his side, if this is the end.
7480INFOGENERALI hope nobody tries to get away with anything when Captain Dion is around. He's a tough customer.
7481INFOGENERALI hope Ohtesse is taking care of herself. She's a gifted healer, and she spends all her time helping others.
7482CheydinhalNQDQuestionResponsesI hope she takes care of herself as well as she takes care of others.
7483INFOGENERALI hope someone saved a piece of Jyggalag's armor. Just the thing for my museum!
7484BarterBuyItemI hope that serves you well.
7485LifttheCurseI hope that whatever's behind the door will truly lift the curse. I'd hate to risk harm for nothing.
7486bedI hope the accomodations are satisfactory.
7487GREETINGI hope the book helps you find where Garridan may have fallen.
7488ChorrolTopicI hope the Guard can hold off the daedra, but you think about what happened to Kvatch, and you can't help but worry.
7489HELLOI hope the Imperial Watch goes away soon.
7490GREETINGI hope the investigation goes well. Return to me when you have found the culprit.
7491SEDementiaRumorResponsesI hope the new ruler of Crucible is a good one.
7492GOODBYEI hope the reward will suit the risk. It's all I have.
7493bedI hope the room meets your needs.
7494HELLOI hope the work at Vahtacen goes well.
7495GREETINGI hope there are more reinforcements on the way. We can't hold Bruma by ourselves!
7496GREETINGI hope there isn't something you need from me. Being needed is worse than being forgotten, isn't it? I think so. Well, go on. Go on.
7497FollowupNegativeI hope things get better.
7498SE09MiscRelmynaExperimentI hope this is as much fun for you as it is for me.
7499HELLOI hope this is important, Associate.
7500HELLOI hope this won't take long.
7501INFOGENERALI hope those Knights of Order stay away from my garden. I'd hate to have to start all over again.
7502GOODBYEI hope to have at least part of the Mysterium Xarxes translated in a few days. Speak to Jauffre about those spies in the meantime.
7503GREETINGI hope we'll get to Skingrad soon. I've had enough of the wilderness for now.
7504SE08OrdersI hope you are as wise as you pretend to be. The Grakendo has lead us for hundreds of years.
7505GREETINGI hope you are here to tell me of Black Brugo's death.
7506GOODBYEI hope you both get mindrot!
7507HELLOI hope you bring good news.
7508GOODBYEI hope you can forgive me. I had no idea.
7509GREETINGI hope you can help me with my crisis.
7510GREETINGI hope you covered your tracks. Last thing you want is a Scalon picking up on your scent, and catching you when you're not looking.
7511ClaudeMaricTopicI hope you don't blame me for the unpleasantness with Maric. I have no control over the man. In any case, it all turned out well, didn't it?
7512BarterBuyItemI hope you enjoy it. I can't seem to taste anything these days.
7513bedI hope you enjoy your stay.
7514bedI hope you enjoy your stay.
7515SE12TraitorTauntsI hope you enjoyed your reign, as it is almost at an end.
7516bedI hope you find the room to your liking.
7517BarterBuyItemI hope you get some use out of that.
7518GOODBYEI hope you have a plan to get us out of here.
7519HELLOI hope you have found your stay here pleasant.
7520HELLOI hope you have some good news this time.
7521GREETINGI hope you have something for me.
7522GOODBYEI hope you learn something from Tar-Meena about that book. This might just be the break we need.
7523bedI hope you sleep well.
7524MQ05PhintiasBuyYesI hope you'll keep us in mind for all your specialty book needs!
7525MS27AyleidCrownI hope you'll make the right choice. Umbacano must not have the Crown of Nenalata.
7526SE34MedallionI hope you're back with some good news, I could certainly use it.
7527MQ05VolumeThreeI hope you're enjoying the copy I sold you. Gwinas was terribly upset when he found out, poor fellow.
7528HELLOI hope you're enjoying the museum!
7529GREETINGI hope you're here to bring me good news.
7530GREETINGI hope you're here to reconsider.
7531ThoronirTopicI hope you're more successful uncovering his scheme than we've been.
7532PrimoAntoniusTopicI hope you're not suggesting that Primo is the murderer? I'm the trained investigator here. Just keep your mouth shut and stay out of my way.
7533GREETINGI hope you're not too angry with me. I... I never meant to do anything wrong, honest!
7534HELLOI hope you're pleased with your earnings.
7535GREETINGI hope you've been successful?
7536SE38TalkItemDoneI hope you've enjoyed the tour! Feel free to stay and browse for as long as you like.
7537HELLOI hope you've found Erthor.
7538HELLOI hope you've made the necessary preparations.
7539HELLOI hope you've prepared yourself. The journey you're to undertake could be dangerous.
7540HELLOI hope you've returned victorious.
7541GREETINGI hope your expedition has been more successful than mine.
7542TG07NoBribeBeggar2I hope your feet are faster than your wits.
7543GOODBYEI hope your witnesses are willing to come forward.
7544MQ05BaurusBI hoped I had heard you correctly. Thank Talos! The Blades will protect Martin until he can claim his throne, don't worry. Or we will die trying.
7545MS27UmbacanoA4I hoped you would agree. I think you will be perfect for the task at hand.
7546SeenI hoped you would come. Now you shall pay for my brother's death.
7547ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesI imagine it must be good, since it's been in business so long.
7548SE08StartBattleYesI imagine that we will not have to wait long, Your Grace.
7549SE08StartBattleYesI imagine that we will not have to wait long, Your Grace.
7550GREETINGI joined for the parties. And stayed for the parties. Why would I go back to work? That life is for suckers and fools.
7551MS23MemCaveI just assumed Seridur had a relative that died and is buried there. Not many people go out there anymore, as the route is dangerous.
7552PrimoAntoniusTopicI just can't believe he's dead. He was like a young, beautiful prince. I hope whoever did this can live with themselves.
7553HELLOI just can't sleep. I lie down and close my eyes, but I can't stop thinking about it.
7554MS18ConvoI just can't wait. This is going to be the greatest fight ever!
7555NelsTheNaughtyTopicI just don't know what to make of Nels anymore. He plays the bumbling drunkard, but he could very well be the killer.
7556NevilleTopicI just don't know what to think anymore, or who to trust. Neville seems like such a decent man, but how can I know for sure?
7557NelsTheNaughtyTopicI just don't know what to think. I had my doubts about Nels, and he is still alive. Could it be true? Could he have killed all of them?
7558Dark07MercConvoI just don't know. Is the medicine sustaining Roderick's life, or just postponing his death? How can he survive for so long with a fever so high?
7559MQ00EmperorResponseI just don't think about it. The Elder Council will take care of things. Sooner or later.
7560BlackwoodCompanyI just don't trust them. I know they're efficient -- a bit too efficient for my liking. Some endeavors demand time and care.
7561AnvilNQDResponsesI just don't trust those mages. I especially don't trust ones who can play with your mind like that.
7562INFOGENERALI just feel safe living here in Chorrol. I mean, we have the head of the Fighters Guild right here in town!
7563SE42CalipersI just have to tear apart the boat to get to the hinges.
7564GREETINGI just knew that Julienne would have more information.
7565SECreatureResponsesI just know they're dangerous, and they travel in packs.
7566MS08KurdanJarI just learned that a family heirloom, the Axe of Dragol, which one of my stupid relatives lost, is located on Fort Grief Island in Niben Bay.
7567GREETINGI just love talking to you, really.
7568HELLOI just thought of something funny.
7569HELLOI just thought you'd like to know, I'm overjoyed to bid you hello.
7570FawilTopicI just wish his heart was bigger than his hubris.
