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Adrian Decanius Faction
Adventurer Faction
Agarmir's Faction
Aichan Envious Grummite Faction
Aleswell -- people Serethi sisters dislike
Aleswell faction
All the dremora guards and torturers
Amantius Allectus Door Owners
Amantius Allectus House
Ancotar's faction
Anvil - Enilroth lovers faction
Anvil - Foc'sle faction
Anvil - Heinrich Oaken-Hull's house
Anvil - Inventius family
Anvil - Jesan Sextius faction
Anvil - Morvayn's store faction
Anvil - Newheim faction
Anvil - The Serpent's Wake faction
Anvil -- Count's Arms faction
Anvil Beggars
Anvil castle residents
Anvil Citizen
Anvil Flowing Bowl
Anvil guard faction
Anvil Harborside warehouse
Anyone wearing Bands of the Chosen
Arano Family
Arcane University
Arena Bloodworks Dwellers
Arena Champions
Arena Hopefuls
Arena Player
Arena Spectator Combatants
Arena Yellow Team
Athram Family
Atius Family
Baenlin's Faction
Baliwog Faction
Bandit Faction
Barren Mine tribe
Best Goods and Guarantees Merchants
Black Bow Faction
Black Horse Courier Vendors
Blackroot Lair Gnarl Faction
Blackroot Lair Gnarl Prisoner
Blackroot Lair Grummite Faction
Blackwood Company
Bleakers Way Faction
Bliss Citizen
Boethia Faction
Books of Bliss
Border Watch Resident
Bravil - Lonely Suitor Lodge faction
Bravil - Silverhome faction
Bravil Beggars
Bravil Castle faction
Bravil Faction
Bravil guards faction
Bravil Loche family
Bravil Skooma Den faction
Bravil Stables
Brolus family in Bruma
Bruiant Family Faction
Bruma Beggars
Bruma Cheydinhal Bridge Inn
Bruma Citizens
Cell owner ship for SESplitDementiaJzidzosHouse
Cell owner ship for SESplitDementiaJzidzosHouse
CG Creature Faction
CG goblins
Character gen Blades faction
Chestnut Handy Stables
Cheydinhal Castle
Cheydinhal Citizens
Cheydinhal Guards
Cheydinhal Guards
Cheydinhal Newslands Lodge
Cheydinhal Orum's Gang
Cheydinhal Peasants and Serfs
Cheydinhal Riverview faction
Cheydinhal Stables
Cheydinhal Willow Bank
Choosy Beggar Faction
Chorrol Beggars
Chorrol Citizen
Chorrol Guard Faction
Chorrol Stables
Citizen of New Sheoth
Claude Maric's personal faction
Claude Maric's Thugs
Claudius Arcadia's Faction
Clavicus Vile Faction
Corpserot Arena Fans
Corpserot Prison Faction
Court of Madness
Cracked Wood Hollow tribe
Cropsford faction
Crucible Citizen
Daedra monsters in the caves
Dalvilu FACTION Peace
Dalvilu FACTION War
Dark Brotherhood
Dark Brotherhood -- Won't Call Guards
Dark Brotherhood Elite
Dark Brotherhood Generic Evil Faction
Dark Brotherhood No Guards Allowed Club
Dark Brotherhood Player Hate Faction
Dark Brotherhood Player Secret Faction
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Dwellers
Dark Brotherhood Underlings
Dark06 Hotel Faction
Deepwallow Citizen
Dementia Faction
Derelict Mine tribe
Dovyn Aren Faction
Draconis Family Faction
Dro'fahr Faction
DulgroShug Faction
Eight Cities Couriers Customers
Elven Gardens Horse
Elytra Faction
Emperor faction, for Uriel and Martin
Escaped Prisoner
Everscamp Faction
Evil -- no affiliation
Faction for A priests
Faction for all friendlies in MQ16
Faction for all NPCs in Sheogorath's palace
Faction for creatures friendly to Ancotar
Faction for final MD assassin in CG
Faction for First Edition NPCs
Faction for ordered gnarls
Faction for roving MD assassins
Faction for SEYngvar
Faction friendly to the Gatekeeper
Faction to let Relmyna and Nanette Don use the back door to Xaselm04
Faction to make the Gatekeeper like the player
Fanatic Invaders
Fathis Ules Faction
Felldew Addicts
Fellmoor Citizen
FGC03 Hrota Thieves
FGC06 Goblins
Fighters Guild
For ghost blades in Sancre Tor
For identifying Jyggalag
Fort Nikel Team A
Fort Nikel Team B
Fort Ontus Mage Faction
Friend of the Imperial Legion
Friends of Itius Hayn
Generic Owner
Gilen Norvalo's House Faction
Glarthir Faction
Gnarl Faction
Goblin Jim's tribe
Gogan's Family Faction
Gottlesfont Faction
Graman gro-Marad's House Faction
Greenmote Silo Faction
Grummite Faction
Hackdirt monster faction
Hale Citizen
Hastrel Ottus' House Faction
Havilstein Hoar-Blood's Secret Faction
Henantier's Faction
Heretic Faction
Hermaeus Mora Faction
Herminia Cinna Faction
Highcross Citizen
Hircine Faction
Honmund's house in Bruma
Horse Whisperer
House of Dementia Faction
House of Mania Faction
Hunger Faction
IC - Best Defense
IC - Three Brothers
IC -- Bit and Bridle
IC Beggars
IC Citizens
IC Palace faction
Ida Vlinorman Faction
Imperial City Arena Monster Faction
Imperial City Waterfront Resident
Imperial Legion
Imperial Legion Battlemage
Imperial Legion Outside Faction
Imperial Trading Company
Imperial Watch
Iniel Sintav Faction
Inn of Ill Omen
Irene Metric Faction
Jair Family
Jakben Family
Janus Hassildor Faction
Jastia Sintav Faction
Jemane Family Faction
Jerall View in Bruma
Kalthar Pet Faction
Kastus Sintav Faction
Kathutet's personal faction
Knights Hate Player for SE03
Knights of the Thorn
Knights of the White Stallion
Kurdan gro-Dragol's Faction of EEEEvil
Kvatch citizens
Kvatch Creatures
Kvatch Guards
Kvinchal Family
Lachance Dungeon Faction
Leyawiin Beggars
Leyawiin Castle Faction
Leyawiin Faction
Leyawiin Guard faction
Lirrian family in Bruma
Litte Family
Lord Drad Faction
Luther Broad Boarding House Faction
Lythandas Family
Mage Conversation Guild
Mages Guild
Malacath Faction
Malacath Ogre Faction
Manheim and Rufio Faction
Mania Faction
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