7571MageTalk4I just wonder, will this affect the work that's already been done in the field of Illusion? Or jeopardize the new advances in Conjuration?
7572MQJauffreHelpI keep a few things here in my chest to resupply traveling Blades. Help yourself to whatever you need.
7573UmbacanoTopicI keep an eye on his place. Stuffed full of treasure, you know? But no dirty thief's getting in while I'm on duty.
7574GOODBYEI keep hoping that I won't wake up the next time they kill me. But I always do. We will never escape this nightmare.
7575CheeseTOPICI keep it locked away tight. If I were to try cooking with it, the smell alone would draw rats for miles! It's a lovely conversation piece, though.
7576MG11ChoiceSentI keep telling them, I can't produce results if I'm not given any time! I'm not used to working under conditions like this!
7577MagesGuildTopicI keep to myself around here. If you want to join the guild, go find Teekeeus. He's in charge of that sort of stuff here in Chorrol.
7578GREETINGI kept my oath. Mogens Wind-Shifter is dead.
7579GREETINGI kept my oath. Mogens Wind-Shifter is dead. Now I return to Castle Leyawiin. Come visit me there some day.
7580ClaudeMaricTopicI kept my side of our bargain. Make sure you keep yours.
7581contractI killed a pirate once. Of course the ship was out to sea at the time. Somewhere between Vvardenfell and Solstheim. Now those were the days.
7582MartinTopicI knew a priest named Martin once. I'm sure he's dead, just like the rest of them. They're all dead, don't you understand?
7583GREETINGI knew Captain Matius would get us through this. He'd be up for a commendation, if anyone were left to issue it.
7584DavideSurilieTopicI knew he was the ringleader of the whole conspiracy! You may have helped save my life!
7585HELLOI knew I could count on you.
7586SE06PriestGreetAI knew I saw the glint of true Mania in your eyes, my child. Go now and let the holy Flame inspire the people of Bliss to new heights of madness.
7587RaynilDralasTopicI knew I'd recognized Raynil! I think when I first met Bradon many many years ago, he introduced me to him.
7588AleronLocheTopicI knew it! I just knew he's gotten himself in hot water again. Please hurry and get him from that island.
7589EmfridDEMOchoice3I knew it! I knew a man like Bittneld wouldn't be interested in those other women!
7590DovesiDranTopicI knew it! It's her! That Dark Elf tramp killed them all! We've got to get out of this place!
7591SE11RakheranGreeting2aI knew it! No one can fool Ra'kheran. I am the wisest here, more wise even than Ciirta. And that is why she must go, yes.
7592FGC01Choice3I knew it! That s'wit! Oh, I'll get her. You just wait! Must have taken some fast talking to get her to confess!
7593SE06MaikiChoiceBI knew it! You should tell Kaneh what you saw. Maybe you can convince her to change her attack plan.
7594RolandJensericTopicI knew it. Like I said before, a vampire wouldn't hide in a cabin. It'd be more like a cave or some other dank place.
7595Dark18Choice1CI knew of his thirst for vengeance. I could have informed my Listener. But I refused! Refused to reward such incompetence! Ungolim was weak.
7596Dark18Choice1BI knew of his thirst for vengeance. I could have informed my Listener. But I refused! Refused to reward such incompetence! Ungolim was weak.
7597Dark18Choice1AI knew of his thirst for vengeance. I could have informed my Listener. But I refused! Refused to reward such incompetence! Ungolim was weak.
7598GREETINGI knew one day someone with unyielding virtue would heed my words and speed my release. You risked much to perform such a selfless act.
7599SEDementiaRumorResponsesI knew Our Lord would protect us.
7600SE39MissionChoice1bI knew someone would be able to kill her eventually! Shh. They may be listening.
7601TG05acceptI knew the Gray Fox could count on you. The staff is in the Archmage's room. He sleeps between one and seven in the morning.
7602GREETINGI knew the lure of gold couldn't keep you away long.
7603BrushofTruepaintTopicI knew the secret of my success would be revealed one day. I can tell you all about the brush if you like.
7604ManorI knew there was a curse on that place which is why I sold it to you so cheap. I suppose I should've warned you, but I had to get out of Anvil.
7605GREETINGI knew they would make contact with you. Be careful, there's no telling what they're up to.
7606GOODBYEI knew this little party was too good to be true...
7607HorseBuyChorrolI knew you had a good eye for horses! Go out to the stables. Nardhil will have the Chestnut saddled and ready for you.
7608Dark05FinChoice1AI knew you wouldn't be able to resist. Your target is a High Elf named Faelian. He lives somewhere in the Imperial City, and fancies long walks.
7609MS09AlternateWayI knew you'd make the smarter decision. Good. Here's the key to the chest by my bed. Inside you'll find the amulet Jorundr wants.
7610HELLOI knew you'd show up.
7611SeridurTopicI know about Seridur and his "secret order." What better way for a vampire to hide than to pretend he hunts them?
7612BlackBrugoTopicI know Brugo. Long ago, back before I became 'Sir Mazoga', I split a share or two with Brugo.
7613ChorrolNQDResponsesI know Chorrol is the best town I've spent time in.
7614CharGenMainI know he did.
7615NevilleTopicI know he's a retired Imperial Legion officer. Apparently, he's been in campaigns all across the Empire, from Skyrim to Morrowind.
7616NevilleTopicI know he's a retired soldier. But not just a soldier -- he was an officer in the Imperial Legion. I hate the Legion and everything it stands for.
7617MartinTopicI know he's gone. As the Chancellor of the Elder Council, my concern now is how to choose his successor.
7618SE11CiirtaGreeting1I know His secret. I have seen His empty throne -- seen it with my own eyes while New Sheoth burned in the grey fires of Order.
7619GREETINGI know I am only a lowly male, but I am at your service. Shall I follow you into battle?
7620GREETINGI know I am only a lowly male, but I am at your service. Shall I follow you into battle?
7621BradonLirrianTopicI know I may be out of line by saying this, but I think the city guards may be wrong. It's hard to imagine Bradon was a vampire.
7622GOODBYEI know I sound desperate, but I know I'm right.
7623GREETINGI know I used you in this matter with the Llathasa's bust, but I couldn't be certain that you weren't working with Myvryna.
7624MS05DreamworldTopicI know I've lost something. Yes, that's it. I've lost many things in this strange place. Would you please help me?
7625GREETINGI know it's all in my head. I'm spending too much time on my latest project. But enough about me. What can I do for you?
7626BravilNQDQuestionResponsesI know Kud-Ei will keep her in check. She even has her teaching her spells to other Mages Guild members.
7627MQDaedricMagicI know more than I want to about the seductive power of daedric magic. Let's just leave it at that.
7628DAClavicusChoice3I know of at least one soul it stole. Lenwin. She's the one who found the blasted thing. I suppose you want to hear about the person now.
7629TG04WhereAhdarjiI know of her. What's it worth to you?
7630MelusPetiliusTOPICI know of him, but I don't figure I need to tell you about it.
7631TG10FindJakbenI know of him. Would you... loan me a few coins?
7632MelusPetiliusTOPICI know of the poor man. Did wonders for folks around here. There was no job too small for him.
7633PrimoAntoniusTopicI know Primo could be the killer, but I just don't want to believe it's possible. If... if he likes me, he could take me away with him...
7634CharGenMainI know she did.
7635HELLOI know someone's been murdered and we're all on edge. Just try to remain calm. I'll get to the bottom of this.
7636MQ05GwinasB1I know that daedric cults are not quite the thing socially, but that's just foolish prejudice and superstition.
7637INFOGENERALI know that Dovyn Aren is getting up there in years, but he still knows a bit about Alteration.
7638defaultedI know that he's defaulted. I need that job done. Don't come back here until you have Brenus Astis' journal in your little hands.
7639AnvilNQDResponsesI know that skill with a shield can be invaluable. I don't think I want to join the Fighters Guild to learn, though.
7640GREETINGI know that you are on an important mission for the Blades. Please, if you need a horse, take mine from the Priory stables.
7641LeyawiinTopicI know the Khajiit are all upset that the Council took away their land and gave it to us, but they just have to get over it! It's our land, now.
7642GREETINGI know the part of the sewers you were talking about. Follow me, I'll show you.
7643MQ12JauffreMartinI know the risk. I was at Kvatch. But there is no other way. We have no choice.
7644CGEmperor11I know these stars well, and I wonder... which sign marked your birth?
7645CGEmperor10I know these stars well, and I wonder... which sign marked your birth?
7646CGEmperor09I know these stars well, and I wonder... which sign marked your birth?
7647GREETINGI know they're coming. They'll come for you. Like they came for my sister. Put her on the Hill of Suicides.
7648GREETINGI know this is all very overwhelming, dear child. Just follow along, and you'll be fine. Now, let's go see what the future holds, shall we?
7649CharGenMainI know this place ... the prison?
7650contractI know those sewers well. They will allow you access to the prison, but are home to some fearsome creatures. Tread carefully.
7651GlenmorilWitchesI know very little about them. They operate outside the bounds of normal society.
7652INFOGENERALI know Vilena's got Vitellus on her mind, but she'll spoil Viranus if she keeps him out of the real action.
7653GREETINGI know we are but lowly males, but we are at your service. Shall we follow you into battle?
7654GREETINGI know we are but lowly males, but we are at your service. Shall we follow you into battle?
7655INFOGENERALI know we're not part of Dementia, but I think their new Duke still deserves a toast, don't you? You're buying, right?
7656SE35BrithaurI know what people say about me. I'm not completely stupid, you know.
7657GREETINGI know what purpose this Soul Gem is meant to serve. It is meant to house my very own soul, to be absorbed by Mannimarco and increase his power.
7658INFOGENERALI know what the next sign is. You'll see it, mark my words. All efforts to save us will fail, because that's how this will all end.
7659SE43BhishaI know what you need. You need a dog. I happen to have one of my old ones still lying around. I'll send it to you.
7660GREETINGI know what you would ask. You would bring light to that which is in darkness, bring silence to the voices so loud. I know where you must go.
7661GoodbyeKvatch06I know what you're talking about. I don't even try. I just keep going until I drop.
7662GREETINGI know what you're thinking! Gogron, he's too big to be sneaky! Well you're right! Me, I like to just go in and hack my targets to pieces. Ha!
7663StolenGoldI know what you've heard, all about Jorundr and his run-in with the town guard. Well, let's just say it isn't exactly all true.
7664GREETINGI know when I'm beaten! Here, take the carving, if it means so much to you. I had no idea you would take things so personally.
7665INFOGENERALI know where Sheogorath has gone! Of course, I'm not going to tell you.
7666INFOGENERALI know where Sheogorath is. He's hiding in my house. In a cupboard. But he's invisible.
7667GREETINGI know who you are, of course, and it's easy to guess why you're here. You wish to challenge me for my title of Grand Champion, is that it?
7668MQ04ConvI know you all expect me to be Emperor. I'll do my best. But this is all new to me.
7669MS08UrsanneAvengedI know you did all you could, and for that, I thank you. Now, please... go in peace. I wish to be alone.
7670RaynilDralasTopicI know you meant well... and I suppose there was no need to put your life on the line for a stranger.
7671GREETINGI know you must have many questions... speak with Farwil and he'll answer them for you.
7672weaponsshipmentI know you were supposed to bring the weapons, but it seems you don't have them. Quickly, get those weapons to us!
7673MS45DarMaUntieI know you'll do your best, but... please... if I don't make it, at least bring the news to my mother, Seed-Neeus, in Chorrol. Let's go!
7674HELLOI know you're busy, but I need a moment of your time.
7675MG14CamillaTauntsI know you're in here. You can't hide forever!
7676NevilleTopicI know you're no killer. That means it's Neville! Oh, I'm so frightened! Please protect me from him!
7677ReadyForAMatchI know you're ready! I already approved your match, you idiot! Now get up to that Arena and spill some blood!
7678GREETINGI know you. You freed me. Free my brothers, if they are still enslaved. Together we will cleanse the Shrine of the Underking's foul magic.
7679SE09VictimChoice1bI know your type. You believe yourself better than everyone else.
7680MS47MageShopTalkI know! You're about to quote Vanto's Third Law... don't worry! I have not actually found a way to violate the Conservation of Perception!
7681MG01ErthorTopicI know, but he usually stops by once a week or so. I don't recall seeing him lately.
7682Dark18Choice1AI know, dear child. I know. You carried out your orders to the letter, in the name of the Black Hand. How could I be anything but happy with you?
7683SeersStoneI know, I get way too fired up over this. It just annoys me that she's in charge of the guild, when she's clearly not fit. That's all.
7684ReadyForAMatchI know, I know! Sometimes I wish we'd run the matches through the night, too! But the Yellow Team needs their beauty sleep! Ha ha ha ha!
7685Dark07MercConvoI know, Neesha. And I meant no disrespect. It's just that... I hate waiting around like this, watching him suffer!
7686SE32FanaticYellI laugh at your arrows!
7687GREETINGI lay upon you now the Night Mother's Blessing. May she walk with you always, and guide your hand as you act in accordance with the Five Tenets.
7688INFOGENERALI learned quite a bit about how to use a shield from Ambrose Canne. Cost me a bit, but it was worth it.
7689GREETINGI leave the decision up to you. If you want to join up, meet us at the Gweden farmhouse around 11 in the evening. I'll mark it on your map.
7690BarterBuyItemI let that go too cheaply.
7691SkingradNQDResponsesI like cheese. Not more than sheep, though. I'm not sure about Uuras.
7692ImperialCityTopicI like cities, and this is the biggest and the best. All races, cultures, cuisines, crafts... the City has them all.
7693ChorrolNQDResponsesI like dogs, but it's a bit excessive with those two folks.
7694GREETINGI like dogs. Dogs are pretty.
7695INFOGENERALI like eating at the Flowing Bowl. Maenlorn runs a quality inn.
7696SEMiscQuestResponsesI like him a lot. He has a great sense of humor.
7697SE30ForgeArrowsMagicI like how magic makes things glow all pretty-like. Light up your foe by sticking a couple of these in him.
7698CropsfordTopicI like it here. I really didn't think I would, but Cropsford feels like home now. Thanks for making this possible, my friend.
7699AnvilTopicI like it here. People are very friendly. Much nicer than in the Imperial City.
7700LeyawiinTopicI like Leyawiin. That Count got you to help me. Damn nice. Both of you. Think I'll stick around. Maybe do some good deeds here.
7701SkingradTopicI like Skingrad just fine. Folks are a little quiet by Skyrim standards, but they're friendly and loyal when they get to know you.
7702JOKELOVEI like that! A lot!
7703AnvilNQDResponsesI like the Flowing Bowl. Maenlorn and his brother are excellent hosts.
7704ImperialCityTopicI like the ladies. It's been my weakness. But now I've got Romana, I stay away from the fleshpots.
7705INFOGENERALI like the Two Sisters Lodge, and Mog does a good job running the place. She and her sister are both fine people.
7706SkingradNQDResponsesI like the West Weald itself, but I'd rather avoid its proprietor.
7707ImperialCityTopicI like to walk. You can walk for hours in the city. Always something to look at, someone to talk to.
7708HELLOI like Ushnar's dog.
7709HELLOI like what I see.
7710BarterFailI like you, but not that much.
7711ADMIRELIKEI like you, too.
7712GOODBYEI live to serve.
7713LorgrenLichSpeechI live... again! Hahahaha!
7714INFOGENERALI lived in the Imperial City for a while, but city life just isn't for me. I'm much happier in Chorrol.
7715IdleI long for a Colovian Fur Helm.
7716HELLOI long to spill more foul daedra blood this day... for Cheydinhal!
7717contractI look at you and wonder how you're still alive, considering your utter incompetence as an assassin. With any luck, this contract will be your last.
7718GREETINGI look forward to fighting by your side again.
7719GREETINGI look forward to fighting these daedra side by side with the Hero of Kvatch.
7720MS23MemCaveI looked it up once in an old atlas I had in stock. Here, let me mark it on your map.
7721INFOGENERALI lost track of the number of times I looked at the sky, waiting for the world to end.
7722FightersGuildTopicI love being in the guild. There's money to be made. If you'd like to join up, let me know.
7723GREETINGI love happy endings!
7724BravilTopicI love my work. Fire, frost, shock, poison... little presents for Kynareth's cute little woodland creatures.
7725FGD09Choice1I love the Fighters Guild, and all its members, perhaps to a fault. I fear my concern for them has made me blind to what's been happening around me.
7726SE46DoublesTopicI love the other Atrabhi! And I certainly wouldn't be happy if you killed her. Really. I wouldn't be happy at all. If she were dead. I swear.
7727FGD09Choice2I love this Guild, and all its members, perhaps to a fault. My concern for them has made me blind to what's been happening around me.
7728SE38TalkItem12I love this one. It's a Screaming Maw that can't scream! Isn't that just the Oddest thing you've ever seen?
7729INFOGENERALI love walking by Salmo's place. The smell of her bread baking is amazing.
7730GOODBYEI love you, Pyke.
7731GOODBYEI love you, Zoe.
7732SEHillofSuicidesTopicI loved her, and then she was gone. By her own hand. It's said any soul on the Hill can be released if their remains are brought to them.
7733SE34CrisisI made my way here and began exploring this strange place. As I was passing Fetid Grove, I was waylaid.
7734ImperialCityTopicI made quite a lot of gold from my last expedition. I bought this house, invested the rest, and now I'm just living the life of the city gentleman.
7735MagesStaffI made you an offer already. Two hundred gold, in exchange for the staff.
7736SE07ASylI maintain a close watch on her. She fears that Sheogorath no longer favors her presence and wants her replaced.
7737LeyawiinTopicI make all the weapons and armor for the guard. Damn good stuff. Pop you open like a ripe melon.
7738BrumaTopicI make sure my guards treat the local Nords and their ways with respect.
7739MS48IlendSlowDownI managed to escape, but the others are strewn across that bridge. They took Menien off to the big tower. You've got to save him!
7740GREETINGI may have a bit of a proposition for you involving the Jemane family you so recently assisted.
7741StolenGoldI may have let a "detail" or two leak out, to entice someone such as you to assist me. Until you agree to my scheme, I don't want to say more.
7742NevilleTopicI may not have liked the man, but I'm particularly troubled by his death. Neville was a capable fighter. Who could have killed him, and so quickly?
7743JskarTopicI mean he's really disappeared. No one here has seen him in days. Volanaro thinks maybe a spell backfired.
7744GREETINGI mean, look at you! The things you've accomplished! You've obviously proven yourself a valuable member of this Sanctuary.
7745MG04Choice2BI merely ask out of concern. If you're a merchant, you should be wary. There have been... problems recently.
7746TrainingQuestTopicI met him in Hammerfell, but I understand he moved to Cyrodiil a few years back. The Roxey Inn, I think? You should look there for him.
7747SE37BeastI might accidentally kill it. If that happens, just bring me another. Once I have it, I'll make sure it's worth your while.
7748SE37JourneymanSpellI might as well have given it to you at that price, but it's worth it for my bestiary.
7749BarterI might be willing to part with a few things, if the price is right.
7750SEServiceProviderResponsesI might eat there, if it were the last food in the Isles.
7751GREETINGI might have something for you, but we can't talk about it here. Meet me at the usual place, and at the usual time.
7752jobsI might have something, but I don't know you well enough to trust you'll do it.
7753FaelianTopicI might know him. I might not. I don't see how it's any of your business.
7754TG07MasterForgerI might know of one. Can you spare a few coins?
7755TG04WhereIsAmuseiI might know that, for a price.
7756INFOGENERALI might swim more if it weren't for the slaughterfish. Sharp teeth, and some carry disease.
7757HenantierTopicI miss him so. We were study-mates at the Arcane University and we've come to grow fond of each other over the years.
7758GREETINGI must admit, I'm disappointed. This was an important contract, and you stumbled through it like a drunk. Leave me now, and think upon your failure.
7759GREETINGI must apologize. I don't have any more horses to sell. I sold our last Bay horse to you.
7760JanusHassildorTopicI must apologize. It was never the Council's intention to put you in harm's way.
7761HELLOI must be dreaming!
7762HELLOI must be ready to run out at a moment's notice. Can't sleep.
7763MQ13MustRecoverAmuletI must confess, you are the first person to speak of victory against these daedra.
7764EulogyNordI must confess... that Nord was a disappointment.
7765GREETINGI must go and tell the guard. Please, meet me at Olav's in one hour.
7766OblivionGateTopicI must go to the Temple of the One and perform the ceremony to relight the Dragonfires.
7767UlrichLelandTopicI must hasten to the Count and deliver this immediately. Please, meet me back at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn in about two hours.
7768HELLOI must have that Brush.
7769GOODBYEI must hurry, excuse me.
7770INFOGENERALI must make my way to The Fringe and capture its destruction on canvas. We can't let history be forgotten.
7771GREETINGI must not be interrupted! My work requires the highest degree of concentration. I hope I won't have to repeat myself.
7772GREETINGI must put this book in a safe place. I have no time to talk now.
7773GREETINGI must return to my task, for Gortwog waits. May you find all that you seek, traveler.
7774SE32AcolyteWarningI must save my Beloved!
7775SE05HerdirGreetChoice1I must say, I enjoy this take-charge attitude. I presume you are the Grand Inquisitor, then? Lady Syl said she'd be appointing someone.
7776GREETINGI must say, I expected Arch-Mage Traven, rather than his star pupil. I am disappointed to see that he could not face me himself.
7777SE05Interrogate4I must say, this is quite a surprise! I certainly didn't expect to see you down here, Nelrene.
7778GOODBYEI must see Rythe.
7779GREETINGI must speak to my husband first!
7780HELLOI must speak to the Count.
7781HELLOI must speak to the Count.
7782CharGenTaunt2I must surely be dead, and in the halls of Azura to look upon such a vision. You are so beautiful, my dear Dunmer maiden...
7783MG04Choice2AI myself have been here for some time, hoping to find out what's going on. No luck yet, though.
7784MS13GateI myself was able to kill perhaps two score of them, but they just kept coming. Only Bremman and I remain alive.
7785BladesTopicI myself was training as a Blade when I received the call to serve Talos in a different way.
7786GOODBYEI need a bath.
7787HELLOI need a moment of your time. It's urgent.
7788TrainingQuestTopicI need a new Elven cuirass. Nothing fancy, nothing enchanted. Just a decent piece of armor. You get that for me, and I'll train you. That's the deal.
7789HELLOI need help collecting Swamp Tentacles. I'll even pay you.
7790ImpGallTOPICI need imp gall for my studies. Ten portions of it, in fact. Since I hired the Fighters Guild, I expect you to get it done. And carefully, please.
7791SECaldanaMonriusSkoomaI need it. You got it?
7792FingersoftheMountainI need more time to work on the translation. The more you bother me, the longer it's going to take.
7793GREETINGI need some time to study the Mysterium Xarxes. I'll let you know when I learn something.
7794SQ02SkoomaI need someone to go in there and put a stop to those fetchers. I don't care what it takes. We must get that poison they're selling off the street.
7795TG06CastleJobsI need someone to slop food to the prisoners. I'll pay you 2 gold a week, plus half a loaf of bread and a glass of mead each day.
7796VampireAshTopicI need the ashes of a powerful vampire. You have them in your possession. It is good to see that Hindaril has been defeated already.
7797TG10HelpGFI need the boots of Springheel Jak. He is a famous thief that died some 300 years ago. Legend has it that he was buried with his boots on.
7798GREETINGI need to find some real spirits. I think I saw some mead down in the basement. I don't care if it's not safe! It's my nerves! I need to calm down.
7799SE02JayredSayUnlockGateI need to get in there!
7800MQ16TalkI need to get to the Temple of the One. It's our only chance to stop Mehrunes Dagon.
7801INFOGENERALI need to head over to Colovian Traders and pick up a few things from Gunder. He's got a nice selection.
7802MaglirTOPICI need to know why he defaulted on his contract. What have you learned?
7803GREETINGI need to rest now, regain my strength. Don't forget to take the heart of the Argonian Agent. Present that to Teinaava, and he'll be none the wiser.
7804MS49WhatnowI need to stay with the guards. They won't do well without a strong leader. And I can't trust any of them to make it through the city on their own.
7805HELLOI need to talk to you, soldier to soldier.
7806GREETINGI need you in Leyawiin to take care of that Hist. What is it you need?
7807TG08acceptI need you to acquire Savilla's Stone. It is a large crystal with special properties that I need to gain... advantage.
7808GREETINGI need you to check out some people for me, the ones that are following me. Watch them, see where they go, who they report to. Will you help me?
7809GREETINGI need you to come with us. You've got far more combat experience than these men.
7810BlackwoodCompanyI need you to find Ajum-Kajin and bring him back to me. I want to talk to him.
7811GREETINGI need you to get down to Leyawiin and infiltrate the Blackwood Company.
7812MS43StaffTalkI need you to get over to the Mages Guild and talk to a good friend of mine, Alvis Uvenim. She's the only one in town that I trust.
7813TimeToGoI need you to leave now.
7814TimeToGoI need you to leave so I can lock up.
7815GREETINGI need your help now. Have you made up your mind?
7816ServicetoLeyawiinTopicI need your help. An Orc named Mazoga here claims to be a knight, but will not reveal her business.
7817SE36Choice4SoWhatI need your help. I need you to send my soul away from this world!
7818CharGenMainI need your help. Please come with us.
7819INFOGENERALI needed some cash, so I went to see Jensine.
7820TGHieronymusLexI never believed in the Gray Fox anyway. I think the Imperium just made him up as an excuse to raise our taxes.
7821GREETINGI never had time to properly thank you for your help back in the Imperial City. I wouldn't have made it back here if it weren't for you.
7822ChorrolNQDQuestionResponsesI never really thought about it. They just didn't seem like the sort of folks I wanted to spend time with.
7823MQ05GwinasB3I never said anything about the Mythic Dawn. In fact, I don't even know what you're talking about.
7824GREETINGI never suspected it was Thadon's time, but what's done is done. I honor his choice.
7825SE06HelpDefendA2I never suspected that Kaneh had the audacity to try such a risky assault.
7826UmbacanoTopicI never suspected Umbacano might be up to no good. Apparently he was as mad as he was rich!
7827MQ15EldamilB2I never thought I would have a chance to redeem myself, waiting helplessly here in eternity.
7828MS12RecoverYesI never thought it possible. I mean... I had hoped... but to actually hold it in my hands. It's more beautiful than I imagined it.
7829GREETINGI never thought it would come to this... the Amulet... Martin must use it against Him! We have no choice!
7830MQ12MartinBI never thought to see a Great Welkynd Stone! As beautiful as all the old tales tell...
7831MQ08ArtifactKI never thought to see this again. I once possessed it, briefly ... a lifetime ago, it seems now ...
7832HELLOI never tire of the beauty of Gaiar Alata.
7833INFOGENERALI never understood Syl's methods. Wouldn't a nice talk and a basket of hot biscuits get her the information she needs?
7834GOODBYEI never want to see one of those gates again.
7835RolandJensericTopicI never would have guessed that Roland was a vampire. I could have sworn I saw him walk in daylight.
7836INFOGENERALI no longer serve Lady Syl. Crucible has a new ruler.
7837GREETINGI now declare you Duchess of Mania of the Shivering Isles! May your light shine upon all our happiest days.
7838GREETINGI now declare you Duke of Mania of the Shivering Isles! May your light shine upon all our happiest days.
7839GREETINGI now declare you to be Duchess of Dementia of the Shivering Isles! May your wrath and anger be your guide.
7840GREETINGI now declare you to be Duke of Dementia of the Shivering Isles! May your wrath and anger be your guide.
7841GREETINGI now intend to put your talents to a more direct test. I have a difficult task that you can, perhaps, assist with.
7842GOODBYEI offer no excuses, sire. But my life is yours. No assassin will take you while I draw breath.
7843BarterI offer the finest goods and lowest prices in all Cyrodiil.
7844GREETINGI offer you a chance for redemption. Do not return until you have 20 bear pelts. Take this time to come to terms with what you've done.
7845PellsGateTOPICI offer you a choice, more than I have offered most. Stay here and die, or leave now, and live your life. Speak to me again when your mind is set.
7846SE07BecomeI offer you this: remember who it is you're attempting to replace. You'll need to approach them in a manner to which they are not accustomed.
7847GREETINGI often wonder what it'd be like, to fall to the ground so far below. I bet it'd be like flying -- then suddenly falling into a deep, blissful sleep.
7848SE39SpoonI once killed a minotaur with that spoon. It's a mighty daedric artifact!
7849INFOGENERALI once met Herdir after a misunderstanding about some candlesticks in Syl's great hall. He's not a bad fellow, actually.
7850LucienLachanceTopicI once saw Lucien deal with an insubordinate Brother, someone who had broken the Tenets. It took me a week to get the blood off my boots.
7851contractI once slept in the Chorrol Chapel Undercroft. It's damp, cold... and cursed! Getting Motierre out of there may be a challenge.
7852ImperialCityTopicI only do the training any more. None of the rigs and tricks. Rochelle and me just want the settled life nowadays.
7853TGSpecialJobsI only provide work for less skillful thieves. If you take their jobs, what will they do for a living?
7854ServiceRefusalI only serve higher ranking Thieves Guild members. Go see Ongar in Bruma.
7855GREETINGI only wish to return home and be with my wife, Ursanne.
7856INFOGENERALI overheard a guard mention the Countess is looking for a piece to add to her collection of Akaviri artifacts. Our taxpayer's drakes at work...
7857INFOGENERALI overheard someone say that Aleron Loche is missing. I don't know what happened to him. His wife, Ursanne, is beside herself with grief.
7858INFOGENERALI overheard that the vampire hunter who was in town was a fake. It was apparently a ruse to get his hands on Bradon's key to a treasure chest.
7859StolenGoldI owe all of this to that heartless treacherous witch, Arnora.
7860StolenGoldI owe all of this to that heartless treacherous witch, Arnora.
7861GOODBYEI owe you a debt of gratitude.
7862GREETINGI own the Black Waterside Stables.
7863GREETINGI own the Black Waterside Stables. Are you shopping for a horse?
7864MS12DiaryI paid several scouts to try and find the ruins at Pale Pass before I hired you. They were only able to locate the first of a series of landmarks.
7865MS23RolandAuthorityI panicked. By the time I awoke, her body was gone. I knew Seridur was a respected member of the community.
7866MS22MissionI part with it reluctantly, so guard it well. It is what began my search for the High Fane, many years ago.
7867EaranaTopicI passed her the other day. You wouldn't believe the look she gave me! Whatever happened, she's taking it out on the whole guild.
7868TrainingQuestTopicI personally wouldn't go looking for him myself, but you might keep it in mind if you ever run across him.
7869BookResponsesI picked up "Frontier, Conquest." Haven't read much, though.
7870SE43UshnarI pity the poor Khajiit that tries to steal dog food from Ushnar.
7871GREETINGI plan to gather up every drop of drink in this house and keep it to myself, if things get any worse around here. I find comfort there, you see.
7872sonsI plan to live out my days on the farm in peace and quiet.
7873INFOGENERALI plan to visit the Imperial City soon to pay my respects at the Temple of the One. They say the Dragon Statue is 100 feet high!
7874GREETINGI played Lord Vile's game, and lost my soul. Small loss, I think.
7875GatherCluesI poured myself some wine and studied the charts I had made until it was time to sleep.
7876MQ03MartinB1I prayed to Akatosh all through that terrible night, but no help came. Only more daedra.
7877MS11PeacefulI prefer the chance for freedom.
7878ICAllNQDResponsesI prefer to just listen to people talk. Some of the conversations they have are truly remarkable.
7879GREETINGI prepare the way for my Lord Jyggalag.
7880GREETINGI present to you now this key. It unlocks the well behind the Abandoned House above. Use it to gain hidden, quick access to this Sanctuary.
7881GREETINGI present to you now this key. It unlocks the well behind the Abandoned House above. Use it to gain hidden, quick access to this Sanctuary.
7882GREETINGI present to you now this key. It unlocks the well behind the Abandoned House above. Use it to gain hidden, quick access to this Sanctuary.
7883GREETINGI present to you this dagger. It's an enchanted blade, known as Sufferthorn. Its prick is deadly, I assure you.
7884bedI presume you're satisfied with the room.
7885GREETINGI presumed it was only a matter of time before you'd be expelled. Once again, I am proven correct.
7886NecromancersAmuletTopicI promise I'll make this quick. I'd like to have you mostly intact, so Mannimarco can suck the marrow from your bones.
7887HELLOI pulled duty outside the Imperial Libray tonight. Curse my luck. Being that close to the Elder Scrolls gives me the creeps.
7888MQDaedricMagicI put aside the dark arts when I became a priest. But the workings of fate may be seen in this, too.
7889NirnrootI put the book aside, because frankly, I had so many other delicate experiments going on that I just didn't have the time to go plant hunting.
7890MS39SeenI put the book aside, because frankly, I had so many other delicate experiments going on that I just didn't have the time to go plant hunting.
7891CreatureResponsesI ran across a couple of mudcrabs not long ago. Annoying creatures.
7892INFOGENERALI ran across a ghost once. Seemed to suck the energy right out of me.
7893CreatureResponsesI ran into some goblins in the woods not long ago. Nasty little beasts.
7894ImperialCityTopicI rarely leave the University, as I have all I need right here. If you need ingredients, try Ogier Georick at 'The Main Ingredient.'
7895BookResponsesI read "The Real Barenziah" recently. Quite a piece of work.
7896INFOGENERALI read one of Casta Scribonia's books not long ago. Terrible stuff, if you ask me. But, some folks seem to like it.
7897ICAllNQDQuestionResponsesI read the thing once in a while. Mostly, I use it for kindling. There's no telling whether anything in it is actually true.
7898GREETINGI realize he was trying at times, and he spoke before he thought, but he was still my son, and I adored him greatly.
7899GREETINGI realize he's trying at times, and he speaks before he thinks, but he's still my son, and I adore him greatly.
7900SQ05RaelynntheGravefinderI realize it's in poor taste to celebrate anyone's demise, but Raelynn was evil through-and-through. You've done the right thing.
7901MS29StopYesI realize you risked your life to give me a chance, and Thoronir never forgets things like that. Accept this ring as a humble reward.
7902ElixirofExplorationI really can't do anything without 20 more samples of Nirnroot. Come back when you have them.
7903GREETINGI really can't help you with anything else. Please, go see Gilen at Seridur's house.
7904KvatchTopicI really can't tell you what happened. I'm just lucky to be alive.
7905GOODBYEI really do loathe talking to you.
7906PERSUASIONEXITI really don't get it.
7907GREETINGI really don't have time for the likes of you.
7908NevilleTopicI really don't know anything about him, so you'd be better off asking someone else.
7909HELLOI really don't want you around me.
7910SE08ObeliskTopicI really hate those things.
7911NevilleTopicI really have to wonder where Neville was when someone was getting slaughtered just a few rooms away.
7912MQ05GwinasC3I really know very little. They contacted me. I suppose they learned that I was looking for the third and fourth volumes.
7913GOODBYEI really must get back to my paintings.
7914INFOGENERALI really must thank the one who recommended you -- and the Grey Mare. Always a splendid feast for my spirits. And the food is good, too.
7915GREETINGI really must thank you. Chapters 23 and 48 of my taxonomy are now complete thanks to your effort. Please, take this as a token of my gratitude.
7916HELLOI really need your help.
7917TG08SavillasStoneTopicI really shouldn't be telling you this, but I know you are trustworthy.
7918GOODBYEI really wish they would stop yelling.
7919GOODBYEI really wish you had followed my advice.
7920GREETINGI recognize this type of parcel. It contains sealed orders. It's addressed to you... from Lucien Lachance.
7921SE11RakheranGreeting3bI require weapons. For myself and for the Apostles that will help me do the deed. But Ciirta already is suspicious of me.
7922GOODBYEI return to work, Lord. Farewell.
7923GREETINGI run the North Country Stables.
7924GREETINGI run the North Country Stables. Are you interested in a horse?
7925RolandJensericTopicI rushed into the back garden to find Roland struggling with a woman he'd been courting. I tried to intervene, but he was too strong.
7926MS10AldosTalkI said move! Or by my ancestors I'll put you on the ground with a split lip!
7927GREETINGI said we'd speak later. What do you need?
7928MQ13MartinB1I said you weren't going to like it.
7929GREETINGI salute you for your daring, Hero of Kvatch! You've proven yourself once again here at Skingrad.
7930BOASTLOVEI salute you! Most impressive!
7931GREETINGI sat here and feasted while others fought. Thus I earned my doom.
7932DaedraShrineTopicI saw a big statue of Malacath, west of Fort Sutch, west of the Gold Road to Hammerfell. Looked like Daedra worshippers to me.
7933CreatureResponsesI saw a mudcrab a couple of days ago. Ugly little animals.
7934INFOGENERALI saw a wraith once. It threw a curse on me I'll never forget.
7935INFOGENERALI saw Agnete out drinking late again last night. It's no wonder they call her "the Pickled." She sure can repair armor, though.
7936INFOGENERALI saw Earana leaving town. She looked very excited.
7937INFOGENERALI saw Erthor earlier. Guess someone rescued him again. Hide your scrolls while you can.
7938ChorrolTopicI saw him in Cheydinhal recently, and said 'Hi,' and he pretended he didn't know me.
7939ICAllNQDResponsesI saw him once. Then I didn't. How about that.
7940INFOGENERALI saw Huurwen practicing shield technique at the Fighters Guild the other day. She could teach me a thing or two.
7941INFOGENERALI saw Irene Metrick recently. She jumped clear over a table at the inn.
7942INFOGENERALI saw Kud-Ei moping around outside the Mages Guild yesterday. In fact, I could swear she was crying. I hope she finds her missing friend.
7943INFOGENERALI saw Rena Bruiant talking to her dogs the other day. I think she thinks they understand her.
7944INFOGENERALI saw Reynald Jemane's brother earlier. Can't believe they didn't even know about each other.
7945INFOGENERALI saw Rimalus Bruiant walking his dogs today. And yesterday. And the day before. I swear that's all he does.
7946INFOGENERALI saw Rufrius Vinicius knock a man down with one punch. I wish he'd teach me a bit about hand-to-hand combat.
7947CreatureResponsesI saw some mudcrabs by the water recently. I steered clear of them.
7948SE02GatekeeperI saw some strangers heading up there earlier. If they're still alive, you can see the Gatekeeper in action. It's glorious.
7949SQ01PotatoesI saw someone running off to the west, but I'm too frightened to journey into the woods alone. Please... can you help me? I'll pay you well, I swear!
7950INFOGENERALI saw Sulinus Vassinus at the Mages Guild conjure up some sort of creature, right there in the street. Guards took care of it.
7951INFOGENERALI saw that Earana woman hanging around the Mages Guild again.
7952INFOGENERALI saw that Erthor is back in town again.
7953INFOGENERALI saw that Pinarus Inventius was out hunting again. He can shoot a bird on the wing without really trying.
7954StealI saw that, criminal scum!
7955HELLOI saw the Zaxer. And I magged it too. Aw, fribble!
7956StrangeLightsI saw them a few nights ago. Very odd.
7957SE32SiegeVitharnI saw them enter the sump and reservoir. I tried to warn the guards to bar the doors to the reservoir, but I wasn't in time.
7958SeleneTopicI saw them haul her off to jail. She was not happy! Ha ha ha...
7959INFOGENERALI saw Ugak gra-Mogakh earlier. At least, I think it was her. Perhaps it was her sister.
7960SE43BhishaI saw Ushnar try to give Bhisha some of her dog's food once. I told Bhisha not to take it. Ushnar just wanted his dog to attack Bhisha.
7961INFOGENERALI saw Valus Odiil at the Grey Mare again today. Hasn't been the same since his boys took off.
7962GREETINGI saw who my true enemies were for the first time.
7963GREETINGI saw you enter Olav's Tap and Tack before I could get there, and I knew that I had to sneak out of Bruma somehow.
7964GREETINGI saw your match against the Breton. You're a Hero now! I... I'm still in training, but I'll get there too! Anyway, Congratulations!
7965AncotarTopicI say live and let live. It was an unfortunate accident, and he helped make it right.
7966GREETINGI scour the land, seeking fortune for Gortwog and Orsinium. Someday all will recognize the true wealth of the Orcs!
7967MS11TellMeI screamed and ran out into the street. Some city watch were nearby and heard me I suppose, as they arrived quickly.
7968GREETINGI searched a long time, and asked everyone, then I finally heard he was hiding at Fisherman's Rock.
7969GREETINGI see Bolor was unsuccessful in delaying you. Very well; I shall reanimate him once we are done here.
7970GREETINGI see from your expression that you have grave news.
7971GREETINGI see from your expression that you were successful.
7972GREETINGI see it's back to the Fringe once again, Your Grace.
7973GREETINGI see Lord Sheogorath chose wisely when he selected you to liberate Xedilian.
7974GangI see my wife couldn't keep her big mouth shut.
7975MG04ChoiceCarahilDangerousI see no reason to shelter you from situations the guild deals with on a daily basis. This is the important work, the work that matters.
7976INFOGENERALI see no reason to talk to you.
7977MessageI see nothing has changed. How... disappointing.
7978SE12TraitorTauntsI see so clearly now, what a fool I have been. A happy, heedless fool.
7979GREETINGI see that you've been suspended from the guild. I've never had to deal with this before, but I do know what you'll need to do.
7980SE41CureI see the flask is still empty. Nothing to do now but await my cold, lonely death.
7981SE09VictimChoice1bI see the vast horizons of thought, while you cannot see past the tip of your own nose.
7982HELLOI see there are too many thieves in the city.
7983GREETINGI see you are with the Gray Fox. Do you need a fence?
7984GREETINGI see you decided to take us up on our offer. Good. We could use another gal in the gang.
7985SE42CalipersI see you found some. Frankly, I could use all of them. Are you willing to sell them? Five gold each, just like I told you next week.
7986GREETINGI see you got my message.
7987BlackBowsI see you have a Black Bow. Would you like to turn it in for the bounty?
7988SE02RelmynaVisitI see you have been playing rough with the other boys. They are weak and you are strong!
7989ShadowscaleI see you have been speaking with Teinaava. What he says is true. All our lives we have lived together in the shadows. We are egg mates. Twins.
7990DAHermaeusSpeechI see you have served my brethren, and now you come to serve me. I am Hermaeus Mora. Past, present, and future are as one to me.
7991OgreTeethTOPICI see you have some. I'll buy them in groups of five for 100 gold. Are you selling?
7992MinotaurHornTOPICI see you have some. I'll buy them in groups of five for 50 gold. Interested?
7993HELLOI see you haven't yet been able to drop the staff in Darkfathom Cave.
7994GREETINGI see you slept well. Welcome home.
7995Dark18Choice4BI see you still possess the Blade of Woe, the weapon given to you by Lucien Lachance when you first met. Allow me now to unlock its true power!
7996HELLOI see you there. What?
7997GREETINGI see you took us up on our offer. Good. I'm glad to see you. Signy will be along shortly. I'm sure we can find something to do while we wait.
7998GREETINGI see you work with the Gray Fox.
7999HELLOI see you're a follower of the Gray Fox, too.
8000GREETINGI see you've accepted the contract from Vicente. Very good. With every life you take, Sithis grows stronger, and the Brotherhood flourishes.
8001SE05ConspiracyI see you've done quite a bit of work to track me down.
8002SE05Interrogate3I see you've made it even more painful. You do enjoy your work, don't you Herdir?
8003HELLOI see you've returned safely, Associate.
8004GREETINGI see you've returned. How exciting for you.
8005GREETINGI see you've returned. Wonderful. Do you wish to return to your location at the time of the unfortunate...incident?
8006HELLOI see you. Hello.
8008NeutralReceiveI see.
8009TG08MothPriestNoteI see. I suppose there is no hiding it from you. No hiding. What a joke! My whole life is hiding.
8010MG00JoinBI see. Let me know if you change your mind. I'm sure I could be helpful.
8011MG05Choice2BI see. Perhaps it's just as well. The book is best left in secret.
8012MS40Choice3BI see. Please find me when you do. The Count is eager to receive it.
8013SE09AuthoritySheogorathsI see. Sheogorath is too important to come on his own account? He sends his mortal lackey?
8014MazogatheOrcTopicI see. So an Orc named Mazoga wants to see me? And she expects me to come to her?
8015MQ02PrivateBusinessI see. Strange visitors appearing late at night... happens all the time here.
8016MG13Choice2BI see. Well, if you see anything around town, let me know. You could be their next victim.
8017MS40Choice2AI see... Please, wait here one moment. I shall speak with the Count.
8018TG04NoBribeBeggar2I seem to have forgotten where she lives.
8019SE11CiirtaGreeting1I sense why you have come. I can hear it in your very breath. You came as a herald of the false god Sheogorath.
8020ViranusDontonTOPICI sent him on a mission to Forsaken Mine. He and some others were supposed to clear the place of trolls. Haven't heard back from them in days.
8021MS48Choice1AI sent men into the Gate, to see if they could find a way to shut it. They haven't come back.
8022contractI serve Lucien Lachance and the Dark Brotherhood, and will guide you as directed. But you will get no additional help from me.
8023GREETINGI serve Roland now. Please, accept my apologies for my error in judgement.
8024GREETINGI serve Roland now. Please, accept my apologies for my error in judgement.
8025AttackI serve the Lord of Order!
8026SkingradTopicI served as a Legion Marksman for twenty years. I retired here to Skingrad, work in the vineyards, and supplement my income as an advanced trainer.
8027MS05DreamworldTopicI set out to create a way to conquer my failings, but it seems the tables had turned, and they conquered me.
8028MS13GateI set out with the rest of the Knights to dispatch this blemish on the face of our fine world. When we arrived, we were overwhelmed.
8029MG05Choice2AI shall also overlook your... transgression, and send a recommendation to the Arcane University.
8030GOODBYEI shall await further summons. No doubt you will have need of me.
8031GOODBYEI shall await your return.
8032MG12TravenVeryWellI shall await your return.
8033SE08Ally03Tactic3I shall be an unbreakable wall.
8034SE08Ally03Tactic3I shall be an unbreakable wall.
8035GREETINGI shall be following out of sight, along with a fellow Battlemage. Make no attempts to speak to us; trust that we will protect you.
8036GREETINGI shall be following out of sight, along with a fellow Battlemage. Make no attempts to speak to us; trust that we will protect you.
8037TrainingQuestTopicI shall be happy to impart to you the knowledge I've gained over the years... for a price, of course. I wouldn't have it any other way.
8038MG11Choice1BI shall be here when you are ready.
8039MageConvFollowI shall do my best.
8040MS40JanusDeclineI shall do what I can in the meantime. Please, excuse me. I have matters to attend to.
8041MS40JanusDeclineI shall do what I can in the meantime. Please, excuse me. I have other matters to attend to.
8042SE05HerdirInvestigateCurrentTaskI shall follow you through Crucible. Speak with the citizens, and ask what they know about this supposed conspiracy.
8043SE05SylMuurineI shall have her brought to the torture chamber at once. Meet me there shortly.
8044GOODBYEI shall have your reward soon.
8045GREETINGI shall meet you in the Fringe, near the bust of Sheogorath. Now go! Make haste.
8046MannimarcoTopicI shall need to consult the Council as to how to proceed with this situation. Thank you for the information. It may save many lives.
8047GOODBYEI shall never forget the talk we had. Your very presence in the Sanctuary is a blessing from the Dread Father himself!
8048TrainingQuestTopicI shall offer you whatever skill I have.
8049DABoethiaSpeechI shall open a portal for you to one of my realms in Oblivion. Go, and take your place in my Tournament of Ten Bloods.
8050NecromancersI shall pass the news on to the Council. Most troubling, indeed, to know that these are not merely myths.
8051MageConvWaitI shall remain here, Arch-Mage.
8052BloodwormHelmTopicI shall return the Helm to a secure place in the tower. It's the least I can do for Irlav. Thank you.
8053GOODBYEI shall serve with honor, Lord.
8054MageConvWaitI shall stay here.
8055GREETINGI shall tell the master that you were here looking for him. Perhaps I'll bring him your head as an offering.
8056MageConvWaitI shall wait here for you, Arch-Mage.
8057MageConvWaitI shall wait here until you return, Arch-Mage.
8058ImperialCityTopicI share my good fortunes with the poor and needy. And you ain't neither. Life isn't easy on the waterfront. But we look out for each other.
8059INFOGENERALI shopped at Three Brothers a couple of days ago. Not sure which one I talked to, though.
8060GREETINGI should be the one who is leading, however. Do I have your support?
8061MS04FinalNoI should have known after I fenced that stupid ring and discovered it was a fake. Worthless! All part of the guards' plan I suppose.
8062MQ04AmuletGoneI should have known they could find it. Little can remain hid from a Daedra Lord. I underestimated the enemy. It will not happen again.
8063MQLastItemI should have seen it sooner.
8064FGD02InsultsI should have stayed in Hammerfell.
8065GOODBYEI should have the final part of the ritual deciphered soon. It's only a matter of time now.
8066AngryMazoga02I should have told you. It was not your fault. An Orc pays her debts. You helped me, so I forgive you. And thank you, too.
8067TestDoggyI should only say this once. I will go away when you hit goodbye.
8068IdleI should probably wash up before heading home.
8069INFOGENERALI should speak to someone about the new Gatekeeper. Don't want him killing any of my little ones trying to return to me.
8070ChorrolNQDResponsesI should visit Renoit's more often.
8071sonsI should've been with them! It should've been me, not one of them!
8072sonsI should've been with them! It should've been me, not them!
8073GREETINGI should've killed you outright when I had the chance. Well, life is all about second chances, isn't it? I won't waste this one.
8074IdleI shouldn't have pushed so hard.
8075GREETINGI shouldn't say any more... but you have treated me so well. Perhaps I can trust you.
8076BarterBuyItemI shouldn't sell it to ya so cheap, but I know you won't ask too many questions.
8077ImperialCityTopicI signed on for the Raven Rock colony. Went there as a builder. Hung around afterwards, but the money ran out.
8078HELLOI sing your praises and welcome you again.
8079HELLOI sing your praises and welcome you again.
8080KvatchTopicI slept in the woods. I came back in the morning, and Kvatch was gone.
8081INFOGENERALI smelled a strange odor coming from the Mages Guild yesterday. Erthor must have been doing another experiment.
8082FGD05Choice3I snooped around. Apparently, they completed that contract for us. I went in there with twenty good men. I can't believe that bunch finished the job.
8083MQ05VolumeThreeI sold you my only copy of Volume Three. Gwinas will be terribly disappointed when he learns it is gone.
8084SE11CiirtaGreeting1aI sought Sheogorath. This is His Realm, and I knew that He would protect us. And what did I find? The Throne of Madness -- empty!
8085HELLOI speak for the Night Mother.
8086StolenPaintingI spend many a lonely night wishing that the words I speak to it will be heard and not just fall upon the lifeless pigments and canvas.
8087ImperialCityTopicI spent 40 years at the Arcane University. Good years, but I don't miss it. Now I'm completely useless, and proud of it.
8088BlackwoodCompanyI spit on them. Mercenaries sent by the Emperor to reclaim territory in Black Marsh. When they failed, they came back and set up shop.
8089ChorrolNQDQuestionResponsesI spoke to him recently. He really knows his way around. Knows every tree, rock, and cave in the area.
8090PinerDEMO1I spoke to him yesterday. He seems rather concerned about those boys of his.
8091INFOGENERALI spoke with Deetsan at the Mages Guild recently. I've never seen someone so happy about being in the guild.
8092SE14EscortWaitI stand at the ready, sire.
8093SE14EscortWaitI stand at the ready, sire.
8094RepairI stand by all my repair work. I test the blades personally.
8095HELLOI stand ready, Lord.
8096SECreatureResponsesI steer clear. They're fast creatures.
8097KvatchTopicI stepped outside, and the whole town was on fire, smoke everywhere. I ran for the gate.
8098BernadettePenelesTopicI still can hardly believe she wasn't watching me. But it is a relief to be able to finally stop worrying about her.
8099FingersoftheMountainI still don't believe it's real. If it was real, you'd have some sort of proof, right? Well, I don't see any proof.
8100MQ13MartinD1I still do